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  1. Hello, denizens of the internet. You may not remember me, but I was a fairly active poster on this site some years ago. I would like to begin this post by formally apologizing to anyone whom I may have caused problems through my sudden disappearance. I know that things such as this are capable of having a negative impact on one's emotional state, because they did so to me when I was a regular of this site. For this, and any other problems I may have caused, I would like to offer my deepest apologies. For any who care for such things, I may offer you some excuses, feeble though they may be. I was hospitalized for upwards of a week and did not have access to my laptop. For some months after that, I was frantically trying to make up my class work, and with each passing day, the thought of logging back in became more and more fearsome; I genuinely enjoyed this pastime, as well as all the individuals with whom I had become acquainted, and I feared that I was letting you all down. Either way, I haven't yet succumbed to my doom, and I have been attending university for a year now. If you would still have me, I would be honored to resume my authorial activities on this site. double0pi PS The site looks really slick now, I like it
  2. [Mageside City] Into the Storm- Complete

    The apparent leader of this little expedition disinterestedly brushed aside his reason for his late arrival, as if it were an excuse!  The only reason he had found this place at all was because of one young librarian with an uncommonly keen interest in the history of the Great Magestorms of 26 AO.  The head of that institution had wanted to send him away empty handed, but clearly that had not happened.   The Fates, however, were not to be crossed, and they demanded that the Chronomancer always be late.  "Hello! A pleasure to meet you too. I'm Meritio!"  At the sound of the chipper young man's voice, [i]Kajirin[/i] turned to greet him with a formal bow, but as soon as he mentioned his name, he froze.  Where he was from, Merito Rivas was a name used to scare little children into behaving.  He couldn't believe that this kind young man had the potential for such evil lurking inside him.  Realizing that he still hadn't greeted him, [i]Kajirin[/i] bows low to the mage.  It was evident that this Merito did not share the same destructive tendencies as the one he was familiar with, and perhaps never would, time travel was a funny thing.   Upon exiting the building, [i]Kajirin[/i] blinks a few times.  [i]Well you weren't here last time.[/i]  He was referring, of course to the hair-thin strands of blue-white magic floating through the air every once in a while, growing thicker and closer together as time went on.  It had been over three years since he had seen natural ambient magic, and he missed the sight.  It was nothing of course, to the magic that abounded the world in his youth, but it was still there.   As they walked down the streets of the city, he gathered as many of the wispy strands as he could in his hands, appearing to others to simply be grasping at thin air.  Then he did as the young librarian had told him anyone who hoped to have an enchantment survive one of the Great Magestorms must do; he covered wrapped his sheath in the magic of the storm, because the storm wouldn't affect its own magic the way it would his enchantment.
  3. Earth, Reap

