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  1. [Questing]The silk road

    Fallaman stood in shock succeeding Arabella's declaration of her intent to accompany the stranger. Between her and the now nearly tear-stricken stranger, Fallaman caught himself wondering if younglings were still taught their manners. Younglings. What a riot, that dragon's got you talking like him now too. These two were probably raised around the same time you were. Deciding that their poor behavior was most likely a sign of psychological stress, Fallaman decided that he would not harp on such trivial details such as being unreasonably compared to a pig pen or not being introduced. When the pink-haired lady swept her eyes over the group, she locked eyes for a split second with the bandaged man. Fallaman, however quickly cast his eyes down before turning them on to the stranger with a slightly exasperated voice. "Bags, would you stop your equivocating and tell us where you're going? And while you're at it, there are some among us who have yet to introduce themselves." Actions speak louder than words, and all three of them had followed Roman into this alleyway where all sorts of shady shenanigans could go down; they were clearly interested in his offer, and he didn't think anyone would frequent the Fighter's hall if they weren't up for a little danger.
  2. [Questing]The silk road

    It was an interesting way to make a sales pitch. The stranger had said he wanted to hire them, and immediately proceeded to wave the concept of fate in front of their faces and bombard them with arcane terminology. Fallaman marked that he hadn't even given a name, nor any specifics of what he wanted the three of them to help him with. Either way, Fallaman was roused from his introspection by the sight of Arabella almost fuming at the ears following her potential employer out of the building. Fallaman turned to the man seated across from him. "I guess we should find out what this mysterious stranger wants. I never caught your name, by the way; mine's Fallaman." The bandaged man rose and began heading for the exit, hoping the red-eyed man would follow. This strange green-eyed man was proving to be quite the character, bringing up such a divisive subject as Fate less than five minutes after meeting the group. He's certainly not afraid to advertise his abilities. It struck him as odd, the idea of someone being so willing to alter fate as to offer it as payment to complete strangers. "Messing with destiny is dangerous and filled with self-fulfilling prophesies. One can only hope that he knows what he is doing."
  3. [Questing]The silk road

    The crimson-eyed stranger spent a full five seconds staring at the heavily shrouded figure seated in the corner before he seemed to give a shrug and make his way over. Fallaman watched him approach with nearly undivided attention, swinging his feet onto the ground to clear off the barrel in preparation of appearing more engaged in any conversation which might be offered. Such was being delivered in the form of a painfully obvious observation about Fallaman's appearance, but before Fallaman could formulate a response, a hand landed softly on his shoulder. The texture of the bandaged man's skin was ridged, which could lead one to the conclusion that he was heavily scarred, except for one detail. Roman could feel the ridges moving, almost pulsating before the wrapped figure gently lifted the hand off of his shoulder. "Well, he's friendly." The words were muttered under his breath, but the general ambient noise in the tavern had dropped slightly, meaning that particularly sharp ears would be able to hear them. As the strangers began a discussion, a young lady with violently unnatural hair tones made her way over to the impromptu group. She introduced herself in a blunt but honest fashion, with no embellishment or particular ceremony before beginning to inspect the three men, and Fallaman felt it would be courteous to do the same. "My name is-" He cut off there as his eyes made contact with the young girl's twin-toned orbs. For a second he stood stock still, a look of bewilderment on his face as he blinked several times. Finally, he slouched back in his chair, his air of confidence shattered. "Fallaman. My name is Fallaman."
  4. [Questing]The silk road

    So this is the place. Fallaman Ua Conchobar was seated in a small wooden chair at the edge of the guildhall's primary room; his feet splayed across a nearby wooden barrel. The omnipresent tone of cheer and camaraderie waned and the crowd thinned as one got closer to the corner in which the young man waited. It was a cold welcome, but Fallaman couldn't blame them, he'd probably be scared of himself too. A large, almost eerily white cloak surrounded the majority of his person, hood drawn even on such a mild day as this. A similarly coloured strip of fabric served to shroud his face almost entirely. Every inch of his skin not covered by his doublet or trousers was wrapped in bandages. It would be a tough question were one asked to put an age to him. His gate and posture spoke both of the litheness of youth and the deliberateness of age. His shoulder-length hair was almost purely white except for a few streaks of black; the lack of any grey hair may confound the beholder. Peering out from his hood were two piercing green eyes, the colour of the sea before a storm. The piercing gaze which he fixed upon anyone who approached him was but part of the reason people shuttered and walked away from him. For every time Fallaman blinked, one could see what appeared to be a nasty mottling of black, purple, and blue on his eyelids, and the bandages over his skin left most who beheld him certain of their purpose. In Fallaman's experience, it wouldn't be long before the individuals in charge of the establishment would ask him to leave, but when the crimson-eyed man entered the building, Fallaman knew it had been long enough. A bandaged hand waved the individual over to a spindly chair on the other side of the barrel without a word. That's one.
  5. Time to get started

