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  1. Quest Information: Because what use is there for a wall that cannot protect those behind it? Alright, so. After taking some to deal with, ah, personal business, the dark knight Gormaric Warmoon has returned to Inns'th. Aware that Inns'th is lacking in both the resources and manpower needed to repair the breach in the wall, and also aware that said resources and manpower are supposed to be coming in from Terrenus, he has elected to coordinate the wall's repair and ensure the success of this endeavor. And who would turn down such a request from one of those pivotal in taking down the rogue paladin Remissio, especially the one who had struck the finishing blow?* What I need is at least two other people interested in undertaking this quest, and up to five maximum. If I get more interest than that, for the sake of my own our collective sanity, I'll have to cut off the excess. 3-day skip, post in OOC if need more time/unable to post/whatever, etc. The typical works. I'd also like for you to declare what aspect your character will be working with, if possible. Gormaric will be handling guarding the breach, of course, but help would not be amiss. I'll be keeping this open until Monday or Tuesday, depending on interest. *Well technically, it wasn't him, but the only one possibly able to dispute this claim isn't around to do so. So there.
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    Iconic Moves

    Like holy shit, closing in on six years.
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    Zerand Blacklong

    (Significant NPC) Basics: Name: Araminta Nickname: Mint Title: High Artificer Age: 25 Race: Human Alignment: In flux Gender: Female Orientation: Bisexual Marital Status: Dating Zerand Physical: Hair: Chocolate Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 5' 6" Weight: 180 Complexion: Relatively fair, some ever-present grime hinting at much time spent in the workshop(s). Voice: Sweet, soothing. Build: Lean, angular, athletic. Tattoos/markings: A birthmark in the shape of a gear on her upper right arm. Typically hesitant to show it to anybody. Mental: Demeanor: A study in contrast: rough and refined alike. Hopes: To satiate her newfound ambition, to prove herself worthy of Zerand's love. Fears: Failure, returning to a life like she had before. Likes: All things mechanical, technology, Zerand. Dislikes: Magic, the metaphysical, non-cute animals. History:
  4. EpicRome23

    Sibyla, the Shadow Princess

    Gormara- A guise undertaken by Sibyla during the conquest of Teaville, with the name (ironically) derived from Gormaric, the knight once sworn to the Shadow King. Appearance- Similar height and weight to Sibyla. Black hair, red eyes. Equipment- Armor of a good quality, along with a halberd of similar make. Personality- Cheerful and excitable outside of battle, in contrast to appearance. Focused and determined when in combat. The story Sibyla tells while in this guise is that of a mercenary, cast out on the verge of womanhood. However, she did not let this get to her, instead making the best of these new circumstances. Has a reputation for seeing all of her jobs for completion, and is the life of the party in the taverns afterwards.
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    Where Light Loses Form

    @supernal Full Summary: Sibyla, the Shadow Princess, walks into Teaville's tavern, the False Ship, on a fateful night. There, she gathers together a group to aid in her conquest of the town. Unfortunately, one of the bar's patron sneaks out and calls the guards, who rush in just as Sibyla as about to leave. Her original cohort is arrested, but Sibyla herself (along with the Warpgolem There, and Freckles the pig) is saved by the aura of the sorrowful being known as the Tearful Ghost. The group makes their way to the mayor's house, where they learn from the presence of a shadowy agent that the mayor is truly a figurehead, and that the Frost family is the real power in this town. Quickly formulating a plan, the group splits into three and infiltrates the Frost's manor via a secret passage from the toolshed in the tea gardens. Freckles and There worked in tandem to make an excellent distraction, culminating in burying the manor's lobby in rubble and bringing about the demise of Calina Frost. Ghost fulfills it's own personal agenda and returns to its masters. Sibyla finds and confronts Basete Frost, learning the truth behind Teaville's takeover and finding the evidence needed to give her command of Teaville's guards. The Frosts are scattered and broken, and a ceremony is held the very next day. Sibyla is made the town's new mayor, and steps aside as the Shadow King arrives and soon declares Teaville to be reborn as the Kingdom of Aligoria. Calina Frost is dead, Basete Frost is behind bars, and the first stage of a grand plan is complete... yet, one small loose thread dangles, as the shadowy agent of the Frosts remains at large. Only time will tell what this means. Brief summary: The Shadow Princess Sibyla, accompanied by the Tearful Ghost, Freckles the Pig, and There the Warpgolem, works to conquer the town of Teaville in the name of the Shadow King, Neque. After discovering that the Frost family is the true power in the the town, they work together to defeat them. Their efforts bring about the culmination of the first phase of the Shadow King's plan.
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    The factions are coming OOC

