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  1. There’s a sense of guilt and regret when life gets busy and takes you away from threads.  Anyone who’s ever unintentionally flaked out on a thread knows what I mean.  I’m sorry for not being here.  Life is getting super busy, and taking me away.  I miss having the creative freedom that makes me happy.  I plan to make it back here on Val as soon as things settle down a little.  For those that are patient and understanding, thank you.  :kiss:

  2. I’m sorry @Vetanoob. It’s not your fault. I post my AFV in my status because I’m in quite a few threads, and honestly... I’m lazy and don’t want to post in all the OOC threads. I’ve been super busy recently, and overwhelmed. I love to write, but have been feeling writers block (or life block) due to feeling overwhelmed. I’m working, going to school, and a single parent. I also have a big family and I’m happy to say a few friends (though I’ve been flaky from lack of extra time to spend with them). This Fall semester starts in a week, and I haven’t been to college in a long while. It’s new, nerve wrecking, exciting, and time consuming. I’m afraid I’ll be even more flaky in the future. This in no way is your fault. I apologize for being scarce and shady.
  3. I just wanted those that are posting with me to know I’ll be AFV for a while.  If you’d like, we can pick up the threads when I get back.  

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      thanks for letting us know 😊 we shall await your return to our threads 🙏

  4. Dude, life comes first.... especially when your wife’s carrying twins. Congrats!
  5. Immie heard the word from her position, and even though it was to prepare her for what was to come she would never be fully prepared. She was not prepared for the sound of the blast from the other ship as it launched it's torpedoed hooks, nor the hooks scraping across the wood, splinters flying everywhere, and the final tug of the hooks in the sides of the ship. It pulled the airship in a slightly slanted position, and Immie was hard pressed not to topple over. The barrels beside her were made of heavier material than herself, and they didn't move. She decided to hold on to one of them for support as her eyes widened in wonder. This was what she was waiting for. Adventure. Soon she could see rough looking people sliding from the ropes attached to the hooks on the side of the ship. They were shouting, "Aaaahhhh!" as they slid with one hand on the rope and other carrying a sword or gun of some sort. She could definitely tell the difference in who was a person on her ship and one from the other. The clothes, facial hair, foul language as well as foul stench gave the pirates away. This was one of the things that the books failed to mention when she read about the sea scavengers... the stinky scent that followed them wherever they led. One had come close to her, and she hid behind the barrel with her nose covered by her hand. This was not romantic, as some of the books had tried to lead her to believe. The sight of the dead bodies were gruesome as well. Some were of the pirates, but some were of her own fellow ship companions. She soon closed her eyes tightly too, against the sight. This was not what she wanted in her adventure. It was not pleasant and in fact, intensely traumatizing. With her nose covered and her eyes squeezed tightly shut, there weren't that many senses left. The sense of hearing became more acute though, as she then heard a loud and strange howling sound. Her eyes quickly opened to see a large and ferocious dog-like animal biting at the pirates. Screams could be heard, shots were fired, blood spurted, and chaos reigned. Immie had closed her eyes for too long, and she'd missed the fact that she'd been spotted by one of the pirates. It seemed that there wasn't any logic to the pirates' methods. They were just finding the weak and killing off as many as they could. With the red head hunkering down among the barrels, she seemed to be an excellent target. He growled as he came forward, a scimitar in hand. She let out a little shriek as he got closer, his stench seeming to waft toward her before he was able to even get close. He grabbed a handful of her red hair as she tried to run around the barrel she was hiding behind. The action pulled her back onto the barrel with enough force to set the heavy barrel off balance. The pain was sharp and searing, but she had to keep her wits about her. She knew she wasn't going to be getting out of this mess easily. She wondered to herself for a brief second why she hadn't just gone to her cabin and locked the door like she'd been asked? After wasting that second on the useless thought, she decided to use the momentum of the toppling barrel to knock it the rest of the way over into the pirate. She used the force of her legs and her bottom to knock it over, along with the fact that the ship was slightly off kilter anyway, and it hit the pirate right between the legs before rolling away. He bent down in pain, literally out of breath. His hold on her hair loosened enough for her to pull away with a few strands less than she'd had before. She turned and swung her leg up to kick the pirate in the face as he was bent over, and then she started to run. She hoped she could make it to her cabin before more pirates came into her vicinity, but she doubted it.
  6. I can make a post in about 5 to 6 hours from now.
  7. I believe the question I’m asking, where it comes to Grovel’s good deed, is whether or not “Victor” is an NPC or @Vetanoob‘s original controlled charrie? I slice and dice, hack and slash, cut off limbs all day long with NPCs. But if it’s someone’s original character I give the other RPer the option to make a defense, if needed. Just curious.
