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  1. Kalmuli had gone over her plans with Priscilla and taken to sitting in her massive atrium. She had brought a few of her pets out to wander the estate and they tended to favor the sunnier side of her atrium anyway. She sat stroking an alien-looking feline with three eyes and three tails, sitting reading one of the journals she had been given from past researchers who attempted to study The Tower. "Year 2, Day 212, The autumn has welcomed us with a few new finds. The softer soils from the rains has revealed more patterns of old structures of a civilization long past. The Tower it seems was the center of a large, ancient city. It served, in my studies, possibly as a power source to fuel many of the spells that made the city itself function. Evidence of mana-powered lighting and ways of forcing water through the city for water inside homes is evident. We've uncovered mosaics of daily life and old food stores. The food long rotten, but from the seeds we've grown what they might haven eaten on the surface. As for below, we've only just scratched the surface. There's much to uncover below but the men fear what might be awakened if we do. Some of the mosaics displayed beasts. Fusions of creatures of the surface world, melded together to make Chimeras down below. We'll continue to dig for more information." Kalmuli tilted her head. "Chimeras...They can't be just the typical minotaurs...I wonder just how many surface creatures managed to fuse beneath the surface."She pondered. "And if they fused with sentient beings..."
  2. Ingrid had gotten the strange boy off of her, shoving him away scrambling up and fleeing the scene. She ran through, not caring where she went but she needed to get somewhere. Anywhere. She must have ran miles, finally collapsing in exhaustion in an area that didn't seem familiar at all. She trembled, unable to control the shake of her hands and she lay on the ground. This was the worst. She could feel the wet earth on her skin and her clothes clung to her sweaty body. After a few minutes she was able to push herself back up to her hands and knees. "This was a mistake..."She sniffed, leaning back and looking upwards to all the floating, whimsical looking fish above her. "Maybe I'm not worth finding it...What kind of fae am I that I can't even navigate the woods..."Ingrid said, wiping her face and just smearing mud on her face. She took the inside of her sleeve, wiping at her face and trying to get herself together. She hadn't cared what direction she ran...but she knew she was probably way far off from where she needed to be. Kalmuli would have torn her head off for being so foolish. Now lost in the woods....she wouldn't see her...nor her son again. Ingrid had wanted to Ilvor to find some personal healing after the terrors she had witnessed at Misral...but the misery of Misral had just followed her there. Leaving her alone. For good. Ingrid sighed shakily, grabbing her staff and forcing herself back to her feet. She couldn't go backwards...but she could keep going forwards. A straight line would have to take her somewhere and she started into the woods again, melding into the dense fog with a limp. Ingrid would keep walking, hearing the drones of battles that that either did or didn't happen in the Fen. The fish danced in front of her face and above her, singing alien songs. She could hear more whispers in her ear, feeling like she was hearing foreign conversations from all over. Still...she tried letting her mind relax and focus just on the path ahead. One step in front of another. "Mama." A child's voice made her stop. Ingrid raised her eyes, tears running down her face. In front of her was a little boy with thick, curly brown hair and big blue eyes. She knew who this was. Ingrid eased down to her knees, looking at the little boy. "Camille..."She whispered. "Why is it showing me you...You're supposed to be home..." "Come home Mama..." Ingrid started sobbing. She reached out for the little boy but he was always out of arm's reach. "I want to...I want to so much...but I'm so sick Camille...Mommy's broken. I couldn't save him...I could save the school...There's something wrong with me."She said, still reaching out but she could never hold him. "I just wanted to give you a good home...I just wanted to make everyone happy....I can't even make myself happy...and now..." Her face contorted in pain and she dropped her hand into the dirt. "Forgive me Camille....Forgive me for being so stupid...Forgive me for letting our first home together burn...I want to get better...Please....Please wait for me."Ingrid cried, crumpling up on the ground again.
