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  1. I have finally wrapped things up and packed my bags.  Val has been an awesome experience that I am happy to have had the privilege to participate in.  If you have been away from the site for a while, and came back to see that the doors are closed, and want to chat with me, I will be at the new site Pretty Good RPG.  Thank you, and lots of love.  :kiss:


  2. Title: The Hunt [Open] Link: https://www.valucre.com/topic/45720-the-hunt-open/ Summary: After Queen Malia had been found again Skacharm had convinced her to have a 'Welcome Back' party. She wanted something that included a few activities, so she asked for a hunt. Skacharm agreed that would be find, if a dance followed along after. The hunt took place in Karmathen, hunting for allops to use for their abilities to teleport. The capture of them was a trying task, but fun all the same. After the hunt, the dance was held in Karmathen as well for any to participate. Socializing, dancing, and good food was offered to all who were interested. The event was a rousing success. Those involved in the thread - Mickey Flash, @Houndy Poochykins, @Sanonymous, @Venus Sprite, @ThatWeirdBlobThing, @Dabi, @danzilla3, @-Lilium-, @Aleksei, @500bees Title: Strength of My Feelings [Kinumo] Link: https://www.valucre.com/topic/45812-strength-of-my-feelings-kinumo/ Summary: A contest was held giving different people the chance to go on a weekend getaway in Seinaru Forven. One of the couples to win were Kiki and Dauner. They were offered a weekend in Kinumo. The first activity given to them was an escape room scenario in the Tree of Memory. The couple solved the puzzles and made it out of the room quicker than most. Then they were given a romantic picnic to participate in. The couple seemed to be enjoying the outing together. Those involved in the thread - Mickey Flash, @Dabi, @500bees
  3. For the first time since she had the crown placed upon her head Malia felt like this was her land. There were no attempts on her life, she’d been accepted, respected, and admired. She had been welcomed with open arms in the land of Karmathen, and she will always remember this land fondly for the rest of her days. No more will there be any doubts in her mind on whether she should be queen. Being away from home for so long had given her a new appreciation for Seinaru Forven. She danced that night with a light heart. Skacharm watched benevolently, like a proud father that was seeing his daughter grow up for the first time. She made new friends, and rejoiced in her new status. She felt truly welcome. -The End-
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