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  1. PSA in godmodding

    Disregarding the tone that has already been pointed out, I agree with most of the bullet points. It all boils down to communication. If you're unsure, ask, even after the post (e.g. do you mind that I did xxx? If not, I can edit.). If you get auto-ed, and you don't like it, don't fly into a rage immediately, tell it to the player nicely. It might not have been deliberate. If they refuse, and you both cannot find an agreement, then, well, move on to play with other players I guess. But I don't fully agree with this point - If people don't respond to an attempt for communication, after a reasonable period of time, I think it's alright to write the character out in the most non-destructive way you can, and move on with the others in the RP. Don't let one non-responding player spoil the fun for the whole team!
  2. I haven't forgotten you, I will be working on my post sometime this week.

  3. Souzou, Enraged

    As the beings on the ground felt the tremble of Souzou’s footsteps, so too did the faerie sense his ancient magic, manifested as powerful waves through the air. Lunara flew through the outskirts of Weland towards the epicentre of the quake. She had been passing by the megacity after visiting Sugn in Amalia. Weren’t some members of Abbadon in Weland? She was pretty sure of it, since she remembered wondering how her kin, Kallias, had the gall to return here, even given the skill of disguise natural to their kind. But apparently, the whole lightning rail system was down now, so perhaps the Welanders would find less point in pursuing the terrorists that had bombed their rail some time back. Was this trouble stirred up by those in the organization she had allied herself with? If so, she had to hand it to them. Compared to this, the mission in Blairville she had just completed with Agony was nothing more than a walk in a park. Which one of the leaders had Kallias joined? The unassuming Rodan? Did the erudite branch manage to restore some ancient magic, or did something go wrong while they attempted to do so? The faerie shook her head. She would find out soon enough, and if it wasn’t anything to do with her, she would leave. Once Lunara entered the main part of the city, finding the source of the disturbance was a trivial task. She just had to go in the opposite direction of the fleeing crowds. Her jaw dropped at the sight of the massive being. What the heck was that! Where did it come from? Emergency and military vehicles were speeding towards it, but they looked laughably tiny compared to it. Now, where were the people she was finding? She supposed that they might either have fled, or, if she waited around, one of them might do something flashy that would give their position away. And so she took the wait-and-see approach for now.
  4. The Khovfe Pub