    @supernal The only thing left in my thread is the last summary post for canonization. I plan to have that written up by Sunday at the latest.
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    Where Light Loses Form

    Exitus Sibyla made her way toward the secret passage out of the Frost's manor, eager about her imminent triumph but remaining careful so as to not screw everything up at the last possible moment. The sound of her armored boots echoing through the hallway was the only sound that broke the encompassing silence. Soon enough, she found herself where she had sensed Ghost earlier. There was no sign of that being to be seen or heard. Shrugging, she continued into the passageway. Perhaps it had gone off chasing some lead or another. When she reached the toolshed at the passage's far end, she found that she wasn't entirely wrong. Staring at the corpse, something clicked in Sibyla's mind. Ghost's part in all of this was over, she could sense. Were they to meet again, she knew not how it would go... but nonetheless, she would look forward to it. All of a sudden, she smiled and threw her head back, letting out a long laugh. When it subsided, she exited the toolshed and rushed towards the mayor's house. No sense in wasting any more time, all that was left was to tie up the last few loose ends. Iactura The guards of Teaville carefully picked their way up the rubble that filled the lobby of the Frost Manor. When they reached the top of the pile, they heard sobbing off to the left. Four of them broke off to investigate this, while the rest slid down the other end of the pile and charged deeper into the mansion. The four guards who had split off quickly found the source of the sobbing: Basete Frost, holding the lifeless Calina in her arms. The four guards could only stare, unsure of what to do. Basete took a moment to wipe away her tears before looking up at them, speaking in her most commanding tone. "You've won. The power of the Frosts is broken, and the Shadow Princess shall now reign in Teaville. Do you what you will with me for my crimes. Execute me, throw me in jail, whatever. And do what you will with Calina's body. She is gone, and I care for nothing anymore... Come on, snap to it. We don't have all day." Hesitating for another moment, the guards looked at each other. Then, they stepped forward. One of them grabbed Calina's body and laid it over his shoulder, while the other three formed a triangle around Basete, lifting her off the ground. Then, they made their way back out of the manor. After 10 steps, however, they felt a rumbling below them. All of them jumped out of the way as There emerged from the rubble. The orange gaze of the construct fell upon the guards for about half a minute... then, he gestured them onwards, following after them as they left the mansion. Triumphi A crowd had gathered in front of the raised platform in the center of Teaville, where the mayor always give his speeches on the necessary occasions. Today, the mayor stood to the side of his usual position behind the podium. Instead, he stood off to the left. There stood off to the right, a bow-tie of shadow affixed to where his collar would be if he were in a suit. Sibyla stood between them, her posture fully beautiful and noble, and her raiment similarly so. The Shadow Princess smiled down at the gathered crowd below, and tapped on the microphone in front of her to catch their attention. "People of Teaville. I welcome you all on this fine day, the birth of a new era. I know that several of you were scared of me when I first arrived. I hope you can forgive me for that first impression. I have several pieces of good news for you today. Firstly, the Frost family has been defeated. Their grip on this town, along with their monopoly on the tea gardens, has been broken! Basete Frost is behind bars, and Calina Frost perished while attempting to destroy this handsome construct to my right!" A "Boo!" resounded from the crowd. Sibyla nodded and smiled before continuing. "How terrible, right? Anyways, this leads into my second piece of news: In thanks for my aid in bringing about the Frost's downfall, and due to his desire to enjoy a peaceful retirement, the mayor has generously ceded his position to me: the Shadow Princess!" Murmurs traveled throughout the crowd, but they were silenced as Sibyla coughed and resumed speaking. "I know some of you are apprehensive. Rest assured, this is for the greater good of Teaville. Ah, and even for the greater good of Terrenus... Finally, in my first and final act as Mayor of Teaville, and for my third piece of good news... I would like you all to welcome my father: Neque, the Shadow