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  1. Royalty Never Walks Alone

    Immie gently lowered the queen onto the ground, as Rodan requested. She was kind of glad that someone else was taking charge, especially when the queen's guard was speaking so caustically to her. Being able to help was one thing, and being in the way was another. It seemed he wanted to catch the falling queen, feeling it was his duty as a knight to be the one in charge of the queen. As far as Immie knew, it was his duty. She took a step back, but not far. Before she had felt as if this was a situation she knew nothing about and didn't belong in. She still felt that way, but for some reason not as much as before. The longer she was embroiled into it the more comfortable she felt, though that was an illusion. She knew this. Even so, she wasn't going to leave now. "Now, do not be alarmed." Rodan spoke to Immie, suspecting the redhead might freak-out when she saw the artist literally work his magic, "What I must do may seem strange to you, but it is necessary to get her out of the castle undetected. Please ensure I am not interrupted." Immie did not know how she could keep others from interrupting Rodan, especially the knight that had seemed to dislike her so. Was she supposed to stop them if they moved forward? She had no combat training, nor magic. She could change her appearance slightly, but that wouldn't help in this situation. She decided that she would not interrupt and that was the best she could promise. Rodan touched the queen, and the sight after was so intense that Immie could do nothing but stare with her mouth agape. The queen began to morph into something else, her body changing quickly before their very eyes. Immie couldn't help but remember Rodan holding the flower, watching it die, then watching him bring it back to life. This was not what was happening here, but the uneasy remembrance seemed to stick in her mind. White feathers sprouted from the queen, which Immie thought was a beautiful sight. The elongation of her neck was not, and Immie worried that the process was painful. She was about to say something when she noticed that the white feathers changed to black. It was as if white innocence was turned into the blackest sin. Her uneasy feeling did not go away. Her impressions were dark, as dark as the new swan queen. She couldn't help but wonder what she'd become a part of, and if this party was doing the right thing. "Behold, a masterpiece!" Rodan's proclaimed, his face radiating with pride. Immie swallowed down the misgivings, seeing that immediately after the metamorphosis the others seemed to be ok with the transformation. And since she'd come upon the scene late in the play, she didn't have enough information to naysay the other's actions. Though she didn't like the uneasy feelings she had, she kept her lips tightly shut. She'd already been reprimanded for speaking out in the queen's defense. And she knew that any overprotective outbursts or actions would not be appreciated at this point. She decided that she didn't know enough about the situation, or the others, to be able to make a good judgment on how she should react. Not yet. She found a feather upon the ground, black as night. She picked it up and placed it in a pocket in the fold of her dress. She didn't know what loosing a feather would mean for the queen. Was it the same as loosing a hair? Would it surmount to a finger loss? Or would it just fade away into nothing? There was much she didn't know, but was sure she could ask later when the situation wasn't so tense. After placing the feather into her pocket, she folded her hands tightly in front of her and waited to see what would come next. One thing she did know... she wasn't planning to leave just yet. She wouldn't be able to sleep not knowing the ending to the play. It had all the makings of a good story. So she would follow the others, and hope that her part in the play wasn't a tragic one.
  2. Wonderland Resort: Skiing, Fortunes, and Dancing!

    Shaym wasn't sure what the fortune teller was trying to do when she began plucking out her own hair. Was she trying to look crazy? And the reference to all the different futures did not concern Shaym. He was interested in the past. He sat there bored, wishing he was somewhere else, anywhere. Then her eyes went all unfocused, and she began talking in a faded voice. Oh yeaaaaah, this was what he was talking about. He grinned a little wickedly before he even heard what she said. His head raised up, as if he was afraid he was going to miss something. When she mentioned the word freedom, his smile disappeared. This was a weakness he wasn't fond of others knowing about him. When she talked of him sleeping with women he felt a little less alarmed, bored even. He shrugged, not caring that he was, as his friend Toad was fond of calling him, a "man harlot." The talk of empty hearts almost made him snort... until he realized she mentioned the void in his memories. "Yes, it is a shame. A damn shame. So," Shaym plucks one of the white hairs from his head and hands it to her, "tell me what you can of what you know of my past." He turns and nonchalantly plucks a feather from one of his wings. "Or do you need something else from my person? Whatever you need, I'll give it. Blood, sweat, and tears. I just need a jumpstart. Something I can use to lead me to the truth." He was trying to act like he didn't care, but his words and intense gaze was screaming out a different story.
  3. Royalty Never Walks Alone

