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  1. Kalmuli agreed with his statements about transportation, but his closed fist approach to ruling would be a difficult transition. She was used to having an open approach to how she handled the region she was given. She rubbed her chin a little as she listened to what he proposed to the region and she nodded with agreement. "Transportation is a major issue...but as for artificers, you have myself and another in my personal arsenal of artisans."She would note briefly. Kalmuli shifted, the roundness of her thighs accentuating with the movement and she leaned back against the back of her chair. "It's one we've been working on for several months...while the Navy has the fastest ships, we don't necessarily have the funds to make similar ships and you've experienced the travel time yourself." Kalmuli brought her hand to run along her leg as she spoke, making long strokes along her pale thigh. "We've considered airships but we're not capable of using them in this area...and making a train system would still take at least a day's journey to get anywhere. We would need enough artificers, mages and builders to develop an appropriate portal system. One on such a scale that a full Orisian network can be made on both land and sea."She spoke, knowing that something like this was going to come up. Drakiss' isolated position made it hard to get any sort of help should there be an invasion. Even the most developed soldiers couldn't keep up with a full invasion force upon the small part of the country. "I don't doubt the Capital will want to develop such a program with us. It would mean developing enough port keys to allow businesses, merchants and the military to pass through at greater speeds." Her hand stopped at her knee, her fingers lacing together to fold on top of it in a steeple shape. "Economically, the advantage of being close to the sea means we've been able to boost the fishery business. Not to mention, we have the beautiful coastline to thank for some tourism. Volcanic soil has been great for experimental foods and resources for trade. There are plans to use the volcanoes themselves to create forges...obsidian-tipped weapons, medical tools...obsidian when sharpened can cut down to the atoms and they're intimidating weapons to behold. Military purchases can make that kind of stimulus happen at a grand scale."She said, her hands sliding back to the hem of her skirt that she neatly smoothed the hem. Kalmuli wasn't shy about her personal assets. "I see a fine military training program combined with a plentiful farming resource system to both feed and provide the funds to develop Drakiss...along with a booming forge town to provide weapons as well as higher grade tools...not to mention a chance to expand the land itself into the sea to reclaim it into more usable land. Booming tourism, an enhanced education system...It can really be a jewel of the North." Kalmuli would sit back, arms crossed that gave a not so subtle lift to her chest. "Question is...does my vision meet the standards of the Emperor's? I have a complete portfolio available of the nitty-gritty details...but we'll be here all night and into daylight if I went into it."She said, smiling with a little shrug. "I'll leave it with you before you head back...though I wouldn't mind if you stayed for a little while longer. It's not often I have esteemed guests, let alone ones that intrigue me."
  2. Kalmuli would raise an eyebrow, the arch perking into her hairline but she chose to sit down, crossing her legs knee over knee. "Of course. Do what makes you comfortable."She would smile just the same, picking up her glass of wine to take a deep drink of it, setting it aside with a gentle glass clink on dark table. "Mmm...volcanic soil does wonders. It was a pity the former leadership of this area didn't take advantage of it. It's saved the Keep quite a penny by growing some of the market goods here versus waiting for an import from the Capital." Her finger ran along the rim of the wine glass, making it sing with a low 'woowoo' before she stopped. "This is a special one though...the clippings of the vines from this grape can't be found anywhere else in Valucre. It's a piece from my private collection."She shifted in her chair, shifting her legs around to switch resting knees. The weight of her legs against each other was enough to show the welcoming roundness of them, begging to be stroked and squeezed. Kalmuli had to laugh a little bit. She reached for the thick necktie around her neck, pulling so slackened. "Generous mostly...but if you want the full effect of drinking wine mingled with ecstasy...Fae's blood is extremely potent to vampires. The last time one tried to take a bite out of me while I was training them recently...he couldn't lay on his back all day without pitching a tent in the barracks and the others complained he woke them with his moans of begging for some kind of relief."She said, rising and loosening her shirt a little, showing a pure, clean neck to him. "After hearing of it, it's deterred the others from biting ever since but he wasn't happy with the relief I prescribed to him. If the Emperor so chooses to experience that...munch at your own risk." She would release her shirt, looking a little more disheveled than when she walked in. "I'm sure you want to talk business first. Shall we talk economics, military or travel?"She suggested. "Or would you like to keep it casual this trip? You did come quite a long way."
