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  1. I have finally wrapped things up and packed my bags.  Val has been an awesome experience that I am happy to have had the privilege to participate in.  If you have been away from the site for a while, and came back to see that the doors are closed, and want to chat with me, I will be at the new site Pretty Good RPG.  Thank you, and lots of love.  :kiss:


  2. Title: The Hunt [Open] Link: https://www.valucre.com/topic/45720-the-hunt-open/ Summary: After Queen Malia had been found again Skacharm had convinced her to have a 'Welcome Back' party. She wanted something that included a few activities, so she asked for a hunt. Skacharm agreed that would be find, if a dance followed along after. The hunt took place in Karmathen, hunting for allops to use for their abilities to teleport. The capture of them was a trying task, but fun all the same. After the hunt, the dance was held in Karmathen as well for any to participate. Socializing, dancing, and good food was offered to all who were interested. The event was a rousing success. Those involved in the thread - Mickey Flash, @Houndy Poochykins, @Sanonymous, @Venus Sprite, @ThatWeirdBlobThing, @Dabi, @danzilla3, @-Lilium-, @Aleksei, @500bees Title: Strength of My Feelings [Kinumo] Link: https://www.valucre.com/topic/45812-strength-of-my-feelings-kinumo/ Summary: A contest was held giving different people the chance to go on a weekend getaway in Seinaru Forven. One of the couples to win were Kiki and Dauner. They were offered a weekend in Kinumo. The first activity given to them was an escape room scenario in the Tree of Memory. The couple solved the puzzles and made it out of the room quicker than most. Then they were given a romantic picnic to participate in. The couple seemed to be enjoying the outing together. Those involved in the thread - Mickey Flash, @Dabi, @500bees
  3. For the first time since she had the crown placed upon her head Malia felt like this was her land. There were no attempts on her life, she’d been accepted, respected, and admired. She had been welcomed with open arms in the land of Karmathen, and she will always remember this land fondly for the rest of her days. No more will there be any doubts in her mind on whether she should be queen. Being away from home for so long had given her a new appreciation for Seinaru Forven. She danced that night with a light heart. Skacharm watched benevolently, like a proud father that was seeing his daughter grow up for the first time. She made new friends, and rejoiced in her new status. She felt truly welcome. -The End-
  4. @MorceLa'Kai Abaz I've never had the pleasure of posting with @Malaysia NightReaver. But here is the thread we posted together on:
  5. Pearl felt Nutmeg squeeze her arm slightly through her elbow sleeve chainmail, and she wondered if he was testing her muscle strength. She said nothing about what could have been a harmless and innocent act, but she was starting to think that this male was more complicated than she knew. He quickly interrupted any thoughts she might have had about who he was as a person by bringing up her favorite subject… her home. Now she would be able to talk about something she loved, and she could not resist the little history lesson she planned to give. Her version was not quite the same as the history books, however. For she added her own version of things and her own firsthand knowledge as well. “Well, the land started out as a place called Lothrei. Dragons supposedly took over the land thousands of years ago. They killed and consumed everything, until the inhabitants of Lothrei had to wage war. After the dragons were defeated the land was run by the elves. They live for long periods of time, are usually fair of mind, and strong as well. Queen Nylam was the ruler of the land not six years ago. She got sick and while she was ailing a group of rebels from some other dimension forced a takeover. They were called Rainbow Bridge. They brought guns, tanks, cars and such to the land. They soon left though, back to the dimension they came from.” She paused as she recalled those times. “I was hired by the head of Rainbow Bridge to be the military leader then. When he left so did my position, though Skacharm allowed me to continue on in the military until I earned the spot back.” She shook off those personal memories, walking along the wide hallways. She stopped in front of a painting of a very beautiful elven woman. “This is a portrait of Queen Nylam. The queen died, and another had to take her place. That was Queen Malia.” She moved down a portrait to another beautiful elven female, only this one