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  1. Valucre, the best roleplay site

    Weird. It looked different on my mobile, but I'll try it again later. Voted from PC.
  2. Valucre, the best roleplay site

    It won’t let me vote from mobile? ghey
  3. [ Ravenspire ] Unexpected Reunions

    A single word caught her attention, perhaps even bringing a slight blush to her cheeks. Friend. Rou's eyes narrowed and her lips gently parted with a healthy dose of surprise, before deferring her gaze off to the side. It was a word she felt shame for taking for granted, especially as the number who shared that word with her were thinned to nearly nonexistence. For this princess of fire, Rou had an awful habit for burning bridges. With the pause taken after his request, Rou might've scoffed incredulously, though she appeared to be taking it heartily to mind. If he'd asked for an audience with Rafael, she would've outright laughed-- of late, even Rou could hardly get time alone with him for how distracted he was, too busy doting on his new wife. Corvinus she hoped, for their camaraderie, would be easier. However, the tightrope that was the alliance bonding Umbra and Kadia was thin and fragile, and she seemed to be in a precarious position with both countries, and so much was uncertain. With each additional failure, Rou could feel her power verily slipping through her fingers. Rou had to take this time to protect herself-- would Tenkai be a liability, and would she have to protect him, too? The muscles of Rou's face fluctuated through near a myriad of emotions all at once, as she tried to work up the nerve to disappoint him. "Look, Tenkai..." she started, motioning with a placating gesture of her hands. Rou hesitated over her words before letting them come from her mouth, not wanting to disappoint him, but obviously thrown in an awkward position. In effort to convince him, she retained eye contact, worry apparent in her golden irises. "Things are just a little tense right now," she tried, shrugging and comfortingly stroking her bicep with the opposite hand, "and asking for favors from the Emperor of Kadia isn't something I think I can ask for." The younger Rou that Tenkai remembered would have seen her run to the risk, guns blazing and half-cocked, but this grown Rou had shown restraint, caution that hadn't been there before, but for the wrong reasons. As bad as pain, she had doubt. Her attempt at denial hadn't done anything to affect his gaze, knowing that he would try to achieve his purpose with or without her. In his time away, Tenkai's curiosity and bravery never faltered, and though he'd had his trials and tribulations, his courage outshone his damage. Whatever reasons he had, there wasn't any incentive for the Buxom Bandit to help, and could even impair her position if he found himself in trouble. Rou swallowed hard, and for that brief moment --though she would never admit it aloud-- put aside her self-serving agenda and worried for her friend. He had needed her help, and she had to come through for him, even if it was risky. With a visible, huffy sigh, she crossed her arms over her chest, staring through him with a dry gaze. "You're not going to give this up, are you?" she asked, with an acerbic tone on her tongue, perhaps overacting a little. If the monk was going to be the death of her, it certainly wasn't going to be the first time. Thumbing the curve of her chin, her lips were thoughtfully pursed to match the knit in her brow. "I'm supposed to have an audience with him this evening to make my farewells before returning to Umbra," she finally conceded, gesturing with a gentle shrug and a lofty hand, "I don't see why you can't come along." "Uh--" Rou stopped herself with a choking sound, holding up a finger as she made a rather alarming look up and down over Tenkai's form, "And exactly what are you planning to wear?" With his doubtful hesitation, Rou made a rather distasteful face and a groan to match, before shaking it off with a nod and placing her hands on his shoulders, forcibly pushing him back toward the palace. "That's what I thought; come along now. You smell like the road." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just outside of the throne room, Rou was preening at Tenkai with an obsessive hand, smoothing out invisible wrinkles and readjusting the drape of his purple haori jacket and ensemble that she'd fashioned for him, a miracle put together in the course of a few short hours. It was formal, though not beside his comfort, but regardless Rou hadn't tolerated any complaints in the hours compiling it, and would not do so now. "There, that should be presentable enough," she yielded, though there was an obvious amount of stress in her voice. Rou, herself, had changed into more formal regalia, consisting of a busty red gown, a tight corset, and a simple circlet, which upon closer inspection was etched with depictions of the Umbral crest. With an alerting snap in front of his nose, she commanded his attention. "Now remember, bow at least to the waist when I introduce you, do not speak unless spoken to, and FOR THE LOVE OF GAIA," she said, taking a fistful of his haori and pulling Tenkai threateningly close to her, trembling only from the severity of her threat as she hissed them between her teeth, "if Corvinus' wife is there, your eyes had best be on the fucking floor." She gestured down with a poignant finger in front of his eyes, knowing that the monk's gaze had a tendency to... wander. With how protective Corvinus was of Leoa, that was the last fire she needed to start. "Do you hear me?" Clearing her throat and releasing the monk with a soft shove, she smoothed out her hair and her garments before fixing Tenkai's again. Rou projected a ready sigh, and then nodded to the guards to open the throne room doors, where Corvinus was already waiting for them. With a steady stride that sent the fabric of her ruby-red gown billowing nicely, she stopped just short of the dais and dipped into a low, respectful curtsy. The fall of her eyes matched, darkened by the thick eyeliner and feminine lashes, the raise of her stark yellow irises ascending only as she did. "Emperor Melisende," she greeted him with the briefest of smiles, so as not to alert Corvinus of the variety of darknesses that currently plagued her, "As you well know, tomorrow I make my return to Umbra. You and your family have shown me the utmost hospitality, and my duty begets my gratitude for it." With a quick look back towards Tenkai, and an extension of her hand to beckon the monk beside her, her ponytail whipped and swayed from shoulder to shoulder as she returned her gaze to Corvinus upon the throne. "This is my confidante, Tenkai Matsumoto." She knew that Tenkai had not needed any schooling in respect, though it hadn't prevented her from giving him a mindful, gently jabbing elbow in the side to do so. "He was adventuring nearby and paid a visit to me before I left. He has a great fascination and interest in you, your Grace." @Tenkai Matsumoto @Alexei
  4. Valucre needs a Moon [Petition- VOTE!]

