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  1. Willow watched him though she didn't put her hands up. She swayed, humming before stopping when he hit her. Though, it didn't feel like flesh that he struck. Rather, it was much like punching a tree trunk. Willow looked down at him, towering over him and giggling. "Those were some good punches...but they're not quite strong enough to break my hide."She said as she pat her stomach where he struck her. "Master Kalmuli usually saves me for later since my body is built much stronger than a human's." She reached her hand up, the form starting to warp and shape into a new shape, taking on a bit of her true form. It looked like a gnarled branch of a tree with fingers that wriggled around and creaked. "Consider me your strength trainer."She said as she curled the gnarled hand into a fist. She pointed it at him, the fist launching and connecting into a tree behind Luis, the collision enough to leave a dent in the tree. "When you get strong enough, you'll be able to bury your fist half way through a tree without enhancements." Her fist withdrew from the tree, retracting back to her side. "Now...keep punching..."She said before raising her fist. "...and don't forget to dodge!"
  2. After breakfast, Kalmuli lead the one-short group down to the beach again and this time, had everyone line up. She stood between them, rubbing her chin as she worked up the match ups mentally. Considering that she also had to consider Luis as a relatively new fighter. She walked between them before pointing to Luis. "Luis, you'll be with Willow...Marianne with Maeko...Addanon with Ahnger...Mmm...Tur'oc with Viss and Kofi you'll be with me. We'll be going up to Level 2 training with the young ones today."She explained before stepping aside for them to pair up. Willow stood beside Luis, fiddling with the end of her hair that was decorated with leaves and beads. Kalmuli would clear her throat. "Going up to Level 2 means that the intensity will go up. What our little Amoeba class will learn to keep up with the intensity and the impacts. Willow, I'll let you scale up or down as need be with Luis...but don't go easy on him."Kalmuli instructed. Willow stopped fiddling with her hair to look up to Kalmuli then down to Luis. She smiled, reaching over and patting his head. "Will do. Come on, let's go find a good spot."She said, letting his head go and starting to walk down the beach until there was a shady spot among some mangrove trees that trailed off into the water. Willow looked around, smiled and looked back to Luis. "No one will bother us here. Let's get started, shall we? Hit me and let's see what Master Kalmuli taught you yesterday."
  3. Addanon overheard Kalmuli and one of the older students whispering at the end of the table. He looked up to Luis, nodding and returning back to eating. "Thanks."He answered curtly. It seemed like that would be that about Priscilla's ears. The poor girl was going to be in enough pain and nagging wasn't going to help. However, he could hear the sounds of whimpering and heavy breathing down the hall...Addanon couldn't imagine how much it hurt to regrow something so delicate. "We'll be one student short today...Priscilla will be recovering from a regeneration potion. For those who know, you understand what that entails. To the newer students...regrowing limbs, tissue and other pieces of living beings is incredibly painful. She'll be fine by tonight but we'll continue to do sparring training and potion ingredient harvesting practice."She explained. "To which, you'll be working with Willow." Willow looked up from her breakfast and gave a lazy thumb's up.
  4. Priscilla blushed deeply with the kiss, smiling and playing with the end of her braid again. She would give him one more embrace before slipping off to her room. Inside the room, Kalmuli was waiting and had a potion tube in her hand. It was now or never. Marianne had been moved to a new room so she could take the potion in peace. It tasted terrible and the after effect made her collapse on the bed, Kalmuli sitting with her while the initial effects started. In the morning, everyone was gathered for breakfast...save for Priscilla. Kalmuli looked a little tired as she stirred her eggs around. One of the older male students noticed an absence, he leaned over to ask quietly. "Where's the young one with the braids?"He asked. Kalmuli raised her head. "Resting. She had a rough night."Kalmuli answered before shoveling some eggs into her mouth. "She should be fine by tonight though."
  5. Priscilla buttoned up a little and looked down at her feet a little. It was true that she struggled...but it was something she overcame overtime. Yet, she knew how much stronger she would be if she could be more on par with an elf. She looked back up to him, her hand coming up to run along one of her braids. "I...was talking to Master Kalmuli about that myself..."She admitted. Priscilla shifted a little closer to him, her head going to his shoulder. "...And she made a good point...that one day I could be at a real disadvantage. I could be blind and deaf, unable to do anything about it. It could be a day that you lose me or I lose you because I couldn't protect you."She said, Priscilla moving her arms around him. "I'm going to grow them back...but not for me....but so I can protect both of us. So we can grow old together." Priscilla held him, feeling his heartbeat against her chest. She held him for a little while longer until she slowly let go. "I love you, Luis...Will you come visit me when I'm recovering from it?"She asked him, tilting her head.
