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  1. The intricate mark on her chest was nothing she had ever seen either in the real world, or within the vision. She smeared her hand across it, obscuring the pattern with her blood. "What does Yh'mi want with us?" she retorted. Xeyal's questioning irritated her. Now that she had been released, she calmed down somewhat. "Just because I got some information doesn't mean that I know everything. I only know that It is some sort of being that is beyond mortal. On the level of gods, probably. I don't know what it wants, just that it is bad news." She shook her head. "Lirrey. It seems that it might hold some answers. I'll be heading there next." Sliding off the table, she grabbed a piece of cloth off one of the tables and draped it over her tattered shirt. "It would be hard to get past the guards at the gates without taking on one of the Order's quests, though. But if I could borrow Sas- the 'little monster'-" There was a loud boom, and the ground shook from some kind of impact. The doctor's glassware and instruments were jolted out of their positions. Metal tools clanged onto the floor, and several glass jars fell and broke. "What was that?!" Dawen exclaimed. She rushed to the door. Was this in any way related to the trip into her mind? Did it psychically trigger something to come after her?
  2. Thank you! The remote destruct button is pretty good, yourself ;) Now that's more her size! Very nice!!
  3. @Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  4. More traps. Remissio gritted his teeth as another of the larger creatures fell to a fiery death. These were not simple traps; they had to be set off by active spellcasting. However, he ordered his creatures to continue bashing the wall. Half the battle in warfare was won by knowing the enemy. And he knew them, alright. Made up mostly of mercenaries in it for the gold, he was certain that most of them would not stay when the odds were obviously stacked up against them. This meant that whoever set these traps, they must not be many. And they would not be able to keep this up for long. His army was at a disadvantage as long as they were outside the wall, so his top priority was to breach it - fast. Sure enough, the onslaught of powerful spells stopped, but not before half of the strongest creatures had been destroyed. Remissio had not expected to lose that many outside the gates. Atop the wall, a skeleton taunted him. He smiled to himself. A vile creature like that being allowed here was proof that they were severely shorthanded. He stepped towards the wall now, into the range of arrows and spells. It was time for him to show his faith in the Truth. ---------- The golden-haired paladin walked into the chapel where Chastity stood. Her beautifully sculptured features were twisted into a frown. "It does not fare well, Brother. The Chhitten have reduced our numbers further. They are almost through the wall." Chastity looked at Diligence intently. "Is he…?" "Yes, he is at the helm. Perhaps it would be good for you to join us, Brother." "I have faith that our forces will triumph. What can an old man like me do? I will only get in the way." "Our spirits would be lifted with you there." The door opened, and Videntia walked in, her face drawn and pale. "I will join the battle. I will not sit by while my brothers and sisters risk-" she stumbled on unsteady feet, and Diligence rushed to catch her. Before she could reach Videntia however, a sword was driven through her neck. Blood splatted across her pretty face. Videntia gasped. A horrible raspy scream was heard, and Diligence's form devolved into that of a long-limbed monster. It thrashed around in agony, and then went still. Chastity pulled his sword out from its cooling corpse. "Diligence would not come here at this crucial time. She would much rather stay out there with her brethren." ---------- "Twistlings!" "What? Where? Who?!" The news spread fast. The shapeshifters had invaded their ranks, and no one knew how they got through. The defenders moved apart from each other as a wave of suspicion spread through them. Who were these people standing beside them? Could they be sure they were friends, not foes? Remissio smiled at the well-timed commotion on the wall. The confusion had distracted them from him. He concentrated, then unleased a ground wave towards the wall. There was an audible rumble, and massive fissures appeared along the wall's surface. One more should do it. He gathered his powers again, but a sudden sharp pain erupted in his chest. He clutched at his armour, expecting to see an arrow - but nothing. What was that? He shook it off and prepared for the last blow to the wall.
  5. Sorry guys, lost my motivation for writing for a bit, but I got it back! I found it under my bed. I'LL POST TOMORROW
  6. Guess I was never really 'gone', but my drive for writing definitely got pretty low for the past couple of months for some reason, so I've neglected many of my threads. Probably connected to some weird irrational thought that my writing was somehow not as good as before, and that I would be disappointing people if I wrote sub-standard posts. But whatever right? As long as the writing is fun! :P To my RP partners: I'm sorry for being so slow! I'm pumped up to write again though, so I'll be picking up the pace! jaistlyn is backkkk
  7. Lol, I've thought of it myself. Think of it as - people might have gone that way, but never returned, so there have been no accounts of anyone visiting it by sea. The whole area below Lirrey is unchartered territory. You're very much welcome to do so! "Stone Ocean" describes the Broken Plains part of Yh'mi perfectly, but not the Whitewoods/Spire areas as those are forests, and it is not sure how the landscape looks like beyond Lirrey. Wanna know (i.e. create) what lies beyond? Take the Into The Dark quest and RP into the Unknown Territories! But it's gonna take some effort (70 posts).
