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  1. Leo watched the scene intensely, honestly not sure how things would turn out. His hand sat tense by his hip, ready to fire a stun round if he needed. But thankfully, that wasn't necessary. The young man's words had reached her, and for that, he was truly grateful. Despite being the one who talked Eliza down, Leo was more than happy to let Chris comfort her; he was better at those kinds of things. The former student was pulled out of his silence when Chris began to noogie him however. Despite the awkwardness of it, Leo couldn't help but laugh at the affectionate nature of the whole thing. "Hey, quit it!" Leo then pulled himself out of Chris's grip, trying to fix his hair as he looks at Eliza. "It's okay Eliza; we're just glad to have you with us. Now, Mr. Black, lets get that key before anything else happens. I'd prefer to not test our luck."
  2. Leo surveyed the battle field, still amazed at the feat he had pulled off. He smiled as he saw Chris approach, blushing with pride at his praise. "Thank you. It's some sort of new ability I got from the power relay, although I think there's a limit of how much I can use it." The conversation was interrupted as the two of them both turned at the same time to see Eliza coming towards them. Even with his increased perception, Leo was caught off guard when she took aim at one of the bound goons. He was further shocked by Chris stepping in front of her, blocking the gun. The former student couldn't believe that both of them had jumped to such radical options so quickly. Leo was now in a very difficult decision; he couldn't let things fall apart now. Feeling the desperation in the air, the young conduit turns to Eliza, putting on a calming tone- one he had developed after years of dealing with Pandora's episodes. "Eliza, listen. Think it through. Are you really willing to shoot him, just to attack these goons? Are you saying that you would be willing to kill Mr. Black- a good man, the man who rescued you, just to satisfy your anger? If you do this, you'll be no better than them. You'll have crossed the same line that they did. But you still have a choice. Don't cross that line Eliza, please."
  3. Leo couldn't help but frown slightly at the voice's condescension. "I'm not sure I like his tone," the young man thought to himself skeptically. However, he did not have long to reflect on this. The blue portal that Leo was standing in front of started to grow rapidly. Before he could even finish covering his eyes, the light overtook him. But instead of the horrendous pain, the former student had felt before, he instead received quite the opposite. It was an incredible rush, like nothing he had ever known. When Leo opened his eyes, he was back in the warehouse. The relay was gone, and through the shattered frame of the warehouse, the former student could see a veritable mob of thugs heading towards him. At least 20 armed men, the remaining strength of the entire fort. But this was one of the rare moments in his life where Leo felt no fear. The young man knew he was stronger now, stronger now then he had ever been before. Aware of what he had to do, Leo released his inhibitions, letting the long walled up channels for his powers go at last. Neon literally flowed through the young man's veins as he stepped out from the ruins of the building. The thugs could see him now. It was time to act. "Remember the steps, Leo," he thought to himself, feeling the energy building up inside him. "Remember what Professor Simone always used to say in Philosophy class: Conceptualize, visualize, act!" He recalled the details of the impressive take down that he had seen in the portal in his mind. Leo then imagined himself doing that exact same thing. The plan was clear. Now, it was time to act. As the front members of the crowd began to raise their guns, the young conduit activated his ultimate attack. The former student felt his extremities begin to dissolve in vapor, and then he was gone. To call the next few moments a blur would be an understatement. Time itself seemed to slow down as Leo speed forward at incredible speeds. With his wispy fist, the young man struck the first goon square in the chest. When Leo pulled his neon charged fist back, ropes of colored light formed on the goon's body, quickly enveloping him and restraining him completely. The conduit then repeated the process again, and again, and again. For the thugs, this would be a moment of utter confusion. Faster than the eye could see, or rather, than the normal eye could see, Leo struck and bound all 20 men with his super powered neon attacks. From the young man's point of view, this was one of the greatest moments of his life. He saw everything before him in ultra high quality; his brain keeping up with the hyper sonic speed his body moved at. Each successful hit was an exhilarating rush, urging him to use more of his power. When all was said and done, the conduit stood on the other side of the thugs; no longer bursting with power, but still feeling rather proud and accomplished. The entire mob had been taken out in roughly a second. How they had been defeated faster than the eye could blink, and bound in solid light, were questions that would haunt the thugs forever- their small minds unable to accept their current reality. Leo, enjoying the sudden quiet that now laid over the battle field, began to scan the edges of the city line, looking for his allies.
