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  1. You don’t have to wait! You can if you want to, but there’s no need to. In fact it’s an advantage if you can get rid of them before they even act /just saying
  2. Alright, I’ll push the plot along faster then. Expect a post tomorrow!
  3. jaistlyn

    Justicar Redeemed: The Return of The Flirty Princess

    Damn Cadence will be inspired by that title. An adventurer needs to know how to fight! 😉 He's based in Genesaris, if that helps in the decision of location
  4. jaistlyn

    Justicar Redeemed: The Return of The Flirty Princess

    I may have a character for this! Cadence is a young but talented pilot, and a fledgling adventurer. No fighting skills whatsoever though, unless someone wants to teach him >.> Can help to gather materials, but can't fight. Do you think he'll be suitable @Saerwen Talmiel? Where was the airship crashed? I am deciding whether he was originally part of the crew or just joined them now.
  5. jaistlyn

    Terrenus military chatter v.2

    I’m wondering, what’s the punishment for using military resources for personal interests? Specifically, using confidential information to locate a building, and then infiltrating said building to copy out information onto a military storage device without permission. If caught, of course. Delistair is doing that right now, but timeline-wise this was done before he became an officer, and I’m just thinking if it would be interesting for him to be caught in the future.
  6. jaistlyn

    Lost Answers

    Delistair relaxed slightly when Hana explained her plan. He didn’t trust a third party handling the information, but if the help was to give them an avenue to gain access, then he welcomed the assistance. “Thank you, Hana. You’re a good friend.” There had been no need for her to go to this extent to help with his personal problem, but yet she was trying so hard to solve it. He didn’t expect it, but he appreciated it. The least he could do now was to not make things difficult for her when she was only trying to help. He tapped a finger on the papers on his hands. “The only thing I have is this invoice, and there’s no name on it. But there is something that could turn up an identity - the secret key used in the encryption. I’m not sure how much security the tower employs, but some places use different keys that could point to different departments, or even to specific people. If I can get access to the tower’s secure communication systems, there’s a chance I can get a name, an employee number, a job title, something that brings me closer to the identity of this person who created this invoice.” It wasn’t going to be an easy job though. It would be tedious work trying to match the key. “Crunching the data can take days, weeks. So what I’m looking to do is to copy the data, then analyze it later.” He unlocked a drawer of the table, then took out a small crystal device. Hana might recognize it as a data storage device used by the military. It was taken out without permission. “I need to emphasize again: this is illegal stuff that’s going to get you into serious trouble if we’re caught. It’s still not to late for you to reconsider helping, but please, don’t try to stop me.”
  7. jaistlyn

    How old are your characters?

    Hmm for recently played characters: Dawen 42 (visual 23, elf blahblah), Rai 25, Meritio 18, Delistair 30, Elisha 20, Lunara ??? (centuries old?), Dash late-20ish, Chastity ?? 60ish 70? So youngest 18, oldest hundreds, median late 20s? Coincides with my own age, no surprise there lol.
  8. I have a couple other threads to reply to, will get to this thread by mid-week!
  9. jaistlyn

    Serphus Alumna; The New Platinum-Neptune

    Roses bloom in red Thorns prickle and shred When I lay and plead Who’s gonna know I’m Dead? Pawns. Even the mighty fall. The world was dull with lies, and only the adaptable survive. Esben was a fly caught in a spider web, and yet he still thought that the world was his. Amoura, now Catalyst, looked up as Esben entered. “You have come, my dear,” she said, her eyes glistening. “You don’t know what this temple is doing. It’s trying to turn me against you. It wants me to become the temple goddess. Enslave me to its wants. Save me, Esben. Bring me away.” Of course, it was all a ploy to make Esben believe that she still wanted to be loyal to him. To complete the act, Fahrenheit-Abalone waved his hand, and two suits of armour with swords standing by the side of the wall animated themselves. They were not going to hurt him, of course. At least not too much. He had to give Esben some challenge to make him think that his rescue of Amoura was a success. — The lingering ache from the black heart mirror was almost debilitating, but it was a good pain. Delicious, as it granted him power. Saerenth reached out and pulled Ra down onto his bare chest. Lips met, and the demon prince savored the kiss hungrily. He was famished, starved for blood and violence. His previous identity as the elven prince had long since been abandoned. In this form he was free, free to ravish power, free to be himself. He ought to thank Esben for showing him the dark side. Manah. The name was imprinted on his mind by Ra. Knights. There was a good battle to be fought. Saerenth stood up and went outside. He spread his wings and took off gracefully, dark feathers lush and silky.
  10. jaistlyn

    Valucre reactions for Lunar New Year - taking ideas!

    I duuno why, but I love the stickmen in that drawing LOL
  11. It's time for new reactions again! The Lunar New Year theme gained some popularity, so I'm going to go with that. This is an open call for ideas for me to draw again! As usual, I'll do a mix of characters and festive icons. It's the year of the Pig, so if your characters have any pig pets, or if you have any beasts in your territory that are like pigs, those would be perfect 😜 Not all ideas would be selected, but you get a higher chance if: 1. It fits the theme 2. If it is a character, they have a distinguishable feature 3. Reference images (the more the merrier), 4. Suitability as a reaction. Reactions are very tiny images, so the simpler it is to draw your idea/character, the better. Lunar New Year falls on February 5, and traditionally, the festivities last 15 days. Here are some pictures I randomly took off google related to the holiday -
  12. @HollowCipher @ChaosLord @Thotification @Garion @EpicRome23 @sorainvoked @Metty @Akiris @Lawman @Dolor Aeternum @Moon Owl @P.N.See Mid-round reminder to post by the end of Friday!
  13. jaistlyn

    General chat thread

    @Rin our thread is next on my list! I’ll be posting tomorrow or Sunday!
  14. jaistlyn

    Sounds of Stories

    Favoritism.. I’m jealous 😤 I was first! LOL