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  1. "AMI? MY former TRAINEE? Oh MY, it's been years my old friend!!!" Said lady Orlouge Red, now adorned in her fire-Red Cloak and Brooden ears of six. She had grown even older, and was excited to see such a friend> "Oh my stars!! Let me LOOK at you!!! You still look great after many years of missing you. You are still SHORT in your human form: I TOLD you to marry the Prince, but you never listen!! Ah, those were the days of love. You ARE going to MARRY him this time, right? OH!!! My Stars!!! Uhm, the Geostratum is under construction again...very FAR away, but I can send you mental pictures of the progress; you ALREADY know that I can send all of my Brethren and sisters pictures right to their minds you know. We MUST catch up after all of this time old friend and former trainee. You heard about the Master? he's turned into a KIIIID basically!!! A transfusion from one of the Elder DAICHONS would reverse EVERYTHING. I' sure that Zostrix would loan a few pints of blood to fix him right up!!! Come on....who do you THINK TAUGHT you the unlocking language of the TOMES Ami dear? Good times dear...yes...GOOD times..............You were stubborn and always disobeyed the Holy Rules of the Grand Library; and that Dr. Fowler? She is one hell of a rookie; she's taken the time out to even COPY the exact specifications of the Wolf Haven, which is two levels down. Your language can unlock the doors. Go and see the new pups...most of which have grown into mini-guards and patrol-persons for the New Geostratum. I may have aged a bit, but you KNOW who I am right? It's ME, Lady Orlouge Red, original keeper of the Grand Library. Hell, I taught you things I wasn't even SUPPOSED to teach someone so young you know. Kane Mizuno....your son HATED his own father...........Oh what great times TOGETHER girl.. You should get back to ben and Dr. Fowler!!! Look, I will finish up your NEW ROYAL Cloak and I'll join you all outside. Ahhhh...Outside....fresh air......speaking of which...........if I hear Lady AIR complain ONE more time about anything, I'll jump into a RIVER and BEG for someone to rescue me. ALL she does IS complain, complain, complain!!!! And YOU give Dr. Stevenson another chance; everyone is pooling in to try to get our poor Prince back to the GRAND glory that he once WAS. His mother and father have basically stepped away from this entire Kingdom, feeling it the need to let you YOUNG DAICHONS discover things on your own. Ami, it's been a pleasure after all of these years. And if you have the REVERSAL Tome in your possession, then we are all going to have FRESH STEAKS one day!!! I'll tell you what................................... Now go on down that hallways number 57 and head East. you will find your friends and the Prince in the main lobby. you CAANNNNNNNN get lost in these hallways..............I'ma go on about now Ami.....now you GET....ya hear me? Listen to your elder Red young lady...." Orlouge has grown into and Elder gracefully, but had remembered things that even Ben could not. Time had passed as everyone was now outside in the yard, still talking things over and having conversation. Dr. Stevenson and his SISTER, Dr. Renoka Stevenson, had finally arrived. They were teasing little benny, but giving him praise that he had asked some of the biggest minds for help in restoring his true form. Dr. Fowler was now basking in the sunlight, stretching her paws and enjoying her time with new friends. She hardly had time to enjoy herself, being consummated by alcohol and Hospital Reports all of the time. She was about seven feet and nine inches in her four-legged form; she was still getting used to it, but loved being a DAICHON. She had an Icy-blue fur tone of two, which was strange for her changed form. Her tails of two had Golden Rings pierced through the very bones of each tail, JUST LIKE Ben's tails of three. She had golden Bio-antennae of seven though; and that was strange. She didn't care; she just wanted to be with ben always, as the job of being a super-virtual mom/Doctor was hard on her plenty. "I can't believe how Dr. Fowler has basically taken on the role of ben's virtual mother and Doctor; the woman has the patience of a Saint you know." Yelled out Dr. Stevenson, who slammed down yet another Pale Ale. Lady AIR took in the fresh air, not saying much on conversation. Dr. Fowler was always HARD on her; always telling her to shut her old-ass up and listen to the NEW generation sometimes. Even old Kintaro was nibbling on some Vegetables. He carried his large cane as he was still healing. His short, black tails still wagged happily; it was GOOD to be back home even if it wasn't as HUGE as the Original Geostratum of Antiquity. He had fallen in love with the Ace such along time age, and the two broke out into a violent fight that almost KILLED him. Lady VIT had shown up as well; she was one of the more stranger DAICHONS as she could not become a Brood. She was one of the other forms that nooone had quite understood. She didn't care; to see Ben again was just a joy. She stroked his long Hair as he SLEPT in her lap. Wait;;;; Ben is ASLEEP? Unfortunately, all of those mis-fortunes about Ben's DAICHON form not being able to sleep for 427 years were nullified as well. He could nap for up an hour, but NO more. He was tired anyways from the injections from the good doctor.
