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  1. Ingrid lead the way to the gate. The walls around the manor themselves were relatively new, an add-on from the Marquis or rather future-Marquis to keep their home safe. She approached the gate as well as the two guards that stood at attention, two more add-ons from the High General to protect the grounds. Altus was more out the way but it was close enough to the Capital to be a problem if there were invading forces. She spoke to one of the guards. "He wants to see the Marchioness." The guard looked to Varisho, then to Ingrid. "Dining Hall." The guard answered before he moved to open the gate to allow them to pass through. Ingrid led the way to a courtyard that was decorated with an abundance of flowers both foreign and local. There were two more guards who guarded the front doors and they too allowed them to pass to head into the estate. Everything was very tame on the inside, decorated in dark and muted colors. At the top of a pair of butterfly stairs was a portrait of an elven woman sitting posed and refined while there was a more stoic portrait of a man with graying hair and beard. The middle section was empty, awaiting the day their marriage portrait was to be painted. The elven apprentice would step more to the right, going to another pair of large doors with yet more guards who allowed them to pass. The Marchioness, Kalmuli, was sitting at a large, long table with a few others enjoying a light lunch. When Ingrid and Varisho arrived, she stopped eating and pat her mouth with a napkin, awkwardly rising from her seat. She was heavily pregnant, making the front of her gown puff out around her stomach. "Right on time for lunch...but that doesn't look like a crow or raven you caught."She chuckled. "No...but he can talk to them it seems. Or understand them. He's got a case of amnesia and he needs some help figuring out who he is and where he's from."Ingrid explained. Kalmuli looked to Ingrid and then to Varisho. She would approach, her walk more like a waddle and she peered at him a little. "Mmm...Awful gaunt...Come, eat with us first and get some food in you. Then we can go to my research corridor and see if we can figure out who and what you are."She said, rubbing her stomach as she spoke and then waddled back to her seat. Ingrid would move toward the table, taking a seat and pointing to a chair where Varisho could sit. "I believe he's a shapeshifter...but from the way he talks, it sounds like he's much older."She suggested. "Mmm..."Kalmuli pondered as she picked up her fork. "Only one way to find out. Eat first, research and prodding later."
  2. Ingrid carefully minded her feet and the bottom of her staff as she tread through the field until they reached the end and she tapped her boots together to get rid of some of the dirt and manure. She looked back at him until he had caught up and then continued on again. She was heading to a large, multi-level estate in the distance that had a large glass atrium at the back of it with signs of flora of various types growing there. Ingrid looked back at him. "Yes...This is the Carmine Dominion and part of an area called the Arcane East. This settlement in particular is Atlus Arcanum."She explained and look a moment to observe their surroundings, her ear twitching a little. The digging noises had stopped and there was a dinging noise like a bell off in the distance. That meant it was lunch time at the dig site and likely, for the Marchioness and Marquis as well. She continued on. "The Marquis and Marchioness yes....while the Marquis handles the soldiers, the Marchioness is in charge of the Tower and anything magic related in this territory."She commented and looked forward again. "They live at this estate up ahead and the tower itself is an ancient remnant of a forgotten city. The Marchioness is studying the culture and the magic...but it's likely if you are from around here, you might be something left behind from it. She would know best." She paused a moment and sighed. "Be warned...She is very touchy but stern If you don't like either, I will let her know."
  3. Ingrid raised her head to watch the crows and other glossy-feathered birds until they settled back down on the ground, looking back at her. She narrowed her eyes at them, unfazed by the eerie stares. She sighed and looked to the man again as he approached. He loomed over her, staring at her and sent the birds away with a wave of his hand. Ingrid looked exhausted, amber-eyes looking like they had lost something within them. She watched with just her eyes as he bowed and came back out, introducing himself. An amnesiac named Varisho who had control over the birds. "Well...A stranger..."Ingrid said as she looked at his hand, then to him. "You're still a neighbor it seems...one for some distance as well." Ingrid looked back to him, looking eye to eye but didn't say anything for a while. She eyed the feather and then lowered her gaze down, doing a slight bow. "I'm not human either. I'm Ingrid Weaver, the Marchioness' apprentice. The garden here is a project made of some research from the Tower there."She said, raising her head and looking toward the west where an old tower stood with the sounds of pinging and digging from far off as they excavated the ancient grounds. She looked back to him. "Though from the looks of it...and feel...you're a shape-shifter of some sort."She said and looked over the opposite direction to the Marchioness's estate, then back to him. "My Master would know more...she's spent more time here and studying local fauna and flora..." Ingrid would gesture for him to follow her, taking careful strides down the rows of plants to get to the end of the field. "Come. Sh'ell be able to give you more answers than I can...and there is much better food than seeds and saplings."She offered without looking back.
