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  1. Oh, and anyone can join the Assassins' Guild. They don't have to be from Kinumo, or even Seinaru Forven. They travel all over Valucre, and even beyond.
  2. Ok, for the questions previously asked, anyone can join the thread whether they be potentials for the guild, employers looking for assassins to hire, or just tourists wanting to see the sights. I have added more information about the guild on Kinumo's page, as well as put it in the spoiler in my first post. If there are any more questions, feel free to ask. And it's good to know I have some interested parties for the thread.
  3. Assassins' Guild Purpose: The purpose of the guild is to gather elite assassin's trained in many fighting skills, and ways to kill. They are trained by the best, and have earned the reputation of being the best. This reputation is good for public relations, and finding more work. They can also ask for steeper prices, because they are a part of the guild. Policies: There aren't many rules to the guild, but for the rules that exist they are not to be broken. One rule is that no children are to be killed by any of the assassins' guild. This was a stipulation made by the mage who created the spell for the Assassin's Mark, and agreed to by all of the Assassin's Council. Another is that no guild member can use their skills to assassinate those in power, such as government officials, kings, queens, etc. The reason for this was to protect the guild, so that armies wouldn't be sent against the members in retaliation. And the last rule was to make sure that the members meet up at different locations once a year. This is to try out the new “potentials” and to make sure that any and all concerns for the guild are addressed. Assassin's Mark: This is given to the Assassin member once they have been selected to join, and have passed the initiation. The mark is a symbol branded into the skin with fire and magic. The magic is to keep the members in line to stay true to the rules. The mark will disappear and leave a scar if the Assassin decides to break the rules. The Assassin's Mark magically makes the wearer aware of the destination for each assassin's meeting once a year. Assassin's Guild Council: This council was made of the elders of the guild, with seven members. They discuss important decisions for the guild, and vote. The council members change every decade. Kinumo: This is the land where the Assassins' Guild was founded. Many members who have retired live there, taking tribute from travelers that want access to the lifts into Kinumo. Those that live in Kinumo only give food and necessities to the guards of their land for tribute. Travelers give more, or they are held back, questioned, interrogated, and whatever else it takes to make sure they aren't there to do the people of Kinumo harm. Even with tribute, the Assassin's Guild are very protective of Kinumo and all who enter.
  4. Those are very good questions, which reminds me that I need to have all that information placed on the Kinumo page. All of those questions will be answered tonight, after I get off work. And I’ll add it to the first post here for anyone who may be interested. 😄👍
  5. Welcome one and all to the annual Assassin's Guild tryouts! This year the tryouts will be hosted in the original birthplace of the Assassin's Guild, Kinumo! There will be tests of strength, stamina, speed, stealth, and wit as the candidates struggle for top ranking in this event. Many of the events can be witnessed by those interested in coming to watch the show, as the potentials prove their worth in public trials. As everyone knows, it is a rare opportunity to become one of the elite members of the most dangerous Assassin's Guilds in Seinaru Forven. Tourists can enjoy our famous local tavern, Snowy's Pub, where many different drinks and food are peppered with our rare and delicious herbs acquired from the top of the mountain. There will be Pauline's Market, where you can also shop for magical trinkets and items for souvenirs. At the end of the event a village wide celebration for those who have triumphed, where music, games, and vendors will be there to make all the celebrating possible. Come and enjoy the festivities, or participate in the trials themselves! *This advertisement has been paid for by Snowy's Pub, where good eats and nice treats are coming your way. **Kinumo shall not be held liable for any harm that may come to participants of said event, or the participants of the festivities. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The purpose of this thread is to invite those interested to participate in an adventure/tournament to test your character's skills, and see if they are worthy of the Assassin's Guild. There will be three tests to overcome, tourist attractions, and it ends with a village party. Our characters will get to know each other, work hard, have fun, and possibly get branded with the Assassin's Mark. I'm looking for a large group, male and female characters, preferably powered.
