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  1. Jo smiled at the sight of Val's eager nod at his new nickname. It felt to her as if she had done something right, and this relieved her a bit. If he could accept kindness, maybe he could learn to get a little confidence in himself. She hoped so. At the moment he seemed skittish, like a horse that had just sensed a snake. In fact, he jumped guiltily when the store clerk offered his help. Jo had almost jumped herself. She had been concentrating so much on making sure not to startle Val that she hadn't paid much attention to her surroundings. The mix of so many people in one place had kept her from scenting an approach. But she had no excuse for the lack of awareness when it came to her sensitive hearing. She let her ears perk up on her head, twitching a little as she wondered if her hearing had somehow been affected. She quickly regained her composure from the small surprise, and a mask that blocked any emotion from escaping her face appeared on her features. She looked down her nose slightly at the store clerk. "No help required, thanks. We are just looking." She couldn't help but be slightly offended to be taken by surprise, although she was aware it was not the store clerk's fault. He had scared Val too, after she had been making an effort to get him to loosen up. Couldn't the man see that she and Val were having a private discussion? Apparently not. She looked at her surroundings with new interest, wondering if there were any supplies here that she could use for their trip. She kept herself between the man and Val, feeling protective of the obviously nervous birdman. "Wait," she said when she began to think of the men chasing them. "You don't happen to have any anti-magic medallions, or something to that effect here do you?" She looked over at Val, who though had fought bravely when cornered, still looked to be in dire need of a weapon. Jo had a dagger or two, but she didn't really need them. She had her claws and her fangs, as well as the use of fire if need be. Val needed something... more. "Do you have any weapons, as well?" She didn't state why she needed them, but wondered if the request she asked for would be remarked upon. The other supplies they needed would be out in the open, but specialty items were usually kept locked up. The food, blankets, and possible bottle of whiskey for Jo, would be easier to come by. She kept her eye on the door as she waited for the clerk to respond. She didn't want to be taken by surprise again. She couldn't let her guard down for a minute. Not until the men chasing her, and especially Jerdosa as Val called him, were taken care of.
  2. Shaym stood outside the door of Varina's cabin holding a glass of water with a dumbfounded look on his face. How he came to be in this position he had no idea. The first mate, which was also the ship's doctor of sorts, told him that she would need water after being out for this long. Shaym groused at him to give her the water himself, but the first mate was more afraid of her than he was of Shaym. It was unfortunate. Shaym thought to break the man's legs to show him that he was mistaken in his lapse in judgment. He thought better of it when faced with the possibility that he could be needed for the chit later on. Shaym was now in this... predicament, where he had to be responsible for someone else's care. He was used to keeping someone from getting killed in a battle type situation, but giving tender loving care was not his style. He could barely take care of himself, and had been in many dangerous scrapes to prove it. He didn't think about being considerate and knocking on her door. This was a foreign concept to him. He just barged in, not caring about her state of undress either. He'd seen many women with a lot less. "Here's some water," he said as he shoved the glass under her nose. The water tipped over the top and a little bit splashed over on to her chest and the bed. "You're supposed to drink it." After a pause, he thought to add, "For your health, or something." He didn't wait for her to grab the water, but placed it on a nearby table. He then paced in the room, that was too small for a male like him. He needed room to be able to spread his wings. "We should be coming to land soon. Good thing you woke up. I had no wish to carry you around." He gave a longing look at the door, making it obvious he wished he were anywhere but in this tiny room.
  3. I'm sorry. It seems I've missed a whole week of Tavern For Everyone time. :( @Sétanta the Hound, who used to be Puranetto Ueizuvu, did you still want to post in the Tavern? If so, it is your turn.
  4. Hopefully the longer you are with us the more confident you will feel about posting here. This will be old hat to you in no time at all.
