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  1. “I think you’d looked splendid sitting atop this creature…” Quiet. Silence bore down with amethyst gravity crushing anyone in the radius of the creature and the man. The black sulfur gas clouded the atmosphere trying to fill the bubble they shared. The sensations were…unique. Gloom seemed to enclose his body. No joyful aspirations. All love, happiness, and satisfaction evaporated as if the sun died and the night took over for eternity. “Ah yes.” His voice broke through the despair or rotting sludge that was death. “I guess you are a predator my friend.” Aches brought back to life from the beast’s willingness to devour Keldorl’s essence. As the black netting wrapped around his body, a fish in net, Keldorl felt the array of painful sentiment. Hatred for being here. Disgust for trusting her. Anguish at fighting without a need. Most of all – sorrow for his next actions. The ground groaned. The tremor was an angry drunk on his last night of binging. The ground belched near the rotting cart as spikes cascaded into the beasts, crimson liquid scattered the ground like a canvas, leaving streaks of red oozing from the spikes of earth. He growled as anger imbued his emotions. For once he wanted something to go right in this land. The more he thought and contemplated, the certainty that he would engulf these lands in destruction was inching closer. Enough power he could break apart the earth and let the fissure swallow the land with those near it. “Fucking beast.” Anger dissipated as the lurking despondency sank through his pores. The midnight netting faded away as blue eyes watched the unicorn’s lifeless body pinned into the air until the spikes retreated and the thud from the body woke those around them up. “Sorry Evie, I don’t think you’ll get to ride that after all but,” his eyes shifted to her silhouette, “I’m not confident to think I killed it. It’s Ki feels very much alive. Shall we pack what we need and call it quits for a while? I will need some new boots and possibly pants.” Eyeing down, his boots were gone as were most of his pants. Anymore and he would be naked. The color-shifting cloak was still intact, but it’s magic was far from typical. He doubted Gods themselves could destroy it.
  2. Machin unbuttoned his coat save for the last one right beside his belly button. Now was a better time than any, he thought. He was not one to hesitate. Not the fastest he could produce but enough to seem like a blur to anyone not watching – the knife slide into his palm, released by a small mechanism by flexing his forearm and bringing his arm to his side. No sooner had the handle touched his palm, he released it as he brought his arm upward, aiming at the elf. As the first blade left, his right hand produced a silver, shinning blade, from the inside of his coat, he slung the second at her. The sword behind him resonated, crying out. She wanted to be let loose, but he would wait. There was no time wasted on thoughts of what the others would do, but neither did he care.
  3. A sudden rush of life flooded the pirate. Their goal had been accomplished. “It feels…wonderful that this occurred. The lady got her bath and a warm bed to sleep in. The stalker mage was able to accompany us to this location.” For a moment he thought. Not hesitating but unsure of how to word his feelings. “Myself, I found some new acquaintances on the shores of a land I know nothing about.” His face gulped down the ale. “I reckon we could all go our own separate ways or adventure onward together.” Sliding the mug away from the edge, Yate smiled. “I’ve lost good friends. Before arriving here. The luck was not with me those days. I have nothing in my future per say.” Leaning back to scan the occupants of the room as he stretched. His body felt refreshed and energized. His body felt as if a mountain had removed itself from his shoulder. “I’m fairly strong in my own right. I don’t have the magical capabilities as the mage, but as a hand to hand combat, and my own unique traits, I can stand against others. Although,” The words trailed as his two fingers stroked his chin. “I have no ambitions for I have no direction. As I venture these lands, then maybe a radiant light shines a path for me, but until then, I’m as free as the songbird flying through the sky.” There was a longing to belong. The voyage of his life had witnessed ups and downs, turns and curves, but this had been his first dead end in years. With these two here, he could see the dim light in the horizon peek over as if to tell him to continue forward.
