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  1. Yeah here in Singapore there are a lot of infant care and child care centres. Its a norm for both parents to be working so there isn't any time to take care of the babies full-time at home. Some parents manage to get a maid/helper or even get the grandparents to come and help take care of them. But not all grandparents are willing or able to. ? Thus, it has created a market for these centres to provide care to infants and toddlers during the day while the parents work. Depends on the centre. The one that my wife and I have enrolled the twins in operate from 7am to 7pm on weekdays. But its possible to enrol them for only half a day each day instead. Nope they don't. Yes it costs us money but the government provides subsidies to offset the costs. Well its more of both of us really. I took both paid and unpaid leave to help with taking care of the twins. We had some difficulties at first and took us awhile to get into a predictable schedule that we could work with the babies. But now its more or less settled and we are just taking it day by day as it goes along. Okay, I already managed to catch up with what's going on. I'll still need more time before I can jump back in. But when I am able to, I'll definitely let you guys know first thing! Beats me. Mysteries of life I guess. ?
  2. Hey guys! A million apologies for not updating about my status on this story. ? taking care of my twins has been harrowing and tiresome. I barely find enough time to get online and check things out here on Valucre. However, hope remains! My twins will be going to an infant care centre from 16th Jan onwards so hopefully I can find the time to post on Aaric's progress in this story. I hope I'm not impeding the story's progress too much because of my absence.
  3. Hey guys. Unfortunately I won't be be able to post this week. You guys can skip me if you want. My hired nanny just left after helping my wife and I for 2 months and now we are handling them alone. To say it's tough is probably the most underrated word of the year. As soon as I can post I'll update you guys asap. Again, a million apologies for taking so long.
  4. Hey guys! Sorry for not posting yet! Taking care of twins is tough tough tough and I barely get any time inbetween their crying, feeding and nappy-changing to write. ? I'll have a post up within the next 24-48 hours!
  5. No problem! Just take your time as long as the story continues. ? I'm excited to see what happens next. ?
  6. Whoops! Actually I meant 'everyone' as in just the party could hear what Aaric was saying. Not the salamanders as well.??? I'll be more careful with my writing next time! ??
  7. The battle was hard-fought. One by one the salamanders fell. Their numerical superiority and having three specialists on board helped to whittle down their scaly opponents' strength. Finally, the last salamander fell and the kobolds cheered in victory. Torie, however, was not in a mood for celebration. Aaric quickly fell behind the tigress as she made her way into the cave. The rest of the party followed suit, even as some of the kobolds had suffered some light to moderate injuries themselves. The group trudged forward in the darkness, trusting Torie's senses to guide them. Eventually they came to a stop and Torie turned towards the wayfarer. "Sure thing." Aaric nodded. But before he could leave, loud hisses and the sound of slithering bodies on soil echoed from behind them. Multitudes of salamanders appeared before them, ready to eliminate the intruders of their home. Aaric cursed. Thinking quickly, the wayfarer fished through his utility pouch and took out a shiny metal capsule no bigger than a small tomato and pressed it into Priscilla's hand. "Take this!" Aaric explained loud enough for everyone to hear. "Throw it on the ground when the time is right and it'll explode with a bright flash and a loud bang. Get everyone to close their eyes and ears! The Salamander's won't know what hit 'em. I'll be back before you know it!" With that, the former assassin sped off, melding into the shadows and racing towards the end of the wall.
  8. Posted! Sorry for taking so long to post. ? It's tough taking care of twins. It's all I can do to find time to write and post.
  9. Aaric returned the smile and gave one to Priscilla as well. As the tigress bolted forward, so did the wayfarer right behind her. The entire party following close behind them. The former assassin hid inside her shadow with his shadow walking and waited for his moment to strike. When Torie slipped past the gap between two salamanders, Aaric jumped out of Torie's shadow and dashed along the perfectly lined-up lizards. He dodged side to side as the fiery reptiles attempted to stab him only to meet the dirt. In return, Aaric gave each passing salamander a quick slash at their exposed underbelly, elliciting sharp hisses of pain. The distraction was enough for the charging Kobolds to crash into the salamanders' broken line. Clangs of metal against metal rang throughout the mines. Whilst the Kobolds grabbed the attention of their repitilian counterparts, Aaric would speed from shadow to shadow and strike from their blind spot. A lucky opening allowed him to shoot another wrist-bolt through the jugular and send the mithril-clad warrior writhing on the ground as it bled out. Aaric exited the battle site briefly to have a quick breahter. The burning sensation that was in his arm had now already spread to his upper torso. It was becoming harder to breath. He was definitely sure the salamanders' teeth had some sort of poison. There was no time to concoct an antidote now. He had to fight through the pain and hope he was still conscious before the battle's end. Focusing his thoughts once again, he charged into the fray.
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