  8. Yayy! The new turn is just starting, I'll add you into the post order.
  9. @sorainvoked said he's gonna post, so I'll give him a few days!
  10. @Ayumi EpicRome23 sorainvoked Reinholdt jaistlyn
  11. It was carnage at the bottom of the wall, but their defense was short-lived. The rocky spikes and withered vines that protruded from the ground to ensnare the attackers were slowing. "I.. can't hold them back any longer!" The dead ground outside of Inns'th was far from malleable and refused to hold life; the earthbender expended energy faster than he thought he would. The agile Chhitten climbed atop of the carcasses of their own kin, dug their spindly legs into the crevices of the wall and scaled it. Young Volentia, standing atop the wall, thrust her sword through the carapace of one, and crushed another under her sturdy boots. More were swarming towards them, and the earthbender was overcome by the insectile creatures. She pried them off him, the creatures' legs clinging stubbornly onto his clothes, but it was already too late. His screaming and thrashing indicated that he had already been bitten, and the neurotoxins spread through his system. Whatever hallucination was going through his mind now, it was painful to watch. Volentia briefly looked down at Fidelitas standing at the bottom. He nodded to her. She pushed the man off the wall at the other paladin's waiting arms. It wasn't a soft fall in any way, but it was no time to be gentle. The first wave of Chhitten were thwarted, but it left even fewer defenders on the walls. Volentia had been keeping her attention on the small creatures, keeping her eyes away from the main bulk of the army, away from the figure in white armour. Now she lifted her eyes, and their gazes met. She inhaled sharply. Remissio looked so similar, yet different. She wasn't sure what she had expected. That his features would become monstrous? That he would have horns growing our of his head? But he looked the same. So… human. But his eyes.. Those brown eyes that looked at her like she was nothing more than an objective to be fulfilled. She had looked up to him so much, a paladin who was always in control and knew what to do. Although he was strict, his eyes had always held a warm glow. She stared into them now, the cold, hard orbs, and hardened her own. Remissio wouldn't hurt them. Remissio was dead. This was an enemy who had possessed his body. Breaking his gaze, the rogue paladin inclined his head towards the wall. The large creatures finally began their move, proceeding towards the left side of the gates. Volentia gritted her teeth. As a former defender himself, Remissio knew exactly where the wall's weakest point was. ---------- Gormaric broke through the rear lines of the army with no trouble, getting up close and personal to the bloated and ugly creatures of Yh'mi. The rank, putrid smell of the creatures assaulted his senses, and he was soon noticed. A Gutterfiend ahead uses its massive body to block the black knight's path of motion, and spews thick, acidic liquid in his direction.
  12. I will post by the end of this week! Sorry for the delay.
  13. "Oh... that's alright," Rai said in response to Calladium's refusal to speak about the event. "We heard that the monster's guarding some treasure though, and we were just planning to head out there to, you know, do some scouting." She shrugged. "Some people say that there's no monster out there, probably just pirates. Did you really see a monster?" Rai hoped to pry some information out of Calladium. She was the closest lead they had so far! Furthermore, Calladium didn't look that bad to Rai, only shaken, and she thought May's fussing over her was an over reaction. "Not anything crazy though," she added quickly, in case Calladium objected to it. "We'll bail at the first sign of danger, and even if something happens, I'm sure we will be able to handle it! I'm glad to have May around as a team!" She brought her arm up in a strong man gesture and winked. While not of bodybuilder size, the other two girls might notice that Rai's body was in pretty good shape. Adventuring in general, hiking and climbing around tended to do that to people.
  14. Many things don't work in the IPS forum, unfortunately, mainly for security/prevent hacking. I had spent days and days figuring out what I can and cannot do for Yh'mi too. JavaScript is a definite no, even many HTML elements such as buttons don't work. I resorted to designing for the platform itself, using only <a href> and <abbr> on images to at least allow them to have hotspots and some rollover text. Technically you can break an image into a grid and apply hyperlinks to each part to simulate hotspots, but that's super tedious work and I wouldn't do it myself unless the grid was just 3x3 or 4x4.
  15. Ewwww at the innards XD The army's made up of Yh'mi's creatures, and it is possible to find a carcass, but it's not human, so double ewwww hahahaha! Though it should do the same job as what I think you're attempting. Besides that, your facts are right!