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  1. "Siblings in arms... right." Madon was still guarded around Olivia, if only a little. Even considering their past bond, and the one renewed by present circumstances... that scorpion woman, that assassin, had named her as her employer, and she had not denied such a thing when confronted. Whatever the circumstances, whatever, the rationale, it had been an attempt on his life, ordered by her hand, in the end. The others were guarded insofar as they showed deference to her. None of them wanted to inadvertently insult her and subsequently have that reflect onto him. Yet... Perhaps they were being too cautious. If Olivia was genuine in her intentions, she might be irritated by their guardedness and such, however slightly. Madon resolved to address the matter at some point, when they had all spent more time with each other and gotten used to her presence. Then, perhaps, they could truly be siblings in arms, with genuine trust in each other. But for now, the wounds were still too fresh, the arrangement still too new and strange for all of them. The time was not yet right to mend that small, imperceptible gap between them. So he watched the proceedings with his usual stoic, reserved expression, breaking it only slightly to nod assent to Wymp in handing over Arbalest. He had hesitated for a moment, admittedly. The thought that she could have turned then and there and simply shot him. Chaos in the ranks, she might even have come out unscathed after all was said and done. But to what end would she do so? No, if there was even but a grain of truth in what she had said, she would never do such a thing without thorough consideration. And so he nodded, and all was well, a seagull shot out of the sky. Had that been a seagull? Admittedly, Madon couldn't tell the difference between a seagull and an albatross either. He just had to assume it was the former. So after Olivia spoke to Wymp and silence faded, Madon finally began to speak again. "Is imitation not the sincerest form of flattery, though? Or is the application of that more limited than the phrase implies? Anyways... Crystal being optimistic is a bit surprising to me, being supposedly related to Amber, whom I find to be rather cynical. Then again, siblings do tend to diverge in such ways, from what I've seen. And I must wonder, Olivia... what impact would there be on your strong opinions of The Valley and The Wizards if I told you that my grandfather, on my father's side, was among them? The former Exarch Dawnwulf?" "You must understand, Amber, that I need to be careful of what I say, especially in regards to such matters. Time is like the surface of a still pond, and too much of a disturbance will send many strong ripples across it. That being said..." Orsola was obviously deep in thought for a few moments. "... I can tell you this much, at least. Granted, the majority of this is secondhand, what I was told by Owend and the others whom lived with me in the fortress cities of Isore, the only cities to survive the calamity. So, Mason... I suppose he was the same as he is now, in some ways. As were you. But sometime between now and my time, he became willing to undertake a deplorable deed. A leader of men... a person with good intentions. The keystone of an effort to defeat Byrn and restore peace to Erasmia. This persob, unfortunately, become lost to wrath, to the desire for revenge. Willing to trample over anyone who stood in their way. Mason stood against them. As did you. But they were not given a swift, merciful death. Oh no, from Owend's eyewitness account and the written testimony of the Ebon Knight... the two of you gave this person a drawn-out, torturous death. I suppose that you in particular, Amber, had reason to draw out their fall, though the details are... best not stated, here. But regardless, with their demise, the future's course was sealed. How the two of you made it through the calamity, I know not. All I know was when I came of age to venture out into the wastes Erasmia had become, I did encounter the two of you eventually." She paused for a moment, shaking her head. "It wasn't cordial. I will divulge that much, at least. As for why, well, it doesn't matter too much to the present. Raids on the farms of the fortress cities and such, in which you two took part. It's simply the reason for my initial reaction to the two of you, which I do apologize for. Because again... though it's still possible that you become the same as I knew you then, it is equally as possible that you will not. And if I antagonize you, surely I would just be more or less ensuring the former?"
  2. He wanted to say something further. But he thought better of it. As she had said, she wouldn't have believed it anyway. Perhaps he would be all too glad to hand her off to the Ebon Knight, in the end. Biting back the words at the tip of his tongue, Roland drifted back into the waiting embrace of sleep as best he could. The next morning, Roland waved at the farmer and his wife who stood on the porch, as he stood partially down the walkway leading away from the house. He had managed to conceal most of the cut that Lily had left, and waved off what was still visible as a blow from the brigands that had beset him, one he must have not noticed while they made their escape. Now, himself and Lily were refreshed (theoretically), with bundles of food generously provided by their hosts wrapped up and put into their bags. They were ready to take to the road ahead once more. And so, they turned away from the house and began their trek anew. Roland swore to himself that he wouldn't breathe a word of this place to his fellows in Byrn. He owed the family that much, at least, whatever Lily may have thought of him. Speaking of Lily, Roland gave her the cold shoulder now. Sullen silence enveloped the two like an exceptionally clingy cloud, a stark contrast to the amicable chatter the Byrnian scout had met the girl with before, on the journey here. She had wounded him, perhaps. Or perhaps he had decided that trying to get her to open up was as effective as trying to kick down a castle wall; that was to say, impossible without the influence of the divine and a task best given up on lest it bring one more forlornness and despair. Occasionally, the scout felt the urge to break the silence. But he swallowed back his words each and every time. If the silence was to be broken, it would be by her. If she was content with the silence, so be it. If it drove her madder and madder until she could no longer hold back, then that was just as well. In either case, the ball was in her court now. And if she simply let the ball be, then far be it from Roland to impose on her. He would do just as well to step away and leave her be, and he fully intended to do so if she did not indicate that she desired as much in any capacity.
