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  1. Whoops! Actually I meant 'everyone' as in just the party could hear what Aaric was saying. Not the salamanders as well.ðŸĪĢ😂😅 I'll be more careful with my writing next time! 😜ðŸĪŠ
  2. The battle was hard-fought. One by one the salamanders fell. Their numerical superiority and having three specialists on board helped to whittle down their scaly opponents' strength. Finally, the last salamander fell and the kobolds cheered in victory. Torie, however, was not in a mood for celebration. Aaric quickly fell behind the tigress as she made her way into the cave. The rest of the party followed suit, even as some of the kobolds had suffered some light to moderate injuries themselves. The group trudged forward in the darkness, trusting Torie's senses to guide them. Eventually they came to a stop and Torie turned towards the wayfarer. "Sure thing." Aaric nodded. But before he could leave, loud hisses and the sound of slithering bodies on soil echoed from behind them. Multitudes of salamanders appeared before them, ready to eliminate the intruders of their home. Aaric cursed. Thinking quickly, the wayfarer fished through his utility pouch and took out a shiny metal capsule no bigger than a small tomato and pressed it into Priscilla's hand. "Take this!" Aaric explained loud enough for everyone to hear. "Throw it on the ground when the time is right and it'll explode with a bright flash and a loud bang. Get everyone to close their eyes and ears! The Salamander's won't know what hit 'em. I'll be back before you know it!" With that, the former assassin sped off, melding into the shadows and racing towards the end of the wall.
  3. Posted! Sorry for taking so long to post. ðŸ˜Ē It's tough taking care of twins. It's all I can do to find time to write and post.
  4. Aaric returned the smile and gave one to Priscilla as well. As the tigress bolted forward, so did the wayfarer right behind her. The entire party following close behind them. The former assassin hid inside her shadow with his shadow walking and waited for his moment to strike. When Torie slipped past the gap between two salamanders, Aaric jumped out of Torie's shadow and dashed along the perfectly lined-up lizards. He dodged side to side as the fiery reptiles attempted to stab him only to meet the dirt. In return, Aaric gave each passing salamander a quick slash at their exposed underbelly, elliciting sharp hisses of pain. The distraction was enough for the charging Kobolds to crash into the salamanders' broken line. Clangs of metal against metal rang throughout the mines. Whilst the Kobolds grabbed the attention of their repitilian counterparts, Aaric would speed from shadow to shadow and strike from their blind spot. A lucky opening allowed him to shoot another wrist-bolt through the jugular and send the mithril-clad warrior writhing on the ground as it bled out. Aaric exited the battle site briefly to have a quick breahter. The burning sensation that was in his arm had now already spread to his upper torso. It was becoming harder to breath. He was definitely sure the salamanders' teeth had some sort of poison. There was no time to concoct an antidote now. He had to fight through the pain and hope he was still conscious before the battle's end. Focusing his thoughts once again, he charged into the fray.
  5. Aaric chuckled at the crossbow girl's remark even through his pained expression. Slowly, he pried open the dead salamander's jaws from his arms and removed it as he winced in pain. Even after removing his bloodied arm, he still felt a burning sensation within which was slowly spreading towards his shoulder. Was it poison perhaps? "Probably a lot more where they came from." Aaric grunted as he made his way towards Priscilla's side. "If we're lucky, we may have killed all of them. "I'm fine." The wayfarer smiled through the pain as he took out another bottle and threw it to a nearby kobold, who caught it and rushed over to Shank. "My arm's fine... I think. I can go without the medicine. Good idea on the bandages thing. I'll keep that in mind." Aaric gave Torie and Priscilla knowing looks, then drew his dual blades once again. "I'm ready."
  6. Congrats again on your baby girls!! Take good care of them and your wife!! 😁😁 

    1. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Congrats! Cherish those moments with the fam. Happy for all of you.

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      Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it! 

