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  2. I'll follow you/erm..STALK you...lol.. Oh I'm just kidding!! Welcome to Valucre and I'm glad that you decided to give this forum a good old-fashioned try!!! I am the Greeter, benny boy, ready to help point you into the right direction to Staff and Admins to help you on your way!!! Welcome!!! Benny
  3. Graymite only looked puzzled: "Uhm, I'm guessing that you don't know how to measure her Blood Pressure then? It's not difficult you know. I'll show you how Dr. Ouros. Maybe you are just rusty like a few other Doctors that I know. I'm sure you will regain your skills with a bit of practice. You all go into the Den; I'm going to brief Dr. Ouros on a few things very quickly okay?" Rebecca then hugged Dr. Ouros, smiling a bit. "She is in YOUR hands now Doc!! Fix her up soon, alright?" Avus shook ITS head, "A Doctor that's an Alchemist......this should be quite entertaining....Whatever...I'm going over to the School to pay for those doors then. The Furball left me with some Gold Coins to pay for things that I WANT for once......I shall return soon." Lady Argon would lightly punch Dr. Ouros in the left shoulder playfully....."Let's see what you can do Dr. Ouros. Fix her up soon, alright? I'm going to wash her clothes and check her School Schedule for next week....I'll be back in a bit." Avixis was sitting on the Couch in the Living room with her head in her hands, trying to figure out what could've caused Abraxis' episode this time. She had tried her best to keep things simple, clean and not remindful of the young girl being in that cursed Asylum again. She did not understand how this could've happened this time, but she was not ready to give up either. "I'm quite sure that you have a bunch of questions about what is going on thus far Dr. Ouros. So please feel free to ask anything that might help us out here. I myself have various kinds of incantations, spells and the like, but nothing that is in my training can alleviate her symptoms of mental trauma. There is no easy cure for this kind of illness, and it IS an illness, from what my data research seems to show. Come on, I'll make some nice tea while we sit down and go over the aspects of all of this then. Make yourself comfortable then. I will be right back. Avixis will keep you company for now. Excuse me then....." Said Gray, letting off a very cheerful smile of sorts. "I don't know what else we are supposed to do about her honestly. She has never done that before, and to ME of all people? I'm her Aunt for Christ's sake!!! I wonder what she was thinking? It's as if she wasn't even the same person when she stood up you know? What in the hell could those people in that Asylum have DONE to her to make her act like THAT? I know she is my niece in all, but I don't know much else about her. It's not like she can just tell me vocally you know. I'm sorry Dr. Ouros, I know all of this may be completely foreign to a person such as yourself, and I do appreciate you stopping by to help us all out. Anything is better than just watching her cry from day to day. She seems to have taking a liking to YOU though, and that's very RARE in her case. She doesn't really like meeting new people most of the time. Oh this is just crazy is all Dr." The doorbell suddenly resounded loudly, breaking Avixis' focus on trying to keep herself together. She immediately got up and strolled over to answer the door without haste. Upon opening it, her eyes widened up!!! it was Benaires and Ptera Invectium, who was also another Invectium of the same species as Abraxis. Avixis smiled for a moment, then just stood there in total AWE. "Hey there Auntie!! I knew you all would need more help, so I brought someone else who is of the same Species as Lady Abraxis. This is my other cousin Ptera Invectium. She is Avus' older sister!!!" "Well good to see you Benaires!! Of course!! Any kind of help will do!! Come in Nephew...please come on in!!! Give your Auntie a hug dear!! Ohhh...it's so good to see you. How is your mother and father doing these days Benaires? Oh and this is Ptera invectium is it? She's rather tall for a teenager you know." Ptera bowed to her Aunt as she was to let out a slight giggle; she was well over six feet and four inches tall for her age!!! Ptera hugged on her cousin lovingly, waving at Dr. Ouros. She herself had been completely cured of the same mental afflictions by Benaires HIMSELF, but Abraxis would be more difficult than ever. Ben walked on over to Dr. Ouros, extending his left hand to shake up with him in greeting. "And YOU must be the hot talk of the School. Uhm Dr. Ouros is it? Allow me to introduce myself first. I am Lord Alex Silver Benaires Johnson-DAICHON. Just call me Benny if you like. I'm the future Prince of my race called DAICHONS. If you haven't paid attention to the large statues in the front yard, those are of ME in my true form. Don't call me a Werewolfe; it's an insult. For now, I'm stuck in this human form until I can figure out my reversal spells