  3. The first day in the new estate was mostly getting acquainted with the many rooms and new equipment. Much of her own had been transferred from her personal quarters at Teller's Respite as well as Drakiss so she had everything she needed and wanted for nothing. Even her garden had been transferred over, leaving her with a paradise of plants to cultivate and study. Even Paolo had several rooms to himself filled with mannequins, shoes and bolts upon bolts of fine cloth for making his gowns, clothes, suits...whatever the Empire needed and wanted only a single version of. It would be some time for everything to be exactly like home but this would be home for a long time. Perhaps even forever. From her bedroom window, she could see the Tower that was going to be her pet project while she lived there. No doubt, Rafael had put in a request with the architect for her always to see what she was to be working on. What she had been promoted for. Tomorrow was going to be the day that she was going to venture to the tower and view the dig site as well as get a sense of the area. Paolo's sun allergy as a vampire though had him home-bound during the day so she had just the two Valkyries she had chosen to bring with her. Priscilla, who was still green as far as the Valkyries but the best at research and Plume who was a heavy weight when it came to offense and defense if need be. She was a small, plump woman but she could take someone down five times her size. Kalmuli would need that considering what might be lingering in the Tower itself. There were rumors of monsters, strange lights and rumblings beneath the grounds as the leylines of Mana converged right where it sat. Kalmuli could feel it in her own wells, feeling more replenished than when she was at Drakiss. She played with little lights on her finger tips, letting them hop about like crickets before floating away as fireflies through the open window she had been watching from. A knock had interrupted her thoughts and she looked to see Priscilla standing with scroll in hand. "I bought the current map of the area as you asked and records of what had been explored before."Priscilla said, bowing a moment. Kalmuli would gesture for her to come closer and the young half elf strode over to lay the map out on the desk in her chambers. She strode over, looking over the documents. "So...They've just explored any upper levels...It's quite a maze above...I can imagine below is worse. Far worse."Kalmuli said as she took a seat and ran her hand over the explored part of the tower grounds. They hadn't even made it all the way up to the top either. "Because of how deep the leylines can travel?"Priscilla asked. "Yes...Leylines are strongest subsurface...closer to what some could call the 'life force' of the planet itself. Creatures that live there typically have beyond average capabilities, sizes, species...Imagine it like a pure nutrients made to make things...just...more in general. An elf down there could quickly find themselves feeling close to a God if they were a mage or wizard. Magic items made from anything grown down there...well...could have devastating effects if not crafted correctly to contain the amount of mana that it would have."Kalmuli explained. "I've mixed soil from the surface near the tower with plants...so far nothing but the more samples we get deeper in...I'm sure that crop outputs would be off the charts." Priscilla listened, looking down at the maps. Already she could feel her hands itch...that was a good sign she was excited and ready to get to work. She looked to the Tower out the window and then back to Kalmuli. "Will you be okay...you know...working around all this stuff with having a baby?"She asked, looking down to her stomach. "I'll be fine...besides, perhaps this may make Estian the strongest mage Valucre has ever seen. Half Vampire. Half Elf. Born in an area of high concentrations of mana. He'll be fine...and I'll be fine."Kalmuli said, patting her stomach. "I have a mission...and if it takes forever, it takes forever."
  4. Kalmuli nodded and looked back down, moving her hands through his fur. She could get more scratches on his back later but she was content in just doing around his scruff and shoulders. "Mmm...Exactly. She had a father figure but she wasn't impressed. I want someone who can be the person she can open up to...eventually. That'll take some time. I'm sure you and your boys will give her the challenge she needs to try to overcome."She smiled and switched her self over to a side saddle position on his back. Instead of just sitting there, she would remove her shoes so she was barefoot, slipping off so she could walk alongside him the rest of the way. "Of course...which is why I think you'd pair up nicely with her. You've been through much...and sometimes that can build a good bond."Kalmuli said, moving along with him while her feet crunched in the sand. "Well, I' all ears. You don't have to spill everything in one day...We can make a routine of it. For now...you can tell me what you need to tell me and I will try to figure out your head."