    A voice called the ancient elf's attention back to his surroundings.  "Do you think she feels it, still?"  A figure at the stone slab had his thumbs plunged into the empty eye sockets of a terribly mutilated corpse.  No, that was not right.  There was still a spark of life inside that desecrated body, writhing in eternal agony.  [i]This is wrong.[/i]  He needed nothing to tell him that what this wretched being was doing to his own Sister was wrong.   "Can the mind still experience pain at this point in the process, or is the structural damage so great that the nervous system is overwhelmed, and begins to shut down? I've always wondered."  The vile fiend made his way towards the old man, and a fury began building inside him.  "Well? What do you think?"   The old man nodded his head sagely, mimicking the other's pose of hands clasped behind his back.  "On the surface, you seem to be asking me if she can feel any longer.  But you, of course, already know the scientific answer to this, having destroyed the part of her brain that processes pain."   The rage inside of him began building to a fever pitch.  "The question you sir, are asking, is of a more philosophical nature."  The old man, having been pacing perpendicular to the retched bastard so as to not be forced to gaze upon his devilish countenance, turned now, to deliver the brunt of his anger.  Only to find nothing there.  Flashes of events that had happened played out in the old man's head, accompanied by those that could transpire.   [i]All are Children of Gaia, young one.  From the beasts of the field to the plants they walk upon, even you and I.  We are all brothers and sisters, and must treat each other with love and respect, or when Gaia comes down to walk upon the ground she wrought, she will be disappointed.  Always first follow the path of peace.  When one knows only hatred, hatred will be all that they can have.  Show them the power of love.[/i]   The voice spoke into the old man's mind and shifted something deep within him.  He knew what he must do.  He reaches out with his mind and envelops the spark of life sitting on the altar, taking all it's pain into his own body, replacing it with the love that he knew Gaia felt for all of her creations when she placed them on this earth, and would want to see being shared between them still today.   [i]Pain is nothing to one such as me.  I have seen the world break and reform a hundred times over, and each time a being perished, I died too.  For every love one lost, I have worn the mourning black.  Pain is life.[/i]   The girl on the table would have cried in relief had she been able.  Instead, she started laughing, or as close a facsimile as she could manage, as the world no longer seemed such a place of pain and darkness.   "You asked me if she could still feel pain.  But what you really wanted to know was: do souls exist?"  The old man looked at the lost lamb in front of him with pitying eyes firmly holding the color of leaves in summer.  "As the leading expert on the subject, I can tell you with some degree of authority that yes, they do."
  4. [Valjer City] Winter's Bite

    A fair amount of tension left Wind's Fang's form when she affirmed that she was alright.  Not all of it thought, for he could tell that she was in some form of physical distress, and he knew that she would say she was alright up until the moment she ran herself into the ground.  Her smile, however, always brought him warmth, so if she could smile, he would be able to push himself as well.   She took his hand in both of hers and began to quickly walk towards the edge of town.  While the act in and of itself was unwieldy and may have slowed them down, Wind's Fang understood the sentiment behind it.  I won't let go of you, either, child.  The tall elf had to proceed slightly bent, but he considered it a fair trade.   Yeah, 'cause I'd kill you if you did, shorty.  Lauren had returned to her normal lighthearted tone, but Wind's Fang wasn't certain that she wouldn't follow through on that threat.  Meanwhile, they had reached the edge of the town without incident, for which Wind's Fang found himself thankful; he was certain that he couldn't do anything in a fight as tired as he was, and he definitely didn't want Kapela using any more kamikaze tactics.   Now what?  The question hung thick in the air for a couple seconds.  For some reason he couldn't put his finger on, he knew he was not finished here.  But I can't do anything as it is now.  The situation weighed heavily on his mind as they approached the treeline.  Brother, we have lost our means of acquiring food, and Sister may need a new walking staff.  She puts on a tough face, but I fear the wound is worse than she lets on.   The wolf spirit's thoughts bring Wind's Fang back to the present.  Of course, surviving and ensuring the survival of his friend was the singularly most important task Wind's Fang was assigned right now.  Thoughts of the future could wait for the future.  Where can we go that is safe?   Through their physical connection, of course, all of Wind's Fang's inner dialogue can be easily heard by the young imp firmly clasping his hand, as neither he nor his spirit companions made any attempt to hide any of their thoughts from her.
  5. Earth, Reap OOC

    Yes, yes, actually, there are two.        double0pi
  6. Earth, Reap OOC

    Should I post here or in Mageside City first (after I post in Winter's Bite)?        double0pi
  7. Welcome to Darkness

