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  1. Kalmuli smiled,, shrugging. "True...but in this case, you were caught before you really hit someone."She said before moving away to go see about going to grab a towel or something from the bathroom to dry him off, leaving Priscilla to stand stoically in front of him. She was a few heads shorter than him and much, much younger. "If this had been a true assault, you would not have made it out here alive...We do not mess around when it comes to the Baroness' safety. You are lucky she considers you a friend."Priscilla said, stern and sure of herself. Kalmuli returned with a towel, tossing it at him. "Only if you want to be arrested for flashing an underage girl your goods."Kalmuli teased him.Priscilla didn't seem phased by the nudity, only in the fact that being around soldiers meant seeing a lot of exposed flesh. "Come over to the fire, you'll dry a bit better there. We can sit and talk." Priscilla looked unfazed by his flirtatiousness, looking at him like someone who had told a very dry joke. She looked to Kalmuli. "I'll ask the kitchen staff to bring some leftover hot stew and hot tea. Will there be anything else you require, Baroness?"She asked in a dry tone. "No, that will be all. Bring some sweets up too with the tea, I'm feeling a bit peckish."Kalmuli said, Priscilla nodding before looking to Aldorto. "Any additional requests?"Priscilla inquired.
  2. Kalmuli heard the door open and the splash of water, smiling and chuckling. She sat up, looking over at him and sat up in bed. She grinned at him, tilting her head and folding her arms on top of her knees that were under the covers. "Well, magically, you're as subtle as a shovel to the face."She pointed out. "It was one of my newer personal guard who felt you first. Priscilla, you can come out now." Priscilla crawled out from underneath the bed, getting to her feet. She was a young half elf, hair as black as coal and eyes a cool, eerie grey color. She looked at him, frowning. "Nice to meet you."She said plainly. Kalmuli would slip out of bed but grabbed a blanket from the foot of the bed and wrapped it about herself like a shawl. "Then it was just a matter of putting two and two together with what they reported...I know of few people who use shadowmancy the way you do."She said as she moved over to him, smirking. "Then there's of course the fact that it's me that you're dealing with here. Welcome back, Aldorto." Priscilla would raise an eyebrow at their interaction but would step up to correct something Aldorto had said. "Incorrect. The Uldwars were in Ursa Madem in the town of Mistral. This is Drakiss. Part of the Empire of Orisia and the initial training grounds for Orisian Imperial Soldiers and Mages."She stated. "The Baroness is in charge of the improvements to the city and the military. You should have seen it before." Kalmuli would pat Priscilla on the shoulder. "That's enough...If you gush over what I and the Emperor have done here, we might both get a big head. Either way...welcome back to Drakiss. I guess it does look a lot different than when you were here last."She said, looking down at the wet carpet and then back to him. "Let's get you dried off. That's a rather antique rug I'd like to keep in one piece."
  3. Kalmuli and Priscilla lay in wait. Kalmuli had her back to the balcony doors on the other side of the room but she could see a shadow against the low light coming from torches around the Keep. Priscilla remained quiet, keeping an eye on the large shadow on the balcony under the skirt of the bed. Who was this man that Kalmuli put enough trust that he wouldn't hurt her? Priscilla whispered from under the bed to the Baroness. "Who is he..."She whispered. Kalmuli opened one eye. "A trained assassin...elf...werewolf...He spent some time with me before I became Baroness...He's a good friend and ally...but likes to be nosy."She whispered back. "Breaking through Keep defenses is more than nosy..."The young half elf scrunched her noise. Kalmuli could tell that she was displeased but sighed and shut her eye again. "What better way to test a defense than have someone trained to do this professionally sneak in...keep your eyes peeled on the shadows."Kalmuli instructed and settled in deeper under the covers. It was just a matter of waiting for him to make his way inside.
