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  1. I already have a third party that is separate from everyone who will be working towards a conquest of their own. Yours would be a fourth party, which would make things much more intense and interesting! I'm all for it!
  2. Aizen and I briefly discussed me taking over Warlocks role for playing The Beast King and his subordinates. I'm not exactly sure how i'm going to go about it yet, but I am interested in giving it a try, and will continue to work with her on fleshing out the baddies of this world. She's given me a direction, I just gotta follow it!
  3. I find I have become a very pessimistic person. Not even a glass is half empty kind of guy. More like a, it doesn't matter how full it is, my glass has nothing but piss in it, kind of guy. I find I can't stand people. Either they are blatant assholes or are equally as jaded as I am, or they are sickeningly sweet to your face to try and coax shit out of you. Finding a single woman, who is straight, interested in pursuing a relationship, and minimally cares for personal hygiene is like pulling teeth with no pain killers... And the drill is rusty... And your in a dental school being practiced on by a student... In Giana. TFW when you know the air where you live is literally killing you, but you can't do shit about it 'cause you can't move if you aint got money. People are killing each other every day just thirty minutes from where I live, and I can't do shit about it. Every time I see a little ray of light, something to give me hope to carry on, this planet pimp slaps me back into place, showing me just how pathetic it was for me to even smile at the thought that people have even a shred of good in them. And in the end reminding me to ~
  4. What system do you play on if you don't mind me asking?
  5. @King >Efrideet >Hawkmoon I think Lord Salidin would like a word with you. Well, at least it isn't Thorn! XD
  6. Hi man.

    So, seems like Raven's made an enemy! And I can't help but think that we should throw Malik and Raven in a room and see what happens. You in?

    1. ezkiel777


      It will happen eventually, but not soon. Malik is preoccupied with growing his strength. In Aizens Kingslayer arc, which is Ravens next major step, Malik won't be involved. Rather, he has a slave army (really only a couple hundred in numbers) of half and quarter demons from Tellus Mater who will be playing their own major role in contest with Raven unbeknownst to her. 

      She and I have major plans. I won't get into it because spoilers. But just know Raven and Malik won't have any personal contact for awhile.

      Although I do want to see them solidify a powerful friendship in the future. Who knows? Maybe Raven will soften his callous heart one day.

  7. It will probably amount to not much more than me needing to dish out my own wall texts, as I feel as though I will need to put a little extra effort in for my asspull plans to come together.
  8. I will cobble something together tonight, seeing as I have the day off tomorrow. Time to get some shitposting done!
  9. Finally time to set off it seems. Right on time and well in order, things went fairly smoothly, which pleased Dingo. If he had to complain about anything, it would be that he was at the back of the caravan, the furthest point away from Alice. Having grown slightly fond of her, and being sociable, he grumbled in his heart as he felt he was slighted an opportunity to chat with her. But with a sigh, he let it go as he put his full focus into his job, carefully watching the surroundings as they travelled. Gekko didn't mind his posting obviously, and not speaking a word the entire three days he continued his job with due vigilance. It's to be expected that the local wildlife would take notice, especially at night, of their parade through through living space. But besides bizarre plant life with not only flexible and agile growths, but slight animalistic intelligence as well, there really wasn't anything to be concerned. Just a few scenes that appeared like the setting of an asian cartoon of the adult entertainment variety, and not much else. The group came upon a bear at one point. But seeing the large group's approach, it quickly fled deep into the woods on it's own. Not that it bothered anyone or left the group unsettled with just that. It just reminded everyone to continue to be cautious. A startled bear is unpleasant to deal with, so the were lucky in not having to dispatch a completely innocent creature like that in self defense. Needless to say, three days on the road would tire anyone out, and with all these predators around it was to be expected morale would be out of sorts. And like that three days came and went. It was, besides the daily surprises that came to wear on ones nerves, rather pleasant. That is, until just past noon on the third day That Dingo took in the scent on the air, and scrunched his face with a frown. Gekko looked up to the sky, his face appearing blank and unassuming. They could tell the rain was coming. And it wasn't long after they came to this realization on their own that murmurs among the builders rose up, Garkarat being the first to break the tension by calling it as it was. As the clouds began to accumulate, turning gray with a soft rumble audible off in the distance, it was clear it was going to rain. But when and how much, was debatable. Alice gathered the group together to ask for a quick opinion on what their actions should be. Of course, Gekko just stood there with a smile. He would likely do what Dingo wanted him to, as he was not only his friend, but the one who hired him. So of course he had nothing to add. Dingo however was another case. He crossed his arms and appeared distressed. The destination was just a few hours away. Even if rain came in, they could bear with getting a little wet. But this one looked like it could get rough, with lightning possibly in the mix. Considering the cargo and the fairly even altitude, it wasn't looking good for their safety. He put his arms down and almost immediately replied. "I say we take cover. If it rains, so be it. We aren't in any rush, and I would hate for us to risk it just to have a storm unload on us. Plus you can hear a little thunder in the distance. Can't really see the lightning yet, so we might have enough time, but personally I'd rather not risk it. We could tent everything off and ground ourselves, the just wait and see if it passes us?" Dingo didn't really see them having enough time to take cover anywhere sufficient. Really though, if they were so close to town, there was a good chance for a civilian living in the woods to be nearby. Living outside a town or village was a convenient way to keep ones privacy while maintaining the convenience of having civilization nearby. The odds of a cottage or something of the like being nearby was extremely high! Dingo continued. "While we weatherproof the cargo, I can send Gekko out to scout. Don't worry about him running into trouble, he can handle himself. He might be able to lead us to somewhere safe and dry..." Gekko just looked back and forth in between Dingo and Alice, his face not changing in the slightest as he smiled, waiting for an order.
  10. Sorry for no post today. It was my birthday and I got a new smoker as a gift! I was busy smoking meats... 

