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  1. Was playing around with google and figured this one out. In google images if you type in "Creative Commons" Image Subject (Dragon for example) google images will populate results that only have a creative commons license. If you have a specific website that you want to search for say a creative commons dragon you can do something like ("Creative Commons" site:deviantart.com Dragons) and the google image results should strictly be Creative Commons licensed artwork from deviantart of dragons. Edit: Always double check the image. If someone includes "Creative Commons" in a comment about the artwork, it my appear in error.
  2. https://ccsearch.creativecommons.org/
  3. Welcome to Val! Genre wise, you can pretty much find anything here. Sometimes that's a melding of everything all at once and other times its dedicated genres. If you can't find something that meets the specific flavor profile you're looking for, feel free to create your unique dish. Regardless, bon appétit.
  4. Would they be like Earth go hard? Or is it just another conquest? Or would they be like damn earth go hard They was harder than Simian
  5. I haven't kept an comprehensive list of my threads, and I'm not interested in attempting to dig through 10+ years worth of posts to try to get an accurate count. What I do know is that my completion rate is higher with certain people. For example, while I doubt it is 100% I know for a fact that the majority of the threads I do with Supernal are to completion. There are certainly some others that I also have higher success with. That being said, if I were to do the math I suspect that my completion rate is close to 40%. That being said, historically, the vast majority of my threads were just threads for fun with no purpose/plot and no inborn ability to impact canon. So completion wasn't a thing I worried about. If we were to specifically look at threads with a purpose that are designed to impact canon the completion rate probably goes up to 60-70%. With threads like this, it usually has something to do with me not jiving with the people I'm writing with or something came up... like divorce.
  6. Finding stuff laying around to use is the hallmark of a good assassin. Mundane or readily available tools are often the best weapons due to how inconspicuous they are. Being in a military encampment meant that spears and swords are the most inconspicuous tools at the moment. He nods in agreement, Koori’s assessment is unfalsifiable, they are in a treasure trove of murder tools. “If we get it out enough, it doesn’t matter if it is a monsoon, we’ll get it to burn.” The question is if they have a practical way to get the fire hot enough, Senko’s gut tells him no. Of course, life always has a way of providing the solutions to problems, you just have to be receptive to it. And receptive he is. Their musings are interrupted by the blast of horns, pounding of drums, and a wave of shouts that travel from one end of the camp to the next. Almost immediately, driven by instinct, Senko moves away from the opening of the tent, repositioning himself next to his companion. A moment of fear mixed with concern, swells up from his core. “Shit did they…” before he can finish the sentence the call of alarm reaches them, carried by the booming voice of someone near the tent. “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK, ENEMY IS AT THE GATE!” “Oh, well that’s serendipitous.” His gaze his half cast to Koori although never fully breaks from the tent’s entrance. “Definitely changes things though, maybe even complicates them.” His lips scrunch to one side as he starts to develop an appreciation for the situation. The encampment is under attack, the defenders are behind the 8 ball, and their attention should be fully dedicated to the external force. Movement within the encampment should be easier and blood-stained clothes won’t stand out as much soon. Target will most likely remain in the encampment to coordinate; position will be guarded. Optimal time to move is now while they are disorganized. “There might be a chance that they mistake us for combatants,” He starts out without any explanation, “but I think it’s just as likely that we get overlooked. I say we go out there, find the most fortified position, kill the General, and then get the fuck out. Thoughts?” “CAPTAIN! WE NEED TO ____” A soldier bursts through the folds of the tent, Senko’s arm juts forward in response. The coils of the scythe explode as the linked bone separates the they muscles flex. The scythe bounds out like a spring under compression, straightening in its flight until it’s once again a shaft and blade. With the shaft extending from Senko to past the soldier, the blade is able to pivot into a perpendicular alignment behind the soldier’s back. The muscles of the spine contract, causes the vertebrae to reconnect, shortening the length of the shaft to something more manageable. In the process of resizing, the curved blade sinks into the other’s back and jerks him across the tent toward the duo. “Yoink!” The unnecessary sound effect accompanies the soldier stumbling forward against his will. “Sorry, the Captain is unavailable at the moment, please leave your name, rank, and message at the sound of the scream and someone will get back to you in five to ten business days.”
  7. If you are looking for some berserk style combat, I can def help with that, and if you are aiming for an exploration of morality that can certainly be done within any given setting. Both of these things can lead to character growth. With regard to organizational growth, you probably aren't going to get that without more members and you probably won't get more members without more activity and a level of infamy. Just some thoughts.
  8. So I'm playing around with some possible ideas, but before I directly offer anything, what interests you? Like are you look specifically for some combat, just organizational and character growth, or are their other points/themes/ideas you want to explore? I think we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement, I just want to make sure I understand would be beneficial for/to you.
  9. Careful, you might put yourself out of business.
  10. Do you have any other members for SoV, what threads have they been involved in?
  11. Mag comeback, you can blame it all on me. Mag comeback, I can change you'll see. 💔 ;-; 

    1. King


      He's a liar. Stay away, Mag.

    2. Praetorian


      I am many things, but a liar? Only occasionally when it serves my purposes.

  12. With regard to the most effective way to convey language barrier with the least amount of effort necessary, I think you get the best bang for your buck by generating misunderstandings based on phrases/figurative language. "Man that's the cat's meow." "Why is the cat meowing at it?" If you want to take it a step further, then you can simply avoid all attempt of vocalization and rely strictly on body language and hand gestures in your post. As a point of consideration I frequently work with individuals who learned english as a second language, with varying degrees of mastery. Regardless of what country they are from, for the purpose of my job, I can usually communicate with them by relying heavily on hand gestures. This is pretty universal, if you point at something, people will understand that that something is the subject matter of your attention. Facial expressions, which can be hard to convey in text, can convey a question or concern. Exploration of language barriers and how it is implemented ultimately comes down to, do you want your writing partners to play guessing games, or are you just trying to add atmosphere to the post. Edit: I personally don't bother with language barriers for two reasons. The primary is that I'm usually more interested in pushing the primary plot forward and don't want to spend an excessive amount of time on a subplot. So, I'm lazy. The second is that I don't know that it makes sense to have language barriers. The secondary reasoning is as follows: Language barriers make sense within certain settings, and Valucre isn't one of them in my mind. I'm going to draw from the real world to explain why. The second most spoken language in the world is english. This isn't because a bunch of countries speak english. It's because english is the language of international commerce and the vast majority of countries teach english as a second language. Obviously not everyone learns it, but it is why almost a 7th of the population can speak it, which is significant. I can't claim to have read all the lore on site, but the vast majority of places are not isolationist as far as I can tell. So it stands to reason, be it Ataraxy's unni or something else, that there is probably a common language that is widely/largely utilized for business and would thus be taught alongside the regional language.
  13. You should try not being bored.
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