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  1. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting as Usual!][Fifth Event Going On]

    Oh my, it seems like a perfect opportunity to make a side thread. Anybody who'd like to join in, I'll gladly take them. I'll take two others, first come first serve!
  2. [Aelindra City] A Stowaway's Journey

    "No, no, I don't need anything....," Claire trailed dismissively. "You've done enough as it is." She didn't spare the other woman another glance as she left. After the door shut, Claire waited patiently. She could almost feel the seconds tick by in her head as if someone implanted a clock in her skull. It wasn't the largest of rooms, nor the most comfortable, but it was going to be her home for the next however long it took for the airship to reach its next destination. Tick, tick, tick... With a brief scream of anger, she slammed a fist into one of the walls of her prison, instantly regretting the decision as he hand throbbed in pain. Whatever gave her the idea to let her anger off in such an idiotic manner? She was alone, and no one was here to listen to her tirade. Tick, tick, tick... It didn't matter that Anya had showed her compassion. She was still stuck here, far away from Aelindra City. If she were any softer, she might have burst into tears at this point. No, she wasn't a little girl anymore. She made this decision, and she would deal with the consequences. Tick, tick, tick... With a heavy sigh, she gathered some energy within her to produce a flame. It was starting to get a little cold in the hold, and some fire would do well to heat things up a bit. As the flickering energy lapped at the palm of her hand, she peered deep into the glowing light. She didn't expect to see anything, but the mesmerizing strands of flame did good to calm her battered mind. Before even a minute was up, though, the flame died out. Tick, tick, tick... Claire cursed. She still wasn't very good at pyromancy, it seemed. She could barely hold a flame for a minute before losing concentration. Was this what she was to become? A lowly thief, unable to achieve even the simplest of accolades. Tick, tick, tick... Time felt really heavy. She didn't know if hours had already passed, or if it had only been a few minutes. With another heavy release of breath, she let gravity take hold of her body, before sinking to the floor, emotionally exhausted. As sleep began to overcome her, she felt one last intriguing sensation... Tick...tick...ti-
  3. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting as Usual!][Fifth Event Going On]

    With how great I've been at posting this month, I'm not sure I'm the best pick of the litter. 'Course, I'm interested in joining again, but I'll let anyone else who'd like to join take priority.
  4. [Aelindra City] A Stowaway's Journey

    Claire scoffed at the enforcer's annoyed response, averting her eyes to a shadowy corner of the hold. No, she didn't expect anything of the sort. She wasn't here to look for entertainment, she just wanted to leave! Nevertheless, she kept her mouth shut until Cecil arrived with more company. A brighter, more cheerful woman, at least compared to the other two before her. At Cecil's "introduction," with the newcomer, Claire's attitude plummeted impossibly further. It took all of her willpower not to open up with her usual obscenities, being referred to as a simple stowaway. If the captain's sheepish reply at not handling the situation all that well meant anything, she certainly agreed wholeheartedly. He didn't even have the courtesy to ask of her name before forcing her at gunpoint to follow his directives! Through all of the crew's heated conversation, namely the newcomer's scolding, or Anya, as she heard Cecil call her, Claire used all her willpower not to interject with her own opinion on the matter. It was as if she were being treated little more than an object to be held in storage, though Anya at least had some decency about her by sending the two men away to deal with things in a much calmer and nicer manner. Not that it helped her mood all that much. Deciding to not be absolutely hostile to the first person to show her some semblance of kindness, Claire relaxed her posture, planting both feet on the ground and uncrossing her arms, before sitting down on the hard floor. "There's plenty to be sorry about from both sides," she glowered, making eye contact with the lookout. "But at least someone here is pleasant and smart enough to know I'm not here to hurt anyone, so thanks, I guess." She drummed several of her fingers against the side of her leg, contemplating for a short moment if she really should tell the woman her name, but gave in. She wanted out, so why refuse? "I'm Clairisse Revauld," she muttered softly, but loud for the other woman to hear in the quiet hold. "But call me Claire. I damn well hate it when people call me Clairisse." It was confusing though, to find that such a person would be so kind to her. She wasn't exactly invited onto this ship, and she could have been dangerous to everyone's well-being, despite her constant refusal of meaning anyone harm. "I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, is that so hard for those two to believe?" She continued exasperatedly. "I didn't want to stowaway, it just...happened."
  5. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting as Usual!][Fifth Event Going On]

    I'll take up that offer as well. Itching to get back in, but ONLY if there isn't someone who wants to do a main thread that hasn't done one yet. Everyone deserves to have some fun ;D. Also, a drunk crew thread sounds hilarious!
  6. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting as Usual!][Fifth Event Going On]

