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  1. I've been writing here since 2007, probably when the site was STILL in its younger stages. I'm dealing with Heart issues...very BADLY, which is probably going to KILL me, but I run away to Valucre to get my mind off things and to have some fun. is it ME or am I NOT WANTED here? I feel unwanted and just inferior to everyone HERE, even the newcomers. Even the cats who used to show me LOVE on Ayenee seem to just dissipate when I'm on here; like I'm transparent completely. If no one wants me here, then I can gladly take my leave. I have one of the RAWEST ideas ever to put up for participation, but I can't even get any help to get IT started for which I am goin to have to HEAVILY MANAGE overall. This is NOT a way to complain; I'm just making an OBSERVATION. Regardless of what RP forum that I GO to, it's the same old thing....."Cliques." If you want me to go, then just SAY so........I don't mind....If its to leave people alone in the first place. I'm not here to seek attention, but I don't like being a BOTHER either. benny
  2. I can't get the RP reallay KICKING without CONTAMINANT ZERO!!! CAn someone PLEASE HELP ME OUT????? Benny Inbox for details....
  3. Id introduce Maelfor Invectium, Benny's 7th cousin on the Invectium Side. Hit me up. I'd be happy to join and help OUT!! Benny
  4. What's wrong???....hit me back G. Benny

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    2. Ink Fox

      Ink Fox

      Your right about alot of it Prince Bee (all of it infact). I dunno maybe it's just me, but I can't help but take on other people's problems even when it doesn't involve me. I just like to be helpful and feel needed, and lately I just haven't been able to find my niche. But you're right, I should do some things for ME. You sound like a great dad though who focuses on his daughter's well being, and you took the time to reach out--so I find it kinda sad you've been having your own set of problems. I hope you get to feeling better yourself, and take care of that ticker! your daughter needs you!!

      Haha y'know I was gonna look up the dream interpretation for hair falling out but I was a little scared of what it might say, but you hit the nail on the head I think. Today I just focused on resting and slept in. My brain still feels a little deflated, but I think I'm gonna try and get my solo projects started tomorrow. Lol wine and writing also sounds really ideal too xD a bit of drunk writing is always fun!

      I usually rp in the Coth section but everyone seems very busy atm and I haven't had any recent takers. lol I'd be happy to take you up on that rp offer though, but most of my characters are low tech medieval fantasy setting doods, so I'm not sure where to meet in the middle xP

      --and don't worry I won't hurt myself, I think I'm gonna kick back and enjoy some music until the inspiration comes back. Let me know if you have any rp ideas, maybe I could try my hand at making a more modern individual.


      Thanks again, Prince Bee!

    3. princeben07


      Sure!!! you STAY in touch and I can get something rolling within a few days.

      GIRL, let me TELL you something.................. I have a USB cord (6 inches; Micro, Android only: sorry Apple you SUCK!!) wrapped around my left MARRIAGE finger.


      I don't know WHY I put her there.....If I take it off, I'll feel that someone is going to DIE for some unknown reason.

      Please take CARE of yourself okay? Don't WORRY me to DEATH young lady!!! I CARE TOO MUCH!!!!



    4. Ink Fox

      Ink Fox

      Haha of course! And dont worry too much yourself! Again, take care of that ticker! Btw what forums/characters do you play in/as? I'm thinking about branching out and making a few characters in other areas, but I could use some ideas lol

