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  1. Is fate zero by any chance inspired by fate zero?

    1. Kingofgames12


      The anime? No, that's just a coincidence. In fact, I actually didn't make that connection until just now.Ā 

  2. Leo was surprised to hear Chris's reluctance to act now. It felt like the night had been passing so quickly, and Chris had been pulling him along so fast, that Leo had felt that he needed to keep up the rapid progress. But once the black-haired man explained why they couldn't act right away, it did make quite a lot of sense. Leo couldn't help but feel a little ashamed at the mention of Brick's death, still a little in disbelief that he had caused it. He nodded in understanding. "You're right, that does make sense. I'm sure we could all use a little rest." Leo began to slowly walk back and forth again. Even though waiting to act was the logical choice, he still couldn't help but feel a little impatient. 'If we're not going out tonight, that what are we going to do?' Leo thought curiously. However, Chris drew Leo's back towards him by brandishing a map of the city. He said that it was important for the young student to become familiarized with the slums. Leo nodded as he approached the black haired man and the parchment he carried. "Yeah, that's a smart idea," Leo added, fully supporting the notion. He stood by Chris's side for several minutes, listening intently to his explanation of the map. For once, Leo didn't mind how close he was to the man. His light orange eyes scanned over each area of the map carefully. Even though he had not seen all of the slums, from what Leo had seen, he could tell that the map was clearly outdated. The map portrayed the city as a modern metropolis, nearly as good as Leo's own home. He still couldn't help but wonder how this whole area could have gone to hell in only a few years. Regardless, it was still a good idea to get acquainted with the general areas of the map. Calling upon his skills from university, Leo took mental notes on both the map and Chris's words. The area marked with an R.R and a question mark really had Leo intrigued. By the time Chris asked him for his thoughts, Leo had them organized. "So, pretty much, the only safe area for us in the slums is Hearthstone? Also, it seems weird that you guys don't know much about the R.R area. Haven't you guys been here for years? And what's the RR even stand for? Why does it have a question mark?"
  3. I am NOT making good on that promise I gave you guys.šŸ˜“ Sorry, but I've been busy with three or four other RP's and one of them I'm playing a big part in pretty soon. Gotta make a dungeon and plan out the narrative. Also...life. Life gets me tired some days. But rest assured, I still got big plans for Zero-Year!

  4. Leo stopped pacing for a moment to listen to what Chris was saying. He claimed that he had seen someone back in the lab power up using a power relay- until he was shot dead. Leo let out a little sigh at that. He had finally started to realize that anytime Chris told him a story about his past, he should just prepare himself for sadness. He spoke with subdued curiosity. "Well, I suppose that tragic death aside, the power relays must be worth the trouble. So where do we find one?" That was when Chris informed him that the device only told them that a relay was within an area of 50 miles, but provided no further details. However, that was when something strange happened. Right when Chris was in the middle of a sentence, he suddenly stopped. The pause was brief, but Chris's face seemed focused on recalling a memory of some sort. If Leo didn't know better, he would say that he saw a tinge of fear cross over his face. Just as soon as it had come, it ended. Personally, Leo thought that Chris was hiding something from him; something about why the thugs kept bringing relays into the slums. His mind raced with questions, but Leo could tell that at the moment, Chris was determined to move on. So, Leo let it drop. "Well, that kind of sucks. Seems like a really inefficient device, though I suppose it's good for keeping things secret. I agree that shaking down some goons for information is probably our best move then.' Leo then finished his drink, setting it down on a nearby table. "You know the goon's locations better than I do, so...lets do some hunting."
  5. Dude, I'm sorry its been almost 10 days. Been hectic with the teeth issues. BUT I POSTED!!! FEAR NOT!

