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  1. GamerXZ

    Question About My Character

    Well, Valucre allows almost any type of character and I did have ideas for two, one of which is a plant-themed superhero I have on another RP site.
  2. GamerXZ

    Question About My Character

    Yeah, had a feeling this would be considered too powerful. I do have an idea for another character who's a bit more, well, realistic in terms of capabilities and stuff that I could write up XD
  3. I'd like to ask someone to take a look at my character's list of powers and abilities and possibly confirm if they're too powerful and maybe some ways to scale them down and maybe some weaknesses to help even the playing field. Would any of you be willing to look over my sheet, please?
  4. GamerXZ

    Look here......

    I'm back from the dead! Well, not really but you get my drift. I've moved into my own apartment and gotten my first job, so the last few months have been pretty eventful for me XD
  5. GamerXZ

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Taverns were always a place that one could expect to find something worth their time. Be it good food, music, job postings, the latest rumors circulating around, and so on, so forth. However, one figure in particular had little interest in those kinds of offerings at the moment. They waltzed in the door, pink hair visible even though they were clothed in a blue hoodie which connected into a set of attire that looked like something someone cosplaying as a Magical Girl would think up. In some ways, it would even be laughable...if it weren't for the giant metallic claw-like gauntlet on their arm. The figure yawned as "she" waltzed in, "Man, I'm beat!" She collapsed into a chair and leaned back while putting her feet up on the table and sighing in relief, "I swear, I thought we'd never be done with that bandit camp..." Suddenly, her gauntlet-like device glowed briefly as a female, even more higher-pitched voice echoed from it, "Well, we might've been finished sooner if you had just let me nuke the place from the top of that cliff! Seriously, we had a perfect shot and everything, but noooo, you just had to get down there and be Mr Cool, didn't ya?" It was obvious that the voice within the device wasn't too happy with her partner at the moment. The figure rolled his/her eyes, "Shyna, not every problem needs to be solved by blasting it to bits. I mean, sure those bandits were a pack of dirty scoundrels that most people wouldn't care if we just offed, but I'm a merc with standards, ya know," She was quiet for a second, "That, and we couldn't get the bounty on the boss' head unless we brought him in alive." "I suppose you're right..." The one known as "Shyna" admitted with a sigh of her own, "...But the next time we take out a bandit settlement, you gotta promise to let me blow up something, got it?" "Yeah, sure, whatever..." The figure sighed as they pulled the hood over their head and ordered a root beer and a plate of fries as they opened a small dimensional rift and pulled a book out along with a pair of ear muffs so they could get some quiet time to read.
  6. GamerXZ

    Starting Again

    Hi there. It's me GamerXZ, to those of you who remember me from over a year ago. Just dropping this message to say I'm still alive and available if you guys got any open roleplays at the moment. Thank you again
  7. GamerXZ

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Hi, is the tavern still open to new players?
  8. GamerXZ

    The Tower - Library Zone OOC

      Ah, alright than, sorry.
  9. GamerXZ

    The Tower - Library Zone OOC

    Hey, is this RP still open?
  10. GamerXZ

    The Free Company [OOC]

    Say,um, you guys still open and recruiting?
  11. GamerXZ

    Looking For RPs to Join..

    Since I'm still new to this site, I was wondering, is there any good RPs you guys would recommend joining? My preference usually leans more towards the magic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi side of things, though I'm open to Adventure or even Romance. Just offer something and I'll let you know if it's my cup of tea. Scouts honor XD
  12. GamerXZ

