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  1. Omerta

    Valucre music thread

    This video trips me out.
  2. Omerta


    Hm. That's the thing--- I don't know what I enjoy anymore. One thing this decade has taught me is that life starts where your comfort zone ends. I've pigeonholed myself before and gradually become bored with writing. I hope not to repeat the cycle. These are things I hope to work into my characters: Depression and an entire slew of symptoms including suicidial ideation, feelings of worthlessness, and lethargy. Some traveling, thieving, and swashbuckling, too. But mostly, I wanna learn to explore the psychology of first being a piece and shit, then crawling out of the muck and mire to be more. I'm really bad at this. >_-
  3. Omerta


    My name is Dre. I need help. Maybe rp can help me think through some of the madness. You down?
  4. People with whacked out senses of morality and empathy. I hate being around a person that complains and nags about absolutely everything but can't put an iota of brain power to analyze themselves in relation to the problem. Instead, it's just a revolving cycle of complaints but no resolution. I might be a stupid piece of shit, but I'm a piece of shit that at least tries to understand the perspectives, functionality, or purpose of the people and things around me. People with no morals oftentimes only care how a thing might benefit themselves and so go on endless tirades about how their computers/phones don't work, or how you won't bow to their wishes. They may attack you for not doing it for them. All they'd have to do is learn to fix the problem themselves or compensate you emotionally and/or financially. But no, they expect you to do everything simply because they are who they are and fuck what you feel. Just do it. I dodge these people like the plague now that I've learned to identify them. Fucking black holes.
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