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About Me

Hey! I'm Logan. I've been writing fanfiction ever since I was twelve, but I have had little to no exposure to roleaying before Valucre, save a now-defunct zetaboards roleplay and a few kik messages that went over the line. Don't you even dare judge! I am lovely, no matter how corrupt I was, am, or ever will be!

I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, so if you need to know who shot first, what color Han's snowsuit really was, or what I think of Jar Jar, I'll go nuts over you! But you didn't hear it from me; it's not a story the Jedi would tell you!

Here's what you can do to get me to notice you:

  • PM me and say hi
  • post a thread in the New Members and Returns forum
  • be an artist
  • be a woman that's too old for me
  • Be nice!

Leaves are sexy as fun-loving hipsters, I tell ya!

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