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  1. Shalana tried to be the look out as the others made their way over the fence. She felt exposed standing there, like she was waiting for a guard to come around the corner. She pulled her hood down lower, hiding her face in shadow. There was no way she was going to put on the creepy mask, as she knew some were doing. She'd gotten what little use out of the mask that she wanted... to hold the ship's influence at bay. The only purpose for the mask now was to see what kind of magical properties that it had and to use them in the future. She'd rather be controlling the mask instead of it controlling her. She looked to see the Maiden Blackbush climbing over the fence with a magic all her own. The black oozing tentacles looked evil as Hades... and very cool. Shalana would like to know how she pulled off that trick. She looked around her again before she saw the smoke hand carrying others over the fence. It belonged to Jack. He was helping others out. She hadn't even thought to do that. Why would she? She'd never been given a helping hand in the environment she was raised in. She watched as he faded through the fence himself, and wondered about his powers. She would have to look more into the glyphs and less into the blood magic. She saw blood drip from him nose, and almost said, 'Ahhh,' aloud. This was blood magic, but the blood sacrifice was taken after the magic was completed. He didn't even seem to be aware of it. She shrugged, thinking he must be used to it. Shalana did a retake on her surroundings, gauging the amount of noise they all were making and if it was enough to draw attention. M'yr was off on his own, muttering to himself and even falling to his knees at one point. It was after Cammy had been speaking through the ear pieces she'd given them. He'd probably thought he'd heard a message from his gods and was kneeling down to pray. Shalana didn't know. Glee offered to toss them all up the library wall, which made him another helper in the group. He called Jack the leader, though he wasn't paying out the money and hadn't gotten the group together either. It must be because Jack was another helper. This was what was required to be a part of a team. Shalana was never very good with that. She couldn't trust anyone long enough to depend on them to watch her back. She usually watched her own back, and was of the opinion it was every male/female for themselves. She would have to work hard to just go against her nature, and be part of the 'group.' Speaking of watching her back, she looked around for Slake. The female didn't say anything when Shalana had basically disrespected her by not listening to her opinion of Jack being a good leader. That didn't mean all was forgiven though. The quiet ones were the most dangerous, especially ones like her. She reminded Shalana of some dark elf females she used to hang with when she was younger. They would punch someone in the face for no reason, and then laugh maniacally at the look on their face at having been punched. These types of females were either her worst enemies, or wanted to be her best friend. When it was the latter they would be weirdly possessive, using her as an excuse to tear into someone. “Did you look at my friend funny?” or “Are you offending my friend?” were examples of questions they would ask right before pulling out a knife or beating someone to a pulp. Then they would talk about being friends with Shalana forever, which tended to creep her out. She would nod and say of course they would be best friends. Then the next day she would sneak out of town and never come back. Slake reminded Shalana of those girls. M'yr was another one to watch out for. He wasn't so scary, but he was as bat shit crazy as Slake was in a different way. He would be the type to cower down about something, only to start screaming like his hair was on fire while he tried to slice you up. The best word for him would be unpredictable. She didn't want to have her back to either of them. The ones she thought was the best to be in charge of this group was Cammy and her girls. They seemed to be the most knowledgeable with sneaky, covert mission type stuff. They were also preparing for an escape plan, which none of them had went so far to think of, Shalana included. They also had these neat ear pieces which also allowed everyone to talk and be heard, even from miles away, without close by guards hearing. If shit went sideways she would place her bets on the cat females being able to get them out of trouble. As soon as she thought of guards she heard a noise to her left. It was a loud laugh, sounding male, coming their way. Possibly a guard. She reached in her magic satchel and pulled out a small potion bottle. It held a potion she'd made on the ship while she was bored. It's purpose was to make someone unconscious for a few hours if hit with the potion. She just had to be careful not to hit anyone in her group with it. This teamwork thing was a hard burden. “Hey,” she loudly whispered as she pressed her ear piece, “I hear someone coming. Could be guards. Do you want me to knock them out?” She didn't plan to touch them physically, though that wouldn't be hard for her to do. She just planned to hit them with her potion and move on to scaling the library. But she decided to try to do the team thing, let others know, and see if they had another plan. Being a part of a team sucked.
