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    Valucre Wars

    Honestly, there are a hecking lot of wars on Valucre. It’s just that they mostly tend to be small-scale conflicts restricted to a single region with a few skirmishes at most, because keeping players committed to a prolonged and complex campaign of battles is hard. The downfall of Tia, the invasion of Last Change, and the dispute between Predator’s Keep and the Dasua Barony have already been brought up, but here are a few more I’ve been involved in: - The last stand of Biazo’s undead. When the Terrenus military came in to clean up the ruins of Biazo, Schrei and a bunch of other vampires got mad and started setting their stuff on fire and trying to fight them off. The resistance was short-lived, but it was fun while it lasted. - Gang war in Lessertown when Kim Osa decided to take over the place. Basically she took advantage of another character’s attempt to invade Cosanastre proper, framed the Don in charge of Lessertown for the whole thing to set off a conflict, and then took him out in the ensuing chaos. - Patia’s ill-fated invasion of Weland, which was scuttled by OOC drama before it really got started. They also tried to take over the land bridge to Biazo, which went similarly poorly. - Beast once helped defend a city in Genesaris when it was besieged by an army of shadowy creatures from who-knows-where, though I believe that thread was left unfinished. - And last but not least, the Spires event in Terrenus. Though hardly a conventional war, it involved an incursion on multiple fronts by a foreign power that resulted in plenty of large-scale violence, so I’d say it counts.
  2. I prefer roleplaying, honestly. DMing is hard. I can have fun doing both, since I like writing in general and any activity that involves that tends to get me fired up to some extent. That said, I feel like there's a lot less pressure in simply roleplaying a single character. They're one person, so it's easy to take into account all their motivations and personality quirks and decide on what they're most likely to do next. When DMing, on the other hand, I find myself overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of factors one has to take into account. Not only do I have to juggle multiple characters, I also have to take into account setting, the culture associated with said setting and how that influences the characters, the goal and pacing of the story and conducting it in such a way that events don't stagnate and leave the players with little to do, how to handle things when players do something absolutely stupid, how to make sure players keep posting when they're meant to post, etcetera, etcetera... Essentially, it's a lot more work. And while it is possible to cut corners and keep things at a manageable level, doing so usually leaves me unsatisfied with my own DMing. And there's also the fact that if I want to put in the effort to bring an entire setting and the characters inhabiting it to life, I may as well just write my own fiction and cut out the hassle of managing player shenanigans entirely. Better odds of finishing a story, that way.
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