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  1. Her first realization was the destruction of Predator's Keep. The second, the assault on a family member by a diplomat of Zine. Her eyes on the world had become blind. Focusing only on what she wanted and not what the rest of the world needed her abilities for, disaster came and tore innocent lives asunder. Something that could have been prevented. Her resolve to make the impossible possible wasn't there anymore and for months she had tried to find a way that would be a remedy to the issue. The last time something like this happened, she went through hell and back to break down and rebuild. Back then, she had a partner help her. A man who walked through worlds and created new histories. Breaking the first time had done her good and rebuilding left her feeling more confident with eyes wide open. She had gotten so much accomplished...and now, after suffering two losses in a row of wins for herself, she needed to prevent the third from happening. So she was approaching the one person she believed could help her with that painful and relieving process at the same time. Kalmuli didn't come unarmed either. In her hand she had a precious, sweet gift with an absurd amount of frosting and a rich filling she had made. A means of softening the blow of asking such a task of the Devil himself. Approaching the Lore Spire, having spent the night before at the Patian Pendulum location, she approached the heavy doors, raising her fist and banging on the hard wood. "Roooooeeeen....I've got giiift! It's covered in frosting!"She called out. She paused. "It's not me naked again I swear! It really is a cake this time!"She called out again, raising the box up. @Roen
  2. Kalmuli felt like her chest was compressed too tightly, but as she realized they were outside and she was outside, she felt more at ease. The squeezing sensation stopped but the hot, uncomfortableness was still lingering around. Her cheeks were a little red and she pat the cool side of her hand against it after she opened her eyes. "No...Well...if I could I would but being outside is helping. I feel a little better."She said with an awkward smile. How childish...having what was essentially a panic attack over polished glass... She felt a hand on her back, looking over her shoulder and then up at Ivas as he tried his best to console her. He was stupid...but stupid could also be fairly sweet. "It's fine...I thought I was long past the fear but it's still there. I don't even have mirrors in my own home it's that much of a pain...."She said with an uneasy laugh. Still...She was hot and needed to cool off. Reaching to the long gloves of her dress, she removed them to expose her arms and reached up to remove the gold-leaf crown off of her head, shaking out her hair. It felt a little bit better to not have the extra weight and with the gloves removed, it showed a bit more of the muscle she had been hiding under formal clothing. She swore earlier that she had smelled ice cream as they ran out of the mirror house and her stomach agreed that was time for a nice cold treat. Under her skirts, she removed a small leather pouch that she pulled out a few coins, passing them to Ivas. "If you don't mind...Can you get us some ice cream? I feel like I can breathe but I still feel a little hot. A cold treat will cool us down. I think there's a vendor near by. I'll wait here."She said taking his free hand and placing the coins inside, tucking the purse away back under her skirts. "I like vanilla."
