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  1. Kalmuli could see and hear the hesitation coming from him. It was an unfair question. One she shouldn't have asked but felt she should have. She sat up slowly, turning so she was facing him and taking his hands. She looked up to him, smiling. "I know you will wander...You'll wander as far as you want and as far as your feet will carry you."She said, slowly pulling him over so she could wrap her arms around him. "It's okay...one day you'll wander back here. That I know. When and at what part of life I will keep a mystery to us both." She shut her eyes a moment, holding him quietly for a little while before letting him go and looking back up. "Keeping you on a leash would be unfair to those who actually don't mind it."She said with a mischievous chuckle. "It will be okay. I'll be okay. I would be okay with if you wrote once in a while. Let me know how your travels are going and describing the places you have been." Ingrid slept comfortably, keeping her arms around him and her hands buried in his fur. It was rare to have a quiet moment in the shop and Plana, the little apprentice, finally came downstairs to see what was going on. She saw the pair cuddled in the kitchen, smiling a little and sneaking off to go grab a couple of quilts. She came back with the big bundle, draping the napping pair so they were nice and warm before sneaking off again to go do a few chores of her own.
  2. Kalmuli relaxed for a while longer while he finished and when he gave a little nudge for her to roll over, she eased around to her back and stretched out, feeling the limbering effects of his work on her rear. She let out a long, pleased sigh and let herself relax again. "Mmnn...I think the amount of work you put in could last me the whole year."She said, smiling and bringing her hands up to slip a pillow under her head. Kalmuli grinned up at him. "It'll be a nice, lingering feeling of you before you leave for a while...and then you can do it all over again when you come back." She tilted her head. "You do...want to come back...right?" Ingrid could feel him relax against her more with her pets and attention. She used her nails to lightly scratch along his head, stimulating the nerves there and trailed her hand down to his neck, then back up again. She could feel herself starting to get a little sleepy herself, the weight of some of his body combined with the heat of the fireplace. As she stroked him, the softness of his fur, she was lulled into a state of contentment. Ingrid shut her eyes for a moment but that seemed to be enough to let her drift off to sleep for a light doze.
  3. Kalmuli could feel a big different in how she felt even while she was in deep meditation. She had moved away from the beach, switching instead of feeling like she was lying on her back in a warm, summer stream. It was interesting what she felt while Makiel worked on her. On the outside, she was groaning and drooling a little as he worked. "Mmnn...feels good..."She grumbled. Kalmuli let out a long exhale, bringing herself out of the meditation so she could interact with him more. "I feel like butter under your hands...hot buttery bread..." She yawned, licking her lips and sighed. Ingrid pet him slowly, letting him relax against her. She didn't quite understand it...but perhaps it was better. She didn't want to get him flustered and upset when he was already struggling to breathe. "Hush now...Don't make yourself upset thinking on it..."She soothingly cooed to him. Ingrid took one of his ears, gently rubbing them in circles. "Sometimes dreams can feel like waking dreams...like you're feeling everything is happening and you can't help it...but that is just a sign you haven't rested..." Ingrid kissed his nose. "Sleep it off."
  4. Kalmuli let out an agreeable groan in the mattress as he started rubbing the back of her neck and shoulders. She didn't respond for a moment, huffing and looking back at him. "Mmm...I suppose. I haven't done some deep meditation in awhile. I could zone out for a bit...."She said before turning back over. Kalmuli would inhale deeply and exhale slowly to ease herself into a nice calm, easy state. While she could feel what Makiel was doing, she wouldn't respond much except for a few sounds that came out of her mouth when he hit a particularly sensitive or sore spot. Her breaths stayed nice and even much like sleep and she let her mind slip off to somewhere for a little while. For some reason it took her to the beach. She almost felt like something was pulling at her mentally when she pulled herself away from what was happening and moved to a place that was dark. Very dark. It was an eerie land of stillness, almost like the water had stopped rushing on shore and the wind stopped moving the sand and trees. Where was she? There were figures that seemed to be stuck in place and no matter how hard she pushed them, nothing on them moved. This beach was Drakiss right? When she moved about, she could see a blur in the distance that was the Keep and down the way to the Sand Garden...Kalmuli stood in this quiet space and felt only warmth. Ingrid grew more concerned. Kalmuli and herself had come across the older form of Aldorto before...but the amount of strain it put on the wolf seemed to be enormous. She continued to pet him, trying to help him feel grounded and calm. "They could be dreams...or just very bad day dreams..."She said, trying to reassure him. Ingrid kissed the top of his head. "It'll be okay...Let's just get you resting again." Ingrid would shift her position a little so she was on her back but laid down at his side. She gently took his head, letting it rest across her stomach and chest at a spot where she could gently wrap her arms around him and pet him more along his neck and between the shoulders. It was a precarious position to be under a werewolf but Aldorto was plenty wore out. "Try to sleep a little...I won't move until you're ready."
