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  1. Form being used: TRUE Form benaires. Type: DAICHON/Elemental Height: Eight Feet and Nine Inches Weight: 3, 450 LBS Fur Color (True Form) White w/ Golden Bio Antennae Armor: Crimson-Red Cloak, full w/ anti-magic protection, level 1 (Will decrease damage from magic attacks by as much as 12 points) -12 Ranking/Protection/Reduction Armor 2: Cerulean Armor-Covered Bones (Can withstand the force of being hit by an entire building; can withstand a sword trying to cut through the bone itself due to Caos, the parasitic Entity that occupies the body, also communicating with Phlegathon: Reasons are unknown, and cannot be explained. ???/??????/????) Abilities: Jinx Palm, Palm Fist, Brute Force, Kick, Slash, Spin, Dodge, Jump, Side-step, Dark Terror Manipulation; Absolute Terror Manipulation, Psycho-kinesis, Plasma-Kinesis, Ice Magic, D.T. Rain, Plink Plok, Psionic Nightmare 2.0, Dark Terror Bomb, Electrolysis, Vajra System (Has NOT been officially unlocked as of yet/?????/?????/?????) (Anything else that I can't name right now is in his FULL Profile. Damn, I can't remember everything about these creatures, lol) FINALLY an INTRODUCTION. (All abilities listed therein can be used upon charging of that particular ability. Some moves can be used upon instant, using Quick-Draw as it shall be posted and contingent upon from agreements from both parties.) Setting: Outskirts of the Geostratum of Antiquity Ben did not even know who his opponent was this time; for he had given himself the opportunity to make things even MORE interesting by pushing himself to his limits. Well, one would have to imagine what a DAICHON's limit actually IS before you can delve deeper into the mind of one. He took in a deep breath as he adored this cool and brisk air; the heat simply made him feel miserable, due to this thick and protective fur insulating his body most times. Long gone were the Valick Frosts, along with many other friends in his life. He did not concern himself with it anymore; he was about to re-unite with the rest of his Split forms soon, but the problem was the bleeding of Dark Terror from the third and forth rear-ears. He could not worry about that right now; he could see Lord D'Thur, Bacterion, or even his granny to see what they could do about the problem. Ever since he had been infused with that stupid Ceru Armor, the bleeding from the ears started to happen. Was it some kind of a venting system that he did not know about? The Parasitic entity DID speak to him, but he could hardly make out what it is the thing was trying to convey to him. Electrical arcs were to race from the tips of his tails, and upwards along his furry ensemble, finally to reach the tips of his four ears. Was he checking his power levels? But Of course!! he had to get used to this, since he hadn't trained with his mother in quite some time. They used to train together; they would wrestle around, play, nip at each other, paw, play hide and go BITE, literally as well. He missed his mom dearly, knowing how his Split form must have been enjoying itself, since it did have its own individual personality. He stood on the tiles of the Outskirts of the Geostratum of Antiquity, which, was about to be moved yet again into a new home in the upcoming months ahead. Since he did not know where Ami was, he himself, along with a few other lost DAICHONS, would have be responsible for moving this massive structure into its new home, which was still being prepped by his other split form. He was now awaiting the arrival of his new opponent, with hopes of a good fight. He had his potions and his satchel with him since he did not know WHO this person was or the extent of their power levels. He was hoping to get inside for close-quarters combat, without trying to kill the person since he could hit with almost 50, 000 PSI. Was he going to be able to respond fast enough? His speed was very much unbelievable for someone of his sheer size and girth. The S.D.S would really have to play a key role in this fight, as he could switch it on the fly, hopefully without draining on his Aura. His Mana reserves were always intact, since he did not use much magic unless he really had to. He looked at his small Hourglass, as time was a concept that he understood very well, thanks to his trainee, Cyrix Tepes Gothra.
