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  1. I don't really HAVE a type of favorite magic system, being an Anime Head in all. F.M.A's Magic System of Give and Take was pretty dope to me. I follow my OWN Magic System; The Circle Of Wandering. ONce I compile my notes from the Flood from 2009, I'll post up the ENTIRE Magic System for DAICHONS, as many have kept asking about the KIND of Magic that the species can perform that is much different from the D & D Magicks and the Current Magical practices from say the Lore of Valucre itself. It's based on a "Piggyback" System, and is very, very, VERY complex. I haven't even INTRODUCED the Magic System for the Tulpas yet, let alone the Non-Linear Sand inside of the Hourglass of Conformance for the Blood Farmers. Benny
  2. O_O “Oh that’s stronger than I was expecting something lighter. Hey Ben you said you wanted to treat my family to dinner once didn’t you? Is that just a clever ruse for you to get closer to meet my sisters?” The reality was that Ben probably had no idea Xylex even had sisters. ”I’ve seen that you tend to act rather interested in most women. Not that I’m against you being with one of my sisters.” Xylex got up in his stupor, placed his hands on Ben’s shoulders and pulled back in a futile effort to get Ben to stand. “Well come on we got a prisoner to punish don’t we?” __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ben was quite surprised that Xylex had sipped down the Ambrosia so quickly!!! Ben shook his head in grief; Ambrosia was NOT for the weak; it could really do some damage to your insides if you were not careful to water it down alot. Ben didn't mind about this; his stomach lining was quite tough, as his acids were Polymornphic; able to change chemical compositions of many type of foods and drink without fail. "W-W-Wait Xylex....do....you even..........Know what....you're drinking? Oh nevermind...it's too late now....hehehe...And Nooooooo......I wouldn't dare try to get close to your sisters. I'm kinda-sorta seeing someone already.....hehehe....Hmm.....you DO make a point though; Obitus could've ASKED me if he could work those mines though. Instead he chose to try to steal what is rightfully his in the first place. As a matter of fact, Drakenite belongs to ALL of my people to be honestly speaking though. I take these things seriously, so that's why my father knew where the deposits of Drakenite were in the first place. He had been surveying these lands for a very long time and had to jump through hoops to get permission just to MINE here anyways. Well......we should go and check on Obitus then. You shouldn't drink anymore right now Xylex; I would've had the Chef on the next floor make you anything that you wanted to eat you know. Nevermind that...come on..." Ben said, now shaking his head in disbelief; how much did Xylex ingest to get drunk just that fast? Geez........ Four smaller DAICHONS were to bolt into the area, huffing and pufifn', but the other two were saluting and kneeling to Ben and Xylex. "Lord Benaires and Chief Assistant Xylex ....someone is trying to break INTO the Cold storage to try to steal the Luminescent Indicators for the Hall Of Chrio!!!" blerted out one shorter DAICHON. Ben then sat his Ambrosia down on the floor, reaching into this left pocket, extracting a set of keys. "Forticies, take these keys and head over to the Service Elevator. Take Lord Xylex WITH you. Xylex, whoever it is that is trying to steal those Indicators; please bring them to ME. Just don't kill them yet. I have a feeling that our Prisoner is onto something more than what he is letting on. Just go check it out. You other Miners STAY here and lock this door!! Phyllis, you go up to the booth and warn Lady VIT over the Intercom that we've got company. let's MOVE people!!!!" Obitus was still, however, in his cell, sleeping this time. Was it HIM doing it? Or did he send out his Astral Projection? No...it was a sleek, slender and very trim-looking female; one who had always given Ami Mizuno trouble back in the days; well, this was her SISTER Pius!!!! She reached that slender frame through the locking mechanism, now breathing out cold air since the units were in COLD Storage for now. Pushing the heavy door open, she had triggered a loud alarm though!! This was not part of the plan from Altern-8!!! "Shit!! Noboddy told me bout no fricken alarms and shit!!! Mebbe I'd best to grab what I can and mosey on outta here before that Soup-hound gets wind of meh being here...I hate that boy...I swear!!"
