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  1. Ending the Engine (Whispernight Ragnarok)

    It was a deft and quick move that Thea knew was going to happen inevitably. She gave up control of the Mother Codes, so it was no longer her burden to bear, but it still took her by surprise how quickly negotiations worked between the two that stood with her. In just a blink, the Mother Code was no longer accessible. It was gone. It was someone else's. Quiet as it had been, it was content where it was, so Thea was put at ease, but it still led to another issue she'd have to resolve. Herself. Leper let the cat out of the bag on her own situation to bear in all of this without even more than a single breath. Her instinct was to immediately go on the defense and get out of there, dismantling the droid and dropping Leper, especially since the latter was a mere mortal man. And honestly, very likely not even at his physical peak, considering his appearance. Biting her lip, though, she continued to stand there, not letting her poker face reveal her shock. She could always come up with a plan, anyways. But the biggest figure to take into account was her own loyalty to Leper for the time being. She was still going to join him in battle. So inevitably she was going to have to sit by his side for awhile yet. Though this was all going to be an interesting sort of interaction. A regular mortal and a technopath running to the frontlines to scope out and find an unknown enemy. And hopefully all to destroy it. That was the one thing that was going to really be the great question in all of this when the time came. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Thea had to think back to HAVEN. This world was interesting, but certainly not nearly as fun in its' intriguing creatures unlike herself. Once alone with the droid being commanded by this man named Renin, Thea dropped her guard a bit in their discussion. Her armor remained black, and all jamming abilities stayed true, but the helmet she held absorbed into her arm and side, submerging into her being without a thought. Her identity was basically revealed, anyways to this one man, so why bother with the ruse? She just needed her armor and signals to constantly stay running just in case she was being watched. More than anything, she was still avoiding being found by any other hostiles. So at least while she was in an enclosed space, she was hidden without her invisibility. The moment she stepped out of this place she'd go back to being hidden all over once more while she could. It really just depended on the next course of events that would transpire between her and these other forces. At least she wasn't blatantly being taken as the enemy. That wouldn't have fared well for many. But just the same, she knew she had to be careful. "Most certainly we haven't," she replied curtly. Though attempting to be polite, she was a little short from her own stock in the situation for how it changed so abruptly. "Forgive the change in color, but stealth is currently my utmost necessity from the northern faction. My name is Thea. I came here on my own volition from HAVEN. No particular agenda, aside from being a technopath. My gift allows me to hear the city cry and scream and beg for mercy from the last day's events. Even that code in your hands. That's how I got to the core. It led me there. Unfortunately, there's no access. There is a single shaft, completely safeguarded by the guys from the North, that drops into the center of the city. There, I extracted the core myself with my abilities, and was temporarily able to teleport right back out. I'd sooner let the codes be in my hands than some... hostile army. But Leper sees differently in you, as does the Clockwork. So I'll trust you as well."
  2. Ending the Engine (OOC)

    I'll be sure to get a post in tonight after work. Sorry about the delay. EDIT: Oh, but feel free to post in the meantime, with what Bear left up there. Since he walked out with Thea left behind to interact with Renin one-on-one, you're free to ask her questions or something to set up a post for me to definitely respond to. Considering what Leper had to say, there's definitely some awkward dead air left between the three lol.
