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  1. I'm studying for finals right now, you guys.  I'll still be watching to see if it's my turn to post.  Just trying to make decent grades.  🤞

  2. I'm hoping better late than never.
  3. Jo heard the comment made by the winner of the scroll and she sniffed and turned away. She didn't usually pout when she didn't win something, but she felt his comment of "you win some, you lose some" didn't sit too well with her. She felt he was rubbing it in her face that she lost. She finally looked back in his direction to see him leaving out of the tent, taking the scroll along with him. Out of curiosity she followed him, wondering why he left without finishing the auction. The screams reached her ears too, right about the time sh was trying to spot the male who had sprinted off with her scroll. She could see that the town was getting excited, and she saw the skeletons with burning heads. The tension in the air communicated itself to her wolf as well, and they both prepared for a fight. Her eyes turned yellow and her claws came out. Her fangs lowered over her bottom lip, as she sniffed the air for the smell of burnt bone. She didn't have to go hunting for the creatures, since they were drawn to the man with the scroll. "The seal!" they screeched. She was unsure how words formed from their mouths made of bone when there were no lips or tongue to be seen, but he words were said just the same. She growled as one came close to her. It was trying to move past her to get the the male with the bought and paid for item, but it had touched her. She howled as if it were the moon, and her claws swiped at the bone to dismantle it. The bone was hot, and it burned her fingers. Her fingers healed quickly though, and the bones disconnected at the joints. It screeched as it went running after it's lost disconnected arm bone. It was a strange thing to see, this awkward dance for a flying bone. Her instinct was to kill it, though it seemed to be already dead. She continued to swipe at it, and any other skeleton that came in her way. She was starting to feel the pain of the burns in her hands, and they weren't healing as fast as she was creating new injuries. Her wolf came closer to the surface, and she was afraid that she would soon lose control and the wolf would take over.
  4. Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been shady and went past the posting time. If you want to skip me this round that’s cool. I might not be able to post for a couple more days. Sorry.
  5. So I guess we’re moving on to the next RPer. It’s your turn @Voldemort. 🙂
  6. I want to wait to get a response back from @Cheezeegriff before moving forward, because if they want me to change my post that’ll have to be done first. I offered to change it a couple of days ago, and tomorrow it’ll be a week since I made the post, so I’m thinking if we don’t get a response by tomorrow we’ll try to keep moving. I’ll try to be more open with my ideas in the OOC before posting, but I do like surprises. I hope everyone is ok with that too.
  7. I wasn’t trying to ignore your post, just an honest mistake on my part. When Voldemort posted the three gold coin bid I thought it was the latest and largest bid. I didn’t think to take into account that he may have been writing himself in as the person bidding the three gold coins from your post. Then after that another person bidding four coins. Honestly, after reading posts I skim quickly over them a second time to refresh my mind on who posted what before I make a new response. It’d been a week and a half in between your post and the one I made, so it wasn’t fresh in my mind. Plus I had a migraine while making the post, from sinus/ear infection combo that lasted two weeks (still trying to get over it). Not saying that all that is an excuse, but it might explain why I may have overlooked that detail in your post. I consider Voldemort a friend, someone I chat with on a regular basis outside of Valucre. We talk about many different things, and yes sometimes threads from Val come up. We usually aren’t in threads together on Val, so I didn’t think anything about it. But I can see how it may have looked like secret thread plans. I have no problem with talking out big decisions before making a move that could effect all the characters, but I also love spontaneity. Trying to tie in the skeletons with burning heads as something to do with the story seemed awesome to me, since it seemed we’re working together while making it up as we go along. I’m sorry you’re upset about the changes, but I’m hoping you can collaborate with us as well. I’ll be happy to go back and change my post to where the bidding is still going on, if you wish. To me it doesn’t really matter who wins the bid as long as it’s someone in our party. I would like to see our RPers helping protect the town too, since there are skeletons running amok and our characters each have special skills to fight them. This could bring us all together and give us purpose to travel together as well. If we have someone in possession of the scroll we can say the skeletons crawled out of the ground from the monastery, drawn to the scroll they were given to guard. It’ll show that the scroll isn’t just a piece of junk on sale at the auction, and that if creatures are protecting it then it must be valuable. Your character would have much to contribute at this point, in my opinion. He has “eyes” everywhere, and would know about the creatures causing trouble. This is a chance for all of us to show our characters’ fighting skills, bond, show importance on the item beginning our journey, and be able to express more of our character’s personalities all at the same time. I wasn’t too happy to see our group was splitting up in the first place, but this seems to be pulling us all back together. I’m good with discussing things and winging it. But that’s what this OOC thread is for, so we can work out all the kinks and brainstorm ideas.