  5. I have found that I need this thread once more. I would like to make a few changes *cringe* since I have less time than I used to. Life has become unbearably busy. Yes, this means I will have to cut out a few threads. I'm sorry for those that I've made to wait, and for those that will be disappointed. First to @Voldemort, we gave it a good try, but it seems that I Can Explain (Lo'Bre) was not meant to be. I'm sorry about that. Maybe another thread some time in the future? Recovery was for @spacegy4 and @Zenthaur. Time got away from us on this one. The last post was made two months ago. Time to let it go, though I made the longest and most detailed posts on this thread than I had in a long time. I really enjoyed posting on it. Probably because I enjoyed the bad human spy aspect. Sorry @ODSTDRAGON and @1ionFang, but @NuclearCommando has left The Blairville Were-Witch thread, and it looks like I will have to as well. I still think it's a good idea for a story where the lycanthrope are plagued with a witch's curse.... but that will have to be saved for another day. @Eternity, [Star-Crossed!] A Flowery Fantasy was a fun thread to have for Valentine's Day. And I think Raven is a gentleman that is too good for Jo anyway. Though I got to show Jo's new fire wielding abilities in the thread, I think the dinner has gone as far as it'll go. I'm sorry. I'd also like to write more threads with you in the future, if you're up for it. @Song Sprite.... *sigh* We have been writing on Herbs Gone Wrong for a year and four months. I hate to end it, but it has gone as far as it will go. You always have me write posts that push the boundaries for my charries. This is why I love writing with you so much. Again I'm sorry for slacking on the threads!
  6. Jo didn't realize that Valanus was answering her in order. To her it sounded like a bunch of jumbled up words, muttered and making little sense. All she got from that was that he was bad, and a slave. She discounted the first statement. There was a hesitation before he said it, and as a slave that had been abused it wasn't unheard of for him to think he was bad for the simple fact that he could have been told that repeatedly. She wasn't stupid. She planned to keep an eye on him. But she would be the judge of if she thought he was bad, or not. His idea of bad, and hers might be two totally different things. The begging got to her. She was a proud creature, full of empathy and a secret tender heart. It was her main weakness. She didn't like to see another creature so broken. Her face changed from irritated and suspicious to sympathetic. She slowly raised her hand over and patted his shoulder gently. "There, there bird... I mean, Valanus. I don't plan to help you escape only to give you back again. We'll figure out a way to work this out." She quickly pulled her hand away, worried that he would overreact at being touched. He seemed to be upset over the littlest of things. Her head cocked sideways in contemplation, as her clawed finger tapped her bottom lip. She smiled slightly, as she asked, "Is it ok if I call you Val?" Maybe if she gave him a nickname, he would loosen up a little and relax. She was woefully inexperienced with being able to calm someone who'd been through such traumatic events.
  7. Here's the posting order now... Posting Order: Ghastardly Mickey Flash @Kingofgames12 RobbieRotten NuclearCommando
  8. Let the body switching commence.
  9. Kaylia heard Nevallis as if through a thick fog. Some of the words she heard and some faded away as if he were fading. She didn't have time to search out his spirit and try to make him more clear. She was running out of time, and his life was on the line. She knew she didn't need him to accomplish the spell, so she blocked off communication with him in order to be able to concentrate. Unfortunately, it also blocked off any chance she might have had to use some of his power as well. She was ok with that. Her own power was sufficient, though she would be totally drained when it was over. A sliver of fear went up her spine at the thought of using more power than she should. She could go into a coma, or even die. She hoped that it didn't come to that possibility, but she didn't have time for precautions, or to think of any alternatives. She needed to do this spell.... NOW. Gathering her energies, she began the chants that activated her abilities. The crystals gave off a glow that grew brighter the longer she chanted. She could feel her power swirling, and she did have to tap into her reserves in order to get enough power. The glow turned bright as her voice became louder. She wasn't quite sure what would happen to her. Yes, the others should get their spirit back, for the spell called for original spirits that had switched to return to their rightful place. Even those that were outside the train would feel the pull. But she had already switched back, and it was a recent switch too. She didn't know what would happen to her spirit. Would it stay put, with no consequence? Or would she be in a coma after the spell took its toll on her body? Would she float outside her body, leaving it defenseless and dying as she evaporated? Would she return to Nevallis' body? She didn't know. She took a second to cherish being in her own body as she chanted, alive and well. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as the light became blinding. The spell was caste. She slowly opened her eyes....
