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  1. Changing my character profile. I'm ready.
  2. Just saying this now, I don't normally cuss this much in my posts. This is just a part of Malik's personality. My other characters are for the most part, more mild mannered.
  3. As Malik ran past out from being under him, the force of the stomp indeed sent him flying, but quickly working with the force he went into a roll and neatly landed on his feet, now turned and crouched facing the beast. Dust was sent up flying everywhere, masking Malik's location. The rocks that were sent flying were small enough that Malik just allowed them to bounce off his body, paying them little mind. Malik narrowed his eyes. Cover in an otherwise open battlefield? This bitch was signing his death warrant! Without so much as acknowledging his vicious enemy's remark, with a smile, Malik did what he did best. Using the cover of the dust cloud he slipped back into the plume and erased his presence. Becoming as the wind he ran around the battlefield, circling him. With little concern for his enemy's health, Malik began to throw knife after knife at his opponent, aiming for any and every gap and chink in his armor his could find, making sure to stay well out of striking distance. Even with his eyesight diminished as well from the cover, Malik was still deadly accurate. He might not have the same level of experience as other masters, but the truth still remained that Malik had been doing this since he was six. Almost twenty years of experience was on his side. His eyes turning in the direction of the old bastard running this show for a brief moment, a glint of killing intent flaring in his eyes. Could the asshole see what was going on? Malik was almost certain he could. The sense he got from Kenshi... Malik shook his head, clearing his thoughts and focused back on the fight at hand. The knives he used were coated in a powerful, although common paralytic. Should his opponent be struck, if all goes smoothly he will begin to slow down significantly. if not lose use of bodily functions altogether. As far as a cure is concerned, Malik already has some prepared. Detoxing the effects is a simple process. Malik chose this method now as he wouldn't get a better chance than this. He had to lower this freaks fighting power enough to allow him to get closer. Otherwise, one direct hit from this thing would be enough to kill Malik. Forget "losing". He'd be dead! He threw twelve blades total before the dust began to settle enough on it's own that Malik's outline became visible. As soon as Malik realized his moment was up, he stopped where he was, which was right in front of... Wait, what was his name again? Malik was getting tired of thinking up unique synonyms to describe 'giant fucking asshole'. He went en guard and looked to see if he landed any blows and asked, "Hey, Tiny! What was your name again?"
  4. Dammit, after watching Villian Number One, I don't feel I can take anything you write seriously anymore.

    I can't read anything you write without hearing it in Robbie Rottens voice! That evil laugh though! XD 

    1. Robbie Rotten

      Robbie Rotten

      yes....... perfect

      you understand me completely

  5. "(Tch, damned old bastard loves to hear himself talk. Didn't think he was ever gunna shut up)", Malik thought to himself looking at the one who arranged this whole mess. Why the hell did he have to go through this anyways?! It's not like the old bat has people pounding down his door! Ugh, whatever. It is what it is. The payoff looks like it might really be worthwhile, so no harm in stretching his limbs some. He turned to his opponent now, who towered over the already tall Malik. He crossed his arms and listened to his short winded enemy. Well. At least this fucker keeps it short. He could appreciate that. That said, the rest of him looked pretty damned decrepit. Malik didn't bother drawing his knives. This well armored mountain.... People like him were his worst match. With little to no flesh exposed, poisoning would be a difficult result to achieve. So he drew his rapier and went into a relaxed guard position, making himself look smaller to confuse Malik's striking reach to be shorter than it actually is. "Yeah, yeah, mate. Souls and horror, whatever." Malik didn't bother threatening the man, nor did he introduce himself as inquire of his name. Instead, immediately moving in to attack. Malik was a lot smaller and a lot faster that he appeared. And while he didn't know how fast his opponent was, he was confident he was much faster. In the blink of an eye Malik had dashed up to and right under the man, going behind him from in between his legs. He immediately made a thrust to penetrate his armor through the gaps where his plating meets, aiming for the side of his knee. Malik didn't want to give him any time. He made a thrust, and wether or not that landed successfully he would see. He just merely struck, and continued on his path out of the mammoths way before he could... Sit on him or something. Bastard! Just how the hell did he plan of fighting Malik anyways?!
  6. You and I dueling in that thread I believe. I would have made a post yesterday, sorry about that. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I couldn't stay awake to save my life. I stayed in bed until almost 2 pm, got up, went to the store and cooked dinner for my family, then went to bed. I did a little reading in between when I was awake, but thats all I could muster sadly. It felt like I took a dang fistful of allergy medicine or something... Drowsy af.
  7. OOC

