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  1. EpicRome23

    Sweep the leg

    Unable to shake off the feeling of watchful, wary gazes focusing on him, General Alexios scanned the trees to either side of the road as he rode toward the outpost his scouts had located. His steed snorted, and the General swept the area one last time with his gaze before shrugging and decided he was imagining things. Behind him, the four Shadow Guards silently trailed him. The Darkgolem also accompanied them, and Alexios had to admit that the construct was surprisingly stealthy as well. Perhaps the Shadow King's modifications to this Warpgolem had paid off after all. But then again, there was only one place in which Alexios believe the Darkgolem could truly prove its worth, and that was on the battlefield. In that vein, Alexios admitted to himself that he was itching for a little action. Perhaps there were some bandits who had set up camp in the outpost, and the General could whet his blade by removing them. Unfortunately, the General would be disappointed in that regard. When he rode through the outpost's gateway, he found it to be unoccupied, at least as far as he could see. The Shadow Guards and the Darkgolem came up behind him, and Alexios scanned the outpost with a thoughtful expression before turned toward them. "Surprisingly good condition. Not sure how long this has been abandoned, but it's practically on a silver platter for us. You five keep watch, and tell the others to hold position when they arrive. I'm going to take a look around the interior." With that, Alexios dismounted and strode through the weathered wooden door leading into the outpost's interior. The Shadow Guards sat down around an old table they found in the courtyard, and started up a poker game while the Darkgolem kept watch on the outpost's entrance. The construct's gaze made out the approaching figures of the rest of the Shadow Guard accompanying Alexios, making good time towards the outpost. It was not the deepest or most intelligent thinker, but even so, something seemed off to the Darkgolem. Was securing an outpost such as this really so easy? Had they really been so lucky as to complete their mission with so few obstacles? Discontent, the construct continued to watch the gateway and formed dark sigils on the ground in preparation as the remainder of the Shadow Guards trickled into the outpost...
  2. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    @vielle Zashiii EpicRome23 Finally lol, all I have left this term is a presentation and that should be easy, so I should be able to respond far quicker! Something to note, feel free to throw in obstacles and such along the road. Most of my current ideas are focused on once this thread gets into the desert lol
  3. EpicRome23

    Pagans in the Night [S-Class Artifact]

    Cerik wasn't too sure about the necessity of taunting the bandits who were almost certainly routed... but hey, he didn't particularly care about bandits, and if Iomhar so desired to taunt them, he wasn't inclined to put a stop to the sorcerer's antics. His expression turned thoughtful at Iomhar's question, about whether these bandits boded ill for his journey. By the time he had come to a conclusion and was ready to share it with his companion, he noticed that Iomhar had moved to offer to tend to the Mistress' wound. So for the moment, he watched to see how things would unfold. The Mistress declined the aid of the sorcerer, and from what Cerik could make out from his position, she seemed to be dealing with her own wound just fine. The knight spurred Stormfire forward slightly, moving next to his companions and looking down at them with a slight grin. "We leave as soon as you are all ready. Leave the bodies, the bandits that fled can deal with them, and they'll serve an example. Though, if that kind of thing is your style, the leader's gear might be worth something if you want to loot it and sell it. I personally don't desire to do so, or need the gold that would bring... but I won't judge you if you decide to do so." He paused for a moment before continuing. "Oh, and Iomhar, I wouldn't take these bandits as a bad sign. Groups of travelers get waylaid by them all the time. Heh, it's almost a tradition for journeys. Now, if we were being assailed by assassins or hired thugs? That's when I would start being concerned, because that means someone really wants one or more of us dead." Leaving his companions to think on his words, he moved up the road slightly, waiting for his companions to join him and indicate they were ready to continue. Once they had done so, he would continue down the road. About another mile down, he turned slightly toward with a thoughtful expression. "I suppose that skirmish will be the extent of our troubles for the moment. So, if you don't mind indulging my curiosity, do any of you have a religion that you follow? A deity that you believe in?"
  4. EpicRome23

    Sweep the leg ooc

    Hmm. Yeah, I'll post again, I cut off that post where I did because it was starting to get long lol. Setting up the outpost makes perfect sense.
  5. EpicRome23

