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  1. First off, Ben's Humanistic Form at 16-17 years, High School Status: (Split Form) How much weight can your character lift over their head? 3400 LBS How much weight can your character squat? 670- 3400 lbs. How high can your character jump? N/A How far can your character leap? Unknown How fast can your character sprint 100 meters? Unknown How fast can your character run a mile? Unknown How far can your character run before being tired? 300 miles Could your character hit a 100 mph fastball with a bat? With ease Can your character deflect a bullet? Yes Can your character dodge a bullet? Yes How many two inch blocks of cement [stacked, no separators] could your character punch through? Unpronounceable to the Human tongue How many feet can your character fall without being hurt? Unknown Would your character be fine after being punched through a brick wall? A few bruises, but yes Your character is in a car accident going 70 mph, do they walk away? Yes A grenade goes off near you, can you survive it? Yes Hitting concrete after falling at terminal velocity? Broken Ribs, bleeding, but Yes Benaires in his TRUE DAICHON FORM; White Fur, Golden Bio-Antenna, With Skeletal Distribution System Active: How much weight can your character lift over their head? Unknown How much weight can your character squat? Unknown How high can your character jump? 1200 feet How far can your character leap? N/A/??????? How fast can your character sprint 100 meters? ???????? How fast can your character run a mile? ??????? How far can your character run before being tired? 2100 Miles Could your character hit a 100 mph fastball with a bat? He can't read; doesn't know what Baseball IS Can your character deflect a bullet? Perhaps Can your character dodge a bullet? Perhaps How many two inch blocks of cement [stacked, no separators] could your character punch through? Unlimited How many feet can your character fall without being hurt? About 1200 feet Would your character be fine after being punched through a brick wall? Yes Your character is in a car accident going 70 mph, do they walk away? He can switch his weight with the S.D.S. He's almost nine feet tall: He wont FIT into a car!!! A grenade goes off near you, can you survive it? Perhaps Hitting concrete after falling at terminal velocity? Feel sorry for the CONCRETE!! While DAICHONS are basically indestructible on SOME levels, they tend to weaken a bit in their altruistic human form. Ben for example, just does not seem to fit many categories due to the fact that he doesn't know his own strength in times of battle. He could be injured, and not even know it while he is fighting or defending himself. Even while in the House Of Magnus some years ago, tests were just simply inconclusive in a myriad of subjects when it came to calculating speed, endurance, stamina, and the like. While slow and clumsy in his True DAICHON form, called Brood, the Skeletal Distribution System makes all of the difference for adjusting the weight of their bodies, depending on the situation, and the ability to perform great feats or simple parries for defense. The Magic System of all DAICHONS is still young and imperfect, though spell and incantations can be performed and adjusted on a wide array of tasks, levels and challenges if need be.
  2. Dont even mention a book, my lazy ass needs to start keying away the last two chapters and get the supplementary notes together!!! --' G.O.D.S Project.
  3. Dragon Maid was friggin hilarious!!! Interview With Monster Girls is supposed to be off the chain, but I haven't collected it as of yet. Already Finished Guilty Crown, Robotech Chronicles, Secret of NIMH (old School) and few others. I liked 11 Eyes....that was crazy. And A Certain Scientific Railgun is my classic. I haven't done a review on that one in particular yet in Benny's Anime Corner. A certain magical Index is another favorite of mines. There are so many titles that I go through everyday that I cannot name a slew of them at times, being jumbled up with Gardening Frenzy, lol. Might Check out Dragonball Super sometimes soon. I'm Dragonballed OUT, lol!!! Tried to get into One Punch Man, but it just does NOT grab me, kinda like STAR WARS, lol. Benny