    Any of those particularly active right now @Deus Ex Aizen? And if so, any of them open to an old face?
  8. "look, it's not that I don't like you. I just need you the fuck out of the way." Malik Trent Appearance - 6' 2" in hight, Chest size 37", Waist size 32" Caucasian Hair color - Black, Long - Very wild looking and falling to the middle of his back Eye color - Opalescent, speckled with multiple colors, mostly clear Well toned, but not muscular, when one looks at Malik they would be surprised that he is as healthy as he actually is. That is to say, looking at him on the surface, he appears pale and sickly. He keeps most of his body covered, wearing long pants and long shirts, and occasionally a long lab coat. In his lounging attire, he just wears a plain white tank top and loose jeans. When he is so loosely covered, the surgical scars all over his body become clearly visible along with his well toned features. He manages to stay rather healthy despite his alcoholism and tendency to experiment on himself with various drugs and poisons of his own creation. But intense lack of sleep along with his habits leaves him very pale and sickly looking otherwise. His managed health is mostly due to his automaton constitution, and partly due to his training for his profession. Weapons and Abilities - His choice weapons, in preference, are hidden daggers and throwing knives covered in all manners of neurotoxins, poisons, paralytic agents, and other narcotics. How many different blades he actually has hidden on him is a well kept secret that not even his closest allies know the exact number of. ] In the words of his right hand man, Dingo, "I stopped counting after fifty". Other than that, he uses an old rapier as his go to in fierce battles where surprise attacks with his weapons of assassination are a less viable option. The rapier is very old looking, but is in fact, a magical artifact. As Malik cannot use magic, he relies on weapons like this sword that has magic sealed in it to supplement where he is lacking. The rapier has but one ability, called "Long Guard". It erects a small, shield like barrier that extends the use of the swords own guard in order to add a more powerful defensive purpose to the blade. It's rather high quality and extremely durable. And while the barrier only amounts to the total size of a small shield, there hasn't been anything yet able to penetrate that barrier. Making this blade excellent for use in close quarters against opponents with blades themselves, or small scale projectile magic. There doesn't seem to be any limit on how long he can keep the barrier erect. The only problem is the awkward shape makes it impossible to keep it up while attacking with the blade, beyond using a thrusting maneuver. - His abilities include inter dimension teleportation and earth bending. Surprised at learning he could earth bend, it came as a shock to learn that earth bending wasn't a form of magic, as he had previously thought. He is currently training himself to increase his capacity to use it. Proficiency with it is somewhat lacking however... As far as teleportation goes, while he can come and go anywhere he pleases, it takes a lot of concentration to do so. Not to mention, it puts a great deal of strain on his body, causing pain and flu like symptoms for some time afterwards. So using it in battle is an impossibility under most circumstances. Extremely useful for sneaking into vaults or restricted areas for less than savory acts of villainy! As far as the rest of his capabilities, he is a genius when it comes to compounding herbs. All the way from salves and cures up to poisons and illegal narcotics, there is very little he isn't able to create. It is in this way that he makes his living as a "medicine man". Personality - Extremely temperamental and selfish to a fault. Too smart for his own good sometimes, he is always looking for an angle. Some way for him to benefit from the situation. He is the type who, if he can, will profit from your own misery. The type of guy who only cares about himself, he is a man you should be absolutely cautious against at all times. But who knows? Maybe one day he will change. With his ambitions though, and his goals in life, it's not very likely. It'l take someone quite special to change a stubborn son of a bitch like Malik! History soon to follow ~ List of RP's taken place in, and current RP's are soon to follow ~
  9. Sorry for no words today, I had work. But i'm off tomorrow! Whatever THAT means... I mean really, whose ever really "off" anymore? Anyways, I look forward to the start! Gimme a shout when it's ready. I think I will work on a real page for Malik in the meantime since nothing else is pressing me currently. Look forward to it. Edit: First part of Maliks bio is up. Didn't get to the history tonight, but all the other important shit is up. A shit ton of knives, one sword, two abilities, and his over one skill. The links in my sig.
  10. So amidst my endeavor to save money up for education and equipment to start up my own urban farm, I was just approached tonight by one of my managers to see if I was interested in becoming a manager.