  3. Kalmuli shut her eyes, taking Ivas' hand as he lead them out of the maze. Despite the fact that he was...not the brightest, he was quick on his feet. He used instinct versus his intelligence and on occasion, it wasn't a bad thing. Knowing she didn't have to look at the mirrors themselves put her more at ease. "It's a long story...before I was this strong. My own mother, resurrected from the dead, sought revenge against my family and since she had been sealed in the same mirrors, sealed me in there. I was married at the time. My husband would come to visit me in that room full of mirrors."She said, telling him the story of why her fears were so relevant to this attraction. She could hear the sounds of the outside as they got closer, her breath quickening as they reached closer as relief combined with panic set in. She continued her story. "After awhile he stopped coming. I thought he moved on but it turns out, someone had gone back in time itself and changed it so getting trapped in the mirrors never I was left adrift in a void until my own teacher...Kalar...pulled me out."She said, exhaling once she could sense they were outside but he hadn't told her to open her eyes. Was it just a tunnel effect? Just an echo? She would wait until he gave the okay. She could smell something sweet as they passed by someone, turning her head toward the smell. It smelled like strawberries. Kalmuli turned her head back. "Mirrors just remind me of that time...I'm always afraid to end up back in that room or end up suck into that mirror world again."She finished, slowing her pace down to catch her breath, putting a hand on her chest. The corset felt too tight. The fabric of her dress too heavy. "I need to stop for a moment...I can't breathe. Do you know if there's a rest area or an inn close by?" @Robbie Rotten
  4. Ingrid continued transferring mana, feeling herself grow tired as she eased off of transferring, sitting beside Kalmuli with a sigh. It was like trying to fill an impossible well but she didn't want to tire herself out without monitoring Aerondellas first. Kalmuli's moaning stopped when she eased off, the older elf panting and stirring. "That's a good sign...She'll wake up soon after you finish."She exhaled, wiping her forehead. Ingrid listened to him as he gave some idle talk about training. "I guess it would be frowned up on if suddenly elves were feeding off of each other instead of a mana crystal like this...but in an emergency, it can't really be helped. What if one day the mana crystals went out? It would be crazy to think that people wouldn't panic."She shook her head, watching his hands. Kalmuli whimpered as his hands went to her chest, writhing a little. Ingrid blushed, reaching over and gently guiding his hand between her breasts under her shirt, placing his hand where it needed to be instead of letting them wander off into the unknown. Aerondellas didn't seem the type to have been with many women...or none at all. Then again, Ingrid didn't start becoming intimate until she had met Jack and found that people could be patient and kind. Kalmuli shuddered under their touch, relaxing for a moment until the transfer started again and she was moaning and writhing in an awkward state of bliss and need. Ingrid would remove her hand, sitting off to watch Aerondellas as he worked. "You can gauge how you're doing by her reactions...if she looks like she's in pain, stop. If she's making...good noises...keep going until she wakes up."She instructed, reaching up to use a little bit of the mana from the crystal to give herself a little bit of an energy boost. "The mana in here is pretty strong...A few minutes of transferring should be plenty." "Ah...ahhn...M..more...close...more..."Kalmuli moaned her hands coming up to her chest as her face reddened.
  5. Kalmuli didn't. The entirety of her being screamed that she didn't want to go in but she managed to mask it with a nervous smile. Excited? Far from it. She wished she could burn the whole place down. Ivas lead her into the shiny maze of hell, her whole body feeling hot and irritated by the notion of entering. "No...I've been in room full of mirrors before...but it was against my will. For a hundred years."She replied, revealing perhaps that her shaking was more out of anxiety and fear than just excited. She just wanted to break every mirror. The deeper they went into the maze, the more her anxiety grew. As Ivas went ahead to play with the reflections, she stood in a off section of the maze just as section over, surrounded by the things she dreaded the most. Everywhere she looked, she could see herself at any angle but at the same time, she felt like was hallucinating being back in that underground room, trapped by time and the magic seal that kept her in there. Kalmuli