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  1. And here all this time this was just a #typicaltuesday for me... Didn't know it was "religious" or whatever. I thought killing goats and horses just to bury them was just some normal fun...
  2. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    Yup. Not finished with it yet, but I am working on a big one for Toulin's party.
  3. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    I wanted to work with you a little regarding a legacy of the labyrinth. I also wanted to post a ending post for this part myself before the official close. Starting on it now, don't know when I will get it finished though. (Not too long though, I won't keep the lovely Countess waiting.)
  4. (OOC) What's Mine is Mine [Yh'mi Quest]

    We can. The battle has successfully finished so we can move on the the rest phase where everyone has a moment to talk to one another. Moggers can just jump in and add whatever during that point to bridge the gap for his character.
  5. The First Of Many

    (I'l just go ahead and post again since it's been about two weeks since the last post and get this fired back up in the right direction.) Dingo casually cooked into the night as the sun fell past the horizon, leaving the outside pitch black under the thick cover of clouds and the heavy screen of rain. The only source of light to be found was the brief flickers in the dark offered up by the lightning that danced and cracked in the night. The only comfort to be found for a few miles was the warmth of the fire offered by the old stove and the simple pleasures of an aromatic soup. It was light, but that was all that was needed for an easy night. It's a shame they couldn't make it to the checkpoint before it dumped on them, but such is life. They could spend half the next morning freshening up in town before heading back out. No lost time, and in the end, they will have saved some money on inn fees. Gekko continued reading silently in the corner, his face filled with concentration. Whatever he was reading, Dingo felt as though it must be serious to keep his friend so seriously focused. A few of the builders came downstairs as the scent of food wafted up to the second floor where they rested, probably much to Alice's relief. Eventually everyone ended up downstairs as Dingo called them down to eat. He produced several bowls and passed them around. He made enough soup for a serving or two, and very soon everyone was eating. It wasn't a festive atmosphere by any means, but conversation broke out between him and the workers relatively easy and everyone relaxed as they enjoyed their evening. Gekko however decided not to eat and just continued to sit in the corner, reading. An hour passed and now it was somewhere roughly around ten o'clock. Dingo was about to approach Alice and start a conversation with her when a horrifying roar broke through the sound of the falling rain. The ferocity was second to none, yet there was something mournful about it that caused Dingo's heart to shudder. Gekko looked up from him book with a pale face, his back breaking out into a cold sweat. Dingo gave Alice a glance filled with serious apprehension. It roared again, but this time it sounded twice as loud, as if it was approaching their location. The thing... Sounded like some sort of demon. Neither Dingo nor Gekko recognized the call as something that could be made by the local wildlife. Even those of the werewolf subspecies at least sounded natural. This thing however... Sounded like it was filled with death... Dingo clenched his jaw. "Everyone! Get up! Head down to the basement now!, Gekko, you go with them!" Quickly Gekko stood up and silently helped group together the builders whose faces were full of fear and apprehension. They didn't know what was going on fully, just that whatever it was everyone heard out in the rain was heading there way and that they didn't want to get caught up with it out in the open. The abandoned everything they had lying out and quickly fled down into the basement corridor that led to the secret room that belonged to Liz. With a door on either end of the corridor, it offered a decent hiding spot from whatever it was out in the woods. And even though they were afraid, with Gekko they felt a little more assured of their safety, although not quite completely convinced of it. After they went down into the basement Dingo and Alice snuffed out the fire from the stove and in the dark, they quietly peered out into the woods, watching for whatever it was they had heard. No more roaring came. A deathly silence filled the air as the two looked out at the edge of the woods, straining their eyes as they looked for signs of movement. After the space of about twenty breaths, low to the ground the shine of eyes appeared from within the woods, staring back at Dingo and Alice. One pair... Then a second pair. Then three. Four. After a single moment a total of eight pairs of eyes could be seen. A low growl came from the eight as their bodies slowly stalked out of the darkness onto the open field. Dingo sucked in a deep breath at what saw! The creatures looked like wolves, but they were incredibly thin. Patches of skin were missing and flesh hung from them. A thick smell of blood and rot filled the air immediately, and despite the rain, bombarded Dingo and Alice with a smell strong enough Dingo had to struggle not to vomit from it. He looked over at Alice, his eyes wide and a look of dread in them. "Undead!", he whispered to her with slight panic. "Extremely tenacious and almost impossible to kill because they're already dead! Typically fire magic would be out best weapon here, but with all this rain it might not work! We're about to be in for one hell of a fight!" Dingo had yet to draw a weapon. He just looked Alice's direction as he desperately struggled to come up with a plan. Could they all just run for the town and abandon the materials? They could always come back for it once the danger has passed.... No. They would never make it. Undead or not, they were wolves. Not many creatures could outrun a wolf, let alone mere construction workers. Hell, even Dingo himself would have a difficult time outrunning one or two! But eight? Not a chance... No. They had no choice. Fight, or die!
  6. I should really proofread before I submit long posts... The amount of misspelled words and slight grammatical errors I churn out are enough to amaze... Or horrify...

