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  1. jaistlyn

    Mr. E General Discussion

    There hasn’t been a reply though. Maybe as Ataraxy said, we need to post it on his wall?
  2. jaistlyn

    Chatbox or Status Update [poll]

    I support pinned thread! 😛
  3. jaistlyn

    Chatbox or Status Update [poll]

    🤔 if there’s a need for AFV updates that are sticky.. shouldn’t we have a separate forum section for that instead?
  4. jaistlyn

    Bloodwatch Base [Hub] [Furthest Point]

    They were all living beings beneath the metal and weapons, craving familiarity. There was something intimate about being able to see and read a person’s visage. Gormaric’s face revealed years of experience and of pain, and a sense that effort was significant to get to where he was. And Fidelitas appreciated that. In the gathered group here, there was more than one person who was inherently powerful, but lacked the experience of danger to hone their reflexes. The kind of grit that was needed to survive Yh’mi. “I can see why you were the one who had the final kill on the Magnus. I agree with you on the Norkotians. Their faction was probably the easiest to breach back in Inns’th. Who knows if there are more of the Twistlings there. When the next batch of people arrive, I’ll send word back to warn the rest of the possible infiltration.” Then Fidelitas nodded his head towards Selena, who seemed to be meditating alone. He didn’t return Gormaric’s smile, not really minding the dark knight’s joke, but not wanting to partake in it either. “There’s another capable healer that we have. Some might have been dead without her prowess in the field.” “But there were capable fighters on the right side as well. Both of the Saevion were brought down by a few people alone.” The Charlie guy could turn out to be a nuisance, but Fidelitas didn’t miss how he had decimated one of the Saevion. Coupled with other firepower-heavy fighters on the front, they were a killing force. “Speaking of Saevion,” Fidelitas turned his attention to Ed. The man had single-handedly brought the less damaged carcass along with them through some form of magic that he was unfamiliar with. “I’m gonna see if he needs any help.” Putting the spear aside, he stood up and approached Ed. “Saevion meat is tasty. Thank you for bringing it. We can cut it and cure it, add some flavour to our meals, and perhaps our job will not be so bleak out here.” He smiled faintly. “Need a hand?” It would also give the rest who were free something to gather around to work with. @EpicRome23 @Akiris
  5. jaistlyn

    What emotion does your character most evoke in others?

    I was intimidated. Wasn’t sure if you were trolling or just playing out a character concept that’s very different. But, this conversation helps put your character into perspective! 🤔 in the light of this thread, shows that there can be a difference between how the author views the character and how the reader views them.
  6. jaistlyn

    What emotion does your character most evoke in others?

    @Akiris tbh I don’t know how to react to Ed. He always thinks of points that are kind of meta - meta but true - like in your most recent post in bloodwatch base. It is true that to keep up a story, some things I write don’t necessarily make logical sense, and Ed butchers suspension of disbelief. You know - like a movie skeptic. I am not sure how to interact with that IC. Call it avoidance or disinterest in conflict on my part, or a lack of competence in thinking through all parts of a storyline before running a thread (not my style, and not interested in taking the time and effort to change that style either in this RP hobby), but it culminates in me not knowing what to directly reply, hence being ‘unable to perceive Ed’. That’s just one person’s (my) reason on this though. ... but maybe that's what you're going for with Ed?
  7. Hmm the poll does not seem to be working for me. I'm brought to the result page with no way to go back. I vote for focusing on the job anyway!
  8. jaistlyn

    Chatbox or Status Update [poll]

    Confession, I only visit the homepage occasionally. My bookmarked page has been the newsfeed/new content for years, and I navigate to threads from my notifications 😂 I only go to the homepage when the thread I’m looking for has been pushed out of my notifications, in order to go elsewhere lol.
  9. jaistlyn

    From traveling theater to production studio

    @Die Shize imma T1-stare-spar you. Prep [1] Lookin’ sharp
  10. jaistlyn

    Church On The Hill

    [Coth; Opera ston Aera] There were different types of smiles, just like there were different types of blinks. The face has forty-three muscles, and with practice, many of these could be controlled to produce expressions that meant different things. The half-closed, fluttering eyelids of Zollenstar was not flirty, nor was it fatigued, but it was a projection of tolerance at its edge, of impatience under wraps. The smile that Dash returned was masterfully arranged. Polite enough that it couldn’t be faulted, but yet contempt was obviously hidden. The shining star met Zollenstar’s handshake directly, not allowing the other man’s arm to come too close to his body, keeping the distance of their hands roughly equal. The bonecrushing grip would meet its match, and the two men’s eyes did a visual spar, blue against green. Dash maintained his smile, the charm of it being a weapon in itself that he often used to his advantage in the battlefield known as media; apt that Zollenstar had brought it up. “Truth and trick are two sides of the same coin. The best tricks are rooted in truth, and the truth of the trick is often as impressive, if not more, than the illusion.” Dash replied when Keith chuckled. His smile grew wider, angling slightly to the side in not-quite-a-smirk. “But yes, we could talk theory all day about stars, and not get anywhere. In our line, ‘action’ speaks the most, as I’m sure someone like yourself is aware. Please, follow me.” Dash would set a walking pace that was somewhere between brisk and leisurely, making sure he was at most only a little in front of Zollenstar. He did not like the idea of the man conversing with Thea alone behind his back. As such, he sought to engage the man first. “So, Mr Zollenstar, what exactly is it that you do?” @vielle @Die Shize
  11. It's not too late, there's still a couple of weeks before I start the actual event. Added you!
  12. How would that translate to whether you will be joining or not? 🤔🤔 if you express that opinion to Fidelitas in Bloodwatch Base, maybe we can have a conversation that helps you decide. I think that might be easier than me explaining stuff OOC and needing to translate that into how Fidelitas and Challara views it etc.
  13. jaistlyn

    Announcements for your roleplay

    RP announcement please! Since the more the merrier :P Wanna get the word out to those who didn't participate in the first thread too. Thank you! Fearless warriors are needed to combat nightmares in Yh'mi as paladins attempt to build a fort in the darkest region on Valucre. If you love horror-themed stories, are interested in massive battles and large events, and would like to try a player vs environment combat system using dice rolls, then this thread is for you!