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  1. Have you, uhh, been rolling your moves/actions then? I haven't been following the dice thread, so idk if you've done it there (or elsewhere!). If you haven't, I don't think you'll have to re-roll your previous actions unless jaist or Veloci want you to, but as for your next moves... prepares tea for the possibility of backfires and misses
  2. Now see, why do I feel you're only saying that so that you can have the honor of your realm having the first casualty, lol?
  3. My absolute objective rating of the current situation of all three groups, measured in how much 'oof' is produced. The only rating scale that matters, really. Group 1 = oof. Probably the best off out of the three situations. Just a small oof to be had here, and most of that stems from Ed tbh. Group 2 = Ooof. A little more oof to be had here. Two exploding skeletons, plus one not going boom boom. Unknown and probably scary as fuck creature incoming from the hallway (damn I'm glad we decided not to actually venture into the hallway, that could only have ended well πŸ˜…). And finally, a group of creatures waiting just past the neighboring northern room, two of which are the zombies who can yeet their weapons six bloody squares away. Group 3 = Oooof. I, uhh, wow. There's a lot going on here, it definitely isn't pleasant. Frankly, if ya'll manage to get out of that mess without a casualty, I'm gonna be highly impressed. In fact, I will give you all the vaunted Tactical Genius medals, which are totally awesome and legit.
  4. Discretion was sometimes the better part of valor. And in is this case, it seemed glaringly obvious to Gormaric that the only reward for valor at the current moment was a painful, fiery, explosive death. Exactly in the middle of two skeletons that were most certainly about to blow, with another skeleton across the room visible in the purple glow of Frederick's flame, and an unknown creature that could be heard barreling down the hallway adjacent to the room and spewing forth a torrent of voices, which the ebon knight tried to block out with a small focusing of power to buff up his mental wards. Yes, discretion was most certainly in line here. So, throwing dignity to the wind, he ran toward the northern doorway of room, thoughtfully unblocked by Frederick to allow for an avenue of escape. Eri loped alongside him, looking almost a little comical. He only stopped once he was beyond the doorway and on the threshold of the room that had been above the one they had landed in. In the purple glow emanating from the black flames of his blade, his gaze scanned over the room, looking for any incoming threats. He wasn't quite sure, but if there was anything, it was whatever he could vaguely make out lurking past the room's other doorway, leading out of the room to the west. A wary gaze was turned toward it, as the knight trusted his companions to make sure his back was secure, whether it was Frederick and his Subversors or one of the others. Frederick had been prepared for an attack by the flaming skeleton, but he seemed to have underestimated the power behind its attack. When it struck at the knight, he managed to pivot so that he only took a glancing blow from the burning marrow bag: one that still hurt and sent a wave of white-hot pain through his body, nonetheless. He raised his shield before it could get the opportunity to strike again, and struck out with enough force to send it reeling backwards and give him some room to breathe, but likely wouldn't leave any last damage on the skeleton. He watched as Gormaric dashed to the doorway. In that moment, his next action was decided, even as the cacophony of voices from whatever was charging through the hallway echoed and tried to overwhelm his concentration. He turned back toward the woman who healed the wounded Subversor, and called out to her. He would have to talk with her more when they weren't so busy trying to survive against monsters with such a heavy affinity for fire. "Cynthia! We're making for the room to the north. I suspect your healing will be vital for our continued survival, so if you please, follow after us." He looked over at the skeleton that was still mobile for a moment, suspecting it would be gearing up for another attack any moment now. "And as for this skeleton, two blows should render it immobile like its brethren across the room. Otherwise, make sure you're prepared to ward against its blows, it hits much harder than you would think!" With these last words, the knight of Aligoria dashed into the doorway leading into the next room, with his Subversors in tow. They came to a stop behind Gormaric, and at a quiet order from Frederick, the power of the Inanis suffused itself through the armor of both Frederick and his Subversors, and they formed a shield wall facing both forward and back to cover attacks from both sides. With more time, they could extend this protection to Gormaric as well... but the knight commander suspected an attack would come before he could manage that, and, well, he knew Gormaric to be capable of defending himself. He could only hope he had chosen the right course of action, in the end. @Infernal @vielle @SelenaNichole
  5. If it won't be any issue, Zerand Blacklong, Baron of Aligoria, will be spectating. He will also be bringing Aligorian tea (the finest in Terrenus, undoubtedly) for his own consumption, and that of anybody else who may want it. 🧐
  6. Since the others haven't logged on/posted/said anything in a while, I have to assume they're not coming back. Therefore... @vielle I know you're AFV until Thursday or so, but I'm pinging you to let you know it is your turn. @Thotification You can post before or after Vielle as you so desire, doesn't particularly matter for this current scene who responds first. I know Lili has been very busy with school and such lately, so I leave her spot open for whenever her schedule may open up. But otherwise, it's just not feasible for us to wait around for her.
