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  1. Busy bees, just dropping a little buzz. @Csl @Wade @vielle Hint
  2. I see now. @AD AM @Csl @vielle @Wade Interlude I - Vertical "B" alphabet - "I should have told her how I felt."
  3. @Csl , thanks for digging deep. Hint Password @elixir Next Step
  4. Look at this magic of teamwork! Viva collaboration. Sorry for the MIA. Work project is taking over and will be for the next month. My digging will continue to be limited and sporadic.
  5. Technically a ... ...contradiction... ....alternatively a dimension....
  6. My time will be a little limited until the weekend. and before my hourglass hits it's last grain for today. My last running theory on the four pages - Book Code Three digit key equates to: Page # / Line / Word and within the collaboration, we come across the format in the sketchpad. Page 1 (D): Codebreaker 1 - Ampersand: sent Page 2 (N): Codebreaker 2 - elixir: sent Page 3 (I): Instigator 1 - Artificer: sent Page 4 (M): Instigator 2 - Csl: sent Potential break down if we exclude status, username, and status. The last bit would be to determine the line # which is currently represented by D, N, I, M. Page 1 (D) Word 1 = (1, D, 1) Page 2 (N) Word 2 = (2, N, 2) Page 3 (I) Word 1 = (3, I, 1) Page 4 (M) Word 2 (4, M, 2) Note to collaborators: Theories are only aimless directions down endless tunnels with no guarantees you're going in the right direction. @Mr. E Lines of inspuration, crossing much-needed wires, and watt a spark!
  7. @Ataraxy @supernal Who were the leaders that ran this "proper government" republic during the Oligarchy Republic?
  8. @Ataraxy Superbly commit to collaboration - a time to share stories. If it's any consolation @jaistlyn Davant really likes his stories - & we are in the midst of a storyline. Warning: You start seeing "things." Playing around with the images be back soon.
  9. Jumping the gun, Guess I have a touch of Davan(t) that caused a little slight of hand. But since you're here, would you kindly tell me what do you know about Jason of the Lions? @Ataraxy
  10. Dear @Artificer, We need your help! Let's jig-saw this puzzle. Requesting reference to page 3. &
  11. Ready to play! Adjusted the Released Documents to include reference links and titles to the pages. Missing you @Artificer @elixir Tip: Reverse and Spacing - any other messages from reversing other images? @Csl Tip: One of these things is not like others? Or - overlaying your image on another?
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