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  1. Posted. And nah, the outcome of the 8 was perfectly in tune with what I would expect out of a 'critical' result. You're all good. I can understand being used to a different system, indeed. We could technically have used an equivalent system I suppose, but I used this one before to great success, so I thought that I would give it a spin once more.
  2. Fire. Fire had nearly extinguished the life of the cult leader in that harsh, unforgiving desert. Only the swift intervention of Salida after the knight Cerik had departed in the wake of his slaughter of the cult had allowed him cling to life and regain his strength. Now... fire seared him once more. His right arm, and more or less the entire right side of his torso, was consumed by the fierce flames sent forth by Maria. His warhammer clattered to the ground, the head red-hot from the the heat of the flames, and dropped to his knees and let out a pained scream of agony. Salida winced, and the noise distracted the armored deserter as he moved in with a devastating cleave of his ax- Cerik parried the blow with such force and precision that the head of the ax shattered, rendering the weapon worthless. The deserter tried to block out the cultist leader's agony, which had subsided to sobbing and groaning, and picked up the discarded warhammer, which glowed with heat. Cerik, however, did not fail to capitalize on the deserter's distraction. As he picked up the warhammer, the knight dashed forward with a piercing lunge, one that drove Farcutter through a gap in the deserter's armor. It was not a vital blow by any means, but one that scored some good damage and sent the deserter staggering backwards with a growl of pain. The knight and the deserter stared each other down as they planned their next move. Cerik momentarily wondered what the merchant Salida might be preparing while he was distracted with her goons... but he could only hope Maria had a better read of the situation from where she stood. And indeed, if Maria were to look, she would find the merchant Salida digging through a large and heavy pack set upon the ground, muttering to herself as she did. There was no way to tell what she intended to produce from within it- but, surely, it could be nothing good?
  3. "Let me guess... we fought them several times." Wymp's frown of concentration lifted for a moment as he turned and looked at Tolok. "Innes, yes. Jill too, and she's just dragged Madon off to who knows where. ... God, I should have stopped her, but something made me stay in place." He shook his mournfully for a moment. "Anyways, we've fought Innes several times. Rat bastard nearly did the Exarch in with that bow of his, in the woods outside the inn. But I don't recognize the man in the armor, yet I feel like I should... and you know what? Something tells me this situation may not be as hostile as it seems. After all, the fact they haven't drawn steel on us indicates that they may have been disarmed in a similar manner as we were. As strange as it seems to say, it seems this meeting between us will not come to blows." As Wymp and Tolok spoke to each other, Innes strode forward and gestured grandly at those watching him and the Knight. "What is with the silence, this aura of hostility? What kind of pale imitation of the legendary summer festival of Onstade is this? Come, let us eat together, drink together, and be merry!" With that, he made his way toward the food stands and the open bar, conveniently situated where the beach met the city of Onstade proper. Wymp watched Innes' departure, stroking his chin in thought. Then, he turned to Tolok with what seemed to be a devious grin. "We should accept that invitation, I think. If we ply him with enough drinks, I believe we could get him to let slip some valuable intel on the movements of Byrn- information the Exarch and the Princess will undoubtedly appreciate." Meanwhile, atop a sandy dune overlooking the beach, a man in dark robes stood, staring disapprovingly at the corpse in front of him with a blackened, charred area over his heart. Though it could have been harder to tell the direction of his gaze with one eye concealed behind a turban worn at an angle, were there anything else of interest in the immediate area. A hooded man bowed to the robed man as he approached and began to speak. "Lord Nergal, I- ah. One of our scouts got compromised, it seems." "... Indeed. Inconvenient, I was hoping for this assault to come as a total surprise. Nonetheless, we will make this work. Denning, signal the advance. We must act immediately if we are to maintain any momentum. And if any power that be favors us, we may even catch those who encountered and killed our scout before they can bring the news to their compatriots." Denning nodded, and unslung a massive bow from his back- one that seemed to have been carved from a large piece of driftwood. Nergal mused to himself as his subordinate nocked an arrow tipped with a firework. "That damned legate. Somehow managed to disarm all of us, in spite of our presence being otherwise unknown. These improvised weapons should hopefully do the trick. But even if they don't... this is a minor bump in the grand scheme of things. If it works it will be a beautiful success, but I lose little from this operation's failure." As his musing trailed off, he watched as the firework arrow was fired into the air. It exploded in the air, a blood red skull becoming visible for the brief moments of the explosive display's existence. His force would now be en-route. He drew a glass ball from within his robes, looking into it with an expression of concentration. He would watch the conflict through his scrying orb. If all went south, he would simply teleport out of here before his presence could be detected. But until then, he would watch the chaos unfold...
