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  1. So, just found out that I'll be moving to Morgan City Louisiana soon. Good times.

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      And yes Crawfish!!!! YUMMY!!!



    3. Aleksei


      You will only be 12 hours away 🤔

    4. princeben07


      Hey there Stranger!!!! How are YOU doing? We don't talk THAT much. Would' love to write with you again someti9me; you are FUCKING AWESOME with the skills!!!!



  2. Hi valucre, 

    I miss you dearly. Just another few months.

    Time goes by so slowly.



    1. princeben07


      Cody-G!!! Please get things finished so we can feed you LOTS of cake when you come back!!!! We LOVE YA!!


      Benny, DCN, Valucre Community



    2. supernal


      Can’t wait buddy 

  3. Praetorian

    Brevity exercise OOC [a wrinkle]

    I have no objections to whatever you guys decide.
  4. Praetorian

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    Otherworldly horrors are an ever-abundant problem. Some came from other planets, some from others universes, and some from higher plane of existence. Ultimately, they’re all the same. Evil for the sake of evil, vile for no reason other than they can be. Perhaps, a few, were situationally evil, in that their survival and reproductive success were kin to parasites. Perhaps this Gez wasn’t truly bad but simply trying to survive? At a fundamental level, it mattered to Rex. Something simply trying to survive should be deterred, not outright slaughtered. But those things that are wretched to the core, well his inclination probably aligned more with the inquisitor than she realized. “Maybe it abducts people to harness their energy to cut through whatever veil that separates Gez from us? Or perhaps they’re just a beacon in the darkness to attract it? I guess there won’t be much opportunity to study any of it, huh?” The question is of course directed at Sacks. If earlier is any clue at all, chances were that there would be nothing left of the town once she is done. About a mile outside of the town limits, Rex comes to a stand. “I’m getting off here. I recommend stopping about another quarter to half mile from town, unless you want to roll right into an ambush? If it’s all the same to you guys, I’d rather not start off surrounded and fighting on all fronts.” Before the horse can succumb to exhaustion or the carriage can cease rolling, Rex leaps from the cart, hits the ground, and rolls off to the side and into a ditch. Pulling himself up, he scurries into sparse brush while moving diagonally toward Redwater.
  5. Praetorian

    personal blog, pt. 6 [final]

    I've tackled the issue of why I role play every so often, sometimes I wonder if I'll grow out of it, or if it still fills a basic need in my life. Some days I appreciate th social interaction. Some days I really just want to write a story. Other days I want to compete against other players. I've gone from doing it for social reasons, to doing it for the writing, to doing it for the narrative. I've also gone through spurts of not wanting to do it at all, for numerous reasons. The nice, and funny thing, about your final goodbye is that it isn't final, not really. The world constantly changes and our reasons behind doing things are dynamic. If the day ever comes where you have a story to tell, a plot to write, or a character to develop... well Valucre will be here for you. It's that friend that you can go months without talking to, but you can always trust with your heart. And it is a friend that will patiently wait for you, should you ever need or want it. I'm sure I'll see you around Rob. If not here, maybe at a diner.
  6. Praetorian

    Brevity exercise OOC [a wrinkle]

    I'mma try to post tomorrow, but if I don't I won't be able to until Saturday.
  7. Praetorian

    Entertaining a Return of the Valucre Blog

    7/7 would read. Light suggestion, have a few people to do blog updates so that you aren't killing yourself. (Please take care of yourself Nick.)
  8. Praetorian

    Brevity exercise OOC [a wrinkle]

    I think we could just as easily have Rex become incapacitated (captured, knocked out, or otherwise) removing him from the scenario, which would allow you guys to keep going. @Witch by all means, have at it. Funnily enough that's a twice mutated idiom. The "Devil is in the details" was original "God is in the details".
  9. Praetorian

    Brevity exercise OOC [a wrinkle]

    Sorry for the additional delay. I'm probably only going to have two more posts tops before I have to bail, so you'll have to carry on without me. 👋
  10. Praetorian