  3. Kalmuli had been preparing for the Emperor's arrival, grooming herself and dressing. She chose something semi-business friendly. She smoothed out the white silk shirt, adjusting the thick neck tie and buttoned up the pinstripe vest with a matching skirt. A pair of heels completed everything and just in time as Daniel, her personal assistant, came to inform her of Rafael's arrival. "Baroness, the Emperor waits for you in reception."He spoke, an always sly smile on his face. "Thank you. Prepare some wine...I believe the new vineyards have a new product he may enjoy."Kalmuli suggested, smiling and walking out of the room with the long tail of hair trailing behind her as she headed down to reception. Downstairs in front of the reception room door, she smoothed things over again, giving a small greeting nod to the knights who tended to the Emperor's protection. She opened the door herself, passing through and promptly greeting with a bow. "Emperor Rafael...A pleasure to see you again."She spoke, rising and moving the bit of straggling white hair from her face to behind her left ear. "It's been awhile since the festival. Please, have a seat. I have my assistant bringing us some new local wine. The volcanic soil has been wonderful for vineyards and some experimental foods." Kalmuli would choose a seat of her own, standing in front of it to allow the Emperor to stand or sit should he like. Not long after her arrival, Daniel, the same servant who had greeted them at the docks had returned with a wheeling tray of wine bottles and clean glasses. He would uncork it, showing that it was an unopened product and poured it out evenly. Daniel would place one by the Baroness's seat and the other by the Emperors before dismissing himself. "Vulcan's Touch. It's grapes were grown closest to the volcano where the soil is richest...It's a fine red."She explained briefly. "I recommend it with bit of Ash Brie as a snack." @King
  4. Priscilla sighed, sitting back on the chair and using the same ice spell to cool the welts on Luis' rear. She rubbed her temples a little, her ears rotating with the movements. "You both are really great mages...even if you won't say it to each other."She said, acting as a mediator. "Luis you're really great at understanding complex formulas...and Addanon, you've got great instincts when it comes to tackling spells in succession and counter spells." Priscilla would look to Luis. "It's okay to be proud of what you can do...but it's not if you're willing to hurt each other over it."She would look to Addanon who had a look of adoration for her. Probably not the best look, but coming from girl who was also his rival, it made him feel a little bit more respect for her. "Especially not over me...If anything, I'm better than both of you. You have to beat me first." Alright, respect lost. "Teacher's pet." "Man whore." "How am I a man whore?" "You chase after any girl that gives you attention like a lost puppy. I know Marianne fawns over you and some girls in our class."Priscilla pointed out. At this point they were just arguing more like siblings. "Jealous?"Addanon smirked though it was quickly wiped off his face when Priscilla gave him a hard whack on the rear right on the welts. "Hardly."Priscilla huffed, sitting back down again. "Just shut up, lie down and ice your butts."
  5. Kalmuli continued teaching while Nietzche took notes and Priscilla crawled out behind Luis to work on her own studies. She stopped a moment to give the third member of their relationship a little kiss to thank him before he disappeared. Priscilla hunkered down to catch up. The lessons were focused on primarily going over the elements in more depth starting from the more advance ones that they would have difficulties trying for now. At the end of the lesson, everyone was dismissed for lunch and Priscilla pulled Luis back to his room so she could take a look at the welts and apply an ointment. Addanon also came back to his room to lay on his stomach for a while with an ice pack on his rear. "Ugh...she usually holds back but she was pretty pissed this time."He griped. "Master Kalmuli is a stickler for safety...There have been a lot of bad accidents because students were careless. Though you won't ever forget to behave yourselves again. Save the pranks when we're graduated."Priscilla scolded both of them as she rubbed the cold ointment on one of Luis' welts.
