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    Explosions and MP

    beak, you very much hit the nail on the head. Mild Powers is there as a moderation tool for conflict between players, and is a general guideline for people new to writing with each other, but if you and your writing partners (as well as the board leader, if you are wanting to affect lore) are in understanding about exceeding it and are having fun, then there is no problem. It is there to prevent players from using 'powers' to invalidate those who want to play weaker characters, or to (accidentally or deliberately) undermine the writing efforts that others have established over weeks, months, even years.
  2. I had been looking for a nice whiteboard-type website for quick visualization in RP threads (e.g. mark the positions of characters), and one of my most-used UX design tools (Invision app) just released one for free! Just create an account and you can start your own whiteboard. https://freehand.invisionapp.com/freehand/document/p8UCn5huF
  3. Fidelitas Physical means did little to deter the insects attempting to enter his body. His panicked attempts to draw on the power of Gaia came up empty. Desperate, he clawed at his face, tearing at both the Wispereds’ wings and his own skin. Get away, get away![/i] He shouted internally to himself as he ran towards the light. Despite his best efforts, the Wispered continued their assault on him, and to his horror, he could feel them wriggling down his throat. The light source in front of Fidelitas grew brighter, and he drove himself to move ever closer, closer.. until he turned a corner and burst into the next chamber. The change in lighting made him unable to see anything while his eyes adjusted, but he could feel the Wispered pulling away. He dropped down to all fours and forced himself to retch; the more of those darned insects he could flush out of his system, the better. Someone moved in front of him, waving around a candle to banish the rest of the insects back into the darkness. Fidelitas caught a glimpse of chitinous legs, and snapped his head upwards to look - but before he could, a strong blow landed on the back of his head, knocking him out. Two Xer princesses stood over the prone form of the paladin. One bent down and ran a spindly finger over his cheek. Hmph. Do you think Mother’s plan will work? These creatures.. they are weak and fragile, and I doubt anything that is crossed with them will survive any better than us. Do you have a better idea then? Our numbers are dwindling by the day, and Mother’s the only one who gained the power of the many-limbed god. She alone can create the new species that will save our hive. Come, he should be ripe for the babies to feed now. - Ilene & Ed Ilene’s makeshift weapon smacked against the wall of the translucent contraption, but its impact was absorbed by a fluid that surrounded the creature. A tear formed in the egg, perhaps from Ilene’s blow, or perhaps it was already time for the creature to emerge from its shell. The tear appeared as a crack at first, then yawned into a gaping opening, spewing out viscous slime. The creature wearing Ilene’s face tumbled out and landed on its insectile legs, wearing a - her disturbing expression of hunger. The creature was smaller than the Xer soldiers that they had fought earlier, but it gave a sense of being faster and more agile. Ed sought out his doppelganger, and swung his shadowblade at it. The nature of shadows was that it warped and changed its form in light, and light was what threw the shadowblade off its original mark. The blade sliced into the egg and took off one of the doppelganger’s legs, instead of splitting it in half. An uncannily human screech of pain emitted from the creature as it was dumped onto the ground. The light source came from one of the other pods. If they looked closely, the creature within bore a resemblance to Charlie, though this one was visibly less physically developed than Ilene’s and Ed’s copy. Ah, see, the babies are hatching. A female voice spoke directly into Ilene and Ed’s heads. Two Xer princesses had entered the chamber, and between them, they dragged Fidelitas in and dumped him on the ground. The paladin stirred and groaned. You understand what you are, don’t you? Food. Your fears have shaped them, and your flesh will be the nourishment that completes them. As we are, we cannot last for long in this environment. There was a hint of resignation in her voice. Only by evolution will we thrive. Another voice chipped in. We travelled for days, and lost so many. Just when we have reached our wits’ end, finally - finally, we found a species that Mother could combine our young with. You. We are not cruel, this is just a necessity. Now, this will be a quicker process for you if you don’t struggle. One of the princess stood guard at the small entrance that they had entered from, and the other moved deeper into the chamber, and stood by a wall that looked to be of a different material than the rest of the cave walls. At the same time, the abominations wearing Ilene’s and Ed’s visages prepared to spring, while movement stirred within the other eggs suspended in the room.
