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    Reading, writing, purging heretics, video games (Strategy and/or RPG all the way, especially Fire Emblem.) large flying and fire-breathing lizards, history, necromancy, obtaining unlimited power, and conquering the world. That's all the important stuff. What do you mean, 'one of these is not like the others?'
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  1. EpicRome23

    The Light, Extinguished (OOC)

    If he can keep up and find a good spot to enter in, then I believe we can work with just one more person. I don't like to add too many people after I've "closed" recruitment, but the thread's just started and it's easy enough to make this work.
  2. Well y'all, I'm going to be a little slow in regards to posting and such for a while, as I rest and recover from the car accident that I was in yesterday. No serious injuries, but I'll be sore for the next several days.Β 

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      Thanks for letting us know glad you’re all right!Β 

  3. "The wagons were only destroyed because some people wouldn't let us bring along the Aligorian war elephants we had in reserve!" - Gormaric, probably
  4. Would be a shame if... thieving hands were bitten off by an angery wyvern, hmm? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
  5. Just thinking, do the monsters get one last potshot as they're retreating in the case that they survive? There's low enough hitpoints in the lower right that they could definitely throw some peeps down to 0 HP on the way out. Like, I don't know, Charlie or something. πŸ‘€ Or if they're too concentrated on surviving and gtfo to do that, that works too. Not that I'm going to be able to do anything about them myself, rolled a 2 for Gormaric rip.
  6. EpicRome23

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll for Furthest Point, losing round (Avenge the wagons Gormaric!) looool rekt
  7. EpicRome23

    The Light, Extinguished (OOC)

    Sorry about the delay everyone, I had a lot of homework stacked up over the end of week/weekend and just got through sifting through all of that πŸ˜… And with that, the posting order is established! EpicRome23 @Baltana Thotification -Lilium- Tex Annabelle Higgins vielle
  8. EpicRome23

    The Light, Extinguished

    "A 'special' group indeed. But I suppose Aligoria just has that aura about it that attracts... diversity such as ours." The hooded woman addressed the entire assembled group at once, taking another sip of her wine as she took in the group surrounding her. Even without power, there was often a lot you could tell about someone simply at a glance. With power, well, such quick, surface-level readings became more accurate and dug just that little bit deeper beneath that which was visible to the eyes. The drow, first to arrive. A newcomer in several more ways than one, but perhaps she would find Aligoria more strangely familiar and amenable than she could have ever anticipated. Second to arrive, the girl dressed in black and red. Focused on food and coin, if she had some kind of hidden agenda in mind, it was likely she would be easily dissuaded from enacting it. Third to arrive was a familiar face, a particularly odd pig that continued to silently intrigue Sibyla. As the pig in question clambered up into the seat besides the (thinly) disguised Shadow Princess, the golem known as There obviously seemed pleased, as much as a hulking steel construct could convey pleasure. The duo had formed an obvious bond during their previous venture, one that Sibyla hadn't quite worked out the exact nature of. Then again, it wasn't of too much concern, and the duo had proved themselves to be a deadly duo, if the aftermath of the skirmish in the Frost Manor had shown any evidence of the fact. Then, there was the fourth. Sibyla met this woman's gaze and let the slightest of smiles show. A deceptively simple read on the surface, and a forgoing of a deeper reading out of prudence if nothing else. There was something intriguing the Shadow Princess perceived here, but she wasn't going to dig deeply into it unless it proved an obstacle to her plans and ambitions. After all, if events proceeded as she believed they most likely would, she would come to find out the most relevant details in the course of the mission. Finally, the fifth. If the fourth was intriguing by the vague notion of something beneath the surface, than this one was intriguing by what Sibyla could tell from the surface alone. The Shadow Guard could well take a few tips from the way in which she navigated through the crowd in the False Ship toward the table of gathered misfits. She would have to work on convincing this one to remain in Aligoria even after the conclusion of this mission, if such a thing was at all feasible. After making her observations and drawing her conclusions about those gathered before her, Sibyla resumed speaking just before the silence moved into awkward territory, and somebody else felt compelled to speak up in order to break it. Even if she liked to hold others in suspense, there was a point where it was just became embarrassing. "Now, before I go into the details of this mission, I think it best that we all introduce ourselves. I would go first, but, hmm, I think I'll make a little game out of my introduction. The first among you to guess with complete accuracy who I am... will be rewarded with a free cup of Aligorian tea, undoubtedly the finest in Terrenus."
  9. EpicRome23

