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  1. ALL of her friends were gone; there was NO Graymites, no Benaires...........No Housekeepers either!! She stared at the ceiling, still massaging her itchy throat; THAT did NOT change unfortunately. She still lacked the ability to speak on a verbal level, still in wonder about how she was able to communicate with people. Her warm covers snuggled against her soft skin as she laid on her bad, still in deep thought. She could remember sleeping with her childhood love, Lord Graymite, Conduit to a Charge. A tap on the Window would turn her head to the lock mechanism; she already knew exactly WHOM it was that had a bottle of Absinthe with him. She reached for the lock to the windows, turning it softly to let HIM in. The voice would speak out in a very low tone, "Hello dear cousin...I'm very pleased to know you. We aren't of many, but you will have to get adjusted to this kind of life. Never lose your Reality!!!" Abraxis nodded in agreement, now sitting up in her bed, still looking a bit puzzled. Even though she could not communicate verbally, she had no kind of Writing Utensil to use to express her thoughts since she did not even know just where she was exactly. Picking up a small notepad and a pencil, she stared at the paper in deep thought; did she FORGET how to WRITE down letters? Avus Insectium, one of the most bizarre of the Invectium Race, was to grab a glass and pour himself a very hefty serving of Absinthe to consume. Abraxis was to snatch the glass from her own cousin's hand, now chugging it down, closing her eyes in disbelief; she didn't know how to WRITE!!!! And after all of the training Lord Graymite and put her through!!! "Avus.....Abraxis? Are you two up drinking this early again? I swear......." Said a voice from behind the bedroom door. A rather short, Purple-haired woman was to enter into the bedroom. She has Seaweed Green eyes and was dressed in a business-type suit. She had on Slippers thought and was carrying in a Silver platter with food stuffs on it. It was Lady Avixis Insectium; Avus' BIOLOGICAL MOTHER!!!! "Mother......good morning to you." Said Avus, as IT reached out to ITS mother for a big hug. Abraxis only nodded her head in a type of greeting. "She still doesn't know how to speak huh? Well, the Doctors say that her Vocal Chords are in perfect working order and that there should be no problems. Well, I made some Breakfast for the both of you; Fresh Crepes, Orange slices, Mint Tea and Strawberries. Eat on up and get ready you two...I'll be back in an hour or so to take you both to School." Avus shook ITS head; no way in hell should SHE be able to talk!!! Avus then placed his left hand under her chin to examine her neck; and there it was: the incision that was made when she was younger; the surgery that silenced her voice box. "No Mother; the Doctors are wrong; her Vocal Chords were stitched SHUT a long time ago; she CAN'T speak." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ South Mundelein 7:57 AM Argon was just getting out of the shower, drying her hair, when her Tele-com beeped loudly. She put a towel around her body and began sorting through some clothes to put on all while answering the device, "Talk Avus.....................Time in money and we all know you're broke!!!" "WE have a problem. Do you remember my new cousin that recently was transferred here?" "Yeah, sure I do..Lady Abraxis or something like that right?" Replied Argon cheerfully. "Yes the same one...well, apparently, she doesn't know how to dress, bathe or even perform feminine hygiene upon herself. Look, there is much to explain and I do not know all of the specifics. Once you get dressed, can you please come on by and freshen her up?" Avus replied, now staring at a very sad and confused Abraxis. She stood in front of him with just a long tee-shirt on and nothing much else. O_O "She doesn't.......WHAAAA????????????? Oh shit.................Okay, okay....I'll bring some things and Doll her up....just keep her company until I get there. I don't believe it. Where did you say she was from again? Oh never mind that; I'll be there in a few minutes...okay?"
  2. princeben07

    General chat thread

    Finally, FINALLY Checked out Sword Art Online, Seasons 1 & 2!!! Even Log Horizon Emulates from Phantasy Star Online and the Dot Hack Series overall. I've got tons of reviews coming up. I just have to focus on my Klackety-Klow!!!! Benny
  3. princeben07

    Multiple Shots?? (RE-Union Part 1 of 4)

