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  1. Does the electronically locked door lead to Hearthstone? So the idea is either they sneak into the warehouse, he powers up and kills them all, or they sneak into the base in order to track down the key and slip out?
  2. Knives Out- Well written, well acted. It also rewards viewers with good observation skills and deep knowledge of mystery cliches.
  3. Although Leo was sure that he was making the right choice by choosing to help the people of Hearthstone, he was surprised to see hesitation in Chris, an uncertainty. This was cemented by the somewhat awkward pat on the back he gave him. The young student looked up to the man for guidance out in the slums, which may as well been an alien world to him. Still, Leo trusted the black haired man- he was the only ally he had anymore. Soon after, Chris seemed to have regained his composure and they headed off. For many hours they slowly made their way through the slums, their approach somehow even more careful than it was the night before. Still, Leo was grateful for it. They passed many gangsters along the way, and he knew he couldn't have fought even half of them. Besides, Leo had a feeling he would need to save up his energy. At some point in the day, he and Chris had started scaling the side of a motel. It was just one of several buildings that they had climbed that day. Leo had gotten pretty good at climbing, but he still needed absolute focus. That focus was interrupted when the window under them opened suddenly. Panicked, Leo totally froze, as did Chris. The man leaning out the window sill certainly looked like a thug. He knew that it would be very bad for them if he chanced to look up. Leo would have been prepared to strike, but given how startled he was by the thug's sudden appearance, he had to put all his energy into holding on. He was grateful to see that Chris had taken out one of his batons in his stead. Leo almost considered urging Chris to sneak away with him; but when he heard the woman inside, and the thug's plans for her, he knew he couldn't leave. And it seemed that Chris thought the same thing. With grace, the black haired man swung into the window. Leo moved towards the opening, ready to help if need be. However, the familiar sounds of a swift beat-down let him know that he was just fine. For a few moments after that, all Leo heard was voices. The voices stopped suddenly as Chris climbed out the window, a woman desperately holding onto his back. Even with the extra weight, the black haired man wasn't slowed down at all as he hastily kept climbing up. Leo, sensing that time was of the essence, didn't question it and made a mad dash for the roof. Once there, they continued jumping until they were several buildings away. This turned out to be the right call, as multiple goons gathered at the window sill in there absence. Finally safe for a moment, Chris was finally able to let the woman climb off of him. Leo couldn't believe she had held on for so long. There was no doubt in his mind that she was strong of will. These thoughts were interrupted as Chris told Leo to speak with her while he rested. The former student was surprised that he was given such a task, given his...less than perfect people skills. Unfortunately, it looked like Leo was on his own here. He took in the woman's battered appearance, along with her skimpy make shift clothing. Leo guessed that she probably didn't want to talk about her previous circumstances; and honestly, Leo wasn't sure he wanted to ask. He tried to speak in a calm, non intrusive manner. "Hey, I know what you're used to when it comes to guys in the slums, but we're the exception. We don't want to hurt you. You're safe for now. I-is there any place we can take you? Do you have a home?" The woman's broken eyes continued to state at the ground, her demeanor still meek. "I don't have a home. Not anymore." "Oh," was all Leo could say. He scratched the back of his head and looked off to the side. His mind struggled to find the right words to say; he wasn't used to dealing with stuff like this. Finally he managed to say "Uh, well, we're heading to this place, Hearthstone. It's a settlement, pretty safe from gangs. Maybe we could take you there, if you like?" He wasn't sure how she or Chris would react, but he knew he had to try something.
  4. Hey, I'm sorry for taking so long. I've been going through finals. Will be posting in the next few days.
  5. Leo watched closely as Chris made his way towards him across the many rooftops in between them. Even though he wasn't a conduit, the dark haired man moved with such a grace that he definitely out performed Leo when he wasn't using his powers. He couldn't help but be impressed; it was clear that there was still much for him to learn. Once Chris had made his way up to roof, Leo stepped aside in order for him to look over his so called handiwork. Even though his days as a student were long gone, he felt the same rush of nervousness and excitement that he got when a professor looked over his essay. Overall Chris's comments were positive, praising Leo for his stealthy approach. He made sure to take note of what the black haired man said about leaving people face down, although he couldn't help but cringe at the pile of blood that came pouring out. Still, it seemed that he had done a remarkable job, and Chris didn't shy away from telling him so. Even though he was normally against physical contact, Leo couldn't help but admit that it felt nice to have the man give him a congratulatory pat on the shoulder. Chris then gave Leo a choice: To cut a path through the enemy to Hearthstone or to just sneak in. Leo pondered this a moment before responding. "Normally I would have liked to take the path of least resistance, but I suppose that if we want to start building on our plan, we should do something bold. Something that helps our allies in Hearthstone and also sends a message to the D.U.P." he said, sounding surprisingly confident. "Let's clear a path to Hearthstone."
