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  1. The swing that the chhitten magnus took that was supposed to send the blond haired man's head soaring through the air instead just took off a few strands of hair from his head. Looking up tentatively from his hiding spot, the cambion saw an arrow lodged in the arm of the Magnus, which had a small spark of fire still left on the arrow. 'Now this I can deal with,' he thought with a smirk, and staring intently at the fire, his eyes started to glow red. The small fire on the Magnus's hand suddenly erupted and engulfed the creature, turning it into a huge fireball. Screaming in agony and thrashing around the place, the cambion decided that staying at funeral pyre of the chhitten magnus would be an incredibly bad idea, and took a few steps back. This was where he saw a familiar red glint, and looked up. "You eh? Seems this place has attracted all of us back for one more ride. Time to kill us some insects, shall we madam," he called toward Dawen, before jogging toward the place he sent the twins. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aryssin looked around, even as her addled state continued to cause her massive nausea. The creature seemed intent on dragging her to the most remote little corner in the hamlet, and that did not bode well for her. She tried to scream, shout a plea for help, but she knew no one would hear her in her heart, as every able bodied man, woman and child was out at the walls, defending the last bastion of humanity in Yh'mi from the creatures that were more than happy to indulge in their slaughter. However no matter how she tried no sound came forth, her body too weak from the blood loss and pain that wrecked her body. Desperately Aryssin reached out as far as she could and managed to snag on to a stick. With as much strength as she could, she tossed the stick at the creature's back, but it did nothing to illicit a response; the creature was single-mindedly dragging her somewhere, and did not even notice the stick strike its back. Picking up the stick again, an idea popped into her head. Digging the stick into the dirt, she dragged it along with her, hoping it would slow the creature down, or, failing that, at least leave a trail to her body.
  2. Hey guys I've been away for a while. Getting back home tonight. Will post either tonight or tomorrow. @jaistlyn
  3. Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked @jaistlyn
  4. Aryssin woke up, coughing and spluttering as blood came running from her mouth. She still felt listless, a lack of energy permeating through her entire body. Her blurred vision informed her that she was moving, though to where she had no idea. All she knew was that her back was rubbing on to something rough, and it was causing her skin to blister. Her leg was elevated, and as her mind started to come into focus, she slowly dawned upon the realisation; she was being dragged across some sandy part of the road, and there were tents along the way. She knew she had managed to make it back to camp, but did not know where she was being dragged to. Lifting her head slightly, she saw a person holding on to her left foot and pulling her along, making her look like a rag doll. The person turned around and looked at her, only it was not a person; it was something with sharp teeth, and eyes as black as the night. Aryssin knew then that she was in trouble, but lacked the strength to resist or shout for help. The creature grinned a wide smile, then turned back forward to continue dragging her to some unknown place. Aryssin had to get help somehow, but did not know how. For now, she was helpless to stop whatever the creature had planned for her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dyloceus's creatures took what he said to heart, and truly gorged themselves. The creatures flew from place to place, biting on to the smaller creatures hard and shaking them, sending smaller limbs flying in all directions, while taking chomps of the bigger creatures, leaving gaping holes in the bodies. Gutterfiend blood had no effect on the twins' stomachs; they were used to consuming creatures with lava for blood, and this was just a minor tickle in their gullets, in fact enjoying the sensations of the blood flowing down the throat. The cambion looked on in curiosity at the twins, wondering how long it was since he had allowed them to feed; 'Too long I suppose,' he thought to himself. His reverie was interrupted by the sound of a collapsing wall; the creatures had managed to breach the stones along the western side of the encampment. 'Damnit,' Dyloceus thought, instantly bringing his fingers to his lips. A loud blast was issued, and the twins stopped dead in their tracks to look up at their master. "To the hole in the wall, and quickstep it," he said. The two creatures gave a slight nod, and flew as fast as their feet could carry them. "Remember, only the creatures can be eaten, not the humans." Running alongside the wall, he saw a man with a mace leading a countercharge against the creatures who were swarming the hole, determined to plug the hole with as many human bodies as he could. 'The defenders are definitely valiant, I give you that,' Dyloceus muttered to himself, 'valiant but stupid.' Vaulting over an overturned cart, the cambion ran as hard as he could to the hole to help plug it. A rumble on the ground, and the cambion came to a halt. The ground started to crack, a little mound grew into a big one, before a chhitten magnus burst from the ground. The cambion stumbled backward, facing the monster that was now heavily clicking it's claws at him. "Damnit," he uttered for a second time, before diving behind the cart he vaulted over previously as the chhitten magnus swung down at him.
