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  1. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    I don't know how far I will get, but I have another post to work on, then read the last few posts here. Then I begin my craft from there. Pray for me...
  2. OOC

    Her nude selfies
  3. Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

    Couple of questions. Do you just keep track of rep points yourself? And had there ever been a God tier enemy in canon? I was just musing over wether or not a group of mild powers could take down a God tier.
  4. I see you one hard core pizza scene and raise you a scene of a young girl with an extra thick shake.
  5. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    Life has gotten hectic for me and I find I will be unable to create the quality post this thread deserves in the immediate future. I have a friend coming in from out of town for therapy. Don't know if she will be here fore a few weeks, or even several months... Between that and a new puppy, I just need a bit of breathing room. I'm not dropping out or anything, I just wanna delay my turn until the end of this cycle, putting me after Element.
  6. OOC

    @Red the Ambivalent Got any threads open to join red? Been meaning to get back together with you for some good adventures!
  7. People are pasta noodles

  8. The Bold and Unwritten

    Tireless, unthankful work. Dingo's eyes were bloodshot with great big bags beneath them. He had been working his ass off assisting with sifting of information without rest when he finally received the order to get ready for deployment. Of course he had not been fully briefed on the more sensitive details, and while he helped in the search for information, he was on the end of the room where nothing was turned up, effectively leaving him in the dark for now. All he knew was, was that he was to take part in this operation. So he diligently stood up from his seat and stretched, bones in his back, knees, and feet snapping and crackling out in relief. He stretched and yawned, and after a moment he moved to go get suited up in similar manor to Max, although not arming himself to the teeth as much as this member from T.I.T.A.N. "Gaia Academy, huh? Makes sense. A large portion of breakthroughs in the field of magic comes out of that place. Surely we'll find more relevant information there..." Why was Dingo there? He didn't really understand himself. Perhaps it was just luck of the draw and that was his next assignment. Maybe it was something else. Either way, when he was told about the situation and what they were after, a strange sense of foreboding welled up inside him. Large scale magical techniques... A common concept many dream about, but few ever actually achieve. Dingo wasn't a magician himself, but he wasn't unfamiliar with the difficulties of casting. And while the concept intrigued him, he didn't know nearly enough to be able to say with confidence that he could learn anything or grow from studying such formations. It just... Wasn't his path. "(And so I will play the loyal subordinate and wait for another opportunity. If I can lay eyes on the docs, well and good. If not, i'll at least get a promotion out of this.)" He finished his preparations. As always, he just took the basic care packages provided to those of his department and slipped them away into his ring of holding. He had not ever really bothered with using guns in the past, as his fighting style focused more on manual weapons. But after several operations with actually decent equipment, he made it a point to continue practicing the drills he learned in training in order to further acquaint himself with the art. Not that he often had a chance to fight anyways, so to him the equipment didn't matter in the end. He stepped outside and adjusted the tie of his suit. With a sigh he lit a cigarette, a habit he just recently picked up to deal with the stress of his job. He waited there until he saw Max come out the front and meet with a man just outside the building. He knew Max would be his CO for this op, so he made his presence known while standing off to the side politely ignoring the conversation the two were having. Dingo didn't know wether or not what they were discussing was for their ears only or not, so he didn't barge in and interrupt them. Well, thats what Dingo told himself anyways. But the truth of the matter was, he was simply too tired to care! Instead he decided to take this moment of quiet to himself and rest his mind as he awaited his superior... As he stood there, various thoughts filled his mind regarding his life goals, as well as the goals of certain individuals Dingo knew. And he thought of the current situation. And as he did... His strange sense of foreboding... Simply got worse.
  9. Quest: The Bold and Unwritten

    Im in. The link is in my signature, I'm going in with Malik Trent as my character, who (as soon as it is canonized) is a private soon to be freshly promoted. Sorry I'm a little late. Catching up now!
  10. Artifact Quest Log

    I might, depends on how op your character is! I don't fight losing battles.
  11. "It's been seven years since last the lion roared..."

  12. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    Where do I go to canonize it?
  13. An Assassin's Best Friend

    He continued on forward for three days on foot without incident. He passed through a long stretch of woods that abruptly came to an end as the incline took a sharp turn upwards, leading the path into the deep region of the mountains. What he found there was a set of cabins. Most were occupied, and the ones that were numbered close to three dozen or so. It was a small village, most likely a private family compound. After he knocked on some doors and asked around, he found a place he was able to quietly pay for and lay low until he was rested enough to take on the mountain. As Malik rested in his room, his mind raced over the events that had just occurred and what they meant for his hunt. "The odds that it's here are eighty percent in my own favor. However it could be that this would be assassin is as clueless as I am, and is desperately trying to get any source of information he can. Which, that would explain why he LURES people out to his treasure... He's fishing for information!" Having come to this conclusion, Malik nodded in satisfaction. He now truly had reason to hunt this man down now and force him to hand over all he learned over the years! "If I go off what I know now, I will only end up in places that I am almost certain have already been searched. But this way, I will be able to know multiple generations worth of research and what they will narrow down!With this, i'l be able to narrow down my search..." The night came and went. Malik rose with the sun and prepared himself to lure his would be hunter out in the mountains and take his head. It was as he was leaving and heading towards the mountain path, Dingo and Gekko arrived to back him up. No words were exchanged and as such, Malik understood they were unable to kill the man. Malik sneered in derision as he looked down on the man out for their head. In Malik's opinion, the dude was just too far out of his league. That said, now that he and his boys were back together, this fight was as good as over! And so they ascended as they awaited for the inevitable fight that was about to occur.
  14. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    @supernal "Officer Dingo reporting in! Mission complete sir, awaiting further orders!"
  15. The First Of Many

    Final Post As Approved Baize Abby Inn - Two Days Later Dingo stood in front of a mirror of the bathroom of he room at the inn, straightening his tie. His face was neatly trimmed and he once again looked every bit the professional he really wa. Suit in place, he eagerly stepped out of his room, paid his tab, and met up with Alice out the front of the building. He smiled at Alice as he reminisced the recent events in the woods. The two walked together as they made their way to meet with the head engineer in Baizo Alley where they would receive the credit for their work. "Went off without a hitch it seems! I don't understand really why we even had to fight anything though, not that I die think about it too much. All that matters in the end is that we successfully made the delivery, and everyone is alive and well. and soon, the need for armed guards to travel town to town will be over." He patted Alice on the back and congratulated her on her own inevitable promotion in her rank, as well as one of his own. This was a very successful operation in shoring up the infrastructure of a high potential budding nation, and in doing so, set everything up to finish the job just as easily. Dingo, confident he would now be given more field work, understood that he would also be given priority of overseeing the entire regional operation. Should he successfully complete it on his own, he could essentially obtain high ranking rather quickly! As he thought about just how much his future just opened up in front of him, his heart began to pound in eager anticipation. It was like this that his and Alice's untimely departure from one another came to be. Dingo didn't want to linger around any more than he had to at this point. He found himself quite fond of this woman, and secretly hoped they would once again be on detail with one another. If that time ever came, we wanted to ensure he had complete control over the situation. Eventually things would get ugly. But if he is given authority over her, he might be able to make sure she is kept safe within the future events about to occur. In the end, he returned to HQ to await further orders or for a bounty to go up. At the end of the day, while friendships were founded and relationships built, this was nothing more than a brief mission. It was time to move on. Thread Finished