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    The See-All

    Sword swings and arrow bolts were relatively useless against the diminutive and agile faerie, who used her blood tendrils to whip and pull the fallen knights towards Agony. The primordial ooze had devoured enough foes now that Lunara was familiar with their eventual fate. However, all but one of the knights proved to be nothing more than mirages. Illusions. Thus it came as no surprise when versions of themselves appeared next. Two scythes came at Lunara from different directions. She flew backwards to avoid them, only to be caught within a net of lashing blood tendrils. An attack of her own deflected most of the impact, but one end of a tendril flicked across her left cheek, whipping her head backwards. “Tch!” It was frustrating to know that these were illusions, and yet have no way to dispel them. The thick, smothering aura that swirled around them dulled her usually sharp magical senses. Luckily, Agony’s perceived presence as a greater threat drew most of the copies’ attention, and the faerie was able to retreat into the darkness of the trees for a moment. ”Find them..” Lunara knew exactly what Agony meant. The illusions themselves must be cast by something nearby. Destroying the illusions did nothing at all, they just reappeared elsewhere. They needed to root out the main perpetrator in order to defeat the illusions. The faerie zipped among the trees. There - a creature with tentacled arms and an oval body was concealed behind one of the black trees. It had not noticed Lunara’s presence yet. It appeared that the illusions were controlled by each of its arms. Remembering that Agony did not wish to harm Yh’mi’s creatures, Lunara stealthily extended several tendrils towards the Maash, intending to pin its tentacles down and disrupt the illusions. She got as close as she dared to without risking detection, then struck at once. Her blood tendrils sprung towards the creature - and when the first one reached it, it was gone. An illusion too?! It was a trap, she realized too late when a blood tendril coiled around her neck. She blindly struck her whips around, but what was an advantage to herself also proved to be an advantage to the enemy; their small size made them hard to hit. The pressure tightened around her neck and cut off her air supply. She struggled to free herself, but it was of no use. More tendrils wrapped themselves around her. The faerie cast a desperate look towards Agony, and found only a mass of writhing ooze in his direction. How many Maash’s were there? Now Lunara was really panicking. Snap out of it, snap out of it, she chanted to herself desperately, but her mind could not untangle itself from the illusion. Her lungs burned, heaving but failing to draw breath. Stars dotted in her vision. It was laughably frustrating that of all the things she could die by, it would be in the stomach of an ugly low-level creature... She thought that the voice in her head was part of her delirium, but suddenly she was free. The first sweet, sweet breath she took choked her up, and she curled up on the ground, coughing and sputtering. Distorted visions assaulted her senses, but she couldn’t make anything out of them. Something approaching them had driven away the Maash into hiding. Something big..
  2. jaistlyn

    Valucre Wars

    Ah I have a few more high profile-ish battles/wars to offer then. 1. Last Chance battle (Legion of Doom vs Terran military) 2. Tia battle (I wasn’t involved, but I think it was Tia vampires vs The Dead, with the Dead being an underground mastermind?)
  3. jaistlyn

