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  1. Mr. Fines then turned to see commotion in the outer skirts of the large back yard; Soliders, Scientists and Vehicles were all heading towards the Cabin!! He then yelled out to Wingless from outside, "We've GOT COMPANY!!! GET XENO AND SALT!!!" Xeno then looked over to Salt, shaking his head in denial, "It's starting already. I really did not want to go to this point. M'lady, stay in this room and do NOT leave. I shall be right back. Abronex, keep guard over her please. This will only take a few minutes." Xeno said, as he waved his left hand, suddenly changing into his normal outfit; Dress shoes, pants, black shirt and a red tie. He took a turn to the bedroom door, quickly leaving out, locking the door behind him. Wingless took off her Apron, folding it up neatly, now walking calmly over to the back door. Mr. Fines put out his cigarette, only to shake his head. What in the hell was going on? He could hear the cocking of guns, the roaring of engines of some Military issue, voices chattering from all around him, along with the sounds of those engines MOST of all! Xeno walked past Wingless, patting her on the shoulder as he exited out into the back yard, now meeting with Mr. Fines. He took a sip of Mint Tea, placing the cup onto a large table that was in the yard. He checked his tie and then tied his hair neatly into a long ponytail. A rather large man, along with seven Soldiers, who were armed began to approach through the distant trees. The Soldiers began spreading out in a fashion to cover gunfire should anything happen to their distaste. "Hello there. I'm Professor Ray. I'm looking for someone, and my information has led me to this Cabin. Please do not do anything rash as I only want the Dresden." Xeno calmly walked forwards, signaling for Mr. fines to remain still and to not do anything. He yawned a bit, now picking up his Mint Tea as well while he continued to walk towards this man. "My name is Adrienne Xeno Tepes Gothra, age of twenty-four. You are trespassing on this property Professor. That Dresden has a name; her NAME is Lady Salt. She is under my divine protection and is going to travel with me so that I can take her to her Master and relative for care and training. Nothing more and nothing less. Do you really want to put all of these men in the Hospital or even worse a casket? I do not have a problem with doing things in an unorthodox fashion so that Salt can have her breakfast in peace. Now you have two choices Professor; you can leave here in PEACE, OR you can walk away with PIECES of your BODY MISSING." The military SOLDIERS all DROPPED their guns and weapons; WHO is this GUY? Mr. Fines then lit a cigarette: Just WHO was this Xeno guy? Wingless then began to finish preparing breakfast: WHO IS this Xeno guy? The guards of Mr. fines then began to gather around MR. Fines himself; Who IS this Xeno person? The Professor paused in HORROR: this was a BLOOD Farmer. he had gotten into a SERIOUS SITUATION.
  2. Xeno only smirked; he knew she HAD to be quite peckish since she hadn't basically eaten anything since her rescue and the bath. Mr. Fines was already sitting at the rather long table, now getting up from h is chair to assist the Giant Ogre-like creature in organizing Napkins and utensils; he had been reading the morning paper about strange incidents occurring in other cites beside this one. "Hmmm, SO, it's finally beginning then? Guess I will have to step my plan up to get this young girl to this Benaires person. This is SUCH a hassle indeed Mr. Fines; you promised to help out, but this is something much strenuous on everyone. Very well..." he thought out loud to himself. Wingless stopped preparing the food, letting forth a huge sigh; she KNEW that people were going to be trying to hunt all of them down, just to GET to Lady Salt. "You DO know that you WILL have to fight sooner or later don't you Mr. Fines?" Wingless said, now walking over to the Stove to get the hot and steamy Eggs, Bacon and some Pancakes for everyone. Mr. Fines nodded, now pulling out a Cigarette to smoke. "Please make everyone breakfast Wingless. I'm going to outside for a smoke and to take a look around. keep the windows locked please. is that understood?" "Uhm, but of course Mr. Fines. Breakfast will be served in a few minutes then." Mr. Fines quickly breezed past the staff that were still doing some light cleaning and polishing of the floors in the back rooms, only to nod at everyone, being sure to open the back door which led to the large outside yard. he then heard the sound of his cell phone vibrating in his left jacket pocket!! "Of all of the...who in the HELL is calling my phone. this number is private and even registered. Geez...HELLO? This is Mr. Fines...how in the hell did you get..." he started, only to be interrupted by a very loud voice on the other end of the call; "GET THE GIRL OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW!!"
  3. Two Men were having a cigarette in the actual building in which the event was taking place. Smoking WAS permitted in a certain area, so long as people cleaned up after themselves. Two janitors were on standby, armed with brooms and air freshener to boot. The first man, who was dressed in a blue shirt, along with some black dress pants, now put his cigarette butt out, walking over to the Sink to wash his hands. He then took some Paper towels to dry his hands in the same process, clearing his throat a bit. A rather pretty woman, Caramel in complexion, then walked over to the first male, pulling out some lip gloss to apply. "Think He will talk to us Greg?" Said the Woman as she puckered her lips a bit and checked her hair. "That depends on him sweetheart. We still have out jobs to do; so do not get your hopes up too high. We aren't supposed to ask him this type of information with so many people being around. Just stick to the questions and smile alright? We don't want to scare him away."