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    “The desolator is in the details.” Rex murmurs as he looks off into the horizon. “If it were me, I’d want a spot that has minimal ability to respond to reestablish myself. Prior to today, none of us have heard of Redwater as far as I know. The way I figure it a small town could get wiped off the map and none would be the wiser for some time.” He pauses, mostly to organize his thoughts. “Something lowkey like this would never be detected or responded to. In a big city with military and church, it could infect more but the likelihood of being detected and destroyed is much higher.” Little does he realize it, but throughout the entirety of his musing he’s been chewing on his lip. It’s only once the iron rich taste of blood hits his tongue that he takes notice. “But that’s assuming that it can reason and isn’t driven by some other factor, like the genus loci or some other force. I’m sure there is a reason for it, one that makes perfect sense. However, there are too many variable, too many options, nothing to rule them out with, and speculation can be deadly. Seems to me, we’re dealing with chaos.” The why rarely mattered in Rex’s line of work. They followed orders, accepted that the point man was never wrong, and didn’t speculate. The facts were important, conclusions drawn from elsewhere were lethal. From his vantage point, atop a crate, Rex can make out the tips of mountains rising up from the horizon. They reminded him of teeth or perhaps claws, lashing out at the sky and ground, trying to drag it into some abysmal void. “Hey Ecks, could you reverse the function of one of the bands to create a pulse that could repel the infection from a fixed area?” Up until this point, Rex’s plan had simply been to shoot his problems. But the closer they get to Redwater and the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes there needs to be something, anything else, to deal with the trouble ahead.
  11. Praetorian

    Brevity exercise OOC [a wrinkle]

    Things have been super crazy for me the past few days. I'm not going to be able to post until tomorrow, unfortunately. Sorry the late heads up and delay.
  12. Praetorian

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    Although he’d been too busy to bother looking at atrocity that is Sacks’ hand, the sensors in Rex’s helmet told him more than enough. The virulent and pestilent aura of ruination and decay lingers within the HUD as a series of cryptic red lines that zig and zag across a minimum threshold level before finally spiking up toward the safe maximum exposure limit value, and then promptly dropping off as if it’d never been there. Grabbing some lashings from some of the crates, Rex joins Ecks in securing the horse to the carriage. As he works, he finally acknowledges the elephant in the room. "Unnaturals hunting unnaturals, who'd have thunk it?" Rex's quip is deadpan and dry, and at the most superficial level might have sounded like an earnest comment fueled by dissonance. The truth, however, is barely subsurface and levels a powerful accusation against the inquisitor. With the lashings secure, Rex returns to the carriage and hops on. It’s only then that he bothers to address Ecks’ concern. “No, you keep it. If you aren’t very strong and aren’t likely to do much direct confrontation, the thing is less likely to break with you. Plus there is no telling what kind of interference she might cause, you might need to make some on the fly adjustments to compensate for the new background noise.”
  13. Praetorian

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    He glances to Ecks and then to the carriage before shrugging in response. “I could probably shoot it and disrupt its programming.” He immediately regrets the offer. “But, I’m not sure what else that’d break.” The obvious solution, in his mind, is to reprogram the wagon, or override the program, and just ride the thing until its power runs out. He didn’t have the mechanical know how, engineering background, or programming knowledge to be able to do any of that. But isn’t that what smart guys like Ecks are for? Why wasn’t Ecks offering that solution up? Maybe knowing something about spectral analysis, arcane biology, and preternatural chemistry doesn’t translate into magi-tech engineering skills? Rex chews his lower lip as he mulls over the problem. A minute, and then another pass, before he meanders over to the control panel and pops the top off. Pulling a pocket knife from his belt he pries a small crystal from its housing and then cuts a pneumatic line. The carriage starts to rock as the air pressure engaging the brakes bleeds out. “I think I lobotomized it.” He finally announces as he secures the knife and the crystal.
  14. Praetorian

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    Rex’s visage is best described as blank or empty. His face is there but the absolute lack of muscular engagement or reaction gives it the quality of an uncanny mask. A mask that hides his feelings. Yeah and I may turn into a frog, may doesn’t mean shit. The unspoken retort festers on his tongue before finally boiling off. Even if every fiber of his being wants to debate the merits, or lack thereof, of her actions it isn’t the time or the place. “Uh no, no no no.” He hastily interrupts Ecks, clearly bothered by the implication of the statement. “The coms were interfered with and disabled, that’s not the same thing as intercepted, and what was said during that time was trivial. What’s more important is that I had auditory and visual hallucinations about Redwater. Something wants the hex-bag there. Guess it’s getting what it wants, although probably not how it wants it.” Relaxing his guard, while returning to the crate, Rex retrieves the launcher and then holsters it. “Anyway, we could probably discuss this while traveling to Redwater.” The statement is distorted and muffled as the mask slips back into place.
  15. Praetorian

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Guys.... Guuuuuuys, guiz. It's French. The ucre, like most letters in french words, are meaningless and silent. It is just pronounced, "Val".