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  1. The red headed woman hesitantly accepted the blue cloth, and her shaky hands placed the garment up to her nose. She wasn't concentrating very hard on what the woman was saying, but trying to get through one painful minute at a time. Then she approached her with hands around her temples, and it scared her. She thought of pulling away, but soon after the pain began to lessen and sweet relief was felt. She sighed as she was able to think again. The internal screaming she had been doing stopped as well. She looked up for the first time at the other woman across from her and really saw her. The woman had silver hair that framed a fair and thin face. Her eyes seemed to glow with a violet color, and her forehead had a pretty design tattooed into her skin. She had pointed ears. This was a feature that the red haired woman felt was not a common sight for her, because her eyes were drawn to the tiny point that was barely jutted out of her silver hair. The pointed ears meant something, though she couldn't think to herself what that could be. And the lack of free flow thinking was becoming very frustrating. When she was asked how she felt, the red haired woman gave a shaky smile. "I feel much better, thank you," she said quietly and sincerely. She took the offered water and drank greedily, only to find that it hit her stomach like a rock. She stopped drinking, waiting for the stomach cramps to pass. It must have been a while since she'd last had some water. Her body felt like it needed it, but was unused to it when she tried to ingest it. The one with pointed ears started firing questions off at her, and there was only one response that she could give at this moment. "I don't know..." She tried taking another drink, only this time she took a small one. She then handed back the container, and nodding her appreciation. "I'm not trying to be secretive," she said, knowing how this must look to someone else. "I just woke up a little while ago, and I have no memories of what had happened to me. I have no memories of how I got here. I don't even know what my own name is." She knew that must sound pathetic, but it is what it is. She needed help, and this woman had been kind so far. "If you could help me find out who I am, and where I belong I'd repay you...." she didn't even know if she had the kind of funds that would cover the price of getting help. And she knew the chances of her repaying the pointy eared girl with a favor in kind was slim to none. She choked on the last of the sentence and finished with, "I'd be forever grateful." She didn't know how, but the water seemed to somehow rejuvenate her. She could almost feel it coursing through her veins, giving her life, sustaining her, and healing her. She still had all the aches and pains, but with whatever the other female had done, and now the affects of the water, she felt as if she would be alright. She stood up, and wobbled for a moment, but she was able to stay on her feet.
  2. There’s nothing like someone liking a story idea you have and deciding they’re going to join your thread and run with it.  😄


  3. @Hurttoto You have the power to prevent this! Yay! It is a posting opportunity. 😁
  4. Rev's head cocked to the side as she contemplated Ascytale's words. The way he asked to follow her on her journey... it reminded her of someone else. She knew who it reminded her of immediately, and thought of telling the stranger no because of it. She definitely didn't need someone reminding her of her brother when she was making a trip home. He used to follow her around everywhere, and seemed more a pain in her ass than anything. But that wasn't why she was hesitating about Ascytale going with her. It was because she didn't want to be reminded. How was she supposed to face home, if she couldn't even face her memories? She swallowed at the thought, looked quickly to the water and squinted her eyes as if the sun had been too bright. The lines of her mouth tightened, and it took her a moment to respond. "That would be..." an awful, painful reminder, "...fine." For a moment she didn't realize that her words had been different than what she was thinking. When it sank in she looked at him in surprised alarm. She couldn't take it back now. Not without saying why. And wouldn't it be better to go through this now, with only a small dosage of reminders? Instead of getting smacked in the face with it all at once, which she didn't look forward to. "Yeah," she continued shakily, "having someone watch my back when I'm traveling sounds like a good idea." She actually preferred to be on her own, not really trusting anyone to watch her back. She just said this to compensate for any strange facial expressions she might be giving right now. She was aware of her weaknesses, and her feelings marching right across her face was one of them. Besides, she felt a little sorry for the snake guy. He was alone, and she knew how that felt. He was also asking her, a demon, if he could travel with her. This made him a little more pathetic than she was, though not by much. Most beings avoided demons. They were afraid of the power, lack of control, and angry temperament they seemed to always have. Rev was an exception to the rule, but only due to years of effort and will. Where most demons went, trouble seemed to follow. And if Ascytale had been less needy for companionship he would have looked at the damage done by the raptors as something that could have followed the demon to town. Instead he was asking to hang with her on her journey. For weeks. To a village of demons. Poor guy.
