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  1. Crime Sometimes Pays

    Unfortunately he missed, his outstretched arm fell short and he just landed at the base of the pedestal. Quickly realizing that he wasn't going to get the bag he curled himself up to try and not be crushed by the onslaught of people that were quickly swarming. He whimpered softly as he covered his head and chest carefully to protect them but the crushing steps he expected never came. He looked up slowly to try and figure out why he hadn't been squished only to be greeted by a roaring voice. He covered his ears to try and muffle the noise to no avail, with a growl he began to stand up to see who was yelling like that only to have the hefting bag thrust upon him. With a grunt of effort he looked up to see, Al? No, this looked like Al but it didn't feel like the same person. He was about to object before the finger pointed him away to an exit, something told him at that moment not to argue as he began his careful trudge to the exit. As he walked he looked around at all the almost hungry looks of people he passed and shuddered softly. The only thing that calmed him was the fact that Al told another bunny to walk with him, what are the odds that there were two bunnies here. Though this one looked like she had gone through a very rough time, she almost seemed to have lost a hand. Deciding best not to dwell on that subject he walked through the door and waited for the other two to join him. At the crash from the rocks blocking the exit he looked around, didn't seem like much. The only thing that stood out were the two clapping people that were there. "Congratulations! You three did great! You can have all of the gold in there, plus I'll pay you twice that amount each. In addition, if any of you would like to join our firm-" Bonnie's ears perked. A job offer. This entire fucking thing was just some stupid job offer!? He didn't need a fucking job he had his own. He was only here for what he thought was going to be a fun time not some stupid employment option. He threw the bag of money to the ground and stomped over to Layla. "No thanks, I didn't come for some stupid job and you're sure as hell not the kind of person I'd work for anyways toots." He thumped his leg in anger as steam began coming off of him. So what if he was the odd one out from the three? He could care less on what this job had in store, he wanted out and he was going to get it.
  2. Crime Sometimes Pays

    Bonnie looked around the cave twice over, he didn't get it. They risked life and limbs for some bag on a pedestal? What a waste of time. He just sighed and walked off the side as his mood turned south. To anyone listening he was cussing up a storm under his breath, but no one was. What Bonnie hadn't noticed is all the people making the mad dash at the money bag, but to be fair he did show up late to the part of 'get this money bag for yourself'. He put himself against the wall and decided that he would rather wait for everyone to exit so he could just follow behind them. Everyone sure was lively though for one bag of whatever. He had closed his eyes to try and calm himself but curiosity was starting to get the better of him. He opened one eye to wonder why everyone was being so noisy, not that many people made it from his group. That's when he saw the two other bridges swarming with more people, all having the same greedy look in their eyes. He stepped away from the wall now deciding that whatever was in that bag was worth his time and began a made dash to catch up. It was hard though given that he put himself in very last from being in first but that wouldn't stop him. Across one of the bridges he saw another bunny jumping on people and swinging her hammer, he decided to follow suit and began jumping over people in his bridge. Unlike her though he didn't have a large violent weapon to swing, so instead with each jump he used bursts of steam to increase the range further. He was at the front, his heart was racing and he was beginning to get tired. Just a little more though and he would be at the bag and ready to grab it. He put all his effort into one more burst of steam and stretched his arm out as far as he could. That bag would be his and he was ready to kill for it.
  3. Crime Sometimes Pays

    It felt odd controlling the cloud, not in a bad way but not in a good way either. It just felt neutral, just as a cloud tends to be in nature. Bonnie had a calm look as he concentrated, he almost tuned out the outside world as he did this. Almost. He snapped back into focus after hearing Al say something along the lines of.. 'Bake it'? Regardless the new gust of wind knocked him off balance as they drifted towards the wall. His bunny ears stood up straight as he began to panic and murmur to himself. "No no no no no no no no..!" He watched them barrel at the wall and Al holding them back from crashing with a soft groan. He turned away and closed his eyes, not out of cringing but so that he could keep the cloud together for their landing. After another minute of a bumpy ride they hit the end of the not so smooth ride and Bonnie's panic began to fade as he was helped off by Al. He'd never been so relieved to be on ground before now. He sighed in relief before starting down the final tunnel with Al. After stepping in he covered his eyes gently, there was so much light pouring in after those dim caves it hurt. "What's goin' on here? Is dat all we had tah do? Seems a bit of a let down.." He scratched his head while his ears slowly perked themselves to sense for danger. There was no way this was already over, it was too hard before this to just suddenly end.
  4. Crime Sometimes Pays

