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  1. The Miracle Pilgrimage

    Ingrid was relieved to see Lord Uldwar eat something and at the same time, see a mending of bonds between Knight and Lord. It was touching to see. She stood off to the sidelines by the window, taking a moment to view her surroundings. This would be home for her now. Even now she was getting teary-eyed. She had a home now. A place of work. A safe place for Camille to grow up and be a young man with dreams and aspirations. This was a safe place to grow and build her roots. She looked over to the Lord and his Knight, giving a small bow. "The strongest words one can say that contain no power at all are 'I'm sorry'..."She said with a relieving nod. Ingrid would cross the room to the Lord's bedroom door, turning and giving a polite leaving bow. "I'll pass the message along...but when you get your strength back, you might want to do it in front of them yourself. Rest well, my Lord. I'll return tomorrow before Luis' lessons to give you the medicine."She said before turning and leaving the Lord's chambers. She headed back down to the dining hall, retracing her steps and joining everyone back in the dining hall. Ingrid would bow again on her re-entry. "Lord Uldwar sends his apologies for his behavior...he's resting now."She said, returning back to her seat and smoothing out her robes. Camille shone a smile to her, his face covered in food that she took a moment to clean off of his face with a napkin. Ingrid looked to Luis. "That was very brave of you...it's different to stand up to a stranger but it's more difficult to stand up to family. I'm proud of you..."
  2. The New Queen in Town

    Her legs started to feel heavier as he leaned more onto them, relaxing. Good. She kept petting while he ate, nibbling on her own sample of the shark. "Loneliness perhaps...They're both a wild bunch. I guess they remind me of myself in a way."She said, her hand still working on his ear. It was soothing and soft to touch. She could imagine how soft and fluffy he would be after a hot bath and the idea of it made her a little giddy. Soft. Fluffy. Wolf. "An assassin is just a job...a livelihood. I can't judge someone for taking people's lives that either deserved it or didn't. I've made choices like that in the past myself." Kalmuli shifted a bit, easing one leg under the other with one still outstretched so he was sitting up little more. It wouldn't be good for his stomach. She wiped a bit of shark meat off of his nose and licked her fingers. "Who they are when they're not working though is just as important. You may see him only when he's working...but I saw how much he missed you and worried about you like a father. He's quite the puppy when he wants to play though. He ran around Orisia like the wind...but he's still a man. Still an elf."She shrugged. "To me, why wouldn't he be a friend? The day where he may be paid to kill me may put an end to it but we were friends first. Competition second."
  3. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Ingrid nearly leapt out of the tub, squealing and covering herself up, turning around. It had caught her off guard. She kept her back to him, panting a little as she calmed herself down. "G-Gods you scared me!"She said, looking over her shoulder. He wasn't leaving and she wasn't budging. Decided to grin and bear it, she turned back around, her arms and legs drawn up as she sat up in the tub with him. The one time a bubble bath would have been convenient and it wasn't there. "Ah...sorry I'm just a little on edge."She said, wrapping her arms around her legs. Was she alright? Ingrid tilted her head. "I'm alright...sore but I'm okay."She answered. Did Al not know what happened? The older one knew but not the younger. "I'm just...not used to that. I guess I shouldn't have tried to push myself so much." She could hear Lian in her head chuckling. 'You weren't the one doing all the work...' Ingrid's face reddened. Plana looked up from eating one of the sandwiches she made for lunch. She shut her mouth, putting it back on the plate and pondering. Of most students that went to the Academy, she was some of the youngest...and also, some of the few orphans that Kalmuli took in. She looked down at her lunch in thought. "I lived near the mountains...but it was in a valley. It was really green there...not as loud like here in Orisia. My Mom and Pop were butchers so we had a lot of good meat from all over the place."She recalled, sitting back and swinging her feet. "I miss it there but living here is the first time I've ever lived near the ocean. I like listening to the sea birds." Plana's brow furrowed. She felt that ache in her chest...misery. She missed her parents. Kalmuli reached over and pat the top of Plana's head. "Plana's parents were killed in a village raid a few years ago...I took her into the academy when we went to do humanitarian aid. There were few survivors. She's a tough kid though...she almost got a direct hit on me."She said, seeing Plana redden in the face a little. "I thought you were the people who killed Mom and Pop."Plana said, fidgeting a little. "But they weren't elves. They looked like really tan and hairy humans."
  4. The Miracle Pilgrimage