  5. Kalmuli felt his hands, warm and calloused against her frame and let out a long, pleased sigh. She kept her face down but her ear tilted so she could hear him if he had anything extra to say. His hands smoothed down her shoulders, along her back and down to her legs, trailing back up slowly. "No need...I trust you."She said, moving her head so it was to the side and looked back at him. "Oo, so professional...I'll have to pay you handsomely for such high caliber work." She let herself relax a little further down away from the pillows, face mushed against the towels. "I could return the favor...though I'll be taking care of your body more so than your mana."She said, wiggling her eyebrows at him. "Don't be afraid to put a little muscle into it." Ingrid would quietly nod, stroking his head and letting him lean his weight into her. She could support him easily and the pillows of her thighs were always a welcome comfort to some. She would gently stroke along his snout, between his ears and to the back of his neck as she made long, slow trails in his fur. "You've got lots of time..."She whispered softly, continuing to spoil him with petting.
  6. Kalmuli had no arguments there. She would shrug and start removing the rest of her clothes to stretch out on the bed. She flopped out over the tower, holding onto a pillow and burying her face into it. She was overjoyed to get a little more attention and another deep massage from him. Laying naked on the bed, she exposed all in preparation for him. "No need to tell me twice, Mak...Nudity and Kalmuli both have 'I' in it."She grinned. Ingrid could feel how cold he had gotten and wondered how to help. The biggest fireplace was down in Kalmuli's room but they had a small one for cooking in the kitchen's cauldron. She would grab the quilts off of the bed, draping them over him and helping to guide him to the kitchens where she could get the fire going. She would get the kindling going, using a cantrip to ignite it. It would get warm soon and she got a big, cold bowl of water to drink from. "You should get warm soon..."She spoke softly, adjusting the layers of quilts to keep him nice and toasty. "What on earth happened? First you're sleeping in bed and then I find you half-collapsed..." She sat with him on the floor, petting his head while they waited for the fire to build in strength. "If you don't want to talk about it...it's okay...but don't run off like that again."Ingrid scolded a little, holding his face in her hands.
  7. It didn't take long or much to lead Makiel into her room and not so gracefully knock the door closed with her foot. Her room, despite their frequent coming and going into it stayed relatively clean like it was cared for by little invisible servants. She rubbed her hands together, eager and excited to get started. Though for this time, she would go and grab towels from the bathroom to lay out on the bed to protect it from any residual oil. "There...that should still be pretty comfy."She said, reaching to her top and quickly discarding it with no shame. "Should I start on my back or my front?" Ingrid had been working in the front of the shop again when he came in. She had been cleaning up some of the cards in the ward. When she saw the giant wolf, she almost dropped the potion bottles she had been organizing and quickly set it on the cart and moved over to look him over. So he hadn't been in the bed? She turned a little pink at the realization she had just been singing to a shadow. Ingrid approached him, kneeling and holding his head in her hands. He looked terrible. Whatever happened that made him go wandering off and thrashing about, it had been enough to really beat him up. Ingrid kissed him on the snout. "Let's get you back into bed..."She said as she rose back up and ran her hand along his head, petting him and easing up to let him walk over to the bed he had claimed before. Though considering his size, while he was making his way over, she pushed another bed together and spread out the blankets so he had a nice, large space to flop in if he needed it.
