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  1. Slow for me too, ever since the maintenance last week (especially after pressing the send button), but it’s particularly slow this morning - I can’t open my notifications.
  2. The Generalissmo leaned in close, close enough that Cadence could feel the puffs of air expelled from his mouth during his passioned speech. The young pilot nodded vigorously to the older man, despite not fully understanding what he was going on about. He didn’t get how the crayon could be useful, did it have any kind of magical powers? He didn’t know how to use magic so he wasn’t sure how that would work out. Nevertheless, he stuffed the crayon into a pocket. Maybe someone can use it later, like the partner he was being introduced to. “It’s an honour to meet you!” Cadence bowed towards the red mage. “I’m Cadence Shearwill, just a small freighter pilot, but a big lover of flying. I hope I won’t disappoint!” At the mention of the galley, Cadence’s stomach growled. He laughed embarrassedly in response. “I suppose some food for the road sounds good!” The young man followed behind Certos, who seemed to know his way around the ship. “Wow!!” Fruits gathered from the forest greeted his hungry gaze, and the smell of a delicious stew in a pot wafted through the air. “I know we should be carrying dried foods for our expedition, but… could I grab a bowl of that please? It smells sooo good!!”
  3. This cave was unlike the narrow, claustrophobic tunnels Lunara and Agony had traversed in Yh’mi. It was much larger and cooler, and signs of life were more apparent here than aboveground. “Ew,” Lunara wrinkled her nose at Xavier and his projected snot. The orc asked a question and Agony answered in a voice that was different from his usual baritone. The faerie raised her eyebrows and shot him an odd look. The same scent that tickled the orc’s senses meant flowers, or some sort of plant that could grow in this damp, dingy place. Underlying that though, was decay, and a sense of unresolvement; of the dead that had not been put to rest. ”We’re not alone,” Cerebri growled. “Yeah, it’d be a nice change if we were - just a walk in the park, right?” Lunara’s sarcastic reply was drowned out by the clattering sound of bones exploding outwards. The faerie had been gearing for battle the moment they entered the cave, experience foretelling that things were never so easy. Several bone shards from the shattered mound sped towards her. In a flash, tendrils of blood tethered to her body deflected them away. This display of ability would be something new to the rest other than Agony. Due to the extreme distance between here and Yh’mi, the power was much weaker than what the blob saw Lunara do to the previous Herald of Lirrey, but still, the faerie was able to wield the dark red tendrils like a natural extension of herself. The flying bone creatures were fast, but Lunara could sense that the magic holding them together wasn’t particularly strong. One of them headed for Rodan, arguably the weakest member of their team, at least in terms of combat - even with the bodyguards he had fashioned for himself. Lunara inserted herself between the creature and Rodan, and slapped it across the head. That caused it to lose flight balance for a moment, enough for the faerie to pierce a tendril between one of its wings and its body, severing the magical connection, causing the winged bone to spiral and crash into a heap of bones. These were small fry that they could dispose of quickly. The bigger issue was the growing mound in the distance that was amassing in both size and power. A voice boomed over them, causing the bone mounds on the ground to vibrate and clatter. “Intruders. Leave this ancient grounds now, or suffer a fate worse than death.”
  4. Completed thread Claiming the Furthest Point link Summary: With aid coming in from across Terrenus, the Order of the White Hand takes another shot to capture the Furthest Point hill, which would give them a vantage point and strategic advantage over Yh'mi's creatures. A first wave consisting of more than twenty individuals were tasked with escorting four wagons to the Furthest Point to set up the foundation for more defenders and builders to arrive. Along the way, the group was attacked by different creatures of Yh'mi, including the Saevion, Chhitten and Chhitten Magnus. Twistlings had also revealed themselves to be hiding among the defenders. The creatures were mostly defeated, but not before they had managed to destroy two of the wagons. Despite the shortage of resources, the White Hand paladin leading the expedition decided to press onwards.
  5. Allied Nations of Terrenus (A.N.T.) Treaty of 597 link Summary: The manpower shortage and constant threat of Yh'mi caused by Remissio's betrayal drove Chastity, the head of the Order, to travel to Ursa Madeum for a meeting between the leaders of independent nations in Terrenus. The visit was twofold, one - to converse with Taen leaders about the newly-opened portal that connects Yh'mi and Taen. Two - to persuade the leaders that Yh'mi was a threat to everyone, and to appeal for warriors to aid in the White Hand's planned effort to finally claim the Furthest Point hill. The aid that each nation had agreed and signed to are as follows.
  6. Incident log: entry #3175. The first wave of men and women have been sent for the Furthest Point, with four wagons of supplies. The 20+-strong team was attacked by creatures of Yh'mi along the way, including two Saevion, several packs of Chhitten, three Twistlings and a Chhitten Magnus. Some of these creatures had not been known to be capable of working with each other, In fact the coordination of their timing and objectives seemed to point to someone, or something, in command over them. More investigation and monitoring is needed to determine if there is a mastermind behind the attack. The Twistlings had sneaked into the group by infiltrating the Norkotian unit that was accompanying the group back in Inns'th. The Twistlings killed several of the true Norkotians, and these were the only casualties for the battle. The team managed to bring down most of the hostile creatures, but not before they had managed to destroy two out of the four wagons containing resources needed to start building the fort at Furthest Point. The paladin leading the expedition made a decision to press on to the Furthest Point with the remaining resources, so that their fight had not been in vain. The second wave of warriors and builders will be sent out in a few days, so the team at the Furthest Point have to hold out till more supplies arrive with the next wave. The Order of the White Hand is determined to see this endeavour through. - Erudition, scribe of the Order.
  7. The Church