was younger. “She was sixteen when that portrait was taken.” She paused letting Nutmeg soak it in. “The young queen was unsure of herself and her ability to lead, and it showed. Many different assassination attempts happened around that time. It was hard to keep her safe. We agreed that she needed to be trained to protect herself. She went into hiding.” She kept walking along, her hand atop his sleeve absently, as if they were old friends. She could not help but feel closer to the male when talking about her home, her leaders. “I helped train her, you know. She is very good with a bow and arrow.” She walked slowly, her eyes off into another time instead of the area in front of her. “She came back to rule and had two attempts on her life before she got to blow out the candles on her eighteenth birthday cake. Needless to say, she was not allowed out much. Then the Spirit Wars happened.” A shiver went through her, and she shook it off. She gave him a false smile as she recollected where she was at. “She was sucked into another dimension, and though she was only gone for two years here it was over one hundred years for her in that dimension. She does not talk about it much. I think it must have been a horrible place to live.” She stopped in front of a room with a nice view of the courtyard. “I believe this is where you are to stay the night.” She freed her arm from his casually and clasped her hands together in front of her. “I will be down the hall there,” she nodded down the long hallway, “about three doors down. There is a bell by the bed for the servants if you need something.” She held her hand out for him to take for a handshake. “It’s nice to meet you…. Um, you do not like to be called Nutmeg, do you? What name was it that you gave me? I’m sorry, but I forgot.” She gave a sheepish shrug to admit such a weakness but being in her home and talking about it made her fell a little less on guard with him and a little more friendly. @500bees
  6. Malia had been so wrapped up in watching the dancing half nude creatures that she had all but forgotten about Dauner. He had not forgotten about her though, being gentlemanly enough to procure a drink for her. She accepted it graciously and took a sip as a slight blush bloomed across her cheeks at his comment. She laughed, a real laugh that crinkled the corner of her eyes and brightened her countenance. “Maybe you should feel a little bit of both?” she said, feeling good about the light banter that Dauner seemed to enjoy. She looked around inquisitively and drew slightly closer to him so that he could hear her. “Do you think that one of these dark and dangerously sexy creatures are going to ask you to dance? I have to say, if they were to ask me, I would have to say yes. I believe it is my sworn duty.” She took another drink from her glass, her eyes twinkling with mischief as she looked over the rim at him.
  7. The next day the sun was shining brightly on the land of Kinumo. There were many demons and other creatures frolicking under the tree of wisdom, trying to get ready for the community picnic. Blankets were spread out over the land, with everyone trying to get a nice flat surface. Baskets were filled with favorite foods, piled high with meats, cheeses, breads, vegetables, fruits, and fine desserts. Children laughed and played, chasing after each other with a ball they were kicking. Music was played by a local flutist who also happened to be a satyr. Later on he will be joined by other talented musicians, there to entertain and play music that had been passed down for generations. Lights dangled from the tree, with ribbons on the lower branches. These ribbons were the females’ ribbons, who gave it to the males they preferred to be tied onto the branches for them. It was a romantic gesture that foretold of possible relationships, or marriages. In a very nice spot, not too far from the tree, was a very lavish blanket. Piled high on the blanket were pillows that looked to be very comfortable for sitting on, or leaning against. There were all sorts of food spread out over the large blanketed area, all in their own containers to keep fresh. Pretty ribbons were set on one side of the blanket, looking similar to the ones the females gave to the males of their choice. Char stood to the side of this lavish picnic setting, waiting for the lucky couple who won the opportunity to share in this delight. She watched to make sure the children did not kick the ball in this direction, and to guide the newcomers in Kinumo’s quaint tradition.
  8. I went in order of people who posted on threads with me. The first two tags were the RPers on my first thread here on Val.
