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  1. Alethea Grigori picks me up, and I feel sort of guilty for yelling at him earlier. It was his hand that got me out of there after all. “T-thank you,” I say. I raise an eyebrow at Laurent’s suggestion. “Do you dare to take anything in there? It’s probably poisoned or something.” That would be like a free victory for the darned store. What we need to do instead is to destroy it completely. Who knows if it would turn into a full vortex and suck us all in. I turn the rope into a hammer and take a step forward, intending to shatter more windows, but shards of broken glass dig into my bare foot. Luckily, I haven’t put my full weight onto it yet. I step back into my original position, and settle for throwing one of the larger shards at the windows. It bounces off harmlessly without so much as a scratch. “Meh.”
  2. >ATTACK (d6 = 2), not even close, even without the -1 to my attack roll.
  3. @1ionFang I auto’ed the stranger a little, let me know if I should edit!
  4. jaistlyn

    Lirrey Lines

    She had already known that Agony could feel pain, and he even welcomed it. However, he had never expressed any overt form of response to that particular sensation, and this time was not an exception. The blob did drop the knight’s disguise, though Lunara supposed it did not matter at this point. She doubted the other two would have too much of a response to it. The shadow pet itself had a nature that was unknown as well. ”Impressive. Honing your newfound power is paramount. Together we will see your power benefits us all…” Admonishment, disappointment, anger were the emotions that Lunara would have expected. Once again, Agony’s reaction blew her away. This change that had suddenly come over him since she gained Lirrey Star’s favour was met with confusion. The faerie was at a loss for words - her usual sarcastic quips seemed inappropriate for the moment. ”Where do you wish to go now? That was a question she hadn’t considered. She had accomplished her aim in Yh’mi, found the power that had been calling out to her, and now there was a sense of duty that she had to fulfill her mission as Lirrey’s Herald - to amass enough forces to take on the White Hand. The best way to do that was to pull her connections in Abbadon, help the organization grow and obtain power. Though honestly she wouldn’t have minded staying in this beautiful town, protecting it forever.. She shook her head against that train of thought. That had been the weakness of the last Herald. “We should go to Weland,” she said. The status of their base in Patia was shaky since it was still unknown how well the Patian Lord had taken to their kidnapping of the Orisian Queen, and Rodan would probably need more hands to build whatever influence they already had in the outskirts of Weland. ”Lunara? Do you know if there are any libraries here?” The answer was no, but an anomaly raised the hairs on the faerie’s neck. A stranger to Lirrey, but not just a visitor. Karuna bolted off, and Lunara followed close on her heels. “Intruder. Stop him!” She needn’t have said that out loud. At the will of their Herald, the townspeople of Lirrey stopped whatever they were doing and spilled out onto the streets in front of the figure. They reached their hands out to grab at the cloaked person - but their attempts were met with a fiery explosion around the figure, not unlike what Karuna had just taught Lunara. Charred bodies hit the ground and promptly disappeared. The intruder was making progress through the crowd, even though it seemed there was no end to the townspeople streaming out of the houses.
  5. >TRANSFORM rope into hammer
  6. This is one of those RPs that’s super dark IC but actually is super funny OOC (seems to happen a lot, at least for me LOL) What’s the store’s problem though, seriously. I can’t imagine it’s hungry or anything 😂
  7. Alethea (non-combat post) I hold my breath when the rope goes taut. It just barely reaches the man’s hand, and I feel myself getting pulled upwards. But another shelf slides in close by and traps my leg in between them. The rope continues trying to pull me up while the shelves attempt to drag me down. The tension threatens to rip me apart. I kick and scream, but the shelves are winning. Suddenly, the store shudders. An impact jars my leg, and then the area around it loosens up slightly. I wriggle my foot desperately to get out. I feel my shoe slipping away, but that is the least of my worries. One final kick gets the stuck shoe off my foot and I am free. The man yanks the rope upwards. I fly through the open door and land unceremoniously on the ground outside. “Wow.. wow.. that’s crazy,” I mutter shakily, taking deep breaths to steady my breathing. At least.. the only thing I have lost is just a shoe.
  8. You caught a big fish! Cue success music
  9. Question @OBELUS: is the +1 to defence added to the dice I just used, or will it be applied to the next one? Also >EXAMINE HOLE AND DISCERN DISTANCE TO IT >FREE self (clarification: are Alethea and Grigori still both holding on to the rope, or one person has lost their grip?)
  10. Alethea defending against the murderous store???
  11. >WILL the magic rope to stretch itself to Grigori’s hand
  12. Alethea There is the sound of breaking glass. I barely register it consciously, but intuitively, I turn back to see that the rest have broken the windows. The other shelves, strange as it may sound, are heading towards them - towards the exit. I spy the shape-changing rod floating nearby, and an idea hits me. I imagine it turning into a rope, and it obliges. A little short, but good enough for me to lasso one of the shelves as it goes past. Yes! I congratulate myself for the ingenuity, but the thrice-damned store-thing plunges me into despair again when the other shelf reverses its direction. “Ah, fuck this!” I scream. ”WOMAN!” A hot flash of irrational and useless anger washes over me. ‘Punk lady’ and ‘woman’? “I have a name, MAN!” I exclaim. Ironically, in this moment of panic, I can’t recall his name either, but whatever. His hand is far out of reach from me. “Rope, fly to him!” I command, winding the rope around my hand tightly on to one end and hoping that the other end would be long enough to reach him. I brace myself for any even more unpleasant surprises from the store. - Action: Fortify
  13. I’m out of ideas guys. But my combat action is gonna be Fortify.
  14. I have actually imagined chhitten magni flying.. and in my head it’s like gyarados. Have you seen those flying gyarados?
  15. >THROW one end of the rope to one of the other shelves, and pray that it ties itself around the shelf
  16. I’m not sure if this will work, but >LOOK for telescope >TRANSFORM telescope into rope Also! Are you collaborating with GM now. 👀
  17. Alethea The lamp in the middle flickers, then turns a bright purple. Immediately, I get reminded of a theme park ride - but that of the horror variety. I back out the door.. or at least I try to, but I hit solid glass. The door is shut. I turn back frantically, to see the other three standing outside. The floor tilts suddenly, and I start sliding on the tiled floor, towards a hole in the middle. I scream at them for help, but now I’m on all fours, clawing unsuccessfully at the smooth floor. I grab at one of the unmoving shelves when I slide past, relief flooding me for the moment. Until the accursed thing started moving silently towards the hellhole.
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