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  1. I will be AFV for at least a few more days. Maybe a little longer.
  2. Sorry I’ve been shady.  I’ve been sickly, plus my kids start school in a couple of days, and I start my semester next week.  It’s no excuse not to let you guys know, but I wanted you to know it wasn’t for no reason.  I’ll probably be sickly for a little while longer, so I guess I’m still AFV.  I might need a few days.  

    1. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      Feel better soon! Don't worry, there's no rush. *makes tea and bundles up in blankets*

    2. Zenthaur


      Feel better and stay safe. It's a crazy world out there and I wish all the best for you and your kids. From a fellow parent 🙂

    3. Purple Eagle

      Purple Eagle

      Get well soon, Mickey! *offers hug*

  3. If anyone needs a response from the bartender, or weapons counter, or waitress feel free to tag me here. Your responses are numerous and constant, which is great but hard to keep up with. And if I don’t respond in time feel free to peruse the Tavern characters on page one and use them as NPCs if you’d like.
  4. Vaddok nodded at the newcomer. At his currency question Vaddok picked up one of the coins and held it to the light. He wiped it off with his cleaning cloth and rubbed the coin between his fingers. You could see by the look in the older gentleman’s face that he was weighing the worth of the metal. “A coin such as this is rare here,” he said after a moment, “which means valuable. I will accept your coin.” He began fixing the male a drink, but he’d asked for a mug of his finest. The liquid mixed into the mug had an iridescent sheen to it, and though it seemed to glow in the light it was a pinkish color. He added a slice of a fruit on the side if the mug that seemed to have crystal dewdrops in its bright red juicy pulp. The value of the drink was high, but he believed it was a fair trade for exotic and valuable coin. He slid the mug in front of the traveller with a no-nonsense air about him. Then he placed the coin in his pocket and went back to scrubbing the bar with his cloth.
  5. Hello @BlueStreak. I’m glad that even though you’re a pessimist realist at heart you’ve decided to roll around in the fantasy muck with the rest of us here. 😄 If you’d like come join the Tavern thread. Welcome to Val.
  6. Hello @Peachmilq. If you’d like you can join us in the Tavern of Legends. Only the first page and last page is required reading. I hope you enjoy it here and welcome to Val.
  7. Jump on in. Welcome to Val and the Tavern. To mention someone add the @ symbol and the first letter of their name. When you see them listed, select it instead of finishing out typing their name.
  8. Just in case anyone is waiting on me, I won’t be able to post tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow tho.
  9. @Unfortunate Son Only someone who’s been here 90 days or less can post in the Tavern.
  10. I completely missed my introduction thread when I first started here. Too late now.
  11. I forgot to add... you don’t have to read all the Tavern posts. The first page and the last one, or two. It’s basically introducing your character and starting an interaction. The Tavern is full of characters coming and going, without their full story told. It’s mainly just a place to get your feet wet. So please feel free to jump right in.
  12. Vaul looked down at the lad, who seemed to be shaking in his boots. He didn't have time to reassure him, or look after the girl. His sole duty was to make sure the Tavern was safe, by confiscating any weapons that someone may sneak in. And the boy was wearing a bag on his back. "If you have weapons, I need you to give them to me. No weapons allowed in the Tavern." He looked at the young man's bag and snorted in the general vicinity. "They will be returned to you when you're through here." He then held his big palm up, "If you don't mind." He waited for the boy to give him the bag so he could search it. @stuv
  13. Hello @Unfortunate Son. You’re new, so here are some new things you might enjoy... I hope you enjoy your time here, and welcome to Val.
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