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  1. The factions are coming OOC

    Oof, it's been that long? School must have made me lose track of time. Guess I'll just carry on, then, and I'll be posting tomorrow or Thursday.
  2. MWSfaHSwfPiHM

    Elson simply smiled and nodded at Hunter, his attention mostly focused on searching for threats. Never let the enemy get the jump on the you, he had been taught, and even better if you can make them think that they have done so. Of course, undead, with their rotting brains and whatnot, were unfortunately not much in the thinking department. So it became a matter of dealing with them before they could strike at you. And it wasn't long at all until battle was met, with walking corpses diving from the nearby rooftops and shambling out of the nearby buildings. Forewarned of an incoming attack by the sight ahead of him, Elson drew his own blade, thrusting it into the air to meet and halt the descent of one diving directly at him. With a flick of his wrist, he sent the corpse, dead once more, tumbling through the air and into one of its brethren, rendering them a tangle of rotted limbs. "Oh, 'like old times', huh? It seemed to me like our enemies were far less rotten back then!" Elson knew he wasn't the greatest of warriors, but he still felt like he was in his element here. He trained his combat skills diligently, in order to make up for what he perceived to be his weakest area. So it was that he seemed to dance around the ravenous, rotting horde, his blade speedily flicking forward with a thrust or slice, snuffing the life out of another course each time. He could feel the beginnings of the battle-joy, that feeling oft described to him by warriors more skilled, but he shook the feeling away for the time being as Alfonso's words reached his ears. This was not the place to stand and fight, especially since they could be easily be surrounded and cut off on all sides here. Like his friend and brother-in-arms, his gaze scanned around the area for the best route away from here, whenever a nearby corpse was not demanding his focus and attention. Eventually, he found his gaze directed toward a building immediately to their right: Through the doorway, the door it once contained having been torn away from its hinges, he could see a jagged opening in the opposite wall. Beyond it, what he could see of the street beyond was clear. And in front of it, the horde was thinner than it was around the other buildings. He met the gaze of each of his fellows, gesturing them toward the breach before moving toward it himself. "Onward, gentlemen! We'll soon be overwhelmed on this street, so perhaps we will fare better on the next!" Perhaps surprisingly, Elson was at the forefront of the charge, favoring the tactic of bursting through and past the horde, scattering them and subsequently being gone whenever they would recover order and coherence. Even so, he left the corpses no openings through which to strike at him.
  3. The factions are coming OOC

    I'm waiting for a post from my third group member, but I suppose I'll just continue on regardless if there's nothing forthcoming by Wednesday or so.
  4. MWSfaHSwfPiHM

    Elson played his part in maintaining the unspoken illusion well, and his demeanor while Elilah spoke held no trace of familiarity with her, or indeed with the others he knew. All of them, that is, except for Sergeant Campos, who he had insisted on bringing along for, if nothing else, his skill as a marksman, at a caliber comparable to that of Cazarosta, at the least. He would make no secret of their association, although he dabbled in secret with the other hand. But sometimes, duplicity was a requirement, and Elson knew that full well. His gray eyes scanned over the assembled group for a moment, and he nodded ever so slightly. He didn't know what to make of the two strangers quite yet, of course, but all in all, he doubted he could ask for a better group to be undertaking this mission with. Anything daring to stand in their way, dragon or undead alike, would likely not live long to regret it. Well... "live" in the relative sense, at least in the latter regard. If anything, that was one of the most annoying aspects of undead, having to clarify such terms whenever one spoke of them. The nerve. As the others volunteered to go after either the airships or the dragons, he kept count of them in his head, waiting to decide until he knew the numbers for each. One for airships, though as a distraction and not going directly after them. One for... no words, but if his hand motions were any indication, one for dragons. Another for airships, though Elson could have predicted that one. Then, another for dragons. Not too much surprise there, again. Finally, there was another for airships. A fraction of time for calculation: 3 for airships, 2 for dragons. Counting Elilah, both groups were evenly distributed. He turned toward Campos, hand resting on his chin. Hunter had yet to make a decision, he could see, but with an odd number, the groups would end up unbalanced in any case. Not that that particularly mattered, of course, unless was one was perhaps a bit too obsessed or superstitious about such things. Elson, after a short time dedicated to pondering, strode forward two steps, his gaze turning toward Cazarosta as he gestured Campos forward. "Campos here, if nothing else, will do a damn good job of keeping you covered. It wouldn't be prudent to praise his marksmanship at the moment, I don't think, but I will simply state that it is excellent. As for myself, considering my skills... I believe I would be best suited for going after the airships." He moved into the fold, as it were, of the group heading toward the airships. As they had volunteered, those assembled had, at least seemingly, split into the groups they had declared themselves to be joining. So, while Elson went to the right, Campos went to the left. Whatever came next, they would be ready. That, at least, was guaranteed.
  5. Lucia Vigor (WIP)

