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  1. Hello Fantasmal. I believe I remember that we were in a thread together once upon a time ago, when I first started on Valucre. It's nice to see someone return from that time. Welcome back to Val.
  2. I understand. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Hey everyone! It has been a while and no new posts from you guys. Just checking to see if you’re still into it, or if the thread is dead. @Voldemort @Dauner Light I noticed that @Dresdnd hasn’t made a post or been on the site in a month. I’m not sure if he’ll be continuing forward. I’d like us to try to keep making this happen, and if he comes back on the site later he can always jump back in the thread at any time. So what do you say? Is our thread still active?
  4. All of the questions fired off to Jo from the magic man were heard and quickly dismissed. She didn't understand why he was justifying fighting when he could have just ended it all right then and there. She could have answered his questions, and did in her mind as quickly as he threw them out there. Would she give her possessions to bandits? No. She would easily kill them, which proved there was no reason to compare sorry bandits with skeletons on fire. Why did she think it was the tube he was holding that they wanted? Well... they were calling for 'seal' while their empty eye sockets were pointed toward him. They were fighting their way toward him, and they weren't interested in the tent full of artifacts or the town after they saw the 'seal.' These would have been great responses, if she'd had time to respond. But she didn't, and as soon as he threw the seal to the weird creatures they were disappearing. She felt a bit sheepish at her hot headed outburst. She knew that she didn't have much patience, and there were times that her temper got the better of her. This was one of those times. The magic man hadn't done anything but purchase an item. He didn't deserve her anger and screaming. She felt kind of bad, and her body language showed it. She turned back toward him as soon as she saw the skeletons go back into the ruins. Her hand rubbed the back of her neck, and she was looking down as she scuffed her toe in the dirt. "I guess I got kind of carried away," she said with a blush on her cheeks. She straightened back up, and let out a deep breath. Then she held her hand out to the man who'd saved them all with the simple throwing of a tube to the creatures. "I want to thank you for saving our lives back there. The seal could have had some value. I appreciate you throwing it back to the.... whatever they were." She waited for her hand to be shook, her face brave and pink and her eyes sincere. In the distance Jo heard the words, "What were those things?" She also heard a "Huzzah!" coming from the direction of the blacksmith's. A drunken free man was running from the angry blacksmith, which drew the amused attention of the town as they cleaned up the mess that had been made. All of this was in the background, as Jo waited for the magic man to shake her hand.
  5. Shalana stayed in the darkened corner of the room, her chair just barely close enough to the table to be considered part of the group. She still had on her brown hooded cloak, and the hood was still covering her head. This was meant to not draw attention, based on the table full of interesting looking individuals surrounding her. She knew her golden blonde hair, blue eyes and petite frame would be cause for lack of confidence in her abilities as a mercenary. She'd dealt with ignorance like that all her life. Usually she was amused by such small mindedness. In response she would have hurt someone, placed a curse on them, or just stabbed them in the gullet. These people she had to work with, which meant she can't kill them. This put a damper on her good mood, and her sour expression was hidden by the shadow covering her face. Under her cloak was a bag holding all her magical goodies. The bag was magic, so it could hold more than it seemed and weighed next to nothing. All she need do was announce what she wanted from the bag. She kept it fully equipped with whatever was needed for a spell, weapons, food, clothes, you name it she had it all crammed away in the tiny satchel. The leggings and vest she wore wasn't made to seduce or entice. She wasn't here to sweet talk anyone, so she was in full fight mode. Her clothing wasn't too tight, so she had ample movement. And she kept a wicked looking dagger strapped to her side. This was for easy access. She didn't always have time to request something from her satchel, and when surrounded by mercenaries it was always best to have a weapon on hand at all times. She felt a little alone on this trip. She usually took jobs with her brother. Not because she needed him, far from it, but because he usually understood her and got a laugh out of her once in a while. She liked when he was being his charming asshole self. It made her smile to ridicule him and laugh when he failed at something. And vice versa, of course. Now she was here with strangers that might have no sense of humor. This could turn out to be a dull affair. The revealing of the young face behind the wooden mask didn't surprise Shalana, nor did it effect her opinion. Looks meant nothing, as she herself could attest to. He seemed to be tired though, and she thought maybe this was why he was asking for help. He needed someone else to help him finish something he'd started but couldn't finish himself. The talk of the Gods, and books, and bailing out fast didn't bother her at all. She was in as soon as she heard "money" and the promise of pilfering what she wanted on the side was enticing as well. Library could mean knowledge of magic or spells. She wouldn't have time to search for specifics, but if something popped up she'd grab it and stuff it in her satchel before you could say 'spell book.' Her thoughts were brought back to attention at the strange sight of the water breaking the glass and the fact that the window fixed itself. This let her know that there must be some type of protection on the run down shack they were in. She put the knowledge away in her brain bank, and continued to listen to her new employer. When he asked for someone to speak she decided to be the first to talk. She was physically the farthest from the group, and she liked going either first or last in a situation where you had to do group activities. As the last one in the group, she got to see what others were revealing, she then usually decided what type of person she wanted to portray for the group that would best suit her needs. If she was in a group of travelers, she could be the innocent maiden. If she was in a group of ruffians, she could be the blow hard asshole that punched first and asked questions after. She didn't need to wait on this one though. They were killers. And they were strange, sadistic, and merciless. They reminded her of her family back home. She would reveal as little as possible, but enough to fit in. She leaned forward slightly, not enough to have her face fully revealed but enough to show her golden eyes rimmed in blue. “I am Shalana,” no need to tell her full name. “I haven't been a mercenary for long.” This was true, but she had lived with mercenaries all her life and managed not only to survive them, but lead the pack into trouble. “I am strong, agile, wily, and underestimated.” All of this was true. She wanted them to underestimate her, but not to the point where she was a target. She'd hate to kill someone in the group for picking on her. Then she might not get any reward and this would all be for naught. “I am very skilled with magic.” That statement should speak for itself, but if it didn't she'd be happy to demonstrate it for those foolish enough to doubt her. She leaned back away from the table, letting the shadows swallow her back up as she sat and watched those around her for whatever information they might give away.
  6. I was thinking of using Shalana. She'll be a handful, but have absolutely no qualms with being a mercenary.
  7. I have a few characters that can be guards. Is there still room in the thread? I can send a PM with characters to choose from, if you’d like.
  8. May the year 2020 bring forth your creative muse.  creative writing spongebob GIF

  9. Sooooo, I hope everyone had happy holidays, and are ready to write once more. I know I have. So because of the holidays, I'm going to wait another couple of days before posting, that way I can see if Dresdnd wants to post. @Voldemort @Dresdnd @Dauner Light
  10. Mickey Flash


    Hello achelois! Welcome to Val. What kind of RPing is your favorite?
  11. Hello Seldritch! ? No need to be nervous, but plenty reasons to be excited here. Welcome to Val.
  12. Merry Christmas Val!  ????

    1. vielle


      Merry Christmas, Mickey! ❤️

  13. I finished my finals and aced them.  I made all A’s for the semester.  Woot! ?

    Time to take a break. :sweat:

    1. TheElementHunter
    2. princeben07


      WOW!!! COngrats Flash!!!! Good see someone continuing their education. Now get that money!!!!



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      Awesome job on passing! *Tossed confetti* You've earned the right to relax. Welcome back!

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