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  1. Noises could be heard from the front entrance; boots, men, the clicking of weapons and the like!! twelve men dressed in Military-type gear were quickly filling the long hallways, causing reason for great concern. Large trucks and even two Helicopters could be heard outside of the rather large Mansion. Ami would see these men marching into the long Hallway, now armed to the teeth with automatic Rifles and the like. Four soldiers pointed their weapons directly at Ami, not even speaking; he was just signaling for her to stand up and place her hands up and NOT move. Dr. Fowler's ears twitched suddenly; who in the hell were these people barging into her Safe Haven? Avus pointed to Ben, then pointed to ITS ears:? Something was stirring outside in the Hallway. Ephidrina would put his son back onto the Tapestry; now asking something almost inaudible. The doors would open suddenly, allowing for the Soldiers to all begin rushing in to take their positions, guns pointed at Ben and his friends/family. Ben, however, could sense what bullets were in those Assault Rifles though; Black Lakes!! This was ASCAB Laboratories!!! "Freeze!!! Noone move!! hands in the AIR!!!! Let's GO people!!!" "Let's NOT make this gory Benaires; we are here for the Abraxis Project!! Please turn her over immediately and we can withdraw without any violence!! You KNOW what kind of bullets are in these weapons Benaires; Do NOT make this bloody!!!" "Is that what this is about? You all trying to snatch up this young lady?" asked Argon, as she did not understand what was going on in the first place. A man in a lab coat and a briefcase was then to enter, along with several more Researchers, all armed with clip boards and various tools. They began writing things down, taking pictures and walking over to where Ben and the others were being held by gun point. Ephidrina protested, "I will NOT have this out rage disturbing our meeting!!!!" "We know who you ARE former Majesty, along with Lady Avixis, Avus, Rebecca and The Abraxis Project; however, I do not know the name of the young man in the Gray hooded Cloak. Check him for Identification!!!" Said this man in the lab coat. Ben sighed; he knew that NHR02 was very powerful and a small injection could ruin his entire blood stream, making it almost impossible to ever recover. The Soldiers of two then check on Gray's person to find some identification, now handing it back to the man. Ben would see Ami walk in WITH the rest of the entourage, but he DID signal for her to NOT do anything that would upset this confrontation. He sent a mental signal to her directly: "Ace, let them have their fun; don't thrash anyone; we have to play this cool, understand?" "Graymite Anthine Jones IV, Conduit to Abraxis. You work for The Company, splendid. My name is Dr. Rhivard Phelps everyone; I was sent here by Dr. Ray Blotch to retrieve The Abraxis Project. I really would like your full cooperation. That way I won't have to resort to violence in this magnificent Mansion. Oooh, look at all of the Holy Tomes and Data Material. Looks like someone has been gathering information on the DAICHONS very WELL Benaires. Oh, my goodness...is that Dr. Fowler? Of Saint Claire's Medical Center and Trauma Division? Who would've though that an African-American female could have so much access to various Medical Technology and Resources. Ptera Invectium, Second only to Benaires then I take? We miss you back at the Asylum dear, but I see that you have been cured. How nice for you...." Dr. Fowler sighed as she retorted back to him, "Always a pleasure to help out Dr. We can't give you Abraxis; we are trying to treat her if you have not noticed already. Could you have your men stand down with the weapons please? You are being quite aggressive about all of this." "You can't have her!!! I have worked waaayy too hard to get her to function on the levels of NORMAL again. We have much work and training to do to get her mind right. You can't do...this....." Said Graymite in resistance, only for one Soldier to fire a shot right into Graymite's right leg, making him wince in anguish. Ben shouted out, "GRAYMITE!!! shit........why did you shoot him? Hold on Gray...." Ben then ran over to his pupil to check on his injury. "Whoa......looks like we will have to bring HIM in to get some treatment. As a matter of fact, why don't you ALLL follow me back to the Office and I will further explain. Form a line and do not try anything. Help Graymite up and get him into the Med-vac, along with his Abraxis friend." Dr. Phelps demanded. Avus could not do anything; ITS powers were an output to definitely desecrate the Mansion on a whim of a thought. Ben used his