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  1. Kalmuli folded her arms. "Chasing a meal is a battle of wills. A battle for survival. I'm sure you'll find someone who challenges you and makes you feel like it was a worthy hunt." She said, meeting eyes with him. She would nod as his guess for her son but his names were so...human. The elf shook her head. "Erunestian. A fine elvish name and one close to his father's heart."Kalmuli corrected him. "As far the Carmine Dominion, I myself was not part of it until recently. I have traveled off world but for a different purpose unrelated to my current job." She heard Desmond step up behind her, the Commander whispering into her ear. Being an elf, he didn't have to whisper it loudly either so he was able to keep it hush-hush. She nodded and looked back to Devin. "That is true. I myself am what they call a 'Seer'. I'm able to divine the future to an extent but nothing as so drastic to change the course of events. There are rules and laws for such things." She said before gesturing to the door. The guards, how had previously sealed it shut after he arrived, opened the doors back up at her at her beckoning. "I'm a busy woman, Mr. Tammarrason...So long as you behave yourself, we shouldn't cross paths again. If you do need to speak with me directly, you can arrange it properly with Commander Desmond here or with my staff here at the Keep." More soldiers started to come to her side. "Enjoy your meal, mind your behavior....and address me properly. Marchioness or Lady Kalmuli is fine. If you decide to stay and fill your ration card, you can visit the Night Guild to get a replacement." She said, turning away to head toward the stairs with the guards filing in behind her to form a wall. "Enjoy your time in Drakiss."
  2. Kalmuli nodded her head. "Devin. Nice to meet you. By this 'Beast', I believe you're talking about your 'hunger'."She said, passing the map to him. She tilted her head a little bit. It is possible someone from the Carmine Dominion was able to travel off-world to another plane. "I would not be surprised. Our reach is vast. I would not be surprised if there was a colony or a branch in another world."Kalmuli shrugged before approaching him. She reached to touch his arm, casting a small spell as she did. It was a focus spell, one to calm the mind. "This should aid you a bit. It won't last forever but it take some of the edge off." The Marchioness would back off once more, stepping back closer to her guard. "As for the Holes, if you make a request they'll pair you with a donor who can give you a bit of a chase. You don't necessarily have to feed there but if you want to play a hunting game with them inside the city within reason, you can."She said, looking to Desmond who would look to the other guard in the room and nod. They would leave, heading out of the Marchioness' Keep into town. "Check out the Blood Hole called 'Tail Chaser's'. They're a hunter-friendly place that caters to those who need the blood rushing a bit more before feeding. There's several challenges to choose from I believe."She said, checking with one of the guild members who was there with her. There was a middle-aged man, vampire of course, who stepped forward. "Ahem, yes. They work with those looking for more of a challenge and satisfy the need to hunt. There's several challengers that test your speed, strength and others. It's no easy hunt."
  3. Kalmuli knew how to deal with the brashness of youth. Eventually she would have to confront it again with her own child when they arrived but for now, this young man was going to learn a good lesson. She gestured with her other hand, a man arriving with a copy of a map of popular places around Drakiss. "There are taverns and Inns located around Drakiss that are popular for tourists. I will grant you a five day pass to use the inn at my expense but after that you must find different accommodations."She said, using a pen to circle a few places on the map. "This one here has a Blood Hole in connection with it so you'll be able to dine there for the next five days as well. You get five bites a day, three for your main meal, two for sampling or snacks. The Blood Holes have a limitation of how far you can drink from someone so abide by them. We want people to come back to visit, not scare them off."She said, fanning the map to dry the ink first before folding it up again. "As for sport, any hunting outside the city must be done in the woods at the base of the mountain. There's animals to feed on but any human drink you will have to do here in the city. For health and safety purposes." She would look down at him as he kneeled in front of her. Submission. Yes, that's what she preferred. Kalmuli smirked a little and folded her arms. "My own mother was a witch and my father a gentle man...but that doesn't mean you have to be like either of them. Drakiss could be a new start for you here and a lesson in patience. I am Marchioness Kalmuli of the Carmine Dominion...it is good to introduce yourself as well to the person who's sparing your life right now."
