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    Reading, writing, Warhammer 40K, purging heretics, video games (Strategy and/or RPG all the way, especially Fire Emblem.) large flying and fire-breathing lizards, history, necromancy, obtaining unlimited power, and conquering the world. That's all the important stuff.
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  1. Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 @Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn
  2. Though a couple of persistent Chhitten had to be kicked away, Gormaric made to the wall and deftly started to scale it. Upon reaching the top of the wall, one of the defenders instinctively reacted and swung a mace at the knight. Gormaric knocked the blow aside and pushed the defender away, sending him tumbling down to the ground on the Inns'th side of the wall. Gormaric looked around to see if anyone else wanted to try his patience before sprinting toward the other part of the wall. Soon enough, he was there, the nearest defenders he could see being a familiar-looking elven mage... and a pair of skeletons? He was surprised, but he had more important matters to attend to. He turned away and saw his target. It seemed he hadn't been engaged in combat yet, although he could see Catherine heading toward him. Seeing her made him realize that he had forgotten to make sure she was following as much as he should have, but he dismissed the thought as he looked for a good spot to land. He would have to move fast if he wanted action. Seeing the Chhitten Magnus that had been impaled by a spike of earth, he took a running start and then leapt, landing on the back of the corpse. He hopped off of the corpse and made his way toward the corrupted paladin, black flames eagerly blazing around Shadowfang's blade. Ocelia was briefly distracted by the dark knight that had appeared out of what seemed like nowhere and left just as fast, and she felt that the figure was familiar somehow... but she returned her attention to to the paladin as the knight leapt from the wall. Though she couldn't make it out too clearly, there seemed to be something different on one of the paladin's legs. She conveyed this to Praulian, who readied a javelin and took aim. He threw, and Ocelia cast an enchantment that would cause acid to spread from the javelin's head for a few moments upon impact. Then, she collapsed, her energy spent. Troan helped her up and supported her with his right shoulder, leaving his shield ready to bash any overly paranoid defenders who would try to stop them. Praulian would stop to see the results of his throw before catching up with Troan to help him carry Ocelia.
  3. Even though she done some rather questionable things in her past, Serane stayed away from these sorts of places if it was at all possible. A thin veneer of legitimacy hiding a hive of scum and villainy beneath. It wasn't a publically encouraged sort of thing, of course, but inaction was more or less akin to approval. Serane held her head up as she descended into the sordid portion of the establishment, obviously intent on a destination and her gaze daring someone to try and block her path. Nobody rose to the challenge, though she received a few leers. They could stare as they wished, she was used to it. There would only be a problem the moment one of them tried something. She reached her destination without trouble, and she sat down at the table without a word. She looked at each of the three men at the table in turn, nodding at the first two and focusing on the last of them with a smile. A familiar face, as she had suspected from the brief description she had received. She didn't know if he remembered the events of a couple of years ago, but she had not forgotten. Her mismatched eyes focused onto Dryston's. "Been a while, hasn't it?" She had more she wanted to say, but she would hold off for the moment. Behind her, she heard loud footsteps, and turned slightly to see who was approaching. It was an axe-wielding woman, who sat down at the table seconds later. She gave the newcomer a nod as well before turning back towards Dryston.
  4. Serane ^ The character I will be using. I'm considering overhauling some details, but they won't affect this thread at all. Still deciding which parts I regret ever writing and which I don't... In this thread, Serane will not be wearing her, er, usual outfit. Instead, she will be wearing something along the lines of the below, except with the red gloves from the above. Also, working on a post now, will be done sometime today.
  5. It seemed that I would be the one opening the door. Seeing as I was (at least seemingly) the most combat-capable of my group, it was the most logical course of action. I still feared an ill fate... but then again, horror movie victims almost universally made cliche and idiotic decisions, traps I would not allow myself to fall into. And they weren't the Black freaking Knight. I stepped forward toward the door, and a moment later, brought an armored foot slamming into it, sending it crashing to the ground inside the room. There was utter silence for a few moments, and then... shouting?! "DAUBENY! SHOW YOURSELF DAUBENY!" Oh lord, maybe this was a dream after all. I had been ledge-killed by a Lawbringer when I had quit For Honor for the night before all this. I had to wonder if he was going to try and get me with that charge of h- my question was answered as a pole axe bounced off of my armor and a Lawbringer fell backwards onto the ground. I simply stared at him as he rose back up. Once he had done so, I grabbed both of his arms, spun around, and threw him into the wall that had been behind me. Crashing noises followed, as if he was falling down stairs. It seemed I had found a secret staircase. The crashes came to an end, and I heard another shout, albeit weaker this time. "IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!" I facepalmed, producing a metallic clang. This clown would have to die, because I would go crazy soon if he didn't shut up. I turned to the man I had previously given the dagger, and gestured to the now abandoned poleaxe. "If you have any idea how to use that, feel free to take it. I've heard it's a versatile weapon. Otherwise, keep an eye out as we head down that staircase. Who knows what else is around here." As I finished speaking, I slowly started walking down the staircase.
