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  1. The Steele Mansion was an imposing sight. It was protected by an iron fence, rust creeping up the bars. Gnarled, mossy trees hung low to the ground outside the estate. The dense forest and the thick, gloomy fog kept visibility low, making the building difficult to find and even more imposing when it was ever discovered. The house itself was white, but no one would ever know. Moss and ivy had crept up the sides, and the wood looked old, giving the house a ghostly grey coloration. The front doors were large, decorated with ornate designs and a looming archway. The home looked abandoned, as if no one had lived there in years, as if anything could be behind those doors. Locals who happened across it came back with stories of being chased away by vampires, of being to afraid to approach, of a single slat in the blinds lowering; they felt watched. No one came in. No one came out. But that didn't mean the home was uninhabited. A single horse and two riders were on the path to the house, a near-invisible dirt road only kept usable due to the occasional daring passerby looking for adventure. One rider, named Balok, was tall, with dark skin, wearing thick leather armor and his jaw clenched. His partner was smaller, and had not said anything for most of the duration of the trip, other than the fact that her name was Graysen and that she was the girl who was to serve the Steele Estate. "Miss Graysen," Balok began, his voice rumbling and low. The thick fog, which stifled the usual white noise of any forest, caused even this man's quiet voice to almost boom in the silence. "We have arrived. I have been instructed not to go any further." Balok dismounted, helping Graysen after he had done so. He gestured to a tall iron gate, the surname of the estate hanging above it: STEELE The escort reached into his pockets, quickly pulling out a large set of keys which clanged noisily in the smothering quiet. He unlocked the gate, pushing it open, gesturing for Miss Graysen to enter. "Be careful. The front steps are not far, but you need to be aware of what is around you." Balok's face becomes grave, looking into the prospective maid's eyes, his voice serious as he spoke. "I have not seen my master in more than a year. Keep your head about you when speaking with Mister Steele. He may not be right in the head anymore. No one knows. Now go!" If Ari Graysen was paying attention to the mansion's windows, she might have seen a slat in the blinds spring back into place.
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    Oh hello there stranger...

    Welcome to my abode! I'm so glad I - ahem - seduced you here, and I'm sure we'll write together here plenty. Welcome to the family.
  3. There was silence for a few moments before any move to open the door was seen. Only the heaviness of the fog was there for comfort, and even that was dispelled by the imagination. Tales told by locals were very effective at instilling anxiety. Could the incoherent wailing of a savage vampire be heard? Or was it just all in the head? Those thoughts were common when left alone in the fog. The sound of bolts and locks being undone broke the silence, and then the door was slowly opened, the rusted hinges shrieking in agony under the weight of the heavy wood, deafening after the nothingness of before. "Come in. Now," said a low, hushed voice, ordering Ari to enter. After ushering her in, and after a possibly paranoid look out the door, Aaron Steele turned around, closing the door, revealing himself to his new housekeeper. He was tall, maybe a touch taller than six feet, with a broad, fit frame. His black shoes were polished, and the dark laces looked as if they had been tied with hands used to meticulous work, a perfect knot for each foot. His dark, pleated pants were pressed, wrinkle-free. They looked like if touched, they might still be warm from the iron. His hands were concealed under white gloves, wrapped around the end of a straight black cane. His suit jacket was fitted perfectly, fastened by two buttons near the bottom half. Underneath was a white dress shirt, decorated at the collar by frills and a black bow tie. His head was not adorned with a hat, but rather by his chocolate black hair, which was cut neat, standing up of it's own thickness. His face was clean-shaven and strong, and his skin was fairer than any of his portraits that were shown. Not unhealthily pale, but fair enough to know he had not seen the sun for some time. His nose looked as if it had been broken long ago, but other than a small knot on the bridge, it was straight. His eyes were piercing and intelligent, but the color could not be determined. They seemed to shift between brown and green with the light. Possibly even some blue. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out on his first attempt. This was a man long-deprived of human company, and it showed. He cleared his throat, and began again. "Thank you for accepting my invitation," he said graciously, his voice gaining its usual confidence as time went on. "Would you like anything to drink before discussing what you'll be doing? And pardon, me, what is your name, dear?"
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I'm so excited to dive back in here on Val and write some stuff!
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    What are you playing? [Video Game Edition]

