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  1. I don't remember the order anymore lmao We'll reset it after this round
  2. "I should find a means to record myself. I dislike needless repetition. But very well, I have no other choice at the moment. This war is not so black and white as it seems, Amber. The fates of many hinge on the outcome of this war, and the happiness of these fates depend on how the balance of good and evil is maintained. There are people on both sides of the war who have pivotal roles to play. If they succumb to temptation and walk dark paths... calamity will come to Erasmia. One that will wipe out the current nations and leave the continent scarred, broken, and barely livable." Meanwhile, Owend had taken Tolok and the Grey Knights to continue the mission of wiping out the patrol camps. Nodite now circled above a towering hill, followed by two Grey Knights atop their own pegasi. Owend grinned at Tolok after scanning the area. "Alright, Tolok. I'm going to dive in and drop you directly into the fray! Me and my girls will strafe and provide support, but... I haven't seen you fight yet, and I'm curious to see how you go about it. And, well... no, I'll tell you about that after we clear out the camp here." With that, Owend brought Nodite in a diving strike at the Byrn patrol, giving Tolok ample opportunity to leap off and land among the Byrn troops without injury.
  3. The Ebon Knight looked down into the courtyard for a moment before responding. "... Little time left. They'll start to get suspicious. So, I will say I am grateful for your aid. I will need you to aid the Exarch to the best of your ability... I will tell you more of what I know of the prophecies later, when I find the time to do so. And as promised, I will return you to your camp." The Ebon Knight stepped forward, drawing a pouch from his belt and untying the string. He threw a dark red powder over himself and Mason. An odd sensation overcame Mason... and moments later, he found himself back in Madon's camp, with the Ebon Knight standing near him. The general of Byrn spoke after a moment. "You may not be used to such a method of travel. Rest assured, the effects are temporary."
  4. "... The fates of many hinge on the outcome of this war. This is far greater than a mere war between nations, and even the shards of the Dragon Emblem. However this war ends, the fate of all Erasmia hangs in the balance." His crimson gaze fell upon Mason as he turned. "The balance of good and evil must be maintained if Erasmia is not to fall prey to a fate of great catastrophe. Prophets have spoken. Without delving too deeply... this war isn't so black and white as it seems. There are those on both sides who must fulfill their roles and not stray down a darker path. I work to ensure that those on Byrn's side do not fall prey to temptation."
  5. "Off the books?" The Ebon Knight chuckled for a moment. "Yes, I suppose you could say that. You are also correct in that I don't intend to treat you as a prisoner. In fact, will even bring you back to Madon's camp if you cooperate and answer my questions."
  6. The Ebon Knight's tone did not shift whatsoever as he responded to Mason. "Do not play dumb with me. I know of your conversation with Amber at Madon's camp, of the balance of good and evil and your apparent plan to lift The Valley into the air." He turned his gaze out toward the distance again. "I haven't told anybody else about the latter thing, mind you. Perhaps part of me is curious to see whether it can really be done."
  7. Frederick will be replacing Taunt with the Attack action as Taunt has come in handy a grand total of once, though that one time was clutch. Everything else remains the same for me.
  8. Innes and Jill looked at each other and nodded. Jill looked toward Mason. "Oh, the Ebon Knight will really like you, then. And sorry if we've underestimated you, by our standards... you don't look like much." With that, her and Innes led Mason to the Ebon Knight, who stood atop the wall and stared into the distance. The general of Byrn turned to face the three as they approached. "Jill. Innes. Report." Jill stepped forward and bowed slightly. "Ebon Knight, sir, we only have one thing to report. We found this man behind us during our patrol route." The Ebon Knight silently appraised Mason for a bit, then turned toward Jill and Innes. "Thank you. You two are relieved of duty, for the time being. Send your replacements out to check in on the patrol camps." Innes spoke up with slight hesitation. "What of the newcomer?" The Ebon Knight turned a crimson gaze towards Innes. "I will deal with him. Dismissed." Jill and Innes nodded and descended the stairs into the fortress' courtyard. The Ebon Knight turned his gaze toward Mason, speaking after a few silent moments. "There. We are alone now. So. What can you tell me... about Amber?"
