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  1. Boomstick jogged past her third block, looking quickly before crossing to avoid interactions with anyone else. She searched through some bags for supplies, finding the occasional useful item like camera lenses and stuffed toys. Camera lenses could be used to repair any optics on her weapons, while the stuffed toys were dissected for their cotton within; to help pad out her winter gear when things got a little too cold. She soon heard a dull roar after crossing her fourth block, and with each step she took it steadily grew louder. 'This must be the riots she was talking about,' Boomstick thought to herself. Pulling out her ACR-E assault rifle, she began to slow her pace, eventually inching forward so as to avoid confrontation with both the rioters and the JTF deployed there to control the situation. Pushing the crown on her watch once again, her contact lenses flared to life as a device in her bagpack let out a quick pulse. '39 civilians, 8 JTF personnel,' she read. The odds were good. The JTF were not allowed to exercise deadly force on civilians unless given permission by the President, so they were definitely going to be preoccupied by the violence on their hands. However she had to work quickly, as 8 JTF personnel were definitely not enough to keep the rioters at bay. Quickly taking note of the positions of all 47 people, Boomstick picked her spot, laid down, and began to leopard crawl across the street, keeping as close to the ground as possible so as to avoid detection. Reaching the other side, she checked around once more to make sure no one had spotted her. Once she was satisfied, she got up, dusting off the old snow that had stuck to her clothes, before heading to the side entrance of the Police station. "Drats, locked," she cursed under her breath. She had no access to ISAC too, which meant she had to find a more.. primitive method of crossing. Looking up, she noticed that the wall was not too high, but was topped with razor wire to deter intruders. Not like it really mattered at this time anyway. Glancing around, Boomstick noticed several wooden crates scattered along the wall of the neighbouring building. Grabbing a few, she placed them along the wall, stacking them until they formed a makeshift staircase to the top of the wall. Placing several opened luggage bags over the razor wire so as to stop it from slicing her open, Boomstick vaulted over the wire and landed with a thud on the other side. Quickly pulling up her rifle, she listened for any sign of her presence being noticed. Satisfied that she was still undetected, Boomstick proceeded to find an open door, before heading into the station.
  2. Seeing the blob move forward, Cerebri decided to hang back for a bit. Climbing a little higher, he surveyed the lay of the land a little, looking for any possible advantageous geography that he and the blob could exploit. Seeing that there were none that he could use at this point in time, he decided to commit what he could to memory; one never know when knowledge like this would be useful. Eventually catching up to the creature who was paying him, the blob suddenly stopped. Feeling the hairs on the back of his neck stand, his hand automatically hovered down to his weapons, ready to draw. His palm began to sweat in anticipation of a fight, and those shrieks and groans did nothing to ease his disease. The tremor he felt in the soles of his feet began to quaver even more, and he immediately placed his head on the ground, ears pressed hard into the stone floors. A cacophony of thumps and scrapes danced in his eardrums, feeding information to him as he analyzed the sounds. "We have at least fifty strong heading in our direction, some seem to be carrying heavy items," he relayed to the blob. Pulling out his pistol, he muttered under his breath, "and I am in no mood to be trifled with," before firing a shot toward the sound's general direction. A sudden screech filled the cavern before a shout became audible. "Don't shoot! We come in peace!"