eventually, couldn't even see her own reflection anymore, just the image of how she had looked back then. A tattered dress. Long hair and a dirty face. A constant look of anguish over her visage as she was visited day by day by her husband until something happened and she was forever lost to time. Until someone came into the room and whisked her away...but those one hundred years were torture. A hand grabbing her made her jump and she was pulled into the section of mirrors that warped her image. She was back in the blue dress, staring at her figure that looked like a caricature of herself. Kalmuli blinked, sighing with an easy shake to her voice. "'s a little funny..."She said with a nervous laugh. "C...Can we go? I'm feeling unwell...Dizzy and sweaty..." @Robbie Rotten
  6. Kalmuli was a little taken aback when she felt something around her waist, getting jerked back possessively by her servant for the day. She looked down at the whip, raising an eyebrow and looking over her shoulder at him until she just shrugged and followed him along into the crowd. She didn't have to guess of Ivas was mad or not. Considering he got a little aggressive, he was probably upset that his attention and time had been taken up by a stranger. "That was incredibly crude of you."She pointed out, but sighed knowing he probably get huffy about it. When he saw the House of Mirrors though, she nearly stopped in her tracks. Great. A festival game that was a maze of one of the few things that made her shake her heels. Kalmuli had a...sordid history regarding mirrors. Even in her own home, she preferred polish metal than the fragile glass that showed a cleaner image. Looking at the fun maze, then to Ivas, she figured she could give him a little bit of attention by doing what he a place she dreaded going. Already there was a thin film of sweat on her brow and she patted her forehead with the back of her hand. "S-sure..."She said, swallowing her fears for a moment. It was just a mirror maze right? Nothing magic about them. Nothing extra ordinary...just a maze of shiny glass. Right. Shiny glass. Kalmuli could feel her heart thrumming against her rib cage as she walked with Ivas to the entrance, her heartbeat in her ears and sending pulses along her scalp. She wanted to puke. Run away, puke and go break something. If Ivas took her hand, he could feel her shaking...and if he wasn't careful, the thing she would break would no doubt be his fingers. "Ready when you are...I'll follow behind you."She said, letting the blue-haired man lead the way. At least if he started walking, she could just shut her eyes and hold the back of his shirt until it was over. @Robbie Rotten @danzilla3
  7. Ingrid knew Kalmuli would recover more quickly with the big mana crystal, but now her worry shifted to Aerondellas. He had told them on their tour that the elves in the village suffered from a need to feed on mana and since he gave as much as he could, he was probably starved. She could see the signs of hunger already. As they eased Kalmuli down to sit up against the crystal, leaning her up on Aerondellas' shoulder for support, Ingrid frowned. "I don't know...I know you know how, but I don't want you to burn yourself out doing it. I can see that you need the mana too..."She admitted, looking to Kalmuli and brushing a bit of her fluffy white hair off of her face. Aerondellas was already greatly attached to her but Ingrid, in her wisdom, knew that passionate responses could lead to clumsy mistakes. "We'll take turns. I'll do the first half while you get the mana you need and then we'll switch off. That way we don't get burn out. We just need enough that she'll wake up and walk on her own with a little help. The rest she can get from dinner and a good night's sleep."She said, smiling. "I know you can do it...but as a teacher myself, I don't want you to hurt yourself doing it when you're not feeling well yourself." Ingrid would raise her hand up to the crystal, placing her palm on it and then bringing her hand to Kalmuli's chest, slipping down her shirt and between her breasts where she would have the most skin to skin contact. She did it without hesitation, a stream of mana causing her veins to glow as it passed through her, crossing over her shoulders and down her arm to her hand between Kalmuli's breasts. Kalmuli's chest started to glow green, reacting with an audible heart beat rhythm. It was enough that Kalmuli reacted herself with an low, needy moan. "She'll make...awkward noises..."Ingrid blushed while the white haired elf continued to make awkward moaning and whimpering sounds as the mana was transferred. "Putting my hand on her chest here connects to her primary pool but it's also a fairly sensitive spot for beings like her." "Uggnngh..." "Very sensitive."Ingrid sighed.
