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  1. Mickey Flash

    This Land is Your Land....

    The land of Seinaru Forven is a survivor of the Elendaron "Spirit Wars" (as the locals like to call it). The event is very fresh in the people's minds, with lost friends and loved ones. They are afraid of what had happened, even though it seems to be over for them now. The land became a floating island, and ever since everything had seemed to calm down to common life again.... Everything except for the cities, and villages that have disappeared without a trace. There are forests and unexplored land there now, with no sign of the cities that had once resided there. This is where our story will begin. Virgin lands bring all kinds of ideas to mind... bottomless pits, strange creatures, man eating plants, and spontaneous earthquakes.... the possibilities are endless. Instead of me just making something up, I believe it will be more fun if I create a thread or two where the RPers can create something new (or old depending on the idea) to add to Seinaru Forven. There is the possibility of adding it to Seinaru Forven's canon, but only if it's a thread with a beginning, middle, and an end, more than just a few posts, and something interestingly new to add to the lore. The more creative, the better. All that's required is to bring your character and your imagination. Here are a few links to better acquaint yourself with Seinaru Forven, and their recent unfortunate events: If there are any questions, feel free to PM me. I'm hoping to make more than one thread out of this, if enough interest is shown.
  2. Mickey Flash

    Seinaru Forven

    Seinaru Forven Important cities, towns, and villages: Dashkanchay Dawic Eneraith Karmathen Kinumo Lo'Bre History: Seinaru Forven was a piece of a land called Elendaron. After a massive destruction of spirit and magic against reality, Elendaron was split and half of it had disappeared into the nothingness. Seinaru Forven is a part that had survived, though not all of it. Some of the cities or villages have disappeared as well, leaving virgin lands taken over by the forests again, yet to be explored. The Monarch, Queen Malia, had disappeared as well. Now there is only the ruins of what is left, and the survivors left behind. They have lost family, friends and neighbors to the tragedy. They fight to bring the land back, not to its former glory, but just to feel like a home once more. Geography: Topography - After the strange magical events that led to the culmination of having Elendaron ripped and torn, Seinaru Forven found parts of itself reassembled in the form of a floating island. This land mass was now connected to the islands of Renevatio, a floating jumble of land masses extremely different from one another in many ways. The lands of Seinaru Forven are still very much the same, having mountains, plains, forests, and lakes. The fact that they are a floating island somehow did not stop the fact that there are large masses of water surrounding Lo'Bre that are filled with fish and sea creatures. The how of it is as unexplained as the why. Climate – The weather is mostly mild, with occasional rains, storms, and tornadoes. The temperature can go from 30 degrees up to one hundred, depending on the seasons and areas. Vegetation – There are quite a few edible vegetation for the islanders, and some that are dangerous to the health of those not familiar with the area. Magic is rich in the land and soil, which has affected the growth and characteristics of the vegetation. The forests are thick with old trees and even older plants. Some plants have even been known to be carnivorous. Demographics: Population – The population has been greatly reduced now that the land has been through such a catastrophe. There is a population of around ten million. Humans and dwarfs were hit hardest during the strange events, being less sturdy in