    As Immie was coming closer to the queen, Rodan explained who Roen was to her. He was a ruler, which explained his self assured attitude and leadership abilities. She nodded to Rodan, understanding more clearly now why he had listened to the male and why Roen had been so knowledgeable of the queen. He must have went to parties before where she'd attended. Royal affairs with ball gowns and political aspirations. It made sense that he wanted to protect someone he knew, and possibly befriended. She felt more secure in her mission to help the queen now, feeling more like she might be doing the right thing. When she was in hearing distance of the queen, she heard the queen talking to herself. She seemed to be in a daze, and incoherent. There was definitely something wrong with her. She hadn't known the queen before, but she hadn't heard anything about the ruler here being insane. This seemed a shame to Immie, having to see someone stricken so low when they were supposed to be the ruler of all the land. If others seen her like this they wouldn't want to follow her rule. A knight walked up to her, a dark blob with red eyes. To Immie he seemed an odd sort of knight to have, to be sure. He pulled out a weird looking eye into his palm, which Immie stared at in both fascination and repulsion. It stared back, seeming to try to figure her out. It would be convenient for her if they eye could actually see all. Maybe it could tell her what she was, where she came from, or even the future. Instead it turned toward a moth, and words came from the blob in the insect's direction, calling the moth a fairy. Immie turned toward the moth, and squinted her eyes at it. Was this the fairy she'd seen crying before? Rodan's hand came down on her shoulder, and he spoke reassuring words which she did not hear, because she was about to get to the bottom of the fairy mystery. That's when she could see a dark shadow hanging from overhead. She looked up to see a dragon like creature. Too much was happening at once. Too many people where now crowding around the queen. Immie began to feel overwhelmed and a little freaked out. She took a step back away from Rodan, consequentially ending up closer to the queen. The dragon spoke threatening words to Rodan, and Rodan was trying to explain himself. The moth turned into the fairy that had cried to Immie for help, and she threw some sort of shimmery dust onto the queen. The queen was going down, down, right toward the blob knight. He was still holding the disgusting eye in his palm, and it was looking at the fairy with its creepy stare. The fairy was too fast to follow, flying up toward the dragon face, so Immie decided to do what she could to help the queen. One hand went around the queen's waist while the other took hold of her arm. "Don't fall. Don't fall," she repeated over and over as she tried to keep the female upright. The blob was there, close. He could be holding her up from the other side, though Immie didn't know. She also didn't know if it was a faux pas to be a commoner trying to hold up the queen, but she'd worry about that when someone made it an issue. Things were happening too quickly for her to have a chance to process it all. The fairy was trying to reassure Immie of the blob's good intentions, but at the moment Immie wasn't so sure about the fairy's motives. "Why did you throw that fairy dust into the queen's face? Did you know it would make her pass out?" Immie's concern was real and genuine. She wasn't so much accusatory as she was worried. If this was doing what was best for the queen, why didn't it feel right? Why did she feel like there was either a lack of communication, or something was getting lost in translation somewhere?
  4. More Important is the Journey OOC

    Aren't we supposed to be attacked by pirates soon and crashed into .... wilderness/water/mountains/jungle/wherever? I'm ready for that.
  5. <333

