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  1. @Roen you’ve done it right! Though why those entrails would spew out of his mouth is kind of disturbing... did he eat his way out of monsters XD @Dolor Aeternum y u so funny today LOL @EpicRome23 😉
  2. Volentia stepped through the stone columns and into the open air arena. Her eyes scanned and registered her surroundings - the stone floor thirty feet across, the water surrounding them, and the other submerged platforms off to the sides. Beyond that, the people in the crowd stands who had gathered to watch the first fights of the Feast. These she tuned out as best as she could; she was not an exhibitionist warrior, and the presence of these people were more distraction than an aid to the fight. The paladin wore the training half-plate provided for the tournament, her usual full plate being unallowed under the rules. Her brown hair was cut in a short, utilitarian style. She stood tall at five foot nine, with a muscular frame that spoke of years of training and combat. Even so, the marks of adolescence were evident on her face. That one so young represented the Order of the White Hand surprised some in the audience. Volentia had deliberately kept her helm on during the banquet last Knight to avoid being judged by people even before she had a chance to enter the arena. Right now, here on the field, there was no question about her ability, in the way she held her training sword at her right side and her shield in the other. There was a familiarity about it, like they were extensions of herself. Volentia sized up Caeceila as her opponent arrived, observing the subtle signatures in her opponent’s walk. This gave Volentia bits of information to use in the fight beyond just the weapons she brought with her. Information like whether Caeceila favoured her left or right side, whether she preferred her center of gravity grounded or light, and her state of mind. Was she confident? Nervous? Excited? Caeceila would find herself facing a determined young woman, whose stance leaned towards caution. Volentia placed an open palm across her chest, a greeting among the White Hand. “I’m honoured to face you in battle, Lady Glasmann. May we both perform our best.” Magic was not allowed in the tournament, which meant that Volentia had to refrain herself from calling upon the aid of Gaia. This was a test of pure physical prowess, and Volentia looked forward to hone hers against Caeceila’s. She steadied her breathing and dropped to a defensive stance, lowering her center and spreading her weight equally between two legs, sacrificing some mobility for stability.
  3. I read it as negate any +1 or -1 modifiers that exist, and then you get a better roll since you halve your roll. Since your attack was the first roll made for this particular engagement, there’s no existing modifiers to be negated. Which does actually mean that your roll was really 7 = 2, then divided by 2 = 1. I think.
  4. Alright I talked to both Roen and Thot, will be extending the round for a couple more days because they plan to post soon!
  5. Does Terran materials include things like uh abusive substances? I have an idea in my head for a fruit that is a drug in Yh’mi, and sells for ridiculous prices on the black market but is extremely dangerous to harvest... as with all things in Yh’mi.
  6. The alien proclaimed that he was being chased by other beings, and full-scaled war would be brought to them. Not knowing the nature of the conflict, Vaddock could only raise his hand in a salute. “Good luck lad. Try not to get killed.” He told Nesy as he rushed out the door. There might be those in the tavern who followed the alien, looking for some action and fascinated by the idea of an alien war. But for Vaddock, the tavern came first. He nodded at Fjorn to continue the investigation. Fjorn accepted the cup of tea from Amy, and downed it like wine. The hot liquid burned down his throat. He swiped a hand across his mouth. “I suppose you’re right. About the tea.” He then crossed over to the weapons counter, where the tavern kept spare weapons as well - unbeknownst to the patrons, some of the tavern staff had illustrious histories themselves. Fjorn pulled out two short blades for Aster. “Not the same as yours, but hopefully they would suffice,” he said. ”Whoever woke me up, is going to die.” ”You might be talking about this guy,” Fjorn pointed at the gunman on the ground, who was being tied up right now, “or the one outside.” He gestured to the fighting that they could see outside the window, flashing lights and explosions in the distance. “I suppose there’s more things to kill out there. If you want to join them, we can open a warp gate - they are self-powering and not affected by the power cut. But otherwise, I’m going to head out to the generator, and you can come along too.” He strode to the door.