  6. Name: Zeno Bellfine Species: Dark Elf Gender: Male Height: 6 ft 1 inch Weight: 180 lbs Physique: muscular Hair: coal black Eyes: golden Skin: pale Apparent Age: Mid twenties Actual Age: ... 300ish Orientation: Heterosexual Birth Place: The dark woods of Seinaru Forven Family: A sister, Shalana Bellfine Religion: not interested Occupation: Assassin Attire: When on a job he likes to be protected with light armor. He still wants to be able to be agile, so he doesn't wear heavy armor. When not on a job he dresses casually, with usually dark understated clothing, and sometimes hooded capes. Weapons: Any that are useful... except if they are made of iron. Strengths: Zeno loves strategy, and laying out traps. He can think quickly on his feet, and has mastered many weapons. He is strong, agile, flexible, fast, durable and has stamina. He's not above using dark, or cursed weapons to kill someone he knows is stronger than he is. He is immortal, and won't grow old. Weaknesses: He's vulnerable to iron, and can be mortally wounded in battle. Likes: He likes to fight, and win. He also likes being around someone who is not afraid to speak their mind, or just not afraid. Dislikes: Cowardice, weakness, losing, and the color pink. Personality: Zeno was raised in a violent environment. This made him strong, but it also made him a dark male. He has no empathy for others, and no patience. He thinks he's a simple dark elf, but he much more complicated than that. It's hard to earn his respect, and he doesn't trust others enough to make friends. He's not looking for happily ever after, but would be fine with just happy for right now. He doesn't have much of a sense of humor. Most of the time he is stoic. Sometimes he's angry, but he hides that behind a wicked smile. Background: *WIP*
  7. Name : Shalana Bellfine Species: Dark Elf Gender: Female Height: 5 ft 8 inches Weight: 120 lbs. Physique: athletic Hair: light blonde Eyes: golden, with ocean blue rims Skin: alabaster with a golden hue Apparent Age: late teens, early twenties Actual Age: .... around 200 years Orientation: Bisexual Birth Place: The dark woods of Seinaru Forven Family: A brother, Zeno Bellfine. Religion: Worships dark gods and goddesses leaning more toward the lust for power, greed, and manipulation. Occupation: none. She tends to steal what she wants, or use others. Attire: She dresses in many different forms of clothing, depending on her mood. Mostly her apparel is seductive, and also easy to move around in for fighting. Weapons: She has been known to carry a bow with arrows made of light. She has a satchel full of ingredients for spell casting, and a spell book. She likes knives made of gold or silver. Strengths: As a dark elf she has great physical strength, stamina, speed, durability, agility, and reflexes. Some dark elves practice dark magic to perform dark spells and curses. They also can use the magic to shapeshift, teleport, and use energy blasts. Shalana is a big believer in dark magic. She is immortal, which means she won't grow old. Weaknesses: She is vulnerable to all forms of iron. Also when she practices dark magic there is always a price to pay, whether it be in blood before or consequences after. Though immortal, she can be mortally wounded in battle. Likes: She likes most feral creatures that like to attack and fight. She likes magic, and weapons not made of iron. Dislikes: She doesn't like to cuddle, or express tender emotions. Personality: Shalana has the misfortune of looking innocent in a world where the innocent are preyed upon. She's had to learn to be a better fighter than other dark elves, due to constantly fighting her family and "friends." She also used her innocent looks to her advantage against others not of her kind. She'd deceive others into thinking she had good intentions, all while robbing them blind. She has a quirky sense of humor, and is not afraid to laugh at herself as well. Being a dark elf does not make her dishonest all of the time. There are times she uses honesty to cut like a knife, wounding those foolish enough to try to get too close to her. She's smart, and crafty. Background: *WIP*
  8. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  😄

