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  1. Ben's invisible Bio-antennae began to spark pulses up and down his spine, as he IMMEDIATELY messaged his NUMBER ONE ACE: "Ace!!! We got a problem!!! Xylex is in the very CHAMBER that Thrax's Body is IN. But he's in front of the M.T.C!!! Just play things cool with Lady Myta. And don't mind my arrogant daughter; she doesn't like you one bit for some unknown reason, but when.......aw....man...hold on, I got an incoming message from Serenity; hold on, k? Serenity? It's ben and Ami; look, what's up? Xylex is inside of the very ROOM that Thrax's body is still being stored. Did you get any information for me dear servant?" ben asked, as Ami would be patched INTO the same conversation. Myta awaited for the interruption to end before she could speak with Ami. "Yes My Master. The Verbal Profuse Command System was never taken offline, so she says to tell you that those script commands DO work, but the main files are so badly corrupted that she will not be able to provide you with the entire list for a few days until she can repair the damage Sire. And what do you want me to do with Cotton? She seems very hateful of Lady Ami right now. What do you suggest that I do Sire?" Asked Serenity, who was now walking with Gothra, holding his hand while walking back to the mansion. "Train her and rough her up IF you have to, but don't PISS her off; she CAN get very, very VIOLENT. just try to find out what's on her mind and I'll take it from there. So I hear you and Gothra are an ITEM Serenity? Where did THAT come from? Care of indulge me on those details dear Servant?" Ben asked, now winking at his daughter Cotton. "Oh!!! Well, I see something IN him that I like. I know that I am much taller than he, but we get along very well; you know...bludgeoning, murder, kill people stuff; Graveyards, and Ramen Noodles. What else could a lady ask for? I think he's wonderful; and I will NOT tolerate him berating you either Master, isn't that RIGHT Cyrix?" She said, now smirking at him. Gothra shrugged his shoulders for now, as he mumbled under his breath, "Well, I guess being such an arrogant flippant is not the way that Blood Farmer is supposed to act. I should really make things up with the puff ball soon. ALRIGHT...fair enough.....I will watch my tongue from now on Benaires...." "You might be a bit ruthless Gothra, but you STILL have to answer to ME at the end of the day Spin-off...agreed? I might even give you an allowance this time if you act right." The sadistic Blood Farmer only nodded in agreement, thinking to himself yet again, "We used to play like children; why did I have to turn out to be such a pompous ass-hat?" Ben then closed the communication, now turning back to Myta for the introductions and all. "I understand that you have been by my ex-fiancée's side for many years and I admire that. I am asking that you take care of little Cotton for me, as I have many things to sort through back at the House of Magnus dear. Ben, do YOU understand what it is that I have to do dear?" Myta asked, now patting Cotton on the head. Cotton huffed and puffed at Ami, now sticking out her tongue at her and then giving her the middle finger. Ben was take his left hand and immediately thump his daughter on the forehead with his finger!! "Don't start that shit young lady!!! Do you hear me kiddo?" ben demanded. Cotton's nose began to bleed instantly as Myta was to hand her some towels from the nearby cart on the wall to clean herself up with. Cotton winced in fear, now ACTUALLY crying, then replied to her father, "As you wish Father, as you wish. I will behave myself; you have my word!!! Geez....I did not know that you could hit with SUCH a force to cause a blood vessel to break in my Nasal Cavity. I will obey father..." "Be lucky I didn't choose to put you over my knee; you got it Cotton?" ben replied, now taking the towel and placing compression on her nose, holding her head back. Myta waved her hand at Ben and Ami, now walking off, "Alright.....seems that we are in agreement. Cotton, you mind your father and Aunt Ami....do we understand each other? I'm going to eat and mingle........later...." ben giggled a bit, now laughing outloud!!! "Well, THAT was easy. Cotton, you are to train with Ami and listen to everything that she has to say; I don't want any of your childishness coming back to me about anything. Is that clear young DAICHON mix?" She nodded wholeheartedly, still wiping her face; she had never, EVER been disciplined before...Myta usually let her get away with her snobbish attitudes, but not Benaires!!! Ben then wiped her face for her, since her nose bleed had finally stopped. "Wipe those tears and calm down; I don't have time for your antics, you got that young DAICHON?" ben demanded again. Cotton was still wiping her face; she had never been HIT before by anyone. "I-I'm sorry...............I'll behave myself....You have my word." she replied, now sniffling and calming down quickly, letting out a huge sigh or sorts. "Good girl....It's okay....dad is here to HELP you, not to let you have your way; that's not how DAICHONS do things dear. Ami is going to help you get your MANNERS together if you're going to help us fight against Rembrandt. Now go on and find Borron to have something to drink; it will help you to relax..He is very easy to talk to when you get to know him; he is Ami's opposite Polar Genetic Twin. Vertical Pig will TELL me if you're having a flippant attitude with anyone here.....There is a nice Dress in the Kitchen storage room for you to wear. Have Luminous do something to your hair and take a hot shower. Have some FUN for once. We are going to go over the details of the break-in once I hear back from Xylex..." "Okay....I'll freshen up and join the festivities....I'll be over by the Holy Tomes Father....please excuse me." She replied, now trying to blush a bit. "Alright, now that that is settled, let's try to get that information from Dr. Phelps Ace. I'm sure that She will bounce back in no time. Let's go and see him then, shall we?" Ben asked, now offering his right arm to escort Ami over to where Phleps and the soldiers were mingling. There was Luminous, who was now helping Cotton, by taking measurements for the new dress to try on; Kintaro was busily demonstrating some of his old fighting styles to a small crowd; Vertical Pig was laughing with Orlouge Red about the old DAICHON wars and how Ami used to dash back and forth across the battle lines, beating the shit out of the competition with ease. He also mentioned how Researchers from ASCAB were there, gathering samples of blood and fur. Dr. Fowler was busily serving drinks, food and even had medical tools in her back pack, busily checking on pulse, heart rates and discussing her new Hospital Staff to everyone. Rebecca, Argon and Graymite were looking around at the HUGE Ballroom Dance Floor in awe; how did Ben have time to design this stuff anyways? Ephidrina was busily tending to his Wife, who finally showed up, along with Ben's only sister Psyvariar. She winked at her brother lovingly, then pointed to her cell phone. Abraxis was staring at a 47-foot tall Painting in the MAIN lobby of benaires, Ephidrina, Ami, Avus, Argon and Ben's Mother. It was something he ha painted only just a few months ago, as Argon always liked to pose for a Portrait. "When did the Master have time to paint THIS? Does anyone know? I'm curious.." She said, staring over to Lady VIT now. VIT walked over TO her and pointed at the date of the painting, "Benaires has ample time to do these kinds of things when he's not chasing US around and ordering this and that. He WAS in what humans call High School, and he did fairly well with his Art classes. Since he has almost unlimited CApital from his Father and Mother, I'm sure that this one is NOT the largest one that he's painted. There IS ONE inside of the ORIGINAL Grand Library and we can't seem to find. I'm sure that Lady Ami knows where it is, OR Orlouge Red." She then thought to HERSELF, "I wonder if he will pain a picture of ME someday...." Dr. Phelps was at a rather small table with two other guards, looking around in wonder; how could someone afford all of this to be jobless?
  2. This COULD be interesting; BUT with the Invectium Species....it could get very, very MORBID. I might submit someone in a few hours...let me DIG up a DATE!! LOL Benny
  3. "So, SHE is my sister then?" Borron asked, now blushing. he was hoping that his outfit was fit enough, since he hadn't had much time to rehearse how to address a female, besides the damned lab workers at the House of Magnus. "You don't KNOW her in the humanistic form DO you Master Borron?" said Lady VIT, who was wearing a very long, red dress. She had her hair draping down her back; she liked to keep things quite simple and not really complicated. Borron shook his head in denial, "N-no...this is my first time meeting her you know Lady VIT? Damned shame that I know who YOU are and I don't even know what Mr. Benaires LOOKS like. is that HIM over there? I've always seen him in his DAICHON form and not a human form. Oh...what should I DO?" Vit was to giggle a bit, now kneeling down to him, since she herself was quite the tall Voporal, "Listen M'lord, you just BE yourself, as it is quite a frustrating thought to NOT know everyone here. Once you get to know your sister, I'm sure that she will explain more things TO you so that you can better understand just what it is that you REALLY ARE!!! And Master Benaires is over there, drinking as usual. He's the teenager with the long red and black hair tied into a ponytail. I'll escort you over to your sister now. You should get along with her and get to KNOW her a little alright sweetheart? You have been among the humans before I can tell, so it should be no different than meeting someone new: I'm sure of it. Come with me then....." Said VIT< who was nodding to other guests as well. Vertical Pig was sitting with Kintaro, sipping on some Wine, laughing and carrying on about old times of the DAICHON Wars. Abraxis was hugged up with Graymite, sipping on some Ambrosia, now poking at her new friend Cotton. Cotton, however, seemed to abhor this entire thing: she wanted to work...she didn't see any point in some kind of festivity such as this one. "Why are we wasting time with this non-sense Father? We SHOULD be organizing an invasion of ASCAB as it was planned by the Chief long ago. Why are we here just drinking and eating for now? I do NOT understand your humanity right now?" Cotton protested, as she was trying to push Abraxis away from her in a funny way. "Don't shoot yourself in the foot kid. Everyone NEEDS this because there may be a few casualties along the way of solving this entire case dear. Do you understand? We cannot go into the House of Magnus half-cocked without running the risk of those bastards running off and leaving us clueless once again. Why don't you go and wait for your mother at the main doors then? You don't seem to be having a good time anyways Cotton." She nodded in agreement, not really smiling at all. She only shuffled her feet towards the main door to await her dear mother, all while Ben gleefully walked with Abraxis to go and greet Graymite, who was just arriving from the Sick Bay. Myta was finally there! She was smirking a bit as two other Living Circle members helped her out. She wore a very long dress with a train, not knowing how to set herself up for such an event. the Two Living Circle members would then help to remove the long train so that Myta could move around more freely. She spotted Ben; her love and protector, just not a good father with persistence overall. "You two put that away and find Lady Ami; we have some business to discuss."
