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  1. Jo followed at a far distance, not having to get to close to see and hear what was going on with her heightened senses. She watched them make their way across the desert and it wasn't too hard to keep up. She did have the stamina of a wolf, after all. She took the canteen that was around her neck and opened the cap from the top. She sipped the water and watched as they refused to water the pitiful creature that had been beaten. She wondered, not for the first time, what could he have done to deserve such treatment? She knew there were criminals out there that deserved to be punished. She'd dealt with some herself. But this treatment seemed excessive to her. She wiped her hand across her face where some of the water had dripped and mixed with the flying sand on her chin. She put the cap back on the canteen, and adjusted the container around her neck again. She was glad that they'd stopped when they did. Not because she couldn't follow them, but because she'd grown tired of having to follow them. She wanted to do her good deed and be on her way. The option to be on her way anyway never crossed her mind. With the oasis in the middle of the desert she had more places to hide behind. There were trees now, and she could get closer. When it got darker she could even move among the camp they made, with them unaware. Until then she decided to play it safe. There were more of them, and she didn't know what kind of strengths they had. She watched and listened to them, hearing the conversations as if she were right there with them. When the rest of the group split off and left the beaten man with only one guard, Jo found this too tempting. Now could be her perfect opportunity to free him. She slowly inched closer, watching as the guard seemed to be cutting something on the man's neck. As she got closer she could smell the scent of the man, and he smelled like a mix of bird and man. A birdman? She didn't know, but this didn't matter to her. She knew she smelled partly wolf, so it wasn't strange to her in the slightest. She inched closer still, and was right behind the man with the knife. She picked up a large rock with one hand, and let her claws lengthen with the other. She got closer, and when he was in range she swung hard to hit the guard in the back of the head with the rock.
  2. As soon as Shaym had walked into the bar the stares began. He was used to being stared at. Usually by the women, giving him hot looks of desire. The stares in this bar had a different vibe. One of nervous fear. One of the waitresses looked at his wings and blanched. This was puzzling to the sensual being, as he came here to enjoy the admiration of the females and possibly pass the time in a most enjoyable way with one.... or two..... or more of them. Instead he was faced with fear. This did not please him. He would ask why the fearful looks, but he knew that he wouldn't get a straight answer. So he sat at a table and waited to be served. He waited and waited. Just when he thought he wouldn't be waited on he was approached by a female. "Finally!" Shaym said with a disgruntled sneer. He turned to the female and his eyes took her in. She was small. Well, small compared to him. Her dark hair hung over her eyes, hiding half her face. She seemed to be holding her arm close to her. He didn't know if it were a habit, or if she had hurt it somehow. It wasn't his concern. Right now his only concern was getting a drink and a little bit of information. "Sweetheart, I've been waiting here for almost an hour. Service here sucks ass, if you don't mind me saying so. I'd like a cold beer." Before she could leave to fill his request he also mentioned, "Oh, and could you possibly tell me what has all the people here spooked, and looking at me like they're afraid I'm going to bite their heads off? I know the wings aren't usual, but.... damn. There's just wings. I doubt my appearance is the only reason they are acting so funny." He threw a couple silver coin on the table, being generous considering the amount of time he'd had to wait. He drummed his fingers on the table, waiting impatiently for the little waitress to respond to him.
  3. You did good.
  4. I'm going to pass on this thread, but you guys have fun!
  5. Jo had always hated the desert. As a lycanthrope her body temperature was above normal anyway, and the heat of the unforgiving sun would crash down on her and leave her breathless in misery. She didn't feel that way now though, and knew the reason could only be because of the new witchy part of her that had been gifted to her recently. Who would have ever thought that a werewolf could also be a witch? Jo had never thought so. She had wanted magic for as long as she could remember. She wanted to craft it, use it, and be devoured by it. Now it was a part of her, and the feeling was so new she could barely believe it. The main feature of this magical addition was the fire. She had the ability to produce fire and use it magically. It took less energy for her to do it then it would a human. She had reserves of strength that the humans just didn't possess. It seemed that she had all the advantages..... all except for one. Her wolf wasn't happy with having to share her with the magical witchy side. It felt as if a war was going on inside of her most days. With three parts of herself fighting for dominance. She trudged through the desert, still not liking it though the heat didn't bother her like it used to, and wondered again why she was going to such great lengths for magical knowledge. She knew she always had, but this was getting ridiculous. She looked around her, and the bones of dead animals stuck up out of the ground like a gruesome garden of flowers. The sand flew around and stuck to her lips, which had been moist before she started this journey. Now her lips were dry and cracked. Not enough to bleed, because she would heal almost before an injury could form, but they still felt like they were in pretty bad shape. Sand stuck to her sweaty body and covered her hair. She couldn't think straight for being bombarded with sand and hot wind. She'd heard there was some kind of.... fire entity here, that could help her control her new ability. She didn't know how she was going to find this entity, but she'd gotten a wild hair and decided to ride it out alone into the desert like an idiot. She didn't know what she was thinking. The hot wind was strong, and carried with it more than sand particles. She lifted her nose into the air, and took a big whiff. She snorted as sand went up her nose. A loud sneeze escaped her as she shook her head to get the sand out of her nostrils. She tried again, only with her palm partially over her nose to keep the sand from going directly up her nose. There. She smelled it. Blood. There must be quite a bit for her to scent it, even though she couldn't see anyone/thing bleeding close by. Because of the sand, she couldn't get a good enough scent of it to tell if it were human or animal. She was curious though, wondering if there was a wild creature dying somewhere here in the desert. Besides, she was bored and there wasn't anything else to do at the moment. She followed the scent until she came to a steep sandy hill in the desert. She could hear voices now, so she crawled up the hill to see what she could see below. There were men surrounding what looked to be a bloody, beaten, sad excuse for a human. He was begging, and had just been whipped. Jo winced. She'd been whipped before once. It had not been pleasant. She felt a righteous anger fill her, as she watched the foul treatment of the creature below. She slid away before she was seen. She would follow these men. And when the opportunity was right, she would rescue the man who didn't look like he could live through another beating like the one he'd just endured.
  6. Are you sure? I mean, Lorial was supposed to be watching him to see if he would be on a killing spree in his last thread...... Would be awesome for her to follow again. And she might be wanting some vampire cure too, dude. She doesn't like her vampire half one little bit.
  7. Oh no! I'm too late. :( It's too full. -sigh- But it's a great idea. ;)
  8. @ODSTDRAGON your turn to post.
  9. On your phone you go under Accounts and then Account Settings. Then click on Settings area. There it should have "signature" to click on. On computer under your name, click the arrow and go under Account Settings. It should have a "signature" feature there too. Just click on it and it'll tell you what to do. I think that's right. :/ That's how I got there last, anyway.
  10. Jo's eyes lit up at the sight of the candles being lit all around. She loved magic all of her life. There was no reason for her to feel that way about it. Maybe she was a magical creature in another life. Whatever the cause for her love of magic, she's been chasing it wherever she roamed. Sometimes consciously, sometimes not. On one of her recent journeys, she had been gifted with the magic of a witch. She had been able to make small flames in her palm before, but now the ability was much more intense. Sometimes more than she could handle. Still.... she couldn't resist showing off what she could do as well. With a twinkle in her eye, she placed an elbow on the table and leaned her cheek into the hand there. The other hand she used to cup one of the candles on the table with, careful not to touch it. She winked at Raven, her lips curved into a tiny smile of delight. She closed her fist around the flame, as if to grab it. The candle flame went out, and a small plume of smoke rose from the wick. She slowly opened her hand, and there in the palm was a little dancing flame. Her skin did not burn, and it looked as if the flame was not even touching it. It just hovered over her palm, jumping and dancing its happy flame dance. She watched it for a moment, and small giggle escaped her lips. Then the flame grew larger and larger. Her smile faded and she began to look worried. When the flame became about a foot tall, she quickly closed her hand and snuffed out the wild fire. "Sorry. Sometimes the fire gets away from me," she said with rosy red cheeks. She looked down in embarrassment.
  11. Herbs?  Still doing Herbs?  Or have the herbs died?  :fear:

