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  1. Cicilia had been momentarily in wonder at the hybrid creature she saw. Though she's seen many things, it still awed her when she spotted him. She took a table that was isolated from the other patrons and pulled off her pack and rested it on the table. She began sifting through it looking for her small journal and a pen. As she was searching, her little friend buzzed around her excitedly. It dashed from left to right causing small sparks as it moved. Her hands closed around the book and pen and she pulled them out triumphantly. 

    She placed the items on the table and closed her pack. She began writing swiftly and neatly tabs and notes for future use. She glanced up when the Griffin spoke and decided to note him as well. Cicilia soon finished just as a woman came bustling over. The woman was tall and busty with russet hair and freckles. "What will you be 'aving today?" Cicilia thought for a moment. "I'll have the best thing in this place to eat and a glass of water, please." She said loud enough to be heard by the lady but quiet enough that no one else would hear. She watched the woman as she stared at her ball of energy questioningly before nodding and leaving.

    She watched as the lady sauntered away to fetch her order. She rested her head on the table as she waited; her stomach grumbling at her for her neglect of eating. She sighed and turned her head to watch her willow still jumping around. 


  2. Cicilia still watched not moving an inch from her spot until she saw necessary to do so. She spotted another figure that some people may not be able to see from her standpoint, but her eyesight is excellent. This addition almost makers her rolls her eyes. This seems to have become a gathering of sorts but she doesn't mind, it's more entertaining this way. 

    'The more, the merrier, right?' She sniggers at the thought. 

    Cicilia does roll her eyes as someone else appears, and she honestly wished she had a chair. Of course, she has stood for longer than she currently has been, but the seemingly never-ending gathering of people is dragging this out longer than it needs to be. She knows that how she's feeling contradicts with her earlier thought, but she never was a patient person. But alas, here she stands curiously wondering how this scene will play out, and she hopes to whatever deity out there that it's worth it. 

  3. Cicilia had come across this city as she traveled East of Joran city where she had gone looking for new weapons. Many people of the city had suspicions of her due to her choice of attire. Her cloak covered her eyes from sight while she had an all around bandana to cover the bottom portion of her face. She doesn't hide her face because she's criminal or ashamed just something she learned from young and it stuck with her. Cicilia, unlike most people, doesn't travel for money she does it as she enjoys an adventure. However, there are some occasions where people would seek her out for scouting jobs and such.

    Her little companion she had found -more like it found her- while in the Velhatien Desert circled her animatedly. A Fire Willow, an intelligent elemental creature mainly used as an energy source that followed her as she passed by. It stayed behind her at first and upon noticing she didn't seem to mind it, it jumped around her causing little bursts of light. 

    As much as she wanted to continue her exploration she was hungry and needed a much-welcomed rest. She spotted a tavern not too far away and started towards it.



  4. We can explore Valucre together, though, I, must admit I am not very experienced. I'm currently using this character until I make more. She's not as detailed as yours is but I like to let her grow in the stories I use her in. If you have any feedback to give I will gladly hear them.

  5. Footsteps as quiet as can be, eyes covered but seeing, and covered from head to toe, this was how Cicilia traveled. She didn't wish to be seen or heard. She was hunting. Good hunters know to stay quiet and patient even if the hunt doesn't seem to show any progress. Even if this hunt proved to be fruitless she did get something out of it anyways. She smiled under her bandana as she trudged forward.


    Despite the unrelenting sun, Cicilia stood in her long black cloak with her hood pulled over. Though anyone looking at her would not see her eyes she could see perfectly fine under the protection of her hood. She scanned the surrounding area.  Soon, she spotted figures far away from her current standpoint and narrowed her eyes. The next thing she noticed were the sound of the scouts on their beasts and decided to watch from where she was.


    'I wonder what they are going to do?'


  6. (I'm doing over this character because I honestly don't like the way she was before. 

    “Life goes on regardless of how we feel about it, so we'll just have to keep moving no matter what.”





    • Basics •


    • Name: Cicilia Jones

    • Nicknames: Cicil, CJ

    • Aliases: Quio

    • Date of birth: February 20

    • Age: 17

    • Gender: Female

    • Species: Shapeshifter

    • Sexuality: Bi

    • Native language: English

    “I like to think of myself as a predator and everyone else is prey.”





    • Appearance •


    • Hair color: Dark Brown

    • Eye color: Changes

    • Height: 5'10

    • Weight: 181

    • Body type: Slim

    • Scars: She has a few cuts on her stomach from a fight.

    • Fashion style: Mostly wears black but likes to switch it up sometimes.

    “The only things I truly need is books and food.”





    • Personality •


    • Type of personality:

    Cicilia is a quiet person most times and is always observing. She sometimes says things that seem asshole-ish, though, she just says it the way she sees it. Cicilia can be caring, friendly, and loyal but only to those who shows her that they can be the same.