    One of Bonnie's favorite thing was to see a man grovel and Al was no exception. When a man 'volunteers' his services a good natured 'gal' should graciously accept, which is exactly what Bonnie did. "Why thank ya kindly doll." He snickered before climbing up gently, so as to not hurt his new found ride, and got comfortable on Al's back. Though that was short lived as Al started shaking him with his walking. He was about to object when his ears perked up right upon Al stepping on the pressure plate. He immediately gripped tight to not fall off sensing what was coming next as the man immediately began his sprint to safety. It was at this point that Bonnie regretted his choices, his thoughts had turned back to when he was dragged on to a carnival ride that was incredibly sketchy. The night after not dying on the broken ride was spent with lots of lying down and crackers so he wouldn't vomit everywhere. He groaned to himself as his ride darted back and forth between the death traps. It was great for Bonnie though as this man was quite good somehow at dodging all the traps, well besides the one that claimed Al's poor shoe. Plus being smaller he was probably not a very likely target compared to Al. These thoughts of complimenting the man didn't last long as he was flung off into another wall at the end of the room. Once again he hit face first, though thankfully not as hard. He stood up incredibly angry for the time being, to the point that there was literal steam coming off from him until he noticed where Al was and how the rock he had thrown somehow saved him from being sliced. The steam around him disappeared as he stepped over to Al. "Not bad lumpy, not bad at all." He grinned widely at the man as he quietly dried Al's pants, like he had done to the ruffian prior, before giving him a quick hug. "When we're done here I'll get ya da best pair of boots I can find. Sound good tah ya?" He winked before letting go and moving forward to the next cave in a better mood and feeling less ill than on the run. On his way to the next cavern he stopped as his ears twitched. The wind was strong, way too strong for him. He would immediately be blown away if he kept going. He had an idea though, it just wasn't something he did often to be confident in. Not only that but he was going to give Al a break and help him out in exchange for the last cave. This was what motivated him to try his idea, hopefully it would work. Just as he looked while he got angry before, steam began to rise about him as the moisture in the air passed next to him. However it wasn't hot like steam or as wispy, instead the shape was more puffy and light as it grew. After a minute of focusing a large cloud finished forming above him looking impressively puffy and light. Bonnie looked up at his creation and smiled as he pulled it down gently. He hopped on it immediately to test his idea, when he didn't fall through he knew it worked. Though the next step would be tricky as he looked back at the remaining few people with him still. "Hey lumpy, hop up and let's get goin'. I don't know how sturdy dis thing is, but we're gonna find out." Once Al was on board the cloud would proceed to drift out over the pit and into the wind. Bonnie closed his eyes as the ride began and focused on nothing more than making sure the cloud was dense enough to hold the duo through the wind.
  5. Crime Sometimes Pays

    Bonnie was now his two least favorite things; impatient, and incredibly annoyed. To anyone that dared glance at the angry bunny they would see him twitching repeatedly and tapping his foot incredibly fast. It was one thing that there was a god damn riddle that some friggin' smartypants decided to make up, but for someone to touch his priceless ears and almost ruin them? That was far too much and he was seriously considering just flooding the entire room and going home. With a very loud sigh he leaned backwards to the point of falling on the ground, but before he did a small pile of pillows made out of water caught and broke his fall. He picked up one of them as if it was a completely normal pillow and fluffed it, to which it jiggled around like it was a waterbed before being set back down on top the small mound. One of the ruffians next to him poked one of the pillows, seeing it jiggle but not burst he attempted to pick it up. Once he did he chuckled lifting it above his head to see if it was clear, however once he did it immediately burst and soaked him. He yelled in surprise making Bonnie jump. With an incredibly angry look on his fast he looked up at the ruffian before sighing and taking the water that soaked the man back, drying off the clothing, and forming it once more into a pillow and laying back on it. Once he did he shooed off the ruffian and laid back. He was too upset to think clearly at this point so his plan instead of trying to solve the riddle himself was to just wait for one of the other simpletons to do it for him. This time was going to be dedicated to mentally calming himself down. This didn't last very long as the bellowing voice of the guy named 'Big Al' echoed through the cavern. He sat up and looked over to the commotion only to see that the door was open, maybe that moron would be useful than he seemed. Bonnie stood up as the majority of people started to crowd their way into through the doorway and stretched. He now had a new idea for getting through this stupid cave and he thought it would be a dead winner. He took his time moving into the next cavern and working his way through the people. Once he moved to the front of the crowd he had a great view of a man immediately getting his head pierced with an arrow like of those phony glasses. He gasped softly in horror and backed off right into the chest of Big Al. He looked up seeing as he was shorter and grinned almost wickedly as a new idea came to him, he pulled out his revolver from before and put it directly under Big Al's mouth to get his attention. "Alright big guy, I got a job for ya. Ya get me through dis death trap and I can pay ya handsomely, think ya can do it lumpy?"
  6. Crime Sometimes Pays

