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  1. Sick children are the worst. Grateful that I'm not covered in vomit though. #silverlinings

  2. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Haven't heard anything from him. Keep fighting, push forward. If they both drop out I'll redo brackets and you guys may end up as partners.
  3. Wonderland Resort: Dunk Tank and Comedy Show!

    "Ouch, indeed. You'd think the second person would have saw it." The quip is made a second before Genevieve can start in on her own tell. "A basilisk huh? That sounds, petrifying." Inside he laughs, but his exterior is stoic, offering no clues to if the pun was intentional or not. Taking the microphone back from the vampire, his shoulders rise and fall with a shrug. "Pixies are valid, otherwise there is an assortment of suitable items for chucking at peacekeepers, which can be nabbed at the dunk tanks booth." Turning his attention back to the crowd and holding the microphone a few inches from his face, he starts in again. "Man, I'd think that a basilisk would have the best poker face, what with it's stone cold gaze and all." He doesn't pause for the groans and instead transitions into another joke. "So I'm sure you guys remember my friend Eric, you know from before? I hope you're keeping up. Anyway, so Eric fancies himself a pirate and one day he came to me and said, 'Lexip my friend, I need a first mate. Come sailing with me.' I was of course a little dubious after the last time I was on a boat with him, but I agreed anyway. So there I am with my friend Eric, who insists that I call him Captain Eric now, looking at his little sailboat when I inquire, 'Captain, what's the plan?' and Eric, in an deep baritone, replies 'We are going a plundering.'" Lexip starts to pace along the edge of the stage, his free hand held against the small of his back, a grin slowly creeping toward his ears. "So of course I had to know, 'Captain, what are we plundering?' and with a completely serious face, Eric looks at me and says, 'Corn.' Now, I'll admit I was a little taken aback by this, corn? Why would we plunder corn? I didn't articulate my question that well though, what he got from me was, 'Coooooooooooooooooooooorn!?!' To which he said, 'Yes, corn. We can steal it and resell it for a profit.' I gave a moment of pause to think it over before finally asking, 'How much would we sell the corn for? What's the profit on that?' I kid you not, looking me dead in the eyes, Pirate Captain Eric tells 'A buck-an-ear (buccaneer).' I was absolutely floored!" Lexip punctuates the pun with a chortle of his own, hopefully guiding the audience toward laughter.
  4. Wonderland Resort

    Neph is transfixed on Shanna as the chaos begins to unravel all of his efforts to maintain order. On one hand he wants to fiercely shake her for freaking out over a locked door. There was another door she could use, or she could just magic a hole in the wall, or probably knock over the bar shelving that made up the other wall.... or climb out the window. Why was she freaking out? On the other hand, well every part of his brain was screaming to jump out of the fucking window and fall to his death to avoid whatever catastrophe that the witch was about to unleash on everyone. As waves of raw and unrefined energy spun from her body whipping the world into a frenzy, Neph takes a few steps back and raises his forearms to cover his face. "I'm so going to get fired over this." As the maelstrom of magic passes, Neph peaks from around the side of his arms to catch a quick look at the damage. Nothing, everything seems perfectly fine, calm, undamaged. Dropping his limbs, he inches around behind the mage and out the back door, leaving it open as he treks back to the bar. "That was close~" The singsong notes abruptly screech to a halt as he catches sight of Brutus morphing. "For fucks sake! NO, NO, NO! This, this is not happening right now." The nephilim's foot strikes the ground, causing the board beneath his foot to buckle. His left hand thrusts back toward the way he'd just come from. "IT isn't stuck. THERE IS NOTHING TO RELEASE. Go look." Why did I give up mercenary work, if trouble is just going to find me anyway?
  5. Ross freezes at the demand, one arm rises with the palm facing out while the other dangles limply. "Don't shoot?" There isn't any urgency to his voice, just soft plead that might be comparable to asking someone to not eat the last nacho. Even after she lowers the firearm, he remains stationary with his still functional arm defensively raised. "I'm not really sure what's going on either. Everything went to shit so fast." The left side of his face twitches as his cheek and eye scrunch together, the pain in his defunct arm finally registering. "Whooaaaaa." He wobbles a little before finally falling onto his ass. "Someone attacked me, then someone killed the person that attacked me, and now everyone is dead. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen." His right hand reaches across his chest as he grabs gingerly at his left arm. "I'm not sure how much longer I can make it. I'm really not feeling well." His gaze drifts from one side of the town to the next. "I can't feel the cold, that can't be a good sign." His words become increasingly mumbled as he speak. "We should find somewhere to hide, out in the open the killer can effortlessly find us. We don't stand a chance this exposed." Ross releases his wounded arm and pushes into the ground as he tries to stand back up. Unfortunately his muscles give out and he instead ends up face down in the snow. "Fuck. I don't suppose you can help me up?" He calls out as he rolls onto his back and winces again.
  6. Caesura OOC

    This isn't happening. We aren't going to keep playing musical boards. At this point the thread is in Roen's board and is staying there unless he decides he wants it back in Kadia as well.
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  10. Murder Mystery [OOC]

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