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  1. The unexpected grunt attack from her location where she had appeared took Thea by immediate surprise, though she was ready. That was her gift. She was always ready. A little sickened in the pit of her stomach, sure, but she could have handled another skirmish, considering she barely saw battle in this dead city as much as she initially expected. Perhaps she was more cautious than expected, but thankful for it in the long run. She was safe rather than sorry, and it paid off to be well taken care of in terms of situational awareness. So while the little bomber man had taken the fight directly to her face, she noticed the make and model of bomb style and only smiled. With wave-modifying plasma layering in her suit, a simple detonation from an EMP was quite honestly the saddest, most ineffective weapon anyone could have thought to use against her. Though she figured it was everyone's first weapon to use against her all the while because she was the technopath. It just meant she had to cover her bases before bothering with taking to the field, and her greatest weakness included anything electromagnetic that she wasn't in immediate control of herself. In contrast to her foe who tried to grapple with her, she unsheathed a forearm blade that fitted itself on her like a katar and brought it down on the guy, going probably too aggressive than overall necessary, but she drew back in the nick of time. In her distracted sense of looking towards the south where the dwarves were located, she'd been completely unaware of the storm that came up from the immediate east of her. It was with her back to the storm that she was suddenly taken down, the winds howling and throwing her down to wrestle with the grunt, her balance taking an abrupt hit. And within the scuffle she was suddenly pulled from the ground to take a ride with an otherwise covered man. She'd kept her head down and shut up, trying merely to gain her own center of gravity again. Between the shotty teleportation device that was just ripped off her arm in nothing but fragments that couldn't be salvaged that made her a little travel-sick, the crap blast that had a minor shockwave value that only aided in pissing her off after being grabbed and pulled at by some random guy, then to be blasted by a large sandstorm she wasn't ready for, and finally being hoisted onto a moving vehicle, Thea had had enough. Taking a thick and heavily deep breath, she closed her eyes and held on for her life as she waited to arrive at the destiny that was in mind for wherever these... sand bandits... were taking her. It was honestly hard to say what they were, so she just added a lilt of a question to the identity of her would-be help. Led to a warehouse that was being taken over the storm, she was dropped into a closet-like space beneath the ground and led with assistance by the covered man into a more welcoming, or rather just simply larger, area. She'd taken grasp of herself at this point and pushed away and off to the side to merely take in her surroundings. Her armor shook itself apart underneath her skin, revealing her human form once more. Sweat dripped down her forehead and around her eyes that cascaded from the blood spilled on the floor to the remaining warriors that held their own ground cautiously against her. By now her hair was a disheveled mess that she had to re-wrap into a ponytail to get the majority out of her field of vision and off her shoulders and back. It was too hot to deal with all of that which would stick and tangle. Her breathing began to soften over the next few minutes, though she remained silent and wary. The outside world was far more of something she was used to taking care of. Being confined left her with alot less to work with in terms of ingenuity. Especially when civilians were involved in close quarters like this place. This wasn't just another renegade group of mercenaries. Or, well, they could have been, but they were saving human lives. There were so many survivors of Talix-Engine down here that otherwise could have suffered a much worse fate above ground. It was relieving they were here. Time passed with the citizens being watered and fed so they didn't suffer malnutrition, even with few rations from what she saw. Thea herself wasn't feeling up to par to eat, so instead she went to treating herself. Focused on her breath, she calmed herself and took in the situation. The leader was the guy who's face she couldn't see. He was stern, yet caring by all accounts of what she noticed. And there didn't seem to be much question as to her authority. He was interesting. Reminded her of herself to an extent, though her own ego was usually what drove Thea. What was this man's motive, then? Building a relationship with this person would help answer her questions. But first... "Testing communications. Raze, do you copy up there?" The sudden crack of her voice probably took a few people by surprise after all the time that had gone by that she stayed silent. What was concerning moreso, however, was the silence that followed. She was cut off from HAVEN. It had to be the storm above. Whispernight. It was rolling through behind the madness that started the end of the city. So she was alone now. With strangers. In a warehouse. Somewhere underground around Talix-Engine. With another huff, coming out of her concentration, she peered over to the stairwell where the shadowed man was and walked over to him in casual stride. "Thanks back there. You didn't need to step in, but it's definitely appreciated. I didn't calculate the storm rolling in. What's this operation down here, if I may ask, since you decided to take me here?"