  4. Bro, I ain't had Mashed potatoes in 20 years!!!! Sounds good!!! Have a great day!!! Benny
  5. What are YOU Cooking? OR are you ordering OUT because of WORKING? ME: 4 Butterball Turkeys (12-24 lbs each..no particular order..) 10 Pounds of Potato Salad Fresh, GARDEN -GROWN Collard, Kale and Turnip Greens W/ Turnip BOTTOMS (20 Pounds, cooked and RENDERED down already) Turkey Necks Turkey Tails Mac and Cheese Garlic Bread Smoked Ribs (6) Sweet Potato Pie (4) Gluten-Free Ice Cream. (I don't eat much dairy...I refuse to drink Cow's blood and SNOT) WHAT ARE YOU ALL MAKING? Im not eating NONE of this crap save for the Greens and Turkey Necks......I hardly eat and I HATE the poisons in our FOOD!!! ^_^ Please leave your Menu....OR if you have to work, what are you planning on ordering OUT? Benny
  6. Hello my Valucrians!!! (is that even a WORD? Let me know!!) In THIS Section, I will be posting "A Quick Look" at some of the sub-species of the DAICHONS. We have for discussion: 1. The Invectium Species. A. They are a sub-species of DAICHONS, created from the Corpses of the Manoha, who were CREATED from the dead Bodies of DAICHONS a very long time ago. While there is NO leader of this race, the most-appointed and knowledgeable member of the Invectium is Avus Insectium, a teenage powerhouse with arrogance and money issues due to IT being very, very violent and disobedient. IT ONLY obeys Benaires, the Future Prince of the DAICHON Race. All questions about them can be addressed here. Male Invectium are a NEUTRAL Sex, so while males are MALES, they are called an IT, since they are neither male NOR female at the same time. Females, though they have sex organs, are born STERILE, and it is very difficult for them to have children, save for TWO Invectium; Abraxis and her cousin Petera, who has a complete FUNCTIONING Reproductive System. How many of the Invectium ARE there actually? ASK ME!!! 2. Blood Farmers. A. They are another sub-species of DAICHONS through genetic manipulation and Gene Therapy (More notes on Gene Therapy coming soon) that have found a home with their genetic cousins, the DAICHONS, and this can be explained as well. They are basicall Vampires that have DAICHON Blood in them and have strange powers just LIKE DAICHONS in most cass studided from the House of Dordram. 3. The Vorporals. A. This information was destroyed in the great flood of 2002 at my house, so I don't have much information on the Vorporals, even though they go further back to Yahoo Chat in 1998. Ask me and I will give you what I know about them thus far. The leader of the Vorporals is Lady VIT, who is Ben's Great Aunt through Gene Therapy. 4. Mesathrims. A. Okay, I don't have much information on the Mesathrims, due to the notes being destroyed in the flood at my house, so if you ask me, I CAN give you some information on just who THEY ARE. They are Water-only creatures of DAICHONS, though being thought as a genetic manipulative species. I don't even know who the leader of the Mesathrims ARE anymore, but I can find more information should you need it. 5. Tulpa. (Scary Species) A. The Tulpa are very, very INTERESTING and very horrible. Their leader is Princess Serenity of the Tulpas. They are Dark-friendly creatures from another dimension, kinda like Shadow People. They HATE the Light and in order to see them, you have to be able to summon them through your vivid imagination. You have to imagine a creature that is horrifying for at least 17 days straight, with them on your mind. Sometimes, they heed your call, sometimes, they can come and fucking KILL you, should you not have DARKNESS on your mind at ALL times during this summoning. Ben was able to control his powers of Dark Terror to summon the entire race of 245, 000 Tulpa, with the ability to control and manipulate ALL of them. They now obey Prince Benaires, with the ability to flash in and out of reality upon the whim. A-1. Princess Serenity is the guard and LEADER of the Tupla race. She is over seven feet tall, and weighs about 271 pounds. She is an African-American through imagination, but to some she even appears as an Angel. She has bloody Talons that can rip through PAPER with accurate slicing. She is loyal, sweet, nice and very obedient to her master, Benaires. She studies modeling, and Tennis in the Human Realms. Her hair is always wet and it drags to the ground. She dresses very well and very cute for her age, assumed to be over 1.4 MILLION years old, according you the imagination, though she is JUST seventeen. Her skin is caramel, with lovely features on her figure. She CAN reproduce upon the whim and can perform daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, fishing, camping and other things...especially basketball. If you want to see Serenity, all that you have to do is the Summoning of 17 days, with your lights in that room very, very dim. Any other questions, put em UP and I will best explain as I can. benny Now GO!!! see if you can STUMP me on my knowledge!!!
  7. At about 9:20 or so, CST, I had actualy ASKED if a number of RP'er characters would stand a chance against my CHARACTER BENAIRES....so here I am, CRYING right now. IT IS 12:32 AM, CST, and I saw the replies on that chat engine..... I don't even have any WOrds, guys/ladies.............I really don't... I thought that everyone on here fucking HATED me and my CONCEPT about the DAICHONS................. I'm going to POST what I read really quick.......OKAY? I'm in so MANY TEARS right now...........THANK YOU my Valucrians!!! Desi, you ARE MY G-ball!! ROen, my old, and DEAR friend, Better the Devil you know, LOL!! I LOVE YOU ALL...that just MADE my night!!!!! I did NOT know that I was THOUGHT about THAT much.... THANK YOU ROEN my OLD friend!! princeben07 15 Nov 9:22 PM YOUR CHARACTER VERSUS BENNY!! princeben07 15 Nov 9:22 PM REAL TALK...VALUCRIANS!!! princeben07 15 Nov 9:22 PM Who would WIN??? princeben07 15 Nov 9:22 PM Roen...you're UP first. princeben07 15 Nov 9:23 PM REAL TALK. Tyler 15 Nov 9:26 PM What about FAKE TALK squid peanut 15 Nov 9:28 PM who's benny? supernal 15 Nov 9:49 PM What about false moves desolate milkshake 15 Nov 10:03 PM we're all benny Vilhardt 15 Nov 10:10 PM We are Benny. You are but one. Lacernella Rubra 15 Nov 10:26 PM One of us, one of us Roen 15 Nov 10:27 PM The sheer eldritch issuance of Benny would drive Roen catatonic. Vilhardt 15 Nov 10:50 PM Uugghh... Xmas music is so butt. Why must people start with holiday cheer so early? Roen 15 Nov 10:54 PM It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
  8. O_O Ben only sighed at first when Ami had asked him such an important question. WAS ASCAB the enemy? Yes and no..... "Well, I can't lie about this...ASCAB IS the enemy and yet they are NOT. Humans do such stupid things that you can't help but to pity them. I'm going to give you MY theory on what I think the old coot D'Thur is UP to. I don't think that he WANTS Abraxis to get better. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful for him training me on the art of Gorre', for it IS a very formidable Martial Arts Style...but, the question at hand is THIS; what ELSE could D'thur WANT with your brother? And, for that matter, IF the old coot is talking to Lady Abraxis inside of her Duality....then something ELSE is a foot. Think about this; what would YOU do if you did NOT have a physical body, but could very well penetrate a few select minds to siphon bits a pieces of leakage energy without the person even KNOW that their energy was being siphoned from them? Save up enough energy to MANIFEST one, and that's is what D'thur is UP to first off. I think that D'thur WANTS Rembrandt to come here. If YOU hated reality Ace, what would DO to get revenge on everyone that abandoned you, abused you and made fun of you? You let YEARS of this shit build up.....You don't just go and kill people...you don't just GO and blow up buildings...if you have Demi-god prowess AND powers to BOOT....do you know what you do? You get revenge on reality by EATING IT!!! I'll be honest with you...I don't give a flying ass about D'thur's agenda. If REMRANDT Steps through this Reality.....we can kiss the DAICHONS goodbye, DEFINETELY PHLEGATHON and D'thur HIMSELF will CEASE to exist. Everything that we have worked our ASSES OFF for will NOT EXIST!!! I don't know about you, but I like getting in trouble so you can come and bail me out...I LIKE drinking and converting people on Drunken dares!!! I don't mind arguing with Avus, or arguing with Gothra, or watching Ptera drool on my arm..and that is CREEEEEEEPY as FUUUCK!!! I know that I cause a ruckus, but I'm here, and I'm ready to trash things up at ASCAB. They might ACT like Angels in disguise, but something ELSE is going on and WE are going to SHUT their asses DOWN before they can gather up those Contaminants to send that crazy bitch in Space the Cosmic Energy that SHE needs to pull herself into THIS dimension. She GETS here, ASCAB WINS!!! They will have proven that all of those experiments on that poor DAICHON paid off in the end, even if it IS THEIR END!!! They will have proven that all of those experiments on OUR ENTIRE RACE was a successful steaming pile of SHIT!!! And on that note, we are going to have a big dinner and I can give you ALL the rest of the details and the information that I've gathered over the MANY years of dealing with this bullshit.....You want to be mad at someone? Blame Rembrandt......She's sending Contaminant Zero to the Earthian Realm SOMEWHERE in Virginia, and Vonoxia is on that particular situation. There are Military people monitoring anything changes in that energy field way out in deep space. Hell, even I can't get TO it. This has been going on WAAAY before you became one of us, and I'm almost to the point of beating the SHIT out of Thrax and that stupid Brood.....Oh...yeah....She is probably going to come after us as well. I'll let YOU handle HER. she's of no significance to me or OUR cause. I tried talking to her and she still will not listen; her and those MISERABLE sacks of Excrement called Broken Broods think that THEY are successors to my THRONE? Ain't they got some nerve Ace? hehehehe...seems that trying to CLONE DAICHONS is a regular thing among ASCAB Researchers and I hate it. Ask Kintaro if you don't believe me...why do you think he walks with a Cane now? They have poisonous Yellow drool that numbs the body if it contacts the skin, so be aware of that. Anyways, let's go inside and gather everyone up. Oh, ONE more thing before I open this door. Look, I love you with every fiber of my being, but I'm not sure how you feel about ME overall. Hell, you've got my Cousin drooling through his teeth plates over you and even Kintaro won't stop complimenting your fur colors. I just want you to think about THAT one too Ami. Hold on...." Ben said, now sending a mental message to Ami's other half Anai: "And would you PLEASE keep my personal LOVE LIFE out of your mouth you nosey neighbor..." Anai, you'd better NOT be going around spreading rumors again....cause if you do...I'll have you drawn and quartered dammit....now CUT that out!!! Geez...." I'll introduce everyone and we will have a nice dinner plus an open discussion on what our next move is going to BE. I sure hope Xylex is alright. He really gets confused about things.......Now come on ya Kill-joy, hehehehe!!!" Ben said with glee, now clasping his hand into hers gently. Ben was going through tons fo things, but he was always elated to see his Ace anytime. "Hey, you know what? Let's do a test spar to see if I still got the old 1-2 Knockout. I want to test a few of my Crests and to unlock the one that keeps making me itch. My change will be PAINFUL and gory, but I have to get back into training you know. I'm sure that you can oblige me on this one...Besides, we haven't sparred in almost nine years. Tonight my dear..you name it and I will do whatever it takes to get this situation solved and to SHUT DOWN those crazed LUNATICS at the House of Magnus. Dr. Blotch is going to be in for a rude awakening when we locate Thrax's body!!! WHOO_HOO!!!! It's going to be some FUN tomorrow!!! Let's go eat!!!" Dr. FOlwer had already set a very HUGE and long table, that was an astounding 45 feet LONG with the following: Chairs, decorations, snacks, Ambrosia of 4 different kinds, Bird Seed Galore, SEVEN LARGE Turkeys with all of the trimmings, Salads of 7 Kinds, 16 Beef Wellingtons, 10 Chickens, 50 pounds Veggies, Fruits, Salsa and dips, Two WHOLE DEER that were fully-cooked and served with fresh Dinner Rolls, Pork Loin Ala Carte, Fresh Snails, Crawfish, Lobsters, Cranberry Crepes with Mint Sauce, Oranges, Apples, Grapes, Water, Juices and even soft Classical Music playing over the Intercom. There were Servers, Waiters, even DAICHONS dressed in Royal Garb for all to see. There was a HUGE Ball-Room Style Dance Floor included!!! She busily fixed her ball room Dress, along with an Apron, since she was also going to be serving the food to everyone, even Dr. Phleps. "If this doesn't get everyone to discuss our next move for ASCAB, then I'm going to become a NUN!! I hope Ami will forgive me for blowing up at her. All of this is putting so much pressure on everyone that we don't even have any time to enjoy ourselves. Ben is losing his powers by the day, and I've got to see if Ami can help me locate his other selves before this mission gets too tough for even DAICHONS to handle. Alright.......EVERYONE get ready and open those doors for the guests!! be polite, be ROYAL, but best of all be DAICHONS!! Let's go....HOP TO IT PEOPLE!!!! Someone help Graymite with his new cloak please....thank you....."