    I've been trying to reach level 25 in Overwatch on PC so I can start competitive. I came from console so it's a struggle. I'm trying to friend people, still need a working mic. I'm starting Uncharted: Drake's fortune on PS4. After beating The Last of Us, it's hard to get into, but I'm powering through. I stopped playing Horizon Zero Dawn halfway through, so that's next on my radar.
  6. Blurb: No one had seen Aaron Steele in months, not after he moved back to his estate in the Arcane East. He had left his important doings to his advisers, and his riches to the careful hands of his treasurer. Those who had wished to see him were turned away; even his family had not known his exact whereabouts. Master Steele wasn't known to be a secluded personality, which further contributed to the mystery of his disappearance. When he was among the public back in Umbra, people often saw him with a smile on his face, sharing stories about his father, Charles Steele, before his unfortunate passing. Other times a bystander might have seen him greeting a business partner with a handshake and a kiss before discussing the terms of a deal, all in public, social atmospheres. All of the confusion and murmurings of his disappearance were put to a stop, however, when his aides and representatives throughout Genesaris announced to the public that the Steele Estate was in need of a housekeeper, and it's Master insisted that citizens from all walks of life were welcome to apply, and reap the benefits. Now, one such applicant has been accepted, and is now being escorted to Master Aaron Steele's mansion, whose location has never been disclosed. What has Steele been up to all this time, and why has he just now requested an aid? Perhaps these questions may be answered in time. Or perhaps not... OOC: Alright! I'm finally getting round to putting up an interest check. I'm doing something different this time, as I'm looking for someone to write a short 1x1 thread with me to help introduce my new character, Aaron Steele. He is in need of a housekeeper or servant, which is why I'm putting up this thread. Setting: Aaron Steele's estate is located on the outskirts of a small town or village somewhere in the Arcane East. The constantly cloudy and foggy town is infested with savage vampires and other undead, making the location a rather dismal place. The primary setting of this thread will be Steele's mansion, a large home with two floors and an expansive property overtaken by forest and ivy. The forest is a dangerous place to be, so make sure to be swift when approaching the mansion! Content: I expect to be able to post at least once every three days, but I will let you know when I can't meet that requirement. This initial thread will mainly be a conversation-heavy piece, to build character, but I hope to provide a little action and peril near the end, possibly involving some undead baddies! I don't really feel like I'll be delving into anything sexual or romantic in this thread, but light sexual content may come up in future threads if things go well with this one! That's it! I hope you are intrigued. If you have any questions, post here. I didn't do much plotting for this one, so if you'd like to contribute any ideas, I'd be so happy!
  7. Thank you everyone for showing your interest! This IS a 1x1 thread, and I've chosen to write with @Aleksei. Don't take it personally, I'd love to roleplay with you all sometime!
  8. Thanks each of you for expressing your interest! I'm going to wait another day or two, then I'll decide who to write with. Thanks again!
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    Nth Time's A Charm

    Hey fellas. The name's LoganDub, soon to be DubNui, but you all can just call me Dub. I've been a user for quite a while, and have made more than a couple return threads, but I haven't really gotten back into the swing of things since my first couple months back in 2015. I really hope that this time I am here to stay, and I thought I'd introduce myself to anyone who never got to know me before I left! I'm in love with archetypal adventure stories, and my character arcs have generally looked that way, but I want to dive into smaller, more personal tales, where the adventure is a secondary goal, or a side effect of my characters' motivations. I am a big Dungeons & Dragons buff, having played a character in a few campaigns, and I'm currently running one with my buddies. It's great, and has really let me explore my creative side while away from Val. I'm cool with being in charge of multiple characters during a scene, and I'm willing to experiment with being "NPC"-type characters if need be. Starting out, I most likely will NOT be working on character sheets, because I would rather be engaging in roleplay when I have time to write here. If it's important, I'm nineteen, and I'm currently a slave to a grocery chain, so I will most likely be unable to post multiple times a day most days. My hours are unpredictable, but I will try to put in some writing where I can! I can honestly say that Valucre's Discord community has been the single biggest reason for my return, so I must say thank you to everyone there for keeping me engaged! Anyone who would like to discuss any roleplay ideas, feel free to shoot me a message!
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    Valucre Site Market

    I'd like to change my name to DubNui , please!
  11. Alright, fellas! I've finally posted the starter for my RP in Hodra! You can find it here! This is where we can discuss how we would like to proceed. At the start of the thread, Devi, the shrimp goddess, has managed to capture the interest of the five of you, and she is now inviting you all back to The Shallot to discuss terms over a meal. This first thread is mainly going to be all about character interaction. No fighting yet! Unless it's between players whose characters get a little angrier than they should be ;) EDIT: The posting order is as follows. I will be first. @NuclearCommando will be second. @notmuch_23 will be third. Then @ODSTDRAGON. Then @Wavum. Then @Metty.
  12. Looks like my last attempt to respond here didn't get through. I'm sorry guys, but I simply do not have the motivation to continue. Work has been tough, and when I get home to relax, I'm not in the writing mood. I know you all have been looking forward to continuing, but I'm going to have to call it quits for now. I still intend to write around here, but I jumped in at the wrong time.
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    Back Again

