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  1. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Ingrid and Plana beamed with pride both of the cooking and of the herbs that were used. Ingrid politely dabbed her mouth with a napkin and broke into a smile. "Medicinal cooking is a combination of taste and purpose. It makes it easier to take too. If you have to drink a pink goo that smells terrible, it's hard to stomach...but making a broth or something like a roast containing the herbs in a better combination it makes it easier to digest. It also makes sure the doses are going to be completely taken."She answered. Kalmuli would add a note. "Medicinal cooking has been around for thousands of years. It was usually kept to the Imperial courts but it's made it's way down to the common folk too. It's though to keep an Emperor alive forever, it was important that they consumed as much food to extend their vitality."She remarked. "In this case, it's being used to speed healing." Plana looked like she was seeing stars in her eyes to hear more about the type of cooking Ingrid has taken mastery of. She wriggled in her seat, munching on a wedge of potato while the older ones talked. Kalmuli would chuckle. "Oh no, nothing of the sort. It's not so much an instrument but a device that plays music using flat black plates that read marks like runes. Granted, we have instruments downstairs but it's a way that everyone can enjoy themselves and dance."She said before popping another slice of roast in her mouth. "I'll put on a plate later after dinner. It's a device from my home world called a record player."
  2. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli walked arm and arm with Makiel into the kitchen, Ingrid noting the smitten look on her face as she looked up to the Traveler. A face she never saw before and she sat with a smile of her own. The two men chatted with each other as they took their seats for dinner, Plana sitting next to her while Kalmuli was flanked by Makiel and Al. "He's not wrong Al...I think being able to take the time to rest and get your head together is good. Coming from a healer, it's sound advice."Kalmuli pointed out while she rose for a moment to start slicing up the meat in it's big roasting pan, dividing it up around everyone with plenty to spare sitting in the tray. She did the same, helping Plana pass dishes around to make sure everyone got their fair share. At the mention of music, Ingrid perked and giddy clapped a moment. "Oh! Kalmuli has a music box with the flat plates don't you?"She noted and Kalmuli raised an eyebrow. "Well yes, I use it to help calm patients down but I think I have a few dancing tunes buried somewhere. I would have to go into my room to find it."Kalmuli noted as she sat down, pouring herself a bit of sea grape juice and picked up her knife and fork. Slicing up a cut of her meat, she inhaled and sighed. "Plana, did you use a bit of healing herbs in this?" "I helped her make a seasoning since Makiel needs a little extra care."Ingrid added in. "I think I like the idea of healing cooking. Is that something i can study with Ingrid?"Plana asked. Kalmuli raised an eyebrow, pondering the possibility. Considering Plana's wizardry in the kitchen, healing cooking would be more her forte...but not now. Now when her basic skills needed honing. "We'll talk about it. Once Ingrid graduates she'll be able to teach a class on her own."She said, eyeing her oldest student who blushed a little. Right. Graduating.
  3. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    The little peck on her cheek made her blush a little and she made a sheepish expression. Makiel made her feel wanted and normal...it was such a pleasant feeling she wanted to almost lock it in a cage and never let it leave. She took his hand, easing up and leaned into him a little, putting her head on his shoulder. "I missed you too...I feel more at ease that you're here."She said with a relaxed sigh, looking up at him and placing a small kiss on his chin. "I can't wait to have you around a lot more. Come on, let's go eat." Ingrid could hear the voice change and see it in his eyes. The other Al was out and about again. The one who teased her and called her 'Bunny Girl'. She tried not to show how irritated she was with it but her cheeks puffed a little bit while he spoke. "Regardless....it seems like a good companion. I'm sure he'll enjoy a nice juicy bit of meat for dinner. Kalmuli has a tendency to pamper pets a lot. I can't tell you what on earth she spends on treats and toys for them."She shook her head, moving over to the table and picking a seat, easing down to relax. The shop was quiet for now so it would be a good time to sit and eat. "If you don't keep an eye out on it, your poor Wolf may end up becoming part of her petting zoo."