    Sweep the leg

    Atop a black steed, a man in black and gold armor rode north from Aligoria, toward the unnamed mountain range some distance north and slightly west of the kingdom. Upon his right shoulder, standing out in orange, the crest of Aligoria adorned his armor. The man drew his cloak tighter around him as a chill wind blew through the area, and continued to scan all around for signs of the scouts running to report back to him. This man, General Alexios, had been part of Teaville's town guard. In fact, he had been one of the two guards to run for reinforcements when Princess Sibyla's golem had knocked out two of his companions in one strike. Somehow, some way, he had come to the attention of Neque, and the Shadow King had put him in command of the Shadow Guard. He still didn't understand the reasons, but he wasn't one to turn down such an opportunity. As it currently stood, however, he didn't actually know exactly how many Shadow Guards he had accompanying him, as Neque could just have well sent several of them to cloak and follow after his group. He wouldn't put it past the Shadow King to do something like that. He supposed he would find out the exact number if battle happened to come. What he knew for a fact, however, was that he had at least ten Shadow Guards, and one of the Warpgolems who had been modified to serve the Shadow Guard. Darkgolems, Alexios liked to call them. Admittedly, the construct made of darkened steel and sporting dark purple eyes unnerved him slightly whenever he looked at it, but Sibyla had assured them the Darkgolem might end up saving his life. He wasn't too sure he believed that, but hell. Why not keep it around? His eyes drooped for a moment, and his thoughts wandered. Could we be searching any farther afield? Alexios knew the purpose of this mission well. He was to place a outpost for Aligoria, whether by finding and taking charge of an abandoned outpost, or finding a suitable location and building there. Neque had stressed that he vastly preferred the former. When the General had asked why they weren't just building an outpost just across the river, the Shadow King had simply responded that his vassal would be taking care of that himself, and that an outpost further afield would provide a strategic advantage, and, hopefully, reduce the need for imports by securing the sources of wood, stone, and metal: the resources that Aligoria was focused on gathering in its current stage. But all that in mind, Alexios was miffed that they hadn't found anything so far. Surely, there had to be an old outpost somewhere, even if it was in nearly salvageable condition? As if in response to his thoughts, a duo of Shadow Guards sprinted toward Alexios, map in one of their hands. The General looked down at them with a quizzical eyebrow, and the one not holding the map responded after a moment to catch her breath. "General Alexios. From what we've seen, this area is rich in all three of our target resources. But that's not the best news that we've got." She gestured toward her companion with the map, and he turned the map so that Alexios could look at it. A particular area was circled, and the Shadow Guards grinned at him. "We've found our outpost." Alexios let out a relieved laugh, then took the map in hand and scanned it for a minute. He looked up with a grin of his own and turned his gaze toward the Shadow Guards. "Perfect. Go and gather together the other scouts, I'll take the squad with the Darkgolem and go investigate the outpost." Nodding at his orders, the Shadow Guards cast speed spells on themselves and ran off towards the other scouts. Alexios turned back down the road a short distance, finding the squad consisting of four Shadow Guards and the Darkgolem. He simply gestured for them to follow, and then he rode off toward the outpost with the squad in tow, referencing his map as needed.
  6. EpicRome23

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Enough... Continue. These words were heard throughout the top-right quadrant, accompanied by a fell wind that would only have been familiar to a certain ebon knight and, perhaps, the men of House Uldwar. There was a sense of eeriness about these words, as they seemed to have no discernible source, yet were heard so clearly. Were they spoken? Telepathic? It seemed there were no answers forthcoming, and this was yet another of Yh'mi's mysteries. Whatever the case may have been, it was obvious that these words had an effect on the duo of Saevion attacking the quadrant. There were still no answers for why they had come to such a sudden halt previously and thus taken the onslaught of the quadrant's defenders, but they were galvanized into action now. Rising from the soil Ed's power had thrown them into, they gathered momentum and began to charge once again. Lashing out with hooves and horns at the nearest defenders, and then barreling through any defenders between them and the wagons, it seemed they had finally reached their destination. The Saevion duo both slammed into the wagon nearest to their quadrant with all the momentum they had mustered. Wood splintered and cracked, but the wagons held for the moment, a testament to the quality of their construction. The Saevion who had been less wounded struck again, lashing out at the wagon with its horns and hooves to damage the wagon even further. With his demonstration of Chhitten-killing completed, Gormaric wiped Shadowfang along the ground below and looked to the rest of the Chhitten skittering towards the wagons. There were still quite a few left, and the ebon knight... didn't exactly feel like chasing them down at the moment. Keeping an eye on them nonetheless, Gormaric gathered the power of the Inanis around his right gauntlet, then pressed it against the wound Eri had taken. The dark energy flowed into the wound, covering all of it and expediting the healing process. Light magic would probably have done a better job, of course, but the ebon knight's magic seemed to deal with the wound just fine. With Eri back in full health, Gormaric turned his attention back to the Chhitten pack. "... I'd like to see those skittering bastards come at me now. I'm actually ready this time." As he spoke, the dark energy of the Inanis formed a shield in his free hand. It would provide protection against any given Chhitten that decided he was a good target... but, there was little he could do against any Chhitten that had the merest semblance of tactics and decided to flank him while another struck from the front. If whatever the hell that fell wind was still lurked around, he was certain that entity was capable of such tactics, far unlike what Yh'mi's creatures alone had so far demonstrated.
  7. Question for clarification: does the -1 to Saevion B's next roll apply to both the D6 and the D12 results?
  8. EpicRome23

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Furthest Point- Gormaric roll
  9. EpicRome23

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Furthest Point- Saevion B "Blitz" roll
  10. EpicRome23

