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  1. I think I’ll be too busy to take part at the moment now, so feel free to go on! I’ve got a ton of work for exams so I won’t be able to roleplay any time soon 🙂
  2. Probably as a third party, I’ve got a character who would come along to have a look mostly to see what stuff she could get from it and what she could fight. Some good mental character development would likely come from it as a result seeing as the original post mentions both physical and mental strength 🙂
  3. Definitely interested in this if you’ll have me!
  4. @thiefling I believe it’s your turn on the IC thread.
  5. @Venus Sprite it’s your turn to post if you’re skipping Peach.
  6. I’ll see if Peach comes online in the next day or so, but feel free to skip them if you’d like.
  7. @Peach it’s your turn on the IC thread ?
  8. She snarled as the small woman pulled the intricate dagger out from right near her head, scowling down at her. "Useful, but with that move you're asking to get singed." Her tail flicked back and forth behind her as she shook her head, clearing it. "You don't need to like me. The less you do, the better. I don't like people in my way." She then turned to Kanno, cocking her head in curiosity. Warm up to him? Pah. She did her work alone, and she could do with the money to invest in some new specialised armour. The bounty given solely to her would be more than enough. Shared between three people? That wouldn't work. She mulled it over in her head for a moment, wings fluttering in annoyance. "Perhaps." She took on a thoughtful look as she said this, voice a little lighter than normal. "Nothing is impossible, but I highly doubt I'll be getting chummy with you any time soon. I need that money, and this wyvern is practically half my blood. Come along, I don't care what either of you do, but I'm not a team player." Ketania watched the bard pick up his saxophone case and leave the inn, huffing, a small tendril of smoke worming out of her nostrils and twirling up towards the ceiling. "Then we'd best be going. I want this over and done with as soon as possible if I've got company. Can you keep up, little one?" She asked Sam, quirking a brow in question. "I'd offer you a ride on my back but I would rather not do that." With a steadying breath, she waved at Sam to tell her to follow, albeit reluctantly, as she set off through the crowd. She kept her wings wrapped around her to avoid getting them caught on anyone, and her tail trailed across the floor behind her. Hopefully, she could ditch them if they decided it was all too much for them.
  9. A rather odd request it was, and mysterious to boot, but Artemis couldn't complain. A touch of secrecy was something she found interesting, though Ashir, her familiar, insisted on taking the lead. She was perfectly capable. Her blindness didn't impede her that much when she could sense most of her surroundings, particularly people. However, he was overprotective, and she couldn't knock that trait out of him no matter what she said. She noticed him come to a halt, presumably in front of a door, and the cool shade of the building washed over her as she reached out to knock. Ashir stood on his hind legs, standing up against the door, inspecting and sniffing it out of caution. Almost immediately, it opened. Artemis stared blankly-or rather, blindly-at the man standing there just as he ushered her in. She did her best to get a feel for the hallway she entered into, but apart from the people here she couldn't sense much; they were all clustered in one room, except for who she assumed was the butler or servant of the house, as well as another person further away. Perhaps their employer to-be? Ashir nudged up against her leg, and out of the blue her dark, blank vision sprang into colour and life. Certainly colour. The bright, assorted items and decor around the entire room made her wish slightly that he hadn't showed her what he was seeing. Even with a cat's colourblind and dull-coloured vision it was clear to Artemis that this was home to a rich man. A very rich man indeed, one who could likely find professionals for whatever work he needed doing. What exactly did a rich man need a blind witch for?
  10. I don’t know about the others, but it may be best to stick to the posting order so everyone can respond in the order that stuff is written out in. I don’t mind, though, as long as we don’t end up with a long chain of just two people responding before others can lol!
  11. It seemed that upon her arrival every sober one with a bit of fervour for adventure had shown up. Maybe it was the horns? The teeth? She turned her head as someone approached her, though she quickly swivelled back the other way as something caught on one of her horns. A drunk man had stumbled towards her. His arm was slung around her horn. On her head. Maybe he didn't realise that it wasn't a railing, or bannister, or- whatever he thought it was, but he was definitely reminded that his support was a person when she reached out and pulled his arm behind his back, her hands growing hot from displeasure. "Ah- 'mmm sorry!" The man slurred. He was wiry and gangly, so he likely didn't want to get in a fight he wouldn't be able to win. With a grimace, she released him, watching as he hurried away. It rather amused Ketania to watch his drunken staggering until he disappeared into the crowd. Now that she wasn't lost in her own little world, the smell of beer and sweat in the inn was far more tangible, and Ketania wrinkled her nose. 'Better to be out of here sooner rather than later,' she thought to herself, before quite rapidly remembering that she had been just about to question the one who'd shown up beside her and so irritatingly started firing off questions. She simply stared. "Talkative, aren't you?" She raised an eyebrow, tone flat as she looked down at them. 'If this one doesn't make a good fighter, they'll make good cannon fodder at least.' By the time she'd finished her sentence, even with how short it was, she was surprised to see someone else behind her. This one was tiny. She really had to stare downwards to even make eye contact. "Well what? You can't possibly want to come with me. Or, well, us I suppose. You're... forgive me-or don't, I don't particularly care-very small. Perhaps you should let the dragon handle this one, hm? I know how to handle wyverns, they're half my kin." Though, it might be useful, if she had any decent magic. She pursed her lips for a moment. "...Well, what magic can you do?"
  12. Just waiting on Venus to see if they’re still interested or not now.
  13. @Venus Sprite are you still interested? If so, could you link your character here? Then you can post in the IC thread. @L E V I A T H A Nand @Peach if you guys could also link your characters here for reference that would be good too. I don’t know if woodgreen has finished their character yet so I won’t ping them.
  14. My character I think would be after a proper wand she can use instead of her staff, so I would say a powerful wand.
  15. Yep! Feel free to jump in on the IC thread.
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