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  1. Meanwhile, in the Exarch's old chambers, Jill watched Lily in silence. What intention did the Wizards have in sending her here to Isore, to the Ebon Knight? And what was the Knight supposed to provide to the Wizards in return? For what she knew of the Wizards, they wouldn't do such a thing as this without some greater purpose in mind. But before Jill could ponder this matter much more deeply, Lily spoke up out of the blue. “Innes, that’s his name…right? That man who stood behind the knight in shining armor.” "Yeah, that's Innes. Annoying prick more often than not, but the best shot we have in the force. Why do you ask? Are you familiar with him, somehow?" She paused for a moment to raise an inquisitive eyebrow. "Huh. I wouldn't have pegged you as his type, honestly. But hey, I guess you get surprises sometimes." She lapsed into silence as she watched Lily produce her dragonstone and swing it like a pendulum. Something about it held her gaze, almost to a mesmerizing extent. ... Something about it seemed very familiar. The Ebon Knight, he had a similar stone on a chain around his neck, did he not? It was most often concealed beneath his armor, but she had seen him produce it before. Lily spoke again, allowing to tear her gaze from the stone and re-focus on Lily. “I’ve made it all the way to the Ebon Knight and now I don’t know anything. I don’t know if I am a prisoner or I am merely a message.” Jill winced for a moment sympathetically as Lily spoke these words. Of course the Wizards wouldn't have seen fit to divulge a clear picture of her purpose here. Why would those cryptic old men ever do anything so simple and logically expected? Give the poor girl a vague mission, and then send her right on her merry way. ... She deserved better than this confusion. Jill didn't think her interpersonal skills were the greatest in the world, but she would take a fair shot at calming Lily down, and maybe give a sense of purpose. ... Lily addressed Rolliam, asking him why she was here. Then she addressed Jill with a question of similar make. The wyvern rider of Byrn turned a glance toward Rolliam, gauging if he would respond to Lily first, or would defer to her to let her speak first. Whatever the case, she would soon turn to Lily and meet her gaze with her own. She mustered the most comforting expression that she could manage as she began to speak. "That's a good question. But the answer is not quite so simple. The Wizards have made their move, and sent one of their pieces, that is to say, you, to be used on the Ebon Knight's side of the board. I can't claim to even begin to fathom their intentions. What I can tell you is that you are neither a prisoner nor a mere message. If you were the former, we would most certainly have you in physical chains, or at the least behind bars of firm metal. If you were the latter... why send you when a letter slipped into Roland's saddlebags would have sufficed just the same? And gotten here a good deal quicker, to boot? What possible reason would they have had to give you that stone you hold now? ... Speaking of that stone, the Ebon Knight is certainly going to be interested in seeing it. If you don't mind, I'll slip off for a moment and fetch him here. And you won't have to see Innes again at this moment, as a bonus. Wish I could avoid seeing him so easily..." Jill looked towards Lily for a bit more. Waiting for confirmation, or simply consumed by thoughts? Whatever the case, she then turned on her heel and unlocked the chamber doors, striding back out into the palace at large, and toward the Ebon Knight at his table in the battered throne room of Isore.
  2. “It’s fine talk of politics, sir, a subject of which you have the utmost command – and perhaps more of than the dickless jesters... on account of him having just lost a slightly different game of ‘avoiding the rape of my country’ to your very own self.” The Ebon Knight's gaze narrowed for a brief moment as he listened to the first part of Innes' response. "... Am I to take it, Innes, that you think the Exarch will find me more responsible for the fall of Isore than my superiors, who ordered the assault? But you're right, to an extent. I will not deny my role in toppling his city, his nation. And I would not deny this even were I standing before the Exarch himself." He lapsed back into silence then, allowing for Innes to continue. The arrogant archer... the Knight wondered sometimes why he put up with him. But there was no denying that he quite often had a point, indeed. “Well, you are right, conditionally. Should he fall into darling Jill’s honeypot, the Empire would suffer a great and unexpected loss. But that would be your making the very same mistake that we so often accuse the Princesses of making – treating all others as pawns. The