  5. Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked @jaistlyn
  6. The enemy creatures broke upon the walls of the encampment, claws finding purchase upon the stones barely before the defenders broke them loose, either by breaking limb from body, or ending life in body entirely. The creatures seemed to know no fear, charging at the wall with no regard for their lives; either that or the creatures were more terrified by what took their will than the hurt the defenders could cause them, submitting its will entirely so that it served its purposes. Upwards they climbed, never ending, never stopping. A wall of fire suddenly erupted from the east side of the wall, frying a small portion of the creatures that were scaling the wall's heights. The heat was so intense it threw some of the defenders upon the ramparts back, creating space for the cambion. Kicking his steed, the hell beast took one leap, landing in the space created by the fire wall. Pawing the ground, the hell beast roared in triumph, proud of its ability to leap the wall in a single bound. A sudden yelp issued from the hell beast as it kicked backwards violently, smashing its hind quarters squarely into the chest of a chhitten magnus, before spinning around and spewing lava straight into its face. The creature began melting as it screeched, flailing in its death throes before hitting the floor of the battlefield, a mere shadow remaining in its wake. Still the creatures came forth, more and more taking the fallen chhitten's place. The cambion looked back to see the damage done to his hell beast; a small talon was wedged into it, but barely made it through the skin into flesh. Dyloceus knew that if it suffered more damage, the hell beast would have been sprouting fire from its wound, but this wound merely had sparks sprouting from it, which meant his creature was fine. Stepping down from his hell beast, he dragged Aryssin off his mount and lifted her aross his shoulders before descending the ramparts. Looking for the closest person he assumed was a healer, he placed her at the assumed healer's feet. "Keep a look out for her, won't you," he said, before turning dramatically and running back to his mount, which was happily spewing fire and brimstone down the side of the wall. "Time for you to get back and heal now, I might need you for later," he spoke silently to the mount, which seemed unhappy to leave the battlefield. "I know, I know. I promise I'll let you out later, all right luv? For now I need the twins, and I don't think you'd like to be around them when they're hungry." The hell beast roared, spewing one final round of fire into the crowd, before nodding. Placing his palm onto the creature, his tattoo under his shirt shone momentarily, and the creature disappeared, leaving a black pentagram on the floor. Rolling back his sleeve to reveal the tattoos, he touched them before starting an incantation. Opening a cut on his palm, the blood dripped onto the pentagram, dying it blood red, before two hound-like creatures began to emerged, pulling away from the pentagram as though the floors were made of rubber; pulling and ripping away as they became fully formed on the fields. The two hounds, christened "The Twins", looked nothing like each other. One was thin and sallow, looking on the verge of collapsing, with drool dripping incessantly from its mouth; The other was bigger, bloated at the belly, constantly belching, but looking like it could still eat anything and everything in its path. A smirk crawled into the corner of Dyloceus's mouth before he finally uttered one word to the both of them: "gorge".
  7. i apologise, been sick for a while, damn fever made me comatose for the past couple of days. posted. cheers.
