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    Birthday wishes this year?

    Happy birthday Benny! Wish you all the best for the year ahead!
  2. jaistlyn

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Yeah that's fine! *mutters* Damn that reckless, berserk blob.
  3. jaistlyn

    [OOC] 5 manly men!

    Matahari Chaya, at your service. Just a brief history for now, I haven't fully decided on his personality yet, I'll be deciding it through RP!
  4. jaistlyn

    jaistlyn's character incubator

    Other Threads [YH'MI] Black Destiny (Completed) - Remissio, a paladin tainted by the influence of Lun'silth, goes to war against Inns'th and the Order of the White Hand. A Rip Between Worlds [Precursor] (xx) - Prelude to the Taen-Yh'mi Worldrift event, in which Wyn and Aziza accidentally release the ancient Taen magic of Worldrift. A series of unfortunate effects (Completed) - Volentia, the youngest paladin of the Order of the White Hand, leads an expedition to find out the reason behind the thick mists in Yh'mi. A.N.T Main Thread 1 and Thread 2 (Ongoing) - The head of the Order of the White Hand, Chastity, attends a congregation of Terrenus' independent leaders hosted by the Taen Empire in Ursa Madeum. Chastity asked for aid for the ongoing battle in Yh'mi, and obtained warriors and supplies. [ORISIA] The After Party (Completed) - After the chaotic events of the coronation party in Orisia that ended in the Queen's kidnap, the Queen's cousin Marie, and her niece, Kylie, attempt to clean up the aftermath. The Genius of Evil (Completed) - Roen infiltrates the DuGrace castle and stages a coup. The absence of Rafael was palpable. Roen placed Gabriela firmly on the throne and assumed stewardship for himself. Marie decides to swear fealty to Irene Gabriela DuGrace, despite her obligations to Rafael. [KNOLES] The Anima Imperium (Completed) - The mayor of the small town of Knoles negotiates with Dr Marigold as the latter builds a massive lab near her farming town. Night of Terror [Knoles] (Completed) - Due to events happening at the Anima Imperium, a horde of zombies invade Knoles. A group of heroes step in to save the town. [PALGARD] An aye for an aye leaves the whole world pirates (Ongoing) - Trude, an engineer who believes in using technology to combat against potential invasion from magical aliens and creatures, accidentally teams up with Hana Alenko to investigate strange ongoings in Hana's tower in Palgard. [ETC] Spelunking too Deep (xx) - In which Alethea, a cyberpunk girl, goes in search of a group of tourists who have gone missing in the caves of Stonehaven. The Psionic Academy: Course I (xx) - Where Zara, a budding psion, attends a course taught by Red herself, the regent of Predator's Keep. Burglary in the Beyond (xx) - A halfling merchant, Temo the Small, who is a skilled thief on the side, teams up with one other to pilfer a haunted mansion in the Badlands.
  5. jaistlyn

    jaistlyn's character incubator

    Matahari Chaya Image credits Age: 24 Height: 6 ft / 183 cm Weight: 183 lbs / 83 kg [BACKSTORY] Matahari has belonged to the Rajput Brigade of Kalopsia since the tender age of 6. He is the second son in his family, and has five other siblings. His birth was possible only because his mother was saved from ghouls by a Solanki while she was pregnant with him. As a gesture of gratitude, his family pledged their child's life to the Brigade. Trained well in the art of fighting, Matahari's strengths are his speed and flexibility, which have allowed him to frequently gain the upper hand against foes stronger than himself. Watching him fight is almost like watching a deadly dance. He gained his Honours through the Calling Ceremony when he was 16, at a younger age than most of the Brigade. Matahari did not hesitate when presented with the blood-tainted wine that would seal his fate; the secret of the Rajput Brigade that would eventually turn them into ghouls. The young man had always been prepared to give his life for the sake of his country. His dedication to the service of Kalopsia earned him a place among the ranks of the Agnivanshi, an honour that his family is proud of.
  6. jaistlyn