should I ever study again eheheheh. This is my other cousin Ptera Invectium. She had the same problems Abraxis had, but she's been completely cured. Ptera, say hello dear..." Ptera wave and smiled at Dr. Ouros, then spake out, "I hear my cousin Abraxis is quite the entertainer these days heheheh....i'm sure if we all focused on how to fix this problem, she will thank all of us a thousand times over. Is anyone hungry? I haven't had any Bird Seed since my stupid father pushed me down the stairs last week. He is SUCH an ass-hat!!!" Ben turned his nose up on that statement; he wanted to break Ptera's Father neck and shit down his throat for pushing his poor cousin around like that, but he had to keep things civil, save for causing another upset in the Earthian Realm. It was bad enough that Lady Vonoxia was somewhere handling a difficult situation as it were. "So I hear you don't know how to take someone's Blood Pressure Dr? Are you out of practice or something? How does a Dr. Of Alchemy NOT know how to take someone's pulse? That's the BASIC of the basics you know. Oh nevermind, I'm sure you will get the hang of this soon. Will you be needing a small lab to study in Dr. Ouros? Do you need materials? I'm sure that Avus mentioned that there would be a lot of MONEY in this should you help cure this young girl from this mental state. I mean, I still work with Ptera here, but Abraxis' condition is much, much more complicated. Avixis, here are the keys to his mini-lab on the second floor. I had it converted just for this situation should he decide to take on the job. Doctor, all of your materials, potions and study guides are already in the lab. Avixis will keep your keys for you since we don't want anyone peeking in on your business. You ARE going to help us aren't you Dr? I mean....it would be such a shame for all of that research Capital to go to WASTE now. OH, here is the amount you are going to get if you take on this job. Here..." Ben would kindly slip a small piece of paper to Dr. Ouros with a mind-blowing amount written down on it!!! Dr. Ouros would probably faint, or CHOKE when he would look at the ridiculous amount on the said piece of paper!! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Lesson: Check!!! All of while things were coming together, Abraxis was to slowly open her eyes in Avus' Bedroom. She did not move for a moment, having just stirred awake. She felt calm, collective and very well-rested. She was still feeling a bit groggy, bu those were the side effects of being doped up with so many drugs at one time. Leave it to Avus to keep the days interesting. It was towards the evening now, as she would notice the Curtains being closed together for the windows. She was to raise up and lean forward, now yawning and stretching. Something was clicking in her mind, but she could not quite describe it. She then noticed a small table next to the bed which displayed Body Wash, various towels and a Luffa Sponge!! Abraxis had seen these various item before when Graymite used to bathe her. Of course they had their own House while on assignment for The Company. She began to gather her internal thoughts at first, then tried to find a way to think about the items on the said table. "Okay........Body Wash, Towels, Clothes and a Sponge of some type. I am supposed to do something with these things, but I just don't recall WHAT yet. Come on Abraxis, you should know how to take a shower right? yeah right.....You're such a dummy that you have to get Graymite to do everything FOR you. Well, I might as well try then.....let's see.....Body Wash.....you need water to activate it right? Oh how does it go again? Why can't I remember something so simple? Water......water........Kitchens and Bathrooms........plumbing.....water..........Shower Stalls are in a bathroom!!! right,......Right...... Okay....Where is the bathroom? Think you big dolt....THINK!!!" She swung her legs around to dangle from the left side of the large bed, now taking in her surroundings. She did not have to do so much thinking before; Graymite did everything FOR her, so she was really trying to gather her bearings a it were. She finally spotted the large bathroom, which was fully furnished with even Hot Sauna, from what she could recall from her memory. She knew how to remove her clothes with ease, now closing the bathroom door behind her. "I wish Gray was here: he'd make me laugh somehow, all while talking about how dirty my hair can get at times. I hope he shows up soon. I could almost sense him being right NEXT to me...weird. Okay...next..turn on the Shower. I think it's this knob with the letter H on it I guess." She then turned the knob as the Shower began to dispense hot water. She tried to smile, but it turned into a smirk!!! "Okay, now I take that Sponge and put the Body Wash on it and stand under the streams of Hot water right? yes, that's it......Alright...okay.......I just scrub my body like this and that....... and then I can rinse right? Wow....My hair is s mess!!!! I'll have to