  7. Sorry for not posting for quite a while. My wife just gave birth to our beautiful baby twin girls and I'm stuck caring for them. Thus I'm not sure when I will be able to find time to post or update the story. If I do, I'll let you guys know in the soonest possible timeframe. Otherwise, feel free to continue the story without me. Or if you guys want to halt the story here and come back to it at a later time that's fine with me too. Right now i just want to get everyone's perspective on this predicament. 😞
  8. Hey @Eternity! You're welcome anytime! 🙂 Sorry for not posting for quite a while. My wife just gave birth to our beautiful baby twin girls and I'm stuck caring for them. Thus I'm not sure when I will be able to find time to post or update the story. If I do, I'll let you guys know in the soonest possible timeframe. Otherwise, feel free to continue the story without me. Or if you guys want to halt the story here and come back to it at a later time that's fine with me too. Right now i just want to get everyone's perspective on this predicament. 😞
  9. Thanks guys! 😄 My wife's doing fine. She's going to discharge from the hospital tomorrow and our nanny's gonna arrive tomorrow afternoon as well. So it's gonna be a tad busy. I'll try my best to keep to this thread as I'll be gradually wrapping up my other threads and focusing on just this one while everything settles down at home. So apologies in advance if i take abit longer to post! 😞
  10. Before the salamander could strike the killing blow a crossbow bolt whistled through the air and struck it in the jugular. The scaly fiend clutched its throat and screamed... or it tried to as blood filled its mouth. Within moments, it crashed onto the ground and writhed and twisted upon itself. Aaric knew for sure it was now out of action and he leapt onto his feet and took a quick look around. The Salamanders were being driven back as crossbow bolts whizzed over his head and struck at some of the large reptiles. Their smaller lizard cousins fought valiantly against a stronger foe. The wayfarer was just in time to see Shank push his smaller kin out of the way and take a blow himself, but not before wounding his opponent as well. As the remaining kobolds wrested the salamander away from its weapon and their leader. A well-aimed crossbow bolt struck its forehead to accompany the one on it's ribs and caused it to crash onto the ground dead. The remaining lizard-men gathered around their fallen leader as if forgetting about the fight that was going around them. Aaric turned to see Priscilla getting down from her perch and charging herself into the fray. Aaric cursed. With the kobolds distracted by their injured leader, they were more or less combat ineffective. That meant Torie, Priscilla and himself had to take out the remaining two salamanders. Turning his attention towards the remaining enemies, Aaric's gaze hardened as Torie fought ferociously only to be wrapped up by her opponents tail and her mandibles neutralized by it's scaly hands. Damn it, Torie! Aaric panicked as the tail started constricting itself around the Tigress. He would have charged headfirst if not for the now one-eyed salamander that was between him and Torie. Time was of the essence and he would have to improvise if he wanted to rescue Torie before her ribs were crushed. Coming up with a quick plan, Aaric charged forward leaving Priscilla and the Kobolds behind him. The salamander in front of him brought it's spear up, ready to skewer him. Before he could come within striking range, Aaric once again delved into his utility belt and fished out a few black pellets which he threw onto the salamander's feet. Bang! Poof! And a thick cloud of smoke flooded the salamander's vision. Aaric smirked as he sped past it while it swung its spear this way and that; which turned into a grimace as the salamander got in a lucky shot and slashed Aaric in his back. Grunting in pain but not breaking his step, the wayfarer charged toward Torie's would-be executioner. Said salamander noticed Aaric's presence and tried to move away, but the former assassin leapt into the air and swung his blade at its head. But the constricting reptile was too fast; dodging the blade and opening its jaws wide to clamp down on the wayfarer's extended arm. "GAAAAHHH!" The pain was sharp and his arm felt like he was on fire. Was salamander teeth poisoned? He didn't know, but he wasn't going to wait to find out. Summoning his focus, Aaric swung his other arm around and quickly delivered a wristbow shot straight through the gap of the salamander's partially open mouth and upwards into it's brain, killing it instantly. The salamander's upper body slammed to the ground, taking Aaric with his arm lodged between his teeth with it. The impact dug the dead salamander's teeth deeper into the wayfarer's arm as intense pain scorched through his entire arm and shoulder. Through the blinding pain, he managed to turn his head to see its coiled form relaxing and letting go of the tigress. There was still one more one-eyed salamander left standing.