  6. Priscilla was surprised to see Nietzche coming out so freely and no one else seemed to mind his presence. She listened to him cry, pouting and slipping under the rainbow cloak. She would bring his head to her chest, holding him while he cried. Luis probably never had to experience that kind of pain but that was the truth about the Academy. It wasn't easy and abusing magic wasn't allowed. Kalmuli was merciful in some regards but brutal in others. Under the cloak was nice and cool, Priscilla gently running her fingers through Luis' hair while he cried. "You can cry around me...Nietzche too. You don't have to bottle it up."She soothingly told him. Outside the cloak, she could sort of hear the sounds of the lessons starting. "We're in this together...I'd kiss your ass to make it feel better but I think ice would do a lot more."
  7. Priscilla frowned, moving her hands away and sitting off to the side. She listened to Nietzche explain how it felt. "You don't have to be embarrassed about it...I got hit by it too. I know it really hurts...but if you want to be left alone...I understand."She said, shifting so she was just sitting beside him. If he didn't want help dealing with something like this, she would respect it...but she felt a little defeated that she couldn't help him feel better. Addanon would join them with Tu'Rok sitting between them at the request of Kalmuli. She would join them, working updating the board with the day's lessons. Marianne leaned over to Luis, whispering a little harshly. "Taking care of you would make her feel better...unless you want her to coddle Addanon?"She prodded at him. "Better her hands on your ass than his."
  8. Priscilla managed to get a little bit of sleep, having not heard the cries of pain from Addanon and Luis. However, when she woke up and headed to class, she could see Luis there looking red as a beet. Going to his side, Nietzche was trying to help him but it didn't seem to help. "Oh Luis...Oh what happened?"She asked. Marianne came in to join them, sitting nearby. "Apparently Luis jinxed Addanon's bed but Addanon caught on and put the jinx on yours instead to get back at him. Then Master Kalmuli found out and she punished them both with the switch."She explained for Luis. "Oof, the switch...I'm sorry Luis, I know that really hurts. Is there anything I can do to help you feel better? Do you want some ice? I can make a pain ointment."Priscilla offered.
  9. Kalmuli looked to Nietzche, shaking her head. "You're both supposed to be working on that temper problem...but I'm going to make good on what I said."She said, gesturing for both of them to follow her. Even if they tried to escape the punishment, she'd catch them in no time flat. The older students were already grimacing in preparation for what they knew was coming to the boys. In the back room, she had them drop their drawers and quickly doled out the punishment, not holding back because of their age or species. Addanon didn't seem to be phased by it but he walked with a little bit of a limp and grabbed some ice from the cold box to ice the fifteen welts. They had gotten fifteen each for their age. Kalmuli seemed satisfied though that they wouldn't do it again, putting the switch away and going to get breakfast for herself as well. Marianne shook her head at the two. "That's what you get for acting like five year old clowns..."She huffed a them she worked on tying her curls back in ribbons at the table.
  10. Addanon put his tea cup down, picking up his toast and munching on it while he listened to Luis rant. "Mad? No. Getting even? Yes. Why should I cater to your childish pranks? The only clown I see is the one that uses his magic for ill gain."He retorted. "At least I earned my place. I didn't have to have Mommy and Daddy to buy a teacher to teach you magic." Addanon would finish his toast and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "The only reason I moved the spell was so that you know that your little pranks can backfire. The next time you try and cause a random growth spurt, make sure it's on a weaker mage."He responded, finishing his tea and getting up to put his dishes away. "So you are having a prank war." Kalmuli's voice sounded from the hallway as she leaned, looking at the pair...this time with a switch in hand.
