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  1. Shaym came off of the lift without the feeling of having to fly. It was easy to fly and easy to just leave. If he wasn't forced to stay, he was fine with staying. And to stay sometimes revealed some pretty interesting facts, like how Rev seemed to be making this other stranger squirm as if a worm caught on a hook. And to see the look on Rev's face when Destas flew off like that, part exasperated/part interested. He watched all this with a raised eyebrow, wondering what everyone's story was. Destas was an open book, telling his whole life and then some. Rev seemed to be a little more smooth about her secrets, but she was hiding some. Mozart didn't just have secrets, he had secrets that could effect him in a very negative way. Shaym was a little curious on what they were. He walked into the direction of Destas, and stood there amused as Destas called for this Elkar demon. Rev was waiting for everyone to get off so she could send the lift back to the bottom of the cliffs. Shaym threw a heavy hand in Destas' shoulder and chuckled. "You think he'll come running if you go screaming for him like that?" His smirk showed he thought that a ridiculous idea, though maybe it wasn't. Maybe this was a tradition here, and you must scream to get another person's attention. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Rev finished making sure that the lift was on its way back down the cliff and then came to join the others. She heard Shaym's comment and snorted. "Of course he won't. We have a ways to walk to get to his house. And then we will politely knock on the door." She gestured for the others to follow her. Mozart was tagging along, and though he seemed familiar she still couldn't quite place him. She didn't know of any monster hunting jobs for him. Most of the Assassins' Guild took care of any monster issues that might arise, so they were pretty safe here. She didn't say anything as Destas mouthed off with how cool it was before he flew off. She began to question what it was about Destas that she liked. Of course he was handsome, but looks weren't everything. And he was a little too enthusiastic with everything for her to be comfortable. She was used to the silent understated type of demon. As she walked through the city she looked at the understated building structures, and the many walkways and paths. There was just enough room to place the village on these cliffs and nothing more. She walked past many buildings until she came to a modest home built into the wall of the cliffs. The front entrance looked small and cozy, but she knew that the inside was much larger in the cliff. She knocked on the door and waited patiently as Elkar came to answer. He was a tall demon, large horns on his head and a powerful physique. The only way to tell that he was an older demon was the gray of his beard and the wisdom in his eye. His eyebrows were drawn in consternation as he grunted. He looked past Rev to see Shaym standing there. For a moment his mouth dropped. Rev had never seen the demon give any ounce of emotion other than a grumpy one, but now she could see the slight shock on his face. "May we come in?" she asked gently.
  2. Immie was shocked by the male's rudeness. Yes, he'd caught her bag like a true gentleman, but soon after told her that he wasn't falling for 'that smile.' Sure, her smile was fake, because she was nervous and having a look of anxiety usually wasn't received well by most company. And his comment about the food made her huff. He was purposely trying to be a sour puss and ruin her visit, which she guessed she deserved since she pushed herself up to his table and into his vicinity. But he could have been nicer. She'd tried to be nice, and she was feeling regret about that now. Then Marley had broken the awkward moment with his enthusiasm. He'd excitedly pulled her chair out, and seemed not bothered at all by the other male's hostility. She truly smiled then, amused by the cheeky comment that rolled easily off Marley's tongue. Not to be outdone, she shot back with, "Hmm, tastes like shit... how does one know what shit tastes like? I have nothing to compare it to, since I've never had the pleasure to eat shit before." The amusement on her face asked for those around to share in her amusement. Her eyes twinkled bright blue. Tansy caught her attention next, and she exclaimed as she held out her small hand for him to hop up into. His plump toad body covered her whole hand, and she was delighted that the toad trusted her enough to allow her to hold him. A waiter came by, a blank look on his face. "Sir, will your friends be ordering as well?" he said in a very professional tone. Immie was unsure what to order, and had no menu. She was nervous again, as she wondered what rude thing would be said by the green eyed handsome devil sitting at the table. Then she frowned as she realized that she was thinking he was handsome. Where did that come from? She rubbed the toad's back gingerly as she peeped up to see the reaction of the irritated male.