    "I know I wanted tah have fun but this mighta been a bit much for just mahself.." The hooded figured sighed as they stood behind the group of crooks in front of the cave entrances. From under the hood two black rabbit ears twitched softly on top of their bobcut hairstyle, it wasn't because they were in an uncomfortable spot under the hood or anything. It was more of the the knowledge as they heard various yells and cries of pain followed after explosions and, maybe thunder cracks? Hard to tell from all the echos going through the cave walls. It wasn't like this level of danger was new or anything, just seemed off given that this event was advertised on a flier. They were starting to regret not going to a dinner and show with their hubby now. But that was boring and lately Daniel had just put them through a rut of dull activities, they needed more than that. After mentally ranting about their "marriage" for what seemed like an eternity in their head, a quick look around showed they were one of the last in the cave entrances. With a small squeak and not wanting to be seen the figure dashed into the cave on the right without thinking through the choices. On the way however the cloak covering was caught under their feet causing it to not only rip off, but make the figure trip. "Gah!" The bunny stumbled for a bit before crashing down on the floor and sliding into a wall. The others around the bunny glanced but brushed it off, maybe they thought it was the annoying bunny from before that made them not care. This one however was different, upon standing up the black ears that were hidden stood fully before drooping slightly. Bonnibel wasn't too pleased from the fall, but it could have gone worse. With a sigh Bonnie began dusting off his outfit and checked it for tears. For the most part the short blue flapper dress was fine, the skirt might have become a bit shortened in the fall but that wasn't much of an issue given the spandex shorts and tank top worn perfectly under so as they couldn't be seen. "Maybe I shouldn't have worn stupid heels to a fuckin' cave.." With a huff the bunny just walked over to the door that everyone was looking at. Upon seeing the inscription Bonnie began to read out loud, "that always helped Daniel when he needed to think, so it was worth a shot.". "I'm everywhere but nowhere. I'm necessary, but I'm not welcome. I'm friend and foe tah kings 'n fools alike, 'n I rule over awl.. Da fuck?" Bonnie stared trying to figure it out but this constantly led to rereading the riddle over and over. One of the more burly 'gentlemen' next to Bonnie growled in annoyance before grabbing and picking up the rather short bunny by the ears. "Would you shut the fuck up you stupid broad!? We can all- er, well most of us, read it ourselves. You however aren't helping anyone except the god damn mor-" before the thug could finish the statement a revolver was suddenly jammed into his mouth all the way in his gag reflex. A small cough escaped but nothing else as panic began to settle in. To those that could see it the bunny's blue eyes had a look colder than the arctic, which also forced everyone that had been watching next to the scene to back far away. "I'll give ya two great reasons as tah how ya fucked up here bud.. The first is you grabbed my ears, no one but my dahling is allowed tah touch, the second is I ain't a fricken' broad.. I've got bigger balls than you for sure. Now drop me or forfeit ya god damn life, capicse?" With frantic nodding the thug dropped him and even dusted him off before backing off and leaving a trail of 'water' behind him as he ran from the cave. Bonnie huffed again as the gun faded from his hand and into a puddle on the ground, no one was going to mess with him tonight and get away from it without loosing something important.
  7. The Great Last Chance Spire Crawl (OOC)

    Well she sent me something a little while earlier while I was at work saying she /might/ have internet with in the next week.
  8. The Great Last Chance Spire Crawl (OOC)

    Oh so I didn't plan on dropping out, i just thought we're on hiatus for now. .-. Regardless it's not that I can't answer, it's just easier when Emma is here cause you know, brothers. She currently doesn't have internet right now though so she can't answer.
  9. The Great Last Chance Spire Crawl (OOC)

    Personally I feel like instead of just abandoning ship we should just put this on hiatus, if BFC wants to revive it whenever he decides to return then at least we haven't made some poor decision that he might not have wanted.
  10. The Great Last Chance Spire Crawl (OOC)

    Hi not dead, can I call you not?
  11. The Great Last Chance Spire Crawl (OOC)