    Valucre Wars

    Athentha is gripped by one long war among many different factions led by powerful beings. The factions I can recall without referencing previous threads are supporters of the Dark Winged Beast Rin, the serpent Serphus (who is disguised as Esben Eden), the Blood Red Moon organization, the Yellow Leaf Brigade, leaders of Talia and more. All of these are played out IC. @Rin correct me if I’m wrong!
  4. Fire could melt ice, but Lunara wasn’t sure if the spell she had just learnt would have enough power to counter the full scale of the Winter Queen’s frost. She aimed at the ceiling, determined to heat it up and hold the ice off her comrades as long as she could, until she saw Obtenebra take shape below. She didn’t know how strong the orc was, but she couldn’t hold out for much longer, so there was no choice but to trust him on this one. It was less of a challenge for her tiny self to dodge in between the solid icicles spikes that hurtled towards the ground. While the party struggled to survive, the fake Rodan headed towards the seemingly inert droid. Apparently, the illusionary Rodan just was as frustrating as the real one and knew exactly where to hit where it hurt - or perhaps it was just pure chance. Lunara cried out when the steel sword came down on the machine. She whipped a tendril out at the fake Rodan’s hands, but it was too late. There was a crash of metal against metal. A piercing light filled the room, forcing the faerie to throw an arm over her eyes. For a moment, she thought the droid would explode. Instead, the light faded away, leaving their eyes to adjust to the darkness. Lunara floated to the ground, trying to catch her breath. The battle, and the magic-nulling effect of Mori’s drone utterly drained her. Something cold and slimy slid down her face beside her ear. She slapped a hand at it. A squishy and disgusting slug came off. “Ewww!” Lunara exclaimed. The rest would feel the same sensation too, since it was this pest that had burrowed into their heads and served the illusions. However, with the exception of Kaya who had regained her true form, any injuries that they had sustained, as well as the exhaustion they felt, were all very real. It wasn’t their nemeses who stood in front of them now, but creatures of dark earth and leaves, with glowing green tattoos patterned across their bodies, and it was these creatures that they had been battling. The drone remained crushed, not by a steel sword, but by an earthen pillar. One of them stood high above them on a tree trunk, tall and majestic. There was no doubt that this was the creature who had been impersonating the Winter Queen. A stern female voice from this magical earthen being spoke directly into their heads. <We are the protector of Uhltor’s legacy. Your intentions have been read - You are not worthy of Uhltor. This is your final warning, turn back or be obliterated.> The ground shook as thorny vines erupted from between cracks in the stone floor, ready to ensnare and flog them should they attempt to proceed onwards.
  5. Heya guys! Would you like me to put in a post to describe what you see when you leave the village? Sometime after the end of this round, of course.
  6. It's fine if you did! I just tagged everyone because I wasn't about to look through the threads to see who did or didn't lol
  7. Sure, sounds good to me!
  8. I had the perception at least that Veloci-rapture was waiting for more people to post lol. Well that's why I put a deadline there now because I don't know who's waiting for who now 😅 and anyway! A nightmare doesn't have to be linear!
  9. If you are able to contact him separately, that will be great. Yeah I don't mind if he does his rolls ooc, it's just I'm not sure how much less work that would actually be, I mean, if it's strategy, you do still need to read into each post and decide what to do.. If we have a set outcome, we can still continue writing out the battle, it's just that then there's no issue with skipping anyone's turn, since the outcome is set.
  10. @supernal, let's say that Prae doesn't reply, do you want to solo the battle, or we'll just come to an agreement about the outcome? The outcome shouldn't be very different from the previous thread since nothing much happened, maybe something like Justice found the main portion of the Weland base, and knows about what kind of defences it has, but did not manage to do much damage to it, and Abbadon now knows that someone is onto their tail.
  11. @Thotification @Fierach @Tyler @HollowCipher @EpicRome23 @sorainvoked @P.N.See @zackrobbman @Akiris @vielle @Veloci-Rapture @Dolor Aeternum @notmuch_23 Hey everyone! It seems that people are all waiting for each other. I’m gonna put an end to the waiting and say that this round stops at the end of this Friday (Aug 16). Anyone who wants to put in a final post for this realm, go ahead and do it before then! @zackrobbman and @Veloci-Rapture will have until next Wednesday (Aug 21) to conclude the thread, and inflict some final effects on the characters before we move on to the next realm. Otherwise I might close the threads out for you guys. The first post for the next realm that @HollowCipher and I will be running (I’ll be taking over Chaoslord, while trying to keep to the storyline that he intended) will happen by the week after that (by Aug 28).
  12. @bfc you do so well as a DM though! I think the most memorable one for me is the airship thread definitely, and another one that left a deep impression is that hilarious drunk spire thread, even if I wasn’t involved in it at all.
  13. There’s a third type! When everyone’s a GM/there are no GMs. So there’s no fixed storyline for your characters, or no fixed path to a goal, and anyone can change anything. That is what I enjoy the most!! Because there’s so many surprises and delights, especially when you build up a synergy with your partners. I’ve done this with many various people on Val, but still these threads are rarer than threads with a clear GM, or at least a main person driving the story, whether you want to call them GMs or not. It seems that to find a story that everyone can contribute in that sort of way can be quite a matter of chance. A few recent examples I can recall from the top of my head are the light hearted “no-rules” RP I did with @Tyler, @zackrobbman, @Laughingmad and @Hurttoto, a long-running RP I have with @sorainvoked and @Vetanoob, and a fetch quest type thing a little while ago with @Dolor Aeternum, @Akiris and @danzilla3. Besides that, I love to GM, I think that’s pretty obvious 😛. I have ideas both good and bad that I constantly just kind of want to grab a few people to run with the ideas and see how it turns out, if you know what I mean. I like to join other people’s threads too of course, because that exposes me to so many other ideas I would never have thought of! But I also like to get something out of each thread, e.g. some character progression, so you’ll usually see me hijacking the thread for at least a couple rounds to complete a personal objective (that I frequently just come up with on the spot lol)
  14. I meant it as stay with the group on the plateau, because he’s too valuable to lose if it’s a trap, but you can interpret it however you like! Communication errors happen haha 😛
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