  4. Ingrid had made sure Kalmuli got back to the estate in one piece without toppling over before she herself returned back to the field to see about catching one of the birds. When she stood at the edge of the field opposite of where Varisho was, she saw the influx of them as they landed in the fields to once again, mess the the experimental seeds they had planted. Ingrid's long elven ears flattened back, hiding in the thickness of her hair momentarily before coming forward. She would bring her staff out to the side before pointing the amber stone towards the field. "Auros."She spoke before a wave of wind blew across the field to scare off the birds and started to walk across the field to where the scarecrow was, stopping in front of it and adjusting it. "She's right...you're absolutely useless." Ingrid knelt down, looking at the ground that the birds had tore up and fussed with one of the plants that had gotten pulled up. She frowned and rose back to her feet before her eyes raised to see someone across the field wearing all black and what looked like animal bones. She had no idea who he was but the birds around him didn't fear him. She settled her staff upright. "You shouldn't be here. This is the Marchioness' private garden. The seeds here are no good for you or your birds. You're lucky that they haven't exploded yet...We're not sure how the plants react being inside an animal let alone a human."She warned him. "It would be unwise for them to scratch here..."
  5. The development of the Arcane East and Atlus Arcanum was coming along. Kalmuli had laid out plans to build it up into a booming research-based town focused on the Tower as well as to turn it into a capable, military grounds (via the efforts of her unfortunate betrothed). She stood outside of a manure-coated field, looking to see all of the hard work the community had put into it. There was only one problem though and she looked at the various crows and ravens that were poking at the fields, scratching at some of the new growth. Kalmuli brought her hand back then forward, spreading her hand out as she sent a spell that was just a rush of wind that spooked them and sent them out of the field. She settled her hands on her hips once they had flown off and looked at the 'scarecrow' that the locals had build. "Absolutely useless you are..."She shook her head. Kalmuli looked to her apprentice who stood with her, looking rather exhausted once more. "Ingrid, you're lacking enthusiasm again. Did all that time you spent with the Fenwyld elves not help at all?"She questioned. Ingrid raised her head. She was a head taller than Kalmuli, her hair pulled back in a long, thick curly braid. She had spent sometime away from Kalmuli, returning to her roots and she could see the change in her dress from the more utilitarian style of the Weaver Academy to clothes that were a combination of natural fibers and silk. "Briefly yes...I'm just getting used to being around more people again. I'm fine. I think I just need a little more time."She shook her head. Kalmuli frowned. "What happened at the mountain wasn't your fault..." Ingrid sighed. "I struggled a lot to find forgiveness for myself for failing the elemental at Mt. Egon...We mages and elves are supposed to protect spaces like that and I wasn't able to fend off a few soldiers. I wasn't much of a headmaster to the students either."She said, turning to start walking and Kalmuli waddled after her, heavy with her first child. Ingrid had came to help with the birth but that was still a month or so away. It was good to see her own Master and know that Kalmuli wasn't disappointed about what happened. She always told her 'people lived, buildings could be rebuilt' but it didn't really help. "Or very good at making scarecrows...I'm not sure what would keep the birds out of the gardens" Kalmuli had a hand on her lower back as she walked. "Well, some golemns would do a lot more but at the same time, just tear up the fields. Besides, I heard that there's been rumors of a man who's been seen talking to them. Some say he's a crow god. Others just a druid...but whatever the case, I'll leave you to talk with him. Gizelle's told me to stick closer to the estate nowadays." Ingrid looked back then down at the big bump under Kalmuli's country-girl style dress she wore for going out in the gardens. "I will take care of it then...Maybe I can convince him to tell them to leave the fields alone and find a new pecking round."Ingrid said with a nod before looking out to the fields again. "First I need to catch one." @The Hummingbird