Exarch’s got a heart of his own, and we’ve quite thoroughly enjoyed shitting on most of it...” "...He’s no excess of love for Byrn. And certainly no excess of love for his armor-doppelganger. There’s little use in putting forth the effort to think of such impossible futures now.” The Knight nodded for a moment. "I'd liken Jill not to a pawn, but to a more important piece. Perhaps a rook, driving straight forth into the opponent and crashing into their carefully-laid plans. But... hmm. I don't desire to control her every move, of course. And I have no control over the moves of the Exarch. But you do understand if I would like their moves to align with my own plans, correct? I cannot afford to leave everything to the will of the pieces on the board when the Princesses control every piece on their side like pawns, or puppets on a string." He paused for a moment, watching as Innes flicked the seed to the bird on his shoulder. When had that bird arrived, actually? He looked up, his gaze scanning around the room- and his gaze fell on her just as Innes addressed her without even so much as looking at her. ----- The priestess was momentarily taken aback by Innes addressing her. She thought that her approach had gone unnoticed- but no. Of course it hadn't. She recovered her composure, and aimed a patient smile in the archer's direction. There was a glimmer in her golden eyes as she listened to Innes' words, and she moved a stray silver hair out of her line of sight as the archer finished his words to her. She raised an admonishing finger into the air as she responded. "You do not need to remain so formally distant with me, Sir Innes. We will be working closely together for the foreseeable future, will we not? Call me Micaiah. With that said... smoke and mirrors are for street magicians. The monks of my temple, or even Sir Zel- the Ebon Knight would attest to the authenticity of my visions. But you are not wrong. We can't afford to drop all matters of the present in order to try and desperately grab hold of a distant future. There are things we can do in the near future to help secure, ah, the idealistic future you describe, but many things can and should be left for a later time. Forgive me if the Knight has been prattling about the future before I even got here, for I shared a particularly strong vision with him just this night past." The Ebon Knight directed a nod toward Micaiah. Innes might also have been able to discern that, hidden beneath his helm, there was a smile from him also directed at her. But he would be given little time to dwell on this as the Knight's gaze turned and fell heavily upon him. "As pleasant as a future as we have laid out before us, we must work hard in the present in order to see that future achieved. So let us dawdle no more in dreams for now. Would you go and fetch that Zenithean wind mage? It's high time I gave that lazy bastard some proper work. Oh, and tell Roland he can come in on your way out."
  3. Sorry for taking so long in replying! Life hasn't been kind in regards to allowing as much time to make RP posts as I'd like.
  4. "I hope this seat isn't taken." Cerik turned with a slight start as a woman's voice came to him from across the table. He had been focused on scanning another portion of the bar just a moment before, so he had been taken a bit off-guard. Nevertheless, he offered her a smile and nodded in response. "Hmm? Oh, not at all. I don't mind the company." "My name is Maria. You seem to be looking for something. Maybe I can help?" The knight's grin seemed to widen for a moment, and he took a quick glance around the bar before returning his gaze toward Maria. "Well, Maria... are my intentions really so obvious? Mmm, but you're right, I am indeed looking for something. I find myself facing a trial of a sort, one that apparently requires me to bring another person along, but will result in a great reward when undertaken. At least for me, that is. So I came to this tavern with finding such a person in mind. If you're up to such a task, I can offer you gold in exchange for your aid. Or alternatively, whatever else you may fancy that is within my means. Ask, and I will do my utmost in order to provide. Since, well, the reward for the trial is, in the end, really only beneficial to myself. It's only right to offer an equivalent reward for a task that would otherwise offer nothing except the experience." With that said, Cerik turned away and dug into a coin pouch at his belt, pulling out two shining gold coins and setting them onto the table. He motioned a waitress over before turning back towards Maria. "And that's that. If you're in, and don't have anything pressing to attend to beforehand, then how about we get on our way?" The waitress came by and took the coins as Cerik stood up, then turned and made his way toward the door of the tavern.
