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  1. As the barbarian began to morph the snowflakes into ice blades, Grognak's extended fingers enclose upon his palm. The clench initiates the final action of his combo1+, the newly formed ice blades hurl inward from all directions to skew Roch'Gar and kill him23+. In a single instance, the entirety of the white out implodes, with Roch'Gar as the epicenter, into a single location forming a dense ball of ice4.
  2. I'm a ginger, I have no soul or defining nature. Only instincts that fuel my predation of souls.
  3. Yes but even though they were in love, the shark still tried to eat the osprey. Some things are simply never meant to be. Those that we love the most, suffer the worst from our primal instincts.
  4. I resent that. I mean, sure I'll probably eat a person within five minutes of getting stranded anywhere but that isn't insanity. That is logic and reason taken to it's natural conclusion.
  5. You always give the best compliments, you know me so well. I do have a rather large encyclopedia esque collection of trivialities. Thank you for the acknowledgement.
  6. It says a lot when I prefer my hand over you, huh?
  7. My mom is built like a linebacker not a gorilla. You are mistaking me for your cousin. The one from West Virginia that asked you to homecoming.
  8. Finally... After months our game comes to an end. You have lost. And as you lay there in the mud, wondering how you got here... What happened, just remember.... Harambee.
  9. Look, when you spend a few nights with a guy like Die Shize, it changes you in such a fundamental way. You ascend past the point.of needing to communicate with the propose of conveying meaning and content. He touched me in ways I could never fathom. You should try it.
  10. I don't know how to explain it better than that. You have chips and crisp, I have fries and chips. One is proper the other is bastardization!
  11. Well to be fair my die shizineez is super rough. Die shize speaks high Die. I use a bastardized common tongue variant. <3
  12. I'm glad you'll finally get to enjoy the pitter-patter of baby dolphins. Do you know how long your noodles need to stew before they calcify? I'm not not familiar with the gestation period of cheese, but I know that J-Mac union.normally results in bears. Anyway, I'll make sure to send you a pickle to celebrate this momentous occasion in the most proper of pilgrim ways. Best of luck with your posthumous adventures.