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  1. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli smiled. Easing back against the side of the tub, she looked up to the ceiling and the dancing bubbles. "I enjoy it a lot...I like being able to be absorbed in a book when I need a break from everything else. I have a pretty big library at my home estate in Weland full of them...but I keep copies in the Pendulums. Stuff like herbs of certain regions and others. I used to collect romance novels but my apprentice Ingrid has the collection now."She said, craning her head up and grinning. "Some of them I've written myself on my own experiences...but she doesn't know that based on the pen name." Kalmuli flinched when she was splashed, cupping her hands under a mound of bubbles and puffing them at him with a giggle. "I think you'd like it in Weland. Bigger home, even bigger rooms to explore."She added with a shrug. "What do you think of Valucre so far?"
  2. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli nodded in agreement. "If I acquire any new toys, you'll be at the top of the list of people I'll have try it first. I usually test things on myself first."She said as she sunk beneath the bubbles to wet her hair so she could wash it later. She kept up to her shoulders, partially covered by the veil of bubbles everywhere. Kalmuli relaxed her head against the side of the tub on a folded towel, listening to him talk about the pleasure dens of his growing up. She smiled at the thought of an unsure Al going in and the exposure he got. Maybe that's why he was so secretive about it before they had played last night. "I have playrooms in every branch of the Pendulum. All of them about the same except maybe a different material used or themes."She said , raising her arms up for a long stretch before they sunk back into the bubbles where it was warmer. Her eyes opened, peeking at him with a quirked eyebrow. "Mmm...I suppose I could answer a few questions. I try to be an open book where I can be."She said, drawing her legs up and folding her arms on top of her knees. She blew at a few patches of bubbles, clearing them or sending a few bubbling up into the air in the bathroom. "If there's something I won't open up about, I'll say 'pass' and a short reason."
  3. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli chuckled. "Saves the stress of trying to get a sheet to fit over a big mattress."She said, tilting her head as he pecked her cheek that was still a little flushed. Kalmuli would trail off into the bathroom, wandering to get the bath started. She twisted the knobs, adding a few bottles into the mix to fragrance the bath and add a swath of bubbles. She smiled, smelling the floral aroma and sat up, leaning back when Al wrapped his arm about her. She looked over her shoulder, chuckling. "Oh my...you're spoiling me. You have some ideas of how to make more nights like last night?"She teased, reaching up to scratch his scalp. Kalmuli grinned, tilting her head around and sighing. She would turn around, peeking up at him. "Of course...You're safe here. Unless you do something terrible, I'm not going to make you feel unsafe."She said, wrapping arms around him and lightly scratching his back. "I enjoy your company...It's nice to have a playmate that's as perverted as I am. Someone who's willing to go toe to toe with me, hip to hip." Kalmuli kissed his chest, turning back around to dip a toe in the bath, easing in slowly and gesturing for him to join her in the sunken tub. "Oooh the water feel sooooooo nice....nice and hot."She said, sinking down a little lower with a pleased sigh. "I love bubble baths..."
  4. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli nodded. "A hot bath with a lot of bubbles and soap."She said, crawling off of the bed. her knees hurt and her hips throbbed but after a soak it would go away. With a quick flick of her hand, the bed started to strip itself off, crumbling up and inching like a giant blob over to her closet. A new change of sheets appeared as invisible hands dressed up the bed again. Kalmuli walked a little bowlegged and wobbly toward the bathroom, stopping at the couch. "Hopefully it wasn't something that would otherwise cause me to change the sheets again."She said, leaning against the couch and raising her arms up for a long stretch. She caught the stripe of black around his neck, chuckling and wobbling over to bring her hands about his shoulders, undoing the collar. "Three days...At least that's what my timeline prediction is. Of course with wanderers, their paths can be so erratic...I gave some wiggle room just to be safe."She said, tossing the collar and leash behind her. "I'll get the bath running."
