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  1. Seduction probably?
  2. Welcome back Erika, I look forward to seeing what you've got in store. We will have to catch up at some point. ^_^
  3. The issue that Eve is met with is the same as Ik'Zander's last opponent, spacing. The close proximity of the trees, no more than 4/1.22 feet/meters between any given tree, exponentially limits the ability to dodge. Operating under the assumption that the distance between Ik'Zander and Eve is at it's maximum possible point, the angel is doomed. Giest's blade length is an impressive 42/1.06 inches/meters in length. When accounting for Ik'Zander's reach, this means that his effecting slicing range adds anywhere between 40/1.0 inches/meters to 20/0.5 inches/meters to the over all distance of the attack. In other words, Ik'Zander's maximum effective attack range is between 2.06 meters and 1.56 meters, which is between 0.84 to 0.34 meters greater than she could ever retreat in one direction. As the angel's naginata bites into the barbarian's arm, sinking down to the bone, Giest's beautiful dirge is lost to the sound of flesh, bone, and wood bending sundered. The bolstered slash effortlessly cleaves their her neck as well as the tree behind her, causing both the tree and her head to roll.
  4. I don't need to break you, you break yourself!
  5. As the ice missiles drop around Roch'Gar, Grognak extends his fingers causing them to explode1. Contact is never made with the icy encasing by the actual missiles. Rather, fine particulates, created by the donating projectiles, of ice merge in with the casing and strengthen it. The casing, fortified by both the blue field spell3 and the ice missiles scattered mass2, flexes as Roch'Gar expands his ice shield. However rather than outright detonating, it breaks apart with an unceremonious puff, and crumbles to the ground4++. This reveals to the barbarian a landscape that appears to be enthralled in a whiteout1. The exploding missiles have saturated the area next too, around, and beyond Roch'Gar with tiny particulates of ice, almost completely cutting off his line of sight5.
  6. You are definitely the one law that is meant to be broken.
  7. Senko's silver eyes2 dart to the coiling tendril that lays on the ground before him. His hands come together molding chakra once more. The transition between each hand symbol is fluid an near instant, and as the non elemental chakra infuses with the shadow energy3, waves of darkness ripple from his body and waft through the air like fine lines of smoke. Only a half dozen feet from the coil, the smoke solidifies into a near perfect copy of the shinobi4. It is in that moment that Senko's body blurs to the right1 as he breaks his charge to circle around Ben. In that same instance the hybrid5 clone propels through the air toward the Daichon and over the coiled antenna. Its left leg remains extended as its right draws up, the sole of the left boot aims for Ben's chest6.
  8. So.... combination Robert Downey Jr. Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes?
  9. I don't really follow the logic here. That is that his ability isn't magic and that it can't be canceled. How his ability isn't magic isn't explained in your profile. For it to avoid being magic you'd need a way to organically increase mass or change density of an object, or alternatively you'd need to move REALLY fast. If your response is "futuristic science" that's the same thing as "magic". Regardless of how he does it though, it can be canceled or negated with magic.
  10. @supernal I have a feeling that you might like this.
  11. Adding more channels seems to be a common request. We had discussed adding more at some point once we got the ability to collapse channels. Although you've been pretty forward and honest about your intentions, most people aren't. I have no way of conclusively proving what someone's intentions were unless they admit them to me. That's why the blanket rule exists.
  12. A survey was given to 43 members active on the Valucre Discord Server, using a google form. The results have been glanced over and I've compiled the information into preliminary groupings. I plan to go over each response more thoroughly later this weekend, but at a cursory glance these are the results. (When I conduct my secondary review of data I will update this thread with any changes.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Due to some of the answers having information that can be used to identify other members, and my desire to keep the survey anonymous, I have done my best to group answers into categories that reflect the concerns of the users. Some users expressed multiple concerns per answer, this resulted in the overall numbers being higher than 43. Server Questionnaire: 43 responses - Target audience, discord users that post ICly on Total number of users on 11,563. Total number of users on Val Server 153. 1.3% of Valucre uses the server. At any given time there are approximately 40-50 users actively on the discord server. At the time gathering data there were 102 users visibly active on and 43 users logged into the discord server. Questions asked: 1. How would you describe the current atmosphere in the Valucre Discord? (Percentages may not add up perfectly to 100 due to rounding to the nearest whole number) Positive Responses: 18/43 - 41% Negative Response: 9/43 - 21% Mixed: 9/43 - 21% Neutral: 7/43 - 16% 2. If you could make one improvement to the Valucre Discord Server, what would it be? (Due to people making multiple recommended improvements per answer, numbers will not add up perfectly. Additionally, percentages are rounded to nearest whole number.) More Moderation: 17/43 - 40% Less Moderation:4/43 - 9% Technical Issues:4/43 - 9% More Channels: 6/43 - 14% Less Channels:2/43 - 5% No Improvement Required: 9/43 - 21% Shut Server Down: 2/43 - 5% 3. Do you feel that you experience on Valucre has benefited from the server in any capacity, please explain? (Numbers and percents will not add up perfectly due to rounding and multiple responses) Networking for RPs: 17/43 - 40% No Benefit : 9/43 - 21% Community/Social: 23/43 - 53% Overall perception of discord being beneficial 34/43 - 79% 4. Has there been anything in the server that has negatively impacted your Valucre experience, please explain? (Percentages will not add up to 100 due to rounding) No issues: 29/43 - 67% Bullying: 10/43 - 23% Cry babies: 2/43 - 5% Too much Moderation:1/43 - 2% Admin/Mod Corruption: 1/43 2% 14/43 or 33% of users felt that the server negatively impacted their RP experience. 5. If you could tell the administration of Valucre one thing, what would it be? (Numbers will not add up due to multifaceted responses. Percentages will not add up to 100 due to rounding) More Moderation: 9/43 - 21% Thank you/ Good Job: 18/43 - 42% More Channels: 3/43 - 7% Technical Issues: 2/43 - 5% Paroxysm is Sexy (Jokes): 6/43 - 14% N/A: 3/43 - 7% Accusations of corruption by the mod team: 1/43 - 2% My Opinion doesn’t matter: 2/43 - 5% Shutdown Discord Server: 1/43 - 2% Advice on how to moderate better: 2/43 - 5% Additional: A total of 215 responses were reviewed. Members history ranges from new to valucre to having been a member for more than 8 years. Survey ran for about one week. Individual answers will be reviewed and discussed by staff. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As stated above, data points were put into groupings so that people could not be identified with their responses. If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to make them. Additionally, some changes may be brought about based on the answers provided. Respectfully, Cody
  13. Once it is up and running, can TEST missions count?
  14. I stated that there is an interesting conversation on ethics to be had. Your reply is that is has nothing to do with ethics. It is about undermining Trump. I'm going to disagree with you because you are blinded by your bias. Like I said, I'm not supporting impeaching or not impeaching Trump. However there is a conversation about ethics to be had in terms of "what ethical standards should we be holding our presidents to?" The video preloads people for that conversation. With regards to if they would hold the same level of criticism to the Clinton Foundation, I have no idea and neither do you. You can speculate what you want, but you have no way of knowing if one of their columnist would take the time to highlight the major issues associated with it. You spend a lot of time on your soap box Catz and appear to be instantly dismissive of something just because it is liberal. For your consideration, regardless of if it is tribalism or not, if a president violates the constitution, should they or should they not be impeached?