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  1. 2spooky
  2. "Horniks! Fascinating! Why are they called..... Ah, yes, I see! Yes, the horn is rather prominent! Of course!" Perhaps the most debilitating symptom of wearing the mask was also one that Morrin himself was naturally immune to--anyone in the hivemind would be exposed to his constant mental chatter, a stream of pseudo-technical babble and intellectual speculations that went a hundred miles a minute with no stops. Without the limitations of physical speech to slow him down, his boundless curiosity and thirst for understanding would be on full display to the others who had now linked their thoughts together. Fortunately, the mechanics of the mask were such that his inner monologue could be easily tuned out if one did not focus on it, reduced to mere white noise in the background. But any time that any one of them wished, they could tune in to Radio Morrin and hear him talk himself in circles about this trivial detail or the next. First class entertainment for their little safari--it was like watching a nature program on fast-forward! "Excuse me, is that where we're head, then? Mt. Ichthys?" Morrin asked aloud, using vocalized speech to cut through the noise of the mental link. Even as he asked, he never took his eyes off of his book or the surroundings, always recording in his tome with a furious pace. The Librarian had actually catalogued so much raw information that at one point he had dispelled his first tome entirely, and summoned a second one from a small ritual circle drawn in the dirt. He'd not had this much new discovery to intake since his last trip to Yh'mi! At this rate, there was no telling how many volumes he could fill during their trip. It helped immensely that there was at least one other proper man of learning along on the trip, Dr. Amantis himself, whose own observations Morrin was able to experience and carefully notate as if they had been his own. The mind-sharing magic turned out to be an incredibly efficient tool for coordinating such datamining efforts, he observed--perhaps he would have to rethink his solitary approach to guardianship of the Library. Instead of lesser minds simply slowing him down due to the clunkiness of traditional forms of communication, with this technology other minds could be harnessed as extensions of his own. If he had half a dozen junior scholars under his tutelage and some of these masks, his knowledge generation process could be expanded exponentially!
  3. "Ohhhhh ho ho, do we now?" Elenwen said, her eyes lighting up and her hands clasping together at Taylor's promise. "Don't tease me now, Huck-stay-bull! Let's see it!" She made her way over to the table where he had been working, behaving completely normally (normal by her standards, at least) despite the prominent bloodstains that now littered her dress, as if they were completely natural. The doctor herself was unharmed; the blood did not appear to be her own. "It looks like you have a test subject ready and everything. I'm proud, Tay-lor! I knew you could be a real scientist if you tried!" she congratulated him, standing up on her tip-toes to pat the taller man on the head. "But! Let's not waste our time on stupid animals. We don't need it to work on animals, now do we? I have a muuuuuuch better test subject. I've been working with him allllll day. Science always proceeds faster when you cut corners, Huck-stay-bull. Lessons to live by!" she said happily, taking him by the hand and tugging him in the direction that she had come from. "Get some of your fungus stuff and come with me. We'll go straight to..... human trials! Ah haha ha ha!"
  4. White's all-seeing eyes observed the progress of the two women through his facility. This was one of the stranger pair of "sisters" that he had ever come across..... surely they weren't sister by blood? The draconian, in his experience, was far enough removed from the human species that the two could not cross-breed, thus removing any possibility that they actually had a parent in common, even one of them. Although, even in his current state of being, even with all the reams of data that Sector 3 could archive at his digital fingertips, it was always possible that there were cases he had not seen yet. Sector 3's research did focus primarily on Alterion; data on species from other continents was much more limited. Additionally, he tended not to prioritize learning about non-human anatomies. Then there was always the possibility that the two had originally been the same species, but that some freakish magic had turned the one of them into something else. For once, he felt something very rare for him: Curiosity. White wanted to know why they were considered sisters, and how. It was not a burning desire, but more of an idle thought, yet even that was fairly exceptional by his standards. Perhaps he was finally taking more of an interest in questions of actual medical science as a symptom of being out afield for so long. The supercomputer wondered if it could run an algorithm on its own neural patterns to objectively determine whether or not its preferences had shifted alignment in this way. Perhaps that would be the next task once he grew bored of this Arashi and her sister Annabelle. For now, he needed to up the ante. His staff were posing no problems to the two, and Gisela was nowhere to be seen. At this rate, Arashi would simply be handed the cure on a silver platter and be allowed to walk out scot-free. Not while the Royal Doctor was on duty. Instead of the stick, this time he decided to observe the effects of the carrot. While he didn't know very much about inter-species breeding patterns, his databanks immediately identified the telltale marks of a small pox survivor on the Annabelle girl's body. Poor thing. She must be terribly self-aware, having to see those every time she goes into the washroom for a shower. One of the hospital staff, a young nurse (but they all looked young--her true age was anyone's guess), would approach Annabelle and Arashi as they walked the corridors. "Greetings. You are..... Annabelle, yes? Our staff have noticed the pock marks on your skin, and we'd like to offer you a complimentary treatment as condolences for the holding of your sister. Here at Cosanastre General, we developed the means to eliminate such unsightly blemishes generations ago. As you can clearly see," the nurse said, gesturing to her own flawless skin. "Would you like to come with me for a consultation? Given that the removal of such marks is a trivial procedure for our advanced medical techniques, we would be happy to offer this service to you free of charge."