see if Lady Argon and can braid it again for me. Okay, you can DO this Abraxis.....Oh...Where is that guy that smells like Anti-matter? I'll have to apologize to him someday. Where is Master Benaires? he was supposed to be training me as well. Where are my friends? Oh bother..." By the time Abraxis had been thinking these things to herself, she had taken notice to being dripping wet, but fully-rinsed and smelling very nice!!! She then walked over to the large mirror to look at herself; She was beautiful when she wasn't crying actually. Her hair needed braiding and styling, but other than that, she tried to smile, now smirking in an evil manner. Now reaching for a Beach Twoel, she wanted to dry herself off completely and put some clothes on for the first time. Argon came into the bedroom to check up on Abraxis and had noticed her not being in the bed. She gasped, but heard someone unlocking the Bathroom door to leave out from it. "You-you........wow.....Abraxis, you SHOWERED!!! Aww man, that is SOOO good dear!!! Come sit on the bed for a second okay?" Argon blerted out in excitement. Abraxis could not smile, but she let out a slight hint of a snicker, now flouncing over to her conduit, her hair dripping wet with cold water. Argon laughed, now preparing some fresh clothes for her to put on for now. "I'll dry your hair now okay? I think I can Comb it and leave it down for now. You even learned how to use the all-in-one Conditioner w/Jojaba Oils huh? Very GOOD Abraxis. And Graymite is downstairs.....he wanted to......." She had started, but before she could finish her sentence, Abraxis jumped up off of the bed, wrapping the large Beach Towel around her body and twisting it so that it would not fall down while she moved. She bolted for the door, flinging it Open!!! she ran down the long hallways to the top of the stairs, breathing heavily; she saw the staircase and took a deep breath, now counting the risers for her trip. Speedily running downwards, now turning to the left, she sped her way to the voice in the kitchen, which was Graymite talking to Rebecca. The Kitchen doors flung open, and she ran to her Conduit; her love; her best friend. Gray was talking to Rebecca, when he saw this half-naked female throw her arms around him, hugging him tightly, tears flowing like water. Graymite dropped the Tea cups, only to have Rebecca leap to catch them just in time. Rebecca was astonished that Abraxis had awakened after being drugged with such a strong dose of Thorzine first off. "WHOA!!!! Well, isn't someone glad to see me hahahahahahahahahah!!! Hi there M'Lady!!! It's good to be BACK Lady Abraxis!!! Okay, okay...I love you too.....stop crying; you're going to soak the Beach Towel you know heheheheheheh....." Graymite giggled while he hugged her back lovingly. Rebecca stood up, laughing as well. "She must've just woken up. Wait...she SHOWERED????? What the HELL MAN?????" Rebecca shouted out while smiling, wiping her own tears as well!! Abraxis pulled away from GRaymite, trying to talk, wiping tears from her face as well. Graymite only laughed at her; "Hey...slow down........use your Telepathic Prowess to talk. I'm HERE, so you know you can project your thoughts whenever I'm around. Argon can do it as well as your cousin Avus. Slow...down.....why are you half-naked? Abraxis....?" She then took a deep breath; she had to say something!!! "When did you get back? You're not leaving me again ARE you Gray? I've been sooo broken-hearted without you. Everyone is treating me like some Idiot Savant. You can fix me right Gray? You can do anything. I-I-I- FINALLY remembered how to Shower and wash my own hair. That's a start right Gray? And did you have to drug me with so much Throzine you dolt? I felt like I was high on Cocaine or something!!! Why can't I remember having an Episode recently? There's so much that I have to tell you that my brain is moving a million miles per second!!!" Ben came into the kitchen, probably along with Dr. Ouros as well. "Well, looks like someone remembered how to Shower finally!!! How's it going kid?" Ben said, now opening his arms to her. Abraxis turned to that voice: She KNEW it was Benaires; the one who showed her how to be kind; the one who taught her her Gorre': The Art of Secret Dismemberment. Abraqxis would kiss Graymite on the cheek, now smirking, only to turn around and run over to Benaires, burying her head into his chest. "I thought I was never going to see you again Master. Oooh it feels so great that you've returned to finish my training!!!! You feel so warm!!! You have to stop leaving me like that!! Do you know how hard it is to find someone that doesn't judge you for losing bodily fluids from being so nervous at that God-forsaken institution of Education?" Ben nodded, now kissing her on the head, closing his eyes; Abraxis was like a grown-ass six year old all over again; she had some of her friends back; she had Dr. Ouros to help her out as well. things were really LOOKING up for now, but they had a very log road ahead of them.