  2. "Your sister would not try to hit me; I always find a way to make her laugh. She knows that I mean well, despite her anger issues. Believe it or not, before I was even assigned to this case, I had a very BAD feeling that Erixa was going to be involved as a Gatherer. She tends to like to want to be alone at most times with fear of the dark. I'm not the one to invade a person's thoughts, but what happened to her while she was in the bathroom with her father? I often wonder about that, don't you? It would be a shame if someone was KEEPING secrets from their boss you know; I mean Employer and Employee relations have to be built on TRUST you know. Ah, but what do I know? I'm just some old man trapped inside of a 16-year old adolescent teenager body, and who does not the power to even keep himself together, so to speak. I keep telling you that they had to send in the BIG guns to handle this job with you all. Now listen to me; everything is going to be fine. I want you to first stop over-thinking. You drink a lot and that is okay.....I'm going to get you THROUGH this just have to TRUST me is all. We have much to do in the morning. It is 11:00 and I WANT you to finish this drink and GO TO BED!!!! you will have a good bath, because I AM BATHING YOU AGAIN!!!" Ben then pulled out another bottle of purple Ambrosia from his satchel, laughing at Asher; this did not affect him much since his tolerance for alcohol was through the roof to most people that met him. He then opened this one up and guzzled down half in a few seconds. He then put the cork back on top and sat it on the floor of the room. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, now continuing to speak to Asher, "You are NOT about sit up in this room and drink yourself into a STUPOR...... I WILL wake you are to disrobe, and sit in that bath tub until I show up, which wont' be long. you WILL be cleansed thoroughly and your clothes will be waiting on this same bed that you are sitting on. You are to style your hair, get dressed and head to the Living room for your job briefing and to fill out a few documents. Your Briefcase WILL be here in the morning, so be prepared to do some light reading. We are also going to work on your powers while out in the field. you are going to learn to focus on ONE person and their thoughts, and not people around them. Delving into TOO many minds can drain your powers and give you HORRIBLE headaches. Now please, PLEASE try to get some rest. We have much to do and people are running scared already."
  3. "Ah, very well then. Perhaps a glass of Wine would calm your nerves. I can tell that you seem to be upset about something. Could it have to do with the Proprietor of this wonderful event Lord Adrienne Xeno Tepes Gothra? You might not remember me, but I actually attended Medical School with you. I was in the Internship Program, along with your competition; the young woman who is now dating your ex-fiancée if you can recall her. My name is Gracenote Invid Gothra; I'm somewhat of a relative to the young Lord if you please. I wanted to engage in a bit of conversation with you perhaps, seeing as to how the young Lord is quite the busy one with this event you know. Care to have a seat in the Lounge just to talk a bit; perhaps venting will allow for you calm yourself. You would not want to ruin this wonderful show, and you have YET to see his demonstration. What say you dear?" Reka would then find the large beast of a man (She doesn't even KNOW that Ben is a DAICHON yet, lol) would be standing right BEHIND Gracenote. His head was still bowed very, very low, and the gigantic hood of the Velvet Crimson Red Cloak gave him very good disguise. "Gracenote, it would be strongly advised that you wait until after the demonstration to speak to Lady Reka. I have urgent news from Lord Xeno that he wants to take up WITH the young lady. So, if you please Gracenote......." "Excuse me? Now hold on here........" he replied rudely as he was to turn around to see who the form was behind the voice. His throat dropped to his STOMACH!!! This being was almost nine feet TALL!!! He stepped back, as he was to hear a lowly and evil growl ebb from the center of this creature's bellows. "Uhm, perhaps, erm....uhm...a-a-after the demonstration would be a very GOOD idea........Uhm ta-ta for now....." He said, whisking away without hesitation to the left and disappearing into the crowds. Ben stood in front of Reka, breathing heavily, head still bowed way down so that she could NOT see his face at ALL. He was not talking, just the evil and sadistic breathing that only got louder. "Xeno wants to see you in the back stage office to talk to you. If you say no, I will be forced to CARRY you to him; it is YOUR choice. But to upset these hundreds of people, who have paid a very hefty amount for the tickets TO this show would be a dire and very, very terrible thing to do. Now, PLEASE follow me....." Ben was to turn away from her, now beginning the journey to the backstage Office, where Xeno had fallen asleep from not feeding in months. The Staff had given him a fresh, metal container of warm Blood Wyne just in case he got sick again; they themselves had finally began to bring out the main courses and the newer Wines that were yet to be tasted and examined. Ben began walking with grace and style; his monstrous form did NOT intimidate the many people who were there though; that was very strange indeed. One would think that something this large would crush the very floors beneath them, but you see, Benaires knew better than to assert his FULL weight in a place as expensive as this one. It was not as if he did not have the Gold to pay for the damages, but he did not want to risk anything since Bryce was still on the prowl. why was this being so careful? Bryce knew that there were hundreds of normal people here as well, and to upset the many Blood Farmers that were acting quite normal at this event would put a dent in his plans to get to Xeno. Detective Lyons was also there, making the situation even MORE delicate. "I do not care for whimsical issues, but when the young Lord gives out orders, and I am MUCH older, then I have no choice but to respect his wishes. Now, whatever it is that you two have going on, and I do not care for such things, please do your best to fix the problem. There are a lot of investors here ready to spend millions of dollars with him and I do not want anyone to ruin it for him. Doing in such could result in someone's DEATH......Now hurry along; we do not have much time until his demonstration begins."