    "Is that how you act to everyone? The Student Council President wasn't done talking with you yet..." Cytherea exclaimed as she tried to keep up with Ben's pace. "Oh really? Well, I'm quite done talking with HER!! I don't have any time for whimsical non-sense from the bloat-heads at the Student Council Cy-Cy. This is not worth stopping MY investigation for because they are more concerned with the Reputation of this institution versus the students SAFETY!!! The Next stop is to go home and gab a few things...you coming or what?" Ben replied, now checking his jacket for his Cell Phone. "What? You're not allowed to leave school ground while classes are in SESSION Benaires.....I've been trying to get you to comply with School ru----" Ben then interrupted her with crass, "Trying to get me to ROLL over like a GOOD puppy? Don't make me vomit up my Strawberries that I had for breakfast this morning Cy-Cy. I don't have time for this. Dammit, where is my ID card?" He then asked out loud. The heavy-set Police Officer then walked over to Benaires, handing him his ID Card quickly, now shaking his head, along with the other four Police Officers and two Corporate bags from Ben's father's Company. "Benaires, we have so many questions to ask you about this entire situation. Your Father sent a few of us to try to....." Said the taller man in a suit and tie. "Yeah, Yeah, I know. The Old man is worried and all of that but trust me; he has every reason TO be. You can go over to the Public Records Division and ask for Terry Jones II: he's my connect and my Publicist; you got any questions, take it to HIM; that's what Father pays him for. Cy-Cy, I'm leaving!!!! Come along...." "I'm going to get suspended for this; I'm supposed to be in Art Class in an HOUR!!!! Oh.....................Why are you so stubborn Benaires? Wait for me..........can I at least get my Purse? WAAAIITT!!!" She blerted out nervously. Ben stopped suddenly, now putting his hand on his hip, sighing, while rubbing his temples. "She's your best friend, just GO with it.....for now.........." The Principal and the Vice-Principal were in the Office simply speechless; he walked out of them yet AGAIN!!! This song will play as Cytherea and Benaires walk off the School Grounds. She is very nervous because she has never left the School grounds this early before. Students and Teacher Staff all wave and say hello to Benaires all of the time, but to Cytherea, she was just a "Normal," Every-day female Student who had a best friend that rebelled against everything that he was told. Ben was waving at passing by Staff and Students, who were always in thought about how much time was going to pass before Ben was called back into the Principal's Office yet again. Cytherea turned her nose in the air at him; he was always doing something crazy and she kept trying to talk some sense into him, but it never worked. She made it her intention to try to steer him clear of trouble at times. Ben then stopped at the Cart outside of the School's Gates, reaching into his left pocket to find some change. "Hold on...I want some Strawberries to snack on while we walk. You want something Cy-Cy?"Ben asked, while waiting for the young man to serve up a fresh pint of Strawberries for him. Cytherea sighed; this was not going well at all; they were supposed to be in CLASS. "Uhm, how can you think about food at a time like this Ben? We are going to get suspended or even worse, expelled!!!" She replied nervously, looking around for help; she just could NOT go with him!!! "I'm going to walk and eat my Strawberries Cy-Cy. When you are done with allowing the COLOR to drain from your cheeks, you are free to come along. Now let's get GOING for the last time please?" Ben demanded to her, now handing the change over to Christopher, who shook his head while closing the freezer unit of his cart. "Off to get yourself into MORE trouble eh Benaires?" Christopher asked, all while counting the change in his left hand. Cytherea sighed and then took the Cranberry Crepe that Christopher made for her every single day; and it was complimentary for promotion. "What were you marks looking like this month Ben? You seem rather stretched out according the School Schedule. You've got all of these meetings to attend to the point that you're hardly attending class." Cytherea chirped out to him suddenly as they began to walk further away from the School itself. "Why does that make for good conversation Cy-Cy? I don't give a shit about this school and its stupid politics. I have other matters to attend to Cy-Cy, you KNOW that. How do I explain? I'm on the verge of becoming Royalty for my family understand? There are hundreds of meetings that I have to attend in the up and coming months. I won't be surprised if I hardly ever see YOU again, let alone the School itself. There is a lot that I have not told you as of lately and you wouldn't understand even if I could explain everything TO you." "You don't HAVE to bite at me feet you know Ben. Why are you always walking around with your Shield and Barriers up as if you won't let anyone in your feelings or things like that? I've always wanted to know something about you and what else that you do. You know....relationship-wise and stuff..." Ben sighed as he shoved two berries into his mouth, almost choking on them since he wasn't chewing them completely. "That's..............personal Cy-Cy...Geez, what's with all of the questions friend of mines? You act as if I'm going off somewhere and am never coming back or something. What gives? Huh?" Benaires kindly asked, all while fiddling around for his Cell phone again. "You may as WELL be.........." She thought to herself before sighing deeply again, lowering her head. Ben tilted his head in a most peculiar manner: what was Cytherea trying to accomplish by asking so many questions? They were friends from way back, so it was crazy to try to play 20 Questions at this moment in time. Was she starting to feel different towards him right now? If he left the School, how would she be able to visit with him? She had never even been inside his Parents' Mini-Mansion to say the least. "Oh, forget about it....you're too thick-headed to understand the Heart of a Woman!!!" she exclaimed out. Ben then begin to look around her and in multiple directions: "A WOMAN??? WHERE? You dress like a MALE Cy-Cy!! I've never even seen you in a dress now that we are speaking about this. Look, I'll always be around, so don't get all mushy-mushy on me right now. I need your communication skills for this alright? Now stay on point...."
  4. princeben07

