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  1. Things are slowing down with E-learning keeping me SOOO busy. Posts coming soon.



  2. its YOUR post: we are FINALLY going to get things moving along. Everyone has been busy with online remote schooling, so...please adjust as you se fit. I'm after you when you're done posting.


    Mobius is going to help Xylex along and teach him a few things....It's going to be FUN.





    1. Neondragon7


      Sure sorry I didn’t mean to take so long to reply I’ve been far busier (or tired) than I would have liked the pst few weeks.

    2. princeben07


      I understand old friend. Everyone gets busy. Handle your business though!! It's ALLL good!!!!




      P.S. I'll tell Ami that i talked to you okay?



  4. "Ah yes. I think I shall stand watch for a while Mr. Fines. you should turn in as well." Xeno said to the owner, now breaking off a hint of a warm smile as comfort. Mr. fines began yawning as well. "Well, we HAVE been here for a while longer than expected, so I think I should get some rest as well." As Salt followed Dub to the large cabins that weren't too far from the large mansion, she would see many caretakers, guards and even Butlers on duty, polishing, putting large Beds together and the like. Dub then stopped at a rather large door that read the numbers "019-023" on it. Dub had then reached for the handle to the door, now flicking the door open to reveal the nice Fireplace, true Bearskin rungs, a nice, warm bed and pillows on it. Dub pointed to the bed, now waiting for Salt to reply. "Go on and change into something to sleep in. There are fresh linens and everything that you need in that bathroom up those stairs that go to the right of the Cabin. I'm to stay out here and help with Staff duties for now. Please, get some rest young Salt."
  5. Pleased to meet you. I NEED a NEW Chew Toy. DAICHON at heart since you have 25+ years of experience. Benny
  6. Welcome to Valucre!!! name is Benny or Furball, or ben, or Benaires. I'll be poking in on you to check and see how you are fairing and how you are navigating the site and all of that jazz. Staff is around here somewhere, so give us a holler if you don't understand something. We will do our best to show you around!!! Benny
  7. Sure. the more the merrier!!! Warning: My posts are insanely long!!!! buwahahaha!!! Benny
  8. "Honestly; he always goes Gung-Ho about everything. What is his malfunction anyways? Well, I for one am going to get something to eat. Father left ME in charge, but that does not mean that I cannot acquire the proper nutrition in order to carry out my duties. Come Lady Argon...." Cotton said, now shaking her head at the mere thought of Xylex acting out of excitement. "He-got some nerve you know Cotton? And what's with Ben just slapping me ON him for training? I'm not even sure of just WHAT else I can DO for that matter. This sucks, you know?" Argon began to speak out, still blushing a bit. She really liked her childhood friend, but found it difficult to try to spend more time with him. "And do not worry about Father Lady Argon; I'm am sure that you two will find some common ground besides your fawning all over him while we are trying to figure all of this out." But before they could leave the training Arena, they were to hear some grunts, yells and some talking in the far right room that they were now coming up towards. They would see Ptera and Avus, sparring some!!! Ptera wasn't one to fight, but she had learned all that she could from ben's style of fighting, along with some of her own techniques that she had picked up from a few Soldiers in her day. Avus had lept back, now bowing to Ptera, who was huffing and puffing loudly; she was out of practice, but was holding her own against Avus quite well. Cotton tapped Argon on her shoulder, signaling for them to step through the hallways doorway to engage in the viewing of the training session. Avus then bowed to his strange cousin, now