  9. I'd like to give a shout out to those I've wrote with on the site. There are some listed that I've become really good friends with, at least for a short time, and some I am still friends with. I wasn't able to tag everyone because they either changed there names or it didn't allow me to tag for some reason. So if you are not on the list but you know you posted with me... you know who you are. @God_of_Demonz @ArkThatcher @SixShots22@Xe Li Tai-Wei @Gloxie @Zero Gravity @Avvercus @bluebird @butterz @Robbie Rotten @King @Marquis Zantara @vasanti @CasualCrisis @Roen @The Hummingbird @Paroxysm @Aleksei @Alexei @Garion @jaistlyn @Scapechild @AceWinchester @kdarrell @Spekturr @Karelian Echorider @Darth Nobody @Ketania @Zero Gravity @vTrifonic @riah @Passerby @Inkinhart @jakal77 @Fantasmal @TheRelicOfOwls @Locked# @Farathorn Worldcrusher @Xhé @Skiriki @SnowMaiden325 @Orion the Lost @WingedShadow @Grizzly @B2BBear @Mittens @Darthgamer101 @MusicalDragon @ForestNymph @Jai Nifarious @DuhShiny @Ezio Auditore1 @Green Rose @HighTopp @Acies ab Vesania @Lunadrakla @bfc @Ichi @asher @Qwertyope @thefierysiren @Otaco @TyrantTheBalance @WarriorRolePlayer @{GoM} Vargus @Seyge @Fruitsnacks @Dragonslover @TheWilySpookster @Zenthaur @QuestionBlock @LadyLenore @spacegy4 @WalkingWarrior @Saxonyx @Dr. Crazyeyes @Ramen Traveler @Maverick @Silvonch @Cordeliane @Artisan of Soul @untildawn @Genkuro @carrionjackal @Broken Mask @Jay is Back @Echo @Rin @Fon @Chappu @Kingofgames12 @Words^3 @Scionica @AmethystWilk @Dradiro @WishedAway @Alex Sylvian @Crimson Wright @Byron Black @P.N.See @kinzvlle @Ataraxy @MadameMal @SylverRose @Fallen Joy @atalas87 @Armada @ThiefofFate @Mr. Burgundy @Mr.BrandFlake @ezkiel777 @PandaHat @Song Sprite @Off Topic @Charli Foxtrot@Davorin @Ayden @Mister Karma @The Seventh @Ghastardly @Red the Ambivalent @Voldemort @a callous homicide @icyaberration @Tres Ecstuffuan @Malintzin @Trexasle @CloudControl @Kalmuli @Urzamax @The Usual Suspect @Twitterpated @Damnatus @ImagineASH @Ishenaelyr, the Scaled @Neondragon7 @Armade-hime <3 @Asyrei Isekadel @Selini @Tilde-0001 @SilentMusician @Narcissa @Die Shize @Sav @Csl @Abigail666 @Porcupine @Daily Weekly @Jotnotes @Animal @FMPuppet @TeddySpearson @-Lilium- @KittyvonCupcake @Charlotte @EpicRome23 @Deviant @Leaderofthemile @sapphicSphinx @Sereken @Syncopy @The Hummingbird @lilypetals @Purple Eagle @paradigm @Darling König @VexyBot @Ike @LorSanTekka @TheCelestialTales @Trigger2Red @Veloci-Rapture @Sam @LoveYou @NuclearCommando @LizzieFoxtrot @Misty @-Malice- @jack-attack @TheElementHunter @Warlock @ethanrod910 @Fierach @Eternity @Livathian @ODSTDRAGON @1ionFang @Trukatuk @Gaheris @SixShots22 @Planet Waves @Aidan Valnaris @sheep @Redhood @Tyler @FenrirLoki @LikelyMissFortune @Naralia @Stumbler @Velinquish @Grim Wolf @Dolor Aeternum @Akako Akari @Metty @The Alexandrian @MorceLa'Kai Abaz @Praetorian @Cheezeegriff @JaviD'Arcana @Tia Dalma @Sanonymous @Mag @The Shy Fennec @HollowCipher @Aves @deadcasketburied @The Bone King @Magister @amenities @The Mystery Killer @Token @Soldat Tenaille @Kallielaios @Fennis Ursai @~Harlow. @aesome @Djinn&Juice @Grubbistch @Spyfox31 @Rhysing @vielle @Phoebe @HotPizza @Venus Sprite @Hurttoto @Minuet of the Nightingale @notmuch_23 @Zashiii @Grimmholt @Asterdon Anvillian @SteamWarden @Vetanoob @The Rabbit Emperor @Rabbit @Nebula @Monoxide @Baobhan Sith @Strangeland @SweetCyanide @Valushia @Dabi @Dresdnd @Meraxa @ticklefarte @Priestess | Assassin @Vaudevillian @Jiv'undus @Velindrel @Moonbay @Magmy105 @Maelstrom @Phosfasium @Raptor @Zigzag @Noko @Lucinda Valentine @CelvestianNesy @DarkHorse @Sigil Warden @danzilla3 @Vlamymn @Houndy Poochykins @ThatWeirdBlobThing @500bees @supernal "Good morning, and in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!" -- The Truman Show