    Bagels, Donuts and Feedback

    1. Never read any of your writing 2. I've no need to. We are ALL Great writers on here or else even the BENNY would not be here. 3. Angles: you can come from a Narrator's Angle or the Actual Character he/herself could be Narrating the RP and the reader wouldn't even KNOW it. Perspective is crucial. 4. Thinking out loud is crazy, yet EFFECTIVE. You'd be surprised about how I can Narrate something in an RP and even speak from another ANGLE as the NARRATOR!! 5. I don't care who reads my writing or who doesn't. I'm here because I LIKE to WRITE. I'm not here for recognition, fame, financial gain or any of that; I represent DCN, with or WITHOUT people. 6. My thoughts are my OWN: I don't need other people to Validate what I do. I don't lose sleep over that. I fight enough Shadow People already, LOL!!!! 7. Do your thing; Improvement is always cool....That's UP to you, not ME. Benny
  5. princeben07

    Rise Of The Tulpa: Reboot 4.0 (Open)

    Artifice cringed in an episode of horror; this tall THING was the voice behind the shadows at night? This THING was the reason why his little sister wasn't afraid to go to school anymore? Why in the hell were his fears flooding his mind, and yet the excitement of having his own, REAL Tulpa standing before him pooled together? Art stepped forward even more, now placing his hand onto Ganthronec's giant hand, now lifting to examine it. O_O "Cold, clammy. Your skin is just fucking cold.............are you Anemic or something? Do you have a name? You've GOT to be a Tulpa!!! There's only ONE theory in my mind that I have. YOU were my imaginary friend all of those years ago. When I almost fell off that roof-top, you caught me pushed me back into the window. My mother STILL thinks you're a Guardian Angel, and you're FAAARRRR from that Category, I tell you THAT much. I can't believe it. You're incredibly tall. Sorry about having to scooch down; this basement isn't as big as Dad had plans on making it. He's always at work somewhere." Art was more CURIOUS than afraid at this moments. he would leave that to his machinations of sitting down into a chair and offer the Tulpa a Red Apple. "Here.......an ice-breaker Tulpa. Tell me a bit about yourself if you don't mind. And for that matter, why do you keep walking around the city in the daylight? You are going to scare the living shit out of the people in this city." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7:35 am, East Mundelein City "Name?" Asked a lady at a counter. "Serenity Invectium, age twenty 27. I'm here to look for a relative of mines." "uhm, can i see some documentation for that miss Serenity?" the woman at the counter asked, while smiling. Serenity smirked sheepishly, reaching into her Satchel to extract the documents that the lady at the counter requested. She kindly handed them over to the woman, all while trying to fake a painful smile. She did not have time fore the theatrics, as time was not on her side. She had to find that Tulpa, and to DO that she would have to find out who CREATED it in the first place. "Okay....everything seems to be in order. Do you play sports or something young lady? you are rather tall to be twenty seven years old." Serenity's anger had shifted into high gear, but she could not harm anyone. She retorted as she sheepishly giggled out loud, "Heheheh...You're not the first person to tell me that. Actually I used to study Archery, but my sponsors bailed out on me for a Tour for next year. Most of the Competitors refuse to acknowledge me, so I've been somewhat obscure from city to city. I make a decent amount of coin and money, but I can't compete in the Professional tournaments without a good Sponsor unfortunately.; I hate it, but....I will find a good Sponsor someday. Uhm, how much will it be for the Imprint then? I'm a in a bit of a rush dear..." "Oh, Oh....no problem....that will be $145.90 miss Serenity." "Hmmm...Will THIS do for payment? I'm unfamiliar with the currency system around here...." She responded, now handing the woman a hand full of solid gold coins. O_O "Uhm, I don't think that I can break this down into your change Miss Serenity....." "I do not care...keep all of it......"
  6. princeben07