  4. Hi!

    Welcome to Valucre!!! If you have any questions, there is Staff around here somewhere and he vets around here to help you out as best we can!!! Benny
  5. Opi, welcome to Valucre!! Hobbies are collecting Anime, Computer repair, Gardening, and wtiting!! Benny
  6. While there are many, MANY RP sites out there on the Web, we at Valucre tend to set ourselves a bit different from the norm. You are free to set up your OWN RP in your OWN world, so long as it is Valucre-oriented. you can be a Prince, a slave on the run, a Knight, a daring Princess, a Dragon, A Wolf fighting for his/her clan, a Cyber Punk Rogue on the run from the law, or you could just play a child staring at the clouds in a field of flowers; there is no LIMIT to your imagination here on Valucre. I tend to stay oriented in my world of DAICHONS and the like, but I interact with everyone AROUND me so that we ALL can enjoy ourselves and have some FUN for once. Writing isn't always about being serious ALL of the time; its about making friends, sharing ideas, and perfecting the craft of trying to tell that story. There are plenty of people on this SITE that have met IRL, gotten engaged, or even ended up actually dating too. RP has much more in common and we tend to allow ourselves and IT for. Stick around, there is something for EVERYONE here on Valucre. Benny
  7. Ah, still poking around are we old friend?



    1. Eyeofthenyte


      Yes yes, indeed I am. I'm always around. It just a matter of rekindling the creative spark.

  8. Welcome Wofie!! Fellow canine here, wishing you good writings!! Benny.
  9. Ben's eyes were taken by Kota actually landing a complete hit on his older sister!! Psyvariar would scream out in pain, only to drop to the floor with a very loud thud, curling up in completely agony. It was pretty obvious that Kota did not' know her own strength!!! Ptera bolted over to her cousin's aid to examine the damage. Ben was simply flabbergasted!!! "Kota.........................Oh boy...." Coming up on the elevator was a very FAMILIAR Scent; another Invectium was on the Service Elevator!! "Okay, calm down Kota.....she will be fine. There is someone on the elevator, but I'm the only one that has the keys to this contraption. Now who could be coming up from the Wine Cellar?" He asked out loud, now taking Kota by the hand to turn towards the Elevator door. As the doors were to sled open quickly, a purple-haired individual, who looked to be about in his elder teens, was to be seen holding bags of Liquor, Beers and even Ben's favorite: Purple Ambrosia. Ben's eyes were to widen in glee: he knew just WHO this was!!! "It CANNOT be!!! How di you....oh never mind that...hey everyone, I want you ALL to meet my other cousin Avus. Say hello dear cousin!!!" Ben exclaimed out, smiling as he was to finish wiping Kota's tears. "Avus insectium, age of 18 or better; I'm of the Invectium Race. Benaires and I often have drinks together whilst discussing Scholastic matters and education. Ah, I can see that Psyvariar is still the sword-tongued sprite then? It may be just as well then dear cousin. Uhm, I may ask.....who in the Seven Earths is THIS beautiful specimen Benaires?"
  10. Ben would notice of Kota now entering the room, speaking something about being happy that she was around him or something to that degree. It did not even phase his thoughts though; his thoughts were on Ptera, a new cousin of his that he hadn't even met before, and she wasn't feeling good. He was to get up from the small loveseat that Kota was sitting next to him in, only to begin to walk over to his dear cousin, now sitting on her bed. He seemed very concerned about her and how she just seemed to shut right down. She was staring at the floor, not saying a single word. "Ptera, how about you fancy a drink then? We could take the tension off and just talk about it if you want to. I'll fetch you some fresh Bird Seed as well if you want it. You should eat something as well you know......" Ben said, now trying to get her to look him in the face. "You know what cousin? That sounds excellent. I need to let loose anyways. In fact, let's all go down to the Cellar and get something gooood!!!" She exclaimed out, now clasping her arms around Ben's waist lovingly. Would this make Kota jealous? Ben giggled some, now planting a kiss onto Ptera's lips out of the blue. He figured it was harmless anyways. Ptera placed her left hand onto her lips in utter surprise!! "Oh my......." She thought to herself. "Why is my chest aching now? What in the world WAS THAT just now? humans gets excited from kisses like this? I'm going to have to talk to him about that immediately." She thought to herself again. "Benaires!!! What........wa.......wha.......... Uhm.....what WAS that????" She asked out loud, now staring at him even more in curiosity. Ben only giggled, waving his hand at the entire act itself. "It's called a kiss