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    Yh'mi AMA

    Sure! My mailbox is open! 🙂 The thread for the building of a fort at the Furthest Point will be built soon, and that will present further exploration opportunities. You don't have to start from Inns'th and traverse the Broken Plains each time anymore, you can start from the Furthest Point. Also, a port to Ursa Madeum has been built nearby Inns'th, which is allowing more people and resources to flow, and the small encampment of Inns'th is starting to grow larger. This is both a boon and a bane - there will be more bodies to throw at Yh'mi, but at the same time, people-to-people conflict and crime will arise.
  5. Hiiiiii! Glad to hear you're doing well! Things are good on my end too 🙂
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    Yh'mi AMA

    Yes, it is possible! I assume active opposition means that you want to pit an antagonist against one or more white hand paladins in a thread? I don’t have plans in the short term to take on a new thread to play as the white hand, so such a thread will require either some pre-planning in order for me to tell you what kind of response or outcome is possible, or you could recruit other interested players to act as unranked White Hand paladins. In both cases, if you want the thread to be canon to Yh’mi, please do check in with me so that I can let you know the current situation in Yh’mi, and how your idea might fit in the grand plan of things! If it’s for purely development of your character (such as giving a background story), you don’t have to check in with me unless you want to clarify details about Yh’mi. Hope that helps! @Rembrandt
  7. Next round's posts go out this weekend, so if anyone's wanting to get a post in, now's the time to do so!
  8. I am loving the idea of this! Mark me down as a potential participant. There’s some time away from the event so I’ll check back in on my actual availability later. Oh question - 1.What happens if other participants in the same thread have to drop out/go MIA? Do we continue the story alone? 2. Is each round an elimination round, or everyone gets ‘points’ for each round and these are tallied when all the rounds are done?
  9. I still mostly write on phone even when I have my computer on. 1. The comfort of being mobile and lying on my bed/sofa/floor 😂, 2. Less onscreen distractions. Though my post time has gotten longer for sureeee, due to both the nature of my current threads, and also because I'm working from home and my posting time is no longer spent on 'time on the bus ride'. Timeboxing myself is a thing, and without it, it is hard to motivate myself into the groove when there's so many other things I can do xD
  10. To be trapped in a series of nightmares, not knowing if you would ever wake up; it took a toll on the mind. Though there was no bloody slide with dangerous obstacles this time, nor was there a sense that any of them had stepped through a portal. They were just there, standing. It was a different group again this time, but those who had been killed in previous nightmares were conspicuously missing, along with others unaccounted for. Were they forever lost within the nightmares? Could some of them have had been saved? They each carried their wounds, be it physical or mental. It could be said that the fear of the unknown was the greatest fear of all, and for long moments of unknown length, the group would stew in the emptiness. If they tried to walk away, they would inadvertently end up where they were. Time seemed to warp and stretch, and it became impossible to tell if hours had passed, or a day, or a month. Perhaps it was them who had died and returned to the infinity of the universe. Despair, or peace, or both, might have set in on them individually before something happened. The space around them seemed to flicker and distort. There were murmurs, soft at first, then becoming louder. Not words, but almost visceral, like they were listening to something underwater. Liquid sloshed underfoot, a viscous, organic fluid that clung to their armour and clothes, and was slowly rising. The slipperiness made it difficult to move about. There was the sense that things were moving in the periphery. Outlines turned into shadowy figures into shapes, and the group found themselves surrounded by misshapen larvae each the size of their forearm, hundreds upon hundreds of them, crawling and writhing upon the liquid on the ground. They paused, a distance away from the group, as if waiting for an order. “This is nothing personal,” a surprisingly normal female voice spoke in their heads. A beautiful creature appeared in front of them, a wispy creature that resembled what a Xer Queen would look like if she had grown wings and extra hands. “It’s a matter of survival, as I’m sure you know.” She turned to the assembled larvae. “Now, devour them, and become stronger!” The Queen trembled in anticipation of the outcome of her carefully laid plans. She knew that the prey would struggle, and many of her babies would die in this difficult process. But those that remained, those that conquered these prey, would grow into formidable consorts and princesses, capable of surviving in this new, foreign environment that her hive had been unwittingly thrust into. The wriggling creatures swarmed at the group, their tiny feet grasping hold of the fabric of their clothes and the grooves in their armour, their sharp teeth gnashing for their flesh. @HollowCipher @Zashiii @Fierach @zackrobbman @Tyler @Dolor Aeternum @EpicRome23
  11. I am interested in entering for the fun of it depending on the format of the challenge and the length/commitment necessary. (I will wait for the FAQ!) I really don’t think we need to go into elitism/favouritism/etc serious discussion for a challenge held on a casual, mostly anonymous, non-business roleplay forum with a little bit of cash prize just to make things a bit more exciting. Thank you to Rob for starting up and organizing something a little different from our usual RP format!