  5. oh did she resume control of her body now though i'm thinking i may skip this turn as white has nothing of import to do, then post again when the spell is complete
  6. @Prestississimo you around m9
  7. okay so i'm trying to picture what's going on in the main train car is kaylia (i think that's your char's name Mickey correct me if i'm wrong) and the other char that she switched bodies with (ghastardly's maybe?) like just standing there, doing stuff in an unseen mental/magical realm with no physically observable consequences or can the other people like see crazy shit happening while they're doing the spell
  8. here are my offerings
  9. Renin cursed to himself as he let loose his last arrow before sounding the retreat. They hadn't come prepared for a real fight, not having expected the enemy to attack so suddenly and ferociously. All of the dwarven soldiers who accompanied the party had fallen, and while they had given as good as they got, to lose them at all was a terrible thing in Renin's mind. No one was supposed to die, much less a whole squad. TICS had been deployed to soak up damage immediately, and it had personally torn apart several enemy fighters, but it had taken considerable damage in return, damage which it had to draw out of Renin's own life force in order to continue operating. While he was still on his feet, he felt as though he would pass out at any moment if they didn't pull back--hell, he probably would just collapse and rest a good while when they got back to the base camp. TICS engaged its booster jets and exited the fight with an enormous leap onto the roof of a nearby building, dropping down the other side and charging back home after Renin. At least Wendolyn was alive, though whether she was in one piece, he couldn't yet say. Sometimes the psychological damage was far more severe than the physical. Renin had been in enough battles to see how it affected people who were just experiencing it for the first time. He was so old and so plagued with memory and experience that even the act of sending an arrow through another sentient being's forehead did not terribly disturb him--though he certainly took no pleasure in it, he was fairly desensitized to such things, at least in a black-and-white life-or-death combat situation like this one. His instincts took over easily when it was clearly acceptable to kill. TICS, of course, felt nothing. But Wendolyn? How would she fare? Had she ever been in a larger battle before? Had she ever killed another living thing--not an animal, but a person? Renin wondered. Then there was the matter of the surprise attack they suffered. The Talix-Engine residents hadn't even tried to negotiate or warn them away, they just opened fire on sight and then charged relentlessly into battle. It wasn't ordinary behavior..... it wasn't rational even under normal circumstances, and it certainly made no sense for a group of apocalyptic survivors. Unless they had some reason ahead of time to believe that Tazarek's forces represented a lethal threat to them..... while they had certainly come bearing weapons, their armaments were not conspicuous or obviously meant for a pitched battle, and their posture would've conveyed a neutral approach to any sane observer. Something was clearly wrong, either with this particular group of survivors, or perhaps the city's human survivor population in general. Could they be driven mad by the chaotic magic of the massive arcane event sweeping through Genesaris right now? Perhaps latent triggers in their psyches were primed by that magic, then snapped when their city was destroyed? It was something he'd have to discuss with the General--after a good long sleep or two. This was one of the times that he was glad to no longer be capable of dreams. He could only imagine what nightmares Wendolyn would experience when next the dwarf woman slumbered. Though he had been in her shoes at one point in his long life, he could literally only imagine what it felt like, as it was so long ago that no traces of that memory remained, other than the distant awareness that it had happened at all. The human mind tended to dispose first with traumatic memories when new space needed to be cleared out, and it was no different with that of a forest elf.
  10. here are my offerings
  11. elenwen won't use her test on mister squiggles, it only work for human anatomy, plus he's too cute to be a twistling anyways
  12. Definitely still open. It's meant to be a persistent setting for at least as long as Ragnarok is going on, if not indefinitely, so it's perpetually open. Would love to have you!