healing abilities to stop the bleeding of Gray's injury without fail. Abraxis did not run; she started crying and then pissed on herself yet again. Dr. fowler ran over to help clean up the piddle, along with Rebecca, Lady Avixis and Orlouge Red. They knew that she was terrified of going back there, but she could not use her powers either, as Ben had strictly forbode her from doing such a thing until her training was completed. Another ruckus was occurring in the hallways yet AGAIN; the hallways lights suddenly went out, making the visibility poor for everyone. Guards and Soldiers were screaming in pain, as blood splashed a bit in various instances. One could hear the bones of a few men being snapped like twigs!! Dr. Phelps signaled for more men to go out into the hallway, but they shook their heads in refusal!! The doors remained open, as a force reached out to snatch ONE of the Soldiers from the very room they were all in. He screamed and tried to reach out for help, but this unseen force pulled him into the hallway, now abusing him to the point of a deadening silence. Ben was quite puzzled as to what was going on; he wasn't expecting for THAT to happen, seriously. Dr. Phelps looked clueless as well, peering around for some kind of an explanation. Ephidrina turned to his son, signaling for someone to go out into the Hallways to examine the situation. Ben shrugged his shoulders and jogged out into the dark hallway. He could hear men moaning in pain and misery, along with the smell of RAIN WATER!!! "Well, I'll be......................Hallway luminosity to 47 percent with half power output please!!!" Ben then said out loud. The hallways lights then brightened up, but not TOO bright to hurt the eyes. Soldiers were either unconscious, limping back towards the main entrance to tend to other team mates, or standing in the hallways, petrified in fear at this female that was standing there, talons bloody and dripping. She stood seven feet and four inches tall, with long black hair that looked wet from just getting out of the shower. Her face was barely visible from all of the long hair being in the way though. Ben walked over to this behemoth of an individual, pulling out some towels from the nearby cart, only to hand some TO her to clean her bloodied talons. "I am HERE My Master to serve and obey only YOU mighty one!!! What are your orders Sire?" said the large female, who was now kneeling before Ben. Ben laughed loudly, now patting her on the head, shaking it. "It's okay Old One, you serve me very well, now stand up while I introduce you to everyone. Follow me dear." Dr. Phelps had never been so mystified before this recent took place. The Soldiers were baffled at this female that walked into the room, now trying to shield her very eyes from the brightness of the lights in the room. 'I want everyone to meet Princess Serenity Slagma Tulpa, or you can call her The Old One. She's a Cross-dimensional being from Darkness of human imagination. There are about 245, 000 of these creatures that I command from various parts of the world. I'm guessing that she followed my scent all of the way here. Serenity, say hello dear...." Serenity growled a bit at the bright lights in the room, only to reach into her purse and pull out some shades to cover her sensitive eyes. "I am pleased to make everyone's Acquaintance. I hope to get along with everyone. Please take care of me." "Well, this was unexpected. Who in the HELL are YOU?" asked Dr. Phelps. "Ami my dear!! Glad you could join us on this fun-filled conundrum!! Son, you command these creatures? How in the Geostratum of Antiquity did you meet someone so sophisticated? She's absolutely beautiful!!! I am Benaires' father and former king of the....." "I know who you ARE your Majesty. Former King Ephidrina of the mighty DAICHON Race. I am Ben's ultimate sword of destruction, as are the rest of my PEOPLE. We are here for his every wish, command and concern. I followed his scent here, assuming that ASCAB was going to try to cause some kind of a disturbance, and my whims were absolutely on dead point. Master, I shall escort all of these intruders back to their vehicles and take their weapons away from them. If anyone else tries to interfere, I shall bludgeon them to death." "No need to kill anyone Serenity; just defend the Mansion and prevent anyone from trying to get in here for now, understood? As for YOU Dr. Phelps, we DO need information on Thrax, and you ARE going to give us that information....." "Sir, our men are beaten up pretty badly and two them are unconscious. I don't think we need to piss this thing OFF; just TELL Benaires what he wants to know sir; it's not worth my men dying...." Spake out the Captain of the Soliders.
