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  1. Now I'm not going to say "lmfao you aren't in low sanity hell, you have no room to talk" But uhh You've had full if not close to full sanity to work with in your realms so far You don't know the true fear of super low sanity that you can't even get back to and keep at full because of a constant passive effect and a plethora of sanity drains arrayed against you Not to mention the constant misses this leads to (see several posts with literally all actions not hitting) and backfires that take away HP and thus actions This isn't a "Yeah a few deaths may happen at RNG's whim and we signed on and agreed with that possibility" It's more like "the possibility of a TPK for the Child's Play realm is scarily likely with the current sanity mechanics"
  2. My comments on the post and the dice rolls are only a glimpse into the emotions I felt during the rolling/making the post I was literally holding my breath on Frederick's roll and half-expecting a backfire and him hitting 0 This is so damn tense loooool
  3. Now̴̞̝͊͝ KI̴͇̖̍̈Ḷ̴̱͗͝L Ordé̶̪͚̋r̶̛͚̫͂ ̵͖̫̓͝ MU̸͈̓̀S̴̾͑T. S̞͔̱͉̯̬̲ta̝̘͎͉r̳͇̩̜t̪ ̯̣̺̫͟ F̖͓͇̺͉̤id̶̪̟̟̪̪̱̖ẹ͡l̤̰͙̺i̮̭͓̤̹̱ṯ̛̫̬a̯͍̬͚̠̫ş̹̳̮ The attack of the dark child against Gormaric was accompanied by a psychic, a mental blow as well. Combined with the continual, blasted buzzing that this place exuded... the last vestiges of the ebon knight's sanity were eroded away. The voice of Lun'silth, heard by Gormaric only in the echo of an memory... it was clear now, a new order given. The fall of the Order could and would begin here. Fidelitas would not expect a blow from a trusted ally. It would be enough to distract him and have him fall to the dark entities all about this place. With one blow, the dominoes would topple. The mission that Remissio had undertaken would begin anew, carried out by one of the causes of the mission's previous failure... a perfect irony. Gormaric raised himself off the ground, using Shadowfang to help him along. Once he stood fully, the black blade erupted into ebon flames, and the ebon knight approached the paladin of the Order... no... No... NO! Eri let out a confused growl as she watched Gormaric. This noise, somehow, echoed in his mind and caught his attention. It was wrong. This was wrong. The Order was not his enemy. He did not serve the will of Lun'silth. He closed his eyes, concentrating his full effort on regaining control and clarity in his mind. The efforts paid off, with some sense of clarity restored. The voice of Lun'silth and the desire to strike at Fidelitas was also eradicated. The ebon knight now opened his eyes and took stock of the situation. It was looking a little better, with the shadowy figure of the father dead. All they needed to do now was follow suit with the mother, and then that dark child that had struck at him. If the dark whispers continued to reform like they had when the first batch was destroyed... they were an annoyance, but not worth the effort to destroy. To strike out... no, not yet. Gormaric still needed to bring back some clarity to himself before he could properly strike back. He closed his eyes once more. This was quite possibly a mistake, as a fresh of wave pain shot through Gormaric's head. The ebon knight clenched his free hand so hard that blood began to drip through the gauntlet and onto the ground below. Eri let out a sound of concern, maintaining a position of vigilance whilst being angry about her helplessness in this situation. She couldn't protect her master from either these enemies or the forces that assailed him from within. What use was she, then? Frederick, meanwhile, fell into despair as his shield wall began to crumble. One of his Subversors threw herself in front of the Dark Whisper, her attempt to block the ethereal attack being to no avail. However, she came off much worse than Frederick himself did. Taking the brunt of the attack? Rivulets of black blood started flowing down from the joints in her armor, and there was an expression of fear as she looked toward her leader. "Ma... Major..." Then, she collapsed to the ground, lifeless. "Amelia..." Fredrick spoke a string of expletives under his breath. She was a young soldier, a recent recruit to the Subversors that had quickly proved her skill and worth. To fall in a place like this, to die in such a way... no, this dark land had to pay for extinguishing such bright souls as hers. But before he could do much more, the dark child came hurtling forward, a punch aimed at Frederick's head... but before he could make contact, another of his Subversors leapt forward to take the blow. Even through the forged Uru helm, the force of the blow sent Sir Gilliam's head flying back with enough force to shatter his skull and snap his neck. Gilliam was dead before his body hit the ground. The other two Subversors, Oswin and Bors, had sustained wounds that forced them onto one knee, but they still did the best they could to hold the shield wall intact. Frederick, meanwhile, began to cough up blood and collapsed to his knees. The Subversors and their leader were on the verge of death. A good blow from any of their enemies would spell their end, unless they received healing swiftly. But they would not go without doing at least one thing more... gathering together what power they could, Frederick and the Subversors made the power of the Inanis manifest once more, the protective dark purple auras once more forming around the weakest allies in the room... including the Subversors themselves. It would have to do. It would have to hold...
