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  1. Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center

    You are free to work with whoever you want and to do any of the missions you want. As a reminder: "You are only allowed to make 5 posts, and a post must be no less than 120 words and no more than 500 words. "
  2. Hey, Listen!

    "Family? Sorta." The question is answered as he walks down the left tunnel, his steps slow and methodical as he continues to sweep the light from one side to the other. "Biological family, not anymore. But have people that I consider to be my brothers and sisters. People I have stood back to back with, facing down the world. People that I value a lot more than my biological family." This was in part a product of serving in the Terran military. At some point, when working with a group of reliable people that had your back when shit hit the fan, they became family. The other part of it it was just having good friends in his life that had helped him through emotionally trying times. They too, at some unknown point, became more than just friends. "My parents were both in their late 50's when they had me. Neither were in particularly good health at the time. Both passed away a few years ago. Mom was a freelance magi-technician, and dad was involved in urban development. Both were obsessed with their work. So they didn't have a great relationship with one another, or me." He shoulders rise and fall as shrugs. They were good enough people, just not particularly attentive or engaging. "And yourself?" As he listens to the Dryad speak, he rounds a bend. The passage seems to go on and on, without end. Some minutes later, he stops. Something within the depths of his mind, well below conscious level, pings. "Something's.... different." The comment is made as he turns in place. The air is warm and dry, it is dark, the walls of the cavern are barren, and the air.... the air isn't stale. He inhales deeply through his nose reaffirming the notion that the air quality has changed. "It smells like it is about to rain." He doesn't have a better way to describe it. It doesn't small dusty or dirty, but it also doesn't smell like the outside air. There is a sharp pungent zing to the air, almost like chlorine. Walking from side to side, forward and back, he continues to sniff about for several seconds. "Why does it smell different?" As he asks the question his footfall changes, the normal sharp click is replaced with a hollow thud. He stops again, his knees bending as he lowers himself to the ground. In return, the smell gets stronger. "Man, this is really weir...." The ground breaks between his feet, "OH FUCK!" The ground swallows him whole as he shouts out, his voice rising up from the empty gaping maw. A moment or two later, there are three distinct sounds. The first is something striking a piece of metal. The next is the sharp ping of a piece of metal striking stone, and the third is the sound of a much softer object crashing into the ground. Laying on his back, Ashton looks up at the ceiling, his gaze aligning with the vent he just fell through. Pushing his elbows into the ground he sits up and looks about. The corridor is well light and surprisingly clean, minus some mummified bodies. Coming to a stand, he takes a few steps away from the opening before directing his head up to it and calling out to the Dryad. "I found a thing!"
  3. Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center

    I know I'm a little behind schedule, so sorry for the delays. However, full force ready to go. Looking forward to some additional people joining the IC thread as well!
  4. For the Greater Good (Justice)