  4. Ah... Now she knew where he was from. Kalmuli's eyebrow remained raised, folding her arms as she listened to him tirade about what she was doing 'wrong'. She could hear the Night Guild shaking their heads at the man as he berated the one woman in Drakiss that was either going to be his death wish or his savior. It wasn't the first time one of his ilk had come to Drakiss attempting to change things because they hadn't seen the complete picture. Kalmuli brought a hand up to partially hide her smile. "The guards will live...there is enough magic with our mages here at the academy to restore the damage you've done. That doesn't mean you won't escape some kind of punishment I'm afraid. There is an order to be maintained." She said, moving closer. It was clear she was with child, heavy around her middle and in her breast for the life waiting to spawn out of her. She stopped half way between Desmond and the stranger. "You may consider yourself a predator...but when predators eat everything in sight until there's nothing left, it destroys the ecosystem. This system was developed by the Emperor himself, a vampire of a higher caliber. Greater power. Considered very much a God in this part of the world you've landed in." She said. Kalmuli wasn't so much berating him but giving him a soft education. "It's a simple system...one the preserves the balance between humans and vampires. Loss of human life or vampiric life is losing a valuable workforce. Humans grow the food, maintain the keep during the day and the vampires continue the work at night. Twenty four hours of protection...Then there's the sea wall, the Imperial Navy, the portal systems, the mining operations...my dear boy you've only seen the main street and the heard the word of two night guards." She briefly chuckled. "It's a free service...but tracking the rations means that everyone is able to acquire a meal and quite a bountiful one at that. It also keeps in mind the health of the stock of humans or other creatures otherwise." She said, tilting her head. "It's quite effective in keeping the ranks of the military in peak form..." Kalmuli would raise her hand, snapping her fingers. A servant brought her a ration card and her stamp that gave the approval. She accepted it and held it in her hand, twirling the stamp between her fingers. "If you are ill, we take care of you. If you are hungry, you are fed...If you want to start a business, then you are given assistance to do so so long as it benefits the Empire and Drakiss in general. Since you are new and clearly need some assistance in your....state....I can either grant you a reprieve...or I can melt you into a puddle of goo." She said before stamping the ration card, presenting it to an option to him. "The Emperor has given me that power to decide if your life is worth letting stick around...but as you have just landed in his dominion...I'm willing to let you learn the good things about here. You are still young. Young people have ambitions...even if yours are unwise, brutal and blind. I'm not Chief Commander here without a reason...you don't really want to find out why." The ration card was still in her hand as she presented him with a ticket to leave there alive. "So you can live...share you ideas with me after you've calmed down a little more and have a level head....or you pay the toll for trying and failing to insult me." @Jester's Trauma
  5. Both the guards had resumed their post after they had given their advice, expecting him to just head up the road to do what he was told. Instead, one man screamed and the other did the same as they lost their arms. No man in their right might would keep quiet about that and there were sounds of shouting along the walls as more guards had been alerted. Bells were being sounded and the keep was put on high alert. "Intruder! Intruder!" They shouted. While some went to check out their injured comrades, more had made themselves known in town as they went through the streets to find the intruder. There was a reason for the registry and it was for things like this. Ferals. Rogue Vampires looking to give the Empire a bad name. At the Keep, the meeting had just been wrapped up and the members were leaving the meeting room the ground level. The Guards were already on high alert and Desmond, the Commander, put the elf behind him. "Stay back, Marchioness."He warned. Kalmuli looked up to the Commander and then to the offending crazy man currently prattling around in her foyer. She was doll-like in appearance with large blue eyes, snowy white hair that trailed nearly to the floor and a black dress she wore versus the colorful ones elves were known to wear. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Who's Johnny?" She questioned. Desmond drew his sword. "State your business." He warned. "Or be put to death where you stand by order of the Emperor." The elf raised her hand, putting it on Desmond's sword arm and stepping around. "Put your weapons away...That man's unwell. I can sense he's not from the Empire..."She said, scanning him over. "Or this world for that matter. Why have you come here young man? Do you need a healer?" @Jester's Trauma
  6. While the meeting was going on at the castle, the guards down below were relatively bored. Considering that this was a time of peace in Drakiss, standing guard was really only for checking travel passes and making sure that no ferals got over the walls or invaders didn't make it past the front gates. When they saw this stranger approach, they held their weapons and listened to what he was asking for. He was no invader...just a hungry, dirty man. A vampire no less. "Vampire huh? All Vampires in the Empire are required to register and get their feed rations. Go to the castle, tell the guard you're there to register." He explained, pointing up the road that was the main passage into town. The other guard shot the one who spoke a look. "Between us, the Marchioness is in town. She's not a mean one but uh...get on her bad side...Woman's got the wrath of two Emperors." He said, speaking lowly but getting a jab from the other guard." "You want to get crucified at dawn man? I don't have that kind of death wish. Just mind your manners kid, get your registration and ration card then get the hell out of there. Hit the nearest Blood Hole in town after. Unstamped bites will cost ya'." The guard warned. "Now get going." @Jester's Trauma
  7. Oh goodie, he shows up in Drakiss where the Marchioness is very good at training young, stubborn vampires. Turns boys into men.