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    I'm going to CALL you DOVE!!! I can't read the colors; I'm a bit COLOR-BLIND Welcoem to Valucre!!! Henno is on the rise, so forgive me!! benny
  3. Stephanie bleeked to herself; She didn't know what to say!!! "A-hem: I'm Dr. Stephanie Fowler....new Convertee and Ben's Primary Care Physician. I'm also Chief Zoologist, Cryptologist and Physician to the DAICHONS for some UN-KNNOWN reason. I hate this job, but I promised a certain moron that I'd help to try to solve this problem. I've been at this for about 17 months now, and I'm barely making any progress." Ben smirked at Stephanie, now sticking out his tongue at her in protest. Lady AIR began flipping her food over, all while using her Bio-antennae to make a nice garden salad. "I keep telling him that he has been in that human form for waaay too long and that his genetic information has to be reset, but noone's listening to the Moss-covered Wolf over here. Ben honey, do you want Strawberries for lunch?" said Lady AIR. Ben nodded in agreement, but was slightly puzzled at her response. "If I knew HOW to reset my genetic information Auntie, I wouldn't be STUCK in this form in the first place!!!" Ben replied, all while winking at his Ace though. Stephanie nodded to Dr. Amantis as well; she would need all of the help she could get if she was to try to find a solution to this most-troublesome problem. Lady AIr then extended one of her tails towards Ben's head, now striking him with a bit of force. "Hey!! OUCH Auntie!!! Whatcha do that for???" He sad, now trying to figure out her motives. Lady AIR then replied to Ben as she was to place more Steaks onto the grill, "Because you're a complete and utter MORON to stay in that human form too long Benaires. I've told you over and over again to Brood out from time to time, but you do NOT listen. That is your problem. The Elder Council appointed Dr. Fowler as keeper of the Holy Tomes since your so-called "Ace" abandoned us all for the sake of going to that stupid Tower of Phlegathon. I never liked that being back then, and I do NOT like it NOW. Why is she even here anyways? I could've solved this problem HAD you paid more attention to your studies." Dr. Fowler then interrupted, as she was to pass the Salad dressing over to Dr. Amantis, "Hey, stop talking shit about my patient and stop disrespecting Lady Ami AIR; we are all trying to figure this out together. You're MY guest as well, and this is MY property. If you don't like it, you can leave. NOW, back to the subject at hand; the first thing to do is to run some tests and try to determine Ben's genetic code. I sincerely believe that his Alleles are either turned off or faulty for some outside shock or turn of events that made him this way. Our ability to disguise our true forms by choosing a human-like form is something many other creatures can do who have a shape-shifting ability IN their arsenal of innates. We need to analyze the list of symptoms before we can properly diagnose this come around to a cure. Ben, show everyone what happens when you try to Brood out. Go on ahead...I'll be right here..." Poor benaires then stepped back and placed his hand out to try to change into his Brooden form. a glow of black, purple and pink hues began to envelop his body as the concentration took over for him. Suddenly though, hundreds of electrical charges began pouring from his very body and finally, an electrical shock being emitted from him, knocking him back by 25 feet, making him hit one of the statues in the yard. "And THAT is what happens.............as you can see. As for YOU Lady AIR One more insult like that and I'll make you take Potassium until your URINE turns ORANGE!!! Lady AIR, in case you haven't figured it out, YOU try compressing 11.47 MILLION years of DAICHON history into this brain in just 11 MONTHS and tell ME if YOUR nose bleeds. Come on Ben, it's time for your injections. Dr. Amantis, could you please help AIR set the table over there? I'm going to get some Garlic Bread and utensils. I'll show you around Lady Ami; follow me please....." AIR lowered her head in shame; Dr. Fowler did not have time to play around with her, and fighting was senseless anyways to her. "I always wanted to ask you something Doc: why do you have SO many statues on the property anyways?" Ben asked, rubbing his head in mystery. "Those statues were actually PEOPLE. I can turn any creature into stone simply by gazing at them. That's another ability you gave me without my knowing