  5. The woman had been drifting off into her own little world of misery, trying to deal with one second of pain at a time. Eventually it began to ease, and she was able to lay on the ground in relative ease without too much pain. She knew the moment she tried to get back up she would feel it again, and she didn't look forward to that. She was contemplating dozing off if she could get a little sleep. Being unconscious would alleviate the pain, and she was so tired. It felt like she had been beaten bloody and running for miles. She didn't know what had happened to her before these strange first moments of her conscious memory. All she knew since the moment she had awoken was pain. She heard the soft clop of something coming near. It sounded like a horse. She didn't question how she could possibly know what a horse was, or what it might sound like, when she didn't even know her own name. This was just her reality. And she had discovered seconds after she'd opened her eyes that to think too hard on what was forgotten was to ask for pain. She lifted her head slowly, trying not to move too quickly and invite the pain back. She understood the words, and even the slight disapproval that tinged them. The fact that firearms were useless and she'd worn them anyway was another mystery she would have to try to solve another day... right after she figured out what her name was. What she did realize was that the female in front of her did not know her. She didn't call out a name, or show any familiar knowledge of her. She wouldn't be able to help her discover who she was, but she might be able to help her, if she was a friendly sort. The woman sincerely hoped she was. She decided to take all the help she could get. She did a serious evaluation of what her injuries might be. She knew her head was a mess, but she didn't think she'd broken any bones. Her stomach was still shaky, and hurt. There might be something wrong there. She sat up some more and slowly lifted the hem of her dark blouse to see the damage. There on her stomach were dark bruises. Some purple and some a dark green, as if they had been healing. It was painful, but she didn't think the injury was too bad. Maybe a broken or cracked rib. Her head began throbbing again, because of her movement to sit up. She held a hand to her head. "My head..." she mumbled weakly. She didn't need to finish the sentence. It seemed a great effort to be speaking, and her voice sounded cracked and unused.
  6. I don't remember taking a survey 😞, though I would have if I'd seen it. (Maybe I did in one of my super sleepy moments and forgot? 😖) Anyway, it takes me on average about 45 minutes to complete a decent post. If I do a short post, it's about 30. If I research, look for pics to add, have a strange brain freeze moment, it can take about an hour and a half. And I like 3 - 5 player threads because it gives you plenty to work with as far as interaction. Also, if someone gets busy or drops out of the thread, your thread can still be going strong with other willing participants. I have a few threads that dropped a player or two right now that are still going.
  7. Hello Ink Fox, and welcome to Val. I have just recently made a post in Coth, so there may be a small chance that our characters might eventually meet! Maybe. Possibly. 😁 Either way, I hope you enjoy your stay here in Val. If you'd like to chat or have questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  8. Carlos has a deep voice? >> Hello Ghorroj, and welcome to Val. I hope you enjoy your stay, and have many writing adventures. I'll be around intermittently if you'd like to RP or chat, so feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  9. She woke up with a feeling in her stomach, as if the muscles were spasming. She put a hand to her stomach, her eyes popped open and she looked around. She had no idea where she was, or how she came to be here. She could see nothing but trees and grass all around, and she could hear the sound of regular forest noises. Birds were chirping and there was a rustle in the leaves nearby. She looked over in the direction of the leaves in alarm, her hand still held tight against her stomach. The noise had been made by a curious squirrel, and after it checked her out for a moment it scurried away up the nearest tree. Her head was throbbing with a massive headache, which got worse every time she tried to move. After she sat up her hand went to her head, trying to hold in the parts that felt like they were going to fall out. She sniffed and the pain worsened. She brought her hand to her nose, and came away with smears of blood. Something had happened to her. Something... not... good. She wasn't sure what it was, and her mind was refusing to work at the moment. She felt very weak, like she had done something that had taken all the energy from her. She tried to stand, but it took more than one try. Her bones felt as if they were made of jelly. She looked down at what she was wearing, and saw a black cloak of some sort. There was tight pants, and a dark blouse. And there were weapons. Holsters with guns in them. She pulled one weapon out of the holster, knowing that it was a gun and that it could be used to kill. She didn't remember putting the gun on though, or using it. She didn't remember the clothes she was wearing either. She held her head again, a short burst of pain stabbing in her skull. Her hair was down, and she looked at the fiery red mass over her shoulder. She looked at it blankly. She stared for a moment or two more. It was at this moment