  6. More Important is the Journey

    Michelee lowered her head and looked into her lap. Her reluctant heartfelt apology had been completely ignored. She couldn't excuse it with the thought that maybe Azrada hadn't heard. She was a vampire. She probably heard Michelee's tummy digesting the raw meat she'd just eaten. She had purposely ignored her. A small part of Michelee resented this. It hadn't been easy for her to bring herself to apologize. Her first instinct had been to run from the danger. But she knew that her prejudice against vampires, and the strong effect Azrada had on her tiger, had made her rude to the female. She didn't like the idea that she would judge someone not on their merit, but on the consequence of their birth. Even so, Michelee had good cause to hate vampires. She did. Quite a few in her tribe had been killed by them. As far as she knew though, those vampires had not been Azrada. Another part of herself, the major half, was relieved that she'd been ignored. She hadn't wanted to be involved with the vampire anyway, already showing her reluctance to be close to her and then saying it out loud in her apology. Her honesty was not to be insulting. On the contrary, she had opened up a small crack, letting Azrada see a real part of who she was. She had also tried to be civil. To be ignored during such a moment was, frankly, rude. Azrada had instead focused her attention on Priscilla, the "good lady." This proved to Michelee that Azrada was just as snobby as Priscilla, and probably looked down on those without money. Yonx's honest bewilderment made Michelee smile down at her lap. He was sweet, and didn't understand that Azrada probably only considered Priscilla good enough to be a "good lady." She probably also thought Yonx was Priscilla's personal servant, since that was how Priscilla treated him. It made Michelee feel a little better about her previous judgment of the vampire. Apparently long years in a person's life did not make them better people, or change their juvenile habits. Since her food had been eaten, and her comments ignored. Michelee saw this as her cue to leave. She wasn't relishing staying at the table and listening to Priscilla and Azrada patting each other on the back for how glorious they both were, or better than the rest that were seated there. She also didn't want to see Yonx's kind face and blind gaze staring adoringly at the both of them. He was blind in more ways than one, poor thing. The napkin was still in her hand from where she had used it to dab away the mess left from her eating. She placed it over what was left on her plate, a small bite or two of the meat. She then scooted her chair away from the table and turned without a word. Whether her absence was remarked upon or not, Michelee couldn't say. She was resolved now to stay as far from the rest of the party as she could. If someone became hurt, she would heal them. That was her purpose here. Nothing more.
  7. More Important is the Journey OOC

    That’s ok. If Michelee’s apology is not addressed, I’ll just say it was ignored in my next post. I hope that’s ok. I have to have flow too.
  8. More Important is the Journey

    Michelee hadn't been able to help herself. She had to put her two coins in about Arzada travelling with them. But when she heard Priscilla agree with her, it made her wince internally. Just the fact that Priscilla was on the same page as Michelee felt wrong to her. For one, Priscilla was the one who brought Arzada to the table. Michelee had heard Priscilla's footsteps long before the almost silent glide of the vampire's. She knew that Priscilla had seen the pretty clothes on the other woman, worth money, and decided to see what she could get from befriending her. That she changed her mind about wanting her along just showed how fickle Priscilla was. There was no telling what it was that had changed her mind. Michelee could hazard a guess. Jealousy was a strong motivator, and with Arzada there Priscilla was no longer the center of attention. How cruel could you be though? To invite someone to your table, to spend time with you, then make sure that person knew you didn't want them around for the rest of the journey.... that was kind of harsh. Then she had the balls to ask her if she were noble. Didn't she hear Kinazz and Arzada talking? They were both as old as dirt, which meant they had more influence than any noblewoman would. Michelee had no doubt that both had the power to move mountains if they wanted. She hoped she wasn't around if/when they decided mountains needed to be moved. Either way, the sarcastic tone in Kinaaz's voice decided Michelee on how she would act next. Kinazz was right. She and Priscilla had spoken for the female vampire. It wasn't Michelee's place to do this, and she wished she hadn't of said anything. Now she felt compelled to address Arzada directly. Swinging her head in Arzada's direction, Michelee cleared her throat. She didn't look the other female in the eye, sensing whatever hold she had over Michelee would intensify. Instead she looked at her collarbone. "I'm sorry Miss Arzada. I wasn't trying to speak for you. I don't know your situation, or where you plan to go. You could even be headed in the same direction as we are, for all I know. I was just making an observation. That's all. And if I were being honest, I will admit that I don't feel comfortable around you. You have a powerful effect on the animal side of me. I have nothing personal against you." Michelee looked toward Priscilla when she said this, knowing that Priscilla might have a more personal reason for not wanting Arzada in their group.
  9. Royalty Never Walks Alone

