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  1. Cotton was busily tending to Abraxis and Argon's hair, as she was very skilled in grooming. She helped Myta groom countless Research Subjects back at the laboratory, even before she had met her own father. Argon kept sneezing though; something in the air was bothering her and she did not like it!!! Ursula then got up for self, wiping her eyes continuously. She was exhausted, but had to stay alert when they were to descend into the Catacombs. She walked over to Cotton, clearing her throat loudly. Cotton raised her head up quickly, letting off a smirk of some kind since she had trouble smiling sometimes. "You look exhausted Lady Vonoxia; you really should rest." Cotton said to her initially, only to be cut off by Ursula. "Yeah...I know........Can I talk to you for a few minutes Lady Cotton? I have to get this out of my system...." Argon sighed, then giggled......."I know what THIS is about already, and I'm still sneezing...ACHOO!!! Oh my goodness...what is in the AIR tonight? " Cotton sighed, but patted on the bed next to her gently. "Seems that lately I've been the voice of reason around this place. The Broods had better clean up that mess in that back before LOTT breaks them in HALF. You all know how strong LOTT can be when he is SERIOUS. So.....what's on your mind Great One?" Cotton began, as she began placing hair lotion into Argon's hair. Argon sat happily; it felt GOOD to see a teenager that could groom someone's hair without much struggle. "Your Father.........I'm not really sure how he feels about me. I mean, I'm so swooned over him that I am really starting to lose my control with my emotions. I don't know what to do anymore. This is just so heavy on my heart right now...." Ursula said, now spilling a tear or two, but trying not to break down completely since she would be needed to speak with the Monolithic Ones soon. "I understand how you feel Lady Vonoxia, but you HAVE to TELL Him sooner or later; I'm sure that will NOT spurn your feelings. Father is a bit brash and speaks in crazed undertones, but he MEANS well. Sit down and have a talk with him and I'm sure he will understand everything, alright?" She responded, now signaling for Argon to get up and for Abraxis to slide over next. She nodded, now wiping the tears from her face. Argon giggled, but waltzed over to the large bathroom to change into something to sleep in. it was almost 3:45 am and the Staff was still busily keeping things clean. LOTT rested easily in his own chambers, assuming that the Broods would not allow for things to go to waste. Serenity and Gothra had finally returned, each one carrying a briefcase in their opposite hand. "This is much information to absorb dear, but we HAVE to alert the Master quickly. Why do I sense more of my KIND in here? Ami, you DIDN'T......" Gothra only shook his head: "Lady Ami.......what did you DO this TIME?" Ben walked down the halls with hundreds of Tulpa behind him; they would not disobey him; they were only interested in just why they had been called or summed to a service. Ben then stopped, shaking his head..... "SHUT UP!!! ALL OF YOU!!! Look...............I know that most of you were not created by human imagination as of YET....I need the following Tulpas to step forwards and get a DAICHON TATTOO....please...........Monger.......Isotope....Miss Strings.....and I hate to say her name, but Reality Cutter More Than What You See......... please...JUST come forth and OBEY me....." R.C.M.T.W.Y.S. then stepped forward, blushing. She had never seen benaires before, so it was a bit embarrassing. She was seven feet and two inches, but had long hair that dropped to the floor and was wet, like ALL Tuplas. She stepped forward and began to speak. "M-M-Master.....I've never seen you before, as have all of the Tulpas that you have summoned here. What can I do for you mighty one?"
