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  1. Cerebri sat in a chair outside the dungeons, waiting for the man he called boss for now to finish wailing on the man. With each thwack he heard resonate from within, Cerebri tightened his fist, to the point his fingernails dug so deep it drew blood. Rage was seething within him, and this rage stemmed from the fact that he had to listen to the torture of a kidnapped man, and even after five long minutes, still gave up nothing. Slowly losing his patience, Cerebri finally stood up, faced the dungeon door, and gave it an almighty kick. The door came off its hinges and crashed into the wall across the room, leaving dust in its wake. He did not notice where his boss was, and made a beeline straight for the man strapped in the chair. Tracing his finger along his left ribs, he counted three from the top, before pressing down hard. The audible snap could be heard outside the room, and soon after, the scream of agony. It was a good thing they were far from the populated areas, but yet again, the man he got the house from was into torture play and had a steady supply of people coming and going from here, so screams were not only common in around this part, it was uncommon to not have screams. The man panted after his blood curdling scream, but with each breath he winced a little in pain. "I've broken the rib closest to your heart, and each time you breath deep, you risk your own rib puncturing it. I'd take small, shallow breaths if I were you," Cerebri growled. Locating the man's fourth rib on the right this time, he pressed down slightly, causing the man to squirm in his seat. "Tell me what we need to know, and this will all stop." "What's to stop you from killing me then," breathed the man in the seat. "Absolutely nothing. It would be entirely up to that man over there. You could die, that is definitely a choice, or you could work for us instead." "Work for you," the man questioned. The thought had definitely been planted in his head, and the choice was now playing inside, bouncing around, and filling him. "Yes, work for me. You give us the information we need, and we just might allow you to join our ranks." More information was not required, as the desired effect was already in play. "You have ten seconds to consider this, or I'll break another," Cerebri growled again, placing his hand at the desired rib once more.
  2. Boomstick ran hard, lungs burning with effort as she sprinted toward the armoury. She cleared each room with the efficiency of a raging bull in a china shop, gunning down anyone she met, regardless of whomever it was. Her shotgun sang the song of death; with each pull of the trigger, the boomstick shot out enough buckshot to make anyone unlucky enough to meet it look like swiss cheese in a cartoon. She knew she had to hurry; she had to reach the armoury before anyone else did, and she had to cut off power to the building to prevent ISAC from downloading her profile into the system. Taking out one of her AP slugs from the ammo pouch, she placed the slug into the reserved slot, ready to plant it directly into the main powerline when she found it. Finally reaching the armoury, Boomstick stopped and looked through the peephole. There she found three people trying to open the gate into the reserve armoury. The main armoury was already cleared out, either by the rioters themselves, or the JTF when they were dispatched to placate the problem. Spotting a sling on one of the rioters, she guessed it was the former. Doing a quick calculation in her head, she realised that she could not leave here without killing them all. Carefully getting into position, Boomstick took three quick breaths before kicking the door. The shock on their faces was evident, as well as evidence of the amount of training they had. Trained soldiers would have immediately reached for their weapons and looked for cover, but these three just looked dumbfounded. Quickly she planted slugs into the two nearest to her, before pulling out her sidearm and shooting the third in the head. Just for good measure she shot each one once more, to make sure they would not be getting up again. Satisfied, Boomstick turned her attention to the gate. Boomstick knew she had to short circuit the gate into opening, and that she could not just shut down power to the building. The gate was designed to deadbolt in the event of a blackout, which was a smart design choice. Looking in the armoury, she quickly found what she was looking for: Taser guns. Picking one up, she got to work on the gates. Running her hand over the top of the gate, she allowed her fingers to be her eyes, looking for a small bump in the railing. Finding it, she took a stool and stood on it, looking at the protrusion her fingers felt. It was a small plastic box that was riveted into the gate. Taking her pistol and holding it by the barrel, Boomstick smashed the plastic casing, revealing a small fuse beneath. Aiming, she fired the taser, delivering 50,000 volts into the circuits. Immediately sparks flew, before the gate swung limply open. "Et Voila," she whistled. Walking in, she instantly saw what she was looking for. Picking it off the ground and dusting it off, Boomstick opened the case, revealing a M32A1 grenade launcher with several grenades within. "Oh yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about," she cooed happily, gingerly picking ujp the weapon. Slotting the grenades into the cylinders, she snapped them back into place, before holstering it into a slot next to her backpack. Looking back up toward the back of the room, she found the circuit board for the whole building. Smiling slightly, she pulled her shotgun out, slotted the AP slug into the weapon, and fired. Instantly the building went dark. "Time to get out of here," she thought, smiling to herself at a job well done.
  3. Apologies! Will post within 24 hours!
  4. @Veloci-Rapturelol nuts. I read too many posts that day, hit confused. Will change to reflect it!