    Trainer: Name: Lucia Vigor Alias: Blitz Height: 5’ 9” Weight: 155 Age: 22 Gender: Female Occupation: Pokémon Trainer Equipment: Backpack, Pokeballs, Pokegear. Attire: Burgundy jacket, dark purple blouse, blue jeans, silver loafers. History: Lucia’s childhood was relatively normal, as the only child of Reuben and Naomi Vigor (who had once boasted some renown and affluence as the duo Aegis and Slice). Growing up in a house full of almost exclusively Fighting-type Pokémon, when the time came for her to choose her very first Pokémon, she eschewed the typical starter choice, and instead set out with the Riolu that she had recently hatched from an Egg gifted to her by her parents. Aurea, named as such due to her distinct golden/yellow coloration, was at Lucia’s side ever since that day. She met her best friend, Irene, in the course of her journey. They traveled together for a time, until the unfortunate night where someone crept into camp and nabbed Irene’s gear (which had been drying in the fire) while Irene and Lucia were otherwise occupied in their tent. The callous, inconsiderate disregard with which Irene was treated by the officer she reported the theft to… it left an impression on Lucia, one which would grow into a distrust of those with power and authority. Team: Lucario (Aurea)- Hawlucha (Nacho)- Machamp (Atlas)- Poliwrath (Spiral)- Gallade (Gallant)- Heracross (Heracles)-
  6. Elson stands ready, as well. More importantly, Campos will be coming along to bring the thunder.
  7. Prologue- Reformists [Hellfire Club]

    Davis d'al Elson, Major of the Talons, stood behind a log at the edge of a field, rifle aimed at a different, distant log, with ten bottles (previously containing alcohol) set upon it. He focused his sights on the left-most one, breathed in... and pulled the trigger as he breathed out. With a sound like a thunderclap, the rifle fired, and the bottle exploded into so many tiny shards. A direct hit. Taking careful aim, and making sure not to rush, he repeated this process 9 times, for each of the remaining bottles. As the last one shattered, he set his rifle against the log, and pulled a platinum pocket watch from a pocket of his uniform's jacket. 2 minutes. 12 seconds each... "A marked improvement, Major Elson. And I daresay, significantly better than a month ago, sir." This new voice came from a tall, well-rounded man behind Elson, with a notable scar beneath his left eye that underscored his piercing green gaze. Elson turned to face him with a grin. "Sergeant Campos, my dear fellow. I was going to ask you to close the door behind you, but then I recalled that we were outdoors. And yes, my skill is still nothing compared to yours... but indeed, I can feel the improvement. As you may be able to tell, it's not like I have much of anything better to do." He turned a baleful gaze in the direction of Aelindra, where the towering building that housed the city's Council of Seven could be seen stretching into the sky. "How indolent they are up there! The men grow restless, and I do as well, while they slather themselves with butter and call for feast after feast! Change can not come soon enough, mark my words." Campos blinked, startled by the vehemence in Elson's voice. A moment later, he recovered and stepped forward. "Do they... really do that? Regardless, I do have news to that end. Courier came by with a letter, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and bring it to you, while also checking in on your progress." He held the letter out toward Elson, who, perhaps a bit too eagerly, snatched it and tore open the envelope. Unfolding the letter, his eyes scanned over the words, then back over once more, before he finally broke into an even wider grin than before. He folded up the letter, then turned his gaze back toward Campos. "I'm starting to suspect that I am some sort of prophet. As soon as I mention change, here arrives this letter, and it is exactly what I have been waiting for! I'm off to Sancroix Manor. While I'm gone... I have some more bottles in that bag by the log. Why don't you do some shooting? Be sure to tell me your time afterwards, so I can weep in jealousy at heights I shall never achieve." Elson, by virtue of proximity, would find himself to be one of the first to arrive at Sancroix Manor. Greeted at the door by Marion, the two were soon deep in animated conversation, as was typical for them. They made their way towards the study, where Elson went inside to find and secure a comfortable seat, and Marion would go off to brew some tea. By the time everyone had arrived, Elson was settled into a comfortable position, sipping tea and nodding in greeting towards both his old friends and those he didn't know between sips. So far, most of his old friends and one of the newcomers had introduced themselves. He took a long sip before noticing the gazes turned toward him, and realized it was his turn. Not missing a beat, he stood up, gesturing animatedly as he spoke. "Old friends and new acquaintances alike... I couldn't be more pleased to be here with you all today. I can sense that this is the beginning of a grand undertaking. Davis d'al Elson, at your service."
  8. Davis d'al Elson (WIP)