    Garion wants a dark version of the Luke Skywalker shot in every roleplay. Goddammit, Moon Moon.
  5. Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Intrusions, what a bother. Interrupting her childish antics was allegedly fashion's biggest faux pas, lost somewhere on the spectrum between atrocious rainbow-goth raver and the most masculine trope of magical girl. When demons asked to make a deal, this halfwit beefhead hadn’t been smart enough to say no. Just looking at him was starting to incur a massive headache, which Rou would’ve intentionally made worse by outwardly laughing at his ridiculously mismatched tail. His muscles were so absurdly inflated that she bet if she pricked them with a pin, they'd deflate like a depressing balloon. Spared her more severe mocking only for the sake of not prolonging her reunion with Jin, she dismissed him quickly. With a shooing wave of her hand, Rou cocked her head back and scoffed at the Xeno-Alien. "Can't you see we're busy, here?" Rou scolded him dryly, her eyebrows poised high with scrutiny as she gave him a not-so-subtle look up and down, and looked obviously far from impressed, "Neither of us have time for a brutish neanderthal like you-- so sit down, kid. Maybe you'll learn something." A master of slinging shade, Rou rejected to entertain the conversation further, brushing him off with a pompous toss of her hair over her shoulder and a swing of her wide hips. While he looked like he might've given a run for his money in an IQ test against a bag of hammers, anything short of adherence to Rou's words was far from the smartest choice. In fairer company with Jin, Rou met him with a cocky grin. "Still such a troublemaker," she commented with that cavalier posture, the easy sway of her weight shifting from one foot to the other, and the hand poised articulately on her hip elongated the curve of her figure, "What happened to that good boy I met at the dojo, huh?" Her free hand femininely hid a laugh behind her fingertips, amused by the flustered red blush that tinted Jin's cheeks, and the tell-tale posture of embarrassed modesty. Though his powers had certainly grown with the passing of years, as evidenced by her witness of his recent spar, it seemed the boy still had some growth to do on the way to adulthood. By the grin she flashed at him, it was obvious that she found Jin (and coincidentally, his sister) absolutely corruptible. The woman had no shame, honestly. Rou caught a spark of recognition at the drop of a name, catching her mischievous plotting by surprise, for a moment wide-eyed and intrigued. "James Eredas?" she asked; she knew that name. Rou hadn't known him personally, but his name was thrown around the tournament circuit like some sort of legend... and like something she was supposed to remember, if she hadn't traded her memories for dark magic. First Red, then Tenkai, now Jin and James-- more Gaians seemed to be coming to Terrenus every day, in search of new land, new power. She only hoped Jin's ambition to the Force Majeure would forfeit more luck to him than hers did. "You'll have to introduce me, sometime," Rou said mildly, though by the concentration of her tone, it seemed she had more on her agenda than pleasantries. She ran her fingers through her ponytail, venting frustration in an emphatic heave of her chest. It was poor fortune that she could only chuckle at, for its absurdity: for all the luxury she'd obtained and hardship she'd endured to get it, to arrive with only what she brought with her, here. "Ah, kid," Rou sighed, shaking her head as she couldn't come up with a simple answer. How could she tell him that she'd seduced her way into power, nearly grasped the top of the world-- only to have it all stolen away by an unworthy adversary, leaving her to endure the wounds of a broken heart alone? The way Jin smiled at her with such innocence, the idolization that gleamed back in his sweet, naive eyes... what right had she to ruin that with tales of the fate's cruelty? Instead, it remained better to remain aloof, ambiguous. Nudging him coyly in the side with her elbow, Rou gave him a keen wink. "You know I never stay in one place too long." Something about her had changed, was deep rooted into the black aura that had spawned in her heart, a malice borne from hurt that she guised with a mask, that no one was allowed to see. Behind that smile and her flirtatious antics, she hoped, no one ever would.
  6. Whats going on!?!?!?!

