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  1. I'm OFFICIALLY TAKING YOU UNDER MY WING!! or Paw since my character is part Wolf, Dragon, octopi, ect.....it's a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG STORY and I will explain Lady Silver.






  2. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    DAMN G: You gotta put me UP on this album. Is this NEW? I'm out of touch with most music of today... =( Benny
  3. Your Best Fighter

    Benny. He is skilled in a lot of areas, though he is very clumsy. He doesn't complain at how complex his opponents are either; he just goes with the flow and tries to switch styles to match for any situation. Cyrix Tepes Gothra is a more methodical maniac when it comes to fighting. He does not care about pain or bleeding. Yeah, anyone else that I have basically are shit. Benny

  5. I turn 43!!!

    I WONDERED why I love this young lady SO much...ALL HAIL the Cake Goddess!!! DCN 4 LLIIFFEEE!!
  6. I turn 43!!!

    Now Ben's age is exactly in rp time....43, 293!! I just turned 43 years of age!! Please wish the Benny a happy birthday Valucre!!!! I'd really appreciate the support in this trying time of ill health... Thank you.... benny
  7. [Watching Mythbusters]

    Welcome to Valucre!!!! Benny
  8. What are you watching? [animated]

    R.W.B.Y Season 3, Grandblue Fantasy: The Animation, Blood+ (Uncut), Cat Planet Cuties, Dragonball Zeta: Uncut, Panzer Dragoon: The Animation, Ninja Gaiden: The Animation, Gradius: The Animation. batman Vs. Two-face, Devil Survivor 2: The Animation. Benny
  9. Test results are BACK!!!

    Fibromyalgia was ruled OUT!!! Okay...so what other diagnostics can they run then?  O_O

    Getting closer to the truth....it's OUTT there like the X-files.

    If I haven't been posting, then it's because I have NOONE to ROLEPLAY WITH!!!!  =(

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    2. Rin


      Hope you find out soon 

    3. Neondragon7


      Well Ben If you’d like just contact me and I guess we can set something up. 

    4. princeben07


      I just inboxxed you Lord Xylex... hit me up soon, okay?

  10. Non-Stop

    If you are LOOKING for someone to RP with Jade, I'm the furball of choice!!!! if you have any questions, please feel free to contact anyone from Staff, such as Mickey Flash, Supernal, Desolate, ect.... Please take a GOOD look around and get familiar with the navigation of the site itself. I hope we can go on great adventures together, as I am always open to help out the newcomers in ANY way that I can. Benny
  11. Hey...

    Welcome. Now CARVE my PUMPKIN!!! ^_^ Benny
  12. New Challenger Approaches

    Welcome to Valucre Newcomer!!! We are here to help you out!!! Now get out there and WRTIE dammit!!! XD Benny
  13. Benaires Meets Avixis Insectium, Part 1

    A walk in the Sky would be even nicer if he could arrange his balance to walk on air while he flew in his four-legged DACIHON form; but he forgets!! His stature did not define whom he was nor did it make him any less popular than the average being. Crimson cloak now clean, he decided to sit down on his couch, in order to examine this hooded article of clothing. He was till in his human form though. Letting forth a sigh of sorts, Benaires sat in wonder: how did his other Split forms function in the human form? This situation was beginning to become mystifying; almost bizarre. He did not question what Lady AIR did to him so long ago; it was not that at all. Determination did not follow him step by step; it was more on the levels of regret, anger, depression and worry. "Who IS she? And did Mother have to answer the phone device to speak to her? Why does that big brute wear this huge cloak anyways? It feel soft though, almost Magical if you think about it. Hmm....I'm supposed to bring this TO ME? This is the craziest day EVER!!!"
  14. Greetings from a Mad Scientist

    "I slipped through the cracks; now I'm embedded in your FLESH!!"----------D'thur: DCN The Book, Stage 1, 2017
  15. Hmmm...let me get BACK to you all on THIS one...... I'm really, REALLY not sure. =( Benny