  2. "Ah, yes, the argument of the Youth is very entertaining. That's my Ami for you!!" said an ominous voice from across the hall that was BOISTEROUS!! Ben jumped up and shook his head nervously; was that his DAD? "Old MAN? WHAT THE???" ben started, only to be cut off in his sentence, "Hey kid, what are you doing son?" said this voice yet AGAIN. Everyone had stopped eating and drinking, only to get on ONE knee with heads down!!! A very, VERY LARGE DAICHON would then bless the room. His height was about twelve feet and seven inches. There were long braids that dragged to the floor, along with Cowry Shells adorning all of them. He was dressed in a very long Ancestral Robe with a huge Eight-pointed Star on the back of it, indicating the power of the Circle Of Wandering. Two other smaller DAICHONS were walking behind him, keeping a close vigil over his entrance. Ephidrina giggled a bit, looking on at the people in the room. Even Dr. Fowler was to bow in respect, not really knowing who this person WAS; she was trying her best to do her job and had a temper about it most of the time. Ephidrina then glared over to the Tomes himself, now smiling in such a manner that one could not help but to notice his mood; entertained!! "So much has happened. Your mother told me to come and check on you since you hardly ever come home to see us son." Said the Gigantic DAICHON. Ben got up from his chair, walking over to his father, blushing some. "Come on you old coot; it's not like I don't have to take on all of YOUR duties since you stepped down as King anyways dad. Uhm, you should already know everyone in this room. Ami WAS in here, but you know....she's always been some kind of a loner, so I usually just let her do her thing. She and Dr. fowler don't get along very well. Speaking of which, uhm, this one is the new Historian and Doctor to the DAICHONS dad; Dr. Stephanie Fowler...Doc, could you come over here really quick please?" Ben asked. Stephanie rose up, now walking over to the rather huge creature that resembled a Wolf, now smirking. "ben, THIS is your father? Well....now I can get some answers for a change..." began the Doctor. Ephidrina growled at her loudly, now looking at his son. Ben cringed and grabbed Stephanie's arm, whisking her out of the room immediately, shutting the large door behind them. "Have you lost your fucking noodle Doc? You don't TALK to him like that!! Do you know what he could DO to you? Show some restraint you dim-wit!!" "Why should I show restraint to a man who is basically a dead-beat to his own son Ben? Hmmm? You think THAT is bad, I wonder what your MOTHER is like in real life!!" she replied sarcastically. Ben then yelled out to her, "YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER!!!! THAT is the big difference Doc. I don't like handling all of these tasks by myself all of the time. You know, your attitude is beginning to show and it's got a few other faces besides yours. And what's with you yelling at Ami for then huh? You are getting besides yourself like clones twins in a Placenta. Don't get me wrong, your job comes first as you WERE appointed by the Council of Elders; I get that totally, but YOU are prancing around here as if YOU are the sole reason for all of the Tomes to be in this ONE building. There is a staff of over 125 people and DAICHONS alike in the lower levels of this Mansion working very hard to keep things organized and clean. You work at a Hospital handling all kinds of patients from all walks of life. You are NOT the only person that has A LOT on the line in here. Look, when it comes to my family, disrespecting them is OFF limits, PERIOD; you got it? You WILL do as you are TOLD!!!" Stephanie sighed, rolling her eyes at him, now huffing and puffing, arms now folded. "Yeah...yeah I got it Ben....I'm sorry........." "Well then ACT like it you dim-wit!!!" ben chirped back to her in an evil manner, now heading back into the room first. Dr. Fowler shook her head, now scurrying behind her patient, "I'm NOT a dim-wit ben!! Hey....wait for ME I said...oh come on Ben, I didn't mean it!!! I said I was sorry......Ben, wait up....." "I can't tell....A-hem, so dad......did you get the message I sent you?" "Yes my son, I did actually. So you want me to take a look at this young girl named Abraxis? Alright let's take a look at her and see if I can find anything then." said the former King. Graymite then got up to his feet while everyone else remained in their respectful positions of kneeling. Abraxis followed her Conduit over to Ephidrina, looking very calm and collected. She knew who ben's father was, but had never met him in his pure Brooden upright form before. He was rather tall, so she had to look up to him quite a bit at first, only smiling as Graymite reached out to shake the former King's left paw. "Good to see you again Your Majesty; always a pleasure to catch up with you!!" Graymite said first, as Abraxis put her arms around his waist in support. "Graymite my boy; you're looking sharp as ever I see..heheh.....So this is the mighty Abraxis Invectium then of the Invectium Race? My, isn't she a cute one? Alright sweetheart; Ephidrina is not going to hurt you in any way; I just want to check for something and it will not hurt you alright young lady?" Abraxis nodded in agreement, now stepping directly in front of ben's Father and Former King of the DAICHONS. Ephidrina raised his left paw and held it over Abraxis' head, being sure not to TOUCH her; he knew how sensitive she was to strangers trying to touch her. After a strange glow of purple enveloped her gently, Ephidrina, then stepped back now, sighing as the aura dissipated very slowly. "Two voices; one mind. Strange indeed.......Benaires, if you want more answers, then