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    Rise Of The Tulpa: Reboot 4.0 (Open)

    Art slipped out of his bed, releasing himself from his sister's grip, only to slip on some House Shoes to begin heading out into the hallways and downstairs to the first floor. His mother was still passed out on the couch, having had a bit too much to drink the night before. He was to remove the empty Wine glass from her left hand, now placing a blanket over her while she slept soundly. He could feel the presence in the basement, now turning the knob and opening the basement door to head down the stairs. It was well-lit for the staircase, but a bit dimmer once he set a foot on the basement floor. he could smell water and hair right at that moment. A silouhette of a life form could be seen in the far East corner of the basement; something tall and lanky so to speak. Art froze in his footsteps, now taking a deep breath. "Is that YOU? Step out into the light so that I can see you better and introduce yourself." Art's sister had now awakened only to not see her dear brother in the bed. She stretched out quietly, only to swing her legs over the edge of the bed, now I wonder about where he had gone to. She rubbed he sleepy eyes and sighed to herself. "I can't deal with my dreams and HE goes off like he doesn't have anything else BETTER to do than protecting his family; that dolt!!!" She thought to herself out loud, as she headed out into the hallways, now going downstairs into the Kitchen to make some breakfast as she promised. She then stopped for a minute: Why was the Basement door ajar? Thinking nothing of it, she was to sloppily drag her feet over to the Cupboard to find some bread, tomatoes and Cheese. Shaking her head, she was to turn on the Stove by simply thinking of turning the control knob. She could do SOME things with her power, but dared not to tell her brother about how she had been perfecting her skills for years upon end. She grabbed a few skillets and she began slicing up some bacon, along with some fresh Oranges. Shaking her head, Trina huffed and puffed; the headaches were getting worse and her vision had been pretty impaired over the past few weeks. "He won't even sit with me and check on my headaches; he's always wondering about Gary and where his Imaginary friend IS!!! I should put some Arsenic in his Oatmeal; the BIG DUMMY!!!" A ringing sound would echo out from the wall of the Kitchen, as Trina walked over to answer the Phone, still pouting a bit. "Is Artifice around Trina? Tell him Dr. Blotch wanted to ask a few questions." said a voice on the phone. "You'll have to call him back later Doc; He's somewhere chasing homework or something. I'll tell him that you called, okay?"
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    Rise Of The Tulpa: Reboot 4.0 (Open)

    Running through his mind, Artifice tossed and turned in his sleep; demons, the lot of them!! He was trapped in a pit of Sea Snakes, hands numb from various poisons as he placed one red hand on the rocks to pull himself free. Now huffing and puffing, he couldn't see anything familiar around him, as the Sunlight beamed down on him. For a moment, he was taking a break from all of this fighting. "BEEEEEEEEPPPP!!" Was the sound on his Alarm clock though. He turned over in his covers to see the time: 6:54am. He would hear his door creak open as a young female crept into his room. She looked about in her teens, letting forth a slight giggle of sorts. Artificer knew whom this was; his little sister, as she bothered him more than anything this early in the morning. Slipping under his covers, the young girl placed her arms around his waist, snuggling onto him, not saying a thing. "Another nightmare?" He asked softly. The young girl nodded, whimpering. Art sighed, staring up at the ceiling; this girl was THIRTEEN years old and still having horrifying nightmares about something. She had been running to his room to seek shelter since she was six years old, and though his Father had told him to protect his sister, no matter what, he was beginning to question if this was ever going to get better. "We've got to DO something about this Trina; if the Sleep studies aren't helping and the medicines aren't helping you sleep, then I've got to find something else to try. Look, I don't care that you're scared, but you're getting worse by the day...............never mind. Just get some sleep then Okay?" Trina whispered in a very low tone, "Thanks bro....I'll make us some breakfast okay?" ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ West District, Mundelein; 7:15 am "Witnesses say something large shattered through the glass and walked right down the street. No one could say anything about it much. It looked tall, wet and had long hair. Maybe it was some kind of a creature or something. Whatever it was, it was strong enough to break through three-inch Bullet-Proof Glass like it had nothing else better to do Chief." Said a female Officer in Uniform. Cameras flashed as reporters and various people were staring at the glass itself. What in the FUCK could break through Bullet-Proof Glass in THIS part of the city? "This is the tenth time people have seen this THING walk down THIS particular street. I don't know what to make of this!!" Said the Chief, who was simply speechless at what was going on." "It-It-It was HUGE!!! About twelve or maybe fifteen feet TALL!!! It had a very slow walk, but it gave off a stench that would make you VOMIT!!! It reeked of DEATH or something to that degree!! I stay right above in the Apartments of the same building, and we have never seen anything like that before I tell you!!" Said an older man, who was having a cigarette and shaking his head in disbelief!!
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    [Chat] How was your day?