  4. The Valkyries were still on the hunt around the Keep, updating the guards around the Keep about anything they might see suspicious. Doing so would spread out a wider net to try to find out what was going on. Soon they got word from one guard when they went back to the ones who had been knocked out. They reported what they saw and felt. Some tall, lean looking male with a cowl and shadows that seemed to have a life of their own. That description narrowed it down...by a few hundred who matched that same description. Brenna slapped herself on the forehead and Heigel grumbled in displeasure. Well, it was back to the castle. The troubled pair left the wall to head back to the castle, still checking every alley and corner of Drakiss Keep on the way. Back at the Keep, there was a light knock on the door and Priscilla entered the Baroness' chambers. Kalmuli had woken up, displeased with having been woken up after just falling asleep. "What is it..."She yawned, rubbing at her face. "Someone important?" "No. There was an intruder detected within the Keep...Pixie said to let you sleep but...I thought you might know someone who uses what they use."Priscilla said as she approached the bed. "There are rumors of shadows running around and messing with the guards lead by a tall man wearing a cowl." Kalmuli's eyebrow raised. "You know them?"Priscilla asked. "Yes...an old friend of mine. I don't doubt he's being nosy and trying to find a way in. Let him get as far as my balcony...but in the meantime, get me a bucket of water and crack the balcony door open."Kalmuli said with a smirk. The trap would be set. A bucket of ice cold water was balanced on top of the door frame while it was cracked. A temptation for any worthy rogue looking to cause trouble. Priscilla had helped fill it with plenty of balls of ice to keep it nice and cold while Kalmuli crawled back into bed, waiting. Priscilla would take to hiding under the bed as a second trap.
  5. The Valkyries were on the hunt for an unfamiliar face in a sea of soldiers and sailors. It was like finding a needle in a grand haystack. Plume and Heigel divided up again but Brenna had been lurking close to where Aldorto was. The sudden spikes of magic usage were a good trail marker but as quickly as she found one, it had moved somewhere else. She would drop down from the roof tops not far from the spot he was hiding and met up with Heigel. "What'd you find?"Heigel asked. "There are constant fluxes. They pop up and disappear as quickly as I find them. They seem to have a common thread though. Wherever they pop up, something chaotic happens."Brenna reported. "They're smart whoever they are...but not smart enough. They'll slip up soon. Splitting themselves up like that is bound to wear them out eventually." Heigel grunted in agreement. "Either way, I just want to go back to bed...first we had more training today with the Elites and now this. Orisia's running me ragged."Brenna said, stretching and yawning. "Can't be helped. The Baroness has eye of the Capital on 'er. Pain in the ass it is, we got another recruit outta the Academy 'cause of it."Heigel said, the pair walking around but keeping tabs on the happenings around town. "Mmm...Frostbite's good. Socially awkward, but good. Wasn't she like the top graduate or something like that?"Brenna asked, both the women stopping outside Aldorto's alley. "Aye, an' an early apprentice. Only just a kid too. Not even filled in her britches completely yet."Heigel said, patting her own chest that was flat as it was muscular. "Either way...she sensed it before any of us did. Must be worth something."Brenna smirked before they walked on, heading away from the castle.
  6. The Keep was quiet, purposely done so to listen out for the intruder. If they weren't hurting anyone, it didn't seem like they were high risk. They could be a messenger or an investigator. Once in awhile there were defensive tests from the Emperor himself or the Commander. Maybe it was that? Either way, Kalmuli was safely tucked away in bed and the Valkyries were pulled out of their beds to do a little investigation of their own. Brenna, who was agile and stealthy as elves were, took off into town along the rooftops while Plume and Heigel went through with torchlight, checking out the little alleys and back roads around the Keep. They met at the gate of the castle to report their findings. "A few of the guards are knocked cold...no big injuries. Maybe just a bump on the head. Gizelle is going to look over them."Plume said, looking up to Heigel. She was a massive near seven foot tall woman dressed in pirate's attire save for the black coat and silver embroidered coat of arms all the Valkyries wore on duty. Heigel looked down. "Aye, some shit's been messed with for sure. Knocked over to draw people away. Pixie and Frostbite are doing rounds in the Keep..."Heigel said, looking upward toward the Keep. She couldn't see anything on the walls so no one was scaling up the sides. At least not yet. Heigel could see Brenna's figure around the rooftops, investigating an looking for people she didn't recognize. So far so good.