  2. Oh, I'll be sure to live. No worries there, love. Henry was a fun and quick-witted thinker, though he kept his reaction to a simple nod as he turned his attention back to his temporary desk for being in the copilot's chair. Sure he'd enjoyed the funner conversations that weren't meant for everyone's ears, let alone eyes, but he was going to sideline that for the time being. The important matter was getting to where they were supposed to go, see what was there, save the people who were still hopefully alive and waiting for them, and then get the hell out of there and come home. It was really more of a matter of the how in regards to doing all of it. But Henry couldn't ask that question now. The group was confined, but also incapable of very much speech due to the roar of the engines so close to their vicinity. It made this particular situation all the more anxiety inducing. No one could really speak, and it left so many questions unanswered where people would start to wonder about the mission even more. There was the map, after all, that was obviously telling them where they were going. So what was there? And what did each individual bring to the table to make sure the mission was a success? Henry was completely confident in his own abilities that the wasn't worried about himself. Let alone others actually. He would take care of himself in the long run and continue to live for now and die another day. Something that couldn't be said about everyone. He didn't need people to think he was any sort of special though, so he continued to evade the obvious questions himself, and stay otherwise mysterious in terms of his own skills. It was more a privilege of his own though to be able to mask his powers. He'd been blessed with plenty of power to wield at his own choice, and he was keeping it to himself exactly as to what he could do. He would be strictly viewed as a fire mage until further notice. That was all. A slight tilt of the controls and the ship was already beyond the ground. This was a happy feeling. While it appeared worn and used, the machine at his fingertips was completely lubed up and ready to go at a moment's notice. It was well taken care of, especially considering the place in the world it was left to be used in. It needed constant maintenance, which was being upheld. Good. With another lurch, the ship was on it's way out and into the mountains, clearing the heads of the hillsides and brushing through clouds to collect bits of raindrops and snowflakes against its' shell. It was a quick and easy ride, something Henry was thankful for. The beauty and luxury of airships, honestly. Few people knew how to teleport, and there wasn't much faster transportation available to many. And by many, he meant exactly that. There was probably only a single woman he met that could move faster than any other. But again, she had her own devices and luxuries in technology most of the world didn't have access to. Henry was far more simplistic. He learned to fly in accordance to his wants to get around on his own. Screw the ships on the sea, and screw the slow pacing of the world around them sometimes. While he enjoyed being less technologically oriented, he did enjoy the speed of his own pace. Others be completely damned. Not to be horribly rude, but he just was meant to work alone, and he knew it. Which made this whole mission ironic for him. He knew he wouldn't be alone, but he came anyways. His own curiosity was killing him secretly. He knew it. Besides, he couldn't just continue to tour around the world visiting each and every tavern to find the best ale known across each continent. God, that sounded so wonderful, but also disgusting. Not every drink was great, and ale was honestly much worse than most people imagined.
  3. "Happy to make the attempt," he'd replied to the elf's thanks for his suggestion. Sure, harder killing work wasn't for everyone, but it did make for a pretty coin in one's purse. Henry could say that, though he wasn't one for the skirmishes either. "And no worries about offense. I make money a simpler way myself." Though that was a trivial matter he kept to himself on his own income. Anyone worth the appearance of a traveler was of course entitled to hearing about the high risk, high reward missions out there. It was more a cordial opening to conversation, which also led to a more entertaining interaction which shut him up momentarily. Sitting himself into his bar stool, he watched the man take precedence as the establishment's owner and direct the elf into employment which was swift and simple. He chuckled at how quick of a turn of event that was to himself before taking another deep gulp of his beverage. "My name is Henry, good lady. And no worries. I won't start another fire after that last one. I'll put more coin to it if it helps." Reaching into his pocket he produced another satchel of coin he left on the bar, yawning about the daunting necessity to maybe not make such a ruckus next time he went out. It wasn't intentional. It was just he was ever so slightly annoyed by a drunkard. While Henry himself enjoyed a good drink, he'd never go out of his way to become belligerent or just completely disassociated with the world around him.
  4. Can you tell me more about HAVEN?

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      I like that!

      I am currently reading the fourth page. If things go the way I wish them to go I may have an idea for Thea and whoever I bring in the RP

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      Lol which RP if I may ask? If it's Ending the Engine, I'm honestly trying to pull out of that right now due to personal reasons not to be placed on a public status lol.

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      Oh thats a shame :( She was honestly the one I was depending on the most for my idea. Could you please message me privately? I would like to try and convince you to stay!