  4. An energy bar would be pretty complex to implement in a text rp. I'm not specifically against it; but its worth noting that it would take a lot of work to implement. I personally feel that the combat so far has been challenging and fair on its own. But at the same time, the higher level abilities will need some kind of limit to their usage. So I'm a bit conflicted.
  5. The mysterious force that had drawn Leo to the relay only grew stronger once he finally laid his eyes on it. The former student was vaguely aware of the shouting goons behind him, getting closer with every minute. Normally he would be worried. But seeing the radiant, glowing cylinders in front of him drowned all of that out. They were all Leo could focus on. In fact, it took him a moment to realize that he was levitating. White tendrils had emerged from the relays, phasing into Leo's body. Before he could really make make a note of this strange occurrence, his body was wracked with pain. It was agony like none the former student had ever experienced. Even Leo's superior conduit body was no match for it. Before long, he was unconscious. But it was more than that. The next thing he knew, he was in a pure white void. Panicked, Leo looked down to see the outline of a human laying below him. "Oh my god, is that me? Where the hell am I?" Peering around the empty void, the former student saw nothing. However, he soon heard a voice. It sounded like it belonged to an old man, although it was completely disembodied. The voice was remarking on the young man's good nature, but Leo didn't pay that much mind- he was far more focused on his disturbing environment, or rather, lack thereof. Leo was about to address more questions towards the elderly sounding voice, when two portal opened before him- drawing his attention. The young man was shocked to see what looked like himself in the portals, only with minor changes to his clothing. However, the actions he was taking were drastically different. In one, he saw himself incinerating his enemies in mass. The display of pure and utter power was truly terrifying, but impressive. Somewhere in his clouded mind, the former student felt a small desire within him. To posses such a power would be the ultimate protection. But when Leo thought about it more, it turned his stomach. The old propaganda movies he saw in school about conduits would feature footage like this. Now he would have to imagine himself as the person in those films, surrounded by corpses. And when Leo pictured that, he knew it wasn't for him. So, the young man looked into the second portal. This one showed a nearly equal display of power. He was teleporting back and forth between enemies, somehow holding them in air. Once everyone was floating, with a simple snap of his fingers, Leo sent them to the ground, non lethally subdued. The former student's orange eyes widened as he recognized the usefulness of such an ability. He worked slowly towards the portal, reaching out to touch it. "A-alright voice," Leo spoke cautiously. "This is the ability I chose. As long as the cost isn't my soul or something."
  6. Whenever you make a plan, there is always a certain level of risk involved. The risk, of course, being that it goes wrong. Still, you can prepare for the possible outcomes the best you can. Leo had tried to do this when he made his battle plan. However, the receiver exploding in his face was not something he had planned for. As soon as his fist cracked the device, a fiery shock wave burst forth, slamming the former student hard against the side of the warehouse. Leo gritted his teeth as he felt his skin burn. "That...was not expected," he thought to himself grimly, pain coursing through his body. Still, to his surprise, the young man felt himself recovering within a few seconds. The same could not be said for Kev. Leo was shocked to see the man slowly disintegrating, clearly in agony. For a moment the former student felt bad for him. Then Leo remembered where he was, and who he was dealing with. That man would have killed the both of them without hesitation. With that thought, Leo suddenly recalled Eliza, and the presence of the two armed guards still left in room. The young man quickly pried himself off the wall, silently dropping to the floor. He quickly darted behind a nearby crate. Leo peeked around the corner, watching the two goons slowly sweep forward towards Eliza. However, the former student also noticed that the crates of arms were beginning to light on fire. "Crap, that can't be good," Leo thought urgently. Still, at the moment, protecting his newfound alley was more important. He quickly circled behind the two men, leaning out from behind a crate. Raising his palm, the former student aimed at the left goon and fired 4 shots of neon- 2 at his legs, 1 at his spine, and the other at the back of his head. Though this was not enough to kill the man, the freezing cold would cause his muscles to stiffen, and when combined with the searing pain, would knock the man unconscious. As soon as the shots were fired, Leo immediately ducked back behind a crate, silently moving around it counter clockwise. The remaining goon quickly examined his fallen comrade, exclaiming in fear and anger as he spun around to look behind him. "What the hell is going on here! Come the fuck out intruder before I blast you out!" Leo chose not to wait any longer. Turning into a cloud of pure neon, the former student moved behind the armed man, materializing suddenly. The goon turned around in time to see the fist flying at his face. It was followed by two more, and a final one in his gut, knocking him out. That was one problem down, but there were still more at hand. Leo could see the fire spreading into multiple grenade crates