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  1. Would love to broker some action with the Hand! Hope you’re doing well. 

    1. jaistlyn


      I am, thank you! What are you thinking of?

    2. L E V I A T H A N

      L E V I A T H A N

      Well, I still wanna find the stride to fortify Inns’th. And maybe do something in the Spires or the Unknown Territory. 

      I like the idea of rebuilding and adding to what is present and making possible amends with the Hand for any animosity they may harbor for the comparatively lax Clergy(assuming anyone thinks less of the clergy for not being ,historically, direct and acting?) 

      but also I rly wanna put to use a Vessel (Yshmael!) among Triaditionalist Gaians ! He is but a cup to be filled by the Three-That-Is-She and Yh’mi is such a great place to expound on what he can endure (or what breaks him?!)

    3. jaistlyn


      The Spires and Unknown Territories are good areas to explore, as there's not been much lore established there yet (meaning there's lots of space to create new things! Especially the Unknown Territories, that's deliberately left as a blank for players to fill in). The Broken Plains and to a lesser degree, the Whitewoods are more established areas. 

      The White Hand doesn't hate the clergy, they are just frustrated by the inevitable bureaucracies of it, being a large organization. They are still very much part of the clergy, but think of them as an independent unit (and the kind where the higher-ups prefer to leave alone). But their impression of the clergy can be improved, for sure.

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