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  1. Thanks for letting us know early! 😄 I'm next. So my post will be up within the next 1 or 2 days. Hope your characters enjoyed the meal!
  2. Hey guys! Just want to remind everyone that your first intro post for your character can be done in any order whatsoever. Only when everyone has done so then we can commence posting in the aforementioned posting order. Cheers! ✌️
  3. Aaric left the tavern excitedly with the rest of the newfound party. This was going to be exciting! His first adventure all by himself without his master and new companions to boot! It was only after they exited the tavern that he suddenly remembered that the coin he gave the barkeep as bribe-payment for an extra night's stay was wasted. He was so focused on packing his things that it totally slipped his mind! But he couldn't turn back now... So he settled for comically sobbing over his wasted coin. Coin that could have been used on more important stuff like food. As Priscilla led them through the marketplace, Aaric decided to bring up the rear and cover them from above the rooftops. With his wall climbing and parkour skills, the wayfarer deftly made his way onto the tops of the shop-houses without rousing much attention to himself. This was where he was most comfortable since being inside bustling crowds made him a little claustrophobic... Plus it was hard to tell who was going to try and stab them in the back with everyone bumping into him every now and then. With a bird's eye view, he could track his fellow party members as well as look out for any shady individuals who might want to try anything funny. As he trailed the group, he thought about Priscilla's situation. She definitely seemed to have experienced alot of pain and suffering. To lose her entirely livelihood to the point where she had to risk partying with people she never knew; people who might have took advantage of her if she wasn't careful... He was just glad everyone at the table were more or less nice people. There was strength in numbers, but even more strength in mutual trust. He could tell that Torie was going to be a great companion. Even if she was a little naive and a stickler for doing things the right way... Morally at least. Aaric was no hero but he wasn't averse to helping others in need. He just hoped that the Tigress was enough of a survivalist to prioritize the whole party's safety, unlike others he had seen who had gotten themselves killed trying to live by their code of death-before-dishonor. Hopefully it wouldn't come to that. Torie was too nice of a person and he enjoyed good company! He was surprised when he saw the crossbow girl lingering her gaze longer at the disguised fence. Then again, he shouldn't be surprised since she had to struggle to survive in a world like theirs. Aaric himself was very familiar with these kinds of black market shops. He frequented them together with his teacher during their travels, most recently to find materials and ingredients to create his many varieties of wristbolt ammunition; things only Adventurers of his type he would use. If anything, if they really had to visit one as a party, he would have to step up and ensure they weren't being ripped off of any overpriced goods on their shelves. When they neared the bounty board, Aaric dropped down from his perch and onto the ground... Right next to the same middle-aged lady that dropped her pottery earlier, shocking her again and causing her to fall onto her behind. "Sorry!" Aaric apologised profusely as she threw curses and insults at him. He made his way through the opening that Torie made and looked over Priscilla's shoulder a she scanned the types of work available. There were certainly too many to go through each one individually, but that is to Torie the more interesting ones were identified. When she mentioned the salamander quest it piqued his interest too. He didn't eat salamanders before, but if Torie said they were delicious how could he refuse? Now that drew a tad more attention than he was comfortable with, especially since she said it out loud enough for the nearby adventuring denizens to hear. Some looked appalled, others snickered, a few green-horn looking individuals had curious expressions on their face. But most kept their neutral expressions up... Probably in an attempt to not incur the wrath of a Tigress in the middle of a busy place. The wayfarer quickly and gently pulled Torie aside to a less crowded area then leant in and whispered into her ear. "Um... Torie? That contract might look legal. But 'laundry' is actually a code for some pretty fishy stuff. Most likely illegal, black market-ish stuff. The fact that we won't know exactly what the task entails until we accept it and meet the client is exactly what makes it bad... And rewarding at the same time. Any adventurer with enough experience would know what it means. But no one except the most skilled and daring people actually take it." Ending his explanation, Aaric quickly strode over to Priscilla's side. "Personally, Chief, I'm all for taking any contract you want. But let me just say I don't think Torie or the Mister ex-knight would sit well with the fence contract after what I explained to her. Let's just stick to the more legal ones first." He muttered.
  4. Here are the rules for the thread: Pace shall be 1 post per maximum of 3 days for each character If you do not post approximately 3 days after your turn, you will be skipped However, if you need extra time to post please do let us know in this thread so we can accommodate you. We are nice people! No character deaths or permanent disability unless decided by the character owner. (However, you cannot rule out sickness or injury) Enjoy yourselves and let your creative juices flow!
