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  1. That is a significantly more reasonable response than the initial reaction, and it's completely agreeable to me. I don't know how Reaver will react, and I sympathize with him having his involvement removed, but from what I've had explained to me there was a mis-step regarding the rules of Valucre. When rules are violated something has to be done, so I can agree. This decision is certainly more in-line with someone who doesn't fully know the rules stepping out of bounds for the first time. I appreciate your efforts to have a calmer and more civil discussion than what came with the initial reaction. I'm sure there is significant friction considering the difference in the backgrounds between Valucre's and Gaia's roleplayers, so I'm glad cooler heads prevailed and we can discuss this with maturity. Hopefully in the future we can avoid such conflicts before there is even room to become contenteous.
  2. I don't believe I ever even made that statement, nor any statement even remotely close to that. I have stated that Anastasia will kill the ones attacking Lovotovna, and I'm quite sure she's capable of doing so considering the both of them are within her realm of influence with her being a quite powerful sorceress. But that 'ultimatum' is simply in place to prevent the opposing ultimatums from Akris and Bigfatcat from occuring. I have already stated that I was here to roleplay, not fight to prove my e-penis' length relative to others. That being said, you have stated yourself you have no actual involvement with the roleplay, nor the out-of-character events which are occuring. If that is the case, I should hope you can restrain yourself from pointlessly antagonizing people you don't know, in a situation that doesn't involve you, where your input is neither requested nor valued.
  3. I wasn't interested in attempting to prove my superiority over you, or anyone for that matter. I was here to roleplay, as I believe everyone was. Your behavior is making me less and less interested in either. I'm not 'threatening' anyone. I am telling you, factually, what will occur if the attempts on Lovotovna's lives are continued. I'm willing to speak to and compromise with the moderation team regarding whatever violations of the rules have occured, but the termination and/or removal of a character from play against the player's wishes is not a compromise. Your hilariously over the top reaction to what is nothing more than a faux-pas caused by miscommunication (your miscommunication, mind you) leaves no room for consideration. As for the cesspool I pulled myself free of, I did indeed clean myself of its acrid stench. I long ago abandonded the mentality of 'superiority through combat' that the FFA era valued above all else. I have written and managed story arcs, and roleplayed to created intricate storylines and well developed and unique characters. I have even partially created an entire alien language for use for some of those characters. I value STORY first and foremost. You can ask any of the Gaians I know, they will tell you much the same. I am not content to wallow in my own mental filth, as you so clearly are. Feel free to continue antagonizing me. There is legitimately nothing you can say to me that carries weight, and the worst you can do is make me leave this community. Which I would be more than happy to do, if self-important manchildren such as you are the first foot it puts forward to outsiders.
  4. I don't think anything is worse than the FFA at the height of its era. At least the garbage Barton regularly produces is harmless and heavily segregated. The FFA was a boiling cess-pool formed into a vortex, always attempting to drown any who set foot in it. Though if you managed to swim in those caustic waters, there were some close friendships to be had.
  5. Akris, I don't think you are completely in control of your mental faculties. You are insinuating, to begin with, that Lovotovna is an overpowered and boring character because her group of trained military operatives and a mechanical golem are capable of fighting and likely killing a group of civilians with minimal combat experience. A conflict which, by the way, has not even had a chance to occur because of out of character anal anguish. There was never even an instant of a fight in which one could establish the difference in strength. But that is even beside the point. As I have already stated, you were aware of Lovotovna's squad's capabilites unless you skimmed over Reaver's posts and failed to notice that there was a giant fucking golem included in it. Why did you say nothing in objection to this until the point there was actually combat? Why was it not outright stated that losing locals was completely unacceptable both in-character and out? Beyond those lapses of judgement, why did you then deem it acceptable to assume control of another player's character in order to kill another of the same player's characters? Regardless of your objections to the events, the blame for them occuring against your will lies squarely on your shoulders. Your incompetence is not something other players should have to eat shit both in and out of character for. If anyone 'disgraced' you, it was you yourself. But I'm glad you can at least admit you fucked up. No one pushed you around. No one said a fucking word to you until you flipped your shit over Reaver playing his character exactly as one would expect from reading about them. Our roleplay was literally nothing but roleplay, and if you actually read my post you would see that our characters' actions are completely justified through in-character logic. Hell, even out of character it makes sense. As for your woefully incorrect reading of my intentions, no, I did not challenge you to measure your e-penis against mine. I don't have time to waste on fighting someone so completely lacking in reading comprehension and common sense. But if it makes you feel better, I'll say your e-penis is WAY bigger than mine. Okay champ? But I will still be holding to my word, mind you. If you and Bigfatcat attempt to move forward in your attempts to automatically remove Lovotovna from play, Anastasia can and will kill both the character you puppetmastered to attempt to kill her as well as the Paladin attempting the apprehend her like an Oblivion guard. She is more than capable of doing so; both of them are in her area of influence.