  11. Hey guys! I'll post soon so thanks for tolerating my absences inbetween posts! My wife just recently given birth to our twin daughters so I've been hightailing it in and out between home and the hospital these past couple of days. They're names are Olivia and Octavia btw. 😄
  12. Allen quirked a brow at the odd request. It was more than easy enough to fulfill. However, he wondered if there was any hidden meaning behind his words. From the outset, it seemed like this Grovel person was a simple-minded man. Perhaps asking for a suit like those worn by the waiters was a request for something else? The captain rubbed his chin. He didn't seem to have any ulterior motives and he did save Jenny. His ragged clothes wasn't befitting someone who was a passenger of an airship. "What about this, Grovel? I'll give you a suit, and if you want I can give you a place to work and stay in the Kingfisher as well. What do you think?" Allen smiled. "Yes! You could work here, Grovel!" Jenny agreed excitedly. "Then you won't have to wear those ragged clothes ever again. You'll always be able to see the world with every trip we take!"
  13. It's your turn @sorainvoked. 🙂
  14. Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap! Aaric cursed to himself as he sped as fast as he could back towards the entrance. Damn you Shank! If only you held your men back we would have taken them by surprise! Everything was going well when he followed Shanks and company into the mines. It didn't take long for the Kobolds to find the Salamanders; the slimy red creatures were holed up in a large expanse that was filled with shiny silvery veins that dotted the walls. But before Aaric could reappear and take control of the group, Shank went ahead and let out a vicious war cry and ordering his fellow lizards to pelt them with rocks and draw them towards the entrance. Aaric immediately knew this quest was going to get out of hand. He noted the silvery implements that the Salamanders had on their bodies and hands. Somehow they managed to generate enough heat to smith the mithril ore into weapons and armor for themselves. They weren't equipped for an opponent of this level! Everything happened too quickly and the wayfarer had to quickly note down the location of the mithril on his map before dashing back to his party to assist. Shadow walking helped him immensely, but it would sap his strength if he used it for too long. As he neared the exit, he could only watch from afar as one of the red-skinned reptiles slither up to Torie and plunge a spear into her flank. A pained roar escaped from the Tigress' jaws as the attacking Salamander raised his body upwards in preparation to skewer the vulnerable changeling. Oh no you don't! The former assassin growled as he came up from the Salamander's behind and cocked his wrist-bow. With feather-light steps, Aaric ran up the creature's tail and back, taking the salamander by surprise by sitting on it's shoulders. Before it could react, the wayfarer pointed his wrist-bow straight into it's face and gave a sharp flick. Pweet-chick! A single bodkin-pointed bolt shot itself point-blank into the Salamander's eye. Said Salamander hissed and roared as it dropped it's spear and thrashed around, it's arms desperately trying to catch the human who blinded it. The force of it's thrashing was too much for Aaric and he was flung off its shoulders and dropped onto the ground. Aaric broke his fall with a roll and he sprinted towards the bleeding Torie. "Damn it! Hold on Torie!" Aaric cried as he fished his hand into his utility belt and pulled out a clear glass bottle with a sparkling blue liquid inside. "This is going to sting a hell lot, but your wound's gonna heal up real fast!" And he poured the contents of the entire bottle onto the open wound. Loud hissing noises made Aaric spin around as the now one-eyed reptile charged towards him, fully intent on making the human it's personal kebab. Quick reflexes saved him from being speared through as he drew his twin blades and parried each successive thrust. The wayfarer back stepped as he led the enraged red reptile away from Torie. However he couldn't see where he was going and he tripped on a stone and fell onto his back. The salamander was onto him in a flash as it raised it's silvery spear, readying for the final blow.
  15. Sorry! I'll post an update within the next 24 hours!
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