how to control it Ben. Do you ever read the Tomes at all? I've got powers that I don't even know how to USE!! Anyways....once I figure that out, I should be able to come up with something to get us started. This is not a magic problem. I'll probably be up all night again, trying to write down notes from the Tomes. Ben, there are 1,357 books of the Tomes and I've only translated 100 of them. Some are sealed and I don't know how to unlock them to get to the good stuff. Follow me you two...Ben stay close to me now and don't go wandering off in parts of the house; there are rooms that I'd rather not speak about that the Ancestral Pattern has asked me not to reveal yet. My job is so overwhelming some times." They were to arrive at huge steel door, along with many other people walking past her, waving happily. She was to focus her very eyes on the laser being emitted from this door, as a locking mechanism clicked, allowing for Dr. Fowler to open the door. Light poured out from inside, as she began walking on very soft carpet. Mahoany railings decorated huge spiral staircases, along with rolling ladders everywhere. In the center was a desk, scattered paperwork, Vodka by the gallons, Four mini-fridges, and a few more people who were walking back and forth. "I welcome you to the newly-refurbished MINI-Grand Library of the Geostratum. It's not cold this time; it's climate-controlled and sterilized. The Holy Tomes people; this is where it all happens; and I have absolutely NO idea where to start he-heh. The people whom you see up on the rolling ladders are simply volunteers who are dusting, checking and simply writing down the temperatures of this entire space. Hallways upon hallways of various books, notes, paintings, and things like that are abound here. I told Ben that I'd help out, so he had this mansion built for me, which was a bit over-kill. Roll your sleeves Ben, it's injection time. Take a look around Ami; I've got nothing to hide." "Asteniite is the only thing I can use to keep him ben from destabilizing and breaking down. I suspect that because of his split form, his body is barely holding itself together and the strain is killing him, but on a Genetic level. I just do not have enough information to conclude my findings though. I came up with this stuff years ago, and I was still testing it. Seems to work perfectly for him as I have tried Vitamins, Anti-Coagulants, everything to keep him from Bleeding out. This is such a mystery to me, but I know we can solve this soon. Here ya go Ben DLR 115 and 119 Stabilizer, test number...wait which one are we one again Ben?" Ben giggled, bracing himself for the Syringes of two, but replied, "This is test 457 Doc; I've kinda memorized every single one up until this point. Be sure to have Stevenson sign off on this when he gets here.." She nodded as yet another worker came over to her with a clip-board and a Quill to sign something. She bowed to Ami and Benaires respectively, not saying a single word to anyone. "What's this Luminous? Hmmm...a referral form for Kintaro's updated cleaning? Shit...HE is still sick huh? Alright, I'll sign it this time, but we HAVE to do something about his Vertigo though. Give him some fresh Ginger and let him rest up okay? I'll stop by to check on his room later." Ben tilted his head to the side, "K-Kintaro is here? My former GUARDIAN Doc? And that's Lady Luminous of the Prestige!!! She has a regular JOB now?" "Uh-huh...we found him just about on Death's door about two years ago. Whatever poisoned him took a toll on his immune system. His Therapy is going great, as various assignments are being thrown at me left and right since my Medical background took a suddenly jump these few years, thanks to your constant nagging me. Why did I ever fall for such a nim-noo? Lady Luminous can't speak anymore; so I gave her a job working with my staff. She is great with processing paperwork. Orlouge Red is around here somewhere; I'm sure she'd be glad to see you Ben AND Ami. Take a look around.....I'm going to make myself a drink and go over some notes., then take the Garlic Bread and the Utensils back out into the yard okay?" Ben was simply flabbergasted; it was if Dr. Fowler had become the new Prince and Ben was just some kind of a Pauper with teenager transformation problems!!! She had so much organization and authority in her voice. Well, Medicine was her specialty though. Luminous bowed to Benaires once again before whisking off into a hallways somewhere amongst various people walking past them.
