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  1. @Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn I'll be AFV for a week and a half!
  2. ((continued in Black Destiny))
  3. The two men hustled Alice and Mister Squiggles along, with the mage in front and the larger man bringing up the rear, keeping an eye on them. "Quickly, now," he grunted. They came to the door of the building, where Ingel stood guard. The paladin held his sword at the ready, staring sternly at the giant spider. "Does this creature belong to one of you?" He gave a sidelong glance to the crazed woman behind him, unsure if her methods worked on a non-humanoid anatomy. They had never heard of a Twistling that was able to change its overall body mass, but they could never be sure. A movement further up the road caught the eye of the axe-man, then disappeared around a corner. "Hey buddy!" He called out. "Not there. It's over here!" When he received no reply, he went up the path after whoever it was, assuming that the person did not hear him. ---------- The Gutterfiend let out a guttural roar when the sword was plunged into its soft eye. All its other five eyes squeezed shut, and it shook its head and upper body violently. Its giant hands swung wildly around, trying to sweep Gormaric off and crush him. ---------- Help came for Dyloceus in the form of a fiery arrow that lodged itself in the joint of the Magnus' insectile arm. The claw that was meant to skewer the cambion plunged into the cart instead, sending wooden splinters flying everywhere. This was followed up immediately by a slender figure slicing the Magnus' arm cleanly off at the same joint. The cambion might recognise the elven figure as a companion in his previous endeavors. (Dawen's entrance is continued from the story in Whispers Bind.) ---------- Fighters from Inns'th swarmed to the hole in the wall at the rallying cry of a commander. It was the final holdoff that would decide the victory of either side. The numbers was almost even now, and Remissio had to concede that it was different from the overwhelming victory he had expected. Nevertheless, he would not waver from his calling. Wiping off beading sweat from his brow, he stepped up to the wall next to his creatures, and commenced to cut down the mercenaries standing between him and his final objective. In swordsmanship, he was second to none in the Order, and the enhanced strength of his enlightened faith made him even more powerful despite his injury. Magic did little but to singe his armour, and those who wielded sword and spear were driven back by his inhuman strength. Until an angel-like figure stood in his path. "It has been a long time, Diligence," Remissio said. "You are being misled. You are on the wrong side. Let me through." "Ha!" Diligence spat bitterly. "Over my dead body, foul creature!" Their swords passed back and forth with jarring power and deadly accuracy. Remissio made a swing at his opponent's chest, but Diligence managed to block it with the flat of her sword. Their weapons crossed and locked, each trying to find dominance over the other, but it was obvious that Diligence was on the losing end. Her arms shook under the pressure.
  4. It was a ridiculous sight to see, a bunch of grown men threatening a little girl. The biting chill radiating from Sasha was uncomfortable, but familiar to Dawen. They had fought for each others' lives, after all, and she was fond of the strange girl. She almost laughed when the man scooped up the rock. That would be ineffective against the little shadow being on many levels. From what they were saying, it seemed that a battle was going on. A Twistling invasion? She had no interest in asking these men. She would go see for herself. "If you know what's good for you, you'll go back to whichever hole you crawled out from." Dawen came up beside Sasha and crossed her arms. With her slender elven figure, and the plain cloth draped about her shoulders, she hardly cut an imposing figure herself. If these hooligans tried to take advantage of that though, she would teach them not to judge by appearances. "Do you really think that this place is safe from whatever's attacking?" she gestured at the unsavory bar behind. "You should have come here knowing that no place is safe." She stepped into their midst, expecting them to let her through. If they didn't, or tried to lay a finger on her, they would find themselves missing a hand. "You cannot get past her. I suggest you join the fight and die a hero's death, rather than try to bully a little girl and die a coward's death." The battle was happening on the wall. At a glance, although the defenders standing on top of the wall seemed to be holding their ground, there was pitiful few people standing at the bottom of the wall. Dawen was not dumb enough to walk into a battle naked, though. She ducked into the barracks and put on her leather armour, then strode towards the wall.
  5. @Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn Feel free to let me know if I've missed anything from anyone in my post!