  2. Xeno gasped at Salt!!! "Wow, you look breath-taking M'Lady. Thank you Abronex for the care, alright? We are just waiting for the arrival of the DAICHONS to be released and we can pay for the freedom and be on our way." Abronex smiled and then quickly pulled out some combs, brushes and hair lotion!!! "Alright: while we are waiting, come Salt: I'm going to fix your hair for you. It IS my job you know. Xeno, why not talk to Mr. Fines for awhile then?" She requested, as Quigley was to return, dressed in a NEW Suit!! "Oh yes, Mr. Fines...BY the way....Quigley is coming with ME for a little while while we guide Salt to her new home and her new Guardian. Quigley is going to write down yet ANOTHER set of numbers. This will be his away pay to YOU while he works for ME...It is non-negotiable...Understand...QUIGLEY!!!" Mr. Fines placed his hand to his mouth: how MUCH was Xeno going to PAY him this time? The door was to fling open, as very tall, Werewolf-like creatures were to begin entering in the main Foyer. They looked tired, beaten, and defeated, but they were alive!!! "Abronex....get all of these creatures cleaned up and get some proper clothing for them next dear...understand?" Xeno demanded. Abronex was almost done with Salt's hair anyways, so she chuckled lightly to herself. "Sure thing Boss...NO problem...Master Benaires would be rather pissed off to see his brethren and sisters looking destitute!!!" She replied, as two of the seven-foot DAICHONS knelt down to her to be petted. Abronex knew who the DAICHONS were very, very WELL, so to see them looking like that was an insult. The Other 24 were to all gather around Xeno, thanking him, shaking his hand in all, licking his face happily. Some talked, while other did not for right now. One of the DAICHONS turned around and then walked over to where Abronex was grooming Salt's hair, now kneeling down to examine Salt. "Master Benaires requested for HER? She is a DRESDEN!!! Simply incredible. I have never seen one in REAL life before.......This one must be very, very important for the master to request her audience from so far away. And if he ordered for OUR freedom, then he MUST have plans for us all then." Said the large DAICHON, who was now simply staring Salt over. Most KNEW of Abronex, so to disrespect her was an awaiting limb to be torn off. "Well.....here you go M'lady Salt...two fresh Ponytails and a great-smelling hair lotion with vitamins and nutrients for your roots!!! Alright you mongrels...LINE up in the Bathroom and I'll groom you all; it's MY JOB after all. For the Money that Xeno is paying ME, you all had BETTTER do what I say or I'll tell Benaires.....GOT it? Now MARCH!!!"
  3. "Trust me; after this, we are getting out of here, but for now, let's get you cleaned up and dressed properly." While Abronex and Salt got themselves together in the bath, Xeno stood by the front door of the main Office, awaiting further developments. Mr. Fines offered him some Coffee while he waited, but the blood Farmer kindly refused. He offered some Donuts, but Xeno hissed at the thought of eating sweets. Mr. Fines swallowed nervously, as he was not sure how to entertain his company while they awaited the release of the 26 DAICHONS. There wasn't much conversation since Abronex and Salt were in the bath, and that made things even more tense. Xeno sighed, as he stared at his pocket watch; he was ready to get away from this terrible place, as he knew staying any longer would delay their trip to the Manse.

    My old friend is coming back!! We made up and we are GOOD!!! Velly, I GOTCHU TONIGHT!! Got my HENNO!!



  5. "Listen to me; this young lady is a very, VERY rare breed of a possible future for everyone!!! She is my charge and I am responsible for her protection and training. What other business that I have with those DAICHONS is none of your concern. I have orders and I WILL obey my Master; even if I have to HARM you Mr. Fines...are we clear on that? QUIGLEY!!!!" He demanded. Quigley was to reach into his satchel and extract four bags of gold, kindly bringing them over TO his Main boss, smiling surely. "I I-didn't even KNOW that these creatures were THIS sought after here........I'll fetch the keys for you..... Just give me a few minutes...." Said Mr Fines...who still was shaking from the sheer amount of MONEY that Xeno had with him; who was this guy? Xeno then planted a kiss upon Salt's Forehead!!! "M'lady...I am yours to command. I will never, EVER let anyone harm you ever again; so as ordered by my Master Benaires. We have a trip to plan, and I will help you with anything that you need. You are MY responsibility until I take you to your Main Guardian. I will protect you even at the cost of my own life. You will be properly bathed and clothed......and then trained to use your full powers, which are sleeping inside of you, as per orders from Lord Benaires." Mr. Fines returned with 10 Soldiers Dressed in Military outfits. "Uhm...your services are rendered in FULL. These Soldiers will go and release the creatures that you requested. I have NO problems with THAT for the amount that you're paying Xeno. You all have your orders: release