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  1. Well, the first main thread is ending pretty soon. Buuuut, that doesn't mean the event itself has to end. I'm willing to start another side thread based on the aftermath of the storm, whether it be interactions with other crew members, fixing the ship, or whatnot. Anything goes, really. I'll start it in Cutpurse Cove. I'll want at least three others besides myself to be interested in the thread before I start it. Either voice your interest here, or send me a PM, and I'll work from there. Have fun everyone! ^_^
  2. Claire's breath hitched in her throat when a second figure made its way down into the cargo hold. Had she really made that much noise beforehand? She was given two options here. Either give up the ghost, and make herself known to the crew, likely landing herself in the brig or some other godsforsaken prison. Or worse, be thrown off the airship. She didn't know how these people operated! Her second option was to remain where she was, which was slowly beginning to seem better and better of an option. She scuffled as quietly as she could to press herself into the dark corner of the hold, with baited breath as she waited to see if they would begin a thorough search. She hoped they would pass off the noises as something else. Alas, as fate would have it, she had no such luck. In the dim light and partially obstructed view, she could see the unmistakable silhouettes of magi-tech pistols in either figure's hands. She was no stranger to them. She'd been shot at before during botched thefts, and this didn't bode well in her mind. She didn't want to be shot, no matter the circumstances! Maybe, just maybe, if she managed to stay completely silent, they'd brush over her in her hiding spot. It didn't look like it would be possible though. The two figures were sweeping the entire hold with such efficiency that it seemed as if they were prepared for someone to hide in here. As her stomach tied itself in knots, the worst possible outcome occurred: Claire exhaled. Loudly. She didn't realize that she had been holding her breath since the men began their search. Throwing both hands to cover her mouth, she scooted back further into her corner, pressed so tightly that her neck muscles began to cry in anguish. Was this the end for her? Unless the two were deaf, they had to have heard her, right? She wasn't prepared to die. She had so much of her miserable life left to live.
  3. Claire dutifully listened to Cecil's remarks. The last of it was over, was it? That much was a relief. She wasn't sure if her addled mind and body could take any more abuse, considering her current state. Nevertheless, she trusted her captain and Duke's flying, despite the latter's more disruptive tendencies to her well-being. While she most likely did not look as if she was in perfect health, she could plainly see how hard this scenario affected the captain. His normal physique seemed to sag, his voice a little less terse, but he kept on in his leading. That's the Cecil she came to know, at least. Always keeping the best composure possible. "What do you think I'm going to do right now, Cecil?" Claire shot back acidly. While usually never the one to use the captain's actual name unless she was beyond pissed off, she was, at the moment, feeling a little more than perturbed at his words. She didn't care how Duke got them through, or that it was on the captain's orders. Duke was the one who had his hands on the wheel, and thus was mostly responsible for her condition. "I'm the one sitting here in pain, unable to do screw all, while all of you are more or less fine. You think I'm in any condition to climb down there and knock Duke out? Hell no!" Huffing and turning her head like a petulant child, she contemplated her next words. Sighing, she tried to let off a bit of steam before the captain went down to the bridge. "Damnit, it's been hell, and you know it. Listen, cap, you know I can't do anything unless I recover, so I promise I won't give the pilot what he deserves until then." She then turned her head to the ladder. "You hear that, Duke! When everything's back to normal, you better watch it, you bastard!" After the captain went below the crow's nest, and then below deck, she sighed once more and rested her head against the wall. Hell was a good way of putting it, but they at least made it through. Maybe, just maybe, she'd let Duke off the hook if he played his cards right. Meanwhile, it was time to wait until they got back home.
  4. I'm going to snipe this right here, because new people! Welcome to our little humble community! With regards to starting in the Tavern of Legend, there are several ways to go about it. You could message a few people and ask if you could join them, or just post away! Set up a little introduction to your character, and hop right in! There's no real guidelines as to how you should RP, as everyone's different. If you have any question, I'm sure any of the mods or administrators would be happy to lend you a hand, too! Take care out there!
  5. Claire groaned as she drug her sack of loot across the cargo hold. She knew it would look suspicious if someone came down here and found a sack of various loose goods sitting out in the open. That is, if they had the smarts to understand what it meant, then it'd be suspicious. Then again, she didn't think any of the crew were dumb enough to pass it off as an irregularity. Better to be safe than sorry. "What a damn fine mess I have here," she muttered to herself as she drug the offending sack into a dark corner. "Just a lowly person, trying to get by in this shit-hole, and now I have more problems to deal with than just hunger and convenience..." Satisfied with her work, Claire took a quick glance at the ladder reaching upward, the way she got in. A shadow made itself known, blocking out the light above, as if someone were descending into the cargo hold. Panicking, Claire picked a sizable crate in her hands and drug it in front of her, effectively boxing herself between her loot, the wall, and the crate. She hoped she wasn't heard by the shadow above her, because what she had done was quite loud. What would she do if she were discovered? She wasn't a cold-blooded killer, but she didn't want to be thrown in jail! That was even if she could fight back against this person! She wasn't even necessarily that strong! Thus, here she sat, quivering in both excitement and fear as someone climbed down into the cargo hold. She was a stowaway, wasn't she? Nobody liked stowaways.
