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    Reading, writing, purging heretics, video games (Strategy and/or RPG all the way, especially Fire Emblem.) large flying and fire-breathing lizards, history, necromancy, obtaining unlimited power, and conquering the world. That's all the important stuff. What do you mean, 'one of these is not like the others?'
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  1. LotE: The Descent

    It was almost funny how quickly things could change, and how thoroughly they could do so. Not even a full week before, Madon had stood among the defenders of the Walled City, Isore. Regal in bearing, every blow telling of the strength and fury of a warrior-king. A man worthy to bear the title of Exarch. What, in comparison, was this man who trudged along the streets, uncaring of the thinly-veiled despair all around him? Whose armor was covered in dirt, in sand, in dried blood? Whose lance, once gleaming and a sign of a grand legacy, was now dull and could barely be differentiated from more common armaments? There was little to tell Exarch Madon Galen Ingeram apart from a mercenary, now. In some ways, the less that knew who he actually was, the better. However... he chafed at the thought of being equated to those around him. Those who saw the far-distant smoke of a fallen city and feared that they would soon face that same fate. They who prepared to flee in the face of encroaching doom. What did they know of such loss? They knew naught. When Isore had fallen, they were likely going about their days as usual, while the world of so many fell to pieces around them, shattered by flames and lances. And why did they deserve the chance to escape the devastation, when the citizens of Isore had never had such an opportunity? It was... unfair, to put it lightly. They would get no sympathy from Madon. And it was that thought that brought a decision to mind: his current condition was unacceptable, improper. If he ended up being recognized by somebody hostile to him, so be it. Even in his weakened state, there were not all that many who could match him in battle. That reassurance firmly in mind, Madon strode forward, his demeanor brightening slightly as he set forth to his next tasks. First, he would clean off his armor and Arcane Piercer both, so that he could reclaim at least some semblance of his old self, at least in appearance. Then, he would search for a suitably skilled blacksmith, someone to repair the hole in his shoulder armor that doubled as a weak point and an infuriating reminder of a battle he had not been strong enough to win. Possibly hand-in-hand with the previous task, he would also seek out whatever refugees there were that had made their way here from Isore. Whatever he may have thought of the plights of the others in The Valley, the people of Isore were still his people, and his duty still remained with them. Within a short time, still lost in thoughts, Madon looked up for a moment to see that his rather aimless meandering had brought him to a water pump. There was only a woman there, with two girls that were presumably her daughters. He mumbled a polite greeting at them, sitting down in a nearby patch of shade, waiting for them to finish their business. Once they had done so and departed, he rose up and made his way over. He unclasped his cloak and laid it under the pump, and then started the process of cleaning. He smiled as a memory came to him, but shifted to a frown as he recalled that Severus had been working on something that would drastically speed up the process of cleaning armor and weapons. If Byrn hadn't struck, he might have had time to finish the project... He shook his head slightly. There were better times for nostalgia and lamentation. Madon returned to his diligent work, occasionally looking up to scan around the area with his gaze. It was less of a rational decision than it was the product of instinct and repeated drilling by his mentor to remain vigilant, especially in places that were seemingly friendly or innocuous.
  2. Royal Resurrection

    I have a knight errant by the name of Cerik who has been seeking a new liege to serve, and who would make a very excellent guard...
  3. The Abyss Gazes Back [Artifact]

    Said contingency, however, was an absolute last resort. He was exhausted and drained of energy as it was... using that would leave him in a heap on the ground, unable to move due to the complete lack of energy. He wouldn't die, no, but he would be pretty damn close, if not wishing that he was dead. But for now, he could little more than carry on. Another corner rounded, another empty hallway. Either this place was fully abandoned, or something deadly waited in the center. And besides, whatever Cerik might miss, Stormfire's keen senses would definitely find. And there was a feeling about this place, something that indicated finality. If the monocle wasn't here... then it probably was not going to be found. Once more, a corner. This time, however, the hallway was not particularly empty. There were designs along the wall, paintings and engravings of a sort the knight hadn't seen before. His pace slowed significantly, and he scanned each wall as he slowly advanced, taking in the sight. He came to a stop, looking at some runes beneath what seemed to be a mosaic depicting some sort of divine figure crowning a king. He reached into his pouch to pull out his journal, ignoring for a moment that he hadn't bothered to waterproo- oh. Either he had waterproofed it some time before, or it was something Gormaric had done when he had added to the journal after that fight... how long ago that had been? Hmm. Regardless, Cerik flipped to the back, and the runes in the wall and the runes on the page glowed in tandem. Committing the translation to memory, the knight closed the journal, replaced it in his pouch, and continued on his way. Stormfire turned away from the seaweed she had been nibbling on, and followed after her master.
  4. Thread of Fates [GPB]