Ptera. It's a very strange form of expression that humans use for love I think......I never understood it myself. Sorry about that. I thought that it would raise your mood a little. You've NEVER been KISSED before?" He asked, now putting on his shoes and walking towards his closet to find some flash lights or Lanterns for the trip to the Cellar. He was to retrieve three flashlights, now passing one to Kota and the other one to Ptera. Ben had the most colorful one indeed. "Alright, follow ME to the drinks ladies!!! hehehehe>." Ben was to exit from Ptera's room, only to breeze past Psyvariars room as well. He was to knock loudly on her door as an indication of which direction he was heading in. Psyvariar was to open her door without saying anything, peeking her head out to seek Ben, Ptera, and Kota heading North along the long hallway. She already knew that his meant. "Wait!!! I want to go WITH you little brother!!! I can't miss out on this!!!!!!!!! Let me put some shoes on!!" She yelled out to Ben and the others. Ptera then stared over to Ben's direction; feeling a bit puzzled. "I am going to guess that you do this quite often for your sister unit to want to accompany the three of us benaires?" "Huh? Are you KIDDING Ptera? Ben knows more about alcohol than anyone else that I know, even while I was I COLLEGE!! He always knows how to choose the GOOD stuff!!! Right little brother?" Psyvariar said, now poking ben in the chest. Ben smirked, then grunted out loudly, "Hey.....what the fuck is wrong with you sis? Why are you always yelling at me? What did I do wrong? Hmm? Care to elaborate about this Sister?" He demanded, now grabbing her left wrist in anger. Psyvariar then looked away from him, blushing from head to toe. "Well.....I....uhm....that is.......I wasn''s....OH WHAT DO YOU CARE BENAIRES!!!!! Go get drunk as far as I CARE!!! Let GO of me!!!" She yelled out again, snatching away from him violently, now folding her arms and pouting. "Stop SNATCHING AWAY FROM me!!!! ANSWER ME RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!" Ben shouted at her, now grasping her left wrist again. Psyvariar only blushed again, now lowering her head in nervousness. " win....I-I--I'm sorry Ben....I'm just a bit OFF today. School is really difficult and I'm not studying the way that I should. You know......? I- Im just having a hard time is all...." Ben then nodded some, responding back to his own sister, "Okay, but do you have to take it out on ME? If you need help studying then why did you not just tell me ahead of time? You I would've helped you out." She then giggled, patting him on the shoulder again, "You are failing every single subject expect for Art and P.E. little brother. I don't think that Quantuum Physics and Trig are your hot spots you know." Ben then pressed the button for the service elevator to come up to the third floor, sneering back at her, "Well, I beg to differ sis. There are some books that can't substitute good, old-fashioned KNOW-how. Take Kota for example; she is seven years of Science, Math, Calculus and a few other integers in there somewhere. It took careful planning, a lot of Gene Therapy and tons of formulas to come up with such a fine individual. I'd say that I am doing very well with her." "Yet she is DUMB as a brick bro? Oh come on, who doesn't know how to use her own powers and to defend themselves? Ben then stopped suddenly, right before the elevator was getting to the floor itself. "NOONE picks on MY Quizkikota............TAKE THAT BACK SIS!!! you're being an ass right about now!!" ben exclaimed, his hackles inside now raised up. His DAICHON powers were STILL there; his sister did not KNOW that. Psyvariar would walk around Kota, looking her up and down evily...... "This Cunt doesn't even know about her powers...what in the fuck did you TEACH her lil bro? She seems like some kind of an idiot or something!!! Before this elevator comes up, let's just see what she's GOT...!!" Ptera could feel the energies being released FROM this young girl; it was MURDER intention!!!! ben then warned his OWN sister; "Sister....I LOVE you, but she doesn't know about taking things to HEART...please DO NOT piss her off...her automatic DEFENSE mode is going to program itself INTO the arms of her body. She can kick your ass in seconds....please APOLOGIZE...I'm WARNING are offending me to HER....just APOLOGIZE sis...." Ben was stepping back, saying his words. Psyvariar continued on with Lady Kota, "Of FUCK this DUMB bitch...she is stupid and you CHOSE her over ME........I'm actually kind of jealous lil bro...what can she DO to me? is she eve THAT powerful lil bro? HEY BITCH.....WHAT CAN YOU DO?" Ben THEN flashed h is golden eyes into the SAME direction as Kota's, indicating ATTACK mode, SOFT. Ptera then yelled out, "PSYVARIAR, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! SHE IS GOING TO ATTACK!!!! PLEASE BE QUIET COUSIN!!!! PLEASE!!"