  12. That definitely took longer to write than I thought haha. Post for the ‘alive’ group will be tomorrow! By the way if anyone doesn’t know yet, the posts for the ‘dead’ group are here. Might be worth scanning through.
  13. Fidelitas The light wasn’t just Fidelitas’ imagination - it grew slightly brighter when he followed along the cavern path. Squinting, he could see that ahead, there were many pinpricks of light in the next chamber. Slowly and cautiously, he leaned one hand on the cave wall and put one foot in front of the other, until he stood at the nape of the chamber’s entrance. The sight made his breath catch in its majesty. A multitude of tiny lights twinkled across the ceiling, like stars in the galaxy. Below it, a body of water rippled and reflected the light. The lights were only just faint enough to give the illusion of figures in the dark, where there were none. Fidelitas licked his parched lips. Perhaps a drink of water would restore his strength.. Before he was aware that he had moved forward, cool liquid was already lapping at his fingers. He reached in deeper to scoop up some of the water, but his hand touched something hard and smooth. His eyes trailed over the surface of the water, then followed a shell-like exoskeleton, to make out the carcass of an insectile creature, which had stopped dead when it came to take a drink. Fidelitas stumbled backwards away from the water. Now that his mind had recognized the shape of this creature, he suddenly saw more of them, strewn around the pool. All dead. Xers, he recognized them from the records of Taen’s creatures. A sentient race, with intelligent queens who could communicate psychically. These bodies were of soldiers, who were less intelligent, but were connected to the hive-mind. Ever since the reports of sightings of mutated Taen creatures around the mountain that had been portalled into Yh’mi, Fidelitas had memorized the names and appearances of those native to Taen. He approached one of the carcasses. It was a possibility that the water was poisoned, thus killing the Xers. He could make use of one of their sharp limbs as a weapon. He lifted one of the limbs to test its strength, and was surprised at its lightness. Something clicked in his mind at that moment, and he quickly moved away.. but it was too late. A dark cloud poured forth from the carcass, seeking their next victim. Fidelitas’ eyes widened. Wispered. The deadly beautiful butterflies of Yh’mi that entered a person’s body and devoured them from within. The lights were from the larvae of their young that resembled glow worms. The Xer soldiers had not been poisoned. They had been lured in.. and eaten. The Wispered landed on him like flies. He slapped a bunch of them from his face, but their numbers were too great. He could feel them wriggling and digging into his ears, his nose.. the best way to deal with them was with strong light, as they stayed in the shadows, but he had no light with him. Blindly, he started running across the chamber to an exit on the other end, covering his nose and mouth as best as he could. By a stroke of luck, he saw light beyond, light that looked to be from a torch. “Help!” he yelled, having no time to care whether it was friend or foe he was calling for. Vlad and Tim Tying a handle to the sharp object was a good idea, but unfortunately there was no material to be found that fit the bill. Vlad’s luck, however, held out when Tim’s torch light fell on something with a recognizable metallic glint. A flamethrower - no doubt Melanie’s. A dangerous weapon to use untrained, but it wasn’t as if Vlad had time to train himself on its usage. ‘Help!’ Vlad would hear the yell. The person seemed to be relatively close, but the echoes off the walls of the cave made it hard to judge the exact direction. Ed and Ilene On observation, the eggs were opaque, and the shells were hard. Even trying to cut through the broken pieces laying across the ground with their current makeshift weapons could be a futile attempt. A possible weak point seemed to be the tendons connecting the eggs to the ceiling, but if any of them attempted to strike at it, a human-like shriek of pain would emit from it. Whether this meant that it was hurting whoever or whatever was inside it, there was no way to know. Ilene’s visual sweep of the chamber would bring her