  5. Awesomeeeee! Can't wait to get this show started! Looking forward to the next setpiece! 😜
  6. Great to have you aboard! Yup! I have also posted in reaction to her monsters attacking my character. So everyone can take that as an example of the difficulty faced against a single character. So you guys can see that in Yh'mi the monsters will be this challenging. However, since our characters are in a party, this should help alleviate somewhat since each character has a different skill set and can cover each other's backs. From here on. Everyone can start posting their first intro into the thread in any order. Once everyone has posted, we can begin the quest proper. The posting order shall be in this sequence: @Vetanoob @Shamash @Gloxie @Damnatus @Voldemort Does anyone have any objections? If anyone wants to swap you guys are free to sound out here. We're all nice people! 😁
  7. Why in the bloody name of the gods did these kind of monster have to appear?! Connor gritted his teeth as tried to swat away at the pesky but dangerous creatures that try to claw, swipe and bite him from all sides. With their small frame and numerical advantage, even his solarifle would be useless against these more agile foes. But it didn't stop him from trying anyway. What made it worse we're their occasional acid spit which, though thankfully slow, still made for a formidable weapon. With his exoskeleton powering his movements, Connor leapt toward the direction of Lirrey village in an attempt to gain some distance away from the fluttering beasts; but the bats were able to change direction quickly and start gaining on him, shitting globs of acid at his back. Connor abruptly halted his sprint, swung behind him, took aim with his rifle pointing at the swarm's general direction... And fired! BZZZT! A short coherent beam of light energy shot towards the bats and zoomed past most of them, clipping the wings of one of the damned creatures and causing it to screech and fall to the ground, screeching and writhing in agony. But the fall of one of it's kind did nothing to stop the rest of the bats from reaching him once more and attacking him again. This time, Connor unsheathed his kukri and pressed a button on the handle. A humming sound filled the air as the end of the blade glowed bright yellow as solar energy coursed through it. Connor thanked to the high heavens that he had the sense to purchase all that thick, boiled leather and fashioned them as lightweight armor on his person. As one of the bats landed on his forearm in an attempt to drive it's claws into the inventor's flesh, the latter quickly slashed the former in half before it could let go and evade. Another one down, four more to go. Connor panted. He managed to cut down another bat using the same tactic, but the pesky creatures seemed to learn quickly. They drew back and kept a safe distance from him, as if contemplating what to try next to bring down their prey. Seizing the opportunity, Connor sprinted back towards the direction of Lirrey village once more with the bats following close behind; There was no use trying to fight them any longer if they could learn from their prey. Turning the power adjustment dial towards the high side on his exosuit, Connor's speed increased greatly but still not enough to outrun the bats. He could see the edge of the village now! If he could manage to get past the invisible barrier, the creatures should theoretically cease pursuit. Theoretically being the key word. The bats screeches became closer with every passing second and Connor's legs were starting to burn from use, even with the assistance of the suit. He was very close now! Ten meters! Five meters! One meter! SCREEEEEEECH!!! A high pitched scream sounded right beside his left ear causing him to flinch in pain, close his eyes and trip over his own feet, sending him sprawling across the ground just inches away from the invisible barrier Connor where believed to be. The three remaining bats converged onto their fallen prey, fully intent on ripping him apart. "FUCK. THIS. SHIT!" Connor roared, fishing out a single pebble of solabernite and flicking it onto the floor before slamming the buttstock of the solarifle onto it, crushing it into pieces and causing an unstable reaction that released a bright flash of light as bright as the sun. The duration was momentary, but the intensity of it was enough to cause the bats to be incinerated into ashes. And all that was left was the sound of howling winds covering his breathless panting as he laid on the dirt. Pushing his goggles up onto his forehead, the inventor's sat up and crawled his way into the unperceivable wall of Lirrey's territory. He got in a few more meters just in case then collapsed onto the ground once more in exhaustion. The clouds giving way to the sunlight which basked o to his soiled frame. "Good day Mister Maxwell!" A chirpy girls voice called out from behind him. A blonde child no more than six years old smiled at him in genuine interest; one of Lirrey village's many odd inhabitants "You really seem to love your calisthenics in the middle of the day. Well don't let me break your rhythm Mister Maxwell! Ta!" As she skipped away towards the village, Connor could only return a irritated deadpan stare towards the girls back and groan. "God, I hate Yh'mi."