  3. Ending the Engine (Whispernight Ragnarok)

    Grabbing her attention with the second announcement made across the dead city, Thea held her composure, not moved by this issue. By all accounts when it came to tactical thinking, this could have been assumed to be a simple saving face notion. Non-hostile was something she could personally count against with the detonated EMP in her face, as well as the grappling soldier who held the device after her teleportation across the city. So they were definitely lying to some extent. Besides, they were threatening civilian lives if they were attacked. Sure, it was fair game when it came to defending yourself when backed into a corner, but to say you were non hostile, but then also threaten people if they made a move against you was very suspicious. If anyone was wise enough to listen in on the radio announcements, it would be clear that the latter group's announcements would be easy to denounce that they were anything other than a hostile group that was at its' own wits end. Which, admittedly, Thea had to thank herself for that situation. Every group here so far was taxed and exhausted, and was closing in on their stress threshold in the search for the Mother Code. But, this did put her at a slight impasse. While her identity was still hidden, she was announced to have been using a form of technology that would be very easy to recognize if she wasn't quick to act. Closing her eyes and breathing deeply to continue keeping herself composed, she had an idea. But at the present moment, she was continuing to stay hidden for her own sake while they were out in the open. She didn't want to, but she also couldn't have afforded to become found by her present enemies. Not without backup, which she was in short supply of these days. Not that she ever had alot of allies anyways, but she definitely was better off a lone agent more often than not. She was brash, unexceptionally crazy on her own, constantly pushed against her own kind for dominance, and didn't show alot of care for allying herself into a team. There was no I in team, but there was me. It was her personal motto that made her do just about anything she wanted whenever. Absorbing and dissolving the radio waves as they ran over the landscape, Thea scowled in the would-be direction of that hostile army. At least she knew they wouldn't be able to detect her as long as her defenses were up, but the location of Leper and the others was now known. So would they make a move before she appeared, or would they immediately take action and hope to flush her out? Either way, Thea wasn't happy and was ready to move forward in her approach to this place. Hopefully Tazarek was going to be friendly towards them. And if they weren't that was fine too. Thea was going to make her way out of this one or another. Though she didn't have her hands on the Mother Code at this moment, she at least knew where it was, and felt it was safe as it was. Another muffled, deep breath from her person and Thea redirected her attention to her ally for the moment and stared back up at the large robotic beast that was interacting with them. They required her immediate attention, so she had to put herself back into the situation at hand. They needed to move, that much was certain, and when Leper agreed to follow TICS, it helped her be put at ease since they were so open and easy to target. That was the one thing she didn't want above all else. She came to this city to see what Whispernight was. She wasn't trying to get people killed. That was not what she intended in this place. Unnerved by the change in the mechanical suit before her after their light journey to the designated location in mind for their meeting, Thea tilted her head in question of the monstrosity that was this peculiar faction. The nod in her direction was the tipping point, however. Clearly, unbeknownst to Thea, this particular group had ahold of technology she was not aware the citizens on Valucre had possession of. For the longest time, she was secure in the idea that only the people of Renovatio, Alterion, and HAVEN had any sort of advanced tech that could be utilized at its' fullest potential. Apparently, she was mistaken. And with that, her guards were, she assumed, safe to drop. Somewhat. Her nanotech couldn't be exposed or she'd be enemy number one on the list if anyone listened to the announcement by the northern army. So she had to play to a different viewership. With a mental command, she dropped the direct invisibility to the drone in front of her and by Leper so both could see the matted black suit she bore this day. And submitting to this theatrical display of hiding in plain site, she disconnected the plating around her helmet to be able to take it off in one solid piece, working to cradle the headpiece into the pit of her right arm as she stood before her only two affiliates. A silent apology in the form of a bowed head was all Thea could display without speaking out of turn. This was a conversation between Leper and Coriander. She didn't need to be involved, even with the Mother Code up for trade. It wasn't her place to speak up about it, since she relinquished her possession of the item. This was no longer a place for her to do anymore than bite her tongue. Until Leper spoke to her, silently. Keeping her vision straight, she reached out to Leper telepathically while their link was still in tact. The trade sounds fair to me in regards to what will happen to the Mother Code. She's resting quietly, so she has no qualms it would seem either. I'll join you on the hunt for that which demolished the city's center. Hopefully this faction will agree. I'll have to continue to work incognito, though, until the Northern Army is suppressed. Which was a damn shame, because Thea really wanted to have it out, full force, in the future. But she couldn't play with that idea. Not while she was considered a hostile. She had to merely appear as a woman in a black suit of armor that turned invisible. Hell, she'd already devised that it was a body enhancer, so her bases were covered if she were to be questioned. For now, she was safe. At least while they were in closed quarters and she couldn't be seen by the outside world. Finding an opportunity to speak as the back and forth continued between the other two, Thea stepped in to make the answer that Coriander sought. "To the north, from the seas. A large, metallic structure, similar to a ship, arose from the waters. That was the thing that blasted Ground Zero into what it is now. That's what we're looking into. If you had any radar about from your men to help identify it, or to be able to follow it's trail, we'd be grateful. Armed assistance would be great as well, of course. But more than anything, Leper is seeking the cause of the destruction. That's all we ask for if you'd be able to comply in any way. For that information and assistance, we'd be grateful."
