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  1. Vince ducked behind a alleyway, diving in between some trash cans to hide from guards who had been chasing him. The Elf was afraid, and definitely guilty. The time of day was late afternoon, and he was in a random town close to Blairville. He wore his usual getup, but was also carrying a bag filled with what appeared to be vials. Yes, you see, this story can only be made clear with context. Context that I shall begin to give you now: ***(2 days earlier)*** High above the world among the clouds, flying alongside the birds and wind; Vince flew his airship determinedly, having been searching for work and finding no such luck. This was Vincent Redhill, an elf engineer who was trying to score some cash to pay for ship repairs. His airship, the dusty ol bird, needed a new pair of wood board replacements, and he could only hold it together with nails and tape for so long. If all else failed, he always has his trusty parachute. But today he had an objective: he'd heard about a calamity that befell the lands of Terrenus. A calamity that caused the magic of the whole land to be sucked up into an ice desert and leave the population stunted and frustrated. This meant 2 things: People would be short on magic all over the lands, and that there would be a demand for it. But how would he make a profit out of this? Easy, Vince himself hated magic, but he was a being that produced it. And elf. So, long story short, he'd fill vials with his magic reserves, and sell them for a decent price. Decent being enough to fully repair his airship after all is sold and done. Maybe some food and drink too. Vince smiled, he knew this would be a simple mission. In and out, no problem. What's the worst that could go wrong? ***(Present)*** He'd sold some vials, was approached by the authorities aggressively for selling magic, and ran for it under the impression that counterfeit magic was apparently illegal. Now he hid, hoping nobody would find him in the back alley of a bar... (Feel free to join in if you want, Its all for fun, and maybe cannon post too if I passed the Supernal exam?)
  2. Ichi

    Suggestion Box!

    Noted! I'll read up on a single page of lore for one place, then never leave that place till I have a good idea of the area. Just one thing: If someone would be so kind as to feed me a long long summary of each area so I know exactly where to zoom in on and find my exact starting location? (Vince needs to steal himself a new pair of airship! Ichi needs to explore himself a new pair of fantasy world and Marcus needs to research himself a whole new pair of artifact!) If this is a no go, I will flow slowly towards my destiny. (Will only be able to post after +- a week of research and archive skimming.)
  3. Ichi

    Suggestion Box!

    How's about making the overview its own block among the blocks on the first page? Edit: World basics is the overview. That makes sense. I'm the idiot, sorry. Well, now that I've read through the basics, here is my user friendly suggestion for creativity focused, research hating writers: Longer summaries for the different locations. Clicking each link and researching a place and finding it not to be what you want can seem like a time consumer. Call me lazy, but I am. I agree with you. It's not a weapon that can hurt me when I am doing this for entertaiment. My heart and soul goes into writing a beautiful world and scene, referencing loosely to knowledge someone else made. A summary is about all I'd go off to be satisfied. To sum up: Longer summaries, cause guys and girls like me will most probably only read those. If we like the whole summary, we will THEN click the link. Cause then we'll be certain we won't be disappointed by what's inside. (Not trash talking, just saying Terrenus and Genesaris struck me as being samey when I first started out. Magitech and airships are pretty close. I didn't know where to put Vince. Still kinda don't.) Note: This looks like a lecture. I am deeply sorry. I have uber respect for you Mr Supernal. What you did here was amazing. Big fan. I mean, I keep coming back, right?
  4. Ichi

    Suggestion Box!

    I don't know where to start a story, the plot walls seem so high now. How can I have the confidence to write concrete plot into the world of Val when there are so many already set in stone ideas set up that are deeply hidden in the existing lore archives? To put it simply: I don't think you expect someone to read all the val archives to make a cannon post, right? Cause I'd like to build this world too, but It's a big mountain to climb if I have to read all the lore. I just wanna write and have fun doing it. (Basically never leaving Alternatives.)
  5. Ichi

    Can I play too?

    Slice of life is a bit low, but I won't turn up my nose at it if it were served to me on a plate. (Don't know of you'd get this reference.) Sure, and thanks!
  6. Ichi

    Can I play too?

    I'm sorry, this is a bit much for a restarting writer. I'd rather do a more simple mainstream plot. (I'd start my own story, but those always end prematurely due to bad leadership skills.) Being a mould or part of a super science RP is a little much right now...
  7. Ichi

    Can I play too?

    Again, I forgot how to make the actual start of a story here. I only remember muscling myself into stories and having fun with friends who may or may not have wanted me there. Good times, and I'd like more please. If a story exists that I can join, link please.
  8. Ichi

    Can I play too?

    I can do 1x1's with whoever's interested, but we can also do a group one with whoever is up for it. As for Vince's specialty: he is Han Solo but an elf. (I plagiarized him, sue me.) I just modified his character a huge bunch, but the references link back to him as the base. Thanks by the way; Don't feel this much love in many places on the internet these days.
  9. Ichi

    Can I play too?

    I'm rusty, so I'm hoping to be led on the right track so I can keep the ball rolling once it starts. I'd like to write as Vince please. That is all I ask.
  10. Ichi

    Can I play too?

    I accept all! Lets all pile into one topic thing and make a story we can look back on and laugh, cry, get angry at and smile in nostalgia over. To inspire you all into the writing mood!
  11. Jokes aside, I forgot how to muscle myself into RP's here on Val. Anyone wanna write with one of my characters? Any story will do. I'll be honest, I'm really rusty. I can, however, compensate with my devilishly good charm! Yep, cause I have that.
  12. I've finally gotten my stuff sorted, and now have the freedom to do what I love: Collaborative writing! My writing skills have fallen considerably, so mercy please.
  13. Add a comedic spin to it tho
  14. Have him carry out the plan, but fail halfway through. That was my original plan. Sorry for the disappointment, guys.
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