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  1. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Hey ya'll. Sorry about the wait, again. Not only was my school schedule crazy, but my post deleted itself twice while I was writing it; so yeah that slowed things down a lot. But in other news, I replayed infamous second son and there was so much I forgot about. Remember how I talked about the glass and wire powers being considered? Well apparently, even though we don't get them, there are conduits within the world that do have them. The D.U.P informant says that both powers were considered to be the official one used by the agents, but both ended up being too hard to control I forgot that Eugene was actually locked up and tortured during his 7 year stay, supposedly to ready him for some unknown mission. In an ironic turn off events, the game tells you that Eugene's mom is a senator who voted to fund the the d.u.p one year before his powers emerged. The soundtrack was way better than I remember Concrete is kind of a bogus power- really wish they had handled it better. I also realized that the game doesn't actually punish you for killing enemy's-most of the time. It's only if it's a targeted neon shot or if they are surrendering. Also, something that grinds my gears:
  2. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    In a remarkably dirty alley, there sat a clean looking young man in deep thought atop a crate. Leo had avoided death for the time being-but that wouldn't last long. He needed a plan. It was obvious that he couldn't stay in the city, but where could he go? "Perhaps somewhere in the country," he thought simply. "There won't be many patrols out there. It's isolated, not many people around. I could drift around and live to be an old man." Even if the plan seemed good in theory, Leo still shook his head in disappointment. Perhaps that plan would save him, but what about the others? He had once thought all conduits to be monstrous criminals, but now that he was one, he was forced to reevaluate his opinion. If he was turned into a conduit this easily, then there were probably dozens of people in a similar situation. "Kids living normal lives...turned into criminals on the run. Just like me. Suppose I survive, what good will it do? The D.U.P will still be out of control, and people like me will still be subjugated." It was then that Leo realized what the world needed. Not one bio-terrorist fighting to keep himself alive, but change. On a massive scale. The only question was... how would he do it? There were already conduits who fought against the D.U.P., but none were very successful. Most just managed to blow up an out post or two before getting mowed down with bullets. Leo wasn't about to go on a pointless suicide mission. If he wanted to fight back, he would need to be smart, not violent. It would be impossible to kill every D.U.P soldier. But what if...what if the D.U.P. changed their ways? Say, due to new management? He had no idea where this line of thought was going, but he decided to follow it. In his life time, he had only experienced two D.U.P leaders: the current one...and the infamous Augustine. He couldn't remember much about her; he had been around 12 when she was forcibly removed from her position. But he had done a report on her his freshman year of high school. From what he could recall, she believed it was possible for humans and conduits to live together. As a matter of fact, she herself was a conduit. Even though the idea seemed crazy to him, he knew it had been true at some point; and when you considered how oppressive the new D.U.P. was, he couldn't imagine the people would resist going back to her. That was all good and what not, but there were still a few major problems. After the attack on Radeon city, Augustine had disappeared-and all her known collaborators killed. Besides, even if he could find her, he would still have to convince her. If Augustine truly wanted to retake her old job, then why hadn't she done it already? Leo sighed despondently. Already his "master plan" was falling apart. "How stupid would I have to be to think I could rely on a missing dead woman to bail me out of this?" he thought angrily. Leo continued to mope in silence until he heard a noise at the front of the alley way. He looked up to find 4 huge musclebound men standing about 18 feet away and moving closer. Leo quickly hopped off the crate. 'N-now wait a minute,' he stuttered nervously. 'You can have my cash, I just don't want any trouble.' The gangsters all looked at each other before turning back to him. 'Oh we'll take the cash, but we'll just nab it while you're bleeding out,' the knife wielding man spoke sadistically. His comment caused a low, gravely laugh from his companions. Leo felt his fists tighten. It was clear they weren't going to let him go. That left him with two options: fight or run. And even though his urge to run was great, he'd never escape fast enough unless he used his power; which he not only didn't want people seeing him use, he didn't know how to control it either. That left the one thing he could do- fight. Leo squared up and quickly examined his opponents. It was clear that this fight was going to be a lot harder than his previous one. Firstly, these men made Eddy look like an emaciated girl scout. Secondly, there were 4 of them. And thirdly, on top of their huge muscles, they each carried their own crude weapons-both sharp and dull. Indeed, this one was going to be tough. He could feel his limbs trembling, but to his surprise it wasn't fear that filled them. It was energy. He could almost feel his power coursing through him, wanting to be released. But he wouldn't let it; not now. Quickly, he dashed forward like an Olympic sprinter, heading towards the closest man, a flat headed fellow who carried a bloodied hammer. In one smooth motion he gave him a killer uppercut. He couldn't believe that his hit had landed, but he didn't let his shock distract him. He followed with a left uppercut, and then fired 2 punches into his diaphragm. Barely winded, he gave the man one last upper cut that sent him tumbling to the floor. The gangsters looked absolutely shocked, but showed no signs of stopping their attack. He turned his attention to the next one, who seemed to be carrying a small hand held saw, covered in rust. Leo began the same attack pattern that he had used before, only to see a knife plunging towards his back mid combo. Quickly pulling out of the move, he spun around and caught the burly man's hand. The knife was only a few inches away from his face. He suddenly felt himself begin to panic. They continued to struggle until the man suddenly let out a great yell. Leo looked to see a slight pink glow emanating from where he was grasping the man's hand. "No!" he thought to himself sternly. He let go as the man stumbled back, a handprint clearly burned onto his wrist. As concerned as he was, he had no time to rest. Just as the man with the saw was about to recover, Leo knocked him out with a few good punches. He turned again and grappled with the knife wielding man, managing to slam him into the brick wall beside them. He was starting to lose control now, and each punch hit harder than the last. Breathing heavy, he turned to the final man, who actually began to run. "I can't let you do that," Leo thought morbidly. Before he could stop himself, he burst into that shapeless form, catching up to the sprinting man. As he rematerialized, he sprung up and drop kicked the man from behind, hitting his spine with a loud crack. As he hit the ground, Leo finally stopped himself. The fight was won. However, there was no pride in this victory. He checked: everone was still alive. Leo began to pace nervously as he considered his options. He was no closer to a solution. That was when a realization hit him. Though it was unlikely, if Augustine was still alive, she was likely somewhere in Radeon. It had been the location of her base, and likely the area she knew the most. Sighing heavily, he realized he didn't have a choice now. He would have to proceed with his plan. Checking on his phone, he saw that the last bus for Radeon left about 10 minutes after dark. That give him about half an hour from now. "Guess I'll just have to put my hopes on one dead, missing conduit," he thought sardonically. There were many unknowns in his plan. However, he did know one thing: He couldn't stay here.
  3. Question about tables