  5. Still looking around for the arrows she misplaced, Aryssin did not realise there were monsters rushing at her until they were a little too close. Whipping out her sword and slashing in a quick sweep, Aryssin caught the Hellhound in a wide arc, causing blood and fire to rain everywhere and veer off course from her. However, in her sweep, her sword contacted with bone, and refused to budge. Letting go of the sword, she quickly rolled in the opposite direction of the crashing Hellhound, and stared as it ran off, her sword still hanging from the rib of the creature. "Oh no," she thought, as her only other form of defence was now taken from her. It was time she improvised. Running to the closest other person to her, she yelled and waved hysterically to catch the person's attention, but noticed that blood was pouring from his shoulder. Determination overtook her hysteria, and she ran as hard as she could while intoning a chant of healing. Reaching the man, she lightly touched his shoulder where the bleeding was the worst, and allowed the healing spell to transfer from her finger to the wound. Slowly the wisps of light gathered at the wound and closed it up, leaving nothing more than the blood that had already spilled. "You're fine," she shouted over the commotion that had now hit the rest of the arena, and the rancorous roar that filled it. "Wait there," she shouted to the guy again, before doing a quick chant. Touching the weapon of the man, this time crags upheaved from the floor, coating the blunt instrument with stone and metal. The exterior of the gun began to glow yellow, giving it a rugged feel pulsing with power. Quickly scooting over to the man to stop shouting, Aryssin explained. "Your hammer will be Earth Aspected for the next few shots! I've added a little heft to it so that it should hurt those beast a little more!" "My name is Aryssin by the way. Also I accidentally lodged my sword in the Hellhound over there," Aryssin continued, pointing in the direction of the creature with her sword lodged deeply in it. "So, until I can retrieve it, could you help me kill mine?"
  6. Don't you worry about length, contents more important haha
  7. The last click clicked into place, and the anchor was finally pull up. Any other final stragglers were suddenly turned to ash, or just simply.. Faded away. Cerebri slowly stood, taking in the information. "Illusion, this whole time," he questioned, the clear irritation in his voice breaking through. This whole time, wasted on nothing. He examined himself, and all the cuts and bruises and bits of ichor were no longer there. The shorn back muscle was though, and he sought to remedy that. “We need to leave now!” Cerebri barely heard it as he attempted to examine the amount of damage he caused himself. Swinging his head in the direction the blob seemed to be heading away from, he understood. Running back to the helm of the ship, he saw a control panel, one not far in design to the magitech horses he owned. Allowing muscle memory to take hold, he grabbed on to the two handles that protruded from the top and concentrated. Slowly feeling the magicks well up inside of him, he channeled the well into the two sticks, but the slime from the blob helping him previously made it hard to hold on. Suddenly he saw a flicker from the panel, then a light that held steady. Taking one hand, he hit the largest button on the board. *SPLUTTER, CRANK, SPLUTTER* Life. "We're going," he called to the blob, replacing his hands on the handles, and willing his magicks to move the behemoth of a ship forward.
  8. Snapping awake. That was the worst feeling in the world, and it was not the first time Aryssin had done it in the last few days. The last time she did, she found herself taking a mini dirt nap, then soon after, facing harpies that were trying to eat them for dinner. Lucky for her, she was reed thin; when they said she was merely skin and bones, they were not kidding in her case. For some reason she lost track of what happened. "By the Gods, what the hell did they put into the stew," she thought to herself before struggling to her feet. Her nap had caused her some of her movement faculties to fall asleep for a bit, but after some pounding of her thighs to get the blood flow there (and plenty of needles and pins pricking her too) she steadied herself. Staring around at the environment, she slowly took in where she was. Sand? Check. Rocks? Check. People cheering? Check. Wait a minute. People cheering..? She knew instinctively where she was. This was a colosseum of some sort, that she had read before in the libraries of Lefell. These were barbaric places, full of death and mayhem. Something stirred in her. Something primal. She was looking forward to something like this. Sitting down and crossing her legs, she let her mind calm down for a bit. In her excited state, she knew she was bound to do something that would be detrimental to herself; that would not be in her best interests. Finding her breath, she focused, noticing each breath as it went in and out of her body. This act calmed her down substantially, granting her clarity in the face of danger. Slowly she began channeling some of her magic into her gauntlets, which gave off a subtle, soothing warmth. When she felt sufficiently ready, she picked up her items, only to realise... "Where the heck are my black arrows!?" she bellowed.
  9. getting something up! will post soon :D
  10. Boomstick snuck through the police station, clearing each room before moving along. What she did not need was a 'surprise muthafakka' moment in the middle of a fire fight, which she knew was coming a mile a minute. The pops she heard on the way to the basement told her that either JTF or someone more skilled was coming her way, as she was confident the rioters she passed by earlier had no explosives or ordinance whatsoever. Coming upon a door, she slowly turned the knob, and pulled it open. Right there stood a lone rioter who had still not noticed her presence. Unsheathing her knife, she slowly reached up. "Wh..!" came the muffled cry, as Boomstick's hand covered his mouth and pulled hard downward toward her. Wrapping her legs around the rioter to keep him steady, she plunged the knife into his chest three times before slitting his throat in one quick motion. She felt the body slump, then quickly threw him off her. The body crumpled off to the side, lifeless, as the dead eyes stared at the side wall. Wiping her blade, she sheathed it back, and slowly rounded the pillar in front of her. Taking a quick look around, she saw no one, though the shouting from the rioters were still very apparent. "To the car park, we are being attacked," came the calls from the crowd, before one called, "Hey Stuart, get back here! We are heading to the car park!" 'Stuart huh," she thought to herself. The man she had just murdered now had a name, and was no longer just a random someone she met on her road of survival. Her mind started to wander, imagining a life that Stuart had before this. Boomstick shrugged. Hugging the pillar, she listened out for the guy who shouted for his friend. Would he come to see what happened to his friend? Or would he just rush on forward to deal with the immediate threat? She strained her ears, making sure to take in as much information as possible. The footsteps sounded like they were fading away, and so slowly she emerged from her hiding spot. Taking another quick glance around, the coast was finally clear. Squatting down and pulling up the map she pulled from the stairway earlier, determined that she was not far from her objective now. Pulling out her shotgun, she pulled back the charging handle to check if there was still one in the chamber, then moved toward the armoury.
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