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Status Updates posted by Praetorian

  1. Regular posting will resume Monday.

    1. princeben07


      Hey there old friend. How goes it?


      Dealing with depression right now, but I'm FIGHTING it!!! ^_^



  2. Just as a heads up, I most likely won't be posting until this weekend. Additionally, my posting will probably be limited to just weekends for the next few weeks. I appreciate everyone's patience. 

  3. Posting will be reduced, until my fingers no longer feel death.

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    2. Lacernella Rubra

      Lacernella Rubra

      She isnt flirting, we have had this discussion. Just because she winked at you ONCE...

    3. Praetorian


      If someone trying to run me over with a tire bigger than most cars isn't flirting, I haven't a clue as to what is.

    4. Akako Akari
  4. Hi friend, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I have not forgotten about our thread. I also wanted to take a moment to apologize for how long it has taken me to post. I will have a post up within the next few days. But super saiyajin super seriously, I'm super sorry.

    1. SweetCyanide



      all is forgiven, my friend. 
      just glad you've awoken from your ten-thousand year slumber unharmed. ?? 

  5. For 10,000 years I have slumbered!

    1. danzilla3


      Hey best buddy! We found some more androids! 

  6. I'll be driving to Yorktown Virginia (17 hour drive) later today (I'll be there for 5 weeks) expect few to not posts over the next two to three days.

    1. Fierach


      I'll pray for your survival in the wastelands of Yh'mitown. 

  7. I don't remember when we first met, but I do remember when I first realized you existed. Even though you looked like death, your eyes hollow and exhausted, I knew you were something special. 

    I think I saw something familiar. Something empty and battered, but not beaten. And although I only spoke to you to be nice, I found my heart skipping beats.

    Truth be told, I worried about you. And as I watched you get closer to that edge, well... I hoped you wouldn't jump.

    The thing is, I wanted to help. But I needed to see for myself what you would do. I needed a reason to believe in something other than me.

    I won't say I'm disappointed, I don't think I ever could be. But, I wish you had a little more fight in you. I wish you could do more than just stand at the cliff.

    I guess, deep down, I just wish you could have walked alongside me. But, we both know wishes and prayers don't come true.  What made it all the worse is that I think it might have very well been possible for me to love you, to fall in love with you.

    I suppose now I'll never know. And I guess, in the end, you're just another memory I'll forget...

    1. amenities


      I love you with my good parts, buddy

    2. Akako Akari
  8. Just want you to know I'm not forgetting about our thread. I'm going to be staying late a bunch of days at work, so I may not get a chance to post until Friday. Sorry for the delay.

    1. SweetCyanide


      no worries! we're not in a rush, after all ?

  9. Cradle of Filth is superior to BabyMetal in every way, change my mind. :imp:

    1. carrionjackal


      Why change a good thing?

  10. You've abandoned me!

    1. Monoxide


      Me too, compadre.

    2. Praetorian




      But I needed to catch the bad guy and canonize the thread. ;-;

    3. Monoxide


      It is sad when this happens.  Although, we can still hope she is on a break or is busy....eh, what do I know.

  11. There is apparently a free borderlands 2 DLC. Posts may be delayed. I'm not sorry. (Well, kinda sorry. Promise I won't make anyone wait very long. ❣️)

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    2. supernal


      What system and what’s it add?

    3. Praetorian


      I have BL2 for PC and PS4. It adds new maps/bosses/loot and expands on the story. @supernal

    4. SteamWarden


      Don't the glorious Ultra HD Texture pack for both BL2 and BL:PS

  12. Welcome to Valucre, I'm sure you'll have a great time. Also, totally unrelated, thanks for following me! Just be warned though, I never post anything particularly interesting so prepare to be disappointed.

    1. Alpha Fox

      Alpha Fox

      I promise I won’t be disappointed ? And of course, thanks for taking time out of your day to welcome me! If you ever would like to rp, send me a message!

    2. Praetorian


      I might hold you to that!

  13. I most sincerely wish I could like your scratchpad each time you make a change/edit.

    1. Witch


      It's all very rough drafty in there and wasn't really intended for public viewing, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping that I'll have a finished product to show soon.

