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  1. Dauner’s lack of sympathy for Volentia’s words did not faze her, but it told her that he was an independent fighter, not someone who battled at the side of others. Dauner seemed to be around her age, and he had an air of carefree confidence about him. Perhaps she would have been leading a life like his had she not dedicated herself to the White Hand.. but no, such thoughts were superfluous, she was rooted to her mission, to her faith, and she would see it carried through no matter what. Dauner did not dodge, but launched an attack of his own. Learning from her mistakes of her last round, Volentia had thrown away assumptions on how her opponent would act. The sword on Dauner’s left hand clang onto her weapon, but Volentia’s shield arm had been ready to act. She brought the shield forward, leaning slightly on her left foot, engaging her core muscles to push back Dauner’s attack and avoid his intended swordlock. With the shield in the way now, Dauner would have to maneuver around it to land a direct hit on her. Volentia drew her sword back to her side and held it at the ready.
  2. “One of the greatest warriors I know was a woman,” Volentia replied to Dauner’s comment. “She died fighting evil in Yh’mi.” Diligence was a leader, a mentor, and when she was killed in the battle, for weeks after it was as if a guiding light had been turned off. Volentia aspired to be like Diligence, and she let Dauner’s words slide off, neither taking it as an insult, nor letting her guard down with his declared leniency. He would quickly learn not to underestimate her. Volentia allowed some time for Dauner to draw one or both of his swords, then took a quick step forward and thrust her sword at the direction of his head. She did not expect to land the blow, but rather to test Dauner’s speed - his choice of lighter armour pointed to his preference for dodging. However, she kept in mind her learnings from the day before, and held her shield ready to block attacks from unexpected directions to her front and left, and kept her sword arm ready to parry should Dauner move to her right. - Reference pic just for the size of the shield (not armour)
  3. Are these all by the same artist? I like the style very much!
  4. They can have the same end effect, but the explanation on how they work differs. Also the environment would be different. Where one would be surrounded by metal, machinery, the other would be surrounded by light, elements, or ethereal things. That's how I see the difference between them.
  5. But.. but time travel in Endgame.. I just find this a very interesting discussion. Quantum mechanics, for example, is not fully known in the world today, and so it can be used to explain away many things in science fiction (aka handwaving). On the other hand, although magic can be anything because it does not actually exist in our world, only in our imagination, we tend to think that it can be used to do anything. But for myself, I think the best magics written have a system behind it. I watch a lot of animes, so I would pull out Full Metal Alchemist and Hunter x Hunter as examples. e.g. where transmutation needs an equivalent exchange, or, a system where you use your will to control invisible 'auras'. Valucre does have a few magic theories as well, like the planes of existence of Genesaris, and Valucre's Laws of Magic. I think having a system grounds magic and makes the story consistent. However, I will point out that none of these systems, science or magic or otherwise, need to apply in our no-rules thread, and it IS no-rules exactly for this reason. I deal with keeping within bounds of my head-canon system of magic elsewhere on Valucre (I even have a thread with supernal where we are exploring combining magic with science to create anti-magic armour!). Here in this thread, we are allowed to handwave anything at all without worrying about explaining anything, just having fun reacting to anything that others think up of. Hence the no-rules.
  6. @Michael Bloodfang just super curious, but so in your opinion, what Ironman does is magic and not science? This has nothing to do with the RP, but just curious about your view on science fiction.
  7. Nice! I like the drawings, and I like that you have your own theories! I'm perfectly ok with a difference in opinions, but here's hoping that this difference will not get in the way of anyone's enjoyment of the RP! Looking forward to your new characters. And there's no rush at all!
  8. Imo, in fiction science and magic are basically the same thing explained in different ways. Like time travelling, it can be achieved by both 'science' and 'magic'. Same thing for reality warping. When we are talking about science, it is science fiction, not actual known science. If course, if you can explain it using actual, or close to actual science, then that's fantastic and more power to you. But anyway, yes anything is allowed, whether explained through science or magic or gods, aliens, etc.. what's important here is just to make things fun for everyone involved, the yardstick you can be using to measure is not 'is this believable?' but 'does this idea allow every character to react to it? Does it build onto what the other players have written? Can everyone have fun with this idea?'
