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    Reading, writing, purging heretics, video games (Strategy and/or RPG all the way, especially Fire Emblem.) large flying and fire-breathing lizards, history, necromancy, obtaining unlimited power, and conquering the world. That's all the important stuff. What do you mean, 'one of these is not like the others?'
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  1. Not even a week yet, we good EpicRome23 Baltana(?) @Thotification - reminder/poke, feel free to post even if I'm technically 'skipping' you now -Lilium- @Tex- If you're still around/interested and have caught up? Annabelle Higgins(?) @vielle- Technically 'up', so tagging you as well lmao. Idk why I keep the order up at this point xD
  2. vielle @Thotification EpicRome23 Mostly formality, and catching you before you posted for once lmao
  3. But with consideration of what goes on in Yh'mi's skies... Fighter jets subsequently crash into the Spires and we have more Fallen Knights to contend with. Good job.
  4. @zackrobbman Sending in one wyvern is probably already pushing it with Yh'mi. I send in a whole wyvern-riding brigade and next thing you know, the bloody place is throwing flying Chitten Magni at us. do you really want flying Chitten Magni And the elephant has tricks up its, uhh, entirely metaphorical sleeve. It's from Aligoria my boi, Neque be making counter-plays to Yh'mi's malarkey in everything he's sent there.
  5. "... Our supplies are in disarray, our morale is in the toilet, and chances are very few of us will survive to see the gold at the end of all of this. But we have an elephant, so... it's basically a utopia here." "Frederick, please tell me this is just you hitting the bottle again. In what possible way can you glean anything positive out of this situation?" "Come on Ilene, we have an elephant!" "... You know, I'll just roll with it. And admittedly, Surus was invaluable for ferrying supplies here, even if the archers and pikemen who usually ride up top bitched about walking." "Ha! There's that positive attitude I was waiting for. Come then, let us toast to the elephant in the room that Yh'mi won't see coming, to our continued survival, and the glory of Aligori-" The flaps of the tent were flung open as an ebon-scaled wvyern poked her head inside, followed by the towering form of the ebon knight Gormaric. He looked at the two Aligorian commanders sharing a bottle of whiskey and cards dealt between them as some kind of game. Eri let out a low growl as Gormaric shook his head. "I see you two are being productive. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you two will be on second watch with me, so get what rest you can now. Because Yh'mi never rests, unfortunately for us." Frederick chuckled and held an empty glass towards Gormaric. "Eh, lighten up ya dark bastard. You been hanging around that paladin too much, starting to sound like him. Take a seat and drink a little with us, Yh'mi ain't going to come full-force in the next couple of hours." Gormaric considered the offer for a moment... then shrugged and sat down on the spare chair at the table, accepting the glass Frederick offered him. As he began to drink, Eri quietly slinked into the tent and curled around the table, obviously content as Gormaric idly rubbed her head with his free hand. "A little alcohol might actually be a boon against Yh'mi's bullsh- you know, that madness and insanity."
  6. @vielle Thotification EpicRome23 Slowness due to school again 😶
  7. “So, that woman—you know her? You seemed all the more vigorous, defending her from these evil miscreants.” "I too am a bit interested with the story between you two." Cerik had had his attention turned to the road ahead, not expecting his traveling attentions to be so curious or probe more deeply into the matter. He was actually a bit taken aback, and sat atop Stormfire's back for a few silent moments. Then, he removed his helm and turned Iomhar and the Mistress with an eyebrow raised. "Really now, both of you are so interested in gossip? It's... not really all that big of a deal. Her name is Salida, and she's a weapons merchant who I can count among the women I've, ah, spent quality time with. There's a reason I mentioned that whole 'no vow of celibacy' thing in our discussion earlier, you know. But anyways, I loathe deserters, I loathe banditry, and I absolutely loathe anyone who tries to hurt those I know and care for. Suffice to say that the vigor of my fighting was a result of this bunch happening to hit all three of those factors." He smiled for a brief moment before replacing his helm on his head and returning his gaze to the road again. "Now, onwards to the desert's edge. We might actually get to rest for a couple of hours if we keep up this pace and don't hit too many more distractions. Or obstacles, I suppose you could call them."