    ~*~ The Knight of Heart ~*~ Davis d'al Elson Elson Major Elson Profile Blood Type B- Height 190cm Weight 88kg Hair Color Copper Brown Eye Color Gray Age Early-Twenties Gender Male Affiliation Aelindra Occupation Aelindrian Noble Troop of the Golden HawksOfficer The Talons UnitMajor Weaponry Mana-Blade Caster Gun Armor(wip) Personality & Character____________________ Davis d'al Elson, while many things, is not the greatest of warriors, as much as he'd like to be otherwise. Is he competent? Of course. He's even a bit more strong and skilled than your average soldier, were one to compare. But good is not great, especially when one is constantly measuring themselves up to those who came before. His is a rather distinguished lineage, all told, one he is always striving to live up to. What he is, however, is a man of great charm and wit. Charismatic to an almost terrifying extent, and an intellect as sharp as a rapier, he is a very great leader... when he's not giving in to his tendency to be a reckless glory hound, seeking to fulfill his inmost desire to prove himself worthy in combat (This has abated somewhat after a close brush with death one time, but still rises to the surface on occasion). He has a strong sense of honor, one that the more cynical-minded of people would label detrimental. Among the many friends he has made, he holds Alfonso d'al Sancroix, Enrique d'al Hunter, Caius d'al Cazarosta, and Virgil Faulkner to be his closest. Skills & Capabilities______________________ Gear & Accouterments______________________ Mana-Blade| Caster Gun|
  9. The Abyss Gazes Back [Artifact]

    By the time it had become evening, Cerik had recovered, at least to the point where he could move around without being in constant pain (as long as he was careful, that is). Stormfire had recovered well, and was currently resting in the nicest stall in the stable closest to the restaurant Skyward. The knight was thinking now, as he did every so often, that he spoiled his steed too much... but then he dismissed the thought. He had no loyal and truer companion, and he would spare no expense for her. After checking up on his horse, he left his armor in her stall, to be kept under her indefatigable gaze while he made his way toward Skyward, wearing the suit that he normally reserved for the formal occasions he found himself attending, and his newly-acquired monocle over his eye. His date, the weapons merchant, waited at the door of the restaurant, wearing an elegant green dress and black high-heeled shoes. Like the gentleman he had been raised as, Cerik proffered his arm to her as they approached their table, and pulled her chair out for her. The two of them seemed to hit it off well. Salida (as he now knew to be the name of the weapons merchant) was a charming and witty woman, one who seemed to carry the same spirit of adventure that he did. Of course, she hadn't had the opportunity to sate it, such as Cerik had. In a dramatic voice, the knight (jokingly) vowed to ride off with her sunset, at which both of them burst into laughter, one that drew haughty stares from those at the neighboring tables. When their food arrived, the both dug in with companionable silence, then continued their conversation in earnest as they waited for desert. Salida's attention now seemed focused on the monocle the knight errant wore. Cerik didn't know if she had noticed it earlier, but nevertheless, she leaned forward now. "Cer... Forgive me if I'm prying, but have you always had that monocle?" The knight grinned slightly. "I'd be lying if I said 'yes'. To be truthful, that's what I came to this town for... well, aside from you, that is." Salida smiled and rolled her eyes, but further conversation was interrupted by the arrival of dessert. Merchant and knight ate, promised to keep in contact with each other, and then went their separate ways. The next morning, they shared a kiss before Cerik climbed onto Stormfire's back and rode out of town. Salida didn't quite ride off into the sunset with him, but she had been inspired by the knight nonetheless. That very same day, she loaded all of her goods into a wagon, and made her way out into the world. With luck, her's and Cerik's paths would intersect once more.
  10. Where Light Loses Form

