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  1. Bloat Elf head - spews stream of vomit from an unknown source whenever the mouth is opened. ^This is hilarious LOL. Thank you for the story Obelus! I had a lot of fun, and this choose-your-own-adventure format is refreshing! Will send more detailed feedback, and looking forward to the sequel!
  2. Night nodded at Solomon, then took his place right outside the door of the tavern. The remaining birds had retreated, but the bouncer kept a watchful eye on the skies. There was no telling if they would be back. Whether one of their patrons was a fugitive or not, he had a responsibility to protect everyone in the tavern. - Manny watched when Solomon healed her friend’s wounds. “Thanks,” she told both the bartender and Aster. She heaved a sigh of relief. She hadn’t really known how to answer Markus’ question on whether Aria would live, but now there was no question she would. The tavern doubled as a small inn in case people wanted to stay the night, and Manny helped to bring Aria and Ira to the rooms to rest, then she returned back to Markus. “I can help to clean your wounds. Take off your.. shirt.” It wasn’t much of the shirt anymore, but more a rag. She looked over Aster too. “Are you hurt anywhere?” She asked. A newcomer to the tavern questions why they were attacked by giant birds, and Manny looked to Markus, wondering whether he would tell his tale. She was curious as to what kind of history this man had.
  3. @Fierach I think you mean canon. Like, for example, the whole arc for Abbadon's kidnapping of Gabriela is canon, but not a quest, i.e. it wasn't something the board leader put out in order for the player to get some kind of reward.
  4. “Y-you’re hurt,” Manny said, staring wide-eyed at Markus when he came back to help Aria. Blood covered his body, and he was walking with a limp. Despite so, his priority was Aria, and Manny was grateful for that. She felt a little guilty about treating him coldly earlier. She grabbed Markus’ arm as he stood to return to the battle. “Are you sure? You’re in no condition to continue fighting. You’ll die out there!” As if on cue, there was a terrifying screech, and a gigantic creature crashed through the door. Someone desperate tried to climb through one of the windows to escape, but there were still remainders of the other birds circling outside. They were trapped. Manny stood up uncertainly. She knew a bit of magic, though it wasn’t much, but she wasn’t going to be helpless. Holding her hands up, she chanted. Shirak Dol Vilis Ulzirah Kul Fagol! Sensing the threads of the spell taking hold on him, the monstrous creature turned towards Manny. Red murderous eyes stared into her own, and her conviction faltered. The bird raised a large claw to rake her... and suddenly, a blade from a short sword embedded itself into the claw. The bird screeched in anger and pain. Lonely Night’s Hand, the Tavern of Legend’s bouncer and former Edgemaster, appeared between Manny and the bird, his long braid swishing behind him with the motion. He drew a second blade with his other hand, then glanced at the amateur mage with a hard gaze. “Do that again. Slow the enemy down.” Manny gulped and nodded, took a second to compose herself, then cast the spell again. A heaviness descended upon the bird’s limbs. It wasn’t a strong spell, but it affected the bird’s reaction time, creating an opening to attack.
  5. @Greenmntman LOL you unleash Jurassic park on us and then disappear? You better come back after the weekend! >:) Congrats to your brother, and have fun at the wedding!
  6. >TRANSFORM glass water into trampoline I wrote it into the post, but that doesn’t mean it succeeds..
  7. Alethea We are strangers in this strange world, and I have no idea what the exchange that is going on between Quetz and the man means. The man says they were abandoned, left to die, but why is he attacking us? It is frustrating, and I want to scream for them to just stop. It is too late. Laurent makes his move, and the sounds of his shots ring out over the sand. Debris explode outward, and I fling my hands up instinctively. The patter of stones hurt where they strike, but nothing prepares me for what is to come next. An invisible force flings me forward so suddenly that I have no time to react. There is a deafening crack, then the ground shatters. There is something about witnessing the destruction of nature that strikes a primal fear in me. This is the end of the world. It is surreal, being hurled helplessly through the air. There is a split second to panic when I see the piece of large rock heading towards me, so fast that it is little more than a blur. It slams into me. The impact snatches my breath away. While my brain tries to comprehend what had happened, something else comes up to meet me, or maybe I am falling. I land leg first, hard. I feel something pop. I am on the ground. Then the pain hits. I choke out a low cry, and my hands move to clutch around my left knee. My whole body tenses as I try to combat the rising agony. There is no time to be out of commission. I am moving; we are moving, I see Grigori and Setsuko nearby. The rift is above, and closer now because Centrifudge’s power brought us upwards. We will be directly below the rift soon.. With a vengeance, I wish upon the glass water to turn into a trampoline. I attempt to get up, but the moment I try to move, a sharp pain shoots through my leg. I cannot make it. It will not be me. I grab the satchel, and hold it out for anyone still able. “Take this and jump for it!” I gasp through clenched teeth.
  8. It’s up to you, whichever you like the most. Character sheets are for reference and they don’t need to be approved.
  9. https://www.valucre.com/topic/39031-tavern-of-legend-season-3/?do=findComment&comment=767056 You can read from this post onwards, no need to start from the first page of the ToL.
  10. That sounds interesting! With this character, you can enter the tavern and talk to people. But we’re dealing with bird attacks right now, maybe your arcanist can help!
  11. @Kairon I use character generators for inspiration sometimes, like this one - https://www.character-generator.org.uk/quick/ Then I take one of the character sheet templates and fill it up, using it as a guide to think about the kind of character I want to create! I use this template: Sometimes I also Google images, like “fantasy female characters” or “fantasy mage illustration” to get inspiration. (What would my character look like? What personality would he/she have, based on how the image looks?) After you have a character idea, throw him or her into a setting! In the Tavern of Legend, you can pretty much do anything - talk to other people, order food, sing a song, showoff, etc etc. Then other players would respond to what you do. And that’s roleplay!
  12. vielle is AFV until sometime next week I believe.
  13. I can't decide what area of injury, so here goes a d10 - Head, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, thigh, knee, ankle, back, chest KNEE - okay that's one of the worst places to deal with an injury in battle but I'll deal XD
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