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  1. hey I've been swamped with classwork and extracurricular activities. Please feel free to skip me this round I can hop in the next one. I am trying to find time to properly respond, but I don't want to be the person who everyone is waiting on. hope you guys understand! <3
  2. Ember chuckled at Zarine's retort and muttered to herself, "we should get along just fine." Her expression shifted to concern as Manah began to answer their questions. There was something different about her, she was fearful and Ember was now leaning forward fully enthralled with the knight's words. At the end Ember offered a slight nod. "just don't loose your nerve in battle, I'd much prefer we all make it out alive. And if we die, let us die as heroes" She places a hand on Manah's shoulder and pats it in a attempt to comfort her. She leans back into her seat as Zarine states she's going to take a nap. "alright, Miss Manah if you need to rest I can keep an eye out for you both."
  3. Ember entered the carriage behind Zarine and noticed as well that Manah wasn't looking at all like the person they saw yesterday. She shrugged this off to nerves as she took the seat across from Zarine. As she looked over at Zarine she couldn't help but notice her slight discomfort. With a chuckled she said "don't worry I don't bite." she grinned at this words before leaning back resting her hands behind her head. As the horses jerked the carriage forward she added her own questions to Zarine's. "I take it you knew and were close to the princess before right? What's this whole thing about her now being evil? Anything we should know about her or these 'monsters' she's turning town people into? And where are we going to first?" She shifted forward in her seat and looked at Manah inquisitively. The cyborg rarely left her questions unasked and preferred to know all the details of a mission before running in blindly. Some people were unbothered by this trait and others would get annoyed by it, she wondered how the two girls would react to this trait of hers. As her questions were answered she began to study one of her maps, looking at the towns and terrain of the area. Once she was satisfied having her questions answered she settled back into her seat and look out the window awaiting their arrival.
  4. By the time the dull sunlight of the dawn had filtered through the inn's windows, Ember was already awake and preparing for the day. She had showered the night before and was now getting dressed and packed. Her ruck was filled with an assortment of supplies ranging from a tool box for making adjustments to her cybernetics to a journal and some maps of the area. As she made her way down the stairs she pulled her ruck onto her shoulders and ordered some food from one of the workers. After simple breakfast of black coffee, a slice of toast, and an apple she stood and was about to sit outside to wait for the other two ladies. But just as she placed her money on the counter she heard a voice mumble 'couldn't be bothered to wait?' and saw the mage making her way down the stairs and the soldier heading out the door. The cyborg smiled and followed after the two. She exited behind Zarine and fell in pace with the young woman offering her a quick "good morning." Manah had already taken off from the inn and Ember quickly began to scan the streets for her. The soldier's garb was easily distinguished from the clothing of the villagers. Ember tapped Zarine on the shoulder and then gestured toward Manah before increasing her pace towards her.
  5. Hey guys sorry for the long wait! I was busy with tests last week, but I'm back now. I'll have a post up soon.
  6. Ember saw the blonde girl shiver at the sight of her and causing Ember to stifle a laugh, it was quite often that she saw this reaction. She looked back toward the knight as she warned the two of dangers ahead. It had been a while since she actually took part in a dangerous mission and she was excited. 'Don't worry about the danger. Anything worth doing takes some effort yes?' Ember nodded at this in agreement. "you'll find that I am no yellow bellied fool who panics at the first scent of danger. I'd be happy to continue on with you." As she said this she gave a bow of her head in respect. "the name's Ember by the way, I think it's best to know the name of those fighting beside you." She turns on her heel and heads toward the Juniper Inn. Her heart was filled with excitement and she ended up spending the first few hours of the night preparing for the adventure ahead.
  7. Ember had been traveling around Valucre taking jobs here and there and had found herself in the newly seceded land of Rydsa. Everywhere the cyborg went there were flyers and posters for asking able bodies to join an army. Ember had spent a few days in the local pub and was quickly low on money. Army work wouldn't be too bad, free food and bed would most likely be available and possibly gold, and wherever there was gold, there was Ember. With a quick gulp, Ember finished her drink, through down a small coin purse, and went out onto the street, surely a recruitment soldier couldn't be that hard to find. Ember walked through the town and used her cybernetic eye to search through the crowd, soon she found a woman with strawberry blonde hair approaching another young woman. She listened as the woman said 'I hear you're looking for able fighters,' she was thankful she didn't need to spend an entire day searching for the recruitment soldier. She approached the two before speaking. "It now seems you've got two women on your side now lass." Ember offered the girls a smile showing off her pointed teeth, before looking toward Manah awaiting her response. (OOC: shesh I need to practice writing more. Not sure how happy I am with my current style xD)
  8. xD well it would seem I posted right on time then. My mom probably sees the internet crash as divine intervention saying I need to do school work and get more sleep xD
  9. Hey guys sorry for the delay. Frontier's internet service went down through my town for some reason. I think I'm gonna play as Ember, she's one of my older ocs and I haven't done much with her. Since she's a mercenary she'll be one of the soldiers. I might bring in another evil character, but I'm not sure yet.
  10. Hmmm should I play a fighter or a person who gets corrupted that is the question
  11. Hello everyone! I know that I always disappear, but I've come back yet again! I wanted to just say hello to everyone and apologize for all of those whose role plays I disappeared from. Looking forward to a new year wit all you guys! :)

    1. supernal


      Welcome back and happy new year

  12. An assault of whispers came down on Ridge and he immediately took a step back. He leaned down to Kyouji and whispered, "Do you hear them? There's trapped souls here... Most places I've been to have been cleansed of them..." He walked forward again and tilted his head listening to what the voices were saying. The whispers were difficult to understand and Ridge's face contorted into confusion. He absentmindedly began to pace the throne room deep in thought. He hadn't even noticed the tendrils that had come to him from the throne. If he had he wouldn't have sat down on the throne. In the end it was his curiosity that trapped him, he wanted to know what secrets lied in the temple. He should have run. Should have escaped before his kind soul was corrupted. But he stayed because of his own curiousity.
  13. His excitement was drawn to a halt as Kyouji grabbed a hold of him. He sheepishly smiled realizing he had gotten over excited like he always does and he quickly offered an apology. "I'm sorry Miss Kyouji I just tend to get a little excited from time to time." He laughed heartily before continuing, "and you've been here before so my excitement probably is bizarre considering you've gotten to explore this place already. Anyway let's go in shall we?" As Ridge began to walk through the open doors he reached down to Kyouji's hand, grasping it in his own and began to lead her into the dark temple.
  14. Ridge was fascinated with this woman and followed her to the temple. The temple loomed over him and as he looked up at it his jaw dropped. The architecture of the building was fascinating and Ridge quickly walked past Kyouji to explore. "I have never gotten to explore a place like this! how old is this building? Have you ever been here before? Is there any artifacts inside? What about books?" The man was rambling at this point due to being overexcited. His eyes were bright and full of wonder. "Is there tablets? Is that where the spell is?"
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