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  1. I'm supposed to be posting stuff up about The Rembrandt Project, but I'm hungry!!! =(


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      Make curry it’s fast, easy and delicious. 

  2. Cyrix Tepes Gothra; a disobedient upstart hailing from Cocytus; the layer of noise and lamentation, or so it was said to be. He glanced around at the boring crowds, now yawning. He was to take on Claudius Atrius Parallax, formerly of Prestige. The Prestige were a small group of experts that specialized in secret missions, fights and infiltration. They handled themselves quite well back in the days of flourishing DAICHONS and the like. The were not obscure, taking on any odd job that could get them paid. Luminous was the only female in the group, and she had taken on a different role altogether. But this would be quite interesting to participate in though; even as a Blood Farmer, Gothra considered himself to be quite a formidable fighter in many instances. He had trained with his Master Benaires on many an occasion, and was still ALIVE, so that was a good thing to take into consideration. He hated the fact that Ben was much more skilled than he was!! Gothra was suave, smooth and slick; his mannerisms were of arrogance, style and culture. Ben was a mongrel that crashed into tress while running. He seemed to be quite the AIR-HEAD when it came to Royal Matters as well. Even though The Parallax had fought with skill and grace in the past, fighting against a Blood Farmer was an entirely different subject in itself.
  3. Her daughters both laughed at her: Vonoxia wasn't the one to turn down a job that paid more money. Quintessa, age 13, now kicked off her shoes and began running towards the bathroom. "I'm going to shower and change clothes mom. I'll be ready in twenty!!!!" She exclaimed. Vonoxia's other daughter, aged of 18 and was named Versailles now folded her arms in reluctance. "You DO know that we don't have the money to do anything right?" "On the Contrary Versailles. I STILL have a Credit Card that I have never even used. It was activated and has a limit of $5000!!! Your Father thought it was a good idea to get one incase we fell on hard times. Now find something to wear and go freshen up okay? Everything is looking up right now!!!"
  4. O_O "Oh don't pick at Abraxis Obitus; she is a very determined rookie that is ready to get her feet wet!!"
  5. Legion was busily on his BBQ grill roasting some Chicken for his parents and, Freshly-Roasted bird Seeds for his love and friend!! He mostly kept to himself, with his parents not even ASKING about how his day at SCHOOL was at ALL. They usually waved at him once he walked into the house and then disappeared into their own Dens. There were 14-foot Statues of Benaires by his front door; there were 17-foot statues of benaires in his own BEDROOM. Legion was PROUD to be a DAICHON!! He KNEW that his friend would come by, since she only drank heavily and talked about how much of an ass-hat her own father was at times. Charles had even BROKEN her foot twice years ago. She could heal in a few days without fail, but she just could not forget that day. She busily strolled along the sidewalk, humming to herself, while tears flowed down her face every few minutes. But she kept that towel on her, wiping them away trying to HIDE the pain. Her cellphone then began chiming out loudly, as she absolutely knew who THIS person was. "Hey....he beat me again, but I'm coming over. I can smell BBQ!!! What are we doing to day Legion?" She chirped out, all while wiping her face.
  6. Hi,can you send me something to check out. ryderetitan14

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      Okay!! You remembered your password huh sis?


      I got TONS of stuff you can check out, just be patient while I get something together for you.




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      Click on the link sis and INTRODUCE yourself to the Community. Tell them you're my sister and that I invited you!!!!



