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  1. Have things gotten any better pandorite?
  2. Okay thanks for clearing that up for me.
  3. Me; with character Travis Hunter.
  4. It's fine I knew it wouldn't do real damage I just wanted to make sure the distraction worked. also I have a question ion. Xio and haze are flying together; is it like fairy dust from Peter Pan and Xio can control his own flight path, or is it like they have a rope tied around their waist in zero g? And could someone link me that beastiary again? I want to check up on the creatures since we're fighting a bunch of them and I don't remember what they look like?
  5. So did Xio succeed in distracting it?
  6. Thank the Buddha we're back!

    1. Youngblood_Rebelle


      I know right it feels like it was forever, I mean these keep happening but nothing really changes I guess they're fixing bugs

  7. I'm sorry to hear that.
  8. With all these people asking, we should probably make an official list of who's going to be in the i.c. Thread. Possibly with a detail of what their character is doing. Travis is there for protection and defense; he really just wants to help. Just an idea to help us get started. As you remember with the spire thread, song, when you have like 10 people asking to join, organizing the start can be really hard lol
  9. That's fine; just glad to see that you're alright.
  10. But she was here last Tuesday if you check her feed. That's why I bothered asking. I'm still very interested in this thread.
  11. You're up @Pandorite
  12. ...You still there song sprite?
  13. Boi I've been in enough dead threads to fill a goddamn graveyard.