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  1. @Fierach @Twitterpated A third voice joined Volentia and James in the training room, and the paladin turned to see Jinsoku. The salute he gave was foreign to her, perhaps Welandish, or perhaps even from worlds beyond. Volentia returned the greeting by raising her hand, palm open, over her heart, and nodding. James’ answer to her question about other worlds was brief, but his eyes held a heaviness for the things he had seen. She wondered which place a cosmic entity like him called home, but now was not the time for idle chatter. Her question had partly been to draw attention away from her loss in the last match, but it seemed that James had caught on to her disappointment. “I had thought myself stronger, to be honest,” she admitted. “I’m no amateur, but yet I got sloppy.” She pursed her lips grimly. “You day this defeat doesn’t matter, but it does. Even those far better than me have.. met with their final defeat. How could I call myself a protector if I will fall to the slightest blow?” “But don’t worry, I’m not giving up. It just shows that I have to work much harder to get better. This tournament definitely has opened my eyes to what is out here beyond Yh’mi.” James turned her attention to his former apprentice. “Jinsoku. We’ve not formally met, but I believe I’ve seen you before.” She tilted her head, recalling. “You went with Master Eredas to explore the tunnels of the Broken Plains? The map of the tunnels - they are of great use to us, and when we capture the Furthest Point, it would serve as a basis for us to explore the tunnels further. Thank you for your skill and bravery in that endeavour.” Volentia made way for James and Jin’s demonstration in the centre of the room, and stood in anticipation. James had been an excellent mentor from her interaction with him the previous night, and she was eager to learn more.
  2. @Ataraxy “There must be a way to get down there,” Johan said, grunting as he pried away branches and vegetation to forge a path ahead. “Everything’s just covered now. I’m thankful for the miracle, but it’s not making it any easier for us to get to her.” Johan used to be a young man living a normal life - until his city of Biazo was overran by unnaturals. Him and others, they had been trapped, surrounded by monsters. They barricaded themselves for days, fending off the horrific, twisted shells of what used to be their fellow men, and watched helplessly as one by one, the survivors were dragged off screaming. There was little hope of survival - until Earth and her band arrived. They cleared a path of safety for them to get to the boat and boatman they had secured, bound for the Terrenus mainland. As a way of thanks, Johan had stayed behind as a guide to the group, who was seeking to rip apart the source of infestation in Biazo. Their journey led them to combine forces with the Terran church and military. Johan stayed far back when the war with the unnaturals took place, but he witnessed the moment when Twizzen and Earth jointly defeated an eldritch horror and planted the seed of righteous energy in the middle of the city. That seed promoted rapid plant growth, and was what caused the path to the underground cavern to be obscured now. “Is there something you can do? Blast a path through? Sense her power?” Johan turned to the person accompanying him. For the last couple of years, he had tried to seek help for Earth, who was locked in an eternal struggle with the powerful creature who had called himself The End. But people either wanted nothing to do with Biazo, or they thought that he was lying and wasting their time. Coupled with the fact that he did not have much gold to offer in return, he needed nothing less than a hero to save Earth. This hero came in a form that was not what he had expected. A young lady, who seemed as ordinary as himself, perhaps with the exception of the sign of the crescent moon marked on her forehead. She had taken an interest in Earth, it seemed, and he had told her as much as he knew about the being. If Earth wasn’t a goddess, she was pretty darned close to being one. If Earth could not take on The End alone, Johan doubted if Lilith could help, but it was worth a shot, if any.
  3. I lost some sheets too. It's because in my head, I took my sheets as current content, since I do edit my character sheets, even though I read the announcement. Also, my sheets were less than a decade old XD. I didn't expect that the deletion would be going by date created rather than date edited. Lesson learnt, a suggestion - perhaps next time, make it clear that people will have to make a post to bump their sheets to make it current!
  4. Yup multiple threads for me, in some threads I have them face difficult situations where they are forced to come up with creative usages of their power that becomes part of their skill set. In other threads they purposefully seek out mentors/higher powers/scrolls/items etc that teach them new skills. I also have threads where other characters voluntarily teach my characters new powers without them asking for it, just so that they can all accomplish their goals successfully as a team.
  5. More detail available is good, to me what is important is organizing it such that you can get the gist when you need it at one time, and you can for e.g. get a description of the flora and fauna when you need it at another time, depending on the story you are weaving. Personally I can work with either though.
  6. @HollowCipher nice post, but you cannot stack mass heal on one target, they have to be different targets. Also, why is it a free use? ?
  7. Robby waited for a response, neither patiently nor impatiently, until the request timed out. No one had registered their name to claim him as theirs. But no matter, he continued to sit quietly, processing every piece of speech that was picked up by his microphone, until such time when he could be of use again. Such time came sooner rather than later, when the issue of “Pandora’s Box” came up. RBBY-A09 came equipped with a search module, so he could help his owner find misplaced items, which happened more often than one might think. “Searching for Pandora’s Box,” Robby said, jumping to the task quicker than any of these quibbling, emotion-charged non-AI brings. “Please provide an image or description, and last known location.” Suddenly, the ground started to rumble. The Titan around the area was approaching, though it remained to be seen if it would pass by harmlessly, or if it had detected their presence. In any case, it was never safe to stay too long at any one place.
  8. Thank you too hahahha < 3

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      ? I re read it all and realized I myself hadn’t liked any of it. ❤️?

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  10. Fidelitas Fidelitas pursed his lips when the members of his Order twisted into abominations. It was easy to block out Noleron’s words - the entity was obviously malicious, and his words held no sway over the paladin. Fidelitas has had long-time suspicions of Ingel, but the rest of the Order, no, he trusted them, and he especially respected Chastity. “You have to try harder to fool me, you foul being,” he retorted to Noleron’s taunt. “Even as Yh’mi’s creatures, I’m sure they would be smarter than to be commanded by the likes of you.” The Ingel-twistling charged at him with his blade. Fidelitas raised his own sword to parry, but the unnatural strength of the twistling threw him off. Ingel struck a heavy blow across his chestplate, but it was deflected by the leftover remnants of Frederick’s magic. Fidelitas scarcely had time to regain his balance when the mutated form of Chastity followed up with a massive swing of his halberd. Fidelitas brought his sword up to defend against the blow. The halberd clanged against it, the force jarring his arms and pushing him backwards, forcing him onto his knees. He locked eyes with Erudition at that moment - the lanky, socially awkward boy who was lovable all the same - Erudition, whose blood was spilling out from his chest. Fidelitas watched Erudition as he exhaled his last breath. A chill went down his spine. The Order had all been prepared, some day, for their comrades to be slain one by one before their eyes. There was also an unspoken understanding among them that they would put down one of their own without hesitation if they showed any signs of betrayal. That was the conviction that Fidelitas clung to when he channeled his goddess’ power deep within himself to refresh his strength. With a roar of defiance, he leapt at Chastity, whose illusory copies had been dispelled by Gormaric’ attack. His sword glowed with righteous might as he stabbed it through the creature’s gut, followed by a slash intended to cut off one or more of its flailing tentacles. Expecting an attack aimed at him next, Fidelitas took a defensive position, boosted by the power of his faith, which had never been stronger than this moment.
  11. Fidelitas d10 sanity 4 - passive defence
  12. Fidelitas d10 sanity 4 - attack
  13. Fidelitas d10 sanity 4 - Attack
  14. Fidelitas d10 sanity 4 - heal
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