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  1. An Impending Doom

    Ichi raised his brow. This was odd, but at the same time his adventure sense was tingling. She knew something he didn't, and that meant a possibility to face a challenge unlike anything he's faced before! But he shouldn't sound too eager, that may lead her to suspect he was wanting in on the quest she was on. And he dose. "Well, pretty much everyone here has been ok towards me, but nobody wants to help me out with a simple request. Nobody. Not a single person in this whole city." He said, gesturing to the heavens for effect. "I tell you, you'd sooner catch a golden snitch than you will someone who'll train you here." He said, now back to his normal state. The Ice guy, currently digging through some cabinets that can only be assumed to hold keys to the rooms, stops moving all of a sudden. Its almost as if it realized something. It turned around and walked over to Ichi with what seemed like an angry walk, extending his icy hand in an expecting motion. Ichi looked at the icy hand, then at the ice guys face. Hand. Face. Hand. Face. Face. Hand. He smiled a quick innocent smile before being pulled over the counter and beat up by the barman. Its a ball of ice vs humanity in the brawl of the century, only ichi is only defending. Not that his defense was at all good. The crowd loved it though. The barman left Ichi lying on the floor, knees to body face down, carrying his sword away with a satisfied strut. "See what I mean?" He said, looking up at her.
  2. Hunting the Shadow Stone (1x1 closed)

    "Ouch, not used to fighting against a mage. Guess she used a vine to trip me up. Good move, but I don't give up that easy!" He said, springing up and looking around. She was gone. Had she noticed him? Had she know he was a great warrior and aknowleged that he could use the cave? It was still raining so he couldn't complain. He moved towards the cave and noticed a horse inside. Probably belonged to the warrior he saw earlier. The warriors code said never to steal, so he'd let the horse stay till she returned for it. Sure, he'd been travelling by foot his entire journey, a few times stowawaying to get across boarders, but mostly travelling the pilgrims way. He set himself down under the cover of rain and began to make a fire from the wet sticks he'd gathered. If there was one skill he'd learned in his time being a wanderer, it was how to live in the wild. The fire was started quickly, protected by the cave and some distance form the entrance. "Its a pity though. I would have loved to cross swords with a strong spellsword. I could learn something, huh horse buddy?" He said, talking to his new temporary companion.
  3. An Impending Doom

    Ichi was finally here, the city of every race place! A land where he could learn the battle styles of nearly every kind of race, and then specialize his Ichi-style swordsmanship into a flawless style that no foe can match. This opportunity was rare, he knew he wouldn't find another place like this in his travels again for a long time. Maybe a lizard guy could teach him the proper way to grow back a limb with magic, or a way to breathe underwater forever? The possibilities were endless! If only he had some capacity for magic though... He slugged back another drink, remembering why he'd come to the bar. He'd failed in finding ANYONE to teach him their magical ways or fighting techniques. Everybody has to be secretive, huh? Apprentices are a thing of the past. He was so hyped for this trip, and now he finds that nobody wants a human apprentice who possess no magical aptitude. Yep. No magical aptitude. None. The tiny bit of magic that enters his system from some outside source instantly disappears somehow. It's not like he is immune to magic, but if becomes his own in any way it disappears. Now he drinks his disappointment away. "Where's the bartender?" Someone asked him. He turned to look at the offender, who took immediate notice of his eye-hole. That was strange, he thought this place was devoid of judgement for physical appearances. Then again, its not every day you see black mist coming from someone's eye hole. Maybe she was from out of town? He quickly put his patch back on over the peeper and called for the bartender. "JOE! Lady here wants you for a minute." he said, a small smile on his face. The joke told itself. The bartender came out with a glass, polishing it calmly and looked over the lady in silence. It was apparent that this guy was not a talker. He was also made of Ice, so it made sense. "So, what brings you to town? People here aren't exactly friendly to us humans you know." Ichi said with a tinge of bitterness, taking another swig. The stuff he was drinking looked like it had whole plants in it.
  4. Hunting the Shadow Stone (1x1 closed)