  8. This was no castle. Rather, it was the towering structure of Drakiss Keep and there on the inside was it's Marchioness. She was heavy with child and the journey itself to get back from Atlus to Drakiss was at least a day's sail and another day's carriage ride. She had arrived in the afternoon, greeted by the platoons of men whom she had trained to defend her and the Empire without second guessing it. She stood in the room she had claimed for her son who was currently using her organs like punching bags and jump ropes. Her betrothed stated in Atlus to prepare for the Wintersnight to make sure her research and their home was. Kalmuli fluffed up the bedding, adjusting a few of the toys. It was still three months away but she was ready for him to come into this world screaming. Screaming and proud for he was going to be one of a kind in all of Genesaris and beyond. There was a knock on the nursery door. Desmond, the Commander of the Keep, came in. "Marchioness. The Guild Meeting for the Night Watch is starting soon." He reminded her, offering an arm for her. Kalmuli looked at the Commander, then around the room to the big moon and stars painted on a dark blue ceiling as well as the proud sigil of the Empire and the Emperor's own personal sigil next to it of two dancing wolves. She cast her eyes to the floor before turning away from the cradle to take the Commander's arm. "Right. I suppose I've hidden in Atlus for long enough." She said, striding out of the room to head down the long halls toward the downstairs meeting room. Every man or woman in armor stiffened as the pair walked down, taking the stairs a little more slowly with her condition until they reached the ground level. When she entered the room, they rose to their feet. Her power wasn't the Emperor but her words and poise may have well have been his own. She took her place at the head of the table with Desmond's assistance before he took his own seat. "Ladies. Gentlemen. Welcome. I assure you I have read all of your updates and complaints. Drakiss has never escaped my eye....I'll address each complaint and will continue to do so while I am here for the next two weeks." She said, picking up the stack of papers, looking them over. "The excessive partying by the young recruits and the excessive damage...Well that won't fly. We'll gather them up and do the usual...Prepare them for formation and they'll stay there from sun up to sundown...then do the scrub up and clean up of the whole town in place of the usual street cleaners. That includes the keep and barracks for the next forty eight hours." Kalmuli put the paper down and tackled the next. "The Emperor is aware of food reserves and has encouraged some Winter tourism options. We'll be importing winter crops to help offset what's eaten from the fall and summer harvests. Solves both problems. There's some experimental crops we'll be sending here from Atlus. An all-season crop we want to try here." She kept going, addressing each of the concerns and getting feedback from the other council members. @Jester's Trauma
  9. Kalmuli had understood what he wanted but at the same time, she needed to protect the precious research she had been tasked to do. She had picked at her dinner that was a healthier meal and in more reasonable portions that she was used to. Before she could probably out-eat an entire battalion but she had to be more responsible. Kalmuli had helped arrange things a bit more clearly into what she had and they found a common taste in keeping things fortified but organic with the landscape. It was a beautiful part of Genesaris they were in and forcing it to change would have been a crime. Still, this was one of the few times it seemed like he was interested in what she had to say and vice versa. It felt like a normal conversation. After dinner, dessert-less save for a pear she had been given instead of a cupcake. She decided to take it with her on their walk through he estate's gardens. It was a cool evening, perfect for a stroll and for viewing some of the flowers that were still in full bloom. It was almost as if the cold didn't affect them at all. Kalmuli had finished her pear by the time they had reached the thicker part of the gardens that had the most flowers of a wide variety. She raised her hand, a long vine dropping down slowly before it collected it and took it up somewhere to be composted. "Myself mostly...It's also the amount of mana that comes from the leylines here that allow the plants here to flourish. It's why the forests are so lush outside of town and quite dense around the tower." She explained and folded her arms. "That and a little bit of elvish coddling. I find myself talking to them often on my walks. I'm sure these flowers know more of my secrets than anyone else I know." She reached up to a long vine of roses that were a deep, luscious red that she felt around the petals. "Before anyone else arrived here, it was just myself and Gizelle so I kept myself busy with keeping the garden as it is. Good exercise, killed a lot of time. We'll be having the wedding here."
