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  1. As the auction was taking place the crowd had become quiet. Most of the young pickpockets had disappeared, understanding that this was not the time to bring attention to themselves. Jo was keeping one eye on the crowd and the other on the auction items. She didn't see anything that she felt the need to bid on with her hard earned money. Someone came in and began making obnoxious bids with a drunken slur. There was always one that appeared in every crowd. Jo shook her head at his overzealous bids. While the drunk left the tent for a moment, Jo thinking he was either going to throw up or use the bathroom, a new item came up for bid. The item was displayed to the best of its advantage, with a little story to go along with it. “This is the mysterious scroll. It is placed in a scroll container with a secret code to lock it. It has such a complex code that it has yet to be opened.” Jo was thinking to herself that the reason for that could be because no one here had actually tried to open it yet. “Who knows what could be inside!” Jo rolled her eyes. It could be an ancient grocery list. Still... it might not be. The bidding began for the item, and Jo lifted her finger to make a small bid while the item was affordable. She hoped no one else was interested.
  2. I've had a little time to think, because I was wondering if the body switch was the only interesting, different type of thread I've participated in. It is not. I remembered a bet going on between two RPers (I shall not name names) about which was sexier a naughty nurse or a sexy french maid. There was a thread centered on it, and a vote was going on. The loser of the bet had to have their characters in every thread all the sudden bust out into the outfit of the nurse/maid. The loser was the nurse and I happened to be in a thread with the loser. The charrie they had was a male werewolf who was very manly, and was wearing a duster, I think. It was a love interest thread between the male werewolf and my female charrie. They had just met. Then miraculously, his clothes disappeared and in their place was a nurse's outfit, with mini skirt. I just about died, but played along that yes, my character would think this strange change of clothes would be very suspicious. Needless to say the thread was never completed, much to my disappointment. Then there is the threads I've participated in where inanimate objects were portrayed by RPers. I will not say who had done this (though you know who you are). There was a box in one, a talking book in another, and a cursed scythe in one as well. I always thought it was very impressive to be able to portray yourself as something other than a person. I have yet to do this. If this is a real thing, and there is going to be a thread with a body switch or any other type of different sort of writing, I'd like in.
  3. I don’t know if this idea is now all Star Wars, but I was still laughing over the adults turning kids. Lol. I created a thread or two where the characters switched bodies with each other. Same personality, different powers/gender/species, and not having a clue how to use the new body’s powers. That was pretty fun. Put a bunch of RPers names in a hat and drew out the pairs that were switching.
  4. I never watched the super bowl, but did bet on it from time to time. I watched one episode of The Office and that was it. It didn’t really grab my attention. It must have been a rare bad episode, because everyone mentions loving The Office. I just smile blankly. Haven’t went through a full campaign of dnd.
  5. @Voldemort *poke* Hey. It’s been 3 days since Cheezee’s post and it’s your turn. Posting?
  6. My perspective is...... CONGRATS! Now is the time for real life. As soon as you get that settled and feel the need to express yourself through word, Val will be here ready and waiting. And I know I had to leave the thread (my own rl issues), but I think you’ve done a great job with the thread and would be proud to post with you again sometime in the future.
  7. I still have one more midterm exam.  Then I can rest... for about a week.  lol 

  8. Posting order: me (Mickey Flash) @Cheezeegriff @Voldemort @Dauner Light @Dresdnd Cheezeegriff, you're up next in posting order. Thanks guys for your patience.
  9. Jo peeked into the tent, ever curious. She slowly walked in, taking in the atmosphere. There were all kinds of merchandise lining the walls. Some of them were large, looking like works of art. Some of them were tiny. There were ancient swords, and armor. She assumed those would go fast. She wasn't interested in anything like that. She had her own cutting utensils already, in her claws and fangs. She also didn't need armor when she was a werewolf and healed very quickly. These things weren't the type of valuable thing she was looking for. She was looking for something that didn't look valuable, but probably was. There were too many things for her to tell from first glance, but she was hopeful and excited by what she saw. It was like playing a game of poker, or doing a hunt. There is a lot of luck involved, and skill. You need a bit of both to win this game. After getting a nice long look at the baubles in the auction, she looked around at the other people there to bid. There were all sorts. Strangely enough, not many of them were dwarves. She guess the fact that the proceeds were going to the town made every dwarf in the area become automatic winners. There was no shortage of small people here though, as the participants brought their children to the affair. Some of the kids were weaving through the crowd. She could see them dipping their hands into some pockets. She stood with her back against the tent and her arms crossed over her chest. No way the little buggers were going to be dipping into her treasure between her breasts without her knowing about it. She smirked at them, and when one saw her watching him reach into a pocket he froze. She winked at him, and he grinned back as he swiped the money bag quickly before disappearing in the crowd. The auctioneer was a local man, a dwarf of some years. His voice was high and nasally, as he warned everyone that the auction was to begin in another ten minutes. The voices in the place grew quiet as this sunk in, and then they grew louder in the excitement. Jo shifted from one foot to another. She was excited too, just like the rest of them. Her wolf was pacing on the inside, and Jo felt the need to do the same. She controlled herself though, and she kept her eye out for any interesting people or things out of the ordinary.
