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  1. Body Switch 2

    Raise your hand if you'd still like to finish this thread.....
  2. Sorry it's taken me a month to post....... wXADQTk.gif

    1. Rin


      Things happen. No worries

    2. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Yes, many things are happening.  It's good to hear from you Rin.  I miss everyone on Val.  I've been slacking. 

    3. Rin


      Been slacking more than you lol. 

  3. Flight of the Falcon

    Jo jumped and twisted around as soon as the door burst open. She'd expected that they'd be getting close soon. She'd come here to find weapons for that very reason. So she wasn't very surprised that they were at the doorstep of the shop. Her first reaction was to defend herself with her wolf abilities. They were the ones she had the longest, the ones she was most comfortable fighting with, and the ones she had control over.... for the most part. The blinding light that was thrown her way surprised her. She couldn't see her opponent, and anger filled her at the sudden attack. The anger triggered her other abilities, the witchy ones. She didn't have as much control over that and she didn't have time to think about it either, or to warn anyone else. Without thought her body suffused with heat, her person covered in fire. The flames were strong from the start, with her lack of control, and there were things close by that began to catch on fire. The counter near her had a stream of flame running along it. The floor had fire bursts in close proximity to her. This all took a second to happen, and she knew quite a bit of it was due to the lack of her control and emotional outbursts. She didn't see the metal ring that was thrown her way, but she didn't have to. She threw a fiery blast in the direction of the doorway, hoping to channel her flames toward the bad guys instead of burning the innocent. Fear entered her gut, and tears formed in her eyes and dried up from the heat before they could fall. She might really hurt someone, and she hated when she did that.
  4. Kaashmii Owwssyde, How Bow Dah

    Shaym was impressed with the new craft they had acquired. It was an airship, though not the first he'd ever had the privilege to board it was a nicer quality than the last one. The last time he was on an airship he'd had a run in with two demon possessed women. Both were batshit crazy, and both were out for blood. He'd ended up jumping from the vessel and flying away, which had been remarkably easy. If there was a way to travel for Shaym that didn't involve him flying himself, it would be on an airship. He was now on an airship with another woman that was either possessed by a demon or had demon qualities. She wasn't much different than the other females, except she had a tendency to whine more and be terribly clingy. Shaym had to bite his tongue at first, tempted to tell her what he thought of her complaints. Then he decided to tune her out and things ran much smoother for him after that, though she was seen pouting on more than one occasion. He took out a pipe from his loose pants pocket. He'd never smoked before, that he knew of, and as he puffed on the pipe he wondered why not. It was a relaxing pastime, and kept him from dying of boredom. The smell of the smoke had now imbued itself all over his clothing and person. He didn't mind that. He couldn't smell it after a while, and he wasn't worried about what anyone else thought. He took another puff on the pipe as he looked over to the oncoming land mass, a floating isle in the sky. Irie Isle. They had finally reached their destination, and soon he'd be paid his fee and on his way. He can't say that this trip had been unforgettable, especially since he'd forgotten all his memories from before five years ago, but he could say that it'd had its moments. He heard the hustle of the crew as they prepared to land. He blew into the pipe, effectively putting out the flames. He placed the pipe back into his loose pants pocket as he stared out to this new land seen for the first time.
  5. Elendaron AMA

    I believe there is page in Elendaron on the Obsidian Tear that explains how it works. It's not owned. It's like a free roaming spirit, with no rhyme or reason, or explanation. As for the tea and cookies.... sure! If you write it, it can totally be served.
  6. Just reminding you of the tavern for everyone thing! :) that is ready now isn't it?

  7. HI MICKEY! Just wanted to say hi and pester you about the Tavern of Legend for everyone thing! Was that going to go back around again? ^-^

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash


      Yeah.  I gotta stomach bug over the weekend and forgot all about it.  Sorry!  Since it's the middle of the week I'll wait until this weekend to start a new round. I'll try to get the list together again before then.  

