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  4. Borron had finally arrived, sliding into the doorway with a Medical Kit and some Syringes!! "Don't touch him!!! I KNOW what to DO!!" He exclaimed out with a boisterous voice! Cotton then had stopped trying to shake her father to awake, now turning to Borron. "You...you're the twin flame of my Teacher. You KNOW how to wake my father? But How?" Cotton asked as she was to stand up and walk over to Borron. "Yes, sure; it's not very difficult, and it's virtually painless I think. It's called a RESET, and I'm surprised that you all...well hmm; now that I think about it, NONE of you would know about how to do this actually. KOTA, do you know what a RESET is?" He asked her, as he placed the Syringes onto the bed next to a sleeping Benaires. Kota shook her head; she was wiping her eyes as well. She hadn't been TAUGHT how to DO that yet, and not even by her own creator. Abraxis had came in with Graymite, rubbing her eyes; they were both sleeping deeply, but something like this required her dire attention. "Master should not be asleep right now. If he does, he will sleep for 427 years. Just RESET him Mister Borron." She said out loud via her Kinetic Prowess. Borron nodded in agreement as well. "Let's get him on his back side and keep his airways clear. Rebecca, put those blankets over on him completely. He's going to need to rest for a few minutes once the RESET is done. Eveyone else is to stand back; this procedure DOES emit a great amount of static Electricity. Here we go. First, I need to give him some injections of Astenite: about 250 CC's of it for a creature of HIS sheer size. Next, I just messagehis temples and the Bio-Antennae will come out out his head and coil up on the floor."
  5. "WHAT happened?" Asked Rebecca, as she ran into the room!! "He-he...he......he got pissy-drunk with uhm, Kota!!" Said Argon, who was checking him over. Ben was 16 feet tall in his DAICHON Brooden form. He had fallen ASLEEP!! Cotton was trying to shake him awake, but it was to no avail! "Father!! you can't drink like that again. Oh please wake up!! you KNOW what happens if you sleep TOO long!! Come ON Father, WAKE up I say!!!" Rebecca was still in awe: she had known Ben for years upon years and had never even SEEN him in this form before. She stood next to Greymite, who was busily looking through spell books and the like to try to find something to wake Ben up with. "I-I-I- never knew he was that BIG: I....he..never told me that he was a DAICHON. I mean...he never even mentioned it in all of the letters he used to send to me when I first started College classes. I thought it was all some kind of a gimmick or something." Kota was sitting by his side, trying every incantation she could think of.
  6. Finally unlocked Contaminant Zero's Profile!! Apocrypha is COMING!!! FINALLY!!!


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  7. Name: Xeon Apocrypha Jones Sur-name: Contaminant Zero, The Original, Apocrypha Affiliation: The Rembrandt Project, The Contaminants Race: Unknown Age: Unknown Height: 6 Ft 8 Inches Weight: 289 LBS Skin Color: Alabaster, Variable Eye Color: Solid Onyx Black Hair Color: Salt and Pepper Attitude/Demeanor: Demanding, arrogant obsessed with destruction of DAICHONS. History: Not much is known about Contaminant Zero's agenda. Not many even know who he actually IS, nor where he could be. However, since the R.H.D is beginning to spread in certain areas on Earth and Earth 2. Not many even know what the agenda of Apocrypha really is in the first place, as he keeps hidden from view for some unknown reason. He does, however, have a set of brothers and sisters who are also Contaminants, though not much is known about them at this time. Apocrypha prefers to operate in secret, with desires of going hunting for giant Dogs, as he sees them as a nuisance. Abilities: Psychokinesis, Planes-Walking, Geokinesis, PyroKinesis, Contamination, ?????/??????, ??????? Likes: Money, Pizza, Escargoat Dislikes: DAICHONS and anyone related to THEM Alignment; Chaotic Evil Quote: "I send a few of you to confuse those people and you can't even kidnap a young girl who STILL PISSES HERSELF???"
  8. The EVIL has come down to EARTH and EARTH 2. WHO IS THIS ONE??? Benny
  9. Has been SEEN TRAVELING towards Salt: the Dresden; Norfolk VA. PLEASE help stop THIS one!! EMERGENCY!! (RP can START here without my PERMISSION!!) Benny
  10. The Professor and the Captain just stood there, speechless as Xeno turned to walk back into the cabin. Mr. Fines stood there in awe: just who WAS this man to disrespect the Military tot he point that they dared NOT to shoot at him nor arrest everyone? "Breakfast-time Mr. Fines. I have arranged our travel to go forth to Lord benaires. We have much to discover and much to learn. Please go with Wingless for the Schedule. I'm done playing around with these humans. I would like to get back to my duties please." Mr. Fines nodded as some of the Security Guards were to continue to stand outside to monitor things as they were being told to. Xeno walked into the kitchen, as he took a whiff of the wonderful breakfast items that were still piping hot. Wingless had changed her Apron quickly and shuffled over to the Island to make Xeno some more Mint Tea. Mr. Fines waved for the guards to take a break and come to have breakfast. "Mr. Fines, please go and fetch Lady Salt and everyone else so that they can have some nourishment before our trip is to begin. QUIGLEY!! Bring my Satchel!! Mr. Fines nodded immediately; he did NOT want to disappoint this Xeno person what so ever. He slipped on his dress shoes and began walking swiftly down the long hallway, until he reached Xeno's Bedroom. He kindly knocked on the door, signaling him being outside the door. "Lady Salt, Guardian Abronex? You are being summoned by Mr. Xeno to come and have a nice breakfast. Please hurry as he has many things to discuss with everyone then."