  2. I won't be able to post until tomorrow night. If that's too late you can skip me and I can jump in there when I can.
  3. I hope my post is ok. If it conflicts with the current events in the thread for your characters, please let me know and I'd be happy to edit.
  4. Lorial listened intently to Kiriot, hearing his mention of a dragon above and soaking in that information without much worry. If the dragon wanted to kill them, they would have been killed by now. The immediate threat was the wraiths. She heard Hain's shocked exclamation at the mention of the dragon, but tuned him out too. She needed to know how to fight these creatures, and it seemed Kiriot was taking entirely too long to respond. Then he mentioned the nutmeg and garlic. She could produce these. She could produce any plant anywhere, or cross breed the plants for whatever purposes they needed. She was about to tell him so, and tell him to quit asking permission to protect them any way he could, but before she could step in Reverie was talking to him, showing her disapproval, and Hain was lighting up like a lightning bolt as he threw his spear around. She watched Hain for a moment, thinking maybe he could kill the creatures and no other help was needed. He did start to look overwhelmed, and while he was doing that a blue glowing light was lighting up the sky. Crystal swords fell to the ground, and seemed to be surrounding them in a grid of electrical current. Hain seemed to soak that up as he continued to fight the wraiths. It seemed to make him more powerful, and Lorial wondered if Hain had a partner in the sky, the dragon perhaps, that was helping him out. The wraiths were tackling him down, and she felt a jolt of alarm. She'd heard that the touch of a wraith could take your soul, the only information she paid attention to about the creatures. Mainly because she wondered if she had a soul, being part vampire. Were they taking Hain's soul? He grabbed one of the crystal swords and started to use it as a weapon. The grid of electrical current seemed to be weaker in the area that he'd taken the sword. Was there a hole in that area that the wraiths could get through? She closed her eyes and concentrated, calling to the plants for help. Immediately plants began to grow from the ground in the area that left the hole. One plant were nutmeg trees, two of them growing tall with many limbs full of budding ripened nutmeg. The other plants, since she was unsure if garlic bulbs were needed or garlic vines, were combined garlic bulb/vine plants. The vines interwove themselves through the limbs of the trees covered with garlic bulbs and beautiful purple flowers. It made a wall of plants, with hardly a crack of space between the plants. “Here's your nutmeg and garlic,” she said to Kiriot. The electrical current fried the tree limbs on the sides of the hole, as well as the vines. More kept growing back in their place as she kept concentrating on the plant growth. She hoped this would help, and if it didn't she would just have to grab one of the crystal swords like Hain and begin slashing her way through the growing crowd of wraiths. Lorial had vampire hearing, but Reverie's words were faint to even her ears. She wondered if Reverie was weakening. "Come on everybody!" Lorial shouted to the group, "She just needs three minutes. Let's give her those three minutes." She looked to the others for help as a frown furrowed her brow. She didn't plan to die today, or lose what little bit of a soul she might have either.
  5. Sorry about that. Wow, I didn’t know I was gone that long. I’ll make a post within 24 hours.
  6. Yeah..... once upon a time I had more time to participate. I had been posting in 22 threads (at one time) at most here, and when it was happening I was making a schedule and loving every minute of that. With school and work I can participate in possibly four or five threads, tops. I take longer to post, but I make up for it with a more detailed post. Everyone here understands when life gets busy, or you need to take a break. I've always been welcomed back after inactivity with friendly RPers. And I've made some awesome friends here. I think you're going to like being a part of our community.
  7. Hello @Hydrangeas. I like to write in fantasy and horror threads too, though I am guilty of adding comedy to those threads at weird moments. I will look forward to reading some of your work. Welcome to Val.
  8. Hello @ReachForStars. Congrats on winning nano. I haven't tried the NaNoWriMo, but I did count my word count on my threads in the month of November one year and exceeded the amount required. I don't know if that counts, but I was pretty proud of myself. I've been around here for a few years, so there's a big possibility that we might post on a thread together in the future. If you have questions or just want to chat, feel free to pm me. Welcome to Val.