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Furthest Point- Saevion A "Charger" roll
  11. Rip, I'm probably going to lose a Saevion before I finish my finals and am able to post
  12. EpicRome23

    Repair of the Walls

    Fate. Coincidence. What one believed a given event to be was a matter of belief, a matter of viewpoint. So whether it was fate or coincidence that brought another, distinct set of reinforcements coming in fast behind the others, it was simply fact that they were there. As the mercenaries barely held up against this large wave of Chhitten, losing yet another of their number, Gormaric struggled against the Dream Crawler, both physically and mentally. However, the ebon knight did not fall this day, and his willpower triumphed over the fell creature before him. Shadowfang bit deep into the Dream Crawler's body, dealing a heavy, if not fatal blow. The beast went away from Gormaric with what strength it had left, back deeper into the Broken Plains. Gormaric collapsed to his knees, using Shadowfang to brace himself and prevent him from falling all the way forward. He could not fall into unconsciousness here, not with Yh'mi still after the destruction of Inns'th... He looked up to see a last Chhitten, wounded but still fairly agile, skittering toward him with intent to kill. He had not the strength to fend the creature off. Funny, he might just die to one of these little bastards after everything he's been through and survived. This wave of reinforcements was an advance force, as one could tell by the larger cloud of dust some distance behind them. They were of a different faction than the wave in front of them. Still, they spurred their steeds forward until they drew alongside the first wave, their own banner joining that of the first in defying Yh'mi's gloom. Orange on gold, a sword behind a shield, a bird's wing, and a dragon's tail, among other features. The banner of Aligoria approached Yh'mi on this day, defiance in every fiber. The Chhitten closed on in Gormaric, and the ebon knight could not find the strength to move his blade and strike it down. So this was where the tale of Gormaric ended, freed from his master only to perish like so many others in the gloom of Yh'mi... no. He would not give this land the satisfaction. With his remaining willpower, the Inanis took shape in front of him, a blade poised to either eviscerate the Chhitten before it could strike, or to take the life of Gormaric himself before Yh'mi would be able to take its due. The choice was taking away from Gormaric as the blade dissipated... and a blacked-scaled tail smashed into the Chhitten, nearly splitting it in twain but assuredly snuffing out its twisted life. Gormaric's wyvern looked down at her owner with concern, and the ebon knight smiled in spite of it all. "Hah. Seems you might be worth keeping around, after all. High time I named you, you know..." A memory sprang forth unbidden, from the pool left behind by Neque. Eri- Watchful. A name suitable for one who is vigilant. "... Eri. That is what I shall call you. Now, let's get back inside the walls and rest, sha-" In the midst of Gormaric's sentence, a scream of rage echoed throughout the area. Whether it had been the failure of the last Chhitten to finish off Gormaric, Yh'mi recognizing the incoming reinforcements, or a mixture of both, the fell wind blew fiercely throughout the area as the scream continued to reverberate. This was too much for the ebon knight to bear, and he lapsed into unconsciousness. Eri growled at the air above and protectively shielded Gormaric with her wings.
  13. EpicRome23

    Sweep the leg ooc

    I'll be posting next, tonight or tomorrow. This term is about to come to an end, so I've been catching up on my last assignments and studying for finals.
  14. EpicRome23

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    "... A Saevion charge. Poor bastards should feel lucky there weren't more of them, or that they didn't take more damage from them." Gormaric and Eri had their attention turned toward the top right quadrant, barely able to make out the battle going on there but able to hear most of it clearly. After a minute the ebon knight turned back toward the others in his squadron, noting that Murray and his squad riding off to the northeast, Sheryl obviously preparing for an incoming attack, and Azytzeen... Gormaric followed his gaze to spot a horde of Chhitten fast approaching. Gormaric moved into a ready position, to fend off any of the Chhitten that dared to come at him. However, they simply steamed past him, obviously intent on the wagons. One of the skittering bastards clawed at Eri as it passed, slicing her side and drawing blood. Gormaric's eyes seemed to become an even deeper red for a moment, as he turned to the others in the quadrant. He duly noted a new arrival from the direction of the bottom right quadrant, who exploded one of the Chhitten with a well-placed shot. "I think now is a good time to demonstrate how to kill a Chhitten. Pay close attention!" Gormaric strode over to one of the Chhitten, raising his foot up... "First technique is to smash them!" ..and bringing down it hard, sending an armored boot smashing through the creature's carapace and causing its innards to splatter all over the immediate area. He then strode toward a second Chhitten, with Eri moving forward to apply pressure to its back as Gormaric positioned himself to kick it... "Second technique, punt them!" ... and his foot shot forward, sending the unfortunate Chhitten flying up into the air. The ebon knight unsheathed Shadowfang, stepping forward and holding it up. The Chhitten landed directly on the blade, sending it deep into its softer underbelly. Gormaric wiped the creature off on the ground as he turned back towards the others with a grin beneath his helm. "And third technique... stab them."