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  1. If I owe posts, I'll get back to everyone as SOON as I can!!! I promise!!


  2. Still working on notes for System-07 and ASCAB's Legal issues of being in and out of Court. Please be patient as my ORIGINAL notes were lost to the basement flooding in 2008. =(


  3. Captain of ALL blood farmers... Coming SOON Benny New notes and UPDATES care coming soon for the Rembrandt Project!!!! Please pay attention!! Benny
  4. This story will continue soon, please stay TUNED!!!!! benny
  5. How many times has ASCAB attempted to copy the DNA of benaires? More answers to this coming soon... Benny
  6. NOTE: Dual Posting will be available after July 6th. Story line still continues...just stay TUNED to the Adventures of Abraxis and Graymite 2019: The monolithic Ones!! benny
  7. Humans are exhibiting signs of what Scientists THINK could be rabies. Some humans, ages from four until 56, are showing signs of agressive behaviors, over-developed sense of justice and plain anger. 114 people have been diagnosesd so far, with no known cause OR cure methods. Some sleep A LOT, while others are spitting useless words of justice, discrimination and of speaking about "HER." When some were asked, all they would answer is the following, "When Rembrabndt steps through that portal, EVERYTHING that you love is going to DIE!!!" Lady Vonoxia, DAICHON Guardian, Earthian Realms


    Here is the Link. You have to RP YOURSELF while RP'ing YOURSELF!!!





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  10. "Oh!! M'lady...come...come hither with me until Abronex is done grooming the DAICHONS...I'm terribly sorry....." he blerted out all while placing his right hand out to show her a trinket: it was a statue of HE and HER already. "I am your GUARD until the end of my LIFE!! NOONE is to harm you....Please come and sit with me on the couch whilst we await our DAICHONS to transport. I have arranged a fine DINNER for you and the DAICHONS..The females eat meat, but the MALES, however, only eat Vegetables...They HATE it, but it is under the direct orders of Lord Benaires. Come...COME>..SIIT with me...Mr. Fines, please address your issues...sir...PLEASE, indulge US...QUIGLEY!! Pay this man MORE money....!!! "Welll...YES!!!! I have the Gold bags that you gave me earlier...What should I PAY him sire?" Quigley asked. "The Regular PLUS overtime...please see the instructions inside EACH bag please quigley my boy...I'm not PAYING you to ask questions..." Quigley then ran into the kitchen in a hurried manner, now bolting back out with some Earl Grey Tea for everyone...Wine for Xeno as well and Mint Tea.... Mr. Fines was to sit in his own Throne-like chair, crossing his right leg over his left, now inhaling the scents of the tea... "Ah...YOUR Custom blend Mr. Xeno...what do you WANT with that Dresden anyways if I might be as so bold to ask?" "She is special family from the DAICHONS...Orders from the GREAT Benaires...my MASTER....he calls the orders...i am to obey for my wealthy empire....I listen and I OBEY, as should you IF you want to have a prosperous business....." Xeno replied, all while handing Salt a nice cup of Tea for her to taste. "Here you are my dear....please SIT with us and have a conversation. What do you remember about you parents if I may ask? Mr. Fines...Keep your mouth SHUT while Quigley gathers your pay alright?" Xeno demanded. Mr. Fines sat down and drank the tea. it was blended very WELL!! "She has the power of Charm...a very INFLUENTIAL power that the DAICHONS can use from her. There is..........something.......Something that is COMING...something very Horrifying that is coming back to bite REALITY in its ASS if I am so bold as to speak. We need all of the help that we can GET.....And Mr. Fines....you really SHOULD FIND another business to run....My master is NOT going to be pleased with you running this TYPE of business with slaves for trade you know. The MIGHTY wealth of the DAICHON Empire can PUT you in a very NICE position...IF you are interested...you are making cookies right now and I KNOW that already...what about making BILLIONS? Are you interested?" Said Xeno, who then WINKED at Salt. Mr. Fines then took a deep breath...trying to figure out where these fifteen bags of GOLD came from as Quigley was to give them to him, smiling. "W-Well...if these DAICHONS have this MUCH money...then who am I to refuse then? What would I be doing then Mr. Xeno?" "you listen to me and you listen well; THIS CREATURE can EAT Reality, and we are gathering our forces slowly but surely. We need people like YOU to help gather and organize a PLAN.... Her name is Rembrandt, and she is the living version of EVIL. HEr plan is to infect this entire human realm and all reality with her servants......plans that I can't go further INTO, but I will keep you updated as time goes. A WAR is coming Mr. Fines.....you have two daughters don't you? Do you not want for them to live, go to college in this Human Realms and Prosper? I'm NOT from here.....shall I say.....I'm from FAR away....What SAY you Mr. Fines? Surely you can live in better tastes than THIS.....It's not bad, but the DAICHONS can help you to do better and you will be financially secure for the rest of your life....We need a STRATEGIST...a person that can plan things four to ten steps ahead for us...can you DO that?" MR. Fines put his tea down, as Soldiers came back in, very interested in the proposal!! Soldier 1 NPC: " Sir, I KNOW who the DAICHONS ARE.......you would not want to REFUSE them...please sir....I have two kids that I'm putting through school as it IS...I could USE the extra cash...."
  11. What has Chaos DONE...had multiple offspring? This is getting crazy!!!!


