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  1. Xio didn't need to be psychic to tell that Rainza seemed to have appreciated the talk between the 3 of them. He did too; he had wanted to get that off his chest for a while, even if it wasn't the specifics. Xio was also surprised to hear that she didn't completely trust Tegrash. "Strange, seeing how flushed you get around him," Xio thought teasingly. Luckily, he managed to stop himself from saying it aloud. 'Fine; I'm the not here to judge your love life,' he commented simply. 'Just try to remember what's important to you.' He noted with amusement at Rainza's obviously rising anger at the idea of being a slave again. He didn't expect her to be bothered by it so much, but maybe it was just him. After all, he knew that the demon lord had programmed him to deal with his trauma with humor. That aside, he didn't like to keep such emotional weak points on him. He was indeed keeping track of theirs however. Tarin's was his succubus friends (almost too easy to make fun of), and Rainza's was her slave history. Sadly, he had nothing for Tegrash and Haze. Speaking of which, he noticed immediately when they began to wake up. As soon as they had fully awoken Xio chimed in 'Hey; you guys are finally back from psychic-fucking or whatever.' Following Rainza's comments on screening Tegrash, he added 'Yeah, we put him through some pretty tough questioning.' 'I'm like 98% sure he's fine.' Of course this was just to mess with Tarin. It was more like 99%. Then again, his trust percentage for Haze and Tegrash was nearing a 88%. Xio accepted Haze's boop with no resistance. It actually made him smile. "Sorry lady, you're not toying with me anymore," He thought smugly. These thoughts were only confirmed when she pulled the same seduction act on Tarin. However, he seemed to brush her off pretty easily. That really did surprise Xio; if he had already been tricked by other succubus's, why not this one? Still, Xio chose not to let it bother him. He walked towards them casually. 'Yeah, pretty much,' Xio said, agreeing to Tarin's version of their conversation. He stretched his right arm in preparation. 'So we gonna start moving again or what?' Xio asked expectantly.
  2. Hello?
  3. Says the man who called my 'human character with demonic knowledge' demon boy. Lol
  4. So with Song, me, Pandorite, Logan, Bach, and triggered, that makes 6 people for the quest. The tag says large group, so is that enough?
  5. To the best of his ability Gregor answered Zarine's question. 'There are laws and what not for a reason,' he said casually. 'I personally hope we can take him alive but-' Gregor stopped talking as he saw the others look at something behind him. He turned to find a very old man sitting on a tombstone, carving a small wolf statue out of wood. Saraid offered a greeting to the man, but he gave now response. It seemed that he was giving no reaction to their presence whatsoever. Gregor frowned as he noticed how old and dirty the elfish man's clothes were. "Maybe..." he pondered in his mind. 'Excuse me sir, Can you hear us?' Gregor asked, waving his hand slightly. 'Sir!' he repeated for emphasis, making a big wave with his arms. No response. 'Okay,' Gregor muttered. 'Are you...dead?' he asked sincerely. The man just continued to carve the woodblock. He couldn't get a read on the man's aura; It was like static. Gregor then backed up to party members. 'I have a plan,' he whispered. He then stepped forward, opening his left palm. "Alright; Here goes nothing," he thought apprehensively. He then raised his left hand at the man and said 'Gceannas ar an marbh a labhairt'. There was something different in Gregor's voice; much more commanding. It was like there was a deeper version of his voice overlapping him as he spoke, and it would be clear to those able that the words were heavily laced with magic. 'Lost soul, have you passed away?' Gregor continued. 'Have you been summoned here, by a necromancer perchance?' 'Do you know of any necromancers in this graveyard?' Gregor then waited for him to speak. For that had been a command spell. If the man was dead, a demon, or any other type of undead creature, he would be forced to answer Gregor's questions.
  6. Having calmed down a bit, Xio listened to Rainza's story of her past. "So she was forced into a child body," Xio thought. 'That really is sad,' he said genuinely. That was when Tarin spoke again, talking about how their pasts had made them who they are. That did make sense to Xio. "But what if you don't like who you are?" he thought somberly. He was surprised when Tarin began giving them options on how to deal with their problems. To his surprise, he found himself feeling a little grateful. But still... 'Sorry, but I can't take your offer,' Xio said simply. 'I gotta kill that bastard myself; and if I'm gonna get stronger, that's gotta be me to,' Xio said, cracking a determined smile. 'As for your other thing, I can tell you Rainza that their are many demons for changing your appearance.' He then sighed. 'The only problem is that none of them would deal fairly; unless you're cool with being unable to conceive, or just becoming a slave yet again.' Xio spoke that last line bluntly- he had been a slave too. At least she was able to really escape. That was when he remembered something. 'As for Tegrash being your confidant; I may not know him too well, but he doesn't really seem like a anti-slave guy to me.' 'Actually, he seems like a pro-slave kind of man to me,' Xio said simply. 'Listen to me; You say you have no ambitions, and I can get that.' 'But following him around just because of that is dangerous.' Xio's face began to grimace as he took a more serious. 'Before you know it, he's got his puppet strings hooked into your back, ... and you really are a slave again.' He then sank into an even more relaxed posture. 'That is, if they aren't in there already.' Xio stared at ceiling peacefully. He wasn't sure if she would take his advice or not, but he had finally got it all out; that's what mattered to him. 'So do you guys have any idea what's going on with those two?' he asked nonchalantly.