  4. The contents of the pot were quite extravagant for a group of slavers and mercenaries. A hint of saltiness meant they knew nothing of seasoning but the meat, whatever it was, was tender enough that he didn’t need to chomp down. Dropping the spoon back into the pot with a cling, Keldorl stood up, the aches swarmed over his body briefly but nothing he hadn’t felt before. The revelation that Evie had scooped up the remnants of the group astounded him. “Evie, you are quite amazing.” She had done this before. He trusted her less the deeper they journeyed into this city. And yet, he trusted her. The paradox was never ending with him. A contradiction of a man who murdered three but felt accomplishment from the adrenaline of the win. Keldorl’s head followed Evie’s question to the support staff. Now he understood her question. The beast inside was larger than an average horse. It was larger than an above-average horse! “The saints of the world, what in the bloody hell is this thing.” The former knights worn down face sparkled with curiosity. The beast was unique. Through his travels here and other-worldly locations, he had truly never laid eyes on a beast. Had he? Remembering back to other creatures and beasts, this was the first time he had saw it. “Evie – I believe I’d like to see you ride this.” There it was once more; the worn-down, closed off Keldorl’s outer shell vanished. A want resonated. He wanted to touch it. Feel it. Possibly fight it. But those eyes told him otherwise. “I know a predator when I see one. And you my oversized stallion are just that.” Reaching to touch the metallic lock that caged this creature. Why would anyone want to reject life and cage it? “Freedom is not theirs to give or take my friend.” Life from the ground ascended through his body into his left arm. The lock crumbled as if a tremor had broken rock. “Do me a favor and let’s not attack anyone.” They all waited for the beast to move.
  5. A young man smiled graciously at the two who had suddenly arrived. “Sir and miss, you are the second and third to have arrived. The first gentleman is relaxing in his room.” Waving his hand as if a wand would appear, “Let me show you to your rooms and I will come and grab you once the others have arrived. Sometime this evening we will have our Overseer discuss our circumstance and your job.” As if another had apparated out of the air, the staff member looked up and saw what could only be described as a human covered in the jungle. “Ahem.” Clearing his throat. “Yes, as I was discussing with these two, I will lead you three to your rooms to freshen up until called upon.” His voice loud enough for all to hear. Quickly he eyed Lord Ravlouch and Harlan. “Sir Harlan, I will give them roughly an hour to place their belongings in the room and then bring them to the debriefing room. Does this suffice?” Shifting his focus back to the travelers. “Um, sir…” Eyeing the jungle beast, “Might I suggest a quick shower and change of clothes. We are in the jungle but, well, you’re filthy.” “Please, this way everyone. I shall show you to your rooms.” Down the hall, around a corner, Van sat in his humble chamber eyeing the ceiling, counting the specks. Boredom had creeped in. Excitement lingered but boredom was winning the rope pull.
  6. I'm up! Sorry sorry. Decided to go back to school and taking 15 credit hours online. I forgot the struggle. I will work on a post today through breaks!
  7. As the scantily clad elf grazed his cheeks, the man gave a smile and laughed. “Had I known there’d be a beauty down here I’d have come sooner.” His mood hadn’t changed because of the cave but the elf. He had a sweet spot for pretty things, a flaw that landed him in trouble more times than naught. “Oh, I couldn’t agree more!” Raising his voice to be heard, the echoes clamoring against the walls. “I’ve found this whole ordeal outright odd. I tend to stick my nose out of others business, but I am a gambling man. So, here we are.” Sapphire eyes peered at the two grabbing their weapons. They were hasty folks he thought. The elf had their hearts pounding like a stallion running a race. His focus resumed to the elf who had last touched him. “Aye, I have a question before these folks become bloody manic and start rampaging. Reasons only to myself but did a man, my height, with disheveled hair, and an odd disposition come in here? He would have had an infant salamander spirit. Spits fire, makes things blow up.” He knew the answer. The gem wouldn’t have vibrated had he not been walking the in the right direction. Those piercing blue eyes transfixed on the elf. Again, he knew the answer but wanted her to say it aloud.
  8. Oh no, you do you. Side note to everyone - If shit goes sideways....I enjoy it. I'm not the kind of person who wants some pretty little storyline where mommy and daddy end up happy with sixteen kids. Also, I've been sipping on adult beverages so my mind has been enhanced to say the least. Carry on.
  9. I don't know what's going on but I enjoy it nonetheless!
  10. You should be able to easily find the genre of RP you want here!
  11. Adding @Vlamymnto this as well as above to show order or whatever it is we are doing.
  12. What style of RPs are you into? The amount of info this forum has going is extravagant but the admins are fairly easy to talk to. If you're into anime, I know a certain person who will give you a long list of shows you need to watch. Back to the RP. There's a few places you can jump into to play around. As mentioned is the Tavern of Lore. Then there's The Citadel.