  3. Skacharm feels Areille's fingers touching the tips of his ears and his cheeks flush with embarrassment. She sounded as if she were disappointed in the smallness of his ears, and he had to choke down an embarrassed laugh. He'd always took teasing over the smallness of his pointed ears as he was growing up. Now here he was a full grown elf, and this little miss was disappointed in them too. Her hands slid down to his chest and he was very aware of the fact that they were alone in the woods. The feel of her tiny palm on his heart made it beat quicker, and on reflex his hands came up to encircle her tiny wrists. He didn't know what he was going to do, keep her hands closer or pull them away. He didn't have the chance to find out. The howls of the wolves set a feeling of alarm in his body. He stiffened. "Can you follow?" he asked, as he turned quickly to the camp. If she were in agreement, he would quickly make his way to camp. Fearing she was going to have troubles making her way, he would stop to check on her from time to time. She was surprisingly adept at finding her way through the tricky foliage of the woods. Still, he felt that they were running through thick mud, because he could hear the screams and growls coming from the campsite. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ By the time Malia made it to the camp the chaos was already underway. She took in the scene for a second or two, and could see that the campers were holding their own. There were some trained warriors in this bunch and they knew how to kill. The wolves were skilled too, and natural born killers. It was a good thing they were more focused on the other wolf pack then they were on the campers. One of the wolves had been attacked by a camper that used the only weapon they had at their disposal, it was a long piece of wood with the end burning on fire from the camp fire. The wolf's fur had caught aflame for a minute, and the wolf was maddened by the pain of the burns. He wildly screeched and growled, swirling around as if chasing after his tail. In the corner of the clearing stood a young male demon. He barely had his horns growing in. He was the youngest person that Malia saw in the camp, the most vulnerable. The wolf locked his crazy eyes on the young male, and roared as he charged. Malia swept in from the side, her dagger pulled from its sheath. She quickly swiped the side of the neck of the wolf, cutting through the carotid artery. The wolf did not feel it, and he was still charging. She ran beside him and stabbed her knife into the side of his stomach. It caught on his hip so he was kept from running for a moment. He turned to look at her, pain and crazed rage in his eyes. His muzzle curled up in a snarl. His steps slowed though as his life's blood spilled out into the ground. Another second and they faltered as he fell. His labored breathing soon stopped. Malia looked up to see the young male demon, still frozen in place. Shock was on his face as he stared at the wolf. It was the look you get when you realize how close you were to death. Malia had no time to comfort him, nor did she want to. The fight was on, and she was needed. She made her way into the fray, screeching her own banshee song. Her dagger slashed all the right areas to kill, and she moved with skill to keep herself from getting bit or tackled to the ground. She had been taught well. It wasn't often she got to use her skills in the other dimension. If she were caught she would be killed there. Things were wilder here, but with its own feel of innocence. She felt justified in killing the wolves, wanting to protect ......... she'd almost forgotten she was here to protect Skacharm. The bloodlust of the moment had taken most things from her mind but survival. There were other warriors fighting the wolves around her. There was a dragon with some demons on her back about to fly away and blowing up dust and making the campfire bigger. Action was taking place everywhere, and no one asked her who she was and where she came from. Why would they? To them she was another member of this large party, fighting off the terror that had entered the camp. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skacharm came to the edge of the camp, and standing there were two figures he recognized. It was Mads and Merindas. He nodded to them, and made his way into camp, seeing the destruction, blood, and battle. He closed his eyes for a moment, and used his energies to pull power from the surrounding forest. Once he felt he had enough, he spoke an ancient language and his words were so loud they could be heard from miles away. The power his words unleased blew the wolves back. It knocked a couple of people back too, but not with nearly the same violence. The wolves let out a high pitched yip as if they had been badly hurt. They began to run from the camp, and when the majority started to leave the rest followed suit. He looked over the camp, trying to see the damage that was done and all that were hurt. There were a few bodies on the ground. Those that had been overwhelmed by the wolves. A funeral service would have to be held to respect those that sacrificed their lives. The camp was tore to shreds, blankets and tents destroyed. There were also many wounded, already doing what they could to stop the bleeding. And then he saw something that shocked him to his very core. Standing in the middle of the camp, blood covering her from head to toe, strange clothes and tangled dirty hair, stood Malia. Her face looked as wild as the beasts that had just ran away. She was panting heavily, a dagger held tightly in one hand. She looked toward Skacharm, and he didn't know what was going on in her mind. That had never happened to him before with her in the past. Her face used to be so easy to read it was scary. Now he read nothing, and the demon had been right. She had a maturity about her that the young queen never had before. How could she have changed so much in the last two years? Was this really her? "Malia?" he asked hesitantly.