  6. Ba dum tss
  7. Count me in, if only because I have only one thread that is moving beyond a sloth's pace at the moment (if they're moving at all). Now, as for suggestions, I like the quest idea. Things don't necessarily have to start in said dangerous/difficult area. A meeting of some sorts in a nearby area before things get to the action (as a lot of threads tend to do) gives some time for character interaction and establishes dynamics. I have more I could say, but I'll save that for later when I have more time. Sometimes I choose bad times to start writing a post...
  8. Been a bit busy this weekend, but I should have a post up tonight or tomorrow. That is all.
  9. I considered the girl's statement about wanting to help as I walked forward, scanning in front of me with my eyes as I did so. What weapon could she even use? Perhaps a firearm with minimal kick, assuming she knew how to use one. Seconds later, what seemed to me like the most obvious conclusion came to the forefront of my thoughts. It was something I liked to refer to as the "Physical-Magical Correlation Clause". The more physically weak someone was, the more likely they were to be capable of wielding magic. It was something that did not apply at all to reality, but from what I had seen so far, it likely applied to here. If I came across some magical tome (or something along those lines), I would give it to her to see if she could use it. My train of thought switched tracks as I overheard the man's question. Although it was not directed at me, I still considered it. Seventy percent myself, thirty percent the Black Knight? Perhaps, although I wouldn't be able to determine a proper ratio off the top of my head. Up ahead, I heard a loud creak, coming from what seemed to be a room adjacent to the hallway we were walking through. I held out my hand to signal the others to stop as I drew Alondite from its scabbard. Part of me hoped that I would get to fight something, and be able to use those awesome sword beams... but another part hoped that it was just a false alarm. I paused for a second before turning slightly toward the others and whispering. "Proceed quietly. There might be something up ahead." I started walking again, being as quiet as a large man in armor could possibly be.
  10. I did so, actually. In hindsight, probably would have been best to tag you, but oh well. Next time.
  11. The first to approach me was the lion. She raised some good points, but I waited until she finished speaking to nod and reply. "There may be no danger, but it is best to be prepared anyways. And I appreciate the forthrightness." I truly did. I would take the truth over lies and beating around the bush any day, no matter the hurt it may cause. Perhaps it was hypocritical of me, seeing as I tended to not be entirely honest (albeit only in regards to questions about whether I've done my work or not)... but it is the thought that counts. Next to approach me was the scarred girl. The implications of those scars and her us of the word 'Master'... the conclusion I came to was one that would have made me angry in most other situations. As it was, I had more relevant things to focus on. I looked down toward the girl. "Yes. Stay close, I shall protect you to the best of my ability." Hmm. If I hadn't been the youngest child, would this have been the reaction I would have had to a younger sibling? Definitely, though there was never absolute certainty in hypothetical situa- A knock on my shoulder armor interrupts my thinking. With slight annoyance, I turn to the perpetrator. A man, offering to join me and asking if I had a spare weapon. I looked around, noticing that the lion was rather distracted at the moment. A group of 3, only one of which that would need to be protected... assuming I had a weapon I could give this man. I held out an armored finger, signalling for him to hold on for a moment. I turned to the side and started searching my armor. I didn't know if I would find anything, but even a dagger or knife used for cutting meat would be useful until a better weapon could be found. Moments later, my search is complete. I pulled out an iron dagger, and looked at it for a second. I couldn't recall what stats it had, but unless I had somehow ended up in an advanced virtual reality game, stats legitimately did not matter at all. I held the dagger out toward the man. "Here." Once he had taken it, I would gesture for the others to follow and exit the room. I didn't turn to look, but from what I could hear, the level of weirdness was rapidly increasing behind me. I didn't want to be around when it hit the breaking point.