    Greetings. I would like to ask if you would happen to have room for another character in this thread (I am assuming that it is this one). I would be interested in joining with my character Fallaman Ua Conchobar, who is also a fairly combat oriented character (although not nearly as powerful as Youri). Both of your characters look interesting and have could have some particularly interesting interactions with mine, so if you would prefer not to have me join in on this RP, I would be indebted if you would keep me in mind for any future endeavors, but understand if you choose not to. double0pi
  6. Laden With Goods and With Scars

    She sat in the dark room, pensively reading over the spell instructions before her, taking the occasional spoonful of admittedly well-made soup. Included in the spells was one she thought interesting: a spell that could amplify the senses temporarily. A shadow flickers across Nox's face for but a heartbeat. Oh well, time to get back to searching.
  7. As the Raven Flies

    When he entered the tavern, a young woman with a kind voice, whom Devin could only assume was one of the barmaids, led the blind young man to a booth and took his order of soup. "Would you mind helping me to the latrine; it's been a long journey." One brief conversation about the dangers of a blind man travelling alone and thirty seconds later, Devin stepped out of the toilet and perked his ears up listening for the chattering of his large-tailed companion. No chattering or scampering of feet reached the young man's keen ears over the faintly muffled sound of the tavern, so he shrugged. Probably went back inside. Can't blame him, I was half convinced the urine was going to freeze and I'd halve to break it off by hand. Chuckling lightly at the thought, Devin gathered his walking stick and made his way back in through the back door. Meanwhile, the grey squirrel sat patiently in Devin's booth, nibbling contentedly on the remains of an acorn he had found earlier that day. He felt the trip so far had been quite successful, but when a blind man travels with no human companions, quite successful means that only a few highwaymen had the bright idea of robbing the young man. Another human walked in, and at first the squirrel dismissed him as just that, but after sniffing the air, the squirrel perked its ears, stowing the nearly empty acorn shell amidst his almost excessive tail fur. The man smelled human, but he also smelled like a tree... and magic. When the man's eyes swept the room, the squirrel darted under the table, wary of any threat the stranger might pose, but when the mage sat down at the same booth as the squirrel, the squirrel's curiosity got the best of him. Silently, the squirrel bounded up on to the table, sniffing the man's hand, or rather the green gauntlet which adorned it. But this held the squirrel's attention for but a second before it started chattering worriedly, stealth abandoned, and attempted to leap up to the sword on the man's back.
  8. Laden With Goods and With Scars

    Careful not to disturb the dust on the pages, Nox quickly commits the contents of all three pages to memory before slipping out in to the moon-lit night; hopefully with none the wiser. Upon return to the inn, she copies the details from her memory of the final two papers before she drifts off to a light sleep. Come morning, she departs the Roaming Red Rover and follows the inn keep's directions to the bazaar, where he said the young trader had headed after a conversation with someone he seemed to know. There he sat, quietly displaying his wares among the other vendors loudly hawking their wares. Now in her clean, white tunic, she approaches him as if interested in his wares. Most would not be able to recognize the young, apparently carefree woman as the small, crouched assassin. The way she held herself was completely different, but those trained to notice such things could recognize an air of control about the young woman's posture. Nox eyes the young trader over his wares momentarily before a half smile plays across her lips. She leans across the table and traces a hand across the young man's chest, saying "And how much do you cost?" before giggling and turning to skip away. In his coat pocket, George would find copies of the information. OOC: Sorry for the late post, I've been sick.
  9. Comrades in Blairville

    @Filix180 What happened between your posts was basically just George talking to Trevor in the common room of the RRR before departing for Rookhelm Tavern and passing through the bazaar (I don't know if he intended to give you chance to interact with him again, or if it was pure coincidence), and Nox began her infiltration of the Regent's Estate. double0pi
  10. Laden With Goods and With Scars

