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  1. @Purple Eagle I do agree with post order but that's the old school me. Also, I misread some of the earlier posts about not having an insane character and took it the wrong way so I will be taming Drift a little bit as to avoid going overboard with him. I sorta may have read it as " please bring an insane character to the party" and yeah. Skimming posts is not an approved method. My B.
  2. What was he to do? What was he to say? This humble man offered up a whole casket of water and apples! It was as though the Gods and Goddesses sliced a rift through their world and gave presents to the mortal’s. This man…was a magnificent being. Drift knew he could not disgrace this man by declining such a sacrifice, these were items that he had purchased and provided through his own accord. “Yes!” He abruptly stated turning back to the apple game. His hands plunged into the barrel grasping at four more apples. Although cumbersome, he managed to grip two in each hand, the fifth still in his mouth. Four more apples vanished inside pockets on his vest. His torso and chest bulged with delicious red apples tucked away inside his vest, Drift had become a walking apple orchard, a tasty one in that. Lime flavored eyes floated to the other occupants. His eyes landed quietly on the one called ‘Igni’ rapidly fixating on the figure. His brain itched. Something wasn’t right; years of experience screamed that she wasn’t being genuine – such as being lied to blatantly in the face and knowing it was a lie but with no proof of it. Then she waved and all he could think about was not to be rude and waved back. All thoughts of the female ceased as his bright eyes locked onto the figure with pink eyes, two sets of oculi’s that would play tug-of-war with one another on whose eyes stood out the most. Whose eyes would win?! Drift randomly wondered. Lanky fingers snapped together as the light bulb went off inside and quickly tugged the apple core from his mouth as he meandered over to his new friend, the one who called himself Chee-Dee along with the female who was not human. His hand stretched out, offering the bit off apple core to the darker skinned man, “Would you care to partake in this Apple? Quite delicious indeed.” His right arm remained outstretched toward the male as his left arm crossed over his right arm to shake the female’s hand. Momentarily his brain snapped open as he spoke to the elderly man with both arms creating an X in the air, “The apple water was refreshing, I do not require a bath but thank you for your second offer of the night!”
  3. Absolutely superb. Some RPers get stuck with using characters they feel attached to and try to lego them in other RPs where they may not make an impact or fit into that plot line. Playing with new characters allows one to grow as a writer!
  4. @supernal I am awe-struck with your ability to unnerve me with your omnipotent capabilities - Take it as a compliment - And yes, that is the exact one!
  5. I'll be honest with you, any character that is anti-social tends to be difficult to add into certain threads. My suggestion would be to determine a way to get the character involved by crossing paths i.e. since we are eventually going to look for Delonix's ship, you could be waiting at the crash sight. Again, just an example. There was a post somewhere that mentioned anti-social characters and I will attempt to find it for you tomorrow. It gives a decent thought process on it. I have a post almost finished up and will post it tomorrow while at work. My weekend was busy so I didn't get a chance. This will give you time to write up some shizzle and to ponder what to do!
  6. I've been out of the writing game for a while and out of the RPing for almost 4 years so I've been diving head deep into this shit. I'm currently creating characters on a whim and hashing them out in the threads I'm in but would like to eventually get a long term character created or bring back an oldie. If you happen to have some ideas I'd be down to hop in. As for 1st person, it can be tricky but I'm sure there are some veteran writers who RP this way that could navigate it better for you. As long as it works for you and those you're RPing with, knock it out.
  7. “Well isn’t this a grand location!” He exclaimed sitting down and smiling at the waitress. “Could I also get any kind of ale or brew? Does not need to be pricy. After all ‘Azura-Dawn’ is paying over here,” a slight smirk stretched across his face and his blue eyes twinkled like a child getting a present when he wasn’t supposed to. “I guess I can tell you my name. Generally speaking, I go by Delonix. It’s pronounced Del, On, Ix…just like that.” Delonix surveyed his surroundings carefully. New places, new people, new…creatures? He was not entirely sure what to expect on this land. His wide eyes gathered as much information as he could about everything and anything. His weapons were back on the airship, the airship was somewhere crashed, and possibly already looted. He sat back trying not to slump; he was less depressed about his current circumstances and mostly annoyed that his transport and been turned into char which turned a lucrative ship into a pile of debris. Waiting until the waitress departed, Delonix straightened his back, rolled his shoulders posteriorly and gave a deep breath; he had a nauseating feeling that shit was about to get weird while he was here.
  8. I just edited the title on it as well. The tags don't like me but no worries!
  9. @Veir @Hojicha Here is the Link Azure Seas I will attempt to post something tonight. I'm a little tight on time. Then you two can follow and Rin will sweep everything else up!
  10. Naw, it's probably just me but all's good. A small work around is fine. Thanks though for the knowledge=! That is correct on the second.
  11. @Metty Sadly it looks like my two options are "Open" and "Hub" I just went ahead and edit the topic title instead.
  12. Hmmm...I still have zero know how but I can easily attempt to lock it myself. Is there a specific way to report to staff if I cannot?
  13. I'm smelling a grand adventure here! I'm all for it. Let @Rinchime in so we can hash out the order and I believe with 4 of us, I'll have the omnipotent @supernalchanged this to a closed thread. I'm thinking the post order would be Myself, @Veir, @Hojicha, with @Rin tying up the order. Thoughts Rin?
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