the said creatures without FAIL. You won't have a JOB if you pull something funny...Understand? Now GO!!!" Xeno then looked at Salt again, smiling. "I am going to take very good care of you M'lady. Please just relax....Mr. Fines...do you have a Shower in this humble abode that I can use to help my charge freshen herself UP then?" Mr. Fines laughed outloud, pointing to the Kitchen.... "heheheheh Of COURSE i do Xeno...of course...you may take her into the kitchen, head to the left and the walk-in shower is there. It's NOT a problem......hehehe...please...go on..." Abronex finally arrived as well, as Quigley was to open the front door to let her in. She had a change of fresh clothes as well. "Sorry that I'm late Xeno baby......finding clothes for her size isn't easy, but I got something nice for her. You going to help her out then? I'll stand guard and wait for the DAICHONS to be transported back here so that we can go Sire....fair enough?" "yes......very well....please see to that...if Mr. Fines tries anything funny...RIP his SPINE out...understood? Let's go my dear...I shall bathe you.....it's my job.." Xeno spake out to the Dresden...then planting yet ANOTHER kiss on her forehead. All of this encouragement probably would make Salt want to run away; someone had been "nice" to her before, then treated her like a secondary life form. Xeno was not to be confused with the others; OH no!! Xeno was a man or his word; a legend to some people and yet a man of honor to other life forms. He would carry Salt down the hallway and into the kitchen, as they would pass by various staff persons who waved in respect; Xeno was not the one to be triffled with; DEATH would be the result should one cross a Blood Farmer!!! "Are you sure she is going to go along with that Sire? Maybe I should help her since I'm female......" Abronex protested, but not with anger. "Hmmm...very good idea Abby......I don't want to scare my young Charge. I will go into the Kitchen to make some Mint Tea. YOU are to bathe her then as requested....do you understand?" "yeah, sure babe....Come on Salt, let's get some bubbles on yer butt dear........" Abronex would take Salt by her right hand and begin to walk with her towards the walk-in bathroom. Xeno had put her down already, but never hesitated in kissing her on the forehead to re-assure her that he was definitely her Guardian!!!! "You keep doing that Sire and you're going to SPOIL her."
  6. Ben giggled, then looked to Ursula.................. "Oh.......................I HATE it when Lady Ami is right...okay, okay...I'll cool down....!!! We should get some rest and head out in the morning....There is much to do.." "I told you Ursula; everything is going to work out alright? Cheer up will you?" ben replied, now placing his index finger under her chin to lift her head up to him. Ursula wanted to simply MELT from Ben's touch, but she really had to get her emotions in check if everyone was going to try to put all of this together. She then sighed and winked at Ben. "You have GOT to work on your people skills Benaires..." Dr. Fowler and Dr. Stevenson were snacking on some food while they continued to examine the Broken Broods in the exam room. Stevenson had taken some blood samples and was ready to further analyze them. "So I hear that Ami has returned to help out then? Wonderful. Well, I'm off to take these samples in for blood work. These Broods don't have much intelligence, but their body strength is unreal. I am beginning to wonder about all of this in detail." "Yep; trust me; she isn't going anywhere if she wants to get some answers as well. You know what i was thinking? How in the hell could ASCAB make a clone of Ami in a perfect state in her twin brother Borron, and yet when they tried to copy Ben's DNA, they end up with these imperfect creatures. What gives Doc? Any ideas?" Dr. Fowler asked, as she she took some blood from one of the Broods on the exam table. "Huh? Oh, that's easy to answer. You see...Ami's DNA is an exception to the rule. Would you think it to be snide that someone kept gathering samples of her blood and fur all of those times she was on the battle fields trying to protect the DAICHONS all of those years ago? You see...Ben's DNA is different; he's Royalty, along with his Father and Mother, as well as his meddling sister Psyvariar. Only problem is this: why does ASCAB have such a keen interest in Ami and Ben's genetic configuration? You'd figure that they would get sick and tired of repeated attempts of trying to copy the same gene pool over and over again, only to get THESE things time after time. Further than that dear...Who ELSE is behind all of this in the first place? Could it be something that has decided to bite the company in the ass for something that they did a long time ago? All of this ties into something. Or else we wouldn't have to work this hard to get answers overall. Whatever the case may be, someone wants us to keep our mouths shut and is going through much trouble to do so. Once the big problem rears it's ugly head, the real TEST is being prepared for whatever happens." "Yeah, I get it Dr. Stevenson. I just don't like it is all."
