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  1. The Abyss Gazes Back [Artifact]

    After bringing Daniel's boat into dock, Cerik and his guide immediately started to sort through both the knight's belongings and the treasure he had acquired. Once the former was back in the proper place(s), and the latter was split as agreed, the knight said goodbye to Daniel, and made his way back into town. He immediately started to search for a healer, in order to tend to the wounds sustained by both him and Stormfire. Chances were that he would have find separate ones for each of them, but he didn't have time to waste on being picky. His search soon yielded fruit, and he left his steed in the care of a kindly old man before dragging himself over to the clinic two blocks down. He went inside, and was immediately met with... an attractive young healer, one that could be described as akin to an angel. There was probably no evidence for it, but it had always seemed to Cerik that being tended to by beautiful women made the healing process even more effective. She asked the knight to remove his armor and lay down on the table, and he had to fight back the urge to grin. Instead, he merely nodded and began to comply, inwardly chewing himself out. He already had a date tonight, and he would have to rush a bit to be ready in time. No time for cavorting with other women, at least not today. This, then, would just have to be strictly business. Stormfire, meanwhile, eyed the old man as he went to work on her wounds. He had introduced himself as Wrys. The horse had been somewhat skeptical, but had kept that to herself, and had been a bit mollified when he had assured them that were they to take up his services, they would be very glad that they did. She felt the man digging into her saddlebags, but simply continued to eye him, not sensing any hostile intent. Wrys pulled out the silver pocket watch that Cerik had acquired not too long after being banished from Marcygate, and stared at it for a minute before laughing and setting it back where he had found it. He returned his attention to the wound on Stormfire's flank. "That master of yours... tell him to take good care of that watch. It wasn't chance that he found it, I can tell that much." Stormfire tossed her head and whinnied, both as agreement and a reaction to the stinging induced by the salve Wrys had just applied.
  2. if virtue feeble were

    As Madon walked along with Olivia, he took note of the relative emptiness of everything around them. It appeared that Glia's liveliness was fully contained in the tower behind them, but such was the way of these things. He was startled for a brief moment as Olivia seemed to tear herself away from him, but ended up watching her with bemusement as soon as the surprise faded. He felt no desire to join her, but nonetheless, seeing her so happy made him glad he had agreed to this venture. A short time later, Olivia made her way to the railing, and spoke of Glia, and the city's vastness. Madon nodded slightly in agreement, although Olivia wouldn't be able to see it, turned away as she was. "Yes. I must admit that Glia is impressive. But I would not discount Isore so quickly. Perhaps it is not quite so large as here, but... The view from atop the roof of the palace? The great window in the headquarters of the Engineer's Guild, looking down into an underground lake encased in crystals? I would like to show you those sights one day, among others, if you're willing." Olivia beckoned him to the railing then, and he began to approach without a second's hesitation, although he didn't quicken his pace. After all, they weren't in any huge rush. “That’d be fun, wouldn’t it? Let’s swim.” At this, Madon stopped in place, ending up within a couple feet of the railing. Swimming, now? This was the most inaniloquent Olivia had been since he had met her. Surely she wasn't serious?... No, if she hadn't been, why would she even bring up the idea? And Madon already knew full well the futility of argument or disagreement with Olivia. As long as she had no intention of taking the plunge from here, it couldn't go horribly wrong, he supposed. "If that is what you want, Olivia, then who am I say no? It's not a bad day to do so, considering." He stepped up to the railing, and offered Olivia his arm once more. Then, he would start to make his way down toward the river. Or, at least, where he thought the way down to the river was. He had a notion of where he was supposed to go in order to get there, and he damn well wasn't going to stop and ask for directions. As the prince of Isore, his pride would not allow him to stoop to doing such a thing.
  3. What sort of roleplaying are you up to these days, old man?

