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  1. Inkinhart

    Seeking a Mentor

    Eulalia was silent for a long moment. "I suppose I practice the magic of fate." She divided her hair into three sections, starting to braid it. "And the magic of the mind." She tilted her head, considering it. "My máthair passed the magic along to me. She was attuned to the magic of life and death. I am too, in a way, though I am more guided by the currents of fate. It was fate that brought me here." She looked over at him. "I saw the advertisement you posted, and Bran brought me to you. He is far more attuned to the patterns that guide us than I am." She finished braiding her hair and stood to start shrugging out of her outer layers of clothing. "I mostly practice with the cards. I use them to gain insight into a person's future. They're not always ... clear, but they have yet to steer me wrong."
  2. Inkinhart

    Seeking a Mentor

    Eulalia smiled at him as she started to unbind her hair from its wrap. "Well, it means 'sweet voice' in the language of my mitéra. It is ... somewhat a joke, I must admit, as my voice can be very bitter - but it is also somewhat true. So I felt, perhaps, that it would suit me. And it did." She shook her hair loose and dug her comb out of her bag so she could comb it into a braid. "If it ceased to suit me, I would choose a different name. We are not necessarily the same person our whole lives." She smiled over at Red as she combed her long hair. "Perhaps you will choose another name, once you are on your journey. You are a bird now, but you might not always be so."
  3. Inkinhart

    Seeking a Mentor

    Eu looked over as Red approached her. She finished brushing Alkaios down and packed away his brush, shifting so she was leaning on his broad shoulder as she faced Red. She watched him for a moment before smiling. "Ah. You know all about names, then." She nodded, lapsing into a moment of silence. "There's power in choosing your own name. Power over your edges and your direction. You have chosen a good name." She straightened and patted Alkaios' flank, looking up into the rafters to bid Bran goodnight. She walked out and closed the stable door behind her. "My name is Eulalia. I chose it a long time ago, I think for similar reasons to you." She turned and headed into the pub. She looked around for a moment until she spotted a trail of Red's energy, and she followed it up into the inn and to their room. She smiled as she looked around, crossing her arms and nodding. "This will do." She sat on what she decided would be her bed and started to rifle through her things, eventually pulling out a small silk pouch full of cards which she held out to Red. "Put this under your pillow, please. It will make tomorrow's reading far easier."
  4. Inkinhart

    Cleaning Up the Mess (OOC)

    She just wants to get a feel for how the situation will unfold - so should she try and stop what's happening, should she try and change it, etc. Eu isn't very good at nuance, so she wants some guidance.
  5. Inkinhart

    Cleaning Up the Mess

    Eulalia snarled at the brush of controlled magic against her skin. This murderer wanted her to listen to him? He burns innocents and asks for her ear? She was about to loose a tirade against him - perhaps even a scream - when he spoke of the brutality that had been committed against his own people. It brought her up short, and her brow creased as she considered it. She had seen the kind of butchery he spoke of in other places, in other times. She had seen it reflected in the hearts of creatures with cruel smiles and empty eyes, and in the cages that bound souls when bodies wandered free. She stared through the elf, her brown eye dull and her clouded eye bright. She didn’t move until a few moments after he had finished speaking, and then it was only to briefly grasp his upper arm. “You speak your truth, but - but I cannot, with a light heart, watch and do nothing.” She turned to rifle through her saddlebags, pulling out an old silk pouch. “Please. Before you do anything … “ She pulled her cards out of their pouch, holding them up to him. “Please.”
  6. Inkinhart

    Seeking a Mentor

    Eulalia turned towards the pub, eyeing it over before nodding. “Yes. Alright.” She reached into her bag and pulled out a handful of coins, and handed them over. “Go secure us a room. Sleeping in the same room will help me get a better sense of you, but it’s down to your sensibilities.” She gestured for him to go off to the inn, as she turned to move towards the stable. She paused, turning back as she looked at him with her clouded eye shining in the low light. “There is no truly nameless places, you know. Merely places whose names have been forgotten.” She looked down at him, considering him for a moment. “But they are not truly nameless.” She turned away again, leading Alkaios toward the stable to bed him down for the night.
  7. Inkinhart

