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  1. Fallen Angel

    The formation of crystals persist, having fed upon the high concentration of ki released by the demon, they are more monolith than anything else. It is this massive barrier that spans the gap between them that is struck by the electricity. In much like when it was struck by the ki, the crystals respond by rapidly growing. The increase in ambient energy levels fuels them, causes them to grow and expand. With each passing second they continue to grow toward and around the demon, threatening to drain him dry of all of his preternatural powers. The massive structure's thirst for energy creates a vacuum and that pulls and draws in, draining away the ambient environment as it drinks in all of the excess power freely floating around. The titan's interest wanes, his attention slowly drawing back to Eve. She was a delicacy waiting to be enjoyed.... an entree that Beelzebud was keeping from him. The titan's disdain grows and his focus returns to the fight just in time to see the demon take off. The barrier of hungry crystals between them prevents the pink warrior from charging Farkis directly, less he be consumed and skewed, and forces him to approach from either above or around. Regardless, as the hand sweeps through the air to strike Farkis' face, it is met by a well placed wing. Shielding the titan's body from the attack, the wing takes the full blunt of the blow. Its amorphous structure collapses inward, seemingly imploding on the impact, providing minimal resistance to the blow. At least not until an the compression creates enough mass to fully dissipate the attacks energy. It would be about then, that Beelzebud becomes aware of a few facts. The first is that while the wing is soft, the feathers are not. They are hard, rigid, and sharp. And as the mass of the collapses inward, the feathers are drawn with it, like grains of sand filling in a void space. The feathers cut and saw, tearing through flesh, fur, and clothing. The second is that his hand is trapped in a mass of black. Much like shoving his hand into a bucket of rice, the void spaces created are almost immediately filled in by the wings amorphous mass and the feathers that cut, saw, and slash. The third bit that he'd probably take notice of is that while it was particularly easy to shove his hand into the wing, drawing his hand back out is met with extreme resistance as all components of the wing refuse to budge. The final point of interest, and probably the one that the demon might take notice of last, is the bombardment of psionic radiation that steadily flows from the titan's limb and irradiates the demon's hand. "I am just a poor boy, nobody loves me." The quip is made in response to the question, a mockery of the seriousness of the situation.
  2. talk 2 carlos 2.0

  3. It's another wedding! [interest check, yo]

    When you try to play nice, but trouble comes looking for you anyway.
  4. Fallen Angel

    The titan's right brow lifts as he mumbles, "Well... that's something." while observing the preemptive defense. There isn't enough time to fully appreciate the coincidence that unfolds before him as Beelzebud, without reason, releases a blast of energy to deflect the onslaught before it can start... because reasons. Because reasons always seems to be the most appropriate and valid answer when his enemies have moments of extreme and unprecedented serendipity. In the same instant that the demon prince begins to spiral his aura, Farkis' wings swing forward. From the folds of his feathers a dense cloud of dust rolls through the air, glittering and shimming in the bright sunlight. As individuals rays struck the cloud, the shimmering material within it dances the glimmers, fading in and out of view. By the time that Beelzebud's spiraling aura of energy explodes out, ripping through the ground, a thick cloud of angel dust meets it. The glimmering particles explode to life, amethyst crystals rapidly form as the fine powder consumes the high ki saturated ambient environment. The more energy that Beelzebud releases, the larger and faster the formation grows. Following the source of fuel, the crystals blossom through the air toward the pink demon, erupting from one another like polyps, quickly filling in the void spaces between themselves and the demon. Ravenously, they consume all without thought or hesitation, like bacteria without competition in a nutrient rich growth media. In whatever infinitesimally small time frame it takes for the demon to deplete his reserves of energy, the crystals threaten to completely overtake and engulf his body. As the literal and metaphorical dust settles, affording the titan an opportunity to think, he finally notices the most queer of transitions. Somehow, in a manner completely outside his detection, the Demon had turned day to night. "Huh... well.... that.... happened." As his wings settle back to his sides, his left hand runs through the feathers. His fingers pinch together and his arm draws back and up, plucking a single aphotic feather from the limb. The tip to which is leveled with where the demon should probably still be. "I dislike you." The words are monotone and soft, spoken from a visage held by stoicism.
  5. Pictures of Us

    Holy shit Nick, hopefully that's from good diet and exercise and not your terrible sleeping habits killing you.
  6. Maintenance on weekend of Sept 8th

    Apparently it is green. It looks black on the green header.
  7. Equifax Fun!

    https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/potential-impact/ For those that want to know.
  8. Maintenance on weekend of Sept 8th

    You're red.... I'm black. Why? Also, kinda neat.
  9. Confession Thread

    Oddly, I believe you. Was this before or after your head was pulled through the glass so that you could smell what the rock was cooking, in the ice cream shop?
  10. Hurrican Irma Preparedness!

    Go hang out with Ty in Georgia, I'm sure he'd love to see you guys again.
  11. Equifax Fun!

    A year is bullshit. A data breach happened with the personnel center, and we have free life time credit and identity monitoring because of it. A year isn't sufficient at all.
  12. AFV - I am Quitting and Why

    No, I pointedly told you that I don't give a shit if you trust me or not.
  13. AFV - I am Quitting and Why

    You are incorrect. I have no obligation to be comforting, which I think is the word you've been meaning to use. My obligation is to ensure rules are followed and to resolve problems that arise when rules aren't followed. I am not your mom, I am not your dad, I am not your boyfriend, your best friend, or have any relationship with you outside of regulator and regulated. Your expectations are absurd. In this particular instance, I'm not trying to be helpful. I'm trying to mitigate your unrealistic and incorrect expectations. If you misunderstand the relationship between moderator and member, that is on you. No, what you are asking is to be involved in decisions that do not involve you. As a member, that isn't your role. If you'd like to be involved in that role you'd need to become a staff member. That's stupid. Popularity doesn't absolve someone from their rule breaking. I don't make any claims about what kind of mod I am. You have your imaginary expectations and standards you want to hold me to. So let me try to explain this in a way that you can understand. You don't get a say in how I moderate, you don't get a say in who I ban or why, you do not get a say in the appeal process.
  14. AFV - I am Quitting and Why

    And I'll keep saying, you aren't entitled to that information, you do not deserve it, I am not obligated to give it to you and if you don't like it, oh well. You either misremember, misunderstood, or were lied to. Don't trust us, it changes nothing. You can e joy whatever conspiracy theory you want. #valuminati Maybe that is a reflection of them all having similar problems and issues. A program or application is not at fault when people can't act decent or decide to act at children. It isn't discords fault that some people are toxic. Discord isn't a curse. The people that are using it in a manner that results in their ban are immature, disrespectful, and disregard human decency and common courtesy for whatever reason. Your statement outlines the biggest problem, rather than people taking responsibility for their own actions, they shift blame to something else. I expect that from my 6 year old, not teenagers or adults. Your opinion is yours, and also completely incorrect. I communicate in an honest, direct, straight forward way. I am blunt. I say exactly what I mean. I am also non confrontational, as in I don't seek or stir conflict. I address questions objectively and factually, even when I know a person is just trying to troll me. If you want me to be confrontational, I can. But being confrontational escalates the situation. Avoiding creating a conflict is not the same thing as avoiding a conflict. In any situation in which I've been involved in banning someone I am involved in a conflict. Anyway, hopefully that clears up your confusion. You are not entitled to my time or my attention and I have no obligation to answer questions that you do not need or deserve answers to. Is that confrontational enough for you?