    This culture of tattoos was incredibly engrossing.  It seemed as if one learned enough, they could tell you almost as much about a person's past as the person themselves could.  While the Elites had advanced in technologies, the Brats almost certainly must have advanced in arts and cultures.  The fact that each one of these tattoos was so detailed indicated that the Brats had an uncanny talent for tattoos.  It made Daric wonder if that talent extended to other areas such as paintings.   But there was something soberly saddening about the whole scene.  Because for each tattoo, it seemed, there was at least one scar ripped in her otherwise smooth and beautiful skin.  A life of hardships was the Brats', and Daric found himself wishing that there was something more that he could do.  Only then did he realize the position that he was in.  His face was only inches away from her's, and he was staring into her deep beautiful amber eyes searching for something that he could do to help ease her pain.   Feeling the blush he had been wearing earlier beginning to make a reappearance, Daric begins to pull his head back, ready to stammer apologies for the uninvited proximity.  Something, however, holds him where he is.  He blinks several times as he realizes that Honor's face was even closer now than it had been a second ago.  For what feels like an eternity, but was truly only the space of a heartbeat, he sizes up the situation, realizing that they were kissing, and that which had halted his retreat had been her hand.   Never for an instant had he considered his attraction to the young woman would be reciprocated.  Daric wanted to laugh in jubilation, but that would mean letting go of this beautiful woman in front of him.  Her lips were softer than snow freshly fallen on a December day, and after what seemed like an eternity spent in heaven, Daric found himself no longer kissing her, but staring into her eyes from inches away, holding her in his arms and being held in return.   He laughed, an ecstatic grin on his face.  "Hey."
  8. Earth, Reap OOC

    Yo CATZ, can you respond to my post in Earth Reap?        double0pi
  9. Earth, Reap

    In a heartbeat, she was gone.  [i]That one is impulsive, she reminds me a little of... of someone.[/i]  Shaking his head as if to clear some kind of fog that had settled over it, the old man lost track of what seemed like his first lucid thought after his awakening in that clearing not too long ago.  Giving it up as a lost cause, the elderly figure, who having found his destination would not be so easily dissuaded by some passing monster, approaches the building.   Deciding that one way is as good as any other, he pushes his way in through the nearest door, and freezes in the doorway at the sight of what the building contained.  A stone slab rose from a pool of blood in a room filled with death.  Something deep inside him roars, and the old man decides that he doesn't like people who cause pain.  But something also held him back from attacking.  The fastest way to complete his task was to not aggravate these... abominations, so bide his time, the old man would.   [i]Back up to your old habits, eh geezer?[/i]  The voice sounded in his head so clearly and sharply that it could have come from no other place.  But that wasn't right, that was the voice of a girl.  He whipped around, looking high and low for the source of a voice he knew he would never find.  "Who said that?"
  10. Earth, Reap OOC

    When he comes out of Blaurg, he will be a character who is so compassionate that it may make someone hurl and will refer to Earth only as "Mother," or some variation involving the word "Great."  At least, that was my plan to tie him into the thread on Earth's side.        double0pi
  11. Now Hiring: Outreach

    Both Grimholt and I replied to this thread with our interest, he had already started the vetting process of me when he took Grimholt as a member (he responded to this thread first, and therefore had priority over me).  This considerably expedited the process of my joining the team.   Or of course, you could just say that Carlos is an efficiency machine.        double0pi
  12. Earth, Reap OOC

    Of course, he kinda lost most of his memories and sense of who he was when he took a twenty-year death-like state, so his motives aren't exactly clear to him either.  Currently the only thing that motivates him is carrying out "the mission," which is the only thing which he vividly remembers from before his cat nap.  "The mission" has two constraints that he can remember, the first being to take the linchpin, the boy Wight, out of commission.  He doesn't remember why he was told to do so, only that he was.  The second task given to him was to enter the Lost City and retrieve a certain object.  The ones who sent him here don't know what the object looks like, but they know that he will know once he sees it.   I wanted to rp him interacting with CATZ's spooky character for a bit, along with the begin of the return of his memories and sense of self.  How, exactly, were you planning to interact with him as far as narration goes?        double0pi
  13. Earth, Reap OOC

    Just to add to the confusion of the entire situation.        double0pi
  14. Earth, Reap OOC

    The cult is not the City, it merely shares a space with the entrance to the City.        double0pi
  15. Earth, Reap OOC

    Lol, I feel so abandoned.  She shouldn't have gone over until Jaistlyn wrote the linking post she was talking about.   So CATZ, it looks like it is just your creepy bone guy, an unconscious boy Wight, and this really old man.  How is this gonna work?        double0pi