  8. Skacharm had traveled a long way, and on many dangerous roads to get where he was at this moment. Even though he was the new ruler of Seinaru Forven, he didn't travel with an entourage. He didn't need protection. He hadn't been the head master of the Spy Academy for nothing. The Spy Academy didn't exist anymore, but that didn't mean that all the years that he'd taught there had disappeared. He also still had the dark purple cloak he'd used to disguise himself from those curious about his identity. This same cloak was placed in the saddle bags on the side of his horse. His horse was dark, like the clothing he wore. There was no reason to draw attention to himself. And though he doubted anyone would believe that a ruler of a great land would be traveling the dark streets alone at night, he was always a cautious male. He stopped his steed, letting him rest as he got closer to his destination. He reached into the saddle bags and pulled out the cloak, still looking as new as the day it had been created for him. He pulled on the heavy robe, and he could feel the dark fog of shadows begin to surround him as he would grow taller to anyone looking on with the naked eye. This cloak was made for his protection, and for a disguise. He would be taller, and his voice would be deeper to those he talked to. And the shadows would give the fiercest warrior pause, as they moved around his person. The cloak protected against magic, and weapons. It had been meant for Spy Academy purposes only, as it drew more attention from those he might have been trying to hide from. He still considered it his most prized possession after all these years, and it represented him well. He was not someone that could be judged by his looks alone, especially when it came to the power within. He pulled the hood over his head, and his blond hair and pleasant facial features were disguised from view. He grabbed the reins of the steed, that had become skittish the moment he'd pulled the hood over his features. The horse didn't recognize him anymore, and his scent had changed as well. He soothed the horse as best he could, using a gentle touch rather than to speak with the strange voice he had acquired with the cloak. The horse soon gentled, sensing no harm would come to him. He tied the steed to a tree nearby, and quietly made his way to the gates of the very large abode he was to enter. It wasn't hard to stay to the shadows, since the shadows flowed around him as if to include him in a safe embrace. He pulled the key from the inner pocket, and instead of heading straight to the gates, he followed the instructions that led him to a large boulder not too far from the gates. He found the strange crack in the boulder, one that had the same shape as the one on the key. After placing the key inside, the boulder moved aside quietly and slowly. It opened just far enough for him to squeeze through. Inside the entrance of the boulder he could barely see, and he had to walk around a corner touching the wall to make sure he wasn't going to walk into it. The door had closed slowly behind him, making visibility almost nonexistent. As soon as he walked around the corner, he could see the faint light ahead. The closer he got to the light, the better he could see the guard standing in wait for him. The look on the guard's face was disapproving, and a little fearful. Skacharm could guess that the guard did not relish taking this strange cloaked figure to his mistress' private chambers. The fact that he turned to lead the way anyway spoke of how well trained her guard was, and how he obeyed his orders whether he liked them or not. This impressed Skacharm, and he approved the guard's protective attitude as much as he appreciated his loyalty. The tunnel was sparse, only leaving enough room for the two to walk one in front of the other. The guard carried the only light, and Skacharm could see there were other tunnels. The guard chose the path, and if you didn't know your way around you would easily get lost. It was a clever idea, which also made Skacharm more aware of his hostess' many attributes. He hoped she passed on her skills to her offspring as well. Finally the guard stopped, and he gave Skacharm a scowl as he opened up the bookcase for Skacharm to enter. Not speaking, but nodding deeply, Skacharm quietly made his way into the study. The guard disappeared inside the tunnel once more, leaving Skacharm on his own. He stood there for a moment, letting the shadows flow around him. He spoke with his disguised voice to the lovely creature sitting at her desk, “I am honored.” He bowed low to the female. When he lifted up, he removed his hood, unwilling to have her ill at ease in his presence. The shadows disappeared, and he slowly began to look less threatening and tall. He grinned his charming grin. “Grand Kommandant,” he added in his normal, smooth tones.