  7. Sibyla smiled at Andraste's question. She had many rewards that she could offer, and surely at least would prove to be enticing enough for her prospective 'employees' to agree to this mission. It was something she could have undertaken with the forces of Aligoria at her back, she supposed. But the Archsages would be given little to no time to prepare if she came in like a thief in the night instead of like a hellbent conqueror. And besides, to her knowledge, some of them lived in sovereign territories that would object to and be heavily annoyed by a foreign force traipsing through their lands. "Your reward for a successful mission... if gold is your desire, than I shall arrange for your coffers to overflow with it. If you desire status within my kingdom, or favors which you can call upon at your whim, that too, I can arrange." It was then that Khaki spoke, asking for her own reward of the Archsages' corpses, and furthermore whatever powerful objects could be found in their possession. It was... a very interesting request, all other factors set aside. The motivation was clearly stated, to feed the monster within. Her thoughts turned toward the ebon knight Gormaric for a moment, wondering if he ever felt similarly during those centuries in which Neque resided within him. But all in all, it was not her place to question, and she had no objections to what Khaki was asking for. The Shadow Princess turned toward her. "And if that is your desire, I shall so grant it. I had no plans for their bodies, and no use for them. I might have given them a proper burial, but I suppose this way will remove the need for me to give them such an honor. As for the objects of power..." She looked back over toward Andraste for a moment. "If she also desires those objects, then I ask that the two of you work together to split them amongst yourselves. Otherwise, they are all yours... aside from a couple that I must take for myself and deliver to my father. He has asked for proof of the demise of each Archsage, and their primary objects of power are the most accessible proof that I can think of for a couple of the cases."
  8. And the post order is established! EpicRome23 @The Rabbit Emperor Thotification
  9. "Do you need help, lady?" Ocelia gave a start of surprise as the woman approached and asked whether she needed help. After taking a moment to recover, however, she nodded and replied in a soft tone. "I... suppose I do. I was just talking with a widow who wants her husband's wedding ring to be recovered. If you're willing to help with such a task as searching for it, then I would be grateful for your aid." As she finished speaking, she looked around the tavern once more, seeing if anybody else was approaching her or might seem interested in helping her out. Nobody stood out to her as she scanned... except for the young (at least to her) man who sat at the table nearest the door. Something about him stood to her, though she couldn't place her finger on what exactly it was out of several possibilites. Deciding that it would at least be worth trying to ask about the possibility of him helping her, she took a few steps toward the man and cleared her throat. "Pardon the interruption, young man. I'm looking for people to help me locate a lost wedding ring, so if you're not too busy, are you willing to come along and help with that task?"
  10. And there we go! Four more rounds to go, and here's the post order: EpicRome23 @Oljhin Akusao Thotification
  11. β€œWhat’s the thief stolen, and from who? And before you ask, yes I will need recompense.” The man who first responded to Acele's call definitely had a mercenary mindset, though the knight had never minded working with those types. After all, not everyone was driven by such virtues as justice, some needed motivation more suited to putting food on the table at night. And at a glance, she could tell that he very well needed the recompense. She smiled lightly, and turned her gaze toward him. "The thief stole various items from Smithy; raw leather, a mace, a short sword, and a steel shield of good quality that was being made on order for someone. As for your recompense, there is a well-made and extremely sharp dagger in store for you. Though, if it that is not sufficient for you, I am willing to offer gold from my own personal funds." As she finished talking to the man, a woman approached her from a different direction, and Acele's gaze turned toward her. She seemed... concerned? The knight wasn't given too long to ponder it, however, as the newcomer began to speak. "I'm willing to help. And unlike the other bloke, I don't need payment. Helping another person in need is already a reward unto itself." Acele smiled again, a bit more broadly this time. This woman was one more after her own heart. They would probably get along fairly well, for however long they would end up working together. "And I will gratefully accept your aid. Though, unless you should choose to deny it, you will also receive a dagger like the one I mentioned as a reward for the thief's capture." With that, she looked between the man and the woman who had responded to her call, and nodded for a moment. "A group this size should be enough to track down the thief, without drawing so much attention as to scare the thief off. They should be holed up somewhere in Yh'mi still, and we'll start our search at the site of the theft itself. Come, we have little time to waste." She turned on her heel and made her way towards the door of the tavern.
  12. @Thotification I'll leave it up to you whether you want to wait for Vielle, or just go ahead and post.
  13. @zackrobbman To clarify, because I bloody well swear you said this somewhere but I can't find it, stuff like area attack and area defense works in a 5X5 pattern centered on the character in this realm, correct?
  14. If by kick it you mean attack and damage it once more, uhh, no. That will kick off the explosion instantly. Said explosion will throw both Kingston and Gormaric three squares up in the direction of the other skeleton. ... Gormaric then is yeeted into the other skeleton and kicks off its explosion. At this point I don't want to even fucking calculate it, we're wading in the negatives now and both characters have entered the bloody death state, meaning some bad shit is gonna go down for both of them later on and there's a d3 chance of permanent injury. Or we've dived enough into the negatives where the chance is gone, idk what jaist would say on that one
  15. @vielle Thotification EpicRome23
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