attention to the ceiling, where the tendons intertwined to form what looked like veins that fed into an almost-hidden exit at the side. If they followed the veins, they would find themselves in a room with more eggs, except these were smaller and translucent. There were obvious signs of activity - pulsing, a slight shifting of limbs. They would catch a glimpse of chitinous outer shell, like those of the Xer soldiers they had fought, but there was something wrong about these arthropods. They had faces, and familiar ones at that. The visages of the ones who were holding the Furthest Point. As the duo reeled from the sight, the eyes of the unborn creature nearest to them snapped open. Eyes that looked just like Ilene’s.
  14. Is there an example of what a writing challenge will be like? Do we respond to each other or is it a solo writing thing?
  15. I am here! Thread fatigue is a thing, at the very start I had planned more rolls and stuff for the final push, but I think people (myself included) want to know how this thread all wraps up. So instead of exploration and dice rolls as originally planned, I'm going to move into exposition instead. Those characters who had died in the nightmares still retain their weakened status, their death disadvantages and the items they find, but there's no longer a need to roll in combat. A new thread will be set up for those who survived through the realms. Just taking stock of the characters to make sure I am not missing anyone out. Let me know if you're not on the list. 'Dead' characters: Ed @Akiris Ilene @EpicRome23 Sera @Zashiii Vlad, and Tim @P.N.See Fidelitas @jaistlyn Alive characters: Dan @HollowCipher Khaki and Middy @Zashiii Sheryl @Fierach Charlie @zackrobbman Murray @Tyler Soryn and Celene @Dolor Aeternum Frederick, Gormaric, Surus @EpicRome23 I will be posting by the end of this week, and will be advancing the plot every 2 weeks regardless of how many people have posted for the round. Not long till the saga's conclusion, now!
  16. Darah turned her head to the door when the man entered, waiting for him to make the first move. The voice coming from his bag piqued her interest, but what came out of it was not a run-of-the-mill contortionist, but something rather less elegant. Darah smiled beneath her mask. “Unusual, and there’s no need to apologize. I appreciate your efforts in arriving here ..unseen.” She stood up and stepped away from the table, giving a respectful curtsey. “Darah, at your service.” Given her newer status in the Dead, it was likely that Shikai was above her in the command chain, or had been with the Dead longer. “Please, make yourselves comfortable. We are expecting one more,” she addressed Shikai and his unnamed retainer both. They hadn’t long to wait, when the knob turned and the knock came, almost like an afterthought. She had deliberately left the door unlocked, to facilitate the smooth entering of the other agents. The less they lingered in the common corridor, the better it was. She was also confident in her ability to drive away curious eyes. Besides, those who were competent enough to truly spy would not have been stopped by a simple lock. A man entered, and tore away his mask to reveal a youthful visage. Perhaps it was simply his age, or perhaps it was a purpose that drove him to impatience. ‘To hell with formalities’, would probably be something expected out of him. “Well met,” Darah said, not answering him immediately. “My name is Darah. For the long term, we want it in the best place possible and in a form that is least likely to be found out, so this is something that should not be rushed. In short, no, there is no location decided, and nothing has been built yet.” She spread her hands out, to signify that she had more to say. “There is a reason we are here, in the holiest city in Terrenus. Pilgrims come from all over, and if we can siphon their spiritual energy, we can strengthen Alignak. Our first step is to identify where people offer their prayers.” “So, I have signed us up for a religious tour happening tomorrow.” She paused, gauging their reactions to this mundane task. But what better way to know the city and ask questions than to pretend to be tourists? “If we like the guide, we can even get them to... cooperate with us.” She took off her mask, revealing a pretty, ageless face with a sweet smile.