King!" Almost if they were acting subconsciously, the crowd parted as a shadow fell upon them from above. Atop the hill overlooking the platform, four Warpgolems, similar to There, bore a litter. Upon this litter sat a regal giant of a man, his features mostly obscured by shadows, but with piercing red eyes visible even through the darkness. He pointed forward, and the litter started forward toward the platform. Behind the litter, eight Hellmaulers formed a kind of rearguard. These hellhound-like creatures with limbs of shadow drew all kinds of glances and murmurs from the crowd, but they dared not speak any louder in the presence of the Shadow King. As the litter reached the edge of the crowd, a voice suddenly cut clearly through the relative silence. "Umbra Regem!" Those in the crowd looked around for the source of the voice, but were unable to find it. Moments later, a few more voices took up the cry. "Umbra Regem!" This chant continued, and soon took hold in the crowd. More and more people took up the chant, until the whole crowd was in unison, stomping after each repetition. "Umbra Regem! Umbra Regem! Umbra Regem!" The crowd continued this chant until the Warpgolems set the litter down on the stage, and then a hushed silence fell over them. The Shadow King rose from it, slowly standing up. When he had fully arisen, it was notable that the shadows around him had actually been his wings. They spread out wide behind him, similar in span to his height of ten feet. The dark monarch wore black armor with intricate lines of gold, his deep red eyes beneath his intricate and regal helm providing the only difference in color. He walked over toward the podium. Behind him, one of the Warpgolems who had borne his litter followed, a twin in all ways to There, except for eye color and weaponry. Sibyla stepped to the side as the Shadow King stepped up to the podium, and she let out a quiet, annoyed mutter as she stepped on one of the inside folds of her dress on accident. Looking up at her father, her thoughts suddenly snapped to something she had forgotten: the shadowy agent of the Frosts, whose face had been unseen to even her. She hadn't seen hide nor hair of him ever since he had threatened the mayor. What had been his fate, she wondered? This train of thought, however, was soon set aside, as Neque began to speak. "My daughter, Sibyla, had pleased me greatly in paving the way for my plans here in Teaville. To all those who aided in this endeavor, I thank you deeply. Know that I shall grant you a great boon in the future. But let us put that matter to the side now. People of Teaville, I wish to tell you all that you have been lied to for many, many years. You have suffered under the tyranny of the light for so long. I have come to relieve you of that burden. The shadows, the darkness... those who 'lurk' within it are not inherently evil. This is a web of lies spun by the unyielding bearers of light, who seek to burn away all that they deem impure. They tell you that you are impure inherently, that only by following their teachings can you be pure. This. Is. A. Lie. I am here to teach you the truth: that for so long, you have suffered under too much light. In the embrace of the Inanis, you will know how much more there is to the world than just that constantly bakes under the uncaring rays of sun. And this place, henceforth... will no longer be known as Teaville. I welcome you all to the Kingdom of Aligoria, where light loses form!" With that last word, Neque raised his hands into the air. A shadowy cloud formed in the air above, dimming the light of the sun streaming down from above. At the same time, the three Warpgolems who had been standing off to the side suddenly sprang into action, one of them producing a large, folded cloth before all three of them started to unfold it. When it was fully unfolded, they held it aloft, visible for all of the crowd to see: The crowd was visibly impressed, and several "oohs" and "aahs" echoed forth. Sibyla smiled and waved at the crowd, proud of her work. She had stitched this banner herself, and had pricked her fingers with that needle more times than she cared to admit. As Neque stepped down from the podium, he gave Sibyla a slow, knowing nod, and she returned it. Their plans had finally taken root, though they were both aware that the hardest part was yet to come. However, they were both determined to not make the same mistakes that had led to Neque's previous downfall, and they were determined to conquer any obstacles in their way. It was time for the world to fear the shadows once again...
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    Where Light Loses Form