  8. UPDATE #1 16 May 2019: My first post is up! 😄 Everyone is welcome to post your intro to that thread in any order. Once everyone has posted then we shall begin the quest using an agreed posting order (To be confirmed later). Please take note that your character will either need permission from the relevant Terrenus authorities to get past the White Hand Paladins (Like @Shamash) or have some way of bypassing the gate. My character has already snuck in four months ago before the wall was fully repaired. The rest of you CAN coordinate to get past the guards together as a party (if you guys want) before meeting Connor. From there, our characters will meet and make their way towards the doomed steps. Looking forward to see you in Yh'mi! 😛
  9. A Few Kilometers South of Lirrey Village... Connor looked out from above an outcrop upon the desolate, charred landscape of Yh’mi as he slowly munched on his plain biscuits. His Auranite-powered exoskeleton stood empty on his left, while his newest invention; the Solabernite-powered solar-rifle sat on his right. He thought back on his adventure ever since setting foot inside this blasted, gods-forsaken place in his seemingly never-ending search of the Void. It had been almost four months since he snuck through the wall and past the White Hand Order paladins. It wasn’t easy, though. He had to give it to them, they were tenacious in ensuring no one stepped foot into The Broken Plains. It took three attempts before he was able to get past the guards. Their religious fanaticism and extreme caution against anything that dwelled inside of the accursed place was something the inventor and researcher was concerned with. True, they sought to study and understand what made Yh’mi what it was. But their end goal was where their similarities ended: to destroy and cleanse it completely. Connor had a different goal in mind: If Yh’mi was created from the powers of the Warp that somehow went awry, maybe there was a way to purify it and show Yh’mi’s full potential. But no matter, they were far behind and stuck behind the great wall; of no consequence to him at this time. His thought returned to Lirrey village; his current place of stay. It was almost one month since he sought safe haven in that place. The moment he stepped foot inside it felt so surreal. The weather, the people… everything felt so disconnected from the rest of Yh’mi. It felt as if an entire village including the skies above and ground below them had been one day teleported right into the middle of the blasted land. But instead of being overrun by the twisted creatures which inhabited it, they steered clear of it like it was poison. Even the white fluffy clouds and relatively clear skies stayed as it is throughout night and day. It was as if there was an invisible barrier which kept the place protected. Like a separate dimension. Connor thought. But still somehow seamlessly threaded to this reality. Even the inhabitants of the village behaved oddly. They seemed to have no idea whatsoever where they were or the dangers which surrounded them, brushing it off as rumors like as if he was the crazy one, and they kept suggesting to him to visit some harbor even though the nearest body of water was the sea; which was at least over two hundred kilometers away. In addition, they never seemed to leave the place for any reason whatsoever. Not as if they had any reason to leave the place anyway. The land surrounding the village where the sun could touch was somehow useable for farming and rearing of animals. They seemed entirely self-sufficient. Add to the invisible wall of protection and Lirrey was, to him at least, a peaceful and safe haven for anyone who managed to brave and survive the horror show that was Yh’mi. The Order of the White Hand though had other ideas. They thought it was a trap by Yh'mi to lure physically and mentally exhausted adventurers and claim them forever, thus strongly advocated staying away from the village. If anyone could get in at least. So far, they were on point about this village’s hospitality at least. They welcomed him in and allowed him to stay indefinitely. Even when he offered to pay for the food and board, they politely refused. Saying that it was their custom to treat every visitor as a honored guest. Connor was wary at first, keeping himself awake the first few nights in case anyone came to kill him in his sleep. He even tested each morsel of food they gave him for poison or illusions. Slowly but surely, he became convinced that they weren’t actively trying to kill him. He still kept himself vigilant, of course. Only asking for the bare minimum and trying to help around the village where he could. Connor would remind himself everyday of his mission and would keep travelling outside of the village with his monitoring equipment in search of any evidence which might hint at the connection between Yh’mi and the powers of the Void. Which led him to his current state. Ever since his monitoring equipment had picked up the surge of energy southwards from Lirrey, he immediately sent out a letter to the Gaian Academy’s head researcher who specialized in studying the Warp. This he had done by travelling all the way back to the gate and pass it to a trusted acquaintance during the dead of night. It had already been two weeks and he had not received a reply nor any evidence of a research expedition making their way to him. He wondered if one day he would have to make the trip up the doomed steps himself. The