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  1. So I bought XRP coins.... let’s see if the hype is real 

  2. Im still alive. Just lurking nowadays and scribbling here and there when I can.

  3. Cool! You and I need to get together some time! I think I could whip up a spicy little thread to get some political intrigue going. Or at least a little internal pandemonium. Or should I say, PANDAmonium?! .... .... .... No? Ok. *cough* Anyways, base 34 is like rule 34. If it exists, there's a base for it.
  4. Idk if anyone y’all are still interested in this but I myself will be writing a post for this very soon. I wanna continue advancing Dingo in the military, but I would also like to see this project neatly wrapped up. Anyways. Just giving you a heads up to be looking for me.
  5. ezkiel777

    High AF

    This will be where I'll drop stuff I made when i'm, well, you know... (i'm not going to say it because the government is watching me right now and I am creeped tf out by it ammiright) Like, uh, these. I wrote words. A thought of a bro/sis setting where the little sister interacts with her brother like he is a grocery store clerk. Unabridged scribbles of my foggy state of mind. But if anyone thinks it's promising I think I have an idea for a short story. Jackass character who lacks any empathy towards his fellow humans due to poor raising. No sense of ethics nor desire, he takes stock of his own life and tries to turn things around. This goes doubly now that his little sister has moved in with him for the summer while their parents were on an extended vacation. Motivated, he gets a job as a clerk at a local grocer and through great trial and tribulation, he learns the importance of hard work and servitude. Humility. His heart moved and once again he took stock of his own life. He looked at how he treated people and realized that he hadn't treated his loved ones very well. especially hi sister, whom he had completely ignored while he was preoccupied with work. He asked himself "How should I even act around her?", shaking his head. He hung his head considering how compared to his customers, whom he was trained to treat better than anyone else, that it was embarrassing to think that he actually treated them better than his own kin. That said, he made good friends with many of the local customers who came through on a daily basis, after talking with them so much. "Thats it!", he proclaimed. "I should start first with great customer service! friendship will surely follow!" And thus began the daily life of the little sister and her own personal full-time service clerk. Could be a potential RP character. Almost like playing a playable NPC...
  6. Well shit... Shit, hell, and damnation! 

    My sister just broke her arm. Now she needs surgery. It's a really bad break. 

    I just can't even right now.