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    I've already got something HUGE Planned. The Rembrandt Project is almost finished note-wise. I just gotta fix my other PC, which keeps over-heating, lol. It's for RP and Media Entertainment. Another three weeks, then HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!! Benny
  5. Out of my +1,809 Character list, I can fit in Ptera Invectium. Sign me up G!!! Benny
  6. Transferring Anime over to another PC finally. Posts will be up today sometime soon I hope, LOL!!! ^_^

  7. "Hmm.....this is very difficult to determine Doc. Without Graymite around, she is s nervous wreck. I wonder if it WOULD be a good idea to have him around her again. Oh I don't know....She seems to have her faith in humanity shattered when Gray isn't around," Rebecca began, now pouring herself some Ambrosia as well. She continued on, "Graymite is my brother and I've always known him for doing the right thing, such as helping little old ladies cross the street, then having to come BACK to get lady Abraxis ehehehe.....He is a pleasant one to be around; always full of concern, brightness and cheer. it's almost as if he isn't human at times, but he has a Heart bigger than this house at times. I just hope we can cure her once and for all and try to get her back into Society or whatever. I don't know......" She then sighed, turning her head to look at the young girl sleeping peacefully. "I am not going to assume that having Graymite around her is a bad idea though. Although she IS my cousin, I've only known her for a few months now since we just recently met. Mother Unit usually helps her bathe an the like, since I am always out of the house often running errands for family. But I do believe that having Graymite around would raise her spirits much more than right now. Whatever it is that is making her emotions unstable, I'm sure that with time, Graymite is going to begin to question his loyalty to her is all. Let's see what we know thus far; Something scared the hell out of her while she was at that God-forsaken Asylum; something to the point that it keeps playing over and over again in the recesses of her mind to the point that she keeps lashing out, not being able to fully determine friend from foe obviously. That is a given. Next up, all of these abilities that aren't even listed in her report keep manifesting themselves to the surface and we don't have a clue as to what all she is capable of performing or demonstrating on the fly. I can remember her sniffing at one of the Company's Employees, telling this person that he smelled of Anti-matter. The Furball took her into the kitchen to scold her, telling her that she was NOT some kind of a hound and that she did not have to sniff at people so rudely. What else does she know that she is not telling us to the full extent so that we can properly diagnose her afflictions? Hmmm...." Avus said, as IT fixed the sheets on Abraxis to keep her as comfortable as possible. Suddenly, some shouting could be heard downstairs.... a few voices....three male and two female. "You CAN'T go UP there!!!!! STOP!!" yelled out Argon. Two rather large men in White Lab Coats came rushing in to the bedroom, armed with Syringes and Medical tools of some kind. Avus was to stand up, placing ITS Arm out in both directions, dropping his drink immediately. "Now WAIT just a minute!!! What is all of this about? My cousin is tired and is asleep!! Who ARE you anyways?" Avus snapped out in a most hateful tone. "We are here for the girl; we represent the Vistage Neurological Treatment and Facility. We detected a strange anomaly coming from this home and were sent to aquire the girl for further testing. Now stand aside!!!" said the larger man in the White Lab Coat. "You WANT to die up here? My Cousin is NOT going ANYWHERE!!! She has someone to help treat her already!! Tell them Dr. Ouros!!!" Avus exclaimed loudly. IT wasn't about to lose ITS Cousin to some maniacs...not again. "That will be QUITE enough everyone!!!" Said a very calming voice from behind the two men. He was dressed in a Gray cloak with a hood on the back. On the upper right corner of the Cloak read the words, "Level R-1: Graymite Anthine Jones IV." It was Lord Graymite finally and he had arrived much earlier than anticipated!!! The two men in White backed up in utter FEAR; Graymite Anthine Jones IV was no one people wanted to question nor disrespect in any shape, form or fashion. He was known in many places, especially in the Earthian Realms. "Abraxis is MY charge Gentlemen, and she needs treatment right here at home. She will not be leaving these premises on any requests. Rebecca, be a dear and get some sign-out sheets from the other room across the hall so that I can sign these two out please, would you? Avus, put your arms down; she is not going anywhere on that medication that you gave her. To move her will cause more damage than good. Dr. Ouros, could you be a God-send and check her vitals for me please? We have to keep track on her Heart rate in all to make sure that she is resting up as best as we can provide for her. Avus is my assistant Medical Officer, as well as Rebecca. Dr. Ouros here is Abraxis' NEW Therapist and only HE can determine what is BEST for my Charge Gentlemen. Vistage Treatment Facility has no business interfering with Outpatient Therapy. As an individual Occupational Therapist and a Conduit that represents Saint Claire Medical Center, I cannot allow for the two of you to disturb this young girl's sleep. She is very tired and has had a very trying day for her first day of School. Thank you Rebecca. Alright David, you sign off here, and you Sign off on that line Richard. Everything is under control over here. Dr. Ouros is just making some new observations before he can do a full set of Diagnostics, isn't that RIGHT DOC?" Graymite turned to him, now WINKING once at Dr. Ouros, expecting for him to respond exactly how he had set the entire conversation up in the first place. Rebecca interjected with her answer as well, "Uhm, yes that's right!! Dr. Ouros is briefing everyone about what the next set of tests will be to properly diagnose the patient. Trauma like this doesn't happen often, but I'm sure that Dr. Ouros can come up with a fine solution for as much as he is charging us that is!!! I'll go and check on the other Data sheets downstairs Graymite; they should be done printing out." Avus sighed a big relief; Graymite had returned to take charge and to help everyone find out what the hell could be bothering Abraxis. "Well, since you are here Lord Graymite, we will make the proper reports as a false alarm then sir. Dr. Ouros, we sure hope you can come up with a powerful