  4. NDS Roll (Cult Leader) d10
  5. Orsola frowned as Eve swam through the water to reach the pillar and started to ascend it. If she slipped and fell, she would likely come to grievous harm- not to mention the likelihood of the shard she carried being broken on impact. But, oh well, hopefully Owend's pegasus Nodite was swift enough to catch her and strong enough to bear the extra weight. Though with any luck... all three of them would reach the top of the pillar with no issues. Orsola nodded toward Olivia, then began to make her way toward the pegasus. She had made no big deal of it, and hadn't the opportunity to do so as of yet in this time, but the Owend of her time had taught her how to ride a pegasus- such a skill would surely take the good Princess Olivia by surprise, would it not? Wanker pondered the decision that Princess had designated to him. The great swordfish waited to be combated, certainly. And the lapping waves still teemed with plenty of fish to be caught. But... on the other hand, the festival promised a great deal of food. And there was only so much you could take of fish alone, and so much they had caught already. This would require some thought. ... Or, it would have, had the drunken Tolok not spoke so vividly of the alcohol that would be present at the festival. The mention of this galvanized Wanker into action, and he jumped forward with a leg planted against the prow of the boat, heroically pointing toward the beach where the festival carried on in earnest. "Let us go now and make land! To the festival, for booze and for boo- food!" Princess chuckled at this decision, and took up and oar and began to steer the boat toward shore. Bitch shook her head for a couple of moments, but followed Princess' movement with her own oar. The mouse on her shoulder continued to stare at Tolok, silent now that its mirth had faded. Meanwhile, in Glia proper, Anselm stared forlornly out the window and sighed. Cassia raised an eyebrow at this and spoke up. "Princess... what is the matter?" Anselm shook his head sadly for a moment, before turning toward Cassia and attempting to muster a smile. "Ah, nothing, Cassia. I was just... ah, well, if I can't admit it to you, who can I admit it to? I was thinking of the festival at Onstade. Every year I go there, show off my most dazzling and fashionable swimwear, test the limits of the secret I must uphold... but not this year. Instead, I am stuck with dark business in Glia proper, while dear Olivia gets to enjoy the festivities!" Cassia smiled slightly. "Hah. I know you greatly relish the opportunity. And I too was looking forward to what you had selected this year. But... nevertheless, are you thinking of running off, abandoning your duties?" Anselm laughed for a moment. "No, I would not dream of it, lest I was seeking to be on the receiving end of dear Severa's anger. I just had a moment of... longing, which I thank you for indulging, my faithful attendant. Now... I suppose we should get back to it. Bring in the next one, would you?" Upon the beaches of Onstade, Madon and Wymp played a game with the knights of Owend's squad- one that involved a net stretching across the sand, and hitting a ball back forth across it. Vanessa kept score, and Madon's team was in the lead at the moment. The various Isorians and mercenaries that had accompanied their Exarch from The Valley were spread out throughout the festivities, greatly enjoying their relaxation and downtime. It would be a shame if something happened to interrupt this idyllic peace, wouldn't it? The boat bearing said interruption came onto the sand with great ferocity- driving a furrow into the beach as it was rowed forward until it came to a stop, somehow undamaged. The occupants of the ship made their way onto the shore- two of them obviously stumbling. Nearby festivities paused as those involved turned to look at the newcomers, and the faces of Madon and Wymp in particular carried expressions of shock as the trio of Princess, Bitch, and Wanker strode onto the sands. Jill and Innes were immediately recognizable to the Exarch- however, the man with the swim trunks over his full suit of dark armor was not somebody he recognized. A strange man, one he would take the time to try and identify later, he supposed. Madon instinctively reached for Arcane Piercer... only to grasp thin air. Right. The legate had disarmed them all the previous night. The red-haired woman strode forward until she stood in front of the Exarch. He narrowed his gaze and spoke. "Jill? What are you doing here?" The woman made a shhing gesture. "There's no Jill here. Call me Bitch." "Why would I-" Madon was unable to finish his sentence as Bitch suddenly took hold of his hand and dragged him off down the beach. Wymp stared after them with an incredulous expression.