reaching for a bottle of water. "Take a few minutes to gather your bearings dear cousin; you are doing quite well. Looks like my bumbling cousin Benaires has trained you QUITE well in order to be able to withstand MY slew of attacks and defense." "Do not speak ILL of the Master like that!! He is a very sweet and kind person. He rescued me from my darkness when no one else could try. I love him very much. You should have a little more faith in his abilities and as his future role as the Ruler of the DAICHONS Avus. I know he can be somewhat short-tempered and oblivious, but he means well. ON that note, I am going to take a shower and then get ready for the Catacombs. We can train again anytime that you deem it fitting, understand?" She replied, now winking at Cotton and Lady Argon, respectively. "Impressive: I did Not know that you could defend yourself in case of an attack from an opponent Lady Ptera. Father turns out more and more mysterious as I gather to familiarize myself with him. Strange indeed." "If you ever want to test your skills little Cotton, then I am very much available at all times since the Master does not want for me to lose my fighting edge." Ptera responded to her, looking down at Cotton some since she was much taller than Ben's only daughter. Cotton only smirked, winking back at Ptera, "You would not last twenty seconds with ME Miss Ptera; I know the same style that Father has taught you and even more than what HE knows. I would advise for you to pass on that opportunity, seriously." "You are still a child little Cotton; I might not know of all of your abilities...but I'm sure that....." Ptera began, only to be cut off by a voice of a familiar tone. "Now is not the time for bickering on who is stronger. You are BOTH needed in this entire mission; now shush it up Cotton!!" Cotton immediately bolted to the dorrway to greet her father, Blushing as usual. She was really trying to impress him, but things were NOT going her way. Ben was in his upright Brood Form, standing tall and proud, looking over the training arena. He had a NEW guy with him. He was over seven feet tall! he had human-like features though; Long Blue /Silver hair that was dragging to the floor of the Arena, along with silver eyes!! Ben patted Cotton on her head, as she smiled. She knew she was GROUNDED for suspending Lord Xylex. "You're grounded for three months young lady. You can't hire and FIRE people at your whim. Now go and find Xylex. I NEED him. Understand young lady?" Cotton was about to piss herself actually. "I-I -have to go relieve my urinary waste father. Might I be excused...PLEASE? Oh my.. and OH POOKERS!! Grounded AGAIN? OH POOKERS!!!" Ben giggled, but growled at her loudly. "STOP being a BRAT!! You are going to drive me CRAZY Cotton. After your done, please go and see Mobius in the Mini Library. I love you. Now go on about. Avus, WE have a serious problem here. I think that Ptera is going through Puberty, even AT her unknown age. YOU have to help her go through this and teach her, understand my dear Cousin?" Cotton BLUSHED: Her punishment was being better than she expected. Someone CARED about her!! "I love you TOO father. I WILL OBEY!! I HAVE to relieve myself!! Pardon me. I LOVE YOU UNCLE AVUS!!!!" She skittered into the hallways, running as fast as she could. "I Love you TOO little lady...I love you tooo...okay benaires, what 's next?" Avus nodded, smirking as usual. "Yes...she IS the ONLY Invectium with a full reproductive system. I will educate her and find a solution. We have yet but three hours until we go to the catacombs Benaires. I am over-excited about my lineage. I WILL do as you ask cousin. Please pardon my leave for now: is that fair? I'm a bit peckish: i could use nutrition and rest. COME WITH Ptera."
  9. I was going to answer you in reply, but someone beat me to the RP itself. have fun in Valucre!!! Benny
  10. Rembrandt: An Evil force destined to devour all that DO Dream!!!-----be AWARE Valucrians!!!