Diagnostic test for the girl. We are very sorry; please excuse us while we return to the main Office then." Said David, who seemed to be quite embarrassed as it were. Avus walked over to Graymite, shaking his hand in thanks, then blerting out, "You are ONE hell of a Bullshitter you know that Gray?" Graymite giggled, "I wasn't bullshitting; I got you a job as my Medical Officer. Your kit is on the way tonight by Express mail. Got Rebecca a job as well with Dr. Ouros. If we are going to fix Abraxis, we all may as well get paid for it. Don't you think that's a bit better? Master Benaires set everything up months ago. Now why don't we let Lady Abraxis rest and go on down to the Den and have something to eat while I finish breaking things down to Dr. Ouros here. As these two can vouch for me, I AM the original Sin of the hate, Lord Perry Axis Graymite Anthine Jones the fourth. I was trained to be Lady Abraxis Conduit and Caretaker ever since I was only eight years old. I'm seventeen nowadays, or however I decide to age myself. there is much to talk about Dr. Ouros; I am sure that you are quite curious as to why she is having these violent episodes and what we all can do to finally alleviate them. I was almost in the process of helping for her to over come this, but alas I was called away for other matters, as ordered by Master Benaires. he will be here soon to check on Abraxis as well. This is rather complicated, as we really don't know just when she is going to lose it again. Alas, I blame myself for being gone away from her for so many months that she really cannot function without me. Co-dependency is quite the issue at hand here, but Abraxis always finds a way to snap back in her own little way somehow. Come, let's allow for her to recuperate her energy. I'm sure that many of you have a ton of questions and I will do my best to try to fully answer them." Graymite leaned over to touch Abraxis' forehead, now chanting something to her that was quite unintelligible. Abraxis' face changed from worry to a slight HINT of a smile!!! "Holy shit, she smiled Gray!!! That's creepy as fuck!!!" Said Rebecca, as she was to begin to head down the stairs and towards the Den. "Hey....Gray, what did you JUST say to her? Even with MY hearing, I couldn't make things out....come out with it man!!!" IT demanded. "Huh? oh, I simply told her how long was she planning on being a spoiled brat now that I have returned? it's an inside joke that tends to make her try to smile...nothing major to worry about. People......Let's go and have something to eat, I'm FAMISHED!!! Being a Conduit is tough!!!"
  8. Abraxis then took a deep breath; doing something by HERSELF? Geez, she sure knew how to get herself into a pickle. Then the madness began...the flashbacks of the rapes, the people laughing at her while she cried, wheezed and begged for them to stop sodomizing her each time. She remembered the acid, the flames and even the Water Torture being done to her while in that cursed Asylum. After letting Dr. Ouros go, she then stood up, looking around in a panic....unable to see who was her friend or enemy now!!! She bolted over to Avixis, placing her hand around her Aunt's neck, picking her up into the air with a single lift, with the intent of trying to choke her own AUNT to death!! Avixis could see the blood run from Abraxis eyes again; this had happened before!!! "Shit!!!! A-Ab-b-bRa--------xis......calm down sweetheart....no one's going to .....hurt you!!" Avixis had tried to chirp out while gasping for air. Argon ran over to Abraxis to try to calm her down. "Dammit!! NOT AGAIN!!!" Argon yelled out in protest. Books, furniture and even Dr. Ouros would now suddenly begin to levitate without fail!!! Avus had come from ITS room, only to see this horror yet again. This had occurred when she first arrived, only a few days ago!!!! What in the hell was torturing her inside that no one else could see? Strange...... Avus then bolted over to his cousin, coming up from behind, only to embrace her in a hug..trying ITS best (Avus is not male nor female: Avus is considered a neutral sex; an IT) to bring her back to reality. She then just snapped out of it, dropping her aunt like a bag of Potatoes, coming back to herself!!!! Abraxis was crying bloody TEARS!!! Dr. Ouros was going to have his job cut out for him obviously. These violent episodes had to stop or she may end up KILLING someone someday, for which she had already previously-mentioned that she did not want to do yet again. Avus would then walk over to the Dining Room Cabinet, opening the doors as there were medicines, Syringes and all types of things inside. IT would prepare a nice Syringe of Thorzine to give her so she could rest a bit. Abraxis was upset, and she didn't know what else to do about it, but sleep it off for a few hours. She walked over to Dr. Ouros, looking completely helpless. One could see it in her face, "What am I even doing ALIVE?" Not saying anything, Avus would roll back of the left sleeve of Abraxis' blouse, now injecting her with a mind-numbing 100CC's of Thorzine/Astenite Solution. Abraxis would suddenly collapse right into her cousin's arms!!! Avus then spake out to Dr. Ouros, "And this is exactly WHY I want you to help us with this situation. You just saw what she goes through every single day. Follow me upstairs please; we have much to talk about Dr." Avus then picked his cousin up, carrying her up the flight of stairs. Avixis was now cleaning up the scattered things that had been strewn all about in the living room from the Episode. Rebecca ran out of the bedroom to help Avus get Abraxis into bed. Avus removed her socks, and her shoes, now pulling the sheets back from ITS own bed, gently laying his cousin into the bed. IT placed a few pillows in front of her and two to support her head while she rested. Rebecca would then pull the curtains closed for both of the Bedroom Windows. She sighed in doubt, "Another violent one huh Avus? Dammit...I thought she was getting better!! What are we going to do about this bird-brain?" Avus then walked over to the closet to get itself something to drink. IT had mini-fridge custom bolted to the back wall of the closet. "I am not sure about how to deal with it myself, but something has to be done about those flashback Becca, and soon. Well, Dr. Ouros, you may as well have a seat in that Bean Bag Chair while we try to further explain all of this to you. Do you want something to drink sir? Ambrosia is quite the clutch around here for us. We never know WHEN Abraxis is going to lose it again. What could be triggering this in the first place I wonder though? it's as if all of this started back when Graymite first teamed up with her...."