physique. The population still has them though, as well as many elves, vampires, demon, and fae. There are 61% male now, with a reduction of female to 39%. Culture – The culture of Seinaru Forven hasn't changed much from before. Having to deal with wildly different climates and environments depending on where they are located, the people are a hearty and enduring people who are as familiar with sailing as they are with making their way through a jungle. They are a henotheistic culture, which means that many different parts of the populace will adhere to one particular god without discounting the possibility or existence of others. Seinaru people are known for their enchanted gems and jewelry, as their land is covered with crystals known to have magic properties. Economy – Economy has become less financially stable. The crystals that had provided them with so much to trade with are still located in abundance in Seinaru Forven. The difference is that they have been trying to simply recover from the change in locations. The gathering of crystals had stopped for the time being, and the whole land is going through the process of rebuilding and recovering. Education – The education of the area is focused mainly on the strengths the areas are known for. After Skacharm became regent, he made it clear that he wanted magic, medicinal, and ecological fields to be the main areas of study as well. The ecological field was a new focus, but he believed that the study of living things and their environment might have been the reason for the land fighting among itself. Magic against magic, and spiritual against reality. Occupations – There is much construction to be done to repair damage caused, and there is no lack for those jobs to be filled. Medicinal fields have been very prosperous too. The military is looking for a few able bodies that can help defend their home, and those that can are happy to oblige. The mines will soon be in business as well, for the crystals are still valuable to the land. Transportation – There are mainly carriages for travel, and airships have been booming since the land mass became a floating island. Portals are few and far between, and not many things are working as they had before. You could go into a portal and never return. So the portals are restricted for the time being. Government: Elective Monarchy - The events that led to the current situation the Seinaru Forven inhabitants found themselves made them have to change their ideas on how their kingdom would now be governed. Before they had a hereditary monarchy, with Queen Malia as the reigning queen. She had never gotten a full foothold on the running of her land, and though she is now missing not many of her people are seeing this as a total tragedy. Now they have Skacharm as regent until the queen may be found. After the destruction of the kingdom, chances are slim that she is still alive. Skacharm is respected by the kingdom, seen as a strong replacement for the queen, and they would like to see him stay. Military – Pearl Song has been made the Supreme Commander of the Seinaru Forven military. She has quite a bit of experience in that field, which she had previously strayed away from. Now she is back and better than ever, making Seinaru Forven's military as strong as she can with the few resources they have left. Foreign Relations – Seinaru Forven's stand on foreign relations is to have a very diplomatic way. They are weak from the change in locations, the loss of quite a few of their people, and the loss of their leader. But with strife comes strength. They are now survivors, and there is a reason they are still alive. They will try to make friends with their neighbors, but they will not back down from threats that may come their way. General Information: Bestiary and Creature List Flags and Map Quests
  3. It’s been a few months since I’ve written a post.  The struggle is real.


