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  1. Intro

    I've ALWAYS got something for the newcomers to do. They just have to ASK me straight out. Welcome to Valucre!!! Hit me up if you want to get a KICK-start on some RP!!! Benny
  2. I Only Have Two Questions.

    zi'm still here bro...back pain in all and depression. YOU cats are my light at the end of tunnel....Hope all is well with you and the family though....^_^ Keep your head up...you will find another job SOON...just keep at it. But welcome back!!! benny
  3. Well, Hello There!

    Welcome to Valucre!!!! 1. Big bad CANINE RP'er who created his OWN RP Race and is writing a series on online books. 2. Over 27+ years of RP Experience, background and Character development 3. un-official mascot of valucre 4. I love Wolves!!! 5. oops, oh, and WELCOME to Valucre!!!! Benny
  4. Seeking a teacher/A place to learn

    Since DAICHONS are part DRAGONS as well, ONE of Benaires' SPLIT forms would be able to teach this young pup a few things about magic abilities and to get a BASIC understanding as well. If you are interested, simply shoot me a message at your time table. TRUST ME, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Benny
  5. The Tulpa Syndrome 3.0 (REBOOT)

    "Ah, was something of utter importance then? Very well, let us go.......That sounded like Theresa on the phone. Is something the matter m"lady?" he asked, as they were to finally head over to District 11.
  6. *climbs back into the hot tub*

    Well don't just STAND there Goddess...give the girl some CAKE!!! O_O It's "ben" Awhile Sprite dear!!! benny.
  7. Getting Yourselves Together

    So NO takers? Is anyone INTERESTED in this event at ALL? Come ON...it's going to be FUN!!!! benny
  8. Getting Yourselves Together

    With A LOT of my rp's beginning to wind down, I think it's time for benaires to regain his TRUE form. For this RP, I will need the following: 1. Someone who is very, very SKILLED in magic or ALchemy 2. Guards in case of assassination attempts. 3. Holy Witnesses 4. Greeters 5. Magistrate of the Circle Of Wandering, True form 2.7 6. Master of Dark Terror Manipulation 7. A female who can RP as Ben's Aunt, who is the MIGHTY Lady AIR. (If you need an explanation, just send me a message and I'll break things down for you) 8. Lord Xylex 9. Someone to RP as Lady Avixis Invectium, who is Avus Insectium's MOTHER!!! 10. Human/Elf/Drow friends, bystanders or witnesses 11. Cook or Bartender 12. Waitresses 13. Lady Orlougue, The Geostratum's Assistant Librarian 14. Blind The Thief, Geostratum of Antiquity Overlord and Chief Guard to the Throne of Prince-to-be, Benaires 15. Antistratum (Geostratum's Chief Engineer and Technological expert on how the Geostratum actually WORKS) These roles, while temporary, can be assigned to anyone if they are interested. I can fully explain ALL of the details for the Ceremony. You are required to create your character in ANY WHICH WAY THAT YOU like, so long as they are Canine-based. They CAN be human-like with Anthropomorphic Capabilities, or they can be level 0 and not know how to change into a DAICHON as of yet, which is very much okay. I have not drawn out all of the full details of this RP, but it's going to HUGE! More details in the upcoming weeks Valucruians!!!! STAND BY!!! Benny
  9. mumble mumble Hi, this is me!

    I have no idea about Russian literature........ but welcome to Valucre anyways....
  10. Life

    There is beauty in chaos. My road should have been PC repair back when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. I'd probably be well-off on the financial level. --' WTF was I thinking back then?
  11. Acknowledge my existence.

    Welcome to Valucre!!! WRITE POWER!!! Now get out there and......uh.....DO something or something like that? lol. Benny
  12. Benny's ANIME Corner

    I have RECOVERED about 2 PETABYTES of Anime, with about 6.7 to go. The PCB trick actually works. The firmware holds all of the drive information, and since the platters are not damaged thankfully, I can restore my collection over the next few weeks. I have SOME reviews to go over and type out, so please, just be patient and I SHALL get back to the reviews with some newly-released titles coming up in September. I'm BACK, but just taking my time. PLEASE stay tuned for more of Benny's Anime Corner, ONLY on the Val!!!! Benny
  13. I Dunno...

    Welcome back fellow Wolfkin!!! ^_^ Benny
  14. Tainted

    Bryce was still looking around the upper floors to find Reka and Xeno. His patience was verily running out though. Stopping at a guest booth to purchase something to eat, Bryce then sighed out loud; he was getting quite flustered about this entire situation. "Where IS that woman? I can't even pick up her scent for that matter!!! This is beginning to become tiresome." Phelgariah, Cyrix and Denizen were all having some Wine and talking things over about Bryce and about Reka as well. "Well, I for one think that she is cute; she will good for Lord Xeno: you know, someone that is normal that can keep his arrogant attitude and demeanor in check when it comes right down to it. Lord Xeno has been here for a very long time, and is it not his turn to finally be happy for once? Now I admit, although a lot of us come from many backgrounds, but the truth of the matter is this; Lady Reka still has a chance of conceiving in the near future. We would not have to worry about being scrutinized by humanly people as much." Cyrix nodded in agreement, now pouring himself a very large glass of Wine in the process. "This would entail helping her out in most instances as well; she is going to be a target from ones that would oppose of a union of a human and Blood Farmer though. I do not see what the big fuss is all about in the first place. Reka is refined, intelligent, child-like, but very mature for someone her age. Her knowledge of medicine will be very crucial for the care of other Blood Farmers just in case. We could' learn much from her Human anatomy and how she functions as a woman. I still do not understand how humans reproduce though. It's a very difficult and rather engrossing act. Genetic Engineering has taken steps way ahead of copulation and....Well, I am to guess that the act of reproduction itself has some kind of a pleasurable value to them. The restrictions on expressing feelings for people in this world are rather confusing as well. They see no limit as to how they can love another and spend time with many a people from all walks of life. It's rather strange and yet indulging at the same time. I can't begin to clarify how I was with my dear Seresute Delear. She was perfection beyond perfection I tell you. We were traveling along this road and ran into some trouble with Ghouls. I cherished fighting right along side of her in those days. I awoke from a deep sleep from a previous night of speaking to her gently. By the time I had realized anything was wrong, she was gone...just as if I had not met her at all. She left me a Heart-shaped Broach as a keep-sake. I take it with me everywhere that I travel, with hopes in finding her again some day. I really understood what Love is back then; Now I only perfect my hatred for the ones who took her away from me." Denizen was young and she was only 14, but her fighting skills were up to par to say even Xeno himself. She sipped on her Wine, knowing that she was not supposed to be drinking at her age, but she did not care for human rules at all. "Geez....that sounds really sad Cyrix Sire. Have you ever thought of going out into the world to search for her again? I'm sure someone knows her whereabouts....I mean...no one just vanishes into thin air like, DO they?" Said the young Blood farmer of 14. "Alas, I have been around places far and wide Zen...and I can't pick up her scent anywhere. ALl that I have is this Broach that she gave to me when we first started talking to one another. Killing her is rather difficult, since she IS a Taint. I only pray that she doing well though. Some things just are not meant to be as it were. Well, I'm going to look at a few booths and see if I can find some interesting Jewelry to buy. At his rate, I'll never keep enough money to send back home. Why won't that stupid agency pay me more? Oh...Grams is going have my HEAD if I don't get more blood over there soon. Everyone look sharp; Bryce is still being a jack-ass....."
  15. So, I'm not dead... yet.

    Alright...the more the merrier!!! benny