  6. Leo's orange eyes squinted and glared at Chris's lackluster response. Instead of answering his questions, the black-haired man claimed he didn't know why "R.R.?" was written on the map, and then suddenly became very tired- walking away towards the couches. Leo had asked his question out of pure curiosity, but it was now clear to him that Chris was hiding something from him, even though he didn't know why. The former college student already struggled to believe and understand anything in Chris's strange new world; now with secrets being kept from him by his own guide, he only felt more unsteady. Still, it seemed like there was nothing more he could do about it tonight. Annoyed, Leo grumbled. "Fine. don't tell me." He then proceeded to follow Chris to the couches, where he'd be sleeping tonight. His couch was pretty uncomfortable, but he was already so on edge that he hardly noticed. Before they went to sleep, Chris turned on the news and warned Leo that the D.U.P would soon enough realize that he wasn't in the city and that they needed to get them off his trail, but he was only half listening. He couldn't help but stare at himself being displayed on the screen, watching in horror as fellow students lied about his life and behavior. This whole day had been very heavy- but seeing the local news calling for his capture finally caused the weight of everything to sink in. Leo sunk into the couch, feeling very weak. However, his attention was caught again when the TV mentioned his girlfriend refusing to comment. 'Now why would she do that?' he thought skeptically. Whatever the reason, it still made him feel a little better. Remembering Chris, he looked back at him for a moment. "Alright, helping Hearthstone sounds like a good plan. We should probably rest up now, but I'm not sure how well I'll sleep." Sure enough, Leo did find it hard to sleep. But given everything he had been through, his exhaustion took over, and he eventually drifted off to sleep. Leo was awoken abruptly early the next morning by Chris. A granola bar was shoved into his hands before he had even risen off the couch. Despite all the stress of the day before and the sudden wake-up, he felt surprisingly refreshed. Leo had always been a morning person, but he also had an inclination that his new conduit powers had something to do with it. Rising to his feet, Leo munched on his so-called breakfast as Chris explained the need to hide his identity. He curiously examined the orange bandanna he was handed, noticing that it was indeed see through to him. At first, Leo thought this was a little unnecessary. Then he remembered that, well, his eyes glowed now. At least a little, anyway. "I suppose that would be an awfully easy way to identify me," he thought to himself as he tied the bandanna on. He then proceeded to follow Chris outside to the rooftops. There, he was given a fake receiver, one that very closely modeled the ones the D.U.P. use. Leo was impressed by the device and agreed that he should be careful with his powers. "I think I've gotten fighting without my powers pretty much down, but it's good to have a backup," he commented appreciatively. The former student paid close attention and followed Chris as he continued to dispense his lessons, taking everything in. However, he was surprised when the black-haired man pointed out an enemy- occupied roof, and tasked him with clearing it without drawing too much attention. 'W-well, I suppose I could give that a try; if you really think it's necessary,' Leo responded, sounding nervous yet determined. Checking that his bandanna and his receiver were both on tight, he turned to face the building in question. It was surrounded by other buildings, both tall and small. Leo began to run towards it, still traveling by rooftop. He was slowly but surely reaching a higher elevation as he made relatively small leaps to taller buildings, also making sure not to get too high above the target building. In a few minutes, Leo found himself exactly where he wanted to be. He was now crouching in the shadows on top of the roof of a building that was only a few feet shorter than his target, and only a yard or two away in distance. Leo had been creating his plan while he was running. Now, he just needed to execute it. "Smooth, fast, concise- no mistakes," Leo thought to him cautiously. He had put a lot of faith in his body's strength and dexterity already, but today was going to be a big push. Leo took a deep breath and steadied himself. He was ready. Leo waited until all 3 men happened to be facing away from his direction. Seeing this opportunity, he rose to his feet, moving into a running stance. With that, he took off, still shrouded in early morning shadows. He ran much faster than a normal human, and once he was at the edge, he leaped. He flew through the air, rising a little bit with the force he had put behind his jump. It was just enough to get Leo across the gap, and within seconds his body landed on the edge of the target building. He pushed the sole's of his shoes into the side of the building right as he landed against it, slowing him down and lowering the sound of his impact. Leo quickly dropped down so that he was hanging onto the ledge by his fingers, barely visible in the morning light. He then waited for the 3 men to split apart again, moving to separate corners. Leo inched towards the closest man. Once he was a few feet away from one, he silently climbed up onto the roof, creeping up behind him. Leo wound back his arm, and with one great blow punched the man solidly in the back of the head. Without letting him react at all, he grabbed the back of the thug's head and jumped off the building. As Leo fell through the air, he slammed the thug's head onto the hard concrete roof and grabbed onto the ledge again with his other hand. The sound of the thug hitting the ground would make noise, but that's what Leo was counting on. As soon as he dropped the goon, he immediately began moving to the left. The 2 remaining enemies turned around, and upon seeing their fallen comrade, quickly rushed over to him. It was only a matter of seconds now before they began to look around for the perpetrator. But it wouldn't matter. Leo had made it to the other side of the building, and as soon as the two thugs passed him, he climbed up onto the roof, just like before. When the two gangsters leaned in to check the unconscious man's pulse and look at the street below for suspects, Leo had already moved behind them. Once he was in position, he grabbed both men's heads and slammed them together, causing them both to become temporarily disoriented. During this time, Leo swept the leg of the closest one and gave a strong right hook to the other one's face, knocking him onto the ground as well. The former student wasted no time, delivering 4 consecutive punches into the swept man's torso; finishing him off with a kick to the head. Leo then quickly turned around to face the other man, only to find that he was already in the process of reaching for his gun. He was caught off guard by this sudden hiccup in his plan; he considered using his powers to blast the gun away, but then he remembered what Chris said about not using his powers. With no other options, Leo rushed forward and tackled the thug before he could grab the gun. The two men grappled for a moment, but ultimately Leo overpowered the still dazed man. Sitting on top of him, the former student let loose a series of heavy punches, each one leaving a serious impact on the thug's head. By the end of it, the gangster was unconscious, and it was certain that his face would be covered in bruises soon enough. Leo breathed in and out heavily, his eyes glowing a little as adrenaline still rushed through his body. Realizing that the fight was done, he lowered his fist, which was primed and ready to fire again. With some alarm, he noticed a small amount of blood on his right hand. Grossed out, he rubbed it on the shirt of the thug before standing up and taking a deep breath. This little test was over now; he just hoped that he met Chris's expectations. Leo looked out into the distance, scanning for the building where he and Chris had been standing less than 10 minutes ago. He waved at them casually, a small smile creeping onto his face.