  5. Neque... I need your guidance now. I cannot hold back this tide on my own. Show me the way to victory. Let me prove the Shadow King's chosen will never bend the knee to another. Her plea for aid given forth, the Shadow Guard commander looked up and sized up the situation around her. Her and Ed's doppelgangers prepared to attack. Around the chamber, there was movement in the various eggs. Reinforcements, soon enough. But not fast enough to block her window to act. And the two princesses? They had made the mistake of taking a defensive stance. Holding back and simply observing, even. They would have had a chance, she thought, had they immediately went on the offense- but as always, arrogance would prove to be an undoing. "You expect me to stand here and serve as an all-you-can-eat buffet for your little abominations? Oh, I don't think so." As her doppelganger committed to its pounce... Ilene's leg club swung with all the power she could muster, sending it flying toward the princess standing near the wall of different material. She would dodge the impromptu projectile, of course she would- but the princess had not been the Shadow Guard leader's target. Her doppelganger crashed through the wall, collapsing a section of the wall right on top of it. Ilene bounded forward, past the princess and through the newly-made opening, making sure to stomp hard on her doppelganger as she strode past. She took a quick glance of whatever might have been that wall, then turned away and beelined toward a cleft in the wall, as if guided by something. And indeed, there was a dark purple glow purple there, with an inky blackness seeping forward at the edges of the cleft. Ilene slid into the cleft, and the power within suffused her. ... When Ilene strode back out of the cleft, her leg-club seemed to have changed. Suffused in shadow, it had turned into a weapon reminiscent of her favored curved blade. If her doppelganger still lived, and had risen from the rubble, bruised and battered, she would dispatch the beast with a swift, bisecting slash. She took a moment to try and ascertain Ed's situation through the opening. From what she could see, he seemed to be doing well. Fidelitas... she couldn't see him, but assumed he was down for the count for the time being. A shame, the paladin would have been a useful addition to their struggle. That in mind, reinforcements of their own would be greatly appreciated... but they would be able to hold out very well for a bit. Death was quite possible, but the Shadow Guard leader held no fear of death's vistas. She had seen them already, they weren't so unpleasant after all. ... Had the princess moved to block the opening Ilene had made by now? She couldn't quite tell at the moment. But it was no matter, in any case. She strode forward through the opening and back into the main chamber. If the princess laid in wait, she would see three separate Ilenes sprint through back into the main chamber. And if she were to lash out at the closest one, her attack would simply hit thin air as it passed through an illusory copy of the Shadow Guard leader. As this occurred, one of the Ilenes would move near to Ed, turning toward him with a brief nod before focusing on Charlie's glowing egg, and dimming it with an inky blackness that enveloped the egg. Meanwhile, the second Ilene charged the princess guarding the chamber's entrance.
  6. EpicRome23 ticklefarte @Zashiii Trexasle let's goooooo
  7. Frederick York, the Commander of the Subversor contingent sent to help secure Yh'mi and aid the Order, stood with his eyes closed- alone, his usual accompanying Subversors nowhere to be seen, though few aside from Gormaric and the men atop Surus' back were likely to notice. Was he unaware of the situation unfolding in front of him? "It isn't personal." "... Like hell it isn't." Frederick finally broke his silence at these words, but his head remained bowed, his eyes remained closed. "It's a matter of survival, as I'm sure you know." "That's... what everything boils down to, in the end. But that doesn't always make it the primary concern." “Now, devour them, and become stronger!” Frederick did not respond to this. Nor did he seem to react to the approaching tide of larvae. Surely this would please the queen. There was a sense of power emanating from this man armored in black and gold, one that stood out somewhat from the rest of the group. And he simply stood there, a sitting duck for her babies. Did he think himself invincible in his armor? That there were no gaps in his defense the wriggling creatures could crawl through? His folly would soon be proven for all to see. He did not react as the tide reached his armor, and the fronts rank of larvae began to climb and seek out the joints and gaps of his armor. ... ... "Pay it back... tenfold." ... "Ante." Frederick's eyes snapped open, and his head raised to view the situation before him. "Mortem." He brought forth his sword and shield in a battle-ready position. "Victoria!" The larvae found the gaps and joints through which they would find Frederick's flesh, and wriggled down to reach it- to bite it, to consume, to grow... but they were only met with a surge of black flame, one that burst forth from Frederick's body to incinerate the larvae all over him, and a circle of about ten feet around his person. An aura of power surrounded the Subversor now, and he scanned the field before him with a slight frown. The tide of larvae? Too many to stride through to reach the queen. Maybe he could do it, but given the consistency of the oozy ground beneath, and the sheer numbers before him, it might take too much power. But was there another way? As if in answer, he felt a movement of air before him. Gormaric sat atop Eri's back, as she flapped in the air just out of reach of even the larvae's most powerful jumps. Understanding Gormaric's intention, Frederick lifted his arms into the air- and the wyvern grabbed onto them with her legs, lifting him into the air out of reach out of the tide of larvae, and on a direct course toward the