  4. Ending the Engine (Whispernight Ragnarok)

    Following behind the Leper as he interacted with the rather large droid for all intents and purposes, Thea remained calm and quiet. Taking it initially as one of those high tech creatures from the previous army she'd encountered, she wasn't going to let up her immediate position, continuing to stay hidden from view. All it wanted, however, was just a confirmation of who this group was a whole, and then for a reconvening of the group leader elsewhere. The word Tazarek wasn't well known to her, but now she knew at least one faction that was in this city. Which one they were, she wasn't certain. But considering Leper hadn't moved, or rather, didn't take an immediate opposition to this creature and where it came from with its' words, it obviously wasn't the previous attacker that came for her own head. She couldn't help it, though. The city was dying, it's mother code was crying for help. And she alone was able to actually get in close enough to touch it, take it, and keep it safe. Even if she currently gave it to Leper to hold on to as a method of good grace with him. Detaching a couple of bugs onto Leper's shoulder, she watched as they reproduced and attached cleverly to his bandaging over where his right ear would have been. Do you want the company or would you prefer to go this alone, she mentally asked. The bugs were hers and thus equipped to pick up on her brainwaves as well as secure their own line of radio that couldn't be picked up on any frequency, especially since the range only worked as a direct link between her and the rest of her tech. Picking up the announcement on her secondary radio interceptors, Thea momentarily froze up as she listened to the man's words on the other end. She didn't have enough time to think to jam the signal, but his words were just as intriguing to place into the situation. Thinking on it, she had a few curt decisions to make in order to ease the tension, but she was otherwise in a stall. And this faction, Tazarek, seems to know that the Mother Code is gone. They're gathering strength to challenge the army to the north that you saved me from yesterday. It would probably be in our best interest to hide the fact that you currently possess the Code in your pocket right this very moment, at least until they can wipe out the hostile forces up there. Then maybe make a deal? It sounds like they seek to aid the citizens in rebuilding, just as much as I or you would like. A smile curled over her lips in this moment as she gave way to darker thoughts of revenge. All along they'd find out it was her, Thea Armstrong of HAVEN, that was able to swindle the Mother Code from the city in its' time of need. She's surely be questioned about her abilities in time, but more importantly, this was exactly what she needed. Help. Whoever she had on her tail was now going to have to deal with an entire army, a renegade faction, and any surviving citizens with enough of a grudge to grab a weapon and fight. Thea would still be willing to lift a finger to the fight herself, but right now she knew she didn't have to.
  5. Ending the Engine (Whispernight Ragnarok)

    In her stealth, Thea had much to think about on her own about the situation around her. More importantly she noticed something that was altogether bothersome, though she couldn't initially bring the problem to words. Then it hit her. As she looked around, it was more that she was annoyed with her exact associates she was currently stuck working with, due to the aggravating debt she owed for being saved. They were all so mundane. There was no other way of explaining it. She came from such an advanced civilization that she honestly probably shouldn't have even bothered coming down to Valucre at all. But here she was, intrigued by the lands below her, constantly tutored and traveled in their ways on this planet that she became closely intertwined with the workings of the various cities. And as she looked around her, it became apparent that this was her exact problem she was having. So many of the foot soldiers wore armor that was so far below her own that her only thought was that she could have upgraded their equipment if they'd only asked. Afterall, being built around a technopath, she had all of her nanobugs that could duplicate themselves and continue to reproduce the necessary technology to give them new life. That could, too, be a solution for the refugees that followed the Leper. But... what did she know? She was a foot soldier just as much as they were, though she was definitely by all accounts far ahead of their training by abilities alone. They were an army. She was a legion of one. Regardless, she came back to the matter at hand, keeping a low profile and staying very close to Leper. While she may have been hidden and by all accounts undetectable for the most part, she could still be heard if she spoke. But instead she merely hovered by him as he made his orders and walked off to his cycle to be by himself. As long as she didn't make any sound it's not as if she could be detected by him in person afterall. Hovering by him as he stalked off, she made herself completely invisible against the wall and merely kept her eyes on him as best she could. Her focus was on him since she made herself become indispensable for his sake. He saved her, so she remained by his side, at least for the time being. It was a shallow return of favor, considering she already knew she didn't exactly need his help. But regardless, he literally swept her off her feet and stowed her away. The very least she could do was watch his back until a proper funeral could be held for the city of Talix-Engine. Then she supposed she was off to the next big event in her life. Or something. Catching his comment to himself, she smirked under her camouflaged mask. God, she loved the idea of a drink. There was no greater vice than women themselves it seemed to her, and his little commentary to himself set her in the idea of a nice cocktail. Maybe that's what she would do after all of this. Screw the idea of moving onto the next big thing in her life. No, she needed a nice tavern or bar and heavily poured drink. Which was probably even better to wait to get for herself back on HAVEN. Then she could just pour the damn thing herself. Straight. And no damn chaser either. Water and mixer and ice be damned. She enjoyed her liquor too much to have it doused by something