    Smh' --'


  12. Cotton was busily tending to Abraxis and Argon's hair, as she was very skilled in grooming. She helped Myta groom countless Research Subjects back at the laboratory, even before she had met her own father. Argon kept sneezing though; something in the air was bothering her and she did not like it!!! Ursula then got up for self, wiping her eyes continuously. She was exhausted, but had to stay alert when they were to descend into the Catacombs. She walked over to Cotton, clearing her throat loudly. Cotton raised her head up quickly, letting off a smirk of some kind since she had trouble smiling sometimes. "You look exhausted Lady Vonoxia; you really should rest." Cotton said to her initially, only to be cut off by Ursula. "Yeah...I know........Can I talk to you for a few minutes Lady Cotton? I have to get this out of my system...." Argon sighed, then giggled......."I know what THIS is about already, and I'm still sneezing...ACHOO!!! Oh my goodness...what is in the AIR tonight? " Cotton sighed, but patted on the bed next to her gently. "Seems that lately I've been the voice of reason around this place. The Broods had better clean up that mess in that back before LOTT breaks them in HALF. You all know how strong LOTT can be when he is SERIOUS. So.....what's on your mind Great One?" Cotton began, as she began placing hair lotion into Argon's hair. Argon sat happily; it felt GOOD to see a teenager that could groom someone's hair without much struggle. "Your Father.........I'm not really sure how he feels about me. I mean, I'm so swooned over him that I am really starting to lose my control with my emotions. I don't know what to do anymore. This is just so heavy on my heart right now...." Ursula said, now spilling a tear or two, but trying not to break down completely since she would be needed to speak with the Monolithic Ones soon. "I understand how you feel Lady Vonoxia, but you HAVE to TELL Him sooner or later; I'm sure that will NOT spurn your feelings. Father is a bit brash and speaks in crazed undertones, but he MEANS well. Sit down and have a talk with him and I'm sure he will understand everything, alright?" She responded, now signaling for Argon to get up and for Abraxis to slide over next. She nodded, now wiping the tears from her face. Argon giggled, but waltzed over to the large bathroom to change into something to sleep in. it was almost 3:45 am and the Staff was still busily keeping things clean. LOTT rested easily in his own chambers, assuming that the Broods would not allow for things to go to waste. Serenity and Gothra had finally returned, each one carrying a briefcase in their opposite hand. "This is much information to absorb dear, but we HAVE to alert the Master quickly. Why do I sense more of my KIND in here? Ami, you DIDN'T......" Gothra only shook his head: "Lady Ami.......what did you DO this TIME?" Ben walked down the halls with hundreds of Tulpa behind him; they would not disobey him; they were only interested in just why they had been called or summed to a service. Ben then stopped, shaking his head..... "SHUT UP!!! ALL OF YOU!!! Look...............I know that most of you were not created by human imagination as of YET....I need the following Tulpas to step forwards and get a DAICHON TATTOO....please...........Monger.......Isotope....Miss Strings.....and I hate to say her name, but Reality Cutter More Than What You See......... please...JUST come forth and OBEY me....." R.C.M.T.W.Y.S. then stepped forward, blushing. She had never seen benaires before, so it was a bit embarrassing. She was seven feet and two inches, but had long hair that dropped to the floor and was wet, like ALL Tuplas. She stepped forward and began to speak. "M-M-Master.....I've never seen you before, as have all of the Tulpas that you have summoned here. What can I do for you mighty one?" "Well, it's a pleasure to meet one of the stronger Tulpas of your species then. The Princess speaks highly of you and your war tactics. Now listen up, I want for you to go and investigate what happened at the Back Foyer.......Something's up...." Ben replied, only to see two smaller daichons running down the hall at full speed, a bit bloody, but they were alright. Ben knelt down to check on the both of them, as they slid to a mind-numbing stop, still panting heavily. "Master, we have a BIG Problem!!" said both of the much smaller daichons. Ben knelt down to examine the blood on them, now replying sarcastically, "Yes; this floor was just buffed and polished and now it's ruined. Why so