  11. Ben's daughter, Lady Cotton Alexis DAICHON, has informed Dr. Myers, from the House Of Dordram about her NEW form. She is colored Black, with stripes of Pink, Purple and some hints of red on her fur, indicating the stages of Dark Terror already embedded into by Ben's side of his DNA. Here are her Specs: DAICHON Form 4-legged: Weight: 1, 245 lbs Height: About 9 Feet or so, but it is VARIABLE, based on her EMOTION Eye Color: Onyx Black (ben's Color) Tails; Three tails, with ONE SILVER ring in the MAIN tail, being pierced through the bone Crests: ALL Combat System: D'Thur and the Advance Targeting System from the Living Circle Project Speed: Planes-Walking (UNKNOWN) Number of Ears: Six W/ Golden Hooped Earrings in FOUR Likes: Benaires, Ami, Myta-01, Argon, Abraxis, Xylex. (She calls him her Uncle, when he's not being an ass!) Foods: Whatever her FATHER likes or her "Teacher," Ami Mizuno Quote: "You are NOT going to disrespect the Royal Family or my TEACHER!! You Will DIE!!" Favorite Color: Fuschia, or Pink Alignment: Unlawfully Good.
  12. A dedication to one of the COOLEST cats that HELPED to train me in T1 or whatever they are calling it now. I APPRECIATE and DON'T HATE!!! Thank you Master!!! Benny
  13. Ben shook his head yet again; he was still exhausted and very sleepy. Ephidrina yawned as well; as did Lott and Lady Quela. Corpus was stretching his body a bit, not saying anything at all after Cotton displayed her brute strength and authority; she WAS Ben's daughter not doubt, with hidden abilities that she was yet to discover. "I'm going back to bed. Cotton, you're fit to do whatever it takes so we can rest please. Come on Mom and Dad...WE have important sleep to catch up on. Corpus, go with Lott and he will explain the situation. And please don't chastise him; He just got out of a bloody battle with Contaminant Number One, and I am NOT a Doctor; that's what I pay Fowler for." Ben said, rubbing his eyes and huffing at Corpus. The Insane DAICHON then responded in a multi-excited voice, "Yes!! yes, of course. I'm out of the loop so it seems then. Lott, you can surely update me on what's going on completely..." Corpus, however, seemed to have calmed down since his confrontation with ben's daughter. Usually, anyone that challenged him would be in the Hospital by now, but not Lady Cotton; this young lady was some kind of demonic force from nowhere in a person's imagination. It looked very grim for Corpus, who was used to pummeling people into submission. Something was not right about that maneuver that she had done on him; it would take a person years to perfect the very style itself, but to this young upstart, it was nothing. Argon was soon whisked away by Xylex, as ben shook his head, yawning again. "(Yawns loudly as he starts to speak) Cotton dear, make sure Xylex doesn't kill Argon please. Her parents would have my hide if I let anything happen to her, even IF it's just training. Xylex doesn't have much tact, if you catch what I'm trying to convey. Ami, you go and help Kota deliver those three Contaminants to Dr. Fowler for interrogation. After that Ace, find your brother; he has a very SPECIAL Package for us...understand? Your Prince is sleepy and going BACK to bed...good morning or so as it were..." "Alright...I'll go and keep the peace with him....Lott, just take Corpus around the Mansion and keep him company; update him on what the current events are and the objective. Poor Argon; Xylex is going to scare that girl to death if I don't get there..." Poor Argon; this girl was so confused about everything and was trying her best to spend more time with Ben. But this Xylex character was going to driver insane. She stood there; TERRIFIED, as Xylex charged at her. She didn't know what to do about this training. Why was Ben being sooo mean to her? She had to think of something quick. She could use her Argon Laser again, but it never worked when she WANTED it to. The bullets were coming right at her fast; she braced herself for some kind of reaction but it was too late!!! The Bullets hit their target, ripping through her flesh, piercing her left arm and right arms in such horror!! Something had GONE completely wrong. Argon whinced as she spilled blood from the very bullet holes themselves. Tears ran down her face. This was NOT training; it was pointless MURDER!!! More bullets hit her in the chest, the shoulder and then her stomach region. Her flowered dress was now becoming blood-soaked. Cotton ran into the Training Arena to see the horror!! What was Xylex thinking? She didn't scream though; she only lightly sighed, "B-Ben...h-help....," dropping to the floor in a pool of blood!!! "LADY ARGON!!!!" Cotton bolted over to her aid, now extending one wing from her back, making it stretch out and actually contact Xylex, slamming directly into