    If it helps any i'm pretty sure Emma said she'd be coming back around the 7th. Also I'm sorry if I've caused inconvenience
  12. The Great Last Chance Spire Crawl (OOC)

    She's on a small vacation right now. I don't think she'll be able to answer. I probably won't either as I kind of fucked myself into dialogue with Nuri. If you also want I can send her a text and ask instead of just assuming this.
  13. The Great Last Chance Spire Crawl (OOC)

    It's Epicrome then Emma, like 90 percent sure.
  14. The Great Last Chance Spire Crawl (OOC)

    So I couldn't prevent death last night, fuck asthma and fuck sickness, so tonight instead I doubled it. Hope I hit the rant rule correctly.
  15. He hiccuped softly looking back at this brother on the ground. "You said to go boom!" At those words he could feel his ears flatten and embarrassment rise up through him. His brother was right, there was no reason for him to be like this for something that he could have easily controlled. He took a step over to make his apology and treat the injuries he just gave Nuri when the men jumped down. He wanted to ignore them and just try to make it up to his sibling but he was shoved off course into a stumble as the man spoke something unimportant, well it might have been important but family was more important. He also didn't want to cause any more problems though and these fighters didn't exactly seem like the guys to butt heads with. So he remained quiet and walked with them, being closer to the guard that shoved him he childishly leaned against him hiccuping gently as they walked. Guilt was running rampant through him, he wanted nothing more than to just take his brother and get out of there but something about staying seemed important. He sighed softly and began to think of how he was going to try and get his brother to forgive him. As he did though his mind kept drifting back to the rocket launcher nearly blasting his head off, it made him lose his place as he got angrier and angrier about it. It's not a stupid super power to have the common sense to wait why couldn't his brother do that more often. A low growl started in his throat as they arrived at the base but it faded as the thought of 'I was wrong and shouldn't be angry' formed once more in his mind. He shook his head gently and watched Nuri be set down gently. Slowly he walked over ready to just hug till Nuri was sick of it but something unexpected happened before that. He was on the ground seeing stars as his ears rang, blood trickled down his face from his nose, and his eye was swollen up. He groaned as a new found headache split his head and fueled a new found surge of anger. Whatever attacked him was going to be dead meat. Opening his okay eye he looked just in time to see Nuri roll off him with red fists and sobs. Only after that did what Nuri say ring through his head. He growled low and sat up to climb on top of his brother and sit to prevent any further thrashing, it didn't help his brother that he was rather chubby from a few centuries of laziness. He pinched his brother's ear and spoke in a low tone that he only used when he was really upset with his brother. ".. I know I hit you and I'm very sorry for that, but you do NOT, hit to draw blood. I have never done that to you and I certainly never intend to in the future. As for things being as you say.. 'fair'. Our parents are gone and unfortunately that means I can't always just be buddy buddy with you. I knew as soon as I hit you earlier that it was wrong of me to have been that harsh but I still had to teach you that was wrong to do! I did tell you to go boom and I stood on the wrong side of the gun, but safety for both of us would have been you waiting for me to be on the side that wouldn't blow a hole in a friggin' wall!" His voice raised higher and his eyes began to glow silver as his rant kept going. "There are situations where you need to think before you act and that was definitely one of them. What if you had hit me missing the enemy completely!? You'd not only have been on your own in a town where everything is going to absolute crap faster than anything I've ever seen, but you would have lost your only family who knows where you are! Who would take care of you after this?! Make sure you're safe?! Mom and dad aren't here so don't even talk to me about fair!" He was almost roaring the last part as anger tore his throat up from shouting and his words echoed throughout the warehouse. A moment of silence rang through as bystanders watched, the only sounds coming through being from outside the building. Suddenly Yarre sniffed as tears rolled down his face slowly, now joining his brother in crying as he loosened his grip and got off his brother. "I know I'm tough on you and I know I can be a prissy drama queen too, but I don't want to have my only family being reckless and losing his life before his time.." His tears dripped faster as he choked softly but that didn't stop him from pulling his brother into a tight hug. "I love you and I should let you know that more for sure.. I'm so sorry for how I've treated you before but don't even think I'm just being mean to be mean.. I'll never hit you again either, I swear absolutely.. Can you forgive me Nuri?" His words had now died down to a soft whisper as he spoke. He wasn't sure what had made him rant like that, though he was sure he wouldn't touch alcohol in the near future. Being drunk has more cons to it than he ever thought before.