  6. Confusion was rampant on the walls. The Twistlings created psychological terror among the mercenaries, and they turned upon themselves, accusing each other of being shapeshifters. The situation was made worse by people scaling the walls from the Yh'mi side. They looked like those who had been sent out to kill Remissio, but who knew if they were who they seemed, or if they had already been eaten and replaced? For a moment, the Order lost control over the defenders. "He's a Twistling! Kill him!" "Yeah! I haven't seen him touch any of the monsters! He must be on their side!" A group of people surrounded a man, who was vehemently protesting against the accusations. The youngest paladin, Volentia, rushed over, but wasn't fast enough to stop a large, burly man from running his sword through the accused person. The man let out a choking scream, then collapsed, writhing in pain. A second of anticipation went by before melting into stunned silence as they realised the man was not morphing into a Twistling. Now, the ring of people turned to the burly man with the sword. "You.. You've been going around accusing people! You must be the-" "Stop it!" Volentia shouted, her voice bordering on desperation. The blood splattered all over her white armour added to that image. "There are far more enemies out there. Fighting among ourselves is exactly what they want!" She went to the fallen man's side, checking his vitals. The burly man crossed his arms. "I'm not going to stand beside someone until I'm sure they're not going to backstab me." The others looked unsure. "He- he's gone." Volentia said, biting back tears. Some of the people looked away guiltily. "Please. Stop it. Or we all die." ---------- "Ohh, oh, did I hear you guys yelling about twisters just now? I can help with those!" "The witch, the witch! Attack her!" Ingel was slightly horrified to see that the madwoman had made her way back here. Judging by her gleeful tone, she was enjoying herself as always. As much as he hated to admit it, they could use her abilities now, as they had before. "Wait, wait," he planted himself in front of Elenwen and halted the defenders. "The Order will deal with this dangerous woman." He pulled her off the walls. "Do NOT do the same mass.. testing that you did the other time," he cautioned. He couldn't imagine the mess that would happen if she did. Pulling Elenwen along to where Diligence was, he told the higher-ranked paladin his plan. "Sister, this woman can identify Twistlings through a relatively.. non-destructive method. But she can only test one person at a time, and we need a private space." He pointed at the nearest building. "Please, send out a call to bring suspected persons to us." He turned to Elenwen. "We should have a steady stream of people coming in. Co-operate, and I'll protect you against those who want to harm you. Try anything funny, and I'll take your book away again." ---------- While Alice, Mister Squiggles and Ilpholin were reaching the top of the wall, they would see a man with an axe, and a sorcerer who held a blue orb of energy in his palm. "What are you waiting for?" the man with the axe demanded. "Just shoot and kill them." "They don't look like Yh'mi creatures, maybe except that one." "Twistlings, bro! Didn't you hear the shouts?!" A new call went up for suspected Twistlings to be brought in. The sorcerer looked at the axe-man, then addressed the trio. "If you're friendly, come with me to be tested. Make any attempt to attack, and I'll pulverize you." The axe-man shook his head. "You're too soft, bro." "Shut up." ---------- Something that appeared in the peripherals of his mind broke Remissio's concentration. A presence that had somehow managed to hide itself among his creatures? He did not know how that happened. He whirled around to face his enemy - a massive warrior. "A waste of time," he declared. While she was huge, she was alone, and he had no reason to face her directly. Two gutterfiends moved in to crush Catherine. Their fists were as large as her torso, and if she swung her axe and ruptured the sacs along their thorax and chest, she would be melted by the caustic acid. Gormaric's approach was sensed by them, and one of the gutterfiends turned towards him, daring him to come closer. He might have avoided an attack by one of the creatures earlier, but at the time, he had the momentum to do so. Now, if he wanted to reach the corrupted paladin, it would have to be over the creature's dead body. Remissio turned his attention back to the wall as a wave of fire spread down it, leaving blackened and burning corpses falling from it. He was determined to get into Inns'th. Planting his legs firmly on the ground, he gathered his power again and sent another wave against the wall. The stationary position caused him to be an easy target for Praulian. Just as he released the earth-shaking power, the javelin hit true. Even with the enhanced resistance against pain that his faith gave him, the acid made his leg give out and brought him to his knee. At the same time, a section of the wall collapsed to a cry of dismay from the defenders. A cloud of dust obscured everything near the section of the wall. Smiling against the pain at his completed objective, Remissio dug his sword into the ground, leaned against it and stood up. His army was down to about a quarter, but it would be easier from here.
  7. Lyonesse.. Here he would find glory and power, Rodham knew. In truth, he had always been jealous of Saerenth, the one whom he served. The only difference between them was the family they had been born in; Rodham was not any less powerful than the young elf. He had grown tired of being the servant. Now that the king of Platinum-Neptune was dead, and his two children were missing, it was the best time for him to prove his prowess and take the throne for himself. The carriage stopped, and Rodham climbed out. He knew how to make himself more powerful - to ally himself with the most influential faction in Athentha - the dark winged beast. He needed to convince Vex to join his quest, otherwise to prevent him from interfering. "You mentioned that Lyonesse holds the key to stopping this. So, what are we looking for?" he asked Vex. He intended to present this key item or person to the princess of Athentha to prove his loyalty. ---------- "Miss it?" Esslyn hissed. "I'm more than ecstatic to get rid of it! This here… this is where I belong." She purred as Rin nuzzled into her neck. "Have me. Consume me. Everything, everything, until I am no longer me, but part of you!" The four demons of Athentha. Twisted, corrupted beings. The four were neutral to each other. They cooperated with each other when convenient, but destroyed each other when pursuing their own agendas for power. Consumed by her passion for Esslyn, the being she created, Rin was unaware of the power that Manah was gaining…
  8. The intricate mark on her chest was nothing she had ever seen either in the real world, or within the vision. She smeared her hand across it, obscuring the pattern with her blood. "What does Yh'mi want with us?" she retorted. Xeyal's questioning irritated her. Now that she had been released, she calmed down somewhat. "Just because I got some information doesn't mean that I know everything. I only know that It is some sort of being that is beyond mortal. On the level of gods, probably. I don't know what it wants, just that it is bad news." She shook her head. "Lirrey. It seems that it might hold some answers. I'll be heading there next." Sliding off the table, she grabbed a piece of cloth off one of the tables and draped it over her tattered shirt. "It would be hard to get past the guards at the gates without taking on one of the Order's quests, though. But if I could borrow Sas- the 'little monster'-" There was a loud boom, and the ground shook from some kind of impact. The doctor's glassware and instruments were jolted out of their positions. Metal tools clanged onto the floor, and several glass jars fell and broke. "What was that?!" Dawen exclaimed. She rushed to the door. Was this in any way related to the trip into her mind? Did it psychically trigger something to come after her?
