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  1. Starting to worry about you ma'am.

  2. open

    "03, you will be neutralized if you do not cease." The statement is made with absolute indifference, no emotions, change in pitch, or tone accompanies it. It was simply a statement of fact, like saying that a diamond was hard. The voice booms, carrying over the bustle of the city, although it is both directed and focused, leading only those within the alleyway to hear it. There is a tension filled lull, a brief moment of nothingness, before the distinct sound of roaring flames gradually saturate the air and overtake all other noise. Dropping from the sky, the massive engines attached to Thanatos' wings exhale a jet of flames that scorch the ground. The handful of people beneath it ignite, causing a miasma of burnt flesh to roll out toward the the group. Their screams are lost though, the rumbling of the turbo jets overpowering every other audible sound. About three feet above the side walk the engines cut out and the mech drops, its feet sundering the concrete on impact and sending a shock wave rolling through the asphalt. Its right hand lowers down, resting on the roof of the building next to it, its gaze alight with crimson hues. Towering over the two buildings, one twenty feet the other thirty, it leans forward as both knees and hips bend. By its estimates, it had half a foot of clearance on either side, plenty of room to charge. The two back mounted wings retract and then expand straight back, the numerous engines attached to it slowly increasing in output. Even though Shorn was freakishly tall and by all rights towered over most people, Thanatos had a terrible time distinguishing the difference in stature among the ants. At nearly 10 times the height of the guardian robot angel, everyone was an insect to it. And if it crushed a few insects to complete its objective, so be it. "03, lay down on the ground now." As the final word was stated four compartments fling upon on the mech's shoulders. Three dozen basket ball sized bomblets jettison out in a buckshot pattern. The moment that they hit the air numerous jets of flame erupt from each ball sending four foot flames spiraling through the air. In the very next instance some of the bombs embed into the walls, some into the ground, others bounce off one another as well as other surfaces as they careen toward the group.
  3. My strongest character? Hmm... By virtue of being a Peacekeeper, I'd assume Van. I think, that is strictly because of the fact that by design he is a modular combat system. The combination of gear and magic makes him pretty fluid. However, ignoring characters empowered by lore, probably Farkis. Stripping him down to his most basic ability, he has a lot of metaphysical weight to throw around and the stamina to throw it around for awhile.
  4. T1 MP spar between @Fefry and @Blu3l1fe Ruleset is The Chosen. Judge for the match is @Praetorian Setting is uluru. @Fefry will post first.
  5. Sleep more Nick, the world needs you.
  6. Woke up 40 minutes late, got to work 5 minutes early. Yay time travel!
  7. I hope the work shit works out for you sooner, rather than later.
  8. I wouldn't judge her too harshly. Abuse does some terrible things to people.
  9. Saw Split the other day. The movie pacing wasn't bad, but things kinda switched from Psychological Thriller to Supernatural Thriller unexpectedly. I was super impressed by James McAvoy though. All in all I'd give the movie a 6.5/10.
  10. Good song!
  11. My fellow Americans.... and everyone else. << Help a brother out and fill out this survey please? Do you regularly take or use any probiotic supplement products, such as capsules or yogurts, etc.? If you do, what particular health benefit do you think you are getting from this product? If not, why don’t you use these supplements? If I told you that all the scientific research to date shows no added health benefit of any kind for these probiotic products for the average healthy person, would you continue to use them? Why or why not?