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  1. 3 would be comparable to 4. Off the top of my head the only person that I know of that is doing something similar right now is, @Ruski
  2. Gaia, I beg of you, please empower my body with your holy might so that I may smite this treacherous heathen in your name. -no answer.- "Guess I'm done... well played." - Van
  3. I believe the thread you are looking for is this one. @princeben07
  4. Well, there are probably a few ways you could do this. 1). You could solo it yourself. 2). You could get some friends to do it with you. 3). You could request a storyteller to act as a DM/GM and guide you through the process. 4). You can see if you could join someone else's RP that is doing something similar.
  5. Yes and no, either or, both. That is to say that if you want to go through the full training in RP form, it can be done. Otherwise it can be backstory.
  6. After talking to @supernal it was brought to my attention that creating your own class might be too complicated or too much for some people and they'd rather just have a generic class to play with. So I came up with 4 basic classes. Ranger - Energy: 250/250 Armor Type: Light Weapons: Spray N pray - Combination Magic/Mundane Light Rapid Weapon - 10000 Rounds. Costs 1 round and 4 energy per bullet. Burst Fire[Base 2/ Single Target] Low Accuracy + Spell Effects: Corrode, Double hit, Soften. Reinforced Knuckles -Mundane Melee Weapon - [Base 5/Single Target] No Accuracy check. Auxiliary Equipment: X 4 Flash Bangs - Prior to entering a room, a flash bang can be thrown to stop enemies from spawning. If enemies have already spawned, they temporarily become stunned. Minor Abilities: Chemical Adherence - No cost, sticks to surface. Tactical Formation - As long as the ranger is near 2 other allies, all three get a +5 to hit chance. Tactical Retreat - Once per round, without using an action, the ranger can retreat to a previous room, so long as an ally still occupies it. Major Abilities: Breach - AOE Spell - Costs 15 energy. If used in conjunction with a Flash Bang, enemies in the room, or that enemies that spawn after the fact, take double damage for the next 2 rounds. If used without flash bang, enemies are subjected to knockback when the ranger enters the room. Explosive charge - AOE spell- Costs 15. Rangers may drop an explosive charge that is touch or proximity activated. Charge does 15 damage to all enemies in the blast. Spell Kick - Single Target, costs 7 energy. Chance to knockback and paralyze a single target. ________________________ Scout- Energy: 250/250 Armor Type: Negligible Weapons: Stealth Shot - Combination Magic/Mundane Small Arm - 15 Rounds. Costs 1 round and 4 energy per shot. Semi-Automatic [Base 13/Single Target] High Accuracy Spell Effects: Silent Shot - Enemies will not target the scout if shot by this weapon. Marked - Enemies hit by this weapon become marked. Future attacks have a + 2 chance to hit and do an extra + 1 damage. Combat Knife - Mundane Melee Weapon - [Base 5/Single Target] No Accuracy check. Auxiliary Equipment: 2x Stealth shot ammo packs, 2x Energy Restoration Item Minor Abilities: Chemical Adherence - No cost, sticks to surface. Scan - Costs 1 energy to use, identifies weaknesses in target. Remote View - Costs 1 energy per use. Allows the scout to look up to two rooms ahead and force spawn enemies. Major Abilities: Analyze - Costs 5 energy to cast - Highlights key items present in the room. Back Stab - Single Target Spell, costs 5 energy to cast. If the scout stabs an enemy the back, it auto crits. Bend Light - Targets Self - Costs 15 energy to cast, upkeep 5 energy per turn active. As long as Bend Light is active, a Scout can enter and leave rooms, as well as move through rooms without enemies noticing them. ___________________________ Medic- Energy: 300/300 Armor Type: Negligible Weapons: Remote Injector - Magic Light Rapid - Costs 4 energy per shot. Burst Fire [Base 2/Single Target] Moderate Accuracy. Spell Effects Enemies: Chance to Poison and soften. Spell Effect Allies: Heals for 6 energy. Generic Melee Weapon - Mundane Melee Weapon - [Base 5/Single Target] No Accuracy check. Auxiliary Equipment: 4 x Energy Restoration Items Minor Abilities: Chemical Adherence - No cost, sticks to surface. Healing Aura - Allies near a medic recover 1 energy per round. Meek - Enemies will not target the medic if other players are nearby. Major Abilities: Share and Care - AOE Spell - Costs 15 energy to use - Restoration items heal all allies in the same room as the medic, when used. Remote Healing - Single Target Spell - Costs 15 Energy to use - May heal any target in any room for 10 energy. Safe Zone - AOE spell - Costs 15 energy to use. - Neutralizes environmental hazards in the room, and heals all other players for 3 energy for three rounds. _________________________ Engineer- Energy: 300/300 Armor Type: Medium Weapons: Suppressor - Magic AOE Weapon - Costs 20 energy per attack. Semi-Auto [Base 60/AOE] Spell Effects - Shell Shock, Paralyze, knockback, Illusion, Siphon Big Fucking Wrench - Mundane Melee Weapon - [Base 5/Single Target] No Accuracy check. Can probably be used to fix leaking pipes too! Auxiliary Equipment: 2 x Drones - A drone may be launched for explore a room. Additionally they can be used to block 1 attack or to attack an enemy by crashing into them. Drones get two actions per turn. Drones used for attacking have no accuracy check, and do 20 damage with splash damage effect. 2 x Energy Restoration Item Minor Abilities: Magical Adherence - Costs 1 energy per turn, sticks to surface. Techie - Engineers get a +10 chance to puzzle solving. Meta analysis - Engineers are given one insight the first time they enter a room. Major Abilities: Hacking - Single Target - Costs 5 energy, plus 1 energy per turn per object hacked for upkeep. Engineers may hack tech and magic tech to make it work for them. Augment - Single Target Spell - Costs 1 energy per spell effect. Engineers may assign up to 12 basic spell effects to another player's weapon. Spell effects last for two rounds. No Duty to Retreat - AOE spell, Costs 50 energy to cast. Engineers can booby trap a room causing it to explode and kill most enemies upon entering. Cocktail - Single Target spell - Costs 10 energy - Next round one ally gets an extra action.
  7. What's on your mind, sir?
  8. I really like your verse-style post format.


