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    [A.N.T] Main Thread 1: The Arrivals

    Chastity stood near the door where he had entered, out of the way, silently observing the proceedings. He gave a nod in greeting to the other man in armour near himself. From the confidence he exuded; steady and rooted, this wasn’t just another youth who took pride in only polishing their sword to a perfect shine every day, but a true warrior, battle-hardened and reliable. There was a similar aura surrounding the one approaching him right now, except that unlike James, she was ancient. He hadn’t met many seraphs in his life, but their other-worldliness was unmistakable. And for one to be here, it had to be none other than the Queen of Taen herself. “Cʜᴀʀɪᴛʏ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ Wʜɪᴛᴇ Hᴀɴᴅ? Iᴛ’s ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇᴇᴛ ʏᴏᴜ. Hᴏᴡ ғᴀʀᴇs Yʜ'ᴍɪ? ” The old paladin took her extended hand into his own, and then bowed and lightly kissed the back of her hand in the ancient sign of respect. The strength of his handhold, perhaps, belied his age. Or perhaps not, since he wore the heavy armour on his body well enough. “Yes, Chastity, my fair Queen. Though it is of no matter. A warrior by any other name fights as fiercely.” He smiled slightly, bringing a touch of amiability to his seemingly severe disposition. "Hail, sir knight. Are things truly as dire in Yh'mi as I have heard about?" Chastity inclined his head in acknowledgement of the newcomer. “Well met, brother. Please pardon me for not knowing your name. I have been.. out of touch with Terran affairs,” he said. The paladin was cognizant of the existence of the noble houses in Ursa Madeum, but he didn’t know their names. However, Lord Uldwar was right in assuming that if the darkness of Yh’mi spread, this island off the south coast of Terrenus would be one of the first to suffer. “One of our own paladins had been corrupted by Yh’mi,” he said in response to both Rozharon and Oscar. “He marched an army of dark creatures against us. We have lost many brave men and women, and there is a hole in the wall separating Yh’mi and the rest of Terrenus that we are struggling to plug.” He turned to the Taen Queen. “On top of that, there is also the matter of the portal, of course. We have found strange monsters near it, creatures that seem similar to the descriptions of beasts in Taen, and yet are mutated in some way - growing long, sharp legs, or multiple rows of teeth. What have you observed on your end? I am concerned that the darkness of Yh’mi will try to expand into Taen. We must find a way to close the portal.” @Fierach @Csl @Grubbistch
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    Describe your character in one sentence

    Lunara ”I’m bored.”
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    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Yeah I have another list that’s not revealed, where I jumbled up the items’ order.
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    High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    I’m still in, just need some time to catch up to everything after the fast-paced Last Chance raid XD And I’m totally good with things happening before Ashville is destroyed, because that also means it’s before the raid :3 Delistair would be out of action for at least a couple months after that lol.
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    Lost Answers

    “Hmm.” Delistair answered as an affirmation to Hana’s comment about why the tower’s owner would want to stay low. However, there seemed to be more to it than that. He couldn’t put a finger on it, but Hana seemed to have lost some of her usual confidence. ”If you found the identity of this Direktor what would you do ? " There was a twinge of worry in her voice. Del regarded her for a long moment, trying to decipher her expression. Did she know something about the Direktor? “I wouldn’t do anything until I learn more,” Del answered cautiously, looking into Hana’s eyes to show his sincerity. “I just want to know who destroyed my home and killed my parents, and why.” He looked away at this point, pain colouring his features. “It won’t be that easy, I know. I’ve been looking for leads for years. Perhaps the Direktor isn’t even involved. I doubt he would be dumb enough to use his tower’s address to do illegal business. But it is the only lead I have, and I must find out what my village has got to do with this. To do that, I need to gain access into one of the tower’s information systems to find out the identity of the person who issued this invoice.”
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    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Thanks Riley! We'll miss you!!! Round 9 (Posting round) Djinn&Juice @Reinholdt  Zashiii Tyler  jaistlyn sorainvoked
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    OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    @Maverick A reminder!