  6. I don't recall there being any 'rules' for the roleplay stated. If there was an issue with what our characters deem 'acceptable' in the context of accomplishing a mission, that should have been stated when the mission was devised. Anyone with a marginally functional intellect would have realized just from reading posts that Lovotovna and Anastasia are both morally ambiguous and have little qualms about using violence and intimidation to complete an objective. From the description given, in-character mind you, the group was operating under the knowledge that the local population has an infestation of shapeshifters that are to be utterly eradicated, as quickly and efficiently as possible. The efforts to coerce the locals into co-operating were performed with the knowledge that it was likely several shapeshifters would attempt to turn the locals against both the group of mercenaries and the Paladins who hired them. The resistance against a direct order to comply or be eradicated is either performed by: locals completely underestimating the group's combat capabilities, which would be quite clear once a couple martyrs were squashed beneath Lovotovna's golem and would hopefully result in unhesitant compliance; or, shapeshifters attempting to dissaude the locals, in which case it would take only killing one of them and examining the bodies to clearly get the point across. These are not decisions made just to go crazy and kill everything. Though cruel, they are logical and neccesary, something I would assume the Paladins who went so far as to hire mercenaries would understand. If they wanted soft hearts to simply talk things out and utilize incredibly inefficient methods of determining who is and is not a twistling, they should have said as much both in-character and out. Just because you are incompetent and incapable of properly orchestrating a questline, don't take it out on the players when they break your unspoken 'rules'. Especially in not so crude and intellectually deficient a manner as auto-hitting a death post from one of the player's own characters, or speedhacking a seperate auto-hit incapacitation with an NPC appearing from nowhere and saying 'psh... nothin personal, kid'.
  7. Bigfatcat and Akris. Withdraw your posts immediately or Anastasia will kill every character attempting to harm Lovotovna and impedeing the continuation of the mission. You will not be able to stop me without resorting to out of character methods. You speak of consequences for actions, and that was well understood I think by everyone involved. We did not, however, expect consequences to be influenced by petty out of character disagreements and result in the automatic death/imprisonment of a character. If these are the methods you resort to when things don't go according to your designs, you shouldn't be in a position to run a roleplay. Let me repeat, for the record: withdraw your posts. Anastasia can easily kill the Paladin attacking Lovotovna, and stopping her mutinous underling (a character over whom you have no actual influence) will be even more simple.
  8. I presumed that, considering the amoral nature of Anastasia, this attempt at intimidation to coerce the camp was a natural response. Hopefully my actions haven't botched things in the OOC sense.