that she realized that she didn't recognize her own hair. And when she tried to remember who she was, she came up with a blank. Her head really started hurting after that, and she crumbled in a ball back on the ground from the pain. It seemed the more she tried to remember things, the more she hurt. After a while the pain lessened. She just lay there, trying hard not to think. She knew that she would have to get up soon, and try to solve the mystery of who she was. She didn't think she could at this moment though, and she wasn't looking forward to trying. She was scared, and it was almost a blinding panic. She felt alone, abandoned, bereft, and confused. She wanted to moan out her pain and fear, but something was holding her back. She didn't know herself, but she had a strange feeling that it was wrong to show her pain. Her eyes were dry from tears, though she definitely wanted to shed them. Her eyes felt unused to crying, like it was a foreign thing. She sniffed again, and wondered if her nose was still bleeding. She didn't even try to see this time. She would just let it bleed. She took a deep breath through her mouth, and tried to muster up the courage to get back up. @Vansin
  10. Before the newcomer could introduce herself, another person decided to join the party. Lorial had been aware of her the moment she'd walked through the door, though she didn't show it. She was always aware of her surroundings, since she'd been a mercenary for quite a few years. The small female stumbling through the door in the middle of her speech, letting sunlight pierce the darkened tavern, was hard to miss. The small second she glanced in the direction of the girl, somewhere between 'Nice to meet you, Tori,' she could hear the rapid beat of her heart. She was either very excited, or very scared. The large eyes and the confused look had Lorial guessing it was more fear. She ignored the girl, not seeing her as a threat, and went back to paying attention to those who would be on the trip with her. But as if her brief glance had drawn the girl in their direction, she crept over toward their party and almost lay down at Tori's feet. Lorial stopped talking, though she had more she'd wanted to say. She just looked at the strange white haired female, and waited to see what sort of strangeness this was. If it was Tori's friend, and she was coming along, that was one thing. If she was just over here for Godess knows what reason, she would have to be shooed away. She had the look of a frail flower, all those bright tattoos on that bright white skin. She didn't look very hardy, or like she would fare very well on a trip out into the rough terrain.
  11. @Minuet of the Nightingale Welcome to the thread! I looked up your charrie’s profile, and noticed you mentioned to Venus Sprite something about a hiding cloak? Does that mean that she’ll be invisible to everyone, but she can still be sensed in other ways? Such as heard by someone, for example? And for the whole group, since there’s been such slow posting on this thread, me included, I thought maybe we can leave out the posting order. A post when you want kind of thing. In doing this we’ll definitely need to keep each other informed about if we plan to have something big happen that will effect us all. I hope everyone is ok with that. This way we can post when inspiration strikes us.... or when we have time.
  12. Rev relaxes beside the water, sitting down and resting her elbow on her knee. She looks out at the pretty view, untouched by the death and carnage that had taken place earlier. This was how nature was. She never cared about tiny petty problems, and kept doing her own thing regardless of others. Rev had to respect that. And the scene was pretty too. She liked the snake guy. Ascytale. He wasn't overly talkative, nor was he stoic. And he seemed to feel they had at least one thing in common. Neither belonged. She knew what that felt like. She'd felt that most of her life. "I'm going back home," she said quietly. "To Kinumo. I need to make peace with the past. It is a very long journey. It could take several nights before I'll make it." She leaned her forehead on her forearm, her horns pointing out toward the water. She'd come a far distance to be here, and she'd barely started on her journey. She wondered what else she'd have to face, and how much she might change before she arrived to her homeland. Seeming to shake off whatever she was thinking, she lifted her head and literally shook it. Her horns waved quickly in the air as if to ward off danger. She then turned to Ascytale. "What about you?"
  13. Hello, just joined the group. I had no idea about any of this, and haven't been following it. Then I get a strange message on my profile page and here I am. I came to the same conclusion of the answers being Seinaru Forven, and Draco South. I sent this to Obelus with a snarky little comment about if that's not correct I want to play an E for the hangman (since it looked like a hangman word game). As I said, I had no clue about all THIS that was going on. I just thought it was someone trying to be cute in order to just say hi. I didn't even click on the link of 'where' until Wily told me to after I'd already sent Obelus my response through PM. Anyway, here is what I got with this exact message: To perceive the whole, the narrative must be viewed with others. I thought this was just a cryptic message, but I clicked on it about a minute ago and it sent me to this ARG club. And here are the messages
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