  9. (OOC: SO NOW you're catching on huh? I TOLD you: I have twists and turns Ace!!! You never KNOW what I'm cooking up!! Very, very good indeed!!! ^_^ Buwahahahahahahah) The Adventures of Abraxis and Graymite, Sub-Chapters: Introducing Borron Kane Mizuno/ Introducing Cotton/ Argon Gets Her DAICHON Form/Ben Breaks Things Down Even Further/ Who IS Graymite??Argon Versus Ami Mizuno of DCN (This is going to get very, very Bloody) Borron followed his first SISTER as they headed out of the lower levels of the Facility. He was speechless as to how this wonderful creature was related to him!! He looked just LIKE her!! He did not say anything at first, being careful not to make waves with this introduction. Cotton sighed in relief; things were going to work out after all!! She took a deep breath, then stopped a Researcher, showing her WORK I.D. WTF??? "Tell Dr. Blotch that things are back under control and that repairs can begin immediately. I am off to do more investigations Michelle, alright?" Cotton spoke out to the female in the lab jacket. The Researcher nodded and began shuffling back down the damaged hallway, not noticing Cotton's long hair that almost dropped to the very floor. She then thought to herself, "So SHE is the one that D'Thur is trying to play head games with? This is going to get very interesting father. I may as well go and introduce myself then..." "What the hell is going ON in there Cotton?" Said a Voice from her radio that was attached to her hip. "Chief.........greetings to you. I can explain everything if you will just give me a chance.......you see...." She started, only to be cut off by the older voice on the radio. "Nevermind THAT..........where is Ami? Is she safe? Why won't she contact the Main Office if she needed more help? That young girl is going go crazy with all of this deception. We are TRYING to figure all of this out OURSELVES dammit!!! You get over to the Mansion and TELL Ami that the short old man is worried sick about her and for her to CALL the main Office immediately. Where is Benaires anyways? You'd better get a handle on the situation Cotton!! Understand me young lady?" *CLICK* Cotton sighed and rolled her eyes at the radio; why was SHE always getting in trouble for someone ELSE's fuck-ups? She then took another deep breath, allowing for the wow and Flutter of Space and Time to transport her to the front of the very large mansion. She had an actual Radio Flyer Wagon filled with boxes and trinkets of some kind to give away to everyone as an ice breaker. "Graymite you idiot; why do you have to DEFY my father in the first place? You KNOW he's not a people person!!! I need a bath!!! Okay Cotton, just be cordial." She then rang the doorbell, taking another deep breath again. One of the Soldiers from Dr. Phelps' entourage then opened it, smiling in the process. "Oh!!! We have yet another guest. Uhm...That's a Radio Flyer behind you. My name is Josh......Assistant Guard of Bio-Countermeasures of ASCAB Laboratories.. Come on in......" Said the Soldier. Cotton nodded, bringing in the Wagon that was filled with boxes and things of that sort. She was to hand the Soldier her jacket, now noticing Dr. Fowler heading towards the large door as well. "Thanks Josh; I was busily trying to patch Graymite up. Oh my, isn't SHE just a cutie? Hello there young lady....how can I help you?" She asked cheerfully. "Uhm, yes you may. My name is Cotton Silver Quela DAICHON-Johnson. I'm here to see my Father, Benaires Silver Alex DAICHON Johnson." She replied, now bowing in respect to Dr. Fowler. Stephanie took a few steps back, in awe. "You're...Ben's DAUGHTER? I-I-I- had absolutely no idea that my own patient had an offspring. Wonders never cease for me in this day and age. You're very pretty. Uhm, sure.....follow me this way Cotton....I'm Dr. Fowler. I'm the Chief DAICHON Cryptologist and the Physician of your Father Benaires dear. He has some serious health issues and none of my magicks can fix it, so I'm using good-old fashioned know-how to come up with a solution to his dilemma." Cotton was to follow along, now noticing the unique and intricate designs of the hallway floor and the many pictures of DAICHONS that were hanging on the walls as well. Cotton then spake out to Stephanie, "You're a Doctor? That is amazing and very impressive then. Are you one of us?" Dr. Fowler then replied back to her all while still admiring this young and very attractive female, "Yes, your father converted me on a dare many years ago and I've been chasing him around like a lost puppy...no offense intended of course." "I see. Oh dear...and for the Record none taken whatsoever Dr. Fowler. That sounds like something my father would do when he's drunk. Oh father......what is mother going to DO with you? This place is very big inside. Who is the designer? Someone has great taste...." "You can thank your dear father for this as well. I fell for him after a few drinks. I thought he was just bugging me, but when I woke up the next day while he was talking on a transceiver to someone, that's when I started to suspect that he wasn't playing around. Then when I first set foot in THIS place, I fainted at the sheer design of it: I KNEW that ben could paint, but an Architect as well? he never ceases to amaze me, eheheh. Well, for the guest capacity and sitting, there are over 29+ rooms and four Mini Libraries that contain so much history and knowledge of the DAICHONS that I can't read everything. Imagine having to remember the knowledge of 11.5 million years in just a few short months to the point that your nose bleeds from the vast information. I really DO care for him though; I hate him at the same time for dragging me INTO this mess, but I wouldn't have it any other way to be honest. Come on.....I'll show you the Bath House Cotton. You should relax; you're among good friends here, even IF everyone cannot completely see eye to eye, heheheheeh..." They were to run upon kintaro, Vertical Pig, Avixis and Benaires, who was talking to Blight for a few seconds. Then, Ben turned around, having very good hearing, only to see his daughter: The blend of science and DAICHON DNA. "Oh my goodness.......well HELLO there!!!" Ben said, now running over to his daughter and Dr. Fowler. Cotton blushed with glee; she rarely got a chance to see him!! "It's been 15 years Father. Well don't just stand there....say something!!!" She demanded. Ben came over to her and gave her a very long hug, not saying anything at first, then he only said to her, "Welcome home sweetheart!! It's about TIME!!! We have much to discuss with this entire situation alright?" Cotton cryed a little, but was otherwise happy that she could see him again. "Promise me you won't disappear again Father, and I will help you with anything that you need. Is that fair enough?" she replied, all while trying NOT to let him go. "Sure thing kid.....whatever it takes. Now....let me get a good look at you alright?" Ben said as he was to let go from the hug and just look her over for a few moments. Dr. Fowler stood there flabbergasted!! She just could not believe her own two eyes that Ben had a DAUGHTER!!! "You look just like your mother. How did you get my colors into your hair? They match my Dark Terror charging capability perfectly; what an honor. So you're almost 16 years old are you not? That's incredible. You've grown into a very pretty young lady kid. How is your mother doing these days?"- "Mother is actually on her way here. I am hoping that you two can have dinner with everyone whom I have MET here and you can further explain what is about to transpire Father. She said that she had to make a few stops and that you would fully understand. It's a bit too late for that Dr. Fowler. Your thoughts are almost too easy to read. YOU wanted to produce Father's first offspring, and I understand that, but...." Cotton began, only to have the good Doctor cover Cotton's mouth in embarrassment. "H-H-hey.....!!!! That's.....p-p-personal. Can't a girl have her OWN thoughts you brat? Geez....." She asked while blushing nervously. Ben's eyes bucked wide open as he laughed out loud, "Y-heheheheh: hahahah You think I'd actually marry an old bag like YOU doc? You're too hilarious!!!!" Stephanie pouted as she still held Cotton's mouth shut, "Oh....shush Ben.........A girl can dream can't she? Why are you so insensitive??? Hmmpph...." She then stormed off, still pouting and angry. "Don't go away mad Doc, just die already!!! hahahahahaha....what a moment!!! I love you Doc......hehehehe...!!!" Dr. fowler then threw her middle finger up at ben!!! "Screw you ya walking fur coat!!" Abraxis was still in the bath, along with Blight, Kintaro, Vertical Pig and Avixis, who was smiling and humming to herself before she noticed the bright-haired youth hugging on Benaires. "Whoa, hey nephew, bring your friend over...she seems to be quite attached to you." Ben was now holding his daughter's hand as they both were to walk over to the Bath where a few of the others were simply relaxing at. "Everyone, I want you all to meet my Daughter, Cotton. That is Lady Abraxis, Kintaro, Lady Avixis and the most mis-understood relative of the DAICHON Empire Vertical Pig of the Vorporals." "Master, I had no idea that you had any offspring to begin with. She is a very pretty young lady indeed." Kintaro chirped out, nodding his head in respect. Lady Abraxis suddenly began to rise up from the hot water, naked body in all, only to start stepping out of the soothing water to further examine Cotton. She had captivated Abraxis' attention instantly. "Uhm, father....what is she? I do not...." Cotton began out, as Abraxis touched her face with her wet hands, now seemingly adoring her. "Oh don't worry about Abraxis kid; she's examining you. If she hasn't tried to choke you YET, that means that she's taken an interest in you. Say hello to her Cotton; she wants to be your friend." "Uhm...............H-Hello Lady Abraxis.....my name is Cotton......I'm......uhm...pleased to make your acquaintance? Father, this is very disturbing..." "You smell of Anti-matter. Can we be friends? I don't like people in general, but you smell like the Master. Can we be friends Cotton?" Said the telepathic voice that seemingly boomed through the Bath Area. Cotton was to put on a fake smile just to stop Abraxis from touching her face with wet hands. "Yes!!! I'd like that Abraxis..very much....uhm, you should really put some clothes on if you're done bathing....." "Come sit in the bath with me friend!!! Please!!! Come onnnnnn...." Abraxis demanded, now pulling on Cotton impatiently. Cotton was turning a bit red; she wasn't even disrobed yet, and was being pulled into the hot bath by this special head case of an Invectium. She got her into the hot water, with Kintaro and Avixis just giggling among themselves!!! "Can I at least get undressed first Abraxis......hehehehehehehehehehehe!!! Father, you surely have some very strange friends.... Can you get me a towel and something to change into please? I've a feeling she is going to KEEP me here until SHE is read to get out." "Lady Luminous is already on her way with fresh everything for the both of you alright? You all enjoy yourselves; with big Kintaro here, I DOUBT that anyone is stupid enough to come in here and bother you all. I'll see you later kid." "Okay father.......A-A-Abraxis....you do not have to examine my breasts...they are quite natural....and you don't have to touch me down there; everything works as it should....oh dear...what kind of a person did I just befriend? hehehe...okay Abraxis..you don't have to tickle me...heheh...now cut it out please.....Let's just s-s-sit down, heheheh...oh cut it out...!!!" A Short Conversation with the Ace: (Sub chapter) Ben already knew that Ami didn't like being around many a people, and that the Moon was full and out on a fine night such as this one. He would find Ami outside of the mansion, simply staring at the brightness of the Moon itself. He cleared his throat, only to walk over to where she was sitting. "We don't get much time together by ourselves to look at the moon anymore, do we?" Ben asked. "Look, change into your human form and let's just talk a bit...no one else alright? I'll even put a nice Blanket out on this grass for us...hold on..." He said, now summoning a Dark Terror Rift that swirled brightly. He pulled out a rather large and fluffy blanket of sorts, allowing for his Kinetic powers to unfold it and place it underneath a tree. Ben walked over to the Tree and sat down, now offering his hand for Ami to come and sit with him; just two friends outside having some quiet time together. Once Ami would probably sit down WITH ben, he would gently wrap his arms around her waist and pull his Ace closer TO him, now just giggling some. "This is going to be QUITE a talking with Ami, so just hear me out okay? Im always getting in trouble for the DAICHON name, but I want to explain how my Life USED to be during that time I was missing for months on and off if you're willing to hear me out though. Without YOU....I don't know where I'd be...I know that there have been people that have come and gone in my life, but YOU are always there...either chasing me around cause I don't want a bath, or you and Spriggan chasing me in a large field because I don't want to wear any clothes...hehehe.... Ahhh...where can I begin? Let's see......How I met Lady Myta...........Okay...I'll start like this.... We met up in the House of Magnus many, many years ago. I was still being searched for by my entire race, and my Mother, whom you already know of, was still trying to put the pieces together on simply just WHY I had been kidnapped in the first place. I wasn't in this Human form either; all half of ton of me had been shot, numbed and transported to some secret location on the outskirts of some City. I don't even know the name of the City anymore. Once the experiments began, I was so drugged up that I couldn't even beg for them to stop poking me, prodding me, sticking things in my butt, and tons of other stuff I'd rather not describe that could ruin our appetite. Then ONE fateful day, that's when I SAW her; she was radiant!!! She was traveling with another group of teenagers called the Living Circle. Stevenson was there too, as he was busily trying to get me to HIS section of his research facility to set me free. I cried and slept most of the time; I was too weak to do anything. I didn't even bother to eat the stupid food that they thought I could eat. I vomited up everything they fed me, SAVE for Strawberries. Lady Myta was FINALLY allowed to come and see me one day; they thought that I would tear her limb from limb since I did not like anyone that was in the facility. I wanted to go back home; back to my mom and dad. She broke my walls and started to visit me every other day. I began to warm up to her; and though I couldn't speak verbally; she understood my gestures my expressions and everything. It's like she could read me before I could even think of what to do to let her know what I wanted. After a few weeks, they