  9. The Minotaur is NPC, so can be used by everyone who are interested in getting involved in a possible barroom brawl. @Monoxide @SweetCyanide @Strangeland @Baobhan Sith @Nebula @SteamWarden
  10. Since the guy in the trench coat was the one who began talking about assassins and drew Shalana and Zeno's attention, their attention stayed upon him. It seemed they weren't the only ones who noticed his loud declaration. Everyone had been sitting in wait, trying to quietly mind their own business and see when the trials began. But they were all assassin, or assassin 'want to be's.' They all had dangerous tendencies that were lying dormant. When the sharp toothed, trench coated man had blurted out his suspicions of the lady eating cheese participating in the assassin guild trials, it jolted awareness through many of the patrons in the pub. If there were those there not wanting to participate, they were watchers waiting to see if anything exciting would happen. They perked up too, eyeing the area where the words were uttered. His words drew the attention of a red haired, red eyed, bold woman. She threw out veiled insults while pretending it was all a joke. Zeno's eyebrow twitched, which Shalana knew from the past meant he was interested. She rolled her eyes and took another drink of her ale. The trench coated man's response almost made her choke on the drink, and she had to quickly swallow as she looked in his direction. "I like that guy," she said to Zeno, motioning toward the guy in the trench coat. "He's funny." Zeno sighed and said in a exaggeratedly bored voice, "He just threatened to kill... slowly... painfully... anyone in the assassin's trials. This includes you." She snorted, "I know. That's why he's funny." Her grin was angelic, but he could see the minx underneath. "Why do you always go for the guys who want to kill you?" he asked. This was a long standing conversation between them, one that had turned into a joke it happened so often. She leaned back into her chair, her arm going over the back of the chair in a relaxed position. "Oh, come on now. To be fair, they don't start out that way. It's after they get to know me that they really start wanting to kill me." Both of them laughed softly. While they were having this conversation, the strange floating woman from the woods was making her own threats, and throwing a knife into the mix. This was noticed by many excited onlookers who were just waiting for the now lit powder keg to go off into a grand explosion for them to enjoy. Also while Shalana and Zeno were having their conversation, the whispers of what the man in the trench coat had said went through the crowd, passed on from one person to the next, in a hushed wave of excitement. The way a whisper train works is that it starts out sounding like the truth, and ends up being something entirely different by the end of the train. What had started as a clear warning to anyone trying to usurp the trench coated man from his winning position in the trials, turned out to be a threat to kill any and everyone in the pub by the end of the whispers. This met with many scowls, and one particular party was especially offended. He stood up from his table at the back of the pub, his full seven foot eight inches of height. He was a Minotaur, and his bull nostrils flared with anger. He was all brawn, with only a little brain, so it was that he didn't think before reacting in a bar full of dangerous people. He began to charge with a roar, and his eyes were rolling wildly. As he passed some tables, he shoved them to the side to make room so that he could go a straight line to his target. The target was the trench coated man. "Kill me will he!" he shouted as he made his way through the crowd. Shalana heard the stomping of his hooves as he was making his way across the room. She turned with eyes wide, and then a look of glee covered her face. She moved aside, just in case her table happened to be in the way, and so did Zeno. This was not the first time they were witness to a barroom brawl, and they both kept their eyes on the sight before them as they also tried to chug down the last of the ale before the action began.
  11. I will be making a post tonight.
  12. Michelee wasn't a fan of confrontation. She hung back while the seer and Ragnar hashed it out. The wonderful new experience that she had been eager to try was now quickly turning sour, and she starting wishing they'd never came to the seer. She understood the seer's point of view, not that she agreed with it. It looked to Michelee like she was very touchy about her gift, and took out her insecurities on Ragnar. This was unnecessary, in Michelee's eyes, and she didn't see how this was going to go well. When Ragnar opened up about the fact that his wife and child had died, Michelee felt a pain of sympathy for the guy. She didn't blame him for marching out. The look on Zebba's face was priceless. Her mouth was hanging open, and her eyes showed her remorse. "I didn't mean for him to... I didn't know..." she stopped for a minute and took a deep breath. Then she closed her eyes and opened them back up. Michelee waited for her to say what she wanted to say. "Seers don't see everything, and I didn't know," she said simply. "It's alright," Michelee said, though she didn't feel the words to be truth. "I have to go find him," she quickly inserted so that she could leave the cottage as quickly as she could. When she left Ragnar was no where in sight. She panicked for a moment, but the sight of tiny fae filled her vision. They were motioning her forward, and she decided to follow them. She didn't know where they were taking her, but she hoped it was in the general direction of Ragnar. She remembered that Zebba said the fae would help her. She decided to but her trust in them. Soon she was led to a field, and there were quite a few fae circling a spot in the field. It was hard to see what it was, since the grass was so tall. They were circling like the birds of prey circle dead animals. She was worried for a minute of what she would find. When she got to the spot, she could see the armor that Ragnar wore, with spikes and sharp pointy objects. She rushed over, afraid he was.... ill? Dead? She didn't now. "Ragnar!" she exclaimed. She pulled at her gloved hand, about to remove the glove to do what she could to try to heal him.
  13. Hello Blackguard. I love coffee. It keeps me going in the morning. And I hope you enjoy your stay here. Welcome to Val.
  14. Welcome to Val. I hope you enjoy it here.
  15. Happy 4th to those who are celebrating!  

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