you are going to have to go to the source of the trouble from which all of this started from; ASCAB Laboratories. You are going to have to face your past sooner or later son; you DO know that right?" "I was afraid that you were going to say THAT too...oh man...what am I doing? Oh, Dad, this one over here is a good friend of mines named Xylex. He's pretty interesting." "Well, well....if it isn't someone from the Farenhide Family. If my son is requesting the aid from someone with as HIGH as standards as THIS one, then this MUST be a very, VERY serious problem then. I'm sure that you will lend my son and his Staff all of your valuable knowledge Lord Xylex. Welcome to the team young one. Everyone else can rise now. I think that's enough for the pleasantries, dont' you think so Dr. Fowler?" "I've got ONE question for you Ephidrina; if you are so high and mighty and all of that, then why aren't YOU helping your own son in this situation in the first place? Can you at least answer THAT for me?" Ben shook his head in disbelief; he had just TOLD her to behave herself around his dad!!! "Sure .........when I stepped down as King, I already knew that ben was going to take things into his own hands or paws when he was a young pup. Not staying in DAICHON form from time to time takes a toll on the body, which is why he is STUCK in this humanistic form that you all see before you. He knows that...Ben is just oblivious at times. Should he decide to try to change back; it will extremely painful and almost unbearable the first few times around. You lose your sanity when that happens as well, as Magic doesn't seem to work on this conversion this late in his life. That's why his mother can't change into HER pure form. Some things you just have to LEARN how to balance in your life, and Ben is terrible at doing such a thing you know. You keep up the good work with the Astenite injections until you find a way to fix it. I'm sure that you WILL with your accumulated knowledge of the DAICHONS these past few years Dr. Fowler. My son has a habit of drinking and then doing stupid things on "dares." I hope you're not too upset that he changed you into one of us then...?" Stephanie only giggled out, winking at Ben lovingly, "Oh he KNOWS that he's got an earful of my thoughts coming sooner or later Ephidrina; no worries about THAT one bit!!! When someone shoves all of this stuff into your head to the point that your nose bleeds, you don't have much of a choice!!! hehehe..." "I must admit son, you really have done much with this temporary place until the Geostratum is moved and coated with the Drakenite. I'm sure you all will figure this entire ordeal out in no time. Just be careful and look out for one another please. Argon, I will speak to you about your upcoming role tomorrow afternoon. There is much to do. Do you understand?" Argon pointed to herself in total confusion, now looking at Ben and the others. "Wait..m-m-ME? What did I do THIS time? I don't understand..." Ben then walked over to Argon, placing his hand on her left shoulder, "Don't worry about old friend; it's a reward for sticking by my side after all of these years. You WILL love it!!!" "And don't worry about Ami; I'll talk to her about this situation in a few minutes. I know that she can be quite the upstart at times, but since we now have TWO Historians Dr. fowler, I expect for you to behave like the Professional that this job REQUIRES, understood young lady?" "Why do I have to get along with that lunatic bitch in the first place? She comes bursting in here making a big scene, bragging about how much she's been through all of that CRAP, then expects me to just roll over and play nice? Fuck that. I AM the Historian that was appointed by the Council of Elders. You think that running a Hospital is easy? You think that because YOU are ben's father that I'm just going to do whatever it is that you SAY? Hell NO.......Not in my skin jack!! I call the shots in this Mansion and if that bitch doesn't like it she can fucking leave!!!" Stephanie protested, making everyone turn in disbelief and awe!!! Ben shook his head again; this was not the time to be arguing about something as miniscule as this. Avus then spake out to Stephanie, "That may be so, but if WE are going to find a way to help Abraxis, all other insignificant matters must cease Doctor Fowler. The Former King demands respect, as we ALL have shown him. Please calm yourself in front of Ben's father, who also my Uncle. Do you understand me?" Stephanie never had any kind of problem with Avus; IT was always saying things of wisdom to break the ice so-to-speak. "Oh, alright...fine....whatever you say Avus....I can respect her, but I don't gotta be NICE to her." " I would never ask for you to lower your standards for the sake of keeping peace to someone that you hardly even know Doctor. That would be beneath me. However, since this is a totally different matter, I DO expect for you to have some sort of restraint at what it is that you say in this Mansion of yours for the respect of the Staff and for everyone in this room. There IS a big difference in being told what to do and being told how to ACT dear." Stephanie then put both of her hands up in the air, surrendering to the conversation. "Okay, okay, you're right Avus. I get your point. I'll drop the entire hostility and do better." Ben walked over to his father to leap up and sit on his shoulder!!! He used to do that when he was younger anyways. Since he and Lady Quela reconciled, Ben was getting along with his father much better than before. His family was odd, but they were HIS family. "Leave it up to Avus to diffuse hostile situation huh Dad? For an Invectium, my cousin is simply the oddest around besides Cyrix Tepes Gothra."
