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  1. First, I get over my back pain, just ENOUGH to start planning my garden. Tests on my heart came back alright, and with some management, I may NOT have to go under the laser for that bad flap on the Atrium Wall. Okay, that is cool. So now I've got full-on STREP Throat!!!! DAMMIT!! Why do things keep happening to me? =( Im FREEZING, I'm sore, I ache and my throat feels like I swallowed a jar of polychloric Acid!!! I've got Halls, Peppermint Tea, Chicken Soup, two extra blankets and plenty of Justice League to watch to keep me busy. Took an anti-bioltic and some Tylenol for my aches and pains. The benny is always getting sick.... *Cries* Oh, and I COMPLETELY LOST MY VOICE!!!! I can't even whisper!!!
  2. semi-closed

    A darkness would soon ENVELOPE the ENTIRE area, leaving behind winds that were blowing at about 34 MPH. The CUBS and the Elders actually KNEW who was coming by. He was PISSED off, but he had to represent his race; he was coming there to oversee how Lord--to-be and ARCH-MAGE Xylex was holding up. He had left for a very long time, knowing how his other forms were split up; he could not just sit there and let his own race fight amongst each other!!! A loud SHRIEK would echo, ebb about in all directions, indicating of his arrival. Benaires would step out of a portal, along with his crew: Xynax, Lady Vermillion, Lord Bacterion, Lord Orlouge Red, Lady Orlouge Red, The Very Large and Algae-Covered Lady AIR, (assistant Elder to Benaires), Bacterion JR, Lady PHAGE, and a few other DAICHONS that were walking to the BACK of him; for NOONE would walk to the side of Benaires BUT either Bacterion, Anubis or the Lord Belgorion, who was Ben's play-Uncle at times. All of the DAICHONS that were arguing and/or fighting would catch his very SCENT, now stopping instantly, all now forming a very nice line from the East, West, North and South, only to kneel in submission. Even the 15-footer DAICHON was to turn his head and notice who this was!!! Ben stopped as his paw pad touched the grass, taking in the scents that were now all around him. "WHAT IS THIS SHIT??????? DACIHONS!!!! REPORT FRONT AND CENTER RIGHT NOW!!!" ALL OF the DAICHONS, young and old and even the cubs, ALL reported to Benaires, BOLTING over to him, all bowing down in submission. Ben's first business was walking over to the GIANT 15-foot tall DAICHON, whose name was Tobias.....Ben then grabbed his left arm squeezing it tightly, "IF you EVER, in your LIFE....EVER...EVVVVER disrespect my Arch-mage again, there will be severe punishment for you Tobias....are we understood General? And You had better explain yourself in 45 seconds......I'm tired of games....NO MORE PASSES with you big SACK of FUCKING EXCREMENT!!!! Now you are to GO and help Lady Orlogue Red to take measurements for our new home. IF you disrespect any MORE of MY DAICHONS...I will put you back to sleep in the Hall....................Understand me?" "Yes my Lord.....I did not mean any disrespect Sire....I shall go as you instructed." he replied, looking very flustered, and frustrated, but he was also very embarrassed. "If ANY of you try to fight again, I WILL send you back to the HALL to sleep even MORE....................AM I understood?"
  3. Working on Fruity Loops Ultimate Edition, Version 9.0. Trying to layer some tracks together. Working on downloading Justice League, seasons 1-5, Working on Transformers Animated series and the Virtual Comics, expanding to 248 GIGABYTES of animation and the behind the scenes, as well as the Japanese version of Transformers that never made it to America. I'm running Windows 64-bit Ultimate Edition, with Service Pack 1. She runs BEAUTIFULLY. I have NO security issues or viruses or anything like that. I know how to SURF RESPONSIBLY. I'm working on DCN: The Album? right well as a few more Anime titles for downloading. I will NOT run Windows 10. I'd rather run Puppy Linux first, lol. Benny. How are YOU doing Fae old friend? Benny.