  5. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli sniffled, mumbling something about mucus and peeked her head out from being buried. "Mm...Sore...but a good sore..."She said, yawning and stretching a little in place. She looked up when she saw the little vial containing a potion, reaching up to accept it. Kalmuli popped it open, taking a long drink and tossed the empty on the floor. She jolted when she felt it hit her system, shivering and shuffling closer to Al. "Mm...reminds me of a cinnamon hot chocolate drink..."She said with a smile, licking her lips. "I don't want to move though....at least for..."Her eyes glanced behind him at a wooden clock against the wall. "A few more hours." Kalmuli sniffed, her nose scrunching. "Ooof....maybe sooner. The bed smells rank..."
  6. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Her body was a dead weight. She had slept so good, her weight had never moved or shifted, leaving her sunk in the same spot all night. She was sticky and sore, but in a good way. Kalmuli felt a warm hand on her, then an arm, her eyes creaking open. Kalmuli licked her lips that were dry and her jaw ached as she moved, shifting stiffly and looking over crusty-eyed and drooling. "Nngh? Asf..."She muttered before the warmth moved away and she whined. Kalmuli moved so she was rolling on her side, smacking her lips as she wet the cotton-mouthed feeling. "Hhhkkkk....mmm..."She sighed, curling into his warmth and let out a long yawn. "Mmmhm...Mornin' Al..."She mumbled before she shut her eyes and settled down again.
  7. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli heard a voice above her head, looking to see Trevor's spirit...well...astral projection above her on the Pendulum ceiling. The runes in the wood of the Pendulum itself were designed to contain spirits should they attempt to wander while they were healing. Trevor would not get far. "You're projecting...it's what happens when people are in the 'in between' in life and death. You'll go back when your body is healed up."She said, her mouth never moving. She communicated via psionically with spirits, making it easy to talk without alarming others. "I'm about to hook you up to a mana drip shortly after these two are settled." Kalmuli would look back down to the disgruntled pair and called over to Makiel. "I'll let you handle the anti-venom and the healing."She addressed before she returned back to Trevor's body. Giving him a mana drip would help slowly restore his reserves and assist with the healing more naturally. Kalmuli attached a new bag to the IV tube, letting it flow into Trevor's arm.
  8. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli could see the little bit of mischief in this cat boy's eyes but he was being pet by the Queen of chaos herself. She kept up a kind facade, removing her hand and reached into her robe pocket. Kalmuli pulled out a white card and a few gold coins. She passed it along to Ash. "Ash. I'm Kalmuli."She said before withdrawing her hand. "Take those coins and that card to the inn a few doors down. They'll give you a room for a few nights. If not you can sit in the kitchen. Unfortunately we don't have a waiting room."She said, slipping her hand back into her pocket. "I'm Kalmuli. Master of the Pendulum and Ingrid's teacher. I'll be taking care of your 'father' until he's able to walk out of here on his own." Turning back to address the panicked couple, she sighed. A snake? How boring. She gestured for them to enter the Pendulum. "Bring her inside. I'll give you an anti-venom and stuff to combat the symptoms. She shouldn't move too much. If there's any venom left, the anti-venom will counter it and the potion will keep anything remaining from making her suffer."She said, leading them to the back Ward in the Pendulum and gestured to a bed. "Lie down...as for the 'snake'...I'll find them and make sure they're punished." Kalmuli gave a side eye to Makiel in the shop where she could see him. "Thoroughly."
  9. Weaver's Training Grounds: New Construction

    Kalmuli smiled and Bh'ul's spread into a excited one. His eyes closed when his nose was rubbed, getting the scent of her hand and her electric waves that were picked up his nose organs. In this way, if she was in the sea, Red wouldn't be mistaken for a floundering fish. Bh'ul backed up, giving a little space and settled himself near the loungers, sitting and watching the pair of women. Kalmuli chuckled. "Kahlan...It's a beautiful name."She said, wandering herself over to bring a hand around the woman's shoulder for a squeeze. "I will only use that name when I need to lecture you on the importance of your health." She leaned in, looking eye to eye. "I do find it fascinating...Bh'ul was able to pick up on the the electric signals in your eyes. Shakkah have sensors in their faces that they can pick up on electronic waves...another curiosity of the world we live in."She shrugged, giving Red a pat on the shoulder. "I'm ready for round two of the buffet in the kitchen, how about you?" "Lahnd food?"Bh'ul asked excitedly, his shark tail swaying a little faster. "Kind of. Seafood, Land people style."She said, gesturing for him to enter the cabin with her permission. Considering how much food she made, Bh'ul could have a healthy sampling. She grinned to Red. "I've got some rum I've been brewing with coconuts and bitter herbs if you're feeling brave."
