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  1. I don't remember when we first met, but I do remember when I first realized you existed. Even though you looked like death, your eyes hollow and exhausted, I knew you were something special. 

    I think I saw something familiar. Something empty and battered, but not beaten. And although I only spoke to you to be nice, I found my heart skipping beats.

    Truth be told, I worried about you. And as I watched you get closer to that edge, well... I hoped you wouldn't jump.

    The thing is, I wanted to help. But I needed to see for myself what you would do. I needed a reason to believe in something other than me.

    I won't say I'm disappointed, I don't think I ever could be. But, I wish you had a little more fight in you. I wish you could do more than just stand at the cliff.

    I guess, deep down, I just wish you could have walked alongside me. But, we both know wishes and prayers don't come true.  What made it all the worse is that I think it might have very well been possible for me to love you, to fall in love with you.

    I suppose now I'll never know. And I guess, in the end, you're just another memory I'll forget...

    1. amenities


      I love you with my good parts, buddy

    2. Akako Akari
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