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  2. 10 or 5 initiates a reroll. If you reroll you lose all modifiers, and your roll values are modified to become: 10/5 = 3, 9/4 = 2, 8/3 = 2, 7/2 =1, 6/1=1 So in the instance of a reroll, your actual value is 1, rather than 2, because of how the reroll works. I did the reroll thing just to add a higher level of uncertainty, however it might be too complicated. Feedback is always welcome. Anyway, the confusion probably stems from how I layered information. The reroll information is in between the normal roll information. So you're probably interpreting the continuation of one explanation as being part of the reroll explanation @supernal As a rule of thumb, any action you take can be responded to. The exception is the preemptive strike, which has a flat damage value and is basically just a success or fail roll. The incorporation of the term success, as it relates to roll results, can be seen as accuracy/precision of the action. If you shoot at someone a 1 indicates that your shot placement is exactly where you want it. If they roll a 1 also that means that their defense of action was sufficient to negate the majority of the shot damage, regardless of how great your placement was. If you roll a 1 and they roll a 4, it means that there was no mitigation of damage, so your well placed shot fucks some shit up. If you roll a 2, your shot placement is still on target, but maybe you missed a critical area. They however are still afforded an opportunity to try to mitigate damage. If you roll a 3, grazing hit. A 4 is a total miss. Generally, both people need to make a roll for the purposes of determining disparity value. Disparity: Disparity will be explained with scenarios, for the purposes of this assume A is always attacking B, and B is defending against A. A rolls 1, B rolls 4. (3 Disparity) A is awarded a -1 modifier for a future roll. B is awarded a + modifier for future rolls. A gets to impose a desired effect on B. B loses 50% units or 5 units, whichever is greater. A rolls 2, B rolls 4 (2 Disparity). A is awarded a -1 modifier for a future roll. A gets to impose a desired effect B. B loses 25% units or 2 units, whichever is greater. A rolls 3, B rolls 4 (1 Disparity) A gets to impose a desire effect on B. B loses units 10% of units or 1 unit, whichever is greater. A and B roll same number (0 Disparity). B loses 1 unit. A rolls 4, B rolls 1 (3 disparity). A gains a +1 modifier to next roll, B gets a -1 modifier to next two rolls. A rolls 4, B rolls 2 (2 disparity). A gains +1 modifier to next roll, B gets -1 modifier to next roll. A rolls 4, B rolls 3 (1 disparity). A gains a +1 modifier to next roll. Which is the most important number.
  3. Haven't finished Psycho Pass, only got a few episodes in, so I can't really provide comment. The original Ghost in the Shell movie came out in '95 I think. They handle similar themes (consciousness/identity), without getting crazy. That's the only one I can think of that may not have been influenced by NGE. But to be fair, NGE is more action fantasy, while Ghost in the Shell is more scifi/noir thriller. So the difference in genre might better reflect the different methods of handling these ideas.
  4. Although Ashton doesn’t agree with Tommy’s choice, he respects it, or at least respects it enough to not comment or second guess her. If his experience has taught him anything, it is that you neutralize the threat before saving the hostage. Now of course, there is the very real threat of them being attacked while they try to help whoever needs it, assuming that it isn’t some kind of trap. Plus, trying to keep another person alive while also fighting, is a challenging task in and of itself. Of course, there is another fundamental rule that he lives by that supersedes any other rule or law he might live by, ‘The point man is always correct’. This saying isn’t to say that the person making a decision is infallible, or that there isn’t a better way to do something. Rather, it reflects on the fact that a unified front will always have a greater chance of success, regardless of if the best or worst choice is made. Dividing their efforts, because he disagrees with her, divides their strength, and exponentially increases the likelihood of them failing or even dying. As the walk through the winding maze of the sewer, negotiating their way toward the sword, Ashton flicks his fingers through the air sending the glowing orb darting down a length of tunnel, momentarily illuminating large sections of it in advance. In a similar fashion, as they pass by branching tunnels, he periodically sends the orb flying down those just to grab a glance of what might be lingering in the dark. “Damn, that was stupid.” The comment is made as the round a bend in the tunnel. Ashton comes to a stop and turns to look back from where they’d just come. “I didn’t think mark our path, to keep us from getting lost.” He laments on his own failure, his words laden with self-reprimand. It is a rookie mistake, one that could cost them a lot of time and energy. “Fuck it.” The words are his mantra of acceptance and a reflection on his personal philosophical views of life, and at times his battle cry. It is impossible to control all aspects of day to day life, and it is inevitable that something will go wrong and mistakes will be made. Pressing his index finger into the wall of the sewer, he draws a glyph on the surface, followed by a chain of light that connects directly to the hovering light orb. The chain flickers as a connection forms between the two magical constructs, before finally dissipating into the dank air. “A lesson for future us, make sure you know how to get out.” The comment is cast toward Tommy as Ashton turns back toward her. “Ugh, could you imagine being trapped down here for a few days?” He shudders as he asks, the disgust on his face readily apparent.