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    The Long Road Home

    Lunara glared daggers into Agony’s back. The blob stopped in his motion; obviously he had heard her words. There was a tension-filled silence between them as the faerie waited for an answer. The uncomfortableness was caused by him, and she wasn’t about to relieve it on his behalf. She had done enough things on his behalf. ”Power! That queen strung those two fools even in her own weakness. I wished to break her…to force her into relinquishing what little power she held and then bargain with the El der for more. They were mere stepping stones to my ascension…” So that was why he had spent such a long time with Gabriela the moment they entered the Imperium. Lunara had felt the Queen’s fear when Gabriela attempted to escape. It was the same weakness that Agony talked about that held her back from running and losing them in the wilderness. Perhaps if that bastard doctor didn’t betray them, Agony would have succeeded in getting her to yield. Perhaps if she had known his plan and helped in persuading her- “I….failed…as soon as I involved you a ll..” What? Lunara bristled in anger, until Agony clarified that he shouldn’t have risked the identity of the Triumvirate members. The thought of Agony doing this alone, however, had never occurred to her. Would he have been able to accomplish the kidnapping of Gabriela by himself? Rodan and her had played no small role in that. Furthermore, what would have happened to Agony if he faced the wrath of Rafael and Roen alone, both immensely powerful entities? Somehow, the thought of Agony getting into trouble without her wasn’t a pleasant one, and it confused the heck out of the tiny faerie. “I..-” ”We are in agreement, but the deed is already done." How did Rodan manage to keep so calm all the time? ”..What is important now is to learn just where we stand going forward. What has become of Nines? What will Lord Roen's next move be, if he takes any? And what of Dr. Marigold, should he still be alive, and anything he may have learned about us? We must be prepared for repercussions from multiple angles." The words that Rodan chose signified that he, too, didn’t see a path where they didn’t work together. “Yes, we need to decide what to do next,” Lunara emphasized, looking to Agony to see if he had caught the point. “I didn’t mention the organization at any point, what about you all?” Lunara asked. “The Queen and those with her know that we are from Patia, and perhaps affiliated with Roen. Her and Rafael may even think we were sent by Roen. Marigold didn’t take samples of your blood, did he? Agony destroyed the vial containing mine, so the only thing he has on us are what he has seen and heard from us and Nines. Nines should have been smart enough to not give too much detail about us - she didn’t know we would end up at the Imperium, anyway.” “Agony can shapeshift - it would be easy for you to lie low. The Black Queen has only seen me as a human, and even so, probably thinks I’m dead. In the blood rain, I don’t think she realized that she had met me at the castle. Marigold, on the other hand, hasn’t seen me in human form.” At that thought, Lunara transformed herself into her human form. If Marigold had sent out an alert about them, his description would include a small purple flying creature, not a human female. She continued her analysis. “Perhaps the only one more recognizable is Rodan. That is easily solved for now.” With a snap of her fingers, Rodan’s outer appearance completely changed, becoming a woman with unremarkable features. Lunara giggled to herself. “Well, now no one in the vicinity should be able to recognize us. They can only see through my illusion if they have reason to suspect it. Where do we go, though?”
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    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    @Grubbistch will you be making a last post anyway?
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character: Delistair Paige Affiliation: Terran military Objective: Tried to stop prisoner from escaping [failed] Allies: @spacegy4, @amenities Enemies: @Djinn&Juice, @Zashiii, @Bureku, @Dredge (Tagging more people than usual for notification of combat resolution) It must work. It will work. Reginald looked around and saw no way out of his predicament. Delistair forced himself to keep going, even as pain and weakness wracked him. Unfortunately, there was only so much he could take from himself before his body gave out. Coughs bubbled from his throat, wet and red with blood. Dimly cursing his mortal flesh, Del toppled over onto the ground, his hold over the magic abruptly cut off, causing the shield to break into tiny pieces that shimmered in the light, then faded away. Each breath Del took burned with agony. Every inch of his body hurt. Closing his eyes, he welcomed the cooling darkness that threatened to overwhelm him.. Hang in there. I'm getting you out! Del knew that voice. He knew how she had projected the message into his head. He knew how inexperienced she was about magic. He also knew that her mechs and planes wouldn’t fit into the small space of the prison cell. No, Hana, the enemy’s a magic user..!. He tried to transmit the message back, hoping that she would hear it. She would be at a severe disadvantage going up against the wizard alone. Surely Hana would be smart enough to lead a whole squadron of soldiers here, right? He struggled to stay conscious, but it was a battle lost. - Something warm and comforting was pressed up against him. He was adrift, far away, the aches and pains that battered his body seemingly belonging to another person. What had he been doing? He struggled to recall. Suddenly, everything came back to him. Hana. She was coming for him, but she might be ill-prepared to handle Reginald. She was in danger, and he had to protect her. He jolted awake. Hana was already here somehow, her arms wrapped around him. There was blood everywhere on her, and she wasn’t moving. Alarmed, he attempted to rise, but gasped as excruciating pain shocked him, almost sending him back into oblivion. Through hazy vision, he realized that it was his own blood that bathed her. Relief and resignation washed over him. Did he screw himself up that badly? He stared at the disconcerting amount of blood in delirious fascination. He was going to die from blood loss soon if the bleeding wasn’t stopped. Hands on him, hands that pulled Hana away from him. Del grasped at Hana, thinking that the enemy had gotten to them. No, leave her out of this! Not hearing anything that might have been said to reassure him, it took a moment of panicking before Del realized that the hands were here to help, not harm. The Cougar had done its job and brought them to the medical personnel. The soldier had failed in stopping the prisoner from escaping, but at least they were safe, at the present. They would live to fight another day. Finally, Delistair allowed himself to sink into a long, deep sleep. [KO]
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    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    You’re exiting the thread? We’re so close to winning though! If you’ve made the decision though, thanks for joining, it was fun playing with ya!