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  10. "My name is Immie. Immie Gladstone," she said with pride. Her name was given to her by her elven family, and she did love them dearly. That did not stop her from being curious about where she really hailed from. She was not elven, and she had an Incubus ring that was given to her at birth. Her adoptive mother told her that she hadn't been given the ring until she was seven years old. She was then told she shouldn't take it off. She looked down at the ring for a moment. It was large and clunky looking, and she felt it was ugly. But no matter her vanity, her mother wouldn't allow her to take it off. Out of respect for her mother she still wears it. It was just another little mystery to unfurl. "I hope there is going to be some Blues music played at this bar," she said excitedly, then she looked around at the daylight. "But I guess that would be less likely to happen in the day time. I have read that Blues music is usually played after dark." She clutched her bag against her, wishing it wasn't so heavy. She spent the walk talking about the sights of the city, things she'd read about, and child-like jubilation over the croaks of Tansy. Sometimes it seemed as if Tansy were responding to her questions, for the toad didn't croak until after she'd asked something. When she arrived at the bar, she entered gingerly. She hadn't been to many bars, knowing the reputations they had for woman traveling alone. She felt a little better that Marley and Tansy were with her. The light was dimmer inside than the bright sun of outside. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust. She waited that moment so she wouldn't be blindly walking into something. To others it may look as if she were posing at the door, waiting for everyone to look at her. When she realized this she flushed, and clutched her bag with tight fists. She was pleasantly surprised to hear the music in the background. She shelved it away in her mind that the books had been wrong, and Blues was played at all hours at a Blues bar. When she could see more in the room she observed that the tables and booths were full. The place seemed to be popular. The furnishings were nice and she also wondered if she had enough money to afford a meal here. She usually tried to save as much money as she could in her travels, and sitting at a nice table to be served ordered meals seemed to be a luxury. She made her mind up to do this anyway, because she wanted to experience the Basic Blues Bar in all its glory very badly. "I, uh... I don't think there is any place for us to be seated," she whispered to Marley. There were only a few empty chairs at the tables, but the tables were already occupied my a party or two. She looked into a corner and could see a particular empty table with only one male sitting there, eating his meal. There were three chairs around him, but no one looked to be served at the table but him. She elbowed Marley a little, and nodded over to the table with the man. "I'm going to ask that gentleman if we can sit with him. Even if he says no, it couldn't hurt to try." She smiled at Marley, as she made her way to the male's table. She boldly walked up to the table, expecting him to be as courteous to her as she would be to a stranger. "Hello good sir. Your meal looks lovely. I'm new in town and was wondering if my friend and I could share the table with you? I know it's a bold request, but I was hoping to hear some of your travel experiences in the area and see if there are any particular places that you could suggest I visit?" She smiled at him her golden smile, reserved when she was trying to get her way with her family. What might not be so obvious was that she was clutching her bag in a death grip, and her palms had gotten sweaty. She was not very good with being social, though her mother seemed to know everyone in her village and was able to talk to them with ease. Immie was used to standing to the side, or behind her mother. Watching, but rarely participating. She could see the top of his head when she first approached, but not much else. Then he looked up and she could see his eyes. They were a beautiful pale green. One of her hands went to her chest, as if her breath had been hard to catch. When she did this the bag she had been clutching became too heavy for her other hand, and it started to topple to the floor to her dismay.
  11. Shaym followed the demon woman as she walked past many of the Kinumo villagers that were working on their crops. Many nodded to her, and some even nodded to him with a few hesitant smiles. Shaym's lowered eyebrows could of been mistaken for disapproval, because many looked away as if burned. But Shaym's lowered eyebrows were a result of being confused about this situation. It was like he was walking into a dream where everyone knew him, but he just couldn't quite put his finger on who they were. He was frowning because he didn't feel comfortable, and seeing some other resident of Kinumo wasn't going to change that feeling for him. He was grinding his teeth by the time they reached the lifts that would take them up the cliffs to the village. And his face was a dark mask of suspicion by the time they reached the top. He said not a word, though his eyes kept cutting toward the others on the lift. Destas seemed to be overly excited, which Shaym was beginning to believe was his natural personality. The other guy in the group was oddly quiet, and seemed to be avoiding having his face exposed to Rev. He was hiding something. Shaym wondered what it was. Thinking of the other mysterious figure was almost a relief to him, as long as he didn't have to think about his own confusing lack of knowledge about himself. __________________________________________________________________________________ Rev led the group to the lifts, and was very aware of the other villagers eyes following her. They were as curious as she was over what was going on with Shaym. Many of them knew him, as Destas did. The had expected a response from him that was cordial. They were sorely disappointed. Shaym seemed to have turned into a bit of an unfriendly grouch since she'd seen him last. She motioned for the others to enter the lifts, and then pulled on the lever that would lift them to the village. After a slight tug the lifts began the upward climb, and the quarters in the lift were a little crowded as everyone had nowhere to go but up. Destas was overeager to go, and this seemed to fluster her a bit more. She didn't want to be caught staring at him, so she tried not to look at him at all. Her attention was diverted between Shaym and the other male that was following the group. Shaym wasn't being talkative, and seemed to be super moody. So she turned her attention to the other male. "I'm sorry, I don't think we've been properly introduced. My name is Reval Freer. What is your name?" She cocked her head to the side as she asked. Then she interrupted her own question by immediately following with, "And have we met before? You look familiar."
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