else interfering with its' greater flavor palette it gave to her in her times of need. Which she avoided for the most part, honestly. She knew it was her vice; she knew it was that one thing that would undoubtedly be her downfall. So she tried not to drink, really did try. But eventually it always caught up with her for a time. She could constantly recall every time she sat down with an empty bottle in her hands, wondering just how she'd killed the damn thing. And even worse she could remember every time she simply held a bottle with all of its' contents in her hands and questioned why she wasn't drinking it at all, attempting to find the fine line where her addiction was versus where her willpower could fend it off. The damn drink was a blight, but she couldn't stay away. And it seemed that Leper, too, enjoyed a nice view that wasn't exactly reality from time to time. It was after her reverie of thought about alcohol was broken by the clicking of a gun that she came to and noticed the pistol at Leper's head. As a reflex, she moved instantly to get to the assailant's arms and snap them to release control of the gun itself, but instead she stopped short, realizing it was Leper himself in control. But instead of releasing her grip, she found herself perplexed. What was this man's past that he would want to end his own life? He'd fought to this point to save her life, to save the lives of so many others. He was wandering, fighting, killing... for what then? If he was going to just end it all, then why fight at all? The scent of mint rushed through her systems as she'd been in such close proximity to him. Her gaze wandered over his face for a moment, wondering just what was behind the bandages? Who was this man who merely called himself Leper? Did he have a name? Or was it just a title given to him that became his name? Was the lack of a true identity what urged him to no longer want to exist? What exactly was his purpose? Why did he come so far, engage her in a duel of words, only to bring a gun to his own head? To be done with... everything. Seeing the trickling of moisture accumulate within his bandages and soak through and down his covered face, Thea did a quick scan from her systems, checking for anything specifically wrong with him from a physical standpoint. Nothing. Perplexing, aside from the trigger slowly being pulled at again for another stroke against Lady Luck herself. Shaking her head, she put a hold on his wrist, forcing his fingers to flex backwards, away from the trigger, even with the grip still fully on the gun at his head. "You haven't finished your mission. So don't think you can just run from it all. You saved too many people, and yet they aren't free yet from your leadership. Liberate them appropriately and see this city to a proper rebirth with that core in your possession. Then you can ask yourself again if it's time to end it all." While she was still unseen, she knew that her spoken words gave away her position to Leper alone. His isolation from everyone was broken, and for that she would apologize later. But to save a human life, she was glad she was there, in that exact moment.
  6. (PM me if interested in joining. Limiting this to 3-5 people.) What would be the most talked about sensation in a world working on industrializing into a technologically more advanced world? Well, where Thea was concerned, she jumped the gun, having come from a land where technology was so sophisticated past the point of most, if not all, of Valucre, that she said it had to be video games. Of course, no one else around her really knew what that was. Electricity was probably the furthest most cultures came across where she'd ventured around. Their next greatest advent would be probably radio waves to connect the world with communication in a new way that no one before experienced. Though this was still a common thing to Thea. It was more like she lived in a fantasy world that most people would just wish existed, and she was instead in a world full of technology. She just happened to have the ability to control said technology firsthand, which made her, in a sense, special. Of course, she was far from special when in the fantasy world everyone had powers and abilities that she herself could barely explain. That was what connections were for, though. Where she was less informed, others could explain to her what was exactly what. So now she moved straight from this fantasy world and straight into her own world, which started with the advent of augmented reality. Skipping far ahead of the regular generations of technology, Thea held in her hands the next greatest invention she ever made. A small pair of headphones, this device transmitted visual, audio, and tactual sensation data to the wearer while they were awake, which meant that any "video game" she played could be played in real time by her actual person, enjoying the fitness and health management that console-based games couldn't give to users. She was cleared in the steampunk city of Tia to start working on a prototype of the game, within a very restricted area all her own for at least a week or two. Just to see how things panned out. Not everyone was going to be so open and accepting, but the talk of her 'game' by the working title of "Another World" was spreading through the city. The real question now was who was actually going to be willing to test it alongside her. The people in their district were payed to play alongside, having given directives to act a certain way as they played through the game. It was going to be an entertaining situation to say the least. Taking her own earpieces, Thea clipped them over her ears and watched a holographic screen come up over her eyes momentarily where she stood. "Player Log In - Thea Armstrong." The screen went away in another moment and the city of Tia became suddenly enhanced. Outlines of items that didn't exist before came into being, icons projected over humans who were and were not playing, merely indicating who it was ok to interact with. The city dropped into the game mode, where most things had a hazy outline to remind players that it was still a game and not actual reality. Things were, for the most part, the same. But it was still obvious that this was exactly as advertised: augmented reality. And overall, Thea was pretty damn well pleased with herself. She only hoped others would show up, asking for earpieces to join in her beta test.