him, as if to prevent him from coming any closer. "Shit...shit...Xylex, you FUCKING MORON!!! She is NOT ready for this!!! Oh my.....Hold on Argon, little Cotton is here.... oh dear..." Argon's tear-filled eyes, tried to focus on Cotton, who was now in the pool of blood, holding Argon's head into her lap. "I suck at training......I don't want to die...." "Sit still Argon. I'll fix you right up. Xylex stay RIGHT where you are you flea-bag!! N'thuk D'thur shaga...." Were the words she chanted out loud. Her bio-reads and essence then began to glow those hues of Pink, Black and Purple. She was now healing Argon very quickly with her own powers. The blood began to flow back into Argon, as the bullets were to pop out of her flesh and onto the Arena floor. Argon's tears were drying up, as her wounds were to close up slowly but surely. Cotton's power was something of a miracle: She had the DNA of two creatures living inside of her, with abilities that she hadn't completely discovered as of yet. After a few minutes, Argon had completely healed. She sat up and looked herself over; it was incredible: she wasn't dead!!! Cotton then stood up, helping Argon to her feet. She turned to Xylex and sighed. "YOU need training more than anyone. You are hereby SUSPENDED. Pack your things and get OUT!! Father left ME in charge, and I have the authority to exercise that right. Let me tell you something you moron; I don't know what father sees in you, but YOU are a joke. You are trying to emulate DAICHONS, when you don't know the first thing ABOUT our history, our struggle NOR do you even know how to properly train someone. I am sick and tired of this bumbling excuse for what you call power. Why don't you do some soul searching or something Xylex. Go back to your family and spend some time with them and think things through. Your services here are no longer needed. You are to be OFF these Premises in one hour. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Come on lady Argon, I'll get you some Breakfast and get some books for you to study. Hmm...how utterly disappointing you are Xylex. How very, very vipid..."
  14. Ben had noticed how beautiful Xylex was looking, but was angered at the same time. This required approval from the Elder Council. O_O "Xylex....? Oh bloody..." Ephidrina, Lady Quela, Zostrix, and even Lott were to suddenly appear before Ben and Xylex. Ephidrina's eyes bucked wide open!! "He......he.......Uhm, son....TELL me he did NOT access The Ancestral Pattern and he was NOT a DAICHON before the transformation...." Ephidrina spake out loudly, all while walking around the newly-formed Xylex. Lady Quela shook her head: THIS was a big PROBLEM!!! "Everyone calm down, alright.? I'm sure Ami bypassed the permissions. I'm going to totally be Court-Marshaled about this. Oh man...." Ben said out loud. Even though Ami had fixed the permissions, it was STILL on Ben's head, even IF she was on the Elder Council. Zostrix shook his head, now speaking out to Ami and the rest, "When my Wife wakes up later, I'm sure she can smooth things over with the Elder Council. I'm NOT saying that Lady Ami can't do that as the same, but it is good to have some kind of insurance. I'm going to head out and find the entrance to the inner-walls of the Mansion; we NEED someone very IMPORTANT to help us out...right Ben?" Ben huffed about THIS request!!! He KNEW exactly WHOM it was that they had to go and see; The Corpus. "Once again Benaires, you always know how to fuck up everything huh my boy??" Said that loud and whacky voice!! ben lowered his head and grunted: This particular DAICHON had mental issues and was always trying to start things up to get one to want to fight. This DAICHON was in human form, with long locks that went past his waist. His eyes were Seaweed Green, along with his Caramel Skin. He was wearing some type of straight jacket, but it was rather loose and fitted nicely on someone like him for that matter. His hair looked as if it was well-kept though; being a bit of an odd ball so it seemed. He was barefoot though, as having to wear shoes just was NOT his thing. He would focus his eyes upon Ami at first, now waltzing over to her, singing to himself. he stopped to fling his head upside down a he stared at Lady Quela, letting forth some kind of sadistic smile. Ephidrina sighed; this guy definitely had some screws loose for the way he was acting!!! "Ami!!! My Lady!!! How's tricks sweetheart? It's been quite a while since I've seen you. Whooo...lookie-lookie HERE CHILD!! You've grown up in more ways than one I do declare suga-hun!! Now how's about those pups that I wanted from waay back then? You don't think that I forgot to ask again, did ya? And you smell sooo delicious. Ya almost like a bundle of my favorite Liquors; anyone can get drunk off of YOU my dear?" Ben