  9. You are doing INCREDIBLE at the RP thus far. I like your narrative; you're adapting, assuming as you go, and you SHOW it. Now THAT is how you RP...let it keep flowing and follow my lead; this is pretty fun to me!!!



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      Much appreciated, I try to write the best I can ^^.

  10. Abraxis then spoke into his mind yet again, "Yes that was me. I don't talk verbally because well, I will explain everything once we sit down for a spell then." Avixis then would guide the good Doctor over to the Couch of the large Living Room, having already stepped inside of the large mini-mansion. She was to help to sit Abraxis down, as Lady Argon nodded to her as well. "Oh, uhm, I am Argon Stairwell; just call me Argon Dr. Ouros. Uhm, where do I start? It's rather complicated though. Uhm.....Abraxis, can you tell him what's going on for the second time please? Oh just wait for her telepathy to broadcast in the open Doctor so that everyone in this room can hear her. Go ahead Abraxis." said Argon, who was now pouring herself a nice glass of Ambrosia. This was quite the day thus far. "Alright Argon. A-hem........my mom had my Vocal Chords stitched shut when I was about six years old. I can't talk on a verbal level; the mere sound of my voice causes anyone who is within one hundred miles radius for their ears to BLEED. I know that sounds quite ridiculous, but it's true. They have records of it and everything. I was beaten, raped, molested and tortured all while I was in this Asylum. Mother thought that I was just one bad Apple and had be committed there. I dropped an entire House on someone, Set a School on a Spiritual Fire that is STILL burning to THIS day, amongst a plethora of other things. I'm afraid of my own Shadow sometimes, thinking that something evil is going to get me one of these days. I just want to learn new things...like how to bathe myself or how to I don't know...SMILE for once. I want to know what it's like to date a guy for once and not be judged by my plethora of abilities that still sleep within me. My dad still talks with me every now and then, though I have to have someone else write letters to him or he has to come to a place where my telepathic abilities work without scaring the living shit out of everyone else that are around me. My telepathy works off and on, and I want to learn how to concentrate it so that I can use it on the fly without having to struggle so damned hard. Argon is my Conduit, or my caretaker, for sure, but I miss the ONE who was always there for me, no matter what: Lord Graymite Anthine Jones. He was trained ever since he was EIGHT years of age to be my Permanent caretaker and trainer, but he got called away for other assignment. I cry A LOT!!! Let me tell you, when you have so many abilities like I do, you tend to go through plenty of handkerchiefs. Being able to manipulate Pulsars in Space isn't very easy, but my Graymite taught me much. After he left, I fell silent....I broke down...I hardly eat and I have this nauseated feeling in my chest for twelve hours straight. I can't eat, I just cry and sleep a lot. I don't even know how to defend myself anymore. I don't like harming people, so I just take the punishment from everyone, save for Master Benaires, Avus, Auntie Avixis, Rebecca and a few other people who deem it to try to help me out. And that is how my life has been in a nutshell. Ever since I was about six years old. Hell, I don't even know how I am OFFICIALLY." Suddenly the Living room Phone began ringing out loud. Avixis smiled at everyone, now going to answer the device. "Hello, this is the Wife of the House, Avixis?" "Hey there baby sitter!!!! How is it going?" Said the voice on the other end of the phone. "Oh my goodness!!!! it's YOU!! Well, you sure picked a FINE time to call right now. Hold on!!! Abraxis....I THINK there is someone on this phone for you...I'll bring you the handset dear." Avixis said, now giggling a bit. Abraxis shrugged her shoulders at everyone for now. She hardly ever got a PHONE call, save for a few Psychiatrists that were checking up on her mental behavior. Although she could not speak verbally, the phone was synced to a keypad that was next to a rather large, 47-inch Computer Monitor, where she could type out what she had to say. (Abraxis type up to 145 WPM) "Hello? Who is this?" She typed out in curiosity. "M'Lady!!!! Oh it's good to see you're still getting treatment. It's Graymite. How are you doing M'Lady?" Chriped out a voice over the