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    Reading, writing, purging heretics, video games (Strategy and/or RPG all the way, especially Fire Emblem.) large flying and fire-breathing lizards, history, necromancy, obtaining unlimited power, and conquering the world. That's all the important stuff. What do you mean, 'one of these is not like the others?'
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    "An astute observation, my friend. By taking to the rooftops, we find a better viewpoint. There also should be less of the bleeding undead bastards up there, along with any that wish to pursue us being forced to scale the buildings fist... therefore slowing them down. Now it's simply an issue of not being overtaken and finding the proper spot to ascend." Elson's reply formulated and stated, he stepped forward and scanned the area with his gaze. Like Virgil, he didn't find any suitable buildings, but he did find a group of undead approaching from a nearby alleyway. Hunter, however, must have spotted them first, and blocked them off with a wall of fire. That would keep them contained, no doubt. A slight sense of foreboding overtook him, and he turned the opposite direction to find a similar but smaller group of undead approaching. He prepared to take them out with a shot from his rifle, but then had a second thought and scanned the immediate area. Finding a large brick next to his feet, he set aside his rifle for the moment and lifted it up. Then, with as much might as he could muster, he threw it into a crumbling wall directly above the shambling group of undead, and smiled in satisfaction as they were buried under a cavalcade of bricks and rubble. He turned towards the others with a wry grin. "You see, dear fellows, sometimes you get tired of cutting down or shooting these shambling hordes, and thus must seek out a more creative solu-" Elson's words were cut off by the shot that Virgil fired. Following the projectile's trajectory, he wondered as to what the purpose of firing was, and was given an answer by the sight of the building collapsing toward the building opposite it... and thus, above them. This was followed by the exhortations of Virgil to get inside the building. Of course, since he hadn't deigned to give warning ample enough for everyone to get out path of the building's fall, and, more immediately important, the rubble and furniture that fell from the windows and threatened to crush them... it wasn't like they had any other choice. Virgil had provided a solution to their current situation, all things consider, but Elson resolved to share some choice words with him as soon as they all weren't in imminent danger of being crushed. Retrieving his rifle, he made his way into the falling building through a window leading into what once had been one of the building's lower floors. He found himself in a room that had once been used for storage. Thinking fast, he made his way over to a sturdy box at the 'upper' end of the room, one which wouldn't end up buried under the rest of the boxes when the building settled. When he reached it, he immediately lifted and heaved the contents within (some kind of smaller-sized printing press, from what Elson could tell) toward the room's 'lower' end before settling down into the box and closing the lid over himself. Within, he drew his blade halfway from its scabbard, ready to cut his way back out after the building settled, if that became so necessary.
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    Describe your character in one sentence

    Cerik Windshade: Basically the epitome of a knight errant, and has also bedded more women than he can count on his fingers and toes.
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    General chat thread

    Behold, heathens, for there is truly only one objectively correct answer: Simple theme. 👀
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    Don't stop me now - Terrenus civil war, phase 3