allowed for her to take me out of the chamber for a few hours at a time. I started to gain weight though, as my size or evolution began to speed up. She knew what to feed me so that I could get my strength back. They had pumped me full of so many drugs that I was drunk most of the time or high off my ass. Then something happened; I got tired of that large body and something triggered inside of me. I ended up changing into a human form. I had a plethora of scientific formulas and math tattooed to my body in various places. They were glowing odd colors, but It had something to do with the experiments that the researchers had done on me all those years ago. Myta and I spent more time together, as we planned on making our escape. Stevenson had finally gotten a permit to take me to HIS Research Facility!!! I was happy that I was not being poked on as much; they couldn't even get my blood samples. Myta was given permission to do out-patient Therapy, along with many other members of the Living Circle. That's when things got out of control though. Dr. Blight did NOT want me to leave, so he gave me a shot of something that triggered a very bad reaction within my body. We now know it as that Black crap N.H.R02 or "Black Lakes." I HATE that stuff. You know, no one has been able to get even a MINUTE SAMPLE of that stuff to analyze it; not even Dr. Stevenson. Well, anyways Ace, I changed BACK into the DAICHON form, angry, and violent. I trashed many parts of the facility, without even knowing why I was angry in the first place. Myta tried to calm me down, but I just pushed her out of the way. That's when she hit me...she punched me with so much force that I thought was going to shit myself. I tumbled over and that's when guards came with needles, restraints and the like to get me back into that stupid containment chamber that I hated so much!!! I cried for Myta; I screamed, I clawed for her, but they had taken her to another section of the facility. I cried for weeks; I was in total isolation; bonded in chains, drugged up and GET THIS: they even put a MUZZLE on me!! A MUZZLE!!! Talk about embarrassing!!! I was powerless to do anything about it. I couldn't even use my antennae to scan for anything. My tails were clamped in heavy chains; my arms and legs were chained down in large clamps that seemed to weigh more than I DID!!! I was fed with two large I.V's to keep me from dehydrating. I felt hopeless and was ready to give up, but I had to see her again; I wanted to apologize for not listening to her when she was one of the VERY FEW people that understood me. Then I hear alarms go off in the distance; there was a friend of mines, Ryusei, whom I used to spar with from time to time, who was there in the lab. He had ID Cards and weapons with him. He jumped on TOP of my Chamber and unlocked everything. He actually SET ME FREE!! I used my powers to get those chains and locks off of me without hesitation. Ryusei waved, then pointed at the main console, then left without a single trace. I smashed the Console and began my exit strategy. Myta was on the upper balcony fighting with guards, so I sped up to help her without question. I basically man-handled the lot of them, now enjoying my abilities that were now coming back to me slowly. Myta hopped on my back, along with Dr. Stevenson. We made our way to the main elevators and got on them. We were on our way OUT of the House of Magnus. When we got to the surface, we all said our goodbyes and promised to meet back up soon. I was re-united with my parents and YOU at that time, as you lectured me often about getting into trouble. Myta and I tried to re-kindle that magic that we had back in the House of Magnus, but things were too bitter for the both of us. I was Royalty and had obligations; she was on the run from ASCAB Laboratories and did not want to see me back in that stupid Facility again. Years pass...…..and I get this message from my old friend Vixxenne, who is always around looking for clues to my existence and things like that. He spoke of meeting Myta back at Third World Enterprises, and wanted help in locating me. When I found out that Myta had given birth to a little girl, I was so confused that I begged for her to meet up with me, but she declined to do as such, as she was still hiding out from those Researchers. Goudiz 1 and Vixxenne made it their business for the both of us to finally meet, since Daniel was always on assignments for Third World. I contacted Myta, and she told me where to meet up with Cotton at. The rest is as you see here...." Cotton came to be quite the power house. She can manipulate Space, time, and many other things that I can't even train on YET. The doesn't need Crests to use the powers of the Circle of Wandering; there are 209 crests EMBEDDED in her RETINAS. I'm only able to use about 12 at MAX, but SHE has broken the limit, which is about 27 or so. The rest are inside of the Forbidden Tomes; I can see why Dr. Fowler is so anal about people using those TWO books. Myta must've shown her all of my tapes while I was being tested on at the House Of Magnus. I want you to understand that there is much, MUCH more to me than even what that old COOT D'Thur knows, and I haven't told a single SOUL except for AVUS. What I want from you is to trust me and believe that things are going to get much more serious with the Kingdom as the Rembrandt Project is STILL running unbeknownst to humans. I still have problems of my own that I STILL haven't told you completely about. Can we just sit for awhile and look at the Moon please? I don't even remember the LAST time I actually HUGGED with you in peace...." Borron Meets Avus Ami had left poor Borron at the mansion without even telling him what was going on; however, Barron was not one without the intuition to not listen to someone that was related to him. Who was this Avus person? He decided to shift into his humanistic form, as he had been practicing this many years ago. He was now standing a mere five feet and ten inches tall, with long, Crimson-Red hair tied into a ponytail. He had already shifted some clothes to wear, thanks to Lady Cotton teaching a little bit about how to manipulate Time and Space, but only on a rookie level. He slipped on some jeans, a nice tee-shirt that was a bit loose and had a left pocket on it, along with some sneakers that were brand new. He already had an Earthian Wallet full of identification, Credit Cards and things like that, so he could blend in with society with ease. He stood by the main hallway, now adoring the designs of the floors and the like, stepping forward a little. "Mister Benaires must have a financial plan to be able to afford all of this stuff. Look at those carvings in the walls and in the floors. The Tapestry must have cost a fortune. Incredible indeed." "It is all custom if you are asking......You do not seem to give off an evil signature...how is it that I can help you?" Said Avus, who was with Ptera for now. "Yes, I was looking for Avus. My sister Ami....sent me to...." he started, but was quickly interrupted by Avus. "Borron Mizuno I assume......Ami's half-brother, as created by ASCAB Laboratories I presume then? Well, she sent you to the right person for sure. This person that is standing next to me is my cousin Ptera Invectium, age assumed to be 17-24, as we Invectium don't age very quickly nor do we age slowly. You can follow me, as Benaires and your sister are having a discussion about things that do not concern ME for that matter. Come hither..."
  10. Enter Cotton Silver Quela DAICHON: Burn Phenomenon/Dark Terror Manipulation: Ben's DAUGHTER!!! Her motor bike hummed along quietly as she was to get news of an incident inside ASCAB Laboratories; some kind of a Demon Hound was tearing through the upper levels: great!!! "Why does father have wreckless and useless scraps of excrement roaming about the halls of the ASCAB Company? She is going to ruin everything that I have worked so hard to get close to. Guess I will have to go and tell her to heel then. Father, you really know how to pick them!!!" She screeched to a complete halt, now taking a deep breath. With a wow and flutter of the very Fabric of Space and Time, Cotton would be right in the running path of where Ami was heading next, letting out a sigh. Ami would then pick up a very shrieking voice in side of her head: "You are going to CALM down or I will be forced to bring you to within an inch of your life puppy. Think wisely about this; you are scaring the living daylights out of the workers that still have jobs here to do. If you do not calm down, then I will tell father that you will be missed. Cease and desist as of this moment; You elder people never take a methodical way of handling things. Did you not value the lives of the people that are scattered throughout this entire facility? I think not.....and that is going to cost you. This is the very first and last time that I am going to warn you Ami........don't think that you are the ONLY user of the Crests; I know abilities that you can't even begin to FATHOM. Stop and think; ASCAB is doing this to manipulate everyone's emotional status. DO NOT fall for the trickery. Last warning....." Doctor Blotch was on his cell phone talking to the President of ASCAB while people were scurrying and trying to assess the great damage Ami had already caused on the floor above. "Yes, she is after BR04CJX9...Project Borron ma'am." President Of ASCAB: "Very well....I will contact the Containment Chamber room and release him so that we can put a stop to all of this!! I do not want to pay for TOOO much damage to the lower levels of this facility; my share holders would shit bricks. Fix this problem of yours Blotch, or I will have YOU fixed!!" *Click* Awakening A Sleeping Giant: Borron Kane Mizuno, Aged 124 Acceleration A large clicking sound would be heard from a huge containment chamber in some room on the lower levels. Lights in the room were now turned on fully. Fluid drained from a large chamber, along with an on-board computer, now powering up fully as well. The creature, who looked to be about seven feet and some change in height, with bright Red and White furry markings all over his body was to finally open its eyes, checking for the surroundings. It was to kick at the Chamber door once, forcing it to open up vertically, as slime and water spilled from the bottom of the unit itself. The Body was to fall to the floor of the room, splattering some, but it was otherwise alive. It rose to its feet, now shaking off the excess fluids, stretching out to hear bones crack and a gurgling sound from his voice box; he hadn't talked in years. Ears of four were a bit droopy, so he knew they probably needed clipping and trimming and the like, but he seemed to be in one piece thus far. He could smell the clean and purified air of the containment room, beeping from various computer consoles, and staff members walking past him like nothing ever happened. One Researcher came up to him and flashed a light into his eyes as another researcher was writing down various things, not saying a single word, only nodding in satisfaction. Another Researcher typed in something on a keypad next to a large Hydraulic Door, making it unlock and open up fully. She then tilted her head from Borron and over to the door signaling for him to leave out. He hesitated at first, thinking that it was some sort of trick, but as he began to take in his surroundings even more, he began to feel safe, knowing that no one in this room was going to cause any harm to him. Another Researcher walked up to him with some sort of weird device, waving it around his neck area, smiling some. "Your half-sister is causing a shit storm up there somewhere. Go and say hello to her will ya please? Or should I say Borron Kane Mizuno then? Go on...I'll get this AKM-12 color off of you. I'm not going to hurt you young puppy. If you see Benaires, tell him that Dr. Stonischwa sends her greetings from many years ago, do you understand young puppy?" "S-Sure.....Yes I think so." Borron Replied barely though; he had to get his bearings back together quickly and his voice would get stronger eventually. "Whatever you do...do NOT let your sister fight Cotton!! Do you understand me young puppy?" Dr. Stone said in a commanding voice almost. Borron raised his hackles, but he listened to her. "C-C-Cotton........as in Lady MYTA's DAUGHTER Cotton? She is HERE???? Oh no...........................They are going to try to KILL each other!!!!!! I'd better get going or it's going to be a blood bath!!! Get me a Tracking Beacon Doc!!" "Here ya go young puppy. If you need further assistance just use your antenna to press the call button on your ear ring alright? We can't leave from here, but we CAN send you more help. Show him the chambers Steve....." Dr. Stone demanded. Steve was to press a few codes on a remote and the East wall of the room would descend into the floor, revealing hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of DAICHONS still in Stasis; each one with a specific name and Project Number. "Preserving your kind is of the utmost importance Borron. Please go and stop them from fighting. We can cover up on our end. YOU do what you have to do. We will be monitoring you from here okay? Now get going young puppy!!" He nodded, now taking off right out of the door and made a left to the elevators. How did he know where the elevators were in the first place? Researchers moved out of the way as the large Service Elevator doors opened, allowing for Borron to slide right into the Cab. Two Researchers smiled at him, now pressing the buttons for the floor that Ami was on right AT that moment; 12-4 South District. "Sister.....I don't know who you are, but I can hear your calling to me.....just don't get yourself KILLED. Master Cotton is not a PEOPLE person....dammit Mr. Benaires.....who IS this girl?" Abraxis, in the meanwhile, was having a nice hot bath talking to Benaires, Rebecca and even Blight...another DAICHON that was always on patrol duty. She was busily brushing Abraxis' hair and humming something soothing to her. Ben was hanging upside down from the ceiling of the bath House in deep thought; trying to make sense of this entire situation. "Hmmm....the thing that gets me is; why in the hell would they want to duplicate a failed experiment for the third time? Let's be serious here.They need to get a clue that all things can't be done, even with all of the money in the world. I don't understand simply WHY they have to bother such a wonderful young lady. Any ideas Benaires?" Ben would then flip downwards toward the floor of the Bath House and shake his head, then replying to Blight, "Who knows? With all of the advances in Technology, it's no wonder why ASCAB is seeking immortality to the point of experimenting on DAICHONS. It's inevitable; we tend to lose ourselves in our own abilities and our own wonders. No wonder why I spent so much time in that stupid Containment Chamber. Ami, I hope you know what you're doing Ace...I sense trouble coming and it isn't Thrax....."