    *gets up and leaves*
  7. Whats going on!?!?!?!

    So, I hear you like the Witcher. Team Yen, or Team Triss?
  8. A "Tasty" Hello

    Ah, another thief character. Hi.
  9. Sand

    Bienvenue! (Okay, I speak a little French.) @Deus Ex Aizen, I think I've found you a kindred spirit. Maybe see if he's a good recruitment for the ranks? Also I hate everyone. }:<
  10. [Ravenspire] Rendezvous.

    A masculine display of lechery, check. "Your Grace, you are positively foul," she hummed with a mischeivous raise of her brow, though she herself was no stranger to a game of strip poker (a fact she kept to herself). Swirling the malbec red 'round her glass, Rou paused only to indulge in another sip. "Surely a Prince of Kadia isn't such a common degenerate..." she said, words seemingly barbed with judgement, until she delayed a pause long enough to forfeit the humor within, her smirk visible through her glass, "... to lose them again in contest with a proper lady." Rou nasally chuckled at her own egotism, the statement both a warning for his pride and a brush of her own hubris. Men had lost their fortunes over the roll of dice with the Buxom Bandit, and though Lady Luck had taken often to spurning her relationships, the cards still held her favor. Though, as she looked across at Deiter, he seemed to know the sort of demon he was getting into bed with-- forgive the pun. Hitching one knee over the other, Rou busied herself with the shuffling of letters, the enamel subtly clacking as they clattered against one another as she drew three new tiles. "Eight, actually," she corrected him, not looking up from her process, as her index finger took residence against her cheek, and the remaining fingers beneath her mouth, all the more accentuating the thoughtful purse of her unpainted lips. Her process was slow and methodical, as evidenced by the typewriter-like shift of her golden eyes, her eyelashes batting gently across her cheekbones with the occasional blink. "Aha," she murmured gently, before sliding the tiles across the surface of the table one by one with a pointed finger, utilizing Deiter's O to spell the word TROUBLE. "That makes thirteen points for me." As she watched the revolving burgundy liquid in the sphere of her glass, commanded by the steady roll of her wrist, Rou mulled her lips together as she appeared to be holding back a question. After many long moments, however, curiosity won out. "Forgive my inquiry..." she started, still seemingly hesitant to put her query to words for the sake of propriety, "but it appears this position has been fostered upon you, no? The crown, I mean." Rou had personally invested years of her life, now, in acquisition of a throne-- since she was not born into the royal life, the only other way seemed to be taking it by force, or marrying into one, and the former Buxom Bandit found herself properly equipped for only one of those choices. She'd been blindsided at the Kadian Wedding that Deiter was Crown Prince, the next in line to the throne, by his adoptive father's admission. "Corvinus and Leoa have so many children by their own blood-- older children, even. Please don't think that I don't assume you worthy; it's not that, but..." her posture turned with the thought, feeling awkward for asking such a question. Considering that the Melisende family tree had such foliage, it was hard for someone like Rou to understand why the royal family of Kadia would appoint someone from the outside, without any obvious circumstances. Even if their oldest son had turned it down, it would fall to the next child, and then the next; there hadn't appeared to be any passing of succession. Finally, her eyes shifted to Deiter. "Why you?"
