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  1. Idea maker.
  2. Yeah, I'm interested. I'll mention you in a bit when I'm ready.
  3. Zerand, Araminta, and the two metallic warriors accompanying them had climbed to the top of a ruined building, using it as a vantage point to try and pinpoint either the dwarves or civilians. They saw both, but not in the way that they expected. A brief and brutal skirmish, ending in defeat for the dwarves. In her mind, Araminta expressed confusion before turning to Zerand. With this new development, the two of them agreed that they needed to head back to camp and re-strategize. As they made their way back, Zerand received reports from his other metallic warriors. Only the first could be construed as good: The warriors sent to watch the crater had found a small path heading within on their side of it, and had built an outpost there. The other reports, from the two teams who were heading north, were not as good. The first team had found civilians, but they turned out to simply be bait for an ambush by monsters. The human had been quickly killed, but the warrior had managed to cut his way out. Were these civilians working with the monsters, Zerand wondered? He didn't know, but he intended to send a larger force once he got back so as to find out. The other team, sent to stir up the civilians held by the foreign army, had nearly encountered a large horde and decided to make a break back for the camp. After receiving these reports, Zerand sent a message for all of his metallic warriors that were not with him to man the outpost while everyone else gathered at the camp. He and Araminta would speak to them once they arrived. With his order issued, his thoughts turned to his companion. In a way, the mind link he now shared with her was more intimate than many couples could ever hope to achieve. And within her, Zerand could see a kindred spirit. The ambition she had had been tempered by her love for her city and her respect for those above her. But now that they were gone? The chains holding her back were broken. She was free to lead and make the differences she had always wanted to make. Zerand smiled at this, noting the similarities to how he had started his path. Yes, they would get along just fine, as long as their ambitions coincided. His thoughts, unbidden, then turned to love. She was easy on the eyes, and similar dispositions were oftentimes a good basis for a relationship, but could he trust her? He did not yet know the answer. Perhaps he would know by the time he was finished in this city. Perhaps he wouldn't. All he knew is that, for perhaps the first time in his life, he would give love a chance. Upon reaching the camp, Zerand and Araminta spoke their news. To the south-east, there seemed to be another faction of civilians... but they had attacked the dwarves on sight. It was not known whether they would receive the same response, but Araminta urged caution when heading that direction. Continuing, Zerand mentioned the increased monster sightings to the north-west. He turned toward Araminta, who nodded and pulled a strange clockwork device from her pocket. A few twisted dials and a pushed button later, 10 combat drones seemed to 'wake up', and made their way as a group toward where the monsters had been sighted earlier. Zerand watched them depart, and then grabbed an orange from the food crate. He peeled it deftly, and then cut it in half. He offered half to Araminta before starting to eat his own. She took it with a smile.
  4. They do have two slices to go through first, barring use of the crater. And while Zerand wants them to fight you, the chances of that actually happening are hard to determine, especially since Zerand now actually has access to the crater without cutting through another faction. Not to say he did not have it before, he just didn't know until now. By the way, for the curious mind, I have a reference image for Zerand's "metallic warriors" (A.K.A the robot Vikings, I just call them the former because I feel silly typing the latter over and over.) I may do stats for these contraptions in the future, but for now, just gaze upon this and tremble (or not):
  5. Ah crud, I somehow missed this OOC. I'll take the lower middle left slice. Also, this is my 666th post, spooky.
  6. @Robbie Rotten ODSTDRAGON MrMaturity EpicRome23
  7. Robbie Rotten Ayumi EpicRome23 @Reinholdt sorainvoked jaistlyn Oh, also, @jaistlyn, when it is your turn, feel free to kill the man with the mace. Fun things will occur if you do so. :P Assuming you haven't let Remissio die yet at that point...