  5. Good to know that absurd reactions aren't a recent product of the internet. I think in my older age, I've become increasingly critical of dialogue, and I can vaguely remember not being satisfied of the dialogue in NGE. Not so much of what/how something is being said, because that's going to change from decade to decade as speech naturally changes and terms fall in and out of favor, but rather the actual intent of the ideas being communicated was kinda meh. I'll see if I can find an example of what I'm talking about later. Anywho, my aforementioned comment isn't to say that I completely dislike NGE. I'd give it a solid 6/10 to 7/10. I was pretty fond of Gundam Wing and I'd give that maybe a 6/10. And while I do agree that the concepts presented within the anime were probably Matrix levels of mindblowing back in the day. I still think it wasn't handled super well. I think you can hit on those deep philosophical elements without doing a "turn for the weird." Lemme think on it and I'll see if I can come up with an anime that achieves that.
  6. So for me personally, I didn't really care for the ending. I know that the anime touches and builds up to increasingly complicated philosophical conversations about self/identity and that the deep dive ending is foreshadowed, but I think it was poorly handled. This probably stands contrary to a lot of what think and probably praise the anime for. Beyond that, I dislike the mechanics of the AT Field, as well as the naming. I guess it could be a reflection of the absolute terror someone might feel to completely lose their individuality, and the AT field is what separates individuals. And I fully get that the function of the AT Field overwhelming another AT Field mirrors how strong personalities can overwhelm a turbulent personality, but you don't really see that in the Eva Angel interactions. As a giant robot fighting monsters anime, I like Neon Genesis Evangelion. But the moment is stops that and becomes an exercise in the philosophy of self and identity, I think it kind of falls apart.
  7. Farkis has only taken a single step when a desk is hurled at him, and although the magnitude of power put behind it isn’t lost on him, thanks to its destructive wake, the projectile is seen as little more than a trifle. There is no gesture to accompany his rebuttal, only a gouge that carves through the ground, compelled into existence by unseen forces. A surge of thoughts, concentrated into a single vertical line, meets the desk mid flight, cleaving it in two and sending each half pivoting inward to crash into one another. The explosion of wood sends splinters raining down as a plume of pulverized wood billows out. Walking to the left of the newly formed ravine sees Vito and Floki flung past the titan’s right shoulder. Momentarily pausing, to assess this new turn of events, his expression becomes increasingly vapid. His pause ends as Vito’s mount starts spewing a noxious miasma. “No.” Farkis’ right arm extends out, palm facing toward the creature. A pulse of psionic energy rolls out, sweeping through the poison cloud, causing it to coalesce into a quivering orb. The orb, carrying all the weight of the poison cloud, shoots straight toward the mount’s chest with enough force to lift it up and launch it out the window. Some dozen feet outside the window the orb explodes into a caustic rain. The still extended hand lashes through the air, moving across his chest, sending another wave of thought through the room. The wave cleaves through the spikes, bisecting them, before a vacuum pulls the crumbling structures into a its wake. The amalgamation of materials composing the former spikes circles around the titan as he begins his trek toward the purple ogre. By the point that the behemoth has probably wiggled its way from the tiny corridor into the room, numerous buttplug zombies have started to shamble in. Exercising a level of awareness that is preternatural, Farkis’ motions behind him with his left hand. Two of the cadavers are ripped from the ground and crumpled into a single marble that launches at Remgulius’ hopefully agape maw so that it can embed somewhere in the back of his throat before the psionic forces compressing the goreball dissipate.
