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    The Fox and the Wolf [Tiandi Wushu]

    Rou wobbled a bit as Jin brought himself to his feet, the girl gathered impressively in his arms with a feat of strength. Looking briefly at the ground that she hovered above in his grasp, she wiggled a bit to test the resolve of his invitation, but when it remained fixed with the lacing of his fingers beneath her rounded backside, Rou blew out a conceding sigh and hooked her legs behind his back to balance them. She crossed her arms over her chest as he hoisted her in front of him, sporting her usual pout-- if he was going to walk her back to the dojo, she wasn't going to like it. Rou would never admit it, but the extra attention was nice. He asked her straightforward questions, determined to get to know her. She was silent for a long while, staring at him first with a raised, sculpted eyebrow, before heavier emotions sunk her amber gaze downward. Rou itched at her nose, idling, and clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. Jin was right-- she was the only one playing games; there was a darkness that tainted her heart that he hadn't put there, and she was taking out her spite and guilt on him. He hadn't deserved that. "Umbra is-- was, home. I'd really come to think I belonged there, but I don't think I can go back. But I was born in Durem," she answered finally, deciding to extend her trust in him, though the hesitation was plain in her voice. Maybe Jin even understood; an abused dog often bit at those who were trying to help it while it was still licking it's wounds, and Rou's were deep, painful, and nigh invisible to the eye. "I'm from Durem, back on Gaia. Mother was a jeweler, Father was a blacksmith-- I apprenticed him, because my older brother couldn't." At the mention of her brother, her eyes lowered again, and her hand traveled from her elbow up to the diagonal scar on her left bicep, a permanent reminder of the siblings' shame. It was clear that member of the family was a source of pain she didn't want to talk about. "My father's the one who taught me how to train like this. I've been doing it out here every day because that's the only thing that seems right... I'm sure Master Ren might be a good teacher, but I don't know that way. Most days, I just wish I was back at the forge; I've got plenty of anger I'd like to beat out on a piece of steel. But I can't even shield my fire from the water." Rou had seemed disappointed, with her gaze in her (or more accurately, their) lap, a purse to her unpainted lips. She'd used to be a fighter with such spark in the ring, and commanded fire without even a second thought; she made it look easy. Now, there was too much guilt to handle something as simple as firebending, and even the Dark Magic she'd learned in Umbra made her struggle. "How can I learn a new technique if I can't even do mine?" She sighed again, projecting her relief from the reassurance of a listening ear, finding it strangely comforting, and Jin would be able to see some of the weight lifted off of her shoulders. Rou had always been so headstrong about her self-reliance, though she hadn't realized how many proverbial shoulders she'd leaned on, and had been in for a rather rude awakening when they'd abandoned her. Rou had grown, but not in the way she'd liked. Looking across at Jin with her gold-flecked eyes as she sat in his arms, she admired how a moment how he had grown. He walked with confidence in his stride, and hefted her in front of him like she hadn't weighed anything at all, the vigor of his youth still present in all the best ways. He'd even tried not to make her feel under interrogation, by averting his gaze ahead while she'd talked. Rou found that mature, and was silently thankful, by the tilted, genuine smile which was held by her cheek. "That girlfriend of yours is real cute, by the way," she assumed of Kotori, for the way she'd huddled next to him, though they were never introduced. Rou had missed the rather poignant fact that they were, by proxy, siblings. Remembering the way she'd flirted with Kotori, Rou held a remorseful hand to her cheek. "I think I might've scared her."
  2. Narcissa

    Diplomatic relations anyone?

    Are you at all considering any international diplomatic instances? @King, you did say you wanted me to write more of the things I assumed Rou would do.
  3. For better or worse, someone put this idea in my head (Facebook).

    What if in their making rounds of live action Disney classics they happened upon Robin Hood? I'd be insanely critical, but the idea is amusing!

    1. Narcissa


      I just don't know if it would be as good, the voices in that particular rendition are, in my opinion, one of the major contributors that make it so great.  It tells you right in the beginning of the movie that "there are many versions of the story of Robin Hood, and this is the Animal Kingdom's version".  With all the other movies of the story of Robin Hood, I don't know if they'd be able to pull it off as well, considering that the other live-action movies are pretty verbatim (although pretty) remakes of the originals.  We'd either end up with a toss-up humanoid version, or a cg over-animated chimera.

