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  1. Shaym frowned. It was glaringly obvious to him that Varina was the worst type of cock blocker. How was he supposed to enjoy a tumble now and then when she followed his every move and thwarted his every intent to pillage the ladies' lovely gardens? He would have to have a talk with her soon about crossing boundaries. Otherwise, it looked to be a long lonely journey for him in the future. He turned to the disappointed beauty, with the gold coin placed away for safe keeping. He sighed. "I'm sure the gold coin I gave you will cover the cost of the map, as well." She sniffed, and it looked like she was about to disagree. But she got a closer look at his now tired, and stern visage and changed her mind. She nodded and turned away. Shaym made his way to Varina, to see if she was trying to stuff a map in her shirt or some such nonsense. Before he could see what she was up to, he heard a noise from outside. "I think they went into that store! Let's go boys!" Apparently the town had a posse out to chase down Shaym and Varina. What next? Torture pits, and gladiator type arenas? This town was getting less and less friendly, which Shaym was getting real bored with. He didn't ask the shop lady if there was an exit in the back. He just made his way behind the counter and into the back room. "Come on," he called to Varina, just in case she didn't have the sense to escape like she should. He grumbled as he shouldered his way past the shop lady, and never felt as she ran a hand down one of his wings to feel the softness of his feathers as he passed.
  2. Shanna shakily covered her eye again with the eyepatch. She wasn't used to being able to see out of it, and it seemed strange and disorienting to try. She needed to be on top of her game at the moment. The guards were coming out of their spell, and she was standing behind the prison wagon.... naked. She looked down at herself, her eyes came to rest on her right hand. She'd had a scar on the back of that hand, acquired on a mission long ago. The scar was gone now. Smoother skin than she remembered ever having replaced where the scar used to be. That little minx didn't just heal her leg, which had no scar to remind her of the suffering she'd just gone through. She had healed every injury that had every been acquired, and the battle scars that had been left behind. While she'd been looking at the evidence of her now brand new healed body, one of the guards had made his way to the back of the wagon. He looked confused, like he'd just woke up from a bad dream and was having trouble remembering what was real and what was dream. He saw Shanna, standing there without a stitch on. He stared with wide eyes. She stared back, with the same look. He went for a gun he kept on his side. Before he could make it to the firearm, which had been snapped in a holster to make access to it more difficult, Shanna had already made it to his side. There were no previous injuries to slow her down, no arthritis, and more energy than she'd felt in years. She did a spin kick to the guard's face. He spun around too, and was out cold before his face hit the dirt. "Hey! Blane, what are you doing? We have to make this deliver..." The other guard took in the sight of Blane on the ground, a naked Shanna standing over him with a fierce warrior look on her face. He didn't even have time to think of his weapon, because Shanna had unholstered Blane's gun and had placed two shots in the other guard's chest and one in his head. Down he went. She turned to Blane and shot a round in his head too. Then she proceeded to take his clothes. She would need clothes, and his was the least bloody. _______________________________________________ Malia could smell the man coming before he got there. She was trying hard not to cover her face as he offered to buy her a drink. As it was, she had a look on her face that couldn't help but reveal that she was dealing with something she thought was unpleasant. "I appreciate your kind offer, sir. But I don't think...." Malia almost sagged in relief. Here was someone she knew from the train. She didn't feel so alone. And although she wasn't crazy about accepting drinks from the likes of this scruffy looking man, she decided to sit quietly and wait to see how he responded to the new person joining Malia at the table.
  3. I think I've done something like this, and I found it very satisfying. It wasn't so much an interview, but a meet and greet between two of my characters which told more about their personal lives and the flavor of the personality that was uniquely their own. I made the regular profile sheet, for those that like the traditional, and then added the conversation in a post after. I think, in its own way, the dialogue between the characters told more about them than all the facts on the profile sheet. It's definitely worth doing.
  4. Hey kinzvlle.  Thanks for the like.  Remember that vampire thread we started that one time?  Good times, good times.  :)

  5. No one's asking you to drop out ODSTDRAGON, I'm just thinking about the fact that your charrie is away from all of our charries, and away from the werewolf NPCs as well. And we are about to go on a journey to help the werewolves, so we'll be leaving the area. Unless one of our charries chases after your NPC for some unknown reason, which if that is the case you need to let us know you need one of us to do that, I don't know how he'll end up joining our group. Unless he runs into the group leaving town by some happy accident? What do you think?
  6. Did you want one of the werewolf NPCs to do the deed?
  7. Ok @ODSTDRAGON, let me get this straight.... Your charrie has been in the sack, unable to communicate or function, while the NPC has been the dude spitting and such. Now the NPC has gone to an.... inn? The hand is crawling around? I'm just wondering, how or if you plan to connect back with the rest of us? Or we supposed to accidentally run into you? Just wondering.
  8. I put in a job application...I had a job interview..... now I have a new job.  Woot!

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      I just looked at what I had down for my occupation on my profile page.... "constantly changing."  :bigsmile: So true.