  7. Benaires, FUTURE prince of the DAICHONS was fighting a CONTAMINANT in 2036...EARTHIAN year.....from Cross Dimensions through the "Accelerator." A CONTAMINANT bit poor Ben in the FACE..... Dr. Stephanie Fowler tried to treat him, but he BIT HER....... Ben's daughter....Lady Cotton, cut herself with a Ginseu Knife and SPIT her BLOOD on the BOTH of them....they are NOW IMMUNE to INFECTION...... What is ASCAB HIDING ABOUT THE LIVING CIRCLE AND THE CHRO-01 PROJECT? Dr. Renoka Stevenson, President Of ASCAB
  8. When REMBRANDT steps through that PORTAL.....


    Everything that you FUCKING LOVE IS GOING TO FUCKING DIE!!!!!




    August 2020.....


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    We are still gathering notes on "System-07" from ASCAB..... We ARE the AFF.... AFF....
  11. So my ideas revolve around Velindrel and possible future characters I make. I am not going to attempt anything like earth shattering right? But within the restraints of my main character, Velly being a blacksmith I'm kinda picturing the Lagrimosa magitech almost being like Engineering on some level too. So what I'm getting at is I wanna create a like working new type of forge that combines the old world arcane enchanting, with Lagrimosa's magitech stuff yeah? But the ultimate goal is at some point almost ALL of the super enchanted relics of that age eventually come directly from Velly. Hey, ahhah, someone's gotta make this stuff right? The lord of the rings sword Aragorn used didn't blacksmith OR enchant itself. In other words...it came from some blacksmith's hands at some point...however long ago. Now my idea for the first big solo event is that he makes a working like...super sort of forge that I will end up opening to the general public once it is all up and running. I had questions before with regards to player owned shops and stuff like this which goes nicely with what I want to attempt. I don't want to attempt anything TOO earth shattering given a really horrendous set of experiences on another site. I am mainly making non-combat characters for this reason primarily i just am here to write. But yeah the question is two fold with regards to solo stuff, how far can we take the making our own stuff? And the second question I have is...with distribution of player crafted items/etc how far are we ALSO allowed to take this? My idea is eventually magic swords made by Velly can become things like tournament and site event rewards someday hahah. But let's not get that far ahead of ourselves hahah. I'm not sure if V has ever had a dedicated blacksmith type character on site, but I am willing to completely take up this mantle within reason of course. Just let me know what is doable with our solo projects and what is not. I think it's a GREAT idea. Velly is always trying to help out, so why not set the bar and at LEAST give it a try!!!! Weight the pros and cons and see what develops.....Tha's what I WOULD do!! benny
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  14. Velindrel had suffered upon countless amounts of suffering; almost to the point where one would not be able to break him. when things got bad, and things would be quite mind-numbing, Velindrel made things with his hands. He wasn't very famous, but he was well-known to be a man of resolve, peace and redemption. Plus he could make things!!! One could not help but to strike upon an intelligent conversation with him; say a spark of imagination, or even a moment of laughter; he was one that touched the hearts of various walks of life. His past had been all but forgotten, but he was willing to identify with it, face it and learn from it in order to push on. Tread through the muck of life; the pain of regret and the mountains of tears that could not even be weighed from the loss of his loved ones. A scent of Hyacinth and Jasmine would quickly rush past him; who wore something so strong these days? One could hear panting from a room away, the thump of one, then another so it seemed to echo out. "I travel almost across another dimension of Space and Time and what do I find? One of the very FEW people in all of these lands that can make me a weapon. I don't do tricks either!!! Knock Knock Velly old friend!!! It's your past coming back to have some Absinthe. You KNOW that's my favorite thing to drink; Hope ya GOT some ready for me!!!"
