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  1. You won’t find what you need to looking at the bookcase until you find the other clues as well. They are important to move forward. But well done.
  2. Hey you guys, I won’t be posting the dance post tonight. I’m sorry. It’ll have to be tomorrow.
  3. I'll be starting the dance tomorrow. @Rin
  4. “Hello, my friends.” A voice filled the room, sounding disembodied and spooky. There is no one in sight. “Yes, I can see you,” the voice says as you look around in alarm. “I am here to help you find your way out of the room. I will be allowed to give you three clues to what the objects you find may mean. Both of you have to agree for me to give out the clues. I will know to give you clues if you both touch your noses with your index finger at the same time. There are props situated all around to be found. There is only one way to escape. Use the props as clues to get yourself out…. before the cursed room can take hold.” The last words sound ominous as the voice fades away. @Dabi @500bees
  5. Welcome to Val! I hope you enjoy your stay here @PolarEye44.
  6. @Dabi @500bees I’ll be able to give a post for your escape room details in 18-24 hours.
  7. My semester just started, so I totally understand. If you have the time, that’d be great. If not, there’s always a future thread. And I appreciate you letting us know.
  8. @Venus Sprite @Sanonymous @Houndy Poochykins You guys are able to make your transition posts now and we will be able to move on to the dance next. I'll be posting by Friday to begin the dance.
  9. Thank you guys for showing interest! I am reading every one of your posts. LOL
  10. I hope my posts was okay!

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      🥰 Loved it. 

  11. Hello everyone! As you can see I have been busy writing up first posts and pairing people together. This is where you can ask questions about the thread and areas, let others know if you may not be available to post for a while, and any comments/questions you think might be relevant to the event itself or your threads. There are always a few ground rules. First, you are in control of your posting times so you will have to get with your writing partner to discuss how fast your posts may be. Please treat each other with consideration and respect. And feel free to PM me if you have any questions you want to address to me privately. There may be more people added to this thread later as there are still four slots open for the other two areas. No, I have not added a personal thread partner for myself. But I see that as letting me have more time to pay attention to games/activities on your threads, and also in case a RPer is added later who might need a partner to write with. Hope you guys have fun! @Pasion Pasiva @Roen @-Lilium- @Fierach @Dabi @500bees @notmuch_23 @Houndy Poochykins Here are the links to the threads in case you want to follow your fellow RPers in this Valentine event.
  12. Words on the scroll: Dawic is honored to invite you to our beloved home! You have won a weekend getaway, and it will be our pleasure to make sure you are relaxed and entertained during your stay. We begin the day with a gondola ride, a romantic ride around the land to see the sights and get to know your date a little better. After the ride, you will be guided to our main tourist attraction… the areas where the Swamp Monster of Dawic has been seen. Hopefully you will catch a glimpse of this mysterious being. After that you can relax at Swally’s Swamp Bar. This is the favorite hang out of all the locals. It has a homey vibe, and good food and drink as well. You will be taken in by one of our residents and they will provide you with a safe place to sleep for the night. The next day, you will be partaking of our scavenger hunt, where if you find most of the items you will win a trophy made of gold. But be careful of the dino-crocs during your search. We will welcome you with open arms and include you as one of our own. Please bring this parchment as well as your partner to town, and just ask around for your gondola driver. The whole town knows each other, and they will be happy to help you. Enjoy! Over half of the population of Dawic are dwarf, with a spackle of human, and an elf or two. You will see that the town was made with dwarf in mind as you see the smaller buildings. The dwarves will be going about their day, with only a “Welcome to Dawic” sign held up over Swally’s Swamp Bar to show they even know you are coming. Everyone will be busy going about their daily routine, so you will have to get the attention of someone in order to find out where you are going. You can bet that they have already noticed you already, since you are outsiders. You might be approached by a friendly individual. Once guided to the gondola, a dwarf with red hair by the name of Homar will quietly ferry you around the swamp lands. You will see the paddy fields filled with rice, the fishermen catching fish their size, and the sea caves, which Homar will take you to the entrance but not inside. Then you will be ferried to the tour for the Swamp Monster. You will see more of Dawic than you’d like, led back to the remote areas and dined on by large mosquitoes. There is a chance it might all be worth it if the Swamp Monster decides to appear. It is a rare and sought after event to see it. After your tour, dine at Swally’s Swamp Bar, where you will get to know the locals. Afterward, if you haven’t drunk too much of Swally’s alcohol and can walk, you will be walking to the barn of Kyran Null. He has it set up very nice for company, with homemade antique bedding and beautifully built furniture. There you will sleep for the night to the sound of hoot owls and crickets.
