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  1. Weaver's Training Grounds: New Construction

    Kalmuli had been busily frying and cooking up a storm for lunch. Barney had come back with a bounty and his rewards were the shells from some of the shellfish he collected and any scales from the fish she skinned. Kalmuli had finished cooking by the time she heard someone calling her name. The sleeping beauty was awake. She smiled, collecting a small plate of stuff she cooked as a sample of what more there was, wandering down the hall and opening the door to Red's guest room. "Ah, I was wondering when you were going to wake."She said, entering and plopping herself down on the bed with a bounce. Kalmuli smiled. "You were out for a while. I had to wonder if it was the Shak'kah making logs for tonight's bonfire or you."She teased, offering her the small sample of fried fish, mollusks and some roasted vegetables. "Considering I don't hear it anymore, must have been you."She laughed. "Here try some of this. If you like it, there's more out in the kitchen. Barney brought back a small haul from the shore for us."
  2. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli smiled, easing off of touching his face and swam backward from him, taking to starting to drift around in circles. No, she felt a little like teasing him...just a bit. "It's a children's story...something to give them sad but pleasant dreams at night."She said as she drifted on along her back, swimming about him lazily. "Of course, being overly romantic can backfire. I thought my whole life would have been to find a prince and marry them and have little princes and princesses." Kalmuli eased up off of her back, drifting back to his front and easing back into his arms. "A wanderer seems like an old fashioned minstrel then. Someone who sings the stories of what they've experienced to tell the tales to curious travelers and kings."She mused, looking down and playing with a bit of his chest fluff. She smiled thoughtfully to herself, listening to his suggestion. He was starting to wander off again, like he was going through an overload. Kalmuli would stop petting him. "I may...but I'm caught between a rock and a hard place where I want to know you and I want to just...have you..."She whispered to him, reaching down to take his hands and pulling him backwards as she guided them back toward the shore. "...but of course, I can show you a little sampling and if you want more, that's up to you. I'm more than happy to be with you and tease at the senses while we've got our skin to the sun."
  3. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    And fill she did. Kalmuli was not shy about watching him, glancing down under the murky lake water as he dove down to refresh himself. She could feel a new change in the lake but it quickly faded. Kalmuli grinned when he came back up, swimming about on her back until he spoke to her and swam a little closer. The praise of her looks was music to her ears, making her heart flutter with giddiness and for a moment, her mana seemed to spread out and turn the surface of the lake a shimmering green while her face turned pink. "Ah...no...your words...They're so very poetic. Considering that I've got a pretty freckled past full of trouble...to hear such positive words is flattering and welcome."She said, bobbing around and only glancing down when she felt something brush against her leg, glancing at a few passing fish that were unafraid of their movements on the surface. She would approach him, moving behind him to settle herself at his back and her chin resting on his shoulder. A gentle, intimate gesture. "A gem, a moon...you really do flatter me."She said, bringing her hand about to feel along his chest, fingers tickling along his pectorals. "Reminds me of a Fae's tale from when I was a child...A wolf and a fair-haired maiden. He fell so in love with her, that he wanted to keep her all to himself so they traveled together, running through meadows and mountains. On her eighteenth birthday, her father the Lord of the Skies came for her to take her place among the celestial court. The day she left, he howled and cried..and that is how the myth of wolves howling only at full moons started where I'm from and the origins of the Lunar Lilies that came from the maiden's tears. A wolf crying for the woman he loved so much he sings for her every month and the flowers that bloomed to let him know she is listening and loved him too." Kalmuli moved around so she was in front of him, fingers moving her fingers through his wet hair and scruff along his jaw. "Wolves will wander, but they will always have a place they call home. You are welcome in my home, my bed, my kitchen..."She told him, sincerity in her gaze and gentle touches. "So long as you come back to me. I can't keep you tethered...only if you want me to. By all means, I've got a good hand in leatherwork and I can give you a good reminder that you are mine..."
  4. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli chattered a little bit from the cold water but being under the sun, it was a little bit warmer. She laughed, at ease that he was alright. She understood sensory overload a little better than others, knowing that overwhelming sensation of either pain or pleasure. She smiled. "Ta naa okay Mellonamin. Amin rangwa.<It is okay my friend...I understand.>"She chuckled and scrunched her face when he rubbed her ears, letting him go so he could go back to shore and check himself over. Kalmuli followed behind him shortly after, making her way back to land with her boots and pants squelching. She wasn't shy about shedding them since she had already shown him the pale skin beneath her clothes. Under the sun she felt a little warmer once more, stripping down so she was exposed to the warm air. Out of the lake she stretched before wading back in slower than just jumping in. Looking back over her shoulder, bare bum facing him before slipping back into the lake, swimming backwards while he swam toward her. "Amin caela il- done y' helda' swim e' years. Uma il- be shy, lle caela seen ilya en' amin already.<I have not done a naked swim in years. Do not be shy, you have seen all of me already.>"
  5. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kal raised an eyebrow. Was he really that happy about the lake and the woods? She looked at him, feeling a gentleness of the experience. He wasn't dying, just in an intense feeling of bliss. She chuckled though grunted when her hair was tugged, her ears popping out of her hair as a result. Well...there was one way to make sure that he wasn't dreaming. Kalmuli would grin. "Lye will utua n'e e' y' minute manka lle naa <We will find out in a minute if you are.>"She teased him before breaking out into a run. Kalmuli brought the wind under her feet, her feet quickening until she reached the end of the dry land, making a huge leap in the air with both of them. Her legs walked on the air before the air gave out and they dropped out of the air, heading into the cold lake. She kept him with her, an arm about him as she brought them back up to the surface and came up, shaking her hair out with a hearty laugh. "Y' linae naa il- sina ringwe e' y' kaimela <A lake is not this cold in a dream!>"She laughed, reaching up and running her fingers through his wet hair.
