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  1. It's not even. He just reloads that fast.
  2. With the antidote in hand, Von Hensch had no further need to suffer the poison's strange effects... but something Ilene had said gave him pause. Green enough to pass for some kind of plant, am I? In a jungle environment like this one, such camouflage could make him practically invisible! Smiling slyly to himself, the Baron tucked the vial away into a pouch on his utility belt, to be drunk at his own convenience. For the time being, he would remain a fabulous shade of emerald, and take on whatever threats they might encounter with his newly discovered expertise in jungle warfare. As it happened, the first threat was soon to emerge, in the form of vile winged she-devils that swooped and squawed as they rushed towards the brave rearguard gathered on the plateau. But as they prepared to attack, their beady eyes would doubtless pass over the innocuous plant now growing amongst the Shadow Guard. Quite a strange plant it was, wearing clothes and a hat and pointing a flintlock pistol at them, that was obviously just some strange biological quirk, a wondrous result of this mysterious jungle's vast ecological diversity... BANG! BANG! Great Gaia, that wasn't a plant at all!
  3. bfc

    Feast of Blades

    Yep. Though I only really established her as an NPC with fairly basic characterization. So it's wonderful to see you taking her so far!
  4. As Cain walked out onto the beach, Schrei fell behind for a moment, hesitating at the threshold. Her gaze flicked down towards the pebbles stretching before her, and her poker face cracked for a moment, a slight hint of irritation slipping through. It vanished in a split second, however, and she leaped into the air, gliding smoothly over the manifold stones in an unnaturally long arc. When she finally touched down, her feet barely brushed against the rocks before she sprung up again, making no sound and leaving no trace of her passage. As it turned out, working for the Dead brought with it some useful perks, including equipment and abilities she'd never been able to acquire as an independent mercenary. The comm pad, currently attached to her lower back, was working fine. She could 'hear' Cain loud and clear, but the manner of their communication kept his voice from interfering with her auditory perception, making it an almost pleasant experience. As in Tia, her replies came in the form of mental images rather than sounds, written words on a variety of dark surfaces. Her mind was as silent as her body, her inner voice more akin to an inner bulletin of rapidly scrolling text. At it came alight with two words, an immediate rebuke to Cain's final comment. Not me. A sharp note swept over the carriage, a ping of ultrasound bouncing off its every corner. Echolocation, sweeping for any unexpected objects, persons or devices. She took the offered garment and practically disappeared inside it, her features swallowed by darkness. Still suspicious, but anonymous now, impossible to recognize at a glance. And as the mysterious cloaked figure swept into the carriage after Cain, the words continued. Tia was sloppy. Successful, yes, but I had to lose an arm just to get out alive, and now an emperor probably wants me dead. As if I didn't have enough old grudges on my tail. Her eyes were invisible beneath her hood, but it'd be easy enough to imagine the hard stare accompanying those words. So if you're giving me a choice, then we're doing this my way. Careful, and quiet. There was a gleam of light from within one drooping sleeve. Not a knife, this time, but something small and round and fragile. I can kill Kajal without leaving a trace, and let you take her as a puppet without anyone suspecting a thing. I could do it tomorrow, if you're willing to play along. Nobody need even know we were ever here. The gleaming object disappeared. Cause all the chaos you want, after that. But when this country goes to shit, I don't want anyone whispering my name.
  5. "A magic fog, you say?" Von Hensch's eyes narrowed. "Oh, I believe you. I don't know about any base, but I'll wager it was the same damned mist that overtook my men and I while we were ballooning off the southern coast!" He turned his head first one way and then the other, examining his surroundings in a new light. "I'd thought this was some unexplored island that I'd happened to fall upon... but it seems there's something stranger afoot." As soon as Ilene produced the green liquid, the Baron snatched it up and downed it in one gulp, tossing the empty vial back into her hands. "Now, I suppose you'll be wanting to get back to that base of yours, and I need to find my men. What say you we join forces, and find a way out of here together?" He extended his hand once more, and met her eyes with a dry smile. "Well? Am I green enough?" And indeed, his face was starting to take on a faint emerald hue! Whether or not this Baron was telling the whole truth, he definitely wasn't a Twistling.