  7. [ Himmelsfestung ] Kingslayer - Part I - The Grand Illusion

    The front hall was empty. The east wing, empty. The west, empty. The whole property was absolutely empty now except for two areas. One was a room that was built into the area just behind the actual throne of the king in the throne room. The door to the room wasn't large and imposing as one would expect, but rather small and simple but also just slightly larger in size than the outline of the actual throne. No matter where you stood in the throne room, no matter how you look at it, you will always be able to see the door. A secret room of the king, both right there and yet just out of sight. Disturbingly as the door is opened, no a single drop of light can flood into the space. Past the thresh of the door, nothing can be sen therein, no matter the strength of ones eyes or the purity of their light. Not that any have ever seen the door opened anyways, as even the guards dare not turn to even face the door with our given permission... It is in this room that a certain growl can be heard emanating out, echoing in the silence, which while not mountain shattering in volume, resounded out with a cold ferocity to chill to the bone. Though it seemed to be muffled, the roar flooded the entire palace, all the way to where everyone was gathered together with bowed heads. The area just past the front gates was a large courtyard at least three to four hundred meters long, and almost as wide. A large path led from the front gate to the palace entrance and was wide enough to accommodate the more than seven hundred people who worked and lived therein, and whom were all currently lined neatly in rows on either side. The courtyard itself used to be verdant and green, filled with life and color everywhere you turned. Now it was all overgrown and now well kept. While still green, what was once a garden with plants full of life and the air filled with the intense scent of flowery and medicinal aromas, was now little more than a small jungle in the midst of a city of stone. A look of veneration and fear flitted across the face of every man and woman, servant and soldier, beast or man. Their heads were forced lower as the roar which seemed to last into eternity shook them to their cores. Many could be seen breaking out into a sweat, gritting their teeth as their minds reeled from the power felt behind the roar. Finally it died down and as it did, the room position right behind the centermost location of the palace opened a crack. An icy cold air flowed out from the room as it opened. The blackness seemed to be the cause of this, as if the room itself were a realm beyond hell. The air flooded through the throne room, through the empty foyer, the east, west, and front halls, all the way to out the front and past the bodies of the people standing in reverence to the being able to cause this to happen. The door finished opening and from within came a figure, while not massive in size, still gave the impression that he could shatter mountain and cover over seas just by treading the earth. He was only about eight feet tall. A minotaur with pitch black body. His body toned to the point it seemed like thick like steel, and that his body might be stronger than most armor. Even then he wasn't bulky or heavy looking. Rather, the aura that emanated off of him was one of a being who fought in countless battles, killed many heroes, and ended countless bloodlines. A force soaked and forged in blood, it was none other than this venerated ancient diety of the past, The Beast King, Raz-Nagore "The Butcher"! He walked slowly with pride. He wore nothing, neither armor nor weapon could be found on his person. Yet despite how bare his form, he still emanated a feeling of profound royalty, was though he were wrought from head to toe in the finest steel or holiest of silks. On his head were two large and imposing white horns of a pure ivory color. The were so pure of a white they released an aura of death, as though their roots were as ancient as the stars and oceans. His eyes were red, large and sharp as the gazed forward as if fixated on an object off in the distance. He made his ways silently from the throne room, all the way to the front hall. The song of his two large hoofed feet clanging was all that filled the air for about the space of it takes to brew a cup of tea. He stopped just outside the main door and in front of the people outside. His people. He looked them over with a sharpness, their heads continuously bowed the entire time. Not one dared to look up. Even if called, the presence he released made it so that even if you were called, you would still not want to lift your eyes for fear of incurring a fate worse than death. Finally after the space of about ten breaths, he spoke. His voice was both deep and boundless. It inspired fear from his enemies and adoration from his allies. "For the first time in a very long time, a sovereign is gracing us with their presence!" He narrowed his eyes. "You can say she is here for personal reasons, or for country, the outcome shall be the same... Now..." He voiced lowered as he walked down the center of the path, a way made for him immediately as he stepped down and walked towards the from gate. As he walked, the lips of his bull like head curled back into a sinister smile. "Now, I shall go fetch our guests! Prepare the dining halls for a feast! After all, it's not often we get visitors!" There was both sincerity and threatening tone in his voice just now. Two particular guards awaited for him at the gate. As he passed by, they moved to take place on either side just behind them. They were the first to lift their heads, a look equally as fierce as their kings in their eyes. As the gates closed, all the beastmen lifted their heads, a cold killing intent billowing off of them, and a look of horror and dread spread across the face of every human servant. For they knew what was about to happen... But as little more than slaves to the king, they had no choice but to comply. The other human soldiers like Orion also knew, and soon their heads were once again lowered in anger and frustration, pale from the fear that gripped their hearts. And it was with an almost gleeful joy that the beastmen actively got to work coercing their lesser counterparts into actively preparing for the