    Ingrid could feel the Lord's pain and she tried hard not to cry with him. She would ease herself to his other side, plate balanced in one hand and Lord Uldwar on her shoulder. "I will do my best...but let's get you back to your best."She said, managing a smile for him as she helped the Lord to his room with Sir Gerald's help. In his chambers, they would help him sit in a chair and Ingrid brought over a blanket. Losing a lot of blood often made it hard to get warm again. Some hot food and a warm blanket usually helped. Knelt at his side, she checked over the stab wounds over his chest carefully. They were healed except for faint pink scarring but those would heal on their own. She would smile and sit back against her calves. "The magic I used to heal you has healed most of it. The rest of it and the general soreness will heal over time. I'll make some medicine to help with the aches and the anemia. In the meantime, you need to rest a few days. If you push yourself too much, you'll start to have fainting spells."She said, easing back up. The food was a little cold from sitting out but she used a simple warming spell to make it just hot enough to eat and dragged a small side table in front of the chair so he could eat. Ingrid would stay for a little while, looking about Oscar's room and getting a sense of the space around him. It was very stark, masculine. Someone who was an educated hunter and a leader. Everything smelled like leather, fur and ink. She would go to the window, pulling back the curtains to let it in more light into the room while it was still the evening hours. "Sunlight is good for you...if you have a balcony somewhere, you should sit outside for a little while while you're recovering."Ingrid recommended. "Maybe you can invite Lady Uldwar to sit with you tomorrow? I'm sure a calm moment between you two may help. This day has everyone shaken."
  5. The Miracle Pilgrimage

    Ingrid hadn't meant to stir tempers at the table but what she said seemed to sound accusatory. She shook her head, quietly lowering her head in apology. She sat quietly for a moment, about to speak up when Luis bravely and defiantly, told Lord Uldwar off. Ingrid was proud of her young student but at the same time...saying such a thing probably struck a weak nerve with Oscar. While the family had a breaking down, she remained quiet until Oscar was out of the room. "I am...so sorry. I didn't mean to stir him up like that."She frowned. "I meant that the children shouldn't lose a father because of that the Descartes is done...I was too vague..."She said, looking down at her lap. Her first day was turning into a burning trash pit. Ingrid had to make this right. She got up from her seat, moving over to Oscar's spot at the table and collected his untouched dinner. She still needed to look at his injuries and check on him anyway but for the amount of blood he lost, he needed to eat. He couldn't lean on Gerald forever, anemic and bewildered. "Please excuse me, Lady Uldwar. Aldorto. Lord Luis...I'm going to go see to him. I don't feel right leaving it like this with Lord Uldwar recovering. I'll be just a moment."She said, keeping everything balanced on the plate as well as she could and left the dining hall. No, she had to make things right...her and her big mouth. Sir Gerald and Lord Uldwar hadn't made it back to the chambers yet when she spoke up. "Lord Uldwar, Sir Gerald, please wait a moment."She said, closing the distance and holding the dinner plate in her hands. "Please let me accompany you back to your chambers. You need to eat and I'd like to check your wounds...and to also apologize. I was too vague in my meaning." Ingrid lowered her head and the upper half of her body to bow. "I'm glad that the Descartes twins were caught before something truly tragic could befall the family...even if Luis is a little angry right now...or very angry...losing a parent is hard. Even more so when you lose a child. Lady Cassandra sees a good man in you still...and I believe you are as well. I won't go into details...you need your rest but...there is heavy weight on your mind and soul. That can change someone into someone they can't imagine themselves to be."She said, raising back up again. "Please let me help you...change doesn't happen over night but I can help you in what ways that I can to help bring a little peace in your home."
  6. The New Queen in Town

    Kalmuli shook her head with a soft chuckle. "No...but I think here will do just fine."She said, continuing to feed and pet him while her healing magic finished up sealing his wounds. He was healing up well and Lenix was recovering his strength, albeit slowly. Enough food and water he would be back on his feet. "It happens. I was very much like you...though granted, my eye opening moment I got cut in half."She said with a shake of her head. "But I wouldn't have gotten a second chance without help." Kalmuli would ease off of sitting on her calves and stretched her legs out, settling his head over her lap while she kept petting him. The cooks in the kitchen were at awe that she could sit calmly with a giant wolf and pet it like a common house pet. "You're welcome...and I'm sorry I brought up something that was connected to bad memories for you. I forget some times that not everyone has my...peculiar tastes in entertainment."Kalmuli said, bringing her hand to one of his ears and giving it a gentle massage around his scalp and along the length of it while he was in his large beast form. "But I won't lay a hand on you unless it's gentle like this...Maybe one day you can call me friend. I've already adopted a few Ardesians into my household." Since the shark had finished cooking, Amelda brought over big steaks of it for the wolf to eat and something smaller for Kalmuli to try too. She would sample it, humming at the taste and looked back down to Lenix. "Consider my shops and my respite in Weland a home away from home...I've been meaning to invite everyone there for some time."
  7. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Ingrid slipped out of her clothes, sitting on the couch a moment. She ached, her whole body rebelling the idea of moving. She held on to the edge of the couch, pulling herself up and trudging over to the bathroom. She opened the door, letting out a huge sigh as she saw the bathtub full of ho, inviting water. Kalmuli's bathtub was large enough to fit a few people. She slipped her leg up, sliding into the bathtub with a long sigh, leaning up against the side of the tub. The warm water soaked into her lower back and hips, making her relax more. "Blessed Goddess this is nice..."She sighed. Kalmuli shook her head. "The oldest there is...The combination of nature and magic is an ancient art spanning back eons."She said, looking down to her tea. She looked down at the tea leaves, reading them. It wasn't a divine art but humans used it. "No...If I think about home too much I'll make the mistake of going back."She said, setting her cup down and easing back in her chair. "It's still nice to to think about it once in awhile. Home is a place like no other."
  8. The Miracle Pilgrimage