  13. Words on the scroll: We welcome you to Kinumo, an area in Seinaru Forven that is known for strength and knowledge. The best way for couples to get to know each other is to work together, so for Kinumo’s first activity on this weekend getaway we have a game for both of you to play. You will have one hour to escape, though time is different in the Tree of Memory. Once you have managed to escape, or failed to escape as the chance may be, we will show you to the motel where you will be staying the night. The hotel looks over the cliffs, seeing the whole land of Kinumo in all its beauty. The next day you will have a catered picnic under the Tree of Memory, decorated for the private affair. Explore the land as you see fit, until the night comes and you can stargaze laying on the open planes. Present your scrolls and yourselves to Char, a prestigious member of our assassin’s guild. She will guide you, and protect you if necessary against any possible threats. We hope you enjoy the wild mystery of our land. As you make your way to the land of Kinumo the first thing you see will be the Tree of Memory. It is a very large tree, as tall as a building. The inside will seem to be even larger than the outside. You will be guided by Char. She looks to be a tall demon, curled horns on her head, black eyes with no whites, and sharp teeth and claws. Char will guide you into the tree where you will be placed into this room. She will leave you there so that you can find your own way out and escape. There will be clues for you to uncover, and props found in mysterious places. Your goal… find a way out of the room. After you have found yourself out of the room, Char will be waiting. She will take you to the lifts that will bring you to the village of Kinumo. There will be the Cliffs Motel, conveniently overlooking the edge of the cliffs of Kinumo. The drop off would be fatal for most creatures if they accidentally fell off. Try to be at ease as you find a good night’s rest there.
  14. Words on the scroll: Welcome! You have been selected to come to one of Seinaru Forven’s most hidden treasures…. Karmathen. This is a land full of magic, togetherness, and fun. We want you to experience the full scope of our home. Your first stop will be at the local soothsayer’s shop, where you will be given a reading from her cards. She is the best we have in the area on discovering what might be. After that you will be guided to the “Paint and Sip” where we have opportunities to paint your art and drink our local magical beverages. Your painting can be given to your partner, or it can be included in the art fair to be sold to interested buyers. Your lodgings will be in the Mystical Inn, where you will stay the night. It has a wonderful view of the lights given off by all of our fae inhabitants. The land will look like a reflection of the starry sky from your balcony. The next day you can participate in the Valentine “Sweets for the Sweet” cooking contest. The winners will be eligible for the grand prize, a trophy of gold. Please present yourselves and this scroll to your guide once you have landed in Karmathen. We hope to see you soon. The carriage is made of vines and small buds of flowers that alternately bloom when the sun hits them. It is lead by a unicorn on one side and a small green dragon on the other. The driver is a fae, with gossamer wings, standing four foot tall. He stands as he leads the carriage to the willow tree. The tree is big for a willow, but smaller than you would expect being a tree that holds a whole land of people inside it. This is from magic, of course. You hear the music, and as you get closer the music gets louder. It is drawing you in, and making you feel the need to find the source of the sound. In the tree is a crack at the trunk. This is a portal opening that can not be seen. It can only be felt a moment before you are pulled in and spit out onto the land of Karmathen. There you will see another carriage awaiting you. This one is pulled by invisible entities. The carriage driver looks to be a man, but if you are good at sensing what a creature may be you will sense the wolf crouching inside of him. He will lead you to the kitsune’s hut, where she has a fortune teller’s shop. It will be full of magic items to buy, including candles, herbs, crystals, and even darker items such as bones, and parts. She is waiting for you, at her table. She looks to be a large red fox, her six tails fanned out behind her. There is a colorful scarf on her head, and gold hoop earrings in her pointed ears. Many rings are placed on her clawed fingers. She waits patiently for you to enter. On her table is a large candle at the center, a deck of strange looking cards, all set upon a bright red tablecloth. Two other chairs are around the table. They are there for you.
  15. Words on the scroll: Welcome to Eneraith! We are proud of our area and hope you enjoy your stay here as much as we enjoy it. Nothing that comes easy is worth it, so we have decided to let you climb our black mountains to get a feel for our land and for how we survive. You will not have to journey all the way to the top, and there will be a guide for you just in case you come across obstacles. Your reward for your journey will be an evening at the Eneraith Hot Springs. There will be a spa for you to enjoy, hot springs to soak away your aches and pains, and fine cuisine to partake of. You can choose to stay the night at the springs, or further journey to the city of Eneraith where you will be welcomed to all of our local delights. The next day you will be invited to our citywide bonfires, where you will get to taste our pig roasted over a pit, and all the special dishes we have to offer. When night falls there will be wyvern rides available for those interested in soaring the skies together. Enjoy our giving culture and unique environment on your special getaway. The mountain themselves are huge and made up of black rock. When you arrive at the bottom of the Eneraith mountains you will be meeting the guide, John Timmons. He is a human with brown hair and eyes, with an athletic physique, an ordinary looking human by all accounts. He will lead you up the mountain where you will see certain things along the way, such as pitfall plants, a few Ice Bell flowers, and rainbow sheep. Once the Eneraith Hot Springs are reached they are found in a cavernous area. The caves are filled with servants who provide towels, food, massages, and sell the local lotions and herbs of the area for beauty regimens. There is also rooms made in the caves for those who would like to stay the night. There is no view, but there is warmth and privacy as the servants will only awake those who request it.
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