  3. Hey @Hani, how's your post coming along?
  4. Dyloceus needed an out from the situation facing him. Being his father's general? That was definitely not something he wanted to do. He wanted to continue roaming the world, trying out new ales and alcoholic spirits, all in the hope that one of them would actually be strong enough to give him even the slightest buzz. Being a general of Hell, though, would be a huge spanner to his works, as one of the requirements of being a general of Hell would require him to permanently stay in Hell. Dyloceus sorely did not want that to happen. "Think you arse, think," he berated himself as he slowly felt like he was being pulled into a cycle he could not escape from. The tense atmosphere was starting to build up. Wheels began to churn, fitting possibilities into places where none would make sense. His mental factory started working overtime, fitting scenario into scenario, until.. Eureka. "So how much of your army do I command," Dyloceus questioned. "I would like them all, but we both know that won't do." "How much do you think you require," replied his father, back to his usual sickly sweet voice, and seated comfortably back on his throne. "At least 45 percent." Dyloceus's father snorted, then laughed a little. "No. 25 percent is more than adequate." He waved his hand dismissively. "Oh come on pops. You can't expect me to be a General in your army and not command some good number of boys, do you? 40 percent," Dyloceus bargained. "No. 30 percent. And I'm being generous already, which is so unlike me as a Lord of Hell." "Well then, my final offer. 35 percent, and they stay wholly loyal to me and me only. They answer to no one else." A small glint sparkled in Dyloceus's eyes. He knew he waws close. Thinking for a minute, his father toyed with the idea. Dylocues knew the math too. Even with the army at his disposal, he could not really do anything. 35 percent of his father's forces was not even enough to overthrow a minor lord of Hell, but with the prize of all those souls to possible join his strength at stake, Dyloceus's father needed to contemplate the cost/reward ratio. Finally, his father slowly nodded his head. Standing up, he walked over to a small table and took from its drawer, a small fire medallion. Whispering something only he could hear to it, the medallion flared a hot shade of red for a short moment before reverting to its old form. Tossing it to Dyloceus, who caught it, the medallion shone in the fires of Hell. "That's your proof of command. Lose it, and you lose your army to the one who picks it up. Understand?" "Aye, got it you old windbag," retorted the cambion. Stuffing the medallion deep into his pocket, he unfurled his wings once again and flew off, keen on fulfilling the rest of his mission.
  5. "Nothing like a fresh kill to get your heart beating," cooed Boomstick. Picking up the ammo off the fresh corpse of the JTF soldier she had just killed, she took a quick mental stock of how much she had. The amount she had scavenged was probably enough to last her the next few days. Picking up the radio receiver, she realised that there were a few smoking bullet holes bored into the plastic, rendering the item completely useless. Cursing herself a little, she threw it aside, and decided to get it from the next best thing. Walking slowly toward the source of groaning and moaning that had been echoing through the alleyway where she had ambushed the group, she tenderly picked up the one surviving member's head. "Shhh," she sounded, slowly stroking the hair of the lady whose legs had been blown off by one of her grenades. "It'll all be over soon, just tell me something. I seemed to overhear that some people are heading for some police station somewhere. Where is the police station they are heading to, and what's in there?" Boomstick purposely spoke softly and reassuringly, in a bid to lull the JTF soldier into a false sense of calm and give up the information. This, however, did not work. "Screw you bitch, I'll kill you," the JTF soldier screamed. Quickly planting her piston into the lady's open mouth, Boomstick cocked the hammer back. Eyes widening in terror, the JTF soldier's eyes began to tear, quickly filling to the brim and rolling down her cheek. "Now, I am normally a patient girl, but this seems like it's time sensitive, so I'll reiterate. Tell me now what I need to know, or I'll leave you to bleed out. Die slowly. Heck, I'll make it even more agonizing. I hear a gut shot is about the slowest way to die without proper treatment." Boomstick pulled her assault rifle out and placed it at her abdomen, taking off the safety, thus making her intentions crystal clear. "So, would you like to share that information with me? Tell me and I might, just might, let you live." Looking deep into her eyes, Boomstick knew that she had broken the JTF soldier. Slowly removing the gun from her mouth, Boomstick allowed her some time to recover before the JTF soldier started spilling everything, from the riot to the contents of the police station. 'Medicine, water and food huh,' she thought to herself. Those were the usual items that were found everywhere. "There's apparently some special tech in there too, some SHD tech," the JTF soldier spluttered. This piqued Boomstick's interest. "SHD tech? Like?" "I don't know, it was on a need-to-know basis!" the JTF soldier whimpered. "I merely heard rumors!" Boomstick's mind raced. SHD tech. That was something important. SHD tech was the most cutting edge technology of warfare the United States currently had, and to be able to get her hands on them was something that could be game changing. Standing up, she made the decision to get it, by any means necessary. As she started to walk away, the JTF soldier started to break down again, clearly happy that she was going to be left alone. Spinning around, Boomstick fired off one shot, striking the soldier in her head. The body slumped almost immediately, and slowly blood began dripping from the bullet hole that now decorated the soldier's skull. Happy with her work, she holstered her weapon, before jogging at a steady pace over to the coordinates she was given by the soldier.