  7. Hey Pandorite; before I post I need to know: when you were talking about the elf looking guy, is he dead or does he just look like it?
  8. I really don't think we need dice rolling. That would just add difficulty. I'm about to post, but nothing really has been happening so Artisan, if you want to initiate the gutterfiend battle on your next post then you can.
  9. I'm not sure...I'm a little busy but I might have time. However, i'm not sure which character to use. Gregor is a bit ptsd'd at the moment and mystical governments aren't his style. Travis hunter on the other hand would be interested, and he's a natural peacemaker. But he's not magical. He could provide physical defense and talking however. So, maybe. You do good topics song; could you tell me a bit more about what we'll be doing?
  10. Is Xio the demon mutant, or the evolved human with emotional and moral issues? He could technically be either.
  11. After he had sat down, Xio responded mentally to Tarin while continuing to hum, seemingly not having to concentrate at all. Today was just a bad day for him; usually it was clear how comfortable he was with his own powers. Xio was surprised again to hear that Tarin wasn't naturally telepathic. Heck, he wasn't either. Nevertheless, Xio responded to the man's question. "I was once, but I haven't been able to reach the point again." This was true. Xio kind of hoped to get there again, but he had other moves on his mind. Xio's attention was drawn away from the mental conversation as the music stopped. After putting her violin away, she then directly addressed Xio, asking why he was on this quest. Tarin then said his noble motivations; helping the poor demon world like he was mother Teresa or something. Xio then rolled his eyes. 'Thanks for sharing Tarin, but I think she was talking to me,' he said smirking. 'Well, I'm not sure what you or hazey-daisy see in that douche bag, but you must have pretty shit taste,' Xio said casually, and clearly with no remorse. 'As for me, I did it because it looked fun.' 'It's been a long time since I've demon hunted and I thought this would be a good chance to keep my skills up; though I had no idea I'd be stumbling into your fucking love rectangle.' With a mean smile on his face, Xio stared out the door way. Another sarcastic comment delivered. More anger pointed at him. More uneasiness. Just like he always did. Why should he be honest with anyone? They wouldn't understand. Or...would they? After a few seconds of silence Xio sighed and turned back to them, looking annoyed. 'What I said is true, but something else motivates me to do all this stuff,' Xio said earnestly. 'Really, my life is nothing but getting babes and kicking ass. That's what I was engineered to do. But, I'm getting tired of it.' Xio then took a very deep breath and finally got it out. 'When I was a kid, I was taken by a demon lord. I was mutated; my genome completely redone to make me a better agent.' 'You see this shit!?' Xio yelled, pointing to his white hair, his blue eyes, and his spiky teeth. 'All that crap was his doing!' 'Including my crazy lust and my shit attitude.' He then gave a pointed glance at Tarin. 'And I had plenty of demon instructors to show me how desperate humans can get to survive.' He then turned back to Rainza. 'So when I was 18, I killed the bastard and escaped.' 'Or at least, I thought I did.' 'I soon found out that he was alive, but he isn't trying to recapture me.' Xio's fist tightened. 'He thinks it's great that his product is getting real field testing.' 'He's always watching and talks to me at my worse moments.' 'So, my plan is to get strong enough and really kill that son of a bitch; 'cause that's the only way I think I'm ever really going to feel at peace.' There were a few moments of silence before Xio stood up and yelled. 'And if you two tell this to anyone, especially those two fuck bags,' he said, pointing to Haze and Tegrash. 'I swear to god they'll have to stitch you back together after I shove my fist up your asses and explode you from the inside fucking out!' Xio then sat back down and out his hands behind his head. 'Glad we all understand each other.'
  12. In this thread? I doubt it.
  13. Travis is a hero, and part dad as well. (He actually is a father) Xio is a rebel and a lover (though womanizer would be more accurate) Gregor is innocent, with a dash of hero (the shy type of hero that comes out by over coming his fear) But where would a chaotic neutral demon possessed guy with no emotions fit? Is there like a stoic or critically flawed category?
  14. What if Xio has the potential to learn an instant kill move that shatters his opponents soul? No one would actually be crazy enough to have him learn the technique...right? It's a shame, ic he invents the move 6 months after this thread. so close. I could even explain it if you guys want. (I'm kind of proud of it) Either way working on a post now.