    OKAY!!!! I GOT YOU!!! Let's set something up SOON K Raxy-G? Benny
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    [Chat] How was your day?

    1. FUCK YOU on the roleplay!! I mean that LOVINGLY!!!! 2. See 1. Benny I've HAD 4 HEART ATTACKS................ SInce 2012.............. Got any OTHER GOOD NEWS??? *Insert evil laughs heres* Benny DCN 4 LLLIIIIFFFEEE!!!!!
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    Rise Of The Tulpa: Reboot 4.0 (Open)

    He could HEAR him; the strangulated and perverted thoughts that traveled into this thing!!! He would seek his own thoughts and project them right INTO Ganthronex: "I don't know WHO you are, but I KNOW that I created you. You have been speaking from the shadows and in my dreams!!! I don't know where you are but I'm hearing news reports of a being breaking through 3-inch Tempered glass!! I don't care who it is that you are looking for, but you are going to GET ME ARRESTED if the Police find out who CREATED you. There are so many reports of YOUR kind causing trouble that I can't even keep up. My grades are slipping and my ONLY sister is AFRAID to sleep in her own FUCKING ROOM!!! You need to come back from WHEREVER you are and we need to TALK this through. I don't even know what you LOOK like for that matter. Do you even have a name? You talk from the Shadows at School, under the Gym's Bleechers, under the lunch tables, in my closet at night. What do you WANT from me? You talk to me in the Bathroom, even while I'm on School Camping trips at night. You are a very creepy THING, and I'm tired of this mis-communication. I don't have any weapons to FIGHT you with, but I DO know this: I CREATED you from my MIND and I can OBLIETERATE you if you do NOT start OBEYING my orders. My Mom is going to NEED COUNSELING AFTER THIS!!! Please...I implore to you...bring your frame BACK to my closet, where you BELONG!!! This is my LAST WARNING WHATEVER you are!!! And would you STOP sexually suggesting that I have incestuous relations with my kid sister......that's just IMMORAL!!!" However, his own sister was partially Telekinetic, and could sense everything that he was saying. "I don't think it's wrong for two people to fall in LOVE you know. You're all that I have Artifice. I hate getting along with those bitches at my school; they are shallow, but you are sweet, kind and treat me like a woman. If you were to ask for my hand in Marriage, I'd gladly accept. Are you talking to IT? Hello Gary!!! I hope to meet you someday!!! You have been protecting me from the bullies at school. Thanks you!!!!!" "You're showing up at her SCHOOL????? I'm going to get arrested!!! Meet me in the basement in 25 minutes. USE THE SHADOWS and do NOT BREAK ANYTHING IN THIS HOUSE!!! GOT IT?????"
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    Rise of The TULPAS: Re-boot (Open RP)