  9. Is it perhaps too late for a newcomer to join in on this roleplay?
  10. "My oh my, you seem to be misunderstanding."   Anastasia's voice filled the air once again, seeming to come from everywhere at once. In a sense, it was; the sorceress was projecting her voice into the material plane through the shadows around the camp. From the rabble's shadows below her voice came, and above, and all around. If any of them were particularly aware, they would notice the way the ominous night seemed to be pressing in on the camp, its darkness congealing like old blood, becoming less the absence of light and more a 'thing'.   Darkness Sign - Watcher in the Dark   The shadows rippled and writhed, and then suddenly there were eyes. Sapphire eyes glowing with malicious humor, appearing and disappearing from every mote of shade in the camp. A youthful laugh filled the air for a moment, echoing across this sphere of pitch black night. Then the sorceress' voice spoke, as sweetly and courteously as any noblewoman. "You don't get to make a different choice. We were sent here to assist in your struggles against the... twistlings? Perhaps that was the word. Regardless, we're only being paid to eliminate the shape-shifters who have infiltrated this charming abode. I don't believe there was anything said about keeping you all alive. Perhaps you should consider exactly what the dear Kommander told you. The only options you have are fighting or dying, and I'm afraid the former is rather... mandatory. I assure you that the Kommander won't hesitate to eliminate any opposition. And I would be more than happy to examine your corpses to determine if you were one of the shapeshifters or not." The eyes stopped moving. They froze in place, peering from the darkness with a gleam of... hunger, perhaps? Countless crystal blue eyes looked down upon the cowards unwilling to fight to live. "If you choose to fight us here and most certainly die, I advise you to let the Kommander be the one to take your life. My methods are a bit less... efficient." Laughter from the darkness. The weight of Anastasia's malice was at the very least equal to that of the insidious shape-shifters. No, perhaps more; at least the twistlings weren't openly threatening a horrible death. Though with Anastasia's manner of speaking, the dagger pointed at their hearts was soft as Kashmir, with a menacing edge beneath. What choice would they make; that of cowardice and death, or finally mustering some courage to survive?
  11. Anastasia followed the Commander's orders without the slightest bit of ill will. A playful smile remained on her lips, as though amused by some joke everyone was missing but her. The young girl moved with a natural grace, blue eyes scanning their environment in a haphazard manner, like a child on vacation. This place was fascinating to her. A city eternally under siege, infiltrated by shapeshifters? Shapeshifters were always interesting. The variety of ways creatures managed to imitate other lifeforms was enthralling. In the case of these, how far did they go in their imitation? Was it merely an external facade, or did they imitate biological processes as well? Could they eat human food, bleed, perhaps even breed? From what the priest had told them these 'twistlings' were at least an amorphous type, if their tissues were all in relation. But deep did their deception run? When they reached their destination and the Kommander explained the plan, Anastasia chuckled to herself quietly. From what the sorceress had seen of her military compatriot, the two of them would have vastly different methods of 'ensuring compliance'. Which would be more effective on these people remained to be seen, but Anastasia never counted out threats of physical harm for their compulsive force. "I quite agree with dear Lovotovna. Well organized foreigners with weapons are suspicious to anyone, especially when these people are no doubt exceedingly... high strung, to put it politely. I am somewhat less threatening in appearance, though I doubt they would listen to the words of a child seriously in their situation. Fear not! I doubt anyone, or anything for that matter, could get to you before the Kommander's group minced it with a significant degree of finality." To say nothing of her own 'talents', obviously. But Anastasia was perfectly content to leave the heavy work to Lovotovna and her squad. She had no doubt Rollo could handle himself quite well as well. This seemed to be working itself into a purely experimental exercise for her. Her silver motor-mouth ceased, and Anastasia eased herself into the darkness surrounding the camp. Literally. The white-clad sorceress' form melted into the darkness, sliding into the realm of shadows. Though her body had vanished, her presence remained. In fact, it was intensified, almost oppressive. If any of the men or potential twistlings had any bright ideas about bum-rushing the group, the feeling of being watched from every shadow would be as much a deterrent as the force of arms Lovotovna displayed. A two level 'attack', physical as well as mental. Compared to Anastasia and the Kommander, Rollo would seem an angel from heaven. And if they chose not to listen to this angel, well...