  3. I just read up on the Black Isle Mines, and I must say that it is very INTERSTING. Haven't done a DICE Roll since D & D back in 1998. I can post up the link that Eternity put UP; you all should check this OUT; I'm GAME!!! Might actually find a few things to add to ben's Arsenal. Benny
  4. I'm almost done with the Geostratum of Antiquity's NEW Home. I'll ask for a few of my KEY threads to be MOVED there soon!!! More updates on the Rembrandt Project due in December. Things are busy with work, lol!!! Benny

  5. Ben sighed at what he saw thus far. "She is not important right now and you wouldn't be able to put a dent in her even at full power. She has powers beyond your imagination. You may as well be throwing Spit balls at her with YOUR power levels." "Uhm, Rebecca, could you help me get the food out of the main Court Yard again please?" Dr. Fowler asked out to her once again. Rebecca nodded, giggling to herself a bit. Avus looked at Ben strangely; why was Ben being so calm about all of this? "Why are you being so nonchalant about this in the first place dear cousin? Care of elaborate for us then?" Avus asked, now reaching for some Bird Seed. "Hmm? Oh....it's nothing Avus. We need to focus on trying to get information from ASCAB Laboratories about this in detail. Now while I WAS in one of the Three Houses, I can pretty much recall where the containment floors are my memory. I don't want any of you to just rush INTO this yet; we have be methodical about this so that we don't run the risk of exposing ourselves. We have to find out just WHAT is going on and try to get Abraxis cured before something else happens or if she gets frustrated again. Understand?" Avus then nodded in agreement, now walking over to Abraxis and Graymite, patting her on the left shoulder. "What else are you hiding Abraxis? is there anything else that you remember being done to you while in that Asylum?" Avus asked her again. Abraxis only sighed and shook her head. Graymite took her hand and kissed it gently, trying to keep her calm and collected. "I wish that I could help you Avus cousin, but my memory is so scattered that I would not know where to start. I'm sorry..." Avixis then sat down on a chair to pour herself something to drink: Ambrosia. "Well, whatever it is that is bothering her certainly has brought all of us together just like old times back on the Outskirts of the Geostratum Of Antiquity. Speaking of which, Benaires..when IS the Geostratum going to be completed again? I know you're tired of moving that gigantic structure from place to place." Ben shrugged his shoulders, now at a complete loss about the arrival date. "Hey, after Xylex helped to escort the Drakenite a few months back, that's the last that I heard from the Committee. They have to process that stuff first and work on the outer-coating of the Geostratum itself. Guess they are going to try something new. Alright, lets dig in!!!" Dr. Fowler brought in multiple platters of Fish, Turkey Breast, fruits and Veggies for everyone to consume. Ben smiled at her as Abraxis bolted over to the Chicken and Apples so she could immediate begin to eat something for nourishment. Graymite then spoke out to Ben, "So, what is the next step of her treatment then Master? What do you plan on doing about this?" "Well, the first thing is to find out why she keeps losing her temper. Secondly, we need to get to ASCAB and get more information on a being called Thrax, which was what I sensed the last time Abraxis lost her cool. I've a feeling that something ELSE is hiding out INSIDE of her mind or something to that degree.."