    Perhaps it was foolishness. Did these guards truly think to overwhelm There with the weight of numbers? He swung his door with ferocity, and the guards could not stand against his strength. Each blow sent several of them flying, and those who did not were laid out on the ground, unmoving. Perhaps they feared the wrath of their masters more so than they feared this foe. An understandable sentiment, but perhaps even more foolish than the first scenario. Whatever the case, guards continued to flood into the lobby. As long as they kept up their current tactics, they would simply be waves lapping against the rock that was There, doing little more than bouncing off of him and dissipating. They could try to use fire, but it would likely spread and be far more of a hindrance to them. The Shadow Princess had been absolutely certain there was no one in this town who could manipulate the earth, and There did not fear the other elements. Even the dark magics that he was weak to held no terror. After all, who would dare stand before the Shadow King in his own domain? Only somebody with a strong desire to have their life brought to a swift end. For a few minutes, the onslaught continued. Then, all of a sudden, those guards that remained backed away from the golem, then stepped to the side and kneeled. There followed the direction of their gazes, and met the eyes of the woman that approached him. Silver hair, steely blue eyes, a simple white robe... and an aura of power about her. Ice and Light, in equal measure. Could this be the very Mrs. Frost that truly ruled over Teaville? She smiled as if in response to the thought, then looked at the golem for a few moments before frowning. She started to speak, her voice clearly reaching the construct even from her relatively far distance. "Child of steel and light... why do you serve the darkness? Do you not feel the corruption of the natural order in every waking moment? Do you not see that you are a slave to the very enemy you are destined to destroy?" These questions were blows that struck far deeper than the weapons of the guards ever had. The door fell from the construct's hands and onto the ground. The hands of steel clenched into fists as the golem considered the implications that had just arose. Mrs. Frost smiled, and started singing softly in a language that the golem did not understand. Yet, something about them felt so relaxing, and Mrs. Frost stepped closer and closer... then, abruptly, looked upwards to stare at something she had seen in the corner of her eye. Her serene features instantly morphed into shock, and There followed her gaze to see a chandelier falling toward them, followed by pieces of the ceiling. With so little time to react, the lobby was quickly buried in rubble and clouds of dust... In her new disguise, Sibyla no longer bothered to remain stealthy. From the passageway, she strode undaunted towards the heart of the Frost Manor. If there was any evidence to be found, did it not stand to reason that it would be there? Ghost's powers, of course, might allow to it find something else. The Shadow Princess wished it luck, it didn't matter who found evidence as long as evidence was found and brought to the mayor. After a short time, she found herself in front of a guarded door. The guards stationed on either side immediately noticed her, and crossed their halberds in front of the door. The one on the left spoke in an angry tone. "Halt! Who dares approach Mrs. Frost's study?" The one on the right looked over at his companion with a raised eyebrow. "Wait, which one is in there right now?" The left guard let out an exasperated sigh. "That doesn't matter right now, you dolt! We need to figure out this lady's business!" Sibyla thought fast as the guards argued. When they turned back to her, she laid her halberd against her right