      Besides, I think I'm owed my remake of Bedknobs and Broomsticks, first!

    2. carrionjackal


      To be totally honest, I want to see the casting and the new score. Who covers the old songs?? That's tough, and who could really sound as convincing as the original Prince John? The cgi/humanoid dilemma is a given. It won't translate well. Then it is just RobinHood, with better music.

      Oh, no. Do not suggest that heresy! Remake Bedknobs and Broomsticks? I mean, could that really, honestly be done? I adore that movie. It's one of my top five. I'm too afraid of some monstrosity, but I would have advance tickets to see it 😍

      What's next, the Reluctant Dragon? 🤣

    3. Narcissa


      I'm thinking Tarzan might be one of their eventual remakes.

  4. Narcissa

    The Fox and the Wolf [Tiandi Wushu]

    "Oof!" It was far from Rou's most graceful fall, tugged by the wrist and her balance stolen, like a carpet out from under her feet. Her hands, placed on either side above his shoulders, and the curve of her knees straddled across his hips, hovering like a balanced blade on the end of a finger, was the only saving grace that kept them from collision. She, poised haphazardly above him, was warm, even without touching; the few small beads of water that ran down her neck and dripped off of her angled collarbone were as a humid rain, tempted by the heat of the woman's inner fire. With bated breath and frozen limbs, stunned was not the primped and preened debutante of Patia's and Umbra's courts, nor the scrappy, seductive bandit of Gaia's fighting arenas, but Rou in her purest essence, laid bare. Charcoal lines around her eyes were smudged and fading, her long sable locks of hair wet and sticking to her skin, scars unglamoured and callouses blistering her palms. She lacked her normal cinnamon-and-vanilla sweet perfume, smelling as earthy as the soil clutched between her fingers. He looked so different up close, when she wasn't so distracted by her own machinations to see Jinsoku for what he really was, pinned between her arms and beneath her hips. His muscles were hard and sculpted with years of work, but the way he breathed was soft and tempered, despite the blush in his cheeks. His eyebrows were thick and defined with a clever-looking arch, but the eyes beneath were flecked with a variety of shades, brown pools that reminded Rou of the shades of autumn, of deep umber, walnut, even the gentle auburn of mahogany. That smile was at once boyish as it was suave, inviting both a shared laugh as well as a tempting flirtation. Coming together, he was determined to discover who she'd been beneath all of the disguise, Rou could see it in his eyes, hear it in the eagerness of his voice. She might as well have been scalding against his palm, by twist of fate loose clothes touched his hand to the small of her back, fingertips nestled in the central dip of her spine. It was a placid and innocent touch, but the concept had been so long forgotten that it was comforting, sating a bit of the starvation for contact that she'd been missing in the consuming abyss of failure. He struck familiar chords like a song she hadn't heard in eons, though this was simply the first verse. However, Rou knew how this song ended-- heartbroken, and abandoned. Hiding her fears behind a seductress' facade, she protected herself to submerge her vulnerability, not giving Jin the chance to commit the same. "Touché," Rou finally agreed, a more moderate grin accompanying a lidded downward gaze of her slanted eyes. She was feeling a bit playful now that he'd struck her pride, and if he was going to play the game, Rou often found a way to play with a stacked deck. "You want the honest truth about me?" she asked with a cocked, lackadaisical tilt of her head, as her hand gripped the collar of his jacket. Throwing her weight, she rolled them both, switching their positions in the dirt-- Rou on the flat of her back, and Jin holding on above her. "Starting from the bottom comes with a certain guilty pleasure," she admitted, smiling wolfishly to the further reddening of his cheeks, and pulled herself into a half sit-up to be in intimate space close to his lips, "Makes reclaiming the top that much more sweet of a victory." The look in her eyes and the wry smirk of her lips were much more predatory, even as she lay on her back beneath him with the release of his clothes. She was awfully cocky for someone laying beneath the splay of a man's legs. Rou was fanning the flames, poking the bear, avoiding the real subject of honesty with distraction poignant toward his adolescent urges. The real mastery of Rou's antics was not as much seduction as it was diversion, means to an end. "Now, I could play this game all day, sweetheart. But I'm guessing you didn't come here just to find out what a sore loser I am."
  5. He's gonna be Mantis, taking ass and kicking names.
  6. Britty's hosting a cool few events in Hyperion. Maybe try either the Festival of Worlds or Atrium of Lights? Player 1, enter a quarter and pick your class.
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  8. Narcissa

