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  1. All active threads are kinda slow. Invite me!

  2. Vince and Friends!

    (Dogle is busy moving, so don't expect a reply soon.) "Ok, you're dismissed, and as for that guy outside? I think he's got it under control." Vince says, confident in that fool's luck. *Crash* The ship shakes with a rock, Vince falling to a knee and bottles clanging together. "What was that?" Vince said, Running to the door. "Elf! We demand you give us that there treasure! We know full well you be a coward! Give up and we will only kill you a little!" A loud pirate bandit shouts, dressed as one of the natives from the isolated islands. This was no copycat, that pirate was the real deal, an experienced captain. Vince looks once at his party and nods at them with a knowing wink. He hopes that the message was clear. "WE GIVE UP!" Vince shouts, hands up and flailing as if he meant to fully surrender. 'As soon as they get on board, blast em.' He issued the order to his bot silently, as it got into a hidden position. Right now, the pirates were only aware of Vince's presence on the ship. He was a well known lone wolf.
  3. Got really into 80's music for some reason. Like...REALLY into it. It sounds so retro!



  4. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    I mean when he wakes up, character protocol for him is to try again. This time, he's either gonna get burned or eaten.
  5. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    Can someone tell me how I can contribute in my next post? My character is inherently weak, and him fighting a dragon is asking for him to be killed off. I can't just have him unconscious the whole fight...
  6. A night to remember

    Ichi was asked about his sword, and he was quick to respond. He may have been stacked at the moment, but those bills could quickly disseappear and he'd be in poverty again. "I lost it last night. And I was hoping that my new best friend could help me buy another one. Preferably one that can banish ghosts." Ichi said, implying that this merchant knight was already a lifelong friend. Then he heard the screams of a lady he faintly recognized. He rushed over to the sound and discovered that said lady had destroyed a tent. Subtle. She also knew who he was. She also looked familiar. Maybe she was the lady who was dancing on the tables last night? Then again, maybe not...it was him. That memory returning, he cast it away and gave a welcome smile. "Welcome back to the land of the living, whoever you are! Grab some of Evie's coffee and take a load off! Were trying to decipher what happened last night. And the dragon lady," Ichi looks over and waves at her, "She's Lexi."
  7. Vince and Friends!

    Vince was visibly nervous. He was the leader, and at the same time, the smallest guy in the room. Elves were well known for being short beings, what with their need to be swift. It was further amplified by the death stare he was getting from Kar, so much so that he could only point to the store room. All their possesions, from food to ammo, was stored there. Vince made a mental note to stop by the market to buy more supplies in the next town. This is why he is only doing 30% of a cut: Vince may end up getting no profit if things go sour. Problem no 1: Food supply. (Yīwěi: Why not make a joke about bird fishing? I just thought about it and was about to cast it away when I realized you'd enjoy that joke.) He was then informed that their loopy mage was flying around outside the ship. This was surprising, but it meant that technically everyone was in one area. Even if one of them didn't wanna come inside. "Ok, firstly, I'd like to say: Welcome aboard the Scrappy, the only death trap that wont fall on my watch. This bird's survived loads of encounters with pirates and flying beasts alike. But that doesn't mean she will survive this trip if we don't work together." Vince says, nodding to the group. "We are passing right through pirate skies right now, so I fitted the ship with cannons. Not old primitive sea cannons, these ones can easily be turned on an axis." He points to the store room. "All our supplies are weighed down in that room so they don't fly about during ascent and decent." Vince then points to Aero, the bot who has been fixing a panel in the wall the whole time. "That bot is my assistant, but feel free to talk to it about stuff. I'm trying to make it more...human. Nothing creepier than an automaton that stares in silence, am I right?" (This post is all over the place, but it gets the messages across.)
  8. Unrequested reboot

    Ichi lies unconscious. A nearby bird watched the display with great interest. (SKIP ME! I GOT NOTHING FOR NOW!!!)
  9. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    Guess we can message him to post?
  10. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    My unread content thing hasn't gone off for our unfortunate reboot for a while, can someone link me to our thing so I may go there and post and skip our staller?
  11. Vince and Friends!

    And so, time passed, and it was time to go. Everyone hopefully did what the had to do, and Vince even gave 10 minuets extra to get back on board before he shoved off. (Left port. Takeoff. Vamoosed. Now in the air.) With the trajectory set, he let his built in AI manage the ship towards their destination. With that, he left the bridge and walked into the kitchen. It was fairly cosy but spacious enough that a fair number of bulkier races could be accounted for. Not that Vince had that many opportunities to have giants on board. Aero, his robot buddy, was busy doing maintenance on a panel nearby, as it was the allotted time for everyone to gather in the kitchen to 'talk'. Vince assumed that this would build trust so nobody kills each other in their sleep. And that was likely if someone here decided they suddenly wanted to be greedy. That lady in the infirmary was still a concern, so he'd have to look out for her safety. (Crappy drawing, I made it in under a minute.)
  12. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    Fanatic sounds kinda badarse tho. Like a dual wielding swordsman pirate!
  13. A night to remember

    (Anybody see the hangover? Not the crappy ones, the original. The first one.) Ichi straightened up at the voice of a kid screaming, finding the source of the shriek walking up to a dragon lady who, coincidentally, was also drinking coffee. She was yelling at her and not him, and Ichi took advantage of this. Keeping a poker face, he walked backwards a few steps and deposited the contents of his cup into a nearby bush, essentially disposing of the evidence of his crime. The subtlety was wasted as it made a water through cloth sound. Inspecting the bushes revealed a bag, and who's it was escaped him. "...I think I'm better off NOT opening this bag..." Ichi said, sensing danger from the parcel. What followed was an explaination that everything they had was lost. Stolen. Thieved. Taken by gambling. Ichi was knew that he would never bet his sword unless something near and dear was on the line...like a wad of cash. The dragon lady asked for introductions, and did so without introducing herself first. This proved she wasn't familiar with human culture, which was understandable. Ichi didn't understand dragon lady culture either. Plus she was cute. But he'd never openly say that. A bishe (anime pretty boy) knight introduced himself thusly, speaking with an air of 'I own your hometown'. Ichi knew that If he was going to get another sword like ghost slayer, he could mooch the extra dough off this very likely wealthy fellow. Ichi saw his chance to introduce himself, and took on his best 'I'm cool but not trying' stance. It comprised of holding one elbow and looking off somewhere, leaning on one foot and having a thoughtful look on his face. 'I'm so awsome.' he thought to himself. "I'm Ichi, former squire to over 4 different masters, and experienced swordsman in many styles." and that without exaggeration translates into, "I'm Ichi, a guy who was abandoned by 4 different masters, and tried and failed to master many sword styles." He only says the first one though, since he was trying to impress someone...
  14. Just one minute. Did you not take that intro pic from a google search? You drew it?! You got talent. Don't let anyone say you cant draw great stick figures! (And landscapes...)