  9. What is that black speck Immie saw in the sky? Is it a bird? An airship? A black piece of pepper that flew in the wind from their stew spices?
  10. Immie continued to eat quickly, the stew disappearing at a fast rate due to her hunger. She still used the manners of not being a slob, though she wanted to tear into the bowl with gusto. She continued to soak up information, one of her favorite things to do. She watched the people before her, wishing she could just watch them without having to be involved with them. She would have loved to just see their reactions and figure out what they would do next. At home she was an avid people watcher, taking her lunches on the bench in the middle of town and watching the elves go through everything from the mundane to the dramatic. She watched Leo look longingly toward the white hair girl, and she began to wonder what that look meant. Was she someone he knew? Was he romantically interested in the girl? Was he going to go talk to her? Questions filled her mind. When he did nothing her interest waned, and she continued with her meal. Then the other young girl at their table started talking of her homeland, and Immie started to get interested in the thought of living in a land with no magic. "Getting killed for practicing magic... Why that is absurd! In Valucre that is at least seventy-five percent of the population. It's good that you left such a horrible place." She continued to take her last bite of food, the bowl being empty and her now being quite full. She hummed a little in satisfaction, before looking at the other girl once more. What should be the proper response to a social situation like this? One where she was showing some kind of comfort to the other girl that would make her feel more at ease here at this new land? She thought a moment, and came up with, "Don't worry about how young you look. I look in my twenty's in human years, but I'm far older." After saying this, she wondered if what she said was the wrong thing, or stupid. She sighed and listened a little while more to the others chatting, before she announced, "It was very nice eating with you. I think I'll take a look out onto the deck. This is my first time on an airship, and it would be nice to see what it would look like to be so high in the air." She smiled, and this time it was true. It was the kind of smile you give when your heart is full of happiness and love. She wasn't even aware of having it on her face, but in a moment of spontaneity she decided to include her new acquaintances in her joy. "It should be a lovely view. If anyone else is finished eating and have a mind to see the sight, I would be happy if they were to join me." She waited to see if anyone wanted to join, though if they didn't she'd be okay with that too. She felt like she'd climbed a mountain and survived, after having gotten through the social maze that communicating with people always seemed to create. She did it! And she wanted to celebrate. She walked out of the dining area, the full blowing wind upon her face. Her wavy red hair curled and bounced around her, and to anyone watching she looked young, free, and happy. She walked to the guardrail, and looked out to the scene below. Everything seemed so tiny. The town they had previously been in was just small squares now where the houses used to be. She watched in fascination at the tiny figures. "Oh my. It makes one think about how small we are in the grand scheme of things." She wasn't aware that she'd said that out loud. She wasn't as aware of other people now, as she was aware of everything else she was soaking up. All the things she'd never seen before. She looked off into the puffy clouds, and thought of how they looked so soft. The looked close enough to touch. Then she squinted her eyes as something tiny and black was seen by her off into the distance. It was up in the air with them, and if the white clouds hadn't surrounded it she never would have been able to see it. "What is that?" This time she did pay attention to whoever was around, hoping they could elaborate more on what it was exactly that she was looking at. She pointed toward the black speck in the sky.
  11. Zebba paid no attention to Ragnar's lack of attention. It was almost as if she did better when she wasn't interrupted and could commune with the cards. Michelee wished she could tap him on the shoulder to bring him back from whatever little world he'd escaped to, but even though they'd only held hands a moment before she was not ready to be touching someone again. She had her hands buried in her skirt, and she was thinking about the reading she'd just been given and what it meant. "Your first card, Ragnar," Zebba said firmly. This relieved Michelee for it would bring his attention back to the reading at hand. "I see the Three of Swords, in the upright position. This means that you have known great loss in the past. The loss of loved ones. I am sorry for it," she said sincerely. Michelee didn't know if someone saying they were sorry ever did a person good when they thought of the loss of someone they loved. Basically, it was just telling them 'Yeah, I know how you feel. I've been there and done that.' There was nothing else that could be said though, so Michelee quietly sat with her hands buried in her skirt. "The second card, another upright card. This one doesn't surprise me," she said with a small smile. "It is the Seven of Wands. This card means warrior. You are a warrior, and you bring your will to fruition in this world." Michelee's eyebrow went up, as she thought to herself how this card was simple and easy for anyone to know about the big, strong man sitting before them. Zebba decided to elaborate with, "Maybe you are doing what you are meant to do. You might be meant to fight for others." "The last card, one of the future..." she frowned at the the cards in concentration. "This contradicts the second card, for it's hard to do this and be a travelling warrior." She paused a moment, and left them in suspense. Then she looked at Ragnar again with a gentle smile. "It is The Emperor card upright. It is the card for fatherhood." She gave a sly sideways look to Michelee, who blushed though she didn't know what for. "Looks like you might be settling down in the future. How does that sound to you, big guy?"
  12. Sorry I've been so long getting back into the writing mode.  I took my kids to an anime convention (first time I'd ever been) and they had a blast.  Then I was working and getting things ready for classes in the Fall.... busy times.  