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  5. Dr. Fowler automatically KNEW who she was: She just didn't know how to react. Ben turned around to see her; the massive frame, which seemed to probably scare the SHIT out of everyone at first glance; Ami had this thing about making an entrance that intimidated normal people. "HOLY SHIT!!!! Well Phlegathon must've heard me!! AMI!!!!" Ben's eyes teared up with glee!!!! Lady AIR already shook her head; these two were quite the happy ones when it came down to friendship; she was like that with him. Ben bolted over to this massive 10-foot creature as Lady AIR continued to monitor the food for which she was about to consume. Dr. Fowler stood at the ready, not saying anything; clueless. She had visions of the Ace played back from recent communications with the Ancestral Pattern, but she didn't know the Official rules of how to greet her own kind, so to speak. He leaped up on her, arms embracing her with tears flowing. "Hey there Ace!! AMI!! AMI!!! I' missed you SOOO much dear!!!!! I have been trying to contact you, but Phlegathon keeps blocking me since I'm stuck in this stupid teenager form. I'm a mess and you gotta fix this!!!" "Well? How do I introduce myself Lady AIR?" said Dr. Fowler, who was standing there, completely motionless; she KNEW whom this DAICHON was and still didn't have a clue on what do with Royalty. Ben didn't count to her; he was just her patient. "Just relax Dr. Fowler; let me tend to my food; you're going to let them burn up at this rate. You really love my nephew don't you?" She asked. Dr. fowler was frozen in time; she didn't want to even SAY anything.
  6. Stephanie was now rubbing her feet from coming in from a long shift. She was confused, tired and very, VERY hungry!! After opening her fridge, she only got nauseated. Running over to her Kitchen table, she sat in her chair and started crying. "You FUCKING IDIOT!!! I FUCKING HATE YOU!!! Benaires...............how am I supposed to do my job if I dont' know what the FUCK I'[m doing? I can't eat....I hardly sleep, and YOU are sick as well.. I hope that you get hit by a parked CAR....YOU IDIOT!!! I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!" She yelled out into her Kitchen, while wiping her tears. She had to stick to the plan; find out what was ailing him. She had promised to find a cure for his form and for his split form. How could she do this without any information? Ben was outside in her backyard, Bench-Pressing his HUGE Aunt, Lady AIR, who weighed about seven TONS or so in her DAICHON form. She hated using her humanistic disguise: But Ben was STUCK in his humanistic form and could not change. "Are you working on a plan yet Auntie? I can't stay like this forever. I WISH MY ACE was here: she'd know how to fix this...." "I'm so sorry my Future Prince; it was a dare and I was drunk..................Magic can't FIX this........it has to be something that we haven't tried. I don't know what the problem is; this is an evolution that has puzzled even the most SEASONED authorities from the Ancestral Pattern. It doesn't happen OFTEN master. WE are going to fix it; you have my word. You Hungry Master?" She then asked, after Ben gently put her down onto the soft grass. "The Doc is going to feed YOU first....I just have to keep working out a bit Auntie, okay? You COME first....your Moss is built up and I have to remove it okay?" Dr. Fowler came out into the huge back-yard with fresh Strawberries for ben and 17 Steaks for Lady AIR. She was limping a little, but smiled; she was in LOVE with this IDIOT!!! "I was yelling out at you...sorry Benaires...........I just don't know how to handle this at times, you know?" She perked out to him. "I Know................Thanks for helping me out....Once my Ace gets here, SHE will know what to do about this!!! She's the most experienced DAICHON that I know. MY dare was HER fault TOO.....drinking and teasing me. She didn't believe me and this happens................I'm sure that you will find something...right?" Ben replied while helping to clean the BBQ grill and to open up the bag of coals. "Sure.........I'm sorry about all of this........I didn't mean to be dragged into all of this Benaires. You're due for an Astenite injection in a few minutes as well. I'll have Orlouge make some nice Salad and Garlic Bread for some sides...that sound good?" She replied, blushing at him nervously. Ben giggled: this Doctor, who was his Primary Physician was also deeply in love with him and he already knew it. He keeps telling her NO: he did not want to marry her, but she stayed the course and he respected that about her. "So, did you see your Ring that I bought you ben?" She asked, now lighting the coal with her Electrical abilities, for which she was still trying to master. "YEAH!!! It's very nice Doc. But you KNOW that I'm going to say NO again, right? Anyways, I want to put these Steaks on for Auntie and Orlouge. I'll eat my Strawberries later. We are drinking Vodka and talking about how to FIX this problem. Dr. Stevenson is on HIS way soon: he's got info about why the spell back-fired."