  4. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli lay there keeping an eye on him, following him with her eyes as he sat up and then eased up with him, putting a hand on his back to help him sit upright. She smiled, looking up at him while she used a hand to fix her hair and then his that was a little sleep mussed. "I would wait until after dinner when there aren't so many knives on the table. If he doesn't take it well, better make sure the sharp objects are out of the way."She said, moving her legs off of the bed and sitting upright with a long stretch. It was a good brief nap between all the excitement. "Mmm, I could out eat them...but let's grab a good spot at the table where everything is in arm's reach." Plana looked up in awe. She had been nervous to approach the big wolf on her own but Al was talking about it like it was just a big dog. She tilted her head, looking toward the kitchen window where she could see the rear end of the wolf from there. She smiled, nodding and moving to hang her kitchen cloth on the handle of the oven and got up with a stretch, going into the cold box to retrieve a pitcher of sea grape juice to put on the table. Ingrid herself would return to bring in an extra chair since they had more guests. "He does seem like a nice wolf."Plana noted, Ingrid nodding in agreement. "I've found some larger than normal beasts tend to be a little bit more tender considering that they know they're bigger."Ingrid noted. "Usually if they're intelligent though...it's hit or miss unless you spend a lot more time with them."
  5. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    After a while, Plana had the roast done and Al's peeled vegetables out of the oven, switching out with some sweeter pies for dessert. She wiped her head from her brow. All in a day's work. She took a moment to sit on the stool she had been standing on, relieved to have finished. "Thanks for your help."Plana said, wiping her bangs out of her face. Kalmuli rested with Makiel while dinner was cooking, Ingrid covering them both with a quilt while they rested and took to tidying up the ward for the time while Plana and Al were cooking and the older Al was scheming inside of his head. Once dinner was all finished, she stepped into the kitchen with a smile. "Ooo, everything smells really good. I'll go let Kalmuli and Makiel know."She said, sauntering out of the kitchen and back into the Ward to wake up the sleeping pair. Kalmuli was snuggled up, completely at ease while with the scruffy wanderer. It was almost too cute to disturb but she eased over to Kalmuli's side of the bed, gently shaking her awake. The older elf muttered, yawning and peeking up to Ingrid. "Dinner?"Kalmuli muttered, Ingrid nodding. "Mmm...ok." "Take your time."Ingrid whispered, stepping away while Kalmuli took responsibility for waking Makiel. She rolled over, brushing a hand over his hair and brushing her thumb against his cheek. "Makiel....Time to wake up and eat."She whispered, giving his cheek a pat.
  6. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli eased back with Makiel, smiling and letting her hand run over his stomach. She was at ease with this. Makiel was here and she could coddle him as much as she pleased. The injuries worried her but he would heal in no time with her care and having more than one mage in the building meant a small army looking after things. Kalmuli would smile, easing down for a cuddle while he dozed off. "I'll watch over you...No need to push yourself here."She said softly, letting her hand gently pet along his chest, mindful of the wounds and his injured arm. "Get some sleep my dear...I'll wake you when it's time to eat." Plana giggled. "Now we have two wolves...Ingrid sent out for a big order for ox cuts for me so we have a lot to eat. I wanted to make sure everyone got enough. I left a big raw rump for the wolf though so that will be a nice treat."She said while she finished up peeling potatoes, putting the scraps in the compost bucket and dropped them one by one into a big pot of boiling water to soften. "One of the neighbors brought over some vegetables too from out in the country side. Can you wash them and cut them up?"She asked him, pointing to a basin full of carrots, cabbage and onions. "You can use a big roasting pan." Ingrid peeked in around the corner, watching Al and Plana cook with a satisfied smile before retreating back into the shop to tend to it. It was like having a little family in the shop again and she looked down at the little sun stone around her neck, looking at the reflection of her son inside of it. He would enjoy playing with Al who had enough energy to run after an energetic toddler. No doubt he was running the Sisters at the academy ragged.
