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  1. I don't have any genre planned, just pure, unadulterated fun. It's set in Hodra for the moment, a city in the hard fantasy setting of Tellus Mater, but you can use whatever character you like! For the most part this will be a social and character interaction roleplay, with a few big battles for those who decide to stay for subsequent threads. For this first thread, though, it will be a simple meeting :) You can join! And that's a wrap guys! I'll get a thread up by the end of the week. Let's have some fun!
  2. We have enough people, but I'm gonna wait a day or two to see if anyone else in interested :)
  3. Hah! Gotcha. Let's see how hungry she gets before little Devi notices (; Before the thread begins, a person of little consequence takes Devi into the city so that she is exposed to more people than she would be exposed to if she had stayed on her little restaurant boat. The starting thread will take place mainly back where she came from, the aforementioned restaurant boat, The Shallot. There they will discuss terms and plans, dwarves-in-a-hobbit-hole style. Devi will have been shouting and begging in the city of Hodra, so all your character has to do to hear of it is either a.) walk past her or b.) heard of it from other annoyed passersby.
  4. No worries! You don't have to decide until it's your turn to post, my friend ;P
  5. We won't be starting too terribly soon, I'm sorry about that! I've got to wait and see who all else is interested first.
  6. Sweetness! You can submit any character you like. Thanks for showing your interest :3
  7. Hello, folks! I am Dub, or Logan, or LoganDub, and I am finally ready to post an interest check for an adventure! Now, this check isn't a normal check, no, because this one features the wonderful shrimp girl herself, Devi Maren! She lives in a themed restaurant boat in the bay of Hodra known as The Scallop, which sells wonderfully prepared bowls of piping hot ramen to any passersby who is curious enough to board. Devi has lived here long enough to even become a mascot of the little attraction! Little Devi has grown dissatisfied, though, as she once was a powerful goddess who had the ability to roam wherever she pleased. Now, she is confined to a single ramen bowl, which, while delicious, is not enough to satiate her hunger for freedom. So, she was able to convince a kind man to take her to a more bustling portion of the city so that she could "hire" a willing band of adventurers to search for a way to return her back to her divine form. She waits there now, commanding anyone who passes by to help her seek for a cure to her shrimp form, and in return, they will be handsomely rewarded with riches beyond imagination. . . . Alright! I've finally gotten off my ass and put up a post! Now if any of you fellas wanna join me on an epic quest, say it to my face and show your interest down below. That is all, my loves <3
  8. I'll be bowing out, I'm afraid. I'm gonna focus on a single thread, since I'm just returning :)
  9. "ADORABLE." The little thing's voice was numb, a cloudy glare making it's way onto her face. This...mortal...dared to call her adorable? That just wouldn't do. No, that wouldn't do at all. Her grim glare began to transform until she was growing red in the face, her shelled tail quivering in disbelief at the complete and utter disrespect on display. The miniature goddess was on the cusp of going berserk before she realized that no, this was not the kind of behavior she wanted to put on display. After all, it was she who noticed the man, and it was she who arranged for their...meeting. It wasn't often that she saw someone unusual. For a mortal, of course. So, regaining a bit of composure, she leaned back into her cozy bowl of ramen, letting the steam relax her, giving a wet sheen to her skin. "I know it may be difficult to restrain yourself," she began, flipping her hair, "But I politely command you not to call me by that again. I am adorable, I know, but that is not a title befitting of someone such as myself." The little goddess' face was still beet red, which might have confused some. It was most definitely due to her near-outburst. She was sure. "I'm Devi," she said, a little quieter. "I noticed you earlier this morning and decided I wanted to romance you. You are the most unusual person I've seen all week, so I had it arranged that we would meet." Devi leaned forward, up against the edge of the bow, tracing her finger along the lip. Her tiny face was goldened by the sun, complimented by brilliant sea green eyes that almost looked like tiny gems twinkling up at her date. Her hair was a luscious chocolate black, resting comfortably at her shoulders. A strip of dark fabric wrapped her bust, leaving her shoulders and navel bare. Apparently nothing more ornate had been crafted in her size. Yet. Her hips transformed into a tiny shrimp tail, which was a deep pink and swaying. She was only a handful of centimeters long, but her tiny form was packed with detail and history. "Tell me more about yourself," Devi said, resting her chin in her hands as she looked up at her potential love interest. "Then maybe you'll earn the privilege to learn more about me."
  10. Hmm...would a shrimp-goddess and her silent monk-warrior guardian fit in? I'm not sure how serious you'd like this plot to be, but I might be down for this.
  11. Hmm, I think I this would be a fantastic way for me to return to the site! Aha. Don't mind my messily thrown-together sheet for Devi Maren, Sea Goddess.
  12. Name: Devi Maren Age: undetermined Length: eight centimeters About: Devi Maren was once a goddess of sea creatures and fish, but due to some unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, she became trapped in a body that was half-shrimp, half-woman. Instead of surviving on her own in the ocean, Devi decided to take advantage of her own novelty, letting others take her where she wanted.
  13. Hello, fellas! I'm LoganDub, but I'd love it if you'd just call me Logan. I love writing, drawing, and playing video games, and of course, I love to roleplay! I'm a returning user of Valucre, which means I've putzed around on here before. I enjoyed what I experienced, but after one of my friends left without a word, the drive to write kind of left me. I'm back because I'm a little unsatisfied with my routine, and I want to change things up. I made the decision to return literally moments before writing this post, so I don't have much to say other than that I'm looking forward to roleplaying, in whatever form I'm presented! Now, I have work, so I won't be able to write completely consistently, but if you all are patient with me, I'd love to write!
  14. Ahh, I completely forgot there were other ones! I actually posted some stuff in the Sword and Board back when I was getting started!