  4. I await two more check-ups on my vitals, blood work results on my Hemo...overall prescriptions, and find out about out-patient Motor Range Therapy. Its a concilation prize, but i will deal with it for now.
  5. Gracenote had noticed Reka finally: she was not with Xeno right now. He could at least ask her something about this in its entirety. Ben did not make any kind of reply; he was used to taking insults. What was he to do now? He could strike at Bryce right now, but that would ruin the fun. Xeno had straightened up his shirt and tie, then having some Blood wyne to calm himself; He could not worry about Reka right now; It was show time for him. Phelgariah came into the office to escort him back out into the crowd. She then stopped for a moment, closing her eyes, taking in the scents left behind. "Something happened in here. The pheremones still linger. Reka was about to do the unspeakable. Oh dear, she must be highly upset Xeno.You do not have time for that woman. There are close to 2, 000 people out there and staff, all waiting for your introduction and for the bidding to begin. Get it together Adrienne. Come now...." Xeno sighed in regret; Phelgariah was right; he was letting his emotions get in the way of business. Security was to begin to walk with him towards the beautifully-decorated stage. He would walk right past more of the Staff, who were now passing out tickets while others cleaned off the snack tables to prepare main dishes. He noticed Reka searching for him, but more Security were to gather around him, obstructing his view of her now. Phelgariah put on his wireless microphone, then passed him his speech for the introduction. "Stay near the Podium, make eye contact with the crowd sire. There is Mint Tea to the left of the Podium should you start to feel a bit nautious. Danielle will be behind you, with Benaires up front panning for investors. Reka's father had to leave to handle the paperwork for this. Cyrix is at the bar, looking around for clues. Detective Lyons just arrived as well. Gracenote is trying to get over to Reka, but he will not try anything funny with so much security around. Keep it short and sweet sire." "Come closer said the Spider to the Fly. I will keep things brief so the vendors can sell the wares. Our booth is almost ready anyways...Reka is going to be cross with me about this. Very well; I cannot bat an eye for this right now. There is too much on the line as it were. Let us go then..." Xeno replied, sighing once again. He wanted to run to her to explain himself, but his business took precedence first overall. Tapping his mic for a check, he then began to speak, as the crowd toned down, now turning their attention to this handsome devil on the main stage. "I have waited........two years for this event. I have planned, invested, as well as spent money on this particular building to host a fantastic showing of various wares, crystals and trinkets for all to admire in wonder. If you do not know me, then you shall after this night. I am Adrienne Xeno Tepes Gothra, owner of Trinkets And Gifts Jewelry Shop. I started this many years ago, with the skillset to create custom wares, jewelry, and the infamous Amethyst Stones, for which brought you all out this fine evening. Be sure to tip our waitresses and Staff, who are busily preparing a gorgeous main course for all to enjoy. There are various vendors all throught this entire building, who are ready to show their products should any of you want to purchase items. So spend some money please!!!!" People were laughing at this, as Xeno continued to speak. "And finally ladies and gentlemen, a thank you to a special person in my life, whose world I have probably turned upside-down. She is out there in this very audience, perhaps in awe about how this is really happening; Miss Reka, I deeply apologize for asking you to accompany me at the very last minute. I will make it up to you after this evening ends dear. Enjoy you all...thank you..." He then exited from the stage and into the back office, as Benaires was to follow him. He sat in the office chair, pouring himself some Mint Tea again. Taking in a large gulp, Xeno