  15. Cotton wiped her tears, giggling some. Ben pointed to Argon, and then to Kota..clearing his throat. "Ace, this is Experiment Number 418, QuitziKota; a Broodling of my own creation after years of tampering with my own DNA. Kota, this is Head Guard of the Defence Team, Acting Guardian of Lady Cotton, Grande Librarian and Guardian of the Holy Tomes, Lady Ami. She's got tooo many titles to name and we will be up all night...heheh.. Great...Broken Broods are working for Ami......I've GOT to get my Grades together or I'm going to flunk out of school. Dad will find yet another reason to make fun of me....oh man!!!" Cotton smiled at the new Ribbon; she LOVED Ribbons from people to add to her collection!!!! "And it is Fuschia!!! Thanks Teach!!! My favorite Color!!! And yes, Mother says that Father is clueless when it comes to learning in Earthian Educational Systems. he is either too stubborn or too lazy.....I told him about that over and over again, but he never listens...he just blows it off...RIGHT dear old dad?" Cotton said, now passing the grades over for Ami to glance over; they were terrible marks, save for Art and Physical Education. "Father, what are we going to do with you? Honestly heheheh." Cotton said, now planting a kiss on his cheek. Kota then rose to her feet, yelping something out loud for Ami to hear that would translate into, "It's a n honor." "I came pre-set with yelping and other quirks to communicate with my Brethren and Sister Miss Ami. It's indeed an honor to meet you finally...Master speaks of you like the tales of the bogeyman non-stop. God...i got so fucking SICK of hearing him whine about you and how he missed you and how you two used to battle hordes of Zombies and the like in some other time line. How does he even remember being somewhere else? I would guess his split forms or something to that degree. Lady Cotton, Abraxis was about to do something to fix Master's stupidity then?" O_O H-Hey!!!.....I'm NOT STUPID you know................." ben replied in his defense, but he was only cut off by almost everyone in the room at once. "YES you ARE ben!!!!" O_O Abraxis then stood up again, standing in front of her Master!! "I will NOT have any of you speaking badly of him!!! i may not be able to fight because of his orders, but i shall not have anyone speaking Ill of my Master!!! That goes for you TOO Cotton!! How DARE you purse your lips to say something like that!!!" ben then looked at Abraxis, shifting closer off of the large bed, holding his hand out, "Okay Abraxis...I get it......it was just a joke dear...now stand down okay?" "But they.....they are making FUN of you....I WILL NOT HAVE IT!!!! EVER!!" She retorted, now beginning to glow a hue of Black and Purple....Ben knew what this meant; Thrax, who still lived inside of her, was now making a defense in Abraxis' honor. Ben then walked over to Abraxis even closer, holding his arms stretched out to the left and right. "Abraxis sweetie....STAND down; that's a DIRECT order, understand? It was just a JOKE.....it's nothing personal. I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack...I get it.....I already TOLD you...no fighting until we figure out how to fix your personality disorder. It's too dangerous, even in the mansion. Now STAND down...it's okay.....I get it....You're upset, but it's just a joke, get it? You do anything here and you will seriously injure everyone......" "I'm T-Tired of this....I'm Sooooooooooooooooooooo Tired of this Master.........I don't know if I'm coming or going anymore......." She then spilled more tears, bolting of the room!! Graymite and Argon immediately gave chase to her, as well as Avus. "Abraxis!!! Come back sweetie....oh man...someone go after her please....... She still is dealing with this as best that she can. We need to rest up and head out for the Catacombs to get more answers...."
  16. Benaires: He can't READ!!! Benny
  17. This roleplay is ongoing....please hang with us!!!! Benny "Teacher?" Cotton looked at Ami and started crying. Everyone stood up in respect. Ben was trying to calm himself about his grades!!! "It's okay Cotton...go talk to her..." Ben replied, now WINKING at his Ace. Cotton ran over to Ami to embrace her!!! She was spilling tears by the buckets so it seemed. "Teacher!! Teacher!!! Teacher!!!.....Oh my goodness......you're BACK my Teacher!!!!! I missed you SOo much........we have alot of studying to do!!! TEACHER....thank you for coming back!!!"