    Well, the RP has STARTED, so you are FREE to pick a character or create your own to make this even MORE interesting. if you need more info, inbox me or something, lol Benny
  7. Okay, here is ONE: Ever gotten angry at someone or been feeling down? Not enough pay? Bills piled too high? Wish you could make it all go away? Bad Break-up? Cancelled engagements? Well, there are THEORIES floating around that all of this repressed tension and anger can cause the MIND to form a BEING: A being of utter Catastrophe, Hatred, Anger and a REVERSE Version of who you really ARE. These beings are called TULPAS. Some say, that way back in the early 1960's and late 1970's a BRUTAL Experiment was conducted in a building that was closed off from the Public. 67 College Students were to be paid for the research. They were to simply focus day and night on CREATING this being. Out of the 67 Subjects, only THREE lived. By the time Authorities were called, ONE Student was so TERRIFIED that he actually pulled out his own hair, repeating over and over, "Imagination is JUST the human mind!!" Bodies were scattered about the complex and there was so much blood that HASMAT had to be called in to clean up the mess. ONE STUDENT even recalled seeing this being, as it was over twelve feet tall, wet-looking and had long wet hair that dragged to the ground. What if TULPAS ARE REAL? Do YOU have a hidden TULPA that is yet to be brought forth? Current date and time: People in the City have trouble walking home at night, as they keep talking about TULPAS. Doctors, Scientists and even the Police are BAFFLED as to why so many people are scared to go out at NIGHT, fearing that the TULPAS are out, trying to harm or kill people that deserve it. Artificer, age 17, tends to spend his time at home with his loving sister and his Fiancee, who all think that HE is just stressed out. But while at school or work, he hears this Demonic voice that keeps talking to him from within the Shadows. it's NAME is Ganthronex, a LIVING TULPA. Cast: Artificer (Art for short) Mrs. Stevens (Art's Mom) Doctor Ray Stevens, Molecular Biologist/Physicist (Art's Father who is rarely at home, only to come to shower and change clothes, have a beer or two, and then leave right back out for work) Trina Stevens, age 13 (Art's Loving sister who sincerely BELIEVES that TULPAS are REAL) NPC Police Officer Professor Hoyt, age 33 NPC Police Officer Selena, age 24 Dr. Ray Blotch, Researcher of ASCAB Laboratories, LLC Gaiden Blotch, age 22 (Art's BEST friend and Dr. Ray Blotch's Adopted son, who is also a part-time Physicist) NPC Witnesses, Psychiatrists and a bunch of other people that I can play without breaking a SWEAT!! Let me know what you think and if you're interested. I just want to try something DIFFERENT!!!! The RP will used as an opening to the theory of Impossible, part of my Online Book: The Chrio World, Volume 1: Third World Tales. Benny
  8. Dredge-G!!!! How GOES it??? It's Benny boy!!!



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    What's on your desk?

    I don't have a Desk, I have a TV/Entertainment stand that functions as an all-in-one. 1st Shelf: 37' Sharp Aquos First-Genertation Flat Panel TV (23 Years old and Counting: Only has ONE HDMI Port and is NOT a SMART TV) Custom-Built PC: Core I-5 CPU, 16 TB HDD Storage for Anime. Clear Nail Polish, Mini-Tool bag, Deodorant, Amazon Kindle Tablet I've yet to repair, House Keys, Electrical Tape, (5) 16-Gig Thumb Drives 2nd Shelf: Sears LXI Double Cassette Deck, JVC DVD/VCR Combo, New Paint Brush, Laptop Hard Drive Caddy, assorted Laptop Hard drives, assorted Desktop Hard Drives 250GB and UP, Technics Double-Cassette Deck (Refurbished by ME, YAAY) White Sega Dreamcast With about 17 Games Custom-Burned 3rd Shelf: Sherwood all-in One Discrete Amplifier (Works), (2) 1TB Desktop Hard Drives, Lemon Pepper Seasoning (For when Im' eating my Salads, lol) Dell 1335 Series All-in-One Printer (Needs a Print Head) Benny
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    Benny's ANIME Corner

    Alright......... I'm going to start this thread up and KEEP it updated. if you have any suggestions for me to review and talk about, then by ALL means let me know. I'll have to give a history of my experience and exposure to Japanese Animation to give everyone a better understanding on why I decided to do something like this. Always remember, The universe can BEND to YOUR will if you just look BENEATH the surface!!! DCN 4 LLLIIIFFFEEE!!!!!
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    Benny's ANIME Corner

    Goblin Slayer Review is coming soon. Fingers have completely healed and since I'm on break from wicked Social Media, it's BACK to what I do best, ANIME!!! Benny
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    An introduction?