  5. Location: Main Annex Building, sub-basement Floor 6, Room 7-C Type: Security and Data briefing on called "Subjects" that are slowly being reported in Earthian Realm Minutes Technician (Time Keeper); Archenine Invectium, Age 22: New Invectium recently "Hatched" while inside of the House of Magnus; freed and employed by Dr. Stevenson, formerly of ASCAB Laboratories. Conductor of Meeting: "The Chief," Gorre' Illuminstrae DAICHON, Vertical Pig of The Vorporals, Blood Farmers and Security Guards Discussion: Newly-reported "Subjects," ASCAB's lies and recent notes on Rembrandt herself. People were still gathering in the Hallways of the sub-basement, chatting amongst themselves while the meeting room was almost completely set up. Computers, Projectors and other various kinds of tech were being checked right before the meeting could take place. Security Guards, Corporate heads and many other people were about to sit in on this meeting that had been called by none other than Dr. Stevenson himself, as he wasn't even an employee of The Company, but was a very, very important ally in this fight against various foes that are really out to get everyone overall. The Chief puffed on a Cigar while two Nurses tended to his mangled wings as usual, smiling some. Gorre' seemed quite worried about this entire situation in itself though; she nibbled on her fingernails a bit, fidgeting her legs; trying to figure out what she was going to do about this entire thing and how to stop all of it with the help of everyone else. "Alright people, alright; everyone take your seats and we can get this started. A-hem, hey Gorre, any news on where benaires is yet dear?" Asked the Chief as he lightly tapped her on her rump. Gorre' answered back in a whisper, " I am afraid not Chief. We cannot seem to locate him as he is simply missing suddenly. I cannot determine his Energy Signature either. What are we going to do sire?" "Like hell if I know dear. One of our key players is nowhere to be found and the Committee is beginning to ask more questions about ASCAB in the first place and I'm running out of excuses. Have the Press come in and get some pictures and the like to throw the Committee off until we can get more information alright?" "Presiding Remarks will be made by Dr. Stevenson, who is a former employee of The House of Magnus which is one of the original Three Houses from ASCAB Laboratories. You may start anytime that you wish Doctor." Said a female voice who was taking notes as well, along with three other people. "Thank you Tracy. Hey, this is your ninth year as Stenographer for the Company? Congratulations!!! A-hem......Good Afternoon everyone, Press, Reporters, Legal Teams, Security Guards, Chief, Staff, co-workers, DAICHONS, Blood Farmers and even Invectium, whom are rarely at these kinds of meetings in the first place. My name is Dr. Stevenson; former employee from the House of Magnus of ASCAB Laboratories of the Earthian Realms. Many, MANY years ago, a Research Project had been started by the Company that I used to work for. It entailed taking regular humans and endowing them with incredible abilities and powers. Some of those powers are still unidentified to this day, but nonetheless, it was a dangerous and daunting experiment called the Chromosome-01 Project. The pay was good, but the politics were bad. You wee told that you could leave the compound at anytime if you wanted to leave. However, the intentions of keeping in with that policy fell apart, as you were now the sole property of ASCAB Laboratories. This Company still exists in even parts of Terranus, though none of you would even know where to look. Rembrandt was a DAICHON.....she took it upon herself to volunteer for the experiment of Chromosome-01. First off, the Researchers at the House of Magnus signed off on something they were not supposed to. Some DAICHONS are already naturally-born with certain abilities and what they were about to DO to her was against everything that I believed in. System-07 was a wondrous drug used to cures all kind of diseases and ailments. However, this was kept hidden from the public until right down to ASCAB almost filing bankruptcy. Anyways, Rembrandt was drugged and shot into deep Space, where no traces of her could be tracked. Years pass, and a small Outpost located in a secluded area RIGHT here in Terranus, sends a signal over to none other than Lady Vonoxia of the Earthian Realm. They picked up on something HUGE. Vonoxia relays the message back to The Company, where investigators are now examining this message to prove its validity. I can tell the lot of you right NOW, that message was about some gigantic ANOMOLY that has trace call letters H.O.M...which stands for House Of Magnus. Our second problem came from the small Outpost in Norfolk, VA. There were reports of people performing hateful and mob-like actions in groups of 24 or more. Two Security Guards were bitten , beaten and seriously injured during the confrontation. Now mind you, I don't know much about how all of this started, but I am a firm believer in Rembrandt being the cause of some of this. The signs are all too clear. The Guards began having violent seizures and then fell unconscious. Minutes later, according to this report, the two regained consciousness, but began screaming and bleeding from the eyes and ears profusely. Second later, they began to converse with the other creatures of the mob. What we have here is a situation that has to be DEALT with immediately. Vonoxia is going to need help in containing this pestilence, or whatever it is!!!"
  6. This song makes me CRY for some UNKNOWN Reason every single time I HEAR it!!! But I LOVE IT!!!! Shoegaze Msuc is so hard to understand sometimes, lol. Benny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKDba2mKp7o
  7. They were short-lived due to constraints in the REcord label.......had GREAT potential!!!
  8. Arriving somewhere, but NOT here!!! Buwahahah!!! I love Porcupine Tree!!! Benny
  10. The lead singer has a very powerful voice!!! Benny
  11. I'm just going to go crazy right here for a LITTLE WHILE VALUCRIANS!!!! Benny
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