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  1. Yo, Robbie! You okay there? I kinda miss you there...

  2. Yo! VN1! How's things? Everything alright?

  3. Sucks to hear you got Judas'd. 

  4. hey sometimes the bad guy wins kek i mean i am assuming elenwen will lose but i'm open to her actually winning if that's somehow how it plays out >.> but yes, if you want to win, you will need to find a way to molest her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. It took a week and some change to finally track down these elusive pieces of paper called "dollars," but after fighting, stealing, scamming, and in one instance even fucking her way through Valucre's underground community of oddity collectors, she had finally gotten some off of a guy that collected currency from other dimensions. RogueGrill69 was back online and ready to succeed this time! Diving back into the world of Valcraft, she found that those stupid giant monster things were nowhere to be seen, but at the same time she had no idea where she was. Referencing her map, she saw that she was currently at "Start/Shipwreck." Fucking hell. It's just like red spring island all over again! Except..... blocky and shit! This was no good at all. RogueGrill69 was used to sprinting around, over, through or in between obstacles with fluid speed and lithe agility, easily scaling buildings, trees, or anything else in her way. In this fucking place she was slow as shit and she could only jump up one block at a time! This was way too annoying. She'd never get anywhere this way. Grrrr. Come on! Go faster! Stupid rectangle legs! No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make herself go any faster, which was really disorienting compared to the real world..... she did seem to be getting hungrier though. Of course they keep all the bad stuff from real life but not any of the good. She'd already checked between her legs for that! At least there didn't seem to be a piss meter or anything like that. RogueGrill kept forcing her way up the side of the world, growing more and more impatient. Maybe she would ask the other guy in here for help? Hmmm..... Thoo-guh-nife--the fuck is this name? Probably a stinking orc..... Nah, she'd keep her distance from him. She had finally managed to crest the shipwreck and look out over the world beyond, just in time to realize that she was actually taking physical damage for some reason. Ow! That hurts! My--my tummy! Argh! The stack of meat legs was empty! And it was killing her! How could this--RogueGrill69 ran around in circles like a chicken with her head cut off for a few moments, until she finally expired and was released from the torment. "What the fuck!"
  6. Robbie Rotten danzilla3 ODSTDRAGON Slank44 @Earl of Purple
  7. Robbie Rotten MelonHead Alex Kimchi @P.N.See Kasai Uchiha Ayumi
  8. idk really what's his name wrote "dust explosions" so uhh either way, its however you guys want
  9. "Oh, ho ho ho! Not bad, Terrens--but you've activated my trap card spell! Wahahaha!!" Elenwen's voice boomed out more intrusively than ever as the spore explosions went off all around the huddled group of mercenaries. Indeed the flames consumed dozens of fungal zombies, and all the various measures that they had taken kept them mostly insulated from the mist of spores, but that mist had spread everywhere else in the surrounding area and so too did the fire which they set to it. The gigantic, tree-like fungal colonies from which it had originally spewed were no exception to this. Tongues of flame raced up and over their surface, turning each one into a towering inferno which gave off toxic green-tinged smoke as it burned, possibly even more caustic than the spores which they had originally released. Still, it appeared that the group had managed to hold off Elenwen's attack..... .....Until one of the burning fungus-trees began to sway dangerously back and forth. Before long it could be seen through the smoke that giant tendrils of black had risen up from the ruins of the building that it occupied to grasp it and pull at it, yanking it this way and that, steadily tearing it up by its roots. Before long the fungus pyre was pulled free from the ground entirely and set to fall directly on top of the little hidey-hole the mercenaries had made for themselves! Should they leave the safety of their shelter, they would find fresh waves of zombies approaching over the ashen remains of the first surge, steady streams of reinforcements that would prevent them from having more than a few minutes of respite. Many of them, too, caught fire as they navigated the burning area, but for every one that caught aflame there were two more to step over it, and those that lit up were able to keep moving for a fair amount of time before burning up, becoming living torches that were even more dangerous so long as they remained alive. --- For each round that Elenwen remains unmolested, she will conjure some kind of obstacle or large scale attack to help her minions. I can give a hint to her location in my next post if you guys want
  10. Robbie Rotten danzilla3 ODSTDRAGON @Slank44 Earl of Purple shit he ain't makin it easy for us lol
  11. Robbie Rotten MelonHead @Alex Kimchi P.N.See Kasai Uchiha Ayumi like i mentioned before, my idea for a follow up is a cross over with this thread my idea currently is that our chars in this thread take a few to breathe and tidy up the inn, then when they try to go outside, only to realize that they've walked into the middle of the fungus plague event, which the Illuminati had actually shielded them from by sealing them off in the hotel while it was going on
  12. changed my mind, i'll stay in, if you'll have me (if not that's fine) just had a stupid fit of depression and autism
  13. Robbie Rotten danzilla3 @ODSTDRAGON Slank44 Earl of Purple
  14. Robbie Rotten danzilla3 @Sétanta the Hound Teyler SweetCyanide Diremast feel free to skip ahead or do whatever else
  15. better go find him then you know those pretty boy types, they play hard to get
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