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  1. Hi friend, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I have not forgotten about our thread. I also wanted to take a moment to apologize for how long it has taken me to post. I will have a post up within the next few days. But super saiyajin super seriously, I'm super sorry.

    1. SweetCyanide



      all is forgiven, my friend. 
      just glad you've awoken from your ten-thousand year slumber unharmed. 😤👍 

  2. Trails of fire leaves glowing arcs of ember in the night sky, as a herd… flock, murder(?) of Sogenbi cruise a few hundred feet above the port. The fiery plumes that surround the floating heads flicker wildly in the air, compelled to dance by the force of passing wind. In some ways they are reminiscent of migrating birds, however it seems doubtful that these lesser Yokai possess even rudimentary avian intelligence. No, if anything they are little more than fixtures of the background, some part of the scenery akin to the mountains. And while they might very well be compelled to follow certain flight paths by remnants of their past lives, everything they do is preprogrammed. Watching them from below, the titan flexes. Two bulges form beneath his jacket causing the fabric to tear. Ebony ichor splatters along the ground and trees, its pyrophoric properties causing the splatter to ignite into several small blue fires. Cracks within his marble skin give way to an explosion of vermillion and obsidian feathers. A set of amorphous black limbs seem to endlessly stretch out, winding through trees and past boulders, before suddenly snapping back into place and widening. From within a cloud of feathers the wings stretch out again and then propel him into the air with a single downward thrust. The ground beneath him craters in response as the suspended feathers explode outward, embedding into trees and rocks. Within a few seconds he’s closed the distance to the herd to just a dozen feet. Trailing off to their left flank for a moment, he follows in silent pursuit. Golden eyes work from one living fireball to the next. Straightening his wings out, and applying a secondary thrust vector, Farkis suddenly shoots up above the flock. His wings fold around his body, causing his ascent to stop and for a brief moment he seems to aimlessly float upward. However, there is abrupt shift into a ground bound dive. Reapplying the thrust vector, he careens to the ground, his trajectory set to have him pass straight through the middle of the flock. Within a few feet of the Sogenbi, Farkis’ wings extend again, the sudden application of drag causing him to almost immediately stop. The wings snap and crack as they elongate into taloned arm-esque limbs, the multi jointed claws snagging multiple floating heads at once as they bend inward to force them into centrally located maws lined with hooked teeth. The numerous sogenbi of the flock disperse, instinctually driven to avoid a threat that they can’t fully comprehend. However, the titan is relentless. The amorphous limbs collapse back into wings and he pulls out of his descent to resume the chase.
  3. In a nocturnal state of mind Children of the night But it's the only way of life This black hole is pulling me inside Of this black heart! The black soul! Underneath this black, black sky Baby, you Should come with me I'll take you to the dark side
  4. The assassin pauses for a moment, his head canting every so slightly to the side. "I'm not a prostitute." The words are spit out, laden with existential disgust. It's about a half second after he says it, that he realizes the larger implication of her question. With a quickness that is normally reserved exclusively for combat, Shi simultaneously realizes that he can't put an immediate figure on her execution and then calculates out the sum total of what his betrayal would cost him. This illusion of his false face crumples with contemplation before he finally provides a sensical answer. "A lifetime of regular payments, a place to live, endless supplies, solid healthcare, a good gym membership. I dunno, taking into account my probable life expectancy, I'd say a few million." Although Akako falsely assumed that there is a fixed monetary value attached, and maybe someone did put a bounty on her, Shi is roughly able to guesstimate the value of his fixed monthly payment and assign a less than arbitrary value to the other benefits of employment. Righting his head, his arms swing out from behind him, his left hand clasping his right bicep as he places the silver stiletto against the side of his face. "Why, how much do you think you are worth?"
  5. Shi stands there for a moment, wondering what Eiji knew. There were many things to be known, what insight was he asserting that he had gained? To which, what did he think Shi was about to say? The logical conclusion was that Eiji thought Shi might object to bringing the civilians with them. However, unlike his employer, Shi’s thought process isn’t weighed down by morality. If saving the civilian population was something that Shi wanted to do in earnest, he would have proposed picking them up after retrieving the airship. However, their survival is irrelevant to him, and at the moment he is under no obligation to save them. It is for this reason that he looks upon them as sheep to be used to distract the wolves. Having a large contingency of meat to lure the undead with meant that Shi and Eiji could probably sneak onto the airship with minimal fighting. Of course, Eiji might have been planning something entirely different, but without a direct command, Shi had no intention of lifting a finger to save any of them. Retrieving the snuffed torch, now really just a smoldering stick, from the vampiric remains, Shi follows in step at the rear of the group as they begin to travel through the passageway. As he meanders behind the group, one of the women breaks away from the herd to walk next to him. “Thank you for saving us.” She offers up her gratitude with an exhausted but genuine smile. “I didn’t save you. Your rescue and survival was purely luck and coincidence. I suspect your future survival will be due to much of the same.” The assassin’s response is made with both a physical and figurative shrug. “Nonetheless, thank you. You two were surely sent by the gods as an answer to our prayers.” “Prepare to be majorly disappointed.” His response is marked with a hastening of his steps as he walks past her, and closes in on the rear of the group.