    I'm interested in something only you can give me. On the scales of phrases and lines that unnerved one upon hearing them, that was one of the top, and sent a chill down Roggan's spine. However, her follow-up to this brought relief to his unfounded fear, and caused him to burst into a chuckle. His grip tightened on his staff, in order to hold him up so that he wouldn't fall to the ground and roll around in mirth. It took a couple of minutes for him to calm down. When he did, he turned his gaze toward Althea with a smile. "Ah. I doubt that you legitimately have no heart, but I shall take your word for it. So, a direct conversation with Wololo? That's what you want... Well, in order for me to provide that, I will need three hours. One for me to make the necessary preparations, and two for me to eat dinner and get some rest to recover my energy. In regards to dinner, you don't mind cooking, do you? Been some time since I've had a meal with a beautiful woman like you." From another mouth, that could have been little more than a flirtatious line. From Roggan, however, it was simply a statement of fact, delivered in the same even tone he had been speaking in this whole time. He perked up suddenly and looked around, his gaze settling upon a large and seemingly ancient pine tree towering over the others around it. He picked up his staff, and as he intoned 'Wololo' once more, the tree turned red like the others he had focused upon... but this one was a different shade from the others. The old priest nodded approvingly and glanced at Althea for a moment. Was now a good time to turn her clothing red? Hmm. No, not quite yet, and not quite the right color.
  5. Thread of Fates [GPB]

    Ah. He had been slightly hoping for an offer of help from the goodness of her heart, but he knew that very few were the moral paragons who would take up such a deal. It was simply how life went. He did not judge her for wanting a form of recompense, as this was indeed a mighty task he proposed. Raising his staff, he lightly tapped it against his cheek as he pondered his response. "What would be in it for you? There are many things I could offer you... but how about one that I daresay you cannot refuse? For your I aid, I offer you nothing less than whatever you desire most deeply in your heart." This was no boast on Roggan's part, though it would seem otherwise from the mouths of others. He had come across many valuable artifacts, hidden places, secrets likely best left unsaid, and several other things over his many, many years of travel... And anything he could not provide by himself, Wololo would surely guide him to, as she always did, no matter the doubts that sometime sprung forth. He was fully confident that he could answer literally any request that could come forth from this woman, no matter how strange or difficult. He leaned against his staff once again, his expression showcasing his conviction as he watched Althea, awaiting her response.
  6. The Abyss Gazes Back [Artifact]

    Perhaps the cautious advance that Cerik made as he searched through the ruins was unnecessary, in the same way that not being caught off-guard and killed in an ambush was unnecessary. Stormfire followed behind as he walked with the hilt of Farcutter gripped tightly in his right hand. If something were to spring out of the darkness, he would be ready to fight it. But there was nothing sans the crumbling and occasionally algae-covered stone around him. If he were to hazard a guess... he was within some sort of temple, or maybe a fortress. Whatever the case, if there was something to be found here, chances were that it would be in the center. Unless somebody was feeling extra spiteful and threw treasure into a dark corner. Best to scan every possible inch, just in case. It didn't look there was anything overtly hostile around, at any rate. Rounding another corner, the knight muttered under his breath. Perhaps this was some sort of maze setup, with a long spiraling hallway to the center? If it was, this was gonna be very annoying before long. Taking a moment to think, he decided that he would start breaking through walls if he started to go around too many corners. Then again, the structural integrity of the ruins could be a concern. Such a decision would best be deferred until later on, when he had a better read on the whole situation. He just hoped there wasn't another guardian to go through, he had tired himself out in the fight with the sea serpent and had yet to fully recover. Then again... he had a contingency in that situation.
  7. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley (OOC)