  10. Kalmuli knew these men and women would listen to Gareth and Gareth would listen to her...to some extent. She was still concerned to some degree but when her husband-to-be brought up some additional touches, she nodded and replied: "Should anything be found while the ground is being tilled or buildings constructed, let myself or one of the Valkyries who will be on patrol know. We don't know how accurate the records are to the ruins. You'll find the Valkyries an excellent resource to the grounds and my expectations. They wear black and silver. Not hard to miss." She said before looking to Gizelle. Gizelle would step forward, removing her hat and looking across the legion. There were a few faces she recognized herself and some seemed to tense a bit in her presence. "The General was kind enough to have your medical records sent here as well. Should anything be absolutely dire, report to me directly. Do not disturb the Marchioness by any means necessary unless it's a true emergency. Her well-bring and the future Marquis' is what keeping this project growing. There will be routine physicals every two months. We want to study the effects of the land on both average humans and those who are mana-sensitive....That is all." The thin woman would say before putting her witch hat with the silver buckle back on and then stepped back behind them. Kalmuli would look back to Gizelle, then to Gareth and then back to the Legion. "We've assembled a welcome feast that will happen in three days. It will be a way for everyone to meet those who run the grounds. You are dismissed." She looked back to Gareth. "I will see you at dinner."
  11. Experience it at all...Suddenly Kalmuli felt more like a princess instead of Marchinoness with that statement. Guarded. Protected. It was a different feeling than what she was used to. In worlds where she had to be the strongest possible, she never thought of the possibility someone might protect her and not the other way around. Kalmuli gave him a bit of an awkward side eye and a bit of pink flushed at the tips of her ears. "I'm no novice soldier or mage. The Whispernight may end up being the tamest thing I've ever seen." She said, downplaying the severity a bit. His arm took hers and her eyes fell to his hand that was gently stroking the back of it with just his thumb and his chipper-ness about it all was different. Maybe because she had spent so much time with brooding vampires and angst? It was such a contrast between humans and vampires. Men of day and men of night. As they exited the estate to greet the legions of soldiers at the front, Kalmuli looked up to him as he complimented her appearance. Paolo had chosen her outfit again today and chosen something that, like the dress she first met him in, revealed plenty in the bosom. Her head tilted a bit when he whispered, thinking about their first night and she cleared her throat. "Only if we go for a walk after dinner first. Gizelle's recommendation." She said, her free hand rubbing her stomach. "And you know she's a stickler for routine." Gizelle had been lingering behind them not saying anything, smiling faintly before she lifted her witch's hat on her head and adjusted her black and silver coat that made her a Valkyrie in Kalmuli's service. Outside they were greeted by a great legion of men and women in Gareth's service. She looked over them all, letting Gareth's arm go and slipping her arm back under her cloak as they met a small group of them. His expression changed and she heard him laugh for the first time as well. It was almost jarring. She had only seen him smile and chuckle under his breath but never fully laugh. He was a different man around his men. Kalmuli heard the comment, her eyebrow's raising a bit. "Yes. Please help me." She said rather sarcastically. Kalmuli would approached, all of them towering over her in height difference. She looked them all over one by one so she could remember names and faces. "The High General will likely fill you in on my expectations. I know as much as you respect him, you'll listen to it and follow it. The research we're doing here is vital to the Empire as a whole and it needs guarded and cared for as one would the Capital itself. "She said plainly but with authority. "Other than that, you'll find the Atlus a fine blank canvas to work with to help build it up to where it needs to be."