    Rain. It was raining. And not a single sign said it would stop anytime soon. Ichi was soaked, lost and had no idea how he'd gotten here. Last he remembered he was asleep on a cart heading for another land somewhere. He didn't care where the road took him, as long as adventure awaited him there. Only when he woke up, he was in this forest with a paper saying not to stowaway on merchant carts. It was awfully nice of the merchants to write him a note, it at least explained how he may have gotten here, but it was all a blur. He then noticed a rock cave of some kind. Being garbed in only a gray tank top and a dirty potato sack cloak was not the optimal rain protection. Shelter was now top priority, then he'd find a bar to steal quests from. Maybe have a soda at the same time. That's when he noticed that a horse was outside the cave, and that someone was inside. Ichi was no fool...he was no big fool, but he knew better than to trust someone he just met who looks so ready for battle. She looked strong, and that meant she was most probably not going to let someone weak looking share the cave. He'd have to prove himself in the only way he knew how: sparring. Ichi ran from the bushes, rain splattering on his face, sword drawn and ready to strike, screaming his warcry. This sword in particular was blunt from miss-use and close to breaking. He followed the code of the warrior, and that meant facing your opponents with honor in fair combat. No poison, no back-stabs, no sneaking up. Pure swords clashing until one cannot fight anymore. And despite all this said, he simply face-plants into the mud after tripping on an exposed tree root.
  5. Satisfaction stems from the feeling of having overcome a challenge. Without a challenge there isn't much satisfaction.

    Face your challenges, and your satisfaction will follow. A challenge is only lost when you stop trying.



  6. Not So Bonely Anymore

    Any way you want: My character is always either in the bar trying to get a heroic quest, looking at job offers for wanderers, or just walking around from place to place. A good way to grab his attention is to look strong. Any kind of strong will do, cause he's eager to learn from stronger people. (He's no chip fry, but he's always eager to learn.) Also if its a pretty lady. (Comedic heart activates here.) Its always funny to write flirting that's doomed to fail. So yeah: Bar, staring at a notice board or just wandering around. If this isn't enough, you can and are more than welcome to create an event that can spark their meeting.
  7. Black And Red (OOC)

    Posting order? (Basic but adds structure.) Are we following classic style where we wait at least a day before skipping someone or is it brutal street rules where people post rapid fire and leave us students with part time jobs in the dust? If you sense salt, that is because I'm crying on the inside about this tragic event that actually happens more often then not.
  8. Action Adventure Partner wanted.

    I'll just leave this here. We can transfer our replies here.
  9. Not So Bonely Anymore

    This is an OOC. It exists. Kapow! Now you're energized! Your welcome.
  10. Action Adventure Partner wanted.

    Go for it! We have equal share in how this will play out! I'm already planning a cultist gathering around the artifact or something like that. (Will link it when I am done making it!)
  11. Action Adventure Partner wanted.

    Yeah! Just send me the link and I'll post it in the OOC! (Dose the title: "Not So Bonely Anymore" sound too much of a humor title? I'm tempted to use that as our OOC RP name.)
  12. Black And Red (OOC)

    Hello, I am checking in and showing my still here-ness. Waiting for the link so I may post my first post!(^̮^)
  13. Action Adventure Partner wanted.

    It'd make sense, Ichi wouldn't know the implications behind the thing as he is a swordsman. So, now all we have to do is get an OOC going, make the first post in wherever its going to take place and set off on a twisted path of cults and skelebones! (I'll make the OOC, mind making the first post? (;^̮^) I'm terrible at starting posts to the point I'd kill the story before it gets a chance to begin.)
  14. Action Adventure Partner wanted.

    I want this RP to be mostly for fun, so you can choose whoever you want! Who haven't you gotten a chance to RP alot? You can practice with em now! Cause affect still applies, Ichi is notoriously afraid of cats. I made that a hidden weakness. And like I said, if you don't wanna be the wise man, I'll be the wise guy. We just have to decide where this will take place and then were off! (Since I know so little about the lore, I would like for both of us to have equal control over the events of the story, and as such, you'd have more control so we are lore friendly.) And as for the artifact: how about one that will revive a skeleton army in the next full moon if not stopped? We can have it turn in many ways, and destroying artifacts have untold consequences, so we have to look for 'Marcus' or any artifact expert to what to do. Sound good so far?
  15. Action Adventure Partner wanted.

    I'd like to RP with my character Ichi, also translated as one. And as for an objective: look for a specific person who has knowledge on an artifact. If you have a character that fits the bill, we can have our 2 characters find your smart one and then learn about the artifact then. All of this is improv of course and if you don't want to write the smart character who knows about artifacts, we can default to Marcus. Sound good so far? Feel free to modify the ideas a bit if you want.