inhabitants of Yh’mi were already dangerous enough. Only the gods would know what was waiting for him inside the Narrow Pass or even the Taen Mountain if he ever managed to get that far. That was why he had been spending copious amounts of time doing what he did best: inventing and building weapons and equipment which would help fight off the abominations. Before stepping foot into Yh’mi, he procured as much Solarbernite crystals as he could carry since they contained light or holy energy that could effectively hurt the hellspawns. He already had his exoskeletal suit powered by auranite crystals that helped to increase his speed and strength, which enabled him to fight off creatures smaller than himself. Anything bigger than that, however, was debatable at best. That was why he was out here now to test his latest invention: The Solarifle. It used small pieces of Solabernite as an energy source and shot physical beams of pure light energy at its targets. The power of each beam was enough to obliterate wood planks into pieces. If things became close and personal, he had his kukri with him which was specially modified to emit solar energy along its edges at a press of a button; powered by a single Solabernite crystal at its hilt. The fact that exhausted Solabernite crystals could be recharged simply by leaving them out under the sun made it a resource that was essential for survival in the wasteland. But the overarching theme that seemed to tower over his entire experience, even before his journey to Yh’mi, was this subliminal niggling that scratched the back of his mind. He couldn’t put a finger on it, but it seemed as if some invisible hand had drawn him towards the doomed landscape. Even the inspirations which gave him the concepts and ideas needed to produce his Solabernite inventions seemed to come from his dreams. He couldn’t remember exactly what he dreamed whenever he slept but in the morning, he would be fresh with new theories that would spur him on to tinker and experiment. However, he had not had the time to investigate further as to whether this unseen stimulus was brought on by extended exposure to Yh’mis environment, or by something… unnatural. Connor shook his head, willing away the distracting thoughts. His mission today was to test his new weapon. Now was the time to try it out on his unfortunate test subjects. Finishing the rest of his biscuits he pocketed the empty pouch, stepped into his exosuit and picked up his rifle. He started to make his way back to Lirrey, but then suddenly he stopped. His danger senses were tingling and his gut wrenched. There was nothing but the howling, desolate winds. But in Yh’mi, one could never be too careful. With his rifle raised, Connor stood and waited. Then the ground burst exploded all around him. @jaistlyn @Shamash @Gloxie @Damnatus @Voldemort
  10. When Priscilla suddenly slammed her dagger into the table, Aaric jumped in his seat in shock; almost spilling his ale over himself. He managed to regain his balance and looked over to Little Miss Crossbow as she dragged the blade across the table, etching it into a pattern that the wayfarer seemed to recognize but could not put his finger on. Turning his gaze towards her expression, he could see she was in some semi-trance like state. There was definitely something that was making her do this. When she was done, she sheathed her dagger and seemed to relax. As Torie gushed over Pricilla's demonstration. The wayfarer raised his mug to keep his hardened expression from being seen by the other table mates. This sort of magic was a skill seen only in persons few and far between. And it was for this very reason that they were much sought after by powerful or influential individuals. Strutter had taught him about the different types of magic others used and runes were one of them. Some used them as a conduit for offensive or defensive spells, but the true artists of rune crafting were best known for enchanting equipment with them. Even minor runic enchantments on equipment were valuable assets to a normal footsoldier. Equip them to an army however... The force multiplication for a hundred men would be able to tip the scales in one's favor. It was a wonder that no one had managed to try and offer her sponsorship in return for serving solely for their own armies and interests. Perhaps she wasn't well known yet. If word of her abilities became publicly known, there would be no end to the parties who wish to claim her abilities for their own. Luckily enough, the tavern had become more boisterous overtime so no one had overheard their conversation. "You know, a quick way to make a pretty Merlin would be to advertise your skills to a local Lord or Baron." Aaric leant over and lowered his voice. "Heck, I'm pretty sure any person of influence would be willing to sponsor your tools, equipment and salary for life to enchant their soldier's weapons and armor. But I'm sure you're above that right? You better keep your rune crafting and enchanting skills on the down low if you want to practice as a freelancer. If anyone finds out, they're gonna try really hard to employ you. If you reject them... well you can trust me when I say that lords, barons and the like are not above using underhanded means to get what they want." Aaric's expression melted into a gentle smile, giving Priscilla a playful wink. "But you don't have to worry about that. I'm pretty sure Torie and I are more than willing to protect you from those sleazy bastards."
