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  1. @Thotification imma be pedantic here and point out that the zombie you attacked in group 1 is already dead, since last round even, just that it got looked over and wasn't properly updated on the map. Also I'd highly recommend running south into the room with SQQQQUUUAAAAAAD instead, because while the area defense kinda puts a damper on The Suffering's abilities, I really wouldn't recommend staying in the room with it and the flaming skeleton 🧐 (Point being all the armed zombies in the southern room are dead now, it's theoretically safe.)
  2. Finally, I'm free of finals!

    With that said, I've fallen behind in my threads some, so I'd like to take this opportunity to review what's up!

    First, my many Yh'mi threads.

    - Caught up in the Nightmare Realms (Long Way Down and Acrophobia)

    - I said that I would be posting in Hold Your Vines, that post will be coming very soon with my time now free!

    - A Widow's Request and Sticky Situation... I do believe I'm waiting for posts from @Thotification for both of these, along with @The Rabbit Emperor for the former.

    Other threads:

    - Need to summarize Pagans in the Night and send it in for canonization lmao 😅

    - The Light, Extinguished... @vielle asked to be skipped for this round, and I posted last, so it's @Thotification 's time to go xD

    ... Is that really all of them? Well that was easy! I'll be back in full posting form starting tomorrow.

    So prepare yourselves. 🧐

  3. Ilene nodded as Fidelitas accepted her plan, and moved off swiftly to begin making preparations as she finished speaking. The thought to make a break for the door with the rest of the Aligorians, leaving the others behind... it did indeed cross her mind. They had enough firepower to fend off the harpies if they were attacked en-route, though they would assuredly be dooming the rest of the others to being stuck on the harpy-infested plateau, if not torn apart by the creatures. If she did so, she'd have to make sure to destroy the robot so that word wouldn't get out of the Aligorian force's betrayal, and permanently silence any survivors that came through the door after them. But... no. Whatever others may have thought of Aligoria, they had a sense of honor to adhere to. The Shadow Guard, at least, always kept their word in the end... even if others didn't like the results. And besides, Gormaric would be immensely disappointed in her, and she had no wish to cross the ebon knight. Not to mention how Neque would react if he found out, and he would most certainly find out in the end. No, no, there was no worth in such a short-term and short-lived gain. Her Shadow Guards followed behind her as she made her way over to Surus. She nodded at the archer crew atop the elephant, then started giving out orders in a quiet yet commanding tone. "Captain Jeorge, I want you to roll out that canvas we brought to cover cargo in bad weather, and hide beneath it with your men. The only harpies that know of you archers are pincushions down in that jungle, and it is reasonable that the others didn't see you through the fog. I'd like to maintain the element of surprise." She looked around for a moment, then her gaze settled on that peculiar stationary turret on the plateau. She eyed it speculatively for a few moments, then turned to her Shadow Guards. "Volke, Leila, the rest of you. Help me lift that turret up, we'll pass it along to our men atop Surus' platform. It will be more firepower for us, and a bigger surprise for the harpies once we begin our fight." All four of the Shadow Guards nodded, and move over with Ilene to lift up the automated turret. Five of them made for relatively light work, and they lifted it up into the grasp of the ten archers atop the war elephant. Those ten took the turret the rest of the way, and set it at the front of the platform, where it would have a clear firing range without blasting one of the archers by accident. 3-13 and Gordin gave a thumbs-up to Ilene, before each grabbing ends of the aforementioned canvas and drawing it over the platform. Now, it would look like the elephant was carrying cargo atop of it. A deception that Ilene hoped would hold until they reached the bridge's far end, at least. As everyone began to move out, Ilene advanced with a rope of shadow attached to Surus. She advanced carefully, hoping the bridge would hold the elephant's weight and not break on them. Her Shadow Guards, meanwhile, had drawn cloaks of shadows around themselves, and walked behind the elephant's legs while marching the creature's steps. They would be very hard to make out by the harpies, another facet to the surprise attack that the Shadow Guard commander had in mind. Her and the rest of the Aligorian force would move to the end of the bridge and hold position there. Once the fires flared up in the nests, she would give the order to open fire, and ten archers, five Shadow Guards, and an automated turret would unleash an arsenal upon the (hopefully) unsuspecting harpies. All that would remain then would be to hold off the remainder until the others made it across the bridge.