  8. Shadowfang suddenly sprang to life in Gormaric's hand, slashing at the hands and arms attempting to remove Gormaric. Meanwhile, the knight himself seemed to be playing a strange game of jump rope, clearing the arms with a leap each time they attempted to sweep him off. He could keep this up for a while, but Shadowfang didn't seem to be doing enough damage to make the arms stop... and then, a javelin stuck the Gutterfiend's side. The creature opened its eyes and stopped attacking Gormaric, attempting to discern the source of this new attack. Nearby, Praulian stood with a javelin in hand, tauntingly clacking his teeth at the creature. Riled up now, the Gutterfiend forgot about Gormaric and started moving toward this new threat. Gormaric took the opportunity to plunge Shadowfang into the next eye and slice forward, taking out two eyes at once. On the other side, a well-aimed javelin stuck another eye, and a mace slammed into the other. The Gutterfiend closed its last eye and wildly swung, attempting to take at least once of its assailants. However, Gormaric plunged Shadowfang into its last eye with all of his strength. It pierced through the eyelid, through the eye, and into the creature's head. The creature slowly fell toward the ground, and Gormaric was able to retrieve Shadowfang and leap off before impact. He looked at the two skeletons that had come to his aid. Had they not been with the elf mage earlier? Why were they here now? Seeing that he probably wouldn't get answers now, he kept the questions in the back of his mind and started making his way to the paladin, gesturing for the skeletons to follow. He just hoped Neque and the others would leave him some action. The man with the mace, currently serving as a sort of vessel to Neque, had managed to end up behind the fight between the two paladins, the corrupted and the uncorrupted. The latter was losing, and would likely die if the tide was not turned. Gormaric was now free of his engagement and making his way over, Neque could sense, but he would not arrive fast enough. The others did not seem to be near the breach... so that left him. He stood up and made his way toward the fight. What he was about to do was dishonorable, but as in a lot of instances, the honorable action only served to hasten one's death. He sprinted up to the corrupted paladin, his mace blazing with black flames. When he was in range, he swung the mace toward Remissio's back. No matter the impact, this strike would be a distraction. And if the other paladin seized the opportunity, it would be the tide-turner. What would these people have done without the aid of the Shadow King?
  9. ---Earlier--- In a way, the sight of this ruined city was familiar to Zerand. Though never quite to this scale, he had made examples of cities before, leaving their bones to be picked clean by bandits and looters. 7 of his loyal metallic warriors followed behind him as he walked. He would claim power in the wake of this destruction. There was technology to be had here, advanced enough to be the basis of a new empire. He just had to get to it first. Suddenly, he came to a stop, curious at what he sensed. A large group, good and bad alike, coming together for mutual protection. Civilians and criminals, unified by a common threat. It was almost poetic. And with poetic words, Zerand could recruit them to his cause. He approached this group, and there was muttering among them before their apparent leader stepped forward. She politely responded to Zerand's questions and explained current events as well as she knew them. Zerand was most interested in what she said about 'foreign vulture bastards' around the newly-formed crater, working on stealing technology and herding civilians like cattle. It seemed that not all of the civilians were willing to trust their lives to complete strangers. Those with any ounce of patriotism, she continued, had joined her, or possibly another faction or two within the city instead, although she hadn't found any sign of their existence. Once she finished speaking, Zerand smiled and thanked her. Then, he spread his arms grandly, and proclaimed that he could both give them the technology that was rightfully theirs and find them a new home. To prove himself trustworthy, four of his metallic warriors stepped forward carrying a huge crate. They set it down in front of the crowd and opened it, revealing it to be full to the brim with food. The assembled crowd broke into cheers, and Zerand laughed inwardly. If only they knew that this was not out of any sense of altruism, but to ensure that he had loyal and powerful new followers. As the cheers died down, he started telling them of his plans. As he finished, he started forming a mind link with the woman they had elected as their leader (with her consent), to ensure that things would run efficiently. ---Now--- Zerand's strategy consisted of five objectives. The first, to start a battle between the foreign forces around the crater and the dwarves that had set up camp in the southern area of the city. The second, to add to the chaos of that battle by retaking control of rogue drones around the city, via the talents of Araminta, the leader of this civilian faction, and even command the monsters that had also descended upon the city, via Zerand's powers. The third, to send one or two operatives into the civilian encampment maintained by the foreign army, to stir up dissent and resentment among the civilians there. The fourth, along the same lines of the third, was to scout around, find whatever other civilian factions there may be, and convince them to join their cause. The fifth and most important objective came after the completion of the other four: With the chaos caused by all that battling, Zerand and Araminta would sneak into the crater with their best