  6. Kalmuli rubbed her stomach, finally rising up from her hobbled position before she shook her head and looked down. She didn't know how much the Emperor had divulged about Erunestian but either way, she was fine with him being naive to the situation. She leaned in the doorway a little, watching him as he scoped out the room. She had dressed up the room in dark furniture with some wall paper that resembled tapestries. There was enough masculinity in there to make it a comfortable space. Luckily her own space was on the complete other side of the estate and she wouldn't worry about crossing paths much. That's just what she wanted. At least unless they want to make children but she wanted some time in between children. She rubbed her stomach on the underside and on top. "Paolo Valentino was a designer to the emperor and empress themselves. It's the absolute best quality."She said before stepping out and way from the doorway. "Dinner is at six and the house doctor Gizelle is going to come by and check on your health. A routine thing around here. I have appointments twice a week with her for the baby. I've assigned Priscilla to be your guide around the property and she'll assist with your schedules as well." Kalmuli looked down the hallway, contemplating not saying much else but she looked back and managed a smile. "Davar...Enjoy your stay."She said before making her leave but stopped and leaned back. "And it's Marchioness...Lord Davar. At least for the next three months." Then she stepped away, waddling off to continue her day. Kalmuli retreated to head down to her own room, throwing open the door and slamming it behind her. She matched over to her bed, grabbing a pillow and screamed into it. He was so boring! Boring, boring, boring! He was as interesting as the back end of a horse's ass and was just as stiff. What was Raphael thinking?! Kalmuli sat on the bed, keeping her face buried in the pillow until she had screamed and cried until she ran out of steam.
  7. Kalmuli ate while he kept talking. She had already had a full lunch before he had arrived and had at least expected him to eat but it seemed like she wouldn't get anywhere. That or just the small sandwiches themselves didn't look appetizing. She had seen the mess halls and occasionally had sampled the meals there, finding them very heavy meals that could be eaten quickly if needed. She finished one and picked up her drinking glass again for another sip. "Then you should be good at listening and following directions...Considering the nature of the research I do here, it'll save the trouble."She commented, patting her mouth with a napkin. "I was assigned here for the tower that lies to the west of the manor...Next to my own son coming in three months time, that is my other child I take care of and study with a passion." She sat back again with a little bit of a disgruntled face. Being pregnant, there was just no comfortable position she could sit nor lay. Gareth, however, seemed to let things slide off of his back easily for right now. Kalmuli wanted to peel back what he was like quickly. She didn't know how he would be as time went on ....They would get to know each other, tempers would flare and she would see what he was really like. It always happened. Then when it did, she was going to be stuck with him for twenty or thirty years, depending on how long he lived. The presence of more soldiers though made her frown deepen. She had been fine with keeping minimal intrusion but now there would be more people around. People got curious. People messed things up. Kalmuli made a disgruntled noise again, rising to her feet while leaning some of her weight on the table to stand. "I hope you have the means to keep them in line other than your rank and tone. I rather my research not be impeded by soldiers tearing things apart. I've seen many a careless hand to the military ruin monuments and historical sites from heavy hands and feet."She said, putting her hand on the table and using it to help her back up to her feet. "Anyone messes with that won't get just a tongue lashing from me." Kalmuli folded her arms, looking rather sour. "I'll look over your plans...but they need to be held by my standard and that is as close to the Emperor's you'll get. It need not disturb any grounds my work extends into."She said, starting to walk. The two Valkyries already set to clean up whatever hadn't been eaten and quietly left, leaving the pair alone. It probably made sense in that regard to not have them hovering and the elf could take care of herself. "Let me show you to your rooms...we can talk more on the way. I had my personal designer make it for a...masculine touch. Or a human one. He's also designing your suit for the wedding and my gown...I don't doubt he'll be coming by to take your measurements." Kalmuli would start walking, her hand rubbing her stomach a little. Estian was tossing and turning, reacting to her own anxieties. Often when she was in a mood, typically anxious, stressed or angry, he woke up and danced about on her kidneys as he waited for a meal. And not just sandwiches. Her mana levels spiked and he absorbed it greedily. At the doorway that lead into the long hallway, she found herself having to stop a moment and let out a long sigh while she leaned against the doorway a little with a hand on her lower back and her torso slightly leaning forward. "Ah...Mm...Just a moment. The baby's throwing himself around..."
