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  1. EpicRome23

    Repair of the Walls

    Yh'mi's nigh-ceaseless assault continued on, offering little respite to the defenders of the breach. Nevertheless, perhaps their spirits would be lifted by the excited message they received: Gormaric was coming. The dark knight's feats in the battle against Remissio were somewhat well-known, so surely, surely, his presence would ensure that Yh'mi would be held back, at least for a while longer... The wave following that of the Saevions came after some delay. The reason soon became apparent: one of the large Cyclopes specimens approached the defenders, followed by about ten Chhitten and a duo of Fallen Knights... who seemed intent on bringing down the huge, powerful beast. The defenders would be best served by using the creatures' infighting to their advantage, in whichever manner they chose to do so. The creature's battle spilled toward the defenders... and a shadow sped by above. Atop his wyvern, Gormaric dived down toward the battling creatures, Shadowfang firmly in hand. The fell blade seemed to quiver in anticipation as its ebon wielder dived down, closing in on the large Cyclopes. The dive came to a stop as Gormaric plunged Shadowfang into the gargantuan beast's eye, causing it to strike out wildly and send the duo of Fallen Knights and several Chhitten flying. The dark knight extricated his blade as quickly as he could, then pulled back upwards to survey the battle below. After a few moments, he moved to engage one of the Fallen Knights, which were now laying stunned on the ground. At the same time, the enraged and blinded Cyclopes charged forward, toward the breach's defenders...
  2. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Heyyy. Sorry my post was a couple of days late, I came down sick just before the weekend hit and have been recovering from that. @ourlachesism Zashiii EpicRome23
  3. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night [S-Class Artifact]

    Cerik folded his hands on the table in front of him as he listened to the responses of his new companions. Perhaps his joke had been in ill taste, but that man in the corner had been a good sport about it, if nothing else. He dug into his pouch for a moment, producing a gold coin and flicking it with astounding accuracy over to the man in the corner. The man in question gave Cerik a grateful thumbs-up as he returned his attention to his companions. Considering his initial impressions, he further developed his thoughts on his companions as they responded to his joke and his talk of business. His first companion seemed rather amicable, verbally complaining about the joke but eager to hear more of Cerik's stories, given the willingness of their other companions. Of course... that was not to be. He noted for a moment that the third woman of the trio had yet to speak, leaving no basis for anything other to note her height, or lack thereof. This time, the trio's second woman talked: tall, scarred and burned all over. And with the mouth she had on her, Cerik could easily see why that might be so. Brashly she called for action, for the group to get moving. The knight let a small smile loose, and he stood up before addressing the group. "Since you're all ready to go, then there's no reason to delay. Let's get going. There is one last matter to attend to, actually, but we can easily tend to it as we move out." He pushed back his chair and strode out of The Weary Orc, gesturing for the group to follow. Outside, he untied Stormfire from the post and climbed up into the saddle. Once he had settled in, he grabbed his helm and put it onto his head. Then, he turned to face the group once again. "I don't know what means of transportation you all may have access to, but speed and mobility are the name of the game here. We'll all meet outside of the eastern gate once we all have everything we need. But before we split apart, let us deal with that last matter and introduce ourselves. I am Cerik Windshade, wandering knight and swordsman of some renown." As soon as the others had introduced themselves, he would spur Stormfire forwards, taking off down the streets toward the eastern gate of Hell's Gate.
  4. EpicRome23

    the best among your darlings

    Man, you'd think this would be harder to make a decision on... but, as much as I love my characters, there is one obvious and absolutely correctly answer. And who would that be? Madon Galen Ingeram, Exarch of Isore. Just... what can I say about this guy that will do him justice? He'll charge into impossible odds to save the life of a friend, he'll take out an airborne opponent by literally throwing his throne at them, and he'll do whatever is necessary to ensure the continued survival of the Isorian people. My inspiration flows ceaselessly when it comes to him, and I wouldn't hesitate to call him my absolute favorite character to write for. Now, if there's a flaw to be found in all of this, it's that the plot he is bound to is dead in the water... at least, in its current iteration. Perhaps one day, it will be revived or come back in a different form.
  5. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    And just as I predicted xD ourlachesism @Zashiii EpicRome23 @Lady Gilaen Whatever solution works for you πŸ‘€ One post isn't a huge deal to work around.
  6. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    @Lady Gilaen You're always welcome to come back in if life straightens itself out and you're still interested! So, with that in mind, I believe this marks the end of the first posting round... and thus, the post order is now set. @ourlachesism Zashiii EpicRome23 This also means that the 3-day rule is now in effect! ... And, well, from some casual lurking, I've seen that you two are relatively consistent/fast posters πŸ‘€ Therefore, I suppose this more of a formality than anything, lol
  7. EpicRome23