on the left side of the warehouse- there wasn't much time left. The young man turned his head towards the last place he saw Eliza. "Eliza! This place is gonna blow, get out of here! Don't forget what I told you." Even though there wasn't a timer, Leo could feel the seconds ticking down. He grabbed the two unconscious goons and dragged them behind the large truck in the center of the room. They were on the right side of warehouse, with the truck in between them and the grenades. The former student stood in front of the unconscious goons, his legs back, hands outstretched, preparing for the inevitable. The seconds ticked past. Leo began to wonder. "Maybe-" *KABOOM* A fiery, concussive force erupts as half the warehouse, quite literally, explodes. The large, heavy truck did not flip over, but instead began to rapidly slide towards the right wall. With fire pouring around them on all sides, they couldn't move, and were in immanent danger of being crushed. It was lucky that Leo was preparing for this event, but it was still quite the challenge. The truck hit his hands and immediately began to push him back. The former student pushed back with all his might. The metal side of the truck dented where his palms were. Leo lets out a yell of pain and effort as his heels began to dig into the concrete floor of the warehouse. For several tense seconds, the truck's slide hardly slows at all. However, its momentum ultimately does run out, falling short a few meters from the right wall of the warehouse. The young man sighs with relief, only to be interrupted by the sound of a loud creak above him. Leo looked up, only to see a large, jagged piece of the metal roof falling straight for him. He froze, totally caught off guard. The young man would have been gravely wounded, had instinct not taken over. His body turned into neon and slid backwards. The falling debris pierced the side of the truck, as well as the spot where he was standing mere moments ago. The roof fragment hit the pink/orange cloud that was Leo. Soon after, he solidified. "Man, I'm not sure I'll ever get used to that," he muttered, a shiver running down his spine. Half the warehouse, roof included, was wrecked and collapsed- and the rest wouldn't be long after. It was time to get what he came for. Now that Leo was really looking at the truck, he noticed that the debris had ripped a long tear in its metal side; and through the tear, the young man could see a pulsating glow. Enticed, Leo grips the metal edge and peels open the side of the truck, in order to finally reveal the relay inside.
  7. Okay, thank you. I think being able to describe it will allow me to write a more full scene.
  8. Just to clarify, am I allowed to describe the grenades exploding and them wrecking the warehouse? Or did you want to specifically describe the damage they do?
  9. Leo saw the apprehension on Eliza's face as she looked at the guns. He could only imagine that living in the slums, she had had a lot of bad experiences with them. Still, the young student was happy that she picked one up- she would be safer with it than without. Slipping inside, hiding behind several large gun crates, Leo peeked at the center of the facility. In the middle was a large DUP truck. He had only been told about relays before, and was given no description of what to look for. But the former student knew in his heart that that truck contained what he was looking for. Now that he was close to it, he could feel a sort of mild radiation coming from it. But it didn't bother him; it actually felt kind of nice. If he had to describe it, it was as if the truck was emanating the same type of energy that he felt inside him. Leo was drawn to it- but there was a major obstacle in the way. His hopeful expression turned to one of horror as he recognized the device on one of the men's arms. It was the real version of the decoy device he wore on his own arm. The burst of flame the man produced soon after proved his worst fears: the goon had accessed the powers of a conduit. The young man's mind raced, fighting off the panic that threatened to freeze him in place. However, while part of his mind fought off the urge to run, the rest of it formed a battle plan; a skill he had become rather good at in a rather short time. Leo's eyes then noticed something. The crate's they were currently hiding behind were on the man known as Kev's right side, the same one which bore the receiver. "Maybe just maybe...If I can get a surprise hit off on it," Leo thought to himself tensely. "We might stand a chance." The former student quickly turns to Eliza and whispers. "Listen, I've never fought someone with conduit powers before. This could get ugly. When the fighting starts, you can slip away in the chaos. Hide in here or outside. When the noise dies down, you'll know I made it. And...if I don't, do your best to find Mister Black. If he's still engaging, disappear into the city." His voice takes a sterner tone. "Never believe that you're powerless. And... I'm sorry." With that, Leo turned back around. The young man began to open the gates that held back his energy, letting it flow just beneath the surface in order to avoid giving away his position. The relay was also guarded by two armed men, but the top priority would need to be Kev. Muscles tight, Leo readied both hands and legs for an attack. Upon Kev passing in front of him, Leo fires a crouched punch at full strength, surrounded in conduit energy, straight at the device on the man's arm. With his other hand, he would fire a blast of neon at the goon's face. Counting on his blows landing, Leo will attempt to finish up with a strong leg sweep, using the opportunity to stand up himself. The former student was fully unleashed and not holding back.