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  7. She was picking herself up from the floor. Blood trickled from her nose as she stood right back up, wiping the blood from her nose with her shirt. Her father then struck her again, making her wince a bit, but she could withstand it. "I told your ass to get my SMOKES you little DIMWIT!!! I've worked 16 hours and all that I wanted were some smokes to go with my dinner. Your DUMB-ass can't even do something as simple as that? What the hell am I sending you to school for in the first fucking place? Go clean yourself up and get out of my face Mo-Mo. You are such a FUCKING idiot sometimes!!! Geez...what kind of a daughter ARE you?" yelled her father, as he shook his head and put his whip back on the shelf in anger. She wiped her tears and took a deep breath; she could probably kill him at any time, but her mother always told her that her father was under much stress these days. She mewed out to him, "Sorry dad...…..I'll do better next time, I promise!!" He waved his hand and handed her some money, now just talking in a much lower tone, "Why don't you go out for a little while...get some fresh air or something. Here, go buy yourself something to wear for the dance next week. You CAN go do THAT right...I'm sure of it....you are such a fucking twit!!! Be back in time for bed please....can you DO THAT RIGHT please?" "Anything you say dad. I'll go out now...." Her mother was in the kitchen, hearing the entire event take place. She glared over at the Meat Cleaver for a few seconds before putting out her cigarette. "You know, you really should watch your fucking temper Charles. That girl has the best grades in the entire school and you just beat the sweetness out of her over some fucking cigarettes? I wish you WOULD touch me; I'd be on the evening news smiling at your sorry ass!!! I thought you were going to get the Vodka tonight? What? You forgot to do THAT because your had your fist balled up at HER again?" said the woman. Charles scratched the back of his head in utter confusion. "She.....knows not to forget my smokes for dinner. She KNOWS better than that. I'll take her shopping and get her hair fixed up on Friday, okay?" "Hmmmph……..that STILL doesn't clear our the implications of your assault on the poor girl. And I was told that you were supposed to buy her a new Basketball and a jersey for her team practice on Saturday. Get your head out of yer ass Charles!! She deserves some praise everyone once in an while. Go and wash up while I Check on the Roast please; you have been complaining about how dry it tastes anyways...THIS time I hope you fucking CHOKE on a piece while having a FUCKING heart attack!!!" Charles lowered his head while shuffling out of the kitchen!! Vigmordia wiped her face with a wet towel while putting the money into her purse. "He's always frustrated with me. I don't know what to do anymore. Guess I'll go and get something to drink; hang out with Legion." her father then opened up the front door, shouting out TO her, "Mo-Mo!!! PICK UP SOME VODKA for your mother please. Tell David at the Liquor Mart that I'll come and pick it up in an hour. You want your hair fixed up tomorrow or not?" She yelled back to him, "Huh? Get that half -gallon off the Pool Table in the Basement. Uncle Graymite left that for you before he went off to work a few weeks ago!!! I want a full wash and rinse!!! And don't be LATE!!!" He yelled back to her, putting up his thumb, "OKAY!!!!!!"
  8. She raced back on over to the mailbox, huffing and puffing as her two lovely daughters came waltzing in, removing their shoes. "G----get that...m-mail------for me dear.....got-------big----------------------news heading my way!!!! your mother.....is....about------to---------------get--------------------PAID!!" she wheezed out in a miserable sentence. Uhm, sure mom...…...should I open this one first? It's from Lord Brigidine Employment Agency, Earth Division, Building E. A-Hem...….to Mrs. Vonoxia, Guardian of the Earth Mortal Realm, DAICHON Division; Please be advised that after careful consideration for your new Position, we at LBEA are pleased to announce a New Techincian's Division beginning at said date. This Division was created in early 2036, Earthian year, as a defense against those that would cause harm to remaining innocents in this Realm. Your new position as Field Guardian entails transporting items to and from the Realms of Valucre, with constant supervision from the Director over our sister Division, "The Company," none other than your current Field Supervisor, Lord Benaires Silver Alex DAICHON. Your new said Uniforms and equipment will be sent by the time that you receive this letter. Our number is on the bottom of this letter. Sincerely, Trishona Eckerhart Operations Manager." Vonoxia then snatched the said letter out of her daughter's hand to make sure that she was not playing any tricks on her. "I DID IT!!!! NO MORE POVERTY!!!!!!! I am IN THE FUCKING MONEY!!!!!!!! Master...……….after nine trifling YEARS of working for the humans, your LOYAL Servant is about to embark on a journey for which she can send her daughters to College!!! ALRLLLRIGHTTT!!!!! Benaires M' Lord, you really know how to put a smile on a girls' face!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!! Girls, forget school today!!! We are going SHOPPING and getting some good Breakfast!!! I think I still have some money that your father sent me!!! Get dressed. We are GOING out to CELEBRATE!!!! Your Uncle Benaires got me a PROMOTION!!!!! WHOOOO_HOOOO!!!!!"
  9. Welcome to Valucre!!!!


    I have a few RP's that were supposed to had started off BIG, but I'm quite the OBSCURE writer, since I don't REALLY have many people to interact with, even though I've been here since 2007!!! Enjoy and let's put something together soon!!!