  3. Vonoxia had her weapon in hand, and was ready to engage in combat to this creature if need be. Her Invisible Tendrils moved about unbeknownst to her opponent; though she really wanted to come to a peaceful solution first before slaughtering this creature. She knew that Travis was nervous, anxious and probably stressed about in the Mortal Realm. That still gave him no reason to act a fool and ruin the possibilities of peace again for everyone. Two large Military vehicles began hurrying down the street, now screeching the tires directly in Vonoxia's direction and right on her front lawn!!! "NOW What? Do they HAVE to mess up my Lawn? Tru Green is going to have a field day talking about my poor lawncare!!! HEY!!! What the HELL man? I've GOT this guy!!!" She exclaimed out loudly, now putting her weapon down. She stared at Travis, who was now quite puzzled about what was going on. Soldiers who were armed with guns and all types of fancy equipment were to dismount from the abck of the vehicles, now taking point as they gathered in front of her lawn!!! "DROP YOUR WEAPON!!!! NOW!!!!" Yelled a Soldier in Uniform. Vonoxia smirked sheepishly; she loved it when humans tried to interefere in her business. Plus using her powers always proved to scare people off anyways. "Stand down Sharp. Stand down. Looks like we were after the same person Lady Vonoxia of the DAICHONS.....funny that you are always getting yourself into trouble with Military Business." Said a young man in Uniform and a hat. He stepped down out of the vehicle, walking over to Vonoxia with a folder tucked under his arm and two more soliders walking behind him, armed to the teeth. "Still interfering with DAICHON business huh General-Admiral Simmons? I told you that any rogues coming from the other side will be handled by ME and me ONLY." She berted out while shaking his hand reluctantly. "Don't act as if you are a hero Vonoxia. You are still considered a Civilian to US. This is a Government matter to handle. Only reason why upper management hasn't hauled you in is because you have an Accelerator in your house and we can't touch on the Tech right now." He responded in a very hateful manner. Vonoxia reached for her House Keys, as three more Soldiers were to apprehend Travis, now walking him over to her with ease. "Bring him closer so that I can put this ON his neck; it's standard procedure where I'm from. Travis, you're going back to be punished by the Elder Council. Hope you like the cold buddy...it might be a few thousand years before they wake you back UP again." "You expect us to believe that nonsense Vonoxia? Come on....thousand years? Be serious here..." said a Soldier behind the General-Admiral. "Here are the keys to my House. The Accelerator is in the living room. Please stand back when it starts up General. When you get to the other side, you are going to arrive at the Outskirts of the Geostratum. Someone there will be more than willing to take this one off yer hands. I strongly suggest NOT taking any weapons with you, or you may not make it back ALIVE......I have to work today...and don't steal anything out of my House please. Leave the key in the mailbox...." Rexall was to pull up from around the corner in the mini-limo, now hopping out to open the back passenger door for Vonoxia. She turned to the General, saluting him, then turning up a middle finger in jest. She ran across the lawn and over to the car, quickly getting in and for Rexall to gently close the door behind her. The Window then let itself down, allowing for Vonoxia to speak out loud. "And have someone come and fix my front lawn General. I CAN SUE you know. I've been here nine years and I KNOW your human laws. Thanks a bunch dear!!" "So how much money are we talking about for the next job Rexall? The boss sounded pretty excited." Vonoxia said, as she poured herself a hefty glass of Wine. "Uhm, about 2.4 Billion Human Dollars. it's super crazy, but its an artifact that has even the Top Government Agencies keeping quiet about it. Everyone is in on this. I wonder why it's so important all of a sudden, you know M'lady?" "You are right Rexall. I'd better keep my Scythe Of Obelisk WITH me at all times then. We could run into trouble along the way. Alright..step on it to get to the Occult Research Lab dear!!"
  4. Opera Web Browser ROCKS!!!! I see the new ones!!!! LOL!!! Benny
  5. The BULL has me COMPLICATED......

    I thought that RP with Alexsei was FUCKING COMPLICATED.......................


    Valucre....WISH ME LUCK RP'ing with the BULL-G. This GUY is NOT from this PLANET.......

    FUCK that....he is NOT from the UNIVERSE....I think he is from the INVERSE-Matter Universe!!! WHO IN THE HELL comes up with something this CRAZY!!! I'm NERVOUS Rp'ing with a NEW Cat!! I want to make a GOOD impression and not be an ass-hat or anything. I am going to WORK with him CLOSE as possible and have some fun....THE BULL is a BIG SON OF A BITCH.....I thought BEN was HUGE, but HOLY COW and her TWO CALVES....!!!!!