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    Stumbling around in the dark.

    Hello Syxanthie! 😄 Thank you for the muse wishes. I hope you enjoy it here. Welcome to Val.
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    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Unlike me, Pearl has a pretty good memory. 😄
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    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    I still planned at least one more post with Pearl and Ilyana. But I can start another round soon after that, or do a clone if need be. I’m flexible.
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    It's a Supernoob!

    Hello Supernoob. It’s good to see someone else with characters that seem to come alive no matter how much you try to squash them. Welcome to Val. 😄
  8. Sorry it’s taking me a while to respond on my threads.  I have been trying to get ready for Christmas.  😖 At least now there’s a wreath on my door.  😛

  9. Mickey Flash

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    Just our of curiosity, how cold is it? Pearl might be thinking of going inside if it’s too chilly. @The Alexandrian
  10. Mickey Flash

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event]

    Pearl/Ilyana It was unclear to Pearl if Ilyana was understanding her fishing game, or if Pearl was perhaps being too subtle. Then Ilyana spoke and Pearl could feel the tug of a fish on her line. “Let’s see. Most of my contacts are within the business sector here in Hell’s Gate. Distribution, shelter, and enrichment are things I excel at providing but they are only a sliver of the talents I choose to monetize. The acquaintances and friends that I know have all been earned as we all work together to make the lives of our customers much more fulfilling. They live in a land ripe with potential where ambition and commitment can lead to benefits beyond what the media and the government advertise. I am sure you have already witnessed the superior technology present within my beautiful city of Hell’s Gate and the infectious prosperity displayed in places such as these that serves to entice….tourists such as yourself. You would be free to indulge in all of its wonder. The opera houses, variety of eating and drinking places, along with the nature my city prides itself on can all be beneficial to you should you simply wish to sightsee….” Pearl could feel a small sliver of disappointment as she realized from what Ilyana was saying that she didn't have a high political position. She was influential in business, and from the sound of it business that catered to the darker needs of society. Or this is what Pearl surmised with the reference to land that was ripe beyond benefits given by media and government. The next part of her speech talked of normal tourist attractions, which was something she could have learned from any local or servant. “or get yourself into trouble. If all you need are recommendations, I am sure the servants here are prepared to provide you a proper list of places to visit tailored to your specific interests.” Ilyana confirmed her suspicions with these last words. She almost sighed in disinterest, knowing that there was a strong possibility that she wasn't going to be helping get connections for Seinaru Forven like Skacharm asked if she just stayed here and chatted. The feel of Ilyana's arm slithering around her shoulder shook Pearl out of her thoughts. She was about to quickly turn her head toward the girl, to read on her face the intentions she might have, when she felt the whisper of a breath on her earlobe. The insinuation was that Ilyana might be willing to find Pearl some type of sexual hook up, or maybe it was a drug or magic high. The words were left purposefully vague, and the close contact without permission told Pearl that Ilyana wasn't worried about making Pearl feel uncomfortable. If Pearl wanted to know what kind of person Ilyana was with her fishing, she had just been given a big clue. There might as well be a sign pointing over Ilyana's head that said, 'I play no games.' Knowing this about a person would leave some afraid of the person. It didn't Pearl. She'd been faced with many scary things in her life, and Ilyana was far from the worst. She took a drink of her whiskey, purposely ignoring the hand on her shoulder. Then she looked toward Ilyana with a fake smile, not hiding the fact that it was fake. At this point she didn't worry so much about being offensive. In her eyes, she hadn't started this strange uncomfortable moment. But she knew what Skacharm would have wanted her to do, and she promised him that she'd try to be good. "I'm flattered, really I am," she wasn't actually flattered, but it didn't hurt to say so. "For someone to be so concerned with my wants and needs, that's.... very considerate." She took another gulp of her whiskey until the liquid was gone. Then she turned back to Ilyana with the same fake smile. "It's just that my purpose here is mainly business. I really don't have time for ... tourist activities." Knowing that the conversation could die quickly from here, and feeling like Skacharm would have wanted her to make more of an effort (he'd better give her a medal for all she was doing for Seinaru Forven). she decided to make things a little less about what she could get and a little more about who she was with at the moment. "So... before you said you were the owner of The Redeemer. What is The Redeemer, might I ask? It sounds like a powerful weapon." She could be flattering too, when she wanted to be. @Dolor Aeternum
  11. Mickey Flash

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event - Interest Check]

    @Dolor Aeternum Speaking of details, at the end of your post you mentioned our charries being at a table. I was wondering if you were seeing them sitting at a table, or standing out in the open?
  12. Mickey Flash

    [OOC] Twist of Fate

    I’ll be looking forward to your post. 😄
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    [OOC] Twist of Fate

    @Rin I was just wondering if you were posting this round, or having internet troubles still?
  14. Mickey Flash

    Strangers in the Night [Networking Event]