    1. Alpha Fox

      Alpha Fox

      Thanks Ben! I’ll be sure to take you up on that offer! Send me a message if you’d like to start something! Have a good rest of your day! 😁

  10. Well, AT least you've given me a heads-up about your L.O.A. lol. The Quicker we can get this going, the more people we can attract!!! Let's DO IT!! Benny
  11. "Very good sir. Will you be requiring anything else?" Asked a short woman at the counter. "No...thanks Prescilla. Make sure that those Purchase orders are non-disclosed, alright? We don't need to cause a fucking panic dear, you got it!! And make sure that money is deposited by this late afternoon please. I will contact the Earthian Realm about construction when I get back to the Office." Replied as rather taller gentleman. He was to place a piece of paper into his left shirt pocket and leave out of the building, looking around as he just smirked. "My job to do this comes first...nothing more, nothing less." He thought, now heading for the double doors to the entrance that would take him back outside. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Time Stream, Part 1 Mobius was busily looking over charts and writing things down. There were books scattered about his Office floor; what was going on? "Did we mark that Parsect yet Chrisshondra? And where is my Ambrosia?" he bellowed out to a younger female amongst all of the clutter. She quickly brought the old man his drink and a few more rolled-up maps of sorts, now responding, "Why so sudden in all of the Stars or whatever old man? You've been like this since last week!!" "Nevermind that...just keep the maps coming. I"m trying to locate something from long ago. I hope it's still in my Map collection. By gosh...….We are in DEEP SHIT NOW!!"
  12. Hey old friend!!! Sure. More news will be available soon. Stay tuned!!! The more the merrier!!! I could've actually put this in a few places. I just tossed it here by habit, lol!!! Benny
  13. To answer your question, actually no. The host CAN be cured. Clues will be left all throughout Valucre soon, so stay tuned!!! Contaminate Zero, on the other hand, is an entirely different Can of Worms to deal with. Benny
  14. Congrats on gaining 1000 reputation! is this something that I should be congratulating

    1. princeben07


      SURE!!! I'm working hard to maintain a good objective for more RP!!! Thanks old friend!!!



  15. Project Rembrandt is a massive RP that I am trying to get to happen ALL over Valucre. The Plot is not TOO complex, with storylines that will equal all of the way up to fighting the MONSTROUS Rembrandt!! Here is what I am looking for first off: 1-A Contaminants: Contaminants are servants of the Rembrandt Hate Disease, which is spread through bodily fluids. They are not Zombie-like, instead the disease causes the following symptoms; Aggression, loathing, inability to have compassion, itching of the skin, bleeding from the ears at some time in the infection, dark circles under the eyes, light coughing, lengthened hair that has to be tied into a ponytail or styled. Excessive need for violence at the sight of injustice!! Over-Compensation of defending another person in time of need. Enhanced hearing, sight and increased strength, with ability to lift almost three TONS with ease. Contaminants are loyal to Rembrandt, as they become vessels for remnants of the Rembrandt, able to pass long messages FROM her through their mind. They are only loyal to setting up for the Rembrandt's arrival. They dress in monochromatic clothing, with a very small letter "R" on the lower left side of their gray shirts. They work together in droves, without much conversation, save for a few arguments about who is going to get rewarded by the Rembrandt once she arrives. Contaminants are very fast in combat, but can be knocked out if the battle makes them exhausted. They can fight for up to 37 minutes, as the R.H.D does take a toll on the host internally, Physically and mentally. Sleep-deprivation is the biggest sign of a Contaminant that has been fighting recently. However, when they DO get sleep, they recharge in as little as 6 hours!!! Women, Men and ESPECIALLY Children, who are most Vulnerable to R.H.D, are no exception to the spread of this disease. You can play a Contaminant as you like, as more information will be passed along in the few coming days. Children get the R.H.D the fastest, as they display deep-seated grudges against their parents or legal guardians very quickly. For the Contaminants Event to occur, I would nee someone to play Contaminant ZERO, as this one was sent to the lands of Valucre by Rembrandt HERSELF, with job of helping to spread this disease without showing signs of anything being wrong with this person. The act of copulation, a kiss or even sweat onto another person, no matter WHAT life form, would be just enough to contaminate that life form. This is the first stage of Project Rembrandt. Post your interests here as well. I don't have a limit on the number of people that I would need for this event to get underway!! Benny
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