  8. Ingrid understood Aerondellas' eagerness to help. After all, Kalmuli was someone who believed he could do amazing things and that itself would inspire someone to help. She went to one of the cabinets, pulling out a series of ingredients, showing the Highmoon elf how to grind them together and mix it with warm water. The herbs themselves reacted with the water, making a form of artificial mana. She carried the bowl over with a rag, teaching him how to use the solution for healing. It would be useful for their trip if need be. As Ingrid used the warm, herb soaked cloth, there was a small reaction as she wiped down Kalmuli's face, loosening her clothing to wipe over her chest, a brief flash of green energy showing before disappearing, being absorbed into the skin. It would also help clean her up from digging around in the dirt, which Ingrid tutted when she saw Kalmuli's dirty hands and fingernails. Aerondellas had put enough that it stabilized Kalmuli's energy a little but it wasn't enough to fill it. "Her mana is vast as the sea...The last time she did it, it took about two weeks to regenerate. This area is so mana-rich though, she may recover a little faster."She explained, her brow furrowing. Ingrid got up, grabbing a spare cloth and soaked it, wringing it out and draped it around Aerondellas' neck. "There may be a way to help her out a little faster...When we arrived at the village, you taught us about the big mana crystals used to satisfy those who need the mana right? If we use one of those, she should recover a little more quickly. You all don't have much time for her to wait around and recover in a week..."She said, getting up and grabbing the dress off of the chair that Jack had gotten for her that was a comfortable linen dress. Ingrid disappeared into the bathroom, throwing on the dress without much worry about undergarments, coming back out again, approaching Jack. "Can you watch the baby for a little bit? We're going to take Kalmuli to the big crystals here in the village...We shouldn't be going far. I don't think he woke up from his nap yet but maybe you can read the next chapter of the book while you wait?"She suggested, fixing her hair a little that was still mussed from their healing romp in the sheets earlier. She managed to tame it a little back into shape with some finger combing, standing on her toes to give Jack a kiss. "We should try a little of what's in chapter six...I think a robe sash will do."She whispered a hint, letting him in on something exciting about the next part of A Healer's Touch. Ingrid winked, heading back over to the couch to help Aerondellas get Kalmuli sitting up so she was easier to pick up to carry and left with her newest peer to the big Mana crystal not far from the cottage.
  9. Ingrid sat up a little, bringing her hand to run along the stubble of his face. She chuckled as it tickled along her palm and eased up to press cheeks with him. "I kind of like it...It tickles a little and if you're itchy, you can use it to scratch."She teased before he got up, bare bottomed to go search for his grooming kit. Ingrid eased back again, tempted to join him. It already felt lonely in the bed without him. Easing up, she searched around for her discarded robe and wrapped it around her... Then jumping out of her skin when she heard yelling. She quickly covered herself, opening the bedroom door to see Jack in the buff trying to cover the impossible and Aerondellas carrying an unconscious Kalmuli. She looked back and forth between the two men. When it was clear they weren't calming down, she entered the living room and hissed at them. "Shhh! You'll wake the baby! Not to mention Kalmuli..."She said, approaching Aerondellas to take a look and check Kalmuli over with a healer's eye. She wasn't hurt...a little dirty from fainting and doing something in the dirt but much of her mana pool was drained and regenerating. Ingrid knew of some of Kalmuli's more particular abilities, mentally chiding her for wearing herself out before a long trip as she looked up to Aerondellas and gestured for him to put her on the couch. "Lay her down there, take her boots off and prop her feet up. It'll be a few hours before she wakes up."She said, taking control of the awkward situation and blushed when she saw Jack, pulling her robe closed a little tighter. "And um.. Jack....sweetheart...put some pants on....I think your cleaner clothes are in the bedroom. I've got to prepare a healing wash for Kalmuli before I get dressed too...and maybe you can pick out one of the dresses we got at the market for me?"