  13. Now, fully aware of his situation, the last remnant of the three soldiers sprinted at the man in the street, a short sword in his right-hand overhead. With some speed, Keldorl respected the man charging into the battle, both knew the outcome. The overhead swing swooped down, Keldorl took Stone Sat Upon Earth stance, his legs bore down, his hip tilted slightly forward, as in a squat, and raised his covered left hand. The clang from the sword as it was caught into Keldorl’s left hand as if metal kissed rock left the soldier confused. A forward thrust with his spear through his chest cavity prevented the soldier’s mind from wondering the events that unfolded. “I admire the bravery,” he spoke quietly to the corpse shish kabobbed to the end of the spear. The strength of the spear and the outcaste knight were keeping the body suspended. The body slumped, thudded onto the hard, dust covered ground. Any other day, Keldorl would have noticed the change in Evie that morning. Had it not been for frustration, boredom, and that overall sense of getting nowhere, he would have saw that newly painted artwork peel away to reveal the hidden nature behind it. No. His mind would not have saved that moment. His focus had been fixated on his goal. The world. The universe. Especially the woman near him would have been a distraction and thus his mind was forced to see elsewhere. Keldorl stood over the body of his enemy, the broken sword crushed between his concealed hand marked the grave of this one. “Evie,” he bellowed at her, no long the voice of the jokester that poked and prodded. This voice was cold, dead, hollow. Nothing existed inside that void for as long as that void remained. “Kill the cook and the others. No witnesses to hinder our mission…no.” He knew he wanted to. He knew he needed too. How innocent were they? “Shackle them instead. Just don’t let them leave. If they run, then kill them.” His body moved on autopilot. Was he in control? Mostly. His mind was blank but knew what to do. The leather tent was only for protection from the weather. The spear erupted through the tent, piercing someone, a groan was the affirmation. He could sense the movement from inside, the energy, the ki, it was enough to see without seeing. Pushing aside the flap, he stepped in to two soldiers in the midst of changing into gear. The spear had punctured one’s shoulder, he laid clutching the object. The second man, standing a half a foot taller, was prepared. In moments the man had grabbed Keldorl. The blows to the stomach landed with force, but the void took all the pain. Keldorl felt none. As the larger combatant swung for the face, Keldorl ducked, pivoted around the man wrapping his arm across the throat like a serpent finding its prey. Squeezing tightly, the life force drained from the man. Stepping out of the tent, his spear carried the blood of two men. Stepping over the fallen chair and picking it up to once more be planted with all four legs, he sat around the fire. A flood of pain rushed through the gates as the void dissipated. His stomach would be bruised later. Disregarding the others, he peered into the pot and saw what looked like oats boiling above the logs. I found warm breakfast through this ordeal.
  14. The day had dwindled by. The wonderful tropics of the land made Van fixate on the green and vibrate colors of the vegetation. Being the first there gave him some time to venture about and ask questions of the overseers. The one who had sent the request was off on some other travels and left a few of the higher ups from the mining group in charge. He got the sense that everyone’s uneasiness had peaked days ago. The arrival of Van had done little to help either. While not massive in size or stature, Van was a capable soldier of fortune. In expertise was in the unknown but he was able to withstand other environments and tasks. Although the group of miners had discussed that they were hoping for someone…larger, Van had to assure them that his talents would suffice. “Plus, might I add that there are others coming.” He spoke to the person who appeared in charge. “The request was to protect the mining group. Bandits hardly seem like a bother compared to dark twistling or a saevion.” The named creatures puzzled the faces within the hut. After a long discussion with the group that had somewhat calmed their tensions, Van was staring at beetles along a vine plant. “I wonder what secrets you have,” he said as he placed the beetle into a clear vile. As the cork was plunged, the purple beetle froze, stuck in time. The vile would keep the creature alive for a few months. Long enough to get home and study it. “Uh, s’cuse me sir.” The voice of a younger man spoke behind Van who was currently kneeling on the ground. “Your room is ready. Other rooms have been prepared in case the rest show up tonight.” Standing up, sliding the vile into his front pocket as not to be seen, he greeted the young lad with a smile. “Sure. Show me the way. I would like to relax the rest of the night anyway.”
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