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  1. I counted the threads I’d participated in on Val (didn’t count the mentoring in Tavern 2, the quests I’d hosted, or lore I’d written), and barring the fact that it’s highly possibly I might be off a thread or two for miscounting, I came up with the number of 125.  😅

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    2. Ataraxy


      Wow, that's so many!! I highly doubt I've reached such a high number lmao 

      How did you do search?

    3. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      I opened that little section above your start date and content count.  It looks like a computer chip.  It didn’t go all the way back to when I started until I clicked on content type.  Then I got 200 pages of posts, not all of them threads. Some were comments in Chat and stuff.  It was interesting to see.  Edit- This is on your profile page.

    4. Moon Owl

      Moon Owl

      That's indeed very impressive! I shall strive to follow in your example.