  11. Thanks for asking! I don't enforce character deaths or permanent disability unless each of you want to do so for your own character's development. However, since the trip will be hazardous, everyone should write their posts with this extreme danger in mind. There should be physical injuries in at least one confrontation. How bad they are will be up to you. There will be physiological and/or psychological scars. So no one in this quest is going to be superhero who is able to punch their way out of anything. But at the very least, everyone should be able to reach the end of this quest alive. Maybe... hopefully... please? 😱
  12. Update 15/05/2019: An OOC thread has been created! You can go to it by clicking on the link here! Everyone who has posted their interest to join this party should also post their character bio in the OOC thread to confirm their intention to join this roleplay! Please do so within the next 2 days to avoid being left behind! See you guys soon!
  13. Good idea! I'll go and do that. Thanks! 😄
  14. Welcome everyone to the Void magic: A Research Expedition OOC thread! As you might know by now, I have decided to rename the story to "Legacy of the Void" since it sounds better and the old thread name was too wordy in my opinion. 😆 Anyway, before anyone commences on this story, I would like to inform you that whatever that we're going to do in Yh'mi is going to be canonized. Meaning @jaistlyn is going to keep track of our story and whatever happens to the quest for good or for ill will be recorded into the annals of Yh'mi lore. Since @jaistlyn is the board leader, I want to respect the lore that she has painstakingly crafted and thus I urge everyone here to do the same. Please take time to read through them so as to get a better idea of what your character has faced/will be facing. PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW! Additional Info Courtesy of @jaistlyn The Paladins from the Order of the White Hand actively stop suspicious and/or foolish people from entering Yh’mi. Those who seek to enter must state their reason. Often people enter because they take on one of the White Hand’s quests. Government-sponsored study could be a reason, or any other excuses you can think up of. The paladins have told people to stay away from Lirrey, so mentioning Lirrey when passing through the gates is not a good idea. Another way this can work is to use an exploration quest as an excuse. The only caveat being that they need to report their findings to the White Hand at the end when they return, and hand over artifacts that seem related to the history of Yh’mi (they can choose to omit stuff, if course). Story Start Point The story will be starting around Lirrey village. So your characters must at least be already inside Yh'mi and making their way towards it. From there, the party will set off from the village and go south to the doomed steps, into the Narrow Pass, into Netherpeaks and hopefully all the way to Taen Mountain and Taen Portal. *NOTE: ONCE ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE CONFIRMED WILL I THEN SUBMIT THE POSTING ORDER AND THE RULES FOR THIS THREAD. Party Members @Vetanoob @Voldemort @Gloxie @Shamash @Damnatus *NOTE: TO CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS THREAD, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS THREAD WITH A LINK TO YOUR CHARACTER BIO WITHIN THE NEXT 2 DAYS! Loremaster @jaistlyn @jaistlyn has kindly agreed to observe the story in her spare time. She is not going to be the storyteller for this quest. However, being the one who knows exactly the kind of horrors Yh'mi contains, she will be prompted to throw in some monsters that will appear and hinder our progress from time to time. What she will do is describe the surroundings and atmosphere every time you guys move to a new area only up until the narrow pass. From there we will make up the environment from there onwards. She'll probably throw a bunch of enemies at us along the way and describe what kind of abilities they have, but we get to write out the full battle, including the monsters’ actions. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! SEE YOU GUYS IN YH'MI SOON! UPDATE #1 16 May 2019: My first post is up! 😄 Everyone is welcome to post your intro to that thread in any order. Once everyone has posted then we shall begin the quest using an agreed posting order (To be confirmed later). Please take note that your character will either need permission from the relevant Terrenus authorities to get past the White Hand Paladins (Like @Shamash) or have some way of bypassing the gate. My character has already snuck in four months ago before the wall was fully repaired. The rest of you CAN coordinate to get past the guards together as a party (if you guys want) before meeting Connor. From there, our characters will meet and make their way towards the doomed steps. Looking forward to see you in Yh'mi! 😛
  15. No worries! As long as the story keeps moving I'm happy with it! :P
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