    You could try messaging that person you linked. Maybe they could tell you how they did it.
  4. OOC: Finding Nolan

    Don’t sweat it; I definitely know that problem. Just focus on the real world and post whenever you can. We’ll all be here.
  5. In search of what once was

    "Throughout the course of magic history, it has been known that when magic and emotion mix, spells and wards can become vastly more powerful-along with an increase with instability. But once humans entered the equation, being the incredibly emotional beings they are, the results of emotionally tied magic became muddied. What humans could accomplish became unclear, and magic as a whole was expanded. With this came the discovery of massively powerful spell and demons. These abilities could destroy any enemy-at great risk to the user. One particular demon can only be summoned through immense emotion, bordering on insane. But with the power one might reap, it's almost worth the risk. The key to summoning is to first-" Gregor was completely absorbed into his book when something strange occurred: There was knock on the door. He stopped abruptly and looked up in confusion; this was something that rarely happened. Gregor's eyes squinted skeptically as he placed his book mark and began making his way towards the door. For security purposes, Gregor gave the presence behind the door an aura check. It gave him the basic information as always: There was only one person there, it was a she, she was human... and then he paused. The young woman's soul was damaged, badly. He had only seen damage like this back in the academy. They would bring in ex-mages who had gone too far and burned up their magic reserves as a way to "scare straight" the students into being cautious. Mainly it was young adults who tried high level spells too early on. But some had been left with no choice. Holding up a magic barrier for 24 hours to hold back an orc horde, saving a loved one from a mortal injury. Even though he knew there were ways to justify that type of injury, the warnings had always been effective on Gregor. His grandfather had told him that for someone of common birth he had abnormally large magic reserves. The only time he could recall running out of energy was...the tower. This lead to the important question. "What is this damaged soul doing on my doorway?" he thought, truly curious now. As his mind put together theories about who the person was, he reached out with his right hand and opened the door. What he saw defied all of his expectations. Before him stood a frail looking woman wearing wizard's robes, holding an impressive wooden staff. It took him less than a second to realize who the weak looking woman was. 'M-Mira!' he gasped. His light orange eyes were wide with surprise; they almost seemed to glow, along with the necromantic circle on his left palm. He simply stood there a moment in utter shock before beginning to tear up. 'It's really you.' He then stepped forward and enveloped her in surprisingly soft hug. 'I thought you were dead,' he said tearfully. He cried for a few moments before letting her go, hastily wiping away his tears with his left hand. 'I'm sorry-I just-I...I haven't been doing very well since the spire; and I'm just so happy that you're okay.' There was an apologetic tone in his voice as he attempted an awkward smile. 'Oh, you must want to come inside right? P-please, make yourself at home.' He then gestured for her to follow him in. He sat down on his couch, which had more than enough room for the two of them. 'So, it's been a while huh?' 'I can more or less fill you in on everything that happened after you lost consciousness.' Suddenly, Gregor's slight smile turned into a bitter frown. 'I...assume you've heard about Nolan at least?'
  6. OOC: Finding Nolan