  6. bfc

    Feast of Blades

    Can we choose our teams for the group events? (And if so, anyone wanna form a badass Swornblades trio?) I'd also be interested in entering a character in the Trueblade event, and/or playing one of the beasts in Wildblades.
  7. This really was proving to be a most unpleasant day for the Hensch Men. First they'd lost their master, then they'd gotten lost themselves, and now they were stranded with a bunch of untrustworthy strangers, running for their very lives from scorching tongues of flame. Surely, they thought to themselves as they raced to escape, this situation cannot possibly get any worse? About two seconds later, the situation got worse. No sooner had the fleeing puppets reached the doorway than a shuffling horror lunged forth, reaching out with gruesomely decayed limbs to embrace them all in fiery doom! “AAAAAAAH!” The troop skidded to a halt. “Turn around! Turn around!” Spinning on their heels, they dashed back the way they came… … only to find themselves face to face with a ripped, shotgun-wielding drow woman. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” They immediately wheeled around again. “Other way! Other way!” The zombie lumbered to meet them with a horrifying roar, and was promptly knocked on its decomposing ass by the charging puppets, who’d decided they’d much rather take the creature head-on than risk pissing off Challara. “Take this, ruffian!” Three of the soldiers stomped and kicked at its torso, while their leader lifted up one of his comrades and used him as a club, smashing the monster repeatedly over the head until its struggles finally ceased. They kept on hitting it for few long seconds before one of them finally hesitated. “Wait, men! I think it’s dead.” The others stopped, looking up. “Are you sure?” “It looked kind of dead before, you know...” “Well, yes, but now it looks extra dead.” The leader nudged the zombie’s pulverized skull with one foot. “Don't let your guard down. Could be he’s just knocked out.” “But you smashed his face! Through his cranium! With Ferdinand’s head!” “Speaking of which, if you would kindly put me down now...” “Wait, what about the woman?” They all froze, their heads swiveling to stare at Challara. “Uh… nice to meet you, Ma’am.” “Don’t mind us!” “Or hurt us…” “Yes, please don’t hurt us.” @notmuch_23
  8. @zackrobbman Quick point I wanted to clarify: The Hensch Men used their Passive Defense special skill in the first round, which mitigates damage taken from the next attack taken. So that should block the damage from the burning zombie's attack? Or am I missing something here?
  9. “Twistlin?” The stranger frowned back at Charlie, scratching his beard. “Doesn't ring any bells, I’m afraid. Though I did know a Mr. Tristain, once. Lovely fellow, damned shame about that whole incident with the hydra…” He trailed off as over a dozen bows and one sword were pointed his way. Well then. Seemed he’d have to save the hydra story for another time… that is, if he could discover a means of escaping this mysterious jungle alive! “Sirs, Ma’am,” he began, doffing his hat and taking a bow, “Baron Augustus Von Hensch, at your service! I haven’t the foggiest idea what a Twistling may be, but if I needs must convince you of my good intentions, then so be it!” He strode forwards, extending one gloved hand before him. “Hand over your vile concoction, now. And please, someone explain to me… how in Odin’s name did you manage to get a damn elephant up here?” @EpicRome23@zackrobbman
  10. @P.N.See Good post, but I think you may be a little confused... If you look at Fierach's post on page 1, you'll see that Sheryl moved "Up 2" and "Left 2," heading towards the same exit as the toy soldiers. Whereas your post seems to indicate that they went in different directions?
