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  1. Fuuuuuuck Harvey

    Lol. Needed that.
  2. Fuuuuuuck Harvey

    Stranded in San Antonio. Got hit by Harvey on our way from Victoria. Truck's engine gave out. Got a job. Starts in a week. If I could find a place to rest, I'll be able to afford a place to stay with my first check. But that's in two weeks. I'm fucked dude.
  3. WHat VINTAGE Audio Equipment Do You CURRENTLY OWN?

    Back in the late nineties, my dad and I made this huge speaker that you could literally hear down the block. I still have the equalizer and tape deck. My friends stole all my old mixtapes, and all the gear is safely tucked in my aunt's attic. Truth is, the speaker is so powerful that it is hard to be in the same room with it if the volume is turned higher than a few notches, but that's what made it awesome.
  4. FREE SPAR!!!!!

    Hm... Fight us both.
  5. I think that I FUCKED up with the NEWCONMERS

    Dis nukka done had a stroke.
  6. Confession Thread

    I recently broke out of a fucked up relationship. My frame of thought is much different this time, however. I can finally do for myself, what I did for others. Yeah, I'm used to spooning at the break of dawn and all that romantic shit, but for the first time in ages... I'm at peace. ~shrugs~ It's been three months already. On Christmas, I got lovesick and strolled about the city listening to Tender Love on repeat. Got real lonely. But you know what? I got over it.

    Been lurking for some time. Life is kinda rough right now, might have time in the near future.

    It's good to see both of you are still around.
  9. Happy new year!

    Happy New Years! No joke, each and every one of you mean something to me.
  10. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    Almost ready... Just need a month or two to do what I need.
  11. Confession Thread

    Part of the reason why I am so apathetic. Stops it from hurting as much, when I expect fuckery.
  12. Confession Thread

  13. Confession Thread

    For me, it's much less of an absence, and more of an... unawareness. People always ask me why I'm angry-- apparently, I have a permanent scowl, even when I'm happy. Thing is, I can still put myself into other people's shoes, so it's not alexithymia. I also use emotionally charged language, so deep down there's something there.... I just don't know where. Or how to access it, if that makes sense. Makes it impossible to write.
  14. Confession Thread

    Many of my family members struggle with mental illnesses. A great many of them are sociopaths. Sometimes, I wonder if I inherited it. Saw a therapist a few years back, he said I was fine though. Said I learned to live around tough environments and came to believe certain behaviors were normal. It's just that... most of the time, I feel absolutely nothing and yet, people around me are able to experience joy... Pain... The whole range of human emotions... And I have no clue what many of those are. Maybe I'm just retarded. Too stupid to recognize what I feel.