    It looks like a promotion is on my horizon! (Perhaps with a nice pay raise as well?) :)

    I'm conflicted now though. I was going to leave my current job once I raised the money I need. But depending on the situation, maybe I will abandon my current goals.

  11. I think love, I think drugs That their the same thing inside And we struggle, or get enough But it's the same thing Burn holes in the moleskin Bout it, been friends with a pen, gave trust to the page Turn in when the times up earn that age, know-how learned in spades It exists in the intros, in the fade outs, and in the background noise I wouldn't wish it on my rivals, i've got no enemies, we all fall for the decoy Sometimes it slides right by while we're trying to decide Don't lie to yourself, almost aint good enough, aint no extra lives How y'all livin'? Very own road and it's so, so driven In the freezing cold, y'all keep chillin'
  12. Made a response since no one else has yet.
  13. Raven came in and addressed everyone as he was taking his seat. After he finished, he turned back to Legend and bowed courteously. "Thank you for your time, sir. For what it's worth, I have enjoyed working with you this evening." The party was under way, and the other servants were expertly executing their tasks. Legend, who was out pacing everyone, was caught by Malik in between tasks. Malik took out a fine crystalline flask from out of the inside of his jacket, purposely letting Legend get a peek at the array of weapons hidden within, as if to say 'I know you know', but all the while keeping in character. He smiled at Legend. "Here's to working together again in the future!" He opened the flask, which held a golden tinted fluid. "Fifty year Bowmore. Do you enjoy scotch?" Malik took about a two ounce drink out of it, which was probably one quarter of it's contents, and then handed the rest to Legend. He turned around with a wave and left to take his spot next to Lord Raven's side, leaving the bottle with Legend as a gift to the man. Not bad to curry favor. That bottle was an expensive and exotic rarity from another planet in another universe. It's absolutely correct to say that there wasn't anywhere else in existence where you can get a bottle like that. And it isn't like that's all he had. It was just a fill from a full bottle he kept carefully in hidden storage. And it isn't like he even payed for it either.... Hehe, sorry bastards didn't see it coming! In and out, the owners of that bottle didn't expect someone with the ability to teleport to slip in past security and lift their private collection right out from under them! As it was with all of Maliks wares. He rarely payed for anything. He could be considered a rather wealthy individual with his collection of rarities and curiosities. But thats just for those who consider wealth to be power. Malik wasn't concerned with money. What good was gold on it's own? Gold was a weapon in it's own way, but there was only one way to use that weapon, and that was to use it to BUY things. Malik was just cutting out the middle man. It was his journey to this point that placed his earnings in his hand. Mostly herbs, liquor, and drugs (that he admittedly made himself). But had a couple weapons as well that are true one of a kind. Magic weapons sadly. He can't use them, so he gave one each to Dingo and Gekko. But that's for another time. As Malik took his place next to his "master", he spoke to him quietly with a smile overlooking the scene as Raven ate. "Welcome back master, I assume your chat was satisfactory?" Malik was able to now finally figure out who everyone was, and understood that it was the half breed princess that Raven was talking with in private. Does this man fancy the princess? Why bother go off and talk on their own? Oh my, how steamy! Or so Malik sarcastically thought. "Will you and the princess meet eye to eye on your desires? These people are quite the interesting bedfellows...", Malik said with a little reluctance in his voice. He wasn't exactly feeling the best about these characters. But perhaps thats just because they were all his own kind. Maybe not by blood. But they all had the same feeling about them. This was going to be fun.