serious? What's wrong?" "LOTT got injured!!! he was fighting again four very LARGE Contaminants; they were almost twelve feet tall and were reeking of death!!! We have to do something fast!!" "Hold on.....YOU two aren't doing ANYTHING. Monger, Isotope...take these two to the Public Baths and bathe them very well, then groom them properly. Take them to the Lounge and get them something to sip on, understand?" Monger nodded quickly in agreement. "I understand Sire, but should we be moving around with contaminants THAT large in the Mansion?" He responded. "Well, take Sandkrete, Molar, Pipe-burst and Lossless WITH you then Monger; I have to go and check o n LOTT and assess the situation; I can't BE in two places at ONE time. The REST of you Tulpas are to follow ME, got it? And someone please find Serenity; she's somewhere making googly-eyes with my cousin again...... Let's go...."
  13. Xeno gasped at Salt!!! "Wow, you look breath-taking M'Lady. Thank you Abronex for the care, alright? We are just waiting for the arrival of the DAICHONS to be released and we can pay for the freedom and be on our way." Abronex smiled and then quickly pulled out some combs, brushes and hair lotion!!! "Alright: while we are waiting, come Salt: I'm going to fix your hair for you. It IS my job you know. Xeno, why not talk to Mr. Fines for awhile then?" She requested, as Quigley was to return, dressed in a NEW Suit!! "Oh yes, Mr. Fines...BY the way....Quigley is coming with ME for a little while while we guide Salt to her new home and her new Guardian. Quigley is going to write down yet ANOTHER set of numbers. This will be his away pay to YOU while he works for ME...It is non-negotiable...Understand...QUIGLEY!!!" Mr. Fines placed his hand to his mouth: how MUCH was Xeno going to PAY him this time? The door was to fling open, as very tall, Werewolf-like creatures were to begin entering in the main Foyer. They looked tired, beaten, and defeated, but they were alive!!! "Abronex....get all of these creatures cleaned up and get some proper clothing for them next dear...understand?" Xeno demanded. Abronex was almost done with Salt's hair anyways, so she chuckled lightly to herself. "Sure thing Boss...NO problem...Master Benaires would be rather pissed off to see his brethren and sisters looking destitute!!!" She replied, as two of the seven-foot DAICHONS knelt down to her to be petted. Abronex knew who the DAICHONS were very, very WELL, so to see them looking like that was an insult. The Other 24 were to all gather around Xeno, thanking him, shaking his hand in all, licking his face happily. Some talked, while other did not for right now. One of the DAICHONS turned around and then walked over to where Abronex was grooming Salt's hair, now kneeling down to examine Salt. "Master Benaires requested for HER? She is a DRESDEN!!! Simply incredible. I have never seen one in REAL life before.......This one must be very, very important for the master to request her audience from so far away. And if he ordered for OUR freedom, then he MUST have plans for us all then." Said the large DAICHON, who was now simply staring Salt over. Most KNEW of Abronex, so to disrespect her was an awaiting limb to be torn off. "Well.....here you go M'lady Salt...two fresh Ponytails and a great-smelling hair lotion with vitamins and nutrients for your roots!!! Alright you mongrels...LINE up in the Bathroom and I'll groom you all; it's MY JOB after all. For the Money that Xeno is paying ME, you all had BETTTER do what I say or I'll tell Benaires.....GOT it? Now MARCH!!!"
  14. "Trust me; after this, we are getting out of here, but for now, let's get you cleaned up and dressed properly." While Abronex and Salt got themselves together in the bath, Xeno stood by the front door of the main Office, awaiting further developments. Mr. Fines offered him some Coffee while he waited, but the blood Farmer kindly refused. He offered some Donuts, but Xeno hissed at the thought of eating sweets. Mr. Fines swallowed nervously, as he was not sure how to entertain his company while they awaited the release of the 26 DAICHONS. There wasn't much conversation since Abronex and Salt were in the bath, and that made things even more tense. Xeno sighed, as he stared at his pocket watch; he was ready to get away from this terrible place, as he knew staying any longer would delay their trip to the Manse.

    My old friend is coming back!! We made up and we are GOOD!!! Velly, I GOTCHU TONIGHT!! Got my HENNO!!



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