queen. He trusted Eri's strength to be enough to get him there, at least. As he passed over the rest of the group, he gathered power into his sword hand and then slashed through the air- dark purple orbs took form in the air before falling onto the adventurers. Soon enough, a mighty barrier like the ones some of them had seen Frederick raise before would take shape around them, to push back the larvae and keep them away- but until then, they would have to fend off the advancing larvae by their own power. Gormaric had reacted swiftly at the sight of the advancing horde, cutting down those that had been fastest to reach him and keeping the rest at bay long enough to let Eri take to the air. He could only wonder if the queen had more tricks up her (metaphorical) sleeve, but that was a concern for later- similarly to Charlie, he had come to the conclusion that the path to victory was to take the head from the snake; to dig up the plant by the root. The queen had to die if they were depart from this place alive. After all... it was a matter of survival, was it not? Stopping briefly to pick up Frederick, the ebon knight could only wonder what had happened to him. There was a grim determination in him that was in stark contrast to the cheery demeanor he had shown before the fog had struck. As well, he was alone- where were the rest of the Subversors? They were nowhere to be seen. And the power the Subversor commander showed now? Where had it come from, when it had not been present to such a degree beforehand? These were... questions for later, in the end. Now, it was best to maintain focus on the task at hand. With any luck, this would be the last trial they would have to face, and they could take a long, well-deserved rest. Captain Jeorge, meanwhile, calmly examined the situation before them. After a bit, he turned and barked out orders to his crew. "Gordin! Pick 3 others out and man the pikes. Keep those wrigglers out of the spot where the legs meet the body- there's a gap in the armor there, while the rest is covered or can't be reached by those things without climbing first." As Gordin and three of the others set down their bows and picked up long, deadly pikes to bring to bear on the larvae below, Jeorge turned toward 3-13. "3-13... you and the rest keep up a volley fire on the queen. Exploit any gap you can find, and with any luck, create openings in her defenses for those closing in on her to use. Don't hold back on arrows, now. Use the best we have, and we'll improvise in the unlikely event there's more adversity for us to conquer after we're finished here. Now... unleash hell!" As Captain Jeorge turned away to tend to his own unspoken plan, 3-13 nodded and gathered with the other archers at the edge of the platform facing the queen. He gestured for them to await his order to fire- then reached into his quiver, feeling around for a particular arrow. He touched one, hesitated for a moment, and then moved to the next. Not that arrow. Not yet. The opportunity to unleash it on its intended target might take a long time to see fruition, but 3-13 was well willing to wait. Instead, he drew an arrow that seemed to have no head. He murmured an incantation, then touched the shaft to Surus' ear. "... you might not be able to reach her from here, but worry not, my big friend Surus. She'll feel your power very soon." There was some kind of energy at the head of this strange arrow as 3-13 nocked it to his bow. He aimed, and swiftly released. When the arrow was about mid-flight, he gestured for the other archers to open fire, then began to pick out a regular arrow himself. The strange arrow he had previously fired soon struck home- striking whereabouts the midpoint of the torso would be. The energy at the arrow's tip burst forth on impact, sending a force equivalent to the charge of Surus at full momentum. Likely to send her toppling to the ground below, or at the least, stun her for a short time and allow an opening for strikes from those who had moved into close quarters to engage her.
  8. Ilene... wasn't really sure what she had expected to find. Her other companions? Something that might restore her connection to the Inanis, her powers? Whatever the case, she followed the vein-like tendons, that lead to a room that was more or less hidden. And inside there? It almost defied description, though not entirely so. Arthropods growing in translucent eggs- but they had the faces of her companions. The defenders of the Furthest Point. And the one nearest to them... had her eyes?! Ilene stared at the creature incredulously, before turning toward Ed with a furious whisper- though she spoke to herself a bit more than she did to him. "Is this some kind of twisted joke? Why do these things look like us? Were we captured for some insane, strange experiments? Or... is this is a test? I don't know who's out there and wanting to test you, but as for me? The Shadow King must be testing me. Threatening to replace me with some disgusting creature with my face and eyes. Does he think it's that easy? That I'd roll over and die for his new pet?!" She paused, then raised the leg-club Ed had given her high above her head. The opaque eggs in the previous room had been made of strong stuff, but maybe, just maybe, these translucent ones were a good deal weaker. Whatever the case, was it not true that you never knew until you tried. "If you truly know me, my liege, you know this very well... I am your shadow, Neque! And I will be at your back no matter what may come! No matter what you may try to replace me with!" And with the full force that she could muster, she brought the leg-club smashing down into the translucent egg before her, the one that held the creature with her face and eyes.
  9. welp I actually forgot to close this off, but seeing as I didn't get any bites anyways, ah well. @AthenasFire post to the thread whenever you're ready!
  10. *cracks knuckles* Let's see... I suppose it's Super Saiyan Frederick time (feat. Gormaric and Surus) 🧐
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