  9. Val is lucky to have quite a few of those. I hope you enjoy your reunion with Val, and decide to stay for a while.
  10. Shalana spent the majority of the time on the ship holed up in her room. She made spells from wounds she'd cut on herself, and ingredients she'd carried in her magic satchel. The wounds healed up almost instantly, only leaving feint scars. The whole experience was depressing and lonely. Usually when she went somewhere she had many new people to meet, laugh at, cause trouble with, or fight. This trip there wasn't much communication at all. The crew of the ship were depressing to watch. They were dead and rotting before her very eyes, and it just reminded her of a possible death in her future. She hadn't thought about it before, because she had a long life ahead of her before she was old enough to weaken and die. And if she died in battle then, oh well. It wasn't something she had to face everyday. Now she was facing their rotting corpses walking around and working on the ship. The ship seemed to hate.... everything. She could feel the darkness surrounding her. And to top it off, everyone else was feeling the unease as well. The ones in charge were strange and introverted. They seemed to be obsessed with the mission. She just wanted to get the job done and leave. She felt trapped on the ship, and lonely. It wasn't a feeling she appreciated. She was used to her brother being with her. He usually criticized her, laughed at her, or did his best to trip her up. When she left on her own she felt free of his ridicule. She was also free of the obligation of watching his back. She had felt mainly good about being on her own. Now for the first time she felt the loss of him being by her side. He would have never gotten on the ship in the first place, and would have said that M'yr looked sketchy as Hades. She couldn't even communicate with him through the crystal, since it wasn't working on the ship. She was second guessing doing this job and being on the ship at all. As soon as the ship docked and she was able to get away from it she felt better. Her legs were a bit wobbly, because she still felt like she had to balance as if on a ship. Soon she felt that disappear too. She could have kissed the ground she was standing on. The air seemed fresher, or it might have been because she wasn't around the crew and docks now. She smiled for the first time since boarding the ship, and as soon as her legs became more sturdy under her she walked cockily behind M'yr as she followed his lead. She remembered feeling like he was a bit of a worm when she first met him, and her feelings hadn't changed. He seemed weak, vomiting, looking scared and shaky on a regular basis. She couldn't bring herself to respect him. She knew she had a job to do, but she didn't like taking orders from him. She snorted as the thought entered her head that she didn't like taking orders from anyone. Still, his comments rubbed her the wrong way, especially when he mentioned pay. She hadn't been paid as of yet. All she had was a few bits of herbs from the crate offered to her when she first agreed to take on the job. She was doing this all for free in her estimation. Shalana shook her head. She'd believed that Slake was M'yr's right hand. Here the woman was undermining his authority by saying Jack was the one to follow. Shalana didn't know if that was because Slake had a thing for Jack, or because she didn't trust M'yr to lead, but neither reason was good enough to change the groups direction on who was in charge. And though Shalana didn't respect M'yr, she didn't want to be working for a group that didn't work well together or have direction. That could end up being a dangerous situation to find oneself. She looked straight at Slake, a female she found a bit creepy with her insane comments, and said, "I plan to follow the instructions of the person who is paying me." Then she looked straight at M'yr, "You are planning to pay me right? Because I don't plan to do this shit for free." She pulled a knife from her satchel and pricked a spot of blood on each of her fingers. She did a chant and waited a moment. She could feel the power of the spell in her fingers, as she walked up to the fence. The spell was to make her fingers strong and sticky for her to be able to just use her fingers to support her body as she climbed up the fence. She placed her knife back in her satchel, and quickly climbed up to the top of the fence. While she was up there she looked over the area to see if there were any guards. She didn't see any. She swung her leg over the side of the fence and jumped to the other side. "Hurry up!" she whispered loudly, as she waited for the others to follow after her.
  11. Welcome back. 😄 How long has it been?
  12. Hello @MaskedHero I see you are eager to RP and jumping right in there. Reminds me of when I first started here. Most everyone on Val is nice and friendly. I'd be happy to help, if you have any questions about the site. Just send me a PM. I hope you enjoy it here, and welcome to Val.
  13. I should be back ready to post by Tuesday.  Thanks for being patient guys.  ❤️

  14. @ticklefarte I won't be able to post in the next day or two, so if you want to go ahead I won't be trying to jump in there before you do.
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