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    Welcome! uh...not really much to say here. I'm a uni student that enjoys writing. So...hit me with PMs if you're interested! I love all genres but have a soft spot for fantasy and sci-fi.
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  1. So...I joined Valucre back in the very beginning of 2015. I was quite active and had many wonderful rps, as well as met some lovely people. I sadly had to quit for a small time when I started university as I simply couldn't promise frequent updates to storylines. However, university is coming to a finish and I'm looking to get back into the habit of posting here. I read through a few of the older roleplays I have done with some amazing writers here and I find myself really missing it. So feel free to say hi!
  2. So...it's been a couple of years since I was last really active here. I've started university, and now coming to the end of it. I've also been going through some difficulties, but now that life is calming down again, I've decided i want to come back to the site. Please drop me any messages if you are interested, either to RP, reconnect, or just to say hi :]

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    2. Wayfarer
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      Let me know if you find yourself with any questions :smile:

    4. Wayfarer


      I will do. The site is looking good! 

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    Been a while.

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