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  1. Travis was glad to see that the kenra had responded to his words; he thought it signaled a good start. Thought so anyway. But as she spoke, not only did she brush off the original question, but she gave Travis a very uncomfortable question of her own. This surprise showed on Travis's face for a moment, but he quickly regained himself. "She wants to upset you; to push you away just like the others," he thought knowingly. "Still what an awful question." "She definitely must be desperate to distance herself from others." "Yet, she still signed up for this mission; meaning she must care enough about people." "And as long as that outweighs the bad, then there's still a chance," he thought, determined. He ended his mental conversation to realize that only about 2 seconds had passed since she first asked the question. It was one of the stranger parts of his species. He had gotten good at slowing down his train of thought when he was around others, but it appeared that he had slipped a bit. He considered waiting an extra second to seem normal, but decided against it. Travis noticed that June was playing on a small drum; it sounded almost military. Travis quickly pushed that thought aside, he needed to focus on the Kenra. 'Well Titania, I would like to think that no one will die, seeing as how this is a mission of peace,' he said casually. 'Everyone here seems capable of self defense; i'm sure they can handle any threats thrown at them.' As Travis talked, he saw a robed man, assumedly a mage, talking with Breta. Not wanting to be rude, he listened in to their conversation as he talked with the kenra. 'And if it comes to it, I will make sure no one dies,' he said seriously. 'However, I do worry about the group of 3 mercenaries,' he said quietly. 'They don't seem like the rule following type; only in it for the coin.' These were both legitimate concerns Travis had; he hoped that by telling Titania his truthful evaluation that she would see that he was serious about gaining her trust. It was just then that he heard Breta cry out. He looked to see Breta crying as she desperately grabbed at the newcomer's hand, as if trying to stop him from doing something. For those that were watching, his eyes seemed to harden in alert; like a mother wolf sensing her cub was in danger. 'Excuse me one moment,' he said to the Kenra. He then proceeded to walk over to the mage. It did not take long for Travis to close the remaining distance; both he and Breta were at the front and only separated by about 4-5 yards. When he reached the mage he stepped in between him and Breta. 'Ho! There isn't any trouble is there?' he asked Breta and the mage cheerfully. Breta seemed to avoid his gaze and move farther ahead. 'From that, would I be correct in assuming you are a new recruit for the mission?' 'If so, then it is a delight to have you,' he said, giving a quaint smile. 'I believe I missed your introduction; I am Travis Hunter; welcome to the group.' Though it seemed strange, Travis was not forcing a smile. He had determined that the man was no threat and moved on. He was weird like that. Waiting for the mage's response, he slowed down slightly in hopes of catching up with Titania.
  2. Thanks for the follow; but may I ask why?

  3. I'm really sorry guys. spent half an hour working on a post until it flipping DELETED ITSELF. My motivation is completely wrecked. I will post tomorrow though.
  4. If you aren't prepared to post about your character walking for a week then you should just quit now kiddo.
  5. I think it's done...I'll try posting today or tomorrow
  6. To be fair, I think you and Ion are also still able to post this round.
  7. Like what? Jim? Brittany? Lucifer? Travis happens to like the name Titania; it's what he planned on naming his daughter.
  8. And I can't wait to post! Oh, and sheep, if you thought I was joking about the Titania thing...
  9. It's up; Sorry if it sounds slightly rugged in a few places. The damn post deleted itself while I was in the middle of writing it so I had to re-do it.
  10. As the battle raged on below, it was surprisingly quiet up in the air. Except, of course, for the sizzling and crackling Haze's shadow bubble emitted. After waiting in the so called "silence" and not getting a response, Xio tried again; going out on a limb. 'Hey babe, can you hear me?!' Xio yelled. No response. He scooted as close to the bubble as he dared. He had seen what had happened to the bugs that had touched it; he definitely didn't want to be next. 'Say something if you can hear me!' Nothing. 'You're not stuck in there are you?' Xio asked chuckling. Still nothing. Frowning, Xio tried one last time. 'All the bugs are gone you know!' Silence. Frustrated, Xio began to walk along the floating platform Haze had created. Deciding to check in on the others, Xio looked down. Things were definitely going worse for those on the front lines. He watched as Tegrash collapsed and Rainza jumped into the air, punching the creature then running to Tegrash's side. Tegrash himself was twitching on the ground, seemingly laughing and clawing at himself. The sight struck Xio as familiar. He realized that it looked similar to when he had been resisting Tegrash's will. Curious now, Xio turned up the sensitivity on his Psychic radar. Focusing, he could now feel a psychic connection between Tegrash and the gutterfiend. However, this was definitely not a good one. As much as he hated to admit it, what Tegrash was experiencing made what he did to Xio look like a friendly knock on the door. "Poor bastard deserves it," Xio thought darkly. Still he worried about the man. Not because he cared for him though; in truth, he kinda did hope he would die, clearing the path to Haze and freeing Rainza. However, he was a crafty magician with some good defense magic. Now, he made not have studied that (lame) field of magic, but he did know someone needed to maintain those wards. And with Rainza busy fighting, there would be no one left to keep their defenses up. "I've got to do something besides sitting up here like an idiot," Xio thought angrily. That was when an obvious idea came to him. "Psychic connections...that's it!" he thought excitedly. He quickly moved over to where Haze was. He already had her marked, so it would be easy to message her even in his weakened state. Putting his right middle and index finger on his temple, he found Haze's signal within the cloud. He then sent her this message: "Scythe leader to Haze do you copy? I'm sure you like it in there but all the bugs are gone and the others are kind of getting their asses kicked." "Douchebag got himself incapacitated, though I'm sure he'll be fine; the other two are struggling to hold the line." "I think I got a plan to take out the gutterfiend, but I'm going to need your help." "So if you could come out partner, It'd be greatly appreciated." The message was simple and standard, not meant to control or hurt. How it sounded would depend on Haze. If she had not been expecting the message or was distracted, it would come in normally. His technique, lacking in elegance, gained in directness. If it came in clearly, it would sound as if Xio was speaking right inside her head. If she actively resisted it, the message would sound echo-y, like he was speaking in a cave; more tone being lost the more she shook it off. Outside, Xio tapped his booted foot; waiting for a response.
  11. Travis: "His smile is a façade." "Why would anyone be that cheerful all the time?" Xio: "He's wild, does whatever he wants." "Crazy for sure- I'd say he's half demon." Gregor: "How could this kid be the only survivor of the Blairville tower?" "He ain't a kid anymore." Ryu: Of the few people who have talked to him and lived, he is a red shadow. Or perhaps, the devil himself.
  12. We're just very...passionate people about our thread. (Half of crew quit within second round) I'll be posting soon anyways.
  13. Hey question real quick Ion, can psychic messages pass through Haze's darkness thing? Like would she receive them or would they just not reach her. Xio has also been going on the assumption that she can't hear him.
  14. Okay. I'll try posting tomorrow; but will most likely be on wensday.