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  1. Hi people,

    Tl;dr version haven't had access to the internet for awhile. Probably won't for a few weeks. So it'll be bit before I make any posts.

    Super inconsiderate of me to just now say something, but what can I say other than sorry. 

    1. supernal


      That’ll do Prae. That’ll do 

  2.  ?️ ?️


    It'll probably be a few days before I can post again. 

    1. Avvercus


      Who posts anymore, am I right? 

  3. I wanna know who the 7 yahoos were that voted for t1 but then never signed up.
  4. Ashton flops backward onto the ground, his fingers laced together and supporting his head. Smoldering irides drift through the clouds, settling on… well something. “What?” Two blinks help him focus on the free falling thing, this metallic silver surfing thing. Was the sky trying to give him a present? “Hmmm, no thank you.” It didn’t take much consideration for him to realize that in this particular instance, it is okay to look a gift horse As the projectile fell toward him, he rises to meet it. Except, they never meet. The board, surfer and all, pass through his translucent figure and crash into the spot he’d laid. Whatever devastation had been intended for Ashton, is imparted upon the hillock… briefly. By the time the shock-wave has cleared and the dust has settled, the up-heaved dirt has already started to migrate back to the crater, filling the hole in. Yet another example of nature’s beauty. Of course, not all things return from destruction. Ashton is now noticeably sans his picnic. “My sandwich…” The low and near silent song of his voice is laden with defeat. Sizing up the surfer, about six feet from him, Ashton’s head cants ever so slightly to the left. “You’re a real piece of work, you know that buddy?”
  5. You shouldn't. But that is a personal choice.
  6. Hey you, freckles are not blemishes. ?
  7. Secret a weapon away on your body, like they do in prison.
  8. Praetorian

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    To my knowledge there isn't a set material. There are charms, trinkets, spells, and locations that have the above anti-magic properties but not a defined material. Supernal can clarify if I'm wrong though.
  9. I came here for maximum nonsense and I was not disappointed. Here, have a third hand.

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    2. Hurttoto


      Water into food

      Dirt into energy

      And poop into people?


      Guess im poop then

    3. KittyvonCupcake


      Die Shize once gave me a lemon cake that then leaped off a cliff and my life has never been the same.

    4. Praetorian


      My fondest memory of him has us sitting across from one another in Altanta debating wedges, crisps, chips, and fries. 

  10. “That suit looks nice on you.” “Eh, I don’t like it. I feel trapped. I can barely lift my arms. What if I need to reach for something above my head?” “It’s a fancy party, stupid, nothing that you can have will be out of reach.” “You know, when you said you wanted to talk and I agreed, I thought it’d be over coffee or a beer, or something reasonable.” “Well, what happens when you assume?” “This is why mom likes me more than you.” “She certainly doesn’t, she loves us all the same. Except for me, she loves me more because I am the firstborn.” Ashton side-eyes Ashley, catches a glimpse of her impish grin and immediately rolls his eyes. Whatever joy he might have felt upon the initial meetup has been replaced with an annoyance. The kind of annoyance that has been forged and nurtured through the decades by mischievous sibling warfare. Sitting on the rails, beneath of the covered terrace, and with drinks in hand, the two share a moment of silence. It is these brief moments that ease away the tension and allow for warm familial smiles to return. “Did you hear that Asher is in rehab?” She finally asks, her head canting slightly to the left. “No, I can’t say that I’ve kept up with him. I’ve been a little busy lately. If it wasn’t for your job, I’m sure I wouldn’t know much about you anymore either.” A white gloved hand falls onto his shoulder and squeezes. Although, by all accounts, Ashton’s tone is neutral, she feels the regret woven within the words. “I don’t think anyone holds it against you. So, don’t hold it against yourself.” Ashton places his hand atop hers, pats it twice, and then grabs her wrist and removes her hand from his shoulder. “Why don’t” A tactful subject change to avoid dealing with his own emotional vulnerabilities. “you wear dresses?” “Because,” She pushes herself from the railing and pivots around to face him. “A damn fine suit, suits someone as fine as me.” The words are punctuated with a thumbs up, a cheshire grin, a set of wide and sparkling eyes. “You’re... really.... fucking... lame.” His hand moves with each word of the retort, ending with his palm nudging her forehead back.
  11. She plays a lot of badass roles.
  12. It is also, apparently, the same actress from return to blue lagoon. Which I didn't realize until today as well.
  13. I just realized that Alice from the Resident Evil movie series is played by the same actress from the fifth element.
  14. When it comes to bringing order to chaos, Van adheres to a very simple philosophy; it doesn’t matter where you start, just start. When there are a dozen opportunities, most people freeze and are unable to make a decision. Van found the best option, especially with limited information, is to arbitrarily pick an opportunity to punch in the face, before moving on to the next. Admittedly, just storming into an enemy stronghold throwing punches probably wouldn’t get them very far. However, the actual stronghold they stormed is largely irrelevant. It’s with this knowledge in mind that Van surrenders a shrug as an answer to Michael’s question. “No clue. If I had a concrete plan, I would have just sent it to you with some coordinates.” As Van spoke, a request for an encrypted connection is sent to Michael's HUD. With that connection comes a wealth of data, some supplied from a Vampyre who’s cousin had been abducted and smuggled into Terrenus. Another file correlates a magical energy signature with a plague and links it back to Ursa Madeum, this one with signatures from private contractors, as well as the government. There are of course numerous other files, reflecting the vast amount of criminal activity prevalent in the world. “Did you know that Last Chance has a child abduction problem?” There is a file on that as well. The thought leaks through the connection. “The problem, originally was that a bunch of dead kids were being found. They all died from exposure to various poisons and toxins. Most of them were orphans or homeless runaways” He twists in his chair, turning from Michael to look out into the city. “Some of the children stolen from orphanages haven’t shown back up. Could be correlated, but may not be.” Admittedly, one of the nice things about being reactive is that it means catching the criminals red handed. A proactive approach means a little ground work is needed to get a conviction in court. Unfortunately, most of the data isn't strong enough to warrant a conviction, but that is easily resolved with a little interrogation. “There is also the issue of Patia, a long-standing thorn in our side.” Van glances at Michael, his brows furrowed with disdain. “Of course, there is an entire population being held hostage there. So, that might require a lot of preplanning. I’m not opposed to that mind you. But I think we need something immediate and decisive. Thoughts?”
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