  6. Welcome back ya ol' Bard!!!! Good that you are recovering!!! I LOVE GOOD NEWS!!! I know it was a tough uphill battle, buy you seem to be improving!!! GOOD for you!!! ^_^ Benny
  7. Well, this is a tricky question, seriously. DAICHONS are Changelings; so are the Invectium Race, along with Bloodfarmers. The changelings are tricky. Ill post profiles but....... Benny
  8. Introducing Lady Vonoxia: The Strata Her phone rang at 6:30 AM: her tendrils of purple swayed to and fro as she slept soundly, not even hearing the constant ringing on the phone device which was vibrating loudly on her chest. Eyes now opening up to the Sunlight that beaconed through her windows, Lady Vonoxia let forth a deep sigh, as she curled her fingers around the phone device to answer whoever that it was whom disturbed her sleep. "Le' tuse Cre' decridone.....OH my....sorry....old DAICHON habits....hello and good Morning. This is Vonoxia The Strata speaking.....how can I help you?" she then began to sit up on her large bed, stretching out a bit. "Get your tooshie UP Vonoxia: I've got BIG news for you!!! You want to get paid? This job could be worth BILLIONS!!!" Replied a voice from the other end of the phone device. He seemed very excited about something. Swinging her legs over the end of the bed, Vonoxia yawned a bit, then stood fully erect, head now turning to her mini-bar. "Well, aren't WE just peachy-keen this early morning Stephen. What's all of the fuss about this time dear Manager of mines?" "Look, just GET dressed and meet me in the Occult Research Laboratory in about twenty minutes. You are always talking about how you need more money right? Well, this might set your career off the wagon and into the fucking SKY!!! Hurry up alright?" Replied the voice again. "My daughters are already heading out to help my Cousin with some kind of big project. Sometimes, I don't even understand why he is always calling them, why I have this STUPID Accelerator sitting in the middle of my FUCKING Living room; my bills are piling up and my stupid Doctor doesn't want me to use any abilities that I have gained in my past 23 years. Nevermind.....I'll make myself a drink and meet you there Stephen, alright? Is that feasible?" "I'm sorry about all of that, but this job could end all of the your problems alright Lady Vonoxia? Look, Argon went to go and help the Invectium, so we have been kind of strapped for cash. We could USE this job to pay some bills off you know...just...meet me there alright?" Replied the Voice again. "Alright......hey....have you ever FELT something that's been calling out to you or........oh I don't know....................My Husband is off somewhere working on some big project; he doesn't even fucking come home anymore....well, HARDLY..........He sends money....................He won't tell me what's going on. I hope he isn't in any kind of trouble. Anyways, how did the other job go? Did we turn up the Jewels or not Stephen?" Asked the very slim and well-endowed female. She flounced out of the bedroom, now heading towards another room which was down the hall from her own room. Upon entering, she was to immediately snap her fingers, allowing for a strange energy to flow from her body and over to a mini-bar. These invisible tendrils were to begin pouring a nice glass of Wine for her to drink. "As a matter of fact the Salvage Company has decided to pay us DOUBLE our offer. It's about time you did something worth a PROFIT this time. Where do you want the money to be deposited?" He asked. "Put it into my Daughter's Account; Solstice. Sub-strata shops too much and buys too much shit as it is. I do not like setting a bad example for my Offspring. I'll talk to you in a few clicks on the clock Stephen; DO me a favor and pay your Child Support please; you are going to yourself into a lot of legal trouble with the State if you DO NOT COMPLY!! later!!!" She then took a seat on a comfortable couch, taking a sip of the Wine, now nibbling on some Apple Slices she had gotten from the fridge that was in the same room. "You heard the entire conversation, didn't you Rexall?" Another female, about in her mid-teens, was to jump up out of her bed, flouncing to the closet to get something to wear. "She waits for it: It's all that she has!!! We should get there soon and find out about the next job M'Lady. I'm going to shower and get the Car ready, okay?" Vonoxia then began to walk over to a rather large Cabinet, now tying her hair into a Pony Tail. She knew that with even her abilities, that trouble would probably be afoot being in the Mortal Realm. She was NOT at the Geostratum anymore; those days were remarkably treasured. She simply HAD to make more money to take care of her two daughters; they were trying to eat her out of House and Home!!! And where was her husband? She clasped that right hand around a golden knob to begin to twist it in order to unlock the right panel door. Reaching into the Cabinet, she was to extract her weapon of choice; the Scythe Of Obelisk. Wait, SHE had one as WELL? Someone else that she knew had a weapon exactly like the one she now extracted from the two Service Hooks in the Cabinet. "I've got a very bad feeling that this is going to get very ugly. I'd better take some protection with me just in case. Rexall, I'm going out for a little while, but I'll be back to get over to the Laboratory alright? Put some Wine in the Chiller for me please." She headed out into the long hallway and then down the stairs, only to stop at the last Riser. She closed her eyes slowly, trying to hone in on what was coming up quickly towards her house. She was to head over to the front door, only to grab the door knob, turning it quickly, then dashing outside to the front lawn. "If you are looking for me, then this is NOT going to END well Travis!!! I can smell that cheap-ass Deodorant you used to wear back when we were in the Geostratum in training!!! I don't know what this is all about but, you come into THIS realm starting trouble and Benaires is going to be majorly pissed off about it. I was sent here to PREVENT this kind of stuff from flooding over to the Mortal Realm, and you are at the risk of ruining this Delegation between Humans and DAICHONS down the road. I have to WORK and I'm not about to be late on the account of YOUR being curious about HUMANS!!! This ALREADY happened 11. 5 million years ago and then again about 23, 000. DO NOT make this difficult on yourself. " She yelled out, as people walked by in total befuddlement!! "I DON"T ANSWER TO YOU Vonoxia!! Benaires is not going to like how things go from here onnnnnn....hehehe...." Said a voice that was to suddenly appear from mists just from behind her large set of Rose bushes. "You KNOW how his temper is!!! Just give up and come with me; Chief Admiral Myers can have you taken BACK to your Realm. Why do they always TEST me?"
