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  1. I'll post up today or tomorrow. Been busy with dad's passing anniversary.
  2. Well @Moggers been offline for a while so I guess we should wait him out? Or skip him? @NUMBER N1N3 @ezkiel777
  3. In the end it doesn't even matter... 

  4. Feel free to auto Xila getting on the horse @Moggers.
  5. Syntax hugging her from behind made her feel tingly. He was reading her mind again. She never liked it but it was like everything else that he kept doing. She listened to him while turning on their coffee maker. She didn't answer him and instead she said "You dork, stop fooling around and go change. We'll talk after that, and maybe we can just watch a movie or something and talk about murders later?" She felt he was here more for work than her. Syntax being himself, she took his hand and walked him to her room. Her room was rather large with pink walls and sky blue ceiling, her single bed in the corner. Lots of stuffed animals, a little balcony and another door to her own bathroom. "Go on you baby! Or should I change your clothes for you? and please no more alcohol for now, OK? Everyone drinks at nights not in the afternoon." She closed the door and left him to change in private. hmmm If mom and dad aren't coming back I should cook something he likes for dinner. She rushed to kitchen and checked the fridge to see what were the options. After checking everything she could cook lasagna, or fry some fish or cook a weird pizza she recently experimented with. Her cooking was easily considered good, even great. Most of the times she cooked in the house for her mom and dad were either too busy or just not in the mood. Well I'll ask him later what he likes for dinner, but for now he'll watch Puffy with me. She smiled to herself and poured two cups of the freshly brewed coffee with a plate of biscuits on the side. She put the cups on the table in front of the sofa and dropped herself in her comfy spot of the sofa. Puffy's theme song started and she began singing along unconsciously "The cutest, the grumpiest, PUFFY PUFFY is here!"
  6. "Well you've heard about me from someone right? And come on, tell me more. You're being too shady." Well if he has a job for me and there is good money in it I'll do it for sure but still I don't know shit about him. She turned her look to him and continued "If I'm ever gonna work for you I need to know you, at least some essentials, like your name that I still don't know. Tell me about you a bit. It's not fair that you know so much about me and I don't know a thing." She looked him over again, he was surely a fighter maybe even an assassin. She would find out soon enough so she just took one last sip and handed the bottle to him.
  7. Couple of busy days. Will post soon.

  8. Let it rain, let it rainOh won't you let it rainLet the storm rageLet the water run higherLet it rain, let it rainOh won't you let it rainBaptized in a river of fire
  9. I recently played What remains of Edith Finch and I loved did. The story was amazing and it's narrative one of a kind. Easily one of the best indie games I've ever played.
  10. The second floor room was so different from before she couldn't even recognize the place. New carpet, new bed and even new wallpapers. The only thing that was still there from the last time was a large painting of a whale with a harpoon piercing its back. Paul even had a wall built and added a rather luxurious bathroom and to no surprise, even the bath tub was made of whale bone. Well one thing she was sure of was that Paul was doing pretty well. She dropped herself on the bed and it was such a pleasure to her back. She could just die on that mattress. She took off her red leather jacket and waited for Nicolas to enter. Just when he entered the room she unbuttoned the top button of her white shirt. Her eyes were locked with Nicolas as she took another sip and said "You going to answer my questions or not?" After that she put her daggers and her sawed-off next to her jacket. "Come on. I won't hurt you, well not for now at least." Besides the seductive tone there was still a hint of aggression somewhere in those words.
  11. With her room tidy she went to their living room and turned on the TV. It was some time before her favorite show featuring Puffy, a white ragdoll cat, facing new adventures each episode. She loved that show so much and never missed an episode. Just then the doorbell rang. Probably mom and dad. Just in time for their evening tea. "Comiiiing!" She yelled and got off the comfy sofa. She had no idea Syntax was at the door so there was no make up on her face and her short hair was all messy. Opening the door and seeing Syntax's face she let out a shriek and jumped on him with a big hug. "Why didn't you call me you meanie!?" She said, overexcited and still hugging him tight. After some seconds she let go of him. She smelled the alcohol on him and that simply ruined the moment for her. Every time. Why does he do this? He knows I hate it and still it's the same every time. Being the sweet girl everyone knew her to be she decided not to say anything and keep the happy face. After all she wanted to surprise him. "Come in you!" She said as she dragged Syntax inside and closed the door. "Go and change in my room while I make some coffee. You look tired."
  12. Happens from time to time but don't give up on group RP. Personally for me it's something else -,-
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