  6. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli listened, chuckling. Of course. It could only be elves but there were others he could have learned from. It was a little rough around the edges but with some constant practice, Makiel could probably confuse even an elf who had never met or seen him. "Lle naa right. Ta naa coiasira ten' amin a' show lle amin talents ar' strength. <You are right. It is time for me to show you my talents and strength.>"She chuckled, jostling him a little bit in her arms. Just up ahead, the sparkle of the lake under the open sky shimmered between the trees. Kalmuli didn't hurry the pace along but rather, took the time to listen to the birds and insects. She smiled. "I' easiest lambe istim- ten' ilya species ar' brings ilya a' i' atya' table. Ta's i' lammen en' business. <It is the easist tongue for all species and brings them all to the table. It's the language of business.>"She laughed before they broke the tree line to the small field between the line and the shore of the lake. Kalmuli took the time to view it in it's glory, tilting her head. "Amin demada sut lirima i' linae naa ie' taurn noon. <I forget how lovely the lake looks at high noon.>"
  7. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli exhaled in relief when he stopped playing with her ears, but she walked a little awkwardly for a short distance. Her ears moved reflexively into her hair, hiding them in the foliage of white hair. "Oh believe me...I do...but you found the easily exposed one."She huffed. It wasn't much longer until they would reach the lake so they had more time to talk. His elven was good. Kalmuli couldn't help but break into a smile."N'ala lle rakte. Amin nae apsa gatherien. nan' ta nae moota il- seasa. <"Before you arrived. I was herb gathering...but it was work not pleasure.">"She replied with enthusiasm, the words falling from her mouth naturally. How long had it been since she spoke her mother tongue and not the common? "Lle edhel lambe naa quel <Your Elf tongue is good.>"
  8. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli left the keep, Makiel in her arms as she headed into the wilds. She had no qualms with carrying him and he seemed to enjoy it. It was a delight really. He was as amused as she was and it was funny to see a big hairy man being carried by a small elf. Kalmuli chuckled until his hands came up to her head, his hands playing with her ears. Her face turned dark red, her eyes bugging out. Her knees buckled a little but she regained her footing, knees shaking. "Aaahheeee aahaha..."She said, fighting to make any overly erotic noises. Her ears were particularly sensitive and playing with them sent her body into a tizzy. It was hard to resist and adding that bit of elven in there while he was doing it...Gods dammit. She whined, her pace picking up. "Aaahh haa...Uh, ahem...no you're not dreaming. I can drop you on your bottom and it would hurt most likely."She said, though she was still fighting the awkward noises and he played with her ears. "Hah...ahm...nnnn...I...uh...ahem...I'm just kaaiieeenndd...Ahem...kind."
  9. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli chuckled, her shoulder leaning a little with his weight there. She smiled, pausing a moment and turning to look at him, a hand going to his back. "No it shouldn't."She grinned, squatting down and using her other hand to move under the backs of his knees, lifting him up to carry him into her arms. Kalmuli would carry him a few feet., his weight feeling light as a feather in her arms. "Yes but human bones need more rest, Mak...Let me carry you to the lake and you can soak your legs a bit. Some cold water will do it some good. Help any swelling."She suggested, carrying him a little bit longer. "A wanderer's no good if they've only got one leg to carry them."
  10. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Ingrid looked up from her skinning, her hands and arms covered in the blood and sinew of the kills. She sighed, trying to think of an easy task. There wasn't much. The shop was clean, the inventory cared for. The cold box was about to be restocked and she didn't need help with Camille. "There's nothing else. Honestly, I've got things from here for skinning and cleaning. I don't have something destructive for you to do."She said, sheering a rabbit of it's hide and tossing it with a pile of others. "And Kalmuli's just left with her new friend. I have nothing for you."