  4. Welcome to the fold!! Benny PS: I've got an RP job for you. Hit me up!!!
  5. Take a look around; there is MUCH to do Sega!! Benny
  6. Happy Holidays old friend!!! Hope you're doing well!!! Hit me up and let me now how you are fairing!!





  7. Morning came as the smells of fresh fruit and Pancakes filled the rooms. The giant Ogre-type female was dressed in an Apron, cooking up food to feed an ARMY. She smiled a bit, showing off those Pearl-white fangs on her underbite. The Bacon has cooked up nicely, giving off a hint of Allpe flavor in the air; She had made plenty of pancakes, with butter and Syrup to dream of! Toast was sliced up and warmed up on a giant platter, with Jellies and all kinds of Condiments to go with it. A very long table had been set up in the Dining Area, as Soldiers of five or more were busily cleaning, polishing and sweeping the floors in some kind of uniformed manner so it seemed. Mr Fines had awakened hours before even breakfast had started, as he and Astrix Invectium, aged 245+ had both been outside the large Cabin, monitoring for anything suspicious. Astrix had Silver hair with green streaks on the ends of her long pony tails. She scoffed at the fact that she had to do this kind of thing, even under orders of Mr. Fines himself. "I do not see what all of the Secuirty is about Sir. That young girl is simply a Dresden; I don't see WHAT is so important about her in the first place." "Well, I didn't think that a relative of the Invectium Race would have such a disrespectful manner towards Lady Salt. And for THAT matter, you are being paid to do your JOB; whatever Lady Salt's past WAS, this Benaires person is paying a very ridiculous amount of money to transport her to his place of Dwelling and to guard her with our LIVES. I do not see how any of this can bring out your harsh attitude towards that sweet young girl. Now shush and make the rounds on the grounds. Lord Avus would NOT like your tone of voice, WOULD IT?" Mr. Fines said with a forked tongue of sorts. Astrix looked towards the ground, now blushing in embarrassment. "Uhm, no; Lord Avus would be very cross with me if IT heard of my tone. I deeply apologize sir. I will make my rounds and check for anything suspicious as ordered, please excuse me." Xeno, however, was till sound asleep, even though he could smell the delicious foods being prepared in his sleep. He had felt completely drained, and did not want to get up quite just yet. he wanted to enjoy the scent of Lady Salt for a while; for he knew that there were evil forces out to get the LOT of them, and for what reason was unknown for now. Slowly opening his eyes, he could see the Sun shining through the windows, as noises of Guards and people were to come and go in the background. He tried to move, but he just could NOT. He was still sleepy, but he had to take his supplements. Lady Abornex walked over to the bed, being sure not to awake Salt for now. She gently tapped Xeno on his head, as his eyes bucked wider open this time. "I can barely move Abby; bring my Supplements please. Do NOT wake Lady Salt; I know this is hard on her." "You got it Boss. Here ya go. I made some Mint Tea early this morning while you all were still sleeping. Drink that down; you will feel better in no time hun!! I'll go and check on breakfast. The Guards are still polishing the floors and whatnot. this cabin hasn't been used in years, so bear with us sir." He then begin to sit up in the bed, now starting off with a very lazy stretch. he would watch Salt still sleeping away, looking innocent and tuckered out. he was to take his right hand and place it gently on her head, stroking her hair carefully, as to not to stir her to awake. Abronex then reurned with two Security Guards, bringing Xeno some Freshly-baked bread to nibble on. He wasn't particular withe eating human food, but was very hungry for some type of sustenance, and bread was his go-to food of choice. The Security Guard then whipsred over to Xeno, " So, what are you going to DO about her boss? We CAN'T let anyone try to hurt the poor thing. Mr. Benaires would have us BOILED ALIVE if anyone tries to harm her sir." Abronex then spoke out, signaling for everyone to come over to Xeno's side of the bed, so as to not speak too loudly to wake Lady Salt. "Look, we have to get this girl to my cousin or it's going to be a shit storm. I KNOW Benaires and his entire family. When he gives an order, you'd best to obey it to the LETTER. If you don't well, huhh-huh..SQUEEEEEECCCHH!!!" She exclamined, taking her thumb across her throat, and then making an imginary rope to hang herself with!! NPC Guard 3: "Yes; I think it would be a good idea to obey this Benaires person. he doesn't seem to be one to be triffled WITH. I'll go and patrol the grounds and ask around for information. I"m not trying to lose my job!!! No way...." NPC Guard 2: "Good idea. I think I'll skip Breakfast. Come on, let's get to WORK."