    @supernal Faction lore is up!
  5. Population: 333,000 Geography Aligoria and areas of note- Formerly known as Teaville, Aligoria itself is a city occasionally shrouded by a dark haze, and is rumored to disappear from view entirely on nights with no moon. Of course, these rumors are both unsubstantiated and unverified... The city's general architecture embodies the influence of the nearby Scudder Forests, with all but the city's most important buildings built from wood and timber. Also, inside the city, there have been several notable changes. First, several houses and the barracks previously housing Teaville's city guard were torn down in order to make room for an expansion to the city's biggest tavern, The False Ship. This expansion houses the Shadow Guard, a primarily human force replacing the town guard, yet also accompanied by much mystery. Second... The old Frost Manor has been claimed as the base of operations for Neque, the Shadow King, and Princess Sibyla. Residents claim the manor has taken on a dark and foreboding aura under its new residents, and swear they've seen strange creatures entering and leaving in the dead of night. Sibyla claims these rumors are silly at best, and also speaks of the manor one day being expanded into a grand citadel. Indeed, several areas of the manor are in a state of constant construction, these areas shifting from time to time. Lastly, north of Aligoria proper, where the Day River splits into three, a notably large harbor is under construction. When finished, it is projected to look something like this: For now, however, the area consists of a small port and a boom stretched across the water, and all those going up and down the Day River are now required to pay a reasonable toll to Zerand Blacklong, one of Neque's vassals (the only one, currently). If the metallic warriors peering over from the docked longships don't intimidate a traveler, then surely the threat of the Shadow King's wrath brings them pause and a reason to consider compliance... The surrounding area- To the north of Aligoria lies the Day River, and its water is used to water the city's major tea garden and other crops planted on the city's outskirts. Past the river is a plain of little note, and the Kingdom may place an outpost there sometime in the future. The Scudder Forests lie to the East and the South, and there are logging operations at the edge of these woods that supply Aligoria with timber. There have been reported sightings of a couple of centaurs in the forest, watching the loggers from a far distance within the woods. This makes them rather hesitant to cut too deep into the forest... though if the Shadow King commands them to do so, they will comply. To the west lies a lightly forested stretch of land reaching to the coastline. Organization Culture- Aligoria fosters a culture of intellect and unfettered ambition, and values the story of everyone living within it's borders. The Shadow King has implemented a kind of citizenship test in which anyone seeking to live in the kingdom must share their most interesting story about themselves. If it brings forth any positive reaction from the seemingly impassive monarch, the person in question is declared a citizen and allowed to live in Aligoria. On top of that, ambition is fully respected, never diminished, and Princess Sibyla helps brings to fruition all but the most unreasonable ambitions the citizens have. Education and development Aligoria values intellect, and as such has been establishing a fine educational system, though these programs are still in their infancy. Subjects taught include world history, a more focused history of Aligoria (mostly regarding Neque's empire from long ago, and his travels with the knight Gormaric), mathematics, sciences, literature, and engineering, among several others. As one's education progresses, they are allowed to take classes most suitable to their interests, from more militaristic pursuits to more civilian pursuits. These more specific subjects include Shadow Magic, Strategy and Tactics, Siege Engineering, and many others. For the most part, these are taught in a surprisingly unbiased manner... but a couple of the instructors have been known, out of nowhere, to have the Shadow King talk through them and speak at length about the "Tyranny of the Light". Government and Politics Law- Neque, the Shadow King, holds absolute dominion over Aligoria. Princess Sibyla, however, is nearly his equal in power, and serve as Neque's right hand. Many believe her to be the one who actually gets things done, but nobody dares to claim that Neque's contributions are any less than hers. The two of them are advised by the Black Council, which was formed out of Teaville's "elite", including the former mayor. There is not much they can do to deter either Neque or Sibyla from something they are dead-set on doing, but the two of them generally take their advice into consideration, at the very least. Foreign Relations- As a new thread in the grand web of politics, Aligoria has yet to make any real connections. However, Sibyla is constantly searching for opportunities to make these very connections, and furthermore determine both Aligoria's allies and enemies... The Kingdom is currently gearing up for war, but they are fully open to negotiation with any other entity that seeks it. Military- Aligoria's military is split into two major divisions: The Shadow Guard, and the Subversors. The Shadow Guard is composed of Aligoria's human forces, and a small but growing contingent of specially modified Warpgolems. They number around 10,000.This is the subtle arm in the Kingdom's military endeavors, led by General Alexios, a member of the former town guard whose ambition Neque found pleasing. The Shadow Guard operates in acts of subterfuge, sabotage, and assassination, and use the power of the Inanis to cloak themselves and make themselves faster, so as to use as their well-made knives and specially-designed arm crossbows to deadly effect. They can also handle themselves in a more direct fight if that becomes necessary. The modified Warpgolems are capable of producing dark, strange, and wonderful magic to aid the Shadow Guard in their duties. The Subversors are the more direct arm of Aligoria's military. Led by Princess Sibyla herself, and numbering around 35000, the Subversors are composed of Hellmaulers, regular Warpgolems, those human forces found unsuitable for the Shadow Guard, and war elephants specially bred by Neque. These war elephants have been exposed to the power of Inanis, so that the Shadow King can field-test particular effects of the dark power. The Subversors are the Kingdom's hammer and anvil after the Shadow Guard has gone through and softened up the enemy. There are not many forces to be found out there that can match the strength of the Subversor units directly, and those that can serve as primary targets for the Shadow Guard. It is the two divisions working in tandem that will bring defeat to those who dare stand in Aligoria's way. Finally, as Neque's vassal, Zerand leads a force of about 5000 troops loyal to him, consisting of metallic warriors (Robo-Vikings), mysterious clockwork drones, many low-tier undead (summoned by him) ... and a dracozombie. Aligoria is hesitant to allow expansion of this force until Zerand has fully proven loyalty to Neque and Sibyla. Only time will tell how that ends up. Economy Aligoria's primary export is, in accordance with its previous identity as Teaville, tea. The tea is still considered as some of the land's finest, and Neque's takeover has allowed for more expedient exporting. Aside from that, the Kingdom also exports a good amount of timber. On the import end of things, Aligoria imports large quantities of stone and metal, presumably for building purposes. But mayhaps the purpose is more sinister in truth... Canon and History List of canon threads- Where Light Loses Form- Detailing Sibyla's takeover, and the establishment of the Kingdom of Aligoria. Any relevant historical information, such as its creation, where/how it is now, goals for the future, etc. The Kingdom of Aligoria was nonexistent as an entity before its inception, but its leader once held sway over a mighty empire that brought fear to all within its reach. Perhaps Aligoria is Neque's attempt at reclaiming this lost power... or perhaps it is the turning over of a new leaf. At this time, it is impossible to tell which interpretation is true. What is certain, however, is that the Kingdom prepares for war in the wake of the chaos sweeping Terrenus, and seeks to strike pre-emptively and form a buffer zone to keep the chaos out of the lands it claims. But that is merely the now. When, or perhaps if, order returns, what then? Will Aligoria seek sovereignty, or simply to exist without being under the heel of those that presume themselves greater? Once again, for now, it is impossible to tell...
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    Repair of the Walls OOC (Interest Check)