  6. apologies, just saw the message yesterday. wasn't aware it was my turn! augh. my bad. EDIT: gimme an hour, i'll knock something out @Vetanoob EDIT 2: posted! sorry for taking so long!
  7. Apparently the sleep had taken much more of a toll on Aryssin. She had only realised that no one had responded to her shouts because they were all under attack by flying monstrosities; winged girls she recognised from the bestiary of Lefel as "Harpies", creatures that were weak in nature, but devious as well. It certainly looked like the harpies were causing some sort of annoyance to the people trying to cross the bridge, so Aryssin decided to unsheathe her bow and help shoot. This turned out to be a folly as she soon realised she had forgotten to restock her arrows before she fell asleep, and that left her with only her black arrows that allowed her to infuse magic into them. Scolding herself silently for her tardiness, Aryssin nevertheless moved on, and soon reached the start of the bridge. From a quick glance it seemed that the heroes upon the bridge were handling the attack pretty well, so Aryssin decided to slowly move forward to check if anyone had been injured. Calling out to the rest of the group, she cast quick glances to each of the others to check for injuries. Apparently the others had stayed back and out of range of the harpy attacks, and were therefore all right. Those upon the bridge were in more precarious positions, and a healer was always welcome. Stepping tentatively onto the bridge, she moved forward, making sure not to look down. Steeling her nerves, she uttered a quick spell, and cast it into her bracers, which absorbed the light with much greed. Soon the emblems upon them glowed a faint white, signifying that they were ready. Gripping hold of the ropes, she inched slowly forward.
  8. I think we can spruce it up a little. I don't mind her dying, but it has to be an interesting death. not just going down in a blaze of glory kinda death. or ignominy. hahaha. nope. I purposely stayed away from Aaron Keener because I wanted her reason to become a rogue to be wholly different.
  9. So since I am a baddie in this thread, if anyone would like to have a fight with me, please PM me. I would prefer if we use a dice roll to decide the winner and loser of the battle, but I am definitely open to other forms of deciding factors. NOTE: this is NOT T1. I don't want it to be T1 either. HAHA
  10. Boomstick was in her perfect world. She had long held on to the world view that the strong ate the weak, and after the Green Flu broke out, it proved her point to the T. It could not have been any more perfect; the living were forced to either huddle together in large groups for protection like prey, or wandered alone through the city like apex predators. Boomstick was deep in the latter category, and she had made sure that she was ready for the day something like this would happen; it was only a matter of time. The world was getting too bloated with living people. Natural resources were running scarce, and people were being forced to share what was left. Boomstick did not wish to share. She had no desire to share. She went through her inventory once more. Eight seeker mines, enough battery in her tactical pulse scan to last a few more days, and thirteen grenades. Boomstick had been stocking up on those; they were endlessly useful at causing chaos, all while making sure the enemy would look every which way but her way. She picked up her assault rifle and inspected it for dirt; an elegant ACR-E with custom bolt carriers that allowed for higher rates of fire, and a slightly longer barrel for sniping if required. Topping it was a 3.5x ACOG scope, eternally useful for landing the occasional headshot. Seeing a small spot where the gun oil had dried, she took out a small brush, dipped it in the oil, and methodically applied it to the barrel. Rust had no business on the rifle, and she knew full well what could happen if rust was allowed to creep in. Right next to her was her Benelli M4 Super 90 pump action shotgun, a weapon she became intimately familiar with during her time busting down doors in the army. She had grown rather fond of it, admiring its weight, accuracy and, perhaps even more, its sheer firepower. Nothing beat a shotgun in close quarters gun combat. Each shot fired in a short range was bound to hit something, making the follow up shot that much easier to land. Lastly she checked the number of clips she had left of her H&K P30L. The hefty pistol felt good in her hand, and the kick was, while noticeable, still very much controllable. Realising that she was running low on 9mm bullets, she packed up her items, put on her mask, and headed out. Exiting of the room she holed up in for the night, Boomstick looked around. There was little activity around her immediate area; other than a few scavengers out searching for food and water, there was no movement. Looking at her wristwatch, she turned the clock face 45 degrees to the left and pressed the crown. This caused the pulse to activate, sending information to her Heads Up Display in her contact lenses. Spinning around she noticed.. Movement. Two blocks. "JTF. Huh." It was time to stalk her prey.