    James White/Shyna

    Name: James White/ Shyna   Age: 22 as Mr White/ Immortal as Shyna   Appearance: As human? Stands about 5 foot, 11 inches in height with short deep brown hair and brown eyes. His skin is of Caucasian descent, and he has a physique that's a bit bulkier and more broad-shouldered than the average person. He does have some muscle in the arms due to his habit of lifting heavy loads and doing yard work when he was younger. Is typically seen wearing more casual wear such as a blue tank top, black sweatpants, shoes and a black and grey hoodie.    As Shyna though? Well, here's one primary shape they take:   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Not the most intimidating for sure...but don't be fooled. There are some very good reasons why she's typically referred to as the "Messenger Of Destruction"...   Personality: Mr White at first glance comes off as rather calm and reserved, doesn't say a whole lot, and so can be summed up as calm and reserved for the most part. He doesn't say a whole lot nor does he always express too much emotion. He also has a tendency to wander around, sometimes aimlessly, seemingly without a clear goal in mind, like he is oblivious to the world around him, an enigma of sorts. This can lead to some people getting the impression that he is someone who shuns social contact and interaction with the outside world. However, nothing could be further from the truth.   Although it is correct to assume he likes having his personal space, he is very much approachable and is actually a very friendly and quite honest individual. His quiet nature is more due to his desire to not be the center of attention and certain aspects of his past. However, when he does talk, it's usually worthwhile to listen as he is very intelligent and insightful...although he does have a tendency to ramble when he gets a little too invested in what he's talking about. On top of that, he is a rather opinionated young man, if he does not agree with something, he WILL let you know of it, though if you are a friend or someone he is sympathetic to, he will try to soften up his opinion so as not to personally hurt you. It helps too that he is very good at telling when someone is lying to him. He is also a good-hearted, idealistic person and will typically go out of his way to aid someone in need, even if it inconveniences him.    As "Shyna" though, he/she becomes FAR more expressive and spirited, very outgoing and cheerful, and allows her emotions to shine through. She can come off as a bit hot-headed and a little full of herself...but considering she can back this up with actual power and talent, you'd probably flaunt it a bit too. That said, she retains much of the idealism of her "Mr White" persona.   Also, despite her living being Bounty Hunting, she is not ruthless or without mercy, being willing to bring in a living bounty, sharing her bounties with the less fortunate, only killing as a last resort, and depending on the severity of the situation, has been known to waive her fees.    History: 22 years ago on Another Earth, one mostly untouched by any presence of super-beings, James White was born. From an early age, it became apparent his childhood would not be an easy one. Growing up in a rundown and somewhat lawless neighborhood was no picnic. Many folks distrusting one another and being paranoid too, even when nothing bad was happening. His parents were usually too busy fighting, arguing, going behind one another's backs, taking advantage of their son, to properly look after either their home or James himself.   On top of this, Mr White was a frequent victim of bullying and harassment both around his home and throughout his school years.. Being the victim of such circumstances taught the young man some very harsh lessons about life. Namely he would have to learn to fend for himself, and that trust and respect was not something to be handed out to just anybody.   However, the young lad also learned to appreciate what little he had and he gained a strong empathy for the suffering of others. As a result, he would typically go out of his way to stand up to bullies and other oppressors, defending those smaller and weaker than him. Although this made him very respectable in the eyes of some kids, many adults saw him as a troublemaker and a bad influence.   Not everything about his childhood though was sad, as he was a bright student and excelled in school, and was admired for having a keen imagination and insight into how things worked. He also had a deep love of anything related to comics and superheroes. Those stories of heroics and daring rescues inspired the young man to do well in his own life, to live up to the examples set by his favorite heroes. Of protecting the innocent, fighting for a cause you believe in, and to make lives better, even if his idealism and values weren't always supported by reality.   When he was around 10, his parents through a VERY messy divorce, which left quite a few mental scars on the boy, although after his father died in an accident, he was sent to live with a foster family and began to heal from the scars his childhood had left on him.   Graduating with full honours and a scholarship, Mr White's next step in life was college, where he hoped he would eventually graduate and follow a career where his stories would be able to help people who had lived through similar situations to his own...of course, that's when destiny reared its head..   It began on a trip out into the woods with several folks from college. The group had come out here so as to have the best chance of viewing a meteor shower. The group was enjoying themselves, eating snacks, swapping stories as they watched the shower happen above them.  However, one of the stars looked a bit...different than the others. Noticing said star was falling towards them, they booked it as the comet made a mess out of the hillside.    Pressured by his so-called "friends" James climbed down into the hole and found a strange claw-like device that jumped to life and fused into his body. A voice spoke to him, revealing itself as "Shyna" an interdimensional mana-manipulating device who had been in the possession of a wanted galactic criminal before an trip through a wormhole had separated the two. Now, said criminal was on its way to Earth to reclaim its "prize".   Without much time to ponder the meaning of all this, another comet landed not far from the group and revealed itself as a giant bio-mechanical monster! The thing went on a rampage, and James, left with no other choice, accepted the device's offer, becoming one with her and the two forming into a powerful warrior...although the gender change took some getting use to.   With Shyna's power, and James resourcefulness, they destroyed the beast and fled before authorities could catch them. With the monster gone, Shyna's job was done...but deciding she liked her new host, she decided to stay indefinitely...that, and there were other criminals across the dimensions that needed to be brought in.   So, the story of the two-in-one heroine began....   Powers And Abilities: Coming from a dimension rich in magic and technology, Shyna holds many of the powers of a 'Magical Girl Warrior"...this doesn't sound too interesting on the surface until the extent of her abilities is revealed, including but not limited to:   Superhuman Strength: Shyna has immense physical strength, enough to lift and toss around the average-sized boulder with minimal effort, toss cars, smash through a two-foot steel door, rip chunks of concrete out of the sides of buildings, knock a power-armored equipped human across a room, and so on. She has even been shown to deflect some laser weapons with a swing from her gauntlet-clad arm.   Enhanced Mobility: Shyna's speed and agility is leagues greater than a human's. At full speed, she is capable of outrunning your average vehicle, scaling the sides of buildings just by running up them, and is nimble enough to pull off flips and rolls with little effort, even in mid-air. Her jumping ability is great enough that she can leap to the top of an two-story house in a single bound.   Enhanced Endurance: Despite her appearance, Shyna is remarkably durable, much more than a human, as she can survive falls from any height without damage and survive being hit and run over by an truck with no real signs of injury. Attacks that would normally cripple or break a human's bones she can walk off with little effort. Even being punched through a building does little more than put some scuff marks on her.   Regeneration: Shyna's body also has a powerful healing factor, as she has been shown capable of healing from nearly any injury if given enough time to recover. Large-calibre bullets heal within seconds, as do stab wounds and shrapnel from an powerful explosive does little more than annoy her. Even blasting her with fire doesn't do much besides slow her down. Destruction of her limbs is possible but she will heal even from this within minutes. The only thing that stops her even temporarily is being shot in the head or destroying one of her vital organs.   Immortality: Being an fusion of a human and an intelligent device, Shyna can exist within the physical realm while still retaining all the benefits of her data self. This means she will never know aging or death by natural causes. Also, thanks to a mix of her endurance and regeneration, it is VERY difficult to keep her down for any period of time.   Mana Manipulation: Shyna's magical girl self is capable of wielding an incredible amount of magical power, and James creativity allows them to be highly proficient in its use. Being able to conjure barriers, shoot sprays of mana bullets, blast waves, beams of energy, create various constructs, further enhance combat capabilities, animate golems, create clones, and more. Their main magic art, "Purification" is very dangerous as although it  can be used to heal almost anything, taken to its logical extreme, it can "purify" something to a pristine state of nothingness. However, this application is incredibly draining and due to James own moral code, he/she avoids using this unless left with no other option.    Shapeshifting: The form Shyna is typically seen in is simply a form she is comfortable with. Due to this, she can assume other forms, grow wings for flight, transform her limbs into massive gauntlets and a number of other things that make her all the more dangerous. All this makes you wonder just who or what would create a program and device with such potential for destruction...   Dimension Travel: Shyna is capable of opening gates to other dimensions. She mainly uses this as part of her hunting jobs but will sometimes use it to access items she may need.   Weaknesses: Despite her incredible power, Shyna is still vulnerable on some level. Infecting her with a type of "corrupt mana" can weaken her for a short while, allowing for possible containment. Also, forcing her to use the full power of her "Purfication" ability, especially on a large area, will leave her very drained and vulnerable for some time. A powerful enough attack is capable of possibly incapacitating her long enough to be captured, but despite this she is still VERY dangerous...   Hobbies: Mr White and Shyna have a number of hobbies, ranging from gardening, cooking, writing, exploring forgotten landmarks like shrines, temples, ruins, underground cities and so on. They also have a soft spot for children and will typically go out of their way to take a child for a free ride or do them some small favor.    Dislikes: Bad jokes, callous disregard for the lives of others, cynicism of any kind, victim-blaming, burnt food, abuse (if you harm children than consider your right to life having been forfeited)      
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    Post Your Messenger (YIM/Skype/etc)