  3. Valucre represented as round... global warming... that's two hoaxes in one! see the lies that Grand Mainframe weaves!
  4. Non-humans must prove their worth and not expect to be coddled by virtue of their existence. Humans too. Show you have ambition to better the world, then act on it instead of sticking solely to words.
  5. What have nonhumans truly done for society, except cry foul over perceived oppression? Their sense of time is skewed, and how many of them stand against the imminent threats that plagues us all? Few if any, for humans have a short lifespan and understand the imminence of threats like the Enrele and Yh'mi. The time for deliberation is passed, action must be taken, yet they lay back and if given the reins, would have us wait until said threats are too large to be contained. And not to mention their inflated sense of superiority due to their increased lifespan and powers. Look to Aligoria. Primarily human forces, supported by constructs and mounts like wyverns and elephants. Their force in Yh'mi has not only repaired the breached wall of Inns'th, but strengthened it with Uru to make it an even stronger bulwark. Where are your precious nonhumans in the fight against this threat? Where, even, are those nations who promised aid to the Order through the A.N.T treaty? Where there is light, so too shall there be shadow. Lost to even the deepest depths of history's annals, Neque, the Shadow King, has watched and waited. And previously, ruled. "Heroes" punished him for his perceived hubris. Destroyed his body, shattered his soul into many pieces. The majority of them nonhumans. How heroic, hmm? But even from that, he has recovered. And now he has established Aligoria. Aligoria bows not to the purging light of the so-called Saint King, but to the shade of the blistering summer day, the reprieve from the burning light of the sky, and of that light wielded by the "pure" and the "good". Why vote in a great sham? Choose between the shiniest of two turds? Both OBELUS and Grand Mainframe spin webs of half-truths, lies, and outright deceptions. It is a glorified popularity contest, and no guarantee that either of them will hold to any of their promises in the end. Nothing to stop them from following the path of Odin Haze, seeming to do things for a time before pulling a disappearing act. And nothing you, the good people participating in this, will be able to do it. Take up the banner of orange and gold. Fight for the shadow, for it does not blind one from the truth. Fight for the shadow's king, for he has triumphed over even Oblivion to bring change to the world. And if you so desire? Flip the bird to the system. Vote for the Shadow King and make him the Saint King as well. Neque will surely rule with wisdom and benevolence, and he will never abandon the people even in the face of death.
  6. And that's the end of Round 3! I'll actually admit I rolled a d20 about whether to try and seal the kill on anybody this round, 10 or below would have been nobody, 10+ would have been just Sera... nat 20 Sera and Fidelitas both. And you can guess what the roller gave me 👀 That being said! I would like to once again very much stress the importance of getting and using the explosive device, I haven't even brought Diligence into play yet and she's at the boss level like Noleron is Oh, and Maddening Gale for Round 4- Dan @HollowCipher & Middy @Zashiii just to reiterate, that's -2 sanity for the duration of said character's turn, then that debuff goes away and they lose one sanity at turn's end. The -1 doesn't apply if the main debuff is calmed away first, however.