  6. @AthenasFire Posted! And a bit of housekeeping, I'm using the for this battle here. (It's a requirement to be used at least once in a thread laying claim to an artifact. I don't know if that same requirement applies to upgrading as the purpose of this thread is, but better safe than sorry.) Just roll on Valucre's dice roll thread pinned to the Water Cooler (or externally if you'd like, I trust you won't fudge your rolls lol), and use the result of that roll to determine what goes down in your post per the linked system.
  7. At Maria's call that he was good to climb, Cerik directed Stormfire into an alcove tucked into the cliff-face. The warhorse could take care of herself most likely, but best to keep her safe in case some hostile party had chosen to pursue them for some reason. He took hold of the rope and began the climb. Maria reached the outcrop with no issues in her climb, with the rope holding up perfectly. The armored knight followed suit, but when he close to the top of the rope... it cleanly fell apart, as if it had been cut. Given only mere moments to react before a painful and possibility debilitating fall, Cerik lurched upward, grasping the edges of the outcrop with his hand as the rope fell to the ground below. He cursed under his breath before looking up and directing his voice toward Maria. "A bit of help here, if you don't mind?" With the aid of Maria, Cerik would make it atop the outcrop. He rested there on his back for a bit, then pulled himself to a sitting position and spoke. "Damn rope held steady until the perfect moment for it to hurt me greatly with the fall. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was sabotaged. ... Is this part of the trial, Amura?" The spirit floated nearby with a visible frown, shaking her head at the knight's question. "No. A third party has interfered. If I were to speculate, I would say that they are after one or both of the artifacts that you carry, Sir Cerik." Cerik frown's deepened as he shot upright and drew his sword Farcutter. "If somebody has interfered, than they must still be here." He raised his voice to be heard all about the outcrop. "Whoever you are, show yourself!" A boulder on the outcrop shimmered out of existence- an illusion or veil of some sort, dispelled to reveal three people. Two men, one larger and clad in armor, one hand replaced an intimidating false hand of blackened steel. The other, a man in a hooded robe with a notable glow around where his heart would be, as if something were implanted there? And the third... a woman, in a rather plain green dress and other garb that indicated her as a traveling merchant. This face was familiar to Cerik, and he had a visible expression of shock. "... Salida?" The merchant woman grinned, and one could very well imagine venom dripping from her teeth due to the malice in her expression. "Cerik. I was hoping you would fall, it would have made my work easier and kept this companion of yours out of the way. But as it stands... I'll have to take matters into my own hands. You might remember these fellows here from your journey to claim the Desert's Eye. The deserter whose hand you cruelly severed, and the cult leader whose heart you eviscerated and incinerated." The knight's expression was still confused and shocked as he responded. "Why would you bring those men here? Why are you here after everything..." "The Monocle, and now the Eye. I never had a good opportunity to take them in our previous meetings. Too many companions with you, or too many people who could be witnesses. ... You must be curious why I seek them so. The Eye is just a bonus. But the Monocle is mine by right- the woman who took it from the captain was my ancestor. I had been in progress towards reclaiming it when you strode in, you sickening knight, paragon of justice. You fell easily for my wiles, yet fate denied me what I sought. No longer." As Salida rambled on, Amura had turned to Maria and spoke quietly to her, as to not be overheard. "This will soon come to conflict. Do you as you will, but I recommend that you wait until they're engaged, then blindside them with whatever power you have to muster. If these interlopers prove too strong for the two of you, I will render aid as best as I can." Meanwhile, Salida continued. "... This ends here. Boys, take him down. Leave his companion for afterwards, if she refuses the opportunity to retreat." The deserter and the former cultist leader drew their weapons- the deserter with a wicked-looking handax in his non-metallic hand, and the cultist with his warhammer that Cerik remembered vividly as doing him some damage. The knight took a ready stance as they charged. The deserter's ax was deftly spun around, and a pre-emptive strike at the cult leader's arm forced him to pull back and thus causing his hammer's swing to only clip Cerik's armor, ending in a reverberation throughout the armor and minor damage. The knight dashed past them with a retaliatory swing of Farcutter- but the sword only dealt minor wounds to the two men. They all pivoted and turned to face each other, carefully considering their next moves as their current clash resulted in little damage in the end.
  8. NDS Roll (Deserter & Cult Leader) d10
  9. Zerand Blacklong nearly conquered his home planet of Alumel with an army of Robo-Vikings... only to get roflstomped by a slumbering god awoken by the last pocket of resistance. Said god isekaied him and just one crew of his Robo-Vikings onto Valucre, and Zerand lost a major portion of his power in the process. Father Roggan is literally a Priest unit from Age of Empires as a character in Val, but there's no more detail than that really because he's very much a meme character looool.