    Need someone to beat my friend with a stick

    Sorry, I couldn’t find a dildobat in double-wide.
  9. Narcissa

    Agree to Disagree

    The line that made up the crease between her lips only grew wider with displeasure the longer she went on. At face value, the demerits of the number of trials Raveena faced would have been patronizing and a snub that would seek to submerge Rou's own salted wounds as trivial, but the Empath's tone conveyed none. The An'She of Umbra wanted to indulge in her own rage and take it out on this woman that so blatantly asked her to lay all bare, but the stern composure Raveena displayed made apparent that if she'd tried, it would only be as effective as punching a brick wall. In the end, Rou would be the only one with bloodied knuckles. With an indignant snort, she brushed off the invitation to divulge her narrative. True to her character, the obvious trait that governed Rou's actions and attitude was that she hated to lose. "Ask your father," she replied shortly, a caustic snap in her voice, for a moment even sounding unintentionally maternal. Rou knew that Rafael had pervaded her dreams and looked into the past of her memories, too compulsive to let her have her secrets in memories too somber and painful to share. During all the time that the Emperor had watched her, Rou had reprimanded him for invading the privacy of her mind, but now that he was occupied elsewhere, Rou would've even put up with the worst parts of him for his attention. She'd felt abandoned, again, his back turned on her without so much as a single regret. Much to her chagrin, Rou knew that Raveena was right. This wasn't Patia, where she could scorch half the city to a cinder and walk away unscathed. Umbra had been a much more complex system, and with the growing alliances that formed the Carmine Empire and its affiliates, Rou's window to escape retribution was swiftly closing. However, the sore loser that the vengeful An'She of Umbra was, she was determined not to leave empty-handed. With a tilt of her head, Rou could see what Rafael idolized in Raveena. His newly adopted daughter seemed to embody the best parts of him, and was regal and proper in a way that she wished she could hate. And, to whatever motivations had led Raveena to do so, she'd had the decency to warn Rou of the impending storm-- that at least warranted Rou's respect. "Hyperion, huh? Just after I'd grown used to the politics of Genesaris," she chided, placing her hands upon her hips, her tone flinty and acerbic. "Show me that I can trust you, and I'll take your recommendation. Do something for me, and I'll leave Umbra, posthaste." Assuming her full height with straight posture, she looked down her nose at Raveena. "Meet me in the corner of the gardens at sundown. Come alone... and in something less conspicuous than that." Without giving Raveena a chance to deny the invitation, Rou turned on heel and strutted out of the library, fading with the click of her shoes upon the marble floor. ------------------------------------ Once the sun was beginning to crest beneath the horizon for it's nightly slumber, Rou was waiting in the gardens, obscured from the patrols of Umbral knights from behind a tall hedge. A pile of things laid at her feet, crimson red fabrics and a leather satchel all in disarray. She was in a simple auburn tunic and camel-brown breeches, her hair tied up in its signature ponytail, albeit a little disheveled from her haul. With her hands on her hips, Rou was pleased to see that Raveena had come after all. "Right on time. Come, we've a schedule to keep," she said, holding out a hand expectantly toward Raveena, expecting something in return. Dryly and with all honesty, she made her first request-- awkward with the lack of context. "Give me your shoes."
  10. Narcissa

