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    Evil Lurks in the Bloodstone Marsh

    A few torn tents and along-cold fire pit are all that remain of the workers' camp. Although the bodies have been buried in a single large grave off to one side, dried bloodstains clearly mark the spots where they fell. There are a total of eight bloodstains in the camp. By success of his magic, Raz confirmed the blood came from humans and the bloodstains were made about three days ago. The scouts took almost all of the workers' gear of any value, but a few things remained. Although torn, they were still serviceable tents, two full waterskins could be found within them as well, along with a pair of dice made from what appeared to be bone, and a single silver dagger. His magic also unveiled a thorn arrow found by one of the trees. This small rosewood arrow has a wicked thorn at its tip and specially treated petals for fletching. Furthermore there was a trail heading sound from where the arrow was found, starting with the footprint of a rather small creature, humanoid though.
  2. aesome

    The Seven Blades of Conviction

    So much talking. That's all Alice really got out of anything that was going on at the table. It wasn't that she was necessarily uninterested, but there was alot of information to take in that wasn't to her liking. Backstory, blahblahblah, then mission, sorta.. Really, no one had anything to go off of from what the woman had to say, which made her wonder to herself about the resourcefulness of the group that was hiring the whole lot of them. Though she also wasn't willing to say much with her own preoccupied thoughts that were so obviously elsewhere. The whispered words of the tiger next to her intrigued her again, though this time they were at least a harmless comment regarding her abilities of note. Her eyes shifted over to purple, then her hair straitened and went stark white, with her skin lightening to a similar pale shade. The greens of her clothing became shades of black and red, her top becoming a mesh design with leaflike designs that covered alot of the see-through fabric, especially where it counted. Her bottoms distressed in places for a more comfortable feel and matched her top in black shading. "If you're a good kitten. We'll see." Clearing her throat as silently as she could, she cooed into the tiger's ear to get her attention in regards to her second question. "It sounds like she has illusion magic that charms people. She probably doesn't have any real power if she only did that to get into a secret underground vault we've never heard of. I wouldn't worry about her. Morgana will be the real obstacle." Before saying anything else, the little girl in pink spoke up, addressing the room from her own regards that were part of another organization apparently. The only key note of what she said, however, was her name... Alice never once spoke aloud what her name was in this room. And even if she had said a name, there was no guarantee that her name would have come from anyone other than that Wen lady, since she was the one who called for her and hired her directly. She was literally the only one that Alice was aware of that knew who she was. There was a clear annoyance across her face and she kept a wary eye on 'Little' Sansalon. ---- "All we know is that Tirana is holed up somewhere in Morgana at this time. She hasn't resurfaced where our agents can find her, and so we can at least conclude that she hasn't left." Besides, any further involvement beyond their scouts and spies would tip off the damn wench and she'd go further into the city's systems to disappear. That couldn't be allowed. Which was exactly why Wen had reached out for people of other assorted skills from various notes of research. These individuals were strong enough to handle themselves, with at least a little variety to work together with problem solving, and all while being expendable to the Golden Key, due to their large lack of affiliation. This enabled Wen and the Golden Key to continue to work from their own stations without question because they looked completely unassuming to the outside eye. "Now aside from supplying you with travel needs, we are willing to pay you for your work. Money is of no consequence." Snapping her fingers and pointing at the table, the doormen took her silent commands and opened the doors. There were a few more servants on the other side with trays of food coming to serve the table for the dinner meal. "Also food and lodging here will be given. We would like this journey to begin sooner than later though, so I'd ask you to each move out in the morning."
  3. aesome

    OOC for Evil Lurks in Bloodstone Marsh

    Well aside from Trevor, this plot post isn't going to be relevant to anyone for another "round". I'll be posting that, and then after his next reply, I'll give another story-relevant post that everyone should be able to follow. For time reasons since we've got three parties now. Whew.
  4. aesome

    Seven Blades OOC

    I still meant to post Wednesday, but real life got in the way. I'm working on a post currently.
  5. aesome

    Seven Blades OOC

    Lol I figured as such. Just wanted to make sure everyone got a say in before I jumped in again.
  6. aesome

    OOC for Evil Lurks in Bloodstone Marsh

    I'll be becoming more active with storytelling posts what with Trevor now ahead of literally everyone else due to teleporting. Be aware, as I see a lot of questionable interaction or lack of attention to characters. Lol
  7. aesome

    Seven Blades OOC

    If no one does then I will press the plot forward tomorrow with a post. No big deal. It's just the foundation posts for the plot overall.
  8. aesome

    Evil Lurks in the Bloodstone Marsh

    Taken aback by the blueish one's very sudden interest away from his lighter, Tolgrith shook the man's hand in kind response of thanks. "It is much appreciated. Just see to it that whatever did this is put down and then report back to me about the whole thing once it's said and done." Reaching behind him, he had brought forth a map for Raz to take hold of which marked the location of the slaughter that had been just brought up as to the task set at hand for the bunch. The elves were apparently off before they could make good on Tolgrith's good faith to assist them... something which William chuckled to himself about as he inserted himself into the conversation once more. "Might I also have a copy of this map? Or is there only the one that we should use to work together?" It was but a sincere question, only brought about by the idea that with the elves already running off on their own manhunt, William didn't necessarily want to work in separate groups unless it was a situation that could have been done with what assistance was being given to them as a bunch. "I could have one drawn up and copied, but otherwise this is the only one there is, and with the way the marsh is, I'd dare say it's safer to travel together anyways. Those elves can very well handle themselves considering their large entourage. The rest of the lot of you, though, are all individuals. To put my mind at ease, I'd rather not make another map." The obvious yet fair concern on Tolgrith's face settled the matter for William to not bring up a counter argument as to the individual skills of said individuals, even if he wanted to. Instead he shrugged and nodded and stepped back, ready to take in who remained behind to start on their separated adventure from the elves that had already left. *With a map it will take the group just barely over two hours to traverse the marsh to the site of the attack. Without a map, it's closer to three unless the group in question has a means of finding their way through the marsh. Nothing of great importance will happen during the travels, so people will get to the campsite after a single post of noteworthy marshland exploration. "Whenever the rest of you are ready, we should head out. Wouldn't want to fall behind too much from the others." With a smirk, William separated himself from the group to stand near the entrance to the fort, indicating his eagerness to get a move on and figure out the situation with the slain workers.
  9. I'll let it be ended on that note. If the time feels right I'll send William that way for recruitment 🙂
  10. aesome

