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  1. Since there are 5 horses, are Travis, Kenra, June, your girl, and one of the bard twins confirmed for the mission?
  2. Cool, I'll try to post tomorrow or wensday.
  3. I'll post; besides, you went recently and I at least want to get Xio's actions in there before you post.
  4. I can post this week; I'll go if Avvercus doesn't want too.
  5. Why would morrin decide? no one even knows he's there.
  6. We gave up turns, it's just no posting twice in the same round. I just want to know if the round was over and I can post again.
  7. I know we're on like a round system here, but I'm a bit confused. I'm I allowed to post again now?
  8. Travis: 3 is the perfect number for this mission *literally every member of the party except for one asks to go one mission* Travis: What Have to admit I didn't see that coming. I'm at least glad that most of you mentioned it. Still, just want to make sure everyone knows that not everyone's going to make it. But that and who will likely depend a bit on song's post.
  9. Escape! All the cool kids are doing it.
  10. Wow triggered that was a relief. I was expecting June to roast the heck out of Travis. Also real quick, what did she mean by problem solvers?
  11. Oh cool thanks! Wait, are you telling me this has been a clear and even communication of a problem between a dm and his player? Where am I?
  12. Xio is wearing leather gloves and long sleeves; I don't know if that was enough to stop him from being poisoned and if it wasn't I understand. Just want to make sure you knew.
  13. One sure fire way is to use them in RP and see how people react. Back when I first used Travis, he wasn't very developed. Their characters made fun of him, saying stuff that indicated that he was too nice, that he was being a total pushover, real ned flanders like. So, I made it part of his complex. He was always a kind man, but after going through multiple tragedies (personal lore), he became over-nice, and that's his main flaw. Simple, mildly spoiler-ish, he lost a lot of people and so he tries to protect everyone with a smile. This has limits and problems, but also a few bonuses. He has the most complex flaw; all my other characters are a bit more simple. Xio: Crazy, violent and obsessive Gregor: Crippling fear and lack of strength and self confidence Ryu: Emotionless, unable to control self. One other tip I would say is to look through their back stories; since they create the characters, there are plenty of places to look for flaws. Hope that helps
  14. The thing with fan characters is that they set all the rules for you, while you try to make something original, when you're just copying and pasting. You guys know about Sonic the hedgehog OC's? That's how I first started role playing. No joke. So I'd say the feel of doing something with a copied character is complletely different from when you do something with your own original character. It feels like you've actually made something you know? I'd say that my fan characters influenced me other characters by telling me what not to do: Don't make them super edgy Don't make them super powerful Try to see a little of yourself in all your characters Make them unique Give them flaws Give them like able things Give them hate able things I agree, too much power ruins a personality. I've seen multiple stories that show that the more powerful a character is, the blander they are. Or at least, the less interest they have.