  6. Kalmuli shook her head. "That will be all. Hopefully you have learned your lesson about cheating and getting along."She said, getting up from the couch to stand in front of them. "So long as you follow the rules and keep up your studies fairly here, you won't have to do that again." She pat his shoulder and reached up to ruffle his hair. "Go ahead and get some sleep. We all have an early morning tomorrow."She said as she moved her hand away to scoot him off to bed. Addanon looked to Priscilla who was just as wore out and getting up to head to bed herself knowing Luis was finished for the night. "Tomorrow we continue sparring practice and potions." Kalmuli would dismiss everyone, Priscilla taking Luis' hand to walk with him to the short distance down the hall to their respective rooms. "What did you and Addanon talk about?"She asked, looking to him. "I hope he wasn't picking on you again..."
  7. Addanon raised an eyebrow. "You're mistaken...I don't want power. I want a strong ally...and I don't want to see someone suffer who least deserves it. I'm not even a noble anyway...I'm a warrior. I just happen to have an attraction to strong people."He explained, helping peg up a few more clothing pieces and dried his hands on his pants. "I'd rather put people in the ground than be there myself anyway." Getting back up, he looked inside to see that Priscilla and Kalmuli had finished talking. The young apprentice was looking at them, worriedly watching their interaction before she noticed Addanon looking at her, sticking her tongue out at him. "Of course, if she does get to be a lot stronger, she might grow out of that bratty attitude of hers and with you, may be actually a Lady."He said with a shake of his head. "Then I could really be a Knight...or go back home and be a Chief."
  8. Addanon chuckled. "I see it as a challenge. Women in my village often competed to show off their strength...so if she gets better, she's even more perfect to me."He said as he finished up hanging any remaining damp clothes though stopped at the underwear that still sat in the basket. He could see the small ones that were Priscilla's and his face turned a little red as he picked them up. "Strong woman, strong kids..." He hung up the dainty bit of fabric and turned over to the comparably lacy ones that were Kalmuli's. "A truce?"He pondered this as he finished up. "I could see that...But what's in it for either of us other than a few moments of peace?" Addanon sat down by the wash basin, looking to Luis. "I'd rather a compromise...I'll stop hounding Priscilla about her ears...if you can convince her yourself. Whatever she says, I'll accept. Yes or no."He suggested. "Either way, you're a better support for her than I could be. Though the stronger she gets, the better."
  9. Addanon tsked, squatting down to work on washing some of the clothes but passing any of the women's undergarments over to Luis to take care of. He had a very deft way her worked and stood to hang it up on the line to dry in the cool sea breeze. Looking back to Luis, his expression was rather solemn. "It's a military tactic used by certain groups to shame elven families or just the elf themselves. When my parents were killed, they sent back their heads with no ears..."He explained, kneeling down to grab another wet garment to hang up. "For elves that survive that kind of thing, it's incredibly painful." He pegged down the garment and moved onto the next one. "Imagine that someone drove nails right into your ears...and now you're constantly feeling like someone is jamming it in there. When it heals, it's okay...but your world is completely silent or dulled. It affects your other senses. Priscilla wouldn't need her glasses nor need to face someone to see them speak."He explained, holding up Priscilla's damp tunic in his hands. "Her blunted ears bother me...because I'm aware of how much pain she must be in." Addanon shook his head, moving over to hang it up. "She'd be a lot stronger for it. More so than she is already...Other than that, she really would be prettier. Not just in my eyes but probably yours too if you saw the change it could bring."He said, collecting a few more items to hang up. "I'm not a monster...I just want to help."
