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  1. princeben07

    What about movies?

    Let's see; I finally got a chance to watch Gyo: Tokyo Attack Fish yesterday. Ah the errors of human ways and biotechnology; it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature on any kind of level. O_O UFOTABLE did a very gruesome job of the animation itself. It was quite spooky and EERIE as hell. Guess I won't be going swimming anytime soon, lol. Benny
  2. princeben07

    Hey everyone!

    Bee, welcome to Valucre!!!! Take a look around as you see fit. Benny
  3. princeben07

    Life's Little Pleasures (Open)

    O_O "Uncle.......come on....have some class ya old Bard!!! They are CURIOUS..............Can't you just make them FORGET for a little while? We have to GET outta here....Come ON Uncle...use some of that old magic that you used to DO back at the old THEATER 15 years ago...you remember the OLD MEMORY TRICK...Come ONNNNNNNNNNN I'm hungry Uncle!!!.....just don't HURT anyone..................PLEEEEASSEEE?" Bydo said with the BIG Puppy Eyes.... (OOC: Go where you want.......I want to reflect off your next post...it's going to be FUNNY....TRUST ME friend!! lol!! Just don't kILL anyone....) Benny
  4. princeben07

    Goodbye? Who said "Goodbye"?

    1. WELCOME BACK!!! 2. Hope to write with you sometime!!!! Take a LOOK around. We are GETTING BETTER!!! Benny
  5. princeben07

    LF Quest partner!

    I'm always up for an adventure!!! ^_^ Benny
  6. princeben07

    The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    "You DO know that I'm stubborn and am going to fight tooth and nail on this dear. We have much to do." Ben responded, now being able to tuck his other wing in fully without any complications. "Faustus, you are free to hang out at the Main Office until I get some more answers from my old man. We will catch up THEN alright? I HAVE to dig a bit deeper." ben then lowered his head and sighed, "Enos.............what in the HELL is going ON here?" Abraxis was just outside of the Operating room, along with The Chief, Graymite, Rebecca, and a NEW face: Lady Abronex of DCN. Ben was to stop for a moment, his eyes shifting to his rather taller cousin of Royal Lineage. Abraxis tilted her head to the side, now pointing to this tall and slender female in question. Graymite smiled overall; he hadn't met all of the new employees that worked for The Company, but did not mind meeting new people. "Ooo---kay.............uhm...Glad to see that you all are still in full swing so to speak. A-hem, everyone, I want you to meet my younger cousin Lady Abronex of the former Royal Guard. Abronex is my former body guard from way back when.....uhm, it would take way too long to explain. We're RELATED....I'll leave it at that. Abronex, that's Faustus Clemens, an old friend of mines, over to your left is Lady Abraxis Jennae Invectium, age 24, and the younger man standing next to her is her Conduit or the person responsible for HER care, I announce to you Lord Graymite Anthine Jones IV, respectively. To your left by the vending machine is Rebecca Jones, who is Graymite's sister. We've got uhm our tall Housekeeper, Mr. Lockheed, who helps out with things such as cooking, cleaning, scheduling. that kind of stuff. And onto the twins: the young lady with the blue hair is my partner and betrothed, Erixa Dimont, and her twin brother Asher. The young girl sitting on the bench reading over paperwork is a rookie, Skylar Invectium. Over there to the extreme left of you on that complicated computer-like contraption is Vantrix Tepes Gothra; he's ken to the Blood Farmer Clan back where I was born." Abronex bowed and waved at everyone, smiling a bit. She then turned to her own cousin Ben, pursing her kips to speak, "You're GETTING MARRIED? Now that is something to celebrate!!! Well, I just got here and The Chief was downstairs flirting with the Nurses, so I don't really have much information on what's going on right now. I can't believe my Lord is about to get married...Where is the TIME going Benaires? Care to fill me in? I'm a bit at a loss and I just got my work I.D. I've read a lot about Abraxis and Mr. Graymite; they 414 Consecutively-solved cases and 12 deaths, 278 Arrests and four murder charges solved. And him over there.....Vantrix is it? Why does he smell like Anti-matter?"
  7. princeben07

    Introducing Lord Bacterion (DCN Side Quest)

