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  1. I RPOPER SWORD that SHARPENS YOURS? This Goes to RIn I've been in love with this girl sicne I dont KNOW WHEN........ A very PRIVATE person and she is such a sweet creature..... I have RP'ed with her and I Make it HARD< but SHE makes a COMEBACK AT me.... I MISS her and I want everyone on Valucre to wish her some LOVE....Do NOT QUESTION it..... This is for RIN!!! JUST.. SEND SOME LOVE!! Benny's orders............. Benny JUST SAY, "WE LOVE YOU RINNY!!" OK? FROM BENNY!!!
  2. Four WEEKS, I'll have the MONEY ....


    THe first 50 bucks, right....? PAYPAL?


    Hit me back dear....


    I STILL have you for HIRE, right?



    1. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      Yeah dude. You might want to wait a bit though till you're sure you can pay, or at least a little closer.

    2. princeben07


      I just STARTEDE the JOB!!!!


      You KNOW I'm GOOD for it!!


      I"LL SEND IT!!! MAY 12th!!



      Build me an EXAMPLE Raze.....I WILL FRIGGIN PAY YOU!!

      I NEEED you on this PReety please?


      On the Benny's PUPPY eyes?



  3. I'm going to get BACK to you NATE-G!!!! I just have to REST first and then, at about 12 pm, CST, Ill Post up something SHORT, but I WILL p[ost!! Benny
  4. *Runs and TACKLES playfully*


    Hey M'lady!!!



  5. I haven't gotten BACK to you, but I WILL join on in. I'mhandling State-wide Codi-19 Claim Cases from a LWYER. it pAYS $300 a day!!!


    I WILL JOIN...I need until April 10th to post up. NATE-DOGG...

  6. More Information will be available very, very SOON!!!! I'll scrape up some notes later this WEEk. This WILL be Edited as time goes on!!! Benny
  7. Miles away, deep in an underground Facility, men and women alike were all gathered at a very long table, now just seating themselves, helping him/herself to Coffee and Sweet Rolls. A man that was dressed in a white Lab Jacket quickly adjusted his tie and checked on his computer for data while sipping on Coffee as well. "I'm glad that everyone could gather at such short notice. Please have something to nibble on and some Coffee while I gather this data for everyone to view please. We will begin in a few more minutes." Said the man.
  8. Please..... My FELLOW VALUCRIANS......... I'm ASKING for a CHECK-IN with everyone that is able to.... Just CHECK in with your SCREEEN name and let me know who you ARE... There are SO many of you LOVEABLE cats that i just can't keep[ UP anymore!!!! Would It BE QUITE POSSIBLE TO POST your NAME and stuff and how long you have been on Valucre? I'm TERRIBLE with names at times.... I'll start with ME: Name: Benny REAL name: Sean YEARS on Valucre: 13 Favorite cats on here: LILIUM, CORBAN, RIN, SUPERNAL, Amenities, Raze_Of_Storm (Currently Penguin Overlord: Raze is my HEART; SHE GOT me HERE!!! LOVE HER TO DEATH!!) Desolate, Ataraxy, Jotnotes, And I can't NAME everyone else...I love them ALL TOOO MUCH!!!!! Hobbies: RP, Gardening, Parenting, PC/CONSOLE Repair. Quote: "hero Or Villain: Lad or Lass: ALL WILL ANSWER TO THE HOURGLASS!!"
  9. Sent you a Message!! benny
  10. Hmmm......The Blood Farmers DO need a HOME, FINALLY. Setting up might be pretty cool for them, pending if Xeno Tepes Gothra can set up his Jewelry Shop in the Midst of things. Benny I can have something up for the Blood Farmers, for which not many people KNOW about; but it's time to update things.
  11. DON"T LEAVE ME BEHIND!!!!! =( Benny
  12. Now, WE are talking: I SIMPLY KNEW that I could count on YOU for my reason for the season!!! I KNEW you were something special for the Third Eye!!! Now we are talking about something that I have VAST experience in; Sleep Paralysis!! Allow for me to break this DOWN to you so that you can understand exactly what it is that you have previously experienced!! WHOOT WHOOT!! (Sorry, I never get a chance to speak on something MUCH: I'm usually yelling or shouting various insults and inhumorous rants. This is something I can verily SPEAK ON!!) A-Hem: here we go. When Does Sleep Paralysis Occur? These events often occur when a person is either falling asleep or awakening from sleep. If it occurs when going to sleep, the person will remain alert while the body prepares for REM sleep. This condition is known as predormital or hypnagogic sleep paralysis. If it occurs when the person is waking up, the person becomes alert prior to the REM cycle being completed. This condition is known as post-dormital or hypnopompic paralysis. The events can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, with rare cases lasting for hours, where the person could well experience panic symptoms. There are TONS of theories from various Sleep Studies, but from what I have experienced since I was TEN YEARS OLD, it could be from bad Sleep Posture or improper sleeping times. Try to build a constant sleeping schedule. Don't eat anything before sleeping IF you can. Try taking 'Cat Naps" During the day to refresh your mind. They DO wonders!!! A Cat nap is anywhere between 30-33 minutes. The Brain PARALYZES the BODY so that you do NOT ACT out your DREAMS during REM sleep. This is an AUTONOMIC event that happens deep inside of the Brain that controls bodily functions and/or/rest/sleep. You can pick my Brain further about this subject ANYTIME you like!!! benny
  13. Godzilla Vs. Biollante. Biollante was one of the STRANGEST characters from Toho. She came to be from some Art contest in Japan and a 7-year old won for the concept art. Benny
  14. If you're not busy, I have a few ideas that I can pitch to you!!!


    Welcome new comer!!



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    2. princeben07


      You have to PROMISE ME YOU DONT ABANDON THE RP. NUMBER TWO, U HAVE TO POST AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK. Sweetie, if u don't understand something, ppplllllllease let me know. Three; stay consistent!


    3. princeben07


      I'll help you all of the way. DUMB LOOKS ARE STILL FREE!!!

    4. ReachForStars


      I sent you a PM~ 😁

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