  11. A small pang of jealousy rose when the beautiful elf leaned over to the lieutenant and whispered in his ear. He caught himself, and slowly surpressed the feeling. This was not the time to let feelings dictate the following proceedings, and time was a more important factor than ever. Quickly swiping the phials from Jack, he walked over and obscured the second lieutenant's view of the first, and while the first was being enthralled by the beauty of the elf, he slipped the liquid into the first mug. One down, one more to go. He then quickly passed the second vial over to the elf to settle the second mug of ale. Turning around, he picked up the tainted mug and walked over to the second lieutenant. Extending his arm, he offered the man a shake, apologising for the 'blunder' he had caused. Eyeing it for a short while, the lieutenant finally raised his own and took Cerebri's hand and shook it once. Placing the replacement mug on his table, Cerebri tipped his hat to the second lieutenant once again, and then beckoned for his 'beloved' to return to him. While waiting for her, he sat down to his own mug, and readied it to raise a toast to the tavern in celebration of a happy event: his apparent engagement. A small smile crept into the corner of his mouth as he said those words, but quickly again he caught himself and descended back into his brooding nature.
  12. BASICS] Name: -REDACTED- Ethnicity: Mixed (Asian/African) Marital Status: N/A Orientation: Unknown Gender: Female Age: 27 Callsign: Boomstick Occupation: Demolitions Expert Affiliation: Strategic Homeland Division - Disavowed Role: Explosives Assault Wetwork Expert [PHYSICAL PROFILE] Voice: Female, Modulated, Dead Eyes: Black Complexion: Creole Height: 1.74m / 5ft 9in Weight: 72kg or 159 lbs Build: Medium, Tough Hair: Cornrows, neat, tied up Tattoos: Sempre Fi with strikethrough on her left forearm [PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE] A little of a troublemaker, always been the largest girl in class and knew how to use it. Joined up with the Army after high school, went on to Officer training school but dropped out due to differing views with instructors. Became a non-comm with the -REDACTED-, two tours in -REDACTED- before being dishonorably discharged Was recognised as as a future asset by SHD, recruited after completing mandatory counselling sessions. Went missing not long after second wave of SHD agents were deployed, never seen since DNA Samples found in several areas with dead JTF personnel who were stripped of equipment. Suspected for the murder of said personnel. Disavowed until proven innocent. Equipment Loadout 1) ACR-E Assault Rifle, 30 round mag, ACOG Sight (3.5x magnification), higher than average rate of fire 2) Benelli M4 Super 90 Pump Action Shotgun, holographic sights 3) H&K P30L Pistol, 15 round magazine, holographic sight, laser pointer SHD Tech Seeker Mines and their variants Tactical Pulse Scanner
  13. Cerebri scoffed a little. While he knew he was in an illusion, he did not fancy that the illusion was some form of parade, and parades irked him as they always blocked off paths of escape when one was needed. The words from the blob only served to reconfirm what was fairly obvious, but he had to admit that the illusion cast was one that was quite strong. For the illusion to be this accurate required a lot of concentration, and a trained eye could normally see right through in a matter of glances. This one however, was so detailed that even the surfaces of the walls and rocks looked real, with textures akin to what one would find in the real world. The one thing that tipped him off however, was the airships. To have airships underground and this deep in would be impossible, and logic dictated that this was the only option left. What they had to do now was to find the source of the illusion. "Let's start over there," Cerebri growled, pointing over at the distance. There was a trail that his eyes had detected; it led deeper into the antechamber of the illusion, and whether this trail would turn out to be part of the illusion he did not know. He walked forward, using his Pathsight to navigate. Some paths led to groups of people, standing in malicious ways, while others led to weird and wonderful things that seemed to be too good to be true. He knew he could not tell between whether they were truly there or not, but decided against touching anything unless absolutely necessary. Finally reaching a small rest point with an outcrop of rocks to conceal himself, he looked back toward the blob. "Your move partner, what do you think we should from here on?"