  11. Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    The confident bobble of her head gave her an overall cavalier appearance, from the low cut of her eyes to the seductive swivel of her hips, pacing in a slow tread behind the rear of the group. "I've got all the time in the world," Rou replied with an alluring purr, underlined with an ambiguous bitterness that hadn't been directed at Master Ren. With the path she'd set upon in the last several years, she hadn't expected to be in this sort of place again, having been accustomed to a life of privilege, debonair parties, and nearly endless luxury... but in a compelling twist of fate, Rou had walked away from it. Now she was trialed with having to learn how to survive in the world again, shake the dust off of a set of skills that had been set on the back burner. Rou lacked the discipline that she had at a much younger age, and yearned to be reminded of her personal identity. True to her character, Rou masked feelings of uncertainty behind a flirtatious face. She seemed to have caught the curious eye of Kotori, whose gaze she met with a tilted grin, growing wider by the second. "I'll just have to find something to amuse myself in the meantime," she said as stood just above where Kotori sat, posing her arm against a tree so that she might lean over her. The proximity of Rou's heavy, hanging breasts to Kotori's undoubtedly reddening face was no coincidence. The smirk Rou cast down at Kotori was nearly wolfish, predatory, and far more than a little sexual. At the call of her name, Rou's head turned with a wide sweep of her ponytail, answered by the biggest honest smile she'd had in months... or at least, one that wasn't against a pillow. Seeing an old friend warmed something in her heart, even though their prior acquaintance had been short. "Jin!" she exclaimed, nearly bounding off the tree by Kotori. In a matter of bounces, she'd closed the gap between them, grabbed hold of his biceps, and pulled him in-- planting a big greeting kiss upon his lips. It was just a salutation, though Rou's eyes were closed in the way the moon shies modestly away from the morning, eyelashes splayed femininely across her cheekbones, and her lips were warm, inviting, and inadvertently sensual. Expecting Gaia's most notorious virgin to indulge in it a little too long, Rou forcibly separated them with her grip on his arms, but faced him with a warm smile. "You're in Terrenus!" she said happily, a big, toothy grin that was almost foreign on the former Buxom Bandit. Even if taking advantage of the daze of her sudden smooch, Rou hooked her arm around Jin's neck to trap him in a playful headlock, the knuckles of her opposite hand starting to grind into his scalp, mischievously mussing up his hair. "It's been ages, and you hardly look any different!" she laughed, and pinched at his cheek, "Still such a babyface! But what in Gaia's seven hells are you doing here?"
  12. I heard you like Magic Books.

    I'm in a similar situation at the moment, with my queue growing larger by the minute, so I'm not ready to do anything immediately. Shall I reach back out to you when things calm down a little, see if you're able?
  13. Use the open tag!

    //forcibly closes all of her threads// YOU CAN'T MAKE ME BE SOCIAL, CARLOS.
  14. I heard you like Magic Books.

    This is intriguing. I actually was planning to lift a particular tome from one of @The Hummingbird's characters; do you think I could make that into a sort of benefactor quest?