troops. There, they would take the best technology they could find, and then take it out of the city to where Zerand's grand and ornate longboat was waiting. This objective had the most potential to go wrong, but Zerand was confident they could still go through with the plan even if everything went downhill fast. In addition to these objectives, they would eliminate monsters and drones that could not be taken control of. They would spy on the army camped around the crater, of course... and finally, if the other civilian factions refused to cooperate, they would be treated like any aggressive drone or monster. Soon after outlining his plan, and before sending anyone out to start working on them, Zerand had taken stock of what forces they had, and he was pleased with what he found. For drones, Araminta had found about 150 drones so far, which she easily had activated and taken control of. In an extraordinary stroke of luck, she had found one of the city's five Bullet Golems intact. It had yet to be activated, but Araminta swore her allies would be able to activate and control it when the time came. When Zerand was told about its capabilities, he had perhaps the widest grin he had ever had. The golem would be kept hidden and under guard until the fifth objective was in motion, of course. In the line of monsters, Zerand had stumbled upon a dracozombie while talking a short walk to think, and they had immediately engaged in a battle of minds. Although Zerand still didn't understand why, the creature soon acquiesced to his control. All he had been able to glean was that it seemed to think he was a fellow undead being. Even with the confusion, he was still pleased. The dracozombie, under his orders, took control of some nearby roving groups of shambling zombies, skeletons, and ghouls and directed them to the makeshift pen they would be held in until it was time. He didn't know how long the creatures could be kept under control, so they would have to go fast with the other objectives if they wanted to ensure success. With the second objective well under way, it was time to start work on the others. Zerand and Araminta started making their way toward the dwarves to the south, accompanied by two of Zerand's metallic warriors. Two pairs, each consisting of one warrior and one human, respectively went to search for other civilian factions and infiltrate the civilian encampment. Another pair of warriors went to spy on the crater, while the last warrior stayed with the civilians to coordinate setting up a defensive perimeter around their camp and camouflaging it. It was a start to a grand scheme. And if it succeeded... well, there was no question that it would go down in the history books.
  10. Damn. Thought I'd have time today, ended up having to pick up my dog that went missing last night. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow.
  11. Not going to be able to get a post up tonight, and I doubt I will have time tomorrow. However, Monday is open, to my knowledge, so I should be able to post then.
  12. Y'all need some Fire Emblem music in your lives. And what better than the (in my opinion) best soundtrack in the series, which comes from the best game in the series? All of these are great, but if I had to choose one as my favorite (which is difficult, believe me), 'Wonderful Pirates' reminds me of Banjo-Kazooie for some reason, and is so perfectly suited to where it comes in.
  13. Ayyyy Meant to do this earlier, but got busy. Zerand and his crew of mind-linked robot vikings are able and willing to spread havoc and destruction, so I'll join in with them, if you don't mind. For others: while Gormaric and Neque are otherwise occupied and won't be around to enjoy this, they are willing to loan out Hellmaulers and/or Warpgolems to aid in these endeavors. Contact me and we can work out the IC stuff involved with that. Not like I've been looking for an excuse to use these things or anything
  14. As the dragon's claw burst through the wall, I stood my ground, the rubble and shrapnel bouncing harmlessly off of my armor. However, having been taken completely by surprise, I took a few seconds to reorient myself and slash Alondite toward the claw. I was not fast enough, and the blade only went through air. I muttered some choice words under my breath as the dragon departed. Had I been a little faster, I might have been able to prevent the abduction. I looked around and noticed that my other companion was facing toward me and speaking. I focused on him, nodding as he finished speaking. It seemed I would finally be putting this blessed armor to good use. "I'll see you there. Might want to make it fast, there won't be much dragon to go around once I'm done." Making sure that Alondite was firmly in hand, I started making my way through the tunnel, following the dragon's trail. Though part of me hesitated, the other part was excited. The dragon was going to eat sword beams for dinner, no matter its plans. My mind wandered for a moment. Although stats had no factor in this place, to my knowledge... would skills? If they did exist, would they still random randomly? I would have to assume so, I had no idea how the heck I would get them to manually activate. And which one it would be? Luna? A solid choice, indeed... but the sheer overkill of Eclipse called to me. Yes. Assuming that skills being unable to activate from range was a gameplay limitation, I would simply stand away from the dragon, tank whatever attacks it dared to throw at me, and sword beam it to death. And if I got lucky, Eclipse would activate for the glorious overkill. Was this entire scenario a punishment, or was it a reward? This place sent such conflicting messages.
  15. You brought it upon yourself Well, for every person who gets good luck, someone has to get the bad luck. BECAUSE REASONS!