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  1. Just putting it out there as well that character sheets are optional. You can just start writing without a sheet if you want to, though it's good to have at least an idea of your character's appearance and personality in your head.
  2. One more suggestion, if you are accustomed to working in your own editor you can just design the page within it, then use Inspect like what Off Topic did and paste the code into Valucre's editor. Note that things such as forms and buttons are disabled though, and will not render. One way to check whether the formatting is right before you post is to first create that draft in a PM to yourself.
  3. "Now, as I was saying, we have found the generator, and we need to dispose of it. I do not wish to use any more of my devices right now unless necessary, just in case we need them against Lavernius. Does anyone else have a method of--" "I may be able to.." Meritio started speaking helpfully, but both he and the doctor were cut off by the bolt of magic out of nowhere. He ducked down instinctively, but that didn't stop him from getting hit by the curse. His body continued its downward momentum, but something was strange, and everything felt stiff. Did the Cursor paralyze him? Before he could figure out anything though, the area where the powerful sorcerer was fighting exploded in brilliant light, which would have been pretty if they could actually see it. But the fact was that he had to squeeze his eyes shut against it, since he could not move his hands over his face. When he finally managed to blink the afterimage away, he noted from his vantage point on the ground that Trey had shrunk back to his normal size. It seemed that the generators were no longer a concern since the sorcerer had managed to break out of it himself. Meritio shared Trey's frustration with the current situation, though he wasn't too sure about the part about murdering Doctor Psychotic. "Uhhh, maybe we can leave the murdering part to the Sorcerer Supreme and we get on with our lives? I think our part in this prophecy may just be to find him, and then we can go home." He paused. "But if someone may be so kind as to help me, I can't move. I'm sure it will wear off after a bit though." Doctor Leonard turned to look for the boy speaking, and finally pinpointed it as the orange head-sized vegetable on the ground with a face. "You're a pumpkin," he said matter-of-factly, as if nothing ever fazed him. Meritio, however, was not so calm. "Whaaaaaaaaat?!" he exclaimed. He tried again to move his limbs again, but nothing happened. "Uh, well, but, what about this?" He concentrated on the generator, like he would when casting a spell, and the machinery soon caught fire. "Well, at least I still have my magic, I suppose!" "Casey, pick him up." Leonard told his daughter. "Why me?" she protested, but moved to pick up Meritio regardless, encircling him under one arm. "You're so heavy. Why couldn't you have been turned into an orange or something?" - In Lavernius' base The doctor was livid with anger. "He told me that those fighters are the strongest in the universe! That they would be able to defeat anyone! So why did they not defeat one Sorcerer Supreme? Dearest, unleash our ultimate defence. I will capture them all at any cost!"
  4. Thanks for joining us here, notmuch! It has been a pleasure. All the best with the Singlaces! Wow, Frederick is in super saiyan mode!
  5. Yup! d3 for the extent of injury and d10 to determine what is affected. Also, everyone please give a status update on your characters (alive or dead, HP, special skills left)! This also lets me see who is active for the last part of this arc. The last part will not be long, but we do have to wait for @EpicRome23's realm to end first. @Dolor Aeternum @P.N.See @Fierach @Tyler @notmuch_23 @zackrobbman
  6. I am still here! Will be posting within the next week! Sorry for the very extended delay @.@
  7. @Fierach @Twitterpated "If you are resolved to be a protector, it is not about how slight the blow that fells you might be, it is about taking it all the same to spare others.” Volentia widened her eyes to this wisdom. She felt a pang of guilt at her previous words. James' words would be her motivation for years to come. But now, she watched as the two Knights swung their blades in a dance. When James stepped back, she expected him to dodge Jin's blow, then attack while he was preparing for his next move. Instead, in a flash of movement that seemed to be much too early, James' blade came up against Jin's wrist, as if he knew exactly where his opponent's weapon would end up. "How-" Volentia started the question. "Again Jin, and watch closely Volentia." She nodded, and stared intently at the exchange, fascinated by the display of skills.
  8. The final killing blow to 'Volentia' was dealt by Gormaric, with a lethal dive from the sky like one of those famed dragonriders. Fidelitas' moment of weakness had apparently been caught by the dark knight. The paladin pulled his sword from the still body, then nodded to Gormaric. Nothing more had to be said, since both warriors knew what was at stake here. The paladin looked around to assess the battlefield. Sheryl looked to be in trouble. He didn't know what the demonic energy that surrounded her was, but it was clear she needed help. He called on the power of his faith to heal her. A white glow suffused Sheryl at first, but Noleron's tainted energy seemed to overcome it in an instant, and it shot back at Fidelitas, almost as if he himself had been attacked by Noleron. He staggered back in pain. The ground suddenly shifted, and Fidelitas managed to stumble away and avoid the spikes that erupted from below. Remissio began his charge, and Fidelitas moved his sword up to meet the copy of the renegade directly. Their swords clashed, and Fidelitas bared his teeth. "Remissio, you traitor. I should have been the one to face you that night." He had exchanged many blows with Remissio in the past, practicing and honing their swordplay. This was almost nostalgic, but he held no illusions that his enemy was anywhere close to the real Remissio. Especially not after 'Remissio' resurrected Erudition into a demented state. Fidelitas felt Khaki's healing wind soothe his wounds, and saw the movements of the trio of ladies from the corners of his vision. A smile tugged at his lips. "I'm not alone." In a flash. Khaki cut into Remissio viciously with her blades, and the mature Mistress stepped in to deliver slaps that would make any furious lady proud. Fidelitas followed from their attacks to deliver heavy attacks at Remissio's legs, in a bid to slow his advance on them.
  9. Fidelitas action 3, attack (sanity 4)
  10. Fidelitas action 2, attack (sanity 4)
  11. Fidelias action 1, heal (Sanity 4)
  12. Ah no, I mean that it has to be 5 different targets. I see a +2 on Khaki and the Mistress, is that from the mass rally or something else?
  13. @HollowCipher healer is already dead, did you mean attack on Remissio, the one we have to kill to get the bomb?
  14. @Zashiii Mass Rally cannot be used multiple times on the same character, so that may change some of your stats around. I’ll be posting over the weekend, sorry for the delay on my end as well XD
  15. Ed Scarcely had the Xer-Orian soldier spotted Ed that the rocks rocketed in his direction. If thrown by hand, the rocks would have injured, but not killed him. However, these were propelled by magical energies, and even his hard exoskeleton could not withstand the force. The first rock bullet tore through his abdomen, and he let out a garbled cry of surprise and pain, demonstrating that he had vocal capabilities. Such capabilities were cut short however, when the second and third rocks punctured his throat and head and silenced him forever. His body thudded to the ground. Ilene Xer-Orian soldier d10 = 2 roll against Ilene’s 6, sneak is successful. A pained cry came echoing from the direction that the Xer-Orian soldier was facing, opposite of Ilene. The distraction caused him to completely miss Ilene’s presence, and he turned to move hurriedly into the next chamber, which was away from the candles and shrouded in darkness. Ilene had a split second to decide whether to spring into action before he left the light completely.
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