  8. Good to see that you have returned to us Agent.

    How goes the Project? "We" are expecting a report for the Rembrandt Project. Certain people must be stopped or this project is going to have, say, some "Problems" along the way. "We" will be in touch.



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      Princeben! I have missed you my friend 😄 Please, get in touch sooner! I'd love to catch up with you.

      Regarding VCF though, I've decided to take a step back from a leadership/managerial position in an organization, and stand down. @Metty will be running the show regarding VCF from now on.

  9. People were clammoring left and right as the crowds were everywhere; the fresh smells of herb and spices filled the gigantic show room floor, as smoke traveled to and fro in various stations. The sounds of sizzling meat could be heard from almost every place that one would turn about. A rather tall and slim young man, about 17 or so, was humming something wondrous, as he flipped his Steaks, sending people into a BBQ frenzy of sorts. One lady offered him money for his secrets, but the young man only shook his head, now plating up the freshly-cooked flesh of a Cow to serve to a person in the constanly-flowing crowd. He then stopped in mid-motion; there were the Strings again; they were running all over the place from hundreds of people. This happened often, but he tried to block it all out of his vision; he had to focus, or risk losing on his sales. AS if a blink of an eye had happened, he was then back to himself, as the two burgers had perfectly-landed on the buns that had Cheddar Cheese on each one. "Dammit; Not NOW stupid abilities; I'm trying to make money here!!" He thought to himself. He looked to see his Mother, Beverly, shaking her head, still preparing the foods for the hungry people that were passing by quickly. She sighed, then yelled out to him, "Get your head back in the GAME Son!! We can talk about what you just visioned after this crowd leaves. Now come on with the food kiddo!!"
  10. Somewhere deep in the catacombs of ASCAB, lies a MACHINE; A Machine called the ARX Planet Breaker, which has the ability to open up the minds of compatible individuals, allowing for these people to identify and label friendlies. ASCAB has NOT released this information to this date, but there are TWO Individuals that were Completely Compatible and given the ability through various manipulations of the Fore-brain. This power, allows for something that has been hence-named, "Planet Breaking." No other information is available at this time. Please stay informed soon!!!
  11. "Very WELL then M'Lady. I come from a lineage which is a BROKEN form of Vampires you see. There are only a few of us allowed to roam the HUMAN Realm if you were. I tend to get sick from Vitamins defficiency, which leads to vomiting and things of that nature. But you've no need to worry; as long as I take my supplements, I will BE fine. I wear a very strong anti-Sun screening agent; about SPF 30 or so. It protects my skin from bubbling and burning. I had to learn how to do that instead of walking around a night, looking like some sort of Criminal. Lady Salt, and THAT IS YOUR name, your parents left instructions on how to find you and take care of you to the Master Benaires, and I don't want o BORE you with tales of the MIGHTY One's Journeys and his evolutions. You can see the furry creatures in this realm, as Humans tend to flood DAICHONS. they are very, very smart and yet powerful creatures who just want peace and fun sometimes. OKAY!! Your ears have been cleaned M'lady. Now, before we leave out in the morning, we are to have a good breakfast at eleven A.M and we have a meeting at Noon. Then we are to pack our things and make this journey to the West. We are probably going to run into a LOT of maniacs who are LOOKING for you, but when we arrive to the Master, HE will send an order for everyone to STOP bothering you, so that you can live as a person. OF course, I will be with you at all times, and so will Lady Abronex, who tends to be violent at times, but she means very well. Now please, Let us get some rest with NO more interruptions with MY ailments. Come, lay besiades me and I will protect you, even in my sleep. Blood Farmers can sleep very well, and even have their spirits monitoring things as we rest up. Please: I WILL NOT harm you. OH, one more thing: since I AM a Vampire, i only seek the blood of Virgins, but I do NOT have the Tempation to seek YOUR blood. Only SHOULD you request it M'lady. That is what the Mint Tea is for. It keeps me from being Hungry; that and Artifical blood Wyne. So no worries, heheheh. Come, let us sleep and rest." He then would allow for her to sit up and get comfy for the night. Xeno's eyes flashed twice, as his healing ability was still charging. He was happy with her, but just couldn't figure things out right now. A GOOD night's sleep would clear the minds of everyone. He then was to wrap his right arm around Salt's little waist, pulling her very , VERY Close to him, as they were to drift off into a nice sleep, allowing for Abronex and the others to return into the Large cabin, in AWE about how quick the two were to fall asleep. Xeno was a Hulking of a man, and Salt was SUCH a delicate Flower; those two would soon to PROVE to be UNSTOPPABLE in the up and coming journey.