  7. Most of the night guards were inexperienced, picked out because they were novice soldiers both of the day brigades and the night brigades of the vampire sort. Leading them were ones just a little over of them in rank while the majority rested. The walls that protected the sea, freshly built with help from the Orisian capital and it's Emperor. Closer to the Baroness' Keep at the center of Drakiss were more trained guards and some of Kalmuli's personal brigade of soldiers. The Valkyries. This night it was her smallest guard, code name 'Pixie' and a newer recruit, Priscilla who stood guard in the interior. Being a young girl of only fifteen, Priscilla was not just the youngest but the most adept at magic. "It seems silly that we have to stay up all night...there are enough guards on duty that anyone could see anything."Priscilla said, sitting at the top of the long staircase that lead up to the upper floors. Pixie looked over from her perch, sitting on one of the decorative features and looking down at the youngest Valkyrie with a smirk. "Yes but some of them are human. Not a half-fae and half-elf like us. We'll be able to suss out any magic being done long before someone sees it."Pixie said with a shrug. "We also lost at cards with the others SO...it's guard duty tonight." Priscilla sighed, leaning over and resting her face against her knees. She sighed but stiffened, raising her head and standing to her feet. Pixie fluttered off of her perch, landing next to her. "You felt that too?"Pixie asked, her voice very soft. "In the shadows...yes...but it's still a bit off. On the border wall. Should we go after it?"Priscilla asked. Pixie shook her head. "No...our duty is here. No one's raised an alarm so no one must be dead-dead. They're probing. We stay here. Keep track of it and follow it if it gets into the Keep."The older of the pair said, her wings spreading as she took off into the air. "I'll let the room guard know." Pixie would take off, heading upstairs by flying through the corridor with ease. Being only three feet tall, she didn't have to worry about bumping into anything. The room guard, another pair of guards, were standing at attention. They were the elites of the military, trained at the Capital itself and retrained to the extreme here in Drakiss to be the best defenders of the Baroness herself. Pixie landed near-by, approaching them in view as she was told to do. She let them know the situation, one of them nodding. "Understood." One said, his voice deep and rumbling. On the inside of the room, Kalmuli had finished preparing for bed, brushing out her hair and putting it in a long braid. She rose from the room's vanity, taking the candle with her to bed to set it on the night stand. Crawling into the big, plush bed, she sighed and blew out the candle. It had been another long meeting with the leaders of the Night Brigades and the Night Council of Drakiss. Those usually carried on late into the evening, leaving her plenty exhausted. Juggling the people of the Day and people of the Night was always had her burning herself at both ends. Kalmuli settled in, dragging up the blankets and rolling over, shutting her eyes. It wasn't long until she was asleep.
  8. Kalmuli felt the air leave her lungs a moment when Makiel lifted her up, taking her off of her feet with their height difference. She smiled and returned the squeeze before she was let go for the last time. She looked up to him. "Do what you can to keep yourself safe...but if you can't, I will see you in another life."She said as she accepted the small kiss to her neck and watched as he left out the door. Ingrid welcomed the embrace, looking up to him and managing a sheepish little smile. "So long as you come back in one piece or most pieces...I'll be okay with that."She said as she gave him a good squeeze before letting go. Ingrid would follow him to the back door where Aldorto would say his last good-bye. Kalmuli was still looking at the back door window, seeing where Makiel was waiting for everyone and looked back to Aldorto. She wasn't sad...but rather, she looked a little more reserved. "I know you will. May the Fates guide you and bring you fruit in your darkest days, Aldorto Ardese. And do write."She said, sending him off with a blessing before he left. Ingrid and Kalmuli stood at the back door, giving them little waves of good-bye. They didn't want a door to be the last thing they saw.