  4. Fantastic!!!! Another Chew toy to toss around like a RAG Doll, lol!!!! Welcome to Valucre!!!! benny
  5. *Waves at new person* Yo!! Welcome to Valucre!!! Please take a look around and if you have any questions, we will answer to the best of our ability!!! ^_^ Benny
  6. Hi

    I just read broke your leg in TWO fucking places? Dude, you gotta stop partying so much, LOLOLOL!!! Holy cow man!!!! DAMN G!!! I wouldn't wish that on my WORST enemy. Just keep your head up. We are here if you need us brother!! ^_^ Benny
  7. (OOC: Preps duely noted!!) There he was!!! Another chew toy for slinging around!! Ben noticed this very short individual heading straight for him. He was pleased though!! Did this being have the speed and stamina it would take to topple this mighty canine? "This is going to be very exciting." he thought to himself. Ben then took a deep breath, only to broadcast out in a boisterous voice to Senko, "UHM, EXCUSE ME? I wouldn't just dash and run up on ME if I were you sir!" Ben then uttered to himself as he was to notice the gap quickly closing betwixt the two of them, "I wonder if he heard me? Is he even listening to me? Oh what the hell does he think he's doing? Oh well, I'd better get ready for being hit with Spitballs. Oh dear." He then began to focus a bit more to this man who was blindly running right into a trap it seemed. Ben was not afraid, nor was he even going to try to fight back; this being was much smaller than he was. How could someone so small do HIM any kinds of damage? 1His Bio-antennae, which rested atop his head, then began to lengthen very quickly, protruding outwards. The ends of the extensions were heavy, so this made each one head downwards, now touching the very ground, only to begin coiling up, as if he was going snag this guy or something. He did not put up a fighting stance either; Ben would be able to hit this guy one time with so much force that he could probably break his bones and the fight would be over. Did he want to toy around with him first before getting warmed up? What was the almost 4, 000-pound Mongrel about to DO? Prep 1: Bio-antenna extended and ready.
  8. MY bad. My daughter is back from California, so I have been SCRAMBLING to get her back into school!!! Posted up and I'm waiting for your reply brother!!! ^_^ Hit me up when you have time. I know you're MAD busy!! ^_^ Benny
  9. Stick around this time, lol!!! ^_^
  10. Welcome. May my other five forms that are scattered throughout Valucre NOT see you as a new chew toy; buwahahahaha!!!!! benny.
  11. Im still down. Who backed out? benny
  12. Aw man...I've always wanted to GO to one of those fairs...=(
  13. Welcome. Take a llook around; youwill find someone to write with in no time!! ^_^
  14. A female human's touch made MALE DAICHONS weak!!! (New fact, just released from original notes from1996-1998) Ben was trying to resist, but her touch simply made him melt all over! Ben hated humans touching him, even his own mother, who was a fellow DAICHON. Ben loathed human females touching him, but his longing for a master sometimes made him fallable. He whispered out to Reka lovingly, Y-y-yes my master....ohhhhhhh!" He then ploopped to the floor!! His eyes had rolled into the back of his head in such pleasure!! "I will do anything you say my Master. Reka, could you pet me more....???" Xeno giggled a bit, knowing his cousin's weakness at times. He then looked into the Office drawer to pull out a collar and a leash long enough for Reka to put on him. Ben would use his four tails to grab the leash and Coolar, and pass it over to Reka. "I will obey...please take me with you my master." "Build you a bigger house? Is that all? Well, seeing as to how Bryce is still upset and very vigilant, I could lend you both my town house for a while until I can think of thing to further use to defeat that maniac." Ben then was fully submissive to her; "I will protect you as long as you pet me Master. I do not weigh that much either." "Lord Xeno, your brother has decided to do the demonstration for you and handle the legal matters. You all should get some rest for. We will handle the show sire." Ben would raise that large head to his new master with tears streaming down his face. "I have been wanting you as my master since you were 6 years old My Lady. I could not speak to you back then. We should all take a nap. My fur has the softness of 400000 pillows. Cousin, come....lie next to Master Reka." "And THAT I will not contest. We all should rest a bit. the night is young. Alas, it is only 7 pm, so we have plenty of time. Phelgariah dear, have Bacterion stand guard please." "Yes M'Lord. He is already here. Rest up. Prince Benaires really needs it the most." He then slipped off hisdress shoes, only to plop onto the floor with big ben and Reka. Ben's large tails would gently wrap around Xeno and Reka, with the fur now sticking out like a blanket of sorts. "Just lay against me you two. You are going to wake re-energized as well." Reka would find Xeno fast asleep: even Blood Farmers needed rest. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Detective's Folly "Well, this has been quite interesting thus far Mr. Gothra. Wouldn't ya say young man?" Asked the Detective, who raised yet another shot glass. Gothra nodded in agreement, not just peeking around to assess the situation. "Yes, it has......I wonder where out Host and Hostess have gone off to Detective? Bryce is still on the upper floors looking around so it seems. I have many of my kind patrolling the back alleyways as well. You never know what kind of mischief Blood Farmers could be up to in this days and age you know." "I agreed to work withcha on this here because you seem to have a good eye for the bad guys. Now I don't believe in all of this mumbo-jumbo about Vampires walking all over my city and all of that jazz Gothra. And WHO names their son Gothra by the way? I always wanted to know why you people have such crazy names. Well, I'm going out for a smoke; you coming along Gothra? You can tell me more about your "kind." This shit is a riot, I tells yas." "It is NO joke Detective Lyons. I will accompany you to the outside of this establishment just for Security reasons then... Let us go..."