  11. Priscilla was still exhausted. She managed a tired smile. "I'm just really tired...Little beds and being made tall really isn't comfortable."She said as she rubbed at her face. Priscilla would lean over so her head was resting on his shoulder. "I think I might to lay down before classes start. I don't think I'd be in any shape to demonstrate let alone duel." Addanon would finish his tea, getting up to pour himself more and pour Priscilla a cup as well, sliding it over to her. "It's not a bad idea...Drink some hot tea first and then go lie down."He said, being uncharacteristically nice though most likely, avoiding an ass so beat it turned into leather. Priscilla did get caught in the middle of their bickering after all. "Okay..."Priscilla said, not really fighting it but accepted the tea. Something warm in her stomach would help her fall asleep a little faster.
  12. Priscilla's clothes fit too tight and too short, but she hadn't noticed the change until she stood up, realizing she was much taller than Luis. Her eyes were watery and red from little sleep. Addanon smirked. "You forget, I said I'd stop if she fixed her ears. She did. I haven't bothered her since..."He said, putting his tea cup down. "I'd say you jinxed her and are trying to frame me." Priscilla groaned, her face hiding in her arms. "I don't care who did it...someone has to fix it."She whined. Kalmuli came back from taking a bath at the natural spring, she saw Priscilla's change in height and felt the tension in the room. She sighed, approaching Priscilla and placing her hand on her head. Her palm would glow for a moment, then slowly the half elf started to shrink back to her normal size...and she didn't look thrilled. Kalmuli would set her bath kit hard on the table, looking at everyone with a disappointed glare. "I'm going to warn ALL of you...I do not tolerate pranks like this. If I find out who did it, it'll be a switch to the backside! I won't even bother assigning cleaning."She said, threatening the teens with a hard whack on the ass for the misbehavior. "You won't be able to sit down for half a week! You are so damn lucky that jinxes are reversible..." Picking up her bath kit, Kalmuli huffed. "Luis. Addanon. If this is a prank war between you two, I'm going to punish both of you."She scolded before leaving.
  13. Kalmuli would check everyone's homework assignment, excusing everyone after dinner to continue to mingle with each other. Addanon wasn't tired by the time night fell, choosing to sit up and read for a little while in their room at his desk until he was tired enough to go to sleep. Crawling into bed, he flopped down...but nothing happened. Throughout the night, Addanon slept soundly. The mattress didn't seem to do anything but stay the same. In the morning, everyone gathered for breakfast though Priscilla seemed to be the one that didn't look like she slept well. She rubbed her eyes, yawning and sitting at the breakfast table with her arms folded. Marianne shook her head beside her. "I'm telling you I didn't jinx your mattress...Why would I want to? I'd rather not hear you bitch about being tired."She said, Priscilla looking over sleepily. "Then who would do that? You're my roommate...and Tu'Rok doesn't even bother with anyone."Priscilla moped. Addanon sit across from them, enjoying a bit of breakfast tea as he listened to them. "Ask Luis...maybe he wanted you tired so you fail an assignment or so he could dote on you like he always does."He said with a roll of his eyes. The night before, Addanon knew that Luis must have done something...and transferred the jinx to Priscilla's mattress. "That's something YOU would do."Priscilla snipped at him.
  14. Priscilla raised an eyebrow. "I guess...but I heard it's common for teenage boys to squabble."She said, turning back to look down the hallway. "Though, healthy competition is good. Just...don't let things get too carried away. If one of you gets really hurt, it'll be trouble." Priscilla could sense that he was hiding something but she would let it slide. So long as it was harmless probing and jabbing, she supposed it would be fine. Back in the study area, she took her seat again and picked up a piece of parchment, folding it up to make a paper airplane she could practice with.
  15. Kalmuli eyed them both before going around to make her rounds to the other students to see if they needed help. Priscilla had finished tucking away her crystal lotus when she heard another door open in the hallway. When she stepped out, Luis was just making his way back down the hallway. "Oh Luis...sorry, I wanted to make sure it was safe."She said as she closed her bedroom door and joined him in the hallway. "Were you taking a break?" Walking down the short length of the hallway with him, Priscilla took his hand. "You look awfully smug...Did you and Addanon fight again?"She asked in a whisper.
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