  10. Ingrid smiled, listening in wonder and imagining the late nights of James sneaking a meat pie to a smaller Jack and eating them with him. Maybe in the kitchen. Maybe in his room. It was an adorable image, even if Jack associated it with back home. Ingrid looked up at him adoringly, her hand touching the stone keepsake she had given him earlier. "This you won't ever have to put in the have me and Little Jack. There's no questioning what could have been."She said, shutting her eyes. "When you come back to visit, I'll make you all the meat pies I can learn the recipes for. Maybe one day I cam meet James and he can teach me his." Kalmuli was a deep sleeper when she was exhausted, but that didn't mean her nerves weren't on alert when she was touched. The effect though, always had a more interesting influence on her dreams. She dreamed she had been floating down a river, washing up on the shore and the shore itself felt like it was made of plush sheets instead of sand. She felt the warmth, nuzzling into them and at the same time, nuzzled a little bit more into Aerondellas' shoulder when he picked her up. Then she was flying, time time adrift and draped over a tree canopy, looking up at the sky. She never really had light, fluffy dreams like this. It was always about stressful situations like classes, past battles and sometimes, prophetic dreams that scared her awake. Now? No...she was comfortable and the dream itself was a reprieve. As she inhaled the mingled natural smells of the sky and the canopy, it smelled masculine and feminine at the same time...smelling of some strong herbs and delicate flowers. It reminded her of her father at most, a man with broad shoulders who didn't mind when she had put a crown of flowers on his head on a picnic in the highlands but smelled of iron and silver polish. War, wealth and peace. Then something fleshy pressed against her cheek. She had to wonder what kind of fleshy appendage had poked her in the cheek, finding it only to be someone's bare arm as a lover embraced her tenderly...but despite him being muscular, she felt like he was nothing but bones. While she was asleep, her brow furrowed and she raised up a little to shift and making herself more comfortable. "Mmph...skeleton..."She muttered as she got comfortable again, her cheek moving to his chest rather than at his side.
  11. Ingrid beamed, smiling and easing into a closer snuggle than she already was. It was like she couldn't be close enough, wanting to coil around him and snuggle him. She could smell them both in the bed, a mingled scent of lavender, ointment and musk. While Little Jack was still napping, it was a good time for them to spend more time with each other until Kalmuli got back from...whatever she was doing. It was a little unusual that she wasn't hanging around, especially since she wanted to make sure Ingrid was settled. How odd. She decided to try to fill the silence of the cottage by getting to know Jack a little bit more. "What is your favorite food? I want to cook it for you some day."She asked him, peeking up at him. Kalmuli could only hear them in muffles and react by furrowing and relaxing her brow. Any noises she wanted to make were just groans and grunts since the mana loss left her with some paralysis. She couldn't see and hearing anything was just muffles. Kalmuli grew more frustrated not knowing where she was but she felt both presences were familiar to her. Good. She wouldn't have to punch someone once she recovered. A shadow passed over her vision, the color of the sun slipping into the view above her and something warm was near her ears. She recognized the smell of the lily they had been working with earlier. Aerondellas? A warm, soothing wave started from her ears and spread out into her head, making it's way across her scalp and then downwards into her chest. Soon she started regaining feeling in her hands and arms, remembering that she was still holding onto the package of jewelry for the wedding. The feeling spread down to her feet, cycling back up and around again as her mana was restored. Her mana pool was vast in itself but she doubted they knew that. She could only sit back and let them help get her regeneration going until she could handle the rest on her own through a good meal and sleep. Letting out an easy exhale, she managed to form a few words. ""Kalmuli whispered before slipping off again. She let herself relax into being healed, snoring a little as she dozed off but it was proof she would be okay soon with some rest. Not much you could do when you couldn't move and were floating somewhere weird. Aerondellas was doing what he could to help her and she could only sit back and let him try.
  12. Ingrid could only feel like it was dying and living all over again. They made love for the first time and at first, she was scared and anxious, but as she voiced herself and Jack opened up to what he liked, they fell into a sync. She took care of him and he took care of her. At they wound down, she lay on her back with her hair in an uncontrollable afro of curls and her body glistening between the oil, ointment and sweat. She cuddled up with him, lit up with a glow as radiant as the sun. "Me neither...but it was so nice! I thought I wouldn't be able to was so comforting."She smiled. "My body is still in tingles...Is this what it feels like to find a missing piece? I feel like I've found the missing piece of life." Ingrid snuggled up closer, absorbing his warmth and glow with hers. "I feel all the pain is gone...and at the same time, I don't want to move. Can we stay like this for a few more hours? Or a few more years?"She smiled, tangling her limbs with his with her cheek pressed to his chest. Kalmuli was pretty tough but the one thing that wore he out the most was traveling. She traveled easily through time, dimensions and the worlds with ease, but the problem was doing it so quickly back to back drained her mana and left her fairly weak. She had done it four times in one day and the combined exhaustion caught up with her before she could get to Ingrid's cottage. She gained partial consciousness when she felt something touch her, her eye cracking open and then slipping closed with a groan slipping from her throat. Then she was out again. The next time she woke, she was lying somewhere unfamiliar, staring in a weak gaze at a blurry ceiling with male voices buzzing in her ears. One older, one younger. She felt like her body was a lead weight...dead and heavy. She let her eyes slipped closed again, brow furrowed in frustration.