    O_O "He never ceases to impress me. I hope no one remembers this. This shipment is very important. It contains the BASE material for the support beams on the lower levels. Geez....This is bad. If anyone else smells that blood, then MORE Claim-jumpers will come AT us. How am I going to fix this situation without disturbing anyone else in the city? Hmmmmm..........." Ben thought out loud. "I'm going to have Xylex TAKE on Obitus as punishment for trying to steal from his OWN. If he NEEDED the Drakenite, all that he would've HAD to DO was ask. Alright people, let us MOVE OUT!!! And will someone grab that sword from the ground? Now which one of you LEFT that there?" ben said, trying to fake things along so that no one would KNOW that the sword was actually disguised as Lord Xylex. He HAD the abilities for living metal in his fighting arsenal as it were. The Boss walked over tot he nice-looking sword and grabbed the hilt, shaking his head, "Fighting never solves anything you know. Thank goodness that Master Benaires and Xylex are here; hey WHERE IS the kid at?" Ben rushed over to the Boss, giggling at first, "hehehe......You know Xylex; always scouting ahead to make sure no more trouble is ahead. He'll MEET us at the Storage Facility in an hour or so. He wanted to check the landscape and see who ELSE was watching for Security purposes...he'll be along in a short while. He does not like waiting for long. Xylex, wherever you are good buddy, you're a LIFE-SAVER. Remind me to cook your family a BIG Dinner as thanks. This COULD'VE been gruesome without your quick thinking!!!"
  8. princeben07

    For Radioactive (New member)

    I am VERY excited that you chose Valucre as your RP home. CAn't WAIT to write with yas!!! WELCOME to the ADVENTURES!!! I'm sure that we are going to brain-storm up some GOOD RP ADVENTURE!!! Don't leave me out...I'm always available should you need a villain, or whatever. Hope to write with you SOON!!!!! benny
  9. princeben07

    LF Quest partner!

    Just read her PROFILE!!!! Simply AMAZING!!! I'm VERY IMPRESSED with how clean the profile is, and how clear/concise you keep it. VERY GOOD JOB!!!! I can't WAIT to write WITH you and Danzilla3!!! Let me know what we are putting a lil something together and I'm THERE!!! Benny
  10. princeben07

    Things you've learned from video games

    You know WHAT? I've learned from Shootem-ups that you really, REALLY have to PAY ATTENTION to bullets, your weapons and the enemies. Upgrade as you CAN and just PAY attention to what's going on ON your screen. (Is that even worded right? lol) Put together your clues for the storyline, save OFTEN and just get out there and try to do your BEST in ALL THINGS!!! ^_^
  11. princeben07

    LF Quest partner!

    You BOTH can DEPEND on the BENNY!!! Danzilla already KNOWS that I'm ALWAYS DOWN for some good writing and cooperation with the writers ON here. It's just so difficult to GET people to write with me and that sucks. I've been on this site since 2007, and no one wants a FURBALL!! =(
  12. princeben07

    LF Quest partner!

    I've got close to 1, 890+ Characters in my Inventory, buuuutt...if I were a betting man, I'd pick Cyrix Tepes Gothra; he is very languid and basks in doing difficult tasks!!!! Let's brainstorm and get this show on the road then, shall we?
  13. princeben07

    LF Quest partner!

    whatcha got in mind? hit me back. im always up for adventures! benny
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  15. princeben07


    LOOK, I have to attend a FUNERAL TOMMOROW........I JUST BURIED my UNCLE in FEBRUARY.... Now, I have to bury his sister,,,,,,,,,,, My NUMBER is xxx-xxx-xxxx................. I NEED SUPPORT... I'm always raising hell about my fellow Valucrians not trying TO STAY IN TOUCH WITH ONE ANOTHER, but this is SERIOUS...............Whre is Chad? Where is Nette? Where is Carlos? Where is Karen? You all STATE that you have my BACK, but when I'm in a CORNER in REAL LIFE, WHERE ARE my VALUCRIANS???????????? Where is my BABY RAZE OF FUCKING Storm???? Where is my baby Rin-Mobile? I NEED SUPPORT on this!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Tired of Funerals you all......................Can someone CALL ME? ONCE AGAIN.....It's xxx-xxx-xxxx.........Just ASK for SEAN (SHAWN)................. you all KNOW ME! I'm DCN 4 LLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! A SCARED BENNY =( I'll love you forever!!! xD