  7. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli smiled, slipping down on the bed and easing at his side on the better arm, settling her head on his shoulder. After a chaotic day, being able to relax and let the day melt away. She let her hand settle on his stomach, gently rubbing it but careful to avoid anywhere he had been hurt before. "I've got enough strength of the both of us....but healer's orders say you're going to relax and let me take care of you until you're back to normal."She said, patting his belly. Back in the kitchen, Plana was busily cooking up a storm. She was working on peeling potatoes while the roast was slow cooking, pointing to a few places where Al could help her reach pots and plates. She smiled up to Al, giggling a little. "Well...We have a lot of people here today. I want to make sure we have a lot of food for everyone."She said, continuing to work on peeling potatoes and putting them in a big pot to boil for mash later. "We have me, Ingrid, Master Kalmuli, the new hairy man and you. Boys eat a lot so I want to make sure that there's lots."She explained, grabbing another potato to peel. "There's a big wolf outside too so I want to make sure it's happy too."
  8. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli grimaced as she saw the wounds and heard the cause. She shook her head. Yeah that was troublesome...and even more so since Orisia was a nation of vampires as well. Drakiss in particularly was a mix of human and vampire populations. Kalmuli carefully cleaned the wounds, applying salves and using a bit of magic to take the edge off of the pain and the salve would do the rest. "Well...you definitely will need more than a day to heal up. Healer's orders...Kriegstad's waited this long to talk to Aldorto, he can wait until the messenger is at least up to speed."She said, carefully applying a fresh bandage over his arm and making a sling for it. Kalmuli would work easily with him until he was wrapped up well and comfortable, easing up and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "There. Wrapped up like a mummy...but no using that arm. Give it a day or two of fresh salve and bandages before you start doing anything heavy duty with it."She said, sitting hip to hip with him. "Which means I'll just have to be plenty gentle with you."
  9. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Ingrid went inside the Pendulum, Kalmuli and Makiel following shortly behind while Aldorto took the giant wolf to the back where it could settle down. Plana was busy working in the kitchen but Ingrid got together the healing treatments Kalmuli requested on a tray. In the Ward, Kalmuli would sit Makiel down and help him remove any heavy layers of clothing so she could inspect the wounds. "Someone did a number on you...I usually just scratch your back but they went a little deeper than that."She said while she peeked under the bandages at the injuries before she unwrapped him. She carefully peeled the bandages away, setting them aside as she finished. "A little diluted salve should heal things up by morning..."She said, reaching over and grabbing a clean piece of gauze to lightly pat and clean up the wounds. "Of course, if I used magic just in general I could do it now...but you've got such a mana sensitivity I don't want to overload you too much." Kalmuli would grab a new piece of gauze and work on cleaning another wound on his back. "How on earth did you manage to come across Kriegstad's group? Not to mention what'd you do to piss the wrong people off?"She questioned him while she worked.
  10. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli raised an eyebrow at Makiel's mention of the wolf's origins. This was a bigger web than it seemed. Kriegstad at the same time was being hunted but was also giving gifts? Or maybe it was a different Uncle? Kalmuli brushed it off for the time being before Mak spoke up to her and she reddened a little. Kalmuli huffed, slidding into a chuckle and grabbed Makiel's arm to use it as a means of pulling herself onto the wolf. It was a lot better than running. She held onto the fur on the back of the neck while her rear was pushed against Makiel's hips. "You've got it when we get back...I always like doing special requests."She said, giving him a little nudge with her hips before the wolf took off with all three on it's back. Impressive for a beast this size. With the wolf it was a much shorter trip to Drakiss and having Kalmuli aboard the beast let them pass through the gates and into the structure. Outside the Pendulum, Ingrid was trying to clean up some of the debris from the fiery explosion earlier, blending fresh soil with the ash. She raised her head when she saw them, stopping her sweeping to wave to them as they got closer. Kalmuli hopped off first. "Perfect. Can you go inside and get one of the beds ready and grab some of the healing salves?"She asked, Ingrid nodding and smiling. "It's nice to see you again Makiel. We'll get you healed up. Plana has a roast going for dinner too so we can sit down and eat something simple for dinner. Your Wolf can settle down around the back for some water."Ingrid said, pointing behind the building. There at least they could use the wash basin to water the wolf and maybe see about getting it some scraps to eat.
