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    Lirrey Lines

    There was something off about this person. The threads of Providence that linked each and every being in Lirrey flowed into Lirrey Star, and Lunara could now tap into the knowledge of the nature of these threads. Agony, Karuna, and even Sasha had thin links to Lirrey, but this stranger did not. His presence left a void, an oxymoronic anomaly. Yet at the same time, he obviously knew the nature of Lirrey and so had no qualms about murdering its citizens, who merely reappeared again out from their homes. “Why would you run if you were innocent?” Lunara retorted. “You attack our unarmed villagers indiscriminately. You know about Lirrey, and you hide from us. That in itself warrants investigation and an explanation from you.” ”Besides the young lady, why are you really here?" Lunara looked straight into the man’s eyes when she replied. “To answer the calling to be Lirrey’s new Herald. Now, it seems that you live in the vicinity of our town. Tell me what you’re doing here, and I may allow you to continue staying here. Otherwise, I will have to ask you to leave, willingly or otherwise.” A protective tone radiated from her voice.
  2. The women turn to Markus. “You don’t know Justice?” one of them asked incredulously, obviously a fan of this mysterious group. She had a freckled face with long brown hair tied in a braid down her back. She moved over to sit beside Markus. Her friend joined her less enthusiastically. She had short black hair and features that were not-quite-human: eyes that were set too far apart, and ears that seemed to wing outwards. A half-blood something, maybe? The first woman piped up again. ”Justice is really popular on the news recently. They’re a group of heroes who fight the injustice of the world! They’re not tied to any government so they aren’t like those military people who just, like, ignores anyone who’s not important enough. Don’t you think that’s really cool?” She sighs. “I wish I can meet one of them some day and get their autograph!”
  3. I knew this was coming, but still sad that you’re going. We’ll be here though, come back whenever you need some kind of outlet from school! All the best for your studies! Became a great lawyer m’kay? 😛
  4. Fjorn grinned. “‘The Captain’s Ear and Hook’, is that the one? It’s rare you’ll make the journey across the Genesar and Terran continents so often, but I suppose that’s where the good catch is, eh? And of course, one codling coming right up!” The waiter left to convey the order to the kitchen, making sure to tell the cook to choose the freshest fishes for their discerning customer. On the next table over, two young women talk quite excitedly about the exploits of a vigilante group named “Justice”.
  5. @Acies ab Vesania great writing! It’s such a sad tale. I like how you tell the story through items, and it’s lovely to read your writing again! @Veloci-Rapture thanks for organizing!!
  6. Fjorn finished carrying the supplies to the kitchen, and came up to the pair. “Any food to go with that whisky? You’re in luck, they just brought in some seafood from Casper. Not as good as eating from the source, but still the best you can get around here!” ”Oh wait, you’re from Genesaris? Casper is a port city in Terrenus. I suppose you’re not familiar with it. Best seafood ever, in my opinion. You should try it! What brings you all the way to our humble place, if I may ask?”
  7. Nah not a problem at all! I might bring in one or two NPC patrons to liven things up too.
  8. Just copy what you wrote and paste it into the reply box in the other thread!
  9. @Markus White that above should go here! 🙂 Haha don’t worry, takes a little bit of getting used to but you’ll pick it up in no time. I’ll reply when I get off work!
  10. Introduce your character! They could be one of the patrons, or walking through the door, etc. Feel free to talk to any of the staff, or find a seat and order something. The list of staff and other details are here:
  11. @Markus White sure you can join in! The ToL is open to all new members. On Val we separate IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) threads, this here is the OOC where chatter goes. In the other thread is where you act as your character. 😉
  12. Welcome, Markus! Did you actually travel the world? That sounds awesome! I would slowly like to explore all the different parts of the world too. Check out our New Member Guide for how to start and overview of the lands of Valucre etc. Also, if you want to get your feet wet in our sandbox RP environment, and ask questions about Valucre in-character, join me in the Tavern of Legend! 🙂
  13. As the sun continued to climb up the sky, more people entered the tavern at the crossroads of Valucre. The fireplace is warm and inviting, and the Way Gates that led to anywhere in Valucre stood for the next prepared traveller. A wagon arrived from one of the many roads that led to the tavern. The driver was a jolly-looking man, with a slight belly that he'd been trying and failing to get rid of. He looked curiously at the parade of snowmen as he came to a stop in front of the door. "Is there a festival going on?" he asked Fjorn, the young man who opened the door for him. The blond man chuckled. "No Thomas, that's by one of the guests. Cute, if I say so myself, even if they're wearing our stolen clothes." Fjorn went to the back of the wagon to help to unload the supplies, his breath fogging up in the cold. "Come on, let's get these supplies in. It'd do you well to warm up inside!" Carrying two boxes of fresh meat, Fjorn entered the tavern. "Fresh ingredients have arrived, everyone! If you're looking to order a meal, now's the best time to do it!" He yelled across the room to the various patrons gathered around the tables.
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