  10. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    "No, not lifted..."Kalmuli said, shaking her head and shoving her hands into her robe pockets. She moved away from the bed. "The job is a little bit easier now though. We just have to let the symptoms pass and he'll heal on his own."She said, going toward the front of the ward and grabbing a metal frame on wheels with white curtains, dragging them over to set them up around the bed like a shield for the rest of the ward. Kalmuli addressed Sal as he passed by. "Thanks for watching my back. When things get settled back in your world, come by for a drink or five. I'm sure Makiel and his student will enjoy it." She returned back to work setting up the curtains. @Fennis Ursai Ingrid looked a little appalled by the cat-boy's behavior. She frowned, turning and taking Camille upstairs to their bedroom and then came back in, pulling on a pair of finger-less gloves and glowing orange gems on the back of the hands. Kalmuli didn't approve of threats and neither did she. Ingrid stood in front of the cat boy, seemingly changing from motherly to someone who was about to put the beat down on someone like a bouncer. "My Master has things under control...the fact that she's now active again and working in the Ward to try to help, she may have found a solution."She said, crossing her arms. "You will wait here. You're not a patient." Kalmuli made an appearance, heading to the front of the shop and looking at the odd blue catboy. Salvine's comment made her smirk. "Nope...not our mascot. Ours is a dragon but he tends to like to stay downstairs and nap most of the time."She chuckled deeply, settling her hands on her hips. "Relax kid...your father, was it? Trevor's going to be fine. I spoke with Edgare. We're going to let the symptoms pass and his healing factor will kick in and heal the rest. We'll manage his pain as he's healing but that's about it. Unfortunately, I can't let you into the Ward, even if you are family. It's a delicate situation and we have to monitor him carefully over the next couple of hours. You'll have to wait out here unless you want Ingrid here to send you back to Neketa a little less blue, a little more purple and black?" @Trevor Wisegem Kalmuli would reach up, petting the space between his ears. "If we need your help with something, I'll let you know. You know him best so you'll be the back up...until then, you'll have to hang out here in the front shop or in the kitchen."She said, moving her hand. Her right ear twerked, raising an eyebrow. There was the sound of chaos outside the shop, something regarding a man and a woman outside. Kalmuli moved around the boy, heading to the front door to see the two sloppily over each other. "Can...I help you two?" @Akiris
  11. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli stared. Shaking her head with a heavy roll of her eyes that could have possibly made them fall out and bounce around like marbles, she shrugged. "It's not my problem if the world explodes or not...because I work for the fates. The fate of Valucre is not determined by an immortal sixteen year old...And Goddesses? Please...I am not intimidated."She said, bringing a hand to flick a few stray hairs out of her face. "At least we know what to do. Just need to get a splash shield and we're all set...Though this would have been far easier if Trevor had been open about his condition. What he did was dangerous by not telling us and we would have been liable if he truly died. Paying for a funeral is costly." Kalmuli would turn away from the light without looking back, heading somewhere in the darkness. "If you have any influence on his intelligence...it would be smart for him to disclose that next time." On the outside, she came out of her trance, removing her hands off of Trevor and sliding off of the bed. She gave Salvine a jostle while she came out, stirring him back to reality. "Oy, Dandy Man. We've got a solution..."She said, standing to her feet to bring her hand up to give him some smacks on the face. Ingrid shrugged. "Well...nothing I can think of."She replied to Makiel, returning back to the cat boy. "I'm sorry but I have difficulties believing that...An imaginary cat woman...It actually sounds very...odd."Ingrid looked down to her son who was starting to nod off again. She looked up again. "Though Kalmuli has done impossible things...I guess there are other people who could do it. Even a child."She smiled, returning back to watch the Wanderer as he lingered around on Stand-by. There were sounds in the Ward, meaning that Kalmuli had finished up her task of searching for the cure. Good. The craziness would die down soon. "There's some hidden wine in a panel downstairs in the herb room...I think Kalmuli may need something to take the edge off. I'm not sure a quiche will help."She frowned. "Usually hard cases like this....puts her in an off mood." @Fennis Ursai@Trevor Wisegem