  8. Kalmuli probably knew why Rafael kept her in the dark. If she had known everything, she would have nitpicked at all the details and already find him boring by the time he stepped out of the carriage. She watched as he remained standing, watching him with keen eyes. "I have a terrible habit tearing things apart should I not find it appealing. Even the Emperor has gotten a lot of feedback from me in regards to certain matters. I don't hold back."She said, easing back a little in her seat a little to take some pressure off of her lower back. "There's also my own abilities that would make meetings like this quite unfair...Being able to see into the past and future. Reading into your personality, likes and dislikes without hearing them myself. It would have been far too easy to pull apart the blocks of who you are...but the day's not over yet." Kalmuli crossed her legs at the ankle. This man was a simple man...not even a name. She heard about his military career, his likes and dislikes. As well as his family situation. He was the younger it seemed, thrown from a military career now into the politics, marriage and family that was supposed to be his brother's responsibilities. Very much a stranger in a strange land. Kalmuli picked up her lemonade glass, sipping from it a moment. "You sound very much like a typical aging military man. You'd enjoy my libraries...and I'm not a pious woman. Not to the Empire's church at least."She said, setting it back down on the white iron table. "You do seem rather boring...but the Emperor wouldn't have you here unless there was something of value to you." She put a hand to her chin a moment, looking him over for a moment but settled her hand back on the table. "Considering your military history, the situation with your family's estate...and your recent inheritance..."She raised an eyebrow. "That makes you Gareth Davar. Considering he wouldn't send some greenhorn military boy or flamboyant lord...He sends 'The Spear of the Empire' to make sure his assets are guarded and a weak point improved." Kalmuli would fold her arms. A military man who was likely used to people following his orders and had no experience in dealing with the courts. She sighed. Getting away from Drakiss meant getting away from training young recruits. Now she had to train the oldest one that Rafael could fine and groom him into a Marquis. "I have my work cut out for me if you're supposed to be my husband let alone a Marquis."She shook her head and picked up one of the sandwiches on the table. "I've read much about the families of the Empire...House Davar needs a Marchioness' touch. Financially and politically."
  9. Kalmuli could care less for his rank or uniform. Both of them could be stripped easily and changed. The Emperor had definitely given her some raw clay to work with in terms of grooming and manners. She could see his eyes studying her over and had she been a more modest woman, would have turned herself away and covered up a little more. Still, he was putting on a brave face coming into her den. Kalmuli would smile and lead the way. "The Emperor knows how to flatter me. It's under his guidance and mine that the Drakiss Imperial training keep got some well needed care and updates. Most likely, far more than your time there."She said passively, walking without looking at him or attempting to take his arm. "It's a light lunch. Fret not. I won't make your uniform look a hair out of place with a heavy meal." He was stiff and militarily formal. How dull. Going down the long windowed hall, peeked a little bit of a manicured garden in the back that surrounded the Atrium ahead of them. The Atrium itself was the largest and by far the more extravagant of the gardens with places to swim, garden and enjoy some of the beautiful plants that Kalmuli brought from her own collection. There was a small table set up for them. Priscilla and Plume had quickly put on their Valkyrie uniforms which were black and silver with their code names and Kalmuli's personal sigil stitched into them. They did the salute when Kalmuli and Gareth stepped in, bowing. However, Plume had a bit of light armor with hers and Priscilla's coat was more like a mage's coat. "These ladies are my Valkyries. A mix of personal body guards and apprentices. Plume is a forge master and heavy weapon user. Priscilla is a powerful and intelligent mage. They're not like servants here but they'll help you get used to some of the rules here. You'll meet the rest at another time." Kalmuli would take a seat at the table, having to use the table itself to ease into her chair. When she sat, her condition was a little clearer and stomach showed a pleasant, round bump. Plume had refreshed the sandwiches from earlier and filled up two glasses of the lavender lemonade. "The Emperor let you know much about me...but I'm afraid I wasn't graced with the same impressions. He left everything about you a surprise. Even forbade me from using any scrying to see what you looked like or into your work. I'm meeting you for the very first time, raw and untouched. Other than just being a 'High General', I know nothing else."She admitted. "So who are you?"
