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  1. Mickey Flash

    [OOC] Twist of Fate

    @Tia Dalma Would you like to take a turn this time? No pressure, but I just wanted you to know that the option was there. 😊
  2. Mickey Flash

    Can You Keep a Secret?

    Rev looks with only the slightest of interest at the other strangers in the tavern, as she saw no immediate danger to her person. Finally her interest is piqued when the hot sauce arrives. She places a coin on the table, a lot less than was offered for a mug of beer. The beer was more expensive than the sauce, and for some reason coveted more in this area. Rev looked at the tiny circle at the top of the bottle, made to keep the liquid from coming out too quickly. She scoffed and ripped off the covering. She drank straight from the bottle, letting the liquid rush down her throat. It wasn't that hot, but it would do in a pinch. She sighed happily and covered her mouth as a little burp was prevented from coming forth. It didn't prevent the small puff of smoke that escaped through her nostrils, that floated up the her horns to frame them. "Excuse me," she whispered, an old habit of social mannerisms taught by her parents that was still religiously practiced. The door to Swally's Swamp Bar flew open, causing Rev and others to look in its direction. A young male stood there, panting and wild eyed. He ran over to the bar where he saw someone he recognized. "Mera!" he shouted in her face, as if she needed more incentive to look his way. She was ignoring him and polishing mugs, so Rev figured that maybe she did need incentive. "Mera! There's a herd coming this way!" Mera looked at him calmly, not in the slightest alarmed. "A herd? Herd of what?" "Raptors!" The way the youth said it made it sound like an awe inspiring moment. Rev took another sip of her hot sauce as she waited to see what would happen next. The moment almost felt unreal, like she was taking in dinner with a show. "Raptors don't come this far silly," she sounded unperturbed, but Rev noticed that she'd stopped wiping the mugs. "I don't know why, but they're here. They've already hit the edge of the village. There's been an evacuation. You might want to seek some shelter." He said dramatically. Rev looked around. She wondered what the boy was talking about. They were in a building. She stood up, finding her curiosity aroused. "What are these Raptors? And why do we need shelter when we are inside this bar?" She thought those were reasonable questions. Others had already stood up and started to make their way to the back of the room. Mera was ushering them back. Apparently the locals knew the drill, and knew where the 'shelter' was located. "No time to answer questions, miss. This is the way to safety. We have a basement located in the back for just such an occasion. You're more than welcome to join us there." Rev eyed the solemn lot as they hurriedly scuttled to the direction that Mera was pointing. She shook her head. "I don't want to be inside a hole. I think I'd rather face the Raptors," she scoffed as she took another sip from her hot sauce. "Suit yourself. It's your funeral," the young male said with a sniff. Mera smacked the back of his head, "Don't mind Jym. No manners. If you change your mind you can always follow the rest of us." Mera then concentrated on hurrying everyone along.
  3. Hello. 😄 Welcome back! I’m sure there will be a whole bunch of threads in your future.
  4. Mickey Flash


    I hope the tough things you are dealing with become easier to handle with time. I think you write beautifully even now when you don’t think you’re giving your best. Hopefully I’ll still be here when you get back. Take care.
  5. Mickey Flash

    For those I RP with.

    Benny! You took over the thread I use.... about my threads. 😂 That’s cool. If anyone else wants to have a go, have at it. Being tagged in a thread wakes people up, or it does me.... sometimes. 😄
  6. Mickey Flash

    For those I RP with.

    This thread is old, but I see that it can still serve a purpose. I have new people I’m posting with, and those I’ve posted with for a very long time. I’ll make sure to tag all those involved. For those who don’t know, I’m a mom. My kids had fall break this week. I still thought I could handle it and keep up my posts. I only have two threads. But I have slacked a bit on posting, and the fact that my son has a stomach bug doesn’t help that time issue. I apologize for not letting everyone know there might be slacking in advance. I should start posting within a day or two. Thanks for your patience! ❤️ @-Lilium- @ourlachesism @Tia Dalma @Rin @Phoebe @HotPizza
  7. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.  I’ll get to it real soon.