  8. Aryssin finally stumbled on to the ground, winded from her trek toward the wall. It seemed further than she anticipated, and the injuries were finally taking their toll. She lacked the magic to heal herself anymore, and her breath was raspy, which meant she managed to puncture her own lung with her broken rib. She definitely did not notice the dribble of blood from her mouth, which had steadily been losing her blood for the previous hundred meters, as her determination to reach the wall to defend its inhabitants took strongly to her psyche. However, she knew that she was defeated this time, and she sat down by an old ragged tree. Looking upwards, she smiled, remembering the trees in the places she grew up, with all sorts of trunks; straight, broad, crooked, wayward. She always found the crooked and wayward ones the most beautiful, and also the ones with the most shade. This tree she rested under was giving her just that; beauty and shade. "Thank you," she uttered silently, before her head drooped. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dyloceus rode out on his mount, killing the occasional chhitten along the way to his intended quarry. His mount was immune to the poisons of the creatures, managing to burn out the venom before it even entered the system. The bites did not slow the mount down even, as its hide was thick, and getting through to its soft flesh was going to take more than a bite. Riding along, his mount suddenly reared up, nearly bucking the cambion to the ground. Calming down his steed, Dyloceus took a look around to see what it was that caused his mount to nearly kill him (damned hellmounts, all unpredictable and crap). He suddenly saw a glint of gold, and caught a whiff of a familiar scent; focusing in on it, he realised he had stumbled upon a familiar sight, someone he had met a long time ago (though not nearly long enough). Trotting up to the fallen body, he saw a pretty sad image; the girl, covered in bruises and cuts, and her breathing shallow. Climbing down from his steed, he walked up to her, picked her up and threw her onto his mount. "I guess I'll have to fight that one another time, now it's time to save your skinny ass once again," said Dyloceus to the unconscious body of Aryssin, and galloped off toward the gates of the wall once again.
  9. Aryssin progresses ever onward, never looking back; step by step it takes her closer to the wall. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dyloceus stood, looking back to his tattoos. There were some new sigils enblazoned in a different colour on his tattoo, a deepness blacker than black, one that seemed to look like it would suck your soul. "Good try dad, I don't have a soul, remember," the cambion uttered under his breath, pushing down his sleeve to cover up the tattoo once more. Looking around, he saw the guards hastily look away from him, and smiled to himself. He managed to get a rise out of the old man in the church, and that entertained him. Walking toward the front door, he patted one of the guards on the shoulder, smirked, whispered, "Gotcha," and exited the church. What the man probably did not know was that he lit a small portion of the guard's armour on fire, and expected a yelp of surprise soon enough. Climbing up the wall, he heard an audible crack and looked up. The clouds were grey, but not thunderstorm grey. Another audible crack, this time more distinct. A whip crack. Yet another, and another. The cracks came fast and furious. Dyloceus strained his eyes a little, and saw a small glint of something shiny in the distance. A fight was brewing in that direction, and it was a fight... that he was not invited to!? Blasphemy! Jumping down the wall and doing a superhero landing, the cambion started running toward the fight, slaying the occasional monster on the way. 'Hope I get there on time, I don't want to miss a good scrap,' he thought.
  10. Aryssin trudged on, determined to reach the wall. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Yes dad, I'm back. I've decided that your help is needed, or this land is going to some other god and you aren't gonna like that, are you," Dyloceus replied, with a cheeky smile on his face. The look of astonishment on his father's face told him all he needed to know, and confirmed what he guessed. He had a hunch his father was looking to take some part of Terranus for himself in order to establish a base of operation in the human world (being a lord of hell and all), and figured that an untamed area of land where few ventured into would have been the best, away from the prying eyes of all. He decided to make a trip into Inns'th just to make sure nothing was brewing, but instead found himself in the middle of a war. "What makes you think I'd even want this land?" his father sneered, looking straight at Dyloceus. "It's barren, its inhibited by nasty things, and it'll be a mess to clean up," he continued. "Well," retorted Dyloceus, sticking his fingers