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  1. princeben07

    Hello to all, and Ziren!

    It's "ben" years since I have talked with you, even from yahoo user chat rooms. Oh, those were the days.....Clan Wars, T1-DM; you couldn't type an entire post so you HAD to end each post with "<C>" for continue before your character limit ran out. As you can see, I'm STILL going strong, starting up ruckus and just trying to watch over the youngins as they come and go through the Forum itself. Ziren IS on here SOMEWHERE. I've been here since 2007, and have seen Ziren a few time pop up to say hello. There are an amass of seasoned Rp'ers from even Eden on here floating around somewhere. TBH, most have moved on with their IRL lives and things like that, but I'm still around, and I have an eight-year old kid!! I'm still fixing computers and doing my Gardening, though not in as much concentration as I want to since my kid is always grabbing me for studying her homework and whatnot, lol. But take a look around; there are a bounty full of lands to explore, plus there are many RP'ers who like to T1 for sparring or to just get their writing skills up to par. Benny
  2. princeben07

    Hello to all, and Ziren!

    Hey Alden, it's benny of DCN...if you are talking about Ziren Rhizae, I haven't seen Zi-Zi in ages!!!! Welcome; hope you find what you are looking for!!! Benny
  3. princeben07

    Vigmordia Invectium

    Name: Unpronounceable to the Human Tongue Sur-Name: Vigmordia Pre'Nthuk-Jennifer Invectium Nick Name: Dee-Dee, Madia, Jenn-Jenn, Viggie, Vigz, Ni-Ni. Race: Invectium Sex: 100 Percent Female with FULL Reproductive System Affiliations: DCN, Invectium/??????/Monolith Project Skin Color: Alabaster White Hair Color: Black with Purple Streaks and/or Highlights Eye Color: Onyx Black, SOLID Vision; Indeterminable History: ??????????????????????????????????????????? (To be announced as she earns more RP Time) Powers: Unknown Weapon(s): 14-In Dagger, 4-foot tall Hourglass Of Conformance with Non-linear Sand inside of it. Abilities: Vermillion's Sand, Event/?????/?????/??????/????? Parents/Relatives: Avus Invectium (Twin Brother), DAICHONS, Benaires, Invectium Race, lady Mormegil, Avixis Insectium (Mother) Likes: Unknown Dislikes: Unknown Alignment: Coenmic Reasoner of Chaos, Protector of the Weak Quote: "Hero or Villain; Lad Or Lass; ALL will answer to the Hourglass!!!"
  4. princeben07

    Blairville - THE TOWER - Forest and Library zones

    yes, i am absolutely sure that I can keep up. just got new internet service and a neighbor loaned me his access key so that i can mobily- post if im at the Cardiologist' office next week. u have my word that i will participate. ill read the rules after these blood tests. lol. u have my WORD!!! benny WISH me luck on these echo tests. =(
  5. princeben07

    Small Town Mysteries (interest Check)

    Name: Gabriel Asteroth Occupation: Hunter and Master Blacksmith, FULL-time/weapons expert/Mineral Hobbyist. (he loves talking about metals and elements and the like, but is very, VERY shy at times) Height: six feet 11 inches Weight: Undetermined, assumed at 450 lbs Race: Half-Giant, Half human, part dragon Hair color: Salt and Pepper Skin color: Caramel Affiliation: Unknown Brief History: Asteroth used to be a guardian for his own race, the half-giants, but he never seemed to hold any interest in his job. He then ran into Benaires a very long time ago, receiving training in being a Blacksmith. Asteroth carries a gigantic double-headed Axe with him everywhere that he goes in order to protect himself, but he is usually more interested in talking about metals, forging tools and the like. Once he starts talking about gardening and the type of tools needed, he will give a detailed breakdown of the needs of all of his customers. He wears a short Goat-Tee, and is always wearing a leather smock, with gloves and even iron-clad shoes to protect his feet while forging or melting metals to make tools/weapons for his customers. He does have a twin sister, Minerva Gabriel, who is his assistant at all times. She greets customers and handles all politics with the job, always smiling and laughing to make people feel that they came to the right shop to buy their accessories. Likes: Forging tools and weapons, Cold Ale or Ginger Beer, Ambrosia, Apples, GARDENING. Quote: "Oh is that all? Well, YOU are going to need..........."
  6. princeben07

    Small Town Mysteries (interest Check)

    Great idea!!! You are REALLY Thriving!!! Great work!!! I'll support you when start the rp. I'll give it a good read. DO YOUR BEST!!! Benny
  7. princeben07

    Blairville - THE TOWER - Forest and Library zones

    Library Zone eh? Well for gaining knowledge, Vigmordia Invectium (Avus ACTUAL TWIN Sister.....it will be explained in the profile section Saturday, as I'm just keeping up with heart Palpitations yet AGAIN. =( ) would LOVE to get thrown into the fold. I'll read the rules and the binary stuff tonight. Benny
  8. princeben07

    The Fire Brat (Open..inbox for more info)