shoulder and smiled demurely. "I am Gormara, but you can just call me 'Mara'. I've found a lead to the Shadow Princess' location, and wish to share it directly with Mrs. Frost before the news becomes outdated or gets tangled up somewhere in the chain of command." Internally, Sibyla sniggered. She would have to keep using that name, if only because Gormaric's reaction to it would be so amusing... that is, if their paths ever crossed again. She shook off the melancholy that settled in as the guards conversed with each other, then turned to face her once more. "... We shall allow it! Be quick, Mrs. Frost hates to be disturbed while she's reading." Sibyla nodded gratefully, then walked through the door to the study. As the guards closed the door behind her, she readied her halberd and crept forward, toward the ornate red chair that faced toward the fireplace. The moment she was within reach, she brought the halberd back and prepared to thrust it through the back of the chair- only to stop upon hearing a voice at her shoulder. "I suspected you would try that. Mara, was it? Or should I say... Sibyla, the so-called 'Shadow Princess'? Oh, yes. The disguise was clever, but I knew you were here as soon as I received word of the golem in the lobby. My wife went out to deal with it, I hope you weren't fond of that construct." Sibyla suddenly spun around with her halberd, hoping to catch her enemy with the swing. She heard a tsk from off to her left. "Isn't that rather rude? I haven't harmed a hair on your head, and you're already trying to kill me. Look at me. I am Basete Frost, and I will tell you how Teaville became mine." Sibyla turned toward the source of the voice. "I suppose this all starts with my late husband. He was a terrible, terrible man, but... he was so sweet when we first met. I suppose I held onto the hope that that version of him wasn't entirely gone throughout all of those years, until I finally couldn't take it anymore. I got a divorce, and thought that was the end of it. It wasn't. He came back in the dead of night, and I decided at that moment that this had to stop." She walked over to the table, and gingerly picked up a knife with a crimson-stained blade before showing it to Sibyla. "He had murder in his eyes. I drove this knife into his heart. As he bled out onto the ground, I started to panic. How would I explain this if the authorities arrived? I didn't want to go to jail, and since he hadn't actually been armed, it would be a difficult case to win. That's when I met Calina. No questions asked, she helped me to hide the body, and then left after flashing me a knowing smile. I never forgot her, but I still returned to my usual routine, happier than ever. I eventually figured out that I loved her, and that's why I didn't hesitate to help with the takeover when she returned. And here we are now. How does it feel to have all your plans fall apart around you, Princess? You sought to inflict that pain on me, but you only managed to bring it upon yourse-" There was a distant rumble, and Sibyla and Basete both turned to face towards its source. The latter closed her eyes, then let out a gasp. "N-no... Nooo... You can't be gone, Calina..." The knife fell from Basete's hand to the carpet below, and she rushed out of the room, an expression of disbelief on her face while she tried to hold back tears. Sibyla looked over her shoulder to make sure she was gone, and then bent down and picked up the knife before slipping it into her belt. She took a look around the study, and then tilted her head upwards. The squeal of a pig echoed throughout the manor, and then Sibyla started to make her way back outside. The guards outside the study were gone, so the path back would be completely clear, presumably.
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    The factions are coming OOC

