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  1. Kalmuli could sense that Aerondellas was nervous for sure...Yinsal was not a kind man. While Kalmuli had grown a habit of teasing the twiggy yellow-clad elf, it was more out of natural playfulness than anything. Yinsal was just an ass with a deeper mana pool. "Those half breeds are my family...and they've shown more class and poise than many of the full born elves I've met."She spoke back at him. She could feel the surge of magic first before she saw it but she wanted to see what Yinsal could do. Kalmuli would move her way around the taller elf, staring down the angry mage behind the desk. "The only reason he scored so low was probably from poor teaching and getting beat in the head by a bully of a teacher. Under me, he can excel and become a wiser mage and a more patient man than yourself."She scolded at the Master. The older elf flinched somewhat when he rose, Kalmuli's eyes narrowing as she caught it. Smirking, she widened her stance and bent at the knees. There was a deep whooshing sound, Kalmuli disappearing and reappearing behind Master Yinsal with her hands against his shoulder and where he had been holding his back. Her arms moved and in the middle of the chaos, there was a loud CRACK as she worked on Yinsal's bad posture, grabbing, pushing and pulling on him fast enough to not give him time to retort or reject what she was doing. Meanwhile... Ingrid dropped the old rags into the bucket, letting them soak and collect water. "Help would be nice...I'm not allowed to lift anything heavier than Little Jack and I can't reach the corners without using magic...I should be resting but being here and I think being around all the mana in the air is making me giddy and eager."She admitted, reaching into the bucket and pulling out one of the rags, hanging it over the side. She went to the corner, grabbing the broom and offered it to him. "If you can beat the cobwebs away and sweep the floor that should help..." Ingrid bit her lip with a deeper blush. Jack was so kind...or at least, he was changing himself to try to be kinder and more patient. She twirled a bit of her curls around her finger, something she did when she was shy to ask or do anything. "Th...thank you...I have a few things in my pack and in the tent...but there are a few things I can think of. Food, candles and such that I couldn't find in the cupboards...I want to treat you to s-something too. Something to remind you of Little Jack and I while we're apart...I don't know what but I will find something that is just right."She said, untangling her fingers from her hair and turning back to the bucket to take the rag and wipe down the old wood table it sat on, wiping off years of dust.
  2. Ingrid stepped into the place she would call home, looking around. There were footprints everywhere in the dust of people who had long been in the cottage but had taken what was auctioned off. She brushed it around with her foot, smiling a little. Once it was cleaned up and decorated, it would feel more like home. "No, this is perfect...It's just Little Jack and I after all."She said, looking down at the baby who was slowly encroaching on melt-down mode. She kissed his little noggin, excusing herself so she could slip away quietly into the bedroom to feed him and change him. Kalmuli stood inside the bare-bones cottage, brushing her hand against the dust and flicking it off of her fingers. At least it was a home. They could have left her with nothing and little independence. Kalmuli would send some things later that would make it feel more like home and help clean up. Dropping her pack, she rolled her shoulders and glanced at Aerondellas. "I'll come with you. I need to get a better sense of your Master having someone there means he will have to be more polite..."She said, waving to Jack. "I'll be back. Unpack the packs if you'd like and get settled in." Kalmuli would follow behind Aerondellas, arms crossed and a stern expression on her face. She wanted to make sure that Yinsal wasn't any threat to Ingrid or the baby. Her leaving would give Ingrid and Jack a little more time alone to bond too. Ingrid would come out of the room after a few minutes, quietly checking behind her while the baby slept in the middle of the big queen bed. It would give her time to relax and hopefully, get the cottage a little more settled for them. She moved around quietly, opening cupboards and finding a bucket with a few sparse rags she could use to dust and an old mop and broom leaned in the corner covered in cobwebs. "I've never had my own house before..."She commented to Jack while she waved her hand in a circle around the bucket, forming a spell circle just over it. From it, the bucket would fill up slowly until she had enough water to use for cleaning. "I've always just had my little room...It's so big, I could lose Little Jack in here once he starts to crawl and walk."