  15. Xeno's eyes instantly opened up, as he was to immediately sit up, simply smiling in glee!!! "Cousin.........please let her see is quite alright....." Xeno began, as he was to back away from Reka for now. He KNEW that he was in deep trouble with her; and HE was the one who had asked HER to be his girlfriend!! Ben was to turn towards his Lady, reaching his arms up to the cloak, only to finally remove it from his head. What Reka would see now would be beauty beyond anything she had ever seen in her entire life, well, beside Xeno of course. Ben's furry features were that of a giant Wolf, with the four ears and the golden-hooped ear rings in each individual ear. He had his bio-antennae hidden back into his skull though; he did not want to spook the poor girl yet. His canines were Pearl White, without a single hint of food or even a hint of a stain. His nose was a bit wet, but that was to be expected from one of his race. He then stretched out his arms were the sleeves were extra-long, only to reveal not hand, but gigantic paws. They were clean, beautiful and well-groomed. His nails were manicured perfectly, as he was to sigh in fear; people treated him like some sort of a freak-show and he was terrified in revealing himself. "Go ahead and laugh or scream if you want; I'm just some sort of a mutant that has no place in this world. Do you know how hard it is for me to even try to FIND a job? I scare little children and even the Elderly." Xeno himself had NEVER seen his own cousin's face, and they had been family since he could remember. Xeno stood up, now walking over to Benaires, who was trembling in fear. "Reka, come over here with me....take a look at him....He is the most beautiful creature that I have ever seen. I have never even SEEN his face. He always wears this Crimson-Red Cloak everywhere that he goes. Come on cousin; you're amongst friends now; Reka is not going make fun of you. Reka, come over to pet him; he is very shy and scared shitless...alright?" Ben was still looking down towards the floor!!! he did not like normal HUMANS to judge him; he had been through so much over 11 million years with his family that The Blood Farmers were the closest thing to FAMILY that he actually had, (Besides the Invectium and Avus Insectium) and they were a pessimistic, violent bunch that believed in nothing but collecting blood for Cocytus. Xeno was different though. Phelgariah was different; Ben had this kind of child-like personality to him, but it also captured their imagination. Why were dogs THIS LARGE in another time and another place? And how could they survive all of this time?. "Just come over here and sit with him Reka; he is very scared. Look I am sorry that he acts tough, but he has to do his job as well, before his Split forms are called BACK home. You can yell at me later; my cousin traveled a very long way to be your guard. He really DOES like you. Now come on, just give him a chance please dear." he pleaded to her, looking a bit saddened himself. He never took Benaires anywhere with him, due to how people would abuse him, throw things at him, spit ON him, throw actual bags of URINE on him, and he would run, crying; wondering how people could DO this to him. this village did not discriminate against Blood Farmers; why would they even consider treating a DAICHON this way? "Do not be afraid My Lady....I'm all bark without much bite so it seems......Oh, where is my mother ?" Ben wondered, now sitting down on the Office floor. He was almost nine feet tall, so even when sitting, he was still quite monstrous of a creature!!