    @PandaHatThere is a nod with each response as well as a dance of fingertips. Across a holographic display his fingers work, plugging in the answers and taking notes on other aspects of the responses. "I see, relentless. So you suffer from tunnel vision and have a hard time weighing out risks and rewards." The comment is made offhandedly as he types away, a murmur more for himself than Kenshin. However, he does pause at the second answer, long enough to look up from the display. His expression is quizzical, some idea churning through his head that he doesn't know exactly how to articulate. "Will abandon team members?" He tastes the words before typing them out. "How does cast magic and punch good, relate to perseverance? Or are you listing three separate qualities?" His fingers dash about as he types out: Either can't follow directions, or has disorganized thoughts, not sure. This is quickly followed up with: Might think loitering and cold call sells-men are evil. Definitely thinks people who walk on the wrong side of the street are evil. He looks up again and blinks several times at her latest response. Apparently hung up on an ex. The note is quickly made under the section titled, Worst Thing Ever. One final note is added beneath the last, has experience killing tyrants. "Well, that's all very interesting." He finally speaks up enough to be fully audible. It is however followed by another moment of silence as he contemplates everything she’s said. “Well then, what do you suppose you would do, if the current leader of Weland were to be exposed as a corrupt and evil person, who leverages their position for personal gain, at the expense of those that live not only within the city but in other cities as well?” He asks the question with a smile, one soft and sincere. Of course, such personal dilemmas were never smiling matters. @sheep Robyn's charm and playful responses are met with a stoic gaze. Clearly he's just another shark, circling about, looking for his meal. Sharks, in the same fashion as any predator, serve a purpose. The real question was, could Robyn's personal interests be leveraged to benefit the organization? Sometimes the interview wasn't so much about assessing the qualities of the person, as they were about determining if the relationship between person and organization would be symbiotic or parasitic. There were three points of interest in his responses, which tell a great deal about him. The first of course is the assertion that his weakness is a strength. While there is probable a level of truth to this, it is tactic common with people that feel the need to sell themselves. The second, is that he assumes that the relationship with his teammate is that of one of leader and subordinate, rather than equals. This, when coupled, with the overconfidence in his gambling skills strongly hints at him having narcissistic personality disorder. Of course, even a narcissist can be beneficial. "And, if you were the most incompetent person on your team, what would you do?" @-Lilium- Ashton smiles at her response, although the sullen look in his eyes suggests that he isn't happy. In fact, for a brief moment, he looks completely defeated. There is an unspoken understanding within the organization, that sometimes good and innocent people have to die. Sometimes, for whatever reason, these people end up on the wrong side and there is no choice but to end their lives. The truth, more often than not, was much like the scenario he had just described to her. While most people demonized the enemy, while most people painted them all with the broad brush of evil... Ashton knew better. The unfortunate truth is that more often than not, they are just soldiers doing their job. They aren't bad people, evil people, or even mean people. They are men and women with families, fighting to take care of them and to provide for them. "The greater good, indeed. Do try to keep that in mind. Laws and virtue will never be on our side. The path we walk while only been justified decades from now, so long as the end result supports it. In this line of work, if your conviction fails you for even a moment, you will die." He walks past the interviewer and drops a hand on Lyr's shoulder. "Try not to poke anyone's eye out with that." His eyes glance to the weaponized drumstick. As the comment is made he walks off, crossing the threshold from the backroom to the bar. @Vatista The interviewer's head shakes in disagreement as she responds to the redhead's statement. "No, I do not make mistakes. I create opportunities and manufacture possibilities. Mistakes are a failure to recognize that there are infinite number of advantageous outcomes that can be gained from any situation. So I do encourage you to not make mistakes." As she speaks, her hand jots down the last note about Akni. Dissonance between incompetent teammate remarks and final question. May not have strong convictions. Alternatively, may be more compassionate than initial assessment, could be an indicator that compassion is seen as a weakness. Supports notion that she is overcompensating. Setting down pen down on the notepad, she crosses her hands once more. "Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Please feel free to partake of food and beverages as we wait for the interviews to wrap up." @Mag "You're very smart for someone so young. Hmm, no maybe not smart. Insightful? Yes, I like that better." Contrary to what Hawke might believe, there is no correct answer. No, there are only the answers that people can live with and the answers that they can't. In Hawke's case, his answer gives a lot. More than just his self importance, which is remarkably high. "You're a big picture person." A series of clicks punctuate the statement, as her fingertips rapidly tap at the table. His answers are sufficient, good even, but the ultimately create more questions. How does someone so young develop such a high level view of the world? "Well then, the interview is complete." There are limitations to what can be gained from words alone. And while the cognitive dissonance created by Hawke's assumed age versus his displayed mental age leaves her feeling uncomfortable, there is nothing more to be gained from words. "Please enjoy the available amenities as we set up for the brief." In a single motion her notes and writing utensils are collected and filed away in a brief case by her side. Shouldering it, as she stands, she makes her way to the handler, small worry lines creeping along her visage with every step. Shifting from his seat at the table, he drags the massive map of Last Chance along the ground before finally positioning it on the wall. Several sticky notes mark locations of interest, a few buildings are circled, and a bridge is X'ed out. Satisfied with the display, he begins to pin up pieces of paper next to the map. Some of them are brief dossiers, some technical specifications, and others are fact sheets with historical and speculative information. A few minutes pass and he returns to the table. The interview comes to stand next to him. From her briefcase she produces a smaller case, which she places on the table. Opening it reveals a few dozen small coin sized silver tokens. The coins, which are much lighter than one might expect, have scale arms hanging from the hilt of a sword etched into their face on one side, and a shield with an eye on the other. "For those that are still interested, please take a token." It is the handler that speaks to the group. "In doing so, you accept two things. The first is that you are ready to continue to the next stage, and the second:" The interviewer finishes his sentence, "That you are willing to work outside the limits of the law, and in doing so, you are willing to accept the repercussions." A few minutes are given so that people can make their decision. Once those that have opted out, have left, the interviewer speaks up again. "In our line of work we sometimes work alone, and other times in groups. Today you have a choice. You may divide up how you wish, with whomever you wish." Walking from the table, the handler approaches a map. "A known gang leader, with ties to a large corporation resides in a building 12 miles from here. We'd like to know exactly what he knows and the full extent of his relationship with the corporation. The building in question is an abandoned warehouse near the docks. We are pretty sure this is their base of operation, so it frequented by all levels of thugs and generally occupied by fifty or so people at any given time." He takes a step to the other side of the map and points to a location that is 15 miles away from their current location and 25 miles from the docks. "This is a lift bridge, rumor has it that a small convoy of 'supplies', bound for the docks, will be crossing it today. We believe that the contents are a new line of designer drugs that are to be exported. It'd be pretty swell if they never made it." Next he walks to the middle of the map and points to the top of it. The location is about 34 miles North of their current location. "There are some interesting rumors about the involvement of Argus with criminal elements. Getting into their database to access financial information as well as personnel files would help use validate those rumors. Of course, this is a highly protected building with some extremely advanced security systems." Crouching down, he taps his finger at the most Southern tip of the map, about five miles from their current location. "And finally, Grigori Langiller, wanted murderer, sex offender, and arsonist. I'm sure it would really improve someone's day if he went missing."
  5. I need help

