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    Writing, poetry, drawing.

    I've started many stories that I can never seem to finish... I always have a good opening, and a few good chapters, but then I get writer's block and I kinda tend to drift away and start something new. But I vow I will break the cycle! :/ You can find my work at Booksie and wattpad. My name is MeGoRawrr.

    I also enjoy drawing! I like to draw colourful things, from Adventure Time characters to anime to angels. I draw whatever gets my attention. (:
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  1. I'd like to play a student, but I have questions. ✴1- How active do I have to be? ✴2- What is the age limit? ✴3- Do you have a species preference for the students? For example, will they be human or some kind of supernatural being?
  2. I'm sorry guys. I didn't mean for this to happen, though I guess it is best considering I have the worst memory ever. Anyway, best of luck with the role play. (:
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