  9. I'm already working on a POST, BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Benny
  10. Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fight/Who-Do-IT!!! AS you ALL should know, Ben's powers are WAIVERING............. his healing abilities are going to SHIT and his MOOD swings are SHOT....He has to CHASE down his FIVE other versions of himself and to get those forms to re-unite with his ORIGINAL self to restore his powers and his wisdom... I know that Ben is clumsy, moody and a very arrogant spoiled brat...but he is IN trouble.... He can't become the PRINCE of the DAICHONS until his other forms are re-united with him. Would ANYONE be free to RP this WITH me? PLEASSEE??? The Geostratum will be COMPLETE in AUGUST of THIS YEAR...........I have tons of RP to cover for this...I need laborers, Hunters, Food Market people, organizers..... Please SAY that you WILL stay with me until this RP is completed........... I will leave the details of this QUEST ANYTIME that you want...just not public!! This is an RP that is OPEN to people, but the information will NOT be PUBLIC....Can you DEAL with that? I'll inbox you should you be interested.. Help me OUT here.......This is very IMPORTANT to me!!! Detectives, Investigators, Private Peermen.......you are ALL invited to help SOLVE this MYSTERY.... Benny
  11. Rebecca smirked sheepishly at the good Doctor, now putting her drink onto a small night stand that was near Abraxis' bed. She began to stretch her arms out a bit, yawning in the process; Rebecca did not really care much for manners at times. "Why come I ain't never seen you around here before? You SURE you know what you're doing Doc? I mean, it's not like Abraxis is a walk in the park when it comes to curing her ailments you know. You gotta really be GOOD to mess with HER; if you know what I mean. Right guys?" Rebecca asked the group. Avus nodded in agreement, along with Argon, who was till trying to fix Abraxis' ponytails a bit. "I have to admit, even while she was at the Asylum the Dcotors and Nurses THERE didn't really want to examine her, even for a light head cold. Why would you of all people take a deep interest in THIS one? I mean, it's not like we don't KNOW what's wrong with her or anything because we DON"T. We just accept it for what it IS." Said Rebecca once more; always the one for riling up controversy and conversation at the same time. "Well, whatever you know.......I sure HOPE you can get her back into NORMAL Society. People spit at her, call her rude and derogatory names...all sorts of stuff. Avus.....YOU know her better than the rest of us....what gives bro? Why do you not speak up on her behalf for the verbal abuse at least..........." Said Argon, who was still trying to adjust the bows on the ends of Abraxis long pony tails. "Hmmmmm............Well, let us step OUT while the Doctor examines her feet SHEEPLE...." Said Avus, who was to just LEAP out of his OWN Bedroom window!!! Argon nodded and gently kissed Abraxis on the Cheek, making her blush, holding her kiss point of contact. Rebecca smiled at the Doctor and lightly tapped him on the shoulder, winking at him. They were to ALL leave out, not talking much; just whispering amongst themselves, now leaving Abraxis and the Doctor alone; now trying to build o what her ailments were and how to fix the problem.
