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  1. Standing In the sweltering heat, in the center of that volcanoe, i was so tempted to grab the eye and run. but we had no way if getting out. andthe fact that the items arpund the eye were deffinatly eggs made my scales crawl. Do you see anything Aléau? we stayed very stillfor some time, watching quietly for some sign of life. After nearly a score of minuets, I tooka hesitant step foreward, and then nother. I would have to climb into the nest to retrieve the eye, and risk angering what ever the mama was. And considering she lived in a friking volcanoe, she was defiantly a badass. so with Aléau close behind, I put my first foot inot the nest. wincing as dried branches crunched loudly....
  2. "this is pleaseant." Aléau's snort jerked as she snorted, glancing down at the lava. Im pretty sure that would be a little warm, even for me. Leave to a dragon to make warmth jokes while standing in an active volcanoe. the path left little to chance, and I found the skeleton filled room quite unnerving, so it was time to be leaving. We carefully made our way up the path, keeping as absolutly far fromthe edge as possible. The heat was so sweltering I began to fel faint, and pla ed a hand on Aléau's side for saftey. "Aléau, do you think you could fly in here?" we had stopped for a moment to look around at the black and glassy surface of the volcanic rock around us. I could see her calculating, and then she shook her head, no. Well, it was worth a shot. I wonder where we are supposed to be going?. The path circled up and around a curve, to a large inate steel door that was open. I had no hesitancy in going inside, as I wanted far from the lava as possible. A immediate temperature diffenece was found, and I took the time to drink some water. Aléau nudged her saddle bags, pointing ti the one with provisions. I found dried jerky in seconds, tearing it appart with my sharp teeth. Feeling beter, I now took the time ti see what we had walke din to
  3. I watched Raxiz put on his display, and shivered.This was a truly impressive display of power. I took the cloth reverently, momrizing his words. I could fele the heat of the flames, dry warmth rolling through me. I glanced at Aleau solemly before stepping through. I felt the weirdest shiver in my spine as I entered the portal. I looked back, watching Aléau's head and shoulders materialize from thin air. Deciding it would be best to keep the cloth safe, I tucked deep with in the folds of a saddle bag on Aléau. " So, what do we look for?" Aleau only looked at me questioningly as if to say, its your quest. So I looked around. We were in massive stone room, that dissapeared into the darkness. a dungeoun? stone collums laced the floor, sparced in between with fires and tables. Maybe a mess hall. The silence was unnerving., the old sound our sonorous breathing, and fire crackling. So what now, Karelian. Aléau's question hung in the air like impending doom.
  4. The weight of the Elder dragon's punishment began to dawn on me, and I looked over to Aléau. I could see into to her eyes, without ever touching her mind, thet her sypmothy for her kin would not allow me to say no. Well, I know you wont allow me to say no. Your Damn right! And a human no less! Aléau's grown literlat reverberated throught the floor. I though we got over our hate for the human race. Weve met plenty of good ones. By good do you mean Gustis teran? Or your best friend lydia. Jo was a werewolf. Sand man was just wierd. Perhaps you mean the female rider you fell in love with all thoose moons ago. Damnit Aléau. your know exactly what I mean, besides, wernt you the one who cuddly with her MALE dragon. I turned back to the Elder, exhasperated. I knelt before him drawing Invictus, my cobalt blue hand and a half sword, and presenting to the the dragon. " My wueen trusts you, and even more importantly, my dragon trusts you. The payment you give is up to you, but for now, SirEchorider, Du Sverd Eldrvarya, And his Dragon And Aléau Azulskular, Varden abr istalri, skulblaka Of Vdara, Are beholden to you." [Sir Echorider, Du Sverd Eldrvarya, And his Dragon And Aléau Azulskular, Varden abr istalri, skulblaka Of Vdara, Are beholden to you." Sir Karelian Echorider. the burning sword, And Aleau Blue sclaes, Guardian of the flames] @Mickey Flash, @wilyspookster @Zenthaur