    1. Song Sprite

      Song Sprite

      they live! sorry I haven't had much time for writing lately :|

    2. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Me either!  Moving.  New job.  The other personal stuff, some of which I've told you about.  And some stuff you don't know about.  All happening at the same time.  :/


  12. No sooner had Jo prepared her small table of goodies before someone dumped a sack of some kind of heavy armor onto her table. She winced as some of the baubles were thrown about on the surface of the table, catching one or two that looked to fall over the edge onto the ground. She frowned at the newcomer, upset about her items being disrespected in such a way. "What are you doing? I don't want some old rusty pieces of armor. Take that off my table." Her voice was barely above a growl, and her eyes had turned yellow in her agitation. She sensed a sort of desperation in the man, and her instincts told her that the armor had to be attached to some kind of trouble. She rarely went against her instincts. "I don't want it for free either, so don't even think of running off without it. I'll throw it at the back of your running head and knock you out with it. I swear I will." She took a deep breath, closing her eyes. After a moment her eyes cleared back to their beautiful cerulean blue and looked to the other two potential buyers at her table. "You're interested in this box, you say?" She let her fingers stroke over the top of the box lovingly. It was one of the pieces that had sentimental value to her, as well as a small bit of power. She quoted a fair price to him, but she didn't plan to go down on it. If he couldn't pay the coin she was asking for, he didn't need it. As she waited for him to react to her price, she glanced over to the woman. She leaned closer to her, in order to make their conversation more personal and private. "I understand your appreciation for magic. I too appreciate it greatly..... But I have plenty of magic at the moment. What I am doing without is funds. I am not selling my best pieces. I am keeping those for myself," she said with a wink. She had all but forgotten the stranger with the sack of armor. She could see him in her peripheral vision. If he tried to sneak away, she'd know it.
  13. Edit: Posting Order: @Ghastardly TheWilySpookster Mickey Flash Kingofgames12 *CATZ NuclearCommando I still believe it's Ghast's turn to post next. I just wanted to add CATZ to the list again.
  14. No. I'm sorry. I've tried to make a status, but it seems there is an issue with it. I'm in the process of moving, start a new job today, and have been dealing with other things as well. I'll try to post on this tonight, if my first day on the job isn't too grueling. If it is, I'll make a post tomorrow evening. Sorry again. Edit:
  15. No. I'm sorry. I've tried to make a status, but it seems there is an issue with it. I'm in the process of moving, start a new job today, and have been dealing with other things as well. I'll try to post on this tonight, if my first day on the job isn't too grueling. If it is, I'll make a post tomorrow evening. Sorry again.