  9. The ladies of the Pendulum had kept relatively quiet, taking in the air of the room a bit as they listened to the chomps and cracks as the wolves ate. When one plate was empty, another one was replaced with more food and by the time breakfast was over, there wasn't much left save for crumbs for mice. The wolves were nothing but thorough in making sure not a drop of food was left and from the sounds of it from Krieg, they weren't always well fed. "Well, if you're available to come back again, there's always plenty of food to spare. Within reason. We can't feed an army but we can feed a small group."She offered though she guessed it was less likely that she would see any of them again. "O-of course we would want to make sure that you had something. There's a few potions and salves in the goodie bags as well. I don't know if it'll help but they're good for a quick patch up."Ingrid said as she rose to start cleaning up the dishes. "It's always fun to teach someone to cook. It's something almost anyone can do. Who knows, maybe you'll take over as a chef one day with enough practice, Vasha." The ladies would start collecting all the soiled dishes to put them in the wash basin to clean up. "I had fun, Al. I hope you can come back to Drakiss soon to spend time with us again. Maybe by then I'll have graduated to an Archmage."Ingrid said with a shrug as she went to wait for him by the back door. Kalmuli would wait by the back door with Ingrid, the two elves pensive and quiet. This was going to be a rough road for the pair of travelers. When the men returned, Kalmuli grabbed Makiel into a big hug and squeezed him tight. "Stay safe as you can...and come back if you can."She said as she rubbed his back and let him go. Aldorto was still taking his time gathering his things so Ingrid went to meet him in the Ward. She would sit across from him as he gathered his things. "Be careful...and if you need a place to recover, just go to any close Pendulum...they'll take care of you there. They'll also let Kalmuli know that you made it back safe."Ingrid advised. "I hope it'll be okay...and that you and your friends will be okay."
  10. Kalmuli, on hearing about compensation of damage, raised her head from her work on the fireplace, abandoning it to take a look at what happened. There was minimal damage. That could be easily fixed with magic but if they had hurt themselves, it would be a different story. She sighed, looking at Makiel and the Wolves with a cross look. "You are so lucky it's just a few scratches and vines! If had been more, I'd keep you all here an extra day to work the shop top to bottom."She said, scolding them with a spatula in hand. "Now cool off and come eat." Ingrid heard the commotion, peeking around the corner from the kitchen with Plana. They sighed with relief before disappearing again to finish setting the table and sat down in their respective seats, divvying out their portions. At least it was over. Kalmuli picked up a few extra stools from storage since they were low on space to eat and spaced out the chairs with where the plates were placed. "We've got lots of food and we made some extra for you to take with you for your trip."Ingrid said once they were in the kitchen. "Hopefully it's enough...At least for snacks for a few days."
  11. Ingrid and the other ladies in the room stopped what they were doing when they were alarmed by the sounds of scuffling boots. Ingrid saw that Aldorto was awake, stopping what she was doing and putting herself between Kreig and the half awake wolf. She brought her hand to his dagger hand and put a little pressure on it to make him lower it. "It's okay, Aldorto...I think there's a story you haven't heard yet."She said as she spoke softly to him, keeping things calm. Kalmuli hadn't looked up away from her work by the fireplace and only moved away when the meat was done to take it to a plate on the table. She wiped her hands on her coat and settled her hands on her hips. "Enough you two."She said with authority. "If you're going to get twitchy with your knives and swords, take it to the Ward. Have a nice long grown-up talk and then come have breakfast when it's done."
  12. Ingrid kept an eye on Zasha's cutting skills and taught her about making omelettes. It was something that it seemed like she hadn't done before so teaching her how to make it was fun. An time that she could teach someone a new skill brought her a little joy. Zasha seemed to be a pretty adept learner too. She smiled and kept in her work of cutting up fruit and putting it in a tool that allowed her to drain the juices out of it into a big jug. Plana still busily made loads of bacon and sausage, knowing with all the wolves that would prefer it over some greens. She sat, watching her cooking while her tiny hand pet against Aldorto's fur. It was a pleasant feeling and she adored the soft feel of his ears. So soft. So fluffy. Kalmuli finished up her bath, getting dressed and headed upstairs to be greeted with the sights and smells of a busy kitchen. Her stomach growled. She smiled and wandered into the kitchen, seeing Plana cooking on the kitchen fireplace racks and Ingrid teaching Zasha how to cook different foods on a smaller, coal burning stove. "Smells amazing in here."She complimented and took as seat at the table. The scratch at the door made her stop in her squat, Kalmuli getting up to look at the backdoor. She saw the massive wolf mount, opening the door only for it to bump against the deer carcass. She smiled, reaching out and giving the Yarakul a nice scratch on it's forehead. "Good boy! This should feed us all plenty." Plana went to investigate what Kalmuli was talking about and saw the meat. She looked surprised, looking up to the wolf and smiling. She would return back to the kitchen to get one of her butcher knives. "Good boy! I'll take over from here. Master Kalmuli, can you keep an eye on the stuff on the fire?" Kalmuli made the 'okay' sign with her hand and went back to the kitchen.