    I'm still alive, so don't you all worry! Or if you weren't worrying, continue to not do so!
  7. "CAPTAIN!" Claire yelled as she slammed open the door to the Knife's Edge, caring little for its other patrons' privacy. Staring around the dimly lit establishment, she caught many stares from her initial outburst, yet with her hard glare, she managed to turn away those prying eyes. Having served aboard the Aria for so many years had taught her many things, especially where her superior often liked to relax. Her glare motioned to Cecil's favorite corner booth, and sure enough, there he was, sitting with several other crew members. She was late to the party, and that pissed her off more than it should have. Storming over to her cohorts, she signaled the barkeep to bring her something strong. Really strong, if she wanted to keep her temper from flaring throughout the night. "Do you know how long I was searching for you, Cecil? Here I am, fixing up the crow's nest, when I call for help. No one comes, and when I search the entire ship, I find it empty! Little do you know, I had to ask around town to see where you went!" She grabbed the bridge of her nose, exhaling sharply. She really should have known the captain wanted the crew to relax after the past events, and maybe she missed it when he called for a round of drinks at the tavern. "Look, whatever, I don't really give a damn. I'm here to relax, drink, and hopefully get drunk, so make room."
  8. [Aelindra City] A Stowaway's Journey

    "Fine," was all Claire replied with as she moved into the enclosed space without hesitation. "It's not like I have any other choice, now do I?" As the captain left the immediate vicinity, Claire decided it was time to put her stressed body and mind to rest. The worst part of the confrontation was over, at least so she thought. She chanced a look at the remaining crew member before she did however, but was met with a lack of response. He was told to keep an eye on her, and nothing more, so she unless she acted rashly, she doubted there was any sort of repercussions to her actions. Calmly walking to one of the walls, she lazily rested her back against it, feeling the cold interior seep into her skin. It wasn't pleasant, but at least more comfortable than standing without any sort of rest. She then propped one leg up behind her, letting it rest on the wall while crossing her arms. There. That felt a little more natural. "Well, don't mind me," she spoke out loud to Olaf, a hint of venom within her voice. "It's not like I have anything better to do until your captain comes back." Hopefully the ride to Coastal Grande wouldn't take too long, or else it might be a long and uncomfortable journey for her.
  9. [Aelindra City] A Stowaway's Journey

    "I already said I won't struggle, no need for offhand threats," Claire started, obeying faithfully to the commands of the two men. After the first one, the captain, left for the ladder, she followed slightly behind, wary of the other behind her. Olaf, if she remembered what the captain said. Was she getting off lightly? It most certainly seemed so, seeing that the captain himself said the airship didn't even have a brig. That said, it wasn't as if a spare cargo hold would be luxurious accommodations, either. Either way, the crew seemed decent and scrupulous enough. Glowering slightly as she began to climb the ladder after the captain, she paused, hoping to squeeze one more answer out of the two. "You're not...going to turn me over to the authorities when we arrive in Coastal Grande, are you? Stranding me far away from Aelindra City seems punishment enough..." It was a bit of a long-shot, really. She was encroaching on their property, stowing away, and trying to steal from them. Granted, they didn't know about the stealing portion. At least, she hoped they didn't, seeing that those supplies won't ever make it off the Ollie anytime soon. Nevertheless, Claire resigned herself to her fate. It served her no purpose to fight back, nor to resist in any way. She wasn't cut out for such a thing. Sighing, Claire began her ascent after the captain, waiting for their replies, if they came at all. Her situation couldn't get any worse than this, right?
  10. [Aelindra City] A Stowaway's Journey

    As Claire debated her last course of action, her fleeting thoughts were cut short as a bright light broke through into her hiding place, illuminating her huddled form to the whole world. Or, at least the two that were down in the cargo hold wit her. She didn't have any recourse, backup plans, or other sorts of contingencies. She had been caught. Not wanting to be shot, she complied with her captors, slowly rising out of her crouched position with her hands raised. She could see the two that had been searching for her more clearly now, not that it mattered. Grizzled, hardy people, they looked. She was doomed, wasn't she? "I'm not here to do anything to you," She explained as calmly as possible. "I just want to get off this damned ship. There's nothing for me here, and now I've lost even more." It was funny, how the command for Claire to raise her hands was more beneficial to Claire than the other two. Not that she wanted to, nor was she all that good at it, but her pyromancy might help her, if things turned violent. What was going to happen now? The larger man said he didn't want to shoot her, so these men weren't violent at the least, but she could tell by his voice that he'd have no qualms about killing her if the need arose. "Well, what're you going to do?" She asked a little more vehemently. "Throw me in the brig, throw me overboard? I'd rather this be over with quickly. I won't struggle, what else can I do?" Fate was no longer in her hands, to be certain.
  11. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting as Usual!][Fifth Event Going On]

    Well, the first main thread is ending pretty soon. Buuuut, that doesn't mean the event itself has to end. I'm willing to start another side thread based on the aftermath of the storm, whether it be interactions with other crew members, fixing the ship, or whatnot. Anything goes, really. I'll start it in Cutpurse Cove. I'll want at least three others besides myself to be interested in the thread before I start it. Either voice your interest here, or send me a PM, and I'll work from there. Have fun everyone! ^_^
  12. [Aelindra City] A Stowaway's Journey