    Where does your character live?

    Since the Geostratum is MONTHS off from completion in RP world, Benaires lives with his Father and Mother in Terranus somewhere. Since Ashville is no longer around, I haven't decided on where the family is going to set up a permanent residence as of yet. Benny Everyone else ....Blood Farmers, Invectium Race, ect....are scattered about wherever they can find shelter at actually, and try not to be too far from Benaires. ^_^
  7. princeben07

    [Chat] How was your day?

    Sipping on a cold beer: about to eat and try to figure out why this other PC that I built won't BURN my DVD Movies for my clients. unfortunately, there are MANY people who don't even know what streaming IS in my hood, let ALONE know how to use a PC overall, so most just buy movies from me on DVD Format or Blu-ray, which is dwindling in sales because of Streaming Services like Netflix, HULU, ect. Trying figure out if I should get yet another PS4 system; saw a nice list of SHMUPS for the PS4, plus RE2: Remake is out. I don't know, lol. Benny
  8. YOu CAN'T Youtube or GOOGLE what a TULPA IS................


    No Fair.................








    Love ya,





    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Actually you can google anything as long as you have the google credits.

  9. princeben07

    Rise Of The Tulpa: Reboot 4.0 (Open)

    I WANT INPUT on the RP thus far.... Galen Wolf, who is my FELLOW Wolfkin is very busy working and taking care of business I WANT EVERYONE's SUPPORT on this RP Please.... Do you have any questions on this RP? Do you WANT to PARTICIPATE in it? I've wanted to DO this RP since 2007, but I was afraid that people would think that I'm CRAZY.... I've NEVER SEEN one, but I know how they LOOK...... Please, my fellow VALUCRIANS.............this discussion very oPEN!!! TALK TO THE BENNY.. Joy, Ataraxy, Carlos..............ANYONE have ANY THEORIES ON THIS???? Let me know.......... Benny
  10. princeben07

    Hey Valucrians!!!

    What did I WIN for October 27th, 2011 for post of the DAY??? Was I suspended or something? I can write worth a SHIT....so how did I get THAT ONE???? Carlos Raxy? ANYONE???? Benny
  11. princeben07

    Rise Of The Tulpa: Reboot 4.0 (Open)