    Two now. @Grubbistch is very on the ball, more so than I typically am Current plan, I would say, is to do one more "exchange" (as in, one more post from each of us), in which the evidence the characters are searching for is found. Then, I'll make a post that ties up any remaining loose ends (such as the fall of the Frost family, which I was originally planning to play out but then thought: it's simply easier to glaze over it, yo), followed by a summary post.
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    The factions are coming OOC

    With finals week coming up in two weeks, I've been rather slow. I'll have ample free time when that's over and done with, and in the meantime, I'll be keeping up as best I can.
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    Where Light Loses Form

    There made his way steadily toward the front door of the Frost Manor, his pace ceaseless and unchanging. He was glad for the company of his porcine companion, and had even learned that his name was Freckles, in the course of conversation as they traveled forward. Even so, the construct's thoughts were plagued. He did not enjoy being away from his mistress' side. If grievous harm befell Sibyla in his absence, he wouldn't be able to cope with his failure, let alone bring himself to bear news to the Shadow King. Pondering for a moment, his thoughts shifted. He wasn't the brightest of beings, no, but he knew full well his purpose. The Shadow Princess would not have given him this order if she were not confident of success. For her, he would make the greatest distraction he could possibly make. He soon found himself standing in front of the large, ornate doors of the Frost Manor. His arms reached up, and(rather gently) grasped Freckles, before leaning forward and setting the pig on the ground. He gestured for it to do as it willed, before turning back toward the doors. He paused for a second, before rapidly pounding on the left-hand door. After about 20 seconds, a servant opened the door, looking at the golem with a nonplussed expression. "Sir, the Frosts are not expecting guests at this hour. Do you have some kind of messa-" There suddenly lunged forward, grasping the servant's arms before violently throwing him into the nearest wall. The poor sap crashed headlong into a large potted plant. To add insult to injury, a tapestry hanging above was knocked loose, and draped itself over the servant and the remnants of the plant. The golem looked in that direction for a minute. Satisfied that the servant was unmoving, he turned his attention to the opened door, heedless of the pounding footsteps he could hear approaching. Firmly grasping the door, he started to pull backwards. When the guards coming to investigate the noise caused by the unfortunate servant arrived, they all froze in fear as There literally ripped the door off of its hinges and turned to face them. The one furthest back muttered under his breath: "I don't get paid enough for this shit." Sibyla had not long been in following after Ghost. Since the shadows were hers to command, they concealed her from view as she walked. She was being too cautious, mayhaps, but this was not an operation she was willing to bring down through her own hubris. She even quietly manipulated the shadows around Ghost slightly, to make sure that it remained concealed as well, although it was doing that well enough on its own. It wouldn't due to leave Ghost to the whims of the Frost family because of a betrayal that might never even come, after all. Ghost made it into the tool shed without incident, and Sibyla dismissed the shadows around it. She could only keep maintain control of them for so long and only over so much distance, and they would be splitting up soon enough anyways. Besides that, she was confident enough in the skills of her companion. She started forward toward the tool shed herself, halting mid-step as she spotted the lantern of the person approaching the tool shed. The shadows wrapped around her more tightly as she crept forward. The lantern's bearer, a female guard, peered suspiciously towards the tool shed. After half a minute, she shook her head and turned away. "Must have been the wind or something. YALORT knows, there's several holes that Mrs. Frost can't be arsed to come out and fix. Hell, I don't even talk to her directly anymore, all my orders are relayed through that creepy bastard, whose face I can't even see... but whatever the case, I must have pissed someone off. Nobody ever comes out to the tea gardens at this time of night. What the hell did I, the damned guard captain, do to get posted here?" This was a rhetorical question, spoken to the air around her. The captain nearly had a heart attack when she heard a voice responding. "I have no idea why, sweetie. But saying that nobody comes here around this time would just be wrong." The shadows around Sibyla dissipated, and she stepped forward, unarmed. The guard captain interposed her halberd between them as Sibyla looked her over and smiled. "Such a fine weapon, and such fine armor. You'll do perfectly." "What do you mean by that? Wait a second, are you that Shadow Princes-" The guard captain's words were cut off by shadows streaming from Sibyla's hand and into her throat. She choked and sputtered for a full two minutes before finally collapsing to the ground. A dome of shadow formed around the two woman. When it dissipated, Sibyla stood there, now wearing the guard captain's armor and wielding her halberd... though both looked somewhat different. There was no trace of the guard captain, or the lantern she had carried. Sibyla looked at her reflection in the window of the tool shed, frowning. "Hmph. They'll recognize me like this for sure." Shadows swirled around her head for a few seconds before dissipated. Looking into the window again, Sibyla nodded approvingly. "... Excellent. Ah, if only Gormaric were here to see this." With that thought vocalized, Sibyla turned away from the window and walked into the tool shed. It was only a matter of seconds before she found the trapdoor, and made her way into the passage leading into the Frost manor. As she walked, she would search for signs of Ghost's passage, and would head the opposite direction from the one it had went down when she reached the manor proper.
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    Where Light Loses Form

