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  1. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Of the soul baring or bone crushing variety? Thanks. Really appreciate it.
  2. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    I do apologize, it was a spur of the moment thing and I should have asked before I wrote it. If you'd rather have that I'll edit my post as required. Do let me know. I apologize once again.
  3. [Quest] Black Destiny

    Aryssin returned to the stone wall, glad that the fighting was all over. She knew that she could do with a little rest, and that was all that mattered to her at the time. The girl stared off toward the hole in the wall, observing all the little worker ants slowly piling more rocks and mortar into the wall, patching it up as much as possible and and quickly as possible as well, in case a rogue monster decided that the weak and dying were good snacks. Letting out a huge sigh, Aryssin got off her derrière and made her way toward the injured. Just then, a blacksmith announced the rewards were ready, and dropped them at the front of the church. Rifling through the items, she found a pair of armguards that were rather light and seemed to provide adequet amounts of protection for her hands. Putting them on, she felt a surge of power course through her veins, even causing her sword to start glowing. Intrigued, she pulled out her sword to inspect it, finally realising that the sword needed some form of recharging, and that it would boost the user's magic with magic already stored inside. It was like a magic sponge, soaking up what it collected and giving off what it had to help when squeezed. This made her wonder if the armguards were the same, and whether it could be imbued with other kinds of magic as well. Putting the questions off for later, Aryssin walked over to the nearest injured man and began reciting her healing spell. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Eater-of-what now? Could there be a cheesier name to that creature? Why not eater of condiments? At least that would be original," Dyloceus replied. "AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FACE WOMAN!?" For the last comment Dyloceus got a sharp smack to his face. Realising that Dawen had done it for his protection, the cambion grumbled, but begrudgingly acknowledge the elf's contribution to his safety. Just then the blacksmith walked out, bearing gifts for the adventurers who had helped to protect the town. In it was a small little box that somehow managed to catch the cambion's attention. Walking over to the blacksmith, Dyloceus pilfered the box, before slowly sneaking off toward Dawen once again. Striding next to her, he opened the box, seeing two silver earrings embedded within. "Oh, I thought they'd be cuff links or some such. Oh well," he thought, before sticking one through his left ear. Blood came pouring out of his earlobe, having never pierced his ears before. The cambion uttered an "ow" before piercing the second one into the same ear. "Darling aren't they pretty," he said to Dawen, while blood was dripping down his ear. The elf and the cambion went towards the wreckage, claiming to be one of the volunteers of the wall restoration committee. Walking towards the outer regions of the wall, both the elf and the cambion claimed to have a tummy ache together, and slipped into the woods, undetected by the guards at the wall. When they were sure they were not being followed, they slipped farther into the woods, never to be seen again at Inns'th for a while.
  4. [Quest] Black Destiny