  8. I'll address this in a few minutes.
  9. Just as a heads up, I most likely won't be posting until this weekend. Additionally, my posting will probably be limited to just weekends for the next few weeks. I appreciate everyone's patience. 

  10. As an aside to an aside, I apologize if any of that came off as abrasive. I was just trying to be super concise in order to get back to Borderlands 3.
  11. As an aside, I don't know how the NRA got their numbers. I used a math equation based on mass, velocity, angle, and gravity to determine max range. I'm missing a drag coefficient to donate energy lost due to friction, however this is an RP website and not a physics course, so I'm going with good enough rather than exact.
  12. The NRA website explains it pretty well. https://www.nrafamily.org/articles/2016/11/22/gun-safety-ammunition-maximum-range/ As mentioned before, you are looking at max effective range stats, which aren't the same thing as max range.
  13. Your statement is false. Effective range of a rifle is measured from a position of minimal angle. Rifles are shot in a straight line at something, by aligning the barrel with the object. There are some exceptions, aiming off target to account for wind windage or drop. A bullet fired (without regard to firearm) into the air at an angle, say 40 degrees, can easily travel up to 5 miles. If you are googling max effective range of weapons, you need to consider how that is measured. Arrow volleys aren't shot in a straight line at a person, usually, but are fired at angles for AOE. They have a superior range.
  14. I can partially take blame for not being more clear. I identified based on the information in the posts, that the my group and your group were within 1.5 miles of each other. With both having a visibility of about 4 ish miles. I have max range calculated out at 40 degree angle and 600 fps being a little over two miles. If a statement had been made regarding how far the defenders had traveled my post probably would have reflected more movement. But in a similar fashion to you, I am assuming that you are operating under the assumption that your group continued moving inward, my group would have advanced inward closer than 3 miles. Regardless of actual distance, my assumption is that they are somewhere within 1.5 to 2 miles of one another.
  15. Imma post after you so that I can appropriately incorporate people being flung around.
  16. Lemme know what episode you are on. I have some thoughts to share but would like to avoid #spoilers
  17. I feel the shadows hanging over They're waiting to come closer To come and take me away And I can feel my heart skip Everytime that I slip I wanna' run away
  18. Neato friend, welcome to the site/welcome back to the site. I'm glad that after all this time there was a strong enough appeal to get you to return.
  19. From somewhere within the port proper, a group of hairy overweight men – the kind that seldom see the light—stair contently at a display. Years and months of peering at screens had caused them to develop permanent hunches, and although at their prime they were easily over six foot, they now stand at a mere five foot four. This disfigurement is of course their own doing, a conscious choice to make their administrative profession easier. And although they’d undoubtedly pay for it much later in life, the pay right now is just too sweet to turn down. “We’ve got an inbound craft, not on the list.” One of them remarks, as he looks from his display to his supervisor. “How far out?” He hobbles over to the display. “A few nautical miles from the regulated anchorages.” “I see, deploy a small craft to get a visual on it. Have someone scry us an image.” A few moments later a two-person boat skips across the small crests of the waves as it darts out of the harbor and heads directly for the cruise. Seconds after that, a three dimensional rendering of the vessel is produced from black smoke that wafts up from the smoldering remains of entrails and chicken bones. Walking over to the communication array, the supervisor keys in on the approaching cruise ship. “Attention Cruise Vessel ____, this is the Port Caelum Traffic Coordination and Control Service. Be advised, you are entering into our regulated waters. You are not on our arrivals list, and we do not have dock space for you. Be advised that if you do not change course and choose to continue into our regulated waters, you will be fined 10% of your vessel's value, as well as 25% of your commercial earnings, as determined by us, per day, per violation.” There is a brief pause as he waits for a reply. “Additionally, if you choose to enter into our shipping channel, your vessel will be forcefully boarded, and crew detained for legal proceedings. Additionally, your vessel will be claimed by us as restitutions for delays in shipping.” The supervisor walks away from the communications array and returns to his desk. Fat fingers punch away at a few keys as he establishes a connection with the Port’s military liaisons. “We need a boarding team on standby and possibly a spare crew to take control of a cruise ship. I’ll transmit what we have to you.” @The Alexandrian