  10. Heyo! Sorry for the long delay, I've been pretty busy with the holidays and have hardly had the time or energy to spare for Valucre, oof. But my schedule is opened up now, so I should be able to put out posts at a faster pace and get this sucker done. ... A month or so between posts is better than no post at all, I suppose, but I personally would like to be more speedy than "glacial" lol.
  11. "... I do this to help people for the most part and I don't see myself just being a shop keep, waitress, or something like that. I don't know what else my life would entail beyond that though..." Cerik nodded in response to Maria's words. "Take my line of questioning as some idle curiosity on my end, with perhaps a dash of boredom. But I agree with that sentiment. Those occupations help people in their own way, I'd say, but not nearly so directly like we are used to as adventurers. I'd probably try and become a guard of some sort myself if my idea of becoming a 'proper' knight again were to fall through." With that he began to search through Stormfire's saddlebags in earnest. At Maria's comment about it being the first thing to pack, he took a moment to turn and level a stare at her, before chuckling and returning to his search. "It's not that I didn't pack it! Just trying to remember where exactly I put it in these damn saddlebags, since it's been a bit since I've had to break it out." After a short bit more of searching, he pulled a rope with a grappling hook at the end of it out of the saddlebags. Grinning in triumph for a moment, he strode forward and started spinning the hook in preparation to toss it. He turned his head up and leveled his gaze at the mountain side. Yes... those rocks there would catch the hook very well, he would simply have to aim it just right. The monocle beneath his helm glinted for a moment as the hook sailed through the air- and lodged perfectly on those rocks at the edge of the outcrop. Cerik gave the rope a few experimental tugs, before nodding in satisfaction and then turning toward Maria. "There we go. I don't foresee any problems occurring on this relatively short climb, but just in case... it may be best if you go first, since you're lighter and I will be better suited to catch you if the rope breaks or something. I doubt the reverse would end very well."
  12. "That seems like a good idea. If we can avoid a fight then we probably should avoid it." Cerik nodded his agreement with Maria's statement, comment as Stormfire took them past the conflict without any of the involved parties breaking off in pursuit. When they were clear of any potential danger, the knight visibly relaxed and quipped over his shoulder without turning around. "Mind you, I'm not involved with the affairs of that mysterious kingdom of Aligoria in any direct way. I just have some idea of what they're up to since I've had my base of operations, which you could even call my home, in this area for a good while before they suddenly sprang up, practically overnight even. There was apparently some kind of civil war that caused shifts in power in various locales around the continent? But that hasn't made much difference for an adventurer like me, honestly..." He trailed off into silence. The knight obviously had something on his mind, and he mulled over for it a time before speaking up again a distance down the road. "If I can learn more of Aligoria's goals and motivations, and if I find them good... I actually might want to become a 'true knight' once more, one in service to a worthy liege. The spirit of adventure, the allure of the open road, and all of that? It has begin to fade in luster, started to lose it's allure to me. I am feeling the desire to have more stable work to speak, to have an oath and a code to adhere to once more that is not solely my own." He paused for a moment. "Maria, have you ever thought of what you'd like to do if you weren't here? As in, if you weren't out adventuring and all of that?" Cerik would wait patiently for her response, an expression of curiosity visible upon his face. Was it just sheer curiosity, or was there some other motive behind the knight's question? In either case, it would be hard to tell. A short time after this conversation was over, the duo would find themselves at the base of a good-sized mountain. It was no towering monstrosity of one that looked oh so daunting to even begin to climb, but it was a respectable formation nonetheless. Stormfire came to a full stop, and the spirit Amura materialized in front of the duo- fully visible to Maria this time if she hadn't been before, and addressing the both of them at once. "Sir Cerik, and Lady Maria, who has elected to follow this knight in his trial... you have reached the mountain that is your destination. The site of the trial itself is up the mountain, though you will not have to make the climb all the way to peak itself. Your first task, so to speak, is to scale this mountain to reach the site of the trial proper. Once there, I will lay out the remainder of the tasks that must be undertaken. Best of luck to you both..." After this proclamation, Cerik was quick to slide out of the saddle and onto the ground before, and start to search his pack and Stormfire's saddlebags in obvious search of something. "I have a rope somewhere in here, do I not? And a grappling hook to attach to the end of it?"
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