    @Al Sa-her @Bolt Mulaag Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that, as of Sheep's post, this thread has reached it's conclusion. The next thread will be coming soon, and we're planning on making another Water Cooler in order to bring in some more people. We'll keep you in the loop, rest assured.
  8. The Abyss Gazes Back [Artifact]

    He had spoken too soon. When Stormfire had brought him over to the glinting object he had seen earlier, he slowly dropped off of her back and shambled over to the object. It was not the monocle he had sought, merely a crystal with a pale green glow to it. Things really never could be so simple. Damn. Shaking his head at the thought of having gone through that harrowing battle for nothing but a dead end, he leaned down and picked up the crystal. After a few moments of examination... it suddenly started to glow brighter and brighter, and a beam of pale green light shot towards the east. Looking at it for a few moments, it didn't seem in danger of dissipating anytime soon. Deciding to take the risk of following the beam instead of wandering around randomly, Cerik clambered back up onto Stormfire. She took of in the direction of the beam, and Cerik closed his eyes and leaned forward, relying on his steed to awaken him if there was danger or they reached their destination. Stormfire, in turn, glanced sidelong at him for a few moments before turning away. He had earned his rest... but she wished she could rest as well. Not yet, though. All she could do was hope that her master found what he was looking for sooner rather than later. Cerik was jolted awake by Stormfire. He didn't know how long he had been out, but he could see that the crystal was no longer glowing. In front of him... ruins? He scanned the area, his curiosity piqued. Yes, the crystal had led them here. If the sea serpent was guarding the crystal... that meant there was something highly valuable. This was a highly viable location for the monocle, assuming it wasn't another dead end. Dismounting and motioning for Stormfire to follow, the knight made his way into the ruins through the archway in front of him, crystal still in hand.
  9. Thread of Fates [GPB]

    "As Wololo decrees, I am to travel through this place, turning the trees red. Though, whether she means all of them or just most... she is being unclear about it. The former would take a long time to accomplish, I know, but I am used to such endeavors." His eyes narrowed slightly as he said those last words. He really didn't enjoy it when Wololo decided to be purposefully vague. There was, however, little he could about it. He had to assume it was all of them... What would be the point of excluding a few trees arbitrarily? None, none at all. He half pivoted away, pondering what he would do. Though he said he could he handle long 'missions', as it were, that did not mean he liked them at all. And Wololo did not frown upon asking for help from others. In fact, she encouraged it. One of the first tenets he had learned was 'Foregoeth not the aid of others, for it is those who can swallow their pride and admit their shortcomings that will prosper most in the end.' He stepped toward Althea, tapping his staff upon the ground thrice to grab her attention. "If you are willing... perhaps you could help me in doing this? I am sure that, with the two of us working together, we could discern a method in which to turn all of the trees at once. That is, of course, assuming you're not bored to the point where you would be willing to change the color of the trees one by one."
  10. The Abyss Gazes Back [Artifact]

    This indomitable little bastard was stronger than it looked, Cerik thought. It had only taken it a short time to kill a full-grown shark... how it had not taken care of the knight already? Sheer luck? Or did his armor make enough of a difference? Whatever the answer, this battle had to end now. There was no other course that made sense. Letting a yell echo throughout the cave, Cerik charged forward, wielding his two weapons in each of his hands. He already tried to take this serpent out with finesse, and that had failed. Thus, the only answer was to bring his full power down upon the beast before it could recover from its previously-received wounds. The serpent lunged forward to meet the charge of the knight. The charge met the thrust of the knight's lance. Followed by a loud (and gruesome) SQUELCH as Windpiercer was buried deep into the serpent's left eye, likely touching or even piercing the brain. Not letting up, even as the serpent reared back with a elongated and pained hiss, Cerik propelled himself upwards, landing on the head of the serpent. Leaving his lance where it was, the flames on his blade burst into life once more, and he started hacking at the neck of the serpent with the intent of separating head from body. Seeing its end in sight, the serpent did everything it could to throw off or kill the knight, even through all of the pain it felt. Vigorously shaking from side to side, slamming into the walls and ceiling, and and even striking itself with its own tail... nothing it did was able to the stop the seemingly inexorable swings of the knight. Bringing up Farcutter in both hands, Cerik brought his sword down with a mighty swing. It was over. The serpent's head was severed from its body, and if the beast had any sort of regeneration, the flames along Farcutter's blade cauterized the wound and prevented that sort of growth. The knight stumbled forward, grabbing into the haft of Windpiercer and pulling upwards with all of his might. The lance came out with more squelching, and the knight fell onto his back, lance and blade both back in the hands of their master. The pain and tiredness from the battle finally started to settle in for Cerik, and he started to think. All in all, dying in the process of taking down a vicious sea serpent wasn't a bad way to go. The only shame was that nobody would ever hear his tale, unless Stormfire ran into someone with the ability to speak to hors- He felt something digging underneath him. Turning his head slightly, he saw Stormfire bringing her head underneath him, and then using all of her strength to pull the armored man upwards and onto her back. He let out a laugh as he let himself relax. Stormfire would carry him to the monocle, and then he could go home. As long as he didn't have to fight anything else, this would be a successful mission. And he had a date with that beautiful weapon merchant to look forward to. Could life get any better, really?
  11. Thread of Fates [GPB]