  3. The small group got the nickel tour of village, Aerondellas showing them the who's and what's of the Elven neighborhoods. Kalmuli's eyes weren't really focused on one thing, seemingly miles away while they were talking. She kept to the back of everyone until Ingrid noticed something was off. "Are you okay? You seem a little sad."She asked just above a whisper. Kalmuli shook her head, cracking a sheepish grin. "I'm fine...I'm just having a major dose of nostalgia...This place reminds me of home. It hurts a little but it's a good kind of hurt."She said, rubbing the back of her neck. Ingrid frowned, turning back to join everyone on the tour and Kalmuli managed to shake herself out of her daze to join everyone again, hopping up and hooking Aerondellas by the neck and hunching him down. "If he turns you into a rat, I'll turn him into cheese...Yinsal seems like the type who needs a valuable humbling."She grinned at him, releasing him. "You know I run a Mage Academy of my own with apprenticeships all across Valucre...If you really want to get out of here, I can set you up in the nearest town so you aren't terribly far from home but you get some outside experience. Just a thought." Ingrid caught up with everyone, stepping in toe with Jack and smiling up to him. "It's not all terrible outside of here though...Just...some terrible people. If everywhere and everyone were perfect though, I think the world would be terribly plain and boring. There wouldn't be places like here that are so colorful and beautiful with people with such different personalities..."She said, radiating with hope. Now knowing she and the baby had a safe place to live, her mood and nervousness lifted substantially. Ingrid had to wonder in the back of her mind how many things she would have to take care of and learn about Highmoon Village's ways. There was finding a place to live, making sure she had everything for herself and Little Jack, finding a means of supporting herself...There was still that trickle of stress down the back of her neck but she would save it for later. She wanted to spend what few sweet days she had with Jack and Kalmuli learning about the village and spending time with their slowly building blended family. The sound of a whine in her arms made her look down to Jack who was already announcing it was time for a feeding and a changing soon. She smiled, touching his little nose with a little brush and calling up to Aerondellas. "Are we close? I have to stop and feed Little Jack...and I don't think the whole village wants to see a newcomer's breast just yet."She said with a little blush.
  4. The female elves stood in silence side by side while Jack was investigated. It was nearly so silent that a gold pin could have dropped and every elven ear in the village would have heard it. Ingrid swallowed, nervous for him...and her heart ached for him as she heard what had happened with his mother. Sold into slavery...It was a cruel fate. She furrowed her brow, looking to Kalmuli and then down to her son who had gone quiet himself from the serious tone the room had taken. Ingrid straightened herself out though, managing a small bow again. "Thank you, Grand Archmage...We are in your debt..."Ingrid said, tears welling up in her eyes. They would have a home...a home away from the dangers of the human world. She turned away, wiping her eyes as she tried to tame her happiness. Kalmuli patted her back, stepping up. "Many thanks to you Elders...I know Ingrid and Little Jack will be happy here."She said, glancing at Yinsal and then back to Ulicil. "I have only one request of myself...if we could stay a few days. I would like to make sure Ingrid is settled in to the village well and if possible, learn about Highmoon Village elves myself. I don't encounter many of our kind in Valucre unless it's in passing. If possible, it would be good for Lord Rivet to know the village where his elven lineage is from...and to know any information that would help him locate his mother. Appearances and such." Kalmuli's eyes fell on Yinsal, calmly but the aura itself she cast to him was foreboding, warning about any missteps that could end with him experiencing a deep shame. "I'm sure I know a few techniques to help Master Yinsal here to curb his anger...I am a healer after all...If something is making him uncomfortable, I'm sure I can find a means of fixing it."She said, a wicked grin spreading across her face. Kalmuli could sense that he was trouble and from what Aerondellas had told them, he wasn't the cooperative type. Kalmuli would bow herself. "I would deeply appreciate it if you considered my requests. I know it is your ways from what your student has explained, but we're a small group of family and friends of Highmoon...a little more time would be deeply appreciated before we have to part ways."