  6. I need help

  7. Minor update. Justice has a member group now. Once you've made it through the first stage of JREC you will get an invite to the group. The group will be used for detailed supplemental and organizational information.
  8. Although Justice is always recruiting, I'll probably be closing this thread soon. With that in mind, those interest can PM me or wait until the next round of advertisment which will probably happen next month.
  9. Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center

    @Vatista @Orion the Lost @PandaHat @Mag @Avvercus @-Lilium- @supernal @sheep @spacegy4 So as some of you are aware I've been stuck in barracks on a military base since the 31st of October. Of the many things that I have religiously complained about while here, the internet and lack of cell phone reception is the most common. In short, I don't have cell phone reception. Additionally, I'm paying about $33 for shit wifi that keeps cutting out. Why do I mention this? The internet hasn't been working particularly well for most of the day and keeps going out, which has been a regularly complaint on my end. The upside is that I'll be returning home on the 17th, two days from now. So my next post may not be until then. I just wanted to provide those that have invested time and energy an explanation as to why I haven't posted yet, or as regularly as I'd personally like to.
  10. Justice Recruitment and Evaluation Center

    For anyone interested in making a post before I post again, I intend to post tomorrow after work.
  11. Hey, Listen!

    Ashton stands silent, behind the Dryad and off to the side, as he watches the exit vanish. Although he had planned to do almost the exact same thing, there was something unsettling about cave ins. Something that pulls at his instincts and gnaws at the primal, animal-esque parts of his brain. Waving his right hand in front of his face, he fruitlessly tries to clear the billowing cloud of dust that saturates the the formerly damp air. A minutes later, as well as some coughs, and the dust settles enough for him to be able to see her through the glow cast from her magical flower hair torch. A thanks is offered up in exchange for the torch as he plucks it from her hand. Tilting the illuminated end down, he sweeps his arm from side to side as he looks over their tomb. "There is a lot of unnatural stuff around here. Thanks to the Outsider that laid siege to Patia. A devil from another world whose perverted magic defiles the land and twists it into a cruel facsimile of life." He talks as he walks deeper into the cave, moving slower and more cautiously than he had through the alleyways of the city. "Demons, monsters, and abominations of all sorts made up his armies. Many of his subjects pull power from a chaotic, corrupting, vile plane that contorts the mind and breaks it. Horrid beings cross the boundaries created by these people and infect the mind." He pauses, licking his lips to moisten them. "Not all of it is directly his fault, but indirectly he is the nexus of much suffering and many blights." Stopping at a fork he pauses, his senses unable to detect a noticeable change. There was no sound of moving air, no smell of freshness, no feeling of dampness, or any other indicator that one was superior to another. Walking closer to the the fork, he thrusts the growing branch down one side and then the other. The limited light offered by the bio-luminescent flowers reveals nothing of note or use. "Unless you have a better idea, I say we go left. If for no reason other than making a wrong choice is still more productive than making no choice." He rights the torch as he turns to look at her. "That is, unless you know something I don't?"
  12. I meant partaking of the fun. You do more than your share of the work, to include my share of the work. Thanks btw!
  13. To my fellow Veterans

    Thank you for your service @Eternity @Avvercus @-Lilium- @Bardic Knowledge @Syncopy even though he probably can't see this. oh and @Ayden and I'm not sure who I am forgetting, probably someone.