  8. Mickey Flash

    OOC Secret thread

    I just noticed... I got a pumpkin. 😄
  9. Mickey Flash

    Twist of Fate {Karmathen}

    The inside of the cottage clearly showed that it was made for only one person. The small wood stove in the corner took up a lot of room, as well as the bed on the other side of the abode. One chair was the limit of the seats available, and Weben didn't feel right taking it when there were so many crowding the room. There was also the bed, but that was the old woman's personal space. Weben didn't feel comfortable sitting on that either. She stood beside the stove, looking out toward the only door that you could leave from. Everyone shuffled in, the odd motley crew. She was so interested in finding a place to sit, and getting away from the fae, that she hadn't noticed a major fact of the home she'd just entered. It smelled of delicious sweetness. Weben was unsure where the sweet smell was coming from, but it made her mouth water terribly. The older lady held the door open for her guests, until the last one entered. The fae stopped at the door, seeming to respect the woman's territory. She closed the door, and suddenly the room seemed to be a crowded box that they were all squeezed into. The old lady then shuffled awkwardly around the women until she reached the tiny stove. She grabbed a old rag and used it to open the handle of the stove. The sweet smell that was just a dream before permeated the air now. She took the rag and reached inside to pull out what looked to be a pie. She used her foot to close the door to the stove, looking as if she'd done so many times, and then made her way to the window, working her way around the women again. She placed her pie on the window sill, and put the towel back where she'd gotten it on a shelf. "Didn't want the pie to burn," she said in an off-hand manner. She then turned to the women, and clapped her hands together loudly. The sound seemed to vibrate off the walls, showing that the slightest noise would sound louder in the tiny cottage. "Welcome to my home. I rarely have guests. As soon as the pie cools, you may have a slice." She then sat in the only chair in the room, grabbing a bit of needlepoint nearby. She started to work the thread and needle as she talked. "I'm not sure where you're from. I'm sure each of you have many tales to tell. I need to address the slips of paper that I can't read. Never learned," she explained as she created a design on the cloth with her deft fingers. "But the name of Miss Jacklean.... such an important person here. The fae could help you find her, I'm sure. She's well known." She stopped her ministrations for a moment, glancing up at Idora and Manah in particular, "You don't have any plans to harm the lass, now do you?" Weben didn't plan to stay long enough for the pie to cool. She didn't even plan to stay long enough to see what the others had to say about this Jacklean character. She just wanted to leave unmolested by the flying fae and find her way back to the willow tree where she'd somehow entered this strange land. She couldn't see a clear shot to the door though, and she could also see fae flying outside of the window around the pie. They were getting close to it, though not touching it. "Uh, I think the tiny fae are thinking of eating your pie," she said as a fair warning. The window also looked like a way of escape if she needed a quick exit. She just loathed the thought of sliding out the window and ruining that delicious looking pie. Whether the females responded to the old woman or not, she then turned to the window and a soft smile shined from her face. "I usually cut them a small slice. They are waiting for it to cool."
  10. Mickey Flash

    [OOC] Twist of Fate

    Eckkk! It’s my turn. Someone needs to bop me on the head, or give me a tag remind. 😖
  11. Mickey Flash

    OOC Secret thread

    *Arms flailing helplessly for attention* @HotPizza
  12. Mickey Flash

    New to Valucre but not RP

    When I first started I picked a random place. Eventually you should begin writing to all kinds of new lands. I have a place to post in, if you’d like. https://www.valucre.com/forum/249-seinaru-forven/ No pressure, if you’d like to post somewhere else. And if you have any questions, any at all about posting anywhere, you can send me a PM and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
  13. Hello Mollusk. 😄 My favorite mollusk is an octopus. I hope you enjoy it here and that we’ll get to write together soon. Welcome to Val.
  14. Mickey Flash

    New to Valucre but not RP

    I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding the fantasy you’re seeking here at Val. 😄 Welcome.
  15. Mickey Flash

    OOC Secret thread

    We have a new RPer ...... drum roll please....... @HotPizza Welcome to “secret” Swally’s Swamp Bar. 😄