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  1. Heya!

    Another CHEW TOY!! Buwahahahahaah!!! Welcome to Valucre. Name is benny and I will be checking up on you from time to time to see how you are doing after a return from a Hiatus. Please take a look around. I'm always open for some good adventures!!! I'm house-broken, so no worries!!! Benny
  2. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    "That was a terrible joke you know, hehehe...alright, hold on...here we GO!!!" Ben exclaimed, now wrapping his arms around her waist while looking upwards to the sky itself. But before they would take off, a slice of great speed would actually CUT off ben's left Wing COMPLETELY!!! He winced in pain, not saying anything. He was to push Erixa out of the way, turning around to see what it was that sliced his wing off. It was a Broken Brood!!!! This one was a bit more groomed than the previous ones they had fought before. "Dammit!!! Who in the hell keeps SENDING these things!! Erixa, RUUNN!!!!" Ben yelled out, as he quickly pulled in his other functioning wing. The tall Broken Brood howled something horrible, as three MORE Broken Broods were slam down onto the helipad, each one now locked on Erixa. "Shit, when I get my hands on that Blue-dressed maniac......."
  3. Location: The Company, Sub-level Section E, West Wing 1-G Subject Matter: Meeting about the backgrounds of various employees who work for "The Company." Supervisors: Dr. Artisan E. Plume, Director Of Human Resources; Mitochondria Adrieena Tepes Gothra (Director of Background Checks/Blood Farmer) Various shadows breezed past in the dimly-lit halls of the sub-levels; whispers could be heard along the hallways as well. Artisan was looking over a cascade of reports, shaking her head in denial. "How am I to deduce the current state of which most of these employees have no background that I can find entertaining? Benaires Alex Silver DAICHON; no records, no past, not even a list of likes nor dislikes. He does not even have previous work experience. Well then how in the hell did he pass the drug screening and things? Something isn't right about this. I guess I will have to look INTO that at a later time. ATTENTION!! Please take your seats as we have much to discuss today ladies and gentlemen. There is Water, Fresh Tea and snacks at the West end of the room as well as a mini-bar to your right. Have some Wine or something because this is going to TAKE a while."
  4. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Hey Cody..... I'm looking over the Winter Wonderland events and all. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN about you all!!!! I'll be along as SOON as I can. ^_^ Benny.

    It's a serious problem. Please inbox me and I will further elaborate Bossman. ^_^
  6. What are you watching? [animated]

    Dragonball super, batman beyond.
  7. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    EXCELLENT CHOICE Lady Raven!!! Good ol' Benny. ^_^
  8. Ran Faster, But Stopped Dead (Part 1 of 4)

    "It's the other way around Vampire, YOU can accompany US instead!!! You know you look rather THIN for one of the undead. How's your diet anyways? I have read of many of your kind who are much stronger and more daring!! AND they have better manners too!!" Vars chirped out, now checking her backpack for supplies. Tesler shook his head, letting out a sigh again. "M'lady, can you NOT break down to your basic actions and at least be courteous to this fellow?" Varsynthe then folder her arm together, giggling at first. "hmmm......let me think about it............................uhm, NO!!! Now let's get a move on Vampire; you're going to have to work much harder than THIS if we are going to work on my manners you know....hehehe...."
  9. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    banned for being critical of Hypocrisy XD
  10. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    O_O "Hmmm....WILD Eh? Well, there IS something that I CAN do that could be fun, BUT you have to PROMISE not to freak out or anything. How about taking a flight? And I Do mean a FLIGHT? Uhm....I haven't DONE this in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Long, that it MIGHT take about seven minutes or so. Okay, I'll explain......here goes.....let me get over to the Helipad marking so that I can have more room....gosh I hope I don't bleed out from doing this.......I'm SO rusty....................." ben first said, now jogging over TO the Markings of the gigantic heli-pad. His intricate determination often put him in quite the spot, but the walls of his wild feelings carved love into his own Heart most of the time, when he wasn't angry at his father. He began to take off his shirt first, now tossing it to the side. Erixa would see hundreds upon hundreds of various tattoos and scientific formulates all inked across his chest, his back and his abdomen. "This is uhm....probably why I don't get undressed in FRONT of you...This is branding from the days of the House of Magnus. ANYWAYS.......here are the details....first off, MALE DAICHONS have the great ability of flight or what the Elders call DCN Flutter....it's a rather crude and clumsy way of moving around, but since I cannot change into my other form, this will have to do until something triggers it to come about. ANYWAYS.......let me start....uhm, let's see....Uhm....they are called Geo-Wings, and they can stretch out to about 30 feet or so, and........uhm....they DO have great lifting abilities.....so......it should NOT be much of a problems carryin you along....uhm....hmm....Let me think here...." Ben said, now scratching his head some..... he walked about the giant marker for the Heli-pad, now sniffing the very air, tasting it some. He then stood erect, his arms now stretched out to his sides for as far as he could stretch them. He then closed his eyes, whispering some kind of an incantation, though it sounded quite faint indeed. The winds began to pick up around him as the incantation began to manifest around him quickly. His shoulder blades began ripping through his upper back, as blood, water and a black substance started pouring from the openings on each side of his back. Wings of black were to now stretch out into the very air, dripping wet with blood, water and clumps of flesh that slammed onto the roof of the Heli-pad. Ben was not yelling or screaming; he was simply concentrating on those muffled words being chanted over and over again. The Geo Wings were to pulsate some, as they expanded outwards, becoming thicker by the second. On the inner-workings of the Dorsal side of Ben, an eight-pointed star now was to take shape on the inner sides of each wing, round-about the mid section of each one. They were now each extended a mind-numbing 30 feet per WING, as they still dripped the Black substance, but they were drying out nicely. Ben then stopped chanting, folding his arms together as he simply waited for his wings to dry off. Staring at Erixa, he knew that she would not be able to believe her own eyes!!! "Alright.......we are taking a flight!!! uhm, you will have to hold onto me tight while we climb up; but when I level off, I can envelop us in a protective shield, and you can actually stand up inside of it if you want to. I know that I don't show off my other abilities TO anyone, but I figured that since we are going to be fighting those things again, we may as well do something crazy to bring some peace of mind for a little while...don't you think?"
  11. New...

