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  1. All men from age 18 onwards or have finished their diploma or 'A' level studies have to be conscripted mostly in the armed forces (but there are some who serve in the civil defence and live too). We serve full time for 2 years and then part time ranging from 1-2 weeks every subsequent year. The ministry of defence sorts everyone into categories depending on your health and fitness levels. So every man is able to serve in some capacity (except for the mentally unstable or severely physically handicapped).
  2. Aaric listened intently at Torie's explanation. It was quite a comprehensive plan given the fact that they hadn't arrived at the mine for very long. He was glad that his instincts were right and that there was a high chance of ground water nearby to flood the mines. The timely arrival of the Kobolds also surprised him. He was beginning to think that they wouldn't turn up at all. So to think that Torie calculated the presence of the Kobolds in her plans showed that she displayed great confidence in their abilities. Shank still gave the wayfarer a weird feeling. It seemed that he was hiding something underneath his expressionless facade. Hopefully, he hadn't surmised that Torie wasn't who she said she was and suddenly decided to betray them. He just hope their deception wouldn't come back to bite them in the ass... "I can handle the explosives." Aaric quipped. "And I think we can find some gas lamps among the abandoned equipment. Shank and friends can find them while we set up the ambush." "Personally I think that's a great plan, Torie!" Aaric grinned. "Even I wouldn't have thought of a plan this quickly. Looks like we'll be hitting the motherload soon enough!"
  3. Yup I'll be able to post! Just a short one though... Cuz I'm currently doing my yearly armed forces reservist training (my country practices military conscription) so I only ha e my phone to work with. 😅
  4. I know there's not many people left here. However I need to address the issue of the dwindling number of active RP-ers in this thread as well as the future of this RP having a second leg of journey. My wife is giving birth to twins next month. That means I will have a reduced presence on Valucre and may be AFV indefinitely. Thus, I would like to ensure that this story at least gets an ending so that there can be some closure. I will still continue to post. However, my main focus will be ensuring that the Kingfisher and it's crew arrive safely at their destination. From there, this RP will end and I shall be looking for anyone who wants to adopt my characters for future use. I want to thank each and every one of you, present or not, for taking this journey with me. I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have.
  5. Since Vielle is on indefinite AFV due to issues in real life, I'll be posting next. In the meantime I'll also post on the future of this thread and whether the journey will still continue.
  6. @vielle It's your turn now. ?
  7. Hey @sorainvoked. Just letting you know it's your turn. ?
  8. Apologies. Since @The Rabbit Emperor has been AFV since mid august, we shall skip his turn. @Rabbit it's your turn. ?
  9. "Coming!" The wayfarer hollered as he held the logbook and the piece of mithril tightly to his chest. Exiting the ramshackled building, he regrouped with the rest. "Hoho! Busting locks should be easy enough." Aaric exclaimed. "But let's get to that box later.... I think we just struck jackpot guys!" Flipping through the books at the relevant pages, he showed the pair of women what he found. "This log says that before the mine was overtaken by the salamanders, they hit a vein of mithril ore!" He explained excitedly. "But the salamanders drove them out and now no one has claim to this mine since!" The wayfarer fished out the whitish-silver rock from his pocket and gave Torie and Priscilla a close look. "We're standing in literal white gold people! If we can drive out the salamanders and claim the mine as our own, we'll be able to procure all the mithril for ourselves! We can even sell it at a price and Priscilla can have enough funds to start remaking her rune tools!" Aaric closed an eye as he extended an arm and admired the stone's shimmer and shine. "What do you think, Torie? As light as a feather, and as hard as dragon scales! I think with a little workmanship it'll also make a nice pendant for a necklace. It'll look good on either of you." Setting the raw ore on Torie's paw, Aaric turned his attention to the box. Rummaging through his backpack, he fished out a lock picking set and started fiddling with the lock on the chest. "This is gonna take a while. So let's plan how we're gonna kill off these Salamanders. You managed to get a feel of the number of slimey's we're facing, Torie?"
  10. Sorry! Been busy with real life! I'll be able to post in a day! ?
  11. Posted! @danzilla3 It's your turn now. As mentioned in the RP thread, the three characters of Hani, The Rabbit Emperor and Steamwarden shall be NPCed by myself, @danzilla3 and @Eternity respectively. When we reach the next stage of the story I'll have the three characters removed from the story by getting them reassigned elsewhere so the four of us can continue.
  12. Posted! ? @vielle you can post at any time for this round, whenever you're comfortable. @The Rabbit Emperor It's your turn to post! ?