  12. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Ingrid interrupted. "He claims to be the young man's son...but at his appearance, I don't know. He's awful young to have had a child let alone...the odd appearance."She said, gesturing to the blue hair, ears and tail on the cat boy. The random sudden jump from one scene to another left Kalmuli's head spinning a little. There was a sudden shift in mood and sensation. The change from memory to soul. While memories didn't have much of an emotional influence, the soul did...but even with the whole 'joy' and 'despair' that was described, she felt nothing. The last time someone had messed with her emotions, it left her broken. She had made the changes to herself to keep something like that from happening again and a pin at the base of her throat glowed. She addressed Edgare. "The idea was to backtrack through his memories to the point of when the curse had been placed. Sort of source mining for a possible cure."She said, looking back over to the purple glowing monster of a light. That was definitely the curse. However, the curse of the divine was a fickle thing. Not knowing who these goddesses were, it left her without much to do. "Well, congratulations for getting one of the better curses out there..."She said, furrowing her brow. "However...the issue now is that it's either causing his heart to nearly explode or something else is. We've tried mana, life force, potions...He apparently came in with an injury that's been healed. You're inside his head...do you know what the cause is?"
  13. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Ingrid was a little startled when Makiel showed up again with his more snake-like appearance. She didn't like snakes in particular...not after Omi. She furrowed her brow, shifting Camille over to her other hip. "Alright for the meantime...I can hear them muttering and cursing under their breaths...This young man's mind looks like it's a lot more trouble than it's worth."She said with a frown. "I just hope they come out of it okay...who were you chasing down? A thief?"
  14. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Oh, more for the mental circus. Kalmuli had to nearly 'jump for joy'. She sighed, listening to them and bringing her hands to her temples, massaging in circles. Turning and looking behind her, she gestured to Salvine. "Down boy! They're going to talk. Keep an eye on things from up there. If they look like they're about to go the wrong way...do your thing."She said, turning to address this new manifestation. A high elf named Edgare who introduced himself with more manners than the blind man. Kalmuli crossed her arms. "Considering we're in his mind, there will be personalities that conflict."She sighed, shaking her head. She looked to Edgare, approaching but keeping herself out of arm's reach. "Edgare, I'm Kalmuli. I'm the owner of the Pendulum shop that Trevor is currently lying in. All we want is to help him before his heart explodes and we have a dead body in the ward."She said, following in step with the high elf. "I'm afraid your friend Ashton may be too brazen that he'll make it out alive this time...He's in bad shape."
  15. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Kalmuli rolled her eyes. Every century, there was always one of these. Justice! My Goddess! A Hero! All of those and eventually they get cut down. They put themselves so high up on a pedestal, they forgot what it was like to be humble. That's when Kalmuli usually stepped in and reminded them how to be. This whole scenario was beginning to be a pain. She looked to the blind guardian though he was too blind to see the expression on her face that was disgusted and done with it. "Oh I'm sure he can handle it on his own...that's probably why he somehow made it to my shop in this corner of the universe, asking for my help and came in bleeding into my shop. Really. He can handle it? My gods, his condition is worse than I thought!"She said, tossing her hands up into the air in frustration and a voice dripping with such heavy sarcasm, it was just a matter of time before there was a hole in the universe and they were sucked into the void that was Kalmuli's version of 'done'. Outside, she could hear the pleas of of the cat boy asking for them to stop what they were doing. "Before I start thrusting my fingers through your eye sockets and using your head as a paperweight...why shouldn't we remove the curse? The whole of you seem to be adamant that it shouldn't be, even at the risk that this body might die."She insisted on asking. "Final warning, if you don't answer I will leave and I will be sure to make 'Trevor the Life Mage' dies out in the streets instead being helped in my shop." @Fennis Ursai @Trevor Wisegem