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  1. As the Raven Flies

    Everyday. Every day Gregor woke up in the same bed as the same things washed over him. That residual feeling of tiredness, the odd feeling of the sheets against his leg, and the weight of the gauntlet on his arm. Though he had seen it many times before, he raised his right arm and stared at it. The strange, green gauntlet was a sight he had grown quite accustomed to. The day the tower had fallen, he had found it among the ruins. He wasn't sure what had tempted him to pick them up in the first place. He didn't need to be good at reading aura's to tell that the item was heavily enchanted. And once he found out it's protective property, he wore it at all times- besides bathing and cooking. He hadn't wanted to start wearing it to bed but honestly...it was the only way he could sleep. That didn't account for the nightmares, but that was a separate issue. Groggily he willed himself to get up. After making himself breakfast and eating in complete silence, he found himself with the odd urge to go outside. Lately, he never left his two story home except to get food. After all, he had already graduated from Blairville academy, top student in his necromancy class, and was tired of being the academy's errand boy. Besides, he had always been bad at talking to people, even before the tower. Now a days? It was unbearable. How could people call him a hero when- 'Come on Gregor you're not getting into this today,' he told himself sharply. 'You're going to go outside and things are going to be okay.' As he felt himself calm down, he noticed that he had been gripping the corners of the sink tightly. Letting go, he moved upstairs to get dressed. After putting on his normal green t-shirt and pants, he looked to the spot on the wall near his bed. On the wall hung a large white broadsword, but the white seemed darker, dulled. It had been full of energy, but now it almost appeared drained. After putting on his shoes, he turned sadly to the sword. She hadn't spoken to him since the tower; if she was even in there. Nevertheless, he grabbed the large sword and slung it on his back. He also grabbed his two daggers, putting one on each hip, before taking a deep breath and stepping outside. He found the streets mostly empty, which he didn't and did mind at the same time. He was glad he didn't have to deal with people; but the empty streets made him think of the day the mists came. Pushing the unpleasant thought from his mind, he kept walking. However, he didn't even know what he was looking. "Maybe this was a bad idea after all," he thought to himself nervously. Just as he was about to turn back, he found himself a comfy looking tavern. Though he wasn't one for pubs, he decided it was better than being out in the cold another minute. He pushed the door open as quietly as possible, hoping not to attract any attention. The bartender spotted him however, and raised a glass to him with a quiet nod. The other patrons caught on and suddenly the chattering got quieter and more excited. Gregor groaned. It already seemed that his plan of a quiet entrance wasn't going to work. He decided to just hurry to an empty booth and sit down. His orange eyes were a darker shade, as well as the small magic circle on his left palm, seemingly indicating his tiredness. Once seated, Gregor put his head into his hands wearily. "Why did I even come here?" he thought miserably.
  2. Don't you hate it when you find a amazing looking thread but you know you totally don't have time to be a part of it, so you just have to move on? :cross:

    1. Youngblood_Rebelle


      I just join it anyways cause am stupid, maybe that's why am unstable *twitches* b-but it's not an addiction I-I can stop ANYTIME *insane laughter* *faints*.

      All jokes aside, I could be fighting a war, and I will join a thread if it looks awsome.

  3. So, I'm not dead... yet.

    Hey man, I don't know if you remember me, but you were in the second role play I ever did on this site. The revenant one where our story teller passed away? After that thread fell apart I just never saw you around. Knowing you, you'll probably fit right back in. Welcome back!
  4. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Looks like all the main peeps are here. We can wait like another day or so, but I think if we truly want to keep going we should get started as soon as possible.
  5. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    I hope sheep comes back: Travis will have to find a new bestie :/. Better get ready June; our Alpha's are gonna come into contact So, to everyone who is still interested in continuing, please say something. If you're not interested in continuing, this is your chance.
  6. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    I wasn't able to celebrate properly yesterday but... So I don't know how you or the others feel Song sprite, but if you want to, I'm totally down to continue. Even if it's with a smaller group this time.
  7. Travis: Dying during a quest, leading to many people dying as well. To make things worse, have all his team mates die before him. Xio: To completely fall into his degenerate ways and come crawling back to his former demon lord master, mind completely broken Gregor: To die alone, painfully wiped away by a evil force, completely over powered and humiliated. All this, and still not being able to see the face of his loved one, one last time. Ryu: To lose control to the demon possessing him, just a passenger in his own body. And after every life had died, only then will the demon finally snuff out Ryu's consciousness; and it all would fade to black. And to think I thought I was weird for thinking about these
  8. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Trust me I was excited as you were. But like Robbie said, without Sprite, there isn't much of a point in continuing. And I honestly feel like this thread is a bit too big and complex to just switch out GM's. And what would happen to Breta? The character leading us to our destination?
  9. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Gotta be honest, looks like all of us kinda dropped the ball here. But I'm ready to continue if everyone else is.
  10. [Artifact ] Hunting for the Rod of Peter The Dark