  10. As Lorial crouched low it seemed her present rival hadn't moved. It seemed he hadn't changed. He just kept standing there, showing his fangs in a strange macabre grin. Something changed for her in that moment. She had used her instincts when she'd entered the clearing, and they had told her to turn around and run. They had told her there was danger. Those instincts were still saying the same thing, only stronger now. This was not normal. He wasn't in a protective stance, or saying anything, or making a move. He was just standing there, with his weapon, grinning. This something that changed inside her told her that she might not live through this. This was not a common feeling for her. She was a vampire, which were powerful in their own right, but she was also a wood nymph, which also had a long life span and power. She knew she wasn't infallible, but she also knew she was young for either species. She should live many more years. That is if she kept her nose clean, and stayed away from fighting and killing. She was a mercenary, so there was always a risk she could die. She was a good mercenary though, and held back her killing instincts more than used them. She was a good fighter, a good killer. She should be feeling like everything was going to be fine. This was just another battle. But she didn't feel that way. These feelings and thoughts raced through her mind in the split second it took her to recognize that he wasn't even feeling the need to protect his body from attack. And she crouched lower, saying a quick prayer to Mother Nature. She rarely worshiped, and was angry with Mother Nature at the moment, but if she was going to be dying soon she needed to make a few things right with her. In her quick prayer, as quick as a blink, she let these thoughts and feelings go through to Mother Nature. 'I am so angry with you. You allowed my son to be taken from me. You allowed me to feel this pain inside from losing him.' She sniffed the air, wondering what type of being she was facing across the clearing. She smelled nothing. This did not make her feel better. Usually all species give off a scent to portray what they are. He was not giving off any. This meant he wasn't a species. He was more powerful. She didn't know what she was facing, but she knew she couldn't handle it alone. 'You owe me,' she thought to Mother Nature. She was touching the grass now, and the grass got her message. They sent the message straight to Mother Nature. SHE now had the message, and the grasp of the empty hole that was in Lorial's heart where her son had been taken. Mother Nature was the epitome of creation. If anyone knew what it was to be a mother, she did. She understood Lorial's love and her pain and loss. She knew the creature Lorial faced. She knew how much more powerful he was than Lorial. She knew that he was planning to destroy Lorial, was about to be destroyed by sheer will, and usually she didn't interfere. A big part of nature was that there was a balance and the stronger survive while the weak perish. Yet... this one was praying straight to Mother Nature. She had a straight line to her through the plants. She had also lost her child. Mother Nature decided to help this time. Mother Nature did not add anything new to Lorial. She just accentuated what Lorial already had. The vines wound through Lorial, and they came from the ground. Power came with it. Lorial already had her own form of “Will.” She was able to Will the plants to do what she wanted. She was also able to sometimes Will other people around her. More often times than not. It was so strong she wasn't able to stop controlling people, even if she wanted to. Mother Nature took that Will, and increased it. The vines were from all over nature, and they had their own frequencies, different than Lorial's. They mixed with her blood, her skin, her organs, even in her bones. Grass blades started to grow from her dark hair, making her strands turn to long flowing blades of green grass. Her eyes, which had naturally been green when she was not burdened with the blood lust of the vampire, became bright neon green now. Green with the power of Mother Nature. It wasn't a surprise that SHE leaned more toward the creation side of Lorial's gifts and allowed the Will to grown increasingly more from that area. Vines decorated her skin. Long claws grew from her fingertips, and her fangs grew longer than they ever had. Lorial was starting to see things differently. She could see power. She could see everything. She began to float higher into the air, and the roots from the ground were keeping her rooted, like she was a tree growing increasingly taller. She looked over at the other being, and she understood she would have not been able to survive before. She was no longer the same creature as before. She was Lorial, mixed with power borrowed from Mother Nature.
  11. Sorry guys, midterms are killing me. Going to have to wait until tomorrow to post. 😖
  12. I have to go to class and go to work tomorrow. It's late for me tonight, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to post.
  13. Ok, it's been well over three days and the ones that needed an extension has already posted before the extra time I was willing to give them. This eases my mind that they are eager to join the thread and ready to go. So congrats to the ones who made it to the deadline! Thanks to your hard work of making the first post deadline you are in. Here are the ones that are going to be in the thread: @Cheezeegriff @Voldemort @Dauner Light @Dresdnd For those who did not make it, but might feel disappointment... you know me. There will always be other threads in the future that we can post on together. Thanks for showing interest in the Golden Reaper. ❤️
  14. Welcome @Dresdnd & @Dauner Light. If you guys could make a post today, that’d be great. I had a bit of a time limit put on the first post. But if you need another day because you’re new, that’s ok too. You can find a link to the thread in the first post of this OOC thread. Enjoy!
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