    Repair of the Walls

    The respite of Tor'gal and his men would meet its inevitable end with the deafening, thunderous sound of pounding hooves. Tremors shook the ground around the area, thus making it fully obvious what was about to come... and indeed, four Saevion came charging over the hill, heading directly toward the group of defenders. If there was any mercy to be had, it was that they were alone, without any accompanying Chhitten like the ones that had been with the previous waves. Perhaps Yh'mi was currently lacking in the nasty little buggers, and all the ones in the nearby area had been eliminated... but there was going to be more, inevitably, as it was simply Yh'mi's nature. But there were far more immediate concerns. If the defenders managed to exploit the charging beast's inability to quickly turn, perhaps they could pass through this wave unscathed. All they could do was take it one wave at a time, until the tide could be turned... Gormaric walked along the workers, asking each of them questions, though giving no visible response to their answers. He sought to determine who among them he could trust to appoint as an overseer over the others, to keep things running smoothly and efficiently in the ebon knight's absence. Gormaric intended to take to battle, after having a report that the wall's defender had taken their first casualty against a trio of Fallen Knights. He recalled the one he had faced in the tunnels beneath the Broken Plains... well, granted, he hadn't fought it directly, but he had still witnessed their power firsthand. They were not foes to be taken lightly, by any means, and it seemed that Yh'mi was at least starting to get serious. Gormaric intended to get even more serious. He finished talking to the workers, analyzed the offers he had been given... and appointed his overseer. Not the man who insisted who carrying the heaviest loads. Not the diligent, fastidious man who ensured that every stone in its proper place. No, he appointed a woman who had snuck away from cooking duty, and was putting in just enough work to not be seen as slacking, but not enough to be considered as real effort. Even she was surprised by the appointment, but she didn't dare question the intentions of the ebon knight. She simply watched with wide eyes as he unsheathed Shadowfang and climbed onto the back of his wyvern, which took off into the sky and glided toward the battle outside of the walls.
  8. EpicRome23


    Campos' train of thought had taken a track similar to the one Caz's had. While he and Caz would have little problem dispatching any given undead, the sheer numbers their shots would draw would soon overwhelm them. So it was with a nod of agreement that the renowned marksman followed Caz to the building he had pointed out. It was atop that building's roof that Campos would bring his keen eyesight to bear, gaze searching for the dragon and any undead attracted by the scent of flesh and attempting to sneak up on them. The former was far more important, however. What intel they had stated that the dragons frequented this area, so surely they should be around somewher- Campos turned around with notable swiftness as a rock hit his back. The man who had thrown the rock made a gesture indicating... something about smell? Campos got the gist of the message, and started sniffing, while turning his head all around the area. Yes, there was definitely a sulfuric scent, distinct from the other stenches that pervaded these ruins. He nodded at Reese as a response to his earlier gesture, then stepped forward next to Caz, rifle firmly in hand and ready for action. He spoke in a conversational tone, rather at odds with the surrounding and the situation. "Seems like the dragon is closer by than we thought." About a minute after Hunter shouted, there was the muffled sound of cursing before a reply came from Elson. "Ah, Hunter, I daresay I'm still alive and well." Treading carefully, and making sure to account for the building being tilted, Elson walked into the room where Hunter was at. "But Vergil may not be after I'm through with him... joking aside, I appreciate his initiative, but I'd really appreciate at least a moment's warning the next time around."
  9. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night [S-Class Artifact]