  6. Claire despised feeling useless. Even if it was due to her recent injuries, she hated sitting idly by while others worked doubly as hard. True, she may have overexerted herself previously when casting her spell, and being too careless in her endeavors as lookout to properly secure herself, but she could blame Duke for that oversight. Nevertheless, here she sat firmly secured while Cecil took on her mantle as the lookout while she tried to recover. As did many other situations, she felt anger bubbling up to the top. However, she felt physically unable to let it loose this time. She wanted to tear her restraints off, mouth off to her captain, and scream at Duke, but none of this would happen. Could happen. Claire felt battered, exhausted, and annoyed, hence lacking the willpower to give most of her usual spunk to everyone. She shifted in her seat slightly, gritting her teeth as her side suddenly exploded in pain. Either something was definitely broken, or she sprained several muscles. Neither option was good, and walking was out of the question without help. What a mess. At least she could see everything clearly again. "Better not jinx it is right..." she muttered darkly. "Through all the shit this entire situation has brought us, though, I wouldn't be surprised if something else went wrong." Sighing, Claire strained her neck, eliciting a small yelp of pain as she did so, to see what she could around her. Injured or not, she'd be damned if she wouldn't try to help them get back to Cutpurse Cove. "Unless your age is getting to you, cap, I'm guessing there's nothing out there where I can see? It's all clear as far as I can tell." Nothing would make her feel better than to relax and recover. Then again, it'd feel good to break Duke's nose, too. She'd take both as her therapy after this.
  7. If Claire had known she was in going to be in deep trouble, she wouldn't have decided to pick the Ollie's cargo hold of its precious supplies. Plus, if she had known the airship was scheduled for departure mere minutes before she boarded, she would have picked another airship. She could have easily taken just as much tools and food from the other airships, but this one had felt ripe for pickings. Not that her gut had told her any different, but she hadn't been wrong in her assumptions. The Ollie's cargo had indeed been full of enough goods for her to take enough to last another half month before she'd run out of supplies again. No, it wasn't that she picked wrong one. It was that she picked the right one at the wrong time. Just as Claire was about to slip out of the cargo hold and back into Aelindra city, she felt an enormous lurch beneath her feet as the airship lifted off of the ground. Her eyes growing wide, she dropped her loot and dashed toward the direction she came in, but to her annoyance, a stray stack of cargo tipped over in the commotion, effectively blocking her current path. She could climb around it, but that would take time. Time she didn't have as the airship inched further and further from solid ground. Claire sighed, stalking back over to her sack of goods. She didn't have the time to be stowing away on an airship she barely even knew. If the crew found her, who knew what they would do to her? She didn't fancy being tossed into a cell for thievery, and hell if she would go without putting up a fight. While she wasn't currently the best at it, her family's training in pyromancy would at least give her some chance at getting away freely, right? It didn't matter, did it? Claire kicked her sack of goods, screaming under her breath. Of all the airships to steal from, she had to pick the one that was about to take off! She must be well above the ground by now! There was no chance she could jump, no chance to escape now. She'd have to wait until the next stop, and get out as quickly, and silently, as possible. That is, if she wasn't discovered first.
  8. Oh, this is so, so, so my life. Where does the time go? Where does it start, where does it end? Why the hell is that video in my recommended? What have I done for the past lifetime? It gets to the point where it all passes in one big blur. One moment I'm watching some weird science experiment, the next I'm watching cats stuff? Why does life torment me so? Make it stop, please. But please, keep it going. I watch because I'm tired, and I'm tired because I watch. Thus, existence was given meaning.
  9. @J. A. Horton @Prestississimo I'm not really the best at keeping up on the current events, but we're all still going on with this month's thread, yes? If real life's getting in the way, then by all means, take your time ^_^ Just wondering, is all!