    Art slipped out of his bed, releasing himself from his sister's grip, only to slip on some House Shoes to begin heading out into the hallways and downstairs to the first floor. His mother was still passed out on the couch, having had a bit too much to drink the night before. He was to remove the empty Wine glass from her left hand, now placing a blanket over her while she slept soundly. He could feel the presence in the basement, now turning the knob and opening the basement door to head down the stairs. It was well-lit for the staircase, but a bit dimmer once he set a foot on the basement floor. he could smell water and hair right at that moment. A silouhette of a life form could be seen in the far East corner of the basement; something tall and lanky so to speak. Art froze in his footsteps, now taking a deep breath. "Is that YOU? Step out into the light so that I can see you better and introduce yourself." Art's sister had now awakened only to not see her dear brother in the bed. She stretched out quietly, only to swing her legs over the edge of the bed, now I wonder about where he had gone to. She rubbed he sleepy eyes and sighed to herself. "I can't deal with my dreams and HE goes off like he doesn't have anything else BETTER to do than protecting his family; that dolt!!!" She thought to herself out loud, as she headed out into the hallways, now going downstairs into the Kitchen to make some breakfast as she promised. She then stopped for a minute: Why was the Basement door ajar? Thinking nothing of it, she was to sloppily drag her feet over to the Cupboard to find some bread, tomatoes and Cheese. Shaking her head, she was to turn on the Stove by simply thinking of turning the control knob. She could do SOME things with her power, but dared not to tell her brother about how she had been perfecting her skills for years upon end. She grabbed a few skillets and she began slicing up some bacon, along with some fresh Oranges. Shaking her head, Trina huffed and puffed; the headaches were getting worse and her vision had been pretty impaired over the past few weeks. "He won't even sit with me and check on my headaches; he's always wondering about Gary and where his Imaginary friend IS!!! I should put some Arsenic in his Oatmeal; the BIG DUMMY!!!" A ringing sound would echo out from the wall of the Kitchen, as Trina walked over to answer the Phone, still pouting a bit. "Is Artifice around Trina? Tell him Dr. Blotch wanted to ask a few questions." said a voice on the phone. "You'll have to call him back later Doc; He's somewhere chasing homework or something. I'll tell him that you called, okay?"
  12. princeben07

    [Chat] How was your day?

    OKAY!!!! I GOT YOU!!! Let's set something up SOON K Raxy-G? Benny
  13. princeben07

    [Chat] How was your day?

    1. FUCK YOU on the roleplay!! I mean that LOVINGLY!!!! 2. See 1. Benny I've HAD 4 HEART ATTACKS................ SInce 2012.............. Got any OTHER GOOD NEWS??? *Insert evil laughs heres* Benny DCN 4 LLLIIIIFFFEEE!!!!!
  14. princeben07

    Rise Of The Tulpa: Reboot 4.0 (Open)

    He could HEAR him; the strangulated and perverted thoughts that traveled into this thing!!! He would seek his own thoughts and project them right INTO Ganthronex: "I don't know WHO you are, but I KNOW that I created you. You have been speaking from the shadows and in my dreams!!! I don't know where you are but I'm hearing news reports of a being breaking through 3-inch Tempered glass!! I don't care who it is that you are looking for, but you are going to GET ME ARRESTED if the Police find out who CREATED you. There are so many reports of YOUR kind causing trouble that I can't even keep up. My grades are slipping and my ONLY sister is AFRAID to sleep in her own FUCKING ROOM!!! You need to come back from WHEREVER you are and we need to TALK this through. I don't even know what you LOOK like for that matter. Do you even have a name? You talk from the Shadows at School, under the Gym's Bleechers, under the lunch tables, in my closet at night. What do you WANT from me? You talk to me in the Bathroom, even while I'm on School Camping trips at night. You are a very creepy THING, and I'm tired of this mis-communication. I don't have any weapons to FIGHT you with, but I DO know this: I CREATED you from my MIND and I can OBLIETERATE you if you do NOT start OBEYING my orders. My Mom is going to NEED COUNSELING AFTER THIS!!! Please...I implore to you...bring your frame BACK to my closet, where you BELONG!!! This is my LAST WARNING WHATEVER you are!!! And would you STOP sexually suggesting that I have incestuous relations with my kid sister......that's just IMMORAL!!!" However, his own sister was partially Telekinetic, and could sense everything that he was saying. "I don't think it's wrong for two people to fall in LOVE you know. You're all that I have Artifice. I hate getting along with those bitches at my school; they are shallow, but you are sweet, kind and treat me like a woman. If you were to ask for my hand in Marriage, I'd gladly accept. Are you talking to IT? Hello Gary!!! I hope to meet you someday!!! You have been protecting me from the bullies at school. Thanks you!!!!!" "You're showing up at her SCHOOL????? I'm going to get arrested!!! Meet me in the basement in 25 minutes. USE THE SHADOWS and do NOT BREAK ANYTHING IN THIS HOUSE!!! GOT IT?????"
  15. princeben07

    Rise of The TULPAS: Re-boot (Open RP)

    Well, the RP has STARTED, so you are FREE to pick a character or create your own to make this even MORE interesting. if you need more info, inbox me or something, lol Benny