  12. Ayumi EpicRome23 @sorainvoked Reinholdt jaistlyn
  13. As soon as he saw the liquid coming at him, Gormaric changed direction, rolling to the left to avoid the liquid's path. Judging by the sizzling he could hear behind him, he had made the right choice. He took a brief moment to take a look around. If he could get past this ugly blob, it wasn't much farther to the wall. Getting past was easier said then done, however. There were creatures to either side of the one attacking him, too many to cut through without being exposed to another acid attack. He had no way of digging underneath the creature... so there was only one option. In another moment, he focused power into his legs... and using one of the creatures he had recently slain as a springboard, he leapt up and over the Gutterfiend. Not knowing how fast the beast could turn around, he took off in a sprint toward the wall. Shadowfang moved slightly in his hand, ready to fend off any attackers brave enough to challenge the knight. Assuming he made it to the wall without further interruptions, Gormaric would scale it as fast as he could and make his way once atop it towards where he had seen the paladin. Ocelia knew that her runes were more scattered than she would have liked, but she had concentrated enough in the path of the advancing creatures to make an impact. A Chhitten Magnus was the first to go over one, and was rewarded by a huge spike of rock shooting up into its underbelly. Even if it didn't hit anything vital, the creature likely wouldn't be moving much further without outside influence. With how tired she felt, Ocelia didn't know if she could keep this up. But she would have to, or Inns'th would be lost. With that in mind, she started activating her runes as the creatures advanced, bigger (and perhaps better) versions of the spells the wave of Chhitten had activated earlier. When the last one was activated, she would fall to her knees, only enough energy left within her to enchant a single projectile before she could cast no more and would have to go rest, since she had lost her dagger recently and had yet to replace it. Troan, meanwhile, pointed his mace toward the rogue paladin for a few seconds, and then beat it against his shield while clacking his teeth loudly- an obvious challenge, intended to bring the enemy's leader within the range of Praulian's javelin. It likely wouldn't work, but what harm could trying do?
  14. Now, my dreams could get weird on occasion, but they usually stayed at a stable level of weirdness and always involved someone I knew. This met neither of these qualifications, and would probably fail every single one of those things people do in movies to check if things are dreams or not. Of course, in my mind, it would be a waste of time to do those checks when the amount of evidence that this was no dream grew bigger by the second. So, with that in mind, I sheathed Alondite and took a look around. My gaze settled in a particular doorway, in the direction that I assumed to be north. I faced toward the others. "If we're going to 'wander around' this place... we'll cover more ground if we split up. The weaker ones among us should pair up with those who are strong enough to protect themselves and their partner, in case we run into hostile creatures, persons, or whatever. I'm heading this way, whoever wishes to follow is free to do so." My natural knack for taking charge, usually concealed by my social awkwardness, shone forth as I spoke. For whatever reason, I had woken up as the Black Knight, and I was bloody well going to act the part. At any rate, confidence was always the bastion against panic when the latter washes over a group. I was certain that was paraphrased from some quote, but I had no way to find out at the moment. As I finished speaking, I started making my way toward the doorway I had looked at earlier, deliberately walking with slow and heavy steps. After all, if I wanted to get somewhere fast, I had warp powder for that. Admittedly, I hadn't checked to see if I had any, and I had no idea what it looked like anyways... but that was a matter that could be addressed at a later time.
  15. Another late-night session of For Honor. While finishing off my orders, my faction, the Vikings, gains a lot of territory with my help. I go into a Dominion match for fun. My team is incompetent, and their lack of skill results in a frustrating loss. I turn the game off. I'm tired, but not enough to go to bed quite yet. I turn on my laptop and load up Path of Radiance. I would play the actual GameCube version if I owned it and it didn't cost so much to buy. Loading up my save file, I see I've just started Chapter 11. One of my favorite levels, the one where the Black Knight first shows up and is able to kill every single last one of your units if you don't avoid him. I play through the level, struggling to keep awake. Due to my tiredness, I miscalculate and leave Ike in the movement range of the Black Knight the turn he comes out of the middle house. Ike is killed, game over. Too tired to try again tonight, even with save states, I turn off my laptop and go to bed. ------------------------------------------------ I wake up still lying down, but not in my bed. Beneath my body, I feel... metal? I start standing up, hearing slight clanking and feeling a weight on me that feels like what I think a suit of armor would be. Once I am fully up, I take a look around the room. A gathering stranger than anything I would be able to dream up. But it is the last thing I see, my very own reflection, that surprises me the most. The armor I'm wearing, the hilt of the sheathed sword at my hip... Somehow, I woke up in the body of the Black Knight. I laugh at the absurdity of it all, it being much more deep and resonant than my usual one. I could only assume my voice would be similar. Inwardly, I slowly grow more and more excited. If this is no dream, and no sort of odd ruse, there was so much I would be able to do now. SWORD BEAMS, at the least. The others were talking to each other, attempting to figure out what was going on. I could join them, but... I unsheathed Alondite and swung it a few times, instantly feeling the balance of the blade. Yes, this definitely had potential. I place the point of the blade on the ground, holding the hilt with one gauntleted hand. I turn toward the others, listening for the moment.