  11. "I-I -I Could never leave my Gray...never....I just...c-can't...." She replied, now sobbing and falling to her knees!!! Graymite held her hand as he got down by her side to hug on her to try to boost her confidence. He stared over to Ami angrily. "Why don't you go and find a way into the lab Miss Ami: you are obviously not doing her ANY good by being here Ma'am." "Great...now we just made the poor girl upset again...geez...this is harder than I thought....Why don't we all take a break for now; obviously there is too much confusion going on in here. Dr. Phelps...WE have more talking to do, understand?" ben chirped out in such a manner of confusion and wonder. Avus only sighed a bit, now replying to Ami, "I am of the great words to comfort even the savages in my time. I also have destructive urges and yet, I've calmed down over these past five years or so my dear. It would take a very, very long time to elaborate on simply why I adore you lady Ami. Perhaps after all of this has been cleared up, we can discuss it over dinner or something or perhaps a nice midnight stroll then. You have my word that I shall explain everything in due time." Argon had finally gotten dressed and walked into the room, now just tying up her hair, only to see Abraxis in distress. She ran over to help Graymite, now staring at Ami as well; " You know, for a DAICHON, you sure are an idiot. Go and find something to do. WE have a hold on this situation. Ben, tell her to leave.....she's not helping in this matter at ALL. Why doesn't she just go help Lord Xylex out and find out more information or something. If it's not HER being a pompous tart, it's Dr. Fowler....Abraxis is enough to handle as it IS." Avus then turned towards Argon, smirking in an evil manner. "I will NOT have anyone disrespecting Lady Ami Argon!! KNOW YOUR PLACE wench!!!" Ben shook his head; REALLY? They are doing this RIGHT NOW? "Avus, that's enough!!! Argon, watch your attitude, you hear?" Argon scoffed in surprise. "I am NOT holding my tongue for this sanctioned nimrod of a woman, or Mongrel, or whatever the fuck you want to call her!!!" Serenity then sped over to Argon, her wet talons now to her throat!!! "Do NOT speak back to the Master with such foul manners Argon. you WATCH your mouth!!" Ben waved to Serenity calmly though, "Serenity, stand down; I start the fights in here remember? Argon, take a walk and go cool down; this is not the time to start getting angry over miniscule bullshit. Graymite, you watch your tone; I didn't teach you to be a blabbering simpleton." Argon stepped away from Serenity, now storming out of the room, but not before looking at Ami in disgust. She then said under her breath, "Cunt!" Graymite was to immediately quiet himself!!! Abraxis then stood back up, not saying anything either; she KNEW when Ben was fed up with something. Gothra smirked a little: things were NOT as they seemed to him first off. Serenity was to gather her purse and wave at her Master as her and Gothra began to head out to the House of Dordram. "Well Master, we're off to gather more Intel as you requested. Come Cyrix; we are wasting time by just standing here. The sooner we can get this young lady closer to answers, the better." "Yeah.....sure...just be careful alright? The News media will make a field day out of this if any of this leaks out..." "I'm going to take Abraxis to the public baths so she can relax. Master, DO something about HER or I WILL....come on M' lady..." Graymite said outloud, now HISSING at Ami. Ben shook his head in disbelief: really? Avixis, two Security guards and Luminous would also follow Graymite as well. "Alright........that's it!!!" Ben would take one single step, and then be in front of Graymite. He pulled back both arms and then would push with double open-palmed fists right into the chest of Graymite!! The force of the blow contacted instantly, making Graymite fly back 37 feet and slam into the wall of the room, placing a dent into it, making the room shake!! Abraxis didn't move a single inch!!! She was TERRIFIED!!!! She had never, EVER seen Ben lose his cool before!! Everyone stood by in total AWE!!! Noone dared to even take another STEP. Ben then walked over to Graymite, as he was throwing up blood, "Don't you ever......EVER...in your EXTENDED LIFE....EVER BITE the hand that FEEDS you. DO I make myself clear Jones?" Graymite gave Ben a thumbs up though he was still coughing up blood. Ben then dropped him to the floor, turning towards Avixis, Luminous and even his own father Ephidrina. "Take to him to get treatment Luminous. Take Avixis and my dad WITH you. That's an order!!" Luminous shuffled her pads over to Graymite, along with Avixis and Ephidrina to help Graymite to Recovery 1-E, for which Dr. Fowler would be waiting patiently. She could move from place to place without effort. "When are they ever going to learn that my son is not a people person?" Said Ephidrina. Avus then walked over to Ami, shaking ITS head. Avus KNEW how pissed ben could get if pushed or disrespected. "Is Graymite TRYING to sign his death certificate? That was very disrespectful, was it not Lady Ami? I will bludgeon ANYONE that slanders your honorable name my dear. We should go for a walk until this matter cools down." Ben then turned to Abraxis, "Come on Abraxis, I'll give you a hot bath so you can relax alright sweetheart? Gray will be fine. Phelps, you go with Lady Orlouge so she can give you a tour of the Mini Great Library. We still are NOT done with our questions. Everyone take a break for now; the tension is too high and I'm pissed off anyways...." "Yes my Master. Whatever you think is best. I want Ice cream; can I eat Ice cream in the bath Master?" "Abraxis, you can reach out to Dead Pulsars in Space; of COURSE you can. Anything you want dear alright? Just keep calm and everything will work itself out somehow, ok? I'm going to fix you; I PROMISE!! Off to the bath house!!!" "OOOOOKKKK!!!!" She exclaimed while smirking.
  12. O_O "Yep.....seems that all of those past moments dawn on me Abraxis...Ami has always kept my furry butt out of trouble, no matter how deep I got into it in protecting the DAICHON name. You should nibble on something to keep your strength up okay?" Ben suggested, noticing Ami was very close to her. Abraxis had listened up to this point, but felt irritated; Graymite HAD to be there, or she'd go insane!!! She was to whisper something unintelligible, and then poof!!! She was gone from Ami's warm embrace and over to where Graymite was, her arms clasped around his waist. "Sorry...I cannot be too far away from my Conduit, or I'll go crazy. Nothing personal Ami; that's my mentality." Ben was still a bit puzzled about that; why was Abraxis so clingy TO Graymite in the first place? "Uhm, yeah Ami.....in a minute, but I'm more interested in this problem; don't you guys SENSE that? Or is that just ME? Abraxis, could you just stand still while I examine you sweetheart?" Ben asked in a very gentle manner, now walking over to Abraxis and Graymite. Graymite stepped away, still HOLDING Abraxis' left hand for comfort. Doesn't this shit seem WEIRD to even YOU, the READER of how attached Abraxis IS to Lord Graymite? O_O Ben then placed his hand over Abraxis' head, just like his father Ephidrina DID previously. He was sure not to TOUCH her PHYSIICALLY though. A warm glow of pink, blue and purple hues could be seen emanating from Benaires' body, slowly creeping over to Abraxis and Graymite as well. What was Ben doing this time? he was trying to finally get a reading on her MIND as it could not be done forcefully before. Ben then said to her in a loving manner, "Please do not get upset sweetheart: I'm not going to invade anything: I need you to be as calm as possible; its BENAIRES, your MASTER talking to you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME YOUNG LADY?" Abraxis nodded quickly, remaining patient!! "Yes, My Master; whatever you think is best Sire. I will obey. Please be gentle sire, alright?" She asked nervously, trying not to Urinate on herself. Graymite would squeeze his Charge's hand a bit tighter, now chirping out to her, "Don't piss yourself M'lady; the Master knows what he is doing alright dear?" "Hmmm......I"ve always wondered about that Abraxis....WHY does it hurt you SO much? What does it FEEL like inside? Can you tell me a bit sweetheart?" Ben asked, as Vertical Pig was now still holding her plate of food in wonder as to how she could teleport THAT fast without using any Mana. "Well, uhm, it feels like a tightening in my chest area, and I get nauseated...almost drunken sick.....I don't know how ELSE to describe it, but once I experience that, If I don't find my Graymite, I lose my temper.....I"ve done this since I was eight years old...when we first MET, I took to him like a fly does rotten meat. I don't know if that sounds disgusting, but I cannot describe it any other way Master....sorry if it does not help you all....." "Hmmm........Okay, let me ask you something then Abraxis......WHO do you TRUST in this room, as of RIGHT NOW? Can you tell me THAT then sweetheart?" She then took Graymite by his right hand and began to walk around the room to point brightly at the people that she would thereby describe as being "Trustworthy" In HER eyes. "Uhm, sure thing My Master......let's see........Uhm.....Lady Avixis......SHE is Avus' Biological Mother, so I can't sense any evil intent about her, though I just met her a while ago. She doesn't SEEM to have any kind of evil intent to harm me or anything...so I GUESS she is okay for now. She has the coolest Purple hair as well, so that's kinda neato!! Let's see.........Dr. Phelps......well, if HE was there for the experiments on Benaires, then I definitely am keeping close vigil over THIS one...he doesn't seem to have any evil intent; it's like he's being FORCED to do something against his will....strange...that's what I gather from him. Uhm....Avus.....Oh!! My DEAR Cousin Avus........I LOVE him...He looked out for me when those awful girls at the educational facility started picking on me. IT is always feeding me, making sure that I get enough rest and will sit and drink that Ambrosia stuff with me in ITS own bedroom and that's kinda cool. IT is always talking about how IT is going to KILL people that keep bothering me, but I know that Graymite will NOT let him DO anything like that. We ALL have to work together to try to solve this problem of mines, but I trust that Avus will remain completely loyal to me as IT hates my bothering IT a lot.................." Avus then interrupted, "No.....that is NOT true dear cousin. I will be here for you until the end of days. You KNOW that We, as the Invectium Race are very few in numbers, so I really enjoy in helping to tend to your needs. I would not let anyone bring you to harm. I'll bludgeon them to death should they come within inches of you. Please be at ease as you have my complete loyalty cousin of mines...Please dear cousin...do not ever think like that. I know that I might come off as brash and rustic in my language skills, but I can assure you that I am completely loyal to the Invectium cause of finding our master. Or...as long as Benaires allows for that to transpire of COURSE you know....can't count my dear COUSIN out of this entire ordeal!!!! Or lady Ami......her beauty is beyond words and tales of someone having HINTS of discrepancies of beauty you know. But...as you were Lady Abraxis...I digress...." Avus said, now winking at Ami lovingly!!!! Avus, you CAD!!!! "Yes, yes......Ami is truly a treasure to us all....Now who else is on the chopping block? Uhm.....Lady Argon...I know she is bathing right now, but I think she is a wonderful gung-ho type of chick!!! She loves to drink that ambrosia stuff though. Since she IS my NEW Conduit, I trust that she will do her best to help in taking care of me. Moving along...now.....uhm...AH, okay...Princess Serenity.......she is such a beautiful behemoth!! Her graceful respect knows no boundaries. I was associating with another Tulpa, named Ganthronecx quite some time ago, and HE is very weird indeed. I hope he is doing okay. Wow, it's been years since I've seen him. He used to visit me when I was in that cursed Asylum in the darkness. His wet and stringy-ass hair; those dripping-wet talons.....he always gave me a good scare. Those were the days. How