  5. Kalmuli continued to scratch and rub around him. She smiled as she felt him ripple, knowing it probably felt good. She moved more up his neck and between his ears, then back down again. "They'll enjoy that. Niles is rather shy but she'll want to show off a little. Giselle's a retired war nurse so I'm sure you'll have much to talk about."She said and stopped with the scratches for a little bit. Priscilla...When the girl graduated early and grew more aggressive in finding work, Kalmuli had taken the girl under her wing. She made an agreement with her that until she was eighteen, she'd work as a Valkyrie before she moved onto working as a lord's advisor or starting her own business. She first needed to learn how to cooperate with people instead of trying to show them brute strength. "I want her to get along with people...know that she still has time to grow and she doesn't need to rush into full employment. The Courts are no place for a young girl right now, even if she's more mature for half elves her age."She said as she looked back out to the sea as they ambled along. "Not to mention, she has a temper. She's ambitious but she doesn't care about other people's feelings. I think she's closed herself off to being empathetic after losing...well...everything she loved." She looked more skyward. "She's had nothing but rejection since the day she was born. Born in an orc's slave camp, scalded with hot water, had her ears shaved and then losing Luis? I think it would be good to be someone who would challenge her and let her break...let her be a teenager. Feel and know she can trust people."She sighed. "I want her to to encounter something new...something she can't predict. What better than a werewolf and others she can't control or forcibly control them?"
  6. Kalmuli tilted her head. He was talking about their healing abilities right? Makiel had been wonderful help with some blockages in her mana. "I admit, Makiel had was a big help in getting me all limber again. I'm probably due for another treatment."She said with a roll of her shoulders with a rickety pop in their sockets. The further away that they got, the quieter it became and it was just the sounds of waves and wind around them. Kalmuli appreciated the silence, usually only getting such a break if she threw everyone out of her office and absconded herself up into a tower. She saw the cliffs getting closer and closer, the sense of relief coming with them. No guards. No Valkyries. No Guilds. Just her and the wolf underneath her going for a stroll. "Well...Plana the young one has done a great job and improved enough that she's able to mind the shop on her own now. She's even heading the apprentices there now."She said as she gave his side a pat. "Ingrid passed the Archmage exam but unfortunately her first job was not...all that it was supposed to be. It wasn't long after Ingrid left I decided to form the Valkyries. Women that I have seen who's fates will turn the tides where they need to." She looked to the sea and smiled. "No puns intended"She chuckled. "They also serve as my body guards...I take them everywhere with me but they've become a little family for me. Heigel's a Pirate turned Sea Captain, Brenna is an intelligence gatherer and clothes designer like Paolo. Giselle keeps them all in line and is a medic. Niles has such a touch with wine and potions, it works well with everyone. Plume is a forgemaster and you already met Priscilla. She's a more recent addition. Absolute prodigy when it comes to magic...just not really good with people." Kalmuli would stroke between his shoulders again. "Priscilla was one of Ingrid's students...and was very much in love with one of the Uldwar sons. Losing him, his family, her school...Being a Valkyrie's given her an order to the chaos...I just wish the same had happened with Ingrid."
  7. A good question. Kalmuli would continue to pet and stroke along his neck, between his shoulders and forward again. Nothing intimate but she was sure he didn't mind the attention. "A little of each really...I'm content that I have had a place to put some roots down. Sad that one day I might have to leave it and some of the memories I have here. Prideful that it's caught the attention of people from all over Orisia and Genesaris...Happy that I get to live in such a beautiful place even if I have to be fairly rough to keep it that way. Still...if I do get new orders, I wouldn't mind being on the mainland. There's more to do there than this little island can provide."She said and eased back. "Heh physical stress...To be honest that would help the most. I can't be doing a lot of the physical things I'm used to now that I'm having a kid." Kalmuli would lean forward again, folding her arms on his back as he trotted along and used the strength in her thighs to keep her still on his back. She sighed and listened. So there was an ulterior motive for his arrival...He wouldn't just show up like this without needing something pretty important. She reached up and stroked up between his ears. "So you've come for some therapy...Luckily, that's less physical labor and more mental. That I can handle easily."She said, bringing her hand to one ear to give it a soothing rub on the softer hairs there. "As for Ingrid...I'm sure someone to help reground her to where she needs to be would help...Now that Camille is old enough to be enrolled in school, she can focus on getting better out wherever she is. We can talk more in private up on the cliffs..." She eased back again so she was sitting up. "And you can tell me all your woes."