    The black tentacle wriggled down the front of Aryssin's body, its slimy appendage dragging across her, leaving a slime trail. The slime probably the item with the healing properties, Aryssin thought, as wherever it touched, relief from the pain happened. The black tentacle started to coil itself around the chest area, coiling itself around the lithe little human, and the suction of the tentacles had her blush a little. Aryssin started to squirm as the healing took place, and she felt her personality change, ever so slightly. She felt the tentacles tightening, and this did not make her angry; in fact, the slight constriction had her moan a little, and the tentacle smacked her on the face, every so slightly. The prickling pain from the slap made her a little happy, and at first she felt weird and slightly disgusted by it. However, the more the pain started to wash over her, the more she felt a sense of joy, elation that she could feel, and the pain reminded her of that. Aryssin suddenly fell to the floor, bouncing off her buttocks as she landed on the cold dirt. Opening her eyes, she saw that her body was healed, that all the pain was over. Her ribs that were broken were set and mended, all the cuts and bruises that she gathered through the battle were gone. A tinge of sadness entered her, ever so slightly missing the pain that she had to endure. Looking around, she saw the witch doctor giggling in delight as she shut her book, and behind her stood a castle; Catherine was glaring down at the witch doctor, ready to pull out the witch doctor's head with her bare hands should it be needed. "Thank you," she mumbled to the witch doctor, before standing, gingerly. A pop in her knee, a few cracks in her ankles, and she stood straight. Looking at Catherine, she walked slowly to her side, before stating that she was leaving. Walking away, she looked back ever so quickly, the image of the witch doctor's maniacal grin stitched into her face. Aryssin felt a sadness that she was leaving the witch doctor, a longing in her heart that she did not understand. Looking back forward, she tripped on a protruding stone, falling onto her knees and scraping her knee. "Oooh," she cooed in happiness, happy that she was once again in pain. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The not-so fatherly figure of Dyloceus's father looked at Dyloceus sideways, cocking an eyebrow in the process. "This? A gift? Whatever for," he mused, twirling the chain on his oversized finger, making the three inch thick chain look like a stray piece of thread in his hands. The question made Dyloceus hot under the collar. The cambion glared at his father, but chose not to fall for his bait. "That, my dear father, is my gift back to you, for so graciously granting me one previously," the cambion slurred. "Speak up, I taught you never to slur your words, not once could I hear you when you did that," Dyloceus's father replied. "Well then, you could get an ear trumpet, I remember buying you one a number of years ago," the cambion retorted. "Enough of this. Who is this, and why was he brought to me?" Dyloceus's father tugged at the chain, causing the head of the naked man to jerk upwards. Glaring up at Dyloceus's father, the fallen knight stared defiantly, before sticking out his tongue and chomping down hard. The severed tongue rolled on to the floor. "That, my dear father, is the key to Yh'mi," the cambion replied. "The man was once connected to the vast network of Yh'mi, and has deep insight into its workings. It's up to you what information you glean from the man." Dyloceus's father's eyes widened slightly. "Hmm, that's nice son. Now, what do you want from me? You never give me anything unless you want something." Dyloceus's father began tightening his grip on the chain. "Remove the extra bloody tattoos from me," Dyloceus spat. "I never wanted them in the first place." Sighing slightly, Dyloceus's father shook his head. "I can't do that, anything else?" "I should have guessed. At least tell me what the limits are then, so that I will never break them," Dyloceus shot at his father. "Well.... That's the fun isn't it? At least for me," the demon smirked, making Dyloceus rankle a little. "All right, good bye son. I'll see you soon, I'm sure.." Feeling one more tug at his tummy as he rolled his eyes, Dyloceus flew through the air, landing with a loud thud in the middle of the square in Inns'th. "Time to bail I suppose," he thought as he dusted himself off, before spinning on his heel and walking toward the biggest hole in the wall.
  5. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Wrote half my Aryssin post before realising I made it into some semi-S&M lesbian erotica. Hmm. *ctrl+A+del* Back to the drawing board..
  6. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

  7. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

  8. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Aryssin dating catherine? now that's a thought
  9. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    I don't know what my character wants so anything goes :P
  10. [Quest] Black Destiny

    "Goddammit, they went ahead and did it," the cambion groaned to himself, looking as the knight fell, finally succumbing to his, or its wounds. The knight was no longer recognisable after the battle, and the battle that was fought was hard won. 'Well, at least this wasn't a total loss,' he thought to himself. Peering over the overturned cart, he saw the twins hovering over the fallen knight's body, before finally passing through him in their ethereal form. Invisible to the naked eye, but very much visible to himself, he saw the twins drag out the soul of the knight, which was thrashing and screaming in an ungodly fashion, as the hounds of hell tore through him, tearing the soul to pieces and swallowing them hungrily. Keeping a close watch, he readied a blood circle, and the moment they swallowed the last morsel of their meal, the cambion touched the circle with a finger, muttered,"Compleo," and the dogs vanished. Getting up to dust himself off, he looked rather smug, before feeling a slight tug at his navel area. "Oh bugg--," he cursed, before another tug sent his body straight toward another fire-y place, wherein sat a lone figure in a winged chair, clad in a bathrobe. In the figure's hand was a chain, which was connected to a naked man kneeling in front of him. "I see you got my gift, father," the cambion spat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aryssin awoke from her trance-like state, extremely groggy and light headed. The last thing she remembered properly was some skeletal creature melting into her body, and all memories after were a rather blur. A slight twinge of pain hit her, and she looked down toward her body; it was still not patched up yet, and the wounds were starting to pour blood out of them once again. Apparently the witch's promise to bring her safety was not fulfilled, and she remained in as dire a state as previously. No help was in sight, and the girl was now stranded in the middle of nowhere. "Help," she tried screaming, but all that came out was a bare whisper. Getting desperate, she looked at her sword, and touched it gingerly. she felt no power from it, and finally, all hope left her. She laid her head down, finally, looking to rest.
  11. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 Reinholdt sorainvoked @jaistlyn MY KILL.
  12. [Quest] Black Destiny