feast... More slaves, who had just been brought in, were all lined up in front of the current servants. Particularly, the cooks... It was with a look of horror in the human cooks and helpers eyes as they were made a game of by the beasts of the caste. The approached the slaves with tears in their eyes and that began to dispatch each one. The slaves were mostly exhausted and broken beyond hope. It was these who went quietly without a struggle... But then there were those who let out blood curdling screams as they were killed. Both the silent ones, and the ones who cried out in their moment of death were equally as horrifying... And it was only afterwards the brokenhearted servants, who were mostly women and children, were then set to the task of assisting the head chef, a beastly turtle of immense size, in the preparation of these slaves for the guests... ~ ~ ~ Some time later, near Raven's group.... A group of four soldiers who happened to be patrolling in the area were eyeing the group from off to the side. They knew way beforehand they were to keep a close eye on these strangers, and while they were all told not to cause trouble without necessity, not one beastman of pride was about to take such an order seriously. It hadn't even come from the king, so in the matters concerning pride, few others could dissuade them from acting upon their anti human prejudices. It was when the one called Efrideet handed the empty pistol over to the child who was inquisitively playing near them, that they began to move their direction with cold looks in their eyes. The four, who were about the size of a regular human, but looked like ostriches with arms that were like a humans, but covered over with feathers like a birds wings. The slowly approached the group and surrounded it, bringing their march through the city to a halt. The oldest of the group spoke clearly and crisply, but with an edge in his voice revealing a displeasure on having to deal with these people. "Hey, who do you think you are giving a weapon to a child?", he said with disdain, the sharp look in their eyes only growing sharper. "Giving a child a gun, are you trying to teach our citizenry that violence is alright? Such an act could be seen as a call to arms depending on how might want to take it..." Squinting his eyes thoughtfully as he locked gazes with Raven, he commanded. "I fear it's for your best interest that your lot comes with me. You can explain yourselves behind bars! Guards!" The other three ostrich men began to step forwards towards the group. While they weren't armed, their bodies were ungodly sturdy. Their legs longer and harder than most swords, the claws on their feet were sharper than as well. Whole Raven's group was thoroughly tough in every aspect, these birds felt their strength sufficient enough to suppressive them should they resist. So they approached slowly, preparing for an arrest. .... It was at that time right as they took their second step that a sudden pressure bore down on everyone on the street. Anyone who wasn't a soldier or a part of Raven's group immediately began to back up and return to their homes in hurried silence. The girl who was near Efrideet and holding her Hawkmoon let go of the gun unconsciously and let it fall to the ground as she scurried back to her mother, who then quickly took her inside. The four guards who had been prepared to fight the people suddenly turned back to see the image of their king walking down the street with the two strongest beastmen in the kingdom walking behind him. The one on the left was a colorful toucan looking man who was tall and lanky, absolutely thin looking to the bone. He was taller than the king by three full feet. So while he looked thin and frail, his hight and demonic pressure made him the image of something straight out of a nightmare. The one on the right of the king was ferret... A giant ferret who walked on two legs like a human and standing at a foot taller than the king. While not huge, he was the second largest of the three. There was no deadly aura coming from this ferret man, but rather, a calm blankness. Almost like everything around him didn't exist. All past lives he has taken, and all future lives were not revealed in this person who treated killing like he treated breathing air. As soon as these three appeared the guardsmen, who at this point were the only ones left of the town still out on this road knelt down in front of him right in their places as he approached. He didn't need to say a word. After all, when his majesty appears, who dares to move without permission?! As he got about a hundred feet away, he stopped before the group and stared them down. With his scowl still on his face, he introduced himself. "Greetings, your eminency. I apologize for my mens lack of manners. Had I known you would be coming beforehand, I could have prepared a warmer welcome for you. You four!" The guardsmen rose to their feet and lifted their heads as they awaited their command. "Bring them to the palace! Lets welcome our guests properly! I bet they haven't eaten well in a long while.... Come, let us rest and then we can talk later over food and wine!" The minotaur king burst out in uproarious and frivolous laughter as we invited the group to a feast. Of course, 'No' was not an acceptable answer. He was polite with his words, but his presence here only made one thing clear... That he had no problem ending their lives right here if they did not comply. Wether they wanted to or not, they would come to the palace for the feast... As for the others, they were all ignored by the king. Past regular surveillance by the other beastmen soldiers of the king they were left tot heir own devices, although under constant scrutiny to see if they would slip up somehow. And like this, the beastmen waited for any chance they could to arrest these people...
  8. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    Haven't started yet, but this is now at the top of my list of importance. I gotta go to work now, but I will be starting on this ASAP. Sorry for the delays again. Life has been sucking for me lately and I feel like i've had my nuts kicked in the dirt... Plus my basement flooded the other day and caused what we fear might be a few thousand dollars in damage. (And our insurance won't cover it...)
  9. [Quest] What's Mine is Mine