  10. After reading a little of the Tavern posts, I'd like to request that all OOC (out of character) chatter be limited to this thread. So if you want to ask questions about a post, or if someone wants to join a quest, or any other outside RP convo, this is the place to be. This is what the Tavern OOC is for, and reduces clutter or confusion on the Tavern thread.
  11. If you want to explore out of the Tavern at any time, you can join any quest, thread, or create your own thread on Val. As long as you've been on Val for 90 days or less you are always welcome to come back to the Tavern. I recommend checking out the Water Cooler for threads you might be interested in joining.
  12. It should be fine as long as you make clear which one your posting as in each post.
  13. Hello @SixShots22. Welcome to Val. Thanks for the awesome compliment. It put a smile on my face this morning. Since you're just starting out, and like to research, I suggest you read this... It should help out quite a bit. As for the Tavern, I suggest reading the first page of the thread and then skipping all the other pages to read the last page. The first page gives instructions and descriptions. The last page lets you know what is going on in the Tavern currently. You take a character you've created, and place them within the setting with your own style of writing. If you have anymore questions about it you can shoot me a PM. And if you'd like to chat with other new members in the Tavern, here is a link to the OOC... Hope to see you there soon.
  14. Jo listened to him confess to being from royalty, and almost choked on her drink. Royalty, she thought. How very far away from the class of people she was used to being around. And it made it hard for her to swallow as well, when he mentioned that she seemed out of her element. She wondered if it was that obvious. She put the glass down, knowing now that it was hazardous to drink while discussing such matters. “I am from a very humble pack of nomadic werewolves. They stuck to the traditions of the old ways, clinging to the more animalistic customs. When I broke from the pack to travel the world, I was exposed to the more traditional human ways of life. I began to learn their ways, but it was slow going at first. I guess I know just enough to know I am woefully out of place in situations such as these.” She carefully cut the meat on her plate, being conscious that every wrong move she made would be noticed by someone of a royal line. Before she took a bite, she asked another question. “Why do you say your family was royal at one point? Are they not still royal?” She took the bite of the succulent meat, chewing slowly while glancing at him in curiosity.
  15. Shaym watched in horror as the bullets hit Varina. Apparently he was too far away for his air manipulation to be able to protect the girl. Was she dead? Did he just drop a girl off to her doom? He knew she had those weird demonish characteristics, but he didn't know if that would be any help against a bullet through the human body. The pirates laughed, and he winced. Then he heard her laugh, and a sliver of hope bloomed. As he floated there in the air, forgotten by the pirates in the next few impossible minutes, he watched in fascination the destruction caused by the now horrendous demon creature. A demon creature that had once been the silly girl that had tugged on his arm moments before. Shaym was not shocked by the death and gore. He'd seen plenty of that on a regular basis, most times done by his own hand. What he couldn't take his eyes off of was the simple strength and the total metamorphosis from little girl to glorious monster. He didn't even think about flying back to their own ship. He was too riveted. He didn't notice that the other ship was speeding off as quickly as it could, refusing to slow down for them to be able to catch back up. The girl cleaned up all the pirates, and Shaym clapped as if he was at a show, the art of the violence moving him to show appreciation. When he thought of it, he looked around and could see their own ship disappearing on the horizon. He scowled. He'd paid good money to board that ship. He swooped in and picked up the half unconscious girl, almost as an afterthought, and flew toward the ship that thought it was going to out sail them. With a command from Shaym, the winds stopped blowing around the vessel, and the sails stopped flapping. The ship slowed down to a dead stop in the water, as the crew frantically tried to get it going again. Now they were looking at Shaym and Varina with more fear than they had for the pirates. Shaym landed on deck, to find sword handles gripped, and guns drawn. He waited a moment. Then he lay her casually on the deck planks, as he leaned against the railing. “Is there a problem here? Do you seriously have an issue with a little scrap of a girl doing something you couldn't do, and rewarding you the favor of getting rid of the pirates for you?” He looked at his nails as if he wasn't interested, but was prepared to attack if need be.