    Ingrid beamed at the prospect of taking on more students. Who knows, maybe she would have her own school one day? She agreed with an eager nod. "Magic can do much in the ways of benefiting those around us."She said, looking down at the food on the table and held off on eating until Lord Oscar arrived. When he came into the room leaning on Sir Gerald as a crutch, she rose and gave a slightly curtsy. "Lord Uldwar. I'm glad to see you are up and around."She said, easing over to help him take a seat at the head of the table. While he still wasn't back to full health, the fact hat he had an appetite was a good sign. She would sit back down again, smoothing her robe coat under her rear before sitting. "It is my job. Archmages protect the families they serve as much as they advise and teach others. To be honest, when I first came into the dining hall when I spoke with Lady Uldwar...well...the twins now occupying your dungeon didn't settle with me. Instinct perhaps...or perhaps just my own teacher's lessons coming to fruit." Ingrid realized she had spoke too much before she bowed her head a moment. "Forgive my ramblings...I hope that with their capture, they can't hurt anyone anymore. It's one thing to harm one person....but they had their hands in the whole family."She said, taking pause a moment to eat and make sure Camille had also gotten foods he could eat. His teeth were still coming in and he still had to chew on softer foods and milk. "I can't forgive the kind of people who would try to hurt children..." She would return back to her own dinner. "Let alone, a father."
  9. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Ingrid managed a weak smile. "Thank you...I think a potion and taking it easy should do it."She said, easing back up and picking up her cup of tea. "I think a bath may help though..."She sighed, finishing up her tea quickly and setting the empty cup down. Ingrid would excuse herself, wobbling and heading out the kitchen to head downstairs to the bath. She took her time going downstairs, slipping into Kalmuli's room and taking a moment to sit on the couch to loosen her clothes to undress. With Ingrid gone for now, Kalmuli could focus her attention on Makiel. She chuckled. "It makes me feel hundreds of years younger...back in my delicate maiden days."She said with a sense of whimsy. "What were you like when you were small?"Plana asked curiously. Kalmuli didn't really disclose much about her childhood but she indulged the question. "Mmm...Well my father had suitors come when I was young. Of course, being a lady they tended to bring flowers and finery. I was more impressed with their knowledge outside of my home country."She said, sipping a little bit of her lunch tea and reaching for a sandwich. "Or if they could even read...back then, reading was the job of priests and holy men but I enjoyed it." "Was your father a mage too?"Plana probed. "No...but he did know a little magic. In my world, manipulating the forms of trees was an art. It built palaces and businesses."Kalmuli said before stopping herself. "It was home..."
  10. The New Queen in Town

    Kalmuli didn't shy away when he jerked, waiting for him to calm down a moment. She sat quietly while the kitchen watched anxiously, cooking up the shark meat. When he had calmed down, she eased her hands back and welcomed him to rest on her lap. "Shhh....It's alright. I'm almost done healing you. It's just a few more minutes."She spoke softly, running her hand over his fur. Kalmuli would sit quietly, doing long stroking motions starting from his head and down his back, spreading her mana around as easily as doing a simple grooming. She would raise her head, gesturing for the chef. "Bring me some water and some of that shark if it's cooked."She said. It would at least give something for Lenix to look forward too. Amedla would cut up some of the shark that finished cooking and brought over a mug of cold water, easing down. Kalmuli would break up some pieces of shark meat, moving it over to Lenix's mouth. "Eat...it'll help give you a little bit of strength back."She said, speaking softly to him.
  11. The Miracle Pilgrimage