  7. Maddening Gale Target #2 (d10) (reroll)
  8. Maddening Gale Target #2 (d10)
  9. Maddening Gale Target #1 (d10)
  10. Gormaric floundered. Eri floundered. Surus floundered. The archer crew atop Surus floundered. Hardened warriors or beasts of war all. Something about this place, however, had gotten to them as of now. Were they trying to reclaim the fullness of their mental faculties? Finish off Remissio once again? Whatever they were working toward, it didn't work. - the fell wind's influence came to Gormaric once more, and then left again. Then a wave of magic from the trio of odd women hit the Aligorians, restoring health and mental faculty alike. None of them were back to full, but they would be better off than they had been in this time frame. Now it was just a matter of defeating the enemies before them, in whatever time they had in order to do so. Remissio took multiple heavy, devastating blows. Still, at the end of it all, he stood tall still. He looked around him with an appreciative nod, as black goop seeped from the ground below to cover up and seal shut some of his wounds. "Indeed, you are not alone, Fidelitas. You have these fine adventurers beside you, facing off against us. And as for facing me that night... were you so willing to sacrifice it all, back then? Would you rather have died in Diligence's place?" He looked over his shoulder for a moment, to where the false Diligence still knelt, atop the raised platform of land where the copies of the Order and the demon Noleron himself had first shown themselves in this realm. Was she praying? Or was she just some kind of construct, awaiting the demon's order before joining the fray? Remissio gave no answers as he turned back toward Fidelitas. "... We're figments. The memories of a certain black-clad knight, given shape through infernal power. Well, not just his own memories. Better to ask him about that one. But, nevertheless, if we kill you, we can breach the bounds of this realm, become... real. The real Remissio, the real Diligence, they are dead. Would we take their place if we made it there? Or would we be entirely separate entities with their names, their faces, their memories? It's food for thought, Fidelitas." He paused and shifted his greatsword into a ready position, his pose and expression brimming with confidence. "You all survived my first onslaught. Let's see if you're capable of holding up against the second." With great force, Remissio thrust his greatsword into the ground below. The landscape rumbled, tumbled, and shook all over. A rock shot from the ground and flew at the unprepared Gormaric, striking the ebon knight and his black-scaled wyvern with great force. However, Eri barely managed to keep aloft, keeping the two of them from tumbling to the ground below. Down on the ground, spikes of earth would strike at Sheryl, Middy, and Fidelitas. The latter would find the movement of the earth and the incoming attack to be too much, and he was knocked off his feet and fell to the ground below. Remissio did not hesitate to capitalize, delivering two swift and powerful slashes at the prone Fidelitas. Enough to fell him? Perhaps not, but it would be a lot of damage nonetheless. Remissio snapped his fingers. That strange black goop flowed from the ground once more, and the fallen Volentia rose up once again. She wasted no time in approaching Remissio and exerting her healing power, mending some more of his wounds, with some vitality even flowing into herself. With Remissio's admission, perhaps the actions of the facsimiles of the Order here made more sense. Meanwhile, in the other portion of the battlefield where Noleron and Sheryl faced off, the demon of the fell wind chuckled at her taunting. "Do you truly think I care for the opinions of my enemies? I still hold all the cards in this game. And I have yet to lay out my ace in the hole." The demon's eyes flicked back toward Diligence for a brief moment. "Now... begone, you pesky gnat. I must show that I am not merely posturing." Remissio's upheaval of the earth had already struck Sheryl, likely wearing down whatever defense she had prepared. Noleron pointed his long finger at her... one, two, two bolts of that crackling red infernal energy flew at Sheryl. If both were allowed to hit, the residual energy from the first bolt would be activated by the second- causing infernal flames to briefly and painfully flash forth all across her body. And to add insult to injury, the residual energy of the second bolt would suffuse her afterwards. With Sheryl, to Noleron's perception, being rendered impotent as a threat for the time being, the demon turned his attention to the group at large. There was something... remorseful in the expression of the demon as he extended his finger once more. "Your faith has kept you going thus far, Fidelitas. But it has blinded you to the truth... and examples must be made, you and one other. You for being too strong of a rallying point for this bunch, and the other for being far too loud-mouthed. Farewell. And for your sake, may that which sent you to my realm in the first place prove a more conquerable foe than I was." Two bolts shot forth from Noleron's extended finger. One struck the prone Fidelitas and suffused him with that infernal energy. The second did the same with Sera. The demon turned away to look back toward Sheryl, but not before speaking once more over his shoulder. "Ingel. Videntia. Finish those I have marked." The real paladins would never have followed the orders of such a demon. But these facsimiles, well, they had no other choice, if there was any chance of what existence they had becoming something more permanent. Ingel was the first to move, toward the prone Fidelitas. The paladin had taken quite the beating already, and Remissio stood over him still, with bloodied greatsword. But he stepped aside as Ingel approached, sword and shield in hand. An expression crossed the facsimile's face- remorse. Even with the relationship between the two real paladins, the facsimile didn't want to go through with this. But- determination. This was the only way. Ingel's sword plunged down toward Fidelitas. When the blade made contact, infernal flames burst forth from the residual energy of Noleron's bolt, like it had with Sheryl. Videntia approached Sera, spear in hand and heedless of the other adventurers between the two of them. The paladin shook her head sadly, and spoke quietly as she drew her spear back for a thrust. "... Heedless of the demon's command, I can see like my real counterpart does. I can tell you that this will be the better path, in the end. I'm sorry, and do be careful." And the spear thrust forward, also activating the infernal flames like it had with Sheryl and Fidelitas.
  11. Remissio Knockdown Chance #4 (d4)
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