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  1. I should be able to post on the weekend or on Monday!
  2. Isaac was torn. The cave was shelter and the possibility of making it through the night. Company was protection and the possibility of a meal. And he had to decide now, before he lost track of the somehow-less-injured-than-he-seemed ... soldier? mercenary? Whatever he was. What was it that the nuns had said? He who travels alone travels fast, but he who travels together travels far. It hadn't turned out to be true so far, but that didn't mean it might not be this time. So he swore, gathered his things, and trudged off into the snow. By the gods, how he was growing to loathe snow. All the sticking charms on his metal hooves couldn't counteract snow. So he had to move slowly, and by the time he caught up to his little ragtag party, he was beginning to think he'd made the wrong choice. After all, very few right choices led to being confronted by blood-soaked women. Very few good days involved blood-soaked women. Still, the men seemed competent, and that was worth maybe getting bitten by ... wait, was that a vampire? Oh, no. No no no. Isaac barely stopped himself shrieking, instead scrambling - surprisingly nimbly - up the nearest tree.
  3. OMG I'm so sorry about disappearing for ages - I'm in the process of moving out of home and starting university, so Shit's Wild rn. I'm gonna go read over what's been posted since I last checked and then write up a reply!
  4. Isaac was very good at being bored. He'd spent a good amount of his childhood bored out of his skull, sitting in silent, plain rooms with silent, plain people who were reading silent, plain scrolls. It had left him with an almost infinite ability to sit still and quiet, his gold eyes somehow vague and unfocused despite his lack of visible pupils. And then the man who hadn't had any food returned with a man who was distinctly still alive, and thus not food. Which sucked, because Isaac was on about day two of no food, and it was starting to grate on him. But maybe he had something in his armour? That was the only reason he obeyed the order to help get the man out of his armour. Well. That and the tiny girl's tiger food threat. So he crawled over, his metal knee making a rather unpleasant scraping noise on the rock floor. He looked the armour over, making a face as he failed to recognise it. Still, armour was armour, and so he started to unbuckle the little straps that held it closed. He shot nervous looks at the girl and at the various huge predators in the room, hoping that he wasn't about to end up tiger bait regardless of helping with the armour. "So ... uh ... what's the deal with the ... " He gestured towards the tiger and the bear, the movement making his curtain-turned-cloak nearly fall from his shoulders.
  5. Rescue mission or cave with weird tiger? To be honest, Isaac did not like either of those options. Option one meant a significant personal risk. Isaac did not like that. Especially if they were going back to that place where the big crashing noise had come from. Option two involved significantly more tiger than he normally liked, but probably didn't involve whatever creature had made that crashing sound. "Uhhhhh ... " he said, his voice high and strangled. "I'm gonna ... " He shuffled into the cave and sat down with his back against the wall. He tucked his legs into his chest, setting his hands on his metal ankles. "Yeah. I'm just gonna sit here and try not to get eaten."
  6. Isaac scrambled back to his hooves, placing them carefully to hopefully avoid another hard landing on his backside. He wrung his hands together, looking between all the people in front of him. "Uh ... h-hail and well met? I was just ... well, if I'm honest, sir, miss, I was wondering if you might have any food lying around. Y'know. Something nice? It's just as I've been wandering in this forest for a while, and I'm no good at foraging, on account of no-one ever teaching me, but, well. I need food, you see." He shifted his weight from hoof to hoof, only stopping when one threatened to slide again. Maybe he should look into getting them enchanted to stick? That dwarf who'd made them had already enchanted them to stick to his legs, so maybe they could stick to the ground, too. " ... Also, is that tiger the tiefling-eating kind?"
  7. I'm not sure there's much for Eu to do right now - so I'll just keep an eye on everything and jump in when I feel there's something to do
  8. Isaac jumped in, tapping a hoof against the floor in a staccato rhythm. "I'm Isaac! Uh ... I'm real big. And ... um, I got a good nose. I can smell lots of stuff, from real far away. I dunno if that's a ... a skill. But I can do it. Um ... once, I hit a guy in the nose, and he didn't get up for a while. Uh ... I dunno what a virgin is, but maybe I can do that? I dunno, I never tried." He pulled his braid over his shoulder, fiddling with the end. "I can get around places pretty good." He lifted up one leg, showing off his hoof. "These fit in pretty small places. And they climb pretty good." He scratched at the back of his neck. "And ... and that's all, I guess."
  9. Isaac looked between the retreating back of the probably-not-dangerous woman and the probably-significantly-more-dangerous tiger. This was Really Not Ideal. But he supposed there wasn't anything to be done about it, other than do something, so he scrambled after the tiger. Maybe it had food? Likely no pastries, but hey, he had sharp teeth. He could probably have a good go at whatever tigers ate. Tieflings? Yeah ... knowing his luck, tigers almost definitely ate tieflings. Though, as he followed it, he noticed something ... off. This tiger was weird. It didn't smell. At all. And weren't tigers supposed to smell a lot? Like, to give their prey a fighting chance? Why didn't this tiger stink? And why was this tiger heading to a cave? A populated cave? He was about to yell out, but the occupants of the cave didn't seem at all alarmed by a whole entire tiger just strolling up. Wait. An occupied cave. Maybe they had pastries? He raced up, nearly colliding with a man who was stepping out. He managed to avoid a full-on collision, pulling up just short, but his hooves skidded on the slippery rock leading up to the cave and he ended up flat on his back with a quiet 'oof'.
  10. Will do! Sorry about the delay, it's exam season ><
  11. Eulalia nodded, sitting down on the floor in front of him. She stared past him, her eyes glowing with a soft grey light as she dealt the cards face down. She set the deck aside once she'd dealt three cards in a row, her left hand hovering over the cards. She took a deep breath before turning over the card on the far left, revealing the Knight of Swords. She smiled to herself, and nodded. The Knight was a good fit for Red - charging forward, seeking change. Riding away from his little forgotten town. She flipped the next card over and nearly laughed as she saw the Queen of Swords. Herself. She had already known she was to mentor Red, but it was nice to have that affirmed. She flipped the next card, and pulled her hand back as if she had been burned. The Tower. The thirteenth of the major arcana, and one that had yet to bode well. She looked at Red, the glow in her eyes brightening. "Not a dream. Red ... Red, you are headed for difficult times. Very ... very difficult times. For the Tower to be in your future ... you must be careful. Plan. And then, when the Tower moves into your present, you must be strong."
  12. I've been kind of dead because of exams, but I'm going to be able to reply later today or tomorrow.
  13. Eulalia was just waking up when she heard Red rise. She woke fully as she heard him wash, and she sat up in bed as he stepped out of the washroom. "Red." She slipped out of bed, walking over to him to cup his cheek in her palm. She frowned, running her fingers over his forehead. "Well. You didn't have a good night, did you?" She tilted his head up, looking into his eyes. "Not a good night at all." She took a step back. "What did you see?" She walked over to Red's bed and got the cards out from under his pillow. She slid them out of their pouch and started to shuffle them, her fingers working fast. She couldn't tell the exact details of what had plagued him, having only gotten impressions - heat, fear, panic. She also couldn't tell if it had been a simple nightmare, or a premonition.
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