  4. That aside, my last post in Long Way Down stands as is. Frederick is actually too stronk and probably single-handedly secured the survival of my group, down to half its original size as it is. As for Acrophobia, post is on its way! SURUS TIIIIIIIME
  5. Well on a re-read I suppose he used an advanced buff there. But at face value it looked more like he intended to give you that saved up buff he had for SQUAAAAAD to use. 🤔 I don't feel like he'd give you the advanced buff knowing you can't use it on the area attack, and that's a boost to effect/damage and not the roll anyways. So, anyways, Ed giving the buff *does* mean it's not free and he couldn't bank that saved action, but... @Akiris clarification?
  6. @P.N.See Dohoho, but who needs wheels when you'll be mounted upon an elephant? We've got a bridge to secure and hold, my friend.
  7. @Tyler Doesn't Ed also have a +3 buff that he gave to ya? Even if you can't stack it on top of Leo's, it still bumps the second attack up to a 4 and thus a success if you use it instead 👀
  8. I've been... indisposed. 👀 Going plan was for maybe a little skirmish in the Broken Plains before moving things into the Whitewood, as narratively, the Plains are rather depleted of evil Yh'mi creatures after the two failed attempts to break through the wall and into Inns'th. So like in a round or two, I suppose? And ah, I'll post next, but role call nonetheless. @ticklefarte @sheep @Ghastardly @SteamWarden
  9. I'd definitely still like to do this thread lol, if both you @vielle and @Thotification are willing to keep this going. Also with Pagans in the Night done we now only have this thread with us three together lmao
  10. @Thotification @vielle And with that, we draw to the official end of this thread! Once again, I'd like to thank both of you for finishing this sucker off with me. I'll be summarizing this and submitting this for canonization Soon(tm), lol.
  11. "Ah yes... you did have two more with you, didn't you?" The knight chuckled for a moment. "Farewell then, and I'll be sure to let you know if anything comes up. I think I'll take some time to rest to recover, and then head off to Yh'mi. There lies one of the only evils on Valucre I have yet to tackle..." After a moment, he stood up himself, setting his drink down as he looked over at Iomhar. "I'll be back in a few moments, I'm just going and grabbing your gold. Better to take care of it immediately, rather than let that debt hang over my head, you know?" With that, Cerik strode outside, nodding one last farewell at the Mistress as he passed by her. There was this vague, indistinct feeling in the back of Cerik's head that this could be the last time they would be meet. If that were true, then well, it had been an amicable enough parting. He had no regrets about it, in the end. A couple minutes later, the knight returned with a none too shabby sack of gold in his hands, filled to the brim with clinking, jangling gold coins. He smiled slightly as he set it down on the table and slid it over to Iomhar. "We never agreed on a specific amount. So, I'm giving you what I feel appropriate based on the length of the journey and the perils you faced. There's also some extra in there, as recompense for that nasty spear wound you took fighting the cultists." He paused, laughing for a moment once again. "It's probably too much, to be honest, but I was never one for being stingy. Besides, I never have problems having enough money to cover what seemingly few expenses crop up with my lifestyle, so I feel better giving the surplus into somebody else's hands rather than hoarding it all to myself like some kind of dragon. Which... I've slayed but one of those myself." He adjusted his seat to be more comfortable, then focused his gaze on Iomhar again. "I can tell you that tale, if you'd like to hear it and have time to spare? I don't have any pressing business to attend to, and you seemed interested in my tales when we first met at the Weary Orc."
  12. Have you got three houses? Its well worth it

  13. @Meraxa Well, I don't know... Perhaps.
  14. Aligorian Information Department calling again. Does Valucre have constellations? And if so, can they all be seen from each of the continents? If they cannot... *cue theme* THEN VALUCRE CANNOT BE FLAT, BECAUSE OTHERWISE ALL CONSTELLATIONS WOULD BE VISIBLE FROM ALL LOCATIONS!
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