    "... Right, right. So, it's at this point when the entire damned ballroom goes pitch-black. Now, believe me when I say I've been around the block a couple of times, and that I had a contingency ready for this kind of situation. I lit up some night-vision runes enchanted into my helm, which, apparently, were bright enough to light up a good-sized area around me. Regardless, I was able to see that the assassin... one of the queen's ladies-in-waiting, as I found out later... she was using weaponized shadows to attack the queen and sow general chaos. I saw a shadow blade intent on separating my head from my body, so I sliced it apart and immolated the remains. This was when I looked all around the ballroom, seeing that the shadows were now split in half and fighting each other. I never actually did found out who did that one, though I speculate that it must have be-" "I beg your pardon, but are you the one who posted this flier?” A feminine, flat-toned voice cut through Cerik's story, causing him to pause and turn towards it source. He didn't have much time to do more than notice than her general features, and the flier she held in hand, before his attention was drawn by another voice. ο»Ώβ€œI was wondering who among you had posted it,” β€œIs it you, good sir?” The gaze of the knight turned the source of this second voice. A more unusual fellow, but Cerik had journeyed with many an odd sort. He opened his mouth to reply, only to have his attention once again drawn by a third voice. "I'd like to know as well." The third voice emanated from one among a trio of three trench-coated women. If nothing else, it seemed to the knight that this group might just be earning those metaphorical bonus points after all. He raised a finger to each of the three speakers, a gesture for them to hold on as he turned to his companions at the table. "Gentlemen, I'm afraid it is time for business. Thank you for hearing out my story, and sharing your own. May you find fortune in your travels, and may we have more stories to share whenever we may meet again." The two men sitting next to Cerik gave nods of farewell, taking one last drink from their glasses before standing up and making their way over to the bar. The knight turned to regard the newcomers, sizing each of them up for a few moments before responding to their queries. "I am afraid to inform you, ladies and gentleman, that I am merely a decoy for the true mind behind these fliers. That is to say, that obligatory hooded guy in the tavern's shadowy corner is the man you are looking for." Cerik pointed at the aforementioned corner. The man sitting there raised his glass mockingly. The knight waited for a few more moments, before turning back toward the others with a wide grin. "Sorry, sorry. I couldn't resist making that joke. I left a brief description of myself on those fliers, and it seems like you all have managed to match me to it... So, let's get down to the business, shall we? Rewards for your assistance are as stated on the flier. We can work out the particular details on that either en-route, or after the Desert Eye's successful retrieval, whichever you prefer. More immediately prevalent, we'll want to be at the edge of the High Desert before nightfall, as we'll want, and more than likely need, every minute we can get. We're actually a little ahead of schedule, as I was somewhat expecting all of you to trickle in one at a time, or something along those lines. Therefore, if there's anything you need to attend to before we begin, do so within the hour. We leave then, or beforehand if you're all ready."
  10. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Hey everyone. School's started back up for me, and I've been busy with classes. Nonetheless, I will be posting over the next couple of days!
  11. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Lol, he kind of sticks out wherever he goes. But yeah, he left a brief description, enough for people reading the fliers to know what they should be looking for.
  12. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    To be honest, I can't really guarantee anything. It's all dependent on how fast we all post. S-class artifact means 75 posts+ (5 pages, 15 posts per page), which means 15 posts from each of us at minimum. It's entire possible for us to do this in the two weeks in which you are definitely available, but even a more moderate pace should bring us to conclude the thread before two months pass.
  13. EpicRome23

    Idona Blackwinter

    Idona Blackwinter Idona Dona Profile Blood Type A- Height 5'7" Weight 170 pounds Hair Color Auburn Eye Color Blue-grey Age 23 Gender Female Affiliation MythalThe Free Marches Occupation Order of the Seekers (Wo)Man-at-arms Weaponry & Armour Winterthorn Personality & Character____________________ Idona was born in the midst of a particularly strong and bleak winter. Some speculate these conditions molded the direction her personality undertook in the future, but none can really know for sure. Regardless, she grew up to be a fine woman: sensible, patient, responsible, appropriately cautious. She became earnest in her dedication to House Mythal, but perhaps overly so, even to the point of obsessiveness. To add to the pile, her stubbornness is well known, to the point of her being an immovable object in regards to some things. Sometimes this can prove to be a good thing, but other times it is obvious she holds on to a position out of sheer stubborn pride. All in all, however, she is respected among the men-at-arms of House Mythal, and loved by many. (As a sister-in-arms, as one of their own, yet still romantic on occasion.) (WIP) Skills & Capabilities______________________ Winterthorn- Idona is well-trained in the usage of this great blade, to the point where she could even wield it effectively with one hand, though she typically sticks with two for the greater control. Indicative of of its name, the blade has some affinity to ice, but only as a passive effect that slows down the opponent somewhat after they are struck by the blade. (WIP)
  14. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Whenever you're able! I always like to have the post order set up "naturally", based off of the order in the first round.
  15. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Alright! I'm gonna call it there. @nokey @Lady Gilaen @Zashiii Annnd @ourlachesism, whenever you end up hopping in. Zashii, taking that to mean you would be controlling all three characters yourself, I'm fine with it (though, I'm now reminded that the wording implies three favors per person, which means you'd get 9 overall πŸ‘€... but to note, since the favors were a method to encourage further RP opportunities, I don't mind that at all. ). Furthermore, Cerik isn't particularly in position to make background checks here, so he'd only know as much about your characters as they would tell about themselves. Posting order will be determined by the order in this first round, and the thread is open and ready. Looking forward to writing with all of you, this looks like it will be a fun one!