    Welcome to our Zany group!!! lol. Benny
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    Specific character weakness

    Benaires: Ben can't READ!!!! he even sat in a room full of Kindergarden children to try to LEARN and got teased!!! He can't even TALK verbally in his full DAICHON form; it comes out as whimpers, growls and yelps when he tries. He has to communicate Telepathically and if no one can HEAR him, then he's totally useless at communication. In his Humanistic form, he reads like a 1st grader!!! Ben is EXTREMELY CLUMSY!!! he doesn't know his own strength at times and has to tone himself down to prevent from breaking things. His father had to DAICHON-Proof Ben's own HOUSE which is the Infamous Sky-lab!!! Too much exposure to high heat will make him pass out. Some DAICHONS can DIE from the COMMON COLD!!! Avus Insectium: The purple-haired Phenom of the Invectium Race has been BANNED from ever having CREDIT, a Bank Account and even banned from attending School for an education. ITS stomach is always growling since Avus can't even find a job, thus having not much education or experience. So Avus usually borrows most of ITS things from Benaires, as Ben's father is very well-off!!! Avus RARELY changes into its Owl-Like DAICHON Form, as it scares the living SHIT out of most people that see it, and that really hurts Avus' feelings deeply. IT doesn't understand just how horrible-looking ITS Owl-like form really IS. A 7-Year old girl named Jessica calls Avus, "Owl-man-thingy." Avus Insectium is neither male NOR female!!! Avus is an IT!!!! Cyrix Tepes Gothra: "Hero or villain: Lad or Lass: ALL will answer to the Hourglass!!" Used to speak in Parables so badly that hardly anyone could understand what he talked about until he had to go to school to learn proper speaking and English classes when he first touched down upon the Physical Plane from Cocytus. Gothra is what everyone calls him because that is his last name from his race, the Blood Farmers, which are a broken cast off from Vampires. Cyrix Tepes Gothra has a high level of arrogance that pushes people away from him, hence him having a very difficult time getting along with people or even having a girlfriend. His sense of regret is shallow, but he doesn't understand why he has to change just WHO he is in order to relate to other PEOPLE. Abraxis: The walking female disaster can't talk whatsoever. She had her Vocal Chords stitched completely shut when she was about eight or so. She never spoke to people with the fear of her voice being so loud that she would cause people to bleed from their eyes and EARS!!! She now communicates on a digital writing utensil that she carries everywhere that she goes. Abraxis doesn't know when her "Cycle" is once a month and thinks that she is going to bleed to death!!! Her Conduit, Graymite Anthine Jones IV, has to take care of her 24/7, as years in a mental Asylum has wiped most of her emotions completely out. Daniel Composition has a very Powerful sword that he can barely LIFT!!! It was his Father's sword, but he doesn't know how to use it, even as Ronald T. Vixxenne has found the instructions and even the full footage on how to master the Plasmodium Sword. Ronald T. Vixxenne can get drunk off MILK, as aliens from HIS Dimension can't process the Sugars that are in Milk!!!
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    Doctor/Cryptologist Needed