    1. Malintzin


      =O Congrats and bursting the con bubble! Glad everyone had fun.

    2. Eternity


      Animecon's are the best! I hope you had a great time, I go to the local one here in Nebraska every year. 

      Welcome back!

  13. Rev heard Ascytale's pitiful mewling, asking not to be hurt, and she almost snorted aloud. It wasn't too long ago she remembered the snake man killing raptors right along side her, and his sad eyes and high pitched voiced was contrived to make himself look weak. He was probably thinking they would regard him as such and underestimate him. It was a sneaky and manipulative ploy. She could admire his attempt at doing so, and if she wasn't so obviously, and dangerously, a demon she might have tried it herself. But they knew she was strong, and it would have been a wasted effort. They also could sense lying, and Ascytale's "please don't hurt us" whining smelled of deception. She wasn't even an empath demon, and she would have been suspicious. "Ha!" The lead assassin roared in amusement. His mask only covered the top half of his face, and there were eye holes cut out for him to see through. His horns were long and curved, which showed that he was a demon who'd lived a long time. The smile on the lower half of his face showed sharp, jagged teeth. They were menacing to see, even for Rev who'd grown up around demons. He was looking at Ascytale though, not her as he commented, "You beg so pretty for a boy with scales and snake eyes. We were watching from the trees. We saw your little show there. And now your all pink skinned and innocent, huh? Want us to fall for that one? Well it was a good try. A skill like that would be great use on spy missions, if you're interested in something like that." Rev was taken aback by the veiled invitation to Ascytale. She didn't know if he'd been aware of the high honor of being invited to train for the assassin's guild, but she was. She had just been glad that the lead assassin had been amused by Ascytale's performance, instead of threatened. It could have easily gone the other way. She slid a look over at Ascytale and nodded her approval, trying to let him know that it'd be alright. She slowly reached into the pocket of her cloak that had been hanging over her arm the whole time. The males surrounding her tensed up, and she slowed a little more as she pulled out a small bag of coins. She jingled it to let them know it wasn't a witches charm, or some other piece of nasty to use as a weapon. "I offer tribute. Please let us pass." She held out the bag, and one of the demons took it, looking inside to see if it was enough. He nodded, seemingly satisfied. The head assassin moved to the side, bowing slightly with an amused twist to his lips. He moved out of their way, and a path could be seen to the lifts. She tried not to look back, knowing that it would show her fear and be seen as weakness. She didn't care how many tough things she'd seen on her travels. These were strong, possibly magically powered demons who'd been trained to kill. Anyone who had half a brain would be nervous about having them at their back. She didn't look to see what Ascytale was doing, and was just hoping he was following her lead.
  14. Immie gratefully took the seat offered her. She had climbed past the first obstacle... finding a place to eat. She heard Leo mention that her Weland was very good, but he also said she paid him a higher respect than he was used to. This means she'd done something wrong, possibly in the pronunciation or the wording used. She looked down into her bowl of stew in shame. She hated being wrong. Worse, she hated being told she was wrong too. She never could find a graceful way to accept criticism, and it was still an art she had never learned how to master. She listened to the other girl speak, about her home and it's strange name. Here was another place she'd never heard of, and she'd studied the map of Valucre extensively. She slowly began to eat, wondering what else she didn't know that she thought she knew. It made her feel very unbalanced and unsure of herself. She decided to try to swallow her sour grapes, and try being civil. "I hear Weland is a beautiful place. I've never been there, but I'd love to visit someday." She ate a little more, before turning to Minerva. She smiled and asked her, "What about this new land you mention? What is it like there?" She felt proud of herself. She was now getting past the second obstacle... being social. As soon as her food is eaten she will be going out to see the ship sailing in the clouds. She began to eat faster in anticipation.
  15. I’ll be making a post in a few hours.
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