  10. Kalmuli and the others had finished their lunch, still sitting in the Atrium as they spoke of what they thought this man looked like. Raphael had been very vague in his letters and Kalmuli knew why. If she knew exactly who he was and what he was like, she would nitpick at him and likely tear him down. Not giving her the advantage would put her in the room with an absolute stranger. He even had forbade her from using any fortune telling to find anything out. She had sulked for a week after that letter. Plume had thought he would be young, strapping and full of youthful vigor. Priscilla had thought he would be some old pervert looking for a forever young and pretty wife. Kalmuli had thought he was somewhere in the middle. Some middle-aged bookish man who might as well have been mute. They could have been all right at that point. One of the door guards had arrived at the Atrium, pounding his chest with the Imperial salute and a bow. "Marchioness, the High General has arrived."He said in urgency. The women looked at each other. Kalmuli's frown showed. Was it time already? She sighed and raised her hand, Plume getting up from her seat to give her a hand up. The lounge seat was low and hard to get up from. With an easy tug she was back to her feet, fixing the many layers of her skirt. She was still hiding her pregnancy somewhat under gowns Paolo had designed and saved the voluptuousness for her breasts that were on clearer display with low shoulders and windows. Plume would fix up her hair a little that was half pinned up with many braids and left long and flowing nearly to the backs of her knees. "Time to decide if I'm going to be surprised or disappointed."She said, sighing and moving some hair out of her face. Kalmuli would gesture for the guard to lead the way. He would walk with her down the long hallway on the bottom level in between the butterfly stairs. She could see a man standing there, looking prim and proper...though what she could tell, a much older man. Seasoned in many things and seemed more comfortable around a stricter environment. Kalmuli raised an eyebrow as she got closer and noticed the guards were standing a little straighter. This was no minor lord. Raphael had sent her a military man. "Welcome to the Arcane East."She said as she approached, trying to warm up her expression a little. "My apologies for not greeting you at the door. We were having a bit of lunch in the Atrium behind the estate...Would you care to join me?"
  11. The letter bearing the Imperial sigil of House Bartolome had sat on her desk. She had opened it, mulling the details over. She had opened it up, read it and closed it again. It had been a long time since she had ever considered marriage a thing for her. Her faith in connection to the Fates had let her a spinster in her own right and by choice. She had a long line of lovers, a longer line of broken hearts and an endless trail of loneliness. Now as Marchioness, she had a responsibility to the Emperor to help the empire flourish and fill it with more faithful followers. Thus, her swollen belly and now, an arranged marriage. The mystery man had not been described to her. The letter only said that they were going to arrive today and start the short courtship before the wedding. She forced herself out of her chair, hand on her stomach as she shook her head and started skulking off to her Atrium garden. Her assistant had been putting together their next experiment. There was a tree sapling in a pot she had been working on nurturing in the soil from the dig site to study the fruit it would bear in the future. Kalmuli had a hand on her lower back as she walked, another on the underside of her belly as she took a seat on a cushioned lounger where there was already a pitcher of lavender lemonade waiting for her. Just on time, Plume, her other assistant, was bringing lunch for the three of them. "I was hoping that this day would not come..."Kalmuli said, rubbing her belly and accepting a plate of fresh sandwiches made with some of the vegetables from their own work on studying the mana rich soil. She bit into it, sitting crunching on the cucumber sandwich as she stared at the rest of the garden. "I'm sure his Majesty picked someone nice. He wouldn't pick someone he wouldn't allow into his own home or kingdom."Plume tried to console her. Stress wasn't good for her or the baby. "He just said to put all my trust in his choice. That he would find someone who would do me justice and give me what I want. It just makes me anxious that I don' t get to really participate in picking. I just...sit there. Incubating"Kalmuli shrugged and picked up her lemonade glass. "I'm probably overthinking it." Priscilla sat at the foot of the lounger, pulling off her gardening gloves. "That's why I'm glad I'm not a noble."She said, and accepted a glass of lemonade. "What does Paolo think?" Kalmuli put her glass down after drinking it half way. "Pouting but I've decided to keep him on as my personal stylist. He gets his workshop here, I get to continue to look like perfection."She said with a shrug. "Not that he complains. He gets to care for the shoes and have a model." The girls laughed and it seemed to put Kalmuli at ease.