  7. Ending the Engine (OOC)

    I just barely made a post, but I'm gonna edit it and add to it with the timeskip and your latest post in mind. So please don't think that's the finished product if you see it any time soon XD Give me a couple more hours.
  8. Ending the Engine (Whispernight Ragnarok)

    Running her tongue across her teeth while her lips were still pursed shut, she didn't know how to react. Honestly, Thea was a little more than offended. That came from this guy's unknowing, though. She knew that. But it still didn't matter, considering how hot it put her under her collar. "I'm unaffiliated to whatever trash humankind is up there running amok of this city. But please, continue to scrutinize. I sat in my satellite, asking myself what the hell on Valucre is Whispernight, saw the readings coming up on my screens for Talix-Engine, which is probably one of the most advanced cities in this land, and came to see what the fuss was about. I get here, and all I see is a giant ship of sorts rising from the seas to the north and blasting a giant hole in my favorite city on this planet aside from my home. All I could do was jump in and try to save what was left of this city." Raising her hands in front of her, her fingers were spread apart a few inches, summoning a small amount of electricity before a small gear that would be the size of a quarter rested in her right palm. "The mothercode of the city itself. It screamed out, cried out in pain for salvation when I got here. The least I could do was grab it before some hostile army could get their disgusting hands on the technology for their own selfish advancements. If the people here want to rebuild one day, then by all means, it's theirs. But I came here to help, and I have this at the very least." Shaking her head, she turned away from the bandaged man, putting space between them before throwing the precious core of Talix-Engine over her shoulders for him to catch. "You want help? Then fine. I'll blast the bitch that took down this city. That wasn't Whispernight. That was some other beast. But in return, you can take the renegades. Not me. Not anyone else. And you can help them rebuild their city. You're leading them, afterall. Taking care of them, even. They'll need someone to turn to before they can become independent from you again. And maybe, just maybe, we'll see if I play a part in the return of the city of gears. Until then, I'm getting some rest to figure out a strategy while you're obviously prepared to handle negotiations. Whatever came from the northern seas is not to be taken lightly, so I hope for your sake you have more than just simple munitions and fire power." As she strutted off, a breath under her lips could be heard by those nearest. "I know I do..." -------- Going for the sleek, black approach the next day, Thea donned her nanotech suit, pushing her way up to the Leper before they rode out to the location of the Dwarves. "Look, whatever hostile army I was dealing with yesterday is probably still out there hunting me. So until further notice, don't expect to see or hear from me until the big finale erupts." And with that, she activated her technology for the day. Her body became absorbed in the same suit of armor she wore the day prior, but this one was particularly darker. Instead of the obvious cherry red and bright gold that trickled down her body, she donned nothing but black. Thea activated her stealth mode tech. Radar-absorbing coating, ECM jamming, and a wave-modifying plasma layer like the one from yesterday held by a forcefield would distort incoming radar and sonar signals. Emissions from the jets in her boots and hands would be washed by supercooled air thanks to liquid oxygen rings equipped into them to blanket the heat. Worst case scenario, if she was caught, she could release chaff from her suit too. As they came outside, she began to take flight, her suit reacting to their surroundings and activating the camouflage mechanism to continue to shield her from view in person. She would refuse to take action until asked to, something she agreed to as the backup arsenal, though that would also mean changing tactics in her tech from stealth to offense. Not something she wanted to do, but she could if necessary. For the most part, however, it sure seemed like Leper's team had everything under control, so Thea stayed hidden and by Leper's side as the battles waged around all of them.