  14. "Hiya pops," I grumbled, looking at him as I started to turn away from him involuntarily (or was it voluntary?). Well, it's no loss anyway. In fact I would consider it a win. However, taking into account the circumstances, it would better if I faced him, and therefore I turned, rather comically, flailing and thrashing to face my father. "This measly thing is supposed to help me? How," picking the blue prism off his hand and examining it carefully. "You have done your part. Now, where is it? The key," my father replied, silky smooth voice that sounded like a blunt pair of scissors scraping through silk. Somehow it just grated me the wrong way. "Let me go do my stuff and you'll find out," I retorted defiantly. I just could not help it. Helping my father was just something that I could not do easily. Growing up near that halitosis-ridden mouth was just.. the worst. Every laugh as the whip cracked for me to do something for him, every snort as I tried to do something that would please him; that both made my blood boil and my spine shiver as I remembered what I had to suffer around him. "And why would I do that my boy? What are you hiding?" He cut straight to the chase. At least he knew me well enough to know that I had something I wanted from him. Hiding from him was never an easy task; he always seemed to know what I was keeping secret from him. This time though, I was prepared. To spill everything. "Well, as you very well know, Asmodeus has your key. You might want to wage war with him to get it back," I replied with a small smirk. Looking at the rage slowly creep into my father's face was a thing of beauty. First, a small vein would pop in his left temple. Then, as his blood slowly started to heat up, you could see it glow, and the heat would start to cause every surface vein to glow a faint bright orange. Even so, father tried to play it cool. "How did she end up there anyway?" he asked, as coolly as he could. "Let me answer that question for you, my lord." I snapped my head as far as I could. Slithering to his side, Neposirus, as slimy as his character was, chuckled along the way. "You see, my lord, Dyloceus had deliberately placed her in the hands of Asmodeus himself, hoping that at least the two lords of Hell would argue over taking possession of the key. " "Is that so, my son," asked my father dangerously. I had to pick my words carefully now. Any wrong word could cause serious trouble for me. "What do you think old man? That I would hand deliver something so important to the most feckless and idiotic Lord of Hell? Dream on ya big lump." See? I told you I could not help it. Roaring in anger, my father's rage was one to behold. Grabbing a few nearby imps, he crushed the lives from them, tossing their corpses into the fiery pits below me, causing the fire to jump and lick at my bare skin. Totally worth it. Finally cooling down after a few more dead imps and demons as well, my father sat back on his throne. "I have thought of a useful punishment for you." He sniggered, before giving my chain a large tug. Swinging across to him, he slackened the chain just as I reached his feet, and I crumpled to the floor as though I was grovelling at his feet. "I now name you General Dyloceus, and you shall lead my armies against the Lord Asmodeus to claim back what is rightfully mine." Horror filled my heart, but I kept a face as straight as an ironing board. To serve my father as his General? I would rather die. However, I had a mission to fulfill, and dying before that was not an option. I would unfortunately have to accept that massive dishonor and find a way out after that. Reluctantly I allowed my father to brand me with his order. Now, to settle the other parts of the initial plan.
  15. Aryssin awoke from her long nap, apparently having fallen asleep after her talk with Sheryl. The world had turned a little different since she last saw it, appearing more lush and green than what she remembered. It reminded her a little of home, a place she had not gone to for a long time now, ever since she banished herself. Her mind began to wander a little, thinking of this and that, before she realised that different was.. Not good. Quickly sitting up cross legged and rubbing the last bits of sleep out of her eyes, she realised her mind remained a little foggy. Inhaling sharply, Aryssin sought to quickly clear her head in order to investigate what was happening. However, all it caused was a massive headache, as the cold air constricted her blood vessels and the sudden rush of blood did not mix well together. Grabbing her head as the pain slowly dissipated, Aryssin calmed down. Placing her hands with palms facing upward on her thighs, Aryssin started to notice her breath, following its path from nose to abdomen. This slowly started to ease her, allowing her senses to open up and take in more information. Finally coming out of her meditative state, Aryssin looked around. The food from last night still laid where she last put it. Picking it up, Aryssin mindfully ate it. Taking the final bite, she stood up, dusted the small pieces of food that fell on her clothes, and started calling out for anyone who might be nearby.