  10. Hey Zack, I can't remember if we've established this before or not, and so I just wanted to clarify. Would killing a goon actually resort in a karma loss, even if they're hostile?
  11. Feeling bolstered by Chris's words, Leo salutes the blacked haired man back before he disappears off the roof. The young student moves to the edge of the building, keeping his eyes trained on Chris. Leo's attention was drawn away only for a moment by Eliza's questions. Seeing how nervous she was, he did his best to comfort her. But Leo could speak, he heard yells coming from the base. Turning around, he saw that Chris had begun laying into the minions. The distraction had begun. Moving to his feet, the young man spoke quickly. "Oh yeah," Leo lied smoothly. "I've got plenty of experience, combat and otherwise. Though hopefully I won't have to use it until we make our get away. Just stay close to me, and stick to the shadows. If the opportunity presents itself, maybe grab an incapacitated goons gun. Just purely for self defense." He gestures for her to come closer to hop on his back. "Come on now- we have to get off this roof first." With her on his back, Leo hops off the roof of the church, landing softly on the ground. Once they were on ground, the young man let Eliza off his back. Staying low, Leo begins to sneak his way over to the back entrance of the warehouse. The young student's super human abilities allowed him to move rather quickly and quietly, even when crouched. However, he made sure to not move too fast, as to not leave Eliza behind. They went in a wide arc, moving to the left, towards the back of the warehouse. Hiding behind cover whenever they could, combined with the two rear guards looking away, allowed the pair to get almost directly behind the warehouse. Stopping behind a large crate, roughly 20 feet behind the leftmost goon, Leo turned and whispered to Eliza. "Okay, I'm going to have to take out these two guards. Stay right here until it's done okay?" he instructed kindly. With that, the young student peaked out from behind the box. Both guards were still looking the other way. If he could do this quickly and quietly, they could advance. Still staying low, Leo continued to move clockwise until he was directly behind the goons- about 10 feet behind the leftmost goon. His muscles pulsed with conduit energy as he initiated his move. Rearing back his arm, Leo unleashed a savage punch to the back of leftmost goon's head. As the minion stumbled forward, the young student grabbed him by his shirt, pulling him back to him. Before he could even scream, his head was slammed into the concrete, knocking him out. The other guard, sensing motion, began to turn around, only to see a hand rushing towards him. Leo's hand grabbed the man's face tightly, covering his mouth firmly. Just like his pal, the goon's head was slammed into the concrete. However, this time it was followed up by a foot stomp to the stomach, thoroughly knocking the wind out of the fallen goon. With the minion's ability to scream taken away, Leo knocked him out with a swift kick to the head while he was down. Letting out a sigh of relief, the young student began to drag the two bodies back behind the crate, stowing them out of sight. Looking to Eliza, Leo spoke up softly. "Alright, they're out. Now we have to get inside the warehouse." He points to the guns resting beside the unconscious men. "If you want one, you can take one." Once she makes her decision, he moves with her to the rear door. Motioning for her to be silent, the young student proceeded to open the door just a crack, in order to peak inside the warehouse.
  12. I was in a thread one time with 3 other players. One of whom was more or less acting as the narrator/thread leader. Basically, one of the guys kept trying to do things to my character, claiming that it was impossible for my character to see or stop it. When I didn't go along with that, he grew increasingly angry. He then slipped some sort of weird magical time bomb on my character, and said that it was completely undetectable, and that it could kill me instantly. At this point, the thread leader stepped in and told the guy that he needed to stop. There was peace for a small span of time. However, a few combats later, his character unleashed some "ultimate darkness mode", which he claimed would kill anyone around him- which just so happened to be me. All of this tension had also lead to some arguing in the OOC thread. The thread leader finally told that guy that he was creating a hostile environment and that he needed to leave. With some swearing, the problem player agreed. The worst part of it all is that all the awkwardness of this event lead to the other player quitting as well. The thread leader and me still wanted to keep the story going, so we more or less ended up rebooting the thread, and finishing it ourselves. So ultimately it was a happy ending. Regardless though, dealing with that crazy player is most definitely the worst RP experience I've had on this site. Thankfully I've never had anything like it since.