  17. That's a p accurate analogy there, yeah. Technically there's no way for the other two to get out because they're thrown into this against their will.. Though @Zashiii if you don't want in on the following thread, that's ok. Otherwise, roll d3 and d10 for Sera. The continuation for those who died is right here, I'll tag you in a post when you give me the numbers for your rolls!
  18. It's been awesome Epic! The interest is through no fault of yours, I was not very active on Val in general for a while.
  19. I’m not entirely sure how Fidelitas will deal with it yet, it mostly depends on how things turn out and what inspiration I draw from you guys’ posts. @Tyler Those who are alive will come in when EpicRome’s realm ends! I just sent out a reminder yesterday. It became a little bit strange that those who died have more to do right now.. but it shouldn’t be much longer to wait... or I will shorten the wait myself lol
  20. @HollowCipher @Zashiii @Fierach posting? We should be very close to ending this realm soon. @EpicRome23
  21. Vlad and Tim (Vlad's d10 = 7 search is taken as an attempt to search for and turn on Tim's flashlight. The attempt is a success.) Tim's flashlight blinked to life and illuminated the area they were in. It was a cavern chamber, with paths that lead on to other areas on the north and west. Several large egg-shaped objects stood in the chamber, tethered to the ceiling and floor by tendrils of an unknown, but organic material. Pieces of the same material lay strewn about the rocky floor where Vlad first stood. One piece of debris in particular stood out - one that had broke into a triangular shape with a pointed end. The organic material it was made from was hard, and it could possibly be used as a tool to dig, scrape or even harm. The only issue was that it was difficult to get the slime off of it, so there was a possibility that it could slip out of grip. Pointed shell debris obtained, 0.5HP damage, but if d3 = 1, it is a fumble and attack fails. Ed and Ilene Ed's creative use of his gifts fashioned himself two decent clubs out of the Xer carcasses' legs. He would find, however, that manipulating the shadows from a continuous piece of chitin was more difficult than cutting through the joints of the legs, and as such the tool that he was building would be more crude than he envisioned. Ilene's methods were probably a distraction as well, as instead of managing to rip the Xer's leg off in one piece, it seemed more like she was trying to crack it into pieces, generating significant noise in the process. The prospect of danger loomed over them both, as there was likely to be more where the Xer soldiers came from. They did not have much time. Two leg-clubs obtained, capable of dealing 0.7HP damage.Crude cutting tool obtained, not suited for combat but can be used in a pinch for 0.3HP damage. Fidelitas Pathetic. He scolded himself. Weak. Powerless. Coward. Would he rather have sacrificed himself in Diligence's place? Was the fake Remissio a figment of his imagination? The harpies, the little boy? Fidelitas picked himself off the ground, clenching his fist against the aching emptiness in his chest. He was not dead, but where was he? Was this a prison of some sort? What happened? So many questions, but he couldn't trust voicing them out. Splaying his hands out in front of him, he moved forward slowly, until his fingers touched a cold and solid surface. d10 Search = 2. Rocks. His hand searched across the wall, testing to see if there were any loose ones he could pry out, but they were all stuck fast. Moving along it, he came to what seemed to be a break in the wall, with cold air flowing from beyond. There seemed to be a faint glimmer of light, though he could not be certain if it was his eyes playing tricks on him in the unending darkness. Nevertheless, he continued cautiously into the corridor. Stats for Fidelitas
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