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  1. It did. Took a couple weeks longer than I anticipated for things to get back to normal. Power's back on and internet is restored. Until the next tornado decides to crash the party. Ha.
  2. Evey: It was perfect. The mission. The weather over the vast Great Northern and Ariatic seas that the vessel had traveled on like a small fish in the soothing embrace of a large warm fish tank. Until ...it wasn't. "I'm...with child," she finally interjected with such forced coldness I at first thought she'd hurled an insult at me personally. Recovering a moment longer I realized the cold tone of her voice was to dismiss any unwanted judgment on my end or the parrot that stood perched in it's cage happily tweeting and mimicking tid bits of the conversation that was shared between myself and Maryland. Maryland. The Lady of Davenport. The apple of her father High Magistrate Thomas LeCru's eyes and the very reason of her feeble invalid mother Martia LeCrue's existance. She was heir to a great inheritance and destined in birth to marry that which whom's name we still are not permitted to speak. Yes. The man was that revered and powerful among many lands. If one could call him a man at all. Perhaps he was bordering immortal status but had not come out of the closet with it yet. Either way the man's might and sheer will had caused conflict amongst nations the past spanse of 5 years. He'd risen in status and for some reason had it written in stone that Maryland would be his wife. Mission: Deliver in safe transport the Lady Maryland LeCru into the custody of her Fiance within a forenight on 50 miles offshore of the Coastal Grand city. Payment: Scarlett Darkfire's release I, Evey Calisto, the nobody of the mission and crew. The low level witch and nearly powerless human of the appointed....stood staring in horror at the gorgeous beguiling Maryland trying the best I could not to cry or even worse...slap the unfaithful female. "Maryland...By whom is your pregancy?"--I manage to breathe out while clutching the edges of the wooden desk I sat behind. "Mark Anthony," she informs in softer tones but eyes still piercing through my soul. Mark Anthony was a code name commonly used for any other male member of Maryland's fiance's family. I swallow a vomit. "How far along you? Perhaps you can provoke your future husband to take you before the ceremony and time will even out." ---I was far reaching but Scarlett's life was on the line. "You stupid ignorant woman!," she growled at me before snatching up my wrists and wrenching me to my feet. "Hurry, we've no time for this. I'm aborting this mission. I've made up my mind." And that's when things went to shit. Two of the crew from the ship barged into the lower cabin door panting and whipping their brows of beads of sweat. "Get down!" One yelled just as the ship teetered dangerously to one side sending us all sprawling to the floor; my head slamming against the wall. My vision blurred and blackened around the edges. Moments later I blinked firmly and forced myself up onto all fours scrambling. Debis of ship parts flying. Smoke billowed from all parts of the ship and a healthy fire hissed at the bow. We were under attack. "We are under attack, Evey! Take the wheel! We'll get lady LeCru under deck to safety."--one of the guards screeched the other clumpsily tried hoisting Maryland over his shoulder and only succeeded at the 3rd attempt as she was fighting him every step of the way. What the hell was this? I dizzily come to stand on my feet and dart out the cabin up the steps and towards the ship front deck before being tossed over the railing towards the right flank of the ship. A force engulfs me and stabilizes me mid-air then slowly lands me back onto my feet in one piece. Magic. I'd never get used to it. I'd never get used to this world. All that mattered was recovering Scarlett's soul. Scarlett. "Prepare the cannons," I whisper to a panting Lucious, my right crew mate who knew as much as I did about high seas ship navigation. "What the devil have we gotten ourselves into?!" He bellowed clutching an injured arm to his chest. I go to examine it and he snatches it away snarling. A man's pride is worth more than the finest Gold in these parts. So I avert my eyes and sigh. "The deal's gone sour. Lady Maryland had other plans we were unaware of."---Lucious's gaze basically shoots me in the head with a bullet. We both part ways to our stations trying to recover the ships equilibrium, barking orders to the other crewmen and scrambling to navigate out of direct hits from the two warring ships looming as massive apparitions before our small feeble vessel as Lady Maryland's Fiance and Lover battle it out to the death. "Somebody please...help us," I wail as a flaming log of wood falls from the mass and comes crashing down toward the deck.
  3. Update....After I posted this thread a tornado swept through Dallas. I know right! Party of the elements. Anyway...as soon as power is restored to my dwelling I can get to posting. Until then...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  4. And then you log on again...after many many years. Hello, lovelies. Hope all is well. I'll be posting shortly.
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