  9. Thank you! The remote destruct button is pretty good, yourself ;) Now that's more her size! Very nice!!
  10. @Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  11. More traps. Remissio gritted his teeth as another of the larger creatures fell to a fiery death. These were not simple traps; they had to be set off by active spellcasting. However, he ordered his creatures to continue bashing the wall. Half the battle in warfare was won by knowing the enemy. And he knew them, alright. Made up mostly of mercenaries in it for the gold, he was certain that most of them would not stay when the odds were obviously stacked up against them. This meant that whoever set these traps, they must not be many. And they would not be able to keep this up for long. His army was at a disadvantage as long as they were outside the wall, so his top priority was to breach it - fast. Sure enough, the onslaught of powerful spells stopped, but not before half of the strongest creatures had been destroyed. Remissio had not expected to lose that many outside the gates. Atop the wall, a skeleton taunted him. He smiled to himself. A vile creature like that being allowed here was proof that they were severely shorthanded. He stepped towards the wall now, into the range of arrows and spells. It was time for him to show his faith in the Truth. ---------- The golden-haired paladin walked into the chapel where Chastity stood. Her beautifully sculptured features were twisted into a frown. "It does not fare well, Brother. The Chhitten have reduced our numbers further. They are almost through the wall." Chastity looked at Diligence intently. "Is he…?" "Yes, he is at the helm. Perhaps it would be good for you to join us, Brother." "I have faith that our forces will triumph. What can an old man like me do? I will only get in the way." "Our spirits would be lifted with you there." The door opened, and Videntia walked in, her face drawn and pale. "I will join the battle. I will not sit by while my brothers and sisters risk-" she stumbled on unsteady feet, and Diligence rushed to catch her. Before she could reach Videntia however, a sword was driven through her neck. Blood splatted across her pretty face. Videntia gasped. A horrible raspy scream was heard, and Diligence's form devolved into that of a long-limbed monster. It thrashed around in agony, and then went still. Chastity pulled his sword out from its cooling corpse. "Diligence would not come here at this crucial time. She would much rather stay out there with her brethren." ---------- "Twistlings!" "What? Where? Who?!" The news spread fast. The shapeshifters had invaded their ranks, and no one knew how they got through. The defenders moved apart from each other as a wave of suspicion spread through them. Who were these people standing beside them? Could they be sure they were friends, not foes? Remissio smiled at the well-timed commotion on the wall. The confusion had distracted them from him. He concentrated, then unleased a ground wave towards the wall. There was an audible rumble, and massive fissures appeared along the wall's surface. One more should do it. He gathered his powers again, but a sudden sharp pain erupted in his chest. He clutched at his armour, expecting to see an arrow - but nothing. What was that? He shook it off and prepared for the last blow to the wall.
  12. Sorry guys, lost my motivation for writing for a bit, but I got it back! I found it under my bed. I'LL POST TOMORROW
  13. Guess I was never really 'gone', but my drive for writing definitely got pretty low for the past couple of months for some reason, so I've neglected many of my threads. Probably connected to some weird irrational thought that my writing was somehow not as good as before, and that I would be disappointing people if I wrote sub-standard posts. But whatever right? As long as the writing is fun! :P To my RP partners: I'm sorry for being so slow! I'm pumped up to write again though, so I'll be picking up the pace! jaistlyn is backkkk
  14. Lol, I've thought of it myself. Think of it as - people might have gone that way, but never returned, so there have been no accounts of anyone visiting it by sea. The whole area below Lirrey is unchartered territory. You're very much welcome to do so! "Stone Ocean" describes the Broken Plains part of Yh'mi perfectly, but not the Whitewoods/Spire areas as those are forests, and it is not sure how the landscape looks like beyond Lirrey. Wanna know (i.e. create) what lies beyond? Take the Into The Dark quest and RP into the Unknown Territories! But it's gonna take some effort (70 posts).
  15. Yayy! The new turn is just starting, I'll add you into the post order.