  13. Leo was relieved that Chris didn't rule out his proposal right away. It felt nice to be the one contributing a strategy for once. When Leo was told that he would need to watch after Eliza, he simply gave a small nod. This plan was not going to be easy, he understood that. However, he also knew that no plan involving getting into this place would be. Logically, Leo recognized that this was their best chance for survival; and that plan included him looking after the young woman. Chris would have to go all out to create a big enough diversion for them. Eliza wouldn't want to be anywhere near that. Regardless, this was going to require a lot from her. She seemed tough- Leo just hoped she was tough enough for this. His attention was brought back to the conversation at hand when Chris directly addressed him. The black haired man was rarely this serious, so Leo made sure to note his words. "You've taught me a lot in our short time together; especially concerning stealth. You can trust me not let you down Mister Black," spoke Leo earnestly. He then turned his head a little to look at Eliza. "Same for you." The young man stretched for a few moments, loosening up again. "So, we'll stick around up here until you begin your diversion. I can only imagine its one of those deals where we will know it when we see it. Once that's going on, Me and Eliza will climb on down and head into the camp. Sticking to the shadows, moving only when safe, and taking out only the guys we have to. Once I've absorbed this relay, I cut a path out of here for Eliza and I. We'll disappear once we're on the other side, and wait for you to come regroup with us. How does that sound?"
  14. Leo wasn't sure what to expect when it came to the woman's reaction, and when he was met with disbelief and doubt, he was not surprised. After all, he really couldn't blame her. Leo had been struggling with those feelings for days now; and he figured that going through the things she had, it only made sense. What followed was a very emotional exchange between the woman and Chris- one which Leo was more than happy to sit out on. Again, he was shocked by Chris's unwavering wisdom and optimism. It seemed to win over the woman, just as it had won over Leo. After a while, he even had her chuckling, which was a pleasant surprise to the young man. When Chris suddenly made mention of him, Leo nervously gave a wave of recognition. He still wasn't used to his newfound alias. To be honest, he didn't like it very much. "I hope we're not sold on Mr. Orange," he thought to himself, not wanting to interrupt the conversation going on. Ultimately, the woman agreed to let them escort her to Hearthstone, which relieved Leo. "It is the best choice," he chimed in suddenly. "Your best chance for making it out is through there." The conversation soon quickly turned against the young man though, when it was explained that he would be carrying the woman. Given Chris's infallible stubbornness, Leo decided against complaining. The student moved over to her, squatting down slightly as he turned away from her. He couldn't help but blush as he told her: "Well, h-hop on I guess." The following hour was fairly taxing on Leo. Not due to physical strain, which is what he initially thought would be the issue. In fact, that was actually the easiest part of it all. Carrying someone for that long would have normally destroyed him. However, with the powers Leo had now, the woman felt as light as his backup from school. No, what occupied his mind the most was the fear of dropping her. The young man put great care in his jumps and climbs, but he didn't need to worry. The woman had a surprisingly strong grip, and held without fail. Still, Leo was relieved to finally have her off his back. This was a fortunate thing, given the weight of the new situation that was unfolding before them. Leo took in everything Chris said, surveying the area, putting his analytical mind to work. After thinking for a while, he responded. "Well, you said these power relays can be really powerful right? The DUP is strong enough with their regular soldiers. However, their conduit harnesses are even worse. That power is much better off in our hands then in their's. If we can take it, I say we do. Who knows how much it could help us down the line?" Leo's face grows more serious. "But you're saying that if I grab this power relay, I'll have to take out or kill everyone of these guards? That seems like a tall order. What if you could create a distraction of some kind? Enough to get some heat away from the warehouse. You get me in the warehouse, I take out whoever is in there, and then grab the relay. Then, we bust through that gate with my new power before they even know what hit them. Kind of like a smash and grab. That way, we get the relay, without as much killing or notoriety." The young student looks earnest as he speaks. "Well Mr. Black, do you think something like that could work?"
  15. Hey guys, I know its been a very long time. School was keeping me busy, and then this whole pandemic happened. However, now that I have finished online school, I have a bit more time now. I wouldn't expect quick replies from anyone, but would you guys still be interested in keeping the main thread going?
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