    The Darkest Place, Within

    Smoke polluted the air; large, dark clouds that were visible for miles and shrouded the moon. What was the Calera Manor became a beacon in the dark, radiating with an almost painful heat that made others squint or shield their eyes to avoid the blind, a paradoxical opposite to the dreary, overlooked establishment it used to be. It had been consumed by ivy and cobwebs that crept over the walls inch by inch over the years of neglect, threatening to eat it alive and bury it beneath dust like its late master. Now it was eaten away by Rou's devastating fury, weeds and all. Nearly frozen if not for the warm updraft that subtly moved her hair, Rou hadn't turned as Athyon arrived. The shift of haunting yellow eyes were all that stirred in the first few moments, before returning back to the manor that roared, ablaze. Rou had expected the attention, though, admittedly, not from this exact visitor. She was silent for many moments after even his initial greeting, though little afforded her the necessity to draw away from the sight of Calera Manor's violent demise. She silently doubted his concerns, though made no argument to challenge them-- it wasn't his concern she wanted. "Indeed," she agreed softly, raising her nose slightly, "An accident." Proving that she was not made of stone (as her heart had threatened to be, were it not bleeding so), she then turned to Athyon, regarding him solemnly at his height upon his horse. "A crate of wine was being transported to the cellar; it was dropped and caught the stove flame in the kitchens." Out of the corner of her eye, Rou noticed the trembling turn of Beatrice's frizzled, curly hair, black eyeliner streaked like sooty watercolor down her cheeks, having caught her attention. With a subtle glance back at her steward, Rou's posture straightened. "Isn't that right, Beatrice?" Meek and wide-eyed, Beatrice's glance shifted from Rou, to Athyon, and to Rou again, before nodding and choking back a few hiccuping sobs. Her sable ponytail had a way of accentuating the turn of her head, the way one might envision a cape dramatically thrown and fluttering upon a pivot, nearly whipping when her focus returned to Athyon. "Lord Imperator, I presume," she said, as Rou's eyes shifted up and down over his uniform, and the bridle regalia upon his horse, "Adrian, was it? A pity we have to meet under such circumstances, but I suppose your presence is fortunate. Indeed, the estate was old and treasured to the empire." With a scrutinizing squint of her yellow eyes, it was obvious that the cogs in her head were turning. Her machinations were like that of a spider, casting silver string after silver string, crossed and disguised deceptively with dew, until they were so entwined that they became an ensnaring trap to meet her will. "There stands the matter of the claim to insure the assets of Calera Manor." Her words dropped like a bomb. The building was still smoldering, and it was as if she was trying to claim affects from a man that was still dying, not yet taken his last breath. The intention and particular words had interrupted Darius' fretting, and even Beatrice had ceased her tears, wiping hot streaks from her face with the back of her wrists. They were more curious than appalled, but altogether stunned. Rou looked somberly collected, having taken to casually inspecting her nails. "As a member of the Carmine Empire's ambassadorial council, I assume you're bound to take it upon good faith when an An'She makes a solemn account of the contract written in His Majesty's hand for the value of the estate in case of ruin-- approximately six-hundred thousand bullion," she said, only just louder than a whisper. Even over the crackling of the estate, it seemed both Darius and Beatrice had heard Rou's claim, both of their jaws dropping in tandem. The amount was nearly all she'd earned for the Empire in her time of service as An'She, the value of all the gold and goods she'd raked in by pillaging ships that refused to pay tariffs to Rafael's reign, and then some. "Of course, you could check the duplicate in the Hall of Records in Umbra's regal library... though I'm sure you, Imperator, were notified about the incident there a week ago, no?" With only the smallest semblance of a smile, she tilted her wrist to more intimately study the black lacquer painted on her nails, running a thumb over the smooth faces. Both of her stewards' sets of eyes were on the Imperator, simply bewildered by the exchange happening in front of them, the incredulity of it all. The cut of Rou's yellow eyes were sharp, finally left to consider Athyon's reaction. "Heard a scribe tipped a candle, caught the old pages in only minutes; took out the entire ward. Shame, that."
  11. Narcissa

    Need someone to beat my friend with a stick

    There is only one appropriate response.
  12. Narcissa

    The Fox and the Wolf [Tiandi Wushu]