  12. Ben giggled to himself a bit as he turned over the sizzling Steaks on the rather large grill; he knew that Abraxis HAD to have more training with her abilities, even as Gray would have been to train here by now. Lady AIR stretched out her digits as workers were still removing Moss and Algae from her fur; one would be able to see the shiny coat underneath by now, as someone was shaking up a blue-looking fluid in a rather large glass jar, only to begin preparing it for some type of application to AIR's fur. VIT was still tossing the fresh Veggies into the Salad for Ben to begin to serve up. Obitus (Defensive Strategist, former DCN) was still measuring out the fight arena; now just putting the finishing touches on the protection Wards. If the two were going to fight, then he wanted to make sure that no type of damage would come to Dr. Fowler's monstrous yard. The good Doctor was away at the Hospital, whipping up more Astenite for Ben to take for later on. She had a staff of over 335 nurses, specialists and Surgeons, but she did not mind going in to work from time to time. "He's going to KICK poor Abraxis' ass; even IF it is just TRAINING!! If ben hits her ONE time, he's going to break BONES!!! I HOPE he takes it easy on her; if she loses control, then this could be a serious problem!!! Dammit Graymite!! Why did you leave such a DANGEROUS person in the care of a stumbling jack-ass???"
  13. Backpain101 is bugging me, but I WILL get more posts up this WEEK!!!





  14. "Whoops: I was JUST about to talk to you about that as well. I was going to set the match up for tonight, so that everyone can see why I picked you to help me out on this run. I don't really trust anyone else, save for the Miners, but they are not fighters; they only Mine materials as they have been taking care of for quite some time. Oh uhm, this place was built by my Father, so I know just the place that's large enough AND capable enough to withstand you two guys playing around!!! Well, you may as well come with me to read over the Drakenite Reports and to listen to Phyllis with her Oral report on Mining Operations. I still have a job to do unfortunately, hehehehe...." Ben turned around on the balls of his feet to head back to the Supply Hangar, where Phyllis and a few other miners were sitting at tables, having fresh Coffee and Steak. Ben cringed at the smell of meat; male DAICHONS were strict Vegetarians, so he HAD to take it easy or run the risk of getting sick. One of the Miners bolted over to Ben, handing him a large bowl of Freshly-picked Strawberries though, and some Ambrosia, which was Ben's FAVORITE Alcohol to consume when he was trying to do his job. "Oh...thanks Number 443...I'll be sure to eat this right away. Come on Xylex, let's go over to talk to Phyllis really quick." Ben blerted out, just before stuffing his face with two large Strawberries!! Phyllis, however, could see Ben heading over TO her and the Miners, so she got up out of her chair and pushed her food away from her, covering it up with a towel for now. She wiped her face quickly; she had Steak Sauce on her cheek!!! "A-heam.....I-I'm ready to do the Mining Report right NOW Master!!! Would you like to hear the information then?" She asked nervously. Ben giggled some, patting Xylex on the back, pointing over to another free table that had already been set up for everyone to sit at; just to relax until another team could come in and start counting the materials and to wash down the Convoy for the trip back to the Mines in the morning. "Nah....it can wait Phyllis. I'm going to finish reading over the Material Data Safety Sheets and talk with Xylex for a little while. Just leave the reports on the Office desk in Room 4 E. I'll sign them off before you all leave in the morning. Other than that, eat, and wait for the Safety Crew to come and inspect the shipments okay? You do not have to be so formal you know. Come on, let's have some drinks and talk!!!" Another DAICHON, who was rather tall and had on a black Trench Coat was to walk over to the table Ben and Xylex had probably just sat down at. Ben then grabbed a rather large cup and began to pour a hefty share of his favorite drink on days like this. Nothing like Ambrosia to get the blood moving around!!! "Sire, the Inventory Team is now about to count the shipments and move it into the storage Hangar sir. Should I stay here to keep and eye on suspicious Claim-jumpers?" the rather large creature asked. "No thank you Highland; I've got Xylex here to help me should something go wrong. What I want for YOU to do is this; you can go into one of the Offices and stand guard there for the time being. Walk the perimeter every few minutes and check for any signs of suspicious activity. Let those guys move this stuff into storage; this is just the first stage of moving the rest of the Drakenite and someone is coming to get this stuff in two days to prep for coating the Geostratum."
  15. Yes, to keep things short and sweet; EXACTLY like it. Even the force from Phlegathon and Phlegathon Tower is somehow connected and anchored to the Ancestral Pattern. Emotions can't be saved though; that comes NATURALLY. Fears can be REMEMBERED, based on data from past experience. Hope that helps!!! Benny
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