  9. Jill glared at Innes for a moment, her expression livid as she mouthed "what the hell does he mean by 'sexual fantasies'?". Innes simply grinned insipidly back in response, and Jill settled an icy gaze on him for a few moments. Then, she turned toward Mason, her eyebrow raised and her expression curious. "So you're saying we're like... the old times, where you're from? Huh. Well, for us, this is our present, our current situation. Make of that as you will, I suppose." Innes turned toward Jill. "So, are we conscripting this guy?" Jill shook her head. "Not our place. We leave that to our superior. Besides, do you really think the Ebon Knight is going to take one look at this guy, then say 'yeah, I want him as a soldier!'?" Innes shrugged. "Hey, I've never seen the man's face. Who the hell knows what goes on in that mind of his." He looked up to see the fortress come into view in front of them, and turned toward Mason with a smile. "Our current base of operations. It was made by the Isorians, but us elites of Byrn eliminated the garrison in the span of ten minutes. So much for the vaunted defenses of Isore, eh?" Jill turned toward Mason as well. "We'll lead you to the Ebon Knight when we're inside, we need to report about our patrol to him anyways."
  10. Innes smiled as Mason finished speaking. "Well met, Deadeye. I'm not sure what you mean by a... 'renaissance festival', but that we are not. We are some of Byrn's elite troops. If you have questions, you can direct them at our superior when you meet him. And, ah, forgive me if I gave off the wrong impression in my interactions with Jill here. I did not intend to imply that she was a whore, but rather tried to uphold my end of our fond friendship by helping her to find love if that is what she so desires." He looked at Jill to make sure she wasn't listening closely before leaning in toward Mason and whispering. "Between you and me, she's sexually frustrated. And there's this particular man she has feelings for, but that she won't admit to desiring. If you stick around for a while, I can tell you more about the nature of the relationship, and you could possibly even help if you'd like." With that, Innes leaned back and then looked toward Jill. "Unless you've got something to add, my friend, shall we be on our way?" Jill rolled her eyes in response, before turning around and making her way back toward the fortress. Innes followed suit, gesturing for Mason to follow.
  11. Owend frowned to herself at Tolok's statement about the Ebon Knight, especially the 'for now' at the end. She didn't know whether he was full of bravado, or just had a foolish confidence in mind. But she thought that if they were to be able to take on the Ebon Knight, it would came a very long time in the future, if ever. And that would just be for the Exarch to match him, let alone the rest of them. But this was something she would keep to herself, especially since she was already a bit fond of Tolok, and didn't want to scare him off with thoughts like that. Jill frowned as she looked at Mason. Everything about him was just... strange. After a few moments that seemed to stretch on and on, she turned and looked at Innes. "Hmph. We should take him back to the fortress." Innes turned toward Jill and raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Have you forgotten about Madon already? You want this one to come into your chambers an-" Innes saw the incoming slap from Jill and dodged it, leaving the red-haired wyvern rider fuming and shooting Innes an icy glare. "Fuck off with that, Innes! I'm not some kind of whore, and he's not my type anyways. I was going to say, before you spouted off your idiocy... the Ebon Knight will know how to deal with him." Innes nodded after a moment. "Ah, yes. That makes sense. And thanks for admitting that Madon is your type! Useful information, I will persist until you embrace the truth of your feelings." Jill sighed deeply, turning away to face Mason while muttering to himself. "I'd like to see you embrace a tornado and have it fling you somewhere far away..." She shifted away from her dour and irritated expression to one more pleasant and friendly. "Well, today must be your lucky day! If you follow us, we can take you to food and shelter. We were just about to finish our patrol, anyways, and our superior will want to meet you."