  12. Kalmuli had gone over her plans with Priscilla and taken to sitting in her massive atrium. She had brought a few of her pets out to wander the estate and they tended to favor the sunnier side of her atrium anyway. She sat stroking an alien-looking feline with three eyes and three tails, sitting reading one of the journals she had been given from past researchers who attempted to study The Tower. "Year 2, Day 212, The autumn has welcomed us with a few new finds. The softer soils from the rains has revealed more patterns of old structures of a civilization long past. The Tower it seems was the center of a large, ancient city. It served, in my studies, possibly as a power source to fuel many of the spells that made the city itself function. Evidence of mana-powered lighting and ways of forcing water through the city for water inside homes is evident. We've uncovered mosaics of daily life and old food stores. The food long rotten, but from the seeds we've grown what they might haven eaten on the surface. As for below, we've only just scratched the surface. There's much to uncover below but the men fear what might be awakened if we do. Some of the mosaics displayed beasts. Fusions of creatures of the surface world, melded together to make Chimeras down below. We'll continue to dig for more information." Kalmuli tilted her head. "Chimeras...They can't be just the typical minotaurs...I wonder just how many surface creatures managed to fuse beneath the surface."She pondered. "And if they fused with sentient beings..."
  13. Ingrid had gotten the strange boy off of her, shoving him away scrambling up and fleeing the scene. She ran through, not caring where she went but she needed to get somewhere. Anywhere. She must have ran miles, finally collapsing in exhaustion in an area that didn't seem familiar at all. She trembled, unable to control the shake of her hands and she lay on the ground. This was the worst. She could feel the wet earth on her skin and her clothes clung to her sweaty body. After a few minutes she was able to push herself back up to her hands and knees. "This was a mistake..."She sniffed, leaning back and looking upwards to all the floating, whimsical looking fish above her. "Maybe I'm not worth finding it...What kind of fae am I that I can't even navigate the woods..."Ingrid said, wiping her face and just smearing mud on her face. She took the inside of her sleeve, wiping at her face and trying to get herself together. She hadn't cared what direction she ran...but she knew she was probably way far off from where she needed to be. Kalmuli would have torn her head off for being so foolish. Now lost in the woods....she wouldn't see her...nor her son again. Ingrid had wanted to Ilvor to find some personal healing after the terrors she had witnessed at Misral...but the misery of Misral had just followed her there. Leaving her alone. For good. Ingrid sighed shakily, grabbing her staff and forcing herself back to her feet. She couldn't go backwards...but she could keep going forwards. A straight line would have to take her somewhere and she started into the woods again, melding into the dense fog with a limp. Ingrid would keep walking, hearing the drones of battles that that either did or didn't happen in the Fen. The fish danced in front of her face and above her, singing alien songs. She could hear more whispers in her ear, feeling like she was hearing foreign conversations from all over. Still...she tried letting her mind relax and focus just on the path ahead. One step in front of another. "Mama." A child's voice made her stop. Ingrid raised her eyes, tears running down her face. In front of her was a little boy with thick, curly brown hair and big blue eyes. She knew who this was. Ingrid eased down to her knees, looking at the little boy. "Camille..."She whispered. "Why is it showing me you...You're supposed to be home..." "Come home Mama..." Ingrid started sobbing. She reached out for the little boy but he was always out of arm's reach. "I want to...I want to so much...but I'm so sick Camille...Mommy's broken. I couldn't save him...I could save the school...There's something wrong with me."She said, still reaching out but she could never hold him. "I just wanted to give you a good home...I just wanted to make everyone happy....I can't even make myself happy...and now..." Her face contorted in pain and she dropped her hand into the dirt. "Forgive me Camille....Forgive me for being so stupid...Forgive me for letting our first home together burn...I want to get better...Please....Please wait for me."Ingrid cried, crumpling up on the ground again.