  9. Ending the Engine (OOC)

    Sorry, I was in the midst of moving across the country. Just barely got up and running on the internet, but I've got my two younger sisters hounding me for attention. I'll have something posted up tonight.
  10. Ending the Engine (Whispernight Ragnarok)

    The unexpected grunt attack from her location where she had appeared took Thea by immediate surprise, though she was ready. That was her gift. She was always ready. A little sickened in the pit of her stomach, sure, but she could have handled another skirmish, considering she barely saw battle in this dead city as much as she initially expected. Perhaps she was more cautious than expected, but thankful for it in the long run. She was safe rather than sorry, and it paid off to be well taken care of in terms of situational awareness. So while the little bomber man had taken the fight directly to her face, she noticed the make and model of bomb style and only smiled. With wave-modifying plasma layering in her suit, a simple detonation from an EMP was quite honestly the saddest, most ineffective weapon anyone could have thought to use against her. Though she figured it was everyone's first weapon to use against her all the while because she was the technopath. It just meant she had to cover her bases before bothering with taking to the field, and her greatest weakness included anything electromagnetic that she wasn't in immediate control of herself. In contrast to her foe who tried to grapple with her, she unsheathed a forearm blade that fitted itself on her like a katar and brought it down on the guy, going probably too aggressive than overall necessary, but she drew back in the nick of time. In her distracted sense of looking towards the south where the dwarves were located, she'd been completely unaware of the storm that came up from the immediate east of her. It was with her back to the storm that she was suddenly taken down, the winds howling and throwing her down to wrestle with the grunt, her balance taking an abrupt hit. And within the scuffle she was suddenly pulled from the ground to take a ride with an otherwise covered man. She'd kept her head down and shut up, trying merely to gain her own center of gravity again. Between the shotty teleportation device that was just ripped off her arm in nothing but fragments that couldn't be salvaged that made her a little travel-sick, the crap blast that had a minor shockwave value that only aided in pissing her off after being grabbed and pulled at by some random guy, then to be blasted by a large sandstorm she wasn't ready for, and finally being hoisted onto a moving vehicle, Thea had had enough. Taking a thick and heavily deep breath, she closed her eyes and held on for her life as she waited to arrive at the destiny that was in mind for wherever these... sand bandits... were taking her. It was honestly hard to say what they were, so she just added a lilt of a question to the identity of her would-be help. Led to a warehouse that was being taken over the storm, she was dropped into a closet-like space beneath the ground and led with assistance by the covered man into a more welcoming, or rather just simply larger, area. She'd taken grasp of herself at this point and pushed away and off to the side to merely take in her surroundings. Her armor shook itself apart underneath her skin, revealing her human form once more. Sweat dripped down her forehead and around her eyes that cascaded from the blood spilled on the floor to the remaining warriors that held their own ground cautiously against her. By now her hair was a disheveled mess that she had to re-wrap into a ponytail to get the majority out of her field of vision and off her shoulders and back. It was too hot to deal with all of that which would stick and tangle. Her breathing began to soften over the next few minutes, though she remained silent and wary. The outside world was far more of something she was used to taking care of. Being confined left her with alot less to work with in terms of ingenuity. Especially when civilians were involved in close quarters like this place. This wasn't just another renegade group of mercenaries. Or, well, they could have been, but they were saving human lives. There were so many survivors of Talix-Engine down here that otherwise could have suffered a much worse fate above ground. It was relieving they were here. Time passed with the citizens being watered and fed so they didn't suffer malnutrition, even with few rations from what she saw. Thea herself wasn't feeling up to par to eat, so instead she went to treating herself. Focused on her breath, she calmed herself and took in the situation. The leader was the guy who's face she couldn't see. He was stern, yet caring by all accounts of what she noticed. And there didn't seem to be much question as to her authority. He was interesting. Reminded her of herself to an extent, though her own ego was usually what drove Thea. What was this man's motive, then? Building a relationship with this person would help answer her questions. But first... "Testing communications. Raze, do you copy up there?" The sudden crack of her voice probably took a few people by surprise after all the time that had gone by that she stayed silent. What was concerning moreso, however, was the silence that followed. She was cut off from HAVEN. It had to be the storm above. Whispernight. It was rolling through behind the madness that started the end of the city. So she was alone now. With strangers. In a warehouse. Somewhere underground around Talix-Engine. With another huff, coming out of her concentration, she peered over to the stairwell where the shadowed man was and walked over to him in casual stride. "Thanks back there. You didn't need to step in, but it's definitely appreciated. I didn't calculate the storm rolling in. What's this operation down here, if I may ask, since you decided to take me here?"