    Hey there my Valucrians!!!!! It's Benny boy hollering at you all again, after a brief hiatus to help my Dad recover from his Colon Surgery to remove a few Tumors. He's doing great and is taking some time off from work to get things in order around the House. While he IS busily doing things online, I have some DOWN time for a few weeks until he's cleared by his Doctor to go back to work, slowly. here is what I am looking for: I need someone, preferably FEMALE to pick up a role as Dr. Stephanie Fowler, the new Cryptologist and Physician/Historian of ALL DAICHONS. She was converted INTO a DAICHON on a DARE by Ben AGAIN!!! Here are the requirements: Must be able to post up at least twice in one day, a few times a week. Must be able to study a bit about the History of DAICHONS. Must be willing to accept the RP role on a PERMANENT basis. This means that in addition to YOUR Role-plays, you WILL be able to handle a new character until the storyline is either completed or re-assigned. Details on Dr. Fowler can be explained in FULL detail by contacting me. I'd really appreciate someone to write WILLINGLY with me to sort out a few things since it's no FUN rp'ing this character by myself!!!! Benny
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    Uh, Hello ^^;

    Welcome back Ace!!! Good to see you are doing the Reanissance thingy!!! Benny It's ME: BENNY!!!!^_^
  16. HOW BUSY ARe you with School?Work?Family?


    I'm drunk muthafucka!! BENNY BOY!!


    Please return my message as SOON as You CAN ACE!!! I NEED to TALK TO YOU!! SERIOUSLY!!!





    1. Acies ab Vesania

      Acies ab Vesania

      Just working. No school for now. 

  17. WOLFIKIN!!!!


    Well LOOK who found his way BACK home???




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      OH, next time as in: Whenever you are ready to give me the details on what you're working on next...just so that I can keep up with you. You're always cranking out SOMETHING, lol!!! ^_^



    3. Galen Wolfe

      Galen Wolfe

      LOL... so I'll let you start your story, just tag me in it... and the little matchstick girl... basically, a woman who has been abused as a child develops pyro-kinesis abilities that manifest themselves anytime she strikes a match. She never consciously seems to direct what happens after this, blacking out just after she finally snaps and lights the match, and she wakes up afterward in the charred aftermath. She keeps moving around, but knows the government is chasing her, as well as some unknown person or group that seems to have abilities as well.

      that's the gist of it, for now. I used to have a better description somewhere but apparently I didn't save it to a word file so will have to wing it,

    4. princeben07
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    Multiple Shots?? (RE-Union Part 1 of 4)