  11. Ask and ye shall receive. This took me like 10 hours btw you're welcome.
  12. O shit Guys I don't think we should punch the skeletons
  13. Group 3: Of the three parties unceremoniously dumped into this frightening maze, it just so happened that one of them had come upon an unexpected addition. The small gang of what appeared to be three-foot-tall animate nutcrackers certainly hadn’t been seen around the encampment prior to the encroaching fog, and quickly shied away from Vlad’s approach, watching Sheryl and Challara with wary wooden eyes. After a moment, one of them (barely an inch taller than the others) cleared his throat. “All right, who are you people and what is this place?” Another one, cowering behind the speaker’s back, piped up. “Skipper, look!” The leader turned, his painted eyebrows shifting into a frown. “What in the devil’s name…” Then, as the first jets of scalding flame burst from the floor, the whole lot of them reacted with alarm. “Good heavens, run for your lives!” And with an oddly polite-sounding wail of distress, the tiny troop fled towards the nearest exit, pushing past Sheryl in their haste to escape.
  14. Be it jungle, nightmare, or simple death-trap, this mysterious land was anything but quiet. The whispering wind, the creaking bridge, the bestial wails and screeches rising from far below; all merged and mingled into a strange cacophony that filled the ears and pricked at the mind. And yet—what was this? A distant voice, a faint cry ringing out amidst all the tumult? "Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!" A trick of the mind, perhaps, or some overheard comment from one of the many intrepid defenders gathered on the small plateau. There one moment and gone the next, nothing more than a whisper on the wind... ...But then it came again, and louder this time. "Great... Scott! Can you hear me down there?" At that moment, should anyone chance to look up, they might see something small and dark hurtling down from above. Something that looked almost like... By Gaia's bountiful buttocks, was that a person?! "LOOK OUT BELOWWWW!!!" Goodness, it really was! A tall gentleman, dressed all in black, flailing about with one arm and clutching his hat to his head with the other, was falling from the sky. With one final bellow, he crashed down upon them, bounced off the war elephant's rump, and went flying off the edge of the plateau. But wait! Just as he was about to tumble away into the misty abyss, the mysterious man flung out one arm and— good gods, what grip strength —grabbed onto the mesa's rocky rim! And, with a tremendous grunt of effort, hauled himself up onto its surface! He rose, panting, and dusted himself off with a long sigh of relief. Then frowned, blinking, at his exotic surroundings, and the diverse gathering of strangers he'd nearly fallen on. "...Where the devil am I?"
  15. Schrei arrived without ceremony, without luggage, dressed as usual in her rumpled black coat. She had her hood up, its front edge drooped low over her face to ward off the morning sun. Beneath its shadow, her features appeared more pale and ghostly than ever, an effect which was compounded by the silence of her footsteps and the absence of even the slightest creak as she made her way across the pier. A phantom child, perhaps, come to haunt the evil Cain for some forgotten past misdeed. But then she nodded in answer to his first question, and ambled down the walkway into the black submersible. There would be no haunting today—the Dead had to stick together, did they not? Once they were inside, she pulled a knife. Not to stab him, of course, but to answer Cain’s second question. She turned her new hand around, as if to let him see it from another angle, and there it was, lying in her palm. She tossed it in the air, and caught it between two fingers as it came down. She let it drop, bounced it off the toe of one boot, and caught it again as it came up. She turned her hand over once more, and suddenly it was empty, the small blade hidden away as quickly as it had appeared. Suffice to say, her encounter in Tia had not reduced her capabilities in the slightest. Alas, they had a journey to make before she could begin to employ them, and Schrei wasted no time in claiming one of the fancy seats. She curled up like a cat, and closed her eyes, and fell still. And listened. The quiet hum of the ship’s engines, the churning of water against its hull, the deep rumble of distant currents and the faint bubbling of waves high above. Schools of fish, hearts beating and tails swishing in perfect unison. Larger, louder creatures, slow and methodical in their hunt. Sonar pings from various sources, deflected at odd angles by the ship’s hull to hide it from their notice. And, of course, there was Cain. Quiet, that one, but she heard him all the same. For hours she listened, picking up on every last whisper. Until she began to hear other ships, and other people, in growing numbers. The first signs that they were approaching civilization. Her eyes blinked open, and she raised her head, the song of Kalopsia ringing louder and louder in her ears.
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