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  1. Royal Resurrection

    Should be some time tomorrow.
  2. Royal Resurrection

    John Todd has been added. @Redhood
  3. Royal Resurrection

    Do you have a particular character in mind? I saw that you have one in the profile database, but I don't want to assume that's the one you want to use.
  4. Royal Resurrection

    Welcome @Redhood. You'll get the hang of the site soon enough. What role were you interested in placing your character?
  5. Royal Resurrection

    The ones with open numbers but no names by them.
  6. Royal Resurrection

    The details are in the first post.
  7. Royal Resurrection

    Yes you do. Or more like spy like abilities. Is it just me, or is Ozark's character a dead ringer for Clint Eastwood? It could just be me. Lol
  8. Royal Resurrection

    @supernal There is room for Ozark, so I'm curious what character he/she will use.... and if he/she knows they've been volunteered.
  9. Royal Resurrection

    Orian has been added. @FenrirLoki
  10. Royal Resurrection

    @Stumbler Roman has been moved to advisor. Also it came to my attention that it might not be clear what each position requires. So I added it to the first post, for those interested.
  11. Royal Resurrection

    I don't have a picture, or a set thing in mind. I think it could be tailored to each charries individual style. So you can get creative.
  12. Royal Resurrection

    @Tyler Erin is listed. She'd probably be supplied with archery gear provided by the queen.
  13. Royal Resurrection

    One of the queen's archers would be great. That falls under soldier, if you're interested.
  14. Royal Resurrection

    @Stumbler Roman added.... but if you got a profile sheet I'd be interested in seeing it, thanks.
  15. Royal Resurrection

    @Jotnotes PM me and we can talk it out. @Stumbler Do you have s profile sheet? @Tyler Of course.