  11. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli kept her ears peeled, her hearing on par with that of a wolf if not a little better. She could feel the ward strengthening again and as soon as they broke through the wood line, Al was already back in the younger, confused self. She stayed on the back of the wolf for a moment, surveying the damage. They must have done enough that it pissed off the older Aldorto off to do this much damage. She eased off of the wolf to inspect things back more closely, looking over the bodies before she stopped around near where Al had been hanging around, seeing a note etched in the ground. 'We need to have a talk.' If it was meant for her, there's no doubt that the older Al had some questions. Kalmuli would manage a smile, easing back over to Al's side and giving him a rough pat on the back. "Yes we do...I've got to patch up Makiel here too. Let's get you boys back and rested up. There's a lot to catch up on and I'm sure Plana's already whipped up something for dinner already."She said, easing herself under one of Al's arms to give him a little support. Later she would have to have a private talk with the other half.
  12. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli could sense that the time was drawing to a close and they would need to hurry. She held onto the mane of the big wolf they rode, looking back to Makiel. He was in rough shape but nothing one of her spells or remedies couldn't handle later. As they rushed, she would explain what was going on. "I put a lock on one of his special abilities...He has thirty minutes to finish his task before it reverts again but we've got about five minutes left. Once it's locked again, he'll need our help."She said, turning back. The smell of blood was in the air already, mingled with the smell of salt and wet fur. It felt like things were winding down. Kalmuli reached behind her, patting of one of Makiel's legs. "Of course. I want to treat your injuries while I'm at it when we get to the Pendulum here in Drakiss."She said, looking back behind her. "What happened anyway? You can't have possibly gotten in that much trouble over a few days. I swear I just saw you yesterday."
  13. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    There was the smell of blood on the wind that was unmistakable from where she stood. She could hear the cries and howls of the wolves in the woods as Aldorto tore through them one by one. She would approach Makiel on his large wolf mount, looking up at him with concern. The time Aldorto had was running out. Kalmuli managed a smile, approaching and shaking her head. "Al's in the wolves chasing some pursuers down. Those are death howls."She said, holding onto the back of the wolf and pulling herself up onto it so she was sitting in front of him face to face, wrapping herself about him with her arms and legs. "Welcome back Mak..."She said with some relief before she shifted back around so she was facing forward. "We can meet up with him in the woods. I'd rather not leave him in the woods when his time runs out. We should hurry...you've got a heck of a good timing though."
  14. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    The sudden burst of speed had nearly ripped the front door off the hinges and rattled some of the potions on the shelves. Luckily none of them broke but it would have been hell to pay if they had. Kalmuli walked over and closed the door, making sure it was still balanced on the hinges before she heard the sounds of another wolf howl. She paused, looking out toward the gates of Drakiss. This howl had been closer...but it didn't sound like a werewolf. This was larger and deeper. Kalmuli took a moment to step outside the Pendulum while the guards were still collecting any charred remains. The ground would heal from the heat later with a good washing. She started to wander to the gate, heading out a few yards from it as she waited. From a distance, she could see in the night a glimmer of armor and hair under the moonlight. Kalmuli peered before she realized who it was. Her face broke into a smile. Yeah, she knew that scruffy homeless looking man from anywhere. Kalmuli raised her hand up, waving from where she was to signal him over.
  15. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli stood, listening and feeling the war going on inside Al and behind the ward. She was starting to get a migraine. Kalmuli sighed, looking to Ingrid who frowned at her and then looked at Plana who looked confused as to what was going on. She was conflicted...would she drop the barrier and let the older Al do his work or keep him collared and let the young Al take care of it. One way said listen to Salvine, the other...just plain fuck it and let him do what he wanted. She let out a long, slow exhale. "Don't make me regret it at all. I'm giving you half an hour. Half an hour to do your job. Once the time is up, the collar comes back on. Automatically."She said, approaching and putting her hand on his head to temporarily release the ward. "Thirty minutes. Starting now."