    Britty, my dear! If it weren't for your time away from the site, I don't think I would have had the privilege of befriending you as quickly as I did! I'm really excited to write with you at some point, as soon as I get a little bit of a schedule planned out. So...never. Kidding! I hope to see you around!
  14. I'm sorry guys! I'll be posting soon. I've been pretty busy as of late.
  15. The bustling walkways of Hodra never quieted, a beacon in the wide region of Nar Oeste. The trade was abundant, and those who were fortunate enough to find residence here were fat and content, never wanting for goods or food. It was a haven for a goddess such as Devi, as her power was drawn from the excess and luxury that these lucky few enjoyed. It had been some time since she last walked these streets. In actuality, it had been some time since Devi had last walked, after being cursed to live among the mortals. She was tiny, her head and breast like that of a woman, and her legs had been transformed into the visage of a shrimp's tail. It was unbecoming. She could no longer safely bathe in large tubs as she once had; now she was stuck to the confines of a single piping hot bowl of noodles. Devi reclined against the edge of the bowl, sinking further into the hot broth, her eyes shut in a brief moment of ecstasy before snapping back to reality. A hooded monk had agreed to sit by her for protection. He was smelly, and Devi was quickly becoming aware of how quickly the number of noodles in her bowl was decreasing, but she needed someone to be there, lest she be stolen away in her vulnerable state. The tiny goddess had a job to do, if she ever wanted to return to her former life. "You there! You look like an adventurer!" She said, pointing out a face in the crowd. "I promise riches and the favor of a god, if you only would be my escort for a short while!" No response from the multitude. "It is always a joy to be in the presence of my charm. Take me where I need to go, and I'll surely amaze you with my disarming personality!" No one. "I'll grant each passerby who agrees to follow me one wish, as soon as the task is done!" It took almost the whole day, but slowly, very slowly, Devi gathered a small group of varied individuals who agreed to listen to her request. They all showed promise. "Come, my followers, eat, drink, and be merry back at my establishment. It's very wonderful, you know!" @ODSTDRAGON @Metty @NuclearCommando @notmuch_23 @Wavum
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    An Escort For this Wonderful Shrimp Goddess!

    One or two of her special guests were curious as to where the party would start looking. The tiny shrimp girl tapped her index fingers together nervously, putting on a cheery facade to cover her anxiety up. She hadn't actually put any thought into any leads that they could follow. Although Devi couldn't answer their questions, for the most part, she would give them a bit of reassurance. "Well. I'm not actually quite sure where we should start looking. But I do know that a decent bit of adventure is involved. You see this?" Devi asked, gesturing to the steam rising from her bowl, long after the rest of the party's noodles had cooled. "I was able to do this after one of my other friends killed a couple goblins in my presence. Just imagine how much more power I could have if you killed more powerful beasts? "I think we will start by following leads that suggest something dangerous is around the corner, something dangerous that can be slain. I think that the more beasts we extinguish, the easier it will be for me to sense where the source of my power is being held. That is enough of a hook, right?" The goddess giggled nervously, hoping they all would agree. Devi turned to one of those in heavy armor, one that voiced his skepticism of the matter, questioning Devi's very title. "You would not like it if you lost my favor...Jack, was it?" The shrimp girl glared over at him. "I am very much real, and I don't care whether your 'science' challenges that fact. I suggest you treat me like the goddess I am, because it would be easy for me to, er, blow out a candle, if you get what I'm alluding to." She winked at Jack ominously.
  17. Alrighty! I'll get to work on it soon.
  18. If I ever said Shallot, that's definitely a mistake. It's called The Scallop. And I know the links are a little messy. I'll fix everything up in the morning!
  19. Whoops! I forgot about posting a turn order. So! Guys! After I post again, we will be adhering to a posting order, which will be as follows. I will be first. @NuclearCommando will be second. @notmuch_23 will be third. Then @ODSTDRAGON. Then @Wavum. Then @Metty. Metty has told me her character will hop in after a couple rounds. So, Metty, jump in at any time, but after your first post, you'll be after Wavum!
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    An Escort For this Wonderful Shrimp Goddess!