  13. Sample human enemies for use in general human military factions. This list is incomplete; I'll add more higher tier units next time I work on this. Squire [Bottom Tier: 2 HP] Young trainees who are still learning the martial arts. They are not ready for a true battle, but are capable of swinging a sword in one if they must do so. Initiate [Bottom Tier: 2 HP] Pupils who are just beginning to learn the arcane arts. They can fight using basic magical techniques. Archer [Low Tier: 3 HP] Ordinary men armed with bow and arrow. This unit will hide behind stronger allies if able; it cannot be attacked while the number of melee fighters on its side exceeds the number of Archers. Characters that are able to fly may be able to circumvent this tactic. Cleric [Low Tier: 3 HP] Low ranking members of the clergy who use holy magic to support their allies. This unit targets allied units instead of enemies. Instead of dealing damage on its attack rolls, the target's HP is restored by a value equal to the damage that would've been dealt by an attack. This unit can attack Undead enemies normally (Zombie, Revenant, Skeleton, Dragon Zombie). Soldier [Low Tier: 4 HP] The rank and file of any army, levied from the common population and given basic armaments. Mage [Low Tier: 4 HP] Journeyman spell casters versed in combat magic. Duelist [Mid Tier: 5 HP] Disciples of the blade constantly seeking to hone their swords in battle. Duelists have the Gambler class. Cavalry [Mid Tier: 5 HP] Mounted soldiers who harry the enemy with long-reaching spears. This enemy cannot be fled from in open terrain, but may be unable to fight in enclosed spaces. The cavalryman may dismount and fight on foot, losing this trait in the process. He cannot re-mount in the midst of battle. Cavalrymen have the Sword class. Pegasus Rider [Mid Tier: 5 HP] Soldiers who ride winged horses into battle. Their mounts require light loads, meaning that they must fight without armor and most riders are female, but their mobility is unmatched. Pegasus troops share the mounted traits of cavalry; in addition, they can attack any character freely, and cannot be blocked. They have the Arrow class. Brute [Mid Tier: 6 HP] Foregoing protection or even general caution in favor of raw power, these fighters follow a philosophy that the best defense is a good offense. Brutes have the Kamikaze class. Heavy Infantry [Mid Tier: 6 HP] Veteran soldiers wrapped in heavy armor. They form the hardened center of an army. Heavy troops have the Aegis class. Drake Rider [Mid Tier: 6 HP] Airborne cavalry outfitted for frontal assaults. They are slower than pegasi, but tougher, and able to hold riders in armor. Drake Riders have the same flying mount traits as pegasus riders. They have the Shield class. Sorcerer [Mid Tier: 6 HP] Experienced mages who have mastered a wide range of magicks. They are versatile assets in battle. This unit may either attack enemies or heal allies at will during its turn (its heal ability functions in the same way as the Cleric's). Each Sorcerer has its class randomly selected at the beginning of battle. Edgelord [High Tier: 7 HP] Deadly master swordsmen who cut down their foes with lightning-speed strokes. They also seem to possess angsty personalities and an overblown sense of self-importance for some mysterious reason. Perhaps such is simply the way of those who live only to get stronger. Edgelords have the Sword class and the Speed buff. They deal double damage on Precise hits and Lucky strikes (rolls of 9 or 10). Rogue [High Tier: 7 HP] Fortune seekers and treasure hunters who move through the shadows, stealing their way to wealth. Though they rarely engage in open battle for its own sake, they are capable fighters when they do so. Rogues have the Gambler class and a unique buff, Evasive. The Evasive buff applies a -1 penalty to all attack rolls against the unit. Assassin [High Tier: 8 HP] Saboteurs and covert agents who engage in espionage and eliminate targets from stealth. While not trained for open battle, they remain effective fighters if called to serve in one, where their knowledge of the killing arts allows them to swiftly eliminate weaker opposition. Assassins have the Arrow class and the Accurate buff. When an Assassin rolls a 9 or a 10 against a Low or Bottom Tier target, that unit is instantly killed. Knight [High Tier: 8 HP] Lifelong professional soldiers and expert horsemen, wielding high quality armor and weapons and riding into battle on well-bred warhorses. A committed cavalry charge from these troops threatens to scatter and overrun enemy lines. Knights are mounted units that have the Shield class and the Strong buff. They use the momentum of their initial charge into battle to deliver devastating first strikes; a Knight's first attack roll during an encounter gets a bonus of +2. Pegasus Knight [High Tier: 8 HP] Veteran pegasus riders who have seen many battles atop their mount. Their matured mounts develop an innate resistance to metaphysical energies as they enter full adulthood. Pegasus Knights are flying mounts that have the Sword class and the Accurate buff. Magical attacks against them suffer a -1 penalty on the attack roll. Dragon Knight [High Tier: 8 HP] Drake riders who have become one with their draconic mounts. The creature's tough hide and the rider's plate armor afford considerable protection from physical damage. Dragon Knights are flying mounts that have the Shield class and the Tough buff. In addition, physical attacks against them suffer a -1 penalty on the attack roll. Paladin [Nova Tier: 10 HP] Towering champions encased in layers of armor, renowned far and wide for their combat prowess. They represent the peak of human martial potential. Paladins have the Shield class and the Tough and Strong buffs. If an enemy rolls a normal miss against a paladin in melee combat, it takes advantage of the opening to deal a counter-attack of 0.5 damage.
  14. We did a round for Tazarek attacking the pink faction as a bit of a test run. Here are the results: 5 Mid Tier (3 PCs), 5 Low Tier vs 5 Mid Tier, 5 Low Tier Tazarek: Wendolyn Arc-Hammer --- 0.5 HP Renin Coriander --- 2 HP Titan Independent Combat Suit --- 2.5 HP Talix-Engine Survivors: Mid Tier Unit --- 6 HP Mid Tier Unit --- 4 HP Tazarek retreats from battle at this point, as the enemy's total HP now doubles their own. Remaining forces are as follows: Tazarek: 1 Grand Tier unit 2 Nova Tier units 5 High Tier units 8 Mid Tier units (3 of these are the injured PCs who escaped the battle) 10 Low Tier units 30 Bottom Tier units Talix-Engine Survivors: 1 Grand Tier unit 2 Nova Tier units 5 High Tier units 7 Mid Tier units (1 of these is on 4 HP) 10 Low Tier units 30 Bottom Tier units Non-player factions do not regenerate their forces, so that PC factions can eventually make progress through sheer attrition if nothing else.