    Easing the door shut behind her, Nox slips into the bathroom. It was a mostly marble tiled affair, but that was not what interested her. The faint glow of moonlight emanated from the bottom of the door adjoined to the Regent's sleeping chambers. Slowing her breath to a near standstill, Nox closes her eyes and puts her ear to the crack, her hearing and smell finely tuned for a full fifteen seconds before she eases the door open and pads in on silent feet looking for what she came for. (OOC: Please put responses or questions that are solely OOC in the OOC thread for the RP.)
  11. Laden With Goods and With Scars

    The spell lasted only long enough for Nox to phase through the outer wall and into the bedroom, where in the shadow of a curtain she hid while the guard bent over and, mumbling about "damned kids," carried the magical frog to the window. "Some prankster thought it would be funny to lob a couple frogs through the Regent's window." The guard shouted down to the courtyard, waving the frog in front of his face before lobbing it back into the streets with a grunt. "Stay on alert, but it's probably nothing." Nox was surprised at the efficacy of the trader's plan. He must have a greater understanding of the local populations than she did. Honestly, she had half expected the guards to see through the ruse; she never would have anticipated lobbing frogs through a window to be a practiced pastime of the city's youth. These thoughts crossed her mind as she was slipping through the ajar door the guard had passed through, following the map inside her head towards the Regent's, hopefully vacant, bed chambers on silent feet.
  12. Laden With Goods and With Scars

    The night traced a soft wind across the black-clad assassin's back, caressing her simple ponytail before continuing down through alleys and storefronts adjacent to the Regent's Estate. This was always one of her favorite parts of the job, and it was a marvelous night for it. There was not a cloud in the sky, the ample stars and waning crescent moon providing ample lighting for the young lady's eyes to see the glint of the armoured guards on patrol. Not that it was necessary; they made an avalanche of sound every time they shifted or took a step, steel plates rubbing against steel plates, and they stank beside. What part of guard duty makes people in this country think they need heavy, clanky armour that stinks to high heaven? Nox shifts her hand to the pouch on her belt when the guard turns for his twenty-fifth lap of the courtyard. How long had she lain in wait, watching? An hour? Two? Not as long as she would have liked, but the Regent was out of town, so the guards would likely be much more lax. Just another day and another shift. Not even the air stirs as Nox treads across the courtyard in her soft leather shoes, hardly appearing to move at all as she drifts from shadow to shadow approaching the Estate proper. That was quite the character earlier, though. The young assassin's mind drifts back to her earlier encounter at the inn as she takes the approach she's made a thousand times in her head. I wonder if that was a normal response to finding a stranger in your room in this country. She suspected it was not. The eavesdropper was a humorous character as well. After the trader had shaken his head at Nox's motioned offer to dispatch of the young man, said young man had said that he intended to stay, and then immediately said he was leaving anyway, without any sleep. For some reason, an image of a sullen teenager fighting with his parents was conjured to the young assassin's mind. The trader's handshake was firm and warm, but Nox had no time to delay on such trivialities; she was at her entry point, a second story window looking in on an empty guest bedroom. Now for the frogs. She may have paid for the frogs, had the first bazaar she went to been open at this hour of night. But it was not, so she didn't. In you get. She lobs a couple magical frogs through any open window she sees and begins to cast the spell the "trader" had given her.
  13. Comrades in Blairville

    Nox is going out the window to do her job, so you are free to have any interactions with other characters. I should have a post up by tomorrow. double0pi
  14. Laden With Goods and With Scars

    Now this was interesting. Nox takes the scroll and carefully looks it over as the young trader talks. This could prove to be a challenge the likes she had never experienced in her, shall we say, colourful career. The young assassin nods her head in assent and is reaching out a hand to shake on it when a loud sneeze is heard through the wall, followed by a period of silence as both she and the trader are forced to consider the insecurity of their surroundings. "I'm sorry, but I can't accept this job. I would recommend that you drop the idea." Nox points to the wall while putting a finger to her lips. She flips the scroll to the reverse side and quickly scribbles a few lines of text before passing it and the candle to the man on the bed. I would like to accept your proposal for employment. I feel it would be folly to assume that the Regent's Estate would not have wards placed on it similar to the ones you placed upon this room, and I must inquire as to if you have some form of countermeasure you could bestow upon me. As to the expediency of your request, assuming you are able to help me avoid any magical allarums, I could start as soon as you wish and most likely be done by the morn. Nox
  15. Comrades in Blairville

    I would have to agree that that option would make for a more interesting experience. Happy holidays. double0pi