  11. Forsaken Ranges

    Oh, I'll be sure to live. No worries there, love. Henry was a fun and quick-witted thinker, though he kept his reaction to a simple nod as he turned his attention back to his temporary desk for being in the copilot's chair. Sure he'd enjoyed the funner conversations that weren't meant for everyone's ears, let alone eyes, but he was going to sideline that for the time being. The important matter was getting to where they were supposed to go, see what was there, save the people who were still hopefully alive and waiting for them, and then get the hell out of there and come home. It was really more of a matter of the how in regards to doing all of it. But Henry couldn't ask that question now. The group was confined, but also incapable of very much speech due to the roar of the engines so close to their vicinity. It made this particular situation all the more anxiety inducing. No one could really speak, and it left so many questions unanswered where people would start to wonder about the mission even more. There was the map, after all, that was obviously telling them where they were going. So what was there? And what did each individual bring to the table to make sure the mission was a success? Henry was completely confident in his own abilities that the wasn't worried about himself. Let alone others actually. He would take care of himself in the long run and continue to live for now and die another day. Something that couldn't be said about everyone. He didn't need people to think he was any sort of special though, so he continued to evade the obvious questions himself, and stay otherwise mysterious in terms of his own skills. It was more a privilege of his own though to be able to mask his powers. He'd been blessed with plenty of power to wield at his own choice, and he was keeping it to himself exactly as to what he could do. He would be strictly viewed as a fire mage until further notice. That was all. A slight tilt of the controls and the ship was already beyond the ground. This was a happy feeling. While it appeared worn and used, the machine at his fingertips was completely lubed up and ready to go at a moment's notice. It was well taken care of, especially considering the place in the world it was left to be used in. It needed constant maintenance, which was being upheld. Good. With another lurch, the ship was on it's way out and into the mountains, clearing the heads of the hillsides and brushing through clouds to collect bits of raindrops and snowflakes against its' shell. It was a quick and easy ride, something Henry was thankful for. The beauty and luxury of airships, honestly. Few people knew how to teleport, and there wasn't much faster transportation available to many. And by many, he meant exactly that. There was probably only a single woman he met that could move faster than any other. But again, she had her own devices and luxuries in technology most of the world didn't have access to. Henry was far more simplistic. He learned to fly in accordance to his wants to get around on his own. Screw the ships on the sea, and screw the slow pacing of the world around them sometimes. While he enjoyed being less technologically oriented, he did enjoy the speed of his own pace. Others be completely damned. Not to be horribly rude, but he just was meant to work alone, and he knew it. Which made this whole mission ironic for him. He knew he wouldn't be alone, but he came anyways. His own curiosity was killing him secretly. He knew it. Besides, he couldn't just continue to tour around the world visiting each and every tavern to find the best ale known across each continent. God, that sounded so wonderful, but also disgusting. Not every drink was great, and ale was honestly much worse than most people imagined.
  12. Stepping out

    "Happy to make the attempt," he'd replied to the elf's thanks for his suggestion. Sure, harder killing work wasn't for everyone, but it did make for a pretty coin in one's purse. Henry could say that, though he wasn't one for the skirmishes either. "And no worries about offense. I make money a simpler way myself." Though that was a trivial matter he kept to himself on his own income. Anyone worth the appearance of a traveler was of course entitled to hearing about the high risk, high reward missions out there. It was more a cordial opening to conversation, which also led to a more entertaining interaction which shut him up momentarily. Sitting himself into his bar stool, he watched the man take precedence as the establishment's owner and direct the elf into employment which was swift and simple. He chuckled at how quick of a turn of event that was to himself before taking another deep gulp of his beverage. "My name is Henry, good lady. And no worries. I won't start another fire after that last one. I'll put more coin to it if it helps." Reaching into his pocket he produced another satchel of coin he left on the bar, yawning about the daunting necessity to maybe not make such a ruckus next time he went out. It wasn't intentional. It was just he was ever so slightly annoyed by a drunkard. While Henry himself enjoyed a good drink, he'd never go out of his way to become belligerent or just completely disassociated with the world around him.
  13. Can you tell me more about HAVEN?

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