  12. Owend smiled and laughed as she began to answer Tolok's barrage of questions. "Oh? You think a roadside fortress is impressive? Pffft, what a hoot! You should have seen Isore in its prime, they didn't call it an impregnable bastion for nothing! Well, that... proved to not be so true, since it was sieged and felled. But hey, Monzia's impressive too, and it is still standing! I'll have to show you it sometime. As for Byrn's troops, they're plenty strong. The regular units are well-trained, and those enhanced with dragon's blood have resistance to all but specialized weapons and spells on top of that. They manged to prevail over Isore's garrison, and as of the last reports I've read, they even have the elite forces of Glia and Dodon on the ropes!" She paused, scanning the landscape below before resuming. "Oh, and a surprise? I'll look forward to it then, handsome! As for fighting them... maybe with our full force, supported by mercenaries and those refugees willing to take up arms, we could take out those clambakes. But we'd need to accurately know their numbers, and if they have that black-clad knight I've heard rumors of leading their force... it would be best to pick a god and pray, and have trust in the Exarch's plan to outmaneuver the Byrn troops. If that one's here, I would not directly engage their main force under any circumstance." As she finished saying that last sentence, she spotted something on the ground below, and brought Nodite to a halt. She pointed her hand forward, gesturing to the fortress ahead and below to point it out to Tolok. "Ah, and there's the fortress now. Best not to go closer, but let me get a better look..." Owend reached into her saddlebags, and produced a spyglass which she extended and raised to her eye. She scanned the fortress grounds... then gasped. "Oh, crackers... he is here." Owend held out the spyglass to Tolok. If he looked into it, he would see a black-armored man with a red cape, a rag in hand as he cleaned up his ebon-scaled wyvern. Owend resumed speaking as Tolok looked. "The Ebon Knight. General of Byrn, and supposed right hand of the leader of Byrn. We need to leave, now, and let everyone know what's going on." The Grey Knight captain would let Tolok look for a few more seconds, before taking the spyglass back and putting it away. Then, she whistled, turning Nodite around and speeding back towards the campsite. The Grey Knights swiftly followed suit. As they made their way to the camp, however, a loud blasting noise echoed from nearby. Owend frowned and turned Nodite in that direction to go investigate. She would soon arrive to see Mason and Amber at the cleared out patrol camp. She looked around with slight confusion. "Hey, is it you spongebrains that are setting off explosives around here? Ah, whatever, that's not important. Anyways, I've found Byrn's main base!"
  13. Elson could not help but grin a little wider at Hunter and Alfonso praising his aim. The bottle-shooting competitions he regularly held with Campos had paid off, then. "Have I truly improved that much, Alfonso? I guess Campos has been rubbing off on me in that case. Knew there was a reason we kept him around, heh." With that, Elson turned his gaze outward, searching to see if the winged beast had any buddies out in the gloomy skies above this ruined city. Seeing none, he lowered his caster gun for the moment. He took the binoculars that Hunter had proffered, lowering them after a bit and nodding in agreement with Alfonso as he handed them back to Hunter. "Mmm, definitely looks like the proper place for us to be heading toward. The streets between seem to be mostly clear of those shambling bastards, from what I saw. They've found better prey elsewhere, maybe, or there's something there that's powerful enough to make them stay away. Either way, won't be hard to get there, as long as we keep quiet and don't attract too much attention." Some time later, Alfonso came to a stop, and spoke of how oddly quiet it was. Sizing up the situation himself for a few moments, Elson couldn't help but agree. He began to speak carefully. "So I was right earlier, something here scared the shamblers away. Whatever it may be... I say we show the better part of valor, and take advantage of the alternative routes that the city's fall has opened up. Better that we conserve our strength and ammo for that which may be guarding our prize, instead of wasting it on the unknown threat guarding the quickest route." He, slowly, began to scan the area, looking for anything like a door or a hatch that would indicate a route that wasn't exposed out in the open. Hidden threats could still lurk inside, of course, but they were likely easier to deal with than those that awaited outside. And it wasn't like he could always find a convenient brick with which to bring devastation upon the enemy, like he had earlier.
  14. I got tired of waiting, we don't have too much further to go, let's get this done. @ticklefarte @Thotification y'all still in on this?
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