    Loyalty was one of Fate's strongest qualities. After all, it had pretty much been programmed into him. This meant that when he got a master, he would follow them to the death. But it also meant he wasn't one to ask questions. In truth, he didn't know much about Kalvin. He knew he worked with dark magic, that much was clear. But the specifics of his abilities were a mystery to Fate. When he had first met him, he had described himself in a series of mysterious analogies; all of whose meanings had gone right by him. However, Kalvin's abilities would soon become clear to Fate. He watched in curiosity as the pipe smoking man raised both hands to the forest and chanted. Soon, there was a small rumbling. Then, several dozen undead emerged from the woods, clearly under his control. They ranged from rotting corpses to skeletons, small and large. It was a fearsome display, and an impressive one. Under the helm, Fate was astonished. Within his mind, Slade summed up his thoughts well: "What a beautiful act of magic; your new master may be more powerful than I initially realized." Fate could only nod in agreement. It was a nice display of power, though Fate could not discern why he was doing it now. That's when Kalvin spoke again, telling him that he intended to simply wear the men down first. Realization dawned on his face then. Though it was an easy enough conclusion to reach, it had gone over Fate's head completely. He never was good at planning ahead. However, that's where the helmet came in. No one could perceive his lack of understanding through solid black glass. He was just an emotionless observer, even if that wasn't really truthful. He realized then that he still hadn't answered his master. 'They look quite gruesome boss; If I were our enemies, I would have ran home already. Of course, I would never run from battle, but it seems like something weak men like them would do,' Fate said quickly. As he stood there, he realized he was still clutching his sword hilt tightly. Releasing the sword hilt from his death grip, he put his hand on his hip, fingers drumming in anticipation. 'Are you sure you don't want me to go up ahead and rough them up a bit boss?' Fate asked with poorly veiled impatience.
  11. Looking for some Opposition for artifact hunting thread

    I've been working on a post; it will be up by this afternoon. And we would like to have you around, but obviously we don't want to force you to stay or anything.
  12. Looking for some Opposition for artifact hunting thread

    Actually, the artifact list names this thread officially as the one seeking out the rod, so I guess we have the okay.
  13. Looking for some Opposition for artifact hunting thread

    Well that would be great Robbie. There's one thing I think we should check though, does anyone know if shadows pm'd Supernal asking if the artifact was available? Because the listing says it's currently owned by another player.
  14. [Artifact ] Hunting for the Rod of Peter The Dark

    Dismissed. Dismissed. The thought still filled Fate with rage. Abandoned by his first master and taken in by a new one in a group who planned to take over the world. But then... dismissed! "Too much of a loose cannon," he thought to himself in rage. "Too risky for a faction like ourselves. If I had the chance I would have killed them all; those cowardly bastards!" His teeth began to grind when a elegant voice spoke in his mind. "Fate, calm yourself. I know you're mad from being...let go. But now isn't the time to go on a rage; especially on your first mission with your new master," Slade spoke reasonably. Fate listened to his advice and calmed down, breathing deeply within his black mechanical suit. The demon bound to his sword was always the voice of reason between to the two of them; lord knows he needed one. Whenever Fate was put on watch duty or was just walking, his mind tended to wander rather far. He took a moment to survey his surroundings. Tight knit trees surrounded them for miles, casting many shadows over the place. He liked that. A few feet behind him, he could hear his employer Kalvin...seemingly cursing a puddle. He couldn't blame him. He hated snow and water for obvious reasons; having 150 pounds of armor that you couldn't remove didn't make them ideal. Still, he thoroughly enjoyed the place. The constant darkness comforted him, like a chef in a kitchen. It was his art. It also gave plenty of places to hide, which reminded him of what he was supposed to be doing anyway. He moved his head left and right in a slow scan. His heat sensors didn't pick up anything; the wolves Kalvin had mentioned seemed to be keeping their distance. After completing his scan, he then heard his master speaking directly to him. For the first time that Kalvin had seen, Fate tapped a hidden button on the side of his head. With a slight whir, the bottom part of the black glass visor that made up his face slid apart, revealing a human mouth filled with sharpened teeth. For just a moment, dark purple vapors leaked out before shutting themselves off as the hatch fully opened. 'No problem boss; sounds like a good plan,' Fate replied compliantly, turning his head slightly to look at the man. 'And seeing as how there seems to be only one road, following them shouldn't be hard, especially with my radar.' A few moments passed before they spoke again. He could feel the wind blowing against his skin. It was a strange sensation; he didn't like it one bit. He quickly pressed the button again, turning his face back into the reflective stone it normally was. Kalvin then said that he liked the place, breaking the short silence. Pleased to see that they had something in common, Fate quickly spoke up. 'As do I; I feel right at home among these shadows,' he replied, his voice now sounding rougher, as if he was speaking through a gas mask. 'Feeling all this power around me has me feeling quite blood thirsty; shame I have to wait to kill those fools.' He remembered following them out of the inn, studying the men he would eventually kill. They looked laughably weak. It reminded him of the old days. When he was useful. Mighty. His black metal hand gripped his sword hilt excitedly.
  15. Looking for some Opposition for artifact hunting thread

    So I had a question; what is the nature of the opposition? Did you want us to be something you over come? Or did you want someone with an actual chance of beating you?