  13. Ingrid and Plana looked to what Zasha had gathered, looking pleased and taking up some of the items to make for breakfast. "Oh no this is perfect actually. We can make a nice to-go lunch for everyone."She said as she checked it all over and Plana immediately took up any means so she could prepare them properly for cooking. She would give the chicken a good wash before rubbing it with butter and spices for putting on the kitchen fireplace spit. Ingrid would gesture for Zasha to come and observe what she was doing. "If you could whip up these eggs and chop up some of these vegetables to blend in with them that would help. Plana is going to work on cooking any meat and I suppose I can work on making some fruit juice with what you brought."She said as she collected the fruit, looking them over. Some of them were more native to Orisia so she wasn't completely familiar with it but started cutting it up to sample it and see what would mix well. With three ladies in the kitchen, it would be light work. Plana carefully moved around Aldorto to get to the kitchen fireplace and prepared the chicken to put over it, setting it on the rack and returned to grab the pan of bacon and sausage to put on a lower one. She sat by the fire to keep it stoked and the chicken turning, looking over to Aldorto to see if he was still conked out. So far so good. Maybe the smell of bacon and chicken would wake him? Kalmuli woke up down stairs, stretching and yawning on the bed that had seen better days. She scratched her scalp, licking her lips that were a little parched from a lot of extra activity last night. She sighed, coaxing herself out of bed to go get cleaned up for breakfast and let Makiel sleep a little longer. He would need it more than she would. A bath was drawn and mixed with soaps to make it bubble and she slipped in, sighing and propping her feet up on the side of it as she soaked for a while.
  14. Plana made an odd face at him but didn't argue. She would shrug and head another flight of stairs to head up into her room and quietly got ready for bed. It must have been a pretty good story if he didn't want to share it but she wouldn't argue. The Pendulum fell quiet save for the sounds of chopping wood and sleeping once Kalmuli and Makiel had finished having their ways with it each other. Night slipped into the early morning and Ingrid was one of the ones to wake up a little early. She eased up from under Aldorto, stretching and yawning from spending the night on the floor. It wasn't the most comfortable but it had been plenty warm. She got up from the floor, rubbing her lower back and hip as she went to go check on the shop. She peeked in on Kreigstad, nodding in greeting before going about to find the Ward put back in order and the place fairly cleaner than when she had fallen asleep last night. Someone had been keeping busy. Plana was already creeping back downstairs to help with breakfast, walking out in her night gown and tip-toeing back into the kitchen to the cold box to grab plenty of bacon and sausage, sneaking out to the back door to go see about collecting a few chicken eggs from a small coop they kept behind the shop. Ingrid saw her return when she went back into the kitchen, helping to wash all the eggs before they were cooked. It was a pretty peaceful morning despite what it meant for the werewolves and Makiel. They wanted to make it a good last few hours with a great breakfast and something to send off with them for the battle.
  15. Ingrid felt a little reassured but it was still frustrating. She would nod, not saying much and kept doing what she was doing. That was all she could do for right now. "I know...He's got some teeth and claws on him...I know he'll come back. He's stubborn that's for sure."She said with a little chuckle. Zasha would leave, letting Ingrid sit quietly...save for some noises downstairs. She looked down at the floor, red-faced as she heard a not so gentle 'thud thud thud'. Well, at least Kalmuli was getting her good-bye. It would keep her good for a while right? Ingrid sighed mentally and brought her hand to gently scratch under Aldorto's chin. Ingrid would softly sing the lullaby she had sung to the shade in the bed before, stroking and scratching. Several hours later, more deep into the night, Ingrid had fallen back asleep spooned up underneath him so he could use her shoulder and chest as a pillow with one of her big paws around her. It was a warm, comfortable safe space. Zasha had been right about feeling safe around Aldorto, especially if he seemed to be the most dangerous thing in the room. Plana came back in the kitchen, quietly tip-toeing around and checking on the pair. She had a habit of sneaking around like a little mouse. She moved around, peeking out into the shop area were the zombie-looking Kreigstad sat on guard. "Why do you look like that?"She asked in a sheepish voice.
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