  16. Rolling for the success/failure of my actions in Acrophobia part tres
  17. Rolling for the success/failure of my actions in Acrophobia part deux
  18. Rolling for the success/failure of my actions in Acrophobia
  19. aaaaaaaaaand I've been lazy with posting. Many apologies, will be getting a post up in 2B soon (within the next 2 days definitely). @Veloci-Rapture
  20. Cerebri walked a few paces before he heard that voice in his head. warning about Uhltor's might or somesuch. He was not really paying attention, instead choosing to focus on the signs that were on the walls. That cat paw was something awfully familiar to him, like he had seen it somewhere before... then it struck him. "Stay close," he called to the rest of the group. Without looking back to see if they they had heard him, Cerebri bounded from rock to rock, reaching the fourth one and squinting again in the direction the previous arrow had pointed. Soon he spotted the next paw, this time pointing toward a moss covered stone. Taking 5 steps towards it, the Helldriver bent down and plucked a small lump off the rock and popped it into his mouth, slowly chewing on it. The moss smelled like old socks but tasted of buttered potatoes, which made Cerebri gag a little, yet savour the taste somewhat. Powering through the nasty smell, he swallowed. Instantly the world lit up around him. He saw luminescent trails that led off into the distance, each fork that led to an abrupt halt. He surmised that those were trap-laden areas of the cave. All except for two. Following the trail, he came to the split in the road. "Ingest that moss you see on the floor there if you need it," Cerebri said gruffly, pointing in the general direction of where he picked it. "It's called atiin chʼil, or the guided herb. Smells unpleasant, but it grants a manner of... Pathsight, if you will." Pointing in the direction of the two forks, he added, "It also seems like we are going to have to split up to fully explore the cave. Who wants to lead the other?"
  21. Dyloceus rasped and choked, falling to the ground with a thud. The chains had more power than he anticipated, which was a problem for another day. He gasped for breath, allowing the air to enter his lungs, and slowly his heart began to calm. Folding his wings back and allowing them to merge with his body, he massaged the areas where the chain had held him fast. "You are going to have to wait while I recover," sneered the cambion, not wanting to be controlled by the likes of Gavin. He would do his thing at his own time, not at the beck and call of anyone. Finally, after deliberately allowing for some passage of time to pass, and forcing the wayfarer to stew in his own thoughts for a while, the cambion looked over at Gavin. Clearing his throat to gain his attention, Dyloceus motioned for the wayfarer to move towards him. "We know what the arses here are after. That is vital information to us." Dyloceus paused for a while, allowing his thoughts to form a little clearer before continuing. "We can be information brokers, since we know that this information will be useful to many. Here's the plan." Dyloceus rubbed his hands in glee. "We are going to cause as much chaos down here as possible. What we have to do now, is to tell as many Lords of Hell what has come down here, and where to find the key. This will most likely start a massive 'discussion'," (Dyloceus motioned air quotes) "which will then be our time to steal our way in, set her free, and leave this place." The cambion fished through his pockets for a small little marble, no larger than a pea, but so transparent that one could almost not see the outline of the marble itself. Pointing at the marble, Dyloceus slowly explained what it was. "This is a Marble of Faust, a highly magical item that can remove any foreign item from any object. I tested it previously, and it worked like a charm. It apparently has the power to remove curses as well, which makes me believe that it would be able to remove that darn thing from Dawen's body." Dyloceus held out the marble and placed it in Gavin's hand. "To use it, you have to place the marble on the point between the eyebrows. You'll know it has worked when the marble turns colour," preempting any question the wayfarer might have. "I am entrusting you with this artifact, wayfarer. Do not lose it or break it. I only have one." He lied. The cambion stood back up. Eyeing the surrounding, he slowly scanned the place. He was not far from his father's domain, and that was where he was going to start with the news spread. "Head east, you'll reach another Lord's domain there. Their demons look distinctly different from these over here," Dyloceus stated, pointing at the ones below them, where their heads all contained a third eye. "Get at least two Lords of Hell, I will get two myself. We shall meet back here in six hours." Unfurling his wings once again, the cambion took off south, toward the place he hated most.