sighed again; he was on utter emotional torment!!! He had waited tears upon years on end to tell her how he felt and he just blew everything!!! Benaires then removed his hood, exposing those golden-hooped ear rings. He poured himself a larger portion of the brew as well, feeling a bit sad as well. "Guess things are not going so well are they cousin?" Ben pondered out loud. "Am I that easy to read mighty Benaires? I only wanted to show her that we dont have to fuss and bicker most of the time we are together. I was such a fool. Did she see your face yet benaires?" He then skook his furry head, "You want for me to scare the girl shitless? I am not something that you bring home to your mother." "Reka would treat you like a giant puppy. She is not like that. In fact if she were to see you, she would probably TAKE you home as her pet. She loves animals. Im not sure about a flea collar for YOUR thick-ass neck though, heheh." Ben giggled, then sipped more tea. The two had not seen each other in years, so it was very nice for them to have a conversation once in a while. "I shall go and fetch us some Ambrosia then. You really need to feed Xeno, or you are going to regret it some day. Lady Reka is pure, so consider feeding from her since you two are meshing so well. I will see you later on then." Xeno unloosened his tie for the moment; it would be pretty boring from this point on, at least until he was to do his demonstration; he really did not have to do that either. He could stay in this office and talk with Reka, or end up on the sharp end of a sword. Gracenote was to finally spot Reka!! "Miss Reka!!! It is about time that I found you. This crowd is almost impossible to count. I wanted to talk to you for a few moments if you did not mind." Detective Lyons was talking with Cyrix at the bar, going over a few things. To make matters even more confusing, the Police Officer Nick had been assigned to keep an eye on Reka for protection purposes. He was in full uniform, somewhere amongst the crowds of people!!!
  6. WHOA!!! How did she get OUT of his Charm? It seemed that Reka was a lot smarter than she was letting on. Xeno felt the force of the hit, placing his hand to where she had hit him; in utter AWE!! Ben would notice Reka storming past everyone, now going over to the table of snacks, food and Wine. He did not have time to even consult with her; Bryce was still in the building and so was Gracenote. Cyrix, on the other hand, was to notice this as well, nodding at most of the other Blood Farmers that were still speaking while trying to monitor this delicate situation. He was to wave over to the gigantic Canine, to signal for him to go to check on Reka. "A lover's quarrel My Lady Reka?" Said the monstrous beast, who was now standing right next to Reka. he then sighed some, pinning those four ears back. He did not want to frighten her, so he kept his hood on his furry head, bowing his head down to keep his furry features from frightening the much smaller girl. "I am sure that it was merited My Lady. You should still continue to enjoy the show; Lord Xeno has worked very hard to put this entire event together, and with Bryce plus Gracenote still chasing you down, I have no choice but to stand guard over you until we can figure the rest of this mess out."
  7. yes!! Im posting up tonight!!!
  8. Im GOING to be honest: This site is thriving like a son of a gun!!! Where are my posters at? I haven't talked to Rin, Carlos, Praetorian, Corban, Argosaxx, and a bunch of OTHER people that I'm trying to help out with RP. I turned down the Tavern thingy, because I am MORE interested in just greeting and helping the newcomers out to help get them STARTED! Will SOMEONE, I mean ANYONE......ANYBODY, please let me know what is going on in your LIFE? Work? School? Kids? Military Service? (Cody, YOu don't count.....I know you a re a VERY, VERY busy I will catch up with you sooner or later ^_^ We are GOOD!! ^_^) What is going ON my peeps? What is everyone UP to? This INCLUDES Newcomers!!!!! Are you sleeping? Drinking a beer? Arguing with a Relative? I mean....we are Valucre!!! Let the benny know.....It's been kinda slow lately.