  4. Frederick action Take my hand, we'll make it I swearrrr
  6. Gormaric action #1 (Calm) woooooooaaaah living on a prayer +2 sanity yeet
  7. Gormaric pre-action #1 (0 sanity d2) dodged a bullet whew
  8. Wymp snapped to attention, his interest piqued at Eve's mention, or rather correction, of the 'First War of the Wyrms' as the 'Wyrm Genocides'. He wasn't entirely unfamiliar with that term, but it was a very uncommon reference to that war. He looked over at Eve with a curious expression. "Ah, so... you are familiar with the writings of the hero Balthazar, then? He liked to refer to the war in that way, unlike the rest of the Seven Heroes. Well, Koyoha started using it as well after her marriage to Balthazar, but... I digress." He turned toward Madon, bowing his head slightly. "Your majesty, forgive the interruption." "Be at ease, Wymp. We can spend all the time on formalities we wish when negotiating with Glia and Dodon, and when Isore is restored. Until then, we don't have the time to spare for it. In this place, you are my friend and brother-in-arms more than you are my subordinate." Wymp nodded his agreement after a moment's hesitation. That matter settled, Madon turned toward Eve, a determined expression on his face. The situation was less than ideal. But he could not sit idle, he had to do something to ensure the defeat of Byrn and the return of Isore. "Your help would be greatly appreciated, Eve. Our first weapon to locate should be Arbalest, the legendary crossbow wielded by Balthazar, if only as a matter of convenience. After all, he had very close ties to the people here in The Valley at the time. I... would have wished to give such a weapon to Severus, or Laim, as they were the most skilled crossbowmen in my Guard. But with them gone, I will grant Arbalest to Wymp, if we acquire it. His own skill falls short only of the two that I mentioned, and I have my own eye on other legendary weapons, in any case." He looked around the square for a moment. "So, shall we retrieve those books, then? If there's no leads to be found there, I'm sure Dawnwulf and his compatriots will know something useful." Wymp turned toward Madon with a startled expression. "My li- Madon! I know I found that old man oddly familiar... are you saying that that was Exarch Dawnwulf, your grandfather?!" Madon simply gave an affirmative nod in response, before turning away and beginning to walk toward the stables. Wymp stood flabbergasted for a short time before regaining his composure and following after Madon. Meanwhile, Illumine let out a pleased warble in response to Eve's headpats. The phoenix was just as happy to see an old friend as Eve was, though she did quite miss her first and original master... when Eve began to move, Illumine would shift to maintain her position on Eve's shoulder. She would certainly be sticking around for the time being.