  7. I'm putting together a thread about Benaires, who is my PAIN character here on old Valucre. He is going through some kind of a change: EVOLUTION. WHile I could explain about DAICHONS and how they evolve, it would be POINTLESS to RP it out if I explained everything TO you old friend. the BEST way to get wet is to GET WET and have some fun, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????????????? Here is the Synopsis: Ben is STUCK in his teenage mode, being about 16 or 17. His father, who is former KING of the DAICHONS, King Ephidrina, has now settled down with his drunken wife and reads stock reports all day, while drinking his Wine and/or Coffee. Even his father doesn't understand WHY he is stuck in that mode for some unknown reason. DAICHONS are very strange creatures; some can grow up to 35 feet TALL, while others stop growing at 8 feet and 9.5 inches, which is BEn's limit. BUT, some DAICHONS can expand upon their limit and go 35.5 feet tall, called DAICHON LIMIT form. They can only do that for up to 17 minutes, then shrink down and pass out. Ben's Primary Care Physician, Stephanie Marie-Ann Fowler, is a very well-known Doctor at her OWN Hospital, Saint Claire's Medical Center, was changed into a DAICHON upon a drunken dare from BEN, and, since she is in love with him, she tries to figure out what his attitude problem is. She is also injecting him with a strange compound called Astenite, which keeps his from bleeding out. No kind of Magic can fix this, as even the ELDER council is puzzled about why Ben is going through SUCH an evolutionary change that no OTHER DAICHON in 11.345 MILLION years has ever GONE through. Will he turn to water? Will he turn into goo? Noone knows!! You can create your OWN character to help SOLVE this mystery. High School/Slice of Life/Horror/Adventure-Oriented. Benny
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    I have to switch up on an Intel Server since my old board died on me and BLEW a RECTIFIER that basically fried the South-Bridge connections..... I will HIT you UP man.....I FUCKIG LOVE YOUR WRITING bro...we NEED to HOOK up and brainstorm on SOMETHING...UHM I really don't know WHAT but I'll start throwing some ideas AT ya!! Benny Oh, BTW...you're FUCKING AWESOME!!! Benny2
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    Inuyasha...Anime.... I FUCKING LVOE YOUR WRITING OLD FRIEND...You FUCKING ROCK Uhm.......High-fantasy is my thing, but I will rock with anything else...I FUCKING LOVE ROMANCE/Horror RP. 4. You are FUCKING AWESOME!! 5. You are FUCKING AWESOME!!! Did I say that you're fucking AWESOME?????? 7. Sorry, I was trying to say that you're fucking awesome!!! Benny.
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    Everytime.................. Nevermind..BOSSMAN is going to GET me......................Illl get BANNED!!!!! Hey, Valucre..... HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN ROLEPLAYING?????????????????? Be SERIOUS!!! ME: 44 years old: born on October 17th, 1974 RP Experience: AGE 7 (YOU do the FUCKING MATH........) Worlds: Third World Enterprises, DCN Name: Benny, Princeben07 Loyalty: www.valucre.com
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    Ah a fellow GAMER!!! COOL!! Welcome to.....wait NO ID ON"T WANT any GIFT CARDS!!! DAMMIT ADVERTISEMENTS!! Oh, lol, sorry. Current Consoles that I own: Blue Sega Dreamcast White Sony PS2 Red Sony SP2 Crystal CLEAR Sega Saturn Ps1 (Generation 1) Ps3 (Generation 1) Xbox-360 White Xbox-360 Blue (Custom) Xbox-360 w/ CUSTOM exhaust fans on BELLY of unit Xbox 360 Black Edition (Custom) Intellivision III w/ Remotes that actually WORK without the sweat from hands error. Emerald Green PS4 (Still in the fucking box....I need more loot to get my RE2 Remake in Jan, lol.) Black PS4 PS4 Pro w/ 4 TB of storage Space, CUSTOM by me. Deep Cool Tesseract Black/blue Gaming case w/ Intel Core I-5 Extreme and 8GB of Ram...(Only for ANIME Collecting) I used to play A Perfect World International, but I'm so far behind that I can't keep up I still play World Of Warcraft on a private server/ benny
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