  8. Kalmuli beamed. He had flowered away from being completely shy and unsure of himself as far as sexuality went. She looked him over and then down to the oil he spoke of. She looked at it, taking a moment to open it up and smell it. It was reminiscent of the lavender soaps and washes she used often. Smiling, she corked it back up and looked back with a grin. "I love a gentleman who knows what I like..."She chuckled and took one of his hands that felt nice and smooth from working on the oil itself. "Especially if he's got magic hands. Let's away to my bedroom for a little while. I think Ingrid has the rest of upstairs handled."She said as she gave him a little tug to lead him to her bedroom just one room over. Ingrid sipped the restoring tea that she had made while taking a moment to enjoy a little break. The shop was quiet. She looked down at her tea cup she had emptied, looking down at the tea leaves. It was a very old form of fortune telling, mostly used by girlish noblewomen with nothing else to do. Ingrid tilted her head a little, setting her cup down and getting up. She peeked her head out to the ward. Aldorto looked like he was still sleeping, Ingrid wandering over and sitting on the foot of the bed. She gently rubbed one of the shade's legs on top of the quilt, tilting her head as she watched him. It wasn't weird to watch right? "I don't know what you're going through...but I hope you'll be okay."She spoke softly. Whenever Camille had trouble, there was an old lullaby that she remembered Kalmuli would sing when she was ill. She shut her eyes, mulling over the song and started singing softly. "Sing all ye joyful, now sing all together...The wind’s in the tree-top, the wind's in the heather; The stars are in blossom, the moon is in flower, And bright are the windows of Night in her tower...." She looked to the shop a moment, expecting someone to walk in on the moment but no one came. "Dance all ye joyful, now dance all together...Soft is the grass, and let foot be like feather...The river is silver, the shadows are fleeting; Merry is May-time, and merry our meeting. Sing we now softly, and dreams let us weave him...Wind him in slumber and there let us leave him. The wanderer sleepeth. Now soft be his pillow...Lullaby.. Lullaby... Alder and Willow. Sigh no more Pine, till the wind of the morn... Fall Moon... Dark be the land...Hush! Hush! Oak, Ash, and Thorn...Hushed be all water, till dawn is at hand..."She said, gently patting her hand in rhythm as she sung the lullaby and hoped, whatever was keeping him asleep, would be put at bay for at least a little while. Ingrid would sit quietly, watching him for a little while before she got up to go finish up the shop cleaning.
  9. Kalmuli wandered in, leaning to look at his work. Both smelled remarkable and she was eager to get a sense of how it felt. She smiled, holding onto his arm and leaning in. "Hehe...Well..it wouldn't be the first time they've seen me naked. Most of the time it was because I was horrendously drunk."She chuckled and let him go. "Of course we can always go into my room...it's right next door." She gave him a little bump with her hip. "And if it comes to your techniques, I wouldn't mind being your favorite test subject."Kalmuli would grin up at him. "Though, maybe tonight after we finish cleaning and make sure Aldorto is okay. I want to make sure we have a nice, long session...or at least a part two. It's got to be good enough that it'll always be on my mind when you're away."
  10. Ingrid smiled, nodding and remaining quiet while he finished working. When he was finished, she rolled her feet around a moment at the ankle and got up slowly. She felt good. Better even. Ingrid didn't feel sore or as tired, rather feeling like something foul had been purged out of her like a taste in her mouth. She walked from one side of the room to the other, not feeling anything out of place. "I feel a lot better...I don't feel quite as stuffy as before."She said as she stopped at the door of the room. For a moment, she listened to him and looked toward the stairs. Right...she should probably do a little cleaning up there and trade off with Kalmuli if he wanted to work on her too. "I have a nice tea I make that gives a little boost...I'll have a bit of that. Let any of us know if you need help."Ingrid said as she gave a small wave to head up stairs. After having a good talk with Makiel and his work, she didn't feel quite as self conscious. Upstairs Kalmuli was still cleaning in them main shop area and she quietly went to the kitchen to make the tea. While it brewed, she played a bit with her own mana. She made the little light spell again and noticed that the shape of the small orb was more refined and the light more condensed. She let it dance around her finger tips, transferring it from one hand to another. Ingrid could get used to this. Kalmuli in the mean time snuck downstairs to the herb room, peaking in and grinning. "Have fun getting handsy with my apprentice?"She teased him.