  5. I'm not thoroughly interested in quests at this time or I'd accept the aforementioned offer. I'm still trying to get back into my old writing habits. But I can write up a thread for you @Kierri if you wanted something small in a separate occasion. Just PM me and we can hash out ideas.
  6. Well I'm mostly doing Henry threads right now, so I kind of wouldn't mind a Thea thread overall. What did you have in mind for a thread?
  7. I was rather late to that thread, which is why I didn't join. But otherwise if you'd like Thea or Henry to do some adventuring, feel free to let me know which character you'd prefer.
  8. Shrugging and rolling his eyes at the two foreigners who'd run out of the tavern, Henry continued to sip at his brew, noticing that those closest to him drew a chair away or two to keep their distance. He didn't mean to throw people away from him, it was more that he just enjoyed his personal space and it had been invaded upon rudely. Otherwise he was completely happy being where he was at this point in time. A tavern was always a great place to start an adventure or conversation that would lead to other things. What exactly he wasn't sure, but he knew that any good town or city was worth its coin in rumor if they had a tavern to start work for any common traveler. From his pocket he pulled out a satchel of money and left it on the bar for the immediate tender to take from him for costs to the broken table. About this point he'd had a newcomer take the sit to his left and glanced at her. Long black skirt said she couldn't have been a traveler of any sort of merit, though he didn't have to be right. Many magicians wore lengthy and heavy robes. It just wasn't Henry's style to do so as one himself. Simple leather boots. Well, anyone could have a pair of those, he thought. Her arms were exposed completely from the top she wore underneath the jacket that was cut too low to really be anything other than a fashion staple, but that was no matter. It was the combination of pink hair and green eyes that set her apart. Noticeable traits that allowed her to stand out. While hair color wasn't an immediate basis to fall back on, not everyone had a hair color outside a regular spectrum of browns and blondes and the rare orange tint without some sort of lineage that came to be questioned. He let the idea go though and went back to his drink for another swig of the substance before settling back into his quiet ways. Though he liked her order, something honeyed. She had a sweet taste, which gave way to wanting to start a conversation. Instead he just smiled. He'd caused enough of a commotion today so he didn't need to continue to make a mess of this place by speaking out of turn again. Then there was the elf that took a seat to his right. He'd had plenty of company at this point, but this wasn't out of hand. Rather it was another female in his eyes from what he could make out of his peripheral vision. In the ways of elves, she was far more outlandish in physical appearance, her hair taking a style of its' own and having various colors outside the regular scheme of humankind. Which only made him glance back at the girl to his left, wondering what exactly her heritage was as well. Or if she just did it because she had the means to be able to change her color. Chemicals, or being a shifter of some form perhaps. The latter was more often the only reason anyone of human descent could do such things, though there were plenty of dyes and chemicals people had access to with which to make those changes as well. it amused him. Because in all of that Henry just chose to sit back and be himself. He had his slitted pupils, his sharpened fangs, and pointed ears. He did nothing to hide these features because they were all a part of who he was. So who knew? Maybe it wasn't a cosmetic thing. Maybe it was just the way they were born as well. Who was he to judge? So he didn't. "There's plenty of tasks and hunting to be done if you can handle the stress. The pay is worth it," he raised his voice to answer the elf. "Just really depends on what you want to do or where you want to go."
  9. With a smile broadened under his scarf at the gathering in front of him, Henry calmly walked towards the air carrier that they were to board. His eyes rested for a moment on the girl who spoke up first, least dressed as she was. Obviously there was something remarkable about her. And the giant wolf was of interest to him as well. Perhaps she was much like the zoanthrope he remembered fondly from his schooling days. One of the first to enter the plane, he was relieved at the warmer climate change. That meant the flight wasn't going to be completely uncomfortable. Instead this was going to help, though it could also have the adverse effect of making people too comfortable to not brace themselves for the cold that waited outside again for them. The craft was sturdy though, as there was only the one incoming swell of cold air he could feel, so it held together really well. Without a question he was impressed with the technology available to the southern areas of Genesaris. His homeland wasn't all that well known for much beyond airships, but this was not just that, but a craft able to deal with the extreme weather conditions of their current location. It took alot of effort on an engineer's behalf to take care of something like this. Something that the likes of a particular woman from HAVEN that he knew could handle. Noting the map to the one side of the ship, he gathered what information was laid out to be read with ease on there. Furrowing his brow as he loosened his scarf to show his face and undoing the latches on his jacket, he noted the word Nersherdere. He'd never heard of it. So this was a newly excavated area. That made a lot more sense suddenly considering the mission at hand. Everyone was walking in blind to something that then held a problem for the masses. Considering the passing of Ragnarok at the time, he could only contend that whatever it was down here that was unearthed couldn't have been good. He was happy he had been away in Terrenus at the time to not worry. And now he was back, and having to deal with the heavy situation that presented itself. He couldn't be upset though. He wanted the adventure. There was rarely anything he couldn't handle on his own, but a team made things alot simpler. Especially if everyone here was considered dispensable by the city. His limits could come off if push came to it, which lifted his spirits against the map as he walked past it. Called upon, he worked his way out of his own thoughts and nodded at the pilot. She was quite appealing without all the layers, something that he hoped she didn't hear. God only knew what sort of abilities anyone here had, and seriously heaven forbid one of them was probably a mind reader. He chuckled to himself before responding in kind. "Certainly. Flying into a blind drop zone sounds like it could use extra help." Joining the pilot in the cockpit, he took the second seat and settled into observing the gears and mechanics and triggers. This was all too familiar to him as he smirked through his own memories of flying these machines. He was used to small crafts especially, not one for carrying huge loads of people at once, or just supporting cargo like this currently. "My name's Henry by the way. It's a pleasure to work with and for you."