    Thank you. I was hoping that I didn't over do it in the first post. What's unfortunate is that one of the things he's so upset about (the death of his party)- isn't really true. Only about half of them died. Like 4 of them actually got sucked through a portal leading to another tower and survived. But an explosion closed the portal abruptly, and from his point of view it was logical to assume they are dead. Charlie (kit) is one of the people Gregor believes is dead, which is why I was hoping she'd be able to make it to this thread. Ah the tower thread. Brings back memories. Me and Gregor were both kids back then. But the thread makes for a pretty good read. If you want something wilder, try the occ thread. Some crazy stuff happened in there- it was also like 27 pages long. I'll have a reply up today. Also great post Song, though I will have to fine you for stealing my opening line
  7. OOC: Finding Nolan

    Here we go: Our new thread! I would say this sets up the feel of Gregor's home life pretty well. Me and Song are probably gonna have to go back and forth a few times before you guys get involved-probably only like 2 rounds or so. Well I hope you all like it! I leave the next move up to you song.
  8. In search of what once was

    Everyday. Every day Gregor woke up in the same bed as the same things washed over him. That residual feeling of tiredness, the odd feeling of the sheets against his leg, and the weight of the gauntlet on his arm. Though he had seen it many times before, he raised his right arm and stared at it. The strange, green gauntlet was a sight he had grown quite accustomed to. The day the tower had fallen, he had found it among the ruins. He wasn't sure what had tempted him to pick it up in the first place. He didn't need to be good at reading aura's to tell that the item was heavily enchanted. And once he found out it's protective property, he wore it at all times- besides bathing and cooking. He hadn't wanted to start wearing it to bed but honestly...it was the only way he could sleep. That didn't even account for the nightmares, but that was a separate issue. Groggily, he willed himself to get up. After making himself breakfast and eating in complete silence, he found himself with the odd urge to go outside. Lately, he never left his two story home except to get food. After all, he had already graduated from Blairville academy, top student in his necromancy class, and was tired of being the academy's errand boy. Besides, he had always been bad at talking to people, even before the tower. Now a days? It was unbearable. How could they call him a hero when all those people- 'Come on Gregor you're not getting into this today,' he instructed himself sharply. 'You don't have to go outside, just...don't get upset.' As he felt himself calm down, he noticed that he had been gripping the corners of the sink tightly. Releasing his grip, he moved upstairs to get dressed- Even though he had no place to go. After putting on his normal green t-shirt and pants, he looked to the spot on the wall near his bed. On the wall hung a large white broadsword. But the white seemed darker, dulled. It had been full of energy, but now it almost appeared drained. After throwing his pajamas in the hamper, he turned sadly to the sword. She hadn't spoken to him since the tower; if she was even in there. His professional opinion was that the massive amount of dark energy she had been exposed to was now blocking her attempts at making contact within the physical realm. Or, perhaps she had used too much of her energy and was forced into a "low power mode". Of course, there was always the theory that either one of those two things had actually erased her presence for good. If she was ever there at all. Gregor then forcefully slammed his armored palm into his forehead. 'Stop it!' he barked at himself. His eyes were closed tightly, jaw clenched. He took a deep breath...and felt the wave pass over him. It was rare that he was able to slow down once his mind started spiraling like that. It had always been hard for him not to go straight to the negative. He needed to do something relaxing. He was too tense to go out into the woods and train. "Hmm, I suppose I could finish that book from yesterday," he thought simply. It was a textbook about well known draconian spirits. Always looking for more knowledge on spirits, he removed the book from his bookshelf and went back down the stairs. Sitting down on the couch, he released a sigh. Reading always reminded him of his life before the spire. The focus in his orange eyes as his armored hand held the book open, almost seemed normal. And the look of peace on his face...it was a rare sight indeed. Gregor liked reading. It made the silence that surrounded him less obvious. And the shadow of what once was a little brighter.
  9. OOC: Finding Nolan

    I’m pretty happy with the party we already have, but it’s up to song if she wants to add another person. Also song, do you want the main thread to be titled “Finding Nolan”?
  10. OOC: Finding Nolan

    Sure I’ll start us off. I’m actually heading to sleep right now, so I’ll have to get on that tommorow. I’ll see you guys then, and once again, I am very happy that we will all get to tell this story together. Night!
  11. OOC: Finding Nolan

    I agree we should indeed keep this thread at just us. I think we could probably assume Gregor gave the doctor his address on the off chance she ever woke up- seeing as how he assumed she had no one left. And even without that- seeing as how he is pretty well known- finding his house wouldn’t be very difficult anyway.
  12. OOC: Finding Nolan

    I agree. Mira probably won’t be in a great mood, and Gregor is going to be downright dismal. So some extra positivity might be nice: It’s very nice to have you jaistlyn!
  13. OOC: Finding Nolan

    Still in Blairville. Do you think the coma could have gone on a little longer? Gregor probably would have visited her comatose body for the first two months and then give up. It doesn't really matter though- so however you want to do it is fine.
  14. OOC: Finding Nolan

    I'd say about 10 months is good. It's a pretty long amount of time, but shorter than a year. Sounds good to me- how about you Song?
  15. A wild Song Sprite appears....

    It's great to see that you're back! I was saddened when the Shadows in Orolindaria thread we were in came to a stop, but I'm also glad to see you're okay! To be honest, some of the players might still be interested. I know I would be. But that's totally up to you.