  11. A number of factors can have an effect on disease, including its genesis as well. Environment, resources, pollution, diet, chemicals, food sources and the like. It does pose for an interesting discussion. I dont have Heart Palpitations and blackouts because I want to. Benny
  12. Does my RP'ing SUCK THAT bad? Where are my POSTERS on my rp's AT? Where is MY ARGOSAXX? WHERE IS MY NEON DRAGON? (I'll cuss YOU out LATER bro, lol) Where is MY CODY AT? I tried to rebuttle the attack, but I'm not sure how to DO it man!!! HELP ME OUT!! (Im nervous as hell and very upset!!! Not at YOU......I'm just out of people to RP with!!) Where is CORBAN at? WHERE is JIRO G? WHERE IS ALEX G? What happened to the BENNY? Where IS everyone? Where are my OTHER cats from AOYN? Dammit, I THOUGHT I was cool with one even SEES the old FURBALL? WHERE IN THE FUCK IS BELGORION? For as Much as I raise HELL at him? And for ONE matter, where in the FUCK is ROB? Damn g..............Are you ALIVE? I know you're working your ass off bro........say, "FUCK benny" or, "hey furball..." lol!!! And MOST of ALL...... WHERE IS MY RINNY???? *Feeling VERY sad and depressed* Benny
  13. Quela whisked herself over to the kitchen table to sit down first before she could actually have a conversation with Kota on certain things. She then poured herself a hefty glass of wine while looking through her phone for a brief moment. Her intentions were iron-clad when it came to trying to teach something about cooking. "So, you're experiment number 418 then? Well, that is what my husband calls you dear. He is quite the character once you get to know him. And speaking about sexual behavior with my son is not my cup of tea. He is a future Prince-to-be and he must uphold certain standards when it comes to ruling a Kingdom. YOUR being his creation is a crucial key to his learning processes as well. In that he will become a better-rounded person when it comes to understanding the female anatomy. I am quite sure that you understand how your body works Kota, but I will NOT have you two carrying out live demonstrations on that theory either. Oh how I miss the good old days. We did not have to walk around in such secrecy amongst these humans. I stand to reason that even our own nobility is what lead to our insane demise. Well, that is enough about that. I'm going to sit with my husband and finish my bottle of wine dear. We will have plenty of time for cooking. YOU...however, should go upstairs and sit with your new Master. The learning process is a delicate one. And please do me a favor dear....keep your clothes ON. Alright?" Quela carefully got up out of her chair, allowing for her Bio-antennae to wrap itself around her two bottles of wine and her wine Glass in her hand, now dashing off through the kitchen door in her tipsy state. Ben was now sitting in Ptera's room, not saying a thing since she herself did not feel like talking either. He did not realty know how to comfort her, let alone asking her why she was feeling so down either. He thought to himself, "Where is Kota when you need her? Some experiment SHE turned out to be. SHE is in the kitchen trying to feed her face!!"
  14. Welcome to Valucre. LOVE THE SCREEN NAME!!! See ya out there in the writing world. WRITE POWER!! Benny
  15. Welcome to Valucre!!! ^_^ Benny