    • Best traits: Observant, Discreet, Efficient, Loyal, Trustworthy, Self-sufficient,

    • Worst traits: Blunt, Impatient, Insecure, Secretive, Weird, Sarcastic, Curses

    • Hobbies: Hunting, Reading

    • Likes: Food, Books, Quiet Places, Hunting, Sweets

    • Dislikes: Liars, Black Olives, Obnoxious people

    • Habits: She has a tendency to tilt her head if interested or confused. She stares for long periods of time without blinking. She thinks too much.

    • Pet peeves: Mess

    • Soft spot: Cats

    • Fears: Losing those closest to her.

    “I'm surrounded by idiots.”






    • Skills •


    • Skill name: Shapeshift

    “To hunt successfully, you must know your ground, your pack, and your quarry.”





    • Weapon •


    • Weapons: Switchblade, Katana, Dagger, Knives  

    (Knows how to use a gun but doesn't carry them often)

    “Stay low, go fast. Kill first, die last. One shot, one kill. No luck, all skill.”





    • Stats •


    • Strength: 7/10

    • Intelligence: 8/10

    • Charisma: 8/10

    • Agility: 9/10

    • Eyesight: 10/10

    • Endurance: 9/10

    • Wisdom: 8/10

    • Alertness: 9/10

    • Willpower: 7/10

    “You can't do epic shit with basic people.”





    • Relationships •


    • Lover: N/A

    • Best friend: N/A

    • Rivals: N/A

    • Enemies: N/A

    “Everybody wants to be a diamond but very few are willing to get cut.”





    • Theme song •


    Aran Zayne - The Reaper



  7. Cicilia heard it was time for rest and frowned slightly. She had trouble sleeping at night. She looked at everyone one last time. She had a bad feeling about Eternity but kept her mouth shut. She's never one to cause trouble. Now, she has to find something to occupy her for the night. She watched everybody go to their rooms.


    Sighing, she got up and stretched. "Goodnight." Since she had nothing to actually do she shifted in to a small kitten. She pounced around for a while before heading to her room. She crawled into her bed and curled up.Playing with a loose string from the bed, she just thought everything over. Sighing internally, she thought,this was gong to be a long night.

  8. Cicilia tilted her head when she heard that Niha and Jax were to spar. Even though Niha was a girl she had a feeling she was stronger than her appearance. 


    Cicilia was beginning to get a bit restless herself. Her eyes glowed a bright yellow.


    She watched Eternity drink. She's never seen a person drink so much without getting drunk. She wondered how he was able to do that. By now, a normal person would be passed out or something close to it.


    Listening, she heard L telling James what she wanted. She studied her closely in interest. The scroll she pulled out of her sleeve interested her more. She would have gone and spoke but she didn't want to be a bother.


    She jumped when Malik came and started talking. She looked a him for a moment. "Like I said before, I am here for and adventure. I need something to keep me interested and busy. It's not the greatest idea to leave me alone and bored for too long. Oh, and I'm not like most girls." She smiled. "What attracted you here?" Her eyes now hazel.

  9. Cicilia giggled from Niha's comment. Cicilia was quiet the whole time observing everybody. She gave quiet laughs here and there when something would appeal her. She like them for the most part which was rare. She had very few people she paid attention to, yet these people kept her attentive.


    Cicilia watched as Jax pulled out a ice lily. It was beautiful to her. She wanted to see other tricks he could do.


    She listened to the conversations that sprouted out around her. She wanted to talk but no one here seemed to be like her or interested. Humming to herself, she wanted to take note about everyone's abilities. She herself could fight exceptionally well for her age and was also skilled in weaponry. Her shifting abilities helped when she needs an alternative.


    Eternity seemed interesting to her. He had bodyguards though they didn't seem very good since he broke one of their arms with ease. She wondered why he had them around if her really didn't need them.


    Cicilia laughed at Kaine's remark. She patted his shoulder soothingly. He was so stressed it seemed. She rested her head on her hand and continued her quietness.

  10. Cicilia looked around. She sat tall in her chair as she looked at the members around her with turquoise eyes. Her eyes glittered with interest. She quite liked the people Niha had chosen. Cicilia looked around once more.


    She figured she was next. She sat up to introduce herself.


    "I am Cicilia Jones and I'm 16 years old. I like to adventure and explore." She smiled sweetly. Her hands were folded neatly in her lap. "I love a good adventure, also something that should keep me interested. I assumed this would do it. I hope to be friends with you all."


    She slid back into her chair and waited quietly for the next person.

  11. Title: Cicilia Jones
    Visual Age:16


    Hair:Black, Long
    Voice:silky, soft

    Black leather outfit with black coat



    Hand-to-hand combat


    XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle

    XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System (IAWS)

    AA12 Atchisson Assault Shotgun


  12. Cicilia Jones entered the Tavern in her all black leather outfit. Her weapons hidden and protected behined her lack coat. Her red eyes seemed to glow as she looked around. Her long black hair flowed silkily down her back. She looked around unsure as to what to do. Her now hazel eyes scanned the area once more.

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