  20. Farkis’ gaze dims at her response, the contours of his mouth nearly vanishing as his lips pinch together. Now that he has more than just a passing glance at her, his interest begins to dwindle. Shit, what’s the word I’m looking for? Neko? No, that’s a cat. Akaname, Akabeko…. Amemasu… Byakko… Dodomeki… Enenra… Furi.. Hihi… Iyaya… Jubokko… Ki—kirin? Although the thoughts aren’t vocalized, they echo from his psionic pressure as hundreds of whispering voices, each with its on distinctive pitch and tone. The hive of thoughts wildly roll about, washing over the surroundings, much like pooled water on a flat surface. The vexation on his face grows with every moment as he continues to struggle with a word that rests just at the tip of his tongue. The ears, the tail, the smell, it’s all so painfully familiar… like some kind of long-lost memory that refuses to surface. The air around them shimmers and churns, twisting and bending into a projection of a small child with a bushy brown tail and a set of equally brown ears. “Sarah… no Robin? God, what was that kids name?” He leans back into the chair, his hand rising up to his chin as his thumb and forefinger frame his lips. “Inu no josei, what is uh… that thing called? Not inu….” His left-hand breaks from his face as he swipes it at the projection of the girl, causing it to dissipate. “DAMNIT!” The exclamation is marked but an upswell and then outpour of thought which causes the glass table to writhe and moan. As vibrations course through the amorphous material hums. The eerie pitch harmonizes with the numerous whispering voices into an ethereal song with mournful undertones. The titan’s hand drops to the table, his fingertips quickly tapping an ever-hastening pattern. After several seconds of contemplation, he finally looks back at Akako. The lines of his face twist into surprise, as if he just realized she is there, “Oh, hi. Did we have an appointment? Please, take a seat.” His gaze breaks from her again as he begins to look around. “Now where did I put the kettle?” At a second he gives up searching, and returns his attention to the woman. His eyes lock with her’s, from his glowing pools of gold specs of crimson and cobalt swirl out from the all-consuming voids of his pupils and bleed into the iridescent discs. “I like your eyes, they’re very pretty. I might keep them.” The offhanded comment is delivered as his attention and focus resynchronize. “Ah… that’s right. Now I remember. I’m going to eat you.”
  21. Somewhere in the depths of Shi’s mind as Eiji and his mysterious friend establish a mental connection. Cat loves food, meow meow meow, yeah cat loves food meow meow meoooooooow. Shi, this is Eiji. Cat loves foo— There's a powerful vampire up ahead. I didn’t consent to this! It wants to fight me in a duel; don't ask me why. I have no idea if I can win, but we're not going to leave it to luck. If it doesn’t kill you, I will for invading my personal space. I want you to go and get Godfury ready to fly, and bring it here. If I haven't settled things with the bloodsucker by then, we'll use its firepower to blast it back to hell. I'm sending you my knowledge of airships. Oh, and you'll still be payed if I die, so complete your mission. Hold the fuck on, you can’t just upload shit into my mind damnit, I’m not your backup cloud storage! Good luck. Fuck yo--! Before Shi can finish making his eloquently and masterfully worded counterargument, he’s objection is cut short by an overwhelming amount of information being dumped into his mind all at once. A crippling headache drops him to both knees as he grips the sides of his face, his fingers digging into his temples and surrounding facial structures, as if to try to keep his skull from exploding. With Eiji walking off, the gaggle of civilians turn toward Shi to find him incapacitated. Fear and discontent begin to work through the group, murmurs slowly increasing in volume until they are practical yells and shouts. “Shut up.” Shi’s voice, laden with exhaustion and ire, cuts through the uproar bringing the group to silence. “I don’t know if you people