  9. I must have missed or forgotten that part, since both of you mentioned it lolol XD
  10. I have no idea of the references, to me he’s just a crazy genius scientist trope who performs human experiments, and is such a loner that he married his own computer creation XD
  11. “W-we surrender? P-Please don’t shoot?” Meritio stammered while raising his hands over his head, not really sure if the laser critters could understand him. Apparently they either did not care for him, or did not care for surrender. Likely both. Clive shouted for them to run, and Meritio got his legs moving, but his brain had not caught up on where to go. Fortunately the other two’s resume must have included running away for their lives as a career. Clive took the lead, Erin went next, then Meritio clamoured after the both of them. Erin probably saved his life when she pushed him against the ground. It was just as well that she was shoving his face into the dirt, because Clive’s previous words of Erin being flat-chested had flashed into his head at that very moment. Meritio protested when he was hauled up bodily by Erin again. “Owowow! Yes, yes!” He rubbed the back of his head, sure that the girl had ripped tufts of hair off his scalp. There was no time to complain, however, when the badgers came after them, nipping at their ankles. Meritio kicked one away, then accidentally stomped on another one, almost tripping himself. However, the one who actually fell was Erin. “No! Come on! Go!” He yelled, halting himself and then turning back for her. A surge of power rose up in his panic, and he pointed a finger towards the cyborg animals, drawing magic from the fire elemental plane. The resulting explosion was sloppy, but managed to knock a few of them over. Suddenly, there was a zapping sound and then all of the cyborgs fell into a heap. “Eh?” Meritio looked at his own finger. Then he saw Doctor Leonard, and eventually figuring out what happened. “Oh.” He wasn’t really sure if he was more glad to see Doctor Leonard alive, or more disappointed that it wasn’t his magic that did the cool thing. Nonetheless, Leonard’s technology had been effective at pest extermination. One of the three women they had picked up along the way shouted something about plots and arcs. “There’s no use shouting at the orb,” Leonard said, shaking his head. Those are monitoring nodes. Lavernius probably has dozens of those nearby; it doesn’t matter how many of them you destroy. They’re just going to come back. Their immediate worries gone, the group looked up at Akor. Some time along the way, a barrier had been thrown up around him, and four gigantic, unfriendly-looking figures were now stuck in it with him. Perhaps if Trey was caught in the barrier with Akor, he could help in the battle. Doctor Leonard shook his head. “The Perfect Dimension barrier! I swear, that rotten Lavernius stole the technology from me. Those four, they are not the originals. They are constructs made up of the energies he had harnessed from those wizards. He’s trying to collect, analyze and eventually absorb the power from your friend there! The more power he uses, the more Lavernius stands to gain. But the barrier needs a constant source of energy, there must be a generator nearby. We need to find it! We’ll cover more areas if we split up.” Suddenly, he whipped to the left, cocked his gun and shot, exploding one of the monitoring nodes. “And make sure Lavernius doesn’t find you!”
  12. It's just the number of levels tho. I could have easily called it Sanity -1 to 4. Each level has specific effects, and I didn't want it to be possible for characters to go beyond a certain level and become basically unrecoverable.
  13. Agreed.... XDD I like how you deal with it IC though haha
  14. That's what I was told.. but.. I'll let you discover your death yourself XD Do not fear death, for there is life after death.. 🤔Plus Ilene will need a partner lol.
  15. Dark whispers: All down Dark child: 12/20 HP left. ( @P.N.See EpicRome did 7 damage, not 6!)
  16. Nice job Gormaric! @EpicRome23. By the way you didn't need to roll for Advanced Buff, as long as the base action succeeds, the buff succeeds. But it didn't fail anyway, so it's all good! Dark whispers A, B, C: 1 of 2 HP left each Dark child: 13/20 HP left.
  17. That could be one way, it puts even more things for the GM to do, but that could be one way. Or maybe to designate a person to control these characters. (Less conflict of interest for the GMs) Possibly! But you wouldn't really 'know' that they are inactive until the end of the round, so the action will have to be applied to the next round.
  18. But yes, being AFK is a problem that I do see in threads such as this, which I have no good solution to mitigate yet except for GMs adjusting the environment/enemies on the fly.
  19. lol I'm playing final fantasy 14 so I totally get this, but tbf this thread had not been designed around having 'tanks' and 'healers'. If it was so I would have set a requirement on the number of people who would take either role. It's more of individually and ability-wise, what skillsets your characters would have, allowing a degree of customization (coming out from the first thread where everyone is homogeneous).
  20. We have our first death..! @zackrobbman As mentioned, the game doesn’t end here for you. Make a dice roll in the die rolling thread. You’d be looking at the d3 and d10 or d20 roll (I cannot remember which of the two it is, I need to check my notes when I get home). I’ll tag you IC to let you know what happens. Do still continue to write your response in the Bloodsport thread though! What happens next comes after the death.
  21. The fresh, crisp smell of vegetation filled Volentia’s nostrils as she was led to the clearing. There was no water around the arena this time, which elicited a small sigh of relief from her. However, she found it strange that this clearing would be chosen as the location, if the forest beyond was so dangerous. But she trusted in the Order of the Force Majeure’s wisdom and prowess. Volentia stepped into the clearing before her opponent, clad in the standardized tournament half plate. She held a basic training sword in her right hand, and a well-used mid-sized round shield in her left. She stood at five foot nine - above average for her gender, but not remarkably so. A fresh bruise coloured her left cheek. She had deliberately left it unhealed. The mark had not been made by the tournament the day before, but by the training that James had put her through during the night. The soreness on her face and on other parts of her body served as a reminder of what James had been trying to teach her - to open her senses, to be prepared to react, and not to presume anything. Habits of the mind were the hardest to change, especially when under stress, but Volentia would do her best to apply what she had been taught. Keeping her eyes and ears aware of her surroundings, she watched as her opponent arrived, accompanied by another Custode. She called out an earnest greeting before they started. “I will do my best, and I hope that you do, too. May the best of us proceed in the tournament, and the other one be enriched by this experience.” @Dauner Light
  22. Yup! You do. Just make another dice roll 🙂
  23. This will be the last round of fighting everyone! If we kill the dark child there will be a buff for the next realm, if we don't there will be a debuff so 😉Good luck! Counter attacks from the Dark Child still apply. At Sanity 9, the counter attack chance is d3. If you get d3 = 1, you lose 1 HP. The Dark Child will only attempt to counter each character once per turn.
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