    Claire's breath hitched in her throat when a second figure made its way down into the cargo hold. Had she really made that much noise beforehand? She was given two options here. Either give up the ghost, and make herself known to the crew, likely landing herself in the brig or some other godsforsaken prison. Or worse, be thrown off the airship. She didn't know how these people operated! Her second option was to remain where she was, which was slowly beginning to seem better and better of an option. She scuffled as quietly as she could to press herself into the dark corner of the hold, with baited breath as she waited to see if they would begin a thorough search. She hoped they would pass off the noises as something else. Alas, as fate would have it, she had no such luck. In the dim light and partially obstructed view, she could see the unmistakable silhouettes of magi-tech pistols in either figure's hands. She was no stranger to them. She'd been shot at before during botched thefts, and this didn't bode well in her mind. She didn't want to be shot, no matter the circumstances! Maybe, just maybe, if she managed to stay completely silent, they'd brush over her in her hiding spot. It didn't look like it would be possible though. The two figures were sweeping the entire hold with such efficiency that it seemed as if they were prepared for someone to hide in here. As her stomach tied itself in knots, the worst possible outcome occurred: Claire exhaled. Loudly. She didn't realize that she had been holding her breath since the men began their search. Throwing both hands to cover her mouth, she scooted back further into her corner, pressed so tightly that her neck muscles began to cry in anguish. Was this the end for her? Unless the two were deaf, they had to have heard her, right? She wasn't prepared to die. She had so much of her miserable life left to live.
  13. [Skyship Aria] [Main Thread 1] Stormy Skies

    Claire dutifully listened to Cecil's remarks. The last of it was over, was it? That much was a relief. She wasn't sure if her addled mind and body could take any more abuse, considering her current state. Nevertheless, she trusted her captain and Duke's flying, despite the latter's more disruptive tendencies to her well-being. While she most likely did not look as if she was in perfect health, she could plainly see how hard this scenario affected the captain. His normal physique seemed to sag, his voice a little less terse, but he kept on in his leading. That's the Cecil she came to know, at least. Always keeping the best composure possible. "What do you think I'm going to do right now, Cecil?" Claire shot back acidly. While usually never the one to use the captain's actual name unless she was beyond pissed off, she was, at the moment, feeling a little more than perturbed at his words. She didn't care how Duke got them through, or that it was on the captain's orders. Duke was the one who had his hands on the wheel, and thus was mostly responsible for her condition. "I'm the one sitting here in pain, unable to do screw all, while all of you are more or less fine. You think I'm in any condition to climb down there and knock Duke out? Hell no!" Huffing and turning her head like a petulant child, she contemplated her next words. Sighing, she tried to let off a bit of steam before the captain went down to the bridge. "Damnit, it's been hell, and you know it. Listen, cap, you know I can't do anything unless I recover, so I promise I won't give the pilot what he deserves until then." She then turned her head to the ladder. "You hear that, Duke! When everything's back to normal, you better watch it, you bastard!" After the captain went below the crow's nest, and then below deck, she sighed once more and rested her head against the wall. Hell was a good way of putting it, but they at least made it through. Maybe, just maybe, she'd let Duke off the hook if he played his cards right. Meanwhile, it was time to wait until they got back home.
  14. Hello Valucre!

    I'm going to snipe this right here, because new people! Welcome to our little humble community! With regards to starting in the Tavern of Legend, there are several ways to go about it. You could message a few people and ask if you could join them, or just post away! Set up a little introduction to your character, and hop right in! There's no real guidelines as to how you should RP, as everyone's different. If you have any question, I'm sure any of the mods or administrators would be happy to lend you a hand, too! Take care out there!
  15. [Aelindra City] A Stowaway's Journey

    Claire groaned as she drug her sack of loot across the cargo hold. She knew it would look suspicious if someone came down here and found a sack of various loose goods sitting out in the open. That is, if they had the smarts to understand what it meant, then it'd be suspicious. Then again, she didn't think any of the crew were dumb enough to pass it off as an irregularity. Better to be safe than sorry. "What a damn fine mess I have here," she muttered to herself as she drug the offending sack into a dark corner. "Just a lowly person, trying to get by in this shit-hole, and now I have more problems to deal with than just hunger and convenience..." Satisfied with her work, Claire took a quick glance at the ladder reaching upward, the way she got in. A shadow made itself known, blocking out the light above, as if someone were descending into the cargo hold. Panicking, Claire picked a sizable crate in her hands and drug it in front of her, effectively boxing herself between her loot, the wall, and the crate. She hoped she wasn't heard by the shadow above her, because what she had done was quite loud. What would she do if she were discovered? She wasn't a cold-blooded killer, but she didn't want to be thrown in jail! That was even if she could fight back against this person! She wasn't even necessarily that strong! Thus, here she sat, quivering in both excitement and fear as someone climbed down into the cargo hold. She was a stowaway, wasn't she? Nobody liked stowaways.