    "You've saddened me no more than I've saddened myself. Were I stronger, this town would never have fallen into its current state. I just hope I can make amends before its too late... Princess. There's a tool shed in the north-eastern corner of the tea gardens. There is a hidden passage within, one that will lead you into the least-used section of the Frosts' compound." The mayor seemed genuinely remorseful as he spoke. Sibyla nodded at his directions, then returned her attention to her companions. "Alright. That should be everything we need. We'll all leave at separate times, so as to not garner any more attention than we already have. There, Pig, you'll leave first. Ghost, follow them after an interval you deem appropriate, then I shall do the same. The signal once any of us find evidence... it will by the squeal of a pig, as I am not aware of our porcine friend having the ability to make any other noises. If he does, then I would be genuinely impressed, but that's neither here nor there. What's important is that is probably the simplest signal that this group could use." Sibyla smiled. She loved seeing a plan unfold, and this was one that may have been much harder to achieve with the group she had gathered previously... but she wasn't one to dwell on "what-ifs", at least not for too long. She gestured for There to get moving, and the construct started to lumber off, seemingly trying to start up a conversation with the pig upon his shoulder as he walked. She then turned her gaze toward Ghost, simply waiting for its departure before making her own. Outwardly, she maintained a neutral expression, one that conveyed the simple desire to get things moving along smoothly and efficiently, without wanting to rush her companion. Inwardly, however, she was keeping tabs, treating Ghost as a potential enemy. With everything she had seen so far, the Shadow Princess could only conclude that something (or someone(s)) was behind this being's existence. Barring that, it was a matter of course for her to distrust anything and anyone that had the capacity to defy her. Thus, she fully trusted There. The pig... she felt there was something more to it than could be seen at face value, so she would simply consider it a friend until she learned more. As for Ghost, it was useful to her, at least for the time being. So, all in all, she felt secure in the knowledge that this mission would go off with relatively few hitches. And if a betrayal came now, when Neque and his forces were at their weakest? Well, she was prepared to deal with it, whatever the consequences would end up being.
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    The Abyss Gazes Back [Artifact]

    @supernal Full Summary: Chasing after a vague lead to a powerful artifact, the knight named Cerik rides into a seaside town. Dipping into his large reserves of wealth, he purchases a new crossbow, water-breathing enchantments for his armor, and crystals capable of turning a horse into a hippocampus (temporarily). All of that in hand, he hires a local guide, taking a boat out into the sea before venturing beneath the waves. Under the sea, he and his loyal steed, Stormfire, fought off some hostile sea creatures, discovered treasure on a sunken ship (and a journal detailing the ship's demise), and finally, slew a sea serpent guarding a crystal that revealed the way to the ruins in which the Dead-Eye Monocle rested. Inside the ruins, Cerik explored a maze with old paintings on the walls, soon making his way into the central room, a throne room full of statues that came to life in reaction to the knight's intrusion. Cerik and Stormfire destroyed the constructs, but the monocle fell into the trench running beneath the throne. Down in the trench, the duo was attacked by two creatures before they could lay claim to the monocle. Even while beaten up and tired, they prevailed over these last assailants, retrieving their prize before making their way back to the surface. Before departing from town, both knight and horse got their wounds patched up, Daniel the guide received payment for his services, and Cerik had his promised date with Salida the weapons merchant. On the way out of town, the knight performed a quick test of his new crossbow while wearing the monocle, proving the capabilities of the object to be as rumored. Brief summary: Hot on the trail of the Dead-Eye Monocle, the knight errant Cerik and his loyal steed Stormfire venture beneath the ocean. After exploring a sunken ship and some ruins, along with undergoing a series of battles, the duo lay claim to their prize. Taking some time for rest and relaxation, the duo soon return to their seemingly never-ending journey, the winds at their back as they seek their next quest.
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Annnd green is superior to both.
  15. A bit of a short past, and rather late, but it is up nonetheless @Maverick 'tis your turn, my fine friend. At least, to the best of my knowledge.