  7. [1]As the centaur neared to the wagons, they disappeared. The phenomenon by itself would have confused him slightly, but it was the effects of the ethereal energy that made him stop in his tracks. Who, what..? His mind was a jumble, and it was as though he stepped out from the dark into the light. A fog had been lifted off his mind, but he couldn’t yet see clearly. He stood there looking around in confusion. Though he was no longer under Abbadon’s spell, his loyalty still lay with his brothers in battle. At the same time, the dispelling of the enthrallment also negated Jericho’s kill-chain. As the wagons had been toppled before they had a chance to arrive at the center of the camp, the pulsating energy was contained around the old farm ruins and the western road, and no other centaurs were caught in the blast, nor did they understand what had become of the wagons. [2]The arrows broke on the golem's metal body, dealing no damage. When the metal construct jumped onto the turret and started to tear it down, Geladore knew they had to act to protect their assets. "Swarm it and bring it down with your strength. Now." Obeying their commander, the three centaurs closest to the golem pounced on it, attempting to tackle it and bring it away from the turret. [3]Jericho's psychic jamming signal blasted over the farm, but if he could sense feedback, he would realize that the attempt had failed on all but one of the centaurs still remaining hidden from view. It was as if the enthralment held over the centaurs not only to bent them to the will of their master, but also staked its claim and protected the centaurs from interferences trying to worm their way in from unknown sources. However, it wasn't impossible to breach this defence. The affected centaur felt a wave of dizziness and murmured in confusion. He was quickly shushed by the other centaurs beside him, his odd behaviour attributed to restlessness from waiting. [4]Numerous arrows rained down on the centaur moving towards the farm on its direct west, as well as its brethren on the eastern side. One of the arrows struck harmlessly against the west centaur’s leather armour. If there had been any magic laced in the equipment, they would have been dispelled - but there were none, as Abbadon had not deemed the Weland locale as important enough to put more resources into defending it. The power and accuracy behind the arrow shots could only have come from extremely skilled marksmen, which could only mean one thing - some of their own marched with the enemy. Before now, the centaur had not quite believed Tylavos’ words about their dead comrades rising, chalking it up as delirium from his injuries, but now it seemed that it was true. Their brothers would never join those who killed their Khan... unless they were dead. The centaur whistled a low, mournful cry, and this was echoed around the perimeter, the equine creatures who had seen the flying arrows reaching a similar conclusion. [5]The centaurs at the perimeter continued to gallop towards the camp, and soon they closed half of the distance left. Four of them (including the one who had been targeted by ADE) spotted Jericho's contingent upon the hillock. Their arrows flew as they moved in towards Jericho and the mages. Six centaurs crouched behind tall crops, about half a mile away from ADW. At this distance, they could see the animated corpses of their own kind, striding alongside undead knights. "Circle round from the outside, go from the north and south. Tell them that the magic user is at the pond." The female centaur swallowed a lump in her throat. Killing their brethren and then desecrating their bodies.. these enemies were not to be forgiven. "Tell them what we saw here. Now, go. May Thelella ever be with you." Four of the scouts nodded, then swiftly and silently, they galloped away in two opposite directions. "You have done enough, Adia. You should go now. It is dangerous here. Go back to our home and watch over the rest. We will bring victory back." [6]Adia shook her head. "No, I will not." She looked down at her shaking fist. "I will avenge the Khan. I will avenge my father." Drawing an arrow from her quiver, she shot it towards ground in the middle of the semicircle of Roanist knights (ADW). The explosive tip on the arrow ignited on impact, causing a small explosion that might not do heavy damage against the knights' armour, but it was mostly meant to surprise and distract. When the knights looked in the direction where the arrow was shot, the two centaurs had already disappeared, Adia's wind magic being able to double her speed and those who ran beside her. They were not far off from their original position, but given their familiarity with the lay of the land, it wouldn't be easy to root them out.
  8. @Roen @Thotification one more day for posts before we move on to the next round!
  9. Several people moved to the weapons counter, and their items were returned without question in this extraordinary circumstance. “Yes, that will be great! My name’s Fjorn, by the way,” the waiter told Amy. They were just going to head out the door when the alarms sounded on Nesy. All eyes turned to him as they all listened in to the threat. Silence reigned after the transmission ended, everyone trying to make sense of what happened. BANG! Suddenly, a shot was fired. The weapon was a firearm manufactured in Norkotia, a nation in Terrenus. Gunpowder was unstable in Valucre and dangerous to use, and Petrogel, the propellant used in Norkotian arms provided an alternative, though their weapons were more primitive than the guns found in other worlds. People screamed; tables were knocked over. “ ‘Hoot tat bastard!” The gunman yelled, and people around him could smell the heavy alcohol in his breath. “ ‘e’ll bring aliens on us!” It took but seconds to realize the shot had been meant for Nesy but he had missed horribly. Lonely Night pounced towards him, silent and swift, and soon had him pinned to the ground and the gun wrestled out of his hand. “It’s okay! Stay calm everyone!” Vaddock shouted again over the tavern. “Fjorn, we’re not sure if it’s safe outside. Take more people with you in case.” The waiter nodded. “Could I trouble you to come along?” He asked Aster. “You defeated the bear, after all. I would feel safer with you along.” Vaddock then turned to Nesy. “What in the world was that about? Are we in danger?”
  10. Perimeter centaurs shoot at Jericho's team
  11. Visible centaurs attack golem d10
  12. Visible centaurs attack golem d10
  13. Roll hidden centaurs against jam signal d10
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