    The dust settled and as quickly as it happened it was over with. The horde was squashed and past a few nasty bug bites, the damage was minimal. A satisfied and arrogant smile appeared on Malik's face as the cracked his neck and released the tension in his body. While Marrow tended to his injuries and cleaned up the disorganized mess that was now their formation, Malik leisurely took his time to collect up the carapaces like shells off the bodies of the chitin, his eyes gleaming. He also collected a few extra bodies from the rest of the party as per his contract. All in all he collected a full twelve sets of parts from this conflict, and two extra from a few stragglers that were keeping their distance from the group, but were reluctant to leave entirely. After having picked them off with Dingo, his set was now consistent of fourteen bodies! Compared to the rest of the group, while they put in the same amount of effort as him, he came ahead in the spoils collected. Pleased to no end, he held the jaws of one in his hands as he and Dingo now walked behind the rest of the group as the continued towards this ravine Marrow spoke about. He heard Marrow and Xilla's brief discussion regarding the dangers of these wilds, but Malik paid them no mind. Rather, his eyes flashed with interest upon learning the chitten were poisonous! Malik had been bitten earlier and so he wondered why he wasn't experiencing the same pain as Marrow. After some preliminary examinations he concluded that his body was resistant to their toxins as he had spent the better part of his life experimenting on his own body with various drugs and poisons. It wasn't that the chitters poison was ineffective, it was just low quality. Even for those not use to dealing with being poisoned, could survive relatively easy. Even more so for people like Marrow whose bodies were tough naturally. They could continue functioning despite the moderate level of pain. Then there was people like Malik. To say he was invincible to poisons was definitely not true, but he had definitely built up a heavy resistance over the last half of his life. While not completely resistant, he was still a level or two above the rest in that regard. This is partially why he looks as ill as he does. His years of self experimentation wrought a heavy toll on his appearance. That said, given the choice he would do it all over again in a heartbeat! His choice has saved his life in the past. Assassins have failed at killing Malik due to his resistance in the past, and in the end only made him stronger. His earth bending and martial arts aside, it's his knowledge regarding the realm of crafting poisons and their antidotes that are Maliks true strength. As such, whenever he can get his hands on a new form of toxin he is thrilled! After he finished his examinations however, he let out a sigh of discontent. "As expected, the shells will be perfect for crafting armor. Should be able to make thirty or so sets out of all this.... But the poison is of little use to me. I can get the same effects from brambles, and those are far more common to find and the grow like weeds in the south. Fine then..." With a wave of his hand he sent everything he had out back into his ring of holding and continued on in silence with Dingo. Dingo himself didn't feel too strongly about these events one way or the other. Poison didn't interest him and the quality of the chitin was only average. He knew this all could be used to help Malik's forces stationed in other lands, but that was all there was to it. If more bugs came, he would squash them. Although he and Malik walked along silently, they both were thinking the same thing... The both were hoping for something stronger and more dangerous to come along! Because after all, the higher the risk, the greater the reward!
  10. (OOC) What's Mine is Mine [Yh'mi Quest]