  12. "Well, if identifying these shape-shifters is part of the problem, there should be no issue." Anastasia's upbeat voice rang out from seemingly nowhere. After all she hadn't physically followed the group. Then a figure slid forth from the darkness, specifically from Unity's shadow, rising up from the ground among them as though from an elevator. After a moment the darkness seemed to slide off it like water, revealing the youthful sorceress in much the same attire she wore previously in the Free Company's HQ. However, in this case she was carrying two more accessories, likely her 'work equipment'. First was a long, gnarled staff of ebon wood, tipped with a large red gem like a garnet or ruby. It lay across her back, held in place by a simple leather strap across her torso. Second was a massive leather-bound book, floating in the air before her. It was opened, though if one of the others looked to investigate the script they would find it undecipherable to normal sight. Spidery words swarmed across each page in some madly scrawled imitation of handwriting. Anastasia made a small gesture and the book snapped closed before vanishing in a puff of dark smoke with a quiet pop. The girl strode forward to stand among them, feet playing lightly with each step. "I happen to be quite experienced in the realm of biology, particularly in the context of the supernatural. If I could get a good look at some of them it would be relatively simple for me to determine exactly which of them are the imposters. Of course when it comes to violence, I'm afraid I'm a bit less... potent. I'd be more than happy to leave the righteous bloodshed to others, if you would be so kind. That, along with convincing these people to defend themselves, I hope isn't too tall a task to leave to you." The youth turned, giving the group a mischievous grin. Her highborn dialect made it only slightly more difficult to realize she was poking fun at them.
  13. Open

    It hadn't been difficult to find the building housing the Free Company. Asking the locals in plaintive tones and a bright smile was typically enough to coax information out of them. Some had expressed skepticism or concern over the questions, and warned that perhaps it would be better to find someplace else to go. It was rather amusing how one's perception could so easily mislead. Of course, she hadn't bothered to correct them. People generally don't respond well to discovering they've been manipulated. But, as long as they never realize it, they'll be happy to live in blissful ignorance of the countless forces pulling them in all directions. This internal analysis was how she entertained herself as she walked through the city, aside from her usual diversions involving merely giving passers-by the odd glance or two to see their reaction. Her little jaunt came to an end at the doors to the Free Company, which Akris so conveniently was holding open for the Kommander, Lovotovna. She strode up to the opened door with easy grace, stopping just at the entrance. After all, she couldn't very well simply waltz past him without explanation. An explanation Akris was very likely to desire, considering her appearance. Before Akris stood a young woman, certainly no more than 16 years old, clad in a white sun-dress which stopped just below her knees. Beyond that she wore little else, save the simple sandals on her feet and a few bits of jewelry. A pair of rings, a braclet, a simple silver necklace, that sort of thing. She was quite pale, her skin nearly as ashen as her dress, with fair hair that nearly edged into silver itself. These rather simple things aside, the most remarkable features of this youth were her eyes. Irises of a stunning blue shade as clear as a summer sky turned themselves on the polite Akris, that charming smile still on her faintly pink lips. "Well now, they say chivalry is dead, but it seems it's not quite buried yet. So kind of you to hold the door for a lady, dear sir." The girl effected a curtsey, though her eyes never wavered from Akris' as she performed it. There was something strange about her gaze. It was somehow wrong, an inherently unnatural sensation emanating from her eyes as she unblinkingly stared upwards at Akris. "I am here seeking employment with your... company. Ah! How rude of me not to introduce myself, especially to a rare man willing to hold open doors for a lady. My name is Anastasia Totestdat, pleased to make your acquaintance. You are hiring, are you not? I assure you, you will not find many people in the entire world with talents even comparable to mine. I am quite a unique asset, indeed. Shall we enter, then?" Anastasia barely left any room for Akris to respond, her words pouring out in an aristocratically accented torrent. It was in the midst of this manic speech that it would become readily apparent why her scrutiny was so unnerving. The girl was absolutely, stark-raving mad. With hardly a pause she would move to go through the open door, seemingly making a point to entirely ignore the presence of Kommander Lovotovna. That is, if no one tried to stop her.