I miss him...." "Ah.............I see that you know my brother Ganthronecx then. I shall tell him that you said hell the next time that I return to Darkness Lady Abraxis. Fair enough?" "Well that would be nice. Let's continue...uham...Kintaro, Vertical Pig and the one named VIT......Kintaro seems to be quite loyal to YOU Master, so I know that he is trustworthy. Vertical Pig.....an old Vorporal with tendencies of miswording basically everything from the beginning to end of a sentence....One of the most misunderstood Vorporals of the Clan, and yet, a secret power house with that jug of Wine on his hip. You're okay to me Pig. Yet...no one knows WHY you are called that name of Vertical Pig either. Former King Ephidrina: You are the mighty Benaires' father; former ruler over the DAICHON Empire. You have re-kindled your flame with your loving Wife, who is also my Aunt. You try to stay out of your son's business, assuming that both he and Lady Ami can handle anything that comes their way. But with Lady Ami always on patrol and handling other things, that kind of leaves Master Ben on his own to handle other matters, and I quite understand that you would like to help even more, but since Master's Mother drinks heavily, it puts even the MIGHTY Ephidrina in a tough spot. I'm glad that you came to help me out in this delicate situation. Orlogue Red; an old soul who is also on the Council of Elders; you are staying in your place by helping Lady Ami out in the Grand Library, trying to teach her even MORE spells and tricks I see. That is great!!!" Orlouge would only snicker a little, now winking at Ami in excitement. She would then send a mental message directly to Ami's mind; "I'm sure that you detected the OLD one D'Thur did you not Ami? This is going to be quite the exciting adventure; and even with his former Majesty here, I'm sure that we will find a solution for all of this. And you be sure to pay attention around here; there are spells and Magic that you haven't even TOUCHED on as of yet. Dr. Fowler has turned this place into a Safehaven of Mystery, Magic and Wonder kid. Stick with this old gal okay?" "Hey question Abraxis...if all of the girls here wanted to go to an all-girl bathing house, would you GO? Think carefully sweetheart, okay?" "NO!!! Not without my Gray. Master, you KNOW the rules; if they CATCH me alone without my Conduit, I can get locked BACK UP!!! WHY would you even ask me something like that?" "Hey, now don't you sass ME young lady!! you watch your tongue when you speak to me, understand? You don't have to get so upset you know. I am TRYING to get some information out of you and YOU keep raising this same old rhetoric. Now calm down for a minute will you?" "Oh...No-No..My Master...I wasn't trying to be.....uhm....but you DO know the rules...what are you trying to GET at Master? I do not understand what you are talking about. Im sorry...." Ben then walked over to Abraxis, patting her on the shoulder, shaking his head; "Hmm....Now I understand what it is; it's some kind of a rhetorical mental block. Hmmmm...Abraxis, come here without Graymite, Command 224-D119-R please...." Ben ordered out, while moving onto his old Dr. Stone Conclusions. "D-119 Command ACCEPTED Master..........Heading YOUR way without the Conduit GR-24XPPXJ17....... Confirmed......" She responded. Abraxis would slide away from Graymite with EASE, walking without looking behind her back in consciousness to see who was trying to ATTACK Graymite, who was her love... She would EASILY slide under Benaires' loving arm and HUG him effortlessly. Ben then thought to himself, "She still obeys the commands from ASCAB's inter-command System....what in the HELL did they fucking DO to this poor girl.......I'm going to shut them DOWN one DAY!!!" "Hmmm.....That IS very strange Ben...." Started Gothra, as he walked over to Serenity. "Did you SEE that Princess? What is going ON here....? I'm not sure if the system implemented was obsolete, but it still REGISTERS...isn't that strange?" He asked. "Yes....I DO agree with you on that...what do you suggest Lord?" She responded in respect. Gothra nodded in agreement. "We need to go and see Dr. Myers then Princess. I might not like you, but this is for Lady Abraxis, so we can argue later...do you agree Ma'am?" He said once again in full respect. Serenity arched her eyebrow in suspicion, but was otherwise elated that he could ask her out of the entire group in the room. Ben then turned to the two, nodding as well, "Good idea! YOU two break off from here and head for the House of Doldram....(Doul--dr-r-r-ram...where the "dr" just ROLLS off your tongue.) I'm sure that Dr. Myers can give me some answers. She's never refused my requests for information BEFORE, so you two should be good. Serenity...defense mode...do NOT kill, do you fucking understand me?" ben requested with some authority. Serenty could get out of control and go on a blood bath like she used to with Ami, for which Ben got blamed for. She was to run over to him and kneel, lowering her head. Gothra folded his arms and lowered his head in deep thought; just WHAT was the Command System? This was starting to NOT make any sense. "Yes M'Lord!!! You have my utter Loyalty as I SHALL obey your very words down to the LETTER Oh Mighty Benaires!! You have my utmost attention and my body for you to USE as you wish. I SHALL listen as will my entire race of Tulpas sire. You have my word Master Benaires."
  13. O_O Ben was not surprised; Ami always knew how to make some kind of a Grand Entrance, as once did HE, but now his other forms were lurking around Earthian Realm and Valucre to the point that he was getting weaker all of the time, but he did NOT dare to tell this to Ami or his dad; that was for Chasing in another adventure. Fowler had the Astenite and it was the ONLY thing that was basically holding Ben together!!! Ami then spoke in her defense to Cyrix as she didn't quite know WHY that insipid Blood Farmer was always picking at Serenity for in the first place. Abraxis was stunned a bit at how Ami looked; even SHE knew that she herself could not change into anything like THIS; she was a laboratory-created gigantic Barn Owl that was just learning how to completely control her humanistic form. After the wondrous ride down the hallways and into the mini-Library, Ami was to stop to let everyone get down from the little trip. Ephidrina had not changed into his quadra-pedal form as a DIACHON in many an age, so he thought that it was quite entertaining. Kintaro was to stare upon his old flame and giggle some. He carried a walking cane with him as his days of battling and fighting were almost nil, save a spar or two with the pups. "Lady Ami my dear; it's been years love; as you can see, this older Veteran has hung up his fighting paws. I'm sure that you remember Vertical Pig and Lady VIT as well of the Voprorals. Your Majesty, it's always an honor catching up Sire. How are you these days old friend?" Kintaro asked, now clasping his paw into Ephidrina's. VIT, Vertical Pig and other Staff persons waved and spoke to the former King of the DAICHONS as well. Graymite waved at everyone as well; they ALL knew who Lord Graymite was simply from his father's Drug-dealing antics with Ben and Gimmie a long time ago. "Well, I'm sure that the food will be delicious then!!!" Said Graymite, now smiling some. Ephidrina then stood next to Ami, now beginning, "You catch on fast Ace. I am here to discuss Lady Argon's Folly. Ben has NOT told her the entire story of her being a naturally-born DAICHON, so I'm sure you can understand how THAT is going to go when she finds OUT, right? Also, we are going to HAVE to go to the House of Magnus to get that girl's BODY back somehow. Ben is GOING to have to walk past the containment room that he was trapped in, and I don't want him to panic or lose his cool. It's taken him YEARS to almost FORGET this, but You DO know that he has to face his past and move ON, right? Just a word of pre-caution should he revert BACK to what caused him the heart-ache in the FIRST place. On another note, his other five forms have been scattered from his main body for way too long, and we have to track each of them down sooner or later." Abraxis, upon sitting down at the table to finally EAT something, would blink her eyes and then broadcast out to everyone, "While I appreciate being called a "Pup," unfortunately, I will never be a full DAICHON like many of the Staff persons here and even Miss Ami. I AM a Laboratory-Created, half DAICHON and Part Giant Barn Owl, along with other things inside of my DNA Mixture. I appreciate the gesture from everyone though. I don't even know how to change into that hulking of a form, and only one PERSON of our small race can DO that; and that would be Miss Ami's Love interest, Lord Avus Insectium, who is also MY cousin. I've never figured out how we are related in the first place; my parents are my Step-Parents, and the only person of our race that has a Biological MOTHER IS Avus. We have the strangest bloodlines ever. And Avus is the other one of our race that has a NEUTRAL Sex. IT is not female, nor is it a male. Avus exhibits male tendencies and even emits testosterone, according to the reports I've read over while back at that cursed Asylum....wait.......when did I read notes on my cousin at the Asylum? Ohhhh this stupid memory!!! Why can't I REMEMBER anything????" Voice from inside of her head: "Where are you going? You cannot KEEP doing this!!! they are TRYING to HELP you!!! Wait Lady Abraxis.....calm down please!!!! Would you just stop for a minute and think this through?" Phlegathon: "The Prince told me about you. Would you please calm down Abraxis.......you are not helping the situation by being upset dear." Abraxis' Inner Voice (DCN) Thoughts Internally: "Woould you two just shut up and let me think for a minute? Geez, you're always jumping in where you're not supposed to and poor ben is just scared shitless for me. Now SHUSH UP!!!" Phelgathon: "You DO know who I AM RIGHT? You learned your FIGHTING STYLE from Master benaires, right Abraxis?" Said the Voice. Poor Abraxis: she was trying to interpret all of these voices that were in her HEAD, but she had not a clue. She tried to hold in her Urine, which was from panic mode from her body. The experiments, the rapes, the constant ABORTIONS and the drugs from ASCAB; they were to blame for this. She tried to calm her mind and then SHE came about: Thrax:" WILL YOU ALL SHUT THE FUCK UP and LEAVE HER ALONE? You all are CONTAMINANTS FUELING REMBRANDT!!! Let this girl sort this out. Lady Abraxis; I have been there for you since you were THREE. Calm down, and let ME handle all of this. I have to sort this out....THEY are the EVIL ones.....BEN is the one that you should seek. HE is the CAUSE of all of this. Let me help you..." Abraixis' Inner Voice (DCN); "Now SHUSH Thrax..................I've got this...I've got Master ben, Miss Ami and My LOVE Graymite.....STOP it.....I'm going to ask you once again to sleep....now....D'thur N'thuk Esser'ackt! D'Thur, you SHUSH your MOUTH and LET me handle this alright? That goes for ALL of you!! SHUSH!!!" Thrax: "ooookkk........M'lady...." (Voice goes Silent.) Phlegathon/D'Thur (Newly-discovered Force BEHIND Phlegathon): "AS you wish; I hope that you know what you're doing...Just be CAREFUL; all is NOT what it seems M'lady.....Benaires....I HOPE that you KNOW what you're doing pup." (Goes back to sleep in her MIND for now) Voice from Inside of her head: "GOOD my Lady; NOW we can try to get that bitch OUT of us so that you can BE with your love right? You have to choose betwixt Master Benaires or Lord Graymite. Graymite has been helping you since you were released FROM the Asylum. You would really choose Benaires? And If Graymite doesn't return the same emotion or feeling, then WHAT are you going to DO? He is in love with Ptera and Rebecca.....he cannot have a Harem. What do you THINK? Well, just get back to as you were: I'll be around...." "Will everyone just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND JUST LEAVE ME ALONE??? I CAN"T CONCENTRATE!!!! Ben, would you hurry up and FIX ME??? I can't TAKE much more of this!!! LEAVE ME ALLLONNNEE!!!!" She yelled out, getting up from the table to STORM off angrily. Graymite put his food down that he hadn't even touched yet, only to go and try to