  6. OST-G!!! Sorry we got off on the WRONG foot, erm PAW (DAICHON thing lol) I'm still dealing with Depression right now, but I'm fighting it. Anyone got an idea on what the ITEM is going to be that is being searched for or? How are we DOING this? Someone get back to me... Benny
  7. I'll post up SOON. Dealing with depression issues right now...=( benny
  8. The Three Houses..... OWNER(S): ASCAB Laboratories/ASCAB World COMM House Of Starr House of Doldram (You have to ROLL the "DR" off your tongue) House of Magnus (benaires, early 1998,yahoo chat engines) Which house is the most EVIL one? You can place your questions here and I will address each and every ONE. Benny
  9. Title: Ancient Magus Bride Year of Release: October 2017 Directed By: Norihiro Naganuma Music By: Jun'ichi Matsumoto Original Manga Series Published by: Mag Garden, Seven Seas Entertainment Type: Dark Fantasy/Horror Animation By: Studio WIT (Creators of Attack On Titan; Kabeneri Fortress) Having been ostracized by both her relatives and partially by society, orphaned high school student Chise Hatori decides to sell herself at an auction in order for somebody else to take her in and have a new place to call home. At the auction in London, she is sold for five million pounds to Elias Ainsworth, a seven-foot-tall humanoid with an animal skull for a head. This magus, who seems closer to a demon than human, either brings her the light she desperately seeks or drown her in ever deeper shadows in her new country, Britain. In short, there is A LOT that goes on in this series and it is up to YOU, the Anime or Otaku head, to put together the clues and figure things out for yourself. Elias is a big-ass kid that doesn’t understand much about Human emotions, and Chise, though being his Bride, is one hell of a teenager who is seriously trying to piece her shattered life together and to try to understand herself better as a Sleigh Beggy. The Character conflict in this one is quite interesting and yet, you feel for almost every single character in this story, even the damned villains!! I can’t reveal too much for you, as it is truly an endearing and very heart-warming story. Im going to check out the Manga next month, and there is also an OVA Series with three full-on episodes to check out as well. I went with the Dual Audio Version, as the voice acting in this series was truly a joy!!! Benny
  10. O_O Ben then suddenly began covering his ears, SHRIEKING OUT IN UTTER PAIN and discomfort!! Graymite turned around to see ben drop to the floor like a dead body. He was writhing in agony; something was sounding in his ears that no one else COULD even hear. Argon bolted over to her master to try to assess the situation. "What the FUCK is wrong with him. BEN!!! Are you okay? Come on man...what's wrong? HELLLPP!!!" Screamed out Argon. Avus ran over to his side, trying to figure out what was causing him so much pain. Even Auvs did not know what was going on as of this moment. Abraxis kneeled down to ben, trying to sense what she could based on his body's response. She then shook her head, looking at Graymite, hoping that he would have an answer. Avixis ran over to the groups, trying to see what was happening. Ben was bleeding from his eyes and ears at the same time. Avus took his cousin into his arms and held him on his lap, trying to keep him calm. Ben was just shivering and bleeding, holding Avus' hand tightly, almost trying to crush it. "Cousin WHAT is the matter? I am here dear cousin. Please tell me what it is that I can DO to alleviate what is ailing you!!" Avus demanded quickly. "She--sh-she-----opened....the f-forbidden Tome......cl--sl-sl-close it please!!!!" Ben BEGGED out to Avus!!! Dr. fowler then shook her head in disgust. "Nonsense I tell you...." She then waved a hand in front of her, opening a small Portal to head through that would get her immediately to where Ami was. As she stepped through, she came about a few feet from Ami, who had indeed opened one of the TWO Forbidden Tomes that Ben had tried his best not to mess with. "Shit, she's going to KILL ben before we can even try to CURE Abraxis. Crazy Bitch....... D'Thur, N'jecht Vin-scwa N-thuk!!" Were the words that came from her mouth. Ami would then feel a sudden pull on her spirit, as the Tome itself took on a glow of Black, Purple and Pink hues. It then flipped the pages back to their original spots and then closed back up FULLY, along with the seals, chains and locks as well!!! It then rose into the very air, now taking flight into Dr. Fowler's direction. She put her hands out as the Tome dropped right into her hands without much effort. "Have you lost your FUCKING MIND you shallow CUNT??? NOONE uses these without asking for MY permission. You're going to KILL poor Ben even before this case gets interesting. Were you trapped