    Will you please spar me?

    1. Praetorian


      Sure, I need to take care of some other obligations first. To include a few fights that I've already obligated myself too. However, once my schedule has cleared up some, I'd be happy to play fisticuffs with you.

    2. Ceekay


      I can't wait to role-play with you!

  9. Glad you are both onboard. Should we see if @Tebo is still interested in judging, or should we find someone else?
  10. @Chouette what happened between you and Rob, who won? i say you, amenities, and I just have a threesome to finish this shit up for good?
  11. @amenities wanna just go ahead and fight? Apparently Ataraxy is MIA until September.
  12. Do this mean I won the tournament?
  13. @supernal @-Lilium- @Aleksei Something to use as a model.
  14. Dossier- Name: Rex Harper Rank: Private Age: 23 Height: 6' Weight: 180 Hair: White Gender: Male Race: Terran Cyborg History: Rex is the younger brother of LT Vincent Harper. Idolizing his older brother, Rex enlisted in the Terran military three years after Vincent. A catastrophic accident during basic training, Battle Mage misfired, resulted in Rex sustaining massive damage to the vast majority of his body. Fortunately, magitech augmentations were able to restore the vast majority of his functionality. Initially interested in flying Raptors (Terran Aircraft), Rex was disqualified due to the extent of his training injuries. However, the augmentations made him a perfect candidate for the Terran Space Program, since they allowed him survive the voids hostile environment. However, due to remarkably low test scores, Rex was not qualified to work in the Space Programs Research and Development division, like his brother. Love struck with the idea of exploring space, Rex was left with only one choice.... join T.E.S.T. In some strange twist of fate Vincent not only went to space before Rex but ended up trapped on the Aires I. T.E.S.T. Kit Modular Combat and Survival System: Zel'Shin Energy: 250/250 Armor Type 1* Recon Mode: Negligible Armor Type 2** Paladin Mode: Heavy Weapons: Double Spell Blades* - Combination Magic/Mundane Melee Weapon - Costs 12 Energy per use [Base 12/Single Target] Spell Effects: Double Hit, Soften, Stacking, Corrode, and Paralyze. Powered Shield Blade - Combination Mundane Shield/Melee/Heavy Weapon- Max Capacity 10 bullets - No Cost [Base 4/Single Target] Ability 1 - Once per round 1 bullet can be used to increasing the striking damage of the arm blade to base 20. Ability 2 - If a block is set up, all incoming damage is reduced by 5 but cannot be less than 1. Street Sweeper - Mundane Combination Light Rapid/Heavy Weapon/AOE - Max Capacity 340 bullets. - bullet per shot- Semi-Automatic [Base 24/ Single Target] High Accuracy (Splash damage traded for increase in accuracy.) Abilities - Full Auto: Costs 10 Energy to activate. Once per round Street Sweeper can continuously fire on a single enemy until it is dead. [Bullet costs is equal to the number of bullets it would take to kill the enemy, accounting for accuracy check.] Boom Stick: Costs 10 Energy to activate. Once per round street sweeper can fire an AOE at the cost of 1 bullet per enemy in the room. Justice** - Magic Combination Melee/AOE/Heavy Weapon - Costs 12 Energy per attack - Semi-Auto [Base 31/ AOE Damage] No Accuracy Check. Spell Effects: Double Hit, Soften, Poison. Auxiliary Equipment: 2x Energy Restoration Packs, 2x Street Sweeper Ammo packs. Minor Abilities: Healing Aura - All allies around Rex gain +1 energy per turn. Magical Adherence - Costs 1 energy to use per turn, sticks to any surface. Light Tag - Energy tag adheres to surface and either pulls target to player or player to target. 