  8. Kalmuli could appreciate the easier pace now that they were away from the Keep. Her hair billowed about her, long and wavy from being in a braid. She felt the warmth of the sun on her skin and the smell of salt in the air as a reminder they were far from any kind of city life here. She held onto him, careful not to pull any of his fur out while he trotted along and she held on so she wouldn't fall off. She didn't bother correcting his path or direction, just enjoying the stroll as they walked down the shore and along the border of a small forest area near it. She saw him looking toward the forest, leaning down to pat his neck. "We do have game believe it or not...but we've learned when their breeding seasons are and have set hunting times. We've started introducing some other game, seeing what's able to populate here."She said, stroking him while she looked from the forest to the coastline. "It'll be bittersweet...one day I'll get promoted and I won't be able to see much of Drakiss. To see it go from a little seaside town to a place almost as glorious as the Capital..." She sat back a little further. "I hope by then I'll have a replacement trained. I may have you do it if you get your bearings and the way things are run...but only time will tell."She said, leaning forward a little and gave him a bit of a squeeze with her thighs. "If you keep going North, you'll hit the cliffs. That's where we're heading."
  9. To believe she was getting a promotion... Kalmuli had been pleased to be leaving the mainland even if Drakiss held some fond memories and her greatest work. In advance of her arrival, she had a manor prepared and spared no expense in making it comfortable. Reminiscent of her home in Drakiss, it was made of white stone with several floors and two separate wings used as research facilities and had a beautiful garden atrium added toward the back where she could grow food, herbs and some plants that were easy to work with testing the mysteries of the Arcanum. She had only brought a few of her Valkyries to help with protecting the grounds and her research. The Emperor had also been a great hand with providing her with all the moving equipment to bring her goods from Drakiss to the Arcane East. A short trip from Orisia but between her plants, pets and furniture, she needed many hands and many ships. She stood in front of her new home, rubbing her stomach as she felt the life inside of it kick and flail around. Of course with this new home came a brand new nursery too. Kalmuli had it decorated in deep blues, the ceiling painted with a big silver moon and golden stars. She had also receive a beautiful cradle as a gift from the broody Emperor Estian would call 'Uncle'. Knowing she'd have support of the Capital made the idea of being a mostly-single mother more bearable. Mostly, because she had Paolo. Paolo Valentine. Designer to the nobles who worshiped the ground she walked on and the appendages that touched it. He had prepared dozens of new gowns for her and outfits that would be easy to work in while researching and even more when she gave birth. While Paolo was undoubtedly a devoted friend and kept her a great deal of company while she was preparing to have a child. He benefited from being around her as well with having his own workspace outside of the Capital so he could keep his designs more exclusive. Kalmuli stepped outside of the carriage that had delivered her to Atlus, standing on the cobblestone path and looking up at her new home. "Do you think it was over kill adding two wings?"She asked Paolo who swept back his dark curly hair, perfectly coiffed. "Nonsense. You deserve a place grand enough for what you have to do. You never know what you're going to find doing your research...and this is just a hair bigger than Drakiss. Estian will have all the space for him to run around and learn of the world! Not to mention, the best education one little Dhampire could ask for. If one wants to study magic, one has to be so immersed in it."Paolo said, rubbing her shoulders and leaning to whisper in her ear. "And you do look your best when you're foot deep in your work." Kalmuli gave him a side eye and an awkward smile, shaking her head. "I think you picked the highest heels you can put me in so I'm not walking in muck...and you reap the benefits."She rolled her eyes. "Guilty. Let's go and see the place where you'll nest."Paolo said, pushing her along and Kalmuli chuckled, walking down the path through the