    Immie followed behind the devil man and Rodan, lagging behind them like a reluctant child. She listened to the devil's ramblings and couldn't help feeling like maybe he was insane. For one, he was telling them that 'this shall pass' quite often. And that they needed to 'remember.' Then he was talking all superior, like he was going to rule the land. After that, he made some remark about how he was leaving Immie and Rodan to protect the queen, like he was a general giving orders to his soldiers. The part that really sealed the deal for her, that he wasn't quite all there, was the fact that he called the queen's knights monsters, but told Immie and Rodan to trust them. Then he went to apparently look for trouble somewhere. Did he speak of himself in the third person, calling himself 'The Great Devourer?' Maybe the fight he'd participated in at the ball had effected him more than Immie thought? Maybe he just spoke in riddles, and she didn't have the answers. She didn't know. But it was hard for her to give him credit when she didn't understand the reasoning behind his words. Rodan didn't say anything when the devil spoke, nor did he give his opinion on what was really happening. He just let the male finish his speech and walk away. He seemed to be somewhat concerned though, since he started making excuses for his strange behavior. He called him Patia's regent. So she had to ask. "I'm not from this area. Where is Patia? And what role does the regent have? Is it an important one?" She was beginning to get that feeling again. The one where she was in a play full of characters, and she didn't know what was going on, or what role she played in it. She asked these questions in a whisper, as she began to slowly walk her way toward the queen. If the queen had been impaired, where was the guilty party to take advantage of the situation? Were they around, ready to pounce at any moment? And why were she and Rodan the ones taking care of the queen? She didn't know about Rodan, but she had no battle experience. All she knew about fighting was from the books she'd read on the matter. They were not flattering to those involved in battle without skills. The different ways to die flittered through her mind in rapid procession. She looked around wearily, and for a split second thought about turning around and sprinting in the other direction. It would be the smart thing to do. As it were, she had this pesky feeling in her gut that just wouldn't let her leave the female vulnerable, whether she was a queen or not. So against her good sense she found herself getting closer and closer to the queen.
  10. Sea Troubles

    A faded scene, then darkness. Noise, bright lights, then darkness again. Pearl was trying to come out of this fog in her mind, but it was hard. Her head was pounding as if she'd been knocked over the head many times instead of only once. Her head rolled around and the pain of the movement made her groan. She tried to bring her hands up to her aching head, but they were tied behind her back. Alarm set in. She forced herself to come to, and to try to take in her surroundings. Her body didn't seem to want to cooperate, comfortable in the pain free darkness it was in before. She squinted her eyes open, and got a peek at her surroundings. She was on a ship. That was for sure. There were crew members working hard and fast to get the ship underway. There was a difference between this ship and any other normal ship though, and you could tell it by the crew. They worked fast, efficiently, weaving through each other like they'd done this thousands of times before. It was possible they had, for they weren't regular crew that had lives away from the sea. They were pirates. This was their life. She'd made the mistake of going to the harbor late at night, unafraid of any trouble. She rarely had to be, because she was a woman who knew how to take care of herself. She could handle anything she was faced with.... unless they decided to sneak up behind her and hit her over the head. Her head lolled again, and she rose it quickly with a snap. It hurt intensely, but she had realized that she'd passed out again somewhere between opening her eyes and lolling her head. Around her neck was some kind of collar. She could feel it. She didn't know what it was for, but she didn't appreciate being collared like a pet. Tugging at her bindings, she realized that she wasn't going to be getting out of here any time soon. She opened her mouth to let her influential voice control anyone within hearing distance. An off key note filled the air. Oh well. She didn't need to be in tune for it to work. And what would one expect after being knocked out and trussed up? "Shut up!" a big burly male said somewhere behind her. Apparently her vocal chords must not be working, because he didn't seem impressed in the least. "I might just give you another goose egg." He leaned up against a nearby barrel, lighting a cigarette he had in his vest. Pearl struggled against her binds to no avail. What was she gonna do now?
  11. Wonderland Resort: Skiing, Fortunes, and Dancing!

