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  1. i guess i think i posted last? so either one of you guys can post next
  2. okay m80s, you guys want to do like a set post order? or just kinda leave it open and see what happens? either way is good with me
  3. Dryston glanced up briefly as each new person arrived at the table, trying to conjure up something to say to each new arrival and having his concentration broken as another one appeared in a cycle that repeated itself a few times. By the time Serane arrived, he made no such attempt to speak for several more moments, choosing instead to simply sip on his drink and wait a moment to see if any more would come. Dryston allowed a brief period of awkward silence to pass, looking from one person to the next. The redhead appeared to be the last..... for now at least. It was just as well, since every seat at the table was now occupied. Had he heard her right? "Been a while?" The woman seemed to suggest that they knew each other, and her face did give him a slight flutter of deja vu, but no actual recognition. The mercenary had bedded his fair share of women, almost always with alcohol in the mix, so the parade of shapely young bodies had long ago blurred together in his memory. Maybe this was one such wench..... just his luck if it was. Dryston gave Serane a simple nod that left their relationship ambiguous to those observing, a necessary gesture being that he didn't recall what their relationship was himself, assuming he had even heard her right to start with. Next, he turned to the other woman that had spoken, the one with the axe. "You tell me?" Dryston suggested, leaning back and shrugging slightly. "It seems you know why we're here. Aside from that--I don't know you lot six ways from Sunday. Kinda figured you'd be the ones to know each other, if I was bein' sent a team. Maybe I'm not the only one here who needs this, err, particular problem solved? Well, either way, let's do the introductions thing. I'll start. Name's Dryston Silver-Blood. Never planned on drinking my namesake, but"--Dryston paused and opened his mouth wide enough to show off his newly grown fangs for an instant--"there it is, eh? I'm here because I rather liked being alive and I'd like to go back to it. Helpful fellow pointed me in this direction. And you?" he said, his last direction directed to the table at large with a gentle sweep of his hand.
  4. "I agree....." Catherine mused, following Jennifer's gaze in the direction indicated. At first there was no sign of this "lodge," but then Catherine realized that she was still too focused on shrouding herself in darkness. Indeed, it was pitch-black now, the thick forest canopy filtering out even the light of the stars, and yet she could still see as if she stood in broad daylight. How much further, then, could her sight reach if she focused it? Letting the shadows fall fully from her nightborne eyes, Catherine scanned her surroundings anew, now seeing everything in pulsating shades of crimson. Different levels of light were no longer visible to her; instead, things stood out based on their life energies. Trees were a dark red; dead leaves on the forest floor, a drab brown; her sister, a bright shade like blood; and the priest, a beacon of light that even now tempted her fangs. Not yet, though. This had to be done properly. Turning her eyes in the direction Jennifer had shown, she saw what they were looking for, a large box-shaped block of near-black against the lighter hues of the forest around it. An island of inanimate matter amidst a sea of life. "I see it. Come," Catherine said, her eyes turning from balls of blood-red back to their now-natural gold as she blinked several times to clear the life-sight. The priest groaned and fidgeted slightly as Catherine laid him roughly upon the floor of the rustic lodge's main room. He would need to be restrained, effectively and swiftly. Her first temptation was to merely shatter his limbs, but her instincts fed her caution, as this was a delicate treasure which must be handled with care. As much as she wished to snap him like a twig, Catherine could not simply break him in her usual way..... not yet. "Well, I--I am not familiar with such things as this. I know only of force, not of persuasion. What do you advise, sister?"