  5. "It's not the desire of all beings to conquer the world...The fact they live in peace like this means at some point, they had to fight to keep it like this."Kalmuli spoke, listening in on their conversation until they reached the exuberantly decorated house. Everything here shone of wealth and magic, all of it perhaps overwhelming to commoners but for Elves this was the norm. A respect for nature and an eye for shiny things. Kalmuli stood right behind Aerondellas until they reached the interior, standing at his side as she got to know the faces of what appeared to be an Elder's council of mages. She eyed them all, falling on the eldest of them, Grand Archmage Ulicil. Kalmuli would approach first, lowering herself in a short bow more out of respect than greeting. When she rose, she stepped to the side and gestured to the others with her. "My name is Kalmuli...these are my traveling companions Ingrid, Jack and Ingrid's son, Eruainon...Little Jack. I've brought my Ward here to seek sanctuary among the elves of Highmoon village to protect her son and raise him as she sees fit. Jack is also here to find information on a relative who may have come from Highmoon village. I'm just here to make sure both of them get what they're looking for."She said, gesturing for Ingrid to come forward. Ingrid looked to Jack, nervous but cautiously approached Kalmuli's side, politely bowing her head. Jack squealed a little with the motion, thinking that it was playtime again. Ingrid moved his blanket aside to show the council the reason why she came. "I...I am Ingrid...Vanya is my Elvish given name...I'm seeking refuge away from the man who forced himself on me and as a result, I bore my son. I...I want to raise him away from humans for awhile...until he's strong enough. I want him to see what is good and peaceful be nurtured among elves and the forest here...that is all I want."She said, covering Little Jack back up again. "I'll do what I must to see it happen." Kalmuli put a hand on Ingrid's shoulder, letting her know that she had done good and moved for Jack to come forward to make his introductions.
  6. Ingrid and Kalmuli took in the sighs of Highmoon Village, marveling the architecture and the sight of all the Valucrian elves that gathered around. They seemed to almost be like Aerondellas with some variations between lanky and sturdy. Kalmuli would step forward, staring at Etherial right in the eyes, sizing him up. "I'm sure we'll all get to know each other soon."She said, waving them off and following Aerondellas to where Master Yinsal resided in the village. Ingrid followed along, her skin tingling with the sense of magic everywhere and even Little Jack, young as he was, looked about in a wonder of why he felt so happy. The baby couldn't stop smiling and cooing as all the new bright colors danced everywhere and Ingrid seemed to have a halo above her in the light, making her look even shinier to him as a mother. Ingrid found the smiling contagious and it set her at ease. If Little Jack was not afraid, she should not be either. Looking up to Jack, she radiated with curiosity and a lightness that the magic in the air could provide. "It's all so colorful here...I feel like this is what it is like to step inside a rainbow."She smiled. Everyone here wore bright colors while she and Kalmuli wore more earth tones for traveling around in. The only thing that was brightest among them was Kalmuli's hair and the blue baby's blanket that Little Jack was swaddled in.
  7. Kalmuli kept at arm's length behind Aerondellas, keeping an eye on him and keeping close to grab him should he need reminded that she could catch him at any time. She stood there, looking over his shoulder as he scrawled something on a scroll and before them, a doorway revealed itself. Kalmuli raised her eyebrows and deep in her chest there was an overly nostalgic pain of seeing Elves among trees in the Highmoon Village. "Yeah...We are. Let's go."Kalmuli said, giving Aerondellas a goad in the back with two fingers, following behind him. Ingrid looked down at Little Jack who was wide awake, sensing a change. She looked down at him and he looked back with a gummy little smile. She knew this was right but at the same time when she looked to Jack, she didn't want their journey to end so quickly. She wanted him to stay and once his questions were answered, he would be gone and she would be left in a village where she knew no one. Yet there was her infant son to think about, to raise and to teach the ways away from the eyes of human for awhile...she had to do it. Ingrid walked forward, following behind the tall twiggy elf and Kalmuli who kept in toe with him. "This is so exciting...I haven't been around a lot of other elves before."She said with a nervous smile to Jack. "I hope they're nice. I hope they like us."
  8. Byrn inhaled deeply, building up an immense heat inside of his chest and throat. The resulting heat made his chest and throat glow an intense yellow before his mouth parted, head lowered and he blew out a hot orange flame from his mouth right at her. He moved his head back and forth making sure to cover a wide area, the flames dying down and his head rearing back again as he looked through the smoke.