    The Khovfe Pub. Not bad. A small creature flew up from the road that led to the pub. The establishment’s exterior was decent, it looked new and well-maintained. After returning to Patia from Blairville, Lunara was bored of waiting between missions. Why not pay a visit to some of the members of the Abbadon Triumvirate? Sugn’s foreignness has intrigued the faerie, and besides, she had something that might be useful to him. She knew that he owned a pub in Amalia. Perhaps she could get something back from him in return as well. No one was around to witness as the small faerie turned into the figure of a petite woman in a purple dress. Lunara pushed open the door to the pub. There were a few patrons within, but the skeletal bartender caught her eye first. In the land of Terrenus, where undead were unwelcome and purged, she was surprised to see him in such a prominent position at the counter. Not that she minded, though. Daintily taking a seat close to Drasx, she asked for the menu. “What exactly is Khovfe?” Lunara asked in curiosity. “Well, actually, it doesn’t matter. I’ll have something that Sugn normally gets. What he drinks should be good, eh?” She grinned at the skeleton. @NodeGG
  5. OOC rules: The magitech expo in Tazarek ended, with Rai getting a new mechanical spider that she named Spinny. Where would her next adventure be? She had overheard people talking about the Moonwood, where fairies were supposed to live. They even said that a material could be found there that can make a person fly! Wow! She would definitely like to see that! @supernal
  6. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    PandaHat jaistlyn AthenasFire @Maverick FirePenguinDiscoPanda
  7. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I actually have no idea how well we’ll survive this XD it reaaallly depends on the roll now. If Marigold is close enough next round, Volentia can heal him of one ailment - if she’s not stricken first!
  8. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    PandaHat jaistlyn @AthenasFire Maverick FirePenguinDiscoPanda
  9. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Turning up the stakes - madness roll every time you post! Remember, effects can stack! 50% chance of getting afflicted by something. Reminder - 1d100 for the effect, 1d3 for the number of turns. Effects table (also in the first page of this OOC): To clarify on Buford's portal travelling ability: He can open portals linked to each other in the space of 25 meters (82 feet) and instantly travel through them, seemingly teleporting from one space to another. The portals close immediately after him. He also opens portals at a larger distance, but these are not instant-travel, and anyone can walk through them (which was the case for the portals that made the spires and mists appear throughout Terrenus). If anyone attacks him, I can post his response. Cue boss music!
  10. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    The blue energy orbs shot towards them so suddenly that Volentia had little time to react. The blast aimed between the two Saevions exploded when it hit the ground, and the paladin was caught in its impact. Though her armour shielded her from the worse of the damage, Volentia was thrown to the ground. Slightly dazed, she staggered to her feet and held her shield up, wary of what this new enemy was. The enemy Saevion climbed to her feet as well, and seeing herself at a disadvantage, she backed away and ran off. Laughter filled the space, strange, distorted, muted by the mists. Volentia narrowed her eyes at the adversary In front of them, recognizing Marigold. The doctor had seemed somewhat unstable from the start, it might have been a bad idea to allow him in this expedition. There was wrath written on his face, pain.. but - not mirth. It wasn’t him who was laughing. A formless shadow appeared from behind Marigold, seeming to be an illusion at first, then gradually resolving itself into a dark silhouette, and finally, a human. He was neither young nor old, a man of average height and build. A chill went down Volentia’s spine. She had been prepared to face Yh’mi’s grotesque monsters, but this, this - person, was even more unnerving in his normalcy. The only sign of his corruption was the black blood that oozed though the network of veins that was visible throughout his body. “Buford Atwater,” Volentia stated. The scientist had been given a grant from the Terran government to collect samples of the mists. For months, the Order provided him a space in Inns’th. Six months ago, he rounded up his research and was enroute to Hell’s Gate, when he went missing. And that was when the spires and mists appeared in other Terrenus cities. Buford clapped his hands slowly as he approached, still laughing. “Oh, this is fun, isn’t it?” He patted Marigold’s shoulder. “Having everyone fight each other? It’s like a show put up just for me!” he declared. Marigold, stricken by the effects of the mist, could have turned upon him in that instant. But before he could make any move, Buford disappeared. The air wavered where he had been standing. Volentia felt a thrum beside her, and then Buford was there, along with thick white mists that poured forth from the rip in space. Some form of portal travel?! The paladin swung her sword, but the damned scientist disappeared again. The mists had become thick enough to choke on. Buford reappeared a distance away from them. The abilities to travel through dimensions, and to resist the effects of the mist were given to him by a benefactor in Yh'mi, and they were useful indeed. It was what had allowed him to mass propagate the mists generated by the roots of the trees In the Whitewoods here, and in specific places in Terrenus. The mists were fascinating, but it was a pity that he couldn't witness their effects in the cities. He had to be here to keep the portals open. That was why he left the cryptic message, to draw the people who had destroyed the spires here into Yh'mi, where the mists were the thickest. It would be interesting to see to what extent their minds would be distorted. The man who had just turned on his teammates was already a fascinating specimen, and he was excited to see more. He would capture the last one who survived, and run tests to see if the mists had any permanent effects on them. He steepled his fingers. Now, fight!
  11. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Sorry that I’m taking some time for this! Have something planned - final leg indeed - look forward to it! posting by end of today for sure.
  12. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    It’s Lunar New Year! I’m of Chinese descent (not China tho). My family is celebrating at home and posting all the fun photos on FB, and I’m in another country on my way to work.. /talk about holiday blues :(
  13. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Sure! If you don’t mind, I’d like to RP it out even if we just take like 5 posts to do it!
  14. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I’ll likely post tomorrow!
  15. The young woman didn’t just shoot her. So it was either that she wasn’t ever going to shoot, or she was looking for information. It wasn’t safe to assume the first, so Trude went for the second. “Wait! I can tell you about Mclean-” There was a blast of cold air, like she had stepped into a freezer, then the ice formed out of nowhere around her legs. A winged creature stepped out from behind the girl. “Oh come on..” A gun AND a dragon? This fight was almost laughably unfair. Except she wasn’t the one laughing. The device crackled in her ear. “Trude! There’s something coming towards you. From the duct above!” Above? Trude held a hand up to Hana. “Shh, wait,” her voice held a different, hushed tone, as she looked up and scanned the ceiling for any openings. This wasn’t a logical time to target her, so whoever it was, they were likely to be linked to the blackout, and were either aiming for Hana, or Mclean. Trude was focusing so much on looking for where a human-shaped person could enter that she almost missed the mechanical object that was as long as her forearm. It was attached to the ceiling. A probe that extended from it, and it searched and found Hana, its motion stopping abruptly. “Look out!” Trude yelled. She pulled her arm back, and threw her knife at the thing, making a metal clang as it hit its target. Just in time, as three bullets launched from the machine and punched holes into the wall beside Hana. The mechanical creature fell to the floor along with the knife. “What the heck?” Trude breathed. Then she looked at Hana expectantly. “Well now, I kept that thing from putting holes in you, so to make it fair, you shouldn’t put holes in me, alright?