  18. "Oh!! i did not mean to be RUDE M'lady Salt. The person who sent me is your other Master Guardian; his name goes as the infamous Lord benaires. He is my MASTER. He is what is called a DAICHON; a very NOBLE creature, as some will say in this human realm. You, my dear are related to the both of us in a very blessed way; you are half Blood Farmer and Half DAICHON; a very, VERY RARE breed, and my Master was told to take care of you BY your parents, should something happen to them.Now do not worry; no one is going to harm you my beautiful creature ever again. Quigley!!! To my side! Come hither now..." Xeno requested in such a manner-full and beautiful tone. Quigly once again raced to Xeno's side, holding his hand out for something. Xeno laughed with such arrogance, now placing a few Gold coins into Quigley's hand with gratitude. "Yes, YES, of course!! we are heading to my Supervisor's Office indeed Mr. Gothra. Please, follow me. And she is SUCH a beautiful specimen." Xeno would then stop suddenly. He then looked down to the short man, his lip trembling in anger. Quigley would back down, quick to fix his statement. "She is a wonderful creature indeed Mr. Gothra; everyone should have the right to Liberty and Happiness Mr. Gothra...a-hem...." "I expect for you to NOT be a derogatory nim-noo.....are we understood?" Xeno retorted out. As they approached the rather fancy-looking building, Xeno knelt down to Salt, taking her soft, Dresden hand into his, now closing his eyes for a brief moment. "You have my Loyal allegiance that i am not here to harm you M'lady. I just have to free a few of my master's friends...just trust me alright sweetheart? Quigley!!!" Quigley scrambled right to Xeno, nodding, ringing the doorbell so that they could be let in so see the main owner. The door was to quickly open as they were to let themselves into the building. As they walked, a rather tall man with a business-type suit was to walk up to greet them. "The name is Richard Fines III...with whom do i have the pleasure of asking why is my Dresden free?" he asked. Xeno reached into his left pocket to extract a business card to pass to the man. "Let's see here......ah.....Adrienne Xeno Tepes Gothra eh? Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Mr....uhm..." that man asked in a bit of confusion; he didn't know how to address the mighty Blood Farmer. "Just call me Xeno: everyone else does. I am here to request some business with you Mr. Fines. And as for the Dresden, she is in MY care now. I paid for her to be free. Is that a problem Mr. Fines?" Xeno then would actually PICK up Salt and hold her into his arms; as if she were his girlfriend!! Quigley laughed, but stepped forward with a pen and a piece of paper, now looking up at Xeno. "I came here to free 26 DAICHONS. Quigley is going to write down a price in which you are to be paid. There is NO negotiation on this matter. You are to hand me the keys to every cage in which I am to free my cousins, do we understand one another? If you refuse, then we will work on something else to establish a term. Is that fair Mr. Fines?" said the Blood Farmer. Quigley scribbled down some numbers very, very qucikly, as he was to go to his boss with the said paper. Mr. Fines was to open the paper and almost faint!! "I-I-I-....well..............I don't have a PROBLEM with the said price...why are are you so intersted in DAICHONS if I might ask?"
  19. Hmmm......Could be interesting for someone to show up that she either knows or despises. I'll reserve my choices for later. benny
  20. Alright Velly; I'll be by the Shop to get something sharpened as usual, okay? Benny
  21. Can't we Can't we translate Gold into something that is of value on Valucre? How does that work? Anyone got a conversion chart? LOL!!!
  22. Yes, but I was going to post up on the Earthian Realm in Alternative about this situation. Then I wanted to go and talk to Sanonymous about it and see what the next step is going to be. I'm very excited to be involved: I just have to read up on everything and since my MAIN PC has a bad Power Supply, I'll post up more stuff by the weekend to keep everyone informed as I go. Benny
  23. ASCAB Laboratories (EST. 1978: Networth is UNKNOWN, but assumed to be in the TRILLIONS) Is going to send a letter to the President of VCF for Investigation and Financial support...... Rembrandt...August 2020.... Benny
  24. While most don't even KNOW much about the infamous ASCAB Laboratories, which has been around since 1978, reports are beginning to fly in from various sources about something called the VCF Corporation and its suspected procedures of "Containment." A Press Conference was held about one week ago, where the President of ASCAB Laboratories, Dr. Richard Phelps quoted, "We are looking into the investigation of the So-called VCF Corporation and their Containment Procedures and are looking to lend a hand in their services." ASCAB's illegal practices in Bio-weaponry, including the DAICHONS, The Rembrandt Project and The Living Circle have been disputed over for the last 30 years.....ABSOLUTELY no Charges will stick to the infamous Company due to lacking of evidence.
  25. "I am your GUARDIAN..M'lady...Let's go!!! Abronex.....make a few calls to get her a fresh bath and some fresh clothes... Meet us in the Main office in a few minutes, understand me? Come on Sweetheart; I have to free a few other creature's at my Master's request." Said Xeno The Dresden would probably hesitate, but anything was better than being locked up in this place. They would step down out of the cage as Xeno walked right besides her, his hand gripping hers snugly; sure not to let anyone bother her. he then reached into his pocket to hand her some tissue. "Wipe your tears Dear; your troubles are over.....I will not let anyone bring you to harm M'lady...Please cheer up, okay?"
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