  13. As the battle ends The pirates who ran rearguard whilst their comrades escaped did not rise against Allen's words of warning. Instead they kept watch for any maneuvers, growling and sniping at anyone who came near. Soon enough, the rearguard themselves withdrew and climbed onto the ropes before hacking them, allowing them to swing back to their mothership and climb their way back in. Allen deigned not to pursue them. They already had the mysterious hellhound keeping their attention and the captain surmised that by the time they had licked their wounds and tried to remount an attack, they would be in the relative safety of their next stop. As the pirate ship started to back away, a large explosion burst from its top deck. The hellhound that Allen saw earlier leapt away from the now-burning ship and back onto the Kingfisher, behind the Captain's bridge. Allen ran towards where the mysterious creature supposedly landed, but by the time he got there it was nowhere in sight. Allen sighed. It was a mystery he would touch upon at a later time. Walking back to his men, Allen addressed his crew. "The pirates have been defeated. Good job everyone!" Allen smiled as cheers and hurrahs went all around. "But we still have to be vigilant. Everyone help bring the wounded to the kitchens and have them patched up. Anyone else not helping will run security and look out for any more pirates. Sebastian help me supervise in the meantime." Sebastian nodded and the security team went about cleaning up the mess that was the top deck. The captain approached Leo and Ardis. "Thank you, both of you. I had a glimpse of your fighting skills and I must say I'm happy to have the both of you aboard. There's nothing else you need to do, if you so choose you may go back to your rooms to wash up and rest. Unless you have anything else for me?" Some time later... As the noises above deck went silent, Jenny was relieved to heard Allen's voice through the public announcement system. "Attention, all passengers. This is your Captain speaking. The emergency is over and the Kingfisher is safe. However, for security reasons all passengers are to stay inside your cabins until further notice. Kingfisher crew members will be dropping by to ensure that you are all safe. We will make another announcement once it is safe for all of you to exit your cabins. If needed, food will be delivered to you directly from the kitchens." Jenny sighed and looked towards her newfound friend. "Come along, Grovel. Let's go meet the Captain. He'll want to know what's happened and about this man we're dealing with." As they walked the hallways, Jenny waved off any crewmember who tried to get Grovel to return to his cabin. She felt that with the help the hunched man had given her, it was only right that he met the Captain as well. As the pair walked through an empty corridor, Jenny turned to her savior. "Grovel... back then when that Victor person had his hands around my neck, I felt the pain dissappear even as he continued to strangle me. Was that you? Was that... magic? Who are you really?"
  14. Agent Icepick sighed inwardly with relief. He was glad that everyone was agreeable and active so far. But the true test was when all hell broke loose and the bullets started flying. And as they always said: Plans usually never survive first contact. The database access was especially troubling to him. A niggling in the back of his mind told him there as more than just a simple raid going on inside the precinct. No matter... they would find out when they got in. "Good ideas. Let's put that into play." Davis nodded. "Fiver, you and Robin will be Team One. Patch and I will be Team two. Specter, you'll run overwatch with Jackdaw. JTF, you'll stay here in reserve. If we need help we'll call you in. Let's split up, find our entry points and get into position. " It took Davis and Daniela a good few minutes to find a suitable entry point. They waded through the carpark and entered through the sidegate before reaching a shutter door which led to the precinct's garage. Huddling up close to it, Davis took off his backpack and unlatched his drone. Taking out a small tablet, he powered up both the device and the drone which whizzed into the air and flew a good dozen or so meters away from the building. "This is Icepick." Davis radioed in. "Daniela and I are at the side entrance to the precinct's underground garage. I've got my drone up in the sky and syncing it to ISAC now." The drone hovered in a stationary position as it's special cameras combining both infra-red and ISAC's pulse algorithm scanned through the entire building and highlighted its current inhabitants within the area. Most were highlighted red for potential enemies, a couple were colored green for friendlies; most likely hostages. "External device synced. Streaming live data to Local Area Network." ISAC announced. Davis looked around as the highlights came to life before his eyes thanks to the contacts. "Good. I see multiple hostiles on all floors including the rooftop. Got a couple of friendlies on the first floor. Seems like the rioters put them in holding cells of some sort. Wait... there's a faint signal coming from the upper floor. It's kinda flashing for just a moment, but it disappears before an outline of the silhouette can be completed." Tapping on the tablet to keep the drone stationary in it's position, Davis kept his things and drew his MP5. Summoning the overhead map, he saw that Jackdaw and Fiver were in position. "Patch and I will look into that anomaly. The rest of you sweep the floors, clear out the rioters and rescue the hostages. They don't know we're here so we have the element of surprise." "All teams, breach." Davis held his breath and pressed the button next to the shutter door. It slid open with a low hum and the pair stepped inside and strode down into the garage. Rounding a corner, the pair were greeted by a large area filled with police vehicles. A few hooded men were crowding around and milling about the vicinity. There was no way they were going to get past them without a fight. "Tangoes in sight. Engaging in three, two, one..." RATATATAT! And all hell broke loose.
  15. Due to @vielle's busy schedule in real life, I shall proceed with my turn. @vielle you may post anytime you wish. Expect a post within the next day or two.
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