  6. Leo sipped his beverage as Chris began to speak. The root beer was rather flat, but the sugary taste still made it tolerable. He needed the pick me up anyway. Ignoring his expired drink, Leo began to listen more closely as Chris started to get into the thick of his explanation. The black haired man explained how some D.U.P agents were able to harness a few conduit abilities. Leo's face changed to an expression of horror as Chris told him about how the D.U.P. harvested the energy from conduits. 'Are you serious? There's a machine that sucks the energy out of them?' Leo exclaimed. 'My God; that's like something out of a horror movie!' This news distressed him greatly, and seeing that even the dog was disturbed by the mysterious fate the drained conduits met didn't do much to help that. Regardless of such dark revelations, Chris carried on with his explanation in a rather carefree way. Gleefully, he informed Leo that if they could get their hands on one of these power relays, they could upgrade his powers significantly. He bristled a little as Chris suddenly but his arm around him, letting him know that the device that they had taken from Brick actually revealed the locations of Power Relays within range. Now that Leo was up to speed, he moved away from Chris and began to pace back and forth- what he did when he had some deep thinking to do. After pondering on it for a few seconds, he spoke up. 'Well, I don't much like the idea of being caught and harvested, although I suppose if they catch me I'm gonna get killed one way or another right? In that case, I guess it depends on whether the reward outweighs the risk. Have you ever seen a conduit use a power relay before? Are there even any relays near us?'
  7. Yo! Post coming up soon! Sorry bout the wait. Don't got internet at home anymore. Crazy right? Hehe! He...he....AHEM.

    I'll be working on your post tonight at home. i'll try to get back to the library tomorrow to submit it, but I juste wanted ta' let'cha know.

  8. Leo had only known Chris for one night, but from what he had gathered about the man so far, he just expected him to go right on with his explanation of power relays, regardless of Leo's moping. But to his surprise, the man seemed to realize that Leo was going through something. Speaking in a sympathetic, slightly sad voice, Chris went on to comfort Leo, telling him that killing people was never easy, but sometimes it had to be done. He also told him about his first kill, and how he had struggled with it as well. It was clear that Chris wasn't used to comforting people, but the honesty and effort in his words reached Leo. He looked up at the dark haired man with respect, standing up straight, speaking clearly. 'You're right. Brick was a bad guy, I was just... unprepared to do something like that. But I'm good now. Thanks, Chris.' Now that he was on his feet, revived from the pep talk, Chris told Leo to follow him into the store. Even though he had been walking around the slums for hours now, the dilapidated state of the convenience store still shocked Leo. The place looked like it had survived a flood and an earthquake back to back. Not to mention the whole place smelled like pee. Leo wasn't sure how this place could be used as a secure hideout (or how they could stand the smell), but Chris and K still walked through it comfortably. He watched with curiosity as the two of them hopped behind the counter and began to move the tiles on the floor around. Once he moved enough of them, a metal grate in the floor appeared. Much to Leo's curiosity, when the grate was moved, a set of stairs was revealed. He followed Chris down the steps, which soon lead to a metal trap door. As soon as they were there, K teleported back on top and closed the metal grate, before teleporting back down to them. 'A drug lab huh? I suppose this is a pretty well-hidden operation, although this seems like they really went the extra mile here.' Chris then went on to open the trap door, revealing yet another flight of stairs. Only this time, there seemed to be no wall at all of the right side of the stairs. Leo peered down into the abyss and saw only darkness. Chris told him to stay to the left, and he followed that advice dutifully, not wanting to risk anything. Once they finally reached the bottom of the staircase, which also lead to darkness, the black-haired man flipped a light switch, and suddenly several fluorescent lights overhead turned on. Leo was amazed to see that this large warehouse was actually furnished, with a couch and a tv and a surprisingly clean bathroom. He was so busy admiring the place that he almost didn't catch the soda that Chris threw at him, but he still managed to do so last minute. Given how tired he felt, Leo was grateful for the pick me up. He opened the can and took a sip, feeling a little refreshed. Still looking around, Leo posed Chris a question, genuinely curious now. 'So, what are these power relays you were talking about earlier?'
  9. You've been with us for a while kingofgames. And now that I've watched almost the entirety of Yugioh I can appreciate the username. I hope Valucre continues to provide a creative outlet for years to come

    1. Kingofgames12


      Thank you very much for the comment. This place has been great, and Iā€™m happy I found it.