    Lightly, Dance

    Asher’s question gave Elisha pause. A strange sensation had blossomed within her chest. A worry that he would be further entangled into this web, even though he was already implicated. It was a strange emotion to have, because she was sure that her heart was purely and wholly devoted to only one person, Sauriel. But why was she yearning for the warmth of Asher’s arms? Elisha’s small hands gripped Asher’s tighter. If he agreed to whisk her away, she had to tell him. He had to know what he was getting into. “My master. He’s the Blood Emperor. Rafael. I was the reason why he wasn’t with the Black Queen, protecting her. She must have been taken when he was.. with me.” She pressed a hand against her own chest. “I feel it. His frustration, his pounding fury.” Her hand clenched into a fist, twisting and wearing at the thin material of her white dress. The petite woman looked even more vulnerable without the fancy dress that she had worn for the coronation. It was unthinkable what the powerful Rafael could do to her. Elisha looked down and said in a small voice, “I know it’s asking a lot of you, mi’lord. But please, I need to hide away somewhere, and I have nowhere else to go.”
  7. jaistlyn

    How many threads are you in right now?

    It’s a love-hate thing.
  8. jaistlyn

    How many threads are you in right now?

    Holy wow Aleksei. If I don’t count those that I’ve pegged as likely to be inactive forever, I’m in 12. Three of which are inactive but still has that “might be revived anytime” vibe. I’m looking at you @Ataraxy. 👀
  9. jaistlyn

    The maddening mists [ongoing large-scale event]

    Awesome! You won't have to post for him every round, just kind of establish a presence and post when necessary!
  10. jaistlyn

    The maddening mists [ongoing large-scale event]

    @Dolor Aeternum does your guy operate IC? Soon enough, I will be running an event for the building of Fort Furthest Point 😉 It will be the perfect place for your reporter to get in the way of the fighting, get up close and personal with the creatures, perhaps even get some close up shots of them! It will give him crazy cred in the media world for sure. But if he dies, uhm, perhaps we can give him an award posthumously?
  11. jaistlyn

    The maddening mists [ongoing large-scale event]

    Yeah I will, some time this week! I was considering submitting it for the new journalists to take up, but on second thoughts, with the number of threads it spans, I concluded that I should do it >.>
  12. jaistlyn

    The Grey Gateway [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 1]

    Antique’s help in getting rid of the vicious pup on her arm assisted Dawen in regaining her composure. While using one arm to keep the last pup at bay, she swiftly drew the dagger hanging at her hip, and stabbed it deep into its neck. She held on to its blood poured over her fingers and drained out of the tiny thing, until it went still. “Not such a shame now, is it?" The elf turned back and looked at the other two. She shook her head. "These are not creatures native to Yh'mi too. They seem to be some form of mutation. Perhaps they were once normal, but no longer." She bent down to retrieve her sword, but a stab of pain coursed through her arm, together with a wave of dizziness that brought her to her knees. Poison? She raised her other arm to stave off the concern of the rest. "It's alright. I have medicine that should slow down the effects of most poisons. But even so, it might be too dangerous to go on without knowing what we are facing. We can bring the bodies of these cubs back. They might give clues as to what the scar in the sky is." The rest agreed. Their night was spent relatively uneventfully in the cave. The next morning, the trio wrapped one of the cub corpses with a piece of cloth, and set off back to Inns'th. The journey was far from a walk in the park, but they managed to return to the encampment, weary from battle and the ever-looming threat of death. Lost numbers were reported, and the dead pup was handed over to the Order of the White Hand for analysis. It was swiftly found that it was similar to wolves that roam the pocket dimension of Taen. More concrete evidence came in the form of a similar silver streak that tainted the sky of Taen, and reports of a black volcano that appeared out of nowhere together with the rift. The leaders of both lands agreed that it was a cause for concern, and to work together to find out how to close the portal to prevent further destabilization.
  13. jaistlyn

    Terrenus military chatter v.2

    This should qualify as a completed military thread for Maira (@PandaHat) !
  14. jaistlyn

    The maddening mists [ongoing large-scale event]

    I know it's been a loooooong time, but here's the conclusion for the event (finally!) Buford has been found in Yh'mi, having the ability to open portals and generate mists. He was given these powers by a mysterious benefactor in Yh'mi. Buford was killed in the end, yelling that the Eater of Stars was going to rise again, and that no one would be able to stop him.