    Raiding the mad ruins of Biazo City for loot

    I'd be happy to oblige getting a relic and a new recruit thereafter lol
  11. aesome

    Raiding the mad ruins of Biazo City for loot

    Alice would be apart of EC I imagine, shes a great diplomat for recruiting possible members, such as Ruska.
  12. aesome

    Raiding the mad ruins of Biazo City for loot

    As a strictly neutral individual with no certain appearance to anyone and with a varied skillset depending on what she summons to her aid, I'd say Alice has a very good chance of being of assistance in this excursion. lol If you'd have me, I'll happily join.
  13. aesome

    Stuck in a New Land

    Shrugging at Godric's comments, even at a partial distance, William steadied his hands and took a much more relaxed position standing as he was. Food was always a good thing. Shelter wasn't absolutely necessary, though it was admittedly cold out. So again, he shrugged and started his own trek behind Godric. Though stopping at the igloo, William's eyebrows went up in curiosity as he tapped gently yet loud enough for there to be a noise made audible for the residents inside. "Did'ja two hear that? Hot chocolate. First round's free. Might as well head for a town and start sorting things out for all of us." Waving down Godric before he was completely back facing and assuming the others were following without question, William needed to make sure the girl and the tiger-thing heard and were also coming along for the ride. It was definitely better than being out in the open and having to endure the elements.
  14. aesome

    The Seven Blades of Conviction

    By consequence of time passing, Wen had taken notice of the young girl to first seat herself, followed by the woman known as Kikiru and the man directly behind the newcomer Mizukage. Nodding at the two of them as they introduced themselves, Wen waved her hand at the open seats remaining. "Sit where you like, I have no preference." Staring down the table as the next man arrived, an obvious scowl appeared on her face as locks of black hair fell into her line of sight. "Ahem," she raised her voice. "That young lady is one of you, asked to be here. I am in charge here. My name is Wen Histani. I am the contact that reached out for all of your services. Now, there should be..." Taking note of the room and the other quiet girl in the pink dress and black coat, Wen considered her answer. "Two more of you." Which was promptly followed by the final stragglers. Funny how they all appeared within relatively quick time of one another, but all the better for being prompt she supposed. - Looking over at the tiger as it spoke to her, Alice shifted just as quickly as the questions and comments came from its' maw. Her hair turned to slate, eyes dulled to a pale shade of yellow, and even her skin and clothes lost their pallor. Cats... The thought was simple enough to command her own appearance to change on the whim that she wanted it to. Shaking of her dislike of felines, aside from when they did nothing except for be petted without repercussion, Alice forced the color back into her system. Eyes filled again but to two clumps of mossy green, her hair's texture curled extremely into coils and turned blue, her pants, shirt and blazer turned a matching green color, as did her bracelet and earrings, a pair of simple gemstone studs. Her skin colored itself darker, taking on a brown the color of a nut. Then she replied. "I'm human. Please don't eat me." She was honest, though her shifting may have been considered a lie. Though where Alice was concerned, she didn't care. She knew she was being honest. She was, afterall, human. Just with a touch of magic. Which was fairly common in all the lands of Valucre. - "Now that you're all here, let us begin with everyone else seating themselves." Wen interrupted the side conversations for the sake of prioritization. There was no offer of food or drink at this time. "As Prelate of this regional branch of the Golden Key, I called you here for your assistance. You have been chosen," she began, "for a matter of utmost importance. All of you possess abilities that could come in handy in the task set for you, but before I got farther, I must reiterate again that this matter must be held in the strictest confidence. Just over a month ago, an item was stolen from one of our vaults. The break-in was an audacious one, and a vulgar display of magical power - the vault's guardians themselves, all priests of no mean strength, were overcome by enchantments that convinced them to open the vault, allowing the thief to simply walk in and take what she desired. By itself, that would be enough to concern us. But there's more." "The item stolen was a powerful relic from the ancient past known as the Sword of Lust, one of a set of corrupt weapons known collectively as the Seven Swords of Sin. Legend says that before their fall from grace they were known also as the Seven Blades of Conviction, but that matter is no more as their names and titles have changed over time. Now while by themselves might not pose an overwhelming threat, after the break-in unfortunate whispers began to reach us of similar occurrences in private collections, government armories, and so forth. People are naturally reluctant to talk about what has been taken, but it's our belief that the thief is foolish enough to try assembling all seven swords. Through our investigations and communion, we've managed to trace the twisting paths back to a single woman, a powerful enchantress named Tirana. She dwells somewhere in Morgana." "We aren't certain what she plans, but it's easy enough to see that it bodes ill for Valucre. If she were to succeed in actually taking control of all the swords, the power she would wield would be immense. Cities could burn. Rivers could boil. Churches," she finished with a grim smile, "could crumble... That is where you come in."
  15. aesome

    Some Fools take on Whispernight [CLOSED]

    I would promote Alice for the shenanigans if you'd have her. She comes with an army!! Ok, not really, but she does have fancy schmancy summoning monster abilities with a deck of cards Yu-Gi-Oh! style, which is fun lol