    Welcome to Valucre. Take a look around and take your TIME!!! Benny
  12. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    "Of course not!!! Being his Primary Care Specialist, I'm just trying to cheer him up despite all of my short-comings. I'll leave you two to talk. I have to finish these reports and examine the data from when he got sick outside of the Hospital's Entrance. Ben, TRY, please...TRY not to get sick again!! My hair is already turning WHITE from YOU driving me BONKERS you lap dog!!!!" O_O Ben then blushed from head to toe, in utter AWE that she would still call him by his pet name that she had given him so many years ago!!! "L-LAP DOG? First you give me flowers and now you just INSULT ME?? YOU OLD HAG!! I thought I told you to STOP calling me THAT!!! I hope you get hit by a PARKED CAR you wrinkled old SHROOM!!!" Ben replied, sticking his tongue out at her playfully. "Old HAG? How many times have I saved yer skinny ass? Hmmmpph......drop DEAD!!!! Gosh he's such an idiot at times....." The good Doctor said, now walking back into the building to leave the two to talk things over. Ben plopped to the roof of the very Hospital itself, lowering his head...now smelling the flowers she had given him. "I wish I knew that reversal Spell to change her old ass back to normal; she is becoming quite aggressive. Oh never mind HER....WHO in the hell were those VOICES that were making threats to you? And you can't lie to me; I detected them almost faster than they began to speak to you too. What's going on partner?" ben asked, now reaching into his backpack to nibble on some Strawberries. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Abronex had finally arrived at the Hospital; she was moving around in different locations, well-aware of Xylex's mission to deliver the Drakenite. She stared up at the large sign that read; "Saint Claire's Medical Center and Health Care; Stephanie Fowler, CEO." "So, he changed Stephanie into one of us then? This is going to be a very, VERY interesting job to do. I'd better meet with the rest of the team and see where we stand right now."
  13. I'm back...again? Shit. I don't know.

    We were supposed to work on something when you first JOINED this Forum, but nothing ever materialized; hopefully that will change this time around. Welcome Back!!! Benny
  14. Name: ssecnirP Tulpa Slagma Serenity Race: The Tulpas Enthnicity: African-American/Tulpa/?????? Sex: Female Orientation: DCN/Tulpa Organization Job Class: Telekinetic Tulpa/Coenmic Reasoner, Protector of the weak Weight: 215 lbs Hair Color: Purple Eye Color: Seaweed Green Height: Six Feet and 7 Inches or up TO 13 feet and 9 inches when angry. Skin Complexion: ???????????? Abilities: Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Geo-Kinesis, hand to hand Combat History: TBA Likes: Apples, Prince Benaires, Cyrix Tepes Gothra (Her Master) Dislikes; Unknown Quote: "Hero Or Villain, Lad Or Lass; ALL will answer to the HOURGLASS!!
  15. Hey, I’m back

    yo. benny.