  14. The first day in the new estate was mostly getting acquainted with the many rooms and new equipment. Much of her own had been transferred from her personal quarters at Teller's Respite as well as Drakiss so she had everything she needed and wanted for nothing. Even her garden had been transferred over, leaving her with a paradise of plants to cultivate and study. Even Paolo had several rooms to himself filled with mannequins, shoes and bolts upon bolts of fine cloth for making his gowns, clothes, suits...whatever the Empire needed and wanted only a single version of. It would be some time for everything to be exactly like home but this would be home for a long time. Perhaps even forever. From her bedroom window, she could see the Tower that was going to be her pet project while she lived there. No doubt, Rafael had put in a request with the architect for her always to see what she was to be working on. What she had been promoted for. Tomorrow was going to be the day that she was going to venture to the tower and view the dig site as well as get a sense of the area. Paolo's sun allergy as a vampire though had him home-bound during the day so she had just the two Valkyries she had chosen to bring with her. Priscilla, who was still green as far as the Valkyries but the best at research and Plume who was a heavy weight when it came to offense and defense if need be. She was a small, plump woman but she could take someone down five times her size. Kalmuli would need that considering what might be lingering in the Tower itself. There were rumors of monsters, strange lights and rumblings beneath the grounds as the leylines of Mana converged right where it sat. Kalmuli could feel it in her own wells, feeling more replenished than when she was at Drakiss. She played with little lights on her finger tips, letting them hop about like crickets before floating away as fireflies through the open window she had been watching from. A knock had interrupted her thoughts and she looked to see Priscilla standing with scroll in hand. "I bought the current map of the area as you asked and records of what had been explored before."Priscilla said, bowing a moment. Kalmuli would gesture for her to come closer and the young half elf strode over to lay the map out on the desk in her chambers. She strode over, looking over the documents. "So...They've just explored any upper levels...It's quite a maze above...I can imagine below is worse. Far worse."Kalmuli said as she took a seat and ran her hand over the explored part of the tower grounds. They hadn't even made it all the way up to the top either. "Because of how deep the leylines can travel?"Priscilla asked. "Yes...Leylines are strongest subsurface...closer to what some could call the 'life force' of the planet itself. Creatures that live there typically have beyond average capabilities, sizes, species...Imagine it like a pure nutrients made to make things...just...more in general. An elf down there could quickly find themselves feeling close to a God if they were a mage or wizard. Magic items made from anything grown down there...well...could have devastating effects if not crafted correctly to contain the amount of mana that it would have."Kalmuli explained. "I've mixed soil from the surface near the tower with plants...so far nothing but the more samples we get deeper in...I'm sure that crop outputs would be off the charts." Priscilla listened, looking down at the maps. Already she could feel her hands itch...that was a good sign she was excited and ready to get to work. She looked to the Tower out the window and then back to Kalmuli. "Will you be okay...you know...working around all this stuff with having a baby?"She asked, looking down to her stomach. "I'll be fine...besides, perhaps this may make Estian the strongest mage Valucre has ever seen. Half man. Half Elf. Born in an area of high concentrations of mana. He'll be fine...and I'll be fine."Kalmuli said, patting her stomach. "I have a mission...and if it takes forever, it takes forever."
  15. Kalmuli nodded and looked back down, moving her hands through his fur. She could get more scratches on his back later but she was content in just doing around his scruff and shoulders. "Mmm...Exactly. She had a father figure but she wasn't impressed. I want someone who can be the person she can open up to...eventually. That'll take some time. I'm sure you and your boys will give her the challenge she needs to try to overcome."She smiled and switched her self over to a side saddle position on his back. Instead of just sitting there, she would remove her shoes so she was barefoot, slipping off so she could walk alongside him the rest of the way. "Of course...which is why I think you'd pair up nicely with her. You've been through much...and sometimes that can build a good bond."Kalmuli said, moving along with him while her feet crunched in the sand. "Well, I' all ears. You don't have to spill everything in one day...We can make a routine of it. For now...you can tell me what you need to tell me and I will try to figure out your head."
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