    When. A question of deceptive difficulty. When one lived a long time, the years started to blend together. Millennia. That sounded accurate. But how many? More than one. Five was right out. Two... not quite enough. Four, four was just a bit too long. Pick number three, my lord. Roggan tapped his staff against the ground as he gathered his thoughts. "The followers of Wololo... three millennia ago. That was when it all began. I was the first. And now, I am the last, as fate was far too unkind to the others. Once upon a time, I was known as Father Roggan. But I have no flock anymore, no children, so it is best if you just refer to me as Roggan alone." Red trees. What purpose did red trees serve? He was not one to question the will of his goddess... but when things seemed nonsensical, he had to wonder. Perhaps it was fate that he met Althea here. She seemed knowledgeable in her own right, and perhaps she could answer the questions lurking within his mind... or at least help find the answer. He met her extended hand with his own, greeting her with a surprisingly firm but gentle grip for such an old man.
  12. To Gamers: What are you playing currently?

    And I'm just over here playing through the Fire Emblem series, using only female units. I'm partway through Radiant Dawn as of now.
  13. Thread of Fates [GPB]

    Who was Wololo? A demon? Assuredly not, for demons were, almost without exception: diabolical, manipulative, and ultimately untrustworthy. A priestess? Somewhat more likely, but... no. There was no sound reason for him to invoke and follow the word of a priestess, even one of the greatest. That left her being a goddess. Yes, 'twas the only answer that made sense, though it seemed just slightly... off. Roggan looked up at Althea, as he came to his conclusion. Help, she had said. Was she herself a priestess of some sort? A moment more of pondering. Yes, the signs pointed to that as well. His face widened into a smile. Unlike some deities, Wololo held no jealousy, no animosity to other faiths or the powers that be. In fact, she embraced them, approaching with kindness and sincerity in interest of learning. Roggan strove to emulate that example. And in any case, women of faith always seemed to have something interesting to say. "Althea, hmm? A good name indeed. To answer your question, Wololo is a goddess. I am... her last follower, but I will spread her word and power until the last breath is expelled from my lungs and blood no longer flows through my veins."
  14. Sibyla, Princess of Aligoria

    Character Image: Character Theme: Sibyla's Theme Character Quote: "I enforce the will of my father, the Shadow King. Never forget that." Basics: Name: Sibyla Nickname: Dark Angel Title: The Enchantress Age: Unknown. Race: Human. Alignment: Unknown. Gender: Female. Physical: Hair: Mahogany, extending down to the shoulders. Eyes: The dark purple shade of byzantium Height: 5' 8" Weight: 130 Complexion: Fair Voice: Soft, enchanting. Skills: - She has an affinity for dark magic due to her parentage...this has been put to "good" use in several ways. - Her voice acts like a charm spell upon those with weaker wills. The more one listens to her speak, the more susceptible they are to falling under her control. Inventory: ??? Strengths: ??? Weaknesses: ??? Affiliations: Currently none. Past Threads(in chronological order): N/A Current Threads: N/A History: Sibyla's past is more mysterious than even her intentions. All that is known, if the story told is even true, is that she was born before the fall of the Shadow King. Of where she has been all this time, and where she was when only the knight named Gormaric swore allegiance to Neque, nothing is known.