  12. Kalmuli huffed a little bit. He was cocky now that he had his memories back. She settled her hands at her lower back that was starting to bother her at her current size. Pillars....she would have to see if there were any records to be sure. She looked down at her stomach as he addressed not her, but her son that was growing inside of her and soon would be out. "Erunestian...and I'm sure he'll be a very fortunate child considering this will be the place of his birth. When he learns his first words, I'm sure he'll thank you himself." She said, patting her stomach and feeling a hard kick against her hand. "It means "The Gods have healed"...I'm sure one more god will be welcomed." Ingrid raised her head when he spoke. It was a shame that he was leaving. Perhaps because even if he had not wanted any long term business with them, she wanted to find a reason to be forgiven. Perhaps maybe in Varisho...but alas she couldn't. She frowned and lowered her eyes. "We...understand. Send a raven and we'll have dinner on the table by the time you get here should you visit."She said, dipping her head a little as he started to prepare to take flight. The flurry of birds and feathers had the shield their eyes a bit from the dust. When he took his final form, he was an unexpectedly large bird that took off into the sky and left them standing on the ground watching him fade into a purple. Kalumuli huffed a bit, turning to waddle her way back inside. "What am I, a spring chick? Pillars..."She muttered as she headed indoors. Ingrid waited a moment as she looked up to the sky for a bit longer and then followed after her, her staff gently clicking against the ground. "It was his temple and his town..."She assured. "If we found pillars there would be pillars...."Kalmuli was still muttering. Ingrid sighed. Looks like Varisho had triggered Kalmuli and she would be chasing the pregnant elf around as she buried herself in research once more.
  13. Ingrid jumped a little when the claws started flying from where she had set them down and flew past her to settle back on his hand. She settled a hand on her chest and she exhaled slowly to calm herself. The Marchinoness watched the scene herself, her hands sort of instinctually going to her stomach just in case but he wasn't threatening them. Just exercising a bit of power he hadn't used in a long, long time. Still, she smiled and got up. "Carrion still play a very important role in the cycle of life and death. Maybe not a true god of death, your Carrion friends help the bones to rest." They both would follow him though Kalmuli was a step behind with her current condition. They made their way outside, standing in the courtyard while it was filled with carrion-type birds all over the place. It would have been a scary sight to see but Ingrid and Kalmuli had seen all sorts of things. Adding a God of Ravens was just another new surprise. Build? Kalmuli looked up to her home and then back to him. "Unfortunately, I won't beg for forgiveness in that matter nor seek it...for your temple was not here. When I built my home, we did plenty of research before finding a place that was outside of your farmlands and the ancient city once stood. Even while we were preparing the ground, there was no record nor signs of any previous structures or rituals performed here."She said rather firmly for someone talking to a god. Like she was absolutely sure there was nothing to fear or had a power that competed with his own. "We're not here to tear apart your home. Rather, we're here to uncover it and learn more about it. As a researcher, preserving sacred grounds of older times is paramount to what we do." Kalmuli approached with Ingrid just behind her. "Varisho...Lord Kadav...If you want to return the favor, we're still learning much about your old home. You're welcome to stay with us. The digging and hammering you've been hearing has been digging more than construction...Other than my home and a nearby village being constructed, we've preserved much of the land itself. Of course if you know more of how the layout was, that would save us much time and we won't risk ruining something we hope to preserve. If you want to really owe us...Educate us."
  14. Kalmuli was much like an untrusting feline who was getting used to a stranger in her space. While Gareth and their first night was...eventful, Kalmuli didn't know what to make of him still. Their interactions were brief and formal leaving little room for idle chatter. They were both fairly busy in their own worlds but that was common even among nobility. She even knew of nobles that only got together for big holidays or special events, rarely seeing each other and having copious affairs. Still, she didn't mind the company during mealtimes and so long as she was unbothered in her research, she was fine with him going around ordering soldiers around with pure testosterone and authority. Once in a while though she ended up on his end of the hallway to get to one of the other rooms where she would hear a few odd noises coming from it but she was quick to move on. It was none of her business what he did in his free time and in his own room. Kalmuli had set her boundaries firmly of what she expected and Priscilla seemed to have sense of authority in helping him keep to a regular schedule around such an isolated area. This day though when the letter arrived, she was in her lab with Gizelle who was doing a scan of her womb while she was nose deep in old records. Gizelle herself had been in the imperial army but as a nurse more than a soldier, having retired about two years ago and picked up by Kalmuli's group