  9. One of the things that I have a PROBLEM with in this entire debate, is that, who ARE we? WHAT ARE WE? Where did we come FROM? How was this planet CREATED? Why is there Oxygen? FUCK, who named Oxygen, OXYGEN? Who named Water? Off-topic, I salute you for interjecting for this. This is a VERY, VERY Interesting DEBATE though, no doubt. I myself, am Catholic.....not because it was FORCED upon me...but because I DO believe in a HIGHER power..... If we are are just HERE.....then FUCK..............why am I actually HERE? Am I here to exist? Do WE, as human beings just THINK that God exists to find comfort? Do miracles actually happen? Does Sleep Paralysis lead to actual demonic attack? What is the Astral Plane? Who created it? Is it in our minds? I mean, let's be pretty much is not like God, or whoever this being may BE, IF IT exists, will come KNOCKING at your front door or ring your doorbell, saying, "Hey, I'm God, now open up." The Complexity of human beings delves way deeper than the Ocean. We try to have faith, but the disdain have other objections. What do YOU believe? This debate can go on and on and keep going like the Energizer Bunny. Logic DEFIES reason, but.....I digress..... Benny This is STILL HOT though!!!! ^_^
  10. I'm going to get popcorn. I LIKE good conversation!!!! ^_^
  11. the greatest run begins with a SINGLE step. benny
  12. Rebecca stirred herself to wake up, only to find Ben snuggled behind her rump lovingly. She did not know how to react; this was what she had ALWAYS wanted ever since they started arguing four years ago. "'s YOU....oh my goodness......Uhm...I don't know what to say.....Sorry if I am just a bit over-bearing to you....." Ben then took his index finger and placed it upon her lips.... "Shhh......Asher is going through something right now. I need to go and comfort him a bit so that he can be ready for work in the morning. I shall return to you...I promise. The papers came back about the new Community Center as well. I will look them over in the morning while we are on the field. Asher has to report to The know.....the short old man with the bandaged-up and mangled wings.....Just sit tight and I will be back in a little bit. Pour yourself some Ambrosia to relax alright Becca?" O_O She could NOT believe what she was hearing!!! "Uhm...yeah...SURE Master......uhm....we have much to talk about........alright?" ben smiled, nodding to her. He was to slip on his house coat, leaving out of the room to head for Asher's room. Ben already knew what was going on in this young man's head. "Do you GET it now Ash my boy? I'm NOT going anywhere until you can get a grip of those powers that you have." he then sat down next to Asher, now tossing back some Ambrosia to himself. The liquid rinsed right down his throat!! He sighed and began to speak, "Hey....calm down.....I'm going to be HERE for you Asher, you have my fucking word!!! I know that you and your sister's past are one of many trials, but you have to come to grips with what is in FRONT of you. I am HERE for you kid!!!! I'm not leaving you behind.......After this is over, we will take a BIG and FUN vacation to do whatever that YOU and your sister want to do!!! Consider me as your GUARDIAN. I cannot protect your feelings, for they are your own. BUT, in return, you can talk to me about ANYTHING that you want. I will listen have my word. You may BE grown....but my age blossoms over ALL of you. Asher, isn't it time that you FACED your OWN demons and CONQUERED ALL of them? I am here to help. My Psycho-kinesis is only RIVALED by my MOTHER, Lady Quela, and she DRINKS more than YOU do!!! Her powers are feared and yet respected. Just trust me kid, please? Look, tell you what.....Rebecca is on the main floor having a drink. We are trying to reconcile almost 5 years of arguing from her attitudes towards MY Arch Enemy. I have to look past that. This girl is hopelessly in love with me and all that I did was just treat her nice....her Step-father used to beat the shit out of her everyday for now bringing him Ale...onto just walking around their own house wrong....said she was making too much noise. Her mother died of a broken heart and stress. After I met her Step-father 3 years ago, I kindly walked up to this arrogant maggot, shook his hand, and I whispered into his ear, and I QUOTE, "If you come hear my dear becca again, they won't be able to even identify you by DENTAL RECORDS." He looked at me and tried to act tough, but then, knowing my powers...I pushed a palm fist of pure air to his chest and made 90 percent of his Oxygen exit from his lungs. His wife told me right before she died to take care of Rebecca...and we have been fussing and fighting ever since. She tells me to stop treating her like she's my little sister and to start treating her a like a woman. I told