    All of them possess magic, myes. 4 of them specialize in holy magic, consisting of both offensive and healing/support spells. Of the remaining 6, 3 specialize in fire, 2 in ice, and the last in lightning. As for equipment, they have good-quality armor and weapons. Shields, swords, spears, axes. Nothing too exotic. Also, there's a few bombs and potions scattered amongst them, make of that as you will.
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    Repair of the Walls OOC (Interest Check)

    Well, uhh, I kind of disappeared for a good while there. Rest assured, I'm still alive. Just been busy with school, family, and New Vegas. This post was a bit short, I suppose, but I ended up forgetting what I was going to do with it originally. @Grubbistch @Old Man Jean @Zashiii Sound off if you're still in on this, we've got a good deal more to do, and I'm not anticipating any more delays like this last one.
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    Repair of the Walls

    Gormaric sat deep in thought as his wyvern circled lazily just above the breach in Inn'sth's wall, tacking stock of the situation so far. A small force of workers had arrived to serve under his command, and he immediately put them to work with what materials they had immediately available. He had received word that some crazy bastard was delivering supplies directly to Inns'th via aircraft, and would likely be arriving sooner rather than later. Outside of the breach, the half-orc paladin of the Order who had arrived to help him stood guard, overseeing 10 warriors. That was all the warriors that had been immediately available, and he had been told more may or may not be arriving later on. He supposed the force would be able to hold up against probing attacks by Yh'mi's lesser creatures, but something more concentrated with more powerful creatures involved would give them quite a bit of trouble, at best. But he would likely be able to join the defense himself at that point, and that would make a notable difference... assuming he wasn't overvaluing his own skills. He hadn't actually had the opportunity to do much fighting without Neque's aid, so it remained to be seen how his power and skill would be affected by his absence. He still felt strong, but that meant nothing until it was tested on the field of battle. And the power of the Inanis within him was quite an unknown quantity in the absence of the Shadow King. At least Shadowfang still remained at his side, and the dark blade had developed quite the taste for the blood of Yh'mi's creatures after the battle with Remissio's forces... With everything mentally sorted out, Gormaric brought down his wyvern behind the workers, supervising their work. He would join the guards as soon as he found someone that he deemed competent to oversee the workers. This wasn't spurred by a lack of trust, really, but a need to ensure that work got done smoothly and efficiently. Anything less could possibly result in all of their deaths, which was... rather sub-optimal. Until the dark knight could join them, those guarding the breach would have to hold out as long as they could. As if in response to his thoughts, it was at this same time that the guards would spot two approaching groups of Chhitten: a group of 8 or so off to the right, somewhat close, and a similarly sized group off to the left, further out. As long as they were fast enough to take out the first group before the second arrived, they would maintain the number advantage throughout, and thus would be likely to make it through with small wounds at worst.
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    Repair of the Walls OOC (Interest Check)