  4. Where Light Loses Form

    As her new allies made their introductions to each other, Sibyla took a moment to retrieve her cup of tea and took a contemplative sip. Still adequately warm. She stepped back over to the trio of men, and the golem There made its way over at the same time. Her gaze swept across the group, and she nodded slowly. This would do just fine. She drained what remained of her tea, then set the cup down on the bar hard enough to start it spinning as she turned to regard the others with an amused gaze. "What a motley crew we have here... Could do with a little less testosterone, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers." Her gaze flicked to the side for a moment, focusing on a table where six man sat, all almost falling backwards in their chairs and laughing at a joke one of them had made. "Now that we all know each other, more or less, we should get down to business. You see that group of men over there? I don't care which of them you choose, but pick one of them to guide us through the city. Once you agree on one, There here," She gestured over her shoulder at the golem "will grab him, and we'll be on our way. I'll tell you more about the overall plan once we're outside. Is that agreeable?" At those last words, a slight smile formed on her face, although it didn't quite reach her eyes.
  5. Where Light Loses Form (OOC)

    EpicRome23 @Azuris Aves Bkfootball Sorry for delays, things were a bit wonky this week.
  6. Where Light Loses Form

    "Am I to take this as a job offer?" Listening to this man's response, Sibyla had grown more and more amused. First, his comment about her forwardness. Then, about stepping into rescue her. This last question, however, seemed to be the tipping point, and a suppressed laugh burst forth. As with the rest of her, one would find it hard to describe her laugh as anything other than 'beautiful'. Soon enough, her laughter faded, although the accompanying smile remained. "Why, I couldn't blame you for taking it that way. I presume that means you're looking for work? If you don't mind taking the only open position, that of 'knight in shining armor'... then we're in business." Her smile widened and she extended her hand, an obvious gesture to indicate the sealing of the deal. A minute later, she would turn to regard the other two men she had chosen, then flicked her gaze back toward her 'knight'. "With that settled, we should probably get the group together. And after that, we'll need to find some fine local around here, one that's willing to help us out. Let's get to it, shall we?" She turned away and started toward the the dark-clad duo. At the same moment, There's gaze fell heavily upon a man who was trying to slip quietly out of the door, presumably to call in the guards on these admittedly suspicious visitors. The man froze, then mumbled something to himself before going back to his table. The golem seemed to give a satisfied nod, and returned its attention to its master.
  7. if virtue feeble were

    Madon's eyes followed Olivia as she began to pace. He listened in silence as she responded to him, and he threw in the occasional nod as a response of his own. While he would have considered it only fair to cut her off as she had cut him off earlier, he decided that he was going to be the bigger man here... That, of course, being in the metaphorical sense. “You know why I wanted to meet you?” “You were the only boy who wasn’t dancing like some stuck-up poser at the ball today. You look like you live a proper life, a real one. You even got rid of your stupid butler. You get to walk alone for once.” Hearing these words, the expression on the young prince's face shifted. The corners of his mouth uplifted into a smile, marking the transition from neutral to pleased. Walk alone. Madon knew well how long it had been since he had been able to say he was doing such a thing. Even when Olivia took ahold of his arm, the smile remained, though his eyebrows raised for a brief moment. She then implored, or more precisely, ordered him to take her on an adventure. To anywhere. It seemed to him that she cared not for the destination, just to fulfill a desire to go somewhere. “I’m sick to death of being a princess.” Madon started to stand up, his gaze meeting Olivia's as he did so. "I feel no different about being a prince. Power is so tantalizing to those who don't have it, yet those who have it speak little of the burden, the responsibility that accompanies it... Even if it be for just a short time, I am free of it. Let us, then, walk alone together." With that, he led the way out of the courtyard, consciously making sure to keep his pace even with Olivia's. It wouldn't do to go too slow or too fast.
  8. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    sips tea ... I was gonna make a snarky/witty quip relating to me being an innocent, but I couldn't come up with one. Oh well. At any rate, I'll be putting up my death post tomorrow/Thursday, and @The Mystery Killer can kindly die in a hole with their filth.
  9. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    I deny everything. sips tea
  10. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    I mean, the thing with the Maniac was totally an http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Asspull by Mag. And I stand by that statement. Prae, I don't understand your comment about flirting. Try again?
  11. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    Zvarri! Once again, the truth has elegantly revealed itself to me. @Jotnotes, the killer working in anonymity and (relative) silence! @Praetorian, the loud and visible right-hand man! ... Merely straws, of course. But I hope you like the color of them.
  12. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    Perhaps we have our killer and our right-hand man right here, Mickey? It's definitely in the realm of possibility.