front garden and to the large double heavy doors. There were guards already there, opening the doors and Kalmuli was greeted with butterfly stairs that arched around to the middle that lead to the different wings of the building to various floors. She looked on, seeing where she had asked people to put things and looking at the various shades of greens, blacks and silvers in her decor. Kalmuli would take the stairs sweeping up to the left so she could go and explore her room and the nursery. Her room was designed just the same as her space in Drakiss but when she saw the nursery...She wanted to cry. It was beautiful. Kalmuli looked around the space, gliding around and looking about at all the plush toys. She picked up a big dog plush, designed to look more like a wolf and looked up at all of the painted stars. She eased around, easing down to a rocking chair and sat looking upwards. "I've fought wars...monsters...seen dying stars and unspeakable things...but having a child...This is just...it's almost scary."She admitted, looking down at the plush her hands. "I hope I will give him the life he deserves..." "Psh! Nonsense...Between having a handsome, creative papa and a beautiful, intelligent Madre...He will be the most desired bachelor in all of the Dominion! He will have no cares and worries other than if he passes his tests and plays well with others."Paolo praised, moving down by her feet and helping her to remove her heels. He took one into his soft, careful hands and gave each of them a squeeze. "And doesn't stress you out." Kalmuli sighed, hugging the plush close to her chest and let Paolo do his thing with her feet. "He's not even born yet and I'm already worried about him skinning his knees." @King (adding you so you can read any background stuff and be nosy)
  10. Kalmuli

    Promotion II

    Kalmuli could read him fairly well...He wore his stress like a thick velvet cloak about him that was warm and weighted. She could see the exhaustion, see the frustration. As much as he wanted to be a ray of sunshine, right now things were hard. She would always sit smiling warmly, listening to his woes and hopes in the same breath. "Well...We're going to be parents together and right now, it makes more sense to be closer to the Capital than out in the middle of nowhere. Alone by the sea is no place for a child."She said as she rubbed her stomach, feeling uneasy butterflies. "Of course now if you need me to model for paintings now or trade books, I'm only a short carriage ride away. It will be more fun to see you more often and easier for me to get the things I need closer to a bigger city." Rafael was overly generous as always, giving her even the men and necessities to move her things to this new place, as the Emperor called it, Atlus Arcanium. That would be her new home now. A small citadel of research and magics that she could hole up in for a long time, studying the way these leylines fell in Valucure. "Passing knowledge in old tomes here and there...but it would be my first time going there. If it is such a powerful spot, then I'm sure what I can learn from it will be of benefit. As running a small seaside city is fun...my heart is more in magic and researching it. Something I'll put my full heart into."She said, touching her chest a moment and patting it there. Kalmuli would rise to her feet, a little unsteady with the extra girth around her waist but she would move over to him. She placed a hand on top of his head. Few could get close to him let alone touch him...but Kalmuli had befriended him in such a way, she treated him as one would a dear friend. Especially one who had much on his shoulders and few to talk to about it. He kept himself buttoned up and to himself, something that had concerned her for the last four or five months. Kalmuli would stoop, not too far considering their height distance so she could look at him eye to eye. "I know you are dealing with a lot right now...and I will do all I can to help. Now that we'll be practically neighbors...please don't hesitate to send a raven when you need to talk right away. No secrets will pass these lips of mine. Even if I'm in labor, I'll be there."She said, stroking his hair and the nape of his neck. The elf would place a kiss on his crown and stoop down a little lower so she could look up at him. "Rafael...if you need me, I'll be here in Kingshill until tomorrow. I'm only a short walk away...but I'm here. Enjoy your respite the rest of the day...okay?"