    Isaac, the Dorky Tiefling

    [BASICS] First name: Isaac Last name: Morningstar Nicknames: None Race: Tiefling - Infernal on his mother’s side, elven on his father’s side Marital Status: Single and eager to change that Gender: Male Age: It’s … unclear [PHYSICAL] Voice: Eager and fast, sort of child-like Eyes: Golden, with a soft glow at night Complexion: Golden, with purple undertones Height: 6’4 Build: Solid, broad - think those statues of Hercules. He’s missing his left leg from the lower thigh, and his right leg from mid-calf - to walk, he uses metal prostheses engraved with Divine symbols that end in cloven hooves Hair: Long, wildly curly, shining like spun gold Tattoos/markings: Two small, pointed horns set on his temples [WEAPONS] Whatever’s nearby that he can throw to hopefully distract whoever’s after him so he can run away [STRENGTHS] Strong compassion Very strong self-preservation instinct Good musical sense [WEAKNESSES] Naivety - he trusts just about anyone and everyone without reserve No real education to speak of, so he doesn’t really have many skills An allergy to silver (allegedly) [SKILLS] He can play most instruments adequately, though not enough to be considered a virtuoso of any kind. Through trial and error, he can feed himself off the land pretty well. A talent for finding interesting quests and interesting people.
  8. Inkinhart

    Lady Aine Dawnwood

    [WIP] Name: Aine Pronunciation: awn-yay Other Names: Aidía (childhood nickname) Gender: Woman Titles: Lady of House Dawnwood, Chieftain of the Goran, Word of Wood Appearance Picture: Height: 5’4” Weight: 57kg Species: Human Race: Goran Symbol: Oak tree Skin Colour: Golden olive, with a darker tan in the summer Birthmarks: Dark mark on left hip, reddish-brown mark on right forearm Hair Colour: Dark reddish-brown Hair Length: Hip-length Hair Type: Loose curl Hair Style: Depends on occasion - when in Orisian company, she wears it in the complex styles popular with Orisian aristocracy. When at home or in Wolfwood, she wears it in a simple braid, sometimes with beads as adornment. Widow's Peak: Slight Eye Colour: Dark brown, almost black Eyebrows: Dark, thick Nose Shape: Straight with slight up-turn Teeth: Straight, slightly longer canines than usual Complexion: Clear, light freckles after sun exposure Facial Hair: None Health and Image Diet: Mainly plant material - lots of fruit, root vegetables, berries, meat is mostly rabbit, or fish, and then only occasionally Fitness: Excellent - she trains with the Goran warriors often Posture: Straight Dexterity: Excellent Reflexes: Excellent Abnormalities: None Vulnerabilities: Slight deafness in right ear due to proximity to gunshot in childhood Handicaps: None Allergies: Rabbit fur Diseases: None Illnesses: None Disorders: None Imperfections: None physically Broken Bones: Left index and middle fingers, right middle toe Reason for Health: Lifestyle Wardrobe: Court: Bright silk gowns with thick, full skirts, jewellery that her sister Saoirse brings home from overseas, willow-boned corset Wolfwood: Clothes are made out of nettle cloth and dyed with natural dyes - generally greens, browns, yellows, and reds. Everyday clothes are plain dyed, ceremonial or festival clothes are plaids or striped. Fabric is woven into rectangle or square shapes, and draped around the body, pinned in place with bone or occasionally gold pins. Accessories: Court: Pearls from the Orisian seas, amber, emeralds, gold Wolfwood: Leaf wreaths, wildflowers, bone and wooden beads Piercings: Septum (hidden retainer worn when not in forest), 3 x ear lobes, auricle both ears, helix x 2 in both ear, nose Hygiene: Excellent - the Goran traditionally bathe every day in the morning, in the streams in summer, hot springs in winter Makeup: Whatever’s in fashion in court, kohl in Wolfwood Scent: forest loam, birch and oak wood, horses Scars: scars on her forearms and hands from training with bladed weapons Tattoos: Traditional Goran designs on her back and thighs Voice Accent / Dialect: In Orisian company, she has an upper class Orisian accent. Elsewhere, she has a thick Goran accent - long vowels, clipped consonants, rolled Rs Voice: Deep for a woman, a rich baritone. She generally speaks softly, unless she wants to be noticed (perhaps by her children, or an irritating noble) in which case she can be frighteningly loud. Psychology Languages: Common and Óí’a (the Goran language) natively, French and Spanish conversationally Vocabulary: Highly educated, as she was taught by the best tutors the Dawnwoods could find Memory: Like a steel trap - she never forgets anything, especially a slight Temperament: Artificially calm. Naturally, she has a quick, fierce temper, but she’s learnt to control it with an iron will. Emotional Stability: Very stable, except in the instance of her family being threatened or harmed. Instincts: To protect her family and people at all costs. Philosophy Religion: She holds to the traditional Goran non-theistic religion. Allegiance: Firstly to her family, secondly to the Goran people, thirdly to Dawnwood house, and finally to the Orisian royal family. Political Awareness: Very keen - she keeps a close eye on what alliances and enmities are forming where, and why.
  9. Inkinhart