  10. After such an intense battle, Leo was prepared for anything. Brick was stronger than any non-conduit he had ever met. He had literally ripped up concrete and thrown it at him. But several seconds had passed and there was still no response from Brick. Chris approached Leo and told him that the fight was over. For a moment, he felt relief. That was when Chris told him that Brick was dead. 'He's what?' Leo stammered. 'No, no that can't be right.' He quickly checked the large man's pulse for himself. Nothing. Leo backed away in horror while Chris searched his pockets. He had done it. He had killed a man, with his own powers. He had become every negative headline he had ever read. Sure the person he had killed was a gangster who would have killed him on sight, but that didn't matter. A life was a life. If anyone ever found out, this man's death would be pinned to him forever. Leo felt his breathing start to quicken. 'What have I done? I just want...I just want to go home.' He was freaking out now. He fought the urge to fall to his knees. Chris told him that they had to get going. Even through his grief, he knew that the man was right. Leo followed Chris over the rooftops just as they had done before, although this time Leo struggled to follow him, his mind still focused on what had happened in the alleyway. Finally, they arrived at the supermarket. It was within eyesight from the rooftop they now stood on. In a moment, K teleported from the store to the rooftop. As K and Chris began to talk, Leo sat down and put his head in his hands. As the day went on he struggled more and more to accept what was happening to him. He was totally absorbed in his own thoughts untill he heard Chris call him kid, which was apparently his name now. He looked up at Chris with a tired expression. 'No, I don't. What's the big deal about power relays?'
  11. Well I still lost karma when I accidentally killed them, I was just able to gain it back easily.
  12. Alright, good to know. It's funny, I accidentally killed people all the time in infamous second son but still kept good karma ?
  13. I'm working on my post now, I'll try to get it up by this weekend. By the way, did Leo lose good karma by killing Brick?
  14. As soon as Leo's blast hit, Brick was forced to take a knee. He had hoped that this would open him up to another attack, but Brick recovered too quickly. All Leo got was a furious glare from the large man before he turned around. Once again, the two of them were face to face in the alleyway. Leo was full of energy now that he had finally opened up to using his powers. Plus, he felt reassured by Chris's cheers. Before Leo could think of his next strategy though, Brick reached out to a nearby car and ripped its door off effortlessly. He then let out another yell and charged, using the door as a shield. Leo paused for a moment, analyzing the situation. In a choice that surprised even him, he began to run towards Brick. His eyes were scanning for an opportunity, a single chance to tip things in his favor. Then, it hit him. Or rather, it hit Brick. From Chris's direction, a baton spun through the air, smacking Brick right in the face. Although it didn't stop his charge, it did distract him for several seconds. Leo's eyes narrowed- that was his chance. Once he was only a few feet away, Leo used the momentum of his running to slide under Brick's legs. Given that he had been hit less than a second ago, he was distracted for just long enough for him to make it through. Now that he was standing behind Brick, he ran towards him and reared his right leg back. With the strength of a professional soccer player, Leo let loose a kick right between the charging man's legs. It was a low blow, but he knew that he needed to do whatever it took to defeat Brick. Leo quickly backed up and, using both hands, charged up a large amount of energy. He then unleashed 4 neon shots, all directed at Brick's right leg- the leg that he hit previously with a blast. Given the massive amount of pain in his groin, and now his leg, Leo expected Brick to be rather disoriented, which would be essential for his next step. In rapid succession with his previous attacks, before Brick could fully turn around, Leo jumped up in the air and used both legs to unleash a powerful strike on Brick's injured leg. Given his opponent's massive weight, disorientation, and painfully numb leg, Leo's powerful kick was enough to cause Brick to topple backward. Leo turned into neon again and dashed around him as he fell. He solidified in front of the downed man and for the final touch, blasted his face with 3 neon shots. The incredible athleticism he had displayed in the past minute or so had begun to tire him out. However, he still stood tall, ready at any moment to continue fighting. He had laid a serious beat down on Brick, and he hoped that that was enough. His awkward voice had hardened immensely as he spoke: "Just give up. Whatever your boss wants with me- it's not worth it."
  15. Thanks for the super like Zack, guess I must have done something right lol. Also, in case you guys were wondering, there's a reason I described the neon blast as being super cold instead of hot. I looked it up, and apparently, exposure to neon gas creates frostbite on the skin, and because of this is especially dangerous around the eyes. I didn't want it to be like he was shooting ice though, so I decided to make it more like dry ice. Just thought it would be a nice detail, shouldn't really affect too much. And who knows? Maybe it will come in handy in some niche situation at some point.
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