shook his head in protest, as Cotton had found her way into the hall, due to the noise. She had noticed how Xylex resembled a DAICHON!!! "Once again, Xylex gets himself into trouble.. What are you thinking Uncle Xylex? Enough about that...who IS this rogue making all of that noise? I can HEAR him from your ROOM Father..." Cotton spoke out, now rudely pointing at Corpus. Ephidrina shook his head at Cotton, warning her not to point at people. Lady Quela then began to lazily walked over to Cotton, placing her arms around her, hugging her happily. "Grand-Mother...CAN I THRASH him please? I need to CHECK him. Teacher......I cannot let this verbal Travesty go on any longer. I need to best him so that he will KNOW who the NEXT PRINCESS is in the DAICHON lineage. Please Grand-mother?" Cotton asked, now PURRING a little!! Ben shook his head; this was NOT what he had in mind, but Corpus was getting a bit TOO flirtatious, arrogant and flippant. Ben did not want to FIGHT his old friend, who was also an experiment of ASCAB, but Lady Cotton; she had no intentions of being "NICE." She just was NOT that way. Zostrix placed his hand underneath his chin; just WHO WAS this young lady? He could sense her abilities on the DAICHON side, but the other ones...well... Myta sat in the Office of Dr. Fowler, giggling. She KNEW that this fight was OVER before it had even started. "Well, let's move on to the blood test for these Broods Dr. Stevenson. Cotton isn't going to even break a sweat fighting with him; you DID see how she performed against The Prestige; and that was just a a MILLIONTH of her abilities. Let's just let this girl VENT, shall we?" Myta has said, now walking over to the mini-bar to pour everyone that was in the Office some Ambrosia. Dr. Fowler then responded to Myta: " you are SOME Mother; you are letting your very CHILD fight this guy? I've read his profile; he is very strong and has put people in the hospital without even trying.....Are you sure that This is good idea? I mean, you are her MOTHER...." Myta laughed out loud; "It will be fine!! She's going to threaten to rip off his head and SHIT down his neck. Her grip will be DAICHON D'thur Reverse hold. He isn't going to DO ANYTHING.....Now, let's contact Jeff and get the results of the Blood Samples from those two okay?" Lady Quela stared at her dear husband, then Zostrix. She had basically given the look of and "OK." "Oh...you want to FIGHT me little girl? AH!!!! benaires, you raised a SLUT as well as a little BRAT: to think that YOU yourself cannot handle your own battles...okay..I'll entertain her. Can we fight in this HALL right now....? I won't hurt her...." But before Corpus could even GET INTO A FIGHTING stance, Cotton had just closed her eyes, and had taken ONE STEP, ending up AT Corpus; her hands grasping his arms, bending them backwards; locked. Corpus did not scream; he was simply in awe at how this little 15-year old could move that fast. It was as if the Gods were shitting on even his abilities, for which Cotton giggled at. She had him locked; as if she wanted to snap his very arms out of their sockets. "You have ONE more time to disrespect My Teacher, my Father, or the Holy Family of the DAICHONS. I will rip your head off and SHIT down your neck...are we understood Mr. Corpus? And if I hear about you disrespecting MY Teacher or Father again, I will come after you and have you BEGGING for death." "Alright!! ALRIGHT little girl!!! WHAT in the FUCK did YOU learn? I can't even MOVE!!! You have my word alright? Now, this is aching very badly; could you let me go?" Corpus Begged. "NO.....Im' going to HOLD this until you feel the TENSION of your ARMS BREAKING......I do NOT believe you...You SWEAR on the TEMPLE of the ANCIENT ONES!!! and IF you go back on that: I WILL RIP off your FUCKING head and SHIT down your neck!!!! PROMISE ME!!!" Kota Fights Contaminant number TWO: ........... "Oh? Are we getting a bit more into the GAME then Lady Ami?" Said a voice!! A slight giggle would follow, as the voice then continued to respond, "I will be right there to gather them up. My dear Benaires always spoke highly of you, so that in itself is MORE then enough reason for me to trust you then. I'm on my way..." "Im guessing that you're going on patrol then Lady Kota?" Said Kintaro, who was just getting out of the shower. Though it was early morning, Kintaro always stayed on his guard for anything suspicious. He may have been battle-scared, but still knew how to kick ass!! "No actually Master Kintaro....I am on my way to pick up those THREE Contaminants that Master benaires had Ami to best. I Will be RIGHT BACK!!"
  15. Everything is slowing down a bit: school is near and it's time to get things in order. Posts are going to be STAGNANT after today!!! =(



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