    Pearl/Ilyana Pearl did not miss the once over that Ilyana had given her, but she wasn't surprised by it. Women had a tendency to worry more over other women's apparel than men did. Pearl was an exception to the rule. She was used to hanging out with men, so she sometimes looked at women as foreign type creatures that she could never understand. They had a different type of language and different social skills than she had. Sometimes she pretended like she knew what she was doing around them, and sometimes she didn't try to pretend at all. Now was one of the situations where she should try to make nice. “Pearl? As a woman who appreciates simple beauty, pearls are among my favorite things to adorn myself with.” That brought a smile to Pearl's lips. She hadn't expected that her name would be the thing that they could find any kind of common ground on. She couldn't keep the devilment out of her eye with her amusement. She didn't say anything, but her teeth showed in her next smile. “What brings someone from so far away here to Hell’s Gate? Better yet, how can I make your long trip here worthwhile? You will find that a citizen of Hell’s Gate is as beneficial an acquaintance as any in this difficult world.” At this statement she looked down, hiding any thought or emotion that might be in her eyes. She made a pretense of looking around for a place to put out her cigarette. As sure as clockwork, a servant came running over with a crystal bowl for Pearl. Pearl hesitated before using it for an ashtray, because it was so fancy. Then she shrugged and stubbed it out until the smoke disappeared and left the crinkled thing in the bowl. This gave her a moment to collect her thoughts and wonder at what the other woman said. She knew what one of her men friends would have said if Ilyana had spoken those words to him. He would have insisted that she wanted his body, and Pearl would have snorted and said in his dreams. She would have agreed that flirting had occurred though, and she wondered if the other woman was purposely trying to flirt, or if she was just a naturally sensual woman who couldn't help it. Some told Pearl that she was that way. She scoffed and snorted when that happened, and tried to do something inappropriate to deny it. She handled flirting interactions in the most awkward ways. She couldn't laugh it off, or treat it casually in fear of being offensive. This was one of those awkward times, because she didn't know the other woman well enough, or how important she'd be to the future of Seinaru Forven. "Make my trip worthwhile?" she asked as if to ponder the question's meaning. "Why, what could you mean, Ilyana Sevryn?" The sound of the other woman's full name, carefully pronounced, made Pearl wonder again about who it was she was actually talking to. "Are there many beneficial activities that you know about in your native land?" Pearl slid her hand under the elbow of her other arm. She took a sip of her whiskey, and just stopped herself from popping her lips together and saying 'good stuff' in her appreciation of the drink. She meet Ilyana's dark eyes, "I'm just a tourist in this land. Without proper guidance I'd more than likely be getting into all kinds of trouble." She grinned showing her teeth in the smile, unrepentant of the fact that she'd be getting into trouble. It always happened. Never failed. Of course Ilyana Sevryn didn't know that. And Pearl's confidence came back with a rush of amusement. The other woman knew about as much about Pearl, as Pearl knew about her. Pearl liked to fish on occasion, and this felt like both of them were trying to out-fish the other on getting information. She could almost feel the bait being tugged on the end of her line. "Maybe you can tell me a little bit about everyone you know? I'd like to become better acquainted with the land, and its people." Pearl threw out more line, waiting for Ilyana to take a nibble. @Dolor Aeternum
  15. Mickey Flash

    Can You Keep a Secret?

    The sudden burst of fire from her person took down quite a few raptors that were huddled around the bar. The ones that hadn't been taken by the burst of flame were running in the other direction, unwilling to be baked in fire. Rev's cloak, which had stayed with her through the whole experience so far, fell to the ground in a heap. The ties that had been secured around her neck had burned away. Rev was just lucky that the clothing that she wore beneath it had been made with dragon skin, otherwise she'd be fighting Raptors naked. She wasn't fond of wearing heaps of clothing, this was true. But she wasn't so comfortable with her own skin that she could fight naked without qualms either. Suddenly Rev feels a pressure on her back, and she's about to turn an decapitate whatever it is with her claws, before she hears the words, “Quite a show,” in her ear. It's the male that had sprouted snake parts. She wasn't alarmed by him. She was a demon. In her society strength and power ruled, and cunning came to a close second. Everything else was just decoration, and basically useless. She knew there was more to life than that, but she wasn't used to anything else. The snake male seemed strong and cunning. She could do worse for a fighting partner. Her chest was heaving as she tried to rein in the massive urge to burn things. Frost covered her bare arms and legs. Her eyes glowed brighter than before, and so did the tattoos on her body. "Hard to control," she bit out. "You might want to stay away." Rev was interrupted before she could say any more, not that she had much more to say. She and the snake man were offered rides onto the disc the rune smith was riding. She didn't need a ride, afraid she'd fry the one trying to help her out. She shook her head, and turned to the one raptor left in the tavern. She walked up to the thing and touched it. Before it could take a bite out of her, it's skin began to turn to ash and it started to fall apart before everyone. "Let's get to the kitchen," she said in a low voice. She shook off the urge to emit more fire, and the tattoos glowed eerily. She could feel a new limberness to her walk, where she was thawing out a bit. She might not have any more fire left in her, and then she'd be stuck against a raptor with only her claws to help her. She hoped the others were up for helping with the task, because she was going to crash soon, like she always did after one of her 'episodes.'