  5. remember this is on like the front page portal of valucre; so people seeing this are presumably folks who have never signed up to the site before, and therefore only know about the concept of RP generally, and not the specific and unique RP environment of valucre. that probably informs supernal's selection of categories here i just thought it interesting to note that valucre has its own little subset of local genres within its broader overall genre of "fantasy" (or perhaps "science fantasy")
  6. up to you my dude(tte) feel free to post in this thread, the valkohyr joining thread, or both
  7. Click the title of the box "A Cure for Vampirism," your cursor should turn into the hand symbol or whatever when you mouse over it. Also, just in case, here's a link IC thread
  8. ......damn it. That explains a lot. Okay, this is the IC thread! Pretty sure I got it right this time >.>
  9. Oops, sorry I didn't make the links to the threads clear enough! Here is the RP thread: IC thread OOC discussion goes in this thread: OOC thread
  10. As she recovered from her blindness, Catherine got to her feet while scooping the Radiant Dawn priest up in one hand and slamming him over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes--the smack of the man's forehead against her colossal shoulder pauldron immediately knocked him up. Not that she was paying any attention to that, all Catherine knew was that he wasn't struggling against her, and that was all she needed to know right now. The situation was still chaotic, and she had to act without stopping too long to evaluate her surroundings. She saw and heard Jennifer, grateful for her sister's offer to cover their retreat. Catherine nodded to her and took her suggestion of immediately fleeing with the prize. She could not see or sense any of the others nearby; they must have already fled in the commotion. Things hadn't exactly gone according to plan, but through sheer fortune if nothing else, the vampire fledglings had managed to complete the first part of their mission. They had a member of the Radiant Dawn, and a fairly high-ranking one in Catherine's judgment, at that. Yet somehow she got the feeling that was only the simple part. After all, they still had to turn him. --- okay looks like its just me and you for now @Warlock feel free to post whatever for jennifer then you can just have her linking back up with catherine deep into the forest, far enough away to be safe from the radiant dawn for now--we can do a time skip to allow them to run like hell for a bit
  11. Deep within the foundation of Cosanastre General, the Royal Doctor was just coming online. The re-constitution of neural patterns approximating a human brain, overlaid onto a supercomputer mainframe, felt surprisingly similar to waking up in a normal "body." The same feeling of general grogginess and sluggishness in both cases..... but as his circuits heated up, so too did White's thoughts. He quickly reviewed what had happened to his first chassis out in the remote waters beyond Stonehaven--what he'd been doing, why he'd been there, how he had died. Well, he was back here now, so his little backup plan had passed its first field test, it would seem. That was good news. White hadn't really been looking forward to ceasing his existence. Of course, the question remained as to whether he was actually the original White, or if the original White was well and truly dead and he was merely a clone of the original White's consciousness which shared his original personality and memories--and was therefore indistinguishable to an outward observer, but was in fact a wholly separate entity. White supposed it didn't really matter one way or the other. He fired off an anonymous transmission to Stonehaven containing the hacked video recordings and the last hour or so of data logs from his now-obliterated physical form. Hopefully they could do something with that. For now, he intended to get back to "running" his sector, which meant using it as a sandbox with which to amuse himself. Instead of being a three year old on a playground, he was essentially a god with dominion over a whole sub-city, but other than that difference of scope, it was a very apt comparison. Mostly things were ho-hum. The experiments in the restricted wings of Cosanastre General, sick and depraved as they might be to an inferior mind, interested him little. Though it was an advantage in absolute terms to possess such an overwhelming cognitive capacity, it did make it very difficult to keep oneself entertained, when all the relevant facts about more or less anything could be absorbed and analyzed in a matter of nanoseconds. White knew the variables of his city in and out, like the back of his motherboard. To a single human on the ground, things seemed chaotic, constantly shifting, but from his ten-thousand circuit view, they looked utterly mundane. That was what he had Gisela for. Checking up on his Royal Nurse's most recent activities, White was pleased to see that she'd acquired a new specimen..... Shortly after Arashi awoke, a computerized voice would ring through the room in which she was contained. "Stand up and cross the room to the east wall. Remove the fourth panel from the left corner of this wall, approximately at the height of your face. I have deposited a small listening device in the slot there. Insert it into your right ear canal. Do this immediately if you wish to live." This should be fun, at least for a minute or two.