  10. "Still with me, Ms. Revauld? Almost through this..." These words echoed in Claire's mind as she sat secured in the crow's nest with Cecil keeping a watchful eye over her battered form. To Claire, the captain was a good person, always looking out for his crew, even if they often tested his patience and resolve. This entire chain of events showed clearly how capable of a leader he was in these situations, abandoning his post to check on her after the slightest notion of something going wrong. The captain knew her well, too. All it seemingly took was for her heated conversation to cease from above to set off the alarms that something had gone wrong. Blinking slowly, Claire opened her mouth to painfully utter a few words to her captain, to show him just how she was feeling at the moment. "Cap...can I try to kill Duke...after this is over with...?" Nothing could really quell her inner fury, even when injured. It wasn't that Claire hated Duke, nor that she even wanted to kill the pilot, but with how high her annoyance had spiked with relation to the events at hand, she really wanted to take it all out on the pilot. Perhaps Cecil knew what she really meant, perhaps not. She didn't care right now, because everything hurt. Her head, her side, it all throbbed something fierce. After several minutes of careful rest, clarity began to permeate slowly back into Claire's consciousness. Instead of one big blur, the crispness of the world finally came back into focus for her vision. She still felt like shit, though. Coughing a bit, her voice perked up a little bit more as her chest didn't hurt quite as much as before. "H-how's it looking out there...? We going to make it, cap?" If they did, she'd try everything in her power to leave a few bruises on the pilot. She'd also settle for nothing less than that.
  11. In the time before Cecil had come to check up on Claire, events for her hadn't fared much better. Having been given the orders to watch the creature to make sure it wasn't going to make any sudden moves, she hadn't taken the time to notice that the Terran ships had recently come closely into view, much less the plan was to ram them. Her wearied gaze had been so intent on her task at hand that she had carelessly missed the quieter words below her. However, taking into account the Aria's recent speed increase shortly after her last outburst addressed down below, Claire surmised that the captain had ordered Duke to speed up to keep the beast from catching them. To her, this increase of speed worked, as she could plainly see the beast grow smaller in her field of view as the seconds passed. After turning around and hearing Duke speak the words "ramming speed" did she then realize what the plan was. In short, it was absolutely insane. Claire didn't even have time to let loose a line of her usual chiding anger before the impact shook the airship. Alas, as was the outcome of the last stunt the pilot had pulled, Claire again had no time to brace herself for the crash. As the force rippled through the airship, Claire was bodily flung into the wall of the crow's nest. With the impact knocking the breath out of her, she collapsed onto the metallic floor once again, wheezing heavily to regain her muddled senses. Her entire side throbbed with pain along with her forehead. She didn't even know if her collision with the wall broke anything. Trying and failing to pick herself off the floor, Claire moaned softly. Something always had to go wrong in these situations, didn't they? First it was Duke, and how he almost always acted on his own whims, and then here she was, injured as the sole lookout after missing a crucial piece of the plan created below. She would be seething if she wasn't feeling like hell itself had come to torture her. Several rivulets of blood had begun to trickle down her forehead since her collision, having gone unnoticed since. Her vision had gone fuzzy, threatening to put her into an unconscious state. Hell if she'd let herself, though. Fighting tooth and nail to remain awake, Claire managed to push herself up against the wall she had collided with, but slumped in exhaustion and pain. She wouldn't be able to stand for a bit, that was for certain. Not without help. She tried to yell below to tell the other two what had happened, but nothing came out except a painful wheeze. This would be a problem.
  12. Unlike the captain and pilot, Claire did not have the benefit of finding a good way to brace herself as Duke pulled the Aria into a steep nosedive. After she had closed the crow's nest in anticipation for the chase, she had unfastened herself from the harnesses, as she wasn't going to fall out of the ship anytime soon. Needless to say, she hadn't expected Duke to pull off such a crazy stunt when the airship was in such a poor state. Then again, it was Duke, after all. Hearing the telltale screech of the serpentine storm beast behind them, Claire looked up just before the insane stunt to see it bearing down on them at a dizzying pace. Holding onto whatever instruments that were somewhat securely fastened down, she braced for its impact, but was instead treated to gravity suddenly disappearing around her. As she looked behind the ship, the beast dipped low behind the airship as the nose tilted further down, until she felt the dizzying effects of speeding straight to the ground. So this was what Duke deemed as crazy. He didn't disappoint, either, because as soon as they all left the enveloping clouds, she could see ground directly in front of them, creeping closer with every second. She hoped the damaged airship could take it, because if not, they would smash into the ground. Claire closed her eyes and held her breath for the inevitable crash. It didn't come. Instead, as Claire was almost free-floating in the crow's nest while clinging onto a small metal protrusion, she suddenly felt her stomach drop as the Aria unceremoniously righted itself. She didn't have much more time to think, as gravity took its hold back on her and slammed her headfirst into the metal floor. Not hard enough to knock her unconscious, but hard enough to make her temper spike past the stratosphere. Picking herself off the floor, a small splatter of blood trickled from Claire's forehead. Wiping the offending liquid out of her eyes, she seethed and shouted below. "DAMNIT, DUKE! You know I don't have anything up here to keep myself completely secured! I'm going to cook you alive when this is over, you hear me?! COOK! YOU! ALIVE!" Wiping another line of blood from her head, Claire turned her attention once again behind them after Cecil's orders. Sure enough, the screeching storm beast was following close behind, with anger to match her's twofold. She seethed at it's raging form, but stayed true to her orders. She'd give the pilot what she felt he deserved after this was all over. "Captain!" She yelled, her spent energy returning in earnest. "We're set! Let's introduce those Terran bastards to our new friend!" Then, with another screech, the beast redoubled its efforts to chase down the Aria. With her forehead throbbing fiercely, Claire groaned and placed a hand on the wound, and it came back bright red. She'd get it treated after. "They gave us hell, so let's give them twice what we've endured!"