up each time he made a point, "one, it's a hot bed of inactivity. Two, it's a scarificer's haven, and three, burning up everything would basically be cleaning it up. Does that answer your questions?" Sticking his fingers in his face, the cambion had a look of triumph on his face. His father continued with a sour look on his face, as though he had just swallowed a whole cup of lemon juice. "Well here are my terms," Dyloceus said, pushing on the advantage he gained. "In exchange for my secrecy to your plans, you get to loan me your army. I get to do whatever I want with it, and you can't complain. Of course you are allowed to, you know, sit on your throne and mutter curses at me, like you haven't done so already, but those curses can never reach my ears, or I will attempt a commune with the land, and you will have a major war on your hands." "No." Dyloceus eyes widened. "Goodness me, did I hear right? No? Need I repeat my last threat?" "No, because you doing what you will with my army would mean me having a depleted army to start with, and what's to say you won't just go right ahead and tattle on me to start this war? Here's my counter offer. I know how much you want to save this little hamlet, but this is all you get." Pulling his son closer to him, the lord of hell pushed up his son's sleeve and started carving symbols into the tattoo of the cambion, which started to set into the tattoo itself. "I give you this, my son. A power up, and a pretty good one. Your summons will be more powerful, and your fire spells will produce spectacular results. However, each use comes with a price. It now depends on how much you use it, and how much you are willing to give up for it. Of course, you can use your powers to their normal extent with no cost, but if you should use them beyond your current power, this tattoo shall, and will most definitely demand payment." Pushing his son's forehead with his finger, Dyloceus suddenly snapped back into reality. "Waitaminute, what's the payment? What's the damn payment you dirty little shit?" he screamed, not realising he had come back out of his vision.
  11. Travelling with a broken rib was a hard prospect to swallow, let alone having a few cracked ribs thrown in for posterity's sake as well. Aryssin was struggling to make one foot step in front of the other, and she thought she could run to the wall? She slapped herself mentally, cursing her idiocracy. She did however, need to make sure that the wall stood and that the little hamlet stayed, or she would be stuck in probably the most unsanitary place in the whole of Terranus, trying to heal herself. She was pretty sure she would not die of her wounds, but infections? That would be an awesome way to go out. All right, she was definitely hallucinating at this point. She knew she was never this cheerful. The naturally occuring morphine in her body was making her high, and she started sniggering to herself. Still, she needed to get to the wall, and that was going to be some way off. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dyloceus stared at the old man for a bit. Handsomely rewarded? Did they think that this was some kind of joke? "Handsomely rewarded? What, are you going to drown me in gold or something? No, thank you very much. My offer stands, beer in exchange for my aid in your boring skirmish, or whatever this little riff raff you call an ARMY is," he said, gesturing in the random direction of where the monsters were coming from (and getting nowhere near where the gate was). "In any case, could I have something to drink now? The journey's sure got me knackered, and I kept finding these annoying little critters everywhere, trying to bite me hiney off." Pulling his sling bag to the front, the cambion flipped open the bag and rummaged the interior for a bit before tugging a chhitten out of the surprisingly small hole, then dropping it to the floor. "It's deceptively bigger than you think," he said, winking in the direction of a female templar. Flipping open his bag once more, he rummaged for a bit, before uttering an "aha," and pulled out a bottle of blood. "Finest cambion blood in all the land. It's magical properties include none of your business, get away from me, and bollocks. Now, I'm going to go over there and do my thing. I hope you and your lot would listen to the aforementioned warnings or I'd scream the warnings at you in reverse order. Thank you." Holding on to his bottle of blood, Dyloceus walked over to a secluded corner before looking over his shoulder and checking that no one was there. Carefully dropping a single drop of blood on his palm, he saw his vision turn red, and soon he found himself standing in front of another man. "Hello son, back so soon? I thought you swore never to see me again," the handsome man replied in a silky sickly voice.
  12. i am so sorry, was actually typing the post out just before i saw your post. I will definitely try harder to be on time next time. sorry much!