of warrior women only a year later. She had earned a reputation as a rather strict person and ran a small group of nurses that had gained the nickname of 'Stitch Witches' to how well they performed their healing both natural and magical. GIzelle reached over and pulled the book out of Kalmuli's hands, the elf trying to grab it back but with her stomach in the way and the awkwardness of laying on a bed, she was stuck my like a turtle on it's back. "Oye!"She complained. "I need your attention while I talk to you about the baby."Gizelle said and put the book down. "It looks like the diet that you've switched to in the last month has had some improvements. He's growing well. How has your energy been?" Kalmuli frowned and eased back again. "Better. The mana-rich foods and such has helped sort of quell his own appetite. Perhaps even just being here and closest to a major leyline point has let him sleep a little better. I'm ready to burst though. It's another three months right?"She said as she rubbed her stomach. "Two months and two weeks until your due date. Keep it up with the regular walks and the diet, you'll be able to help maintain it until the end. How has things been with...you know..."Gizelle said as she finished her scanning, deactivating her spell and recording her notes in a log of Kalmuli's health. She had even gone as far as doing health checks on Gareth once a week, changing his diet and encouraging even going on calming walks. All to keep the two of them in prime shape, she supposed, for the future children they would bear together after Estian was born. "High General Gareth?"Kalmuli filled in the blankets. "We still keep our distance. After the first night it's been fairly stiff. Formal. Polite. We meet for meals, talk about what we did for the day and go our separate ways after dessert." "That's common for arranged marriages isn't it? Particular ones in the military it seems...Nothing changed with him though. Even before he was High General, he was very formal and polite around the nurses. Small talk was his forte and long conversations an aborted mission."Gizelle said, smirking a bit and giving Kalmuli a hand in sitting up. The elf would snatch her book back and settle it in her lap. "Well...I'm sure if I told him my war history, he'd have more words to say than, "She switched to a bit of a deeper voice. "'Ah...Yes. Spears. My favorite weapon. The soldiers revere me for the length of my shaft and how well I throw it." Gizelle covered her mouth a bit. It was a bit crude to make fun of the General but...Kalmuli still had much to learn and Gizelle never met the man in a less formal environment like a homestead. She gave Kalmuli a hand to get to her feet after the exam was done. "Try and get along. I'm going to recommend you both go on walks together. Doctor's orders...and no more desserts. I thought I told the staff no more sweets for you. Or him. Both of you need to watch your weights. This country living is going to come with country snacking." The witch scolded. "I may have puppy-eyed my way into some cupcakes...and told them the baby wanted them. Cravings you know?"Kalmuli grinned. Gizelle rolled her eyes a bit, her crows feet wrinkling in the corners as she smiled before it fell and she looked to the doors. A soldier knocked and immediately came in, looking a little winded searching for Kalmuli. They looked concerned. "What is it?"Kalmuli questioned, putting her book down on her desk. "The Legion is arriving soon. High General asked if you wanted to meet them. He's in the foyer." Another soldier who had been asked by Davin to find the Marchioness in the big estate and urgently. The day was coming and soon the Whispernight it seemed. Kalmuli looked to Gizelle, then nodded and started to walk to the doors but Gizelle stopped her, grabbing a cloak on the hook and put it around her. They were both off to the foyer that was a long waddle away for Kalmuli and when she saw him in the foyer, she moved to stand at his side and looked at the large heavy wooden doors of her...their... estate. "The legion comes and so does the Whispernight it seems...This will be my first one."
  15. Kalmuli had placed her head on top of his, nestling her forehead together so their skin touched. However, she hadn't expected such an odd side effect. One that even Ingrid could sense. It was like the whole estate had gone dead quiet. Ingrid snapped her fingers to try to hear it but there was no sound. She furrowed her brow and tried to speak but nothing happened. It was like the space around them had completely smothered any sense of sound or vibration. In Kalmuli's mind she was perched up in a tree with an enormous crow, looking down at an image of people dressed in ceremonial garbs and singing and eerie song. She didn't recognize the people but she did recognize the garb from carvings and pottery that held that image. Particularly the ones for the flower seeds. She furrowed her brow, looking upward where there were caws of birds that seemed to get so loud and so overwhelming that her own image covered her ears to drown them out. Then something jolted her from her visions. Varisho had sat up, making her jump and back up toward the wall. She froze. She put her hands to her ears, patting around but she couldn't hear anything at first. Then it was slowly coming back, muffled but getting louder again. She saw Varisho's mouth move and mutter something. "So Varisho Kadav was the priest then...which makes you that big crow..."She said, removing her hands off of her ears. "But a borrowed name is still a name..."
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