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  9. I'm playing the catch up game too. :P Let me know if you decide to skip your turn.
  10. Hello. Welcome. You can begin posting here: I would read the first page for a description of the place, and the last page to catch up on what's going on currently. Then you write a description of your charrie and their actions as they enter the Tavern. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me.
  11. Jo dodged the spittle before it could land on her, but that didn't stop her from getting pissed off. If she didn't have so many valuables spread out on a table to be pilfered while she gave chase, she would have chased his ass down and made him suffer for his rude behavior. As it was, he had left a mess behind and she ended up having to pick up the pieces. Jo was startled by the help, but was about to give her appreciation when......... she caught the scent. It was a distinct smell that couldn't be denied. And it was coming from the direction of all the disruption from the crowd. She should have known. Werewolves had a tendency to make waves in crowds without care to the consequences. She was guilty of it herself. She stood quickly, throwing her magical trinkets in a scattered pile on the table. She wasn't worried about presentation at the moment. She doubted the wolves were here to buy magical items. They were here for her. One of the lycanthrope stood about six and a half feet tall. He had a scruffy dark beard and piercing eyes. She could tell he was the leader of this little pack that had come to call. He sniffed the air, and she knew it was to get her scent. She smelled different now. She wasn't all werewolf anymore. Now she had the witchy magic scent to go along with it. She braced herself for ridicule, or to be froze out. Instead he nodded, as if he was satisfied with what he'd discovered. This surprised her, and her curiosity was piqued. He looked at the others standing by her table, and his eyebrow was raised. He was silently asking her if she wanted them to hear what he had to say. She shrugged. She had no clue what business he wished to discuss. It would be up to him if he wanted this to be a private conversation. He shrugged too, and she waited to see what he wanted from her. "You are the werewolf-witch I've heard about." Jo blew out a breath with that little tidbit. News travelled fast. "I was unaware that the packs knew of my newfound status." She barely knew of it herself. "We make it our business to know when something new happens to one of ours," he said gruffly. He looked around to see how many were listening, and few were paying much attention. He said low, "The packs are in need of your services." "My services?" She didn't know what services that could be. She took on bounty hunting sometimes, but that was because she was a wolf and such work was easy for one of her kind. They would not have need of her for that. If they wanted her for her magic, they were going to be disappointed. She may have magic, but she was woefully inexperienced with how to use it. "The packs know of your magical connections, and are hoping your knowledge can help us. And it's always better to have one of our own help in times of crisis." He looked at the surrounding crowd, including the people that had stopped at her table. He seemed to consider for a moment, then offered, "If you need to bring help for this, we will allow it. But we expect the pack laws to be observed." She knew that meant that the pack decides what information gets out to the public. It must be pretty bad if they are allowing outsiders to help. "I don't know if I need help. What does the situation consist of?" His face paled as he whispered, almost too afraid to say the words, "A curse plague. It reeks of dark magic. And only the packs are targeted." Jo's mouth fell open, before she realized what she was doing and shut it back closed again quickly.
  12. That's fine, Catz. @NuclearCommando, you want to take this posting turn?
  13. Lorial smiled at her love, wishing she had more energy than to just give her a weak smile. "I'm pretty sure that I've cleansed the poison from my system." She lay her head on the bark of the tree, her eyes closed in her sudden exhaustion. "If it would be alright, love, would you mind terribly if we could take these chains from off of my wrists? They are awfully heavy, and I'd like to take a proper bath." What Lorial really needed was some sustenance, and a very long nap. The sustenance would come with sex, and the rest would come after. She was too afraid to take from Esma, because it had been so long since she'd eaten that she was afraid that she'd lose control. She might give in to bloodlust and end up killing her. She needed to find a vampire to feast on..... But how do you tell your love that you need to find sex elsewhere? Especially after what she'd just gone through for Lorial? Her eyes still closed, Lorial swallowed in misery. She didn't want to hurt Esma. And this is how she came to be in the predicament she found herself in today.
  14. Jo was startled enough by his reaction to jerk back when he leapt up on his horse. It took her a minute to realize that he was just doing what she had asked. For a moment, she thought he was planning to jump on the horse and ride away from her as fast as he could. Instead the horse just stood there, and the birdman was sitting atop it all hunched over and shaking with fear. She could smell it coming off of him in terrified waves. He was afraid of her. She had no clue why. All she had asked him to do was to get his scrawny ass back on the horse, and she'd even left out the scrawny ass part. She could see that she had to treat this birdman as if he were a baby alien from another planet. She had to approach with caution, and with kid gloves. "Whoa, easy," she soothed, as if she were speaking to a wild horse that needed taming. The horse could smell the birdman's fear too, and was prancing a bit as if it wanted to run off in fear as well. She walked slowly to the horse, cooing and speaking in low quiet tones to it. The words were nonsense, but the tone was universal. The horse stopped prancing, and Jo looked up at birdman, her eyes sincere as she pet the horse's nose. "I don't plan to hurt you, birdman. I just want to survive. If you want to survive too, you need to keep moving. We'll take a break soon, get some water or food, find shelter. Until then, I need you to ride out of here like your life depends on it. Because from the look on the faces of those guys chasing us..... it does." She waited a moment until those words sunk in to the wild creature's mind, and then she let go of his horse and strode over to her own. She wasn't cut out for this shit. She was used to saying what she thought, and not worrying about the consequences. This situation was delicate. It was apparent to her that birdman had been abused on a regular basis. She couldn't expect him to react kindly to her frank talk and no-nonsense attitude. She sighed. This rescue mission was turning into a real pain in the ass. She got to her horse and with no effort had herself slung back onto the mare's back. She patted her mare's side, showing appreciation for how hard she was working to carry her across the land at such a fast pace. She looked back over her shoulder at the birdman, wondering what strange thing she'd have to deal with next. "Are you ready, birdman?"
  15. Yep, what he said.