  8. ... Oof I let this slide by me again. Carrying on... EpicRome23 Baltana @Thotification -Lilium- Tex Annabelle Higgins vielle I'm not actually in a rush on this thread/plot since I'm not planning to build anything off it currently, but I'm still sorry for the delays, they result from my own laziness. ... Also Thot, I remember from your status that you're AFV currently, no rush lol
  9. Speak for yourself, I've got an elephant lol What do you mean, "That doesn't guarantee my survival?" I WAS LIED TO?!
  10. Heh, go ahead and split mine up as you please! Don't even care if it's even or not, it should be fun to deal with in any case.
  11. @vielle poke @Thotification To second the question, will you be posting this round or no? Just for clarification purposes 👀
  12. Full summary: At the behest of Neque, the Shadow King, Zerand Blacklong took a force consisting of himself, his lover Araminta, a dracozombie, and a sizable number of Robo-Vikings and summoned skeletons into the Scudder Forests to follow up on a discovery by Aligorian surveyors. Setting up a perimeter around the clearing as the miners went to work, Zerand's forces fended off an attack by the centaurs of the Scudder Forests, resulting in several of them being killed and subsequently raised from the dead, along with their weapons being collected for further research by Aligoria. Further action occurred with a lost group of bandits and a second attack from the centaurs. The first resulted in a total defeat and the burning of the bandit's bodies, while the second resulted in more raised centaurs and more of their weapons being captured. Checking up on the miners and finding that they had indeed honed on in veins of Uru, Zerand dealt with the issue of the rocks removed during the process of mining, by sending carts full of them onto Aligorian ships located relatively nearby. Finally, a force of Aligorian Shadow Guards came and took over the mining operation from Zerand and his forces, relieving them of duty and allowing them to pack up and head back to their lands within Aligoria. Minor summary: Aligorian forces under the banner of Baron Zerand Blacklong, vassal of Aligoria, escorted miners into the Scudder Forests in order to establish an Uru mine there. After protecting the miners from attacks by bandits and centaurs, the mine was soon established and the operation was taken over by Aligoria's Shadow Guard. Consequences and Opportunities: Consequences- Aligoria now has access to a steady supply of Uru, and thus is able to use this material for trades and their own purposes. Zerand's action against the centaurs of the Scudder line has given Aligoria samples of their deceptively powerful weapons for further research. Opportunities- Those interested in Uru will find Aligoria willing to deal in small-scale, individual-level trades of this material for the right price. Larger-scale deals between the Kingdom and other groups/nations will require more in-depth negotiations. And for the brash, the stealthy, or the just plain lucky, stealing some of this Uru while it is in transit from the mine may be possible. Rumors of necromancy and other dark, strange activities occurring in the Scudder Forests have begun to circulate, and may be substantial enough to spur further investigation. @supernal
  13. The Shadow Guard leader chuckled for a moment, before gesturing those with him forward. They spread out around the clearing and into the mine as Zerand began to gather up his own forces. Once they were all gathered up before him, he took one last one look around the clearing before taking Araminta’s hand in his own and beginning the march back towards Aligoria. This had been a fun little adventure, all considered, and he could only wonder what kind of task the Shadow King had in mind for him and his forces next…
  14. “And I see you’ve made some additions to your forces. When you get back to Aligoria, don’t forget to give a full report on the goings-on here to King Neque.” Zerand rolled his eyes dramatically, and laid his battleax Willbreaker over his right shoulder before responding. He was reminded somewhat of the sycophants that would report to him during his conquests of long-gone days. “I’m sure I won’t forget. And even if I do, the good ‘ole Shadow King will keep pestering me with agents like you until I get around to it.”
  15. Well, Zerand thought, if these Shadow Guards weren’t the relief force, the one that he had been promised would arrive, then they brought news from Neque and were worth speaking to nonetheless. A man quietly stepped to the forefront of the group and nodded upon seeing Zerand. “Baron Blacklong. Good to see you’ve made it this far. We are here to take over all operations regarding this Uru mine, and to relieve you and your forces of that duty.” The man turned and regarded one of the risen centaurs, his expression not visible and thus inscrutable.
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