    1. Mr. E

      Mr. E




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  8. Coth in particular comes to mind, but I can’t think of anything about that that fits in to 6 letters. What does though - The Oracle The Church The ... Admins? (lol)
  9. I am a fast reader. 😛 I read it in 2 minutes probably...... but also I happened to check in when you just posted hahah
  10. LOL that picture of the dog. Write in google sheets! Then you have no worries about being cut off from the net!
  11. There hasn’t been a reply though. Maybe as Ataraxy said, we need to post it on his wall?
  12. 🤔 if there’s a need for AFV updates that are sticky.. shouldn’t we have a separate forum section for that instead?
  13. They were all living beings beneath the metal and weapons, craving familiarity. There was something intimate about being able to see and read a person’s visage. Gormaric’s face revealed years of experience and of pain, and a sense that effort was significant to get to where he was. And Fidelitas appreciated that. In the gathered group here, there was more than one person who was inherently powerful, but lacked the experience of danger to hone their reflexes. The kind of grit that was needed to survive Yh’mi. “I can see why you were the one who had the final kill on the Magnus. I agree with you on the Norkotians. Their faction was probably the easiest to breach back in Inns’th. Who knows if there are more of the Twistlings there. When the next batch of people arrive, I’ll send word back to warn the rest of the possible infiltration.” Then Fidelitas nodded his head towards Selena, who seemed to be meditating alone. He didn’t return Gormaric’s smile, not really minding the dark knight’s joke, but not wanting to partake in it either. “There’s another capable healer that we have. Some might have been dead without her prowess in the field.” “But there were capable fighters on the right side as well. Both of the Saevion were brought down by a few people alone.” The Charlie guy could turn out to be a nuisance, but Fidelitas didn’t miss how he had decimated one of the Saevion. Coupled with other firepower-heavy fighters on the front, they were a killing force. “Speaking of Saevion,” Fidelitas turned his attention to Ed. The man had single-handedly brought the less damaged carcass along with them through some form of magic that he was unfamiliar with. “I’m gonna see if he needs any help.” Putting the spear aside, he stood up and approached Ed. “Saevion meat is tasty. Thank you for bringing it. We can cut it and cure it, add some flavour to our meals, and perhaps our job will not be so bleak out here.” He smiled faintly. “Need a hand?” It would also give the rest who were free something to gather around to work with. @EpicRome23 @Akiris
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