  10. Immie was handed her bowl of stew at supper time and she graciously took it like she usually did any food offered to her. She did not want to seem suspicious. She pretended to eat stew from the bowl, but when no one was looking she was dumping globs of it in a nearby bush. After pretend-eating half the bowl, she saw men running to the woods their hands holding their stomachs. She waited a long enough time to comment with, “Oh my tummy,” holding her own stomach as if it hurt. “I have to go to the bushes.” Her guard followed her, and she acted like she was throwing up, making gaging sounds. To him it sounded like real gagging, and since he had eaten the stew he was growing sick right along with the sounds. Soon he was really throwing up nearby. Immie saw a nice sized rock nearby and took her moment to raise it over her head and come down hard on the male’s skull. He folded to the ground, landing on his own pile of vomit. The stomach illnesses would not last forever, and she knew she had to devise a plan to escape where she could not be found. The dress she had on was the first thing that had to go. The neon red color was like a beacon in the green and brown forest. When she slipped out of the dress, she was dismayed to see she was wearing white underthings, which was as bad as the red. The forest had a coolness to it because the leaves were like a canopy protecting everyone from the warmth of the sun’s rays. She bit her bottom lip as she made the decision to shed the white underclothes. It would not be comfortable, but at least she would not be so easy to spot. Her skin was a very light shade, so she decided to do what she could to cover up the skin from being seen as soon as possible. She ran toward a spring she had heard gurgling nearby. She took the opportunity to smear some of the mud from the edge of the spring onto her body. This dark mud made her fade into the woods, as well as hid her scent from anyone with supernatural gifts of scent. She knew there were creatures on board that did have an extra strong sense of smell. She kept lathering the mud on quickly, and even lay down on the muddy earth with a wiggle to cover her whole back. Her red hair was smeared with chunks of dirt and some twigs. She was the same color as some of the trees and the ground. She would have a much better chance of escaping this way. She quickly sprinted away from the spring, deciding that running would keep her warm and get her farther away from the party of pirates. She hoped that the distraction was enough to allow Rysorian to escape as well. She had done what she could to make sure he had every opportunity, and now it was up to him to get himself to safety. She was sure that the male did not like her, and only wanted to be rid of her. This was his opportunity to do just that. She did not like the idea of leaving him and felt a pang of worry and guilt at abandoning him when he might need more of her help. But she also knew he would not appreciate her trying to be his protector. He had gotten along just fine before she had shoved herself into the seat at his table, he would get along just fine without her now. She ran as fast as she could into the woods. She ran until she was out of breath and felt dizzy, and then she ran some more. She always had a higher endurance for physical feats than humans, sometimes even elves. She ran until she felt the chill past the heat of running and decided she needed some kind of cover before it got dark and she was left to the elements with nothing but a mud skin to keep her warm. She began looking for things around her and managed to see a large opening in a rock facing. It was a cave, and one where she could at least keep from the winds and possible rain that would surely make her ill come morning. The cave was pitch black; a lot darker than the woods she had been running in. Twigs were in her hair, and scratches were on her arms where she had run past tree branches, bushes, and briars. Her feet were bruised and bloody from running without stop on rocks and sticks. She was exhausted, cold, hungry, and glad to be alive. She leaned against the cave wall, trying to catch her breath as she took notice of her small aches and pains. She did not notice at first, being distracted with her own dilemma, the heavy breathing in the cave. Then she heard the growl. She turned to face a huge black bear, standing up on hind legs, claws out towards her, teeth bared. A roar filled the cave and echoed through the walls as the bear showed its displeasure at her being there and disturbing its sleep. She could not scream or run. She stood frozen in shock, thinking, ‘I’m going to die. I ran all that way and did all that planning to get eaten by a bear.’
  11. I wouldn't mind. And I am thinking of bringing over Seinaru Forven, but a few places that aren't active have to go, or be touched up. And it won't be an immediate project, but something I'm thinking might take me quite a few months to revamp due to my busy schedule. But if you want to bring over the thread I'd be cool with that.