find out why she lost her temper THIS time. Ephidrina was to follow Graymite; he KNEW how frustrated Abraxis could GET. "Oh shit....what's wrong NOW? What are we to do about this? The poor thing....here we go again... Come on Miss Ami!!!" Ephidrina asked immediately. Kintaro had HEARD of the most-delicate of the Invectium Race, and did not waste time going along with Ami and Ephidrina!!! "Don't touch her anyone; we just can't let her get frustrated, alright?" Kintaro said with a bit of authority in his voice. "Hey M'lady.....calm down alright? It's a good thing that you recalled something from your memories; no one is judging you for wanting to know MORE about your past dear. It's fine. Just do not get so frustrated." Graymite said to her, now patting her on the shoulder. She immediately clasped that hand with intent on crushing it, but when she turned around and saw that it was her Conduit, she immediately calmed down without haste. "Oh....it's you my love.....oh...this is SO confusing!!! How can I separate reality from fiction if the reality of what has already happened keeps creeping up from my memories? This really sucks....." She said out loud, via her Telepathic Prowess. Graymite sighed, "I know......this is very redundant, and we are trying our best to find out what really caused this in the first place. I'm starting to believe that it is MORE than just a duality M'lady; something ELSE is triggering your frustration and violent episodes. I'm not the one to question Master Benaires' Theory, but this is beginning to spiral out of control if you can't even sit down to eat something. I'm just a bit confused about this overall. This isn't Demonic; this is more on a Scientific scale. None of the Magicks that I have studied could ever cover something like this!!!" "Seems to ME that ASCAB has all of the answers, and WE are just toiling around the clues and not examining all of the facts. Come, let's go back to the Lounge where Benaires and the others are." said Kintaro, who was also now curious as to how someone could simply DO something this terrible to another living thing. "Pack Ami Miss her food shall I.......You know?" Said the most confusing Vorporal, Vertical Pig. This old man had that Clay jug of Wine hanging on his belt at all times. Most thought he was just some drunk, but The Pig could kick some serious heads in should he felt the need to. Serenity nodded, now taking her time to keep a pace next to Ami and Ephidrina. As they were to walk into the wonderfully-crafted hallways, Luminous could be seen coming out of one the many rooms, armed with a small satchel of some kind, along with various Potions in her hand. "Hey everyone.....glad you all are re-joining up with Master Ben then. I have to keep The Master's Astenite levels very stable, or else he'll................He'll.....uhm, get really sick!!!" She said finally, as if stumbling to NOT say that benaires could actually DIE.
  14. The Soldiers looked around at Ami and this hulking THING named Serenity; it was quite obvious that they were at an extreme disadvantage. Ben sighed as he helped up Graymite. Abraxis was safely behind Ami, Avixis, Avus and Lady Argon, who kept scratching profusely!!! "Why----am I itching so badly Ben? Care to indulge upon this?" She asked taking a deep breath. Graymite stared at Dr. Phelps, now sighing as well. Ephidrina then looked over to Dr. Fowler to say something. "Dr. Fowler, you are hereby relieved of your duties as Grand Historian for now. You have a very large Hospital to run and just in case this gets out of hand, I need for you set up an emergency Trauma Wing for other life forms besides humans. Do you understand? Ami is here and can handle those duties and then some; plus Elder Orlogue Red is here to help out with studies and research should the need arise. You should go and prepare things at your Hospital young lady." Dr. Fowler then blinked a bit about this as it was so sudden!! "But I...............Oh...yes, you could be right Majesty; we don't need this boiling over to the public; the media would eat this up like fresh Pizza. I'm sure that Ami can handle all of this in my stead. I'll go and set things up should this get serious. It could cause a mass panic. Ben, be sure to follow up with Luminous on your Astenite injections okay? I'll be along later to check on you." "Yeah, sure Doc, you have my word okay? And don't get too stressed out over all of this you know? I don't know any DAICHON Cryptologists that are up-and-coming that's dedicated to the point that she curses out her own patient, hehehehe...Listen, make it able to hold about 2500 or so and extend the left wing by 14 levels, but don't go TOO deep; the construction crew won't get overtime for this as everything is already pre-fabricated and waiting to be built. JUST don't screw this up, do you understand? Just DO as you're TOLD Doc." "You got it Ben. I'll be back later on with a status report!!!" Ben nodded as Dr. Fowler flounced out of the door with a few books and her back pack to head to her Hospital. Ben then turned to Dr. Phelps, awaiting some information. Well....uhm, where should I start?" He began, as he sat on the floor, now removing his lab coat since he was going to be there for a spell. Serenity turned to see her old buddy Ami, nodding to her quietly; the two had worked together before so long ago when Serenity wasn't even Princess of the Tulpas, who all operated in silence. "Well, wonders never cease old friend Ami; how goes it dear? I can see that you are also charmed by Lady Abraxis' dire need for assistance and perhaps a cure then? How have you been dear friend?" "ASCAB wanted to excel in evolution many years ago. Offers began pouring in from various companies such as Invex Corporation, Prax-aire III and such. a young girl named Remy originally wanted to volunteer for the Chro-01 Project, which was quite active as applicants were popping up from all over the Country to apply. High-paying stipends, room and board, food and the like were the quips included in the packet. However, the upper-management had other plans for Remy. They wanted to push the tests even further to the point that she would be able to warp and manipulate reality in some instances. They kept her for seven entire years. OF course she did not agree with this, but was so drugged up half of the time that she did not do well at keeping TRACK of time itself. Then a breakthrough happened; Remy was able to manipulate powers on levels that the researchers could not even begin to fathom. Her nutritional needs were high, but they kept her well-fed. She worked out daily, with a choice of going on long walks all while being escorted by staff persons." Avus was to walk on over to the Doctor and hand him a hefty glass of fresh Ambrosia; something to calm his nerves. 'You should drink on some of this; it's a crutch in this mansion for many a people Dr. Phelps, here you go. Drink it ice cold now..." "Alcohol then Avus? Thank you young one. Okay, so....moving right along, Dr. Blotch then completed the final stage of the Mind Transference Control Project. He was able to invent a machine that pulls the consciousness and total thoughts from one brain and place it into the brain of another creature. The Process was pain-staking, but somehow the Staff had completed it in the lower levels of the House Of Magnus. Remy's name was changed to Rembrandt later on that year; she was ready to leave and go about into the world as a weapon signature of ASCAB Laboratories. Unfortunately, they would not LET her leave, which made her angry. Talks broke down and eventually, she was drugged, placed aboard a Space Shuttle and shot into deep space, never to return to Earth again. However, all of the research data gathered over all of those years still left the Company hopeful to try the experiment again; this time with someone who would be more obedient. Enter Theresa Stillwell II, or the one that YOU call Thrax, a level-headed female with dreams of becoming a powerful bio-soldier for man-kind, or so she thought. Her anger levels were uncontrollable at first, but soon, she became quite Sociable and quite the power house during trial tests. However, there was still a hatred sleeping inside of her, and the Researchers did not know exactly why either." Ben then interrupted, " Hold on Phelps; just a minute. Ami, could you please take lady Abraxis, Graymite and my father down to the Mini Great Library to get them something to drink? I'm sure my father is famished after all of the excitement. Kintaro, Vertical Pig and lady VIT should be in the Dining area to serve them up something delicious. Kintaro HAS been in Therapy for a few months now and he'd be glad to see an old crush you know, hehehehe. Abraxis honey, do you want some Chicken and Veggies?" Abraxis nodded quickly, now pulling on Ami and Graymite to take her to get something to eat!! Ephidrina nodded as well, now replying to his son, "I'm sure that I could use something to satisfy my palate son. You keep getting the information that we require to try fix this entire mess. Avus; if the Soldiers try anything, smack them around please. Is that understood?" Avus nodded with an evil smirk, "But of course your Majesty! I have fun in violent acts as always....." "Now around this point in time, THrax was still having trouble trying to control her anger, but the Researchers did not seem to mind her losing her cool from time to time. Enter The Asylum for Treatment of Mental Disorders and Out Patient Clinic; a 344-Millio Dollar Complex with full Medical Facilities, three Tennis Courts and two Olympic-sized Wading Pools. 2,190 patients flowed right into this facility, along with about 145 children from ages three to about 12. Jenee Invectium, test subject and new-birth from the House of Dordram. She was very healthy, strong and was already lifting about 400 pounds at three years old without even breaking a sweat. Parents were looking to adopt, so, ASCAB though what better way to move her into a normal Society than to file her into the adoptive agency, also owned by ASCAB. Thrax however, did not like the program in the first place after seeing dozens of people be experimented on by the Company. Moving right along, Thrax was drugged and put up for the Mind Transference Control Project. They........a-ehm...t-transferred Thrax's Consciousness and mind into the brain of the one you all call Abraxis. Thrax's body was put in suspended Animation until something could be done about her Consciousness overall. The M.T.C Machine shorted, became severely damaged and is still in need of repair. The rest.......I am sure that you know what happened based on what Jenee debriefed you on." Argon was still itching profusely. She ran over to ben and asked him, "Why am I FUCKING ITCHING furball? This is irritating!!!" Avus then handed her a beach towel and some pink-looking fluid in a bottle. "Go and run yourself a nice bath and pour this Shampoo into the water; you will feel like a million United States Dollars after a good soak. I shall explain why this is happening upon your return. we should also make it our business to tend to the wounded Soldiers benaires. What say you cousin?" "Yeah...I'll let Rebecca, Lady Avixis and Luminous handle that. Hey, you other smaller two that came with his former Majesty; come over here...." Ben demanded. The two smaller DAICHONS were to immediately bolt on over to Ben, bowing immediately in respect. DAICHON 1: (NPC Female) "Yes M'Lord, what is it that you need noble one?" "Help Rebecca and the others tend to the wounded Solders. Get them some HUMAN Food from Kintaro. Just follow the signs in the hallways; you can't miss the Cafeteria or the Dining Hall." "Captain Marqeese Quinton of Units 1 and 2 Containment Division Benaires....I'll help gather the food for the men if you grant my permission." "I remember you Marqeese; at ease Soldier. You help Dr. Phelps go to the Van and grab Medical Supplies, got it? Take all of these weapons and put them away; you all are not enemies here; you are guests by MY Command. If you have trouble with any of MY Race, you address it to either Ami or to Avus, understand me Soldier?" Ben commanded yet again. Seems like his ability to throw his authority around really worked in times such as these!!! The SOldiers, and the two extra DAICHONS were to do as Ben ordered and that