  5. I listened carefully to the story laid beofre me, yea even staid put as the Dragon-man approached us. Aléau was verry right, he was so much more than he seemed. And yet even so.. Why does he not fetch his own eyes, if he is that old and powerful. Why trust us? I was shooked at Aléau's audacity. I wanted to berate her, but was too shocked. Aléau nudged my arm, reinforcing the want for me to ask the question. "Sir, if you forgive me, my dragon wonders why us? We have only just wondered up here, having been sent by our Queen." I didnt tell him I was a Nightreaver, elite guards of the throne. That was unneeded information. Besides, we were supposed to be on 'Vacation'. Thats not how I put it, Chided my dragon, But if you insist on formalities, I suppose you should use them. I am glad, however, that you did not inform him of out connections. That could be unwise. You are, however, still wearing your Armour. Not as smart as you wanted to be, are you? Had I Flesh, and not scales, I would be blushing. I was wearing my telltale maroon armour. It was body tight and hard as steel, but not nearly as heavy. And of course, Night reaver was inscribed upon the left shoulder. Damn. I shifted uncomfortably, feeling my blade, Invictus bump against my legs. it was Slung low across my back, just above my tail. I resisted the urge to rest a hard ipon the pommel, as it may be seen as threateneing.
  6. The top of the tower was open to the skies, a massive room that appeared mostly empty. What we saw was most impressive, if only in its simplicity. A man? A man is what waits at the top of this tower?. I heard Aléau's wing before I felt it, She used her limb as a weapon of punishment, clipping the side of my head in beratement. Think, did the masters teach you nothing? my dragon sunk into a bow before the man, adding to her statement. You must for give me, Elder, for my rider isbpart human, and therefore, part blind. The man, for all he seemd to me, sat alone, and in the center of the floor. a rag was wrapped around him eyes, and when he spoke, the words came forth not from him tounge. Tell me your names. "Karelian Echorider, And my Bonded dragon, Aléau Bjartskular." I too bowed my head respectfully, still not seeing what it was that Aléau saw within the man. It was clear that hebwas a powerful mage if some sort, but of what order ir what level I knew not. It would be best if we did not upset him.
  7. The hall was eriely a quiet as the snowy world outside, bringing a second thought my mind. As Aléau and I stood in the hall we observed the many sleeping dragons posed onthe levels above us. we could make many enemies here. Or many enemies. Either way we should be cautious. I silently agreed with her, using my reptilian vision to try and count the levels as they spiraled up. "come to the top of the tower." It wasnt an offer. Our accent to the top ofthe tower was followed by many eyes, andmore than one hiss. More yhan one dragon bowed their head to Aléau, but glaredat me as if i was stealing someones mate. I remained silent untili reached the top of the tiwer.
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  9. I inhaled deeply, allowing oneof my first deeps breaths of Vadaran air. the cold chilled my throat. it had been sometimes since I had returned, having been away to see friends. The draconian acedemy of military science was currently closed, lacking students, Leavingg Aléau and myslef free. Our queen had suggested traveling the the dragon spire, and accpeting a quest. I obliged. The cold powder was around my thighs, saoking through the cloth pants I wore. Aléau was snuffling around in the snow pushing piles up. Are you having fun? She offered no reply, instead choosing to dump a pile of snow onmy head. "Aléau!" I laughed, scrapping as much of the offending items off as i could. We continued up the cold slope towards the tower, Itfully struckme its size. The structure towered over us, many levels of unknown intrigue. my clothes were fully soaked by the time I reached the simple wooden sign that read: "Proceede with caution". A side ways glance was the only precaution I took as I stepped within the shadow of the first door.
  10. Say, can you help me right before the fall? Take what you want and leave me to the wolves. All i really want is something beautiful to say! 