    The imps finished up with the rest of the critters, stabbing them all with big smiles on their faces. A couple of the imps were crushed by the falling weight of the creatures, but they soon melted into the ground before reforming, fully smiling and having a crazed look on their faces. "Nasty buggers, the lot," Dyloceus muttered, being careful to be ambiguous about what the 'buggers' in his statement meant; the monsters, or his monsters. The creatures screamed their death throes, falling to the dirt one by one, either with holes that were poked out of them, or by holes bitten out of them. Piercing one of the chhitten in the head, Dyloceus extracted his ceremonial dagger from the skull, his hand now dripping with its blood. The sudden burst of sound and shockwave that flew his way caused him to look up. The contraption that the paladin was apparently holding had finally revealed its purpose; it had taken a huge chunk out of the paladin, but somehow it did not cause the possessed human to falter one bit. Getting up quickly and grabbing on to his sword, the charred remains of the paladin rushed towards the chapel, intent on carrying out his purpose. Another lady seemed to lose it, and began attacking the paladin with such haste and lack of tact. A third player had entered the fight as well, and all of them seemed intent on killing the paladin themselves. Not on the cambion's watch; this paladin was his prize that he had fought this war for. Damned if he lost out to either of these punks. Curling his lip in, a blast issued from the lips of the cambion, and all the hell creatures he summoned stopped whatever it was they were doing and came toward him. The first imp that reached him started shouting loudly at the cambion with a shrill voice before a growl was issued by Dyloceus, shutting the imp up instantly. "You'll have your fun you insolent thing," the cambion shot at the imp. "Right now I need you lot to do something for me. Go stabby on that centaur and stretch; distract them for as long as you can. When you hear the twins howl, and you know what happens when they do," he said quietly, "run." The imps walked off, muttering something inaudible to most ("I HEARD THAT," Dyloceus shouted), and walked off to the side. Standing there for a moment and shaking violently, the imps started to grow bat-like wings, before flying off toward Gormaric and Alice, stabbing at the horse and the limbs of the two mercenaries respectively. Turning to the twins, he began muttering a set of instructions. "Do you understand? Wait for my whistle. Only then do you howl," he reiterated. The twins pawed the ground in understanding. "Go," he told them, and they sprinted off toward the badly burnt paladin. When he saw the two reach his intended goal, he muttered to himself, "The information this arse has on the creatures of Yh'mi had better pay for the damn tattoo Dad, or I'm coming to take his soul back personally." Whistling as loudly as he could, his signal was reciprocated by two loud howls, and the sudden frantic flapping of the imps to get out of the area. The backs of the twins started to bristle, and their fur started becoming slightly transluscent, turning rather ghost-like. The snarls of the creatures revealed their dripping fangs, and the cambion called out to everyone in the area. "BETTER RUN, OR IF THE DOGS OF HELL REACH YOU, THEY EAT YOUR SOUL AND SEND IT TO MY FATHER," before turning to hide behind the overturned cart.
  13. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

  14. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Let the mayhem begin :D
  15. OOC Yh'mi Black Destiny

    Got it. It'll be interesting to see you control her for a while, see what you'll do to her hehe. You have my permission to do so.