forgot, but there are monsters everywhere. So maybe… don’t fucking talk.” Any patience the assassin might have had, has completely dried up thanks to the pulsating throbs of the headache. Standing back up, Shi meanders over toward the old lady that had been leading them. “He’s off to fight vampires, or something equally stupid. We’re to continue heading toward Godfury.” “Shouldn’t we –” The woman stops talking as she watches Shi’s visage transition into a glare. “Sorry… shouldn’t you go help him?” “Nope, he has a death wish.” “But he can’t do it alone.” “And I can’t keep your gaggle of fucks alive and keep him alive at the same time, I don’t know what you want me to do, shit out a clone? We get Godfury in the air, we’ll perform an airstrike and murder/save him. You want to help him, get me to the stupid airship.” “Fine, follow me.” Shi falls inline with the rest of the group as they move from the main street and begin to weave through side streets and alleyways. Admittedly, the watchful eyes never let up on them, and the blood lusting gazes aren’t unnoticed by the group. However, for whatever reason, an attack never comes That of course doesn’t stop Shi from muttering profanities at Eiji, while swiveling his head from side to side as he glares daggers into his surroundings. “Stupid fucker. Fucking going to punch him in the dick.” Whatever force compels the vampires to stay back has its obvious limits, as a few of the younger blood suckers begin to creep closer and closer to the rooftop edges, rewarding Shi with a rough idea of what he’s dealing with. There’s no doubt that they are surrounded, however, his concern is minimal. At the end of the day, Eiji never gave him a direct or implied order to save their lives. The only instruction he was given was to retrieve the airship. If vampires decided to swarm, the assassin would absolutely abandon them to be devoured. Stepping out from the side street, into a large opening, Shi looks past several layers of fence and up to three massive towers with a series of docking arms reaching into the heavens. Situated atop the towers, where three docking arms converge, is the largest of the airships. “I guess that’s the one he wants.” Dropping his gaze from the airdocks, back to the fences and field, Shi releases an exasperated sigh. “One… two… three…. Thirty…. Sixty… a lot.” Giving up on counting, he walks away from the group to start circumnavigating the fence line. Skeletal remains stumble around, corpses shamble within, and ghouls, wights, and wraiths fight amongst themselves over what looks like a relatively fresh kill. “I’m not paid enough for this.”
  22. Akako’s question catches Shi off guard. The mask’s expression remains stalwart, the illusion failing to render the change in his visage. Although rumors are often invaluable bits of intel that can be used to make powerful inferences, Shi is admittedly shorthanded in this regard. Of course, before any noticeable moment of hesitation could be measured, his quick wit produces a series of generic statements that are probable sounding enough to be rumors. “Rumors huh? Can’t say I’ve heard much, other than you’re some kind of filicide committing demoness, that commands a contingency of spirits. Oh, and I do believe someone once said something to the effect of, ‘she regularly partakes in incest with her siblings and demonspawn’ but I mean, who doesn’t have that rumor flying around about them?” He initiates a brief pause as he prepares to segue. “Of course, any rumor that I might have heard about you being an imperialist breeding civil unrest, well at this point those really aren’t rumors anymore… huh? And that, at the end of day is what’s important.” “Beyond the fact that I’m really good at penetrating people, I’m also excellent at fitting into tight spots.” The statement is painfully deadpan. “Believe it or not, I usually prefer to shove my shaft –” halfway through the statement the silver stiletto pops out from along his forearm. “into people’s throats before they know I’m there.” The spike retracts once more, and he pauses long enough for her to look past the double entendre to see the full meaning of the statement. “While I don’t pack the girth of some, the unassuming size makes me particularly well endowed for reconnaissance as much as assassination.” Despite the vaguely veiled speech, there is little doubt that he never intended to make an earnest attempt at her life. But what is a better resume for an assassin than to prove that they can get close enough to carry out a hit, short of actually killing their potential benefactor.
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