  12. By the time Catherine finally arrived at Inns'th, after her long march across the plains amidst the ranks of Remissio's own forces, the battle was already well underway. She knew consciously, with her human mind, that a significant length of time had passed during that march, perhaps half an hour. Yet in the visceral part of her being that dwelled beneath, the layer of her psyche into which Yh'mi's fingers had been allowed to twine themselves, it felt like the blink of an eye. The steady beat of her footfalls had lured her into a trance-like state in which the passage of time no longer flowed consistently in her head. By the time she woke fully from that trance, Catherine was nearly at the wall, realizing with a dull surprise that for a moment she had truly intended to begin battering upon it with her axe, like a loyal, mindless soldier of Yh'mi. She would have to be more mindful going forward. Taking stock of her surroundings swiftly, she identified the leader of the army a fairly short distance away, some fifty paces at most. It was even easier for she to see who was in charge than any who were defending Inns'th from the other side of that wall--Remissio burned in her vision like a beacon, and whispers traced the edges of her hearing if she looked at him too closely. Whatever force animated this land, it had touched him in a way that not even she had yet experienced. There may be no hope of purging the taint from him in the same way that she had been saved from its influence. Even if there were, that was never Catherine's intention. She was among the last of the army to arrive, and thus still behind Remissio as she approached him. Despite this, and even in the chaos of battle, he would surely sense her approach..... as imposing a figure as Remissio cut, his stature was still within the ordinary range of a man, and so Catherine was larger still. The hollow ground quaked slightly with each of her footfalls. If he did not react to her approach, she would continue her steady, wordless approach until she drew near enough to split him in twain across the midsection with a single, simple swing of her weapon. --- Elenwen was drawn to battles like a fly to a garbage pile; most creatures would avoid such a setting if they valued their lives, but for her, it was a feast worthy of a king. Or a queen! Lives were extinguished by the second here. Sometimes they went in an instant, from life to lifeless in a single heartbeat; an appetizing jolt, but one that still left her wanting. That was where the others came in. Some were not so clean. Like a sweet cake with many pieces to savor, they would lose a limb or an organ, and linger in horror for minutes that stretched out like hours as they watched their blood drain from their bodies before finally expiring. Even those who did not know harm still knew fear here, providing an ambient source of pleasure that Elenwen could draw on at any time, like a cup of fine wine to be sipped upon at one's leisure. It made no difference to her palate whether the suffering came from the people of Inns'th or the monsters of Yh'mi--just because they were both things of darkness, it did not make Elenwen kin with the latter. Ordinarily, she would prey upon both sides with reckless abandon, heaping what fresh torments she could onto the pillar of suffering until all were slain, or until one side prevailed and chased her away. This time was slightly different; the people of Inns'th had treated her with exceptional kindness and good manner only a short while ago, a courtesy that was made all the more valuable to Elenwen due to the rarity with which she encountered. Most civilized peoples, quite understandably, had no tolerance for her when she showed her true nature, but the people of Inns'th had been different. They had had need of her, and she had provided them with a service. They had respected their end of the bargain. Plus, that one paladin gave her all the wine she could fit into her cute little gut! So Elenwen respected them in turn. It helped that the creatures she wanted samples from here were the fascinating abominations of Yh'mi, not the boring humans who defended Inns'th. So, as the chhitten magnus that she rode approached the wall and raised a great scythed limb to take its first swing at the fortification, Elenwen's book opened to release the spell that she had spent the trip here building. "Thanks for the ride, now you die! Haha!" The open pages of Elenwen's tome turned to face the creature's neck. It shivered for a moment, releasing a wave of ambient energy that rippled the air for a short distance around it, then birthed a colossal blade of bone that neatly severed the monster's head from its body. Such a powerful attack had taken a long time to prepare, and could not be easily summoned again, but it gave her a great starting point for this jolly little romp! The blade burst apart into a shower of white bone dust so that the book could give birth to more things of bone. A scary skeleton dove out of its pages and directly into the stump of the chhitten magnus's neck, burrowing its way inside like a mealworm digging into a rotten corpse. Elenwen's spooks had a smorgasbord of ghastly things much larger and stronger to themselves to possess, and the next four would immediately begin roaming the battlefield in search for suitable hosts, smashing the occasional chhitten where they could. Elenwen herself stepped upon her tome and rode it up the side of the wall like an elevator as it levitated higher and higher, pausing to take in the familiar sight of Yh'mi before stepping off onto the wall once she reached the top. "Ohh, oh, did I hear you guys yelling about twisters just now? I can help with those!"
  13. look i made a catherine sprite lol i'll try to post tonight
  14. catherine sprite