  9. Ingrid nodded, a small yawn slipping through her lips. She would smile sleepily, watching him climb into bed and when he was comfortable, waved her hand to slowly dim the light of the tent's lantern to leave it nice and dark. Laying back, she watched the moonlight dance across the tarp of the tent, her eyes slipping closed. Throughout the night she woke up only a few times to feed and change the baby, sleeping in a little bit in the morning when Kalmuli came to help clean up so they could move on. They made breakfast of leftover stew and some fruit for something sweet, Kalmuli and Ingrid easily using magic to sweep away the camping equipment, shrinking and sticking it into their packs. Little Jack laughed watching the different materials float and dance around, reaching up to try to catch something that was several feet upward. With the fire doused and camp gear packed, Kalmuli had Aerondellas by the hair, easing him down to her height. "Alright ya' Twig...Lead the way."She commanded, releasing his hair and gesturing for him to start walking. Ingrid pursed her lips. "That's not nice to pull his hair."She chastised. Kalmuli grinned. "That's not what he was saying last night. Walk."She said, giving the elf a kick in the rear.
  10. Ingrid felt soothed as her cheek was stroked, her cheeks red and flushed. She tilted her head into his hand, bringing her hands up to his and leaning into it. He told her sweet promises that lifted her heart but she still let her mind wander to all the what-if's the future would have. It was such a sweet, hopeful thought. "Thank you Jack...I know you will do what you can."She said softly, looking up at him endearingly and tiredly. Ingrid scooted a little closer, easing her arms around him with her head resting on his chest. She could hear his heart beat against her ear pounding as loudly as a drum. Shutting her eyes, she let herself ease into the beating. "Of course...I want Little Jack to know you. To have someone so brave as you as a role model for him. It will be a little lonely in the village not knowing anyone...but if you come visit me and maybe I can visit you somewhere in the middle so we can spend time together."She said, lifting her head up to gaze at him endearingly. "Maybe...we can write letters to each other? So I can let you know how Little Jack is doing, about the village...I can send them to the nearest of Kalmuli's shops. Oh! I know she's been working on some experiments for communicating too over long distances here in Valucre...maybe we can help her test them?"She said, raising her head with her ears perked as high as they could go.
  11. "Oh..."Ingrid answered. She feel like the story was something similar she experienced...but it wasn't her experience. Sometimes she felt like her dreams were just...replaying someone else's life. Someone who's life was filled with children, adventure, heart-break and war. Sometimes even just personal things from younger years of this other person. She managed a smile. "Well, keep getting cracked and you'll be the most limber and relaxed man in all of Valucre. Maybe one day she can teach me how to do it and whenever you need it you can come talk to me."She chuckled with him. Leaning her head to his shoulder, she pet his hand while Lord Rivet told her the story of what happened to him in his youth, bringing her head back to reach up and wipe her thumb under his eyes. "I were so young...I'm glad you had someone to help you...and who knows, maybe sending her there gave her the help that she needs to understand right and wrong."She said, wiping his tears away and reaching her hand to the back of his head to lean it down to her shoulder as she had done before, her fingers running through his hair. "I can't fix the past...but we can make the future better together...Me, you...Little Jack...We can find our own path and our own future. Kalmuli says that our futures are what we do now to effect the later...Both of us recovering and changing to become stronger people can do that." Her ears perked when she realized something, managing an awkward laugh. "I must sound like a huge fan...I speak of Kalmuli so often...She's like a mother and a mentor to me..."She said, tilting her head. "Though you two would have much in common...sadly much about past and present circumstances. When...When I was raped....she told me the story of what she went through too. Her own first experience had been with her own brother...but back a long time ago, they didn't know how to tell if someone was related or not. He raided her homeland, killed her father and...well...He...It was terrible....Thinking about it now, sometimes I think I can see what happened to her through her eyes sometimes in my nightmares...Like I'm there in the first person listening and experiencing it first hand..."She said, her voice wavering. Ingrid tried to clear it but any time she wanted to speak again she felt like it would happen again. "B-but she's become so strong now...I want to be like that....and not so...n...naive and stupid."