  11. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli had only turned her back for a few moments when Makiel fell, hitting her and they both fell tumbling down the rest of the stairs. She rubbed her head a little after smacking it, grimacing and sitting up. "Gods damn, neither was I..."She said with a hit of a hiss. She got up, a little bumped up but was otherwise alright. She grinned a little awkwardly, stretching a bit to make sure nothing was seriously hurt. Nothing broken or damaged that wouldn't heal in a few hours. Kal would watch him as he tested himself to make sure he was okay too, sighing in relief. Just in case though, Kal would go and collect a healing balm tin, pocketing it. "If you say so...I'll take a look at it later."She said, leading him out the door and into the Keep's streets. It was a nice day with only a few clouds, leaving them with a blue sky to travel under until they were ready to go back to the Pendulum. "It's not a far walk. If you feel like you need to stop, let me know. We can take a break along the path."
  12. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli sat back with a modest shrug. "Had the First Demon War never happened in my country, I wouldn't have had the opportunities I've had and the adventures I've been a part of. His death signaled my growing up."She admitted, looking up as the werewolf joined them in the Ward. There was no table, the two women sitting on a stool and on one of the beds while they spoke. "Ah but I've long since reconciled with my mother...I've gotten a chance to live long enough to meet her reincarnation too. A good, blonde haired little girl named Silvi." Kalmuli chuckled. Ah how time flew...for her in the past, she would have been dead but she existed, traveling across time and eternity. Alone. The feeling unsettled her stomach some days. It had gotten better with making some allies in the Keep and beyond. Kalmuli hummed, rubbing her chin. "Fun? Well...I'm sure you already know one of my hobbies...but I enjoy my hobbies. I do leather work, carpentry and metal work. I take long baths until the water's cold, pamper myself often. I collect and breed alien species of animals...Of course all of this sounds like work but it's what I call fun. Drink too much. Eat too much...Everyone's definition of fun is different."She smiled. "You've just got to find the thing that relaxes you the most. And by finding, I mean try a little bit of everything. See if it gives you that feeling of satisfaction and arousal knowing that you're doing it or it's done." Kalmuil would gesture to Al, grinning. "For example, I'm going to enjoy brushing and fluffing his fur later. I take great joy in caring for soft things." @Fennis Ursai @Deus Ex Aizen
  13. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli listened to Raven, watching her wolf down the tart while she finished munching on her own, sucking on her fingers as the juices dripped on her appendages and palms. She chuckled, easing forward and resting her elbows on her knees as she leaned forward, watching with a curiosity. "Ha...Well...My father was my protector."She chuckled. "A War King. A War King with a soft spot for his only daughter." Kalmuli looked down at her hands, looking at the soft pink palms then looking back up with a grin. "Plana...While her eyes aren't good for potions, she can portion out things for pies and tarts with ease. I'm sure she's already heard you."She smiled, easing up. Of course, she was a little...thrown off. When she met Raven the first time, she didn't seem so bubbly. She was serious and sure of her self. This Raven was anxious and light footed. Her eyes wandered to the ceiling of the ward that was painted with stars and constellations of Valucre. A boldly painted moon was bright in the center. "My father yes...my mother less so. She died when I was young after giving birth to my younger brother...but the time that she was alive, she was a horrid woman. A master of black magic and wickedness to anyone who told her 'no'. My Father? A saint with a burning sword."She said, rubbing her chin and bringing her hand to rub along the back of her neck. "I loved him so...when my mother was on one of her violent, evil tirades my father would sneak us both off somewhere quiet and he would play the lute, teach me and we would work on one for me so I could have one more for a child." Her memories of her mother were copper to her father's gold. A good man who didn't know how to handle a wild woman like Gwendolyn. Kalmuli sighed. "When I was sick he would sneak me Frostberry cakes. When I was sad, he would sing me the lullaby about a warrior from his lands...and when I was mad at something, he would teach me how to punch and kick at a pillow. They're the best memories I have..."She looked to Raven with a bit of a sad look. "And the worst was when I tried to return home when our homeland was invaded...and his head was on the floor."
  14. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli returned with pies and tarts in hand. She would consider Al's blood later but right now, it was chow time. She would sit back on her stool, taking a bite out of her meat pie and then offered Raven the plate with the fruit tart on it. Plana hadn't made enough but she would happily sacrifice her dessert for some time to bond with Raven. They had fawned about love the last time they were alone together. "Haha...Little Rae of Sunshine. That's cute."She teased after swallowing her bit of meat pie. Kalmuli eased back, her lower back leaning against the bed for support. Sitting up for along period and leaning over often caused her frequent aches...not to mention the general forward center of balance that weight upon her chest. "My father used to call me his 'Little Shadow'. I'd follow him everywhere I was allowed to be."She chuckled at the memory. "But please, Little Miss Sunshine, enjoy the tart." @Deus Ex Aizen
  15. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli chuckled. "You can leave them in here. It's safe."She told him, reaching up around her person and fixing her clothes, pulling out any pinches. Kalmuli would wait for him to settle his things down anywhere he pleased. Once they were at the door, she remembered her deal...She hoped it wouldn't change too much. She looked up, smiled and passed through, making her way down a few flights of stairs and then stopping, looking up at him from the middle of the stairwell. "If we need anything to eat, we can find something to eat out in the Wilds no problem. There's a small orchard near the meadow of wild fruits."She told him, waiting for a few seconds and then turning to descend the stairs.