    Rou paused for a moment amidst her stretch, caught halfway between a smirk and a pensive gaze. Her sculpted eyebrows were pinched gently together by scrutiny, and did little to hide the cut of her bright yellow eyes. Upon her first day coming to Tiandi Wushu, she remembered how Jinsoku had displayed himself in demonstration-- confidence exuded with the power of his skills, a strong, masculine warrior who had grown tremendously since the last time she'd seen him, fought him. While hard-muscled boys naturally held onto their youth for much longer than blossoming women, it was hard for her to see the same growth in him she'd witnessed upon her arrival. His shoulders were scrunched meekly, hands folded in a protective posture, the avoidance of his eyes was determined to find grounding in the dirt. From a mile away, Rou knew a lovesick boy when she saw one. She could practically feel the heat radiating from his cheeks, and felt even a touch of pity as his nose began to dew red. For all the men whom she'd aligned of late, stunted or ambiguous in their emotional compass, a certain nostalgia brewed within her chest to be admired in that way. It had been quite a long time since the Buxom Bandit had used the moniker that fit the way she'd pillaged Gaia, as her motivations in the world of Valucre had led her down a much different path. Just when she was starting to feel as if that part of her was gone, training under waterfalls and in the canopy of trees in desperation to get it back, it was but a boy, blushing with infatuation that returned a missing piece of her bleeding heart. It was a rare appreciation, feeling wanted. Rou had almost forgotten what that had felt like. Inhaling the piney mountain air seemed to fill her lungs as much with vigor, fanning the flames that sparked coy promiscuity, breathing life into the flirtatious posture that Jin had wakened from slumber. She untangled her leg from the silk and brought it down with a sweep, and freed herself from one of the two silks, gathering the slack up in her hand. Perhaps it might've been a flash from Jin's past with the way her smirking grin took over her face, a perched eyebrow, lidded and seductive gaze, and a tilted, toothy smile came together. Regardless, it was a face that could only mean she was up to no good. "Is that so?" Rou asked, throwing the silk towards Jin. It had been fashioned into a loop that spread over his head and fluttered down around him, but it was Rou's expert hand that tugged it to purpose, coming snugly around his waist. She beckoned him towards her with a jerking pull of the silk, and as she still hung only a few inches off the ground that only made her just taller than him with a purposeful lean that showed off almost too much cleavage. She brought them nose to nose, a tempting gaze inescapable as she lowered her voice to a whisper, rolling off of her tongue like honey. "Just how intimately do you want to get to know me, Jin?" Her grin was wide, cheshire, and only grew wider for how unprepared he was for the full brunt of her antics. With a turn of her shoulder to bring her side-face, she whipped the silk to thrust Jin forward, but a swift second pull dragged him backward, like a ball on a rubber band attached to a paddle. The ragdoll lugging of the boy would send him off-balance, but just as he began to fall towards the ground, Rou switched her own position in the solo silk, torso down, and her legs extended up for balance. She reached for him, catching a fistful of his white tracksuit jacket in the clutch of her hand, keeping him from the uncomfortable pain of gravity by only inches. Her face and chest loomed over his as she was nearly upside-down in the silk, the sun behind the crown of her head and her ponytail even casually brushing his shoulder, Rou's grip on the torso of his jacket keeping him off the ground. "Think you can keep up with me?" Rou asked smugly, taunting with that foxlike grin of hers, "All those new tricks, and I can still put you flat on your back." With a nasal chortle, her grip released, sending him on the flat of his back into the dirt with a soft thud below her. Satisfied, she chuckled again, before heaving herself back upright, and untangling from the silk altogether. Pacing across the small clearing in her bare feet, her soles left small imprints in the soil as she collected her empty bowl from the lunch Jin had left for her. Despite the starch of rice still sticking to the sides, she knelt to submerge it in the pool of calm away from the waterfall, and stood to pour the cool water into the thick of her hair, refreshing her scalp and drowning the sweat of her exertion with another bowl, splashing it down her face and letting it soak into her shirt. Paired with the gentle breeze, her damp clothes and the droplets that clung to her skin and hair cooled her. Reapproaching Jin, she put her hands on her hips, a clever smile staring down at him on the ground. "You're a good kid. Still training as hard as when I last saw you," she said, though as she said it, she was burdened by the thought that she hadn't known what he was training for, either. If these last several years hadn't been kind to him, he didn't show it, especially not with the immature puppy love he'd displayed a moment ago. With a small sigh, Rou extended a hand down to help Jin to his feet. "Think you can handle it?"
  13. I got an amazing thing today. It was so rad I had to share it.
  14. Narcissa

    Custom title raffle 3

    I'm interested, but I have a question. Is Tits McGee a title that adheres to the PG-13 guidelines? How about Booty Queen?
  15. You and I really haven't spoken before.  But I feel like we should be friends for that Robin Hood reference.

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    2. carrionjackal


      Eewww... I don't know about that one. J/k. Those are both very popular in their own right! We don't all have to be obsessed with Beauty and the Beast or... Frozen... 

    3. Narcissa


      But I like Frozen!

      IMO, Aladdin’s probably their best overall film.

    4. carrionjackal


      There's nothing wrong with Frozen, there's something wrong with the obsession! X.x

      Aladdin you say? It's been a while since I watched everything, but that does sound fair. That was a big home run in a lot of ways when they made it.