was to BEHAVE themselves!!! Just then, a light breeze shot past everyone, as Ben already KNEW whom THIS person was going to be that entered into the room. "Its the furball and his minions I gather then?" said the voice. He was a Red-haired, rather tall young man, dressed with a shirt with a pocket on the right breast. He had a long chain that dragged to the floor sometimes, along with a 4-foot tall Hourglass; Cyrix Tepes Gothra, aged of 250 or more. Ptera already knew who he was, so she waved happily. Gothra winked at her in some kind of comedy. He was to stop and stare at Serenity; he HATED her. "You still keeping pets around huh furball?" Gothra chirped out in a disrespectful manner. Ben sighed and waved his hand at this person: "Cyrix, you're LATE......you are going to do detail if you keep this up you know." "I was told about Lady Abraxis though the reports handed down from The Chief. He says that I have to help out, no matter how my attitude is, but you KNOW my attitude as it switches like Wind Gusts. Seriously Ami, why do you keep that PET around you? You're much better than that!!" Gothra said yet in another disrespectful tone to Ami. Avus cleared ITS throat, now stepping in FRONT of Ami, arm stretched out. "Excuse me dear cousin, but I shall not have you speaking blasphemy about Miss Ami nor Lady Serenity in that manner. You are out of line, and I shall not overlook your actions. Hold your tongue before I cut it OUT of that filthy mouth of yours!!!" Replied the rather creepy-looking Invectium. Ben shook his head yet again as did Ephidrina; this went one fro years between the two. "Ah, I see then.......YOU are trying to play as some kind of a guardian? I'm sure that Miss Ami can speak for herself you know cousin; you don't have to get your feathers in a ruffle or whatever the HELL you Invectium DO." Avus shook ITS head, now taking a single STEP; IT was holding Gothra by his neck, holding him in the very air itself. How in the HELL did Avus move THAT fast? "I'm going to tell you once again COUSIN; I WILL not have you speaking blasphemy of the lovely Miss Ami and Princess Serenity; They are very close friends of mines and I will slaughter ANYONE, even YOU dear cousin, for disrespecting their character. Are we understood Cyrix Tepes Gothra?" Avus asked, ITS eyes flashing a golden hue now. Ben walked over to the both of them and broke it up though; his strength was still a force to be reckoned with after all of this time. He would gently grab Avus' left hand and pry IT from Gothra's throat, leaving for Gothra to fall to the floor. "Cut it out you two. You two are always acting like fucking children. Gothra, stop talking shit about my Ace and the Princess of the Tulpas. You have been arguing with Avus about this for three years in a row. Leave it alone; you KNOW how Avus feels about Ami and IT isn't going to put up with your bullshit; neither am I, got it?"
  15. Noises could be heard from the front entrance; boots, men, the clicking of weapons and the like!! twelve men dressed in Military-type gear were quickly filling the long hallways, causing reason for great concern. Large trucks and even two Helicopters could be heard outside of the rather large Mansion. Ami would see these men marching into the long Hallway, now armed to the teeth with automatic Rifles and the like. Four soldiers pointed their weapons directly at Ami, not even speaking; he was just signaling for her to stand up and place her hands up and NOT move. Dr. Fowler's ears twitched suddenly; who in the hell were these people barging into her Safe Haven? Avus pointed to Ben, then pointed to ITS ears:? Something was stirring outside in the Hallway. Ephidrina would put his son back onto the Tapestry; now asking something almost inaudible. The doors would open suddenly, allowing for the Soldiers to all begin rushing in to take their positions, guns pointed at Ben and his friends/family. Ben, however, could sense what bullets were in those Assault Rifles though; Black Lakes!! This was ASCAB Laboratories!!! "Freeze!!! Noone move!! hands in the AIR!!!! Let's GO people!!!" "Let's NOT make this gory Benaires; we are here for the Abraxis Project!! Please turn her over immediately and we can withdraw without any violence!! You KNOW what kind of bullets are in these weapons Benaires; Do NOT make this bloody!!!" "Is that what this is about? You all trying to snatch up this young lady?" asked Argon, as she did not understand what was going on in the first place. A man in a lab coat and a briefcase was then to enter, along with several more Researchers, all armed with clip boards and various tools. They began writing things down, taking pictures and walking over to where Ben and the others were being held by gun point. Ephidrina protested, "I will NOT have this out rage disturbing our meeting!!!!" "We know who you ARE former Majesty, along with Lady Avixis, Avus, Rebecca and The Abraxis Project; however, I do not know the name of the young man in the Gray hooded Cloak. Check him for Identification!!!" Said this man in the lab coat. Ben sighed; he knew that NHR02 was very powerful and a small injection could ruin his entire blood stream, making it almost impossible to ever recover. The Soldiers of two then check on Gray's person to find some identification, now handing it back to the man. Ben would see Ami walk in WITH the rest of the entourage, but he DID signal for her to NOT do anything that would upset this confrontation. He sent a mental signal to her directly: "Ace, let them have their fun; don't thrash anyone; we have to play this cool, understand?" "Graymite Anthine Jones IV, Conduit to Abraxis. You work for The Company, splendid. My name is Dr. Rhivard Phelps everyone; I was sent here by Dr. Ray Blotch to retrieve The Abraxis Project. I really would like your full cooperation. That way I won't have to resort to violence in this magnificent Mansion. Oooh, look at all of the Holy Tomes and Data Material. Looks like someone has been gathering information on the DAICHONS very WELL Benaires. Oh, my goodness...is that Dr. Fowler? Of Saint Claire's Medical Center and Trauma Division? Who would've though that an African-American female could have so much access to various Medical Technology and Resources. Ptera Invectium, Second only to Benaires then I take? We miss you back at the Asylum dear, but I see that you have been cured. How nice for you...." Dr. Fowler sighed as she retorted back to him, "Always a pleasure to help out Dr. We can't give you Abraxis; we are trying to treat her if you have not noticed already. Could you have your men stand down with the weapons please? You are being quite aggressive about all of this." "You can't have her!!! I have worked waaayy too hard to get her to function on the levels of NORMAL again. We have much work and training to do to get her mind right. You can't do...this....." Said Graymite in resistance, only for one Soldier to fire a shot right into Graymite's right leg, making him wince in anguish. Ben shouted out, "GRAYMITE!!! shit........why did you shoot him? Hold on Gray...." Ben then ran over to his pupil to check on his injury. "Whoa......looks like we will have to bring HIM in to get some treatment. As a matter of fact, why don't you ALLL follow me back to the Office and I will further explain. Form a line and do not try anything. Help Graymite up and get him into the Med-vac, along with his Abraxis friend." Dr. Phelps demanded. Avus could not do anything; ITS powers were an output to definitely desecrate the Mansion on a whim of a thought. Ben used his healing abilities to stop the bleeding of Gray's injury without fail. Abraxis did not run; she started crying and then pissed on herself yet again. Dr. fowler ran over to help clean up the piddle, along with Rebecca, Lady Avixis and Orlouge Red. They knew that she was terrified of going back there, but she could not use her powers either, as Ben had strictly forbode her from doing such a thing until her training was completed. Another ruckus was occurring in the hallways yet AGAIN; the hallways lights suddenly went out, making the visibility poor for everyone. Guards and Soldiers were screaming in pain, as blood splashed a bit in various instances. One could hear the bones of a few men being snapped like twigs!! Dr. Phelps signaled for more men to go out into the hallway, but they shook their heads in refusal!! The doors remained open, as a force reached out to snatch ONE of the Soldiers from the very room they were all in. He screamed and tried to reach out for help, but this unseen force pulled him into the hallway, now abusing him to the point of a deadening silence. Ben was quite puzzled as to what was going on; he wasn't expecting for THAT to happen, seriously. Dr. Phelps looked clueless as well, peering around for some kind of an explanation. Ephidrina turned to his son, signaling for someone to go out into the Hallways to examine the situation. Ben shrugged his shoulders and jogged out into the dark hallway. He could hear men moaning in pain and misery, along with the smell of RAIN WATER!!! "Well, I'll be......................Hallway luminosity to 47 percent with half power output please!!!" Ben then said out loud. The hallways lights then brightened up, but not TOO bright to hurt the eyes. Soldiers were either unconscious, limping back towards the main entrance to tend to other team mates, or standing in the hallways, petrified in fear at this female that was standing there, talons bloody and dripping. She stood seven feet and four inches tall, with long black hair that looked wet from just getting out of the shower. Her face was barely visible from all of the long hair being in the way though. Ben walked over to this behemoth of an individual, pulling out some towels from the nearby cart, only to hand some TO her to clean her bloodied talons. "I am HERE My Master to serve and obey only YOU mighty one!!! What are your orders Sire?" said the large female, who was now kneeling before Ben. Ben laughed loudly, now patting her on the head, shaking it. "It's okay Old One, you serve me very well, now stand up while I introduce you to everyone. Follow me dear." Dr. Phelps had never been so mystified before this recent took place. The Soldiers were baffled at this female that walked into the room, now trying to shield her very eyes from the brightness of the lights in the room. 'I want everyone to meet Princess Serenity Slagma Tulpa, or you can call her The Old One. She's a Cross-dimensional being from Darkness of human imagination. There are about 245, 000 of these creatures that I command from various parts of the world. I'm guessing that she followed my scent all of the way here. Serenity, say hello dear...." Serenity growled a bit at the bright lights in the room, only to reach into her purse and pull out some shades to cover her sensitive eyes. "I am pleased to make everyone's Acquaintance. I hope to get along with everyone. Please take care of me." "Well, this was unexpected. Who in the HELL are YOU?" asked Dr. Phelps. "Ami my dear!! Glad you could join us on this fun-filled conundrum!! Son, you command these creatures? How in the Geostratum of Antiquity did you meet someone so sophisticated? She's absolutely beautiful!!! I am Benaires' father and former king of the....." "I know who you ARE your Majesty. Former King Ephidrina of the mighty DAICHON Race. I am Ben's ultimate sword of destruction, as are the rest of my PEOPLE. We are here for his every wish, command and concern. I followed his scent here, assuming that ASCAB was going to try to cause some kind of a disturbance, and my whims were absolutely on dead point. Master, I shall escort all of these intruders back to their vehicles and take their weapons away from them. If anyone else tries to interfere, I shall bludgeon them to death." "No need to kill anyone Serenity; just defend the Mansion and prevent anyone from trying to get in here for now, understood? As for YOU Dr. Phelps, we DO need information on Thrax, and you ARE going to give us that information....." "Sir, our men are beaten up pretty badly and two them are unconscious. I don't think we need to piss this thing OFF; just TELL Benaires what he wants to know sir; it's not worth my men dying...." Spake out the Captain of the Soliders.
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