in Phlegathon that fucking long that you don't even know how to PROPERLY use the Forbidden Tomes? NOONE opens these. You have to have years upon YEARS of Special Training to handle any kinds of Magic and incantations in here. Let me explain something TO you; this is MY LIBRARY.....This is MY MANSION.........this is MY PROPERTY!!! You do not just go barging into somewhere without even asking permission. You think because BEN is here that you can DO what you WANT? No....hell no.........These two books are off limits.....Think real; hard and carefully before you come rushing in here trying to make a big scene....GET OUT!!!" Ben then stopped bleeding all of a sudden; his healing powers now kicking in immediately to repair the damage from the sounds. "Xylex, you, Avus and Abraxis come with me. Graymite, clean up this mess immediately, do you understand me?" Ben asked, now letting Avus wipe his face down and clean his ears out without fail. Argon ran over to the closet and got out some cleaning supplies to get the blood out of the Tapestry. Avixis, Rebecca and Lady Orlouge were to help move a few things around to get to the stains. Ben began walking kind of fast out into the long hallways; he already knew what had happened but he had to be sure that his guess was right though. "I can't believe that she did that........Ben...will you please tell her...." Dr. Fowler began to speak out, but Ben cut her off "Ah-ah-ah-ah.......I don't want to hear shit right now. You wait right here for Ami, got it Doc? I got something to say...so stay put." ben retorted, now folding his arms. Stephanie huffed out, now rolling her eyes at Ben in protest. "You like her BETTER than me huh Ben? Is that it?" She asked. "Now, you listen to me...and this goes for EVERYONE IN HERE!!! Abraxis is very, very SICK.......it's is up to ALL of us to try to fix this problem before those ASSHOLES at the Asylum figure out what we are trying to do and try to come BACK to get her!! Dr. Fowler, if you want to YELL at someone, do it to the people that did this shit TO Abraxis. Ami, I'm sure that you can hear me; Stephanie is the NEW Historian and the keeper of the Great Library, so I expect you two to work TOGETHER on this. Dr. Fowler, Ami is the only trained person that I know of that CAN open the Forbidden Tomes without being affected by its signal. Xylex here is on dissident sub-harmonic frequencies, so his body is immune to that kind of stuff. And please stop saying Rembrandt's name. If her name became common conversation, it would cause a world-wide and dimension-wide panic. I'm taking the Forbidden Tomes and locking them up in my room for now. NO more asking...we are going to GET the information that we NEED from ASCAB even if it kills me. And on that FINAL NOTE; the NEXT person that does something without even BREATHING to consult with ME first is going to have their MOLECULAR DENSITY reversed, is that clear with EVERYONE?? Now...let's go and get something to eat and get some rest."
  11. O_O Ben stopped what he was doing as the room grew quite silent. Ami had returned and had more information on this entire matter. Rebecca and Dr. Fowler then walked in as Ami was trying to explain what she had discovered. Ben smirked in glee though: Ami was alaways there to bail him out, no matter how much trouble he had gotten himself into. Abraxis was going to need some serious help if all of this was going to be solved without blood shed. "Uhm....Ben, this is the Ace that you spoke of right? Well, it's a FINAL Pleasure to MEET you!!! My name is Lady Argon, Ben's child hood friend from way back. We never got the chance to see much of each other since I was always moving from place to place." Argon smiled a bit, now taking a few steps back. "As soon as.......oh great....MORE people just keep WALKING into my House.....Hey Ami.......Please, let yourself in, hehehehe... You hungry? Got plenty of food." Said Dr. Fowler, who seemed a bit off so to speak, but she was glad to see a familiar face as well. "Ami dear........what a surprise young whipper-snapper!! Have you also come to help translate more of the Holy Tomes? You should be able to. I taught you the incantations to do as such dear." Said Orlouge, who just smiled at her. She remembered training Ami as the Great Librarian a very LONG time ago. Ben then stood up fully, pointing to Xylex, "Uhm, Ami, this is a good friend of mines and sometimes a clueless one as well, Xylex. I called on HIM to help solve this case so that we can get back to focus on The Rembrandt Project. Xylex, this is a very, very GOOD friend of mines. She's like a sister, Mother-figure, Cousin, Guard, Protector, Investigator and Grand Librarian all wrapped up into one, Ami Mizuno of the DAICHON race. Okay....uhm...Ami, it's good to see ya dear friend!! I would've called on