    Skype: GamerXZ
  14. Hey! Welcome to the site, we're very glad you chose to sign up. I'm a member of Outreach, meaning it's my job to show you the ropes around here! Don't hesitate to get ahold of me if you need anything whatsoever, neighbor.

    1. GamerXZ


      Thanks! Say, just curious but what are the limits on the kinds of RPs we can do on this site?

  15. GamerXZ

    New Guy Rolling Through!

    Hi everyone. Name's GamerXZ, but you can just call me Gamer. Nice to meet you all. I was recommended to this site by a friend and I gotta say that this certainly looks like a fun site to be part of. Without sounding too braggy I am a rather seasoned and experienced Roleplayer and have been one for several years now. I'm still getting use to RUNNING an actual major RP but if you need an extra hand to help you out, I'm your guy.   A bit of info about me? Well, if my name didn't give it away, I'm a big fan of gaming, along with things like anime, comic books, fanfics and so on.I like to read novels too. My main interests are things like Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Action, and maybe a bit of mystery. I don't touch romance novels with a ten foot pole though...   My interest in types of RPs is very similar to the above only I'm more open about doing things like romance RPs and what not. I'll try to be on as often as I can though if I need to leave for an extended period, I try to give a warning at least. Also, if I don't reply to your comments and stuff right away, don't worry. It's just maybe that something has come up that needs to be taken care of. That, and college tends to drain me quite often, so there's that.   Favorite Foods...I'm not a picky eater but I usually enjoy burgers, taters, pizza, ice cream sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, meat loaf and so on. For a treat, I tend to really enjoy Zesty Cheese Doritos. Especially when they're fresh and just been unpackaged. Mmm. Heh, my aunt always had a habit of saying they were "stinky chips" and my foster mom does too...which would explain why I'm one of the only people who enjoys eating them...   So yeah, that's about it. Drop me a line if you ever want to talk or shoot the breeze. I'll be around..*throws smoke bomb at the ground to escape but trips on my cape and tumbles down the stairs* Waggghhh...I meant to do that...