  12. (Since the participants have been QUITE busy, I shall, MYSELF, continue with the Adventures of Abraxis and Graymite. Please bare WITH me as adjustments are made.) Ben had awakened. All was calm for now. Things seemed a bit TOO quiet, as he had remembered to having to go and see Dr. Blotch and make some decisions on whether or not to rip that guy's intestines out and use them as JUMP rope. His room was completely empty this time, as his friends were not there this time. There were no arguments over who took what pillows, no smell of Ambrosia from spills onto the floors; the Shower wasn't even running, as many of them fought over who used up the Hot water from the many tanks that were deep in the Mansion. he opened his eyes even wider: where was all of the room mate noise? He reached over to his right side, only to see that his bed was completely made up on the other side, which ususally indicated either Cotton, Kota, or Rebecca all in the same bed with him, as he had many friends and his daughter, who was arrogant at times. He sat up, looking himself over in the morror that was on the ceiling. Dr. Fowler had installed one long ago, since Ben hated getting dressed and things of that nature. His hair was still long and in that Ponytail, with the red bow on the end of it; he didn't look like a teenager sometimes; he just looked weird!! "Cotton? Kota? Anyone? Why is my room EMPTY?" Ben asked, as he got out of the bed, his feet touching the warm floor. He was too yawn and stretch, now shuffling his feet towards the room door to open it and see what was going on. Upon opening the door, he was to gaze into the empty hallways as well. EMPTY? Noone was working? There was NO Staff cleaning, or polishing the intricate woodworks of the halls, noone maintaining the delicate Tapestries of the mighty DAICHON race either. "Noone is do ing any work around here? That's certainly odd; there is always someone bringing me fresh towels, pillows and book to stud with for school. Where are Mom and Dad at anyways? And why is it so quiet? Guess I'd better go on down to the Doc's Office and see what's going on then." Ben said outloud. Surely his favorite Doctor to hate would kindly hug him and squeeze him with all of her might, hopefully to make him change his mind about the engagement; she had proposed to him countless times to the point that he thought it was funny. AS he approached the Office, he was to notice that things were still the same: the Trophies on the walls; the waiting seats, Magazines, the Snack Machines of seven. They were all still running as normal. Ben then decided to go over to one of the Machines and enter some codes to see when the last purchase was made on any ONE of them. After waiting a few minutes, the computer screen then printed out the results of it being used recently. "Ookay....last purchase was a week ago. Hmm, some Candy bars and some Water. That seems nothing out of the ordinary. But why is it so quiet is the question. hmm..Serenity..front and Center dear." He asked kindly. His echo still looking into the large Hallways. But there was no repsonse; no repsonse from the BLOOD-hungry Tulpa? That was impossible; Serentiy waited on her master hand and foot!! "Serenity? Are you okay? Are you and Gothra making creepy eyes at each other again and talking about gross things? Come on, stop playing around!!" Ben demanded. "A-hem....sir Benaires? you called for me?" Said a very TALL female with water-wet hair that dragged along the floor. Ben sighed; maybe she was just waking up for breakfast or something. He walked over to this form, now sniffing at her some; it wasn't Serenity though. "You're....you're ...Iodine; third in Command ove the Tulpa Defense Extension for Population Control. I didn't summon YOU lady Dyne. I summoned Serenity. Now where is your Princess?" He asked, now patting her on the head playfully. Iodine giggled evily, but then cleared her throat. "I do not know how to address this TO you mighty one, but I don't think I have heard of a Serenity governing over us all. YOU are my Chief in Command sir. Were you Ill? Do you need to see Dr. Fowler?" She replied, now turning her head o the side. Ben stepped back in awe; NO Serenity? How could this even BE?!? He took a deep breath: what had happened while he was sleep? He decided to take iodine by the hand and drag her along with him to the Doctor's Office. He literally bursted in, only to see Dr. Fowler sitting at her main desk, reading some books. "Doc? What's..going..." ben started, only to be cut off by Dr. Stevenson, "Looks like you're done being lazy for the week eh Benny boy? Good to see you've finally recovered." O_O "Re-Re-covered? Old Man, it's ME benny; where IS everyeone? Where is the Staff? Why isn't anyone cleaning the floors or something they always DO? Doc? you didn't...Jump up to see me.." ben then stopped himself, simply standing there, hoping that Dr. Fowler's breasts would suffocate him from the hugs as she awlays did. "What are you talking about you idiot? You've been unconscious for two weeks! You expecting me to wait on you hand and foot or something? Why didn't you get dressed anyways? You are going to be late for School, YET again!!" She scowled at him in a retort, now closing her books and putting on her glasses. "Uhm, where are my Grades Doc? I always leave you with a Copy of them. Might I stare them over please?" ben asked, as Iodine came behind him in defense mode. Ben could smell the darkness coming from her; something wasn't right.
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  14. Take a look around. you will find your calling. Write POWER!! benny
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