  9. "Very well. You don't need to to necessarily fight in the vanguard, I can find a suitable spot for you when it comes time to bring the fight to Byrn. Along with any battles that arise before then, of course. And again, thank you. There are not many who would join the cause of a ruler whose city is ashes and many believe to be dead." Madon's attention was drawn away from Eve as he finished speaking. Dawnwulf cleared his throat, and Madon turned his gaze toward the past Exarch. Madon didn't let the old man get a word in before stepped towards him and speaking. "I still intend to raise the banner of Isore, and rally together those of my subjects who are still willing to fight. I cannot drop everything in order to seek out the legendary weapons of the Seven Heroes... but if they will turn the tide in our favor, I will spare some time in order to seek them out." Dawnwulf nodded slightly, an amused smirk on his face as his attention was focused upon Illumine knocking over Eve and showing obvious signs of familiarity. He watched for a few moments, then chuckled and refocused on Madon. "I must admit, I am pleased that you have come around. Ours is not a plan based on a moment's fancy, but what we have decided is the strategy that will restore peace to Erasmia with the least loss of life. With that, I will be returning to my fellows, as we will need to respond to the actions of Byrn. Those scouts Wymp spoke of indicate to me that Byrn will soon come here in force. We must prepare. I will contact you again sometime tomorrow, after we have decided upon our course of action. I will leave Illumine with you, as she will be my means of contact... and it seems ours is not the only reunion today, Madon." With that, the enigmatic old man departed with a wave, leaving Madon, Eve, Illumine, and Wymp behind in the small square with the water pump. Wymp approached Madon, tearing his gaze away from the sight of Eve and Illumine. "My liege. What will we do now?" Madon rubbed his chin for a few moments, before nodding to himself. He spoke loud enough for his voice to carry over to Eve as well. "I do not know when Byrn will come here, if they do so at all. I would speculate that if they have scouts here today, they will be arriving by the week's end. We will need to put that time to good use. For the moment, I wish to leave those who accompanied me out of Isore, and furthermore here into The Valley, to their own devices for the time being. I will gather them back together once I have heard the plan of Dawnwulf and his colleagues. As for us... we could go negotiate contracts with mercenary leaders. We will need the manpower to possibly defend The Valley, but certainly for the greater war against Byrn. But we don't need to do that immediately, just sometime before we leave The Valley. The other option is that we go to the inn and retrieve the texts Severus retrieved from my study during the siege of Isore. Perhaps there is information there about the weapons of the Seven Heroes, or anything useful related to the first War of the Wyrms."
  10. Oh, of course, silly of me to think I could get away with Gormaric having three actions again. ... We're very much screwed, was nice knowing y'all
  11. "... Ah. I am sorry that your village met with such an end. I can only suppose that Byrn torched it to test their firebombs, or as part of cutting off supply routes heading into Isore..." Madon's free hand was clenched into a fist, and a hint of anger lingered in his expression, his gaze cast slightly downward. Was he more angry at what Byrn had done, or his helplessness in preventing it? "But what is done, is done. We cannot reverse the ravages of Byrn's flames there, just as surely as we cannot reverse them in Isore itself. But what we can do? We can give rest to the spirits that cry out for vengeance, and we can prevent further tragedy from occurring." He looked up, now, his gaze turning toward Eve once again. "I saw your skill with the bow you hold, atop the roof of Isore's palace. I would ask you if you would be willing to use it in order to help me achieve my aims. I find it difficult to believe that you would come here simply to let me know the fate of your village. You could have sent a letter if that had been your only intention, no? We are on the cusp of destiny here. Your aid would be invaluable in bringing about a future of peace. And furthermore... an Exarch always keeps his promises. While there is nothing that I can do for your village now, I still intend to hold to the aid that I promised. If you will let me, I will do the best I can to aid you, irregardless of whatever aid you may offer to me." Meanwhile, Dawnwulf stood quietly, an expression of slight amusement as he watched the unfolding scene. Wymp, in contrast, held his crucifix in his hands and seemed to be deep in prayer. Or perhaps he was simply only doing so halfheartedly at the moment, an ear turned to the conversation between his liege and the girl that he had guided to him. These two men both looked up at the flapping of wings. A bird of resplendent red and gold plumage alighted on Dawnwulf's shoulder. A phoenix. The wise sage and past Exarch smiled and scratched the bird's head. "Ah, Illumine. You have successfully informed my colleagues of recent events, then?" Illumine seemed to nod. Then, the phoenix looked around... and seemed to freeze upon seeing Eve. There were glimmers of recognition in the resplendent bird's eyes. If Eve saw her, she might recall one of Illumine's previous owners: the Hero Kali. Founder of Zenith, the magical prodigy who wielded the legendary tome Forseti, unleashing wind magic that decimated dragons and wyverns alike, and even sent the magic-resistant pegasi of Glia crashing to the ground. She might also remember the other side of Kali, the one not spoken of in legends. The anxiety she felt, in general and over the expectations others had of her. The rift she had formed amongst her and her companions when she had accidentally nearly killed Sekhmet, and the shame she felt about it. And, most of all, how she would never stop gushing about Locke and praising everything about him. At any rate, Illumine soon decided to take a short flight through the air, landing softly upon Eve's shoulder and rubbing her head against Eve affectionately.
  12. @notmuch_23 By the way, failed/backfiring uses of special skills doesn't use up the skill! I believe this only the second time you've used Sustained Fire, unless I missed a use in the previous realm, so you should still have three uses.
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