  7. Is fate zero by any chance inspired by fate zero?

    1. Kingofgames12


      The anime? No, that's just a coincidence. In fact, I actually didn't make that connection until just now. 

  8. Leo was surprised to hear Chris's reluctance to act now. It felt like the night had been passing so quickly, and Chris had been pulling him along so fast, that Leo had felt that he needed to keep up the rapid progress. But once the black-haired man explained why they couldn't act right away, it did make quite a lot of sense. Leo couldn't help but feel a little ashamed at the mention of Brick's death, still a little in disbelief that he had caused it. He nodded in understanding. "You're right, that does make sense. I'm sure we could all use a little rest." Leo began to slowly walk back and forth again. Even though waiting to act was the logical choice, he still couldn't help but feel a little impatient. 'If we're not going out tonight, that what are we going to do?' Leo thought curiously. However, Chris drew Leo's back towards him by brandishing a map of the city. He said that it was important for the young student to become familiarized with the slums. Leo nodded as he approached the black haired man and the parchment he carried. "Yeah, that's a smart idea," Leo added, fully supporting the notion. He stood by Chris's side for several minutes, listening intently to his explanation of the map. For once, Leo didn't mind how close he was to the man. His light orange eyes scanned over each area of the map carefully. Even though he had not seen all of the slums, from what Leo had seen, he could tell that the map was clearly outdated. The map portrayed the city as a modern metropolis, nearly as good as Leo's own home. He still couldn't help but wonder how this whole area could have gone to hell in only a few years. Regardless, it was still a good idea to get acquainted with the general areas of the map. Calling upon his skills from university, Leo took mental notes on both the map and Chris's words. The area marked with an R.R and a question mark really had Leo intrigued. By the time Chris asked him for his thoughts, Leo had them organized. "So, pretty much, the only safe area for us in the slums is Hearthstone? Also, it seems weird that you guys don't know much about the R.R area. Haven't you guys been here for years? And what's the RR even stand for? Why does it have a question mark?"
  9. I am NOT making good on that promise I gave you guys.? Sorry, but I've been busy with three or four other RP's and one of them I'm playing a big part in pretty soon. Gotta make a dungeon and plan out the narrative. Also...life. Life gets me tired some days. But rest assured, I still got big plans for Zero-Year!

  10. Leo stopped pacing for a moment to listen to what Chris was saying. He claimed that he had seen someone back in the lab power up using a power relay- until he was shot dead. Leo let out a little sigh at that. He had finally started to realize that anytime Chris told him a story about his past, he should just prepare himself for sadness. He spoke with subdued curiosity. "Well, I suppose that tragic death aside, the power relays must be worth the trouble. So where do we find one?" That was when Chris informed him that the device only told them that a relay was within an area of 50 miles, but provided no further details. However, that was when something strange happened. Right when Chris was in the middle of a sentence, he suddenly stopped. The pause was brief, but Chris's face seemed focused on recalling a memory of some sort. If Leo didn't know better, he would say that he saw a tinge of fear cross over his face. Just as soon as it had come, it ended. Personally, Leo thought that Chris was hiding something from him; something about why the thugs kept bringing relays into the slums. His mind raced with questions, but Leo could tell that at the moment, Chris was determined to move on. So, Leo let it drop. "Well, that kind of sucks. Seems like a really inefficient device, though I suppose it's good for keeping things secret. I agree that shaking down some goons for information is probably our best move then.' Leo then finished his drink, setting it down on a nearby table. "You know the goon's locations better than I do, so...lets do some hunting."
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