    My apologies. Life was just sucking lately so I haven't been on. I'll get something moving ASAP
  11. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    Sorry about that, I'll get something moving tonight. I'll probably move to hijack ravens group and bring them to meet the king. They got to meet at some point right? or do you have something else in mind first?
  12. I know I haven't been very active lately, and I'm sorry about that. Been both busy and feeling a bit under the weather lately. Doing my best to get back at it though!

  13. Pie is better. 

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  14. The First Of Many

    "Sure.", nodded Dingo. He turned his head to look out the window he was standing near. It was black with mold around the edges and the sill was soft like bug damage had gotten to it. The rain and heat made everything muggy and steamy, which while unpleasant really added to the mystique of the cabin. There were signs everywhere of degradation and lack of care. But for all the mold and signs of rot, there were as many remnants left behind telling of a certain woman daily life. A wood burning stove rusted over with a kettle sitting on top of the grates, fused now with the iron top as it to rusted. The outline of a small garden out the back door just off to the side, overtaken with weeds now bar the occasional flower that peeked through the foliage, defiant to the end to show life still remained in this place. All these things came together to tell a story of this woman life while she was at home. A brilliant researcher and adventurer, but also a simple woman who took delight in the small things. Dingo smiled as he looked out at the rain. Gekko sat down in a corner that was dryer than the rest on the lower floor and read through some of the notes Dingo and Alice collected, a look of interest and concentration on his face. They weren't currently classified documents or anything, so while he couldn't speak for Alice herself, he had no qualms with allowing his old partner peruse their contents. While the others rested upstairs, Dingo and Gekko stayed down low to keep an eye on things. Besides, it was definitely better than having to spend an evening cramped together in that tight living space upstairs! Dingo chuckled as he thought of Alice being cramped together with all those sweaty men. He expected that he would see her come down those stairs to join him at some point just to get away from it. ~~~ Several hours passed now, however the rain showed no signs of letting up. Even worse, it seemed to be increasing in intensity! The sky was completely black now and even if wen't currently night, one wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. Gekko was still lost in the books, but now he was reading by the light of the wood burning stove that Dingo had lit up. Luckily it had fresh, dry wood sitting inside of it, previously stocked by Liz after she herself used it last. Otherwise Dingo would have even bothered trying to start it with nothing by damp wood to use. Fire magic or not, it would have been too much trouble! Dingo furrowed his brow in contemplation as he swiped his hands near the stove to cause a large pot to appear on top of it. Picking it up and taking outside, after a few minutes the pot had filled with water. After bringing it in and putting it on to boil, he slipped his hands again to cause a small verity of vegetables to appear. He began to prepare a simple soup for everyone to eat tonight. He knew they wouldn't be going anywhere tonight, so they might as well make the best of it....