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  1. Lol it’s round, there’s a globe and everything. If you go click on the topRPsites vote daily button, that rotating globe is actually Valucre. You can identify the shape of Terrenus and genesaris and everything. It was made by our awesome member @Off Topic! Edit: also, Val isn’t primitive. There’s like some really high tech stuff in here, many members just like to play in a medieval-ish setting.
  2. Beware of using up all your RNG luck at the very start! 😂
  3. Very, very nice post @Reinholdt! I always love to learn more about Sasha. I will not be posting for Lunara. As for rewards, the use of the portal is already a good one. I think what Lunara and Agony would want to have is an ally of sorts, someone who will give them access and exit from Yh’mi and keep their mouth shut. If anything, I would be interested in continuing their interactions in another thread to find out Xeyal’s goals, loyalties and intentions. @Dolor Aeternum right?
  4. Rolled for attack against warpgolem, got a 3
  5. The centaurs did what they were told by Geladore, situating themselves around the buildings. The one assigned to the farmhand quarters nearest to the road eyed the fallen wagons warily. Was that a distraction or a trap? Cautiously, he moved forward to look at the spilled contents more closely. If there was no indication of danger, he would check the contents of the two standing wagons. The farms were on low lying flatlands conducive to growing crops, and the centaurs’ height gave them an advantage of being able to see further than most humans could. The clusters of bodies approaching from the east and west were detected by the centaurs heading towards the Lingxi farmstead, although the darkness of night limited the amount of detail they could make out. They knew that two groups were coming, but it was impossible to tell who, or how many. Conversely, the centaurs’ own movements were likely to have already been detected by the enemy as well. The centaurs continued moving towards the farmstead, having been told that the technological defences set up by the human girl (Mori) would offer them a greater advantage than engaging the enemy out in the open. - Jericho’s mental ping would receive responses that indicated that there were more of these mind-controlled entities than his mages could see with their telescopes. The closest ones came from the Lingxi farmstead itself, about double the dozen visible outside of the buildings. There were other individual responses scattered around the area, some even further than the locations of Ashton’s squads. It was possible that these were centaurs that had been assigned to patrol the other farms. Beyond that, in the forest, there was a large cluster of them - that was the centaurs’ main base, and their home. Altogether, the equine creatures numbered a couple hundred. Without at least a few hours of preparation, it was improbable that Jericho kill-chain would be able to affect all of them at once. Being a tribe of warriors, most of the centaurs were unattuned to magic, and so they did not detect the subtle signal as anything out of the ordinary. Except for one; a scout about a mile away from Ashton’s western unit. She had been favoured by the Gods since birth - gifted with a sensitivity to magic and the ability to wield the forces of wind, allowing her and those who galloped with her to do so at great speeds. Females were not allowed to fight, but the young lady had insisted on joining, and this was no ordinary circumstance. Jericho’s ping was not only detected by her, but also indicated to her the location of its origin. Alerted to the presence of a magic-wielder, she set off with the blessing of the wind to gather the other scouts. - Perimeter breached. Heartbeats quickened as the centaurs in the camp received the coded signal. They did not have far to search before the turret went off. Although they had been briefed about the creature that ate metal, it was still a surprising sight when the bolts seemed to melt into the warpgolem. The centaurs were quick to react, however. “Shoot! With the wooden arrows!” Geladore commanded. Five arrows were launched at the golem, aiming for knee and neck, the usual weak points of humanoid creatures. It might be more effective to charge at it and stomp it with their powerful feet, but they were preferring to stay away from the humming turrets, not fully understanding what they did and how they worked.
  6. Post will be up tonight for sure. Have 2/3s of it done.
  7. Well! It does mean you got two out of three hits! That's not too bad then.
  8. Nope, their actions didn't get reduced from the crit failure. HP effects are taken at the start of the turn, but sanity effects are taken per action.
  9. It would take a lot more effort to track post counts in a chat room. What you’ve said is possible, but I think it’s more trouble than its worth to come up with and administrate such a system lol.
  10. Shouldn't we want to own the data for Val-related story though? 🤔 Not just for page rank, but for our own members' discoverability too. Try searching "zengi valucre" or "odin haze valucre". It pulls out stuff that goes all the way back to 2010. Yesterday, I searched for "narrative damage system", forgetting to put "valucre", and guess what? Val comes up top in the search! I don't mean OOC resources like what vB was, but IC resources. Like I acquired a war machine through Discord RP and bring it into Val forum RP: Someone asks "what? I never knew you owned such a thing, where is it from?" It's gonna be like 'yeah it's canon, but it's in Discord, and there's no way I'm going to paste all that content over here, live with it'. ^ I can foresee such problems if we allow the canon world to spill over both channels. Vs just copy pasting the link to the thread if it was just written in the forum.
  11. As you said, each medium encourages a certain type of interaction. If we were to compare putting the same IC content on IPS and on Discord, in terms of longevity, owning our own data, being searchable on the web, sharing and allowing others or the public to view the content, I believe our current format offers the greater advantage over discord. If people wanted to do PM-type RP, they can do it within their own Discord PM, I don’t really how having a site-wide Discord would facilitate that. Mind you, I’m not against chat RP, it just goes back to my original statement that I am not likely to engage in chat RP, that’s all. However, if we wanted to maintain the same setting across both channels and make both canon, I can see how that could get messy. Like someone prepping for a war over Discord, RPing getting resources on Discord, then bringing those resources from there back into the forum, that would be very difficult to track. I do agree having phone notifications are nice though. If we can integrate notifications from Val into slack or some other messaging systems that would be the most ideal XD
  12. @desolate milkshake but how would that differ from posting on Val then? Why have a separate medium when we can already do long-form non-real-time writing on Val.. My impression of chat RP is that you are mostly “speaking” in character, and it’s not realistic for someone to speak at length that way XD Isn’t the allure of chat that you interact in a fast and short manner like you’re actually speaking face to face with each other?
  13. e.g. milkshake [Jul 15, 5:45pm] “What is your name?” someguy [Jul 15, 10:50pm] “Oh, it’s Maddy. What’s yours?” milkshake [Jul 16, 1:03 pm] “Milky. Hey what about we head to town?” someguy [Jul 16, 9:17pm] “Sure, sounds good!” ... seems to be a really painful pace to me....
  14. Just to provide you with a few options, here are some of the myriad of battle systems I can find. The Mostly Orchestrated Battle System is the most ‘official’ system that is popular right now, it’s basically a coin toss but it can take variations such as degree of damage. Here are two variants of Load, Block, Shoot: And Ataraxy has compiled many of these systems in a thread.
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