    2. Praetorian


      I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  14. I just woke up from a dream about Dick Grayson (first of the Robins, the kicker of sides for the man of bats, and the wing of night) performing acrobatic maneuvers through an oversized house while running from a T-rex and making quips. It was both slightly thrilling and mildly humorous.  

    I'm not sure why I'm dreaming about this.

    1. bfc


      I'm pretty sure something like that actually happened in the comics.

    2. Praetorian


      My dream was more Jurassic Parkish and had less (no) batman. But, honestly that doesn't surprise me.

    3. Fierach


      Everybody likes Dick.

  15. In line with your roleplay goals, we should do that posting thing together sometime in the not too far off future.

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      That sounds as exquisite as a cup O tea...as long as you give me another clue as to what your user avatar is showing me.

      I still say it's a desert, like in one of them John Wayne films

  16. I would like to discuss with you your clan ambitions and goals, hit me via PM or discord (whichever suits your fancy) when you get a chance.

  17. Contemplating doing another Justice recruitment event. 

    Follow through usually seems low on recruits. However, contributing posts to post count for canonization is a nice offset.

    Just not sure if it is a good enough ROI.

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    2. vielle



      Image result for sloth party facebook stickers


      Image result for sloth party facebook stickers

      alrighty, i'm done hijacking the status, thanks! ?

    3. SweetCyanide




      i love you too bby ❤️

    4. Praetorian


      You two are adorable.

  18. When'd you join justice?

  19. I am a thing

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    2. Praetorian


      Human maybe, it is hard to say these days. I often find myself wondering these things.

      I also can't say I'm much of a potato of any variety, I certainly don't have the nutritional value of one.

    3. -Lilium-


      Thing's can be cool too, ya know.

    4. Praetorian


      Cool? Absolutely zero doubt about that. In fact,  I am super solid cool even. Friction just isn't my thing.

  20. Hi people,

    Tl;dr version haven't had access to the internet for awhile. Probably won't for a few weeks. So it'll be bit before I make any posts.

    Super inconsiderate of me to just now say something, but what can I say other than sorry. 

    1. supernal


      That’ll do Prae. That’ll do 

  21.  ?️ ?️


    It'll probably be a few days before I can post again. 

    1. Avvercus


      Who posts anymore, am I right? 

  22. I need a list of active villains to stab in the face, role play with.

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    2. amenities


      Since I guess I'm technically part of it now, I'm interested in collaborating on Legion of Doom stuff with you @Praetorian

    3. Zashiii


      Same here. Most of my villains ( well if you can call my ladies villains ?) are either MIA or KIA. While there NPCs left in the cartel to continue the cartel's legacy, they are still NPCs. ? 

      But my Paragon Mavajo is available, and she's sticking close to Lilith. Like amenities, I have one or two new villains in the Legion of Doom but they don't have much history in them. Sadly. ?

    4. vielle
  23. Hello fellow present tense writer. (It was/is really weird to see someone else writing in present tense.)

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    2. vielle


      Yeah, that's the kind of thinking I've adopted. ? I suppose it's also because I prefer writing in present tense outside of roleplaying as well; the immediacy and intimacy of present tense has always appealed to me

    3. Praetorian


      I haven't thought much about it, but I imagine that most of my writing is in past tense. Usually when I write to people, I'm retelling events, and most of my academic papers reference things in the past. So logically they should all be past tense. However, because I haven't thought about it before I'm not really sure.

      Anyway, on to something of equal importance!

      I was scouting around looking for new people to write with, and I certainly appreciate your present tense posts! So if you find yourself available and are interested in penning an epic present tense master piece* some day , let me know. 

      *(I write very casually, so a master piece is probably a bit of stretch on my part. Maybe a well worded and moderately articulate post or two. Doesn't sound as good as a master piece though.)

    4. vielle


      Aww, thank you! ❤️ I'm always interested in penning an epic present tense masterpiece, so sign me up for that immediately ?  

  24. I keep browsing Valucre like, "Damn I'm ready to write something." only to keep browsing Valucre like, "Damn, I have no idea what to write."

    1. Ataraxy


      You should join us for the holiday!


    2. supernal


      Start planning something for Chesterfield ?

    3. Praetorian


      ? What's Chesterfield? Is that like Cloverfield?

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