  10. Kalmuli tilted her head. "It should. They're a few recipes I borrowed from the Uldwar family library. I figured a good bonding meal would be something close to home."She stated as she swirled a bit of her food around in some of the white sauce, slipping the fork past her lips and back again. "Wow...so this is food from a Lord's table..."Priscilla said in wonder as she tried a little bit more of everything. "It's fine."Addanon said behind his cup of juice. "Fresh lemons...a little bit of tropical flower honey...salt, pepper flakes...Some basil here and there."Willow noted. "You know what was used?"Priscilla questioned. "Indeed. Nymphs can tell certain plant-based concoctions...sauces in particular are easy. If we eat animals, we can tell what they have been eating over time. These fish like to feed on algae and smaller creatures."Willow remarked as she held up a bit of crab meat she managed to fish out of the hard boiled shells. "Crabs are more bottom feeders though." After dinner, Kalmuli would show Addanon and Luis what she expected out of them as well as where things went in the kitchen to be put away. Addanon begrudgingly stood at the sink, scouring away at the dishes and pots, keeping his eyes away from Luis. Maybe he could stick some rotten fish under his pillow...or booby trap his mattress so it came to life and bucked him out of bed! The possibilities were endless when he was bitter. Though when it came to the laundry, he seemed to be more hesitant on doing anything with it even when Kalmuli showed them what to do. However, there were some garments in there that felt taboo to look at let alone touch. The underwear. Particularly those of their instructor and the prodigy half-elf who were sitting in the living room, discussing something private. "Ugh...They could have washed them themselves..."He said, reaching into the pile of sweaty, putrid laundry and pulled out something safe. A tunic.
  11. I didn't get a chance on Facebook but congratulaattiioonnss!

  12. Altissium is fine though there isn't much activity *shrug* I've had Kalmuli move on back home in Weland for a while without much to do. Maybe she needs to run a nation, then it would give me something to do @Red the Ambivalent
  13. Priscilla would chuckle a little, looking up a him and then slowly getting up to her feet, looking back out to the sea. "Maybe...I want to see more seas like this and see what's beyond the Academy...There's so many new magics and items being found, I want to be the one to experience them all."She said quite proudly. Inside, everyone was gathered around the table for the feast that Kalmuli and others had prepared. There was plenty of bounty from the sea but also a few meats that were from land animals as well. Kalmuli sat at the head of the table, head bowed. "Bless be the Fates who guide us through our trials that lead to failure or fortune. Watch over this new class of students as they push themselves to graduate and have safe travels to find their futures. To the Fates we pray...and may our threads never fray."She would say in prayer before everyone could start eating. Priscilla very rarely had seafood, most orcs sticking to land animal meats and elves mostly vegetation. She picked at it until Tu'roc, who was mostly stoic and gruff, took one of the crab legs off of her plate, cracking it for her easily showed her how to pull the meat out. Addanon picked at his food all the same with a bitter frown on his face. Kalmuli looked over as she used a small fork to fish for more meat out of a crab leg. Very rarely did she use the elvish tongue, but when Addanon wasn't speaking, she would speak. <"Quit picking at it and eat or you'll be hungry until morning.">She spoke to him, Addanon reacting with a flinch. <"You're not my mother.">Addanon spoke back before finally spooning up some fish to eat. <"No but you're going to stay puny if you don't eat. Fish is good for you. Makes you smart.">Kalmuli said, gesturing to the tall lanky tan woman who had been strolling around half naked most of the time. Willow sat looking a little spacey as she munched on a bit of vegetables. <"Don't end up like her who has the brain of a dead tree stump."> That was enough to make the younger elf smile a little, something that didn't happen much and he cheered up a little to actually start eating properly.
  14. Someone rang? My name has been said. So I am present.
  15. Priscilla listened, feeling a little bit more at ease. She wanted to make Luis happy...and at the same time, make things easier for them. She brought her hands on top of his, looking over with a relieved smile. She leaned over, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you Luis...That makes me feel a little better."She said, shifting so they were sitting a little more hip to hip. Dinner would be ready soon but she wanted to take advantage of having a little bit of alone time with him. Considering that he'd have to do his punishment for cheating later on, having him while he wasn't exhausted was important to her. "I hope I can meet your brothers and sisters one day...hopefully I can make a much better impression on them than I did your parents."She said, laughing a little nervously. "I'm glad I got to meet them though...If my father cared as much for me that way, I'm sure he would have gotten protective." Priscilla fell quiet. It was probably not good to talk much more about Oscar Uldwar...she would turn her gaze to the glimmer of the sea as the last light of day faded on the horizon. She leaned her head on his shoulder. "It's beautiful here...I can't wait to come back here when we're getting ready to graduate."
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