  11. Kalmuli

    Promotion II

    When Kalmuli had received an invitation to Kingshill, she hadn't thought over it much other than just to report about how Drakiss was doing or to let them know about some new groups who were interested in making settlements in Drakiss. To find out it was from the Emperor and to meet in Kingshill instead of their usual meetings in Drakiss or the Capital...it must have been important enough to warrant meeting in a middle ground. It was always a pleasure to see Rafael and they had bonded over hobbies and politics that made them good friends and associates. Rafael was always dressed to kill and Kalmuli had chosen an outfit made by her bed mate, Paolo Valentine. It was a black tulle overlay, stitched with beaded moons and stars with a body suit underneath, a pair of polished black boots to round it off. She raised her eyebrows at the announcement. "The mainland..."She mulled it over, folding the layer of beaded tulle in her hand, pleating it between her fingers. Kalmuli would be looking over two territories? She had to question it but he had made it clear what the point was. Time for a promotion. To Marchioness no less and a new city to build from the ground up. "Mm...that would make the most sense. There's much in Genesaris that Drakiss lacks...and I think it would prove to be a great benefit. Especially with how much development is already happening...there can be a true and proper research capital of the Empire."Kalmuli pondered the options. Considering there was much that they didn't know of the lands and energies there, she could find herself deeply immersed in understand it. "It's too bad it hasn't been quite stream-lined yet. I'm sure with a place where I can focus on studying how to advance things further for the Dominion itself...We could have magics more advanced than the rest of the world would ever know." Rafael's eyes were on her belly. She was for months along and the black clothes hid some of the bump but soon she wouldn't be able to cover herself up. Paolo designed many of her new garb to keep her pregnancy under wraps from the public eye as long as she could. Kalmuli had to fight from rolling her eyes at him. "Paolo knows his role in my life...he's familiar with working with nobles. In fact, many of the kind gifts I've received and some of the Empress' own gowns were made by him. I'm sure a few of your suits as well."She said with a smile, softening when she spoke to the Emperor as a friend. "Manners make the man...and the man makes the clothes of Kings. I trust he'll serve me well." Kalmuli would rub her stomach, feeling an excited swirling in her stomach. What would become of this child? One whom she'd love so much it might as well have felt overbearing. She would shake her head. "I know your expectations of me...and I'm sure that this new land in the Arcane East will be of benefit to you and the Empire as a whole. If it makes you happy, My Emperor, it makes me even more so."She said, putting a thoughtful hand to her chin. "Does that mean Estian will have an 'Uncle Emperor Rafael' watching over him as well? He's going to be the most spoiled child in Valucre." She would lean forward a little bit. "Also...where do I sign?"
  12. Kalmuli would gesture and the guards would open the door. Just one hand alone was enough to send men to their knees and eventually Aldorto would know why. She held onto him while he finished his change, settling on his back with her hands were buried into his back. His pace was easy through town, people casting odd stares as the Baroness rode a wolf through town. As he picked up pace, she leaned her body forward a little more, giving her less resistance as he picked up his pace. The Keep gates were already in sight and they were already wide open to let workers go out for the day to work on the walls, farms and mines. She grinned, listening to him howl. If she were a less tame of a woman, she would have joined him but she kept her face close to his back as he ran, peeking up to see the blur of scenery around her as they headed away from the Keep and further own to the shore. She could feel him slow down, Kalmuli getting up slowly and pushing herself up. Her hair had come loose, the ribbon that had kept it in place long gone with the run. Kalmuli smiled, running her hand through her hair and looking at where they were. She looked back to the Keep, the tower of her home a fair distance away. She smiled and leaned forward again. "There should be a path that leads down to the beach. Ah, there."She said, pointing to a well worn path for them to take. It was a little steep but it would be no problem for him. "From there just keep running up the beach until you reach the point there."She said, pointing to a cliff side that had a couple of sparse trees. The remnants of her garden.