  7. Pasted my reply earlier today and just now came back to my computer to realize that I forgot to hit submit.... If it's not one thing, it's another.
  8. As the battle waged within the walls of the capitol... The rain continued to pound the now muddy grounds surrounding each of the four northern villages. The surprise attack in each village proved successful in the end, although many died in the process.... The worst was in the village furthest from the capitol, at the far north where the temperature fell. Both sides took massive casualties. The demon clan of slaves managed to drive out the beastly natives, killing even one of their generals! However, by the time the enemy was driven out, there were less than ten left remaining of the brave who fought simply for their masters... Too many fell to their wounds in that very hour. There was much weeping that night, and the shadow of tomorrow loomed over them with the promise of more bloodshed, retribution for rebellion. And in each village everyone worked tirelessly preparing for siege warfare in what felt like the pitch black of night, the rain in the north turning into torrential downpour. Everyone knew... The real fight was a mere few days away. Streit ~ Toulin stood at the heart of the village, in the square where many people were running here and there shouting orders and yelling for help. Toulin was standing underneath a large tented off section as she stood among the dead bodies that were gathered up. The village elder and his son were with her, along with Patchouli and one other slave under Toulin's direct command. "Word is that it was a massacre up north. The beasts felt cornered as we had them cut off to the south of them. They retreated and attacked the village in an almost immediate successive strike. The messenger said they left the enemy no better off, but there was no way they could hold the village. I told the messenger to ask for the survivors to get ready to move, that we would soon come to evacuate them to the next village.", said the middle aged son of the village elder. "We killed three of their generals... The odds are that the force they will send against us will be... Well, it's difficult imagine really..." Everyone fell silent for a few breaths of time before Toulin responded with a smile. "Don't worry about it too much! Did you really think I just randomly came here with nothing but a prayer for success? Right now, theres a great deal of unrest in the capitol. Theres no chance they will send more than half of their forces, meaning we should be able to manage. We just struck them a heavy blow after all... I'm sure their elite are reeling. All we have to do now is weather out a civil war until that tyrant can be brought down for good!" Toulin's statement left everyone stunned. Unrest in the capitol? How could she possibly know such a thing? But she carried herself with such confidence, that after her accomplishments already, they held no reason to disbelieve her. Patchouli smiled and Toulin's subordinate let out a stunned gasp. "We've dealt the enemy a serious blow! All we have to do now is survive until the capitol falls!" ~~~ After coming up with a plan for their next move, everyone dispersed. Soon it was just the village elder and Toulin alone with each other. She honestly knew this was coming. She turned to face the earnest glare of the wizened old man. His gaze pierced into her, as if to judge her very being. She returned such a stern gaze with an icy countenance. The feeling she gave off at that moment was that of a queen poised to lead a charge on the eve of battle. He didn't mince words. "You need to be honest with me. Why are you really doing all of this? Please. At this point, you have earned the right to do as you wish. I just need to know... Really, why?" By the time he finished speaking, a sad longing could be seen in his eye as he looked at the cold young woman in front of him, the heavy rain falling behind her and the wind surprisingly still. She looked back at him silently as if she were deliberating something. After a moment she let out a sigh. "We have... Two reasons. These lands are the ancestral homelands of our forefathers. We wish to reclaim what was ours first and foremost. If we can do that, our Mas-...." Her eyes softened, a gleam of sadness appearing within them. "We were told by someone very important to us that if we could reunite our bloodline with our homelands, he could break the curse of slavery off our clan. It's too late for those of us living now... But... Our children will be born into something beautiful and free!" She smiled at the thought of he family being freed for their future generations. But that wasn't all... "As for the second reason, well, it will also allow us to further help the man who made all this possible for us. But... You know, I can't help but feel that all of this runs deeper than any of us know..." "What... Do you mean?" "Because, on the other side of this rock in the capitol, that woman is leading the other offensive.... Of all people, the countess...." Her lip pursed in a slight smile. "I can't help but feel as though Destiny has tied us together. As for the future, don't you worry. I have faith that if it's her, everything will turn out ok..." The elder fell silent. Wether or not he believed Toulin, he never let on. But at the same time, he found himself with little other choice than to simply believe in her. After all, they never would be where they were now without her help. As the elder turned and left, Toulin lowered her head and closed her eyes. As the rain fell in the darkness, Toulin found herself thinking about her own personal reasons for her actions. She gripped tightly at her heart and bit her lower lip. After a moment of quiet contemplation, she lifted her head and let out a sigh. In her eyes a renewed sense of resolution could be seen. "All for you... My Master." ~~~ Inside the capitol, within the currently empty halls of the kings palace, a man shiftily makes his way through the darkness. In his hand he held a ring of keys, the sound of which rang out in the quiet alongside his gasps and pants. It was none other than the man in charge of trafficking people for the King's voracious appetite for carnage. He would stop on occasion to hide from other beast men who were running around like mad before continuing on. His destination? Where they kept all the "Livestock". It was similar to the prisoner cells, but separated off. It's where the potential servants were separated out from that nights meal or entertainment. He knew the place well and it was right at that exact time when the riot reached it's fever pitch and as the King lost his cool with Kirena, that this lonely, guilt stricken man arrived. He opened the door to the cell room and entered, only to be greeted by two large werewolves. Different ones from the ones he was friends with, but from the same clan, they were not amused with his sudden arrival. They both stood to their feet and glared at him, but still had yet to draw a weapon. The mans gaze was cold as he was now also stricken with fear. But even then he gritted his teeth and pulled out a small bag and held it up. "You've heard about the riot. It looks like things are getting worse. I've brought poison for the prisoners..." He began to walk towards the wolves as though he were merely interacting with allies. And the wolves, despite their vigilance, knew the man himself and his reputation. He was a loyal and hardworking servant and was even trusted by the king. So after hearing his explanation, they began to ease up. "If the enemy gets in and somehow frees the stock, then they will die without us needing to do anything. If we can hold out however, it will be a simple matter to administer an antidote to save them..." The simple wolf men looked at each other and nodded. This sounded like something the king would approve of! "Give us the medicine...", replied on of the wolves. Expression the same, the man quickly untied the bag and slowly walked towards them. The wolf man who just spoke began to extend his hand as if to reach out a take the bag from the man. And it was in the moment a vicious smile broke out on the mans face. He held his breath, and in a single swipe, he flung the contents of the bag he was carrying into the faces of the two wolves. A grey powdery matter filled the air, and as soon as it hit the beasts eyes and was sucked into their lungs, it prompted extraordinary screams, followed by hard gasps for air as they slowly started to suffocate. The man just stepped back as the dust settled and as the two wolf men fell to the ground in agony, only two fall silent only moments later as they went completely blind and mute, right before suffocating to death. The listless eyes of the slave slash meat stock of the beast men horde gave of hints of emotion as they saw the very man who paid for their bodies, for their lives, kill the two men guarding them. He looked over at them, and they looked back, mouths hanging open and eyes unclouded now from their previous stupor. He began to walk towards the doors of their cages, very slowly. A deep fatigue visible in every aspect of his face. "You all... Have been given a very special chance.", he said slowly, dragging his words out with each and every footstep he took. "There's rebellion in the north. Chaos reigns in the King's courtyard... And now, here you are..." It was at this point he stuck the key to the first cells lock in the door and gave a twist, the door swinging easily open as it was unlocked. "Do what you want. Seek safety. Go for revenge. Try to escape. I will just tell you all one thing..." One after one, he unlocked all the cage doors. "If the rebellion loses tonight... We all die anyways." It was one single moment. In that moment, everything lined up. The Butcher lost control of his people in the north. The humes in the capitol riot in his courtyard. He faced both warriors and traitors in his dining halls... And now, a horde of prisoners had been unleashed inside the palace. The King's Capitol, as of this moment... Was no longer in his control!
  9. Sweet, will get it up when I can. On a retreat in Colorado right now, so can’t say when exactly I can get it up, but y’all know it’s ready.
  10. I am so sorry to everyone here about taking so long. Finally, finally! MY post is up! T_T
  11. @supernal @Grimmholt Hey guys, i'm back! (I hope...) After the holidays, my grandfather passing, multiple financial debacles, and being sick, I have finally returned. Honestly though, my willpower is completely shot. And to tell the truth, I had to force myself to get back on today and get back into the swing of things. I considered just giving up on everything altogether... But couldn't bring myself to do it. Not when Malik and Dingo have a world to conquer! That said, I was hoping you gentlemen would be willing to fire back up the thread we were woking on. Interested?
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