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  1. Lol!! I think it's nice to keep Marigold like that for a while!! And.... so far everyone has gotten one effect or another lol. Will the trend continue?? I'm quite pleasantly surprised that the mist is bringing out everyone's backstories. jaistlyn SabersFire Maverick FirePenguinDiscoPanda @Robbie Rotten PandaHat Deviant
  2. Nope, you're not disrupting anything! Good post! jaistlyn SabersFire Maverick @FirePenguinDiscoPanda Robbie Rotten PandaHat Deviant
  3. Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 @Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  4. @SabersFire has been skipped, don't worry, you can just post next round. jaistlyn SabersFire @Maverick FirePenguinDiscoPanda Robbie Rotten PandaHat Deviant
  5. I feel like Catherine will only date Hercules
  6. Any rough guide on what those damage differences look like? I would imagine a player choosing a weapon might want to weigh that against the energy needed to use those weapons.
  7. This is interesting! Will be following the beta. Initial questions after reading the player guide - 1) When the armor is damaged after it gets hit when energy is zero, are there any penalties? 2) Are there any damage differences between using a small arm/light rapid/heavy weapon etc, or is it more about heavier weapons having advantages such as knockback?
  8. Consider me interested just by this description :P
  9. @B2BBear your turn! :) By the way, go crazy about what you'll find! I have no particular direction for this RP, we can do anything lol. Like find a giant monster, a dragon, kidnappers, a secret dimension, literally anything that comes to mind!
  10. Alethea mirrored The Leper's posture subconsciously, her fingers stroking her chin as she followed the man's reasoning. "Good point," she said, wen he was done. Especially that it would be easier to backtrack if they went down the wrong path. "Great, seems like we're in agreement then." She stepped on ahead on their chosen path, her lamp illuminating a few feet in front of her. The path through the caves was large and flat at first, providing an easy route, then gradually narrowed so that they had to proceed in a single file, with Alethea leading. Her light cast shadows of her body behind her, such that the other two could not clearly see where they were going. The pressure created by the narrow space caused a chilling wind to blow against them constantly, and Alethea drew her jacket closer around her body. The path gradually led downwards, and became more and more steep, and slippery from loose stones. They progressed slowly, her going down a few steps first, then illuminating the ground for the other two and the canine in the group. Contrary to her show-off behavior outside the cave, Alethea became more diligent about warning the rest of uneven footing. It was second nature to her; once within the caves and away from help, any injury would just be a burden to the whole team. Finally, after what seemed like a couple of hours, the path opened up into a larger space. "It would make sense for anyone passing through here to take a rest. Let's see if we can find any traces of the group," Alethea said.
  11. jaistlyn @SabersFire Maverick FirePenguinDiscoPanda Robbie Rotten PandaHat Deviant
  12. Volentia charged towards the giant spider, gasping in surprise as the attack by the unknown swordsman seemed to be ineffective. Where did this man come from, anyway? It didn't matter for now, as long as he was on their side. She followed the spider's trajectory as it leapt, preparing to intercept it as it landed. Instead, numerous yellow eyes locked gazes with hers, and she felt her consciousness being pulled towards them. Her steps halted, and she was unaware of the webbing that was shooting towards the group. The silhouette of Faith appeared in front of Volentia, breaking the hold that the eyes had on her, like it did for Marigold. However, unlike the scientist who had reacted immediately, the young paladin found her reflexes lacking. Her armour suddenly weighed her down like heavy lead, her movements feeling as though she was wading through viscous liquid. The thick webbing splashed across her lower body, knocking her to the ground. The spider's acid coating the web sizzled into her platemail, and burned into her flesh at the joints of the armour where it was thinner. She screamed in pain and panic, but soon realized that thrashing around made it worse. She tried to keep her trembling legs still, and struggled to lift her sword. It was as if the strength of Gaia had left her. With a cry of effort, she slashed her weapon down at the web, breaking it into strands, and crawled out of the sticky trap. Faith's attack from mid air stopped the spider from its attack, sparing Nieve and Maira from its webbing. The force of the girl's gravity-accelerated foot crushed several of its organs, and the creature's many legs swept the ground in agony. This gave Marigold the opening to plunge his tendrils into the spider, the mechanical arms like surgical instruments protruding from its body. The electrical currents that coursed through the creature caused it to jerk violently, possibly flinging the scientist off its back if he had not been holding on to anything. A burning smell filled the air. The spider shrivelled up, its corpse continuing to writhe in the currents as long as Marigold kept it up. Volentia climbed to her feet unsteadily, tugging off her heavy helm and letting it drop to the ground beside her sword. The light was waning, the visibility in the mists dropping even further. She was bone-weary and hurt. "Let us stop and camp for the night," she announced in a tired voice. "Better to be in one place and alert to any danger than to proceed blindly in the dark and mist." More importantly, she was desperate for rest. **Mental state: Exhaustion (roll 100). Turn 1/1**
  13. XDDDDDDDD Robbie Rotten @Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  14. You know, on my first reading I thought you said "which can in turn reel in a witch" hahahahahaha