    "Ghost it is, then." As Sibyla followed after Ghost, she pondered the nature of its existence. Was it a spirit of some description, formed entirely, somehow, of sadness? Had it been created, perhaps, where great sorrow met great power, coalescing into this manifestation? She could have asked, perhaps, but she didn't want to risk making Ghost even sadder, were that even possible. For the moment, she would content herself with speculation. At the same time, There bemusedly(?) watched Freckles as he darted between his legs, but his stride remained constant, unyielding. In fact(perhaps surprisingly) a deep, rumbling chuckle seemed to reverberate from within the construct. Sibyla took a mental note as Ghost showed her the location of the tea gardens. Once the town was hers, the crop produced there would remain a vital economic asset. Her attention, however, was quickly drawn to her guide's statements: even the very plants seemed to react to its presence. The Shadow Princess grew even more intrigued as they continued on. Plants didn't typically react to the magics that weren't elemental in nature, in her experience. So then, it aura of sadness, as it were, seemed to even affect the species that weren't entirely sentient. Fascinating. Even more fascinating was short moments later, when Ghost met moonlight, and everything changed. She almost came to a full stop as she watched with gaping mouth, but was softly prodded back into action by There. She resolved, then and there, that she was going to find out everything she could about this entity, if only in the interest of sheer curiosity. And later, the group found themselves in front of their destination: the house of the mayor. A shape in the window, possibly the mayor himself. A guard at the door, bored out of his mind. A princess, a golem, a pig, and... a spirit of sadness that grew even sadder. Contrary to sense, she stepped closer to the aura, and began to speak, while focusing her charming power: not towards the spirit, but funneling them into her words, giving them an odd strength. "Ghost. I have met many in my time. Among them, you stand out, and you are far from pathetic. You have a strength of your own, one that no other can boast. And even when that's not enough? There is no shame, no weakness, in needing, or even seeking, the aid of another. The greatest works are done not alone, but through the power of cooperation. Observe." She clapped then, and There made his way in front of her, even kneeling down. "There. Remove that guard, we have business with the mayor. But don't kill him, we don't want the blood of some poor sod just doing his job on our hands." There rose back up, and started lumbering toward the guard in the doorway. The shadows of the night seemed to be drawn toward him as he walked, and soon concealed the construct from the view of the untrained eye. Sibyla, however, could see clearly, and watched as There made behind the guard. The guard seem to hear something, and started to spring up, ready for action- but for him, alas, it was all too late as a steel hand cloaked in darkness wrapped around his face. Soon, the guard was lowered to the ground, unconscious, and the darkness retreated from around There. As the golem came back into view, Sibyla smiled, and gestured her other companions to follow as she moved forward, and through the door to the mayor's house.
  11. if virtue feeble were

    "Well, excuse me. Princess Olivia it is, then. Though, if we're being honest here, I must admit... I might want to go flying back to Isore, as that would save me both time and tedium. Mind telling me what the downside is supposed to be, again? Because if there is one, I'm not seeing it." Madon grinned insipidly at Olivia as he spoke. He reflected, for a brief moment, on how stiff and awkward he had been when they first met... which, admittedly, wasn't all that long ago, but the point remained: he was at ease around her now. Before, he had been almost hilariously awkward, which, with the presence of Severus, had made him to be very overshadowed. But Severus had been dismissed, and it was just the two of them now. Madon's confidence had come surging back in. Given time, who knew what their friendship could blossom into? Whatever the answer, it was likely to be a bond that echoed into even the distant future. Isore's prince, however, was a man of the moment, and it wasn't long before his mind returned to the present. Out here, it was the journey he most enjoyed, caring little of any progress to their actual destination. Out here, was no longer caught in the tangled webs of intrigue, politics, and etiquette spun by the nobles back in the Tower. Out here, he set aside the burden of his station, and enjoyed every damn moment as it came to him. His father might just be frothing with rage, were he aware, Madon imagined. But in Olivia's company, his worries, his responsibilities, all were cast away without a thought. Let those bridges be crossed when they were come to, as this day was one of sweet, absolute, unprecedented freedom. And on that auspicious day, there was nothing the future Exarch could think of that could ever have been greater. Absorbed as they were, neither of them would notice the bird (that of resplendent red and gold plumage), that seemed to follow in their wake. It dipped out of sight whenever their gazes happened to turn in its direction, and occasionally perched atop lampposts, its gaze remaining fixated on Isore's heir, and the 'princess' of Zenith. Oddly, even what other people there were below (guards, for the most part, if not in entirety) seemed to take no notice of the splendorous avian. Whether that was a testament to some ability of the bird's, or to the attentiveness of the guards, the world would likely never know. Whatever its purpose, it was fulfilling extraordinarily well, at least for the moment. In any case, it would be obvious to an astute observer that this was no ordinary bird, far from it.
  12. Where Light Loses Form (OOC)

    Currently waiting on @-Lilium-. On my end, this upcoming week is finals week, and I will be devoting much of my time to studying. So, I can't guarantee posting until Thursday evening, and anything before that would/will be as the mood and inspiration strikes.
  13. Where Light Loses Form (OOC)

    @-Lilium- @Grubbistch I'm kicking posting order to the curb for the time being. Post whenever you feel it to be right, etc. I will say, however, this is already looking like it's going to be a fun time.