  11. "It's not like I want this shit to just happen to me everyday mom!" Josh thought to himself. He was to focus his vision upon two people that were heading towards their very busy booth quickly, as he wrapped up another burger for another person that was passing by. The Lady smiled at him, handed him some change, and kept going, nibbling on the food item.
  12. The engines of the tanks and vehicles then calmed down, making a few of the drivers exit them and take off their Military caps in wonder. "Hey, it's the tall guy again. Get a look at this Captain." Said one soldier. The Captain walked over to the Soldier, now looking over some kind of a clip board. He flipped through a few pages, letting forth a loud sigh. "We are going to have to approach this with Finesse. That's no regular man you are talking about. His name is Adrienne Xeno Tepes Gothra. He is something called a Blood Farmer; a very rare species from the out bounds of Science or something." The Professor stood motionless; just who WAS this tall male standing in front of him, making promises to start killing people if they moved in any closer to the Cabin? Mr. Fines himself was also very astonished; maybe the magicks that Xeno possessed and had shown off recently wasn't just about smoke and mirrors after all! The Captain then sighed again, passing the clipboard back to one of the Soldiers. he then began walking towards the professor and Xeno, and without haste. Xeno checked his tie and his hair; he wasn't worried about this situation what so ever. The Professor was now at a stand still; should he make the order for the Soldiers to begin firing? Should he just talk things over to the Blood Farmer? "Well, uhm, Mr. Xeno I presume. We have orders to extract the young lady that is of the Dresden Species sir. You are in the way of a Military operation. I would appreciate it if you would cooperate with us fully." The Captain said, now extending his right hand in greeting the Blood Farmer. Xeno smirked, now extending his hand to clasp the Captain in greeting, but in a tight grip as well. "The young Maiden is MY Responsibility Captain. I DO have orders to transport her safely to her family and her Master so she can get her LIFE together. Would you care to SEE those Orders then?" Xeno said, pulling the Captain closer to him with a bit of force for the Soldiers to cock their weapons directly at Xeno. The Captain waved his hand quickly at the Soldiers though. "PUT your Weapons down!! That's a direct ORDER!! Alright Xeno, sure.We can do this in a Diplomatic fashion." the captain replied calmly, while trying not to scream; Xeno's grip was very strong; probably enough to crush the bones in the man's very hand. Xeno would release his grip without haste; he didn't want to hurt the human without first winning this game on a mental and legal level! 'Wingless!! Bring my Clipboard please!" Xeno demanded in a very shrill voice. She had finished tying her apron back on, now jogging outside the door, breezing past everyone in a very swift fashion. She stopped to the left of Xeno, kindly handing him a Clip Board with sheets of paper on it. She smiled at the Soldiers, as they tipped their Barrets back in respect of course "Don't take Long Mr. Xeno; I don't want Breakfast to get cold." The Captain then took the Clip board from Xeno, now flipping through a few pages, concentrating carefully. Xeno smirked slowly, knowing that this could get very ugly or then again, if these humans knew what was good for them, he's could get back to having Breakfast. After a few seconds, The Captain kindly handed Xeno the Clip Board, letting out a sigh. "Surely we can discuss this peacefully Mr. Xeno. This is a direct order from our Superiors to acquire the Dresden." he spoke out, as the Soldiers began stepping forward at the ready. Xeno sipped on his Mint Tea again, now handing it over to Wingless to hold the large cup for him. He adjusted his tie once again, now smirking in protest. "You DO Know what that SEAL is on the bottom of page 4 of the Dockett correct?" Xeno asked the Captain. The Captain then grumbled a bit, but cleared his throat, now looking up at that much taller Xeno to respond regretfully, "Yes, of course; that is from The Company, Alpha Priority 7-F. Surely you can see fit to work something out with this..." "I'm LEAVING, and I'm going to have breakfast Captain. You are trespassing on private property. Please leave. That is all that I am requesting, and the answer is no." Xeno replied, now touching Wingless to begin to head back to the Cabin.
  13. Welcome BACK Stranger!!!


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  14. Welcome!!! I'm Benny or Benaires. Take a look around and message me if you want to start something up!!! Benny
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