  11. Ingrid agreed with that. After her own incident, she never worked alone and someone had to be in the building with her. The policy trickled down to Kalmuli's schools as well. She watched as he worked on her legs, keeping them outstretched so he could feel along the full length of them as she took a seat. "Yeah...after that incident, everyone is on guard now about working alone."She said, her eyes watching the mindfulness of his hands. Ingrid exhaled, relaxing a moment and nodded. "I'll keep that in mind...though I think I've already had a pretty hard lesson."She said as she reached up and scratched her scalp a little. "I wouldn't have Camille if it weren't for that. I think having him was a good wake up call and a reason to keep studying harder." She looked down at her feet. "I'm lucky it seems he didn't seem to inherit his biological father's violence. He's incredibly sweet. He would love you and Aldorto."
  12. Ingrid listened to his story but she only smiled, not laughed about his plight with the dragon. She knew he understood the feeling though and the man, The River King, as he was named, knew of this plight as well. Being a healer was quite dangerous...and she knew that from her own experiences. Though a dragon...one that was ready to claim him and keep him like a pet was excessive. Dragons enjoyed hording things but people were not things...and Makiel no doubt felt violated and awkward. "Being a healer might as well be like a contortionist dodging all of the advances that come with it."She said as she twirled one of her curls around her finger. "What happened with that man was the most severe of advances I've had. I've been groped and pulled on quite a bit. The worst of it has mostly been here in Drakiss since it's mostly soldiers here." Ingrid stopped twirling her hair, the coil springing back into place. "Yet, we've got to do what we can for people despite how it feels. I'm glad I'm not the only one who went through this...and that male healers can end up on the other side too."She said as she folded her arms on her lap. "Still...your story was quite funny. You should tell it to Kalmuli one day. She would definitely get a good giggle out of it. She's been doing this for so long, I'm sure she's got some stories of her own."
  13. Ingrid looked down at him. She was a little flush in the face but she felt better talking about what happened. A story? That didn't sound too bad. Though, Makiel's staring at her while he looked at her, spotting anything that could be wrong. Ingrid shifted a bit awkwardly but smiled. "If it's a quick, funny story...sure."Ingrid said, reaching down and patting his head. She would shimmy around him, retreating to go sit back down on the stool with her elbows on her knees and her chin resting in her hands as she got comfortable enough to listen to him tell it.
  14. Was she? Ingrid knew she didn't like certain touches but Makiel had been true to his word that he wouldn't hurt her. If anything, she felt a little bit more relaxed and since Kalmuli was right upstairs if she needed her, it would be okay. Ingrid would nod, patting his hand and looking up at him. "I'll be okay...I think I just need a few minutes. I just get a little jittery but I won't lash out or anything. I just tremble like a lamb for a bit."Ingrid said as she reached up and rubbed the back of her neck a little. She would stand to her feet, stretching a little bit to sense out the difference. Standing helped her with the jitters as well. "Not long ago I was assaulted by one of the leaders from Zine...it was a mistake. I had taken off his clothes trying to help him since he was badly injured and looked exhausted. When he woke up while I was helping him, I got pulled down and...well...I wouldn't have my son without him."Ingrid said, rubbing her stomach a little. "It wasn't violent. Rough but not violent...but just...The intimacy is confusing. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. If I'm trying to heal someone, are they supposed to try to grab at me like that? If I want to really be with someone, is it supposed to be rough and wild like that?"She asked rhetorically. Kalmuli had told her that all of that had been wrong for the Zine man to do and that she was in the right to feel violated. Ingrid let out a sigh and looked back at him. "I know I'll be okay...but people should be okay with me doing my job and being a healer doesn't mean I should be taken advantage of." It feel better to say it. Ingrid leaned against one of the shelves, arms crossed over her chest. "I'll be okay...Things like this takes time."
  15. Ingrid could feel him slowly roll back and her mana settle back into place. She opened her eyes slowly, sitting still for a little while longer and listened to his words. She wondered what he meant but she relaxed and looked down at her hands. His darker colored ones made her disappear and she managed a little smile. Right. He wasn't him. Ingrid looked back at him, seeing the eerie glow of his eyes and stared at him for a moment. "I...I know...but it's just...it really is something that I just have to get used to again. I'll be okay."She said, managing a sheepish little smile and settled one of her hands on his. Her heart was thrumming in her ears but she was calming down slowly. Ingrid would shift a little awkwardly. "Thanks...I definitely feel a difference. I don't feel quite as...clogged up? Yes, I don't feel quite as clogged."She said as she rolled her head a little. "It's not wonder Kalmuli likes you around. If every healer and mage got this kind of treatment, there would be no worries about spells backfiring."
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