you sooner, but your Energy Signature is quite hard to pick up on, even for ME. Okay, so................slow down first.....Uhm, You already know Avus Ace; and that woman over there with the purple hair is Avus' BIOLOGICAL Mother Lady Avixis Invectium. Uhm, this sweet-looking lady is my Charge and Cousin, Lady Ptera Invectium. Lady Luminous is around here somewhere as well. A-hem, so yeah....ASCAB Laboratories....uhm...this is a bit difficult to explain but I'll try to be as concise and I will try to keep things short people. ASCAB Laboratories is a very LARGE Company capable of experimentation, Research and Development, Real Estate, Microbiological Technology, enhanced mutation, and many other terrible things that I dare not mention. They were financed by other Corporations who saw it beneficial for a large Pharmaceutical Company to try to lead the World in Medicine and what have you...blah, blah, blah. They have Three Houses for different types of Experimentation, Registration and Research. Of the Three Houses, the House Of Magnus is the most sought-after section. It houses some 3, 450 mutations, experiments and other things that I just would not rather reminisce about. It seems that the Asylum that Lady Abraxis was being held in is ALSO owned by ASCAB Laboratories and someone is trying to either cover their tracks or are interested in what is going on in this Mansion.. Dr. Ray Blotch contaminated my blood and that's how I got in deep trouble with ASCAB until a good friend got me out of that mess and re-united me with my mom and dad. But that's another story that I dare no dive into for now. Let's just eat and get some rest for now everyone. I'm sure that a good night's rest will perk up some inspiration in the morning alright?" Abraxis and Graymite had finally entered the room after hearing Ami walk in and speak about breaking into the House of Magnus. She immediately ran over to Ami, literally TACKLING her, knocking her to the floor with hugs and kisses!!! O_O Graymite just laughed loudly; Abraxis knew people and loved them, but this Ami Mizuno person was a HOOT indeed. Ben then giggled to himself, "I guess she's got a new friend HUH Ace? Allow me to introduce you to Lady Abraxis Jenee Invectium, suspected age of 17-24. She is capable of just about anything that you can think of. She's my trainee in Gorre`: The Secret Art of Dismemberment. She's very affectionate, but can't seem to get a grasp on how things go sometimes and gets frustrated about it. She hates being picked on and will NOT fight back. She just cries and pisses on herself. THAT means that something is wrong Ace. Something is scaring the living shit out of her and she is far too afraid to talk about it. And Uhm, do NOT try to link with her mind if you know what's good for you. Even I won't try that. You should know her Conduit or Caretaker, Lord Graymite Anthine Jones IV; he IS the son of that arrogant son of a bitch and kidnapped my Gimmie a long time ago and tried to kill me, Anthine Jones III. Anyways, let's just eat and relax for now; we've plenty of time to discuss more of this in details."
  12. Alex-G!!!! Hey there old friend!!!! I'm pricing a Tablet for my daughter as we SPEAK!! How in the Seven Earths ARE you my friend? Benny
  13. 1. A Mobile Device is strictly for PHONE Calls: it serves no other purpose to me. 2. Desktops are fully functional for a hacker like ME: I can cut, paste, edit as I like since I sit right NEXT to my ISP Device. 3. Office 2013-19 is the ONLY way I see fit so that I can post and edit; even if I have heavy Grammatical Errors, I can still edit as I go, while surfing the web, downloading my Anime Collection, Burning DVDS/CDS (Yes, my ANCIENT ass still uses writable MEDIA; a lot of MY Computer Clients don't even know what the FUCK Netflix IS) 4. If you catch me trying to post from my phone, SLAP the DAICHON out of me; I'm not about to ruin my already-BAD Eyesight. 5. the Horde Rules on WoW!!! Buwahahahahah 6. I still love Raze!!! ^_^ Benny
  14. "Hero or Villain: Lad or Lass: ALL SHALL ANSWER TO THE HOURGLASS!!"-----Cyrix Tepes Gothra. Benny
  15. Dr. Ray Blotch was deep within the lower levels of the House Of Magnus, for which Benaires and only a few selected others had been ever-so-familiar with. He was looking through various Data Sheets and materials, trying to get a grip on just what had gone wrong so many years ago. "What went wrong during all of this? I can't put a finger on it." Thought Dr. Blotch as he searched through Computer files slowly, trying to put things back toge4ther from many years ago. The Hen House was closed, and all that he had left were failed Test Subjects and a gigantic Cold Storage Chamber named, "Thrax-900-C." "We are to recover what was taken from us....then?"
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