    Repair of the Walls

    "If there is such a thing as a good day to die, then I suppose this one is the closest I've found." Sergeant Frederick York said this out loud, though to himself more than anyone as he stood at the head of a force consisting of the 15 heavy infantry and 5 Warpgolems sent as part of Aligoria's advance forces. These soldiers and constructs of the Subversor Division would find their mettle tested today. And somewhere, Frederick knew that Ilene and the ten Shadow Guards under her command lurked. It would be an interesting match-up, a battle between the innate understanding of the land by Yh'mi's creatures, and the mastery of the shadows that the Guard boasted. Toward the center of the united defending force, Frederick spotted the ebon knight Gormaric taking up position, his (admittedly rather intimidating) wyvern at his side. The Sergeant idly thought that no finer force had been arrayed against the creatures and power of Yh'mi before, and those that followed after would have large boots to fill. The fell wind pushed the wave of creatures forward and into the defending lines. The Chhitten came in force, a living tide seeking to roll over the defenders and strike at any weak spot they could possibly reach. They were met first, to the fell wind's surprise, by five concentrated beams of light that smote and immolated several Chhitten and threw their advance into slight disarray. The hulking steel constructs with hands raised were the source of these. Since when did wielders of light serve the one known as the Shadow King? The wind did not dwell on this overlong, however, instead blowing past the defender lines and seeking out certain seeds behind the breach, previously planted and ready to burst from the ground... and at the same time, the Fallen Knights pushed forward as a group, obviously intent on seeking out and clashing out with the commanders of the defending force and not letting the other soldiers bar their path.
  10. riiiiiip Gormaric nearly died and we still lost, oof. all according to plan
  11. EpicRome23


    "For what's it worth, Virgil, none of us were harmed, and I commend you for your quick thinking." Elson hadn't found his so-called 'bitching' to be unfounded in any way, but he did see Virgil's increasing irritation and made the decision to placate him a little. After all, his friend had made the decision he had thought best in the situation, and he couldn't fully blame him for that. The only thing he could blame was the lack of warning, and he would simply let that slide at this point. Upon seeing Alfonso loading his caster gun, Elson brought forth his own and began to follow suit. Just because they were now out of the clutches of the shambling herds below, it in no way meant that they were out of danger. Vigilance had a vital place alongside courage, and was something that Elson sought to consistently cultivate and maintain. Death could come even for the prepared, that was true, but the manner of their death would almost certainly ensure that their demise had some meaning, their lives given to ensure the completion of an end vital to themselves and their companions. Of course, Elson had no intentions of meeting that end here, and his gut told him that he would make it through this endeavor just fine. Alfonso's statement about Aelindra being spared the Whispernight and how even the most magnificent cities could fall pulled the Major from his reverie. "That is true, Alfonso. It was by good fortune and providence alone that this trek isn't through our beloved Aelindra. But we all know that if the Whispernight ever came for Aelindra, we would stand before it with caster guns in hand and courage in our hearts. Foolhardy, mayhaps, but it would produce a story worthy of song if nothing else." With that, the group continued their ascent to the rooftops. Virgil was the first to reach the top, and Elson wasn't too far behind, carefully scanning his surroundings in each direction in search of any threat. After a short time, he saw a black-winged creature, its other features hard to discern but obviously diving toward Virgil as he faced in the opposite direction. Calmly, Elson raised his caster gun, and, tracking the winged beast's with the end of it as he pulled the trigger... he hit the beast with a dead-center shot that set it aflame, and watched with a slight grin as it fell towards the ground in a dissipating fireball.

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    The Light, Extinguished (OOC)

    @vielle Your time has come! (I recall you saying that you wanted to go last in the posting order, so I'm reminding you just in case.)
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    Ayyy Hello peeps.