    Took bit of a break from this one due to two more writers being busy with work/School IRL. More adventures will CONTINUE SOON!!! DCN 4 LLLIIIFFEE!!!!
  19. Theme: Open Environment: Valucre Time and Date, as needed Weather: Calm: 82 degrees but very Sunny; Winds are North by Northwest at about 9 MPH or so. Storyline: FREESTYLE.................NO PLOT needed. I'm laying this out in High School style for ANYONE that would love to join on in. THis is a bit of Supernatural/Slice Of Life/High-Fantasy. This has to do with my poor Benny trying to re-unite with his five OTHER Split forms, as I have tried to do this in multiple RP's but people KEEP dropping OUT on me, so I'll do this MY WAY. "You BROKE that student's WRIST!!! What ELSE do you expect for me to DO Benaires? You CAN"T go around seeking justice without the School Council's input!!" Yelled the Assistant Dean of the School. He had unloosened his tie and was sipping on a stiff drink in his private Office. The School Recorder of Deeds was there, along with the entire Student Council, Seven Police Officers, two Security Officers from the School, two Detectives and even a representative of Bens' Father's Company!! Ben only sighed: he was tired of being reprimanded by the Dean as well. He arose up out of his chair, now staring around at the entire room itself, giggling some. "Is that what this is about? Me so-called handing out Justice? Look Mr. Ramsey, I don't think you are aware of what is really going on here in the least bit. The Security Cameras caught a mysterious person roaming around the campus like some maniac. Now we have four BODIES in the HOSPITAL!!! FOUR STUDENTS!!! This investigation is well-within my jurisdiction. I might be a student here, but NONE of you have the right to interfere with official Business." One girl, who was dressed very well, slammed her fist onto the table, now trying to protest; "You CANNOT DO this!!!! The Counter-measures Division handles those kinds of things Benaires. You make it seem like no one is trying to help you along here; you are clearly in violation of so many rules that I don't know where to begin with you!!!" the young girl said, now tying her hair into a ponytail. "You all just do not understand what is at stake here is all...." Replied one of the Security Officers for the school. He was rather obese and had grease stains on his uniform, but he always smiled and defended the students always, even Benaires. "I was doing patrol last night and I saw something strange. SOMEONE or SOME THING is creepin around the school halls, I tell yas. This kid aint' playing around ya know. I've known Ben's old man and his mother for years upon years on end, and I will tell yas this: Something is going on and I don't like it!!!!" "People PEOPLE!!! Let's keep things in perspective shall we? Its a given that four students were severely injured by someone or some unseen force, but that does NOT give Benaires here the right to be judge, jury and executioner. We have tradition here; and for the last 140 years, no one has ever failed at THIS school. But look at Ben's track record here......A-hem....153 tardies in one scholastic year; 43 absences; 124 cuts from period to period. His English, Math, Magic Users, Geology, and even his LEISURE class is almost at failing level. I mean its a LEISURE CLASS!! You get good Marks for doing absolutely NOTHING!!! However, His Arts, Physical Education and Social Skills class have Marks SO high that the teachers are running out of assignments for him to do. While he is doing as we must save, O-kay....he still lacks the basic education and skills that students need to make it out here in the real world you know. Honestly, I'm tired of the complaints." Said another girl who was rather short. She had long Pony-tails that were neatly tied up with blue bows on the ends of each one of four. Her Seaweed-Green Eyes shimmered against the very Sunlight that was blaring into the large office itself. Ben sighed and picked up his File folder, gently excusing himself from the actual meeting. The Dean pointed at him as he stormed out of the Office, "You SEE? THIS is what he does every SINGLE time that we try to talk to him. We CAN'T suspend him since he is on the Champion Skate-boarding Team and he is the ONLY person that is holding the Art Department together!!" One Police Officer shook her head, along with two more male Officers, all putting their caps back on, immediately bolting out after Ben to try to talk with him. The Security Guard also put his cap back on to walk out right behind the three Officers. Cytherea, head of the Student Council couldn't believe what she had just seen; A student that was about to be reprimanded, just WALK out in the middle of an important MEETING???? Who WAS this guy? "Shit.....................I'll go TALK to him....continue with the meeting everyone!!!" Cytherea then shook her head and ran after her Childhood friend as well!!!
  20. Happy New year Sprite!!!!


  21. Sent you an application as a Resume for OOFICAL GREETER of Valucre.com!!!


    Check me out!!!



    P.S....Drinking Henno for the Bears Game, lol.  And PLEASE finish unpacking bro!!!

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    ...Four Years Later

    Now you KNOW that the old furball aint' going nowehere old friend. I can REMEMBER that you were thinking about going into the SERVICE, but that was YEARS ago. My Kid is eight years old...I had four Heart Attacks, and I'm in poor health, lol. But it's ALWAYS good hearing from you man!!! How are things...INBOX me later on if you can. Are you on Shore leave or something? You are always away on assignments or something, lol!!! WELCOME BACK OLD FRIEND!!! Benny
  23. princeben07

    ...Four Years Later

    Is that who I THINK IT IS????? It's ME!! BENNY!!! Benny
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    Hello Everyone

    I haven't had any training yet as the UNOFFICIAL MASCOT of Valucre, but I've been here loooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg enough to greet my newcomers!!! Welcome and should you have any problems or concerns, I'm sure that someone will be RIGHT with you ASAP. Should you want to brain-storm on an adventure, then let me know. I also enjoy Slice-Of-Life RP's every so and then. Benny
  25. Everything is Decorated, tree has been up since Dec 1st!!! Now to catch up on some LATE PC Repairs and upgrades that have been overdue for quite some time!!!!


    I'm not even hungry; just a bit apprehensive about PC Repair lately. Gotta stay busy my peeps!!!