    Shaym took a moment to look down at the dancing people below. “You know, without being able to hear the music, you have a different perspective.” His hand touched the glass as he watched for a second. “Some dancers look erotic, like they don't need music to move in an artful manner.” His hand fell down to his side once more. “Most just look silly.” He came over to the chair she offered, and turned it around so the back of it was toward the table she sat at. He straddled the chair, not liking the feel of his wings being hindered if he could help it. “My name is Shaym. No Mister, just Shaym. And what's the old saying? Don't you already know why I'm here?” He gave a half grin, inviting her to join in. Then he seemed to gather himself, and his face became very serious. “I would like some proof that you are real. I've visited some ridiculous fakes out there. And after you do that, I'll tell you how you can help me.” He leaned on the back of the chair, and rested his chin against his forearms. His eyes stared into hers, watching expectantly. He took the moment to study the female before him. She wasn't what he expected a fortune teller to look like. He wasn't sure what he expected, but this wasn't it. Her hair was a rich dark brown, and her skin was as white as his, maybe whiter. It was her eyes that held him arrested though, a light pink color that didn't belong on any human. But what did he know? He had only a handful of years to remember. There could have been dozens of pink eyed brunettes in his past.
  12. More Important is the Journey

    Michelee had just received her plate of raw meat, fork and napkin beside it. She picked up the metal fork. It wasn't silver, so it didn't burn. She stabbed the fork into the meat with a little more force than was needed for cooked food. It was already cut for her, the same as they'd done Kinaaz's food. She placed the bite into her mouth and closed her eyes, savoring the flavor. She didn't need food. Her healing qualities made it unnecessary to survive. She liked food though. It filled a hunger she didn't really have, but could always imagine. Before she could really enjoy her meal, she began to get that strange feeling she'd had outside again. She looked up to see the tall female vampire, standing over her table, looking down at her plate. Michelee shrank down in her chair a bit, feeling like she was being followed. It seemed her request of the vampire to stay away from her hadn't mattered, because she was again too close in proximity. She looked down at her plate, trying to ignore the female. She would just eat all of her food and leave the table as quickly as possible. Stuffing the food into her mouth, she began to realize that she was creating a mess, as blood dripped down her chin and onto the table cloth. She grabbed the napkin and dabbed at her chin, listening to the others exchange names and pleasantries. She wasn't paying much attention until she heard Kinaaz's comment. She began to choke on her food, and she coughed frantically. After she got her breath back, she squeaked out a response. “Miss Arzada doesn't seem like she needs a job.” She did a quick glance in Arzada's direction, before sliding her gaze to her plate once more. “She seems to be doing fine wealth wise,” she finished speaking in Kinaaz's direction. What Michelee really wanted to do was shout 'No!' at the top of her lungs. She didn't want Arzada going everywhere she went, oozing out her feel-good feelings. Michelee didn't trust any feeling that wasn't earned.
  13. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    And without the seer we were pretty much clueless anyway. Just throwing shots in the dark.
  14. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    You did. But just because he has a psychology background didn’t necessarily make him the killer. The role of the dice did that.
  15. Murder Mystery [OOC]

    Awwwww Acies? I knew I’d get more use out of those eMotion emojis.