    The lowly monk was kind enough to carry Devi back to The Shallot, which was fortunate, as the little goddess was not stupid enough to let strangers carry her around without engaging in a bit of conversation. A few of the interested individuals had patiently waited as Devi continued to advertise her quest, while others left, assuring her that they would arrive at her restaurant by dinner time. So, as evening arrived, Devi and a few of those interested followed her and the monk back to the little boat near Hodra's bay. Any questions her new helpers had, she ignored, answering any bit of dialogue with "I will explain my plight when we arrive at The Shallot, after you all have taken a seat, and each of you have a bowl of delicious food in front of you." Devi was the god of abundance, after all, and she would not leave her guests wanting for comfort. The party arrived at the little boat. A sign was posted out front that read "CLOSED FOR ADVENTURING PURPOSES." As all of them entered the shop, there were no other guests. The smell of seafood and noodles filled the air, a few cooks in the back working away, preparing a meal for the party. The gentle swaying of the restaurant boat could be felt inside as well, which could be disorienting at first, but after a few minutes, the feeling would subside. Devi turned around in her bowl to the monk. "Put me down, please. And you may have a meal as well, sweetie, for bringing me back here," the shrimp-girl beamed. "Now! Everyone sit down, and have a meal on me!" The cooks arrived with steaming bowls of noodles, decorated with all kinds of seafood. Platters of sushi were brought next, and then the chefs bowed and left the restaurant. Now, the only ones in the establishment were the adventurers, and Devi herself. The goddess looked over her group of adventurers. Some were quite outlandish, with technology she didn't recognize as being from this world. There were also two pairs of individuals who seemed to know each other. Good, she thought. Group cohesion would hopefully not be a problem. "Eat and make yourself comfortable, my friends," the shrimp piped up, her tiny voice requiring some degree of silence to detect. "I will share with you my story, and why I implore you help me. "I was once a very powerful god of this world. I was able to bestow riches and food to anyone I saw fit too, and that power gave me great influence over the world of mortals. Adventurers like you from all parts would seek me, hoping I would grant them a wish of sorts. Wars were waged over the gifts I bestowed. I was great. "Recently, though, one of my rivals became jealous, and told me if I didn't give him what he wanted - a child - he would seal me away to the mortal realm. And that he did. Our battle was spectacular. I had the upper hand, but he was sneaky. He defeated me. So enraged was he that he chose that, instead of forcing me to do his whims, he stole my power and banished me here. "Look at me!" Devi exclaimed, twirling in her bowl, frustrated, before finally splashing back into the broth, defeated. "I can't travel the world on my own. If I could, I would, and I would look for a way to reverse this myself. But I can't. So I beg all of you. Will you help me?"
  21. No prob, @Metty! Looks like I'm next then!
  22. At the end of the starter, she has just invited you to come back to The Shallot , a restaurant she calls home. You all are on your way there.
  23. Hello, folks! I am Dub, or Logan, or LoganDub, and I am finally ready to post an interest check for an adventure! Now, this check isn't a normal check, no, because this one features the wonderful shrimp girl herself, Devi Maren! She lives in a themed restaurant boat in the bay of Hodra known as The Scallop, which sells wonderfully prepared bowls of piping hot ramen to any passersby who is curious enough to board. Devi has lived here long enough to even become a mascot of the little attraction! Little Devi has grown dissatisfied, though, as she once was a powerful goddess who had the ability to roam wherever she pleased. Now, she is confined to a single ramen bowl, which, while delicious, is not enough to satiate her hunger for freedom. So, she was able to convince a kind man to take her to a more bustling portion of the city so that she could "hire" a willing band of adventurers to search for a way to return her back to her divine form. She waits there now, commanding anyone who passes by to help her seek for a cure to her shrimp form, and in return, they will be handsomely rewarded with riches beyond imagination. . . . Alright! I've finally gotten off my ass and put up a post! Now if any of you fellas wanna join me on an epic quest, say it to my face and show your interest down below. That is all, my loves <3
  24. No, no, the thread hasn't died. Have patience! I'll be working on the thread tonight. As I said above, I'll have a thread up by the end of the week! ;P
  25. I don't have any genre planned, just pure, unadulterated fun. It's set in Hodra for the moment, a city in the hard fantasy setting of Tellus Mater, but you can use whatever character you like! For the most part this will be a social and character interaction roleplay, with a few big battles for those who decide to stay for subsequent threads. For this first thread, though, it will be a simple meeting :) You can join! And that's a wrap guys! I'll get a thread up by the end of the week. Let's have some fun!