    2. SabersFire


      Oh no! Getting sick is no fun! Hope your feeling better! :) It's no big deal though was just checking! :)

  8. Kaashmii Owwssyde, How Bow Dah

    Shaym stared dumbfounded at the bottle the shipmate placed under his nose. Had it come to this? If there was one thing Shaym valued, it was freedom. He understood that taking on a job took away a little bit of that freedom, because he was obligated to get the job done. But he liked the money that brought him. More importantly, he liked the freedoms that money could buy him. This little slip of a girl had yet to pay him what he was owed. He didn't think she planned to pay him in the future either. Which made doing this job seem a waste of time. Add to it the fact that she acted like a child.... worse. She acted like a spoilt child. And he could only feel resentment for what he was having to put up with. The bottle was still under his nose, patiently being held there by the other male, who seemed to be shaking he was so scared of Varina. Shaym grabbed up the bottle, and plopped it in Varina's lap. "Open your own damn bottle," he muttered belligerently. He stalked out of the cabin, feeling no guilt. She looked healthy enough, and that was the purpose of checking on her. He made his way to the ship railing. There he could see land all around. The ship's captain approached, and Shaym stiffened. "I guess you'll be on your way now. You, and your..... friend." It was apparent to Shaym that the captain had no love for either of them. He had done nothing to the man, but he couldn't do anything about this man's small minded prejudices. "Yeah, we need to find some virgins to sacrifice," Shaym couldn't resist murmuring. The captain paled as if he seriously believed that virgins would be sacrificed on an altar. Shaym snorted, and looked overhead. The sky was blue and cloudless. It was a perfect day for flying. He couldn't wait.
  9. Thanks for the invite, but I'm still too busy to do your quests justice. Good luck though, and have fun.
  10. eMotion

    Though for some reason it wouldn't let me copy/paste from my phone. :(
  11. eMotion

    I sill use emotions too.
  12. Tavern of Legend OOC

    The quests that are not available are the ones listed in the TOL Quest section, and have been posted on in the last 30 days. I'm not sure if the unique quests on the Bulletin Board are available for repeat, because the other quests specifically say repeatable while those say unique. That would be a question to ask Acies if you are interested in one of those. But if a quest thread had not been posted on in thirty days, and is listed on the Bulletin Board Quest page (unique quests still in question) than you can start up a thread for that quest. I suggest inviting other new members to join you in the quest, using this thread if you'd like. The more the merrier. If you have any more questions feel free to shot me a PM.
  13. I'm free to post if you need me to ^_^

  14. Flight of the Falcon

    Jo could hear the inflection in the voice of the store clerk as he said, "We don't dabble in your magic. Not here." She didn't know what his problem was. Magic was everywhere, even in places that it was forbidden. It was careless to ignore it, and it was a loss of funds to do so as well, for a supply store. She loved magic. Had grown up drawn to it, against all of her pack's warnings about its dangers and her own foul dealings in it. She couldn't seem to help herself. Now she had magic coursing through her very being, and to hear someone dismiss it so easily was almost offensive. But whatever issues he had did not concern her personally, and she had no time to argue over the importance of magical talismans and supplies. She shrugged and looked over the other items he did have for sale. The weapon supply was sorely lacking as well, and she wondered if it wouldn't just be in their best interest to move along to another store that may have what they needed.... magical items included. Then her eye caught a double barreled shotgun, with the gleam of the sunlight from the window sparkling off the shiny metal. Her ears twitched, and she was about to move toward it and give away too much interest in the item. Then she heard Val's shaky voice. His fumbling words reminded her of something she'd seen at a pack gathering once. It was another pack member, a mother, and her young. The little girl wouldn't speak much, but would whine and poke at her mother's arm. "What is it?" the mother would ask in an exasperated manner, but she didn't seem to be too bothered by the constant nagging. The little girl wouldn't say anything, but would stare with wide eyes and keen little whiny noises. "Are you thirsty?" The little girl would nod. Then the mother would tell her where the drinks were at. A little while later the same thing happened again. The little girl would come up to her mother and whine, interrupting whatever conversation she was having. The mother didn't even hesitate, but said, "I know you want to leave, but I'm not ready yet." That seemed to mollify the girl, and she ran off to play some more. To Jo it looked as if magic had been performed. The mother just knew what her daughter wanted, without words to communicate the moment. She'd felt a sense of fascination because of how magical it'd seemed, and hadn't been able to shake it from her mind since. Val reminded her of the little girl, not wanting to communicate but expecting Jo to understand what he'd wanted. She was no where near as talented as the mother had been, and could only do the best she could to help him out. "It's ok, Val. You may not be knowledgeable in the use of weapons, but I think I've found one that you don't need skill to handle." She was about to pat him on the shoulder and thought better of it. He'd acted strangely the last time she'd done that. She nodded in the direction of the shotgun, "How about that weapon? Is it reliable?" She didn't want to seem too eager, so she relaxed her body and tried to appear nonchalant.
  15. Body Switch 2

    @Kingofgames12 Are you still in the thread? Just making sure.