2 energy per cast. Major Abilities: Transform - AOE - Targets Self - Costs 12 energy to cast, allows Rex to switch between Recon Mode and Paladin Mode. Enemies caught in transformation AOE suffer knockback. Allies caught in transformation AOE recover energy based on cost divided by number of allies. True Stealth * - Targets Self - Costs 10 energy to cast, upkeep 5 energy per turn active. As long as True Stealth is active, Rex can enter and leave rooms without spawning enemies. If enemies are in the room, they have a 50% chance of not noticing him. Paladin's Shield ** - Energy Cost = Barrier HP +5 - Creates a barrier that enemies must break through before they can attack Rex or his allies. Barrier's health is dependent on how much energy is used for casting. Barrier receives Heavy armor damage reduction. Variable Energy Field - Costs 10 energy to cast - In Recon Mode, Rex's energy barrier compacts and reduces the likelihood of a spell effect hitting him. In Paladin Mode, Rex's energy field expands reducing damage to his allies by his armor bonus as well as allowing him to take half of the damage of his allies. (Lane gets attacked for 8 damage. Rex's armor bonus reduces it to 4 damage. Lane and Rex get attacked for 2 damage each. Lane's armor bonus reduces her damage to 1, Rex gets hit for 2 damage.) Marker * - Single Target - Costs 7 Energy - Enemy is hit with an energy marker. Energy Marker has Soften Spell effect and offers a +7 to accuracy checks for Rex and allies. Smite ** - Single Target - Costs 10 Energy - Enemy is hit with a powerful attack with a chance to Poison, Paralyze, Shell Shock, and Ignite. Completion Rewards: Currently None. T.E.S.T. Campaigns: This is only a T.E.S.T. - Training/test run at wasteland testing grounds. }{WIP}{ Aires I - Manned scientific research satellite that underwent catastrophic failure. }{WIP}{
  15. So after some consideration, I decided to add some clarification to the user guide. So congrats on directly impacting content. Semi-Auto - One round per action. Burst Fire - Fires 5 rounds per action Full Auto - Firearms uses bullets/energy until enemy is dead, per action. Break Action - Action is used to fire and then weapon must use an action to reload, before firing again. Mundane Weapon specifications: Melee - Infinite use, no penalties. [Base 5/single target] No accuracy check. Small Arm - Example pistol. Maximum capacity 30 rounds semi-auto/Burst. [Base 10/ single target] Moderate accuracy Light Rapid - SMG/Assault Rifle/LMG. Maximum capacity 1000 rounds. Full auto/Burst. [Base 1/single target] Low accuracy Heavy Weapon - Example Railgun. Maximum Capacity 10 rounds, Break action [Base 20/Single target with splash damage]. High Accuracy AOE Weapon - Grenade/rocket/missile launcher/Shotgun. Maximum capacity 4 rounds. Break action. [Base 50. Multi-target] No accuracy check. Magic Weapon Specifications: Similar to mundane weapons but are not limited by finite ammunition source. Magic weapons are considered more powerful than mundane and include magical effects. For each magical effect added to the weapon +1 energy cost. Melee - Uses 2 energy per attack. [Base 7/single target] No accuracy check Small Arm - Uses 5 energy per shot. Semi/Burst/Full [Base 15/ Single Target] No accuracy check. Light Rapid - Uses 1 energy per projectile fired. Semi/Burst/Full [Base 2/Single target] Moderate Accuracy Heavy Weapon - 10 energy per shot. Semi Auto [ Base 25/ Single target with splash damage] No Accuracy check. AOE Weapon - 15 energy per area of effect. Semi Auto [ Base 60/ AOE] No accuracy check. Combination weapons - Any weapon that is a combination of two or more weapon types is a combination weapon. Combination weapons stats and costs are achieved via averaging out the stats and costs of the base types composing it. Example: A Pistol that fires exploding rounds would be a combination Small Arm and AOE weapon. It would retain the ability for semi auto fire, have a total ammo capacity of 17, and a base power of 15 and not have to undergo an accuracy check. Spell effects include: Freezing - Enemy is stuck in place for 3 rounds. Igniting - Enemy takes 5 points of damage per action in sustainable environments. Corrosive Damage - Enemy takes 1 point of damage per round (can stack) Paralyzing - Enemies actions reduced to half per round for three rounds. Knockback - Enemy is removed from combat range and must travel back to the target to attack. Double Hit - A single hit counts twice. Stacking - A spell effect has a chance of stacking. Shell Shock - Enemy may flee. Siphon - Killing blow sends 1 energy to self and all allies. Illusion - Enemy may attack other enemies or inflict self harm. Poison - Enemy suffers 25% reduction in attack power. Soften - Enemy takes +1 damage per hit. Can stack.