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  1. Hotpes

    An Iron Grip

    Kaur looked over Ted’s shoulder to see if he was finding progress with the newfound index, but it seemed everything was completely under control by how fast his hands and eyes moved skipping through the whole thing. Instead of helping he would end up being more of a hinder, so with that in mind, Kaur checked if he could find anything else that might be useful in the storage room. Papers, files, schedules, sealed boxes and much more could be found all over the place. “I guess the disorder from the fire got everyone to their nerves and left the place in a mess when they ran off” After a short time investigating, some smoke started getting into the room, to which the thief rushed back to the main area in the office and broke a window with one of the old chairs. He stood in place for some seconds, paying attention to the surroundings and the general situation outside. Everyone seemed to be busy dealing with the fire on the lower floors and with the smoke surrounding the building no one saw him break the window. Kaur heard a siren quite far away, started off as a weak sound , but it only got stronger every second and approached at a fast pace. “Damn it, have you gotten the layout yet? We have to get going man, the Golden Hawks are soon to be here”. He yelled while moving with swift pace back to the storage room to check on Ted findings.
  2. Hotpes

    An Iron Grip

    Astonishing and impressive, Kaur thought to himself, such fine use of runes and mastery of explosives is something he had never seen in his whole path as a thief. He let out a relief that they were on the same side. He shaked off the dust from his clothes and reached for his ally's hand. He stepped on top of the table and then pulled himself up while grabbing Tad's arm. Kaur got up on the newly accessed floor but dizziness from the recent explosion was inevitable and he almost fell through the hole again, if it weren't for his partner to quickly react and help him. “Heh, sorry. Seems like the pressure excerted from the explosion got me. I'm good now”. The two were now at space that looked quite empty, only some large wooden tables with chairs and a board in the middle of the room could be seen. This had to be the meeting office showcased on the rugged map. "Time is not on our side. We must hurry. To our luck, now we don´t have any reason to stop on each room and floor the search since we know exactly where we need to be". Both located the exit back to the main stairs almost immediately. From under the exit door, pitch black smoke could be seen flowing, the fire was definitely catching up. Both looked at each other for a split-second and they knew what had to be done, even if the stairs were covered in smoke, if the fire wasn´t there yet they could still progress. The two covered their faces to the best of their abilities and busted the door open with a timed kick. Then they rushed each step, in an attempt to get to the highest floor once and for all, there were many different factors in game and they simply couldn't risk it anymore. The steps and everything in front of them was barely visible, but as long as they were moving up, it didn't matter. Chief's Office, Kaur thought to himself when the shape of an exit merely formed inside the smoke. Close to suffocation, he approached the doorway and forced it open charging with his body. The trickster collapsed on the floor after charging, regaining his breath, he got up on his knee to rest for a couple seconds. “This is it, the room next to this office should be an old storage”. Kaur said as he stood up. “We should also start thinking on how we plan to get out of here once we retrieve the documents we need”. There were probably only four more minutes to complete the task.
  3. Hotpes

    An Iron Grip

    An unnatural wind gust manifested in the office and pushed the smoke to the sides, opening a clear path towards the adjacent office area. “Sorry for being late” Kaur said as he busted into the room. “I had to take care of some elderly workers who got stuck under some shelves in the cargo area, do not worry, i managed to get them out with some minor injuries. By the way, I also found something that should prove useful for us”. The red eyed thief reached for his pocket and took out a dusty and somewhat burnt map. “I took the chance to search the cargo area for clues, taking advantage of the panic and smoke, and found this map with the layout of the building itself. It has the design of the old building before being remodeled but it shows an unique box shaped room on the highest floor, if you ask me, should be right next to the chief of security operations office and that is where I think we will hit the jackpot. At the rate the fire and smoke is spreading, and given that this is a security building, it wouldn't surprise me if we had the Troop of the Golden hawks coming to investigate. Let's hurry; we probably have eight more minutes before stealth is no longer possible”. The red eyed trickster pointed the doorway and followed his partner through. After leaving, the smoke started to settle in again, meaning there was no going back to that same room. Exhausted and sweating from using his power, a smile appeared on his face while regaining his breath from the effort, Kaur mentioned that he only had enough energy to use his magic two more times. “The stairs are way back, where we came from to be precise. We have to find another way up”. He said as he observed the surroundings for a quick scan on the situation. “Maybe we can make a hole on the roof, it doesn't look very resistant.” The thief slowly walked around the cubicles during this time until he stopped right beneath a slightly visible crack to the human eye. “Here, this is the weakest spot. Let's find something to throw at it and make an entrance to climb to the next floor.”
  4. Hotpes


    Hi everyone, i joined on 2015 and was having a blast. Unfortunately, irl plus english not being my main language made it difficult to have some time to truly contribute. But now i am back and excited to start RPing with the community! Although im not very good at this (pretty new still) but hopefully that isn´t discouraging to give me a chance. Thanks for reading ^^ PD: any tips on what should i be looking to do? I see the site has been revamped and im a bit lost (again) haha thanks and sorry for the trouble!
  5. Hotpes

    Kaur, the red menace

    General Information Name: Kaur Nickname: K Age: 22 Visual Age: 18 Birthplace: Terrenus Alignment: Chaotic good Race: Human Physical Information Height: 5'5'' Body: Skinny Hair Color: Black Hairstyle: Wavy and messy Eye color: Red Skin Tone: Pale Voice: Soft Clothing: Wears formal clothes with a black coat on top. Also wears a black mask when in unknown territory. Has a small pouch to carry medicine and other small items. Weapon: Carries a gun and has a special dagger that responds to his willpower to grant great magic abilities. Combat When in danger, Kaur shows why he is a force to be reckoned on the battlefield, his skills in melee combat are good enough to put even the most skilled thieves to shame. He might not be the strongest when it comes to brute force but his refined technique allows him to dodge most of the regular attacks. Since he was born, Kaur has been excluded by others as weird, due to the unknown nature of his red eyes and with these, the gift of true sight. Kaur is capable of seeing the environment in an unique way that allows him to exploit its potential during battles, and also comes very handy when in difficult situations. It is also harder to deceive Kaur with lies thanks to his true sight. Personality Usually the shy type of person that does not join into conversations without being invited, prefers to just watch everything that happens around him. Although he can be naive sometimes, he is a reliable person with his allies and will do everything to help achieve true justice to the world.