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Name: Delistair Paige Affiliation: Terran military Objective: Stop prisoner from escaping Allies: @spacegy4 Enemies: @Djinn&Juice @Zashiii Delistair was sure that his bullets had hit the wizard, from the way Reginald cringed in pain. However, it wasn’t as effective as the soldier expected. He must have missed any vital points, or otherwise Reginald had a different anatomy. It wouldn’t be surprising, considering the unusualness of the disgusting worms that writhed across his body like they were feeding on him. A wave of vertigo hit Delistair, the continued usage of his magic and concentration aggravating his injury. The ringing in his ears hadn’t stopped. As Reginald doubled over in pain, Delistair backed up to the wall, leaning on it heavily to catch his breath. The wizard gave him only a moment to rest, however. An copy of Reginald appeared to his left, then right. All at once, magic missiles came at him from different directions. These were low level attacks, but shielding against so many of them would deplete too much of his energy. Instead, Del pushed off from the wall and dodged as many of them as he could, his blue shield occasionally flaring to life against those he couldn’t move away from in time. The mage was surprisingly agile, stepping, flexing and twisting his body to avoid the missiles. If Del had been in tip top condition, he could keep this up for hours. However, both his body and mind were already battered. He took a misstep, and though he caught himself almost immediately, one of the copies took the chance to appear right in front of him, firing a missile straight for his head. He gasped. It took a second for him to realize when the attack passed through him harmlessly. As the realization came, the ground was suddenly bathed in red light. A terrible pain suffused, ripping a scream from his throat. He collapsed to his knees, muscles spasming in an attempt to expel whatever influence had caused this torture, but to no avail. He knew this pain - he had experienced it before. He was a boy again, hiding in a house that was going up in flames. Looking up at the monster swaggering towards his little sister, there was only one thought in his mind: Protect her. He had to protect her. The monster drew his blade back for a blow that would practically cleave her tiny body in half. He dove for her, praying that he was fast enough. The blade bit deep into his back, splitting him open with a slash. The shock was so much that he couldn’t even draw a breath, much less scream his agony. He could only watch in horror as blood poured out of him, and as his limbs grew cold and stiff. A burst of brilliance. A comforting warm glow that enveloped and comforted him, and alarmed him at the same time. The world around them exploded with raw magical force. No, Rai..! You mustn’t…. I will protect you… Yelling his defiance through clenched teeth, Delistair planted one foot on the ground, then the other, pulling himself up with great difficulty. Reginald’s mouth moved, but Delistair couldn’t hear a word of it. The wizard could have easily finished Del while he was down, but it seemed he was attempting to convince him of something instead. “Don’t waste your breath,” Del growled. “I can’t hear you.” It didn’t matter. The wizard was a high-profile criminal, and nothing good would come from his escape. Del steeled his mind in that moment. He extended an arm towards Reginald, palm opened. A blue sphere shimmered into existence around Reginald and the child on his back, followed by a green aura. It was two spells combined into one; an anti-magic field contained in a spherical shield. The excruciating pain from Reginald’s glyph faded away, but it was swiftly replaced by a suffering of his own making - he allowed the powerful hybrid spell to drain straight from his life energy. Lacerations gashed across his arms, legs, and then his face, just like it had when Little Sans exerted herself. Still, the mage withstood the pain and continued to pour energy into the spell, making it impermeable. It had to be strong enough to suppress Reginald’s magic. Slowly, and with much effort, he closed the fingers of his outstretched hand. The sphere surrounding the wizard grew smaller and smaller in response. His intention was to trap and crush them both within the shrinking shield. Darkness encroached into the periphery of Del’s vision. Whether he managed to succeed or not, this would be his last attack.
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Aww that’s a pity but thanks for informing!
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    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    @Grubbistch you're up! This is a posting round!