  10. I'm just figuring out where I want to take this exactly. More or less in a writing bind myself with the situation at hand.
  11. I like her description :D
  12. The sheet of paper that ended up in his hands was a curious one. Henry quite enjoyed an adventure, mostly around the world, but his homeland was just as good as any. Especially when it came to dealing with a highly confrontational group of people all with separate interests. While he didn't need the money, Henry was more than happy to partake in the life-changing effects of others. This sounded risky. Exactly what he liked. From the people who were courageous to obscenely bold, he was looking forward to the challenge. Of course he expected a few idiots that may or may not survive based on their natural luck. When considering a rescue mission, however, it was hard to really put a word on what exactly anyone was going to be up against. The enemy was unknown, or at least it sounded like there was an enemy afoot in the cold mountains of the south, just east of the city. But what did Henry know? He was told it was a rescue mission on paper, an expedition almost. This was going to be more dangerous to those who weren't prepared for the cold than it was anything else. Which brought a smile to his face enough to show the pointed fangs behind his lips. And this all led to the day he came to the airship hangar, enjoying the fresh breeze, as he put it lightly. Cold never bothered him. Hell, no temperature extremities ever really got to him. That was the telltale sign that he was a freak of nature where humankind was concerned, but he had various levels of training to handle it all the same. It didn't mean he didn't find himself immune to the cold whatsoever, but more so he was able to personally emit enough heat from within his own body to stay limber and not be negatively effected. Some of the others around him as he had arrived were already taking the effects of the cold either lightly or not at all. While he didn't particularly become effected by the cold, that didn't mean that Henry was going to let himself get frostbite, and he scoffed to himself as he joined the group of people and creatures alike. Clothed appropriately enough for the mission, he'd put on a heavier jacket on top of his normal work attire and fitted gloves to cover his fingers. His scarf was wrapped around his face and over his ears to cover all but the pointed tips of them, which were then covered by a comfy beanie he'd had knitted for him by a friend. Just because he wasn't bothered by the cold didn't mean he was going to let his abilities be so quickly known to the others that he had a greater physical resilience than them. They were all strangers in this, and who knew? Some of them could very well become enemies. "I fly airships myself," he mused to himself as he heard the squat woman speak to the group when she made her appearance. Rather on the quiet side, he kept to himself as some of the others began to interact, keeping eyes out for any of the exceptional few. The fiery girl who spoke up and made herself known as Delu amused him. She didn't seem to be effected by the cold either, especially considering her clothing. And then there was the more impatient fellow and his companion. Less noticeable though, since he was more gruff and seemingly irritable. Made sense. Who actually liked the cold? Certainly not many. And then there was the girl who spoke magic to heat the world around herself. Raising an eyebrow, he made note of her as well. There were two that definitely came prepared with their own array of skills, though to what extent he wasn't sure. But they interested him. That was enough.
  13. That's what I estimated as well. Not everyone may stick with it, so at most there's 10 players to play the game, though some characters may come with allies increasing the amount of PCs to post as, though most commonly everyone will just have one character to play as.
  14. Done deal. I'll await the thread and let Henry have some fun.
  15. Thea or Henry could do well here, since Thea is good in any terrain, and Henry is a native to Genesaris. Lol, if you'd still like members please let me know which you would feel would fit here better and I'll throw them into the fray.