  8. Hey @Cheezeegriff, it’s your turn to post. 🙂
  9. Well.... I believe the drunk guy is the guy Wendin is hunting for his income, and the drunk guy is vomiting, not Wendin. We’ve decided to add the random skeletons as part of the story, so they’re not actually random. And since I believe the skeletons are hunting for the scroll I let the last RPer who made a large bid win the item. That way our characters are in possession of the scroll when the skeletons are going after it and not the auctioneer. Sorry about the bidding war anticipation, but the thread kind of took a twist and I rolled with it. I have a tendency to do that.
  10. Hey you guys, I hope you like the post. I wish the idea for the flaming headed creatures to have come from the monastery was my idea, but it was @Voldemort. Cool way to bring it all together, huh?
  11. It wasn't long before Jo realized that the bidding for the scroll was too rich for her blood. This did not make her any less curious about what was inside the scroll, but she didn't have the funds for the damn thing. She huffed and crossed her arms, already sour over the fact that the only interesting thing she saw in the auction was about to be taken. She frowned over at the male who'd bid three gold coins. Who had such money to give away nowadays? She sure didn't. She didn't see anyone else making a bid after him. The auctioneer didn't wait long to give the 'sold!' before the gavel hit and the male with the gold was awarded the scroll. She weaved through the crowd, out of curiosity, wanting to get a better look at the scroll as it was handed to the man. He gave over the coins and she got a sudden urge to sneeze. She did, unsure what brought that on. She was a lycanthrope. She didn't get colds, and she had no allergies. She usually only had that reaction when magic was used. She sniffed the air, but didn't smell anything. She shrugged and then got closer. The scroll looked even older than she had first perceived it to be. She wondered what it was protecting. She tried to look inconspicuous as she eyeballed the item. She wasn't the only one. There were others around that were curious enough to try to get a look at what he'd purchased. This made her feel bold enough to get closer. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile there was a drunk man outside, passed out with his hands handcuffed behind his back. Young children, the same that had been picking pockets in the tent, were now digging into the unconscious man's clothing. They found his money pouch, and ran off with it quickly. The jostling of his drunken body had roused him to a semi-consciousness state though. He looked around drunkenly, wondering why his arms weren't working. He soon realized that they were shackled behind his back. Though drunk, he was crafty enough to realize that whoever had handcuffed him planned to come back and retrieve him. He decided that to stay there wouldn't be in his best interests. He wobbled to his feet, and made his way through the town, leaning on objects whenever he was too dizzy to stand. It wasn't all the alcohol. The large bump on the back of his head was making him dizzy as well. He finally arrived at the blacksmith's barn, and when he saw the blacksmith he promised him lots of money to take off the cuffs that were hindering him. He wasn't aware that his money had been stolen as of yet. _______________________________________________________________________________________ While the drunk was weaving his way through the town, he was blissfully unaware of the creatures with flaming heads that were attacking some of the townsfolk. The creatures had crawled out of the hole where the workers had dug to get to the treasure in the monastery. They were looking around, as if trying to find something taken from them. They didn't see the townsfolk as innocent bystanders, they only knew they should find what they were guarding. If they had gotten to the tent they would have found what they were looking for. Instead they were faced with an angry forming mob, and warriors out to end their existence. To this they didn't care. They couldn't be killed, not again. Their sole purpose is to find the object and deliver it back to its resting place.
  12. @Dauner Light just wondering if you’ll be posting your turn, or would you like us to move on to the next RPer?
  13. It’s been 5 days since the last post. I guess we can move on to the next RPer. @Dauner Light
  14. Hey @Cheezeegriff. Friendly reminder that it's your turn. I actually used this gif because I love this show. lol
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