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  1. I'll inbox you. GOt some great ideas to toss out to you okay? And Welcome to Valucre!! Please try us OUT. We are Zany, but loveable!!! I don't bite, unless you are INTO that kind of thing!! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I LOVE making new friends!!!! Forgive me. Benny
  2. Welcome to Valucre!!! benny
  3. Vampire baby!!! Now THAT is something you don't se everyday!!! O_O Welcome to your doom, buwahahahahahahah!!!! Benny
  4. Brittany had finally completed her last delivery for the day. Her father, Grimoire Hayes II, was now resting his feet a bit. He had been delivering swords all morning for certain individuals as well. She sat on her nice couch, rubbing her aching feet, letting forth a sigh of sorts. She was 16 years old and had learned of the study of rare metals at a young age. Why could she not just go shopping and talk about boys like normal teens could? XD "This job is the pits DAD!!! Did you have to be come the top Blacksmith in this crazy city? I'm SO glad Vantrix and Theresa helped us today. The Kilm Furnace needs to be fixed yet again!! I'm tired of having to blow heat into the tools manually father!!!!" She protested, now laying back, taking a deep stretch of sorts. Her muscles were very tired, and she hadn't even gotten around to reading her new school schedule yet!! "Alright sweet pea; I will call Keith in the morning and have him come on out to repair it. I'm sorry you've had to do things manually around here, but you know how the morning rush is dear. Your mother has been in that office all morning and hasn't even come out to eat anything. With the Tournament closing in on us, you know how many orders we are going to end up being slammed with. Everyone is trying to be the next hero or something along those lines. Oh, and Rain came by today. Said she thought she may have seen a Wolf by the outskirts of the city, so she wanted for you to come with her and investigate it." Brittany sat up as Vantrix was to enter with a wooden bucket of hot water/Epsom Salt. "Here you are friend of mines. Soak your feet for a few minutes and we can get going. Theresa's taking a bath and I have enough gold pieces to get what you wanted from the merchant over on Kline Avenue." Grimoire then shook his head as he was to take off the heavy Apron that he wore while working in the shop. They were on break for the rest of the afternoon, as many other employees were out seeking new customers or making last-minute deliveries. "You're going shopping AGAIN Brittany? You are going to cost your poor mother and I the deed to this place someday young lady!! Don't you think that you have enough junk in your room already?" He asked out, now reaching for a cold pale Ale to drink. "Father!!! You know that I have to have something to wear for tomorrow. You keep forgetting that I do start school soon, and I have to be dressed for Orientation. I can't go to that place looking of a commoner!!!" "New flash young lady; you are a JUNIOR Blacksmith; you can't get any more COMMON than that!!! Just don't break the bank please.....And Pick up some Ingots while you're out alright? I have to make a broadsword for the Vain family." he requested, as he was to finally sit down in a chair to look over the inventory reports a little while they rested. "Sure thing slave driver...." Brittany replied, rolling her eyes at her dad now. Vantrix giggled, then went to answer the buzzer by the shop entrance. Fingers now curling around the Brass door handle, Vantrix opened the Shop door, only to be greeted by a rather husky-looking man in a black trench coat. "Uhm, I am looking for Brittanty Moore. Does she reside here?" Said the man. Vantrix nodded, now closing the door behind him, stepping over to the work bench, which had been previously cleared of scrap metal by a cleanup crew from previously. "Yes she does. Might I ask whom is asking of her sir?" Vantrix replied, now sitting at the work desk grabbing hold of a pen and writing pad. "Detective Goings. Uhm, might I speak to Brittany please if that is possible Mr...uhm......." "Vantrix Tepes Gothra at your service. My friend Brittany is lying down right now Detective. Working in this shop is quite demanding, and it does tire a person very quickly. What is this about? You can speak to ME about it human." Vantrix responded in a very ghastly manner. Vantrix was no slouch at all; he was well over six feet tall and was quite slim for his age, but he was known to handle people OR man-handle anyone that caused trouble at the shop. "Abigail Mcquarters was found severely injured a few days ago. Said that she works part-time in this here shop Vantrix. Is that true?" "Hmm...Abby is one of our up and coming delivery girls. She specializes in Scrap Metal and Ingot Castings. She only works a few hours a week. She's not the type to get herself into any kind of trouble oddly enough. Is she alright?" The Detective then pulled out a cigar, lighting it, then took a few puffs. Vantrix then kindly walked over to the Detective and removed the cigar from his mouth, extinguishing it under his left shoe, now pointing to the signs that were posted all around the Shop: "Absolutely NO Smoking is permitted!!! Violators WILL be arrested!" "We have Haline-Chloride GAS tanks in this shop Detective; smoking is not permitted on these premises. I'm terribly sorry. Now, back to the matter at hand then...IS SHE alright?" "Yes, she is......she said she saw something horrible following her to school. Said it was about nine or ten feet tall with long hair. It had large claws and kept a very low growl. I wanted to know if Brittany knew anything about this. It could be a Werewolf on the loose and we don't know it." "Do humor me Detective. Dragons are quite common, I will admit, but Werewolves? Yeah, I'll let her know that you stopped by...Have a good day detective." Vantrix finally replied, now pointing to the exit. "Nice place you got here.....don't let your butt get glued to that chair.....I'll be back.....with a NEW Cigar as well." "Bring a Lawyer next time; we can have a BIG Barbecue about it...."
  5. You are here and we are there, lol. Welcome to Valucre!!! Take a look around and choose your fate, lol. Benny
  6. A fellow Kobiyashi's Dragon Maid fan eh? Well that's cool!!! Welcome to Valucre!!! Benny
  7. That's discrimination, plain and simple.
  8. Welcome to Valucre!!! Take a look around and shop around if you like. ^_^ Benny
  9. I DO think that the Flow Coma might make a COMEBACK though...... benny
  10. I have a test for Fibromyalgia in the morning...can we move this along, lol. XD >XD Benny
  11. Lets talk about ANYTHING!!! I cannot believe that I'm almost at 5, 000 posts.... HELP me out...pleas talk about anything.... Aw man...the TULPA RP is about to come BACK.... So is the Flow Coma....I really WISH that my Valucrians SUPPORTED me more..... I'm TRYING you all...give the benny some credit... PLEASE??? Benny
  12. There are a FEW cats interested in my RP called "The Flow Coma." Can someone, PLEASE...SOMEONE research the RP for me and LINK me to it? I do NOT know how to find it......I'm sorry...Im not smart when it comes to researching my OWN RP history.... I'm Sorry... Benny
  13. I'm sending it in 2 minutes Letherius, just hold okay? I type 114 WPM, but I dont' spell check benny
  14. Ah, it's all good Letherius....check your a proposal for you.... Benny
  15. Likes: alcohol,friends, magical tomes, lemons. I'm WATCHING you....I will STEAL your lemons...buwahahahahahah!!! Benny