  22. Cerebri toppled from the top of the creature's head as it came tumbling down onto the jagged floor. Clutching his side, the Helldriver took a moment to examine himself for injuries. Realising that he was merely covered in bruises, with a rather large one forming on his side where he impacted with the rocks earlier after being blown off his feet, Cerebri walked and winced a little. With the cerberus finally controlled by Rodan, the battle was effectively over, and the remaining bone golems were taken down by the angel that had followed them on their journey. Finding a seat, Cerebri gingerly took of his coat and began slowly treating his injuries. He had realised that there was a flying item attempting to heal others in the vicinity, but he trusted only his own items, and declined an opportunity to be healed by it. Fishing through his pockets, Cerebri took out a small container that contained a vile smelling herbal mixture that was meant for small wounds and applied it on himself. Curiously, upon touching the injured skin, the vile smell instantly dissipated, replaced by a sweet smell, akin to that of flowers in spring. Cerebri had obtained this salve as a favour from one of his clients; a family of apothecaries who were pursued by the local authorities for adding cyanide to their healing potions, causing the death of one of the local governor's family members. Little did the governor know it was Cerebri who set things in motion, who poisoned their well in order to gain the business of the apothecaries. Now that the family was forever in his debt, the Helldriver had an unlimited supply of the salve, which turned out to be extremely useful. Putting his coat back on, Cerebri looked up. Everyone was off doing their own things, so he decided to have a look around the cave. Scanning the walls, he soon came across a carving; an arrow with a cat's paw right above. Calling out to no one in particular, he motioned to the carving, before stepping forward and following the direction set by arrow, hoping to find something, some clue as to why he found the cave so immensely familiar.
  23. Dyloceus found himself frozen still. He knew Gavin was about to freeze him, but chose to take the attack instead of counter his move. The ice tickled his body as it spread, doing nothing but keep him in place temporarily. He could break out, but wanted to see what the wayfarer had in mind before he chose to act. Seeing the wayfarer give in to the void powers disappointed the cambion. This was not what he had expected from the wayfarer; he knew that Gavin had more fight in him than he realized, but to see that he had taken the easy way out was really saddening to the cambion. ‘Time to knock some sense into that bugger’, he thought to himself, before heating up his body. Soon the ice that trapped him began to melt, and pretty quickly he broke free, sending shards of ice everywhere. The petrification of the dell was not something he could not reverse, however it required time and a lot of energy. Energy he was not ready to spend. Not yet anyways. Flying over to the wayfarer, the cambion leaned down close to his ears and whispered,”Let’s all go on a little trip, why don’t we.” This caught the wayfarer by surprise, which gave Dyloceus time to sweep out the legs from underneath him, causing him to slip and lose ground. Quickly picking the wayfarer up by his ears and using his chains (or rope or whatever bondage item that was that kinky little fella) as a tether, the cambion followed behind the half elf as she was dragged into the depths. “Welcome to my world,” he said to the wayfarer. The orange of fire lit up the place, creating plenty of bright spots that would blind anyone that looked too closely. Behind all that light was the deepest shadow, a large and rather stark contrast to the hellfire and brimstone. Dyloceus knew what laid behind the curtain. He looked at the place with detachment, numb to all that was happening around him. This was a pseudo home to him after all, spending his formative years here in the company of liars and meat cleavers. All that noise he was already accustomed to, and he was able to drone out their screams for mercy or of delight (he could never really tell which, they sounded too similar). Sensing that they were near their destination, Dyloceus flew a little quicker, causing the chains to slacken a little. With a little shake (pretty violently for Gavin’s ears though), the chains fell off, and the cambion flew to a small outcrop of rock that hid the both of them. “I do not have time to explain why I did what I did,” started Dyloceus, turning to the wayfarer, “and I don’t think you’ll believe me either, but there is a reason I did what I did. I believe I can fix it, but for me to do so I need your trust.” Holding out his hand, Dyloceus moved it closer to Gavin, intending to shake hands. He did however, put the other behind his back, gripping on to the handle of his knife in case something went truly and utterly wrong.
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