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  1. >stargate, the sister of the seer?
  2. Initial observations. Feels inspired @elixir. #uaos
  3. Collaboration is key, am-I-right? @Csl @elixir @vielle @Meraxa @Malintzin @The Alexandrian @OBELUS From the beginning. From the clue - the cipher was confirmed as Beale and the only curious thing was the reference to 'Covnt the Lines.' The post for Missing Person has five lines as long as you exclude the header. Thankfully, our previous tests eliminated the theory that the second number referred to the character. Handful of other theories later... 1-21 = First Line, Second Word, First Character Whereabouts unknown 2-11 = Second Line, First Word, First Character Pale. Brown hair. Grey eyes. 3-21 = Third Line, Second Word, First Character Last seen: the Emporium 4-32 = Fourth Line, Third Word, Second Character Eighteen years old 5-22 = Fifth Line, Second Word, Second Character 5-43 = Fifth Line, Fourth Word, Third Character If found, please contact ██████ ███████ at 408 Pearlcross road, Estates of the Elite Result: uPslon aka upsilon
  4. @elixir @The Alexandrian 1-21 2-11 3-21 4-32 5-22 5-43 Based on the "Beale cipher theory", a modified book cipher - assuming that What came before is the 'book' the more detailed outcome - if the first roman numeral refers to title and # refers to either: letter M E H (2) L R word B C W (2) P M line T M (1) (2) H (3) Page 3 only has 13 lines (21). Page 4 is empty Page 5 only has 29 lines(43) When I was playing around with the idea I tried leveraging content from MISSING: AVERRO _ _ _ _ _ _ - if the first roman numeral refers to the line and the # refers to the character. characters (1) N : (2) T T Line 1 has 19 characters (21) Line 4 has 18 characters (32) Outcomes vulnerable to human error. I'll add a side note that I ran the outcomes through a vigenere cipher referencing 'averro' as the key. Result fell short of a solution.
  5. Took a swing but I went a bit of skewed direction. Dropping a few observation - tried a few angles on paper. Nothing's stuck. Try again in a few. Background: Content (5 lines) 1. MISSING: AVERRO ██████ (22 characters)<h1> 2. Whereabouts unknown(19 characters)<br> 3. Pale. Brown hair. Grey eyes. (28 characters)<br> 4. Last seen: the Emporium (23 characters) <br> 5. Eighteen years old (18 characters) 6. If found, please contact ██████ ███████ at 408 Pearlcross road, Estates of the Elite (84)<small> Binary Code (6 digits) Binary ➡ Roman Numeral Roman Numeral ➡ Number Florentine Boy - 1899 - Gertrude Kasebier [National Gallery of Art]
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    Thanks for the like :) Glad to see you around.

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