her, "When I see a REAL WOMAN around here.....I will let you know...." She then proceeded to slice her throat from ear to ear....... My heart(s) fell............I rushed her to the hospital and waited for her to recover...I cried ALOT......I knew that she LIKED me, but in LOVE with me.......? She keeps telling me that I saved her soul from destruction by shaking her hand some four years ago. Now................with my Split forms......DUE soon.....I don't know how I am going to re-unite with her. I am GOING To have to GO soon and RE-UNITE with myself to become COMPLETE. I have tons of people to see and explain things to as well. That is going to take a few weeks, but I shall return TO you dear Asher. I just have to get MYSELF BACK TOGETHER....and that is LITERALLY!!! Look, I'm going to stay here until you fall asleep. I promise that I will try everything in my power to HELP you and your sister. She has a pretty ass by the way......heheheh...I'd better shut up before Abraxis hears me in her sleep. Did you know that Lady Abraxis is MY student of a lost Discipline and she has NEVER, EVER even MET me in person? She trembled in her sleep as SOON as she detected of my Energy Signature in her room. I don't want that.....I want to help HER as well." Ben then poured himself ANOTHER GLASS of Ambrosia. he wasn't even PHASED by this stuff anymore. He smiled at Asher lovingly, now scruffing up his hair playfully. "COME ON ASHER!!! Loosen UP young man!!! I'm going to watch your back and help to get you out of your darkness!!!"
  13. cool!!! Vinyl is still in. ^_^
  14. Lower back pain can be quite debilitating at times. From 2008 on out, I calledyself headstrong in trying to deal with as best I could. Seems that Heart Palpitations and severe back pain do not mesh well overall. As I wait for yet another Spinal Tap, I embrace my own destiny to see where my health issues will take me next; I do not want my daughter worrying if her old man is going to pass on from neglecting his well-being. The smells in this place take me back to my volunteer days at Mt. Sinai, Roseland Community Hospital and Christ Medical Center (now Advocate). I hate it in here. From bloodwork to being high off my ass most of the day from the pain meds, I miss being at home on my desktop, watching and/or collecting my Anime, for which I am well-known to do all through out my hood. Neighbors and children alike know that Im out for a Cranberry Juice and Pickles, which go well with Buffalo Wings while watching a new Anime title. The warm Summer days will take me outside to my Garden, while watching my daughter read to me. Once these tests are over and a diagnosis is done, I cannot wait to get back to my Anime collecting and my little princess. Thus far, I am dealing with trouble in my left Atrium or Ventricle, where one of my valves is weaker, making my heart work a bit more than usual. this is causing bad heart palpataions and keeping me up since i keep blacking out. They say that when you die, there is no noise; only dead silence. I blacked out 39 times; I do like being alone: it is a terrifying experience that I would not wish on anyone!! Then there is the Sleep Paralysis; this shit is absolutely HORRIFYING! The paralysis happens so that you cannot act out your dreams. However I keep waking up while completely paralyzed before I hit REM Sleep!! I cannot establish on whether or not the hallucinations are the brain's way of helping to deal with inner issues or if the Shadow People are real, for which I truly believe them to be. The lack of sleep makes me moody, depressed and it just takes a toll on my heart, says the Cardiologists. My Pelvis, legs, knees all ache like there is no tommorrow. I hate the meds as they only a temporary sode track to solving or alleviating the root of the problem. my toenails ache!!! I am severely exhausted, angry, depressed, moody, as well as bi' polar. I just want the pains to stop completely, so that I can rest well in order to have more energy. My cholesterol is very good, but my blood pressure keeps spiking from the severity of my body being in pain. So as I type this from my phone, in comes the nurse to check my vitals. I do have Kodi on this phone, so I CAN watch a little Anime online though. If my posts are slow, this is the reason why. I dont even want to eat. I just want to recover and go home. =( benny p.s. My nurses are cute though lol.
  15. Corpus will remain undisputedly never booted I'm strong enough to GROW bullet faster than a gun can SHOOT it So IF you TRY to battle ME face to face I'll bring your career to a stop quicker than anti-lock brakes Look inside the mind of an ANIMAL That'll beat you to death with a bar of soap wrapped in a towel While you niggas are babbling; My lyrics are traveling like a Javelin to stab you in the abdomen!!! Benny