    Ingrid took the chance to change her clothes, switching into a little bit more formal attire. She switched from her dirty travel clothes, switching out into her more court-styled garb with the beaded hems covered with stitched and beaded flowers with clothes that were more robe like than leather and light armor. Her long curls were pinned partially back. Camille had his own nice clothes that she made sure to protect with an extra layer of clothes so he wouldn't get food on them. She was a little nervous...she still needed to check on Lord Oscar. She didn't know how he would react to her presence even after healing him. She was afraid that he would react poorly...but if Cassandra saw a good man in him somewhere, she could too. "That sounds lovely. Thank you."Ingrid said while she got Camille settled at the table. Settling herself in, she folded her hands in her lap while they waited for dinner. "Your daughter sounds like a beautiful soul to be so willing to go out and help others. The path of a Healer is not an easy one."She said with a smile. "I would love to meet her as well. There are some healing magics beyond herbal remedies I think should really help her."
  12. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli smiled, chuckling and sniffing them for a little while longer before wandering off to go put them in water. She found a small vase, slipping the bundle in it with some water and set it on the breakfast table. She couldn't remember the last time she had ever received flowers...It tickled her. "Well, you certainly do know how to woo someone."She smiled as she arranged the flowers a bit. She would sit back at the table, returning back to her tea while Plana went to go brew a special mix for Makiel. Setting a delicate looking tea cup in front of him with a satchel inside while the water warmed up. Ingrid smiled awkwardly, folding her arms on the table and easing her head on top of her arms. "I definitely over did it...I think between running around this morning and last night was way over doing it."She said with a heavy sigh. "I may even turn in early tonight....I don't think I could handle another day of running let alone moving." Plana would refill everyone's tea cup with fresh hot water and pour a new cup for Makiel. She set it on a hot pad on the breakfast table, sitting in her usual spot with a cup of tea of her own. "It's one of Master Kalmuli's teas. It's Ginger-Green Tea."She said with a confirming nod before turning to hers. Granted, most of the tea she drank were more like hot juice.
  13. The New Queen in Town

    Kalmuli slid off the rail, staying next to Makiel for a moment while he relaxed and slipped off with a kiss on top of his head to go take care of Lenix. She trotted down and away from the Astronomy room, heading down to the lower chambers. If he had lost as much blood as she smelled, then he would most likely still be in the kitchen. As she passed down into the lower halls, she went to the kitchens. Kalmuli entered the kitchens, the staff stopping their work a moment to bow in her presence. "The food smells wonderful."She said, giving a slight nod to them and wandering over. A hand on her shoulder stopped her. The head chef offered her an apron. "Your Grace, please don't dirty your gown with blood."She said, helping her to tie it around her neck and her hips. "I'm not shy of blood, Amedla."Kalmuli said, moving over to where Lenix had fainted in the kitchens. She knelt down where Priscilla had stopped most of the major bleeding. "Good job. I'll take it from here." Priscilla would nudge back on her knees, Kalmuli spreading her mana to her hands and placed it on top of Lenix's body. She spread her mana out, stitching and fixing up the major puncture wounds. She would pet his fur while she worked, making it a little bit more soothing.
  14. The Miracle Pilgrimage

    Ingrid stood with Opal perched on her shoulder near Lady Cassandra. She was exhausted...and at the same time, pleased. To put the twins in their place and protect the family she was working for...for her it was a true test of what Kalmuli taught her. Lowering her head, Camille clinging to her leg, she gave a little curtsy. "It is my duty...you hired me to teach your son but the duty of a court Archmage is to protect the family too. I was merely doing what I'm trained to do."She said, raising her head and smiling. "You've already given us a home...and a fine student to teach. That's all I could ask and more." Ingrid looked down at Camille who smiled up at her. She leaned down, picking him up and cuddling him. "Though...My only request is that if my friends Aldorto and Beris could stay for a little while. It's been so long since I've seen them. I couldn't have been able to do it without their help."She said, smiling to the silver-haired elf and to the Shaman who had given her a hand earlier. "And...maybe dinner? Eating would help us replenish our Mana."
  15. The New Queen in Town

    Kalmuli giggled as she was lifted, sitting on the railing with the wind at her back. She held him, looking up adoringly at him. Yes, this every day would make palace life peaceful and the every day more wonderful. "I missed you too...I worried about you everyday since you left Orisia."She said wrapping her legs around him as she gazed at him. She wishe she could freeze this time for ages and let them stay like this until they crumbled. She inhaled the smell of the sea but stopped, sniffing a bit more and looking over the railing. "I think Lenix is in trouble...I smell blood."She noted. "I hate to cut our romantic moment short though..." The chefs continued working on the shark, turning it on the spit roast outside the palace kitchen. One noticed there seemed to be a spot of trouble with the sight of blood and summoned a healer from upstairs. Not long after, there was a young girl that approached him with a wooden box in her arms. She couldn't have been older than ten, opening up her healing box and starting to work on applying healing salves and wrap them carefully. She was one of Kalmuli's apprentices who was originally from Altissium. Priscilla was a young prodigy. "Terrible...this is why you should use a fishing pole."She commented, pushing up her wide-frame glasses up her nose carefully as to not get blood on the lenses.