  6. The revelation that there is a secret room delights Farkis in ways that he can’t express. In fact, for the first time in a long time he cracks a genuine smile. What kind of delightful goodies could be stashed away inside the hospital that required secrecy to keep them safe. Surely this could only lead to the juiciest of gossip. Wholeheartedly uninterested in Regius, Farkis extends his right hand toward the behemoth’s meaty hand, as if to shake it or perhaps to let him grab it, while walking back into the room. The mass of psionically saturated debris that lay scattered around the room whip up into a spiraling frenzy before converging into a single torrent that homes in on Regius with all the force of enraged housewife violently assaulting a disappointing husband (A lot of force, so much force, all the forces). Although the numerous impacts would do next to nothing to move or harm such a well built and robust specimen, that wasn’t the point. Farkis’ extended hand closes, his knuckles whitening, as his arm jerks back and then flings out to the side. The motion is the trigger for the psionically charged junk, which responds by collapsing in on Regius. Although Regius isn’t under Farkis command, the force exerted on the debris is likewise exerted on him. And while the titan can’t imagine a situation in which the man is able to resist being ripped from the ground, pulled back into the room, and flung into another wall, there is always the possibility that his will and fortitude alone will allow him to overcome the indirect application of telekinesis. Regardless, Farkis continues his trek through the room with every intent to walk past Regius and follow Mans into the chamber of secrets.
  7. With one drone circling through the air feeding him telemetry, Ashton releases two more. While the first circles directly over the farmstead, the other two clay pigeons divert from the farmstead and fly toward the battalions of archers. Each one adopts a left banking circular flight path over their respective group. “Legba, this is Ashton, commencing sanitation.” (D5 roll done with D10, 7, value 2.) As the centaur began its approach toward the wagons, the wagons vanish. More specifically, the entirety of the four wagons mass converts into a pulse of ethereal energy that rapidly rolls out from the four epicenters to blanket an area of 70,670’/21,540 meters (150’/46 meters radius, 943’/287 meters circumference) near the ruined farm. The rolling waves of energy effortlessly penetrate through the surrounding ground, trees, stonework, and air, finding both natural and artificial conduits of energy that it surges through leaving a supersaturated trail of irradiated particulates that pulse with dissonance. And while the initial pulse of energy would undoubtedly overload or fry any magical circuitry that could conduct it, it is the salting of the ground that affords the highest benefit. The approaching centaur(s), as well as those caught within the blast, which would experience the event as nothing more than the wagons and their contents disappearing, would find that the constant interference brought about by the residual radiation broke down and disrupted enchantments and enthrallments. Unfortunately, for magi-tech and mutants, there weren’t any indirect benefits. The polymorphing magic that made them more than human, wouldn’t be undone or disabled, but supercharged, turning their cells into an aggressive cancer. Similarly, magical technologies stuck within the defined zone found themselves inert, the sheer volume of interference reducing them to nothing more than paperweights. Roughly, within the same few minute timeframe, ADW and ADE cease their advance. The roanist knights that marched behind them fan out into a semi-circle behind them, and face in alternating directions. The ranks of centaurs in ADW raise their bows up to 30 degree angles and notch arrows. The strings of the bow glow faintly green as the enchantments maximize the force being imparted into the arrows. (D5 roll with D10, first roll is 10, 10= 5. Triggered reroll, second roll was a 4, reroll value of a 4 is a 2) The first volley of arrows, 25 in total, come from ADW. Although fired with immense force, the arrows strike the ground around with minimal force and negligible penetration around the retreating perimeter guard. Similarly, any of the guards that might have been hit directly by the arrows would find that they are unable to penetrate through their hides. Rather, all of the energy that should have been present is expelled from the shaft of the arrows as a burst of dispelling anti-magic. Even after the initial burst, the arrows continue to pulse, regularly sanitizing the area. (5’/1.52 meter radial splash zone for arrow AOE, looking at 15,625 square foot/ 4,762 square meter sanitation area) (D5 roll done with D10, rolled a 1. Critical fucking success!) Similar to their ADW brethren, the ADE group releases its own volley of arrows, however these are fired at 40 degree angle, and with greater separation between troops. The arrows fall ahead of the centaurs retreating for the farmstead on the eastern side, although each arrow pulses with its 5’ anti-magic splash zone, they aren’t tightly packed together. Each arrow lands about 7 feet from the other. Almost immediately after the first volley is fired, a second volley is prepped, the archers reducing their attack angle to just 23 degrees.
  8. Rolling for ADW arrow shot
  9. Rolling for wagon explosion
  10. Sorry for the delay. Y'all have my sincerest apologies.
  11. So while exploring the world, I found this stray dog that seemed to like me a lot. I might in fact be Snow White. Then I had all the funzies on the roller coaster. But then, while tubing all my friends left me. It was a good time.
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