  13. The huge chasm that stretched in front of Aryssin took her aback. She stared at it for a good minute or two, wondering how she did not notice the hole there in the first place. After all, the hole was not a small one, it was close to the size of a proper canyon. It stretched out as far as she could see, and all the creatures that filled the hole made her shiver. She suddenly felt weak at the knees; the number of monsters they had faced so far was nothing compared to what she saw before her. Thoughts raced through her head. Was this another illusion? Something similar to what she experienced before in her previous adventure? If so it was definitely working, she was definitely losing hope in the quest. Aryssin took stock of things. Would she stay and fight the oncoming horde, or would she run and fight another day? Would she even return to fight in the first place? Yh'mi was such a hostile place, it made no sense for anyone to want to settle here, unless they were not sound of mind. Yet again, if she ran, the inhabitants of Inns'th would be overrun, and a fate that was akin to death would lay heavy on her mind. This was different from before; before she thought she knew what she was walking into, and how many monsters she would have to face. This was all new information to her, and either decision was a harrowing one to decide upon. Making a decision, she ran as fast as she possibly could toward the gates of Inns'th, determined to take her position on the wall to defend the bastion of humanity in Yh'mi, or die trying. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dyloceus banged his fist on the tall gates, shouting at the guards to let him in. After much persuation and convincing that he was not part of the horde ("WHICH DAMN PART OF ME LOOKS LIKE A MAN EATING SPIDER!?") the guards let him in warily, still pointing their weapons at him. They needed to know that he was not on the side of the enemy, and so grabbing him by the collar, they dragged him to some sort of church, where they dumped him in front of some old clergyman. "'Ello chaps, good day for a walk innit," he snorted, standing up, dusting off his knees where they dropped him. "Looks like you need all the help you can get, judging from the little tiny pickle you happy lot have outside your gates. All you have to do is ask, and of course, give me some gold liquid. Fair enough?"
  14. I apologize for missing my last turn; final Fantasy 15 got the better of me. I do hope my current post is good enough :)
  15. "Urgh, why am I here, there isn't even any booze nearby," the man in a trench coat cursed to himself, looking around. The woods surrounded him utterly, and even when there was a ray of sunshine it was barely there. It was as though the entire place was running from the sun, preferring to hide behind the shade of a cloud, as though exposing itself to the sun would give it third degree burns. The air electrified as the man walked through the woods, straining away from his touch. This he found odd, as though the whole woods rejected his presence. The creatures in the woods whispered about his arrival, scurrying away at the slightest whiff of his putrid smelling coat (which to him smelled like home). A brave enough creature would, from time to time, venture forth to try to bite a chunk out of him, only to find a blade through its skull. Continuing to venture forward, the man came upon a wall that certainly was not naturally occurring. Turning his blonde head to the left, he saw an immense cloud of dust churned from the beds of the earth, and steadily advancing toward the wall. "Wow, do I have impeccable timing," he grumbled, before making a slow jog toward the gates of the wall. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aryssin's arrow failed to find it's mark, instead thudding harmlessly into a crack on the ground, which quickly broke apart and swallowed the arrow in its deep chasm. 'Well, I'm gonna have to make another one I guess,' Aryssin thought, before witnessing the strength of two knight bring down a Chhitten Magus. The two followed their prey into the pit, and Aryssin wondered if she would ever see Catherine again. Breaking off that train of thought while deciding to trust Catherine's tenacity, Aryssin looked at the battlefield. Barely anyone was left standing, and those who were were in hardly any shape to fight, including her. She wondered if this fight was a fool's errand, but decided to stick with the mission to the end, looking at it as her redemption from the evil she wrought in her hometown. This however did not stop her from feeling powerlessness. She felt powerless to stop the oncoming onslaught of monsters that threatened Inns'th, and how she craved her old power now. The light in her sword had faded, and now all she could feel emanating from her sword was a darkness that seemed to want to swallow her whole. A yellow streak flashed across her eyes, before she suddenly struck herself in the forehead. "No, I will not go back to that," she uttered, feeling the soft and caressing touch of the man's words she sought to evict from her mind. "I will no longer follow you, and no matter how much you say I will not succumb," she whispered to herself. Touching her sword, she felt no relief from the evil, but the sword itself seemed to rejoice upon the evil touch, and sucked it up greedily. Recoiling her hand from the sword's hilt, Aryssin vowed that should she survive the following encounter, she would study her sword in great detail. Taking a deep breath, she started running back toward Inns'th, hoping she would reach the wall without incident so she could heal and rejoin the fight.