Speakerphone. Abraxis placed her hand over her chest, now starting to cry in BIG relief, "Gray, it's YOU!!! Oh my goodness!!!! I miss you SOOOOOOOOOOMUCH my love. When are you coming back to me? And yes, I have a NEW friend. His name is Doctor Ouros. My therapy starts today!!!" "I will be back TODAY!! Lord Benaires is filling out the last of the paperwork. How about dinner later? Now mind you, I STILL have to take you to the Office to get you re-registered. You are going to have TWO CONDUITS taking care of you and upgrading your training, so-ordered by the Chief. Dr. Ouros is going to be SWIMMING in Materials and Research Data, along with his Stipend of course. There is an information packet in the Den for him to mull over and to keep for his new Data Sheets in the morning. I know that he is teaching at the School, so he will be your brand-NEW Therapist and Doctor to help treat your aching feet as well. I've already talked with the School Dean, The Principal about everything, as Argon will be a registered Nurse and Co-Therapist under Dr. Ouros to help with daily activities. I have to fill out A boondox of paperwork for the new Geostratum, as I am officially upgrading myself to Master Conduit. After fifteen years of paperwork and people treating you badly, they are going to go BAT-SHIT Crazy when they see my new Uniform. Dr. Ouros is going to help with your Social Training, as you're a bit complicated for even ONE Conduit. I will give you all of the details when I get there M'lady. Is that feasible?" he said, now waiting for his Charge's response. Abraxis wiped the tears from her face, now leaping on the good Doctor for coming in to help her out as well. "YES!!! That is fine Gray! Dr. Ouros is Dragon-looking, but I KNOW he can help me. I'm not letting him out of my sight for a MINUTE save for teaching at the School. I will see you SOON Gray. I have ssssooooooooooooooo much to tell you when you arrive here, alright my love?" Abraxis quickly typed out in retort. "Alright then....now pay attention M'Lady, as we have discussed previous number of times. You tell the Doctor if something is bothering you, understand?" Graymite said, giggling a bit. "You got it my love!!! I will see you for Dinner, say around seven or so okay? That would be perfect. I'll see you soon."
  11. The buzzer rang loudly, as Lady Avixis (Aus' Mother, Biological Entity...No scientific Record of her creation from Point 1, according to notes from DCN and ASCAB Laboratories, xx36 AD) was to flounce through the Den's hallway, now slipping on some socks and shoes, as she tried her best to answer the Buzzer from Ouros. "Hold ON Dr. L!! I'm ON my way..just be patient!! I have to input the security coeds to let guests in...My Husband's Orders!! heheheh..." She bolted all of the way down the 25 foot-long driveway, now smiling: Maybe someone...just SOMEONE could get Abraxis out of her "Funk." "Oh, hello there....our other Doctor got called away for more business, but I cannot simply wait for you to see my Niece. Oh, you're most welcome here. Let me get the lock for a second..hehehe..." She said, looking most precocious!! She was dressed in a very short tee-shirt, almost revealing her panties. Avixis did not care much for appearances and trying to impress people; she just liked being herself. "Follow me and I'll introduce you to...............oh my...well THERE SHE IS!!! Abraxis....? Abraxis...I want to introduce you to your new Doctor!!! He is going to cure you hopefully. Avus has told me SOOOO much about you already....I know you're into creepy experiments...so who else could qualify for this job? There is PLENTY of Money in this for you and the Rare metals that you are probably looking for..I have to make ONE PHONE call and you will have UNLIMITED resources for your endeavors, heheheheheh...come....COME up to her..she won't bit Dr..." Said AVixis...who actually looked stressed; she was hoping that Dr. Ouros COuld Help..... Abraxis was holding Lady Argos' hand tightly....she didn't like meeting new people; they always abused her and treated her poorly. She was dressed in her School Uniform though; they had just LET her represent the School, even for as bad as those girls treated her. Avus would probably rectify that problem soon, knowing how IT acted. Abraxis would instantly, and we do mean INSTANTLY HUG the good Doctor in worry, now shedding tears....... He would hear a VOICE In his head: "H-help ME..... Please Help me!! get me OUT of this MIND!!"
  12. Yo DOC!!!!!


    You still down with the REmbrandt Project????


