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  1. Dismissed. Dismissed. The thought still filled Fate with rage. Abandoned by his first master and taken in by a new one in a group who planned to take over the world. But then... dismissed! "Too much of a loose cannon," he thought to himself in rage. "Too risky for a faction like ourselves. If I had the chance I would have killed them all; those cowardly bastards!" His teeth began to grind when a elegant voice spoke in his mind. "Fate, calm yourself. I know you're mad from being...let go. But now isn't the time to go on a rage; especially on your first mission with your new master," Slade spoke reasonably. Fate listened to his advice and calmed down, breathing deeply within his black mechanical suit. The demon bound to his sword was always the voice of reason between to the two of them; lord knows he needed one. Whenever Fate was put on watch duty or was just walking, his mind tended to wander rather far. He took a moment to survey his surroundings. Tight knit trees surrounded them for miles, casting many shadows over the place. He liked that. A few feet behind him, he could hear his employer Kalvin...seemingly cursing a puddle. He couldn't blame him. He hated snow and water for obvious reasons; having 150 pounds of armor that you couldn't remove didn't make them ideal. Still, he thoroughly enjoyed the place. The constant darkness comforted him, like a chef in a kitchen. It was his art. It also gave plenty of places to hide, which reminded him of what he was supposed to be doing anyway. He moved his head left and right in a slow scan. His heat sensors didn't pick up anything; the wolves Kalvin had mentioned seemed to be keeping their distance. After completing his scan, he then heard his master speaking directly to him. For the first time that Kalvin had seen, Fate tapped a hidden button on the side of his head. With a slight whir, the bottom part of the black glass visor that made up his face slid apart, revealing a human mouth filled with sharpened teeth. For just a moment, dark purple vapors leaked out before shutting themselves off as the hatch fully opened. 'No problem boss; sounds like a good plan,' Fate replied compliantly, turning his head slightly to look at the man. 'And seeing as how there seems to be only one road, following them shouldn't be hard, especially with my radar.' A few moments passed before they spoke again. He could feel the wind blowing against his skin. It was a strange sensation; he didn't like it one bit. He quickly pressed the button again, turning his face back into the reflective stone it normally was. Kalvin then said that he liked the place, breaking the short silence. Pleased to see that they had something in common, Fate quickly spoke up. 'As do I; I feel right at home among these shadows,' he replied, his voice now sounding rougher, as if he was speaking through a gas mask. 'Feeling all this power around me has me feeling quite blood thirsty; shame I have to wait to kill those fools.' He remembered following them out of the inn, studying the men he would eventually kill. They looked laughably weak. It reminded him of the old days. When he was useful. Mighty. His black metal hand gripped his sword hilt excitedly.
  2. So I had a question; what is the nature of the opposition? Did you want us to be something you over come? Or did you want someone with an actual chance of beating you?
  3. Hey, How would you feel if me and a buddy helped play opposition for this thread? My character is more of a follower type, my partner would be sort of the mastermind. It's up to you, but I think it would work pretty well. He's a bit better at these things than I am.
  4. I have an evil shadow using character. I don't know much about the dark forest or the artifact; but i saw that no one responded so I thought I would.
  5. Sorry dude, but I think we're gonna have to skip ya.
  6. What about someone who is the host for a high ranking demon lord? An unhloly divine?
  7. Gotta give you props for that profile picture; Rinkah is definitely best waifu.  

  8. Why 2 people at once?
  9. Travis wasn't surprised that Titania disagreed with his stance on saving people. Her serious nihilism seemed to be follow throughout everything she said. But it was a fairly common behavior, and Travis could understand, at least a little, why she felt like that. Not wanting to get into an argument over morality so soon into their budding friendship, Travis simply let the subject drop naturally. He didn't expect anyone to comment on his thinly disguised whining about magic; seeing as how Titania had seemed to ignore it. But it was the elusive Tobias who commented, telling Travis that magic had a limit as well. Travis obviously knew this, but in his mind, magic had much wider horizons than the sword. But perhaps it just looked so big because he didn't know much about it. Or maybe the fact that he was physically incapable of learning it is what caused him to esteem it so highly. All valid options. He was again broken away from his self-pitying thoughts when he heard Titania speak, saying that they needed to talk. Now, Travis knew enough about human relationships to know that when a woman said that, it was bad news. He felt concerned, until he realized she was speaking to the group as a whole. Letting out a relieved sigh, he turned towards Titania in a way that showed she had his complete attention. For someone so reclusive, she gathered attention pretty well. Most of the party turns toward her; the charming rouge Phillip actually moved over to her, as friendly as ever. "I wonder what she's going to say?" he thought curiously.
  10. Oh my god I'm so sorry I completely forgot! I'll be on that today.
  11. Yes I'm sorry I got caught up in something. I swear I'll post tomorrow!
  12. I swear your profile pictures only get better and better.

  13. No it's psykotica
  14. Alright, there's something I gotta have Ryu do before he switches; so it will just be at the start of my post.
  15. I like your profile pic :grintears:

    1. Unkawaii


      Thanks lad. It's about my default expression at any given moment haha