    Seeking a Mentor

    Eulalia held her hand out, and Bran flew up to perch on her wrist. “Bran isn’t trained. He just does his duty.” She gently scratched behind Bran’s head, and he settled on her hand with a quiet noise. She looked back to the man, watching him silently for a few moments. “You wish to learn the arcane arts, is that right? You have some natural inclination, I can see that … “ She tilted her head, reaching over to set Bran on one of her packs. “But you have not found a teacher.” She nodded, looking around. “And you will not find a teacher until you know your direction. Now, is there an inn nearby? We must all rest, so we can find your direction in the morning. Those readings are best done under a new dawn’s light.” She took Alkaios’ - her horse - reins in her hand so she could lead him through the town. “I can see that you have travelled farther than you might have wanted to. Where have you come from?”
  10. Inkinhart

    Shadow Grimoire

    Wait, there was going to be money? Isaac could earn money? This just got better and better! There was going to be a book and money! His luck must have really been turning around! … Until another man said that they’d probably find the book in a nasty camp or a scary cave. That sounded just like his luck. But, well, money! He’d never had money before. Well, not much. Definitely none made out of gold. And … silver. Oh. That wasn’t good news. He raised his hand, making a small face. “Uh, miss? I’m not allowed silver. The nuns said … “ Well. He couldn’t quite remember what the nuns had said, but it was definitely along the lines of not being allowed silver. Though the monks hadn’t said anything. But the nuns had, so. Well, he supposed he was confused. But still, the nuns hadn’t been wrong yet. “So, instead of silver, could I have some … apples, maybe? Or some bread? Or pastries? Or … “ Well, he’d be happy with more or less any food, if he was honest.
  11. Inkinhart

    Seeking a Mentor

    Well, Eulalia supposed that these villages she was passing through were more pleasant than some of the other places she had been called to. Bran kept fluttering ahead of her, only getting maybe ten or twenty feet before stopping and waiting. He’d been unsettled ever since they’d seen that advertisement seeking a magical mentor, pulling her further and faster. She had no idea what he was pulling her towards, but she always followed him. And now she was following him through a small town, past shops, houses, and pubs. She was hoping they were getting close, because she rather fancied stopping and resting. But now Bran was flying further ahead, heading directly towards a fountain - and a man sitting on the edge of the fountain. Bran landed beside the man, cawing over at her. And - oh! That must have been the man who was seeking the teacher. She rode up to the man and dismounted, looking down at him for a long moment. Yes, she could see he had some talent - but she wouldn’t be able to tell anything more precise just yet. Perhaps she’d do a reading for him. “You seek a mentor?”
  12. Inkinhart

    Chapter 2 - More Important is the Journey

    Oh, okay. So Isaac had run into a weird person. That was fine. That was great. This was definitely what he wanted to happen in his life. “ … You want me to escort you back to the place where that huge crash sound followed by all those roaring and screaming sound happened? Where there might still be a very angry - “ He turned to start pacing. Instead of pacing, he nearly jumped out of his legs, as he spotted the tiger that had apparently snuck up on them without him noticing. He squealed, falling over himself as he scrambled over to hide behind the blood-covered lady. In the battle of lady without self-preservation instincts versus actual whole tiger, lady won. “That’s a tiger. That’s an actual tiger. That - this is why I hate forests. There’s tigers in forests.” He groaned, looking around for somewhere where he could hide from the tiger. “I should have never left the convent. The nuns were right. The nuns were always right … “ @Mickey Flash
  13. Inkinhart

    Seeking A Mentor (Closed/Fulfilled)

    Awesome! Send me a DM with where and when you'd like to get started.
  14. Inkinhart

    Shadow Grimoire OOC

    Loose posting order sounds good to me!
  15. Inkinhart

    Seeking A Mentor (Closed/Fulfilled)

    If you want a character who might help Red to ... 'realise his potential', so to say, I have a character who might be able to help with that! My character Eulalia isn't technically a traditional magic user in the 'spell casting' kind of way, but her psychic abilities are based on arcana, and she's a strongly empathetic person, and quite a good teacher.