    Informatioon is ON this site....stay tuned




  13. O_O Sometimes the Invectium or the Human-like Owl-Thingy took things a bit too far!!! Avus would then sit on the roof floor for a minute and cross ITS arms in deep thought. AVUS!!! at a time like THIS??? seriously??? "You seem to be some sort of Scientist I take it then? Then I have a proposition for you to ponder upon then. Take into account of my lovely cousin Abraxis Jenee Invectium, aged of a most certain 17-24 years of age. Unfortunately, she is suffering from some sort of mental shock or breakdown. She doesn't know how to bathe herself, how to even feed herself, how to defend her emotional status either. Now I am sure to recall the consequences of your refusing to take this little mission to properly diagnose, prescribe and to alleviate this sickness so that she may function in a normal Society...that which I urk about. I most certainly would have the financial constituates for your research should you complete this level of uhm...hmm......Sanity. There would be much financial success in this for you if you were to undertake this request.....no...demand...yes...demand.......No longer shall I request for things to be done by...well, you are exactly HUMAN now are you? I find this mildly entertaining. Well, I'm off.......I'm sure that you can find your way back to your classroom. Here is my address. Feel free to drop by after school then my good Dr. To NOT do so would be catastrophic. And I always get my way......I'll be more than obliged to pay the School and the Board of Directors to get those doors fixed as well...we can't have psychos running around here threatening people now CAN we? Toodles!!" Abraxis fell to the lunchroom floor...defenseless.....The Security Guards would not allow for her Conduit Argon to even enter the school!! Two girls laughed as Abraxis tried to pick herself up...her pretty Uniform now stained with juice and Milk. She did not want to panic though: to do so would mean death from her previous years in Kindergarten: the bodies; the flames, the blood shed; she didn't want her past to keep repeating itself over and over again. She had to think of a way to make some kind of peace, but she was used to being picked on, laughed at and maimed by others. "You think because your dumb-ass can't talk that you are better than the rest of us you stuck-up bitch? Who in the hell do you think you ARE? Trying to dress up like a pretty super model or something?" Said one girl, who now grabbed poor Abraxis by her ponytails, making her cry. Avus took notice to this and whistled loudly. The entire lunchroom stopped talking immediately!!! Security guards bolted into the room, only to come to a complete standstill; no one wanted a piece of this Purple-haired menace named Avus!!! "Let...... Go.... of.... her... hair Michelle.... Now......" By now, the other three girls had become pale in the face; what in the seven hells had they done this time? Avus strolled on over to the scenario, noticing that Abraxis had pissed on herself as well. Avus knelt down and ran his index finger through the puddle, now sniffing it. IT then stood up, turning around to the girls with a sadistic look on ITS face. "Very well then. DO you ALL want to know WHY Michelle is SOOO easy to fuck? She has a thing for her Uncle and her Brother!!! My what times they have in that guest house some of YOU probably have been over to a few times; Michelle you reek of yesterday's booze and Semen. If I ever catch you breathing the SAME AIR Lady Abraxis does, I will make sure you will not get past having a job as a stripper, let alone try to get into college. Mimsie over here keeps HER figure so thin by forcing herself to purge everything that she ingests....and her bra is padded. Devonte over there? he has a thing for guys in the locker room after school.....hence which is why he keeps his mouth shut most of the time..There are too many COCKS in it most of the time as well. The Lot of you have Devils inside of you and I can't fathom how you all wake UP each morning. Some student body you ALL are....Come on Lady Abraxis...I will get you a fresh bath and get your dressed into some fresh clothes." Avus then took Abraxis by her hand, now tying his Uniform shirt around her waist, smirking sheepishly at Michelle, who just stood there in awe and in embarrassment. Avus then took his left foot, quickly sweeping Michelle, making her fall forward, and right into the puddle of urine, FACE first!!! "Ohh dear.....I'd rather be pissed OFF, then pissed ON!!! Come lady Abraxis!!" Noone dared to say anything at all. The Security Guards radioed in what had just taken place, as the Principal shook her head; Avus was up to ITS antics yet again, and she was powerless to do anything about since IT was protected by a certain set of laws which prevented human interferences. They were to walk down the hall, as students and teacher alike only stared helplessly at the both of them; unable to even form a sentence, or even a form of an apology. It was not like this at school everyday, but ONE day would change the welfare state of the entire staff for the rest of the School Year!!!
  14. O_O "Oh...sorry My Elder....I................Got a bit excited....Allow for me to introduce myself should you follow me to the ROOF of this building...........GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!!! I'm GOING TO THE FUCKING ROOF....If you do NOT move...I WILL MOVE you to the HOSPITAL!!! GOT IT ???" He yelled out....ALL of the students would make a way for Avus and the new teacher to head on up to the ROOFF!!! Avus would basically keep that hand clasped around the good Prefessor's wrist...hauling him up three flights of stairs and finally up to the roof, where IT would basically use his left FREE hand to PUCH the damned doors OUT, making them fly to either side, banging and clanging around, now taking them to the very roof top itself!! "I AM Avus insectium, age of 17-19. I have a few problems that YOU are going to FIX OR I will tell my master, who will destroy you upon SENTIENT conformance!"
  15. Avus.................... Such a young THING. IT would actually CLASP a left HAND to the Professor.......................... "The Prince TOLD ME ABOUT you.................TAKE ME WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!!!" IT was to reply......The Professor would probably stop and just stare at this normal student!! Students all around, who were busily going to their classes only sped along faster...who WAS this Dragon-like being....? "We NEED Help!! FORGET CLASSES!!! Take me with you to the ROOF...RIGHT NOW!!!! We have to TALKK Sire...Now COME ON!!!" Said the EVIL and Demonic voice that was KNOWN as the Avus insectium!!! ( YOUR MOVE!!) Benny
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