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About Me

Soooo lets see.

I love travelling to as many places as possible, dancing, snowboarding, climbing and ping-pong. And I've always got music playing in the background. What genre is completely irrelevant as I like them all.

That being said I am somewhat of a computer geek who likes computers and math.

I like spending time watching shows with my flatmates and going out for a drink is always fun. Without going overboard of course. ;)

I’m a cinema fan, of both old and new and I loved Disney movies as a kid. Particularly Mulan, which I have seen so many times I can recite from front to back. And I’ll let you in on a guilty secret… I’ve seen it as an adult as well, and still liked it. =P (Though people have said it’s slightly annoying how I’ll voice the whole movie in a low tone as it progresses… Even occasionally throwing a pillow at me. I refuse to let that deter me.)


Anyways, reading and writing have always been big interests of mine, reading more so I must admit. And I’m looking forward to many pleasurable RP exchanges with everyone. So if you’re reading this and have not yet done so, I encourage you to friend me and/or pm me so that we can get something going.



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