  12. Ingrid waited, fidgeting on the bed while Jack joined her. She sat awkwardly for a moment, easing closer to him until her head was resting on his shoulder, her hands keeping to her lap until she gathered enough courage to reach over and take his hand, lacing her fingers together with his. Ingrid sat quietly, letting Jack speak until he finished. "I understand...I've done bad things too and bad things have happened to me as well...but you want to change. That's a good thing and I want to help if I can."She smiled, looking up. Ingrid eased her head up a little, patting their mingled hands. "I promise...I will be patient and see you as the man you want to be. I'll help you if you help me too...If you can be patient with me while I'm let me hold and cuddle you like this until we're ready to try the next step." She leaned her head back to his shoulder, using her free hand to brush her curls out of her face and behind her ear with the faint little tinge to her cheeks shining in the low light. "Anytime you want to talk about what happened or what bothers you...please talk to me...I don't have long ears just to look like an elf. They're here and ready to listen."She spoke softly, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. "I...If you don't mind if I put in a little suggestion...I think you should talk to Kalmuli too about doing more therapy with her too. After you both went into the tent earlier, you looked so much better. It was almost like you had a halo over you." Ingrid chuckled, covering her mouth a little. "I heard all the cracking too. Sounds like you were pretty tense."She giggled.
  13. Kalmuli rolled her eyes, her arm reaching out of the tent flap and grabbing Aerondellas, pulling him in and throwing him on the bedroll with her. "You will be my skinny pillow. Lay still."She commanded as she crawled in and eased partially on top of him. Ingrid raised her head, smiling and looking down to Little Jack who was fast asleep. She slowly slipped out of bed, easing him into the bassinet and hung the sling she carried him around in at the foot of it. She rubbed the back of her neck where the fabric had chaffed into it, looking up tiredly. "I...think it might be wise to sleep separately. I don't want to wake you if the baby wakes up and I have to care for him. He's on a feeding schedule and he's gotten it down to where he knows when it's time."She said with a tired laugh. Ingrid eased back on her bed, sitting with her hands folded on her lap with her face a little red. "N-no please don't apologize...I froze up too."She said, looking up at him a little embarrassed by this omit. "I've gotten a little better over time...but...hugging still makes me very nervous. Hugging...certain smells...tight enclosed spaces...They take me back to where it happened and I...I can't completely separate the feelings. I'm trying...Kalmuli's therapies help a little takes time. Ten months is not a long time..." She blushed a little harder, her hands fidgeting. "Though...I...I wouldn't mind some time to cuddle and talk. Cuddling is okay for a little while...W..Wou...Would that be okay...J-Jack? Just until w-we're both tired enough to s-sleep?"She asked with her chest fluttering, anxiously waiting for a yes or no.
  14. Kalmuli raised an eyebrow. "A village full of Mana Leech elves...I guess being intimate would be a challenge. Skin to skin contact probably agitates that hunger."She said, glancing back to her tent where Ingrid was still singing and rocking Little Jack inside. Considering that Ingrid's magic came from her own mana pool, she would be at risk if she wasn't careful around any of the mana-addicts in Highmoon Village. Kalmuli looked back to Aerondellas. "Sounds like you've got a good handle on things in the village...but sounds like your Master Yinas needs someone to kick him off his high horse. I look forward to meeting them." Kalmuli leaned over, tossing a few more logs onto the fire and easing back. She looked to Lord Rivet himself. While he was a half elf, the urges could still be there but she kept her suspicions hidden. If his mother wasn't from Highmoon Village, then it was likely that he wouldn't have the same issues...but if she was...Kalmuli would keep one eye on him. She eased up off of the ground, patting her backside free of dirt. "I'm heading to're coming with me Aeron. We'll stay in Jacks tent. Jack, you can take my bed in my tent."She said, gesturing to the yellow-clad elf to rise and join her. "We head to Highmoon Village in the morning."
  15. Byrn moved around her, green eyes watching her every move. "We are not just all meat...we are much lighter."He noted "I can control my height with the amount of heat I release. The greater the release, the larger I get...but since we're just training, you do not need to see the full of it. Now get back up. We're not done."He growled, gnashing his teeth with his tail swaying behind him like a predatory feline. He started circling, watching and waiting for her to make a move.