  13. What did she do to deserve to meet a man like Lord Jack Rivet? Did she pray hard enough? Did she work hard enough? Was all that she worked on as she grew up and the suffering she went through for months, all to meet this man who when he looked to her, shined like the sun? Ingrid felt like the pit in her heart had been put there ten months ago was filled with the love and patience Jack had for her and she had for him. And he wanted her. No matter how scarred her body was from birth, no matter if someone had soiled her body before he had a chance to claim it as his own...Ingrid wanted to weep with happiness. Though she still had an uncomfortable knot in her stomach about being touched...she wanted him. Every little piece of gentleness that he gave her unraveled that knot until it was limp and loose...Ingrid wanted him. This is what the must have meant in books and in Kalmuli's own meaning of what desire and to be desired felt like. "Y...yes..."She answered. Ingrid would shift off of his lap, easing over so she was on her side and their bodies pressed together. "I want me more so I'll never want for anything else but you..." Kalmuli nodded, walking in stride with Aerondellas back to the village itself. "I'll need Ulicil's help for the ceremony too...I'm Ingrid's guardian but both of Lord Rivet's parents are dead and missing. Someone has to be there for him too and Ulicil knows his family...Unless someone from the Windfall family is still around, Lord Jack will only really have the Grand Archmage and ourselves."She shrugged. Once they reached the border of the village as is stretched out into the forest, she patted Aerondellas' chest. "It is like a parents in their right mind would say yes to having a wedding in two days for people who've only known each other for three. I'll leave you to start getting the party guests and the Grand Archmage organized. I've got to go throw some wealth around."Kalmuli said before they parted ways. She had to go speak with the various businesses about the wedding...considering they only had a day to plan and get everything done, they would consider her insane...but not if she pulled another Kalmuli Trick. Once Aerondellas was away and not looking, she headed between two shops, opening a side door that opened up into another void like she had done back in the cottage. A few days earlier.... Leaping through, she was back to a time just after Aerondellas had left to go scout them out and cast his illusion. Stealing a colorful cloth over a clothing line, she covered her hair and most of her appearance as she went to go speak to the business owners. As she started taking steps forward, she had to stop and lean against a building...traveling always made her tired and dizzy when she was doing it almost back to back. The whole village looked like it had been flipped on it's head so it was in the sky and when she finally got her vision to stop spinning, she headed inside to speak with the shop keepers. She explained that there were guests arriving at the village for a wedding for one of the local families and she was sent ahead to make the arrangements as the husband-to-be's retainer. The wedding wouldn't be for another three or four days, which would give them plenty of advance notice to make the food, prepare the staging for dancing and all the little details she wanted to help Jack make perfect. A good amount of payment ahead of time would make it more lucrative for them. When it came down to the jewelers, however, she was even more particular. She purchased two crowns of elvish silver for them and for Jack's human side, two rings of gold. If they were going to be a blended family, she wanted to respect both sides of Jack's and Little Jack's. Once she had everything, she took a moment to catch her breath, steady herself, and jump back through the void to a few hours after she and Aerondellas had parted, stepping out between the alleyway... and then fainting.