  13. Kalmuli grinned, not hesitating to hike her work skirt a little to give herself some room and slipped onto his back. She chuckled, hanging onto him. "I'm sure you'll be a wonderful tutor for her."She said, preaching to stroke his hair a little and settled her arms about him. It had been a while since she had rode on anything but a horse. She smiled and settled her head on his right shoulder. "Vodka on a frozen night...Now that would be something. Considering how cold it gets here in Drakiss, it wouldn't be hard to imagine."She chuckled and eased back so he could finish shape shifting. She could feel his body tensing around her with the shift and then relax. Kalmuli smiled and let the feel of his fur slip under fingers. It was soft in some areas, a little more coarse in others but she enjoyed the feeling and gave him a more soothing pet than a playful one. "Head North to the shore and I can show you where to go from there."She suggested.
  14. Kalmuli would nod, moving from her desk to collect his used pint glass and carry it to her desk so someone could come by later to collect it then went to move to her desk, sitting down on the edge of it and crossing her legs. "I wouldn't call her socially awkward...but rather, since the last time she got closer to someone he was lost to the fires of Misral and his entire family. Her school too. She hasn't had much care afterward to bond...and I can't always hold her by the hand. It'll be good for her to be around someone who won't hold back punches, so to speak."She said and relaxed her legs, letting them swing free off the edge of the desk. "Isha and Priscilla are much a like...but considering her adeptness with magic, she'll be more than enough to handle." Kalmuli could give a little hop and she was off the table. She would approach him, putting a hand on his taller shoulder and leaning closer. "I've been told I taste like warm brandy on a cold winter's night...but that's why I'm Baroness here. I'm very good with letting people drop their guard enough to talk."She said as she gave his shoulder a squeeze and then let go. "If you don't mind me hitching a ride with you, we can leave now and head through the town and out to the shore. I've moved my seaside garden closer to the Keep but the cliff is still there and the forest." She would start walking to leave the office space, heading into the main foyer. There were guards posted to the interior waiting to open them. "Let's go feel the wind in our hair for a while. It's been a while since I've let my hair down."
  15. Kalmuli could see the agitation growing inside of him. Her rules and the buttoned up life in Drakiss was definitely having him pull on any tether that could be there. "How about this..."She said as she got up from her chair, making her way behind him and putting a hand on his back. "We'll get a drink here in my manor in my private office...and after you take that jittery edge off of you, we'll skip the registration and go for a tour."She said, taking his arm and starting to give him a little pull to encourage him around. "If you take your wolf form, I can either ride on your back or take my horse. We'll do a tour from here to the mountain, get a lay of the land and then meet at the Tavern. Register." She would guide him out of her meeting room and lead him to a smaller office area. It was stark, clean and every piece was a lush piece of dark wood and lush green fabric either embroidered with silver of velvet or covered in dyed leather. There was a bar on the side that looked relatively full and untouched. Considering she was with child, she wouldn't likely touch it for another nine months. She would pick through it but wasn't satisfied and instead went to a series of ornately carved barrels and a pint glass. She would pour a large pint and offered it to him. "Draconian Ale...Strong enough to knock a dwarf on their ass in at least two pints. Then I've got some potato liquor brewed here in Drakiss...Some of my personal stock of scotch from my home country's peat bogs...Then Mountain Fire Whiskey if you're looking for something with a stronger burn."She offered, pointing out the various bottles. Each had a different style of glass bottle with the Mountain Fire Whiskey being shaped more like a Dragon's mouth at the lip of the bottle. "Take things one thing at a time...Trust me, I've had my fair share of breakdowns about having too much to do. Be glad you don't have to worry about all the finite little details here..."She said, walking back to her desk and taking a seat, sitting back with her legs crossed. "Now I'll have motherhood on my plate. I'm going to need someone to be a right hand for me...but It's good to set yourself a schedule. I can have Daniel my secretary set something up for you over the next three days so you don't fry yourself out...and keep a Valkyrie close by. They'll be a good help in showing you where to go and what to do as far as the lay of the land and the laws." Kalmuli leaned forward, folding her arms on the desk. "In fact, I think Priscilla will be a good help. She's a prodigy but she lacks social skills. She knows the law like the back of her hand but understanding people even less so."
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