  11. There was darkness around me now.the fires had burned out, and ash was all that was left. Around me light wind swirled the dark remains into a cloud, that caught in corners and filled the air. My hands were sore from the grip on the metal body of the pistol, and my legs numb from standing so long. My had burned awag to be replaced by a subtle hollowness. I could the dust if the echies inside me, amolified by the rage that had ince been. I could feel Aléau searching franticly for me, her fear rebounding across our mental link. I felt so guilty for scaring her. I exited the burned out husk if the airship, walking quietly back towards her, hoping that I handt caused to much pain. Aléau: Just like a light awitch, I could feel him again. He suddenly appeared as if brought in from an astral plain. But his spark of light was so dim. I knew he wqs to far away to speak or communicate with, and I knew he needed help. Dand sprayed into the air with the force of my lainch, my wing draft causing small eddies to current through the sand. I would find him, so that he could be made whole again.
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  13. i had slipped away during the sandstorm. the waking hell of my dreams was not lost the the ferocity of reality, pushing my desire to run even more. Wandering amongst the screaming sand and dark canyons, all the hell from my deepest secrets taunting me as i fled. My pace picked up until i was running, bouncing off of objects and things in the swirling darkness. i ran until my past was but a murky pool of memories left in the swirling nothingness of fear. it all culminated into a sickening plethora, and then, blessed silence. I stood in a dark cavern, where wind and sand did not penetrate. i could hear it howling around me, not more than a hands breath away. i rose a hand of chest height and spoke "Llogsi" a ball of orange flame sparked to life, illuminating the corridor in which i stood. doors, some ajar, some closed, lined the hallways, culminating in a showed Ascension of stairs. Erie shadows plagued my slow walk as i followed the path, slowly dawning on myself were i was. an empty cargo bay appeared and disappeared, followed by barren showers, and finally, and conference room. I had first met my group of friends here. i allowed my claws to splay across the now dirty windows where Minnow had seemed to magically manipulate the ship. I wondered how she was, her, her robot, and the Cournel. Time waited for none, and left any who fell behind, behind. There were no room for bargains, demands or pleas. time judged all, and mine had come it seemed. Darkness had filled my body, and was gnawing away at my worthless soul. It was a pity Ale'au had been bonded with such a failed rider. inadvertently, i slid into one of the remaining chairs, and let my head fall into my hands. failure, just like everything else i had attempted. in the farthest reaches of my mind, i could feel my dragon. She felt so lost, calling out for me. My fears had drug her down. She was a dragoness, the most feared of all the creatures. An unstoppable rage of nature, beautiful and proud, regal and unchanging. And she was reduced to wailing like a wyrmling at my loss of prescence. It seemed in that regard, i had succeeded. all of these negatives boiled to a head of rage that knew no containment. Slamming my fists on the wooden table, i shot upright, sending the chair skittering across the room, my ball of fire went out. That was fine. Hell would start its own fires. As i flipped the table, the dragon within me rose, and my words became his. tears of pain became roars of agony. Fire flew from my hands as easily as it did his maw. Flames were soon licking around the corners of the room. Nearly all the furniture was now smashed or buring. and there i stood in the middle of the room, a pistol in my hand, and a bowed head.
  14. Ale'au: I first noticed Karelian's absence as a shadow on the edge of my consciousness. it nagged at my brain until sleep was eroded, and i blinked open my eyes. The room in which i had been laying was dark, and lots of particles filled the air. Sand was piled up in the corners and against the furniture, making the place looked long abandoned. My rider was no were to be found, and upon casting about with my mind, crushing loneliness threatened to impede upon my focus. I pulled my self out of the room, and found my body enveloped in a furious sand storm. if he had been lost in here, and in his deteriorating mental state... No i had to keep my mind clear. Lydia had been right, i am no good to him crying. the wind whipped at my wings, forcing my to keep them pinned to my sides. I had never remembered such a storm when we had staid here before. Somar! he could help find Karelian! And Guts, he was certainly most trust worthy. Then there was Jo. She had an animal inside her, she was not all human, and i could trust her. But how to see in this storm?! i released a roar of frustration, followed by a tounge of flame. It did nothing to ease the storm, but i flet the air warm from the force of my fire. I sent a mental shout across the land scape that anyone with an unhidden mind would feel for nearly half a mile. KARELIAN!!!!!
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