  14. Ingrid settled herself off to the side to let Jack roll over onto his back. He would be able to see that she had removed the robe now, sitting in a matching bra to the underwear she chose that was plenty frilly and girlish. "No...No I can do it. Please, lie on your back." She blushed, but eased herself to straddle him, pouring oil on her hands and gently running her hands along his chest. She was having a hard time not looking at every inch of him, her hands feeling the bumps of scars under her hands and of his muscles as her hands moved around. She kept herself more balanced on his thighs but there was no doubt she could feel something against her thigh. She pegged it as his knee but when her hands traveled a little further south, so did her eyes. Her face reddened all the way to her ears but she made her hands travel back up his chest and moved to his arms, rubbing his biceps. "Hehe, your front is nice too. You've got a swordsman's body...I feel like I'm massaging a knight."She chuckled. "There's another book I have called 'The King's Maid'...The maid goes to the King's chambers and she sees him shirtless for the first time..He's covered in scars from duels and he asks her to rub his body down with oil after a bath..." Ingrid perhaps showed the first perverted smile as she remembered the scene, her hands still working on rubbing his arm, working to his hands. Her face was flushed, her top teeth biting her lower lip as she smiled like she was in a state of delight. When she reached the end of his fingers, she caught herself and cleared her throat, switching to his other arm. "Ah...but this is better. I can see you and I can hear when you like something I do...It's much better than a book."She said, dragging herself out of her la-la land. Ingrid couldn't help but want to try something new again, smiling and taking his hand, holding it to her cheek. A line. A line from the book that read and re-read over and over when she read it..."Your Majesty...your body is covered in scars and they have claimed your skin...but you can claim me for your own too. I want you to know that with my heart and body that you are loved. Every inch of you...every scar...I may be a humble attendant for you...but let be with your heart and soul...let claim them for a time and heal them the best I can..."She recited, nuzzling his hand that smelled of lavender. Ingrid smiled, blushing and returned to massaging his hand. "Haha...well...I think that's how the paragraph goes." Kalmuli kept close attention to Aerondellas' work, making minor corrections as she saw them. Once they got into practice and they worked on making the flower bloom, it was more of getting him boosting the intensity and fine tuning it. By focusing it on one for a short time, he got it to bloom. Then they moved onto larger and larger patches, adjusting the intensity again. Soon, he was able to get the whole field of flowers to open up and bloom, the ground covered in a delicate white light that was a mix of the artificial moonlight and the sparkling pollen inside of the lilies themselves. Kalmuli smiled, patting Aerondellas on the back. "Good...Now we just have to get to town and speak to some of the businesses. We need musicians, food, witnesses and decorations for the wedding...and I need to speak to a jeweler too. I'll handle talking to the businesses but everyone here knows you. It'll be easier to invite more people if they hear from someone familiar. I'm sure if you got Ulicil's help too it'll be easier."She said, making a list of what they needed to do. "I never thought my shy little Ingrid would ever get married after what happened...and now she's getting married to a Lord."
  15. Kalmuli was surprised to hear Ivas so passionate about a silly festival game. then again, for him, events only came maybe with the seasons and this was a big one. She frowned, displeased with the attitude. "Ivas, that's enough."She said, glaring with disapproval and accepted the new apple from the attendant. "Not everyone is the same...Some will take, some will do things fairly...everyone is different." She turned, offering the new candied apple to Ivas instead of eating it herself, looking back at the bolder man. Kalmuli sighed. "He's supposed to be being disciplined right now following me around today. He did something fairly naughty earlier. We escaped out here to get away from the afflicted."She explained. "Though if this were at my home, he'd very quickly learn some manners my way...but this festival isn't for much as I'd like to bind him and spank him." Kalmuli returned to looking to Ivas. "Alright, lead the way. I still want that giant bunny after all."She chuckled, then looked back to the other festival goer. She took a side of her skirt, raising it and giving a little curtsy. "May we meet again another time. I've got to discipline him in the fine art of festival games." She chuckled.