    Well, it's Tuesday, so may as well get started. @Grubbistch @Old Man Jean @Zashiii Thread is up. This round will establish the posting order, but, as always, remember that it's flexible. Feel free to jump ahead/behind someone wherever it makes sense/is necessary.
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    Repair of the Walls

    Inns'th was, more or less, just as Gormaric had left it. A mixed blessing, all things considered. That meant it hadn't yet been overrun by the creatures of Yh'mi, but it also meant that the breach in the wall remained open. Of course, as he soon found out, this was because the manpower and resource situation hadn't really changed: Inns'th remained severely lacking in both, and the dark knight once again cursed those who had fled in the wake of Remissio's army. He couldn't blame them for valuing their lives above all else, really, but he still smoldered with resentment. Had they stayed, perhaps the wall would never have been breached at all. Or, at least, they would have been around to help in the aftermath. In the now-silent depths of his mind, he swore that he would make them pay for their cowardice if any of them dared to show their faces in his presence. It wasn't long after that Gormaric's mood was turned around. News was brought forth that both resources and manpower would be coming in from Terrenus, and that someone would have to step up and take charge of them, to ensure that everything would run smoothly. The dark knight stepped forward and volunteered without a moment's hesitation. A few moments of deliberation, and then he was given the go-ahead... if nothing else, due to his previous actions during the conflict with Remissio and his army. With nothing more than a nod of acknowledgement, he went out to await the new arrivals, as they were supposed to be arriving soon, perhaps even within hours. Sitting atop the ebon-scaled wyvern that had been Neque's last gift to Gormaric, his thoughts turned toward his old master. The being once ever-present in his mind, while eternally a sarcastic nuisance, had been an invaluable help on many occasions. Gormaric had departed from Yh'mi in order to repay that debt, and had returned after doing so. The emptiness where Neque had once resided was so very strange and foreign. As a force of habit, Gormaric would reach out for advice, and find nothing but echoes, memories pertaining to Yh'mi that Neque had left behind. Analysis of the creatures they had encountered, a few speculations about the nature of the land and the creatures within... and even a recording-esque memory of what Neque had experienced while within Remissio's mind. His mind turned then to a lingering regret. The knight hadn't known at the time, but he had suspected his master's involvement in the continued survival of Remissio after the explosion. In the aftermath, he learned this had indeed been true: in that moment, Neque had controlled Remissio's arm, ensuring that he would live just a bit longer, and ensuring Diligence's death. This was the regret that lingered: just in passing, Gormaric had gleaned that her loss had shaken the Order of the White Hand to their core. And Neque was responsible for her demise... and furthermore, it was Gormaric himself that had brought him here. Ultimately, then, he had killed Diligence, almost as surely as if he had done the deed himself. This was a weight he had borne in silence, until it had become too much of a burden to bear. He had then told everything to Ocelia, the amnesiac elven mage who also been an important part of Inns'th's defense during the battle. Her magical traps had destroyed many creatures that would have likely overwhelmed and killed the paltry but determined defenders atop the wall. She had also, once upon a time, been his lover and closest friend. After lifting much of that burden, he had made a promise to himself: whatever the Order may have thought of him, he would strive to do his utmost to make up for the loss of Diligence. It was simple: everything had changed. If the dark knight had any say in it, however, everything would change for the better. Thus, his gaze turned toward Terrenus, and he waited, patiently.
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    General chat thread

  13. Quest Information: Because what use is there for a wall that cannot protect those behind it? Alright, so. After taking some to deal with, ah, personal business, the dark knight Gormaric Warmoon has returned to Inns'th. Aware that Inns'th is lacking in both the resources and manpower needed to repair the breach in the wall, and also aware that said resources and manpower are supposed to be coming in from Terrenus, he has elected to coordinate the wall's repair and ensure the success of this endeavor. And who would turn down such a request from one of those pivotal in taking down the rogue paladin Remissio, especially the one who had struck the finishing blow?* What I need is at least two other people interested in undertaking this quest, and up to five maximum. If I get more interest than that, for the sake of my own our collective sanity, I'll have to cut off the excess. 3-day skip, post in OOC if need more time/unable to post/whatever, etc. The typical works. I'd also like for you to declare what aspect your character will be working with, if possible. Gormaric will be handling guarding the breach, of course, but help would not be amiss. I'll be keeping this open until Monday or Tuesday, depending on interest. *Well technically, it wasn't him, but the only one possibly able to dispute this claim isn't around to do so. So there.
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    Iconic Moves

    Like holy shit, closing in on six years.