  13. Claire only gave her captain a weary glare, as she dutifully knew what Cecil wanted of her. That is to say, be the damned lookout. As the captain climbed back down to the bridge, Claire groaned in protest as her weary form grabbed onto the sill of the crow's nest to pull herself back to her feet. She wasn't used to expending so much of her magic in one spell, and the price showed itself in her exhaustion. Nevertheless, Claire managed to flip several switches to enclose the crow's nest once more from the raging elements outside. As she did so, she witnessed the spiraling form of the storm serpent twist itself around the Aria, no doubt in its fury of being the brunt of the assault of her own fury. She couldn't see its visage from the Aria's current standpoint, but as it turned around, she could see the anger present within it's eye slits. It almost reminded Claire of herself, really. "C-captain!" She managed to choke out through her tired stupor. "I'd tell D-Duke to get our asses...out of here unless we want to be smashed to bits! Though I'm sure...that much is obvious..." Groaning, she leaned against the wall as she peered at her impending doom. She didn't have the energy left to rage at the creature. Any steam she felt beforehand had been completely poured into her own spell. "I'd to say to never make me cast something that strong...again, damnit! I'm barely conscious...up here." Her attitude often left her at the mercy of her Captain's orders, given her headstrong approach to many situations. Sure, she bordered on insubordination with her superiors, but nothing would change. She knew the Captain took her aboard for a reason, and he better damn well know that she was worth it to keep. Nevertheless, the dangers moved closer. Could the Aria make it out before becoming scrap metal? Claire didn't know, but she wouldn't go down without a fight. Even with being exhausted.
  14. This looks like an interesting development! Also, D&D over text chat seems even more interesting, so count me in! Sundays should be able to work great for me.
  15. As the captain had hoped, Claire had indeed taken the precautions to secure herself into the crow's nest a decent time ago, since they had entered the storm to be exact. She didn't fancy tumbling outside the airship, and given Duke's tendencies to maneuver the Aria in ways it probably wasn't meant to go, she was well within her reasoning to have properly secured herself. That wasn't to say she was not in danger of killing herself in the strong winds as she prepared to blast the beast, as if she slipped, or if Duke steered too unexpectedly, she'd likely be tossed into the elements, or worse, the harness system could break, and she'd be tossed into the air with no way short of a miracle to return. Through her fury and the howling wind, Claire didn't notice Cecil climb into the crow's nest until he began shouting at her to be overheard. She turned to face the captain, her deep scowl affixed on her visage. "Captain, you know damn well I don't have enough in me to actually kill the beast! But I see what you mean by wanting to use this bastard to do our work for us!" Moving her attention back to the creature, she took in its awe-inspiring form. If this had been a different situation, Claire would have been deeply moved by the creature's grace, as it moved with a fluidity through the storm like no other. Beautiful, yet terrifying. However, with nowhere else to put it, she brought her anger upon it instead. Nothing short of unleashing her pyromancy would satiate her. While Duke's careless piloting had caused her minor problems in maintaining her balance, the she did appreciate how close he managed to get her to the creature. While she couldn't exactly touch it from here, it was close enough to blast with a powerful spell. "Watch your ass, Cap. I'm not here to incinerate you, but you know me and pyromancy. We tend to not care what happens in the moment!" With those words, Claire's hands began to glow brightly, forming searing flames in their palms. Perilously clinging to the side of the crow's nest, she put herself into a more secure position, and shot both hands forward. As she did, white cones of pure heat and energy soared towards the beast's face, each twisting around each other like wriggling snakes. Then, with a sudden coil, the two streaks of flame met with the beast, searing off its surface so brightly that the Aria was lit as if it were flying in the midday sun. Within mere seconds of the spell being cast, the white flames dissipated from Claire's hands, and with the last of her strength from the spell, she pulled herself back into the crow's nest, completely exhausted. She didn't even have the strength to seal the nest from the elements. Pulling herself into a sitting position, she tried to regain her strength after using such a strong spell. "Well, it's up to you and Duke, captain," she whispered, perhaps not even audibly enough to be heard over the howling wind. "I just need to catch my breath."