    Colleen had taken a seat at the bar, along with a now-nervous Samel for some strange reason. Danielle then smiled nervously at the two of them, basking in her doubts, but she was trying to keep a clear head. Colleen took a look at the rather tall glass of Peach Ambrosia; she had never had a glass that tall before, but figured since she was not even old enough to legally drink, that she may as well ease the tension in the air. She could feel the sensation of power beginning to build up inside of her, but there was this ominous feeling about her as well; what could it be that drive her TO this man that she had not seen in almost 8 years? "Dad, calm down; you're making ME nervous old man. Just sit tight and we can hear about whatever she has to say, okay?" Colleen demanded. Danielle then lights a cigarette, taking a pull and then exhaling while trying to calm herself. "Okay, now what I have to say is not going to sound completely sane, but this is what I have been gathering thus far. I might work here, but I'm also an undercover investigator for the Greater Cause of the Council. We tend to operate in droves and do not reveal much about the company itself. Someone is going around taking people into custody without that person's permission. There are leaks all over Ashville, and no one is doing anything about it. The woman that you both are wondering about COULD be one of those persons. Intel reveals a group of people being rounded up about 4 weeks ago, which coincides of the Police Report placed by YOU Mr. Moore, so I am sure that your wife is one of those people that were on the list."
  9. princeben07

    Ran Faster, But Stopped Dead (Part 1 of 4)

    Varsynthe giggled again, patting Tesler on his left shoulder as they began to walk. "You know Tesler, I think this young Vamp could be useful in our journey. What do YOU think M'boy?" She asked, now sticking her tongue out at Lucius playfully. Varsynthe was a bit over-bearing at times, but she meant well. Her speed, stamina and sheer will was enough to knock many of these criminals and creatures in this forest off guard. "M'lady, everyone serves a purpose and can help others in times of great need, but with the way you act, I'm not sure if many will approach you SHOULD that time of need arise. There I have said it." Tesler replied, while smiling at Lucius happily. Tesler did not mind the extra company; it was a change from fighting creatures tooth and nail most of the time, or having to walk into various places during the day for safety. THIS time, Varsynthe had made it her destiny to travel in the eve of the day though. "Could you at least explain to Lucius what it is you are searching for and why we are traveling at this time of the evening FOR master? I am sure that he could use more information; something that will help him have the metal weapons to help us along should the situation become dire." O_O "Aww man....that will take too long and repeating myself is BORIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" She exclaimed in protest. "Nevertheless, you should inform him on what it is that we are trying to do M'lady. I am sure he could use more information, don't you think?"
  10. princeben07

    Into the mind of an INVECTIUM...AVUS

    Noone knows about how deep into the Rabbit's Hole one should go when it comes to this ONE peculiar creature in conversation. You would rather vomit, want to commit suicide or carve your very eyes out should one feast their eyes upon this grotesque creature. Well, a typical human just might turn around and run until their heart exploded. The young lady in the large Living Room was patiently waiting for the Interview with this person; she did not know much about who it actually WAS that she had set up this interview FOR. One make-up artist was adjusting her eye shadow; another hair stylist was adjusting her Ponytails and brushing her sides down carefully; they did not want to make her look bad while doing this interview. The mini-mansion looked unfamiliar to her; there were huge paintings on the walls of a teenage-looking male, along with an older male and a very pretty woman who was barefoot. "This family must be loaded to put so many paintings of themselves everywhere. That's kinda odd..." She thought to herself, all while admiring the Mahogany floors at the same time.
  11. princeben07

    Greetings Valucre!

    Welcome Chaos!!!! I try to greet everyone as best that I can!! My ideas MIGHT be ZANY, whacky and even TOO much for the average writer, but you are MORE than welcome to pick my brain with any input or Brainstorming ideas. Just ask Venus Sprite: She KNOWS that Im an INSANELY UBQUITOUS RP'er!!!! Buwahahahahah!!!! Benny ^_^
  12. princeben07

    Out of the Shadows, Into the Fray

    yo!! Welcome to the Entropic Shell of rp!! benny
  13. princeben07

    What happened to Ataraxy?

    You're leaving us Ataraxy? Aww man......=( Hope all goes well with you though. We'll still be here should you have time to poke your head in to say hello!!! ^_^ Benny
  14. princeben07

    Old dog, same tricks?

    Alright Ellie; good to know you're getting that writing itch back in your body. Feel free to call on me ANYTIME you get bored, or if you JUST WANT to BUILD on an RP. I'm always open for great adventures!!! Benny
  15. princeben07

    The Fire Brat (Open..inbox for more info)

    Danielle had already poured the both of them a new glass of drinks for the two, and had made herself comfortable at the bar, having already finished her shift a bit early. She then poured herself a glass of Peach Ambrosia; this was beginning to get serious and there were people looking for all sorts of information on this entire situation already. "Shit..................I've got to DO something fast or they are going to come after ME next!!! Come one you two, get yer asses over here so I can get this of my chest please..." She thought to herself, now chugging down the first full glass of alcohol without even taking a breather.