  12. The smoke he blew by her face was so close she could almost inhale the cloud of it into her own lungs. She did not know if he intentionally almost blew it into her face, but she had a feeling he did. He seemed to be the kind of male who liked to see how far he could push, and he kept pushing just to see how far that would go. Of course, she would be a hypocrite if she did not acknowledge that she had done exactly the same thing when she had begun hanging all over him. She had pushed and she had definitely gotten a response. He leaned in and whispered in her ear. It had been a long time since a male had dared to do that unless they were using stealth on missions. She almost sighed at the long-forgotten memories of being flirted with. She had never known how to react to the flirting when she was a very young miss. She would punch a guy in the mouth before she would show him encouragement. She had grown since then, but not by much. He had let something slip though, like she had hoped he would. Apparently, he had been in the presence of the Princess of Athentha, where he hailed from. That female was one of the craftiest, scariest women Pearl had ever known. She had not faced her personally, but she had heard scary stories. He would have never gotten an audience with the Princess unless he had been from royal birth or was a great warrior. And from his actions and demeanor she did not think he was a warrior. If he had been, he would have sensed the danger that was sitting almost up against him and he would have put proper distance between them post-haste instead of whispering in her ear. Pearl knew that Athentha was in an uneasy alliance with Seinaru Forven. The royalty were like opposites, with the Princess’ darkness compared to her Queen’s light. Pearl did admire the strength of the Princess, but she had a strong loyalty to her Queen. She followed Nutmeg’s gesture to exit the carriage, but not before grabbing the ice she had put her cigar out in. The servant stood by stoically. She raised the dripping piece of ice and he brought forth the ashtray he had been holding behind his back. She dropped the ice in with a ‘plink’ and he handed her a kerchief. She delicately wiped off the moisture, handed back the cloth, and smiled sweetly at the footman. Then she turned toward the carriage watching as Nutmeg disembarked. She turned away and looked at the open castle doors. She hated the Queen’s open-door policy. She felt it was dangerous to allow any riffraff easy access. Yes, there were guards at the door, but why tempt fate? The Queen was not there though, so she was less uneasy and more irritated. “Shall we go in then, good sir? I can show you around the castle and then show you to your room.” She slightly raised her arm for him to take. He might, or he might not, but either way she planned to put an end to the carriage ride and get to her room. This was her day off, so she planned to sneak out at night and go fishing. She had already snuck a fishing pole into her room with bait and a change of clothes. She planned to feign a headache, go to her rooms and sneak out the window, and then her date would not even know she had left.
  13. I am partially on the other site. New site means new set up and possibly new everything. But we are given the opportunity to bring over stuff and I still haven’t decided if I want to set up my board (if approved) with changes, or scrap it. I don’t even know what characters I’m bringing/scrapping. I need time to decide/make changes. I was brought on this thread by @Voldemort so I defer to his decision.
  14. Willow barely registered when the creature called her an “it” and offered to take her with her. She was in adventure overload and was trying her best to just stop the panic and breathe. She looked up in confusion as Arthur crouched down in front of her. His words were not harsh, and even sounded kind to the girl who had been through more than she wanted to in such a little amount of time. It was the heights. If she did not have to deal with the heights, she would have been impressive in her new job, she was sure of it. He had turned around for her and she realized that she had a choice; go with him or stay here and die. It was not much of a choice really, and she was glad that he offered his back, otherwise she would have had to climb down on her own and she would have gotten dizzy and fallen to her death. She climbed up on his back, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms went under his arms like she was his own personal backpack. She clutched at his shoulders and laid her forehead in between his shoulder blades. She closed her eyes as hard as she could, trying to ignore the personal position she was in, the warmth of his torso, or the fact that if she let go of him, she would drop to her death. The last thing she wanted was to be let go, so of course it was the thought foremost in her mind. Lorial was swinging lazily on the end of the rope, her feet planted firmly against the side of the building as she waited for the sign for her to break in. She was drawing shapes on the glass window in front of her with her claws, the drawings looking like a picture a child would draw. The fireworks went off, and she stopped drawing shapes. She made a perfect circle in the glass and the sharpness of her claws cut through the thick glass. She pushed the circle in, and there was a thud and the sound of breaking glass that no one actually heard over the fireworks. She slid in through the circle and pulled on the rope to show that she was in. She wondered if Willow would have the courage to go down the rope. She bit her bottom lip with her sharp teeth as she wondered if maybe she had gone too far with the other girl. Humans could only take so much. You had to be gentle with them. They were so breakable. She could see that having an assistant that was human was going to teach her as much as it would Willow.
  15. Hey everyone. The way I see it there are only 10 posts needed to have five pages to this thread. There are four weeks left (maybe less, I'm not sure the exact date) for us to get those posts out. That means one post every 3 days (or more if you can). Then we can wrap this thread up and safely store it into canon. Who's with me? 💪 The next person in the posting order is @ThatWeirdBlobThing, I think?
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