    Love me some dat chicky... 

  11. @Wade Holy shit after retreading my last post I'm horrified! This is why I shouldn't post past bed time! THE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS! DX
  12. Never watched it myself so I'm just doing this blindly.
  13. Dingo inwardly sighed as the rest of the meal had a heavy feel to it. Dingo felt slightly depressed about his situation and could sense discontent coming from Alice. It couldn't be helped though. Perhaps one day he could go more into detail regarding his past. How he and his kind were created, reborn from an ancient race of demigods who drove themselves into extinction long ago. About the secrets behind their identities and the man who revived their race. And about Malik and his relationship with that man. It's not that Dingo wished to keep it a secret. It was just far too much to reveal over a light meal. It would take some time, and as Dingo didn't expect the two would be working together often, he felt it was pointless to get into it. Perhaps one day, over another meal another cup of sake... ~ ~ ~ The meal ended rather unceremoniously. And Alice paid for half the meal despite Dingo's offer to treat her, although he held his tongue on that matter. He could only shrug it off as he didn't want to insult her. She seemed rather proud and so far the woman he has gotten to know garnered enough respect from him that he didn't want to tread on that pride. Some time later they had gathered early at their meeting point near the entrance, or exit in their case, to the town in the direction they were headed. As the people came in, the face he revealed to Alice prior had completely disappeared as he now had the countenance of a vicious businessman, a scowl on his face and a dark light in his eyes. He stood a distance behind Alice with his arms crossed as she approached the minotaur, whom he guessed was the representative of the construction workers. He looked their direction as he noticed them heading his way. Alice introduced the two and Dingo casually grasped the hand, not bothering to bare down on his grip, as he felt no need to show off for the grizzly man. Although Garkarat himself had one hell of a handshake as Dingo came to expect. Perhaps the man would be somewhat reserved concerning Dingo's strength if he was trying to gauge him based solely off of that. But Dingo certainly didn't read into it. After all, he was of the opinion that it was always better to keep people in the dark regarding ones own ability. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that he felt obligated to reveal his skills to Alice, he would have been perfectly content leaving her in the dark as well.... "Pleasure's all mine.", he said through his scowl. "And yes, an old associate of mine will be joining us. I was concerned with not having enough swords, so to speak, so I outsourced a little extra muscle. He should be here any-" And of course, just as Dingo was saying he would drive soon, Gekko could be seen coming into town on foot as if he were summoned by Dingo's words. Dingo looked past the Minotaur and gestured in his old partners direction, turning his and Alice's attention that way. With a light smile Dingo spoke. "Well speak of the devil... Come, I'll introduce you." Just as Alice led Garkarat to Dingo, he led the two of them over to Gekko, who had wandered over towards the caravan. He had a light pack on his back carrying a few essentials that were at the ready. And while Grkarat wouldn't know the difference, but Alice might notice Gekko also wore a ring similar in make to Dingo's. While essentially the same thing, what one wouldn't notice is that the quality of Gekko's ring was much poorer than Dingo's, not that it mattered to anyone but the two owners themselves. Gekko noticed them heading his direction, and as the group approached they would also notice that unlike Dingo who was relatively tall and sturdily built, Geeko stood at only about two thirds their hight, everyone around him dwarfing him in comparison. Added to his roundish shape, large head, and wide grin that seemed to stretch from ear to ear, he held a completely unreliable but mysterious air around him. And it didn't help that the man himself never actually spoke. He would smile. Frown. And chuckle on occasion. Where as Dingo already had a fantastic poker face, even Dingo felt defeated when it came to Gekko's ability to hide his thoughts from others. Gekko wore a thick, long-sleeved shirt that was almost like a sweater. Tan, with nothing else, he also wore a pair of cargos that looked both tough and reliable. While the outfit was hot, it would offer the perfect protection from insects and scrapes in this jungle setting. Dingo would latter change into a similar outfit himself, as he surely wouldn't venture out in a city boy's suit. Malik stood in between the smiling Gekko and the two he was working with for the venture and introduced them. "Alice, Garkarat, this is an old partner of mine. His name is Gekko, and while he might be small, don't let his size fool you. He is is every bit as powerful as I am. On top of that, I worked with him for a really long time, so we know how each other operated fairly well..." He looked at Gekko fondly. "What do you say old friend? Still think our tag team is still as strong as it was?" Gekko just looked up at him, although his already wide grin seemed to stretch just ever so slightly more as a light cackle escaped from his mouth in response to the question. Promptly he turned back to Alice and the minotaur, sizing them up silently. He figured the woman was an agent similar to Dingo judging by her equipment. So that must mean that Garkarat was a builder? He sure looked the part the little man thought to himself. After a moment of awkward silence and what seemed to be like a staring contest, Gekko withdrew himself without so much as a sound as he left the group to go and check over the building materials as he held deep interest in such things himself. Dingo just shrugged as he departed from the group. "Well, that's Gekko for you. To say he is a man of few words isn't enough. I've known him for twenty years just about and I can count on both my hands the total amount of words he's said in that time to me. So try not to take it personally."